princess pee
When I was like about 7 years old, my and my friend Katie would drink lots of stuff and go outside,play a game or something,and when we can't hold it any longer,(we do this at night) we go somewhere [outside] to pee. It's a pretty fun game, and one day........ There's this popular girl, and she wanted to play this game with us. [I think her plan was to make us pee our pants.]So we drank a lot, went outside blah blah blah. So the popular girl [Jordan] says she can hold her pe for a long time. So we're out playing, and Jordan todaly peed her pants before we exploaded! We told everyone at school and friends on ____________ street!

***PRINCESS PEE*** Hey! When I was about 6, I stayed over at my Grandma's and Grandpa's, and I got this major stomach ache. Now, I know you think I'm gonna have diarhea, but it came out the "other way". now it was like near christmas, so we bulit a gingerbread house, and this is kinda gross: I threw up ON THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE. the next day, I drank A LOT of apple juice, and threw it all up.

I think I had the flu.


I haven't posted in awhile, the computer got a virius.

Well, here's that pee story I was talking about.

there was this big party at our house, because it was christmas,and almost every christmas we have an open house. The bad thing is, her parents were at a meeting,(I know, it's weird to have 1 on CHRISTMAS!) and even though it was saturday, I had to babysit Carmen! Her brother Steve was there,he's 9, he usauly hangs out at his friend's house, but since it was a party and his friend was there he wanted to go. well I went out with Carmen to shop, since I wasn't in any special part of the open house. well we're there and I see my old friend Katie (bus actient, remember?)and I talked to her then we bought the stuff and went home. When we were driving Carmen said she had to pee pee really badly, so I gave her a cup. When I got home, I found Steve peeing in the corner of the living room. Mom told me that he had to go badly, so she let him pee in the corner. I looked at the line in the bathroom and the guy in the b room was having diarea.Some people wet there pants, too.

well that's my story, hope you liked it!


yesterday I had to go to this state office to take care of some unfinished business up close to hartford. [actually,the "victim's services" office. well it's sort of "personal", but little over a year ago I was the victim of a crime by an aquaintaince who assaulted and robbed me in a 'deal'gone bad,nearly raping me almost-long story]. anyway, it took almost an hour to drive there and even though I went to the bathroom before leaving home, well COFFEE:)*he-he-he* so, of course soon as I get there I'm like "OMFG bursting" as, between my legs I felt coming on before the 84 rest area and I'm like thinking "I'm sure they have a gals'room there, so I'll just wait till I get there."[right now I'm wearing a light pad as it's getting near that "most wonderful time of the month", which for me is usually worst sometime around the first week of every month. I don't usually talk about it much cause it's so grody] anyway as soon as I pulled into the place, I was about to "dribble in my pad" but the way I go? look out! "niagra falls" time, honey!-:P after grabbing my little denim bag, I locked the car and walked in. the receptionist greeted me and said "have a seat if you'd like, ma'am"; but I was like looking around with legs tightly squeezed together and about to ask "excuse me where's the womens' room, please?" when straight ahead of me I see this wide door with the "M/F" symbol["F" in dress/"M" in slacks sign of course, "but ummmm I'm like wearing my nice jeans today"]and of course, the toilet! well, clutching my little bag tightly, directly in I went and quickly closed the door, pushed that little lock button to make sure no one walked in. then I walked over to the nice clean toilet with the seat up, put it down first; then, after placing my bag on the floor,I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans,pulling them down first. then down with my undies with the taped in mini-pad, too so as to expose my somewhat sweaty, but dry twat and, yeah pee. well within seconds I let loose and began to "tinkle" somewhat loudly into the toilet bowl's clean water as I urinated for perhaps the next minute at least non-stop. the it stopped for a few secs., before I again heard[and saw] more urine tinkling out from my twat into the water for another 20-30 seconds; stopping; tinkling 5-10 secs.; stopping; tinkling about 10 more seconds; stopping; and then a little more tinkling and I was FINALLY FINISHED! first I reached over with my left hand, pulled some toilet paper from the roll on the left side[ wall] and tore a nice generous piece off with my right hand; bunching it all up. using my right hand , I gently dabbed my twat by pressing the paper up between my legs[I was already sitting with my legs apart while urinating-as usual]and drying myself really well. then I dropped the TP into the bowl, taking a new extra pad out of my bag to replace the old one in my undies with; without noticing that there was no trash pail, holder, or nothing to dispose of the used one in! that sucked, and here good thing I still had the old wrapper to place it in! they had a bunch of boxes of paper towels stacked in front of the toilet and so,the mostly empty top box served as trash pail. anyway, finally I pulled up my undies and jeans, buttoning and zipping up before pulling my knit top down and fixing it real nice like; meanwhile looking at the toilet's water now all brightly yellow from my urine mixed into it, but no 'foam' and yeah,no blood either! then I flushed my pee, washed up and fixed my nearly shoulder-length blond hair[dyed]all pretty-like before walking back out. while sitting and peeing I looked at the light coming from under the door and briefly thought to myself, " I WONDER if anyone can hear me as I sit here and pee into the toilet?" [ does anyone else ever wonder if others hear them while they pee into the toilet; especially since most toilets have lots of water in the bowl and obviously making that "tinkle" sound is un-avoidable?]

