Diaherria Strikes Again...

First it was my Valentine's Day mess, then yesterday and now today. I don't know what's going on with my body! Yesterday it wasn't bad because I was home all day and close to a bathroom at all times. Today I felt fine all day. No stomach cramps, no gas, nothing! Well I had some errands to run so I ate lunch before I left and still I felt fine while I was out. My last stop was the grocery store, but my stomach started cramping. I thought about going home, but tomorrow we're expecting a snow storm and really wanted to get a few items in case I couldn't get out until Tuesday.

As soon as I started walking through the grocery store I knew I needed a toilet ASAP! I just about ran with my cart to the bathrooms! The ladies' room was empty (thank god) but as soon as I sat down this explosive mush came out of me. I had to wipe about eight times and when I looked in the bowl it was completely full with a dark brown mass of poop. I felt a little better and continued shopping. As I got into line the cramps came back and I had to leave the line to once again visit the ladies' room. It was the same as the first trip. I finally did make it out of the store but on my way home the cramps started again. I was determined not to have an accident in the car again but there was a lot of traffic and too many red lights to hold it until I got home. I ended up pooping in my pants. It was more mush, very warm and god did it smell. I had on jeans and a thong. There was so much poop that it came out of my pants from the waistband in back. It stained the bottom of my coat and sweater, plus the car seat.

As soon as I pulled in my driveway I bolted out of the car, the poop that was left in my pants sliding towards my feet and got into the house to clean up. Everything I had on is ruined (again).

I hope I don't have another day of this tomorrow.

Mr Clogs
Hello all,
I have a peeing stories that I'll like a share. In the middle of the night on Friday, in desperate need for night time pee. I was too lazy to walk to the bathroom to urinate, so I grabbed my "pee-cup" 32 oz from my dresser drawer pull out the woody, and urinated into the cup filling it half way. Placed the cup under my bed and went back to sleep. Early that morning, in another desperate need to pee, again, needed some kind of container to pee into. So the only container I had left was a glass jar I have in my dresser drawer 32 oz. So I grabbed the jar from my dresser drawer, put the jar close to my body and released my golden morning pee into the jar filling it half way. Placed the cover of the jar top of the jar, placed the jar underneath my bed and waited until the bathroom was free.

cheryl: I liked your posts about the drinking lots of pink lemonade and need to use the bathroom, using the bathroom before going to bed, and the post about measuring the contents of your bladder using that big ol' 46 oz "big bad woof" cups you used to pee into while you lived in fla. I really liked that particular post because of the plastic cup beeing used to pee in, needing two of them to complete the task, and the description of the color and smell of your urine. Wow Cheryl, you must have large bladder! I could never top that amount in one shot! Keep the posts coming! Do you have any more posts about using cups, jars, containers or chamber pots to measure or for use? I look forward to reading your posts, and anyone who has a post of using containers to relieve yourselves into. Please post. Take care and I'll post something later.

Long time lurker, 1st time poster. Im 17 y/o Ive been a bes wetter my whole life, my parents dont know nore does any one else. I also have a friend that poops his pants ALOT because hes lazy, I cant count the number of times I went to his house and saw underwear that quite obviously were pooped on, some times peed in, he sees this as no big deal. No accidents that I can recall.

Hi all, My name is Amber, im 15 and a Sophmore. Tonight the most Embarasing thing happened, me and 2 of my friends went to see a movie, 1st we went to the Burger King across the street from the movie theater, I had a large soda, 1st mistake, we went to the movis, I got a large soda from the vender, 2nd mistake, any way about half way through the movie I had to pee, and I mean pee. the movie was to good and I didnt feel like getting up so I tried to hold it, towards the end I had to go so bad that is was dribbling a little, I let some go but thought I I was al right, after the movie we went to the mall which is connected to the theater, I LOVE shoping and didnt especialy wanna stop to pee, I started to dribble again, about 3 times, I looked and there was a small wat spot, not noticable unless you were looking, I told Tosh that I was desperate, she said she was to so we looked for a bath room, by the time we found one it was closed for cleaning, I was scared I had to pee so bad, eventualy It just started comming and wouldnt stop, I was wearing faded blue jeans that were VERY tight around my you know what and it showed my friend started laughing, and ran into the bathroom as soon as the guy came out (We were sitting on a bench waiting) I got home (we had to take the bus, everybody stared)I went to my room and peeled my pink Finding Nemo paintees, they werent to badly ruined, I put on a new pair of paintees and my pj's, I hid my pants in my closet and threw the paintees away, (I wet the bed last weekend and I'm afraid to tell my parents I had another accident)

