China girl
Mandy: I know what you mean about cleaning the toilet marks. My toilet typically get marks in front, because it has small puddle of water, and it is small toilet. During my last post, the mess I made had marks all over the place because I think from force and little water. My crap also stick a lot to bowl, so big turds will stop at the hole when flushing. Sometime with pressure, my crap my stick to back also, but it is typically front since hole is far back. I sit completely covering toilet always. It also is not my nature to sit at edge to leave any space into toilet open. My ass tightly cover toilet. It is small toilet though, so when it sit you can barely see it. My crap is also very tough for it, and many times it look like the size or quantity of crap is too much for it. Maybe it is just tired of it, or it can't handle my crap. Whatever case is, it is also a "poor thing," as I do as I wish and feel good, while it never know what will happen or what kind of sick crap it has to face next.

Most of the train toilets in Holland have their outlets direct onto the track. Till last week I did not think about it when using the toilets. I use train toilets very often. I travel by train to and from University almost every day. It takes one hour morning and one hour afternoon. In the morning I get up in a hurry and very often have no time to relieve myself after breakfast before leaving home. Often I feel the urge to open my bowels on the train and then I go to toilet to get it done. I have never worried about my things being flushed down onto the track. Last week the toilet was occupied so I had to wait for a long time to get in. I did not get finished before the train stopped. When I left the toilet the train was at the platform. When leaving the train I looked down on the track and saw not only the paper but also two shits on the track. I felt a bit embarrassed and really hoped that nobody had noted it.

Hi. This is my first time here. I found this forum a few weeks ago, and just recently had an experience I could share.

I play softball for a small college in South Carolina. (I'm 5'7", attractive, auburn hair and weigh about 125. Not your stereo-typical softball player!) This past weekend during one of our games I was hit with a major need to drop the kids off at the pool. I play in the outfield so it was hard for most people to notice me wiggling and bouncing with desperation. The inning had just started (we were the home team) and there was nothing I could do but squeezing my cheeks together and wait. I could feel my stomach churning as the first batter struck out, and whispered a silent prayer to get through the inning and sprint for the bathroom. I'd never been this desperate in a game before, and all I could figure was my breakfast wasn't agreeing with me (scrambled eggs, sausage and has browns).

The second batter was fouling pitches off, and every foul ball was another step towards ruin for my panties. I just hoped nothing was hit my way, it was taking everything I had to keep from exploding in my uniform. I groaned in relief as the second batter struck out swinging.

The girl at the plate started with three balls, and I was in total agony fearing that she would walk and keep the inning going. The she fouled off four striaght pitches! I almost cried, it was like someone or something in the universe was torturing me! My stomach was churning worse, and I couldn't stop a small fart from coming out. It was wet, and I felt a little funny between my buns. I had my legs crossed tight, and unless anyone wasn't looking you could tell I was holding something back!

Finally my stomach won, as the girl at bat fouled off another pitch, 8 in a row. I farted, and this blast of semi-soft poop erupted into my panties. Fortunately I had worn my high-cuts (Hanes Sporty) and with my undershorts things were kept contained in the seat of my panties. I sighed as my body unclenched and released into my underwear. I reached back and felt a definite bulge in my uniform shorts.

Finally the girl at bat popped out to the catcher, and I semi-wadled off the field as I kept passing wet farts. I told my coach I had to go to the bathroom because I was sick and started away quickly. My teammates saw the bulge, as did my coaches, and oe of the girls not playing followed me to the bathroom, giving my rear-end cover to preserve some of my dignity.

In the bathroom I took my uniform shorts down and looked at the damage. Fortunately, my sliders and panties had saved my white unifrom shorts from ruin. I carefully slid my sliders down and off, and just as I was reaching for the waistband of my panties my stomach grumbled and I just sat down, panties on, as my bowels erupted again. I couldn't help but start peeing as more poop flowed into my underwear.

After the second wave passed, I managed to get my panties off without too much mess and empty them in the toilet, tossing them in the trash. The once white with polka-dot high cuts were KIA, now brown and yellow with my mess.

I got myself cleaned up, and one of the girls brought my spare panties for after the game to me in the bathroom. I spent the rest of the game on the bench, throwing up once and having to run to the bathroom again. The girls were really cool about it, I got some mild teasing, but everyone knew there was nothing I could do. My coach was really nice about the whole thing, told me next time just to call time and run to the bathroom. Wish he had said that before!

Until then the worst that had ever happened to me in a game was losing a few squirts of pee in my panties.

Are there any other female athletes out there with a similar experience?


Wow, I am so glad I found this site. Earlier today I had an accident. I am 15 years old and about 5'4" I have brown hair, a freshman in high scool and am a cheerleader. I always, ALWAYS go to the bathroom before school because that is the only way I don't have to go during the school day. Well this morning when I woke up, and got ready for school I went to go to the bathroom but I found out my sister(a sophomore) was in the bathroom, she drives me to school(but not home because she goes to her boyfriend's house) so I have to leave when she leaves, and when she finally got out after about 20 minutes she told me we had to leave NOW or we'd be late. Well about 5th period I was getting pretty desperate and was hoping I could make it the rest of the way through school...which I managed to do, but then came the walk home...5 blocks to my house and a load getting ready to force its way out of me. first block down and I was doing ok, second not as good, third I had to stop walking every few steps in order to regain control, and the fourth block is where it all happened...I was focusing everything to keep from pooping my pants when I heard a horn honk...not at me, but I still heard it, before I knew what had happened I found myself squatting down near the ground pushing a long, solid load into my pants. I started walking like nothing had happened even though the bulge in my (tight)jeans probably gave it away to anybody that saw me. That was the longest block I ever walked, it seemed to take forever to make it home and when I got home I was relieved(no pun intended)to find that my parents weren't home. I quickly desposed of my soiled undergarments, my pants are fine though, and now here I am...that was less than an hour and a half wasn't as bad as people always make pooping yourself sound though, people usually make it seem like it's the worst thing that could happen...I actually wasn't that embarrassed, might have been if it had happened on the bus though. I really hope nobody I know saw me because I know a lot of my friends live on that block where I pooped myself.