"two from the vault" LOL #1. this morning after being asleep for about 6 hours, I woke up about 3 AM and of course, had to pee before taking a shower[could've gone in there,I know but?] anyway, so I walked into the bathroom , closed door and lifted lid. then I dropped my undies and sat to pee. after a few secs., it came out nice and easy, making a soft tinkle as it splashed into the front of the water filled bowl for maybe 30 secs or so, then just stopped like that. while peeing I could smell the scent of strong pee coming out more toward the end. then I took some paper, wiped my twat,and dropped the wad into the bowl before getting up. right before flushing, I looked and saw the bowl's water filled with dark yellow pee; the back half completely covered with flat-looking yellow foam, and of course, the paper I wiped with hanging off the front slope. as I flushed, I watched as all that nasty pee went down along with this swirling mound of bubbly foam and the paper wad. must've been from all them vodka and tonics" hemmingway's secret writer's fuel" LOL it was kewl -:P
#2. later on again I had to pee,it was like about 7 AM then and I had to go bad.[ took the mirror to watch this time] again i walked in and shut door. then I lifted the lid, pulled down my sweats and undies and sat to pee. this time within seconds it came out in this wide hissy splattering stream; actually like about 3-4 at the same time coming out in different directions from my twat;yet all falling downward into the water and making this wild sounding splashy tinkle/piddle as it hit the surface. it came out for not too long, just like 32 secs, most of it in the first 20 then slowing to a dribbly multi-tinkle before just stopping. while peeing my pee gave off this intense sweet yet pungent smell after 10 secs and I watched as the water quickly turned all yellow from where my pee was bubbling into it. I finished up, wiped my twat, dropping the paper into the front before getting up to pull everything back up. the bowl's water was now all dark yellow yet not at all foamy this time; just dark still somewhat smelly pee as I went to flush. yeah the type of pee which if you squatted and peed in an alley, the smell would linger on for days probally!

to adrian's study about showers and peeing. well I have to say between B and C and that all depends. I know when I'm in the gym and in the middle of showering after a good workout; which of course includes drinking massive amounts of water for me; I will say B. with the water running ain't nobody fixing to hear me hissssssss, and of course it all washes down. I'll usually wait till the end of my shower as this way if I have to go to the store after, hopefully I don't have to make any more of that "water-pee" which of course it comes out 95% clear and seems to make me pee badly every 1/2 hour for the next two hours. talk about being "fully hydrated" like they say is good for you in bicycling magazine, etc. for a good workout. at home ? well give that a B as I do it sometimes and the same thing, when it is a water-pee. I prefer to use the toilet when I haven't gone in a long while,[ 2-3 hours or more] even at home cause I love that awesome sound of my pee tinkling into the bowl's water and watch how it often[ not always] makes bubbly foam when peeing into a clean toilet. [ gawd! maybe someone should put that into a good romance novel's script!*giggles* "and she waltzed into the cold, wood paneled powder room on that cold vermont night; moonlight shining upon her gracefully aging 42 year old face. she flipped on the light with her long gothic black polished fingernails, lifting the water closet's lid with a very lady-like touch. then she lifted her silken robe, slowly pulling down her golden cinderella like panties as to reveal her sweet, sensuous brown furry muffin with the pouty little fleshy slit between it; tucked nicely between her soft,freshly- shaven legs. gently, she lowers her body unto the yellow seat; opening her legs just a little to make herself comfortable. silently, she sits in the powder room upon her throne for maybe half a minute, when suddenly, the sounds of silence are interrupted by the soft gentle bell-like tinkle sound of her golden urine as it emerges from her well-worn, aging labia and splashes steadily, yet gently, into the clear water filling the bowl beneath her. she watched as her sweet, yet crisp- scented golden nectar tinkled into the water for what seemed to be an eternity; making white bubbly foam which reminded her of those long, warm bubble baths she used to indulge in on those lonely winter nights back in chappaqua as she awaited his return from manhattan on the late train. but one night, he never came home." ]

