Guys, I feel like crap. I'm 24 years old, living in my own little house alone, and i have been having diarrhea all day, and I puked right after lunch. I didn't go to classes today, and called in sick to work. I felt really bad about calling in sick and not going to classes, because i was out all of last week with a fever of 104 degrees. Do you think my fever and my stomach illness are related?

Earlier this morning I wasn't able to make it to the bathroom and I, since i normally sleep naked, i got my bed covered in diarrhea. For some reason it made me think of other bathroom incidents I have had, and i really would like to post some of them here. Later I will post some of the earlier ones, but I want to post the most recent accident right now.

UPDATE: I just went to the bathroom and had a lot more diarrhea. I'm feeling even worse thatn i did before, and don't want to move. and i want to tell one VERY QUICK story because i am feeling really sick to my stomach, and i'm afraid i'm going to vomit... Here goes:

I was at the beach last summer with a group of friends. I really really really needed to pee while i was in the water, but none of my friends wanted to get out of the water. I was actually holding myself under the water so that i wouldn't pee in the ocean. Finally I gave it up and just swam a bit away from my friends and peed. Then i really needed to shit, so I told my friends i wanted to swim out a ways to look for fish, and i'd be back in a bit. I swam out far enough that nobody could see me, and under water i took off my bikini bottoms and just shit. It felt really really really good. Later my friend ate a hotdog that didn't agree with her and she felt really sick to her stomach, and she knew she couldn't make it to the bathroom in time, so i told her to just take off her bikini bottoms, swim a bit away, and have diarrhea in the water. She did, and she agreed that it was better than messing her bikini in front of everybody.

The day was amazing, until the end of the day when my friend who was having bowel troubles before started having complaining about feeling like she was going to have diarrhea, but i couldn't pull over because it was a highway, and she had diarrhea ontop of a towel in my car. Then she proceded to spend the rest of the car ride barfing up little pieces of hotdog and cotton candy loudly into a plastic bag for the remaining fourty five minutes of the car ride, while having orange diarrhea all over the towel under her ass. The day ended with suddenly Katie (my friend with the bowel troubles) yelling "PULL OVER!" and as i quickly pulled over, she jumped over Sarah (who had been heaving) and climed out of the car and pulled down her pants. Then she squatted and having amazing amounts of diarrhea. then she stood up, leaned over, and threw up two hotdogs, two sodas, some potato salad, and a piece of carrot cake. Then she declared "I feel so much better!" and we got back into the car, and sat in peace for the last 20 minutes of the drive. Later that night my friends Sarah, Katie and Carmen were staying with me, and all four of us started having serious bowel troubles. we spend the rest of the night and into the morning taking turns having diarrhea in the toilet.

It's funny, though, because despite how sick we all were at the end of the day, i still remember this day as one of my best days the whole summer because of how much fun we had at the beach.

I have some questions to ask people:

1) Is your poop normally liquidy?
2) When you are feeling sick to your stomach, do you barf, have diarrhea, or both at the same time?
3) Have you ever witnessed a friend use the bathroom because they couldn't wait any longer?
4) is there a food that you eat that you know makes you have diarrhea, yet you eat it anyway? (mine is prunes. I eat one of them, and an hour later i'm on the toilet)
5) Can you pee standing up? And if so, do you do so often?
6) Has anybody ever seen you have a BM or pee? If so, was it on purpose?
7) Do you poop in the ocean? If so, do you take off or pull away your swimsuit, or do you just go in it and clean it off later?
8) Did you ever have an accident as a child?
9) (the kind of random one) When was the last time you had diarrhea, and do you know the cause of it?