jean carol
I'm blond, female and 23 years old, and last weekend I pooped in my panties for the first time I can remember since I was 5 years old and in kindergarten. I was stuck in a huge traffic jam, with noewhere to go for over 4 hours. I'd been looking for a rest area for about an hour before I passed a sign saying that the next one was just 5 miles ahead. It might as well have been a thousand miles, because traffic came to a complete stop. I was in the one of the two middle lanes out of 4, with absolutely nowhere to use the bathroom. On top of that my ???? westarting to cramp and I was fighting desperately to control my bowels.After about an hour, I lost it and inspite of anything I could do, I filled my panties with warm mush. On top of it all, I peed also. There I sat for the next 2 to three hours in wet poopy panties. I had to fumigate the car when I got home an hour after we got moving again. My panties and jeans were totally ruined. I'm just glad that no one was in the car with me. I saw on the news later that there had been an overturned tractor trailer that caused the tie up..

The Nature Boy
Thanks for the advice everyone! My cousin is doing some better, though we still inted to see she sees a doctor soon for a full checkup.

Punk Rock Girl - you are one of my favorites on here, and your latest post was a reminder why! Glad you got all cleaned out! ;-)

I would like know from anyone who has pooped there undies do they dunk there poopy undies in the toilet afterwords to get them clean if so I would like to here your stories about it.

Hello everybody well i had a like great thing happen with my friend yesterday and im gonna tell ya'll!!
Yesterday me and my friend Jessi got home from the mall and we both had to take a mad poop! I was like oh! god Jess im gonna poop my pants i have to poop now! She said me to. So we decided to poop on a newspaper. Jess went first. She squated and pee'd then she stood up tall and pooped. She let out a 8" log then a 3". She then squated and had like a wave of diareahha. Then me. I pee'd then stood and had a 11" inch log and diareahha. It was wack bye for now!

today around 9 am i was at work and felt my rectum fill, and the urge to poop became pretty intense. it felt like it was going to be a normal sized soft log. i was really excited. i went into the rest room and sat down on the toilet. i pushed and got more excited as my anus started to feel really good as the log started to slide out. i breathed deeply and pushed without stopping, as a big soft log kept sliding out. my anus felt so good as the log came out, it stretched and tingled as the smooth poop massaged it. it kept sliding and sliding like a very long smooth snake that never ends. it was coming out like soft-serve ice cream. it felt so good. when after 3 minutes it didn't break or stop, i knew it was going to be my longest poop ever. when i was done, i looked in the toilet, and sure enough the log was at least 20 inches long. it was so exciting that i stood there for a few minutes looking at what i did. i didn't flush because i wanted other people to see it.

Hi, I've been lurking for awhile, and recently remembered this story. Im a 13 year old male. When i was young, I always had trouble with buttons. Unfortuneately, the school i went to in 1st and 2nd grade required that we wear white shirts and dark blue pants to the school. The only blue pants that fit the requirements had buttons. Luckily, I never had to poop during the day. But i did have to pee... I ended up having to accidents. The first one, I felt the urge and asked my teacher to be excused. It was first grade, so of course she said yes. I had to go kinda bad, but I knew i would make it to the bathroom, and i did. So, i stood in front of the urinal, ready to pee, but I just couldn't get that button undone. I tried and tried, but it took too long, and i ended up peeing my pants. I walked out of the restroom, saw a teacher in the hallways, and told her plainly what happened. She escorted me to the office, where they called my parents, and gave me new shorts and underwear. I can't remember if I went home right away, or went back to class. But anyway, my parents ended up telling my teacher to help me with my button before i went to the bathroom. They told me that she would undo my button from now on. Because of this, about a week later, when i had to pee during class, I didn't ask to go, knowing that if i did she would want to unbutton me. Soon, the urge got really bad, and i was starting to do the dance. She asked me if i needed to use the restroom, and I said no, because i didnt want to be unbuttoned by her in front of the whole class. So i just kept dancing around, and soon she asked why i was dnacing if i don't need to go. I said "I'm just dancing." Great excuse, huh? So anyway, soon i really had to go, and thought maybe i could dash out before she could unbutton me. I told her i need to go, but she got me, and started to unbutton, but i was jumping around and saying I can do it myself! Let me go! Well, she herself couldn't get it undone because im chubby, the pants were a little tight, and i was jumping around, so she let me go. I ran to the bathroom as fast as i could, but about a foot in the door, the floodgates opened. The pee rushed out of me, making my pants very warm. There was a lot, and because it was shorts, a lot dripped out and made a puddle on the ground. I looked up, and saw a fourht grader using the urinal. He just kinda gave me a weird look, washed his hands, and left. I was bright red with embarrassment. I didn't know what to do. I saw a teacher wlak by, so i walked out, and told her what had happened. She brought me to the offrice, and once again, my pants were soaked, and my white breifs were completely soaked and stained yellow. I changed, and my parents were called. I'm pretty sure i was picked up this time, since it was near the end of the day. So, for the rest of my first grade year, i remembered to go in the morning, and my parents tought me how to properly undo a button. None of the kids i my class ever found out about either, luckily, but still, i was embarrassed that my teacher knew. To this day, I'm still a tad bit nervous about wearing pants with buttons.

Michael explosive diarrhea
Whats up,I'm posting about an incident that i witnessed about my mom. I was on the computer and my mom said she had to take a crap. She went into the bathroom and locked the door. I listened by the door and heard her straining accompanied by a couple noisy farts. I heard her going in the cabinet for toilet paper and flush. I went back to the computer but my mom didn't leave the bathroom and flushed 2 more times.I figured that her dump was so big that it took 3 flushes to get it down. Has anyone else evr witnessed their mom take a big dump.