well after about 4 hrs and 15 mins I had to pee again. I'm suprised that the pink lemonade did not work it's way through me faster, considering that I slowly sipped at least two and a half 20 oz mugs in the past 4 hrs. anyway it hit me finally and well " time to pee" . I walked into the bathroom, closing the door and then, lifting the lid. as usual I pulled down my sweats and undies, sitting down to pee with the front of my twat about 6" behind inside front edge of seat. I took the mirror again and about 15 secs later, began to tinkle somewhat loudly as this nice wide twisty streamer of white-yellowish pee came gushing out from my twat landing almost directly straight down into the toilet's clear water. I watched as it came out for roughly the next 35-40 secs I'm guessing, churning up the water and after maybe 5-10 secs, making lots of bubbly foam as it colored the water yellowish; along with creating a sweet scent of pee in the air. I quickly just stopped at the end with one slower dribble and done! I took some paper and wiped my snatch, getting up as I dropped it into the bowl. then, as I began to slowly pull up my undies and sweats, I looked downward into the bowl now filled with my foamy yellowish, still smelly pee; two patches of bubbly foam covering about 40% of the water more toward the back and left side, with one halfway down the middle. then I flushed, watching as all that scuzzy pee swished down.

The Dude
Hey all! I've been lurking this site for a while, but I've never posted before. But since I had a (very) memorable bathroom experince a few weeks ago I decided to post. Here's a brief description of myself: 16 years old male from Sweden, about 180 centimetres tall, normal body.
Anyway, here goes: Not very long ago I finished elementary school. A few days before the graduation, my class were having a "good-bye-fieldtrip" in a large cabin near the sea. We were all having a great time, playing soccer and such things. After a while I felt the need to wash my hands (had been outside all day long), so I decided I'd walk back to the cabin. It was not very far away fortunately. Anyway, once I got inside, I headed for the nearest bathroom. I didn't bother turning the light on since it was not going to be a long visit in there. When I had finished and was about to leave the room, I heard the voice of my attractive teacher (blonde hair, about 160 centimetres, nice body)saying to someone: I need to use the bathroom. As I heard her footsteps approach "my" bathroom I thought for myself: "This is the opportunity of a lifetime!".
I hurried and hid in the shower that luckily was in there. The next moment, someone (guess who) opened the door and came in. By now my heart was pounding like a drum! I knew that it was no one but my sexy teacher who had just entered the bathroom. The door was locked, and the next thing I heard was pants being dropped (they hit the floor!) and someone sitting down on the toilet. I could hear pee hitting the water for a few seconds, but then there was silence. I knew what was about to come! "OMG" I thought for myself. "She's going to have a poop". But the fun had just begun. All of a sudden I saw this crack in the shower wall. I emediately peeked through it and there she was: Seated on the porcelain throne, pants around her ankles and leaning forward with her elbows resting on her lap. This sight almost knocked me out. "Thank god", i whispered really silent. Now I saw that she was straning and then she let out a loud and smelly fart. Nice. Next she started to push and grunt and I heard a krackling noice. The I heard a SPLASH! By now it was starting to smell in there, but I was too excited to give a sh*t. She started pushing again, and now her face turned red. She was almost trembling. Another splash. Now she was just sitting there in her glory, doing nothing particular. Until she ripped of another fart that is! After that I heard some mushy poop hitting the water. Really arousing. She then wiped her ass using a lot of toilet paper (a beautiful sight), got her pants up, flushed and left. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. It was like a dream. Anyhow, I waited for a while, to make sure it was clear, then I snuck out of the bathroom unnoticed. I rejoined my friends on the soccer pitch, and they hadn't even noticed I was gone (luckily). Hope you guys (and girls) and girls enjoyed this (at least I did)

So long!

