Hallo friends, i'm back again. I had a lot of work the last months, so I only read but didn't write. A lot of things concerning relieving happened - I will write from time to time an interesting story. Cathrines story remembered me a story that I saw only few days ago. It's crazy, but I will start with the newest thing… It was at Carneval Rosenmontag in Cologne. I was with 7 female friends there to watch the parade. It was great . We were there for many hours and drove back home at about 10 pm. We all used several times the porta potties for a quick pee. They were all dirty, so we hovered over the bowl or the urinal and tried to hit the hole *gg* - most splashed into it…
On the way home we took the highway with our van. After two hours of drive all of us needed a place for a pee or more. We stopped at a rest area. It was forbidden for trucks and therefore deserted at this time. There was a toilet-hut and it was cold, so we all went in. 8 girls who are desperate but only 2 stalls….that could be a problem. And even this stalls couldn't be used, because they were messed up. Shit smeared on the bowls and used diapers, tampons and tp where lying on the floor which was flooded with yellow puddles and some piles and turds. One nearly drunken girl of us ,Ina, pulled up her skirt and said, that she will shit into the sink, because its urgent. But even the sink was messed by someone who had vomited all over ´.
We went to the mens , and also smells awful, but it wasn't as bad as in the womens. Ina wraps up her skirt and sat on the sink. She giggled as she pushed out her poop and farted loud. Ina normally is a shy girl, and we were surprised, that she pooped in front of us all. She spread her legs, and a big yellow stream hit the floor. We also giggled and looked for a place to go. Karin went into the stall and hovered over the bowl. I squatted on the floor in front of the toilet and started my poop. Marie , Kerstin and Heike hovered over the urinals and had a very long pee. Elena and Valentina stood guard. Heike has finished first and changed with Valentina. She hovered over the urinal and pushed out some really big monster turds. Some fall into the urinal , but two hang over it and slided slowly to the floor. And her pee shots backwards directly at the wall and build a steamy puddle on the floor. Ina and Kerstin had also finished and sent Elena inside. She only went round the corner and stopped infront of the sink. She pulled down her Jeans and pooped on Inas pile. Her pee flooded into the sink but Inas poo had stucked it, so it was building a lake. Marie decided to try her poop if most of us did theirs, and pushed out some small thin turds out. In that moment a small bus stopped at the area, and Kerstin gave us notice. The passengers were about 35 people most of them men. Kerstin told us, that all men were peeing on the grass, and only the seven women were coming into our direction. They were walking like drunken. We decided to carry on our shits. First the women (around their fifties) entered the female side, and we could hear, two or three were pissing on the floor. You could hear two of them vomiting. That must be the pissers because some seconds later 5 stood inside the mens. They were a little bit surprised to see all these girls pooping all over the mens room. But they were laughing, because they were drunken. One kneed infront of the free urinal and vomited her brains out. She pushed up her skirt and peed through her pants on the floor. Two other squatted down where they stand and started peeing. One farted and shitted like an explosion a big mushy pile. She laughed and said: Bierschiss . The last two stood next to the sink. Elena sits only on a half of the sink. So one after the other sits on the other half of the sink and did their business inside it. The first peed, but the second pooped cheek to cheek some massive loads. She bent over and while shitting she vomited on the floor. This show only takes 5 minutes, then the woman had finished and went back to the bus. And after their bus had gone we cleaned our asses and had a look of all the "products" . I think no one has used the toilets after us.

Yesturday on presidents day we took a class trip to go skiing, tubing, and snowboarding. It was a lot of fun, on the way back we stopped at a truck stop for about a half and hour and everyone was on the bus and waiting, about 10 minutes later these two hot senior girls got on named Maddie and Allison, Allison is about 5'7" and 110lbs and light brown hair, and Maddie is 5'8" and about 130lbs and dark brown hair. When they got on the bus Allison said we are late because Maddie had to poop, and Maddie just kind of said yeah. And we got on the bus and left.

Punk Rock Girl
Watch what you eat.

Oh, my, god...

Last night, Colin and I decided to treat ourselves to olives and cheese for dinner. We got this ???? olive salad and two kinds of cheese and crackers. The cheese was great, as were the olives, mostly.

But mixed in with those olives were a few stuffed with habernero peppers. F***ing hot as Hell!!! My mouth was burning for a LOOONG time after munching down on those. But my real punishment didn't come until this morning.

My stomach was aching and my guts were cramping. I enetered the bathroom while Colin was in the shower, lowered my underpants and sat on the toilet. I crapped out this mush that felt like napalm. It was sheer agony. For a good fifteen minutes or so afterward, it felt like I had a hot coal shoved up my ass.

A little while ago, I had another bout of the shits, and again it felt like acid. I made a run to the drug store and bought some Preparation H, and just came back from the bathroom after lubing my asshole up with the stuff. Not pleasant.

Gotta get back to work, I was just shifting in my seat here and figured I'd share my rectal fireworks with everyone.



