Hey, my name is Holly, I am 17, and I have a few questions for you ladies:

1.Have you ever gone to the bathroom in your pants when you could have made it to the toilet(explain why)? Yes, I was walking home from school and needed to go and just didn't feel like dealing with it because I had already had such a rough day.

2.Have you ever pooped or peed outside? Did you get caught? Yes. No.

3.Have you ever gone to the bathroom in your bed while you were awake(explain why)? Yes, last winter I woke up and needed to go to the bathroom and I just didn;t want to get out of bed because it was so cold, so I pooped and later peed in my bed.

4. Have you ever gone to the bathroom on the floor at your house, somebody elses' house, or somewhere else(explain why)? Yes, at my own house my plumbing was broken and I was desperate so I just went on the floor.

The Nature Boy
My cousin and a coworker both complain of hemmorroids, and neither of them have given birth...but they are older, 30 and 31 respectively. I don't think you need to worry about a colonoscopy just yet, just for that, but I'm no doctor so I dunno. I DO know that women are more prone to constipation, so maybe women are just more prone to them too?

I do know that when I do a slack job of wiping, my butt is very sore and irritated for a few days afterwards...could this be it maybe? I'd almost say I'm obessive/cumpulsove with wiping...I always run the sink a little to wet the TP before I wipe, at home and at the single-toilet bathroom at work. In fact, I even use TP or kleenex to get all the pee off my 'gimmick' (as wrestler Jerry Lawler calls it in his book, LOL!!) when I take a leak!

Oh, and Applebees, Chili's, places like that (even my favorite, Cheddar's) never have given me an urge to crap as soon as I'm done. McDonalds was the worst for me one time, had a huge case of diarrhea 5 minutes after I left! I never *have* gone back to that particular one!

Cassandra K.
Hey everybody, I am a first time poster, but have been a lurker for quite a while now. I am 21 years old, 5'5" have curly blonde hair and green eyes. I became fascinated with this site because I never poop or pee in a toilet, I always go in my pants(with or without diapers) or outside on the ground. I just don;t like sitting down on the toilet for 20 minutes trying to force it out, I'd rather just let it come out on its own. I first started doing this when I was 19, I just got curious one day and just decided to go in my pants, I could have made it to the toilet, but I wanted to know what it felt like to poop my pants. I suppose a lot of the people here have just tried pooping their pants or going outside at one time or another, that's why I liked this site.

Well, I gotta' go outside and do some business now, bye-bye.
Cassandra K.

About three days before I start my period my stomach gets very sensitive. Sometimes it seems like everything I eat makes me sick to my stomach within 15 minutes. Does this happen to any one else? Bad time to plan a road trip… let me tell ya. My sweetheart and I set off on a road trip, expecting drive time to be around 8 hours. I ate a very light snack before we left, trying to avoid being on the road and having to make a sprint for the bathroom. About 3 hours in to the drive I feel my stomach start curling up in knots. Trying not to sound too frantic, I explain to him that we need to stop at the next rest stop we come to. About 25 minutes later, still no rest stop, I am begging him to just pull over. At this point I didn't care where we were, what was around, or who would see. I had to go! We hit this stretch of highway with lots of trees lining the shoulder and he pulls over. I tear my seat belt off of myself, and scramble for the trees. I found this secluded spot with only a few bushes around and a couple of trees. I dropped my shorts and panties and began to squat. Right as I begin peeing I hear the leaves crunching and branches breaking. I was ready to panic wondering who was coming to visit me at this very delicate time! It turned out to be my sweetie. Oddly enough he didn't say a word, just walked up and dropped his pants, squatted right behind me… our backs touching one another.. And we both ended up pooing together in this tiny little forest near the highway. We both stood up... pulled up our pants and glanced down. Quite a creation we left on the ground! We couldn't tell which was which and where one began and one ended! Great bonding experience!


Please tell the story of peeing in your pants (you said last week you peed your pants for the first time in years). You said it was too long a story, but I am sure I'm not the only one who'd love to hear it. You are a great writer and it is always a pleasure to read what you have to say.


-- AT

Hi everyone

I recently moved to working in Intensive Care, so now i'm working 12 hour shifts. Since it's really busy most days and i barely get to smoke a cigarette, it also makes it hard to find time to take a shit when needed. And let me tell you, it SUCKS to hold it for that long! Well, today it was an emergency! I announced to the whole nurses station that i needed to shit so that i could take my time with people knowing my situation, haha, and did what most would call a BLOW OUT! It was bad and smelled horrible! So when i walked out of the bathroom i told everyone i took a huge shit and to not to go in the bathroom for a WHILE! Emaphasizing on the WHILE, if you know what i mean. It was funny because i made the one male nurse blush! GOOD! i hope he was thinking about how beautiful i look while i'm shitting haha.. I HAVE NO SHAME :)

xoxo, Summer

Hey i love all the storise about wetting & pooping your-self.