// The Dude //

Good afternoon; chilly here. Yesterday was a major day for sightings of poop left in toilets at work. Shortly after lunch I went back and found, in the first stall, a single large turd, very firm and dark brown, about 6 or 7 inches long and maybe 1.3" thick; slightly knobby at one end. A most elegant and substantial b.m. I flushed it away, leaving room for someone else. A few hours later I went back, and the other toilet now held material evidence: four turds, all fairly short (maybe 2 to at most 3 inches each) and about an inch thick, medium brown, fairly solid; one of them was slightly lozenge-shaped, in other words not perfectly round, but thicker from E to W than from N to S, as though it had exited an anus opened fully lenghwise but only partway from side to side. This total b.m. would probably have been about the size of the other, but broken into pieces.
My own poops have been less than usual because I have been sick; I've had little energy or appetite, so I'm down to one poop a day. However, today's was excellent. I went out to get the newspaper, and just in that short walk I went from no feeling of needing to go, to a most urgent need. I walked into the bathroom, farting gently with each step, and dropped my pants. I took the mirror, leaned forward on the seat, and watched my movement emerge: beginning as a hard knobby blunt dark brown turd, it swiftly and smoothly slid out, finally breaking into some shorter turds after the first long one. I started to shave, since this is something I often do while seated, but before I had done more than a few seconds, I felt another urge. Putting down the shaver, I took up the mirror again and watched as a new length of much thinner poop came out in several 3-4" turds; a final piece hung on a few seconds, then plopped in. Surprisingly, this poop took only two folded squares of paper, each used once then refolded. The last pass I again used Noxzema to cleanse up inside my anus. The whole process felt really good--the best in several days. It looked good, too, as my turds pretty much filled the bottom of the bowl and came up to the edge of the water.
Let us hear about your big healthy movements! or some you have seen. Happy pooping, everyone!

Aussierod...... to Linda from Oz,loved your, would you do it in reality??? A survey for the the people of poopland. How many of you have had a sneaky poo or piss???? By that I mean you need to take a shit or a piss, but you are miles from a toilet & the pressure is building to the point where you have to go or mess your pants. so you just find a spot say behind a dumpster or tree unload , do not wipe then contiue on ????????
Here are 2 of my examples . 1. I had been at a rock concert with a friend of mine , as we were leaving she remarked she was desperate to use the toilet.In the distance I could see a public toilet , but with long line of girls waiting. I asked her if she wanted to try that one , but she said she didn,'t think she would be able to make it . She had been holding her shit throughout the concert & at one stage had nearly lost it, and at the moment could feel the turtles head start to emerge. So she got next to a tree , she was wearing a long dress,
Tshirt & sandals. While standing she wriggled her panties to her knees from outside her dress, knelt down , pulled the front of her dress over her legs at the front ,then the back of the dress over her feet. She then spread her legs as far as she could, the look on her face was of pure pleasure as allowed the poop to emerge from her rectum. She gave me a turd by turd description of how things were going. She said this was a 2 day shit & that there was fair build up of hard shit. Even with all the passers-buy from the concert, I could here all the crackling of her turds & the hiss of her piss. Nobody had a clue that the girl I was sitting next to & who was looking through her handbag was actually having a shit. When she was finished , she stood up then pulled her panties & we went home to where she could wipe & wash her panties, big + not wiping = huge skidders.

2. I was at a lake a few years ago taking photos of birds when the sudden urge to piss came upon me. I quickly packed up my equipment then head for the path that took me to a toilet, but the urge got to the the desperation stage. I didn't want other walkers to see me holding my crotch as it might send the wrong message to females . With my camera out pretending to photograph trees I walked off the track, pulled out my dick from the bottom of the shorts. At the time iI thought this why I am well endowed and let my pee run down my leg onto my sandals............. nobody was the wiser except me who was greatly relieved!!!!!

