Hey hey hey, how's everyone doing. I wanted to share a couple of stories. One was when I was away at college and me and my friend Amy (the one I have a picture of taking a poo) went out to dinner one evening and we both had chicken. We came back to my apartment to hang out and all of a sudden, I had a diarrhea attack so I went in the bathroom and squirted from my ass. When I was done, it hit Amy as well so she went in and shit (with the door open of course!!). And when she was done, I had to go again, and she had to go again after I was done. This went on for like 45 minutes. We both had the shits and kept taking turns going to the bathroom. It was crazy to say the least!!! You could just imagine how bad the bathroom smelled with both of our diarrhea combined!! All the air freshener spray in the world couldn't take care of that smell!!
I like reading stories about going poop together in a public restroom. Me and my friend Gina used to do buddy poos from time to time. We haven't done one in quite a while actually. Last year, TK and I went to Disney World with my mom, dad, and brother and one night we went shopping in Downtown Disney and my mom and I did a buddy poo. There were two stalls available and they were next to each other so we could talk while we were doing our thing. I took my place to the right of my mom and we both parked our butts on the toilet and went on with a good shit. I did my normal shit that I always do, very big, stinky, and lots of farts. At one point while my mom was talking to me, I was in the middle of straining to push some crap out while I was talking to my mom, she could hear me go "aannnnnnhhhhh" as I was responding to her. From the sound of it, my mom was having a good hearty dump as well. She was farting big and dropping a huge load. Every couple of minutes, a big load would splash into the toilet and the stink would keep getting worse and we just continued to carry on our conversation. We were just talking about what other stores we wanted to go in. It was hard to tell who stunk worse because our poop smells were combined with each other. As big as my crap was, it sounded like my mom's were louder and looser than mine. I finished before she did so I wiped and flushed. I left a big skid mark on the bottom of the bowl. I decided not to flush again, just to leave it there. I left my mark in Florida!!! My mom was still dumping for a couple of more minutes so I waited outside the stall and talked as she finished up and wiped. It was a fun poo. My mom takes a morning poo like I do. When I was still living there before I got married, I'd wake up and she'd be in the bathroom reading the morning paper and I would say good morning to her and talk to her outside the door. Sometimes, I would just come in and take a shower while she was doing her thing. I would just have to wait until I was done showering before I could do my poo!! Well, that's all for now!

Take care!!



hey everyone, its me carly again, i had an accident a little while ago but luckily no one was there but the one teacher, see i stayed after school for some extra help because i have been absent and i was there for like a half hour, all day i needed to pee real bad, finally at the end of the day we were going over algebra and i was holding myself under the desk. it was so uncomfortable i was wearing reely tight jeans. the teacher kept saying the class was almost over and i could wait so i did and eventually i couldnt hold it nemore and i peed in my pants. my pants and panties were soaked! i was so embarrased, my teacher said i could go home and i had to walk home in wet pants! so embarrasing!

Libi, yeah, I hold my pee all the time. I'd love to hear some of your stories of holding it till you almost burst.

cass's worst valentines day ever!
Well, my name is cassandra but everybody calls me cass. it's 'cause i never liked to have the "ie" at the end of my name, because for some reason i thought it was to girly. I dunno...cass just stuck. anyways, this valentines day was the worst.

my day started like this. I woke up at 2 o'clock in the morning, felt like shit, got the urge that you get when you're going to vomit, and ran to the bathroom. I heaved for like 10 minutes, but nothing came out. I lay down on the bathroom floor, still feeling like shit, and went to sleep. At seven o'clock in the morning i woke up because the phone was ringing. I answered the phone and it was my boyfriend. He was calling to tell me that he'd pick me up at 6:00 for dinner. We had reservations for 1 month in advance for valentines day night, and i felt that i couldn't blow him off by telling him i felt like shit, so i told him that i'd be waiting for him at my house by 5:30. After that i went back asleep until 2:30 in the afternoon. I woke up feeling even worse than i did before, ran to the toilet and vomited up a little stomach acid and water. I felt enourmously better after that, and so the next two hours were spent washing and blowdrying my hair, getting dressed, putting on makeup, and trying to figure out what to wear. I ended up settling on a cute little skirt that was formal but sexy, and a pale pink top. I'll admit that I looked really good--though i felt terrible. SO, 4:30 came, and i was all dressed up with an hour to waste, so i lay on my couch just feeling terrible, and contemplating calling my boyfriend and saying that i couldn't make it and that i was sick.