Okay. I'm back.
I haven't been feeling as good as I usually am, recently. Something to do with a 24 hour Stomach virus. I absolutely hate them. It wasn't major, but I felt like shit. That night, I didn't give a shit about being seen on the toilet, but I gave a shit, and a damn lot of it at that. Mostly diarrhoea. It stunk. But it really did surprise me, seriously. It actually sunk. I thought it was meant to float on the water.
After each bout, I felt really dehydrated, so I kept a glass of water with me at all time. I also kept a bucket with me at all time, in case I threw up. Turned out I didn't need the bucket, even though I puked. I was lucky to be in the toilet by the time it happened. I'm not going to say much about it, other than the taste was disgusting. Turns out it was the stomach acid. Everything else had come out of the other end.
At least my shits are back to normal. Just a few days ago, I passed a large log. I think it was about 1.5 inches wide, and about 10 inches long. and quite soft and slimey. It left one hell of a mess on my arse.
Oh yeah, I find my pees tremendously strange. I seem to be able to hold it in for longer than any other lad in school. My record is about 12 hours. Oh yeah, does anybody here ever have a problem to take a piss on a morning. I sometimes do, something to do with having a morning glory (An erection in the morning).
Emiline: My families pretty private about our dumps. However, I don't mind being seen on the toilet. I lost most of my dignity years ago.
Monkey Butt: Its either something you eat, or you need to buy softer toilet paper. Or try wet wipes. They might help.
Redneck: I just want to say welcome back.
Cheers. Taylor.

Ok, thanks to Stephanie's inspiration, I'm now sitting on the toilet typing my poop report :) I've had 3 cups of coffee and my intestines are feeling heavy.

I sat down and spread my cheeks on the toilet seat and immediately had a small 'poot' of gas. Not smelly just releasing some pressure.

Now Im peeing a little like I always do at the beginning of a poop. Ahhhh, it was several short bursts of pee and I can already feel the pressure relieving. But the poop is not forthcoming yet so I think I will roll up a towel to apply some pressure to my stomach area. Ok after I put the towel on my stomach and pushed a little I got another poot and I can feel the pressure building again. Hopefully I'll push out a nice log in a minute :)

Im having to strain a little but not too bad, I can feel the tip of the poop starting to get closer to the hole. I just had a little pooplet drop out and make a little 'ploop' noise.

Ok I just pushed the main poop plug out and three more pieces of poop came out with it. No smell yet, and another one just fell out. I'll take a look to see what they look like.

They are not too firm, light brown color, two are about 5 inches, and the rest are small little poops that keep dropping out. A little smell now but nothing terrible. Inbetween all of these I've been having a little pee here and there. I'm starting to get that 'poop buzz' going on, and it feels pretty good. :)

Now for the wiping. I really like to get my butt clean after I poop, so I roll 3 sheets of toilet paper or so into a napkin so I can get it nice and clean. I just did the first wipe to get excess poop from between my cheeks and as I go I will push the tp into my hole a little so it's nice and clean. Now on my 5th wipe and they tp is pretty clean so I'm almost done. Ok 7 wipes total and now my butt is clean, so it's time to flush and wash my hands. Not very smelly at all compared to some poops, and overall a pleasant pooping experience. I'm feeling pretty good. And now my laptop has been christened with a toiletstool poop report! :)

Glad I could share my poop session with all of you, and I look forward to reading more of everybody's poop experiences.

Hey everyone,
I am going back to work today. I was at home sick yesterday with a bad sinus infection and I must have had the flu because I had diarrhea all day yesterday. I am feeling better today but still a little under the weather. I spent the whole day on the toilet when I wanted to be resting on the couch, not sitting on the toilet. I kept having to run to the toilet every 2 minutes. Finally I just decided to take a bunch of magazines and just stay in there.
I took my first dump around 11:00 AM and it was half liquid and half chunky poo and it stunk big time. It was loud as hell and sounded like pork and beans pouring out of my butt and into the toilet. I sat down, dumped, and wiped in like 2 minutes. Then less than five minutes later, I had to get back on the toilet. I went in, unleashed some wicked liquid from my ass. I wiped, flushed, sat back on the couch. Two minutes later, same thing. The smell was very raunchy by now. 5 minutes after I finished I had to go again and this time I decided to take a few of my magazines and just read with the door locked and fan running. All I had was my nightshirt and a pair of panties. When I went in the bathroom, I decided to strip naked and shit my brains out. My butt was like a water gun shooting brown water into the toilet. It was like I was peeing out of my ass. The liquid poo was coming out of me so fast. I stayed in the bathroom for 2 hours, moaning, farting, and having diarrhea. I flushed every now and then because the smell was unbearable. Once I was done, my poor little butthole was burning. An hour later, I had to poo again and it was diarrhea again and when I wiped this time I couldn't do a normal wipe, I just had to crumble up some toilet paper and dab some on my asshole to get the shit off. It worked but one tender little touch of my hole and it hurts like hell.
When I woke up this morning, I was back to somewhat normal shitting, it was kind of a small poo, not as big and stinky as my normal morning dumps. Afer I took a shower, I felt the runs coming again so I had to sit down and squirt from my bum again. My hole was somewhat healed but it still wasn't comfortable to wipe. Oh well I hope I am OK the rest of the day.