Kristen M.
Hello. I am a 19 year old girl and this is my first time posting. I love all of your posts and they are great to read.
I love to listen (or watch if I ever get the chance) to other girls poop. I have a job working at a grocery store. Whenever I need to go to the bathroom I usually take as long as I can so I can listen to other women take a dump. I live in a bigger city so there is quite a bit of traffic in the restrooms and the restrooms have 5 stalls. Some girls that I get to hear poop grunt a lot and all the time while others don't make a sound at all. I know that they are pooping because 1- I can hear the crackling sound of the poop that they are pushing out, and 2- they wipe a lot more than they would just after a pee. Maybe some girls dont want to make any grunting noises because they feel embarrassed being around other girls. One time I heard a woman that was about 30 come into the restroom, take the stall beside me, and sit down. She didn't pee but a few seconds later I heard her take a breath and really start to strain. The only sound she made was the noise you make when you hold your breath and strain really hard. After that she let out a HUGE AAHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO. From there on she contantly made gnnuhh and oohhhhh noises until she finished. I always make grunting noises when I poop. Sometimes its a big Gnnnnnnuuuhhhhh when I am constipated or its just really hard. Other times I just make a quite eh or uh. Another thing, if you sit down on the toilet to poop you cant just sit there the whole time without putting somekind of pushing and at least a small grunt unless your trying to be absolutely silent can you?? No matter what, I make somekind of grunt when I poop. So, if you don't care, I have a couple questions for you all to answer.
1--Do you women hear other women make grunting noises a lot when you are in a public restroom? Guys, do you hear your girlfriend/wife grunt when she poops? If so, how loud are most of the grunts.
2--Do you always make somekind of grunting or sighing when you poop in private or public (besides diarreah) even if it is just a faint eh, uh, or sigh? If so explain your answer.

Thanks a whole lot and I can;t wait to see your answers!!!!


princess pee
I was in this school play, as mama bear. (goldilocks and the 3 bears) Well, "Baby bear" Told me she had to pee, but it was 1 minute till showtime. So, we went on stage. We did our lines but when Baby bear's line was up (a looong time after her first one)Well, she went like this: Some1 ate all of it up! Then she was supose to fake the cry, but she cried FOR REAL. She ran off stage. Since I was her friend, I ran after her, making up a line: Don't cry sweetie! "papa bear" stood there and then the dereictor said there would be a 5 minute break. It turns out "baby bear" had peed her costume, and got scared.(I would get scared, there's like a hundred people out there,not to mention, her WHOLE family.):)Well, they couldn't take her home, because there was 0nly 1 sub, but she had the flu. The 0ther problem was that there was a pee stain on the costume. The 5 minutes were over, so she had to go out like that.everyone noticed the stain after that. After the show, she was SO emberassed that she hid in the closet and didn't come out for an HOUR.

See ya!

Princess Pee @(*_*)@

i had a dream where, well, everywhere.I was playing this crazy game, very crazy,at recess when the bell ringed. For some reason, in my dream, the teacher made us drop our pants to see if we "went" in them, the good part was, my worst emimes peed and pooped their pants. We went to class, and then the teacher had fallen asleep, so me and my friends played the crazy game again went everyone else wasn't in the room. We 1dered why. We went to look for them. and we got by- who better then the princaipal? we ran through the halls until we were tired. I told her what was wrong, when she said: oh, ducky lead them to the chocolate factory. We all didn't understand that. We went to lunch after we found them at the chocolate factory. The lunch they served was milk and a samwich, as usaual. and blah blah blah and then when we got to the bus and people pooped in their pants. Some guy said: hi mr. monkey!(friend) hi Mr. piggy! (me) hi Mr. hansome!(friend) We all yelled: we're not mrs!

Then I woke up. It was when I was 7 so I told my friends at school about it.


***PRINCESS PEE*** @(*_*)@

Michael explosive diarrhea
The other day I made a huge turd and figured that I wouldn't need to go for atleast 2 days. Waking up in the morning I felt a slight discomfort in my colon. I went to school and was passing gas throughout my first 2 peroids. I went to gym and then the urge hit me. I don't like the gym bathrooms cuz they are small and and the lock on the door is broken. I walked around the school to find and empty bathroom. I found one and went to the biggest stall. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. I pushed and pushed and i felt a huge turd come out. What a feeling of relief it was. I looked into the toilet and there was this extremely long turd about 15 inches all coiled up.

