Fiona Pooped-R-Self
I everybody, my name is Fiona, and I had an accident in school today.

I am 23, about 5'6, about 110 lbs, curly brown hair, brown eyes, and I have been a lurker here for a few months now...I have had several accidents in my life that were at an embarrassing age, by this I mean I was at an age where you wouldn't expect somebody to pee and poop themselves. Most of these accidents are pooping accidents, but some of them are peeing or both. I will start off with just one story, my story that happened when I was the youngest, and will tell you other stories later:

When I was 13 and summer vacation had just began, I went out to my friend's house and we walked to the park. We fed the ducks and then walked around for an hour or so, well soon I started to feel the need to poop and unlike most of my friends, when I need to go I usually have to go within 15 minutes or I well...go. Well I was to embarrassed to say anything and my friend kept on talking as we walked, I looked around to see if there was a bathroom but I couldn;t find one and after a few minutes I had to stop and regain control, this worked for a few more minutes, I'd just find something random to stare at and point out to my friend so she wouldn't know I had to go. What good that did, after a few more minutes I let out a rather long and loud fart and she knew it was me, I told her I needed to go and she looked around for a bathroom and after a few minutes I said "It's too late, I've gotta' go now!" and so I just squatted right there and soiled my pants...luckily for me it was pretty solid, and didn't smell that badly, my friend said she couldn;t even tell that I had pooped myself. We walked to her house, her parents were gone, and she let me borrow some of her clothes as long as I promised not to poop in them.

Hope you all enjoyed my story...I'll post more later.

To Cassandra K.(and also Kristen): loved hearing about how you intentionally poop in your pants, would definatly like to hear from you some more. Kristen if you have any more stories please feel free to share them, i very much enjoyed your post!!

Hey everybody, I'm 23, female and I only have one story about having an accident that's about me, but I have lots of stories about my friends. :)
Anyway, my story took place 18 years ago, when I was only 5, I was playing tee-ball which is the little kid's form of baseball where the ball is on a little stand, and it was my turn to bat...I don't recall what exactly happened, but I knew I had poo'd my pants and started crying, I don't even remember having to go to the bathroom...well anyway my dad brought me home and we threw away the pooped underwear and my mom cleaned me up like I was a little baby...we've never spoken of it since.

My friends have frequent accidents, maybe once a month, and a lot of intentional "accidents" and I'll get back to you all about those later...

princess pee

Pleez post the story about peeing your pants, you said it was a long story, and I like long peeing stories! Well, not the ones about peeing in the toliet,but I like your stories!

P.S. I got a story too, but it's more dramatic than peeing.


Larry G-Yeah, that was a pretty funny part of Jackass. Another movie with a great pooping scene is National Lampoon's Van Wilder. The DVD has some long outtakes of the pooping scene. They had to keep re-shooting it because the actor kept cracking up. Check it out, it's very funny.

your name bill
hi i am new hear today in my newspaper is a good one a 59 year old Man tries to fool breathalyser after stuffing his mouth full of FECES!!! he will apper in court on may 12

Becky M
Hi. My name is Becky, and I am a 25 year old female who has been lurking on these forums for a while. You could say that I am "intestinally challenged", and frequently spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom. As a result, I am very jealous of those who seem to have the perfect digestive system (which, is like, everyone I know or work with), and can complete their business in 5 minutes or less. People always ask me "What did you do in there?" or "What took you so long?". I just want to say "I can't help it! In fact, I am quite proud of what I just did, and I can see you're jealous of me. Now get a life!". Does anyone here ever feel the same way?

Now, a quick survey, with my answers below:

1.) How often do you get diarrhea?
ANS: About once or twice per week, sometimes more.

2.) How long does it take you to go?
ANS: About 30 to 45 minutes when I have diarrhea; about 15-20 otherwise.

3.) What is the longest period of time you had diarrhea? When?
ANS: About 3 months, and this happened about 4 years ago.

Again, I would love to see posts from anyone who is in a similar situation. Take care for now.

Hi, I'm Cal, I'm a 17 y/o male. I'm half-black half-white, 5'5 tall. I'm kind of muscular, but not really big or anything.

This one time in school I had a nice buddy dump. I was in the last period of the day when I had to take a dump, so I went to the teacher and asked if I could use the bathroom. Now the bathrooms were downstairs (this part of the school was a small building) and had to be opened by keys, so I took the key to the boys room and made my way downstairs. I already saw a smaller, skinnier guy heading to the boys' room and he unlocked the door with his own key, so I followed him. The boys room had three stalls, I saw him skip the first one and go all the way to the third stall, which was the handicapped stall. I took the middle stall, which was the second one, and then sat down. I felt the first turd slowly push it's way out, and then drop with a massive splash. I heard the kid next to me fart two times, and then sigh. I also farted after that and pushed out another huge turd. The kid next to me grunted for a few times. After about three more minutes, we finished up at the same time. And I went out the stall so I could talk to him. I asked him, "You had to take a shit too, huh?" He said, "Yeah, my stomach was sore." I walked out of the bathroom and went to class. I never did see that guy around again, but it would be nice to buddy dump with him another time.