Happy poos everyone!!



PS almost embarrinsing sleepover
Im a male, first year in high school 5'8" I was at a friends house for the night we and watched a movie and watched tv. Hes small only 4'7" and a year younger. (hasnt gone through much puberty yet) Once we went to bed i knew i had to poo but i thought i could hold it until the morning. I had pizza and it shot right through me. In the middle of the night i knew i had to go badly but i dont like going poo anywhere but my house. I decided to fart a little to releive the pressure but it got worse. I had to go really badly. I tried to hold it in and i did but i farted wet farts a little. I wasnt sure my friend was asleep so i tried to cover up my farts by moving and shifting my body. Eventually the BM went away and i fell asleep. When i woke up i felt fine and had no BM but i felt my boxers and they were a little wet. I thought it was just swet from holding it in all night. (nasty right) By the time i was picked up i had to go again, he lived far away and i fortunately could hold it. Once i got home i rushed to my toilet cause i ahd alot of poo that i held for 12 hours. Once i sat down it was hard to get it all out cause i had held it for so long. But when it came it rushed out soft then hard i pushed the whole way and i was so releived. I used much TP it was messy. I also realised a had gone a little in my boxers, the wet stuff was some wet poo, it smelled and i was worried if my friend had smelt is at his house. I was surprised i hadnt smelled it. It was a close one.
Another thig, While i was at his house after we go up around 10:00 he had to go number 2. Noone was home at the time exept for us. We were just throwin a ball around he said "ill be right back i have to use the bathroom" i contined to throw the ball up and down but was curios of his dump. He shut the door and sat down i could here him peeing then i heard him grunt a little and let a poo go. Plop then he sat for a little bit and then farted silet sppph farts and then a few more plops. They sounded hard and solid. He was in their for a good 5 mins or more. HE then repeated this again. When he was done i continued to throw the ball. This was an eventful sleepover

i like when people give height and weight and discription of themselves thanks,

this was the first time i witnesed a girl on the toilet. I was in 8th grade when i was invited to a party. It had half of my classmates and was at a night club. Around the beggining i had to pee and went to the upstaris where the bathrooms were. When i reached the top floor i heard a bathroom door close, their was noone their exept the two bathrooms. I walked by the girls room that had no door and peeked in while i passed. You could see almost all the stalls. When i looked at a far stall i could see two bare feet. I knew who it was cause she was the only one at the party in her bare feet. I decided to wait and listen. luckily she had just started. I could hear here let lose her pee, this lasted for 10 seconds then she stopped and o heard two plops of poo in the toilet. She then peed again but this time pooed and peed together. I could tell cause of the plops i heard while the stream of pee. Her feet then moved indicating she was wiping so i went to go pee in the boys bathroom. i hoped to witness another girl pee or poo that night but it never happened.
This was fun,

Hi there,

A few weeks ago me and my son (12 years old) had a strange experience. We were visiting a big German city (we come from Belgium). We left a big and interesting World War II museum and we were walking back instead of taking the bus to our hotel to do some 'site-seeing'. About 10 minutes after leaving the museum, my son told me that he had to use the toilet. I was a little bit angry at first because there was enough opportunity to go at the museum, but we were having holiday so I didn´t make a big deal out of it. I asked if he could hold it till our hotel room. He told me he wasn´t very sure, but he would try. My son don´t have a `history` in having accidents, but I reminded him to a little mishap a few months earlier, when he soaked his jeans on the way home from a visit to his grandmother. My wife gave him the `that isn´t something a 12 year old do´story´.
But back to Germany. A few minutes later it was obvious that he needed a toilet soon. We looked around and I saw a public restroom near a garage. An old lady was sitting next to it. She said goodday sir and asked who of us ´had to go´. ´My son´ I answered. When he was about to enter the lady stood up, shooked her head and said that this wasn´t a toilet for kids! I was stunned. Maybe I got her wrong, but in my best German I couldn´t make it possible that my son was allowed to use the restroom. Because his need became very big, I decided not to argue with her. The lady told us where there was a `Kindertoilette`. Luckily it was visible from where we stood. We quickly got there and my son was able to relieve himself. When he left the toilet (a big smile on his face and 'clean' pants) and we were about to go, a lady with her daughter from the age of my son arrived. She seemed very mad, and her daughter was in tears, doing the 'tiny-small-steps-walk'. My son looked at me with a "that could have happened to me" face. I didn't spoke with the mother, but obviously she had the same experience.
Does anyone else have such experience where you weren't allowed to use a restroom because it is for adults (or kids!) only? I never ever saw it anywhere else (also not in Germany).

Diaherria Strikes Again...