Sometimes strange things happen, and sometimes dreams come true. Here's a story:
When I was 10, I had a "crush on" a girl (it couldn't be real love at this age), and we used to spend time together. One day we left school together and she was heading to her grandparent for the afternoon. They lived only 10 minutes from our house. There were 2 possibilities to get there, on a shorter way, but it led through a hill, or on a longer way which was totally flat. We took the second one. We had to walk about 40 mins to get to the grandparents' house and to our surprise we only found a message on the door, that they were going to be late, as they had to go to somewhere. We should have to wait about 2 hours. Then the girl said she had to use the toilet very soon, and was not able to wait for the granny. I told her to come over to us, just a few minutes to walk. She said ok.
After 2 minutes walking she said we should go faster as it was an emergency. I told her to go to the bushes, but she refused, she was too shy she said. We stopped for this conversation, none of us thought it was the biggest mistake we made as time just went and went. After about 4 minutes we continued walking toward our house. She was complaining she had to go bad. Then suddenly she stopped and said "Oh no!" And then I saw a bulge forming rapidly. She said: "Oh, this happened again to me." I answered "Again?" "Yes, I had an accident last week too." I felt sorry for her and though what her mother should have tell her, maybe punishes her for that. I asked what to do now. She said she need a plastic bag to put her panties in it and she'll put it in the trash. That's why her mother doesn't know about anything, but she must be careful, because she'll run out of panties very soon if she continues having accidents.
So we did, she cleaned herself in our bathroom, and took the ruined panties to a public trashcan.
Then she moved to another part of the city and went to another school, so we didn't meet in the next 7 years. When we were 17 we met again at a grape harvest. The plantation wasn't too big, and there were a lot of people there, so we finished with it very early and as we had a late breakfast and the lunch wasn't ready we decided to take a walk and talk about the recent years.
We both drank from the grape must, and it causes strong bowel movement in most cases. So, we were walking, and chatting, and got pretty far from the plantation. I felt the urge to have #2, but not too strong, so I ignored the feeling and thought I took a dump when we returned.
But after a couple of minutes she said she should have use the toilet very soon. I asked her if she remember what happened years ago, and she smiled and said yes. We turned around and heade back to the cellar. A few minutes later she said she couldn't hold it any more, and she wanted to take the bushes. Ok, I said, I have to go too. She smiled and said "Follow me, I'm not that shy any more, if you don't mind." Being 17 years old I was curious, so I followed her and we took a dump together. We've both seen the private parts, and everything. It was the most exciting experinece for me for years until last week.
After almost 15 years we met again. We're both married and have kids, and so many things happened that we felt that we had a lot of things to chat about. We met in a store and then we went to a pub. We drank only some coffee, so we needn't go to the toilet at all. As the weather was nice and sunny I asked her if she'd like to walk a bit. Sure, she said, so we headed toward the lake. It's winter here so we saw only 3-4 other people around. All of a sudden she said she should use the toilet. I asked her immediately if she remembered the old things. She did. "Which was better to remember? " I asked. Both were nice, but in this case the situatin is nearly similar to the first one with this difference that there are no bushes around. Ok, I said let's hurry back to the pub or somewhere. We did so, but it seems she can't hold it too long if she feels the urge, because after a few minutes she stopped, grabbed my arm, and I've heard a little fart and then the crackling noise. I saw nothing as she had a long coat on. I've asked her if she had an accident, and she had. Then I felt a little weird and asked her if I could take a look at her ruined panties. She looked at me and after a bit thinking she said yes. As there were noone around she turned around and pulled up her coat. I saw the bulge under her skirt. She lifted her skirt and ther was a fully crapped yellow panties before my eyes. And almost no smell! I asked her what to do now, and then she told me that she has accidents almost every week, and she used to wear diapers, but she wants to control herself and tried to stay clean. No luck.
Her husband tries to help her, but she feels herself always a bit embrassed if she has an accident. I felt sorry for her but I must say it was a very exciting situation for me. I'm a regular reader of the forum, so I'm interested in this situations.
I'd like to see her once with a fully crapped diapers too, but I don't know if I could ask her.

Have you got any idea how to talk about it with her? I don't know if she understands me again. I'm waiting for comments.

When i was 21 years old i was out hiking in the mountains with 4 girls and 8 boys ages 8-16 years old.There where no trees or large bushes around us and i suddently felt a strong urge to have to take a crap.Not having anywhere to hide nor having anything to wipe my butt afterwards.I
found a small pile of rocks.I quickly ran over tothem as i un-zipped my
jeans,pulled down my panties as i squatted and took a larg shit between
a crack in the rocks.Then i took the scarf that i had on and wiped my butt leaving it behined as i quickly pulled up my pants and re-joined the group.I'm shure some of the boys had to have notest what i had done.
Yet what was i to do ? .It was that or have my pants full of poop.