Finally it is 5:30, my boyfriend arives and picks me up, we get to the restraunt in time for our 6:00 reservation, and eat dinner. I wasn't very hungry because i felt sick to my stomach, but i ate a large dinner anyway. Afterwards, at about 8:00, we decided to go for a stroll in the park. We started walking, and i felt so dizzy, and my stomach started aching, and my bowels started hurting, that after 15 minutes i tapped my boyfriend and told him, "James, i'm really sorry but I feel really crappy. Could you please take me home?" He hugged me and told me that he'd do that, and we got into his car and drove home. I kissed him goodnight, and entered my house. No sooner was i in, when i felt my stomach protest very violentally to the food i had eaten. I burped, and started running for the bathroom. I made it in time to vomit quite a lot in the toilet, and the rest all over my arm. I washed my arm, and lay on my bed, feeling to crappy to even change out of my good clothes. I don't remember when, but i fell asleep, and woke up at 12:00 in the morning. I woke up, and without being fully concious I ran to the bathroom, vomited a massive amount, and--without being aware of it--had diarrhea in my skirt. I was to sick to care, and i took off all of my clothes, and stuck them in the bathtub, and then lay on the bathroom floor, shivering with a fever. I couldn't go back to sleep, so i lay on my floor until 2:00 in the morning, when i got a terrible urge out of both ends! I sat on my toilet and erupted diarrhea, while vomiting a little stomach acid and water onto myself. I had wave after wave of painful diarrhea until it all stopped. I felt better...but in the way that you do right before you are about to be terribly sick. In about the 10 minutes of bliss i had i ran and got a large bucket, took a quick shower, cleaned the floor of vomit and shit, and...suddenly it hit me. I felt the worst i had all day. I staggerred blindly up my stairs, feeling so dizzy and so nauseated i could barely stand. Every step was a struggle to not loose control of my bowels, not vomit, and hold the bucket. I made it to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and had diarrhea. yet the pain in my stomach wouldn't go away! I heaved, and nothing came up! I was miserable. after about 15 minutes of this, suddenly i heaved, and into the bucket so much vomit came that it filled the ENOURMOUS bucket three quarters of the way up! At the same time was diarrhea. and then i felt better. really better. not "i'm in the eye of the hurricane" better, "the hurricane has passed" better.

So, i got into my bed naked, lay down, and at (believe it or not) 4:00 in the afternoon...13 hours after i went to sleep...i woke up. I ate scrambled eggs and toast...and i threw up. i ate a bit more, and it stayed down! I was so happy. I called my boyfriend, and told him what happened, and he laughed and told me he was glad i was feeling better.

So, that was the worst valentines day i've ever had. lol. maybe someday i'll tell you about my christmas of 2002, though, 'casue that was even worse! See ya around!

Okay, i was going to post this, but i have to tell you a story about what happened to me last week first. i really had to pee, but i was in a shopping mall and there were no restrooms that were avalable. i was dying, and strugglingn with all of my might to not let the flood gates open. then some aweful woman accidentally elbowed me in the stomach...and i started peeing myself terribly! the funny thing was that the girl next to me...who clearly had needed to pee too, started peeing in her pants to. i ran out of the store. never will i go back!

Hello everyone, I've been reading these posts for at least a month-some are quite interesting to read-and I've been wanting to post on here for awhile. I've been really wanting to tell you all about the only accident that I've had.