Hi everyone....

Okay, so i'm very confused... i am 21 years old, no kids, and yet somehow i have hemmheroids? how the HELL does this happen? i know you get them if you strain while working the shit out :) but i dont recall myself doing this? and i havent given birth, so i havent done any heavy pushing like that! i am not happy about this! and the thought of going to get a colonoscopy is like considering cutting off my hands. it's a little disturbing to think about a relavively big tube shaped camera going up the ass... ive seen it done, NOT a pretty sight, so no thanks on the colonoscopy! i may be a nurse, and i can watch other people have procedures done, but when it comes to me having them done, i'm terrified!

Anyways, i needed to bitch about that.

OH! i need to complain one more time:) So i went to Applebees tonight with my boyfriend. i SWEAR everytime i go to a chain resturaunt(is that spelled right? never knew the correct spelling on that haha) i could rip ass the whole way home and the second i get in the dorr my ass is on the toilet! Fridays, Red Lobster, and Longhorns are others... i like all these places to eat, but it's like i need to shit the second i walk out the door! Anyone else experience it? Or am i the only one? I hope not haha.

BUZZY~ Hi! You need to post! i'm getting my tonsils out (VERY SCARED BY THE WAY!) soon, and i'll be sick and on valum:) So get typing so i can read some stories to cheer me up and get my mind off it!

pffify~ Awwww! Im happy you like my posts :) i'll definately keep them coming!

Summer xoxo

Hi, I have to go back a couple years remembering the worst day in my life in school Im 18 now, but was 15 at the time. Early morning I was
late for school and just made the bus. I ran to the corner and met my classmate Robin also dashing to the stop. He and I both jumped on the bus and we are on our way. We missed breakfast except for some orange juice and a muffin, weird we both had the same thing that day. We were good friends and had been in school together since 5th grade when his folks moved her from Oil City Pa, his dad getting job here in our area.
We arrived at school and we both had a little bit of homework to make up so in our homeroom we sat down and started work right away before the reading of the bulletins and stuff.
Bell rings and we both go off to first class, Math. Mr. Moore was one of the most disliked teachers in the school and like a blowhard was always bragging about something and was strict about everything, no drink of water, no bathroom breaks, nothing, no talking and so on.

First thing Teacher collects the homework, whew, and then passes out a test on all the stuff in the last chapter in the book.
So Robin sits by me and we are like in the end rows by the windows.
We start the math test, and about 15 minutes into the test I had a feeling that I had to go take a dump, I had some gas building up and let slip out a little fart. My friend across from me I noticed was holding his crotch with one hand and writing with the other. Neither of us had hit the boys room having to do the unfinished homework first.
Robin looks over and mouths,"I gotta pee like mad". I nodded and with that pointed to my butt with my finger jabbing it to my rear."gotta poop". Robin just nodded and we went back to work. This test would take the whole class and no one ever got to leave for any reason as someone one time had written down some information about a test in the bathroom. Actually we were in class 10-2, another class, same age as us was split into a class that was 10-1. We both had the same test and this one dude got caught cheating, so no one got to go to the restroom.

Half hour into this work my back was hurting and I felt my anus like bulging like I needed a shit real real soon. I could also feeling some pee build up too that was no fun. I looked over and my buddy Robin was now doing a foot tap with his shoe and hand his hand buried in his crotch. He looks over and said almost out loud, "I got to piss NOW!

Then Robin puts down his pen and raises his hand and Mr. Moore came over, and asked, "whats your question"? Robin says he had to pee real bad. Mr. Moore says,"you know the rules, no one leaves during the test."
In fact he says it loud enough to discourage anyone else with the idea of leaving the room. With this he returned to his desk with Robin really figiting and squirming in his seat. All this didnt help me any at all either, the pressure of having to shit and now pass a lot of pee was building up to the point where its difficult now to hold it, and Im holding my crotch and got my butt cheeks squashed as tight as I could.

I looked over at Robin, his eyes met mine and then to his pants. A dark spot spread over his pants and his water now spilled onto the floor, he could not hold on any longer.

This was too much for me, I sat there and this sharp pain hit my gut and I raised my butt off the seat to cut loose some gas, only it wasnt gas. I felt this sorta slipperly log slip into my briefs. Here we are two buddies in class, same time, having an accident.
Oh when I pass a log I always have to pee and then my bladder gave way and my pee was running down my legs onto the floor making a puddle.
Here we sat, side by side with puddles on the floor, plus I had this log in my shorts. The smell started to drift around and a couple girls started to mutter, what is that? Some one Farted! or What?

Mr. Moore comes over to our side and sees the mess we made. He told us to go to the nurse office and hand in our tests.
We left the room, me with a waddle with a log in my pants and more trying to come out and Robin with soaked pissed in jeans.

The nurse was called and we went to the boys room to clean up a bit and then we were sat down in the hall until our parents could pick us up.
Actually my older brother came and got us both and we went to Robins house to clean up.