I am a flight attendant from Germany and have a terrible diarreah experience. A few weeks ago I was coming back on a flight from East Asia. During the flight I felt somewhat dizzy and sick, my stomach was aching but I tried my best not to collapse. Upon landing I felt that it wouldn´t take long until something serious would hit me. I felt hot, had stomach cramps and my bowels were gurgling. I just had one thought: to go to bed. I was just about to pick up my car to drive home when it struck me: my bowels contracted and were about to empty. As far as I could I ran to the next toilet. I was running and running and concentrated on not shitting myself. I entered the toilet, quickly ripped up my uniform skirt, lowered pantyhose and slip and just let it flow. I had horrible diarreah, for about ten minutes simply brown water poured out of me into the toilet without interruption. I was so weak that I simply wanted to lie down. Finally the flow stopped I towed myself to my car and was driving home. After a few minutes my bowels contracted again and I knew I wouldn´t make it home. I pulled over at a gas station and ran to the toilet again. Again horrible diarreah. With my last strength I made it home. My bowels were about to explode again. I was crying in the elevator about so much pain in my stomach and contraction in my bowels. I was just sick and had fever. I entered my apartment, dropped my luggage on the floor and just ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I was just there and had the most horrible diarreah of my life. Cascades of brown water were splashing out of me, wave after wave. I sat on the toilet for full two hours. Everything I had eaten and drunk in the past two days seemed to come out of me. After two hours I simply couldn´t anymore. I lied down on a sofa, still my uniform on, I was simply too weak even to put off my uniform and change. I felt so horrible as never before in my life. I fell asleep. But after only 10 minutes I was waked by my bowels and stomach urge. This time I felt I had to vomit. I ran back to the toilet, kneeled down and vomited everything out for 10 minutes. I was so weak that I didn´t realise that I had diarreah again and so I had diarreah in my uniform skirt and pantyhose which was still on me, while still kneeling down and vomiting into the toilet at the same time! I undressed, throw away everything in a corner and sat back to the toilet to have diarreah. I didn´t have the strength to leave the bathroom just to run back again for the next wave after 5 minutes, so I remained sitting on the toilet. I sat there the whole day allowing one wave after the next one to came out. At the end it was just brown water, and I couldn´t imagine so much water that now came out of me was in me before. At the evening the waves suddenly stopped, I was able to go to bed and sleep. The next morning I was ok, even the fever was gone. It was a horrible day and I didn´t find out wat caused it. Eastern Asian stomach virus or food?

today I was in a hurry to get someplace and got stuck in traffic, had an appt with my therapist. I left at 2 pm and hadn't peed for hours well since I did not have to pee at all before I left and did not need to pee upon getting there , which as you know I so often do, I waited till I got to this other place. and even then I still did not feel the need to pee until, considering that I finally drank my cold coffee just when leaving the therapist's office. anyway, I also drank slowly a liter of diet root beer and yet another large dunkin donuts coffee. well finally at 5 Pm almost I began to feel the need to pee but not that bad yet. thinking that I may as well go now, I walked in , they have two restrooms both guy/girl so the one which opens first is the one to use[ they were both in use] . finally, one door opened, the non- handicapped modified old one[ with the old fashioned " full round bowl water waster toilet" ] and so I went in and closed, locked the door. the pail was in the way, so I pushed it out of my way so I could sit and pee. also I placed a new roll on the holder,the bigger one of two laying on the floor. the seat was down, so I pulled down my pants and undies sat on the seat, and after taking some paper off the roll and folding it with my hands, I began to pee; making a tinkle sound as I peed from my labia[ twat] downward into the clean water. I just continued to gently but steadily tinkle into that toilet for possibly 35-40 secs or so; then stopped for a few secs.[ about then, I looked down and saw all that yellow peed in water] soon I heard more coming out as it splashed into the water, this time for maybe another 30 seconds; then stopped. I made 2-3 more really short tinkles, leaning foward then back so it would all come out and was done. taking that paper in my hand, as I got up I pressed it up against my labia's folds and soaked up the yellow excess pee[ which by the way, left yellow pee drops on that wad]; this before dropping it into the water filled bowl which was now all full of my dark yellow pee and had many streaks of pee foam which probally covered nearly half the bowl's water surface. then I finally flushed that toilet and washed my hands, fixed my medium-short blonde dyed hair quick with my little purse brush and opened the door to walk out. I really loved just sitting there and listening to that sound of pee as it tinkled ; this as I sat there with my pants/undies down, legs apart; exposing my trimmed brown haired cunt thinking " the only thing between my snatch and the world outside is that locked door. ohhh! the awesome feeling of feminine vulnerability!