I've got a story.Last week i was at school and had to go to the bathroom but my gym teacher said no.I held it for 20min. poop started to come out my butt.the bad thing was i was stretching with my boyfriend and my butt was facing him and i was wearing a pair of blue short shorts and a blue G-string. anyway i started to poop my pants and it stretched my g-string out of my "crack" and poop fell on to the floor. well along w/ poop comes pee and i pissed my self also so as u could tell my boyfriend laughed and dumped my that second. i was so sad i started to cry while everyone laughed at me

tonight during easter dinner i noticed my 15 year old sister looking rather uncomfortable in her seat for most of dinner. she eventually stood up from her seat and urgently began trying to get by my brother and other sister to go to the bathroom but my brother is a little heavy set and he could only move his chair in so much. it took katie a signififcant amount of effort to squeeze behind his chair and get free and the extra time it cost her was all it took. just as she got away from the table she tensed up severely right in the hall where everyone could see her and she slighlty leaned forward and stuck her butt out and ripped a big, crackling fart and a big round bun formed right in the seat of her jeans as she soiled herself, and she crouched down to the floor and broke down in tears. it was hilarious at first i thought..but later i looked back on the whole thing and realized i was a little turned on by it. not the fact that it was my sister but just the idea of teenage and older girls messing in their pants.

Here are a couple of poop stories I figured I could put in one post

One time I was at a friend's house and it was really late. The kid who lived there fell asleep, so we were all gonna fart on him. We got in positon, and I was the one to fart in his face. We got ready and I pushed to get a nice big fart, which I did, but ended up pooping myself. My friends cracked up, and one of them pooped themselves also.

Another time a friend of mine(a girl) had to spend the night at my house because it snowed really bad and here parents couldn't pick here up(we were like 13, she was pretty and I think we both had sort of a crush on each other). In the middle of the night she came into my room and asked me to hold her hand while she pooped, because she hadn't pooped in days. So I held her hand and looked away while she took a huge stinking dump. She squeezed really hard because it was so big and painful. Plus she farted a couple times I heard it land in the toilet with a thud, and dhe took a big sigh. She said she was sorry and looked like she was going to cry. I leftand waited outside the door to make sure she was okay. She came out crying and said it wouldn't flush. I told here it was alright and tried to flush the heaping black and green turd without throwing up. I came out and she was still crying and apologizing. I told here it's okay, then she made me promise never to tell anyone. We hugged til she felt better and let out a couple farts. She told me this has happened many times before. Its wierd that a turd brought me and her closer togehter/

i had some gas and cramps as i was out side but i could only fart when i got home i sat on the toilet and several dry, small pebbles emerged...(it's been like that for a whole)... any way I still had crams but i couldnt shit i waited and then i felt it owww dirreah i ran to the to the toilet and a few soggy soft logs emerged i still had cramps so i waited but nothing im still waiting....any way i looked at what i did and it was a coil of a soft brown log not very big but certainly long with last nights corn any way im still waiting for my 3rd wave but nothing the cramps have stoped now and i hope i stop shitting pebbles after that! i feel so clean.

happy pooping :)

princess pee
Hey guys! Wazzup? Got a story!

It was Sautrday,and my buds and I went to see a movie.We all got a meduim pop and some popcorn.We were all watching this movie, and 1 of my friends is really pee shy,but she must of had to go to the bathroom, because she was crossing her legs and holding her crotch, thinking nobody could see her.The movie ended. We got out of the movie theater. The bathrooms were being cleaned,no one noticed until 1 of my friends said,"the bathrooms are being cleaned!" Helen (pee shy) said,"NOW??!!" We went outside to wait for my mom to come and pick us up. it started raining when we were at the movie so we got wet which didn't help Helen. Mom came to pick us up. We first dropped off Helen. She had to rimg the doorbell. No one came.Again.Still no one came. She jumped up and down and held her crotch. We all noticed that. The next day at school another friend said she had to go to the bathroom and just made it. then she asked,"Did you have to go to the bathroom,Helen?" Helen answered,"no" And then I said,"Yeah."


