Punk Rock Girl

I broke out the enema kit this weekend. Colin is out of town, so I had to do it myself. I was constipated all last week. Every day, two or three times a day, I went to the bathroom, sat on the crapper and pushed like I was delivering a baby and only managed to squeexe out a few pebbles. Really hard and dry.

Finally, on Saturday before going out and starting my day, I tried taking a dump once more. Nada. I could feel my bowels were ready to burst but wouldn't budge, so I went into the cabinet under the bathroom sink and pulled out Old Faithful.

I filled the water bottle with warm water and just a little hand soap, my usual mixture. I hung the bottle on a hook on the door and took my underpants off. I laid down on my stomach and stuck the nozzle into my anus. I unclipped the clamp and relaxed as warm water rushed into my hindquarters.

I laid there in my t-shirt and socks, a tube going into my bare butt, my chin resting on my arms folded in front of me. I looked back and saw the bag was empty. I clicked the clamp back closed and pulled the nozzle out, and laid for another ten minutes, and let the soapy water do its work.

I felt the pressure building, and got up. I went back in the bathroom, sat on the toilet and relaxed my ass. A stream of water jetted out, followed by EVERYTHING that had been compacted in there for a week. Kind of felt like my ass had turned into a machine gun for a moment. I got a little lightheaded as the pressure in my body changed suddenly, but I felt so clean and fresh after. A couple of bubbly farts later and I was done.

Man, did it feel great! I give myself an enema a couple times a year whether I need it or not, but I really did need it this time! Much better.

I feel pretty damn good today. I had a relatively normal dump this morning. Things are looking up down there!



Son of a Preacher Man
I am the classic bashful pooper. I won't go in a public place unless I absolutely have to. Even at home, I try to make sure nobody is around when I go, so they won't hear me or smell when I'm done. I know you will say "everyone does it". But I still get real uncomfortable whenever there is a chance someone will know I have to poop. Being a freshman in high school, I make every effort never to go at school. I have seen kids get ridiculed by other kids, hanging around in the bathrooms. A few days ago, the school lunch kind of went through me quickly. I could feel the urge to go all afternoon. My last class is gym. I should've just gone in the locker room, but there were no doors on the stalls. It was getting so bad I was afraid I would lose it while taking a shower after gym class. Leaving a pile on the shower floor with everyone watching would certainly be the talk of the school for a long time. I quickly dressed and went outside to wait for my mom to pick me up. I didn't like riding the bus, so my mom was nice enough to pick me up every day. When I got outside, she wasn't there yet. It seemed like I was waiting forever. I had to squeeze my butt together, and cross my legs to try to keep from going in my pants. I reached the breaking point, where I knew I had to stop worrying about being shy, and get back inside to use the toilet. Just as I turned to run back in the school, my mom pulled up. I figured I would be okay for the 10 minute drive home. As I got in the car, one of her friends from church walked up to the car to chat. Before she could start talking, I told my mom under my breath, "I have to go to the bathroom. Can you hurry?" She started talking to the woman about some church meeting. My stomach kept cramping, trying to push the poop out of me. I again mumbled under my breath, "Mom, I have to go to the bathroom real bad". My mom turned to her friend and said, "Okay, Timmy has to go to the bathroom. I'll talk to you later." I wanted to crawl under the seat. Why do mothers give out so much information? She said, "Honey, I have to stop at the post office on the way home to drop off this letter." I cried, "Mom, I can't wait. I have to go right now!" She said, "Honey, it will only take a second. Why didn't you got at school?" Again, I said, "Mom, please just get me home. I'm gonna go in my pants!" By now we were pulling in to the post office. Fortunately she didn't go inside. I was losing hope that I would make it home. I could feel my butt opening up. My mother sniffed and said, "Did you poop your pants?" I was still hanging on, but my face was red with embarrassment, with tears starting to form in my eyes. I was too old to have this happen to me. I wanted to hang on but it hurt so bad. As we turned on to our street, I lost control. A thick log pushed out of my hole, stopping only when it could get no further because I was sitting. When we got to my house, I ran to the door, leaving my books in the car. As I ran, there was no longer any resistance. A thick poop fell into my white briefs. My mom had the key to open the door. I held my hand on my butt, trying to keep anymore poop from coming out. There was no fooling my mom now. She knew what had happened, and didn't look real happy with me. I ran to the bathroom without locking the door, and quickly dropped my pants. My mother came in right behind me to see what had happened. It couldn't get any more embarrassing. But I was beyond caring. I sat on the toilet, and without any pushing, thick poop began splashing in to the toilet bowl, one after the other. I couldn't stop it even if I wanted to. I was grunting more from relief than from pushing. My mom saw the pile in my briefs, and told me she would go get me some clean underwear. By the time she got back, I was done. She told me to make sure I wipe good, then take a shower and wash my butt real good. I told her I was sorry as I wiped tears from my eyes. She apologized for not getting me home quick enough, and told me I better start going in school when I have to that bad.