First it was my Valentine's Day mess, then yesterday and now today. I don't know what's going on with my body! Yesterday it wasn't bad because I was home all day and close to a bathroom at all times. Today I felt fine all day. No stomach cramps, no gas, nothing! Well I had some errands to run so I ate lunch before I left and still I felt fine while I was out. My last stop was the grocery store, but my stomach started cramping. I thought about going home, but tomorrow we're expecting a snow storm and really wanted to get a few items in case I couldn't get out until Tuesday.

As soon as I started walking through the grocery store I knew I needed a toilet ASAP! I just about ran with my cart to the bathrooms! The ladies' room was empty (thank god) but as soon as I sat down this explosive mush came out of me. I had to wipe about eight times and when I looked in the bowl it was completely full with a dark brown mass of poop. I felt a little better and continued shopping. As I got into line the cramps came back and I had to leave the line to once again visit the ladies' room. It was the same as the first trip. I finally did make it out of the store but on my way home the cramps started again. I was determined not to have an accident in the car again but there was a lot of traffic and too many red lights to hold it until I got home. I ended up pooping in my pants. It was more mush, very warm and god did it smell. I had on jeans and a thong. There was so much poop that it came out of my pants from the waistband in back. It stained the bottom of my coat and sweater, plus the car seat.

As soon as I pulled in my driveway I bolted out of the car, the poop that was left in my pants sliding towards my feet and got into the house to clean up. Everything I had on is ruined (again).

I hope I don't have another day of this tomorrow.

I'm leaving for work in a few minutes here. Took a good dump this morning. I am a little bit sick with a cold and that always gets to my stomach so my shit was very soft and mushy and I had to wipe about 7 times with some extra cleaning in the shower. I just took the bar of soap and stuck it between my butt cheeks and cleaned whatever shit was left. And man did the shit stink this morning. On a scale of 1-10, it was an 11. It was very bad. Good thing TK didn't have to get up to go pee or anything!!
You're not going to believe this story. It happened sometime last year. I met my mom for dinner and shopping after work so I got home after TK went to bed because he had to get up for work the next morning. On the way home I knew I was going to have to take a shit. It wasn't too bad but when I got home, I had to race to the toilet. I got in the bathroom and locked the door, cranked the fan on and as soon as I pulled my pants down, BOOM!! I shit on the floor!!! I didn't make it to the toilet. Even though TK was sleeping and didn't know what was happening downstairs, I was so embarrassed. I had to clean the poop up and the worst thing about it was it was very soft which made it harder to clean. I was on the toilet for 45 ripping out the raunchiest farts and soft poo. My stomach was really acting up. I don't know what it was. I was a symphony of farts, moans, and dropping of sloppy loads. I flushed the toilet 4 times and used a whole roll of toilet paper to wipe my butt. The stink on this shit gets a 20 out of 10 since I crapped on the floor. Well, gotta leave for work, have a great day everyone!!!



Punk Rock Girl
Hello all.

I took a dump outside over the weekend! Been a while. Even though it was chilly, Colin and I decided to go hiking on Saturday. We went out to Jersey, to this area called Boonton. Lots of nice hiking around there.

I hadn't had a BM since Friday morning, so I was hoping by the end of the day Saturday I would manage to crap, otherwise I'd be breaking out the enema kit Sunday. Anyway, we were way out in the middle of the trail, miles away from the nearest shitter, when I felt my guts chrun and shift. Within moments by ass was full and ready to empty.

I said to Colin, "Whoa, I've got to take a shit." He said okay, and we headed a few hundred yards off the trail. With no leaves on the trees or bushes, I was offered little, if any coverage. My going so far off the trail was more out of courtesy of our fellow hikers than my wish for privacy.

Anyway, we found an spot and I pushed down my courderoys and underpants down to my knees and squatted. Colin and I chatted the whole time, as we often do whan I'm shitting! It took a few pushes to get going, but once it finally started, it came out on its own. A really big, thick, solid load. It felt soooooooo good. I was squatting like that for a couple of minutes, pushing a few more pebbles out. No mush, all solid. I didn't have any TP with me, but it didn't feel messy, so I figured I could wait to wipe my ass when we got back to the porta-shitters.

I pinched off the last little bit, peed, then stood and pulled up my pants, not before Colin took the opportunity to smack my bare buns! I checked out my load, which was a very impressive log. At least eighteen or twenty inches, unbroken, with a few little chunks on top of it. We headed back to the trail and continued with our hike.

Later, I went into a porta-shitter and wiped my ass. It was a little messier than I had though, but not too bad. I didn't smear my underpants, but my asshole and surrounding bunnage were a little raw.

Colin and I made it home and warmed up by getting naked! Hope everyone else had a good weekend!



I had a really great experience last summer.

I went to my local pool and the female toilets were closed so I all the girls had to use the male ones.