Heres another story i have.
One time I went to my cousins house and I ate there. My aunt ate a bunch of rice,beans,chicken,and a taco. About an hour later she commented on how she had to take a huge dump.she grabbed a magazine and sat on the toilet without closing the door. She flipped through the pages as she pushed out a long turd. She farted a lot of times and really stunk up the bathroom. My cousin said mom close the door cuz he got really embarrassed,she said oh hold on honey momma's got another big one on the way. She pushed and there was a huge splash.She picked up the lysol and sprayed the bathroom while seated and wiped. When she got up off the toilet I couldn't believe my eyes. She got a measuring stick and the first turd measuered at 24.5 inches long and the second at 29. I asked her how she shit so much,and she said that she has a mega-colon. The turds wouldn't flush so she put them into a trashcan.

Hey everyone... i actually have a question along with a post today...

I've been dating this great guy for about 4 months. Well, he seemed pretty normal until i discovered that he's basically obsessed with everything about his own shit! Me and my best friend Christina live together, and he'll stay overnight. Everynight and morning he does these loud horrible smelling shits, which is fine, if you gotta go you gotta go... and me being a nurse, shit really dosent bother me...but he leaves the door open and tells us to listen and smell! Maybe it's a good thing he feels so comfortable with me to do that... but i dont know! and he purposely eats things that will make his shit smell worse, and he askes my opinion on it! to each his own... i guess! Another thing is he will let out these disgusting farts in bed and pull the covers over my head! I know in a previous post i said i love men's shit, but this might be a little overboard!

Anyways... i want some opinions on this... is it weird or should i get over it?

Okay, so here's my post... my boyfriend actually told me this story yesterday and i thought it was funny as hell...
About 5 years ago, he used to do road construction and he would be on the road for days or even weeks. His diet was horrible, it consisted of beer, fast food, anything greasy and fast basically. Well, the one night he went to an all you can eat wing bar, but to get the all you can eat wings you had to eat 3 of their hottest wings. Well, of course he did it because he loves wings. well the next day he was on the road in the middle of nowhere... and he needed to shit bad... he said he was litereally holding his asscheeks together! finally he came up to this gas station, and he rins to the mens room, and the man inside yells hw he's gonna be a while! so he goes to the womens... since it was a dire emergency... and he said that shit blew out his ass... and explosion to say the least... well, just as he was wiping his ass, a beautiful woman walked in and saw him with shitty toilet paper in one hand, leaning sideways on the toilet... haha, she kinda froze for a minute and quickly shut the door. he said he was so embarrassed!

Well, thats it for today... i really hope to get some responses on my little question!

Thanks guys

xo Summer

I'll answer my own question for those who are interested. My undies usually sit around my thighs when I'm going to the toilet. I wear boxers or briefs and also go commando at times! Would be good to hear from others.

someone suggested posting enema goes

I am a 25 yr old male and I have always had problems with constipation. Once I went for five days without having a BM and it was beginning to cause me alot of pain. I didn't know what to do, I had tried Ex Lax, Dulcolax, and metamucil all to no avail. So then I went to the grocery store and saw something called a "Fleet Enema". I took that home and used it (and surprisingly enjoyed the process) and finally got relief and I have been using Fleets from then on. Does anyone else have anymore Fleet stories--enemas or suppositories

I messed my panties one time when I was staying at a friends house. We were camping out in the woods behind her house, and I couldn`t make it to the house in time. From then on I went in the woods.

Stephanie. Sorry to hear about that bout of diarrhea you had. Flu bugs can be miserable things. Did you have any Imodium? I generally find it fixes me if I've had a dose of diarrhea. With regard to wiping, if you wipe too much with dry TP it can can cause soreness quite easily. Some years ago I had a soreness problem and my doctor told me that although it's what most people probably do, wiping with dry toilet paper is the worst thing we can do. It's far better to moisten the paper with water - at least for the first few wipes. Medicated wipes can be bought but some people are intolerant to the chemicals in them. I tried them for a while but didn't get on with them. Changing the subject, I was very interested in your post about the time when you needed to poo badly on the way home from work and ended up making a mess on the bathroom floor. I nearly had an experience like that when I'd been shopping in a nearby city and was on the way home. Luckily I made it to the downstairs toilet - with seconds to spare. I put it down to the blackcurrant cheesecake I'd had with my lunch an hour or so before coming home.

Silke. I don't envy whoever got the job of cleaning those dirty toilets near Copenhagen. It must have taken someone with a strong stomach!