China girl
I had very significant crap the other day, and I was so satisfied that I felt happy when finished about mess I made that I must write it. In addition, my friend had to witness it, so I had chance to show off my power. Anyway, something happened when we ate out. On way back to my apt in car I had to go so bad all of sudden. It was tough to hold but my ass was able to hold till we get home. So we get to my place but I try to stay cool and take time to hang my coat and take off my shoes. Then my friend relaxed in a chair by the kitchen that actually has view into bathroom (you can only see a persons legs since toilet is by door and sits back behind a wall. Anyway my friend watch me go and I keep confident smile on my face. I reach toilet, and it knew it was in for a big shit because of my urgent sense. Basically, I pulled my pants down hard, but at an angle, so my friend can see my ass first. She's like sister so she know what it look like. Anway I sat, and I felt to releived to just relax my hole. I sat up straight and was just glued to toilet. There was quiet air fart, but my friend could hear, and this turd just shoot out and smacked center of toilet hole with powerful force. It was very wet turd and I hardly feel it cause it come so fast. Right after that though, I just let loose a waterfall of crap. It stop and wet fart came, and waterfall come again, a little shorter than first time but quite significant. Lastly, a small piece just come and I pee. I just keep by ass glued to seat for a minute, even though smell was so aweful, and I mean bad. This was going to be tough crap for toilet, because it was so unusual, and I'm sure it left quite sickening impression, not to mention taste. Boy, I really did good one. My friend was smelling it too and moved to living room. I got up to wipe. There was huge mess in toilet. The first big turd was very wet and mushy. I was long, but very wet looking and looked like it pile over on to itself. The waterfalls gave water thick, dark mushy mess with some appearance of hairy chuncks. Wiping took some time, and the smell was just sickening that I flush before finish wiping. It take time though, because long turd was so mushy that it stuck and wouldn't go down. Of course, this was killer for toilet tough, and my ass made some very sickening sounds with a lot of force. It was no doubt tough to take down. I try to be nice and spray bathroom when toilet finally take everything, but I wanted to leave and didn't spray that much, so I left and closed door leaving the toilet saturated with the smell. I'm sure the toilet had rough time stomaching that mess for a while, dealing constantly with that taste-ouch.

My girlfriend is the best girlfriend ever! Let me tell you my story...

Well, it all started back in highschool. We were on one of our first dates, because we didn't have official "alone" dates together often, but this was later in the first year that we dated. We went to the fair.

Ok, so we're at the fair. What to do? So, I decided to buy her some food and games, that we played together too, and had fun. I won her a stuffed animal, I forget what type it was exactly. But we were in our romantic times, just having fun. So now what? Well, we were both very thirsty from the food, even after already having a pop each, so we just bought another large pop and shared it.

Then, it was time for some rides! Wooo, so together we get in line for the Ferris Wheel. I am a little shy at the time, but we've known one another for quite a while now (almost but not quite a year of dating), and I believe we kissed in line, it took a while, about half an hour or twenty minutes later it's our turn and we board the Ferris Wheel. I get sick on rides easily but this one never bothers me, at least it's slow. So we hop on together, talking, whatever, I forget.

The ride starts, we go up, get a good view of the park, kiss a little on top, all that shit. But what happens next is the ride breaks down!

So we're both stuck up there (we were near the top too!) while the Ferris Wheel is acting all crazy and shit, and I supposed they shut it down and needed maintenance to fix it, but anyway we're stuck. At first it's okay, and we get some heavy-duty making-out taken care of! But then after a while it starts to get on both of our nerves, like how long are we going to be stuck up here you know? In the meantime I'm starting to have to pee from that large coke and all the other pop we drank, and needless to say I'm embarassed to tell her, but it's really bothering me by now.

But, we're ok for a while more, I forget what we talked about, we kept looking down, they were shouting up to us and others about when it would be fixed and not to worry, but faster than I expected the rest of that pop hit my bladder, and I doubled over quickly thinking oh shit now what...when do we get down from here?