When I was 10 years old, I lived in a two-story house in North Carolina. It was around winter and Saturday just lulled its way over the horizon. Like I am today (at age 15), I stayed in bed until the heat from my bed left me (this effect leaves around 10:30am). After I get my lazy carcass out of bed, I'd go to the bathroom for a morning piss and BM. Unfortunately, I didn't feel like getting out of bed that morning, and because I ate a lot of peppers the night before, my stomach was moving like crazy. Since I knew that my dad was at work and my sister and mother were doing their regular "Yard Sale Shopping", I knew that if I DID mess myself, I could get myself cleaned up quickly and throw away any evidence of me doing that; but I wasn't thinking that. Being stupid at the time, I thought that most stomach growlings meant hunger, so I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen to get a bowl of Honey Comb cereal. After I finished that, my stomach was still growling and I started to feel a building pressure under my butt. I knew now that I needed to use the bathroom, not stuff my face. Thinking this over, I had two choices: to sit there and crap my underwear, or run to the bathroom downstairs and do the smelly deed. Due to the laziness I had right there and then-and the fact that I was a little intrigued with what would happen messing myself-I decided to go with choice #1. I lifted my body a little bit to the left and started pushing. A hard piece came out first (about 6 inches), tricking me into thinking that this would be not as bad as I thought. Right after that one piece, a whole gush of warm diahhrea came out, filling up my briefs up to the breaking point. During that rush of diahhrea, I started to feel the urge to take a piss. Thinking it's not going to ruin my image anymore, I just let loose and I started to feel warm piss running down my leg. After it was all over, I waddled to the downstairs bathroom with a plastic bag and see what damage I'd done to myself. Before my incident, my briefs were white and clean; the after results left them brown, heavy with mushy crap, and left a very strong odor. I took them off, threw them into the plastic bag, and took a shower to wash the mess that was caked on my butt. I threw the bag away, got a new pair of briefs on, and walked back into my room and played video games until my sister and mom came back. They asked me how my day was going, to which I replied "Oh, it's just a normal, crappy day."

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope that I can write and read more stories from you guys.