I had already dumped the log in my shorts in the school toilet and Robin took off his wet pants and shorts. Here we are standing naked and then we hit the shower while we figured out what we could put on.
After the shower I went and sat on the toilet while Robin watched and dropped about a dozen more short chunks. When I was done Robin sat and added a few long logs on top of mine, we flushed.
I got to to put on a pair of his jeans as we were the same size and he got changed. We then went out and spend the rest of the morning watching tv and playing games on the computer.
Unfortunely we had to return to school that afternoon.
Actually no one said much about our dual accident and my older brother said he would keep it quiet from our parents. So that was the only good thing.
Then I sorta remembered the day before we had gone to Chi-Chis for some Mexican food and that was probably the reason I had to take that shit so bad all of a sudden.
So I can look back now and remember the day when Robin and I both got sent home for peeing our pants and my dumping in my pants.
I guess the moral of the story is to take the time at home to do all this before you leave for anywhere. I still do.


i just got thru having a huge shit that had built up over the last couple of days. when i got home i made a beeline 2 my toilet but my cleaning was tidying up my room at the time. my toilet is in an ensuite next 2 my bedroom but it has a half wall so she could see me . at the last minute i was going 2 use my other toilet but it was 2 late and so i tried 2 b quiet. wishful thinking. no sooner had i said hello 2 linda i sat on the toilet and let go a booming fart that echoed thru the toilet bowl with much force. i sighed heavily and apologised 2 linda. she was taken by surprise and aked me if she wanted her 2 leave me in peace but i said it didnt bother me. i couldnt disguise my straining as the first huge turd started its way out. linda tried 2 make conversation with me but she could tell i had difficulty talking 2 her. my first massive turd must have been at least 3 inches wide and hit the toilet water with tremendous force , kerplunk! i proceeded 2 drop another 11 turds of varying sizes that dropped very loudly into the toilet. i then sat back against the cistern and took a deep breath. linda exclaimed, ' u must feel alot better after that' 2 which i replied ' i have only just started'. i have always taken very substantial bowel movements but this was going 2 b a really big one. a long hissing fart escaped my bum, brrffffffffffffffffffffft, as some softer poo came snaking out. it continually slid out of me breaking once in a while plopping quite noisily. linda seemed 2 b quite impressed with my performance on the toilet stating that she enjoyed the relief she gets from her big bowel movements.

Once during assembly in my school days i had to go real bad. I asked for permission but the teacher didn't care a damn. I was controlling it as best as I could but I still wet myself. (Juz shouldn't have drunk all the juice!) Blush...

Just wondering if anybody saw Cameron Diaz on Jay Leno on Friday night. She started talking about how much she loves talking about poop. Then she apologized to Jay for talking off the script, and talked about poop for like 2 mins. She didn't go into any personal stories or anything, but I still thought it was cool to see a celebrity talk about poop in front of America, unscripted. She's a pretty brave gal, cuz a lot of people don't react well to that kind of thing.

first pee of the day , march 24 , 2003 . I hadn't peed since about two hrs before going to bed and about the only thing I had drank was the rest of my 20 oz mug of diet cream soda in the 2 hours before that. of course this was to quench the dry mouth from the vodka tonics earlier! anyway < I felt the need to pee and so, I got up to use the bathroom . after walking in and closing the door, I lifted the lid slowly and dropped my undies; looking at that nice clean bowl full of water before sitting down on the seat to pee. I sat there about 15 secs I'm guessing still half in a daze with my legs just slightly apart; and then that all too familiar sound of my pee tinkling into the water began as I felt it coming out of my twat. for the next 45 secs or so I heard it as it splashed, making not a really loud sound but sort of deep like it was probally hitting the water right in the middle and getting quieter as more came out. after most of it felt like it had come out, the pee slowed yet seemingly continued for another 15-20 secs. I'm guessing; ending with a stop; then 2 more short splashes and I felt like I was finished. I took some paper and wiped, then got up and dropped it into the bowl before pulling up my undies. the bowl's water was now full of my dark yellow, really concentrated and rich looking , foamy yellow pee and as I went to flush; bubbly golden frothy looking pee foam was covering at least 80% of the entire water's surface. I watched as all that strong yellow pee went down, along with the swirling mound of foam and pink paper i used; thinking " wow! did I really have to pee!"

Preggy, I had write ant tell you how much I enjoyed your post. I to enjoy a regular poop in the morning after coffee. I love the feel as the turd flows out of me. I am also very curioous about all things pregnant. Most women report severe constipation...some have rabbit pellets like you report and others have gigantice poops that are just agony to get out. I wonder, as the author of a "Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy" points out, if all the pushing and straining you have to do isn't really some type of prep. work for birth? Please tell us more about your pregnant pooping- JW

TO SON OF A PREACHER: I am the same way. I cant poop anywhere but home.But for an odd reason its a turn on to imagine others in that situation. I have been there many times. One time I went camping and didnt poop for the whole weekend.

Today I had two bathroom emergencies! Tonight I was suppose to pick up a friend from work at 11 pm, but it was snowing so I knew I had to leave earlier than usual. I also knew that I had to take a major shit way before this but kept putting it off because I kept finding other things to do in the house. I had planned to leave my house by 10:15 and before I knew it time had flown by and my shit was all but ready to come out! I ran to the toilet, pulled down my jeans and panties and this huge shit came out!!! It smelled horrible and left smear marks in the toilet. It was a mix of being solid and kinda sticky looking. I have no idea how else to explain it. Anyway, I wiped real quick and got out of the house. The drive to pick up my friend was long because of all the snow coming down and I had realized on my way there that I hadn't peed that much during my shit. The urge to piss got me half way there. Most places had closed early tonight so I couldn't stop somewhere but I did have an empty dunkin' donuts coffee cup in my car. I kept thinking about it the whole way and if I could really pull it off. It would be my first time taking a pee into a cup in my car lol Well I got there and no one was around so I pushed the seat all the way back, got my pants undone, pulled them down to my knees and lined the cup under me perfectly. It was a medium size coffee cup and I filled it more than half way. I wasn't sure what do with it afterwards so I put the lid back on and set it in the cup holder. There wasn't any garbage cans in the parking lot and I really didn't want to throw it on the ground so I started looking around my car for ideas and I found a half empty pepsi bottle in a bag. I poured my piss from the coffee cup into the pepsi bottle and then when I got home threw both out.