My girlfriend's just like are you ok? And so I tell her, uh I sort of have to take a pee pretty badly from that pop, lol, and she can tell I'm struggling here I guess or maybe she was just pretending but she said she had to too and not to worry she was sure we'd be down soon.

BUT...another it has to be at least half an hour gone by when I'm finally like, man, I can't hold it any longer! And she feels bad and is just saying things like awwww, or if it makes you feel better you could always just go, and I'm all embarassed so I just say uh thanks but I'll be ok I guess...sure enough I wasn't ok though!

So it is about ten minutes later when finally, a bit came out, and I was too embarassed to grab my cock in front of her, so I just tightened my muscles up trying my hardest not to pee my pants, what would everyone think and what would my girlfriend think, you know? Plus, by now we have to be getting off here soon...

Well, it's too bad because even though we were getting off about ten minutes later I guess I just couldn't hold it because it started FLOWING and I mean FLOWING right out and I couldn't control it, I just peed my pants right in front of my girlfriend and she just sat there feeling bad and I couldn't stop it, so I just sat there feeling better, lol, and it must've been a bad awkward silence or something, because suddenly she just fell on my shoulders and hugged me, and let the pee get on her! Maybe this was her way of making me feel less embarassed, I don't know, but whatever it was it was the best feeling I ever had...

Later she told me she hugged me because I never looked so scared before and she wanted to comfort me, but when we finally got off that ride we just told people we spilled our coke when we were sitting together, so it was a great night after that and the best day of my life really. I am still with her, BTW^^

something terrible happened to me in church the other morning!

on sunday morning i was at church with my family. it was only about 10 minutes into mass when i realized, i really had to poop! i just sat tight with my butt against the back of the pew and all, and tried to hold it as best as i could. well, it got pretty tough because of how much we need to stand, or kneel, but either way we needed to move around so much...which was no good because it was making it very difficult to hold in my poop. it was about 30 minutes in to the mass and i was really getting uncomfortable and we were beginning to kneel again, when it happened. as we got into the kneel i felt an enormous pressure in my butt and i let out a pretty big pre-pooping fart. it wasn't that loud, but it was really big...i knew i was going to mess up my panties. i clenched my butt together as hard as i could and tried my best to hold it in. i was wearing tiny white panties and a very short yellow dress and i'm 15 years old, there's no way i can poop myself! if i did it would be easy for anyone to see because of my outfit...i got very scared. just as i began to look around to see if i could get away with a trip to the bathroom, my stomach cramped up badly and the pressure on my butt became unbearable, and i started to fill my underpants. the poop just oozed out of my butt in big warm blobs and created an enormous gooey bulge in my panties that i'm sure made a nice dark brown stain, and then i had a little bit of solid poop that just made my panties bulge out even more from under my dress. i felt my face burning red as i sat in my huge load. i wiggled slowly from side to side to try and flatten the mess as best i could because the bulge would be too obvious, but it didn't matter because the smell made it obvious enough. everyone in my family was looking at me and knew i soiled my undies, because i've done so several times in the past, and my red face gave it away. my mom took my arm and led me out of the church and had the most angry look on her face the whole time. she opened the back seat of the car and put 2 grocery bags on it said "Get in." at me all angry, and i did. she just said "stay here." and closed the door and cracked open the window, then she went back into church. i had to sit in the car with poop filled underwear for 25 minutes, then the ride home. it was terrible!

Helen, i think you are amazing

Michael explosive diarrhea
Whats up everone,this weekend I ate a whole bunch of food and stored it away for a nice big dump. On Saturday I went out for lunch with my dad and brother to an all you can eat chinese buffet. I ate pork,chicken,pizza,ice cream,wontons,and mongolian beef. On sunday I ate 2 bagels,and for lunch I ate 6 slices of pizza along with another bagel. On monday I went to the park with my brother and my dad and we were playing ball. After about a half an hour an hour I started passing gas accompanied by low gurgles and rumbles in my stomach. I took a break and sat down on the side until we left. We got home and I didn't feel very good so I layed down in my bed. After about 5 minutes my stomach started churning and felt the urge to use the bathroom so I snuck into my dad's room and used his bathroom.I shut the door and pulled my boxers down and sat on the toilet. I pushed out a huge wave of shit which felt like diarrhea and started shitting out more diarrhea. After about a minute or so I was done so I wiped and galnced at my load. There was diarrhea on the sides that was very mushy and in the middle of the toilet there was a huge log in an S shape. I picked it up and estimated it to be atleast 17 inches not counting the part that broke off when I picked it up. So I guess it was most likely 20 inches which is my record. I felt really proud that i passed a 20 incher and hope that i pass more in the future.