Whoa! I had a real fight in early hours of Sunday… A tough 30-minute battle of constipation I thought I'd never win.

I was just browsing online when I got that full, bloated feeling that comes along with the desire to pass a good sized log. I stopped what I was doing and quickly headed to the bathroom for what I expected would be a good poop. That's mostly because during the week I had pretty good BMs every day.
When I reached the toilet I closed the bathroom, pulled down my underwear and quickly sat down on the throne.
Then feeling the pressure, I push… Nnnnnng!! And then again, Nnnnng!!
But nothing…
After catching my breath and trying to shove one more time, it became vividly clear that I wasn't going to have an easing dump. The bloated feeling I had wasn't a nice thick log aching to come out… it was constipation.

After 15 minutes of pushing, the joy I was initially feeling at the thought of a good BM had left me. Now I was left with that uncomfortable feeling of a stool stuck on the inside of my sphincter.

I took a HUGE breath… leaned forward slightly and then put in a HARD push. My watch chimed as midnight arrived and I was shoving with all my might! But no luck. It simply didn't want to budge.

Tired, I made a big exhale and decided to rest for a bit so I could make another try. (I thought about simply giving up and heading back into bed, but I knew I wouldn't be able to get to sleep with the feeling of that turd stuck just inside me.)
After 7 or 8 minutes just sitting there, I tried again. Nnnnnnnnnnnng!! And this time my exertion had a tiny reward. I heard the sound of 1 tiny marble hitting the water. ('yay…' I thought. I've been in here for 20 minutes and THAT is all I could do?? Geeze…)

Fortunately, after a 5 or 10 minutes rest and a good push, the rest of the shit finally fell into the water. I was sure that was going to be it so I got up like I usually do and took a look at my creation.
It was now about 12:15… I had been on the loo for about 35 minutes… and all I produced 1 nobbily 'golf ball' and about 4 or 5 minuscule marbles.

It was just gratifying to wipe, get the hell out of there and get some sleep…




In college, my friends and I decided to take a road trip to Mexico when we had a couple of weeks off. We got there no problem. Hung out with some people, struck up a few conversations, and wound up going to a couple of parties. A few nights before we planned to leave, I got a big huge burrito type thing off a cart. Hey, I was drunk and high, my reasoning was a bit off. I wolfed it down and we wound up at another party. There were some other Americans there, and it turned out they were trying to score some drugs. Long story short, the police raided the party, and I and my friends were lucky enough to get arrested. They put about twenty of us, male and female, in this holding cell. About fifty feet by fifty feet. There was one grimey looking toilet in the middle of the cell. Anyway, after a couple of hours, my guts started cramping bad most likely due to that thing I ate. I held it for as long as I could, but finally had to swallow my pride and take a dump in front of all these people, including several hot girls. I felt like the space shuttle taking off, diarrhea rocketed out of me. Also, there was no TP. Nobody had anything for me to use, either. I wound up sitting there with a shitty ass for a few more hours until they finally let us go, without even questioning us. By then, my ass was itchy and raw and my underpants were smeared with shit. I wound up wiping my ass with napkins from another street vendor. We headed home a couple of days early.

Lucy can't hold it
I like all the stories about women pooping themselves because I do that a lot myself, not usually on purpose but as my name suggests I usually can't hold it in for very long...when I need to go I need to go immediately. I have had about 2 accidents this year alone, and because of these frequent accidents, I usually wear a diaper.

Just so you can get a clear idea of what I look like while I'm soiling myself, I have red hair, green eyes and am 5'7" tall, I am 17.

My first story(about this year) was when I was on a field trip(classical, huh?) and I just sat in the back of the bus trying to sqeeze my cheeks together (I am wearing a diaper at this time, by the way)so I wouldn't humiliate myself. Well, long story short I ended up completely pooping myself and my whole class knew it...then again most of them knew I had frequent accidents so it wasn't THAT embarrassing...but it's still embarrassing when you soil yourself. Trust me, usually I like pooping myself, just not in front of my peers.

My second story was actually just a few days ago on Easter. I was having dinner with my family and while I was heading to the bathroom(I hadn't gone in about 4 days because I was blocked up but had taken some laxatives earlier) my sister drags me to the dinner table so my dad could give his annual easter speech, which usually lasts literally about 10 minutes, about 5 minutes into the speech my butt just couldn't take the strain anymore and with what I'm sure was several loud plops I completely soiled my underwear(I wasn't wearing a diaper because I was wearing a rather short skirt and that would have made it totally visible) so there I was, sitting there for the rest of my dad's speech and afterwards my mom drags me over to the corner and asks me if I soiled myself, I of course couldn;t hide it, and my mom with all her maternal instinct tries dragging me up to the bathroom to clean me up, it took a lot of convincing for me to finally get her to understand that I am basically an adult and could clean myself. Well damage report: Panties(ruined), skirt(stained, but usable), chair that I pooped myself on(needed to be cleaned because not all the poop stayed in my pantied). So afterward, I changed into loose jeans and a diaper, now I know better than to take laxatives and not wear a diaper...lesson learned.