princess pee
To unnamed post: I was nine, I peed in the corner.

well today I have two good ones. 1. this is different! I was busy cleaning everything around this place; both the bathroom and kitchen[ scrubbing toilet and sink, mopping all floors] anyway while finishing up mopping the bathroom floor i had to pee right then [from all the water I drank at the gym!] and thought, damn, here I am mopping/rinsing off the shower stall and don't want to waste the toilet flush and get my wet butt on the seat! why not pee in the shower! I went into the stall,dropped my shorts and undies, squatted down and began to pee! I managed to " aim" my stream right up against the shower wall and it made loud " HISSSSSSSSSSS till it stopped. then again a softer " hissss-siis,sis-sis-splis." done in like 40 secs or less and none of it splattered on my pants or feet! SO KEWL!
2. first pee of the day, saturday. went into the bathroom to take a quick pee before leaving. closed the door and lifted lid, then pulled down my pants and undies and sat to pee. no sooner then I sat down with my twat about 7" behind seat's [inside] front edge; the pee just flowed easily and I heard it tinkle into the toilet's water for about 30 secs. I was looking down as it was tinkling and saw what looked like the "yellow tide" along with little swirls of "pissy-scuzz" which seemed to overtake the once clear water; filling it with my yellow urine which was soooooo kewl! it stopped quickly with no left overs and so I took some paper, wiped my twat and dropped it into the bowl. then I got up, pulled everything back up and looked as I went to flush. the bowl's water was bright golden yellow from my pee and had 2-3 long patches of yellow foam floating on top;which was not really bubbly but " flat" looking like the foamy head of a good beer['maggick hat'-:P]has when sitting on the bar for a while-ONLY with the toilet paper in front.

TO Annette:
Great little story! I think I could even feel some of her relief myself.

TO question:
How many wipes is 'normal'? I would guess, 'as many times as is necessary to maintain a good level of hygiene & cleanliness.' Assuming you don't suffer from some sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder where no amount of wiping would be satisfactory, I'd say the number is ~4 or 5. (The true number is probably in the stats for the Sitting On The Toilet Survey.)

I haven't passed a good, thick jobbie is a while... This past week I had a brief bout of the runs. Not a bad case, just 1 day. But it did get my attention.
I had the day off Tuesday and was at home in front of my PC playing a game when an incredibly strong urge to go hit me from out of the blue. Right away I knew I couldn't put this off for even a second so I went with all haste to the washroom. Even though the bathroom sits right next to my room, I still had to put in some effort to hold it all in.
I was wearing just my underwear at the time so luckily I didn't have to do any desperate fiddling about with zippers or buttons before I sat down.
A split second after I parked myself on the toilet, the whole load shot out of me and formed a huge dark brown cow-pie. The consistency was very loose, but not quite so loose as to immediately turn the water in the bowl the same dark colour.
After the first wave came out I took a second to see what I had produced but I didn't have time to gawk for long. I could feel that I had at least one or two more waves still sitting inside and in a moment I sat back down and began to push out what remained.

I hadn't showered yet, so instead of wiping I took one last look at the load in the toilet, flushed, and went into the shower to clean up.
However, it turned out I wasn't actually done. About 5 minutes into my shower I felt another urgent wave about to hit. Quickly, I put my leg up onto the soap holder, squatted a tiny bit and pushed out three more waves of mini-cow pies while in the shower. This time, I put some extra effort to get *absolutely* everything out.