Michael explosive diarrhea
Whats up everone,this weekend I ate a whole bunch of food and stored it away for a nice big dump. On Saturday I went out for lunch with my dad and brother to an all you can eat chinese buffet. I ate pork,chicken,pizza,ice cream,wontons,and mongolian beef. On sunday I ate 2 bagels,and for lunch I ate 6 slices of pizza along with another bagel. On monday I went to the park with my brother and my dad and we were playing ball. After about a half an hour an hour I started passing gas accompanied by low gurgles and rumbles in my stomach. I took a break and sat down on the side until we left. We got home and I didn't feel very good so I layed down in my bed. After about 5 minutes my stomach started churning and felt the urge to use the bathroom so I snuck into my dad's room and used his bathroom.I shut the door and pulled my boxers down and sat on the toilet. I pushed out a huge wave of shit which felt like diarrhea and started shitting out more diarrhea. After about a minute or so I was done so I wiped and galnced at my load. There was diarrhea on the sides that was very mushy and in the middle of the toilet there was a huge log in an S shape. I picked it up and estimated it to be atleast 17 inches not counting the part that broke off when I picked it up. So I guess it was most likely 20 inches which is my record. I felt really proud that i passed a 20 incher and hope that i pass more in the future.

TO Preggy:
First... congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope your little one emerges a healthy & happy jewel!

Secondly... a LARGE congratulations on your LARGE BM! All the ladies with kids I've talked too about their pregnancies have said that it was a glorious period in their lives they would *never* give back. BUT... if they could change one thing (more than morning sickness, more than the loss of their slim figures...), it would be the chronic constipation.

Treasure that good jobbie! No doubt it will be difficult to reproduce over your remaining months.



Hello. I've never posted before. I would like to share my most HUMILIATING experience ever.

In middle school, which was three years ago, my class went on a field trip to our local amusement park. I wasn't feeling too good, but I went anyway. I was on line for a coaster when I started to really feel sick. Not in my stomach, but in my guts. Before long, I knew I'd never make it through the ride, so I went to find a bathroom instead.

The pressure in my intestines just got more and more painful. I felt like I had to fart, and the pain was getting really sharp. I was clanching my buns and had my hand pressed against my butt so everyone who saw me had to have known I had to shit. Finally I see a cleaning guy and asked him where the bathrooms were, and he pointed me toward them. I had been walking away from them.

Long story short: about halfway to the bathrooms a horrible pain hit me and I simply lost control. I stopped and bent over, holding my belly and I shit my pants. It was absolutely the grossest, most humiliating thing you could imagine. Within seconds my underpants, then my jeans were filled with diarrhea. I started crying.

I kept moving toward the bathrooms, not knowing what I was going to do. I just wanted to get the shit off me. I went in the bathroom and into a empty stall. I took off my shoes and socks and carefully took off my jeans and underpants. They were filled with diarrhea and I couldn't put them back on.

My buns, my thighs, everything down there was swimming in shit. I used an entire roll of toilet paper to clean myself, and had to flush the toilet ten or twelve times so it wouldn't get clogged.

I still smelled like shit. I worked up the nerve to quickly exit the stall bottomless and clean myself off in the sink. I rubbed soap all over my butt and legs and rinsed myself off by splashing water on me. A couple of women in the bathroom asked if I was okay and I told them I had an accident. Once I was cleaned off, I now had a new problem.

I was naked from the waist down! I actually thought about grabbing a big wad of TP and covering myself with it as best I could and running outside, but I didn't have the nerve. Then, like a miracle, one of the mothers who was chaperoning came in. She saw me standing in the corner covering my bush with my hands, and said, "What happened to you?"

I explained everything and she ran out and bought me some underpants and shorts from the gift shop and came back. I put them on and left, and ran to the other side of the park as quickly as I could. I didn't even think to grab my jeans or underpants from out of the stall! Someone got a shitty surprise.