Morning,all-some good stuff on the forum lately!! some responses
TO DEREK-Isn't it great to do great feeling dump like that-esp when you look and see a 20" poop in the bowl-i like to let a poop like that out slowly as it tingles your anus-those are the best.I really look foreward to those!Good story
TO SUMMER-Hello,my lil' friend!hey you don't have to worry about colonoscopy for about 25 years or so-you're too young yet!As far as the tonsil thing,I have mine out when I was 9 and the best part is after the surgery,you can eat gobs of ice cream--????! Really,it's no big deal-you'll B fine!All that food @ TGIF"S,appleby's and esp Red lobster really makes me poop too-I have to dump as soon as I get home and it's loose and gassy-sometimes I don't even make it out of the place and have to run to the mens'room!!Noooo,I don't eat at those places anymore for that reason!!they cook that stuff in a lot of grease and that;s what makes you and i poop!!not good!
TO OLD POOP- Nice story about you pooping 3 times in the morning-you must have really been full of it! I pooed on the back of the toilet seat once when I was about 11 when i was sick with dirrehea in a store and as I was sitting down my butt just exploded all over the back-what a drag it was cleaning up!!I like the scenic route too,but I break out the mirror when I have to go real bad and I know it's going to be a good dump-it' esp fun wheni poop out in the woods!Enjoy your stories.
HEY Summer,I have a poop story,finally after taking medication that binded me up for awhile,a few days after I was done with the meds,my system started to come back on it's own,so saturday morning I was awoken with a bunch of cramps and stumbled out of bed and got undressed and sat on the bowl and it first i pushed and pushed as I felt my anus dome out but nothing was coming,so i just sat back and the cramps got stronger and just as i felt a cramp i pushed and a ball came out and then i started to fart and fart-i must have did about 10 farts and each one was shorter and shorter-it felt great as the cramps subsided.Then I felt my rectum start to fill up as i relaxed my anus as it domed out and I felt the tip of a poop starting to emerge and I just pushed slightly as it slowly slid out my anus.i could tell it was going to be one of my long ones,so i looked between my legs and saw this smooth turd stretching from my anus all the way down into the water of the bowl.then all of a sudden it just stopped and just hung there,so i pushed a bit but it wouldn't move,so I pushed harder and still no move!So ,her i am with this 12-15 "turd hanging out my butt and I was at the point of no return and what was i to do?Should I yank it out and go back to bed and wait for the rest for later-i quickly dismissed that idea since I don't want to have anything to do with touching my poop,so I leaned back and started to doze off and for a few minutes,i believe i was asleep sitting on the bowl with this turd hanging out my butt-Boy,was that strange to wake up 1st sitting on the bowl and 2nd feeling this poop hanging out my butt.Well finally I pushed and the poop fell out my butt into the bowl and i didn't feel the urge to poop anymore so i wiped my butt and looked in the bowl and saw a 18" sausage wrapped around the bowl,but i kind didn't fell done ,if you ll know what I mean,so I got dressed and went to 7-11 and got some coffee(which i normally don't drink,unless I want to induce a BM-which coffee does to me in spades!)So I drunk the coffee and stopped at a gas station to fill up and as I filling my car, my rectum,too is filling up with more of my morning excrement and by the time I filled up my car my retum,too was full as I drove home(thank god it was only a few block as I pulled into the driveway and came insied and ran to the bathroom and got undressed(i almost always dump nude) and sat on the bowl and as soon as I sat down my anus domed out and I heard this PFFFFFFiittt followed by a bunch of soft ice cream that just came out of my anus for what seemed like 2 mins or so and as it was coming out i was passing a lot of hisssing gas along with it as i grunted in relief-man,did it feel great as my bowels emptied.Then finally it was over as I leaned back and looked in the bowl and saw a bunch of soft turds floating all over the place in various lengths.there must have been 2-3 lbs of poop in the bowl.I wished I had a camera so I could take a pic of this load as it was truelly a work of art!LOL!!Then I started to wipe and i felt more cramps and I sat back and relaxed and let out a long wet fart and let out a torrent of pudding poop mixed with a lot of gas and I was enjoying every moment of this BM as i could finally feel myself getting close to being done!Then I ended this wonderful Bm with 2 long farts and some mucus that hung out my now sore anus and I had to wipe it off with toilet paper and as I wiping I'm pushing out my anus to make sure it;'s clean.It was a messy cleanup-Boy that coffee really did the trick-it was like an enema!I had to flush 2X to get it all down-what a load!i enjoyed every bit of that dump!Wish I did that one out in the woods!!!well --since then I'm pretty much doing my normal BM's every morning and they've all been pretty healthy,but nothing like sat morning-i guess I needed a good cleaning out!Great stuff all
Hopefully soon i'll be pooping out in the woods and maybe with a pretty lady!!
Happy easter to all!! Hopefully,i'll have some more stuff to report-hoped you enjoyed the story,Summer!! I feel the beginnings of a poop coming on right now-i'm going to go hit the bowl!!BYE

My only experience with other peoples trips to the bathroom was summer before last when my younger brother (16 then) burned both his hands and needed help doing absolutely everything for about 10 days. Other people in the family helped him with other stuff (eating etc.) but I ended up with bathroom duty. I'd take down his pants and he'd sit on the toilet (even for #1 as I didn't exactly want to hold his dick while he pissed). If he had to crap I'd go away for a couple minutes and give him a little privacy, then come back. He was taking antibiotics so his BMs were really loose and the stink was absolutely unbelievable. The worst part was having to wipe his butthole afterward! Anybody else here had similar things (on either side)?

