Billy and Kevin
Yesterday, we had our last basketball game of the season. Before the game, I could feel that I would need to poop in a while. I hadn't gone in like 3 days, and i usually go two or three times a day. After the game was over, we went to a pizza place for our team party. By then, it was time to go. We decided to go for a walk in the woods to an old mill. I said I needed to go the bathroom on the way out. One of the kids said, I hope you won't be long, because I have to take a wicked piss. I said, you'd better go first, because you won't like the smell. The bathroom is near the door. Just then, another team came in. They all went into the bathroom to wash their hands. They were standing in line to get in. I said, let's just go to the mill. THey said ok. One kid said, where are you going to go? I said I have some napkins, so in the woods. After about twenty minutes, about 100 feet from the mill, I was about to load up my pants. I was about to say that I would catch up when the kid who had to pee said time for a pit stop. Almost all of us went to a tree and peed. I had to go both ways, so I peed. Then I dropped my pants and started to poop. Two other kids had to poop too. I dropped a long one, about 18 in and three other ones. One kid dropped a really mushy pile. And the last kid had to dropped about 5 medium logs filled with corn.

When we got up to the mill, we played tag for a while. We all brought bottles of soda. After about 2 hours, it was time to go. We all had to pee. So we went to the tree we used before. When we got there, the 3 or 4 of us got there about 20 sec. ahead of the others. We started to pee. Then Billy squatted and start to poop. we were all talking. THen billy said, hey guys, look on the other side of the tree. There were three older girls (we are all around 11 or 12). One of them was standing with a pile of mushy corn poop behind her (it was steaming, so it was fresh) and the other two were pooping. The one that was standing said, hi boys. We said hi. The other kids came. we said shish and they stopped talking. Then the started to pee and two of them dropped their pants and pooped. One of them was the kids iwth loose poops. He dropped two medium logs. The other one dropped a long 18 in, like mine.

After we were done going, we all walked back to town together. One of the girls goes to high school here and other two were visiting on spring break. For dinner, we went out to dinner with our family. A couple of other kids on the team were there. The restaurant has a boys room with two toilets, but no stalls. We had to do another #2. My little brother had to go too. So me, kev and jeremy go to the bathroom. I sat down on one of the toilets and kev sat on the other. Then jeremy said he was doing a #2 in his pants. Kev said, ok sit here. He moved back on the toilet. Just then, one of the girls from before came in. She said, oh no. I said, the girls room is down the hall. She said, I know, but there is a line, and I am like about to poop my pants. I said, sit down. She down in front of me. She started to pee, Then i heard pooping sounds. She dropped avbout 4 logs in 6 seconds. THen she got up and said, thanks boys. I better go finish in the girls room. She left. About 10 seconds later, my dad came in. I was done going. I dropped another 19 in turd and about 4 little turds. i wiped and got up. Dad looked in the toilet. Her turds was a dark brown and my were light brown. He said, boy, you really had to go. I said, yeah. We finished wiping. Dad sat down and pooped. We were talking while he finished. He dropped a couple of 18 in. turds too. When he flushed, the toilet backed up and the water level went down. We went back to dinner and finished eating. After dinner, i had to poop again, and kev and both our little brothers had to pee. When we got there, one of our friends was sitting on the toilet we blocked. We peed in the other one, and I pooped again. Another 18 in turd. We both finished at the same time. I flushed my toilet. his toilet just backed up with his turd floating in it. He said he must have had to go really bad. I said our dad block it up a little before, so taht was probably it.

My Family Reunion by princess pee

When we got off, Maxie's pants were really wet. Aunt Betty saw and so they had to get her to the lavatory.cousin Kellen was in the other bathroom still throwing up. So me, Mile,My bro and Kim were left. We went on the rides when they came out and we went on the rides together. Well, We left for dinner at my place, and then they stayed over and blah blah blah that's the end.

***THE END***

See ya!

hey, im back again with another story.actually, two sories.

one time i had been out with my mother, she had wanted to go to the bank. well, before we got their i started to feel a need to pee. now i wasn`t really worried as i could hold my pee for very long but as time went on i felt i had to go really bad so finally my mother just told me to pee in an empty soda bottle that she had in the car while she went inside the bank. well i was desperate now so i pulled down my pants and pulled my out and began ing in the bottle. but the hole in the bottle was too small for my and some of the got on my pants. after a while it started to smell terrible but i finally got home to change. that was really embarrassing, especialy when we went to the doctors and i had to sit in the waiting room in my smelly pants.

i have one more story. does anybody here watch fear factor. well one time it was on and the contestants had to do a stunt which involved jumping off of a 20 story building. well this one lady went scared but went through with the stunt anyway. when she had finished the other contestants saw that she had wet her pants{it wasnt too obvious on tv. well she said she had fell into some water on the way down but of course she was lying. and when they replay the part where she did the stunt you could actually she the expression on her face change as she wet her pants. it was funny.

see ya, damon

Hi, Would any females here enter a single/Unisex bathroom for a much needed pee, or especially big poo if an 'attractive' decent looking, fairly slim young guy was already in there washing his hands, or even peeing in the single toilet? In most every case I'd let a desperate lady use the pot with me inside, but I just want to know your answers, ladies??? Thank you!

Good morning--rainy here. No new sightings, just a couple of superb b.m.'s to tell about. Day before yesterday I got up, dressed, and went out for the paper (out by the street, maybe 100 feet from the back door). That's all it took--from no feeling of need to an intense fullness in the rectum. I laid the paper on the table, told my wife I'd be back, and walked rapidly to the bathroom, with the turd trying to push out at every step. I was pulling my pants down even before reaching the bathroom. As I sat, I took the mirror and watched as a fairly thick, dark turd started sliding out. I pushed somewhat, to keep it from breaking off, and I saw it move rapidly, until it was entering the water while still exiting my anus. Finally it dropped, followed immediately by a much shorter piece. The continuous push, I believe, kept the long piece from breaking up as it fell. After wiping, I looked, and it was huge. I took a single square of toilet paper, which is 4" on a side, and used it to measure the big piece, which turned out to be about 11" long and maybe 1.3" thick. Excellent.
Today's movement was similar in some respects, but even longer. Again, I got up, dressed, then went out for the paper. By the time I got back my wife was in the little bathroom I normally use for my first poop, so I had to take the other bathroom: again, my urge had gone from nothing to DO IT NOW in just the time I went out. This one was mandatory, not discretionary, and again I could feel the turd starting to emerge before I sat down. Reaching behind me as I was getting ready to sit, I could feel the warm stickiness of poop. This time I couldn't watch (the mirror is in the other bathroom), so I sat and pushed continuously to try for a long one. This time I started fairly well back on the seat and moved forward as the turd was emerging, to try to lay it out lengthwise and not have it fold over. I succeeded. After my first wipe, I stood up to look, and again, the turd was huge. It started near the bottom of the bowl, curling around the hole, then shooting straight forward to end up well out of the water at the very front of the bowl. Again I used a square of t.p. to measure, and this one was about 13", a bit over an inch thick, medium brown, a magnificent turd if I do say so. When I flushed, it went down with extreme reluctance. Satisfaction!
Happy pooping, everyone!