As far as I know, none of my friends found out what happened, nobody even seemed to notice I had shorts on now instead of jeans. But some people noticed. That was awful.

today I went to this pagan celebration at the to celebrate the ritual of ostara[ well spring equinox]. I arrived somewhat late at 3:30 PM but since just two people showed up besides myself, we just ate the dinners we all brought and talked. anyway, I had not peed since leaving home about 2:10 PM and well, drank my 20 oz mug of coffee along the way as well as some cranberry-raspberry juice before leaving. still I didn't feel the need to pee when I got there at all, which for me is quite unusual as the first thing I do usually upon getting anywhere far away is head straight to the restroom upon arrival! anyway, so we ate, talked and of course, I still had this liter bottle full of cranberry/raspberry juice to drink with the meal [me with my killer southern style red beans and rice, major jalepeno`s included within!] so of course the drink went down very quickly!I needed some more water as well to wash this hot stuff down! anyway, we finished up at about 4:45 PM and before leaving as always, I said " I'll be right back in a minute to get my things. let me use the restrooms before I leave" [ even though I didn't have to go really bad, I figured now was the time as I was fixing to drive up into mass and take the long way home through the scenic berkshire hills] anyway, this may sound weird, but they have at this church upon request, some policy about having "scent-free" common areas and this meant that one of the unisex restrooms is now designated as " scent free" [ the first on the right in the main hall] in other words you are not supposed to use that one if you are wearing perfume/cologne, a heavy dose of "flowery scented" FDS, etc. and instead use the other one-unless you are physically handicapped as ONLY the first one is " accessible". anyway, good thing I wasn't one of those richy preppies who wears so much FDS and giorgio they smell like perfume 50 feet away! right?["gag me with a spoon, I'm sure" LOL] and so, after flipping on the light outside door; I walked into the first one and closed, then locked the door. then I walked back to the toilet and after putting down the seat, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my undies down and sat toward the back of the seat to pee.[ my twat about 6" back from front inside of seat] it took me a about half a minute to begin but soon the silence was broken by that all too familiar sound of my urine coming from my labia and splashing into the clear toilet bowl's water; making a nice gentle tinkle sound as it quickly turned the water all yellow. sitting there with my hands on my knees, I looked down and could see my pee making lots of foamy bubbles in the front of the bowl's water for probally the next 45 secs before it stopped for maybe 20 seconds. meanwhile, I reached over to the roll on the left, grabbing some paper and folding it in my hands, then leaned foward to allow the rest to hopefully flow out of me; before sitting straight up again as more pee flowed from my twat and tinkled softly into the water for another 20-25 secs before stopping. again I leaned foward and squeezed the last two splashy drops out before stopping, then pressing the paper up against my twat gently a few times to wipe. I saw two little yellow drops from my pee on the paper wad as I dropped it into the bowl and as I got up to slowly pull up my undies and jeans, I looked and saw the bowl filled with my yellow pee; foam covering half the bowl's water from back to the middle. then I took my left hand and flushed the toilet, watching as my still foamy pee and the paper swirled down, thinking " must've been all that cranberry juice, I'm sure! kewl!"
well I guess I didn't go too long before needing to pee again, as maybe about an hour later I again could feel that " I've gotta pee sensation" coming on; this time badly as I got up past springfield traffic circle. but knowing that I had to get gas anyway and remembering that they do indeed have a nice clean restroom at southwick mobil, I figured that I could wait.[ about 6 PM] as soon as I pulled in, i could feel it but first was able to pump the full tank and then after walking in to pay and mentioning to the clerk how gas is cheaper in mass. said "well,let me use the restroom" and walked back; opening the door, then closing it and locking it behind me. as soon as I got in , well this time somebody got pee on the seat but not bad, so I took some TP and quickly wiped it, getting my pants/undies down as quickly as I could before sitting down and just " letting it fly!" <-:P> this time I just sat there and peed and peed, leaning foward to get some more paper from the roll as it just kept coming out for at least a minute non stop while softly bubbling into the water and making lots of foam. it stopped, but soon started up again as more pee softly tinkled into the water for nearly another minute before finally stopping. I leaned foward and pushed a bit and of course, yet more pee came out, just a few splashes and then I knew I was finally empty. I wiped really good, dropped the paper into the bowl and got up, first pulling up my undies, then flushing and LIFTING UP THE SEAT [ so the next lazy asshole don't pee on it!]; this before pulling up jeans and buttoning/zipping up and washing up. as I flushed, I saw my yellow pee in the water with some bubbly foam toward the back of the water, but not that much considering how much I peed. I bought some diet pepsi[ 2 liters for 2 bucks] and after stopping at this dunkin donuts drive in for some coffee along the way , drove off up 57 into them hills in the fog and light rain, listening to my dixie chicks " wide open spaces" and singin' long to old natalie and the gals all the way back into CT.
of course the coffee and that soda had to come out sometime, even though I sipped the soda very slowly and didn't drink the coffee till it got cold and I was back in CT and so, as I just passed norfolk about 7:30 pm I felt my bladder filling up again and thinking I bet I'll need to stop by the time I get to litchfield at that store with the "patrons only please" restroom [ the only one in town besides inside the very expensive restaurants, I believe]. anyway , so as I'm getting closer to that town did I ever have to PEE! I decided to pull in and use that store's one[ which is usually very clean!]. I walked in and went straight to the restroom, closed and locked the door and after putting the seat down on the elongated toilet; quickly unfastened my jeans, pulling them and my undies down for a well needed pee. I sat down quickly with my back straight up; sitting well back on the seat with my twat almost over the middle and again, just "let it fly" as my really yellow pee almost immediately began coming out of my labia straight down into that shallow puddle of water[ which in the front is shaped like the front of a bedpan with an upside down "U" maybe to catch your pee when it shoots out more foward?]it made this like soft hissy piddling sound for at least the next minute and 30 secs possibly; as I watched my yellow pee making lots of soft bubbly foam as it splashed into that tiny little patch of water in that " low-flow" toilet bowl before stopping. at this time, I reached and took some paper from the dispenser but waited, as soon more began to come out of me, again piddling into that little patch of water and making that soft tinkle sound for another good minute before stopping at which point I leaned foward and forced the last 1-2 splashes out of my twat and was done, finally. I wiped ,got up and dropped the paper into the bowl's water now completely full with my foamy yellow pee; causing the foam to fade as it hit the water. then I flushed, pulled everything up and washed up, fixing my hair a bit before walking out.