Once I was satisfied I was *completely* done, I angled the shower-nozzle onto the piles of poop and watched each of them dissolve away down the drain in fairly quick order. (Note: I used to poop quite regularly in the shower but it began to block up the drain. It became obvious that I had to stop before someone else in the household did a thorough investigation as to what was so suddenly wrong with the plumbing.)



Michelle-Oh man, that sucks! I did enjoy your story though (if that's any concillation) and what like to hear more accident stories (yours and other peoples) if there are any.

Princess Pee-I liked your story and want to hear the other one!

Libi-Cool (well to read about anyway). You said you had one of your worst accidents...does that mean there have been others? If so do tell! Also, how old are you?

For people who want to pee standing up i have made hte best invention. cut a hole in a .5 liter coke the middle of it. make it about 2 inches long and 1 and 1/2 inces wide. or around that. the put it in your underwear and the top (where u drink from) pointing towards u ziping in you pants. cut a hole in ur underwear that u r wearing and put the top of the coker botle threw it. dont make it to big or to small. and then when you peeing just push that bottle down a little so the pee can get in the toilet. if it is faceing up you will have a mess. practice a few times.

was writing a story all day and while writing, drinking vodka and tonics , slowly sipping them. well I had not peed in like nearly 6-1/2 hours and finally, I had to go. went into the bathroom and closed the door. then I lifted the lid, pulling down my sweats and undies, sitting down on the seat to pee. as soon as I sat I began to pee like crazy , this huge WIDE stream about 1/2 inch wide came shooting out of my twat and tinkling loudly into the middle of the toilet bowl's water. I watched in the mirror as it splashed into the water, making loads of bubbly white foam within seconds from when it started and qucikly turning the clear water really yellow. it kept up for like 45 secs then it tapered off to a few small thin streams, before stopping completely. I wiped, then got up to pull everything up, meanwhile looking at the toilet bowl's water completely filled with bright yellow pee and lots of bubbly, scuzzy looking foam which just about covered the entire water's surface[ 90% of it]then as I flushed the toilet, I saw both the pee and this huge head of foam swirl around on top as it went down. I wonder what created all that foam and why does pee make foam when you "tinkle" into the water?

I read Katelyn's maxi-pad story on page 1350, and I decided to experiment with my maxi-pad. Yesterday, after I got home from school, an urge to defecate hit me. I was able to wait until after my parents left to go to a business meeting, but it didn't quite turn out the way I expected. I took a spare maxi-pad and positioned it in my panties, and then pulled my panties back on and squatted. I constantly felt nervous, and as a result, I had to push quite hard to get my feces out, and when it came time to clean up, a couple of small pieces fell out onto the floor as I was heading to the toilet. I had to do a lot of wiping and cleaning afterwards. Yet thankfully I was able to erase all traces of my act well before my parents returned.

P.S. I noticed that Takashi's question on page 1355 never got answered, apparently because it never got onto the front page. Could someone please go back there and give this person an answer?

a few years back, I had a door-to-door interviewing job. My supervisor was an attractive but very prim and proper elderly English lady. We both needed to poo in a hurry, miles from nowhere, so we stopped the car by a stack of earthenware pipes, stood two of them up side by side, dropped our underpants and emptied our bowels noisily. She was blushing and kept saying excuse me, every time she farted. Luckily there was some TP in the car's glove box. She glared at me at one stage when I pinched her bare bum.