HI, I am back. I have posted some stories on here before, but not in the last few months. I have been reading over the recent stories though and enjoyed them. Some of these stories have brought up some more things I can write about.
Last summer me and my aunt and uncles doughters went to Florida together. My parents were not to happy with me going with two college girls. However they let me go. I am only 16, so you know how it is. Well after we got lost a couple of times and through many tests of our ability to find our way, we finaly made it to our hotel which is right on the beach. We had a great trip planned out. The first day there we spent at the beach and around the hotel, which has many activities. And to get on with the bathroom stuff, we did pee on the beach as it seams many people do. Most of the time I just pee rigth in the sand through my swimsuit.
The next day we went to a nature tour that we tought would be interesting. On this tour we rode a boat to different places in this river that connects with the ocean. When you arrive at these places you swim around and look at the underwater life and all that. The water was cold, so everybody on the tour had to rent wetsuits. These were only like half wetsuits, like the arms and legs were just short. And we were told to wear them over our swimsuits. This tour was like 4 hours long, so the tour guids told us that if we have to go to the bathroom, then just go in our wetsuits while in the water. So about an hour after we started out we got off the boat for the third time and swam up to this little creek that went off into the woods. Then we got out of the water and walked up the creek. The water in it was only about 4-10 inches deep. While we were standing listening to the tour guid talk, I had to pee. Everybody was kind of just sitting around on big rocks and on the banks of the creek, so I figured even though we were not in any deep water, I would just pee while I was sitting on the bank. To my suprise, the tour guid stopped talking and said that she would let the group go for a restroom brake, but to go find a private part of the creek to go in so we did not disturb natural smells in the area that the animals are used to. This creek branched off in every direction, so there was no problem finding a private area. The three of us split off from the tour, as did everyone else, and went off to a good little pool that was formed off the creek. It was only about 4 feet by 5 feet and 5 inches of water, but we used it. I was the last to go, so I squated down and started to pee in my wetsuit like instructed. I did not enjoy the next thing that I had to do. I needed to poop. And trying to get that wetsuit off in the middle of the woods was just not going to happen. I asked the other two what to do, they said just poop in my swimsuit, and it should keep it in for a while. I did not want to mess my new swimsuit, it is pink with blue flowers and I new it would stain. The need was urgent though, so I just craped myself like a little baby. It felt really bad, the tightness of the wetsuit smashed it so there was no bulge, but it was nasty wearing the rest of the tour.
That was an experiance that I will never forget, and the clean up was very bad. I took off the wetsuit in the changing rooms, and it was ok, just some brown on the butt area. butt my swimsuit had to be washed three times. I do not think I ever got my butt clean that day, and as I was cleaning up I knew that it was not going to happen. I just wore a maxi pad back to the hotel where I could really get cleaned up.

Hello all!!

Adrian: Thanks for your concern hon, next time I have diarrhea for an extended period like that, I'll have to try moistening the toilet paper when I wipe. Good story about you barley making it to the toilet. God, that was so embarrassing at the time but it's kind of funny now. They should have used the bathroom as an execution chamber because the smell would have killed someone!!

Xsore: Thanks for the advice. I'm sure one day it will happen. I think the more I'm on this site, the more I'll get the urge to do it. I probably won't plan it, it will just happen. I know my husband wants to watch me so bad and I love him so much so I've gotta do it for him one of these days. His birthday is coming up next week. Hmmmm....

I saw him poo last night. It was awesome. He looked amazing with his pants pulled down and sitting on the toilet. He looks awesome with that large equipment up front. Anyway, anytime a turd came out, he lifted his ass off the toilet so I could see the shit sliding out. It was amazing watching the poop as it was coming out of his ass, especially when the big log came out. It was a good sized shit. Probably 8 inches long. He left a nice pewy pile of poo in the toilet before he flushed.