I'll tell you guys some more stories later about all my other pooping and peeing accidents. There are a lot of them, so I'll be here pretty often.

I've just had a right good shit!
I got the urge, went upstairs, took down my blue underpants and dropped four in quick succession.
They were nice hard ones.
None of the posters at the moment seem to be giving details of the noises they get when they drop.
Could we have more info on the sound effects

Bre the Toilet Boy
This morning I arrived at TAFE and had to shit real bad, so I waited until morning tea break.

Well at morning tea break I discovered the downstairs male toilets out of order and I don't like using the upstairs toilets, because they have a condom vending machine in them and that makes me feel uncomfortable.

So I used the disabled and locked the door. I don't know why I haven't used the disabled toilet before. I have complete privacy.

So I did my business and wiped myself, when I realized I had used half a roll of toilet paper without flushing.

So I washed my hands and walked out without flushing.

I've been watching this site for about a year or two but i've never posted so, here I go...

My most recent almost accident happened today. I play tennis and i'm pretty good. I'm on the A team number one singles. Well, we were all at practice today and our coach said that if we hit the ball in the net or have a double fault we would have to do kangaroos. Kangeroos are really high jumps where your back feet have to touch your butt. So, I hit the ball in the net and i had to do the kangeroos. I think I was on about my 15th kangeroo when i felt a small leak in my soffe shorts. i stopped short and froze. the weird thing was that i didn't actually feel the need to go and it was like an hour after i got home from practice that i actually peed. it was weird...

I have a poop story too...i know ya'll are excited. it was easter sunday and i was piggin out on candy (hey, i may be 18 but the easter bunny still brings me stuff *wink* *wink*) it was about 15 minutes before me and my family left for church and i felt a small pressure in my stomach. usually i can control my poops but occasionally i can't wait that long. this one came all of the sudden...i ate like 2 lil bags of M&Ms and usually i don't get sick on just that. but for some reason i did. i got home, went to my room, changed into some scrubs and then i felt an unbelievably strange feeling in my stomach. i got to the bathroom just as the log was poking out of my butt. i got it out and strained a lil bit more and got a few more out. i knew i had more but it was time for lunch so i went into the living room and ate the food. after about 2 hours of playing the sims university, i started feeling queasy. i never actually threw up or anything but i had the worst case of the runs i've ever had. i think there was somethin bad in that bag of M&Ms. i still feel kinda bad now but its no where near what it was sunday. i'm goin to the doctor tomorrow but its not for my stomach. maybe i should ask my doctor about it. we'll see how i feel tomorrow.

lata for now
<3 April

holly's survey for ladies [ err, WOMEN! ] "chicks" is cool, though. anyway, have I ever gone to the bathroom in pants, when you could have made it to the toilet. well once, back while living in orlando , florida. I was high on some bad acid, supposedly much of it had strichnine in it[ rat poison?] in small doses. anyway, so one night I am riding the bus all the way back to "williamsburg" area where I lived at the time and sea world gate at international drive is the closest bus stop at night. anyway, I took the number 1 bus to downtown orlando from winter park, transfered to the number 8 to I-drive/sea world, which in total took about 2 hours. I stopped and used the ladies' room at the bus station to pee, but little did I know, this bad acid was later fixing to later give me the runs. anyway, so the gate was locked and so, after walking around the gate and up the closed at night road past the sewer station, I got to this powerline field and then crossed it to this neighborhood called williamsburg. if it had hit while first getting through that gate, well no problem as there was plenty of woods still left before the sewer pump station [which stunk so bad it made you gag at times!]. but by this time here I was just about home when, here this huge load of mushy watery shit hit me really badly. well no matter how badly I tried to hold that explosion in; here I got about one f***in' block of my house and " squish" ewwwww! I hated that time as it was nearly running down my legs and saturated my "touristy-looking" shorts and my undies. I got home and it was so disgusting and I hated myself for that! I had to walk in hoping that it would not leak out, go to the bathroom and change my shorts and undies and try to dump the shit into the toilet from the undies. it was so nasty, it stunk so bad! one thing to note that is kewl about florida, the "restroom availability law" supposedly; meaning that every grocery store and convienence store must have at least ONE restroom for the "customer" to use.[ and so, many of them have one UNISEX for the general public and one for their employees only!] and so when driving the back roads through the smaller towns in many small florida towns and you have to urinate; all you have to do is stop at any circle K, handy way, whatever and then, go in and ask the clerk, " excuse me, ma'am/sir? do you have restroom that I can use please?" they will say "oh sure thing, hon! you see that door in the back of the last isle by the cooler? well go through that door and and it's on the right, second door; you'll see it!:)" [ guys are allowed to use them too,to discourage the florida male urinating on the roadsides and building walls.] besides, especially in many of the smaller towns, the southern male seems to realize that when he urinates standing into the toilet; he is suppposed to life the seat first! "southern style" MANNERS, BABY!and if they do not have one for the "customer"/public to use; then they must allow you to use their store bathroom! I still remember this store in center hill florida along route 48, where while riding my bike through town or driving, they had this magic marker paper sign which said " our aim is to keep this bathroom clean! your AIM will help!thanks, guys!" they had this one store bathroom in the back, and apparently that was the only bathroom.[ back behind the meat counter, to the left, only door on right]. it was always so nice and clean, too and the thing I remember the most was that round toilet bowl with the white seat and lid before they eventually changed it. the old toilet bowl was round and kind of deep and so, the toilet's water filled the entire bowl from the back, right up to under the front rim, which dropped straight down from the rim into the water. and so, many time I would stop and and ask to use this one; especially while riding my bicycle through town on a 42 mile ride. I would go in and close/lock the door. then after pulling down my bike shorts and putting down the seat if needed[it usually was down, anyway], I would sit down and as soon as I began to urinate, I could hear this nice sounding TINKLE as I urinated straight down from my twat's " lips" into the front-middle of that bowl; turning the clean water all yellow as my pee splashed into it, and often foamy by the time I finished. it was impossible to urinate into that toilet bowl WITHOUT making that tinkle sound; as there was no way possible to avoid urinating into the water.[I guess that was the idea? anyone have any answers?]
2. pooped or peed outside? pooped while camping, and hiking in the woods a few times. peed , probally a lot more times, get caught? while peeing one time many years ago back when I was in high school, I was at this party by the town boat launch. and wouldn't you know it! as soon as I went back and pulled down my jeans to pee, some dude would have to come with his girlfriend and sure enough, see me peeing away.