Hi! Itīs the first time for me to post a story on this site. It was my worst bathroom experience ever, although I didnīt have many yet so far! I am usually very shy about my bathroom habits, but now I was looking for a forum to share my unique story. Just to know: I am obviously very nervous about travelling and this makes me problems with both my bladder and my stomach. I am 21 years old and I have my short black hair. I live in Austria. I have a new boyfriend Michael - since two months and he proposed me to take me to a trip to Brussels where he had to go for business by car. I donīt like travelling but I didnīt want to disappoint him by declining. So I agreed. We met at departure day at 9 am to leave, and of course I drank a lot of coffee in the morning to be awake for the trip. I was so in love that I didnīt ask my boyfriend how long this trip would take, I was just happy to be with him. When we left Vienna I asked him how long would be the drive. He told me: 10 hours non-stop! 1200 kilometers!! I was mortified as I knew that I have never travelled a lot in my life a long distance, but I couldnīt imagine that I could just sit in a car so long non-stop without going to the toilet. But I had no experience! My boyfriend explained me that he never stops his fast Volvo Car during such a trip, just to take petrol once.. So we were on the highway and my boyfriend drove very fast and I just fell asleep as I couldnīt sleep well last night as I was so exited about my first trip with my new boyfriend. About three hours later I woke up and felt an urge in my bladder, The coffee must have made its effect... My bladder was just aching. I asked Michael how long the remaining drive would take - and he suddenly told me (like a computer) 5 hours 30 minutes! I was really mortified as I experienced a very strong urge to go to the toilet and I just couldnīt imagine to hold it in for such a long time. But I tried very hard. We drove and drove and drove through some mountains in Germany when Michael suddenly told me he has to take petrol for his car. We drove into a rest area and I thought that now I would be free to go to the toilet. But imagine - I was so stupid not to say anything as I expected my boyfriend to go to the toilet after a drive of six hours and asking me if I had to go too! I was so shy!!! But no question! He jumped back to the car and didnīt even ask me if I have to go or not. He was just driving and driving fast - now I understand why he was a commercial pilot before in his life - and I was sitting beside him in the most unconfortable situation in my life!! I felt my bladder at its utmost limit before emptying itself in my panties! Two cups of coffee and about three bottles of mineral water I drank during the trip just not to dyhydrate myself had the final efffect on me - we were listening to music in the car when I finally came to a point that I just couldnīt hold it in any longer and asked Michael how long we were before destination and he told me one about half an hour. I was very-very shy about my situation but was sure I couldnīt make it before we finally would reach our hotel and told him please stop at the next rest possibility as I am sick. I was not sick but just at the last possibility to go to the toilet as my bladder was just about to explode as never before in my life! Michael knew the highway quite perfectly as just before Brussels Airport he stopped at a rest area. I already was holding my hand at my bladder so desperate I was to go. He stopped beside the toilets. I jumped off the car, made a mad run to the ladies room, quickly entered into a toilet, lovered everything I had on me for this trip (jeans, panty, pantyhose) and just entered a flow into the toilet which I never experienced in my life!! I felt that all liquid that I drank since two days was coming out of me and I was happy that Michael couldīnt hear this deaster! It just came out of me in about four minutes. I just couldnīt stop it. I have never had to go to the toilet more urgently in my whole life!! I was almost crying and just everything came out of me. I was afraid to go back to Michael. He was sitting in the car waiting for me. But he was very gentle. He realised that I had to go to the toilet urgently, but told me next time to say something everythime when I have to go. He told me he never goes to the toilet when he drives! Even during a 12 hour tripI I was somehow irritated as I didnīt want to talk with him about these issues, and he assured me he never goes to the toilet while driving, even at such a long distance! I was a little bit more shy as when we reached Brussels and our hotel room, I had to run out once more urgently to the toilet as still the rest of the water I drank on the road was inside me.. In Brussels everything was ok as my boyfriend did his business and I my shopping but on the way back imagine... I went to the toilet 2 times before we left in our hotel room as I wanted to have my bladder emptied because I knew my boyfriend would never stop underway and thought I was ok - but when we took the car from the parking just to come back to the hotel to take the luggage I felt sick! I was sure I have to vomit and told Michael I have to run back to the lobby to go to the toilet. I really had to go a little as I used the toilet already so much in this morning. I runned back to the car and told Michael just drive!! My stomach was aching but I was brave. Of course Michael again wanted to drive without stop. Fortunately after 7 hours, before the border to Austria, the tank was empty. He filled the tank, which allowed me a frantic trip to the ladies room, when again everything I drank in the last two days came out of my bladder.. Michael wanted to drive forth but I convinced him to take a break.. We had wine, salad and sausages. Bad idea! I didnīt know that this would make a bad impact on my stomach. We were already in the car when I had to ask Michael very sorry I have to go to the toilet once more. I felt to have diarreah and also to vomit. I tried to hold it but I couldnīt it. My stomach was just too nervous about travelling, so I felt. Michael was very friendly he suddenly pulled over and helped me to get out of of the car. I was still shy towards him but he held me and I just couldnīt do anything more than crying and running down the highway slope lowering panties and jeans and have terrible diarreah out of me. It lasted for five minutes. I was in a shock as I know Michael was there and surely heard me even if I saw he didnīt watch me. He didnīt say a word just I came back to his car and we continued the trip to Vienna without any more bathroom stop. I was as sad as as possible as I knew this trip with my boyfriend was a great desaster concerning tmy bathroom habits. And he has to travel for business and likes it! I cannot be always a problem for thim during his tripe! Any experience! Any advice? What can I do?

I have been visiting this site rugularly over 3 years. I have posted a few times befroe, but I think that it must be almost 2 years since my last contribution. I am 43 years old married woman and I especially like going public toilets and listen others peeing and pooping while i pee and poop myself.

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine, Lisa, with who I usually I go jogging called me. This time she didn't ask me for jogging. She told that she was planning go to swimming with her daughters and asked if I was interested going with them. I didn't have anything special to do so I said yes. Lisa and her daughters picked me up and we drove to local indoor swimming pool. It was late saturday afternoon and there was not much people. We went to locker room to change swimming suits and soon we were ready to go shower and pool.