Sunday, February 21, 2005

about... maybe, 6 months ago, i had one of my worst accidents. i ate dinner at around 6:00pm, and my mom made her tea! tea is my absoulute favorite drink. so i surprizingly drank 4 cups of tea... and the cups were those really tall plastic cups. but then i had to go immediatly to my brothers soccer practice which lasted an hour long. right when we arrived there i had a very large urge to go pee. about 5 min. into the practice i asked my dad if i could sit in the truck to keep from standing up... because when i stand up it is obvious that i really have to go. so he gave me the keys and i went to the truck. by time i sat down it was about 10 minuites into the practice so i still had 50 more min. to go! well... by time i reached the truck i was dancing and squirming as much as i could. when i moved around in the truck it was so severe that the whole truck was bouncing up and down! my legs were crossed very tightly and both of my hands were in beetween my lets pushing up against my panties to help keep the pee from rushing out. I had to go so bad, i knew my bladder was way over totally full! so i thought about sitting in the back seat and going in the seat back there but i knew my dad would smell it and i would get into really big trouble. so i ran as fast as i could to my dad who was coatching the practice and asked him where the nearest restroom was. he told me that it was all the way across the park! so i ran back to the truck as fast as i could without exploding. i somehow managed to hold it in the rest of the hour! but when my brother and my dad sat in the truck i was as strait as a board because if i bent at all i knew it would spill! so we rode home, the only bad thing about the ride home was all the bumps becasue they made me bend a little every time we went over one... and every time i bent alittle i could feel little dribbles in my panties. we finally got home, my dad had no idea how bad i had to go so he continued getting soccer stuff out of the car. i asked frantically for the keys so i could get into the house but he said to hold on a sec. so i ran over to the metal chairs and wiggled as much as i could to keep from peeing. finally my dad started opening the door. when it was finally open i could feel little dribbles running down my legs so i ran as fast as i could possibly go into the nearest bathroom. right as i shut the door... i exploded! so i diddnt even unbutton my jeans... i just sat on the toilet seat and let it all out. it was the most comforting feeling ive ever experienced. then i ran upstairs hoping nobody saw me... and i changed pants and panties. after that my bladder hurt so bad for the next day or two.

I'm 15 and live with my parents and sisters and we are pretty private about our poops...always shut the door, talk in euphemisms about going, etc. Well I have a friend my age, Jenny, and I found out her family is exactly the opposite. When I spent the night there, they all talk about peeing and pooping like they talk about the weather.

When I took a dump at their house after dinner the night I was there, Jenny came cruising into the bathroom while I was sitting, it surprised the heck out of me. What was worse was that when we went out and sat with the rest of the family, her little brother Charlie came in at some point and said "Who stunk up the bathroom?" and I went deep red!

Just got back from work today (office assistant at a small advertising company), and I just had to share this with the forum. The owner of the company (Sandra, about 45) had an all afternoon meeting with a client in our conference room after lunch. When the meeting was over, she walked the clients out and then came back into the office and I told her she had had several phone calls. She looked at the call log and said she would call them back but that she was "desperate to use the toilet" and that she might be awhile because she had been holding a bowel movement back during the meeting. So she went down the hall to the bathroom and was in there for a good five minutes but probably longer. She came back and got the call log from me. She was a bit uneasy and I asked if everything was ok. She said it was, but that she had done a very large (and "very much needed") bowel movement and that it wouldn't flush so she let it sit in the toilet. I said "it happens", and she went around the corner into her office and closed the door. I was just dying to check it out, so I waited a few minutes and made sure she was on the phone and then hurried back to the bathroom... wow, what a whopper! Thick, solid, and waay long (it even extended out of the water a bit). And, even though she used some air freshener, the bathroom smelled very strongly still of a good BM! I can just imagine the relief she had felt as that whopper turd came out, probably with much pushing effort. I'm sure she must have had a rough time holding it in for a few hours during the meeting. Talk about a nice bowel movement!

Anxiety is a perfectly normal reaction when our bodies do strange things and the unexpected occurs. However, I'd advise you not to worry unnecessarily. Back passage as well as front passage leakage problems are not so uncommon as you might think. I've had problems in that department before and occasionally still do. If the problem persists, my advice would be to see your doctor and discuss it with him, explaining the symptoms. Personally I don't think it's likely to be anything serious in view of the fact that you're twenty and presumably otherwise in good health. However your doctor should be able to diagnose a problem if there is one and refer you to a specialist if necessary. I'm sure that whatever's wrong will be treatable with medication, dietary changes or, if absolutely necessary, a small operation. Your doctor will almost certainly want to know whether or not there was any blood in your discharge and if so whether it was bright or dark coloured.