3.gone in your bed while awake? why? actually I can not think of a time when I did that.

4. gone on the floor at your house? yeah a few times when I could not hold my pee and it would dribble out before I could sit down on the bowl. somebody elses? not that I could remember. anywhere else? yeah I think a few times at least, when just a tiny bit dripped out before I could get seated on the toilet seat.

Loose bowel girl
Hi, I am 16 yr old girl(5'7" 122) who has a wierd condition where I have almost no control when it comes to pooping(pushing or holding). When I need to go, I can't wait for more than a minuts to go(I had many accidents in my life). Since I have no pushing power either, it takes about 30 minuts to finish a bm. I am also athletic and because of that, I well... eat alot. Anyway, this forces me to be open about my bowel movement to everyone I know especially my boyfriend.

Anyway, Could I get stories about

1. your most recent pooping expierience
2. most recent diahrea story
3. accident story
4. going in public (near the opposite sex)
That should be a good post for now.

Ann - great story! I used to be shy like you about telling people I had to go, and still sometimes am.
OK, the accident I had a couple of weeks ago.
It started that morning. I was marking papers for a friend of mine who teaches at college and was out of town. I took the subway as my car was in the shop. I left home at about 9am, got there at about 10 am and settled into her office with a pot of tea from the kettle she kept there and my 2 litre bottle of water. By about 1 pm, I had almost finished the bottle and drunk 3 cups of tea and my bladder was full. I should have just got up and made my way to the restroom, but then I decided to see how long I could hold it. I ate my lunch and kept marking at the desk with my legs crossed. By 2pm, I was squirming like crazy in my chair. I was leaning forward with my back arched and my bladder pressed into the chair, pulling on my underwear and pants to help hold it. By 3, I had to hold myself with one hand and bounce in my seat. I had to admit that I couldn't hold it anymore. I have held it much longer, but not by choice and not with that much liquid (I'd finished the water and had another cup of tea and a juice box with lunch and I hadn't peed in 6 hours.) I was just about to get up and go when there was a knock on the door and another professor came in to ask me some questions about one of my friend's students. I had to look in her filing cabinet for the answer, and when I stood up, the pee almost rushed down and out of me. I tightened my butt and prevented it and when I went to the cabinet, I saw that it was in the bottom one so I squatted down with my heel in my crotch to get the file.
Finally the professor left. I waited a minute or two and then hobbled to the bathroom feeling how full my bladder was. The bathroom was right by her office - but it had a closed for cleaning sign! The next bathroom I knew of was down 2 flights of stairs, down a hallway, through a lounge, down a long hall, to the right and down a corridor. I was absolutely bursting and didn't know if I could walk all that way normally. Then I had a thought. My friend had a big potted palm tree in her office - maybe I could water that. I went back to the office, drew the blinds and locked the door, and went over to the pot. I wasn't sure how I would position myself. Maybe I should just go to the bathroom. Then all of a sudden the pee started trying to get out again and I had the feeling that it would be all of it, not just a squirt. I quickly took off my underwear and pants and somehow managed to stoop and spread my legs so that the pee began to splash into the plant pot. And did it ever flow! First it hissed and sprayed so fiercely that it was hitting the plant leaves and trunk and bouncing off, barely stayng in the pot. Then it slowed to a heavy flow that at least went straight down, and finally dribbled and trickled for a long time.
I timed this pee at almost 2 1/2 mins. I stood like that for another 2 mins to let any left overs come out. When I was done, the earth in the plant pot was completely soaked. I wiped with a kleenex and got dressed.
I knew that because I'd been holding it so long and so desperately I'd probably have to go again, and I went twice in the next 1 1/2 hours for little pees in the toilet. Then at about 4:30 I left and made sure I had another pee.