After about 15-20 minutes swimming I felt a slight urge to poop. I hadn't pooped on that day yet and usually all kinds of exercise gets my bowels moving and swimming was not exception. I thought it would be better go to restroom before urge come stronger. I told to my friends that I needed pop in restroom. Lisa's oldest daughter Anne (she is 17) said that she must go too and so we both got off the pool and headed for restroom.

There were four stalls, all empty. Anne entered in the farthest stall and I went adjacent of hers. I took off my wet swimming suit and put in hanging on a hook. Anne was already sitting and peeing. As she peed I heard some small short farts: brrt, pot, pot. I placed my butt on the seat and relaxed and dribbled some drops of pee. We had some small talk. We both wondered how clean toilet was. Anne's voice sounded a bit strained and I figured that she was going to poop too. I adjusted my butt more comfortable position and pushed lazily. Gap between floor and partition wall was rather high and as I leaned a bit forward I could see how Anne bent her toes and her heels were slightly off the floor. She moaned softly and some more gas came out: pufff, pff, tfff-ffftt.

I felt my load pressing against my sphincter and I gave a good groan. My butt hole opened and head of turd emerged out. At the same time I heard audible crackling sound from Anne's stall. It was certainly nice big chunk coming out of her butt hole. Then a huge splash. Log must just broke off because same crackling sound continued without pause. A few seconds later another loud splash was heard followed by relieved sigh. I pushed out two solid 4-5 inches long sticks with classic plops while Anne dropped still a couple of smaller lumps. We both were done. Anne wiped 5 times. I needed wipe just twice because my poop was kinda dry and firm. Anne finished before me and she was already gone as I stepped out of stall. I could not resist my curiosity and I took a quick look at her stall. I saw a wide brown streak at the bottom of the bowl and there was kinda strong smell of fresh poop.

This was the worst experience I've ever had from having an accident (yes, there have been others, but not as bad as this one). I was in the band in high school and one Friday night we had a game about two hours away. I peed in the school bathroom before we left and felt fine. I had felt a slight urge to poop earlier during school, but it wasn't bad and had gone away so I didn't think about it. I had a big bottle of water with me (I drink a lot of water) and took it on the bus with me to drink on the way to the game. We always wore running shorts and band t-shirts so we could put our uniforms on over them while on the bus before we got to the field. So I was wearing my black nylon shorts, pink brief panties, and our red band shirt. And I was in 11th grade and was 17 years old, about 5 foot 6 inches tall and thin with a pretty small chest (still do, darn it). And I'm a red head, btw.

Anyway, by the time we got to the game I kind of had to pee from the water I was drinking, but had to hold it till after halftime. I was ok, though, and after we marched our halftime show, we got the 3rd quarter off to get food and drinks and go to the bathroom, stuff like that. So me and some friends went to find the girls bathroom, and it was disgusting. I peed, but even though I was starting to feel like I needed to poop again, there was no way I was going to poop in that nasty bathroom, so I held it. We also got some Gatorade to drink. Then the 4th quarter came and we got back up into the stands and about halfway through I started to have to poop worse, but we aren't allowed to leave the stands and no way was I going to use those nasty toilets anyway. I just squeezed and held it in. I figured the game would be over and we'd be going home soon, and I figured I could hold it for 2 or 3 hours. I was 17 years old, after all.

Well, just my luck the game at the end of the 4th quarter and went into overtime! So the teams went back and forth still tied for three overtimes, and the whole time my need to poop is getting worse and worse! Finally, our team stopped theirs and we won, but it took almost and extra hour of playing I think. We were all excited and happy of course, but I was starting to worry about being able to hold it until we got home. Since it was so late from the overtime, we didn't stop to use the bathrooms before leaving (I didn't want to poo there anyway) and instead got right on the busses after packing and taking off our uniforms. We started on our way home and it was going to be almost 1 o'clock in the morning by the time we got home and were supposed to be home around midnight, so the director was worried that parents would leave after waiting for a while and didn't want to stop and have to drop kids off himself.

About an hour into the trip, I was REALLY desperate, barely able to hold it anymore, and now I had to pee pretty badly, too. I was crossing my legs and holding my crotch, doing anything I could think of. My best friend Samantha was sitting with me and noticed my squirming and asked what was wrong. I told her how bad I had to go and she said she kind of had to pee too. I said, "I wish I only had to pee, but I've really got to poop, too." She said I should ask the band director to stop, but I said no. I was too shy to ask a guy to stop so I could go to the bathroom.

After about another 20 minutes, I was really struggling and felt my butt open and firm poo start to come out. It hit my panties and my body made me push, but the poo just pushed against the bus seat and couldn't go any farther, so there I was sitting with a giant firm poo part of the way out, pushing against my panties, with no where to go. I was panicking and breathing fast and my heart was racing. I'm sure I was bright red, but since it was dark nobody could see. I tried to pull it back in, but it was too far out, but as long as I sat still and kept my butt right against the seat, it couldn't go out any further either. I was going to try staying that way until I could get control again and pull it back inside, but just then I couldn't hold the front any more and felt a big squirt of pee shoot into my panties and soak the crotch and felt some pee run down my thighs. "Crap!" I gasped under my breath. I pushed my fingers tight against my pee hole but it didn't really help. A second later another bigger squirt came out and I knew it was hopeless. Samantha heard me gasp and asked if I was ok. I whispered to her, "No, I can't hold it any more." She said, "Sure you can, we'll be back at school in like 30 minutes." I said, "No, you don't understand, I just peed a little and I'm seriously about to poop my panties." She said, "Are you serious?" I said, "Yes, it's already coming out a little." Then another squirt of pee came out, this time lasting two or three seconds, and I felt little streams run down my thighs to my knees and down my calves. I gasped again and looked down at my lap, then my body made my butt push again. I couldn't stand the pain anymore and half stood up in the seat and took my hand away from my crotch. "I can't wait…" I started to whisper to Samantha. She just stared at me.