I had some problems pooping this morning. I was on the toilet for 15 minutes trying to take a crap. I kept pushing and could only get a couple of turd balls out. My pooper just wasn't working properly!! After that, I took my shower and while I was doing my hair, I felt something brewing in my butt so I decided to sit on the toilet and I let out a huge log. It only took a couple of minutes to push it out. This was a 12 incher!!! It stunk the bathroom out pretty good!! Av ery satisfying poo to say the least.

Before I go, I want to ask a few survey question to other women because I'm curious about your pooing habits and I'll answer the questions as well.

1. Do you read while you're pooping? Yes all the time. I want to know how many women out there read because almost every guy I know reads on the toilet but none of my girlfriends do to the best of my knowledge. My mom reads while pooping and TK's mom does too, he told me.

2. Do you check out your poo before you wipe and flush? I do all the time. I like to see what I did but also I think it is good to check your poo and make sure it looks normal and healthy.

3. Do you wipe (pussy and butt) sitting or standing? I always wipe sitting down. It's just the way my mom taught me because I know that's how she wipes.

That's all for now!!



What's up everyone? Sorry It's been a while since my first post, but school has been keeping me busy so I have no life. I can't even poop as often anymore. Well I have a nifty story from a few days ago involving a very odd toilet. It was the weekend and both my parents went to work on Saturday. My mom said I could drive myself out to eat if I wanted since there wasn't much at home. (Little did she know I ate a lot the past week and have had "evacutaion troubles"). Using my newly aquired liscense, I drove out to a new oriental style resteraunt. The place is huge with so much to eat it's not even funny. There weren't too many people there either, so I got a little privacy while eating. I got a plate worth in me of some good spicey and fried mix of stuff. I sat there relaxing, pushing a bit to see if i could get a movement going, since I was going to try and poop there, so if something clogged it would not be at home. I felt a little fart coming, with some extra goods so I went into the bathroom. A woman just came out and it looks like her legs ached a bit for some reason. I entered the stall closest to the wall and saw why: They even had squat (oriental style) toilets there! I guess it was to add the theme of the reseraunt. I was getting kind of desperate, so I took off my pants and shoes and my shirt for comfort reasons. I didn't want to get anything on my clothes if I had poor aim while squatting. I stood over the toilet, which has no water in it, it's just a percelain basin in the floor that flushes water after you're done, and began. I sqautted there in my socks for a few minuted trying to push since I knew it would be nice, big, and thick. I peed a little bit which made a light tinkling sound against the basin. It was kind of fun. After a minute, I felt it come. My butt hole started opening up nice and wide for this demonic turd. It's head poked out of my butt with a nice "pfff" sound. My butt started crackling and many tight little farts that even surpassed my fecal butt plug. I pushed some more and it slowly inched it's way out, and I squatted lower to spread my butt apart further. It slid out really quietly, and since it was so nice and thick it gave my hole a message. It was so nice and warm, jst hanging out of my butt which was now opened up really wide. It fell into the toilet with a tight, high pitched sounding thud as it slapped against the basin. I stood up and saw it had to be nearly two inches wide and nearly 16 inches long, I wiped and then left for home to attend my sore butt hole. That's it for now, how did everyone Like my first story? Thanks everyone! With Love-Amanda

Blue Rizla Girl
To the unnamed kid who liked going anywhere BUT in a toilet -- my daughter, Tolerance {4}, is just the same way. This is not surprising considering she grew up on site, with no toilet facilities. She has been really annoyed recently what with the bad weather and snow, she ahs not been able to go outside like she usually prefers to. {She can even go standing up!} My son, Alex {2} is not quite out of nappies yet. As soon as the weather is nicer, he will be ..... Interestingly, Tolerance always seems to know when Alex is about to wee. I wish she could show me what signal she is picking up on .....

Peeing in the shower: I think I mentioned this before, but WTH. Basically, if I am ever under the shower and I need to piss, I will piss; but most of the time, I have already been somewhere else before I got in the shower. So, I would have to say C or B. In most houses in Britain, the sewage pipe from the WC is on the *outside* of the wall, and you can actually see where the waste pipes from the bath and washbasin join it, so you can be sure it really does all go down the same hole!