So those were my two emergencies of the day!

hi im sarah this is my first time here so i hope you guys will like my storys in all, back a few mouths ago i got badly badly stoped up. and i didnt use the bath room for three days stright and i needed to so bad but could;nt. so I asked my little sister which is 18 to get me some exlax so she does and she gets me this stuff ive never even heard of so i read the box and it said take two if needed so i took the two pills with some water so me and my sister was talking then all of a sudden my belly rumbled so i didnt mind it then it kept on so i kept talking then it hit me hard i didnt make it to the tlite it time but i did feel better.

about that girl who said something about standing up and peeing, well this reminded me of something I heard in florida about a country girl who could stand up and pee and was able to shoot it out so well that she was able to splash it up against some freakin orange like five feet in the air in some orange grove in vero, fla. this one I overheard from some old guy who talked with a big old florida style southern accent at this bar back when I lived in orlando,florida. he grew up on an orange plantation in the swamps near vero[ not the beach, but way inland]anyway, he said she sure as hell could outpiss him any day! I know I ain't able to do that, but it had to be that working in the groves really helped her build up her calves, maybe all that tree climbing to pick them oranges?

anyway, here's one I did not yet post from a few weeks ago. don't y'all just hate being sick with a nasty old cold? yeah , it seems to dehydrate you entirely. well I just got up after 7 hrs of laying in bed and yeah, really needed to pee finally after making just a few bubbly splashes before bed. had one mug of diet pepsi before bed, this besides the vodka-tonics I slowly sipped all night while writing. anyway, half in a fog and out of it from this nasty cold, I walked into my bathroom and closed the door. then, after first spraying some nasal decongestant into my stuffed nose, I could feel the pee flowing down. I lifted the lid, dropped my cotton undies and sat to pee. sat there a few secs, close to half a minute until I heard this splashy piddle and definitely could feel the sensation of urine coming from between my legs. it came out for, at most, 35 secs; sounding more like one of those pees where your twisty ribbon makes a splashy sound like it was just gently touching the surface of the toilet's water; rather than loudly tinkling deeply into it. [ probally not the type of pee that can be heard through the closed door in the next room! I finished off with a tapering dribble, then took some paper from the roll , folded it, pressing it up against my twat to wipe the excess wetness [ at least when it comes to just wiping your pee; maybe those stupid cottonelle cartoon ladies on Tv are right about it being more absorbent! <-:P>] then, as I got up, I dropped the paper into the bowl and before flushing; looked and saw the bowl's water now filled with this thick looking yellow pee where the yellow color seemed to be like sinking toward the bottom. that, and a big round patch of extremely bubbly, think, scuzzy looking white pee foam right in the front- middle toward the bowl's right side covering about 1/4 of the water's surface. as I flushed, I saw that mound of foam being the last to go down [in some bowl's some of it actually remains! I bet that really makes the dog happy? right?]

Good morning--damp here. Yesterday at work someone left a nice b.m. in the men's room; I believe it might have been the 6-year-old son of my boss. Might not. In any event, there were two turds, both dark brown, floating, one about 5" long and an inch thick, the other a 1" ball. A few days earlier someone (same kid?) left another b.m. about the same color, only this was three turds curled up in a kind of round swirl.
It's been stressful at work lately, and I think I might have seen the results of that in my three b.m.'s this morning. I slept a bit later than usual, till about 6:30, went out for the paper, and immediately felt the urge. I watched myself with a mirror, leaning well forward for the best view. The first turd was 6 or 7 inches long, knobby as it began but then smooth, medium to dark brown; it broke off and splahed loudly into the water. The rest of it followed, maybe another 5 inches, tapering to the end. Another nice plunk. I wiped, and the paper came away clean, but I folded it over anyway, put Noxzema on it, and cleansed my anal canal as usual. A nice and satisfying b.m., but not exceptionally large; I thought to myself, "There will be more later."
Sure enough, after part of breakfast, maybe 20 minutes later, I felt another urge. This time my wife was in the room, so I didn't take up the mirror. The poop started out basically on its own, and I helped it out with a moderate steady push. Not much sound as it entered the water. I wiped, and this time there was a moderate stain, medium brown. I folded the paper, wiped again, and got a lesser stain. I got up to see what I had done, and it was a series of somewhat soft, thin turds that wove in and around each other, filling the lower part of the bowl. A large, satisfying dump, but I still was not sure I was done. Nothing more then, though; I finished wiping as before.
About an hour later (closing in on 8 o'clock) I felt the urge a third time. I knew there couldn't be much left, but I expected it would be soft. I sat, mirror in hand, and at first the poop came out normally, if thinly. Suddenly my butt exploded with a loud FFFT!; I could not even see the poop, it shot out so fast. It was definitely not diarrhea, but it was soft. After another hard push for a soft squiggle, I finally felt done. I wiped, and, as expected, got some soft wet brown stuff. I continued wiping, finishing up with the Noxzema as usual; then I stood up to see what I had done. To my astonishment, there were three 1" globs of poop on the back of the seat! How had they gotten there? Better question--had I sat in it and got some on my bottom? I took toilet paper and wiped a broader area of my buttocks, and, sure enough, there was poop there. Obviously, what happened was that those globs of poop were part of what came out during the explosion; then I sat back and got them on me, not feeling them because they were still at body temperature. I took more toilet paper and cleaned off the seat as best I could. Immediately afterward I washed my hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap, took a washcloth, glopped it up with soap, and strongly washed my bottom with it. I then rinsed the cloth, re-soaped it, and washed the toilet seat. I noticed a couple of tiny brown specks on the lid, so I washed that, too. Truly an unusual set of poops, with a (so far) unique ending.
Happy pooping, everyone!

i was wondering how an emema actually works why does it akways give you diarrhea please respond thanx