As soon as I started to stand up, the floodgates opened and I started peeing full force, flooding my panties and pouring down my legs into my shoes and onto the bus floor. At the same time, my butt pushed and the turd started tenting out my wet panties, stretching them out, but at least it was pretty solid. I squished into a huge ball under my butt and felt like a warm grapefruit in my panties when I was done. I started crying a little and I knew other people could hear the pee dripping, and might have even heard the crackling sound of the poop squishing in my panties. Then the smell hit us and people around us started turning around and asking who farted. Then some people saw me there crying with my hands over my face and then somebody yelled about something wet on the floor. Then it went downhill. They quickly realized I had peed myself, and the stench soon gave away that I had pooped myself, too. In minutes the entire bus knew what happened. Half of them started laughing, but some of them were concerned. A guy in front of me was mad because my pee had run on the floor and got his backpack wet. I could do nothing but stand there and cry even worse. Samantha and a couple of other girls were really nice about it though, and tried to get me to calm down. I had to stand and hold onto the seat for the next half hour because I didn't want to sit down and squish the poop everywhere. They got some paper towels from the bus driver and helped me mop up the pee on the seat and floor and wipe off my wet legs as best we could in the dark.

Finally we got home and they helped me waddle to the bathroom. Samantha came into a stall with me and helped pull down my shorts and I stepped out of them, standing there now in just my obviously pee and poop stained pink panties. She helped me pull the panties down, and boy were they full, I don't know how it stayed inside them without coming out the sides. She dumped the poop ball into the toilet and said she'd go get me some wet paper towels to help clean up. I started wiping with toilet paper, but they didn't do much good since it was starting to dry now. Sam came back with a bunch of damp paper towels and I was able to clean off most of the poop by myself. At that point I just wanted to go home and shower and crawl into bed and die. We threw away my panties and I pulled my running shorts on over my still damp and a little messy butt and went outside, and went to my car the long way around the back so I wouldn't have face anyone else. I was so glad I had my own car. I got home and showered and went to bed without waking my parents or sister.

For the next year until I graduated I was teased sometimes, especially during away games for football season and people were always asking "Did you go to the bathroom before we left?" It was so humiliating. That was by far the worst accident I've ever had.

To Kyle,
To answer your question on a enema, it is liquid , water, soappy water, or with bicarb soda placed in your intestines to cause a bowel motion. It is usually done by having a container filled with the liquid held about 18" above the bowel with a tube and a nozzle which fits in the anus (Bottom)of the person receiving the enema. The liquid flows into the intestines slowly until either the required amount is in or the person can't take any more with reasonable comfort. The person will soon feel the need to poo and will then poo. Since diahreah is just liquidy poo obviously pooing out a enema is like diahreah. It is very quick and effective way of treating constipation, and many people like the feeling of a enema.

Sentinel Chicken
To Brittany:

Thanks for sharing your story. If you didn't think it was so bad, do you think you might have enjoyed it a little? If so, would you do it again?

The other night i had to run into town. Well on the way home i had to go bathroom bad. I stoped at a rite-aid . Of course the bathrooms where at the back. When i got to the restroom I bent over and lot all contol. I had watery poop down the back of me. A women behind the pharmacy counter seen it all. What was the worse i was wearing sweatpants with no panties. I just turned around and tryed to sneek out .I took a side isle out .I got half way out and it hit again. Bending over pooping a girl about 15 came around the corner and stop and watched the whole thing. That way one embrassing night.

Hi, my name is Kristen*of course*, I am 26 years old, have brown hair, green eyes, and am 5'7" and I have had a fascination with pooping my pants since I was about 20, sometimes in public places just to get a reaction out of people. Last weekend I went to a bar and some guys started hitting on me, since I already have a boyfriend(he knows I like to poop my pants occasionally, he's actually suggested diapers so I don't ruin my underwear, I'm still thinking about it though.), anyway, since I already have a boyfriend I didn't want these guys hitting on me, and I had to poop, so I just let it all out, a load of really firm poop, when the guy that was hitting on me at this time starts smelling it, he says, "Did you just poop your pants?" I smiled a little and said, "yeah, I do it all the time, it's not a big deal." he just walked off and I walked home.

hemroids (sp)wont require a colonoscopy. There are many over the counter products available to treat them. There are many causes, besides childbirth and straining.