Punk Rock Girl. Hi. You mentioned having pain having a motion when you'd eaten those chilli stuffed olives and I'm not surprised. I occasionally get pain in the anus after or during a bowel movement due to infections, colds etc and I find that Anusol usually works for me. I've found it's generally advisable to use it after each bowel movement for a couple of days.

Pooty Applewater. I've never heard the expression "collecting my bonus" to describe a trip to the toilet whilst at work before. It certainly sounds like a new and novel way of describing toilet trips at work and it deserves to pass into the English usage and stand alongside with 'spending a penny'and 'going to see a man about a dog'. I'm no mathematician but your calculations as to the amount of the monthly 'bonus' seem to be correct. I wouldn't normally condone 'swinging the lead' but I don't blame you taking longish toilet breaks if you're only being paid 5 an hour. Today I heard that the UK Goverment intends to increase the minimum wage shortly to a bit over 5 an hour. It's still a fairly abysmal amount though in relation to what professional people expect. I can't imagine many teachers being prepared to make do with that nowadays for example.

Today after tea I did an enormous poo which came out in one long big thick sausage. I knew it was due but the feeling of passing it was great.

i live nearby Stuttgart in Germany. Last Autumn, ive had an interesting poop experience. I tried with two college friends, Caroline und Petra, new wine and onion cake. It is an old fashion meal in germany in the autumn and it has a strong laxative effect. We drove to a "Besenwirtschaft" with car and ordered some pieces of onion cake and new wine. It tasted very good, but i knew the effect of eating too much or drinking new wine. On the way back, about half an hour, both of my friend said, that they have an strong urge to go and i should stop the car nearby some bushes. I found a rest area, stopped and they went fast behind the bushes. Petra grabbed a box with wipes from my car. I used these wipes to clean the glas in the car. They were covered with cleaning fluid. I heared the explosive diarrhea noises from both of my friends and after five minutes they finished her business an came back to my car. After some time both complained, that the cleaning fluid of the wipes irrritates their back end. I also now had to go for Nr.2 and i suggested to stop at the next rest area. It was also area without toilet facilities only with bushes. We all went behind the bushes, i sat down and without pushing a long turd came out. This time, i had toilet paper from the car, it was under the seat for these purposes. After round about ten minutes we went back to our car und drove finally home.


Hey everyone I'm back again!

Well anyways I've been reading more and more stories from this website. I've heard some of the most interesting toilet stories ever! They're so very descriptive and really give a visiual outlook on what's going on while they are on the toilet. I especially love hearing the female stories, because the girls I know always are shy and secretive about their urine releases/bowel movements. It's great to know that out there in the world are females who don't care what other people think about their bathroom trips for a change.

So anyways, I've been having some very odd experiences. The strangest thing happened last week when I finished making a bowel movement and after I flushed, I noticed that the poo is still there even after the flushing process. Now this was a small one and I think that it could have gone through. It must have been sticky and stuck to the side of the bowl or something. Has that ever happened to anyone else? Just seemed kind of strange. The other thing was that sometimes after going poo, my like inner butt or anus starts to itch really badly. I have to get toilet paper and scratch it. I don't know if that happends to everyone though.

Lastly, I would like to comment on some of the stories I've recently read.

Stephanie - I think you should give it a try and let your husband see you poop. It maybe a stange/odd experience, but who knows. You might just like it after a couple of times. I really wish I could find a nice girl who is willing enough to do that for me.

Punk Rock Girl - Holy crap! You've got to be like the oldest Toiletstool member ever (I mean that by being here the longest not like "old" old) I've gone back like 800 pages and you have posts there. I've always like reading your stories.

cheryl - Your pee stories are just amazing! They're so descriptive, visual, and imaginative. I'm glad a girl like you loves peeing and writing about peeing so much!

Amanda - Loved reading your story about using the bathroom during your study hall. Very great indeed. Hope you enjoyed using those new toilets!

Well that's all I pretty much have time for. By the way, is there anyway to talk to people who go on this site like finding ? Just curious. I'll write about some more experiences later!


Thomas Crapper
Check this! Where I live we have our own septic tank where all our toilet stuff goes and we have to get it emptied every 6 months or so. Well my Mum's got one next door too and the drain that leads to it gets blocked up quite a bit so we have to clean it out with chimney sweep rods.