When I was ten I was on a field trip with our class. One of te last days we went on an early trip to see the sun come up. I was very tired and stayed in bed until we had to depart. I jumped in my shirt and skirt and we left. Since I was awake, I felt a little pressure in my butt. Ten minutes later I had to go real bad, so I asked our teacher if I could have some tp. She said that she didn't have any ande that if I had to pee, I didn't need any. I was afraid to say I had to take a shit so I kept walking. Another ten minutes later I couldn't hold it anymore. While walking a hard turd was making it's way out of my butt, inside my panties. I still kept walking and let out another three turds. I was waering a very long shirt that covered my butt so no one could see the bulge that must have been very very big. After a couple of minutes one of my girlfriends asked me why I let out al that farts, because she smelled something like poop. I turned very red but of couse said nothing about my full pants. I asked my teacher if I could go into the bush to pee. She said yes and I looked for a place where I could empty my panties. I cleaned my butt with some dry leaves (auch!!!) and put my panties (relatively clean) back on. Then we walked further for another twenty minutes and saw the sun come up. None of my friends ever known that I let out four big hard turds in my panties that day.

Today I had a visit to a "workforce Solutions" office in upstate NY. Since I am an assistant to an army recruiter( basicly I'm not quite a recruiter yet)it was a daily fieldtrip for me. He brings me along because of my experience with interested prospects concerns with the war in Iraq. We gave our spiel to two possible prospects looking to join and then my boss decided to converste a little with one of the case workers that he knows. when we walked in she was with another case worker talking both of them were pretty, but I could not imagine either of them using the bathroom. While I was there I was wondering were the restrooms were incase of need. As he talked I saw a rather large, older woman in pink which I didnt see when we walked in. she walked by me rapid movement and entered what I discovered to be the bathroom. What was good was that where I was standing was close to the wall of the bathroom and the door was on the other side of it. the bathroom was like one of many small closets in the office. I hoped that my boss would take some time to chat so that I could determine what this woman in the bathroom was doing. Sure enough he created enough time. It was about seven to eight minutes before I heard the toilet flush and the sound of water running at the sink. She exited the bathroom and closed the door just enough to possibly send signals to others about the condition of the air in the bathroom. I played it cool and stayed in the convo for a few minutes longer. one of the other pretty case workers entered the bathroom only to pee(because she was in and 2 minutes later the toilet flushed) and headed over to the microwave to heat up her lunch. I decided to drain my weasel and investigate, so I entered the bathroom. As I looked in the toilet I saw a small brown skidmark and smelled a strong odor of poop. It obviously was fresh because of the strenght of the smell. The case worker who pooped (the larger lady) must have had a pretty good load to dump. it wasnt too strong but I gave attention. on a scale of 1-5 I would rate it a 1 only because I didnt go in Immediately and she did spray something to cover it up. Its not everyday that I experience a good poop, since my wife and I are separated by our military assignments, and also when she is living with me I leave for work before she wakes up in the morning.
I like it when a woman poops every day in the morning. For some reason it is exciting to me. I like all of the poop stories I see here and I truly enjoyed someones story about being at the NASCAR race, having to poop. now when I watch Racing and I see women at the race, I wonder if any of them were the ones pooping. Lastly To Cheryl, Your Pee stories are great! Could you share some stories about when you poop? I bet you poop everyday and that it would be just as descriptive as your pee stories.

Hi Deb here! this is my first ever post. Im 21 brunnete green eyes.

Me and my friend Joanne where driving upstate a few weeks ago.
Well we stopped for lunch and somehing to drink and i had 2 cokes. Joanne had 1 coke. Well
we where driving down the road Joanne had to shit pretty bad. So I got
a plastic bag from walmart and offered to drive. Joanne was really embarrassed but she said she could hold it. Just incase she took of her undies and pants put the bag over her but and sat on the backseat floor. Well i could tell she was in pain by the look on her face and told her it was okay for her to go poo on the bag. She refused but still looked uncomfortable. Finally i said why dont you just poo a little and then you'll feel a little better. She said if she let a little out it would all come. Well a little later she slowly inched in the backseat pulled down the shades and well went. She held on a little longer but couldnt hold it so all of a sudden she let a fart and 3 or 4 logs slid out. She sighed and suddenly started crying. I asked her why and she told me she had to pee and diareahha. I new the bag wouldnt hold that and felt real bad. She just sat there and strained to hold everything in. Well then I got a little rumblr in my ???? and new I had to diareahha also. I was in extreme pain and so was she. I pulled over the side of the road and squirmed to the back seat she let me hover over the bag also. We both started crying naked in the backseat. We couldnt move or else we would loose it and we just had to go so bad. All of a sudden i groaned and squeezed my legs together because I had to pee real bad to. Joanne said she was gonna go a little. She let a squirt out. Then i stopped her. We had a box in the trunck. I got out *Naked* got the box and almost lost it there. A little diareahha squirted out. but i clenched. When i got back Joanne had almost went in the bag lots of diarreahha had just squitrted out. When she saw the box she screamed. She couldnt move with out going. So since i didny have to go *as* bad i moved the box close to her. She squatted a lil and then diarhhea shot out into the bag she groaned stood up and sat on the box as she was going. And man diarreahha was just pouring out. Well now i had to go sosososososososososo bad i was squeezing my but cheeks together for so long she took almost 15 minutes. Then she reliefed and peed into the box to. I just stared at the box it was full and i couldnt wait anylonger. Joanne ran to the trunck *Nacked* and brought back another box. I stood a lil and held on for life Joanne put the box under me and diareahha swooped out soooo much that my stomach felt light as a feather. I went for 20 minutes. And then peed. That was an excpierience of a life time!

once i was at my house i have a big house. I had to shit and pee really bad and couldnt make it to the bathroom. I set out a newspaper and went there it was real cool!