One time when I was 14(15 mow),I had the most EMBARRASSING thing happen to me in a park.Me and my grandma, picked up my 7 year old cousin and took him to a park we had nearby.Well I havent used the bathroom ALL day at school, so by the time we got to the park I felt the need to relieve myself, so I looked for a bathroom.....still loking...and find that there isnt one.I thought"OH SHIT! there was a bathroom here a month ago,where did it go?", so then when I was getting desperate,my little cousin asked me to push him on the merry-go-round.Well I should not have,because as I got him up to speed I jumped on....and lost it.Pee started FLOWING and FLOWING down my pants in front of my little cousin and about 5 other little kids.I ran crying all the way to the car,still peeing,now I was so embarrassed and scared that I started filling my school pants with poo,my pants hung down about 2 feet.By now my cousin told my grandma what had happened.I was so embarrassed.

How fo you make an enema kit?

northern chic
-LISSA (who posted back on 1356): You said that your story from when you used your maxi pad to pee in at the movie theater was one of the times you did that. I got the impression you did this some other times as well. Could you share some of the other times you made a pee in your maxi pad?

I'd like to repost my survey I put up a while ago (with some moderations)I'll post my own answers below my questions :

1.) How many times have you made a pee in your maxi pad?

2.) What kind of maxi-pad did you do your pee in?
- First time: always super maxi w/ wings, (blue package, green wraper)
-Second time: always maximum protection w/ wings, (blue package, redish/orange wraper)

3.) What color were your panties you were wearing?
-First time: white with a pink and blue floral print
-Second time: white with pink hearts print

4.) Where were you when you did your pee in your maxi?
-First time: shopping center, had to go soo bad and did not have time to find the ladies toilets.
-Second time: At home sitting over my toilet. I wanted to test the new style of maxi pad I was wearing (plus, I was feeling kinda naughty that day! ;) )

5.) While peeing your pad, did you end up having an accident?
-First time: yes, but I made it too my car by then. My maxi absorbed well, but my blader was really full. The accident wasint too bad. Just a big wet spot on my panties, no big deal, just tossed them in the wash.
-Second time: No, my thicker, longer pad absorbed all my pee, and protected my panties :).

6.) If you had an accident, did anybody notice?

I'd like to encourage all the women here who have never tried this to give it a try and post your expiriences! Just put on a maxi pad, and sit over your toilet, and let go. Then, come back, and take my survey! Thanks!

" eaostre"[ christian easter]sunday , march 27,2003 well after making dinner and talking a while on my cell phone with a friend who is having problems; being that I hadn't gone to the bathroom since about 7 PM ; it being 11:30PM as I hung up and damn, did I really have to pee badly, pretty much! also being at the end of the month ; "that thing is starting up again"; yeah the joy of the period and so I'm wearing the pantyliners , or " pads" which had to be changed. so I walked inot my bathroom and first , pulled both my sweats and undies down and peeled that $***ing thing out of my white " hanes her way" undies. then I quickly sat down with my snatch over the bowl and after a few seconds; began to tinkle as I urinated into the clear bowl water. no mirror , but I could hear this splattering tinkle as I peed steadily into the water below; releasing a torrent of yellow pee from my earlier coffee and whatever else for the next 40 secs probably , I'm guessing, until it tapered off. I know toward the end it sure smelled like both something sweet and sour mixed with that coffee scent a tiny bit; this especially when after stopping for a couple secs, it began to come out in my last little sprinkles which piddled into the water after " riding the length of my cunt" all the way back { I felt that warm, pissy sensation as it dribbled <-:P > oooohh yeah!}. less than a minute later , I was down and took a nice big old wad of paper, and after folding it; really wiped good as I was so wet from that pee and , of course, that sweaty feeling of that pad against the white skinfolds of my " thang" [ as rapper ludicris calls it :)] that paper wad just about nearly fell apart as I wiped all that pee and yeah, just a little blood stains too. I got up to reach for that package, then sat again while tearing it open and taping that nice fresh smelling pad back into my undies; stuffing the old one into the wrapper. down with the " task at hand" , I got up and before flushing, saw that bowl's water now filled with my dark golden yellow pee, a few scattered foam patches floating, and < gag me > just a little blood stain ; then flushed it all down and tossed the pad in the pail.

I peed in the toilet! YAY!

Wow, that sounds really mundane, LOL, but it was the fact that I did it standing, with no help from devices, that's making me feel all accomplished about it. It wasn't perfect, but I got about 98% of it in the bowl, after leaving the first little trickle on the floor--I still need work in that area. I stood a good foot away from the toilet, but the stream still went too far/high and sprayed the inside of the lid and underside of the seat. Ooops. But I cleaned it all up really well, so it wouldn't smell or stain.

I haven't told my BF about it yet, as much as I'd like to--he's kind of uncomfortable about the subject.

Mr. Clogs
Just curious to know, does anyone use or ever heard of chamber pots? Just want to know if anyone ever heard of them or use them for their original purpose.
Cheryl- Hi liked your first pee of the day story, and how's that cold that you had back sometime ago. The weather has been crazy here lately, and people get sick. What works for me is drinking lots of liquids hot and cold, especially vitamin c enriched drinks like orange juice. Drink lots of it, I assure you you'll flush out that cold quickly, makes nice golden pee-pee, hee-hee, LOL.

Take care.