Larry G
Hi everyone, it me Larry G. Sorry I've not posted for the longest time, but I just moved into my new apartment in Cleveland Ohio and am hapily settled into my federal job. Just to refresh, I'm 33 years old 5 foot 9, black hair and about 150 lbs. Well, now that we have the formalities out of the way I'll tell you 2 stories. Both of these are from when I was five.

The first one I will tell you happened one thursday night when I was getting ready to take a shower. My house parent at the residential school for the blind in Georgia told me to sit on my box and don't move. Well, I did just as she asked. Well, I had to go and I thought I would get into trouble if I got up. Of corse that wasn't true, but what the hell I'm five and don't want to get into trouble. I just went on the wooden boox. Needless to say when I houseparent Miss Brooks came into the room to take me into the shower she saw the mess on the box and she was mad. Well it got cleaned up and as I started to cry she said don't you cry with me boy. Well, I didn't Doodoo on that box again of course.
Here's my next story for all the accident fanatics out there. It was a Sunday and I was in Sunday School. I had to go poop really bad, but I did not want to bother the teacher. She was very nice, but I was a little embarrassed to go in that bathroom for some odd reason. Well, I should have, because has I came out of the building, runny shit exploded into my pants. Needless to say, I stunk. When I got back to the cottage Miss Mac had to clean me up. It was like the poop had come out of a faucet,because it was in my underwear and all down my pant letgs. Well, I got cleaned up and the rest of the day was good. Well, that's all for now. I'll post again. Before I go here's a question, are there any women on this site who are 5-9 or taller and a little bit on the large side who have interest poop stories? Take care everyone Larry G.

Mr. Clogs
I've got a quick post, I peed into my new 2 litre water bottle, filled it a little over half way with my nite time pee break. Hope liked it.

Here is my rumor, but I don't know if it really happened. When I was on my way back from Europe on the airplane, I had to use the lavatory. Before me, there was a woman inside. After she came out, I went in to use the lavatory. I saw a drop of yellow urine on the opposite end of the toilet seat. That marks an evidence that she was peeing standing up! I was amused. However, I am not sure whether it was her urine. What do you guys think? Anyone has any stories about women peeing standing up? I am happy to hear about women peeing standing at the urinal. Has anyone a similar experience to my story?

Thanks ucgenie. My snow poop only happened a couple weeks ago and I'm 16. My butt is completely hairless so it felt good to wipe on his shirt.
Any way, the other day I peed in the school bathroom and it brought back a memory of my third to last day of school my freshman year. I usually don't take a dump in school but I hadn't pooped in about 4 days and over those days I had KFC, hotlinks, and went to a barbeque. My stomach was hurting real bad thru my exams, and I had a couple of poopy smelling sbd's so I knew I was going to have to poop at school. So I made it to the bathroom and thank God no one was there. I got to the stall and as I pulled down my boxers I felt something coming. Soon as I got them down I let out a really wet eggy fart. I sat on the toilet for a minute and got ready for this hellacious turd. Then I started to push, and a couple last minute poping farts came out. Now my hole began to open up wide real slow. It was hard and painful at first, but the turd began to soften in the middle and ease up. I bagan to enjoy the feeling so I let it came out naturally. It also made a kinda slimy noise going thru my ring. The first turd broke off but after it were a second and third big shit. It was kinda fun. After I had been on the toilet about 5-7 minutes I got up and looked at these 3 big brown and green turds. The first was about 12-14 inches long and the other looked like grease turds and were about 6inches. My butthole got a good work out, but it was kinda sore. There was so much shit I had to wipe about 6 times. I did that in another stall cuz I wanted people to see my work of art. Someone came in while I was in the other stall and looked then said "holy shit" laughed then left. I got back to class and luckily no one noticed how long I'd gone. That was one of the best dumps I've ever had.

Mr. Clogs
Hey it's me again, just want to say thanks to Happy Hiker who read my post that I've asked about pee bottles. I have a hard time going in a small mouth bottles, that's why I prefer wide mouth bottles and cups and stuff. Thanks for the tip, it may come in handy when I get stuck in a rut. That's when I do get my licence and car. Also I would like to say hello to cheryl, great posts. Keep em' coming!

"watch out where-the huskies go! don't you eat that yellow snow!" didn't the late frank zappa once sing that song? anyway, a few weeks ago I was hiking up here in connecticut close to where I live; out in the snow covered woods that same day just before the huge snowstorm which hit while I was hiking out. as i turned off the paved road and onto the " white trail" into this nature park; I had to pee badly. I held it in till I crossed over the brook and got up to the hemlock groves[ big old pine trees], where I hiked up off the trail to pee! anyway, good thing I was wearing my double zippered winter parka, as this made the "task of peeing" much easier! first I unzipped my bottom of my jacket; then proceeded to unbutton, unzip, and pull my faded levi's down, undies too. being plus-sized , for me it's a little harder to bend down and squat but it can be done! I squatted and bent foward and made this sound which went "SISSSSSSS-SISSSSS-SISSSSS"; as I shot that yellowish pee right out of my twat toward the back, my bare ass facing this hemlock pine tree. about 45 seconds of a cold hide and I was finished. I melted some of the snow about 2 feet behind me, leaving yellowish-clear pee patterns all over , one that looked like a trumpet with the horn to the right. that and a little bit of drips all over the snow! some 18 year old female comedian once joked about how as a farm girl growing up in wisconsin and peeing behind her daddy's barn " her boyfriend was able to write his name in the snow while all she could do was dot the I's and cross the T's!" well, I couldn't even write my name either honey, and what "dots" I dotted looked more like those gangsta graffitti styles done by a drunk in the subways!

on that same hike that very day, I finally got to the top of rattlesnake ridge when the snow started to blow in. and hell wouldn't you know it I felt my stomach bubbling something bad with nasty gas and said " on no! not now! I don't believe this but I've got $****in diarrhea! this totally sucks! and here I had no toilet paper with me, but since I bring along loads of napkins to wipe my runny nose, especially in the winter, no problem. feeling it about to run out of me in my undies, I walked down the hill a little bit as quick as I could,using my hiking boot's heel to dig a little "cat hole" in the leaves as the ground was frozen solid![like they teach you in girl scouts camp or backpacker manuals!] then quickly, I pulled down my jeans and undies after unzipping the parka's bottom part, squatted down and "poooop-poop" it just all came blasting out like liquid and at the end some pee also; which the wind nearly blew back on my jeans as the snow came blowing in from the west. well those napkins sure came in handy, as I took about 4-5 of them and wiped my ass as best I could; meanwhile trying to keep them from blowing away by pushing what leaves and snow I could with my hiking boot over that nasty, stinky liquid-mushy load of poop and those napkins trying to cover it as best I could, meanwhile trying to get my jeans/undies back up before freezing my ass off! I took my boots and covered it more, then had to pack it down and at then end I had to grab some frozen old left over snow[the new stuff hadn't covered ground yet]to rub in my hands to clean them as best I could, meanwhile freezing my hands off and needing to get them in my pockets before again putting on my gloves. well I had to deal with that somewhat painful burning feeling that diarrhea gives you afterwards, HATED TO THE MAX!
then I walked back to the clifftop, and enjoyed watching the snow blast in before drinking a lot of water, then talking my flashlight out and hiking off down the hill to the pond. there I drank even more water as to rehydrate myself and so, after getting onto the " yellow trail" and almost out; I had to pee one more time just before getting out to the road! but after that experience I found it much easier to simply pull down my jeans and undies after unzipping my parka's bottom half, and well; shoot another big old " hisser" out into the snow. this time I used a fallen log which made it much easier as I left my jeans/undies part way up and simply bent over foward and began to pee one big wide fast hissy stream straight down into the newly fallen snow! after finishing and quickly pulling my undies and jeans up, then buttoning and zipping up; I took the flashlight off the ground and shined it to see. this time I left a huge patch of really yellow pee which melted a hole right down into that snow! oh well better "watch out where the huskies go! but don't let them eat my yellow snow!"-:P