|\/| Marshall |\/|

Oh, how wondrous to be but a fly on the wall,
When young women regard our Mother Nature's call
And one to the restroom will gracefully retire
When faced with the prospect of impending mire.
A pleasing example, a girl of great splendor
The name Isabella her parents do render.
Her hair flaxen-blonde, and her skin milky shaded,
Her lips of rose red, and her eyes light blue faded.
Hips callipygian, bosom so blessed.
But although this one's beauty shines unlike the rest,
She is still but a human, though goddess in form,
And must partake in functions not unlike the norm.
So with garments and petticoat drawn all aside,
The earth-vision is seated, displacing her pride,
Her feet on the ground, with her toes pointed in
As she arches her back and prepares to begin.
The fly's vantage point sees events move quite slowly
As Isabella performs this task most lowly.
For a couplet of couplets of days had to pass
Before she could expel any more than just gas
As her burden was mounted on trips overseas
And 'twas found Isabella would not have much ease
In her clandestine duty. So aid she had sought,
And a measure of senna was hastily bought.
Though Isabella in her dire desperation
Had taken too much cure for her situation
And now for a cleanout was quite ill prepared
(Though since near to a restroom her knickers were spared).
Nonetheless it begins with some effort and dread
As the girl's teeth are bared through her lips rosy red.
All is quiet from white wall to white wall, yet slight
Is the whispered suggestion of Isabelle's plight,
As a murmur of effort escapes from her mouth,
And the movement begins from regions further south.
Add a whisper of wind, as is commonly heard
During times when a person is passing a turd.
Now four days was the entire span of her need,
But it had been longer since she could truly succeed.
Would one verily calculate her situation,
'Twas more a week she'd gone sans evacuation.
And so as she concentrates, petticoat drawn,
The slightest of whispers escapes-"Ughhh…come on!"
'Tis the last straw, it seems, as a heaviness budges
And Isabelle's rosebud the load gently nudges.
Yet hardly can Isabelle be satisfied,
And she therefore applies a deep thrust from inside.
The power dislodges a heavy hard chunk
Which sloppily exits and lands with a CLUNK
On the front of the porcelain, due to her stance.
As sighs of relief gently leave her in pants
She absently toys with the clothes that she's wearing
And readies herself by regaining her bearing.
For squeezing out one log had not calmed her fears;
When one moves away, yet another appears.
Hands to her stomach, the maiden leans fore
With the two and two days' worth of filth that she bore
At the ready to fall. Yet another great push
Causes waste to release less consistent, more mush.
Doubtless the last bit has soiled her behind.
As the scents start to rise from the toilet confined,
A slight grin and wrinkle of Isabelle's nose
And the movement it takes for her fit thighs to close
Are the only breaks in the young woman's endeavor.
She leans fore again and she pledges to never
Allow herself four days before sweet release,
As it seems that the bowel movement will not cease.
Now sloppily piling beneath those full rounds
Without shortage of smells and with flatulent sounds
Is obscene excrescence with no end in sight
And wind so reverberating with great might.
Yet still more and more of the bulk is pushed out
With a full-bodied grunt, added to the great rout.
With the senna assisting, young Isabelle finds
That the muck moves itself through her workings and winds
With no effort from her. 'Twas a feeling sublime
As she emptied her bowels, full half a week's time
With a load that could rival a beast so inferior
Yet had been expelled from her lovely posterior.
The odor grows deadly, at the least indecent,
Suggesting what exits now is rather recent
Relatively. She grips ample haunches
And an ooze of the foulest of foulness she launches
From writhing, oscillating ring without ceasing
As feelings of emptiness are now increasing.
With squishes and flatulence, wetness escorting
The offal ordure was removed with reporting
Leaving a sensation from deep in her paunch
To a tingling feeling between either haunch
In the well-worked rosebud, flanked by buttocks
That prickle with relief to the toes in her socks.
For that nether opening had seen fecal hell,
Hades, Styx, and Inferi with young Isabelle
And had come not unscathed, but unharmed, though with soil.
Therefore Isabella's new task is to toil
Over matters of paper and cleansing her rear
So that no streaks of odious mud may appear.
Isabelle crosses legs at the knees and leans left
So to have better access to her hindmost cleft.
Drawing back with the paper, it comes back quite browned
So she folds it in half for a next time around.
After se'en or eight passes down length one inch wide
Not a one streak of filth remains on her backside.
After spreading her cheeks and inspecting her work
A filled toilet greets her packed brimful with murk
Though what was brown has been cleaned to pink once again
And the perfect posterior among all women.
A glance at the clock let her know just how needed
This enterprise was, and she clearly succeeded.
At the start of her juncture, time 'twas nearly eleven,
But now past that hour 'twas two score and seven.
"Oh," she exclaimed, tittering, "how time flies
"When I'm dirtying my sweet cheeks and gripping my thighs."
A small sigh escapes as she towels her brow
And regards that which rivals the yield of a cow.
But four stomachs Isabelle does not possess
Simply one that was packed with this hideous mess.
With a flush all the filth in the toilet divides
With the only proof being skids on the sides
That would ever suggest she went into this stall.
But oh, how wondrous to be but a fly on the wall!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hi, The first time I met a girl wearing pantihose was 1968. Before that, women's underwear looked really complicated; stockings, suspenders, petticoats, corsets, bloomers. But back then I only saw a few women on the toilet, and my memory is a bit vague. Can any ladies tell us about the problems of peeing and pooing with all that underwear? If you needed to go in a hurry, did you ever have trouble getting it off in time? I vaguely remember my mother on the toilet wearing corsets and stockings. Her corsets rode up when she sat down, and she had to pull down her knickers. Would that be right?
My grandmother and aunties wore bloomers. I used to call them shitstoppers and had the cane once for that.

Hi there,
I had a pleasant surprise a few months ago. I gave a lift to the local minister's wife, who I'd assumed would be prudish. We both had an overwhelming need to crap, so we stopped at the next public toilets. The men's had two stalls and no doors. I dropped my pants, sat down and sighed with relief, then she walked in, dropped her knickers and sat in the next stall. "There's no paper in the ladies and it's filthy" she said. For about a minute we said nothing and just listened to the rhythmic plopping noises and each others farts. Then a young guy walked in and said "oops sorry". That's all right she said. I'm just about to finish. Then she wiped her bum, pulled her socks up, so to speak and stood there waiting for me to finish. The other guy looked embarrassed but she said go ahead this is no place for false modesty. But he just went red and refused to drop his pants and sit down. So when I'd finished, she giggled and we both left him in peace. Why are little boys so coy about sitting on the toilet? she asked me. I often wonder about that. Have you ever notice that a row of men on the can just sit in silence gazing at their pants, but women go on talking even when they're doing number 2?