James D. Poop
Calboy(page 1365):

1. What is the usual color of your poop?
B. Brown

2. Have you ever seen anyone taking a pee or poop outdoor? If so, was that person a male or a female? I've only seen males taking a pee so far.
Yess, several times; both male and female

3.What is the usual color of your urine? Mine is usually D.
E. yellow

3. What do you prefer to use for peeing?
A. Toilet

4. What do you prefer to use for pooping?
B. Outdoor, that's always fun.

5. Have you ever been in a mensroom with a urinal before? If so, were you using the urinal or the toilet, or have you thought about using the urinal?
Almost all men's rooms have urinals; and I have used them before.

6. Do you fart when you pee?
D. rarely

7. Have you ever heard someone else farting while peeing in the restroom? Nope...

Princess BI: Where did you learn the process at? I have a survey for you.
1. Have you ever used a urinal before?
2. Have you ever been in a unisex restroom w/ a urinal in it? If you
have, did you think about using the urinal?
3. Have you ever been in the mensroom? If so, did you use the toilet
or the urinal?
Ciao, Calboy

Bre the toilet boy

I have seen the movie Me Myself I that features some cool toilet scenes.

Me,myself,I is an Australian movie that stars Rachel Griffiths.
Trent Sullivan who plays Rupert goes to the toilet 3 times in the movie.
Firstly when he is at Douglas'(played by Shaun Loseby) school.

So Pamela Drury (Griffiths) goes in with him and takes him into the females. First Rupert stands up peeing, then Pamela is ready to go, but Rupert says he isn't finished. So Pamela wipes the toilet seat and Rupert sits down. Then he is done, but needs help.

Secondly, it shows Rupert and Pamela just briefly wiping his bum.

Finally thirdly Rupert has to go when the family is out to dinner at a resturant. But this time Rupert goes by himself.

Blue Rizla Girl
Todd, you asked about washing soiled underwear in the toilet bowl. I have never done this; but I do have a son who is still wearing nappies {= diapers}, and I often rinse his used nappy in the flush water {as it comes out from the rim, before it goes into the basin} when flushing away the old liner and any solid contents. After all, flush water is fairly clean -- it has only been sitting in a cistern for a few hours.

Chloe the Pooper
Wow, I have been reading the posts here since about November and I think I might finally have a post that you guys and gals might find interesting; but first a little about me: I am Chloe, I am 17, have blue eyes, long brown hair, a wonderful boyfriend(18 years old) who knows about my interest in bathroom activities and is interested in this stuff too, on to the story, now:
Ever since I was twelve I have been interested in pooping and peeing, whether it was in the toilet, in your pants, outside, in public, in a container, etc. Most of all I have been intrigued by the idea of people pooping their pnts on purpose, whether they were just too lazy to go to the bathroom or just like it, Yesterday my boyfriend and I began a little experiment, I took an old pair of panties that I wouldn't mind throwing away in case my experiment didn't go as planned, then I very neatly laid layer after layer of paper towels in the seat of my panties and up between the leg holes all the way up my crotch, this would function as a make-shift diaper I suppose, never thought of it that way until now, anyway the experiment was that if I needed to poop I would just...go. Well all of yesterday I didn't need to poop, and I was a little disappointed but figured I could always try the next day(today), well luck should have it that my parents went out to dinner at a nice restaurant and wouldn't be back until late, as every day my Boyfriend came over and we just laid on my bed(no, we didn't do anything wrong!)with his arms around my stomach and him behind me, after about an hour or so of doing this I started to feel a little pressure in my abdomen, "I think it's time to test our experiment." I said with a grin on my face and I started to stand, but he wouldn;t let me and reminded me that the experiment was that if I needed to go I just would, well after a while of pushing I finally managed to push out two large masses of solid poop into my panties, and withing a second or so of me doing this my boyfriend smelled it and his hand shot to my butt, he felt the bulge and pressed it against my bottom, this felt sooooo good, we laid there for a few minutes before I started getting worried that it would leak through the layers of paper towels and went to the bathroom to remove my make-shift diaper and to my surprise only about two of the five layers showed any sign that the poop had touched them, I'm gonna' do this again really soon, maybe tomorrow or whenever I need to poop again, maybe one day I'll work up the courage to try it someplace public.

But for now, see ya'.

Chloe the Pooper

Monday, March 28, 2005

Mr. Clogs
I have an interesting story to post. Yesterday I taken a Lemon flavored citric magnizium to clean out my insides because I felt clogged up for the past week, that's why I go by the name of Mr. Clogs because stay clogged. Anyway, I was in the shower before washing clothes, the citric magizium started to kick in, I was in the middle of washing up and felt the liquid poop ready to explode out of my ass. I didn't want to get out of a nice warm shower to sit on a cold toilet seat to shit, so I decided to squat in the tub to releave my bowels there close to the drain so all the poop washes down the drain. I squatted and release the liquid poop that was building up, covered the whole drain with poop! Eventually it all washed down and I proceeded to wash up in the shower and start my laundry. I hope you all enjoyed my post, take care.

Mr Clogs

Once on a trip to my husband's sister house which is about three hours away I got a very desperate urge to pee (probably because I was pregnant). I told Jake and he said he saw a place that was just less than a mile ahead. I held myself the rest the way til we got to the place. By now my crotch was throbbing from my desperate urge. I just made it in time. The flow lasted for a whole three minutes. OHH!!! what relief. I swear I never had to go badder in my life. BYE FOR NOW...


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