I saw a girl, about 17 years old, reddy-blonde hair, go into the toilet. I followed her and went in the stall next to the one she chose. I looked under the stall wall and I saw her pink sneakers. She dropped her khaki pants down around them and sat down. First, she tinkled a bit and then she started straining. Suddenly, she farted; a zipper fart. This was quickly followed by some plops. She was straining. I decided to sit down and try and do a number 2. I managed to get a few plops out. The girl in the other stall had started to strain again. Then she farted loudly, which was also follow by several plops, during which she also hissed a bit of tinkle. Then she wiped, flushed and left.

michael explosive diarrhea
I haven't gotten an urge over the last 2 days to take a dump. I ate a bunch of chinese food on saturday,pizza and chicken on sunday and today on monday I got an urge to take a dump. I waited for my dad to leave and then I took a magazine to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.I forced what seemed to be big fat turd out. It stretched out my asshole and it slithered out down the hole. I let out a few puffy farts and pushed out a little turd. My big turd was down in the hole and not alot was sticking out so I grabbed some toilet paper and pulled it out of the hole. A 5 inch piece broke off and the rest measured 8 inches. A 13 inch turd and about an inch and a half wide.I've always wanted to produce a 20 inch turd,but I can't hold my shit in for more than 2 days maximum,I have a bowel problem and can anyone tell me what type of food can make me constipated for atleast 4 days.

Hi. I am the person that invented the bottle peeing thing so girls can pee standing up. well actually it is like 3 inches tall or maybe 4 and 3 inches wide. well i was trying to hold my pee in the whole day and i was driving home from the movies and really need to go. i was waering my thing and i went a little so it wouldnt hurt so much. then when i got home i really needed to go. so right when i walked in i started peeing a little. i just walked to the bathroom and made it intime so my bottle didnt overflow into my pants. it is good for peeeing standing up and also as a diaper. people pelase try it and tell me what happens i got up at 8 and held it until 3:00,

I have a story about being really really sick. A few weeks ago I had a really nice seafood dinner, and some biscotti and tea for dessert. Later at about 930 i started to have bad tasting burps that made me feel nasuieted. I just figured that it was the combination of food since my stomach is sensitive to these things. So I forgot about and went to bed. At 1 in the morning, I woke up and felt the urge to throw up. So I went to the bathroom and threw up the most vile concoction. It tasted like rotting fish and onions. Uggh!! I felt better and went to bed. Not ten minutes later I felt sick again, this time I had to poop and I felt naseous. So I pooped and out came two firm pieces of poop and I did not throw up. I went to bed again and I woke up ten minutes later feeling sick again. This time I threw up a bigger quantity of the vile concoction. While I was throwing up, I had this extreme urge to have some serious diarreah. I did not want diarreah to get all over the floor so I stopped throwing up and sat on the toilet. Without any straining profuse watery diarreah was coming out of my butt. This was not your ordinary diarreah, this was bad. Each full episode was five minutes of watery diarreah coming out of your butt rapidly in tremendous quantities ( and continuously) and you had to go right then and there or it would go in your pants. This diarreah was also extremely foul smelling with the smell of rotton eggs. Right after the first bout I had to throw up immediately again. So I had to flush the toilet fast. While the diarreah was flushing, I threw up again and I quickly had to turn around to let out bout two of constant watery diarreah. For the first three bouts the diarreah was a dark brown to black. Finnally after bout three I went back to bed and three minutes later I went back to the toilet to have five humongous bouts of watery diarreah. The next two bouts were a light brown and the latter bouts were orange (really weird?). Each time I would sit on the toilet, the diarreah sounded like I was peeing. Finnaly at 330 in the morning I was able to go to bed and at 7 i woke up. I felt extremely dizzy and I had a 100 degree fever. A few minutes later I had to throw up and have diarreah at the same time. So I rushed to the bathroom. If I threw up all at once diarrea would explode all over the floor. If I had the diarreah all at once, I would throw up and have diarreah splatter in my face and all over the floor. So I chose to have let out a little diarreah first. And I did. Then i got up and threw up into the toilet while my diarreah flushed. Right after I threw up, I had explosive orange diarreah that quickly filled up the bowel to the top. I felt tired, thirsty, hot ,and dry. So I went downstairs watched tv, and drank 7 up. On the couch I lied there for two hours feeling really uncomfortable. Then I weakly trekked upstairs and felt really sick. I sat on the toilet and exploded another episode of watery diarrea and then came THE GREAT TSUNAMI. I got up and threw up a tremendous amount (1-2 gallons literally) of water, stomach acid and 7 up. I felt so much better. THE GREAT TSUNAMI cleared up my entire system. For the next day I felt really under becuase I was tired. The day after I had my first bowel movement after this bug. It was a medium glop of mush that looked like a cowpie (light brown). Now my bowel movement was finnaly looking like poop again. The next day I had some extremely soft logs mixed in with a glob of mush. The next week I had firm light brown pebble like bowel movements. Then finally a week later, I had what i had been waiting for a nice firm medium brown log. I sat on the toilet and a never ending lumpy to smooth log came out. It felt like an eternity. It massaged my hole while it came out. It was 2 inches in diameter, 10 inches long, firm but smooth, perfect medium brown color. I felt at the top of the world.