Very often I go to the pub with friends after work for a few drinks to unwind. On numerous occaisions I have been desperte to pee on my way home even though I visit the loo before I leave the pub. Seem to manage to hold on the train as it is usually crowded, but it is on the short walk home that I have had quite a few accidents and I have wet my pants on purpose to provide relief rather than squirm in more pain. Even in when it is light,altough on those occasions I admit I have stood with my legs together and only let out a samll amount just to get me out of trouble. I do try to hold on but my bladder seems to go into tight spasams and hurts like hell, you know the type when the next thing is pee, it sends shivers all through me and I know there is no holding back. Usually I try to stand on some grass or soil to avoid the obvious large wet puddle and there is no other option than to just wet myself through my thong and trousers, I always try to spread my feet so as not to splash shoes to much. I always seem to pee very fast and get quite a kick out of it and know I would be unable to stop if any one saw me. Why is it that when you have been out drinking and are desperate to pee, you always need to pee another river a short time letting go? I sometimes have another accident near the door step to my appartment block as I am looking for the keys, nearly always try to hold this one back and do the pee dance ther in hope, Why when my pants are soaked?
Anyone else purposly wet themselfs rather than trying to hold what you know is imposible.

When i was 5 i used to love to pee anywhere BUT the toilet. Well one day i was at daycare and we were outside on the playground when the need to take a leak hit my little bladder real bad. I stopped what i was doing and looked around, i had on elastic shorts and my ninja turtle briefs, i grabbed my crotch and started to run behind the bike shed. I looked around to make sure no one had followed me and that no one had noticed. I quickly pulled my shorts and underswear down (just barely making it) as soon as my penis was exposed i began to piss. I took hold of my "thing" and aimed it for the patch of dirt. Just as i was almost done my teacher came around the corner and caught me. She told me to pull up my pants and come with her, but i wasnt done, so she stood there and waited. She took me inside and sat me in the bathroom until i peed in the toilet. I had to pee again 2 hours later and i still didnt go in the toilet, i pulled my pants down and stood in front of the potty and took my piss beside the bowl all over the floor

This accident story is so difficult for me to tell... but I really need to share it. I was recently on a business trip with colleagues and clients. I make it a policy to never drink when on businesses, especially since there are always a lot of parties and bar hopping with this particular group, and I have seen others make complete asses of themselves on VARIOUS occasions. However, this particular day happened to be my birthday and I decided it would be okay to have a cocktail. I had just gotten over a 3 week flu, with antibiotics, so had a low alcohol tolerance. I went overboard and downed way too much that night but actually had a terrific time at the party. All night long I visited the bathroom to pee about every 20 to 30 minutes. I have an extremely weak bladder after giving birth to 2 kids and have absolutely NO tolerance for holding my pee anymore.

By about 1:30am I was so plastered however, that when my boss and another co-worker finally dragged me out of the club and onto the street, I did not have the presence of mind to visit the bathroom one final time before leaving. When we couldn't get a taxi right away in front of the club, my boss had the bright idea to take the subway and started walking down the street. At this point, I realized I really had to pee and begged them to please wait for a taxi to come by. They ignored me, tipsy themselves, and decided to take the subway instead. Too drunk to protest I was drug along and my urge to pee was becoming unbearable, I thought I would literally BURST any second. I looked frantically for a bathroom in the subway area but there was none. Then I found myself standing on the platform having to WAIT for a train!!! I wanted to strangle somebody at this point and I could not move, I had to pee so incredibly badly. It hurt!

We were standing at the end of the platform, the last people on the end. I tried sitting down - it didn't help. I felt I would literally have to pee in my jeans just sitting there. Then I saw that at the end of the bench I was sitting on, there was a large black trash can. I stood and crept to stand at the other side of the can so that it was between me and all the other people. Then I slowly sank down with my back against the wall, slowly pulled my jeans and panties down, and just peed right there. The release was so great that at that second I could not have cared that I was squatted down behind a trash can in a public subway with about 15 people on the other side (and I don't know if anyone was on the other side of the tracks and saw - I was too drunk to notice and only thought of that afterwards).