I am looking for some advice out there from any guy or girl who can give me some pointers.

I, like many guys on this site, have a fascination with girls going to the bathroom. Every girl I dated (one real serious, a couple smaller relationships) that I mentioned this to, automatically was disgusted, and in some cases lead to eventual breakups. Right now I am dating this absolutely incredible girl, and she has mentioned marriage and all that fun stuff. So I know we have a good thing going here. I just don't want to ruin anything by asking her to see her go to the bathroom sometime. But it is something that I would really enjoy from her, granted that she would be comfortable with it. I think she is slightly open-minded when it comes to bathroom topics. She doesn't really make announcements about having to go, but she has never felt uncomfortable mentioning having to go, and I've even been with her at a party when she had gotten diarrhea and spend a good chunk of time in the bathroom. So I think she might be open-minded to the idea, especially since she seems to adore me (at least she tells me that). So I'm hoping she wouldn't get too freaked out.

With that small background set up, what I am really wondering is if any guy on this site (or girl put in my girlfriend's situation where a guy asked her) could give me some advice on how to really bring this up with her. Anything that you feel could help, from when to ask her, or how to ask her, or anything else, would be amazing. I'd of course would have to share stories with you all if it worked out. So please let me know if you have any thoughts


poopy schoolgirl
i'm an 18 year old schoolgirl and very beutifu. so today i had just come home from lunch, and started a download on my computer. i was starting to feel sick, and i didn't think i was going to make it to the bathroom. so i grabed a box of tisues, and a pack of clear disposible cups. then i got naked, got down on the floor, and put two of the cups under me(one for poop,one for pee) then i started to poop, i was afraid of getting it on the carpet. soft logs came out first, then it got down to liquid(i used up three cups of poo). then i wiped and started to write this at once.

TO Molly Lynn:
Did that accident change your habbits regarding the frequency of your BM's? Or did you just put that day aside & chaulk it up to just bad luck/bad timing?

Out of curiosity, can you recall the consistency of that big jobbie? Was it all just one big solid log?



I guess the best way to get rid of the flu, which I've had for over a week along with slight pneumonia which comes with this nasty bug I have had; is to drink plenty of CRANBERRY/RASPBERRY JUICE and hopefully pee it all out! anyway, tonight I hadn't peed for hours, probally not since 9 pm or so. and despite drinking a 20 oz mug full of coffee along with probbally something like three 20 oz mugs of that cranberry raspberry juice on ice. well finally at nearly 3 AM I had to go pee it all out and so, I walked to the bathroom and went in, closing the door and lifting the lid then getting the mirror to watch. then I pulled down my sweats and undies to expose my twat and sat down for a desperately needed pee. within seconds it just came out from my labia in one nice wide yellow twisty ribbon like stream about 1/4 inch wide and I could see it splashing into the front-middle of the toilet's clear water; making a nice loud tinkle sound for about the next 45 secs or so. at first it came out at an angle which splattered a little to the left, then straight down; making loads of foamy bubbles as it quickly turned the water all yellow and even gave off a slight acidic scent which smelled like stale pee. finally after coming out and hardly letting up it just stopped with a few dribbles; at which time I waited for the rest to come out. I leaned foward some, then back and one small dribble came out and I was done. I reached over and tore off some of that nice pink toilet paper from the roll, bunched it up and dabbed my twat with it really well; before stuffing it into the bowl between my legs and getting up to pull up my undies and pants. as i did I looked and saw the bowl's water now all filled with this dark yellow pee; along with just a little foam covering about 25% of the water mostly toward the back and of course, that wad of pink paper immersed in my yellow acidic pee. then I flushed and watched as all that nasty looking pee swirled down with the pink paper and foam last to go.

after hanging out at a few bars with some friends of mine down in weschester county, NY till about 3AM , I went to my friend john's house afterwards; following him home to make sure he got home okay.well, we enjoyed some 420 of his while listening to some music and drinking some sodas till about 5:15 AM when he was about to go off to bed, of course having to get up for work the next day. anyway right before leaving I said " dude,can I use your bathroom first, please, as I've got a long drive back to connecticut?"; to which he said "sure, do you remember where it is? it's on the left just through that door" and pointed to it.[ I had already went as soon as I got there] anyway, I walked in and closed the door, locking it first. then I walked over toward the toilet in the far left corner; which was a green color with a wood grain seat and lid; putting the seat down first. [ the toilet was actually light green, with a round front and the bowl completely filled with water all the way from the back to under the front rim]. then I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled both them and my undies down to below my knees before sitting down on the seat to pee. being just a little bit "pee-shy" it took about 15-20 secs to begin, but then I heard this gentle hiss of urine begin to come out of my trimmed brown haired twat and make a tinkle sound as it splashed into the clear water kind of erratically for the first 20 secs, then stop for like 10 secs before again tinkling both slow and fast for for about another 45 secs or so. after one min and 35 secs so far in the bathroom I stopped but figured now was the time to get it all out. then I leaned foward and this time really peed hard so as to get it all out! for the next minute I made a louder tinkle sound for the next 35 secs before again stopping; then peeing for the next 25 secs in two splashy " piddles" before stopping finally. I reached over to the left, grabbing some toilet paper and folding it; then used it to wipe my twat before getting up and tossing it into the bowl. while pulling my undies and jeans back up and buttoning/zipping myself up; I looked into the toilet to see. the bowl's water was all bright golden yellow and had just a bit of " pee scuzz" floating on the water in the center-back. then I reached over with ly left hand and flushed my pee, washed up and fixed my hair before unlocking the door and then walking out. oh well , hey , I had to get rid of all the left over diet cola sometime! right? [first time was the beer! -:P]

about movies with either pee scenes in them or crapping also; well here is one I saw. [ yeah I know in american movies y'all are NOT going to see anything as open minded as in european movies like those done by famous film maker from spain's pedro almodovar's " tie me up! tie me down! where he actually shows the girls "tinkling" and you could hear and see all!] but nevertheless, I was watching SWEET DREAMS starring jessica lange as patsy cline; the late country singer who died in the plane crash in 1963. anyway, while she was married and living in the army base apartment with her sometimes abusive husband charlie dick [his real name]; charlie walks into the bathroom just off the kitchen where she's cooking dinner and proceeds to urinate into the toilet bowl. you can actually hear the sound of his urine "tinkle" into the toilet bowl's water a little as they talk. they only show his upper half as he stands there and pees. rated PG-13; he leaves the door wide open and patsy don't seem to give a damn!