One day it got blocked up and it just so happened that my Brother and Mum had caught a stomach bug! This poor bloke had to come and rod it out whilst my Brother and my Mum were puking up and having the shits in the toilet! Every time they flushed it went into this drain and the guy rodding it was faced with fresh disgusting smelling body gunge! It was so funny!

The last time it got blocked was on Christmas Eve. It was not fun having to rod it out ourselves and seeing all of our Christmas food staring back at us! If your crap goes into a main sewer thank yourself damn lucky!

Thanks old observer. I agree with you about it being pointless to be toilet shy after making love.

To Adrian:
I love your interesting story about peeing in the shower. I took a look at your questions, and B is probably my answer. However, I have some questions to ask.
1. Do you pee in the showew standing up or squating?
2. What is the usual color of your urine?
A. crystal clear
B. clear
C. fairly clear
D. normal color
E. yellow
F. very yellow
3. Have you ever had an accident in the shower such as diarrhea?
4. Do you wipe after you pee or after you poop?
5. Do you pee standing up?
6. Do you wipe after peeing standing up or sitting down?

Hi there. Not that long ago I called on a neighbour and asked her why she looked so miserable. She led me to the bathroom and showed me the toilet bowl which contained three constipated pebbles. "That's all I managed after straining for half an hour. I didn't even bother to wipe!" she complained.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hey, thanks to everyone who responded to my posts. I am moving my bowels now as I type this.

Adrian: Well, I have had occasions where I haven't been able to poo in the morning first thing. When I get up, I get a magazine and sit on the toilet for 10 minutes and try to crap. I almost always have success but there have been a few occasions where I haven't. When that has happened, I usually end up having to take a dump when I get to work before everyone shows up. I've never had to leave class to poo though. I'll bet that teacher must have been embarrassed.

As for the anonymous person who asked about me, well I just had a couple of turds come out, so let me check these ones. Well, they are little pebbles but they stink pretty good. That's how I usually crap, little ones at first and then the big one comes at the end. On average, they are usually 8 inches long, give or take.

Pete: I'll bet you were excited when you saw her. I may not enough toilet paper to use after the dump I'm taking now but I have some extra in the cabinet here. Sorry, in case you wanted to bring me some!! LOL!!

Anyway, I'd like some advice from other women out there. I want to know if any of you were shy and wouldn't let your boyfriend/husband in the bathroom while you were pooing. I know TK wants to watch me so bad but I just can't get over that. How did you first allow your man to be in the room with you while you were crapping and how did you get over the shyness? I would appreciate the advice!! Thanks!

Ahhh, I just got done taking a monster dump, the second one of the day!! Man it felt good but there is a rather raunchy smell in here right now. The shit is about 7 inches long with a healthy light brown shade all the way through. I'm going to have to wipe a lot. I better get started with that now.

Take care!!



Hi David from Germany,
I remember once when I was at the local playcentre. There is a 2-stall toilet, one for Mum and a smaller one next to it for a child. I went in and the supervisor, a pretty blonde lady was sitting on the adult pedestal, so I sat on the child's one next to her. My face wasn't much higher than her bum. We both had the giggles.

Yalo. Taylor here. Just a few messages until my story.
Stephanie: Hey, its your choice if you let TK see you on the crapper, but I'd let him. I bet you look great when you're taking a seat on the toilet, so give him a treat if you like. Remember, its your choice, and your's only. Oh yeah, and I like your live reports.
Catherine: Hey, there's nothing wrong with using a public toilet. The trick is, if there are people in there, once you sit down fo whatever you need to do, ignore them. Pretend they're not there.
Oh yeah, I think I've beaten my turd length record. a few days ago, I went into the toilet, took a seat, and bent over. I tend to lean forwards whenever I go for a dump. Its easier. Means I don't have to push as much, and its easier to point my willy into the toilet. Oh yeah, my usual method worked. I just leant forwards, pushed a little, and this log just speeds out of my arse. It was quite thick as well. Must have been about 14-16 inches long, and 2 inches thick, which is somewhat large. It was a firm one, as well. Not like my normal ones, which are quite soft, and stink pretty nasty. I couldn't really smell this one. Hey, in my opinion, it was a good crap.
Cheers. Taylor.

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