To Subpee -- that was absolutely terrible of your boss. I mean, we ALL have to go, it's not as though we have any kind of choice in the matter. If she holds it against you for having to do something PERFECTLY NATURAL that she has almost certainly had to do herself sometime, then there is SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER.

To Minni -- if you know you have to go, why don't just pull your pants down, rather than wet them? Surely a minute or so with your nether regions exposed is better than a walk all the way home with wet pants? The Window of Oportunity for embarrassment is so much narrower, if you get seen piddling it's no big deal really, everyone has to go, and if you don't get seen it's great, nobody is any the wiser. Whereas, if you get seen walking home with wet pants it's much, much worse, because you really can't deny it. Agree with you about the grass thing though, I *hate* leaving a puddle.

Oh yeah, to the poster a few pages ago who went on the floor in a shop cos they wouldn't let you use the bathroom -- that story made my day! Serves them right!

Friday, March 04 2005

Eric in Chicago
Adrian: My answer to the shower-peeing survey is C, only occasionally. It's not that I don't *like* to pee in the shower, it's that I usually forget to! Half the time I'll be running the shower to warm it up, absentmindedly pee in the toilet and flush, and then have to wait for the tank to stop filling so I can get the shower temperature right. And of course this voice is the back of my head is asking me "why didn't you just do it in the shower?"

Mike: you're developing a *good* habit by only pooping when you have to go and not sitting on the toilet straining. As you get older, your body has a harder time taking the straining; not only can it lead to hemmorhoids, but it can dangerously increase your blood pressure (though neither is much of a concern at your age).

Mushola: if diarrhea is orange, it's usually just from undigested food rushing through; various food components and bile pigments normally change color during digestion. It's for the same reason that puke is often orange. The reason for the "little pebbles" after you recover is simply that there was nothing left in your colon after the diarrhea attack (much of poop is actually dead intestinal bacteria, almost all of which would have gotten flushed out).

michael explosive diarrhea: it's not a good idea to constipate yourself, and it won't make for longer turds. When you're constipated, your poop actually shrinks because something like 75% of it is water and when you hold it in for a long time, all the water gets absorbed by your colon and your poop gets smaller but denser. The thing that really determines how long your turds are is how long you can keep your sphincter relaxed while pushing. You don't really have "turds" in your rectum; you've just got a mass of poop that gets shaped into turds by your butthole and your sphincter.

PRG: capsaicin, the substance that makes peppers hot, is soluble in fat and oil but not water. Therefore, if it's burning your mouth, eat or drink something fatty (like something that contains cream; those olives sound like they would have been good with sour cream) to get it out of your mouth, and if it's burning your butt, wipe it with Vaseline or something similar.

Hi. This is my first time posting here. The stories here are really interesting. A few days ago I had eaten 3 chili dogs(with cheese and hot sauce) lots of french fires and a ton of soda. So later that night I had really bad gas. I was ripping one like every 30 seconds. Then I felt the big one coming so I ran to the bathroom. i barely got my undies down when 2 huge soft turds shot out my butt. I felt relief at first, but because of all the hotsauce they burned my little booty. I was just glad I didn't crap my pants. I took half a roll to wipe it(really soft and slimey) but in the end I felt good.

Sally H.
I am female, 15 years old and a few days ago, at about 1:30am I was sitting in my room watching TV(yeah, 1:30 may seem a little late for my age, but I don't get much sleep anyway)when my stomach started hurting, I stood up and walked to the restroom and had a small bit of diarrhea, I hadn't had anything wrong with me earlier, or later either, just one little wave.