Sunday, March 21, 2005

Mr. Clogs --

1. Does anyone use a container to for the purpose of peeing/pooping. If so what type of container? I use a container. Once i need to pee i can't hold it for any length of time (like more than 3 minutes. I have gone to the doctor about it, and i'm doing exercizes to lessen this problem, but to no avail), so I have lots of containers (even though i'm a girl) I have a container next to my bed, two containers in my car, and a container by my computer. I am pretty addpet at many kinds of containers, but my favorites are jugs and large water bottles. I have a jug by my bed, and next to my computer, and lots of empty water bottles in the car.

For shit i use tuperwear containers. in my bed, and in the car.

2. How do you position yourself while using the container for the purpose of relieving yourself for example squatting/hovering over, standing, sitting, etc. Although I'm a girl I'm very good at peeing standing up. I like standing up while peeing into jugs, but i can do it while lying in bed if i'm lying on my side. It took me years to perfect that technique, though, and my all time favorite for jugs is standing up. For in the car and the water bottles i generally do it sitting or squatting/hovering. That is for both shit and pee.

3. After you've finished using the containter, what do you do with the container after relieving yourself into, and how do you dispose of your pee/poop? At home i dispose of my pee and poop by dumping it into the toilet. In the car i generally dispose of it by throwing the container away, for i use regular waterbottles in the car. If i shit in the car i will go in a bag, and just throw away the bag.

Once at school in grade 10 the toilet was out of order and i had to number 2 pretty badly and i couldnt go to another bathroom this was an emergency so i just went on the floor. How embarrassing luckly for me no one else was there. They should really have more than 1 toilet in that washroom. Out of all the other washrooms with more than 1 toilet i had to pick that one. Damn what a day. My name is Christine and this is my bathroom experience i wont forget anytime soon.

Happy Hiker
Mr. Clogs asked about pee bottles. I discovered that the ideal type are those wide-mouthed bottles that contained fabric softener (sometimes they have a spout in the mouth of the bottle, but you can pull that out with a pair of pliers). The 20-ounce size seems to be just about right. I wouldn't go camping without one... there's nothing worse than having to leave your tent in the middle of a cold night to pee (or trying to sleep with a full bladder!). And I always carry a bottle under the car seat just in case of a 4-hour traffic jam. If you carry a towel along with it, you can put the towel in your lap, position yourself just right (watch out for spills!!) and nobody knows that you're relieving yourself while waiting for the traffic to clear.

i like to start the poop by pushing then letting it come out natruly. let nature do its job.... and am i the only one who thinks diarrhea is fun.... its awsome. the uncontrollable feeling of poop leaving ur body.. i sometimes hold it in for fun so i have diharea... then when i go to the bathroom i pulldown my pants and sometimes if i have held it in 4 long enuf it starts coming out b4 i hit the the seat... and sometimes 4 fun i stand wile going.... its a cool feeling.....

Molly Lynn
am a 34 year old full figured woman 5'9" tall with red hair. Several years ago I was driving 700 miles on a trip down south to visit a friend of mine from college. Got about halfway home when I had to put gas in my car. I got off the expressway and went to the Amoco station for gas. At the same time, I could feel a cramp in my butt and didnt think it was a big deal and that I could wait to do the BM until after I filled up the car and paid for my gas. I had not had a bowel movement in 6 days. As i was standing there pumping gas, the cramps became more and more frequent and severe. It became obvious that I might not make it to the bathroom in time and do a big poo in my pants. Just as I was finishing filling my car, I felt a really sharp pain and the head of a large semi-soft log began to rush it's way into my panties. I stood there as I felt the BM dislodge the Kotex Overnites Maxi pad I had on for my period and tent outward the seat of my pants. I had on a pair of loose fitting Lee Riders blue jeans. After a few seconds, I could smell the stench from the load on my panties. A couple of teenage boys who saw me go in my pants got pretty excited. I had to get back in the car to get my purse and as I sat in the car, it felt as if I was sitting on a massive cucumber. I then got out of the car and walked inside. As I was walking, there was so much poo in my pants that my butt waddled like a duck. Once I got to the bathroom, I began to clean up. The clean up took 50 minutes. I felt pretty naughty because I had not had a bowel movement accident since I was walking home from school when I was 6 years old.

Eric in Chicago
Mr. Clogs:
>1. Does anyone use a container to for the purpose of peeing/pooping. If >so what type of container?

For peeing, I sometimes use an old one-quart Gatorade bottle. For pooping, it's usually a large plastic bowl.

2. How do you position yourself while using the container for the purpose of relieving yourself for example squatting/hovering over, standing, sitting, etc.

Standing for peeing (since I'm a dude), squatting for pooping.

3. After you've finished using the containter, what do you do with the container after relieving yourself into, and how do you dispose of your pee/poop?

Usually let it stand for several hours and then dump the contents into the toilet (clean it out with TP if I pooped).

Tim: Agree with you that peeing in the shower is actually more sanitary than doing it in the toilet. If you ever consume methylene blue (a dye that turns your pee blue) you can easily see just how much "random splatter" there is (little blue stains all over the bathroom floor).

Summer: I've tried chlorophyll a couple times and it turns my shit a real dark green, but never bright. Maybe the chlorophyll your patient was taking had some green food coloring added to it; that *will* make your shit *bright* green.

My Family Reunion by princess pee


When we left, it was a disaster. My Cousin Kellen threw up all over the car. Maxie and I had to sit in no seats because we had such a big family! My bro had wet his seat (10) and baby Kim (almost 1) Was crying cuz she was having diarhea so it wasn't a pleasant ride. We stopped at a fair and we went on a roller coaster. Maxie said she had to go again but I couldn't help her.we went on the roller coaster. Ahhhhh! call the perametics! Well, not really.

***END OF PART 2***

Well, um that's the end, I mean I have time to post more but that's the end.

Hi guys, I have a survey of the day.
1. What is the usual color of your poop?
A. Light
B. Brown
C. Dark
2. Have you ever seen anyone taking a pee or poop outdoor? If so, was that person a male or a female? I've only seen males taking a pee so far.
3.What is the usual color of your urine? Mine is usually D.
A. crystal clear
B. clear
C. fairly clear
D. normal color
E. yellow
F. very yellow
3. What do you prefer to use for peeing?
A. toilet
B. urinal
C. tree
D. other (please specify)
4. What do you prefer to use for pooping?
A. toilet
B. outdoor
C. other (please specify)
5. Have you ever been in a mensroom with a urinal before? If so, were you using the urinal or the toilet, or have you thought about using the urinal?
6. Do you fart when you pee?
A. always
B. usually
C. sometimes
D. rarely
E. never
7. Have you ever heard someone else farting while peeing in the restroom?