Well - it was at this point that my tipsy boss thought to look at me and rushed over to me to see what was wrong. Of course, she saw me in mid-pee and just about passed out. She was speechless. I quickly pulled up my clothing and tried to blow it off but was actually, and still am, incredibly embarrassed. She said nothing about it to me the next day and I only drank water for the rest of the trip. One of the nights when I ordered a water she said to me "we have to talk" and I am guessing that is what it is about… We are good friends so I don't fear for my job or anything, I just feel I have probably now lost her respect and can't even imagine what she is thinking of me. But as I see from others on this site, I am not the only one who has been in a situation where you simply CANNOT hold it, no matter the situation or consequences… But it still makes me feel kind of less than civilized, unclean, just "ich", something like that, I can't quite pinpoint it, but it made me search out this site and want to write about it and I can't get it out of my head I am so embarrassed - can anyone relate? Last night my husband & I had sex and I wouldn't let him make me come because I felt I didn't deserve it for being such an asshole for having done that… I'm at a loss really.

the other night me and some of my friends were at a club well later that night after 10 or so beers i had to shit rather urgently so i waited in line for the bathroom in which the line was out the door well when i was fianlly inside hte mens room itself u wouldnt belive it no toilet just a wall with a 30 ft trough i couldnt belive it i guess they dont thinks guys have to shit every once in a while . well i had to go quite badly and my friends didnt want to leave so i had to embrass myself and i asked one of the shooter girls in the crowd if there was a unisex toilet around and she said no u must have to go #2 i said kinda she said yea the owners r in the process of fixing that but the only toilets were in the ladies room she walked me over to the ladies room and she said to me shee would ask the girls if i could go in and i guess i had no other choice it wasnt full so she told them my situation and they laughed at me but they said no problem so i ran in i was q=uite desperate at the time well the stall door didnt even lock i didnt care at the moment i just dropped and started going well after 5 minutes a lot of girls came and went i forgot about the stall door about 4 girls opened the door while i was on the pot they just laughed and went to the next stall. well 2 monthes later we went back and in the mens room there was a toilet with no stall in the coner i guess the owners might of heard of my icendent.

I was sitting in work when i felt the urge to poop it was about a half hour to work was over so i thought i wait to get homw. well i got in the car and started driving home and then the urge came back. then i got stuck in traffic and my work is a 45 min drive well in the traffic i need to go real bad and i could tell it was dirreha i held it another 10 min until i couldn't much longer i started pooping my pants right in the car it smelled awful then about a half hour later when i was almost home i started pooping again my pants were fully. when i got out my pantys were totlaly ruin they stuck out like a few inches and it was like a sac or a water ballon.

Sorry for not responding to your questions. ^_^ I've been very busy.
Fluidity, I was dressed as a guy (guy shirt, guy pants) and I was wearing my hair in cornrows, so I probably looked like a guy (don't sound like one though ^_^). I always carry my stand-2-pee device just in case there's an emergency and I sometimes use it in the women's room when it's really messy or outside. A.W., I use the device to wipe myself (don't worry it's clean).

Steve ina Wheelchair
Hi im a long time lurker and seldom poster. Im a 34 year old guy who was born with Spina Bifida which couses me to be in a wheelchair. Awhile back i read some posts from fellow disabled people, it was interesting cuz it interests me how one's disability affects their toilet habits, particularly pooping. To give you a lil background on myself, i use a catheter to pee, i do it twice daily, peeing on the toilet bearing down in between. As for my bowel routine, its a far different story, im frequently constipated sometime not going for days, and when i do its usually hard and clumped in balls stuck together. Sometimes those i have what i call "explosions" where i shit my brains out pooping massive amounts in HUGE pieces, havent had one of those in a while tho.

I also live with my gf who is abled bodied..i love seeing her BMS whrn she doesnt have diahhrea. Shes a BBW who sometimes has huge shits "grinz". This morning after we got up and she had her morning shit, as she left the bathroom she said "i left you a present" i smiled and rolled my ass in there. There was a BIG pile of sinkers on the bottom, couldnt really count how many but id say there were 6-8 medium sized logs (4inches or so). i smiled at her and said "goo job"and flushed.