I have a few questions
1. What causes orange diarreah? Is it blood or something else. Has anyone had orange diarreah before.
2. Is there a particular reason why after stomach virus and food poisening that for a week or more the poop is firm but comes out in pebbles?

I would love to hear back. I would also love to see stories about your experiences with food poisening of stomach viruses.

i just took a huge shit about 3" wide, at least 30" long, it took me 45 minutes to get it all out in one piece, it hurt like all hell coming out, but it was worth it in the end....i hadent shit in over a week, and now i know why

Hi Redneck,
when you're in New Zealand, be sure to get your photo taken in Wanaka, South Island, sitting on the communal Roman toilets with a friend, preferably female. If you go tramping, most huts have long drops. Some have doors, but most of us don't close them anyway; it would be too dark, and usually there's good scenery to enjoy while you're having your dump.

Old observer
To Steph, Pete and TK, but espscially Steph--Don't be shy about pooping in front of TK. JUST GO AHEAD AND DO IT! YOU'LL FIND IT TO BE A MOST LIBERATING, PLEASURABLE, AND EXHILERATING EXPERIENCE! The old "out-of-toilet-paper-trick would be a good start. So while enthroned, talk to him, ask him how his day was, shoot him looks of love. You'll never regret it!! Pete--you're a very lucky guy. It's pointless to be toilet shy after you've made love!

noneya-share some stories of yourself or your friend

Wiz kid
I have a story I want to sdhare with yall.
I am male and 19 yrs old. This story takes place with me in the seventh grade. I stayed very late after school with extra science and computer prod. Anyway, I had to do a #2 real bad at the end, so i went to the boys room. To my horror, there was no TP! I was getting desperate and after about 15 mins. of debating i looked twice, and went into the girls room. There were four stalls, and I picked the one farthest from the door. I locked the door pulled my pants down, and sat on the toilet. By the time I sat, four girls walked into the restroom. This is any guys worst nightmare! The three other stalls were then taken quickly, and the other girl knocked on my stall door! I quickly knocked back, for if I spoke, I was a goner. In fact, I was so scared that i didn't even start my movement! The partitions on the stalls were low thankfully, so I was never found out. I did not start my movement until the girls had left! It took about 4 mins total. After I was done, I ran out of there like a bat out of hell, only to get caught by the principal! She was a real b!@# and gave me a saturday school! But she didn't tell anyone, and for that I was thankful!
Hoped you liked it!

My boyfriend recently took two photos of me once when i took the biggest shit he ever saw he said he had to record it because his friends would never believe this i have the photos on my computer and wont let him show his friends my computer is on lock mode witha my password I told him i would show it to anyone i want to show it too and they wont be anyone i know ...Brenda

Larry G
Well, I don't know if my first post was received, but I will do another one. Well, as I said in my last post, I'm 33 years old, 5 foot 9, 150 lbs. I have fantacies about watching taller larger women on the toilet. My age or older. My fascination begtan with someone who shall remain unnamed.
I was 3 or 4 years old and I used to like to watch them go, and I liked the smell of their poop. I used to classify certain smells and feelings by certain names, and this particular smell was no different. I classified that smell as "Duda". That poop smell is a strong smell, kind of like bad breath, but definitely a poop smell. That's the best I can describe it. Well I will definitely be posting more often. Are their any women who are 5 foot 9 or taller on this site. If there are I'd like to hear some stories. In that spirit, I think I will post a short story.
I used to go to a School for the blind in Macon Georgia. I only went my Kindergarten year. Well, the boy's bathroom was out of order for the longest time and we got to use the girls bathroom. The girls bathroom has two toilets side by side about 12 inches apart I would guess. Maybe a little more but I was five, and that was along time ago. The toilet paper was on the opposite walls the toilets were open there was no stalls. So, there was potential for watching/listening to women use the bathroom. Well, that's my little contribution for now, but I'll be back.
P.s Hello, to everyone on this site.

southern belle
I've been lurking a while and enjoying all of your different stories. I just rememebered an incident in London England from around 20 years ago. I was among a group of people waiting at a bus stop and there was an old woman dressed in a light blue coloured raincoat standing above a small puddle. A few small drips appearing from under her skirt confirmed what must have happened and I stood there trying to keep a straight face. The bus arrived and she turned to get on revealing this soaking wet patch on the back of her coat. By this point I was laughing so much under my breath that I nearly peed myself aswell!

northern chick's survey:
1. Yes
2. Tesco (UK) nighttimes
3. absorbed all of it
4. Yes, Poise
5. No

First I wanted to say I really enjoy reading everyone's poop and pee stories.

Im in my mid twenties and I pee a lot but usually just poop once a day. Sometimes I will poop once every couple days. I only like to poop when I am totally ready to go. I don't like sitting on the toilet straining to get my poops out.

Usually I will wake up in the morning and have a couple cups of coffee, and wait until I can't hold my poop anymore, then I will run to the toilet and just let it slide out of my butt or if I really have to go it will forcefully push out of my anus very fast.

Every now and then I will have a very big poop log, and those can be hard to get out. If they are really big it can hurt while I am pushing it out, but usually it just takes longer.