That's all of my question. Ciao

Got one to share:

This past weekend I had a female college friend over at my place for the weekend. We had dated a few times in college, but were more friends than anything else. She was visiting friends in my area after moving out of state last year, so I said she could stay at my place for the weekend. She arrived Friday evening. On Saturday midday she had asked if I wanted to go out for chinese food, her treat. This is where it gets interesting. I was a little hesitant because I wasn't hungry, mainly due to the fact that I hadn't pooped the last three days and I was "full". I had tried to go several times before she arrived on Friday but couldn't. I felt this slight feeling that I might be able to go, but wasn't sure. She (Natalie)was reading a book and was ready to put it down to head out for lunch when I said that I needed to use the bathroom first. She said ok and opened the book again. I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and began to relax. It was ready, I could feel it and I started pushing quietly. I then realized that the rest of the house was quiet and Natalie was reading almost right outside the bathroom door. I was thinking of running the sink water but knew that would be too obvious. I just quietly pushed, but it got to the point where I became louder and I KNEW she could here me so I just did what I had to do. I finished with three thick turds in the toilet, put the lid down, flushed, sprayed some air freshener, washed hands, and left the bathroom with a feeling of great relief. Nat smiled when I came out; she had heard me. She asked if I was ok. I said yes, that I had been constipated for a few days and it felt good to finally go. I drove and we took off and had a good lunch. When then go back to my place because she wants to get some pictures and visit one of her friends who had called while we were at lunch. Then it gets more interesting here! We get inside and she says she has dibs on the bathroom. She goes in, closes the door, lifts the lid and I hear a gasp. She opens the door and says in a rather frustrated voice "Jason I think you clogged the toilet!". I go in and look. There was practically no water in bowl, just my three turds and some tp. I was embarrased and really didn't know what to do. She said "Jason, I really have to go, like NOW!". I really didn't know what to do and she was really anxious. She said "sorry, I got to do this, its coming" and before I knew what was happening she pulled her pants down, sat on the toilet, let out a loud fart and had a loose bowel movement that last about one minute non-stop. She apologized for going in front of me but said if she didn't sit on the toilet when she did it would have made a horrible mess in her pants. She got up and we both looked at the mess in the bowl; you couldn't even see my turds because of her pile of semi-soft light-brown poop. She wiped a few times (standing) and then sat back down to pee and then pulled up her pants. She apologized again for making the clogged toilet situation even worse. I told her that I would fix it after she left. I put some water in the bowl and just let it sit there. After a few hours I carefully tried to flush and it went down ok. Talk about really needing to go in a hurry when the toilet isn't working; what a dilemma!

I so loooove this site - it's amazing to see so many people post about their peeing and pooping experiences! I've been tempted for so long that I thought I'd finally get round to posting mine.

OK, I've had the usual happen to me - peeing my pants when I'm drunk, farting and poop coming out, etc., but there was one occasion that just really made the rest seem tame! Peeing my pants I think I've done 3 times, each time when I was drunk. Once was when me and a friend drank a bottle of wine at 15, and I peed myself laughing so much, another time I was drunk and fell asleep on a friend's couch and peed my pants, and once when I was at college I peed my pants in a bar because I was too drunk to get out of my seat and go to the bathroom. At college when I had diarrea once, I farted and left a wet brown stain in my underwear when I was out drinking with friends.

The one that tops all of these though is when I was at a friend's wedding in Hawaii. We had the wedding on an almost deserted beach on Oahu, right at the opposite side of the island to Honolulu. Virtually everyone was in swim suits or shorts, and I was no exception - I had a bikini on with a wrap around my waist. We had eaten at a restaurant that had been recommended by a local, and I think the shrimp had disagreed with me. We were sat in 3 rows of chairs, and I was sat in the middle row on the right. I was in pain, and what made it worse was trying to hold in the gas during the ceremony. More than once a fart came out, and I tried coughing or doing it when the minister was speaking or something, but they really stank of diarrea and everyone looked at me each time. When we stood to sing hymns, I couldn't hold out any longer, and I just let go one almighty fart. It was followed by lots of squishy lumps of poop which filled the back of my bikini. Everyone knew it was me, and even the groom turned to look over his shoulder. We were then expected to sit down again, but rather than squish it all in my bikini, I squatted sideways, so everyone looked at me even more. It really stank by then, but everyone was quiet for the wedding. Eventually my torture was over, and I said loudly "I'm just going for a quick swim". We had all driven there, so I didn't want to sit in someone's car with all this poop in my bikini, so I ran into the water. The surf was really strong, and almost knocked me over. I took off my wrap and threw it back onto the sand, then got deep enough to empty my bikini. I let all the poop out and tried to wash the inside of my bikini. I did the best I could then tried to get on the sand again. Unfortunately everyone was watching me, worrying about me being in such strong surf, and as I walked back on to the beach, the surf threw me on to the sand and water rolled over me. When it rolled back, I was covered in my own turds! I just cried then, and my friend's helped me. The bride was really good and said not to worry and made me feel really good. I went back into the sea and threw my bikini into the sea, and the bride held my wrap so that I could wash and she came into the sea to help wrap it around me. I felt so bad, but she was so good to me and I eventually got back to our hotel in Waikiki minus bikini bottom and wearing a wrap that had become transparent because it was wet. I folded it so that it overlapped at the front, but my bottom was still very visible through the material.

I laugh about it now, but I can't help but turn red with embarrassment when I think of me on my hands and knees on that beach with my own crap all over my back!

Hey everybody! I am Kayla. When I found this site, I thought it was a bit strange. Since then I have read a few of the stories and found that this is just a site to share some of those things we do not like to talk about, but want to.
I figured I would just kind of write about some things that I never talk about and would never want anybody to know. However nobody knowes who I am on here, so I will share.
I have had close calls before, but never really had an accident. I have however as many people on this site have done, peed in the shower, beach, and lakes. I think that is pretty common though. One time though, I was close to the end of a test and had to pee. We were not let out of the class and had to wait to do anything. I had gym class that day and I just wore my gym clothes to school instead of changing at school. My bladder was just about to expload. The underwear I had on was kind of a synthetic material and I knew was a little water resistant. I really like pretty underwear and collect a lot of cute little pink panties and things. You will never find me in a thong though. The test was so close to being over, but I new I could not wait much longer. I sat there and let a little squart into my panties and none leaked. My gym pants I had on are that kind of slick plasticy material, and I knew that would keep any pee in that my panties did not absorb. Finally the test let out and I ran to the gym and peed in the bathroom. It felt soooo good. My pants were a little wet on the inside, but no pee showed through. After gym class, the dry pee and my sweat made a terrible smell that was kept inside the plastic like pants untill I took them off in the changing room.
I also was just thinking about somthing. Kind of and interesting fact that I have never asked anybody. Why do underwear designers for girls make the underwear so cute. I the area were underwear is worn is one of the most discusting places on the body. I buy all of these nice panties and then just stain them over and over again. When I am alone, I enjoy pushing out a big long fart. Not to girlish, but whatever I like doing it. My dad always askes me how such a big sound and smell can come out of a small girls like me. I just enjoy it. That brings me back to why the panties are so cute. I just do not know, but I like to see how big of stains I can put in my panties. This makes no scense, but you know that is just life.