Once i was at my friends pool party and i needed to take a shit really bad. So i went to the bathroom. My friend Amelia was in there. She was shitting and i couldnt hold it any longer. So i apoligized pulled down my pants and shat in the sink peed and almost puked. It was gross. Amelia felt bad when she finished i sat on the toilet had diareahha and puked my guts out into a pan for 45 minutes.! I was really sick!

Has anyone else had this weird thing happen where you have to pee but not that badly, go and then are desperate again in a very short period of time? That happened to me on Sunday - maybe being premenstrual had something to do with it? It has happened when I've been holding it a really long time and my bladder muscles get weak, but that was not the case here.

I went for lunch after church with my husband and then he went to work and I went to visit a friend, in our separate cars. I peed at the church before going to the restaurant and at the restaurant, I had a cup of tea and a glass of water. I vaguely had to pee when we got up to go, but barely, so I thought I'd be fine for the 1/2 hour drive to my friend's. I'd been driving barely 5 mins when I realized I had a seriously flat tire. I pulled into the nearby gas station and was going to use the air hose but it was obvious that my tire was shot, so I called my cousin who lived nearby to come put on the spare and he said he'd be there in 15-20 mins. While waiting, I decided to use the gas station restroom just in case. I had a very small, regular pee and even waited a minute or two to make sure that was all.
My cousin showed up in about half an hour and put the tire on in another half. By the time he was done, I could already feel my bladder filling. I contemplated going back to the restroom, but it was not very clean, so I decided to wait as I had just gone so it couldn't get that bad. I decided to stop in at a service station on the way to my friend's to get my tire patched first as it was the only day I'd have time.
Well, in the 15 mins. or so that it took me to drive there, my urge to pee became intense quickly, so much so that I was bouncing and squirming in my seat. As soon as I got to the station, I got out of the car and had to cross my legs briefly to prevent a rush of pee. I walked in quickly, asked if they could look at my tire, gave them the keys and then asked casually, "By the way, do you have a restroom I could use?" The service guy said, "Sorry, ma'am, they're for employees only." I briefly considered begging him and telling him it was an emergency, but instead, I just asked how long it would take and he said about half an hour. I sat down on the seats for customers and crossed my legs tightly. As time went by, I squirmed more and more and finally shifted to sit very stiff and straight with my back arched and my legs spread a bit so my full bladder could push into the chair. No one else was around so every once in a while, I'd press my hand to my crotch inside my coat. I had peed less than two hours ago, and I was really, really desperate. Finally, the guy came back with my keys. At this point, the urge had lessened a bit and I no longer felt that I was about to lose it, so I decided to run my car through the car wash, then head to my friend's and pee there. Bad idea - as soon as I got in the carwash, all the water made my urge come back ten times worse. I sat there with my hand in my crotch bouncing as high as I could in my seat as my pee threatened to squirt out. I even considered getting out of the car, dropping my pants and peeing in the car wash. Finally the door opened and I drove out still holding myself. I no longer thought I could make it to my friend's so I looked for a place to go now. There was a deli next to the gas station so I drove there, but it was closed on Sundays. Thankfully, I knew of a McDonald's a minute or two away so I headed there (McDonald's has saved me in so many desperate situations), ran in and peed. My pee was under so much pressure, I had to shift position on the toilet so it wouldn't hit the back of the bowl and spray everywhere. And this was just over 2 hours after peeing without a huge amount of liquids. This was on Sunday and I got my period (and bad cramps) on Tuesday.

Another thing I thought about is being desperate while talking on the phone. This happened to me many times, but there are two that standout.
The first time, I was 15 and at the tail end of my pee shyness. On the weekend, I was talking with this girl I was just getting to know and really wanted to be friends with. This girl liked to talk, and we were on the phone so long that my whole household had gone to bed and I was alone in the kitchen. After talking for a while, I started having to pee. At first I wasn't too worried, but when she showed no sign of wanting to hang up, and I was getting more and more urgent, I started to get antsy. As the conversation dragged on for hours, I tried everything I could think of to hold it. I was sitting on the wooden floor and I sat with my back against the wall and my legs spread to press my bladder into the hard wooden floor. I put a hand in my crotch and crossed one leg over it. I sat with my heel pushed into my crotch. I crouched froggie style with one hand in my crotch and one pulling my pants up tight. It didn't help - I got more and more desperate. Suddenly, she said "We've been talking forever and I really have to pee, don't you?" I should have said "Yes", but instead I said "No" and she said "Wow, you can really hold it," and continued to talk about something else. I went to the wooden bench in the kitchen, straddled it, pushed my crotch down hard and began rocking like crazy. Then my friend said, "OK, I gotta pee NOW. Hold on," and dropped the phone. This was my chance to go too - but I was worried that she would get back while I was still in the bathroom. But I knew that I was about to flood the bench if I didn't do something, so I ran to the closet, got out my mom's big metal pail for the mop, perched on the edge, and let it rip into the bucket. It was very loud and hissy because I had to go so bad, and I was still in full force when my friend came back, so I was glad I hadn't left. I was worried she would hear, but I held the phone away and she was so busy talking about how bad she'd had to go, she didn't seem to hear. When we finally hung up, I cleaned and replaced the bucket.

The other time I was in college, and I still got pee shy with guys I didn't know well. One Saturday I was talking on the phone in my room with this guy I'd just met. It was one of those long, sweet, new relationship conversations, and again, after a few hours, a need to pee was building. Again, I said nothing. I sat on my bed with a heel in my crotch, pushed a pillow to my crotch, held myself. After a while, the guy said "Diva, I've learned lots about you from what you'e told me, but also from what you haven't told me." I said "Like what?" and he said "Well, you're like me in that we've been talking for hours and you don't have to go to the bathroom." There was my chance to say, "Well, now that you mention it, I'm actually bursting," but I just kind of laughed and changed the subject, leaving me with no choice but to keep bouncing and holding my crotch. I kept looking around for something to pee in, but no luck. Finally, we hung up and I ran to the bathroom holding myself (luckily no one saw) and squirted quite a bit in my pants before I could get onto the toilet.
This guy was actually interested in peeing and later in our relationship liked to see me hold it or tell him I was desperate while on the phone - but that's another story...