I thought I'd be OK, but on the hour subway ride home I started to get urgent to pee again! Lots of people were on the train at that time so I had to do my squirming and leg crossing discreetly. I raced home from the station on the verge of peeing my pants, fantazing about dropping them and just peeing in the street, I had to go so bad. Finally I was home and on my doorstep. As I went to get my keys out of my purse, I was doing a little pee dance. The house keys were nowhere to be found. I stooped down, sitting on my heel to prevent wet pants, and dumped my entire purse on the doorstep. Nothing. Then I realized that I had probably left them on my dresser. I shoved everything back in my purse and sat there rocking on my heel. What to do? I was desperate. I knew my husband was out and couldn't let me in, and none of our neighbours have keys since we don't really know them. I couldn't think of anyone I knew who lived nearby that would be home, or anyone I could call on my cel phone to rescue me, and unfortunately we don't live that close to any fast food places or gas stations. I was about to pee my pants. If I had had a skirt on, I would have risked going behind the house and peeing on the ground, but I was in pants. And I couldn't squat anywhere as lots of people were out cleaning their yards and stuff. Then I remembered I had my husband's car keys. I didn't think he had taken his car, so I decided to go and see if it was there and if it was, to drive somewhere where I could pee.
His car was there, so I unlocked it and got in. But as I sat down, a squirt of pee came out and didn't stop. I stuck my hand in my crotch, clamped my legs around it and bounced until it finally did, but my underwear were already pretty wet. I had to hurry. I started the car, backed out, and then another squirt. I quickly put the car in park and again held myself till it stopped. I started the car again, but taking my hand from my crotch let the pee continue. My butt was already wet and I recognized that it was over, so I parked the car again, spread my legs and soaked my husband's driver seat.
When I was done, I felt relieved, but had a problem. My pants were wet and sticking to me. I was too embarassed to go anywhere and face anyone like that. So I waited in the car and learned music until my husband came home a couple of hours later. He wasn't thrilled at what I had done, but realized it wasn't my fault. He took the car to be cleaned and I took a bath. It was very embarassing and the first time I wet my pants in years. I blame myself for holding it on purpose during the day....

this happened today i had like a huge bowl of prunes and i forgot that thoses make u shit like crazy. Then i needed something to drink and just my luck, all we hadwas prune juice.i drink a few glasses and then about 30 minutes later i'm rubbing my stomach and then i run to the toilet. I make it. But then it comes out like water a niagra falls(I know it's a bad comparasion). It doesn't hurt but it doesn't stop. So it keeps coming. Then it stops like 30 minutes later. my toilet is almost full to the rim then i get like a ton of farts coming out spraying shit on the floor and it is so nasty. But then it totally stops and then i wipe myself. I walk out of the bathroom but there my 2 brothers and my 2 sisters and my mom and dad standing there. They were listing the whole time and then my mom said "Are you ok honey, it sounded like a lot of diearrhea." Then i said "yeah i'm fine." So thats the end of it. Hope it made u laugh. Bye.

To Cheryn,
It would be much easier to buy one, the fold up ones are very neat and would only cost maybe about $20 US. However if you wanted to make one you could make one from a plastic container with some plastic tube. The nossle would be a problem, unless like me you have a lathe and can machine one out of aluminium. The enema kits you buy come with a rectal nossle and a douche nossle, for cleaning the vagina. I prefer the feel of the larger douche nossle (in the rectum), but even that I find too small, the one I prefer is about 3/4" in diameter. It is actually more cortfortable than the smaller ones to insert because the end is much blunter. You must be very carefull with the smaller nozzles as it is possible the damage the intestines because they are so pointy. If you think that a 3/4' nozzle is going to be hard to insert because of its size, just think of how big your poos are. Don't you often pass poos bigger than that without any discomfort?
Aussie John.