Any other disabled people or anyone else who has any disabled riends who wanna share?? Please post me back


I am 15 and a sophmore at school. At the beginning of 5th period I had to go number 2 which wouldn't have been so bad but for the fact I hadn't gone in a couple of days. Therefore, I really had to go bad. I asked the teacher but she told me no. I tried pleading with her but she didn't change her mind. I went back to my seat and sat on my foot to keep from going on myself. The next class was no different. The teacher told me no as soon as I walked in the door. I really had to go bad but there wasn't enough time in between classes. My last class I begged to use the toilet, but was told no again! Finally, class ended and I headed for my locker. I had to go desperately bad. As I was putting books in and out of my locker to take home, my number 2 started to come out and I couldn't hold it back. I did it in my pants. A girl next to me said, "Heather, what did you do shit your pants." I said, "no, but I am about to." I lied. I quickly made my way to the girl's restroom. A very large ball of poop was in my panties. It was rather hard so I dumped it in the toilet. I then flushed which just stopped the toilet up. I wiped the best I could and tried to make the bus. However, I missed it and had to call my mom for a ride. I washed my panties out in the sink at home. I don't think anyone actually knew I went number 2 at school but I was so embarrassed by it. Can anyone sympathize with me?

About dinner time today I took a small enema, I had a feeling of a soft messy poo about to come out soon, so I got a bulb type enema syringe and some warm water, I inserted it four times which is about a litre of water, not much, I did it just bending over as I didn't have a lot of time and wanted to expel quickly. After taking it I cleaned the syringe and put it away, after about five minues I sat down pooed some water, thensome poo and then some water again. seemed to be finished but soon felt some water so I squatted over a old plastic container several times as a surprising amount of mushy poo came out.
Reguards everbody.

No name
So at my college, we have this annual week of activities in the winter time, where all the dorms and frats and sororities compete in various games all week long. The last activity was tonight, and it was a variety show. One of the groups was up there, and did a skit of the top 10 reasons why our college is awesome. One of the items on the top 10 list mentioned our commons/cafeteria area, where the food is notorious for being awful, and resulting in very serious bathroom situation. In this part of the skit, 3 girls were on stage, talking about how great the food was. Then one of them grabbed her stomach, and said she had to go to the bathroom real bad. All 3 of them were acting to be in real pain, and how desperate they were. Then they broke out into the "Pepto Bismol dance" (the one that goes "Nausea,heartbun,indegestion, upset stomach,diarrhea Hey pepto bismol") All of a suddenly one of the girls screamed "I'm about to mess my pants!!!" and they all ran off stage screaming. It was hilarious

Top Cat
I've had flu for about 3 days and have been sat on my arse in front of the TV eating crap food. I haven't been to the toilet properly since the weekend but I eventually needed to go today. My shit was absolutely rock solid and took ages to come out. I need to eat some fibre tomorrow or I'm gonna end up bursting a blood vessel! Haha!

Eric in Chicago. Thanks for your reply to my pee survey.

Stephanie. Enjoyed your post enormously. I too like stories which involve buddy dumping.

Calboy. Here are my answers to your questions:
1. Do you pee in the showew standing up or squating? Standing.
2. What is the usual color of your urine?
A. crystal clear
B. clear
C. fairly clear - Yes fairly clear
D. normal color
E. yellow
F. very yellow
3. Have you ever had an accident in the shower such as diarrhea? No.
4. Do you wipe after you pee or after you poop? Only after pooping.
5. Do you pee standing up? Usually. Sometimes if I'm sat down for a motion I'll pee as well though.
6. Do you wipe after peeing standing up or sitting down? No.

Best wishes to everyone


BRIDGET & SUMMER (and all other women who like to hear/see men take a dump): I just want to tell you that during the last half year I have started enjoying letting women hear me on the toilet (not peeing, but taking an enjoyable big dump).

KRISTEN: I like to sigh loudly especially if some woman can hear me. I don't exaggerate, I just allow myself to sound like I would do if I were alone - which means repeated loud sighs of pleasure while it slowly comes out.

I have always found doing number 2 arousing since it feels so good, but recently I have also had women hear me going. There is a toilet at my office that has quite thin walls, in there I can sometimes hear women on the other side grunting and sighing when they do it, and I often go there on purpose when I have a really big one.