I was going to tell about peeing my pants last week for the first time in years, but that story is probably too long, so I'll just tell about the desperate woman I saw in the grocery store.
I was in the line with 3 people ahead of me. I had too much for the express lane but not nearly as much as these other people. The middle-aged woman in front of me seemed very impatient, pacing around and making these big sighs. I figured she was just in a rush, until I caught her crossing her legs and bending down for a few seconds - then I realized she was dying to pee! She would stand still, then kind of start jiggling and bouncing a little bit, not too much, then walk a few steps in a circle and come back, and once or twice she'd cross and bend probably if she felt a squirt trying to come out. This went on until it was her turn to unload her cart. Then it was better because she could move, walking from the cart to the belt and back a couple of steps each time. She was doing it very fast, flinging stuff down in a huge rush. She was walking very stiff, kind of hobbling. When she was done unloading and the cashier was still scanning, she kind of leaned over the belt pushing her lower abdomen into it, crossed her legs again, then hobbled down to the end and stood there shifting from foot to foot until it was time to pay. Then, she began bagging her stuff bending up and down and moving a lot more than necessary. She had a lot of stuff to bag, so I had unloaded and paid and was leaving around the same time as her. She rushed right past me and it happened that our cars were close by. By now, she was so desperate she had lost all pretence of decorum and was pee dancing, her legs crossed, her body jiggling wildly, as she literally threw the groceries in her car as fast as she could. I saw her hand go to her crotch more than once. Once my car was loaded, I went to fill it with gas in a corner of the lot. As I was paying, this woman drove past and stopped her car in a corner. She got out holding herself, ran to the other side of the car, opened the passenger side door, and disappeared from view - obviously she had realized she would not make it home and was peeing on the ground. I could imagine the look of relief on her face!

Billy - 12 years old, and sharing a toilet seat with a high school chick you barely met!?! You rule man... you freakin rule...

You know, before viewing this site, I always figured that guys probably are way more likely to have bathroom fascination... but anymore, I'd almost say that the girls edge us out. But maybe that's just because I like reading the girls' ones better, so it seems that there are more of them, I don't know. What do you all think??

Here is a small story from my youth... I've always felt a special feeling for public bathrooms. I think it has to do with the fact that being in a stall is public... yet just barely out of site. And since you can lock the door, you can do whatever you want behind that door and still feel hidden. So anyway, I used to like to shit on the floor on occasion. Sometimes I would stand on the toilet seat, bend over a little, and plop one on the floor from way up high. Sometimes I would get on hands and knees and squeeze one out in the corner. I know that it was pretty inconsiderate of me, and I'm sure the janitor would have really liked to have gotten his hands on me, but I was a little kid and just had to follow my urges. I still do it every once in a while to this day, sometimes in port-o-potties, or even in places where it is really inappropriate to shit (changing/dressing rooms for one example) But I bet for every person who entered the soiled area after me who was disgusted, there was at least another person who was intrigued/fascinated/aroused.

Optional name
One time, when I was about 15, I was really sick, and was waiting for the bathroom. I became delerious, and I squatted down from being dizzy. All of a sudden, I thought I was on the toilet, so I started going. I suddenly realized something was wrong whenever I felt my bottom get warm and sticky, and a weird weight in my underwear. I suddenly smelled what I did--and strongly too. I was mortified,I just did a ton in my underwear. I was freaking out. My mom wouldn't take this too well....I was grown up! Girls arn't supposed to freakin' load their panties! Well, I waddled in, hoping my shorts would keep some smell away. I sat down, and hid my underwear in my shorts, and cleaned my bottom. Let me tell you, during this time, everybody in my house litteraly needed to go in there for one reason or another, and primp or use the mirror or SOMETHING. Finally, I got enough time alone to clean, that really suckeD!

To Son of a Preacher Man:

Hope you learned your lesson. Which is more embarrassing shitting on the toilet where you're supposed to go? Or, in your pants in front of your mom? The kids at school have nothing to laugh at, especially since there is NO ONE who doesn't have to crap! Good luck on your poo shyness.

Friday, March 26, 2005

I've read many of your stories and decided that I would share one of my experiences on this site. Two summers ago I was traveling to Destin, Florida (road trip). I was with my parents, but I had a room all to myself. The place was older than the other hotels probably built back in the 80's, however rooms were real clean. When we arrived, I had to take a monster poop from the long hours of driving. It had been at least three days since I had last had a BM and it was all catching up to me fast. I dashed into my room and found the toilet. It was a nice size American Standard toilet large in diameter and had a nice comfortable toilet seat. I sat down and started to push. I must have pushed out one 12 inch long log and a 8 inch long log and farted a couple of times. When I stood up there was a long skid mark at the rear of the bowl all the way to the exit area. I always sit at the rear of the seat (especially on larger toilets) and this toilet had the hole in the center of the bowl. I wiped and flushed very satisfied feeling, although the huge skid marked remained.

Three days later after spending some time on the beach, I had a severe case of diarrhea. I came in from the beach and sat down. I exloded with severe gas and finally the runny ick that comes out soon afterwards. I must have been on the pot for about ten minutes when I finally felt relieved and ready to wipe. I stood up and was just amazed yet disgusted by the mess in the toilet or out of the water mess on the rear of the bowl. It was real messy tha I spent five minutes cleaning it up. Even though it was comfortable, I think I know now why they must have discontinued that model of the toilet. I kinda felt sorry for the poor thing probably having many large skids and markings throughout the years. Has anyone else experienced those comfortable yet easy to mess up toilets?

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