Tampaguy, Nice story and I too once shit in the ocean, only i found it hard to swim away from my turds,because they floated and tended to follow me. i really had to swim fast to get away from them.. Did you find that happenned to you also?

Yesterday, I was walking home from school when I had to dump and piss. I couldn't hold it and ended up shitting and pissing in the kiddie park by my hous in the bushes. I felt SO releived because I had been holding it all in since the previous night.

hi i'm jason i have blonde hair and blue eyes i am about 6 foot and weigh about 195 pounds and i am 17 years old
One time my friend Brian asked me if i wanted to sleep over his house for the weekend so i said i would. when i got to Brian's house he askes me if i wanted to watch a movie and i said sure then about 20 minuets into the movie Brian says he is starting to get bad pains in his stomach and thinks he needs to poop so he askes me if i wanted to come in the bathroom with him and i said ok because we are really close to eachother and he dident care and neither did i so we go into the bathroom and Brian pulls down his pants and boxers and sit down on the toilet he starts to push but nothing happened then he pushes even harder bit still nothing happens then after 5 minuets of pushing he gave up then he finally said he was constipated and hasen't pooped in a week so he said his stomach was hurting really bad and he wanted to poop so he went into the kitchen and took 2 laxitives and drank some prune juice then we went back to watch the rest of the movie and 10 minuets later Brian starts letting out these big farts now he is farting for 10 minuets straight every 2 minuets then no sooner after that he says to me jason i really need to poop this time come on so we both go into the bathroom and he ripps down his jeans and boxers and sits on the toilet and pushes then he let out this wet fart then he said i think i am going to have diarrhea then like right after he said that he let out this really loud wet fart and he was right when he farted diarrhea started pouring out of his butt like a waterfall and the whole time he is having diarrhea he is letting out farts with it everytime Brian gets Diarrhea he is really gassey before it starts and when it does he is even gasseyer so i kind of knew as soon as he started farting he was going to have diarrhea so now Brian is farting and having diarrhea for about 20 minuets then he is done and he says to me i knew that the laxitives and prune juice would work but his diarrhea was not over we decide to play video games and 10 minuets later Brian starts to fart then he dashes up the steps and runs for the bathroom calling my name to come on then as soon as his butt hits the seat nisy diarrhea starts pouring out of his butt like niagra falls then he groans in pain and says i dident think laxitives and prune juice will give me diarrhe this bad and he pushes more diarrhea out then after 30 minuets he is done and we go back downstaris and finish playing video games then at 11:00 we are both getting very tired so we go to bed then about 1:00 Brian wakes me up and says Jason i have to go again and we go to the bathroom and brian starts letting out the wettest farts i ever herd in my life then diarrhea pours out again and he groand and says jason i am sorry i am doing this to you but i cant help it then he pushes out more nasty loud diarrhea and i say its ok then about 20 minyets later he is done he got up 3 more times that night with diarrhea well hope you liked this post gotta go bye

Hi all
One day i was sleeping over my friend Chris's house for the weekend.when i got there we decided to play video games then out of the clear blue chris said he is getting really bad pains in his stomach and thinks he needs to poop so i say ok and he says i can come in the bathroom with him we are really close to eachother and we do that quite often so i dident care and neither did Chris so we go in the bathroom and Chris pulls down his jeans and boxers and sits down on the toilet and pushes and pushes but nothing happened then he pushed the hardest he could and still nothing happened not even a fart then Chris says i dident go to the bathroom in over a week and then he says he has an idea and we go downstair and into the kitchen and chris goes in to the cabnet and takes out a large glass and then goes into the fridge and take out some prune juice then he poured some in the glass and drank it all in a big gulp then he says this should make me go so we go back into the living room and start to watch fear factor then about 10 minuets into it Chris starts to fart his farts are really loud and stinky then after 10 minuets later Chris says Kyle i think i am going to go come on so we go into the bathroom and Chris pulls down his jeans and boxers and sits down and lets out this loud wet fart then 2 minuets later uuuuuuhhhhhhh he gunts and ssppplloooosshh diarrhea starts pouring out of his butt then bbbrrrrnntt he lets out another wet fart and kerssppllooshhh diarrhea would come out of his butt he is farting the whole time diarrhea is coming out Chris is always gassy when he has diarrhea and it is alwasy really loud then after 10 minuets later he says that felt good that should be it for now so we go back downstarirs and fear factor is over so we put on a different show Chris was ok the rest of the evening then at 11:00 we were really tired so we decieded to go to sleep i slept on the floor in a sleeping bag and Chris slept in his bed so about 2:00 i hear chris walking around in the room so i woke up and Chris says Kyle i have to go again so i said go ahead and he said arent you coming in and i said fine so chris goes into the bathroom and pulls down his boxers and sits on the toilet then uuuggggghhhhh he grunted and then bbbrrrnnnttt a wet fart comes out then sspplloosshhh diarrhea comes out of his butt then he says i woke up with this really bad stomach ach and i knew i was going to have diarrhea then he says i dident know prune juice can give you diarrhea i thought it would help me poop then uuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhh he grunts again and bbbrrnnntt sspplloosshh ppfffttt sspplloosh first he would fart then the diarrhea comes then finally after 20 minuets later he was done and we went back to sleep the next day Chris was farting all day he had really bad gas the farts were kind of wet to but nothing major so then finally at 1:00 Chris says kyle come on i have to go again so we go to the bathroom and chris pulls down his boxers and sits down and lets out a wet fart then kkkeerrsspplloosshhh diarrhea came out it wasen't as liquidy but it still was then chris said i will never drink prune juice to make me poop next time i can't go this is to much then uuuggghhh he grunts then bbbrrrnnnttt the wet farts and sssppplloosshh the diarrhea then after 1 more wave of diarrhea after 20 minuets later he was done Chris had diarrhea and gas the rest of that day he mostly has bad gas everytime Chris gets diarrhea he has a really bad case of gas and wet farts well i hope you liked my post it was my first time posting i will try to post more next time Chris gets Diarrhea


don't you just love that refreshing sound of a good morning splash? yeah, the good old morning pee! anyway, I went into the bathroom still half asleep and closed the door; lifting the toilet lid and pulling my undies down to let out all the excesses of the past several hours. I sat down and as soon as I did, with my hands on my knees and legs open; the silence was permiated by that all too familiar splashy tinkle sound of my urine emptying out of my twat and into the water-filled toilet below! I just sat there straight up staring alternately at the ceiling, walls, seat in front of me; meanwhile allowing the pee to come out in it's own good time. it seemed like quite possibly a good minute had passed, at least, while the pee continued to come forth from my labia and steadily tinkle into the toilet's water below until finally letting up. I sat for a few secs. meanwhile tearing some white toilet paper off the roll and folding it; while relaxing and allowing the next 10-15 seconds worth of left over pee to gently tinkle from my labia into the toilet's water below in a pulsating splash. finally it stopped again, and I leaned foward, then back ; pushing out one more tinkle and I was done. I took that wad of paper folded in my right hand, pressing it gently between my legs against my brown haired twat to soak up the few yellow droplets off my labia while I got up; then dropped it into the bowl. as I pulled my undies up I couldn't help but to see that bowl now filled with golden yellow pee and all that scuzzy-looking bubbly pee foam covering most of the water's surface still; from the back toward the front-middle where I dropped the paper into it. then I grabbed the flush handle with my left hand and flushed; watching as the whole foamy, bubbly mess went down.