tonight while sitting at home writing this story's next chapter, and drinking some vodka and tonics, I hadn't needed to pee since about 10 PM about a half hr after my shower. well it was about 2:45 am and finally the urge to pee hit me and so I walked into my bathroom, closed the door and of course, got out the mirror to see this one. well I lifted the lid and sat down and within a few seconds , began to make this loud tinkle as my pee came from my labia and splashed into the water; at first in this thin stream which shot toward the left a bit, then widened into this blade of smelly yellow pee; making lots of foamy bubbles upon contact with the water which soon filled the bowl with foam and very quickly turned the water yellow for nearly the next minute almost. about halfway through it thinned back into a downward stream, but toward the end splattered and made more really smelly pee which I saw splashing around into the bowl's water before tapering off to a slow tinkle which dribbled, then flowed heavy again in an off-on spray which appeared to twist around all over the place yet still tinkle completely into the water. after a minute or so, it stopped, but I leaned foward and of course, forced some more really sweet but very smelly yellow pee into the front of the water as I sat back up until I felt completely empty. at this time I took some paper from the roll and wiped my twat, again seeing yellow spots on the folded paper wad before dropping it between my legs and the front of the seat. I got up and while pulling up my undies and pants, I looked and the bowl's water was completely filled with my really yellow foamy, scuzzy-looking pee; the foam still covering almost the entire water's surface. as I flushed, I watched as all that nasty-looking smelly yellow,foamy pee swished down with the paper in the middle while thinking" now that was worth the waste of water for sure!" < -:P >

Princess BI
Calboy--I can pee standing like a guy, wherein the stream flies out like three or four feet. I don't all the time, especially in the house, because my stream tends to go WAYYY to the left, but I'm working on getting it to go straighter.

I learned the technique at

Hi, toileteers great and small!

After not visiting this site for some weeks, I decided to take a peek, and, by the time I got to the most recent old posts, I found Tim's contribution.

Hi Tim, you have left me quite concerned with your health problem. But on the other hand, for you to discover that you have a 21 year old son must have been a great surprise! I just hope that Sarah continues to be supportive in such trying times; give her my love, please. In a few days I will drive to at the Lago shopping area, appropriately named as it is close to the lake shore. My thoughts will be with you.