I also generally LOVE seeing/hearing women enjoy a big dump. Last time it happened was at my office, and the woman sighed loudly some 3 times during a couple of minutes, and flushed twice to get it all through.

enema mate
Hey Charlie,
I am a 42 y.o. male. I enjoy a good fleet enema also. I have used them for many years, usually when i feel constipated. I do enjoy the experience, and the good dump it produces. Perhaps you should try a water enema with a bag sometime--IT IS AWESOME! The experience is a true butt splasher, and it empties you out so quickly.
Thanks for your story. Anymore out there?

Hi there,
join the club Steph, buddy pooing is my favourite way to relax. I used to poo with my mother too.We both had big bums, and we used to sit on a 2-seater down at the beach, so our bums would touch. One of the holes was in front of the doorway with no door and my mother always used to insist on sitting on the other one. She said the men would all stare at her otherwise. Of course, all the women going past would get an eyeful of me in all my glory, but I used to enjoy it and make eye contact with them.

Hi Kristen M.
you ask if any of us guys hear lady friends straining on the throne.
Not long after I first got a cordless phone, I had a call from an attractive lady friend who also had one. They had just become popular here. I asked her what she was doing. She said "You'll never guess, I'm having a shit!" Sure enough, as our conversation continued, I could hear her straining and going ooh! AAh!

Hi there, all you enema freaks. You'd have fun if you came and stayed at our place and tried some of my home made muesli. It's got lots of bran, wheat germ and dried fruit like mangos and papaya. I serve it with natural yoghurt and slices of fresh kiwifruit. If we all had a bowl at breakfast time, it would suddenly hit us all simultaneously about an hour later. We had two friends staying once, and we've only got one toilet. All four of us, that's me, them and my wife had a bowl, and we had to take it in turns on the can. My wife and him are both self conscious about sitting on the throne, especially when they're doing number 2, but his wife and I thought it was fun and we both left the door open. Lucky I had some loose clothes on. When she was sitting pooping, I had a huge erection and her husband and my wife would have seen it otherwise. I wouldn't have minded her seeing it though. She's quite flattered that I've got the hots for her.
Two or three of our friends have told me that eating my muesli is like taking an enema. Try making some, if you want to keep regular and have a thrill as well.
one of the things I most enjoyed when I was a pre-schooler was that our parents assumed we didn't have any sexual desires. There was a blonde girl named Judith who lived a few doors from us, just outside London. She'd have been a year or two older than me. Our parents would sit us side by side on potties and leave us to do our business. Has anybody else had an experience like this?
We're both in our late fifties now. I didn't wipe my own bum until I was about 4, and Judith would do it for me if neither of our mothers was there when we'd both finished. I'd like to meet you again Judith, if you're reading this.

Linda from Australia here. I haven't posted for a while because I've been busy with work and life in general. I've been dropping some rather nice loads lately and for about the last two weeks, I've been taking a shit twice a day (one in the morning and one in the late afternoon). For a while I was only having one shit per day but I bought some different breakfast cereal a few weeks ago. That might be the reason why I'm now doing two poops per day. Yesterday I took a shit in the morning before work, although it was only a small turd, it felt satisfying. Then all day, I could feel a big load developing and moving down towards my hole. By the time I had finished work, I could feel a huge turd sitting just about my ring. When I got home, I went straight to the toilet, pulled down my pants and sat on the seat. I did a wee first and then I started to push. I took all my clothes off because it had been really humid all day. At first, I could feel a log stuck in my anus. I stopped pushing for a bit because it felt so good but I had to continue pushing to get the load out. It burnt my ring as it came out but it wasn't a particularly wide turd, just long and skinny. It took my about 10 minutes to drop that load.

About two weeks ago (I think it was a Tuesday) I did a small poo in the morning before work. All day I felt the urge to go again - it felt as if there was more poo stuck in my anus from my morning poop. When I got home from work, I tried squeezing the turd out but as soon as I sat on the toilet, the urge went away. I ate dinner (I made sure I had plenty of v??????) but that didn't move anything along. The next morning, I had my cereal for breakfast, hoping that would help me poop but it didn't. I went all day without pooping but I managed to squeeze out a huge load that night.

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