I havenīt posted here before, but Iīve been reading and enjoying this site for a long time. My name is Daniel and Iīm 22 from Sweden. Iīve since I was 14 been interested in other guysī toilet (shitting) habits.
Iīve always liked to see other guys taking a shit, but that hasnīt happened to often... The first guy I saw on the pot was my ex. boyfriend. He was 22 then and I was 20. At the beginning he was a bit shy and never farted or took a shit when I was with him. But since we were both studying and getting up at the same time in the mornings and being in a rush, things had to be changed. After a month or two he was okey with letting out farts when I was there which was a big step forward.
One morning I really had to take a shit and I went in, pulled down my jeans and boxers and sat down on the toilet. I left the door slightly open and it didnīt take long until he opened it and looked in. I remember letting out a long dry fart and he just continued watching me and we started talking about our plans for the evening. It was a nice shit with alot of farting and plopping. After that day he was also comfortable to take a shit with the door open and with me being in there. Usually when I took a shit he would brush his teeth, shave or do his hair. I think itīs very nice when you can be that open about it. And in Sweden that is quite rare, since doorless stalls to 99,999% doesnīt exist and the stalls on public toilets usually have partitions all the way down so you canīt see anything...
Well more stories later... Bye for now...

Hi Steph and TK
I like reading on the can. Except when I've got somebody to talk to. Do you two guys ever get a chance to shit side by side?Here in New Zealand some of the best pooing experiences are when you're tramping. The exercise keeps you regular, the outhouses usually only have one hole, but there's room for somebody to sit next to you while they're waiting their turn. When it's raining it's unfair to expect someone who's walked all the way from the hut to the outhouse to walk all the way back again, especially if they're nearly shitting themselves. So I invite them to sit next to me and take it in turns to sit on the hole.Everybody seems to lose their inhibitions when they go tramping. You're all sleeping in the same room, so if you and TK needed to make love and I was there, I'd get to share the fun. I've often talked to a couple in that situation. All the best.

Hi Kristen M.
most of the women I know either moan, grunt or talk while they're doing poos. A lady I used to work with sat in the next stall to me once. It was a Saturday morning and the ladies toilet at work had been locked for some reason. It was about 8 a.m. and neither of us had had our usual morning shit at home. She gave me a running commentary "ooh that was a hard one. Oh boy! You sound like you're busy too" I'd let out a fart followed by a loud plopping noise. I like talking on the toilet, and when I'm talking to a lady friend with a cordless phone while I'm crapping, if she's got the same attitudes as me, I let out a few sounds of relief at the appropriate moments.

I can not believe that I found this site, but it is just what I need. See, I have this problem. At night, my bladder is very "active". I do not really have an over active bladder were I can not control it, but when I have to go at night, I have to get to the toilet really quikly. My docter said that I will eventually grow out of this, but I mean I am 15, so I am waiting. Most of the time I just were sweat pants to bed that are made out of nylon, polyester, or some sort of water proof material. I have a bathroom really close to my bedroom, but normally I start to pee before I can make it, so my pants stop that bit of leaking, but I still have to get uo in the middle of the night a good number of nights out of the week.
One of my friends that knows about this told my that if I want to avoid getting up every night that I should just buy some diapers so I can just pee right there and not have to get out of bed. The next day I asked my mom, if she thought that this was a good idea. She said that if I wanted the diapers she would get them for me. I really did not want to wear baby diapers, or depends, so I found the Goodnites that are even made in girls styles. I got some of those and started wearing them, and suprised that they felt not a bit like diapers. That night I woke up and followed tradition by getting up when I had to pee, but then I remembered I was wearing the Goodnites. I layed back down and just peed. It was so great! I am really enjoying not having to get up to pee every night. I even do my morning pees in them before I take my shower. I almost feel like I should get our moneys worth out of the Goodnites. Yesturday morning, I started wondering what if I pooped in them. I tryed it, and thought that it was ok. Now I am getting a little spoiled. On the weekends I keep my Goodnite on from that night into the morning just for the pure sake of lazyness.
Getting the Goodnites was one of the smartest things I have done.

Gruntly Bogwell, some of my favourite shitting experiences have been with elderly ladies like your auntie. They're open about talking about constipation and whether they're scrunchers or folders. I once had a poo in a public toilet in Holland and the old lady looking after it opened the door for me and watched me pull down my underpants, sit down and do a cartload (I was desperate)while she waited for my Kwaartje coin. I left the door open while I did it, and she stood there looking at me. She couldn't speak much English. When I'd wiped and pulled my pants up, she patted my bum and said "good boy".
Once, two old ladies walked past while I was on the can and one said "oo, first time I've seen a man's bottom in years !"

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