I was sitting home and watching the grateful dead movie[ concer on this PBS station last friday night and of course, drinking a number of vodka and tonics all through it; while thinking back to the conert in orlando, fla. I saw and everybody twirling and dancing like a bunch of wild hippies. anyway, like nearly 3-1/2 hours passed since I last went to pee and finally, while walking into the kitchen to get more tonic water I mumbled, " let's pee while we are at it." believe me, as I stoood up I felt it rushing downward in me and as soon as I got to inside the bathroom and shut the door; I lifted up that lid real quick and could barely get my soft , silky-like semi-tight polyester pants down in time with my undies. I felt it almost drip out my brown haired twat before I could sit down on the seat and make it go where It was suppposed to, the toilet of course![ I got thwe mirror just before that to watch] and so, I sat down toward the back of seat somewhat and withing secs. watched in the mirror as this solid stream of white looking pee came out from my twat , LOUDLY TINKLING INTO THE FRONT MIDDLE of the bowl's clear water; a little toward the left at firat , but then straight down into it like a bullseye. immediately upon contact with the water's surface that solid stream of pee bagan making lots of white foam which rapidly spread out all over; quickly filling the entire bowl with foamy white pee before I was even a quarter way done! I watched in the mirror as I continued to pee into the thick foam covering the water for the next 50 secs at least; my pee actually " cutting a hole" in the foam to where I could actually see the water turning yellow! it gushed out steady and thick right to the finish, at which point it tapered off into a softer splashy tinkle for about the next 10-15 secs, adding a little more bubbly foam to the front of water where it had faded before stopping. then I leaned foward some, sat back, squeezing the remainder of my pee out; which for another 15 secs or so dribbled out foward at a 45 degree angle and silently splattered up against the dry front slope inside the bowl under front rim; before again I leaned foward as the last few drops piddled back into the weater making more little foamy circles before stopping. I took some toilet paper from roll, folded it real nice; then wiped my twat real good before throwing it into the bowl. while pulling my undies and pants up, the bowl's water was just a light yellow color but still was covered at least three quarters of the way , from back to middle-front, with that think white foam from where my pee tinkled into it! I flushed and watched it all swirl down, washed up , tossed my dyed blonde nearly shoulder-length hair a bit and returned to the concert on TV while peeing and of course , hearing the " dead's" music on the TV in the background; I couldn't help remembering that SIGN this dead head girl back in florida[earla] had taped above her house's toilet at one of her and her husbands many "gatherings" [ all night grateful dead parties]. their house had a well and septic system with limited water supply and besides she was a real heavy-duty enviornmentalist, and so many including myself, had to ask " why the cute sign???" IT READ : " IF IT'S YELLOW! LET IT MELLOW! BUT IF IT'S BROWN? THEN FLUSH IT DOWN!" well this other girl next to me said something like , " but ummm, isn't it like kind of gross to,like,you know; pee into someone else's stale pee? are there any exceptions to that rule, earla?" to which she went on to explain how we were in a drought year dude to florida's overpopulation boom, and how the cypress trees in the woods were dying because of human's wasting water and said something like " well of course there are exceptions! I mean if the pee is like all nasty and yellow, with big scummy bubbles and foamy, ewww! like really gross looking and shit- then flush it down, definitely!" oh well, so much for " intellectual" conversations at deadhead gatherings or parties! what a conversation starter and DEFINITELY something you'd never hear at some black-tie cocktail affair in ridgefield, connecticut or manhattan's upper east side! LOL

Hey--Finally,someone from the good ol' days has posted-HEY SUMMER
Good to hear from you-Yes, i'm still here and I read the forum just about every day,but the last few times i posted a story,I got no feedback from anyone ,so I just read the posts now-been busy with work and I had an infection in my foot and i was on anti-biotics for quite awhile and they just constipated me like crazy-usually they give me the runs or i poop white turds,but this stuff just binded me up and i usually dump every a.m.,but while i was on this stuff,i would poop every 2 day and it would be like these balls would come out and it would hurt like hell-felt like i was passing these balls with spikes on them!The whole BM would be like this-not pleasent-I would have 10-15 balls in the bowl when i was done and i felt like I always wasn't done yet either-I've been on this medication for about 6-8 weeks-every now and then I would do a good dump and I would poop these balls and then it would get softer and I would fill up the bowl-one time @ the gym i did a poop like that-i must have had turds coming out for about 10 mins straight!I had to flush 3X to get it all down and I had no gas at all-it was a quiet dump but felt super-The poop looked like one of those Italian pork sausages thats rolled up in a circle-it must have been 2 feet long.I'll be oof this med soon and hopefully return to my usual daily dumps-Hey the spring is coming soon and I'll be out biking and pooping in the woods and hopefully I'll have some stories to tell--(that is if anyone is interested)Want to say hey to the ol' timers on here and haven't seen them post in quite awhile-SUMMER,PUNK ROCK GIRL,EMILY(loved your stuff)JANE,CARLMILITA and others I can't remember at the moment-some of the folks I like on here now is OLD POOP(you and I seem to poop about the same an we both like the scenic route),TAYLOR,TIM&SARAH
Hope to hear from you all soon and I'll soon have some good dump stories(hopefully!) either @ the gym pooing with the crowd in the morning,or out in the woods(hopefully a buddy poop with a pretty lady instead all these guys i end up pooing along with!)HEY SUMMER-good to hear from youBTW-i didn't see your last post,or I would have responded to it!!BYE

Well this week was rather boring. Nothing unusual in my bowel movements .
Four questions:
1) Have u ever wet or pooped your pants as a child? If yes can u tell the story?
2) Have u ever wet or pooped your pants in school? If yes can u tell the story?
3)Have u ever witnessed an accident ? If yes can u tell the story?
4)How many times do you poop during a week?
Sorry for my bad english...
I hope that this will be posted an you answer it....

C ya

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Just to respond to a post below, I did once poop while swimming in a lake. We were out on a friend's boat way in the middle of the lake when suddenly, I had HUGE cramps and knew I needed to poop. So I swam far away from the others and just pulled down my suit underwater and pushed. I bore down hard with my muscles and passed one very large piece that stretched my ring to the max. The cold water soothed my hole, though, and it all came out in one massive piece. Of course, I quickly swam away from it. It was a great relief.

Now that I am on some new medicine, my years of constipation have dissapeared! This morning after breakfast, I felt the urge to poop and simply sat down, bore down once very hard, and let loose one huge piece that nearly clogged the bowl. Barely anything on the TP when I wiped and very, very relieving. I feel like I can run a marathon after I poop like that.