TK & Stephanie. I enjoyed both your posts, especially Stephanie's. It sounds as though you both had good Valentine's day poos. Although it might seem excessive to some people two or three bowel movements per day for a person is not that uncommon. I normally have a poo 2 to 3 times a day. Stephanie, in the course of your teaching career have there been occasions when you've not 'done anything' first thing but you've ended up needing a poo during the course of the morning and finished up doing farts in the classroom. I had a teacher who did that once, and after letting rip for some time, had to leave the classroom and go to the staff toilet. She never did a repeat performance though - well not in front of the class I was in.

princess pee
Almost all of my posts are about babysitting. Today I'm babysitting, but tomorows my day off.(If any1 wondered, I'm 15)
The reason why I get to write now is because shes taking her nap.well, about 5 years ago, (before Carmen was even born)My couisn(also 9) and I went to the carnival.We were walking back to the car, and then in about a 20 minutes later, this hissing sound came from him, and I felt my side get extremly wet.My mom said she was going to tell aunt becky, which is no change to me.And once, when I was in 7th grade,this pretty girl named Sarah, was in this swiming club, which i'm in too. So, We were in that club, when all of a sudden this big fart was herd. Sarah looked back and said, stop it anna.(that's one of the weird kids.)My friend who was right behind her, pointed her finger at her white bathing suit, which had a big brown stain now. I told the teacher and the teacher said, don't tell on Anna if it's you, Sarah! Sarah's parents took her home,which isn't a diffrence to me.

I have another story, (which is about pee)

if any1 wants to hear that 1, you can post me about it, or I'll post it by myself, eventauly.

Loved the story Stephanie. I would love to hear more and hear how long your turds are!


This sounds strange, but go to a store that sells herbal healing products and look for something containing any form of clay as this will solidify your bowels somewhat and slow things down a bit, as well as draw toxins from the depths of the walls of your colon, which is also healthy. good luck.

southern belle
To Northern Chick and Kristin. I too had an experience like yours after leaving the hairdressers. I had walked there from my house which is a good 30 mins or so. I would normally use the car but this time I felt I needed the exercise. I had a couple of cups of coffee while having my hair done. I know I pee a lot during cool weather and won't normally drink anything before a journey. I didn't worry though because there are toilets at the hairdressers and they are clean and I can go when I need to. While walking back home afterwards I suddenly had the urge to pee and as you would have guessed, there was nowhere to go and I knew I wasn't going to make it back to the house in time. Fortunately I was wearing an overnight maxi pad being near the end of a period but was nervous about using it to pee in. Because it was during the day and I was alone walking through a field I thought I could get away with it and then change when I got home. So I stopped in the field and just parted my legs a little and let some out slowly and it absorbed straight into the pad making it very wet but I felt a bit more confident so I let quite a bit more out, enough to take away that dire urge. It was unusual going while standing but I felt there would be more chances of a leak if I sat down. I was wearing thick black tights that day under my denim skirt so I didn't worry about anyone spotting any wetness or staining. I casually walked the rest of the way home and cleaned up knowing that I could probably get away with using this method again if I really had to.

I feel so much better having read your experiences and how well you coped with them. There must be lots of other women like us who have similar stories to tell. Any advice would be welcome too.