I like to wipe my butt at least 4 or 5 times because I dont like having leftover poop smeared between my cheeks all day. Well I guess I will end this post for now and add more tomorrow or another time. Thanks again for sharing all your poop and pee stories.

Oh and Stephanie, that is very cool that you were pooping as you posted :) I'll have to do that sometime soon as well!

Mr. Clogs
I finally got a chance to take my laxitive to clean out my bowels that have been sruck inside of me. So last night before I went to bed, cracked open a bottle of citric magnesium drank all with it with a tall cup of water then got ready for bed. Around 5 am, I felt the hard stiff stool turn to liquid and ready to come out. I quickly dashed out of the bed and headed to the bathroom and pulled down my pjs and sat on the toilet seat releasing this liquid gusher of poop out of my butt. I sat on the toilet for about 20 minutes until I felt better. I wiped my butt washed my hands and went back to sleep. So I've been doing this up until this afternoon until I was completely clean (emptied) out.

cheryl: Hello, really cool and interesting posts. I found the post about you cleaning the bathroom and peeing in the shower was cool. Hey it all goes down the same pipe. Mind's well. I'll probably do the same thing if I had to go. Keep the posts coming.

I hoped you all enjoyed my post, I post later. Take care.

In the past I've written various stories, largely for my own enjoyment, which have featured someone peeing in the shower at some stage or other. However, I'd never done it myself - until Saturday night that is. Curious to know what the experience would be like I did a pee in the shower whilst showering. It felt different to using the loo but it seemed so clean and natural and perfectly okay. I'd expected it to feel strange. The water soon made short work of my pee when it came on. Feeling enboldened I had another shower pee on Sunday night and on subsequent nights. I'd like to ask about other people's experiences/attitudes towards peeing in the shower though and take a little survey on the subject. Which of the following applies to you?

A) I always pee in the shower and never shower without doing one

B) I pee in the shower on a regular basis but not every time

C) I only pee in the shower on a very occasional basis

D) I don't pee in the shower but have sometimes considered it and wouldn't mind experimenting

E) I don't pee in the shower and never would

Stephanie. Thanks for your reply and the information that went with it. I think you're very wise to take time over doing a good morning poo either at home or on the staff toilet as soon as you get to work. Leaving a class isn't ideal, especially if the reason's obvious and everyone knows what's cooking! In the incident I recounted the teacher didn't seem in the least bit embarrassed by what she was doing or her need to leave the classroom. If anything she seemed quite bold about it. However there was a certain amount of meriment and mirth in her absence not to mention speculation as to whether she'd get there in time - although she did by what I suspect were seconds rather than minutes. It never happened again though. I suspect she was normally a very regular person who'd just not been for some reason - constipation, lack of time or whatever. I do enjoy reading your posts though and it's refreshing to come across such frankness and openness in a teacher.

Redneck. Hi! Another old timer here. Glad to see you're back after a long absence.

Pooty Applewater
of course this aint my real name... anyhoo!
Ur gonna love this!
i work in a supermarket just as a shelf packer, and me and my mates always brag about going for a dump in a joking manor becouse we treat it like a secret tea break and we would spend 10-15 minutes in the john at a time.
well after quite an extensive stay in the toilet i thought to myself:
"i get paid just over £5 per hour, lets just call it £5 for the sake of easy math. if i spend 15 minutes everyday in the bathroom (which i do, if not more!) for 4 weeks (we get paid every 4 weeks) then tecnicly me and my mates gets paid £25 per month just for taking a shit!
dont belive me? i'll show you...
60 minutes of an hour devided by the 15 minutes spent in the john equils 4
take the £5 per hour and devide that by the 4
that equils £1.25 pay just for a 15 minute trip to the bathroom
that £1.25 times by 5 days of the week i work equils £6.25
and that £6.25 payed per week times by 4 equils £25.
its that simple, so i decided to call this our bonus scheem and whenever you next go do some shoping and hear one of the staff saying to him mate "man! im off to collect my bonus" just remember to ask if they've washed thair hands next time you decide to buy thair apples.

hello there...newbie here...first time a lot of stories like the girls pooping ones..keep them coming with lots of details....

i was doing a man...yea funny right,,,anyways and as i stood back up from getting the dish sopa i ripped one well it was pretty wet..and smelled like rotten eggs..i put it off cuase that helped me bowels feel better. well i was gettn done and had a nother fart not really we just silent and it stuck bad. went to the toilet sat down and let out a juciy fart with a sudden rush of relief...lots of little really soft 4in turds came out at blistering speeds...hard to wipe...well post later feeling a little quesy...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hey there people. I was wondering what type of underwear you usually wear and where it sits when you're going to the toilet. thighs, knees, ankles or right off?