The other day my morning walk took me past a small statue surrounded by a half circle of privet hedge about 20 metres in diametre. The hedge is trimmed to a height of one metre and a thickness of a little less than that. At one extremity this low green leafy wall comes close to the battlements of a castle, - a place visited by many tourists. It is there, where the cobbled path narrows to 3 metres, that occasionally people desperate for a bathroom relieve themselves. Possibly these could be tourists brought there in smaller toiletless buses on a day trip. Usually there is a pee stain right at the base of the privet wall. Only males would do that. Then there are the pee stains half a metre away from the roots of the hedge, and some bunched up tissue pushed between the branches, indicating ladies' tracks. I once saw a woman with greying hair in a pink anorak and grey flannel trousers hobbles away from her group of sight-seers. Fumbling at the front of her trousers under her anorak she suddenly dived out of sight, or tried to, the low hedge leaving her head and shoulders very visible. There she remaind motionless for a minute except for her head turning this way and that; then raising herself into a hunched over stance she put her clothing back into order under the cover of the anorak, and strode back to her group with a defiant and victorious expression. But the left leg of her trousers was streaked dark grey on the outside where obviously her pee had sprayed out of control. Later I took that path on my way back and noticed the puddle: not very big, but with streaks from a high-pressure piss going in all directions except where the feet had been.
Three days ago, in almost the same spot, there lay a round turd the colour of freshly oiled teak, still glistening from freshness (ugh), and no tissue nor any pee stain anywhere near it. Some thick knobbly bits in the centre had been covered with softer stuff, everything forming a heap of a good 15 or more centimetres across and an average height of at least 5 centimetres, a conservative estimate. Now calculate the volume of that and you can imaginge the desperation of the person in search of a place to go, frozen in his of her tracks with quivering sphincter and left with no other options apart from going in the pants or on the ground right there. Possibly an early-morning jogger had left that „business card". It must have taken only a few seconds to blast that one out; and, as I have observed, the majority of morning joggers are female with their husbands on their way to work. Sometimes when I see them, always the same ones, I try to guess which one of the athletic ladies had done it.

So much for today, I'll be away for a while again, happy reliefs for all in the meantime; Rizzo

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I just have to share with you guys a very enjoyable bowel movement i just had a few minutes ago. Let me begin by saying that i am five months pregnant, and in general i tend to be constipated during this pregnancy. Having a good BM is one of the things i enjoy most in life, so i really miss my morning rituals of drinking coffee and having this urge to go, and then just letting my rectum release all the brown, smelly, smooth shit that has been accumulated in my bowels for the last 24 hours. It used to be so easy. Wave after wave of soft, wide, poops. Well, this a thing of the past. Now my pooping consists of straining and pushing small little nibblets of dry poop. What i miss most is the streching of the sphincter and that wonderful feeling of release and exhilaration that comes with a good evacuation.
So, today, after many many days of just being able to deliver small, unsatisfactory little poopies, i had a good BM. I could feel it coming as i was driving home. I decided to make the experience as memorable as possible. I got home, took off my pants and underware, took my little mirror, and squated on the toilet with my feet on the seat. I could see my little rectum pop out gradually, and my little sphincter streching open. Then, a brown head started to emerge. It wasn't a very big turd, maybe just 2 inches long, but believe me, for me it was big! Then another one followed, and another one. They became smoother and smoother and strated dropping off of me without me putting any effort into it! It felt sooooo good! Just when i thought i was done, another one came, and another one. The little bathroom got stinky, but i was enjoying the smell.... the smell of fresh, soft poop. I finally felt empty, and my little sphincter shrank back into place. It is still a little sensitive, i am aware of it now. But i feel so light, empty, and satisfied. I am soo happy now! Passage of feces is so satisfying!

Anybody know any good movies w/ scences that have girls pooping?

Hey Buzzy and Summer, your stories rock. Please keep them coming, they are appreciated!

i havent osted ina while but i got a story today. i went to the race in atl today and it was going good til i got some cramps that were screaming i would need to go soon! so i went to the ladies room well it was awfull they were about 20 stalls but there was still a line i couldnt belive it that many toilets and none was empty so i waited and waited some of the wemon were really having some issues in there about 10 of the stalls were wemon having a good shit and the others were moving pretty fast well my turn came so i went in droped my shorts and panties and took the shit of a lifetime it felt so good. needless to say that was the worst smelling restroom i was ever in 20 toilets and 10 of them were pooping it was so funny to see all the girls come in who had to go really bad that had to wait

Hey Everyone!

Buzzy~ Hi! I'm happy to hear from you... thought you disappeared!

Anyways, my boyfriend just came home from Europe, and i think he had food poisoning or something... he told me he shit his brains out the whole 2 weeks he was there! Poor thing.. that happens though sometimes when you go out of the country... either way, it sucks! He came home to me literally 10 pounds lighter! It's funny, but i feel sorry for him haha. I told him it was because he missed me :)

Eric in Chicago~ You're right about the dark green color from the chlorophyl... that's why i was so shocked when i saw the bright green color... it was gross! When you take it, does it make the smell even worse? I swear, on that particular patient it had a reverse affect!