Hi everyone....

I am a little sad to see no one responded to my last post, oh well!

Anyways, an out of control shit situation occured this week at the hospital. We had the patient come into the ER who's mentally handicapped and he underwent a surgery recently where he had 90% of his colon removed, so his shit is WRONG basically. it's always loose and has whole undigested food in it and the smell is something no human should ever encounter. Anyways, his caregivers were really concerned about the smell and the undigested food, so we admitted him and the doctor prescribed him chloraphil(the stuff that makes plants green :)) because its supposed to neutralize the smell.... WELL i went to do my bedchecks the other night, and OBVIOUSLY he wasnt checked for a while, and the smell seriously knocked me out. that confused me because obviously the chloraphil dosnt work? what the hell... i felt horrible for the nursing assistant who was in my rooms with me, not only because of the shit, but because he's mentally handicapped so he was being a LITTLE difficult :) so i helped her... and realized his shit was GREEN! which i knew would happen due to the chloraphil... but damn! i've seen some crazy things in my job of nursing for the past year, and before i was a nurse i did direct care in a group home for mentally handicapped men for 5 years! I thought i experienced it all... Never saw bright green shit before... like the color of green beans... it was gross!!

Haha, just thought everyone might find that interesting!

AND where is BUZZY!? I miss your stories!

XOXO Summer!

Yalo. Taylor here. Just a bit of feedback and replies, then a quick story before I go. I've got serious coursework to do, so I'll try and be quick.
Jason: Damn, you're a pretty big bloke. You a bodybuilder? I like your first two stories. Pity you blocked that bird's toilet. Don't you just hate it when that happens?
Buzzy: Thanks for the compliment, mate. Hey, I'll try and get some of my mates to post. You might like em. Oh, and I'm sorry about your foot infection.
Summer: Welcome back. So you work in a hospital, huh? Bet there's LOADS of absolutely interesting happenings, including, shit, piss, and puke.
Right, now for my story. I think this happened at about 11:45 on Thursday the 16'th of March, this year. Well, I'd been needing to take a dump for about an hour, so I get myself out of bed, and head to the toilet, which, due to all of my luck, was right next door to my bedroom, take my usual seat with my underwear round my ankles (I sleep in boxer shorts) and push. Well, I was leaning forwards, as I was expecting what my mate Tom Auger calls a breaker. That's the kind of poop that hurts your hole coming out. Well, it didn't. It wasn't actually that bad. Just two fast, easy logs, about 1 inch each in width. I think one of them was about six inches long, while the other was about five inches. They were beautiful. Nice and relaxing.
Cheers. Taylor.

Tim & Sarah. Hi! Although I thought about doing it for a long time, yes I am a relative newcomer to peeing in the shower. It seems so easy, natural and clean. Originally I did it from a research point of view because I'd written a story or two which had involved characters peeing in the shower and I wanted to find out for myself what it was like. In the event I wasn't disappointed! I understand what you say about having difficulty peeing with an early morning 'wood' entirely. In fact I'd defy any guy to stand up and say he's never had difficulty first thing!

Summer. Your account of dealing with green poop triggered by a food supplement was interesting. As a nurse you must have a strong stomach and I guess you understand better than most people the principle that what goes in one end nust eventually come out of the other.

Mr Cloggs. I don't carry a container for pee etc but I can see the sense in having a discreet receptacle to hand on long car journeys for instance. It seems eminently sensible.

Best wishes to everyone...

Desperate to poop
I had a really long and messy poop the other day at the shopping centre. I was out shopping and had not been for a poop for a few days and was in the middle of my period. I had a coffe and shephards pie for lunch and went on my way to do some more shopping. About an hour after I was in Debenhams and a strong urge came over me to have a shit.
I quickly made my way to the bathrooms and was no feeling like the 2 days backed up anal load was seriously ready to come out. I started farting SBD's as well. I got in and all the stalls were taken and one lady was in front. Shortly after that a stall came open and she went and started to pee. Unfortunately it seemed everyone was having a poop and a line formed behind me as I waited in severe need of a toilet. I was dancing up and down a little. Finally after about 7 minutes a stall in the middle became a free and a large but attractive lady came out. She apologised for the smell as I hurried past. I quickly yanked my jeans down, followed by my pink thong and then let loose with a barrage of soft poop. It was non-stop for a good minute. After the first wave my ???? was still doing somersaults. I looked to either side of me to see who was accompanying me. On one side was a young girl in her twenties I assume, she had her jeans down to her ankles and a blue pair of knickers. On the other side she must have been wearing a skirt as there was a lacy pair of knickers down by the ladys stilleto's. I could also hear her morning as she pushed out a huge log (it seemed). By know I was onto my third soft serve and I didn't feel at all finished. The young left her stall and she was the first to leave after I had gone in. Another lady quickly took her place and started to pee like Crazy. She had blue trousers on and might well have been working there. The other lady next to me was still straining to get the huge log out and I was shitting a storm up. The lady peeing finished and semmed to replace her sanity pad before flushing and leaving. By know I had been on the loo half and hour and was still going on and off. The lady next me to finally dropped her big log, wiped and left with a huge sigh of relief. There couldn't have been a line because no one took her place for a few minutues. I was starting to pass a more solid log by know and was hoping this would be the last. Just the the door openend and the fast click clacking of heels was met with a 'oh just in time comment'. The lady quickly locked the door dropped her bags, quickly dropped her trousers and knickers and plopped herself on the toilet with a loud fart, a sigh and plop plop plop. The smell was quite pungent but her perfume was also quite strong. Hmmm. I was now almost finished. I dropped a few more turdlets wiped up, replaced my pad and left. Overall I had been in for a good 45 minutes. When I left to wash my hands the other lady was still going. Another lady came out as I washing. I smiled and said 'what a relief to get that out'. She smiled back and said 'I only had to pee but I know what you mean sometimes'

Happy pooping!

one time me and my girlfriend decided to go out walking in the countryside and she really badly needed to go potty. there was no toilet for miles around. so she took off one of her wellingtons and squatted over it: she let out a big wet fart then started straining.after two minutes she said ''oh my god.this is a big one'' then a dull thud as a huge turd hit the bottom of the welly. she stood up to take a look then had to sit dowm really quickly and i heard a constant stream of mushy diahorea spalsh to the bottom of the welly for about 1 minute.then she pulled up a pants and emptyed the crap out of her welly. her ass was really sore from the diahorrea so i wiped herwith my jumper. as i was doing this she said''hold on i got more on the way'' another wave of diahorrea spurted out of her stank. she pulled up her pants and said ''sorry bout that. you should hear me take my morning crap.....

sitting on the loo
First time posting here and i have lurking around this site for quite some time .I am 1.59m tall, freckles allover my face wearing specs.Actually while i am typing this post i am sitting on the loo ,pooping.Let's see what i have........ a long brown pile shit.And it rox .I am stinkin the pkace up. oh another one i need to squeeze.....ah out it comes wow this one is large same colour same smell.Anyway i need to go now I have tuition.

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