AJ :o)
I've recently been peeing myself for a good cause.
For starters, I'm a middle-aged (52, to be exact) woman who is W---A---Y too FAT, and I have what I call a BOB (stands for Belly-Operated Bladder).
That is, if my bladder is full (as it is when I awaken in the morning), my heavy-and-hanging belly will massage my bladder and make it begin contractions just from my getting up out of bed.
I generally wear protective panties just in case.
Recently, the activities of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo case have heated up, and I've been online a lot corresponding with people, writing articles, sharing links, etc. that promote getting her away from that so-called husband who is currently calling all of the shots and trying to get away with murder (at least, the way I see it--and I'm not the only one!).
So, I might be so engrossed at my computer that I'll put off taking care of the call of nature (the pee part, anyway) until I'm full-to-bursting.
When that happens, I just let it all out into my panties.
My pee is nice and warm, and I feel so relieved.
If it stays in my panties for too long, I might also feel irritated, but I try to change panties before this happens.
But, with two pairs of panties on at the same time, I can let out two or three really big pees before having to change into new ones.
So, I'll be sitting and doing my part to help Terri and her family out, and I'll feel my bladder getting more full by the minute.
There's a real revitalizing feeling to be changing the world one person at a time while the pressure in my bladder becomes less and less urgent while my panties fill up with the warm fluid.
It's trash day, so I gathered the used panties into a bag to leave out to be piacked up, and there was at least one pair that felt as heavy as a newborn baby because they were so full of pee (it collects in this material that's under the liner).
Peeing in the shower feels really nice, too--especially, when I have the hand-held sprayer aimed at me to wash it away as it comes out.
Today seems as if it would be an ideal day for such a long, refreshing shower--so I'm going to be sure that I enter the shower stall (which has a bench in it to sit on) with a sufficiently-full bladder.
Speaking of which, I've got to go pee now.
Will make it in time, so there, so need to pee my panties unnecessarily.
Love & Pees!
AJ :o)

Thursday, March 31, 2005

good story
lyndsey i thought your softball story was fantastic. i like the way you write, and your accident was fun to read about.

that brings me to my next point, there needs to be more stories about girls pooping themselves while playing sports...yeah, i like the thought of that.

to brittany
come back and tell us if you find out if any of your friends saw you poop your pants on your walk home.

Hi does anyone have stories of like being really desperate to pee or poop? I do and here they are!

I was driving home from my college and had to poop really bad. I had been constipated for days. I stopped at a store and tried to poop. No such luck. I bout some laxatives and took 2. As I was driving down the road it was about 10:00 pm a few hours after I took the laxatives I took 2 more. At like 3:00 in the morning I was 2 hours away from the hotel. I suddenly had to poop really I mean so badly! I pulled on the side of the roead but the woods where to dark. So I kept driving. The need was so bad I was loosing it very quickly. I ran to the next store I saw and asked to use there bathroom. They said employees only. So I ran to the last lane in the store and bought a package or diapers because I was so desperate. As I paid I could feel a turd start poking out of my anus. I ran to my car and right there in the parking lot put on a diaper. I was so realived. I quickly got in my car and started driving away. I decided to try and hold it as I had a diaper now and could go whenever. About 5 minutes later I could feel my anus opening. Poop started comeing out log after log. And turds. Finally I felt realived. I changed my diaper and kept it on. On the way home I had a major case of diareahha and peed alot in them. Now on road trips I usually bring diapers just incase.

Larry G
Hello, and happy Easter everyone. Well, I have the perfect movie with a guy pooping. Those of you who like movies especially ones with "toilet humor" will appreciate this one. If you have a mind, rent Jackass, the Movie on video or Dvd. It has a scene where a guy takes a monster dump in a hardware store display toilet. You can hear it. Every time I watch that I bust a gut laughing. There is alot more to that, but that's just a sample to caress your curiosity. Well, got to go now. Ps. My heart goes out to Summer, that had to be a pretty bad experience in the hospital. Well, happy Easter, Summer and everyone.

Mollie (Campground accident)
I am a 34 yr old female 5' 7" tall with red hair and am full figured. Quite a few years ago, one of my girlfrields and I went on a camping trip to a campground on one of the great lakes approximately a two hour drive from home. One afternoon we walked down to the beach to swim and lay in the sun which was a quarter mile away from our tent. About 4:30PM we decided to make our way back to the camp site. About a third of the way back, i began to feel cramps which became more severe the more I walked. I then headed to the part of the campground where the porta potties were to take a dump. There were two porta potties and there was quite a line at each one. (6 people in each one) I got in a line. When I got there, It was very dirty and really stinky so I walked out and got in the line for the other porta potty. the line got down to one person in front of me. The cramps by this time were really bad. As I was standing there, I let out a couple of pre-pooping farts. I then felt a very sharp pain and felt the head of a semi-soft log rush its way past my sphincter muscle out into the bikini bottom of my swimsuit. As it was coming out, I could feel it tent outward the seat of my bikini bottoms. a couple of guys standing nearby got excited and got hard ons. My girlfriend said "Molly did you shit your pants?" I responded "Yea, had a major accident here. Didnt quite make it to the bathroom". I walked back to the campsite and began the task of cleaning out my stinky bikini bottoms. As I walked, I could feel my bottom waddle like a duck from the massive shit I took in my swimsuit. It feel soooooooo good having an accident.

Mike O.
Well, I like these stories after reading them for a long time.