the other day i was in the mall and had a bit of urgency to go #2 and i usually dont like to do that in a public toilet but i was very desperate and was 3 hrs from my home so what is a girl to do. so i did what apperantly every other woman in mall was doing at that time waiting in line for the toilet . there was about 15 wemon ahead of me and the 4 stalls were ocupied , and they were all there to do the same thing i guess there might have been something in the food at the mall cause all the girls ahead of me were quite desperate for a poop. the line behind me was getting long to a few girls went to the front and begged to go first but they were rejected because everybody there was about to shit there pants. well 10 minutes had passed and i was finall next in line and i couldnt hold it in much longer a stall door opens and a girl behind me ran in before i could react she ripped down her pants a let a torent of plops fly and others were begging to go ahead all i could do was tell them sorry i have to go to. finally a door opens and i run in i lift my dress and pull down my panties and i sat there for 13 minutes just shitting my brains out. i feel so sorry for the girls behind me cause when i got in all 4 stalls didnt come aviable for at least 10 minutes . it was a terrible day when i finished i walked out and a another woman cused at me as she went in i just let it go i started to go to the sink to wash my hands when i rounded the coner there was 2 girls hunched over the sink taking a poo right there i just turned around and went home . i hope that never happens to me agin. it is the most awfull feeling having to wait when u are about to shit yourself. later

Monkey Butt: I know what you're saying about feeling like some is still in there. That happens every once in a while to me, but I don't think that should be the case everytime you poop. You might want to go to your local natural food and herbal store and buy a colon cleanser. Usually you'll take those once a day and it will soften everything so that it doesn't get "stuck" in the canal. Ya know? It's not as severe as taking a laxative where you'll be somewhere and the next thing you know you shit your pants. But it is very thorough when you go. Check it out and let me know how it goes. Cheers

I have not posted in a long time, just been "lurking". Questions for everyone.

Next January I am going to travel to New Zealand. I will be staying in different hostels including backpacking ones as well. What are the bathrooms like at the different hostels. Which ones are "bathrooms from hell", which ones are a pleasure to use, etc. Are there bathrooms (not private - one toilet, sink, small room) where is it used by male and female like European. How about ones with doorless stalls.

Thanks inadvance for any info.

i dont know about you guys but i like the feeling of your bladder being very full to where your about to burst... i dont know why but i just do. so every day i like to see how long i can hold my pee in before bursting. has anyone else ever done that?

To Jamie,

I think an enema makes a lot of sense. My mother gave them to me often as a kid. I really came to enjoy the relief the bring at the end. I've given them to myself often as I've grown older. I think the best part of an enema is the feeling as that frist big, hard turd that's been plugging you finally begins ot pass. It's not always that easy to get out, but at least it moves was you push. Please tell us more about your enema experiences.-- JW

I am 15 and this fall I was a substitute soccer player for our school's girls soccer team. Anyway we were playing out of town and on the bus ride to the opponent's school I had to go potty pretty badly. I must have been eminating an odor because the other girls said it stunk on the bus. At the soccer match I still had to potty badly, so I sat on a practice ball to keep from going on myself. Then low and behold I was called into the game in place of a girl with stomach cramps. Running around helped me hold it in. But then the coach called a time out and our team huddled up on the sidelines. I leaned down and sat on the ankle of my foot as I had a tremendous need to potty. I asked the coach if I could use the porta potty, but she said no we only have five minutes left and we need a goal. In that five minutes my bowels pushed too hard outward, so even with tightened butt cheeks I still ended up having an accident. Running around with a load in your panties only squishes the poop. We ended up losing and I made a dash to the porta potty. I threw my poop laden panties down the toilet and had to use about a whole role of toilet paper to get cleaned up. I was so embarrassed by the whole incident.

Hey, thanks to everyone who responded to my posts. I am moving my bowels now as I type this.

Adrian: Well, I have had occasions where I haven't been able to poo in the morning first thing. When I get up, I get a magazine and sit on the toilet for 10 minutes and try to crap. I almost always have success but there have been a few occasions where I haven't. When that has happened, I usually end up having to take a dump when I get to work before everyone shows up. I've never had to leave class to poo though. I'll bet that teacher must have been embarrassed.

As for the anonymous person who asked about me, well I just had a couple of turds come out, so let me check these ones. Well, they are little pebbles but they stink pretty good. That's how I usually crap, little ones at first and then the big one comes at the end. On average, they are usually 8 inches long, give or take.

Pete: I'll bet you were excited when you saw her. I may not enough toilet paper to use after the dump I'm taking now but I have some extra in the cabinet here. Sorry, in case you wanted to bring me some!! LOL!!

Anyway, I'd like some advice from other women out there. I want to know if any of you were shy and wouldn't let your boyfriend/husband in the bathroom while you were pooing. I know TK wants to watch me so bad but I just can't get over that. How did you first allow your man to be in the room with you while you were crapping and how did you get over the shyness? I would appreciate the advice!! Thanks!

Ahhh, I just got done taking a monster dump, the second one of the day!! Man it felt good but there is a rather raunchy smell in here right now. The shit is about 7 inches long with a healthy light brown shade all the way through. I'm going to have to wipe a lot. I better get started with that now.

Take care!!



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