One more thing... if anyone has medical questions dealing with bowels, i'll be happy to answer! I have quite a bit of experience!

xoxo Summer

I have 2 stories to tell.
Last month my class went to Fargo for a week. Me and My roommates put a bet on my freind to poop his pants. We got some money and got in total $18.78. So my freind stand up and his faced reddened and then he farted and then we heard it, we heard the poop go into his breifs. We all started to laugh even my freind he pull down his pants and was wearing red breifs and they were brown for the poop, then my freind said I am not done he countiuned to poop and the bulge on breifs got bigger, then he peed himself. Than he said I have no clean underwear. So went to clean up I lend him a pair of my breifs. Only me,my freind, and my roomates knew about it.

I remember when I was 9years old (now I am 13 years old). Me and My freinds went to the park and we had a farting contest to see who could fart the loudest. When it was my turn I pushed I felt something come but it wasn't a fart. It was poop insted of farting I poop my blue breif's it was soild and a bulge appeared and my freinds started to laugh. then 2 of them wet them selfs. and on purpose 3 of my other freinds poop there breifs. We went to my house because my parents weren't home so we clean up and lend breifs to me friends,Once again now one knew about.

Hi all. It has been quite a while and I doubt anyone remebers me but here it goes. Lately I have been waking up at 3am with stomach discomfort. I would go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet after a few minutes I would have disgusting diahhrea shooting out of me for hours with occaisonal vomiting. I would take medicine but I would just puke it out. By the time I was stable i would be close to dehydration and even then after sleeping for another 8 hours i would be queasy for the whole day. This has happened to me 6 or 7 times in 2 months. One time I was at a sleepover... talk about embarassing. I am now on a red meat free diet and am doing better. What could have been wrong with me.

Secondly, i was with the same friends at dinner a little after these incidents and i was talking when all of a sudden I farted quite normally except for totally ruining my boxers with diahrea. This literally came from nowhere. I waddled into the bathroom in the small portuguese restaraunt rather incospicuously. I finished shitting and decided i could not salvage my boxers but my jeans were amazingly untouched. No one ever new but I was suspected of being constipated after that. (Which I am most definitely Not!)

please respond with ideas for the cause of my illness. My computer is being fixed so i might not be able to check for awhile.

Last summer at the beach I had to go so bad but was talking to somebody I just said I'm going for a dip and went into the water about 3 feet deep sat down and peed. The lady I was talking to knew what I had done but did not say anything - at the beach most people do it. I had to go in the parking lot behind a car since I had a long journey on my second bus and there was no way I was going to make it to the office to use their bathroom. I've seen kids peeing in the sand, adults doing it in the water - they remain very still.

michael explosive diarrhea
Whats up,today we went out for chinese food and the pork lo mein hit me pretty bad. At the restaurant I was eating everything like pork lo mein,sweet n sour chicken,rice. At the end of the meal the food was acting up and my colon got a feeling like it was full and needed to be emptied. I excused myself to the bathroom. When i got there,there was a young kid with his dad. I went into the stall and without hesitation pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet. I relaxed myself and proceeded to pass a huge turd. It was quite noisy and when it slid out it landed with a thud. I passed one more long turd and ended with a loud fart. I wiped and sae that i passed 2 large turds. One was about 16 or 17 inches and the other was 13. I didn't bother flushing and went to the sink to wash my hands. As I was washing my hands a man came in and headed for the stall. He took one look into the toilet and said,"Jesus Christ,what a shit!" I exited the bathroom and chuckled to myself.

Mr. Clogs
Thank you to all that took my little survey, you're still welcome to take it as long as you could page back to get it. I figured post it to see if anybody out there besides me like to pee/poop into containers, and I'm curious is to who, what and how we eliminate our waste into these containers. Hey, they're rather convient when there are no bathrooms around or just for kicks. Safe and sanitary way to use to releive yourself rather than using those dirty public restrooms and outdoors. If you could find my survey, please feel free to post your comments. Thanks

Now I'll post my reponces to my own survey.

1. Does anyone use a container to for the purpose of peeing/pooping. If so what type of container? Yes, I use those big "super size" plastic/glass cups for peeing and/or pooping into. Big water bottles with the large mouth opening to pee into.

2. How do you position yourself while using the container for the purpose of relieving yourself for example squatting/hovering over, standing, sitting, etc. Standing because I'm a (dude) for peeing, squatting for taking a dump into containers.

3. After you've finished using the containter, what do you do with the container after relieving yourself into, and how do you dispose of your pee/poop? What I do, I dispose my contents into the toilet after I'm done.

I hope you all liked my responce to my survey. Take care.

Mr. Clogs

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