Anyways, about eight months ago, I was coming home from school, and when I tried to get in, the door was locked, front and back. I really had to go to the bathroom, so I had called my mom on my cell phone when she is coming home, and she would be there in about 30 minutes. I really had to take a crap badly. I knew I could wait, but I couldn't stand the presseure. So I went into my backyard, and plopped a 3-inch wide, 7.5-inch long squishy crap onto the grass. Unfortunately, I had no paper, so I just pulled my pants up and squezze my butt so the mush could stay in.
When she got home, I didn't mention the crap, and it was never noticed. I just told her that I needed to use the bathroom, so I ran to the room and wiped away.


hi i know i said last time i soiled my undies several times in the past so i thought i'd tell some more of stories now since i think i like this forum. i'm gonna start to come more.

when i was 11 i had to go to ccd one night (like a weekly catholic school thing at night) and my mom was in a bad mood and was rushing me and didn't let me go to the bathroom before we left for ccd, then she dropped me off. the thing is only an hour long so it pretty much just starts right away so when you get there you go right to class, so i didnt have time to use the bathroom there either and i just stood in the hallway outside my classroom, crapped my pants, started crying, and they called my mom and i went back home. luckily CCD was only once a i didn't have to see those people for a while. but my mom was furious at me. when i got home she told me to go clean myself and rinse my "dirty things" in the bath tub then put them in bag and bring them to the wash. so i did. i went up to my bathroom and i unzipped my jeans and wiggled out ofd them. i had a big big mess in my purple butterfly panties. it was a big soft crap that made a tight bulge with a sort of wet brown stain on the back of my panties. i looked in my jeans and the brown stain had went through my panties and gotten in my jeans a little, but it didnt soak through and show on the outside of my jeans. i just pulled them down slowly and dumped them out in the potty and did what my mom said. it wasn't that bad of a cleanup. i washed myself off and my mom actually gave me a warm fresh pair of undies right from the dryer, which i thought was nice because she had been pretty mad at me.

on the day before my 13th birthday i was sleeping over my friend kayla's house and we were just goofing off all night being pre-teen girls. we had eaten all this candy because my birthday is novermber 3rd so we had a ton of halloween stuff still, and in the middle of the night after we had gone to bed, i woke up with a good need to poop. it didn't feel like an emergency, just a good strong urge....i looked to see if kayla was awake but it didnt look like it. i kicked the covers down and got out of bed, and i went over to the door and opened it slowly and peeked out in the hallway. i wanted to make sure no one was out there because her older brother and sisters are up late and stuff anfd i was only in a t-shirt and my underwear. the coast was clear so i went down the hallway to the bathroom upstairs. the door was closed and i saw the light on under the door, so i figured someone was in there. i waited down the hall back at the door to kayla's room with my butt kind of pressed against the doorframe, it was a good way to hold it in. i waited for a good 10 minutes, and no one ever came out of the bathroom. by this time i was farting on the doorframe and i was pretty sure my panties had a few skid marks by now. i was going to mess myself if i didn't get in there soon, so i went back down the hall and stood at the bathroom. it was still closed and the light was still on, but i couldn't hear anything going on in there i hadn't the whole time. i started to think maybe there was no one in there. but i was too shy to knock...i waited another few minutes, but i was still to shy to knock, until with sort of a clapping feeling from my butt, i started to push a solid poop into my undies, so i frantically knocked on the door. to my horror, there actually was someone in there, and i was too scared to answer back when they said "yeah what?" so i just waddled back to the bedroom in terror as iwas still shitting myself. it was mostly solid, a little mushy, but it made the biggest bulge was the biggest dump i've ever taken in my panties. figures it was at my best friend's house. i tried to stay calm and quite when i got in the room and just waited for whoever was in there to get out. after another 5 minutes the toilet fushed, i hurt the sink run, and someone came out. i peeked and watched the person walk away, and it was kayla's oldest sister michelle, who's 19. i waited about a minute, then i quietly got my other panties from my backpack and went into the bathroom. i was hit with a pretty foul aroma other than my own, michelle must've been taking a crap too, but she made it to the toilet unlike was a big project getting my panties off and getting them emptied out, but it wasn't bad. it all came out of my underwear easily it just didn't go down the toilet very easily. it didn't make much of a nasty stain either, just some skid marks. i balled the dirty panties up in some toilet paper and put them aside so i could put them in a small pocket on my back pack. then i just used a wash cloth from their bathroom and wet it in the sink and lathered it up and cleaned my butt and everything off with that. i didn't want to climb into the shower at my friends house in the middle of the night..i buried the washcloth in the trash can when i was done because i wouldn't want her family to use the wash cloth i used to clean my butt off after i pooped my pants....anyway, after a while i was all cleaned up and put my fresh panties on and finally went back to bed.
the funny thing about that story is...guess what i did? i left my dirty underwear in their bathroom!!!! i never fessed up that it was mine. no one knew i had gone in the bathroom that night anyway. i was so humiliated!

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