Hy everybody, I'm new her but have reading for a long time. I finally had an amzing pooping experience the other day I have to share. To start I'm 16, 5'9" and 180 lbs (female of'course). I'm not really super fat, just a little chubby for a nice ???? and bubble butt. Normally I make huge loads since I eat a lot but have been constipated for the last 4 days. I have a huge study hall in school before the end of that day. Most kids wre out of school for a chior event, so the room was pretty empty. A few other kids were in their studying. I was reading a bit for fun when suddenly I felt pressure build in my butt. I knew the time had finally come to poop! I went to the bathroom as there are no teachers in study hall to say no. The other kids didn't even notice I was gone. This was the beginning of the period so I had plenty of time. I walked to the new bathroom they put in to see what it was like. Really nice and roomy! Four stalls to choose with no one in the room at all. I was completely alone. I picked the stall closest to the wall at the end of the room. I went in at slipped of my shoes, pants, and unerwear. I only had my socks and a short shirt on for no interference. I placed my clothes in the corner by the door and sat down on the toilet. It was a big handy-capped stall with huge walls going to the floor for privacy. I noticed how small the hole was in the toilet seat, it was open ended but still small in the center at only 9 or 10 inches. I started to relax and pee. I tinkled in the water for about 15 seconds making a slight yellw tint and some bubbles. I flushed because when I pooped, I wanted to see it clearly. A minute went by and I could feel it coming. Very very slowly, my butt-hole began opening immensly. I farted a bit: ppppfffttt. And the poop started coming. A very hard, dry, but smooth log slowly inched it's way out, splitting my butt cheecks apart very wide. It pulsated as it came with a crackling, pppffft sound. It broke off and landed in the water with a quiet ploop. It was a low-flow toilet so it barely had water in it to get rid of any smell. The water was only an inch or so above the u-bend. I looked down and saw a massive log lying against the toiler bowl. I thought I was done but no, again my butt began pooping. Another log that was softer and smellier landed on top of the first with a thud, with one end still in my butt. I pushed with no luck for a couple minutes untill I farted and it came out. After that something seemed to loosen up in my bowels and about eigth smaller turds came out slowly one after the other, making a thud, thud, thud sound against my other logs. I stood up too look in amazement. The first and second were about 14 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The others were about 1.5 inches long and narrow. I felt so much lighter. The poop filled the toilet a good way up so you could not see any of the little amount of water. It was entirely poop and dry porcelain. I wiped clean and flushed, to my surprise it all wnet down. I re-dressed, washed my hand, and went back to study hall with about 10 minutes left. Sorry it was so long, but I wanted a good story, Thanks!

To Kara

Me and my friend also used to pee in our swimsuits at my pool. Usaully we went out and peed in the grass when we spend our days at the pool.
I never pee in my pool because its so small, but I do pee in public pools. Some of my friends do it too and many do it so why top doing it?

Do any of you pee in public showers at, school, gym or swimminpools?

when life gives you lemons, drink lemonade and make pee. LOL anyway, yesterday right before going off to bed and not peeing in like 4 hours almost, despite drinking at least 2 mugs of pink lemonade; at last I had to go to the bathroom.[ again the mirror] anyway, so I walked in and closed the door, lifting lid and then pulling down my pants and undies; the sitting down for a good pee. it took a few secs to begin and then I just began peeing; this one huge wide and twisty stream of intensely yellow pee just shot out from my twat and loudly tinkled into the water right in the middle of the bowl. it came out fast and I was watching it splash into the water and immediately make lots of foamy bubbles which swirled in all directions for about 40 seconds at most before just stopping like that! I waited a few secs, and one small little splash dribbled out and finished! I wiped my twat, then got up and while pulling my pants/undies up I looked at the bowl's water which was filled with lots of deep yellow scuzzy looking pee and some bubbly foam floating toward the back of bowl; maybe 20% of water's surface as I went to flush.

Monkey Butt
Thanks joeljack. My biggest problem is that when i take a crap it always feels like i didnt get all of it out, like theres still just a little piece jammed in there and when i wipe it just smears it everywhere so i usually gotta wipe like 6 times to clean that up and then jam some toilet paper up my butt to get the rest. I know this cant be normal, i've tried eatin more fruits and v??????s but i dunno what else will help. am i missing something..does the happen to anyone else ever?

To princess pee

Back not to long ago when you said you peed in your closet just what did you pee in and how old were you?

i am wondering how many wipes is normal? on average. Thanks for your input

Messy Valentine's Day

My boyfriend surprised me on Valentine's Day with a trip to a local spa. That morning though I woke up with the worse stomach ache, but there was no way I could reschedule so I went to the appointment. The whole way there my stomach was torn up with gas pains.

On the table getting a massage I had to squeeze my butt cheeks together tight so I didn't let a fart rip. It made my stomach feel ten times worse! When my massage was done I was brought into a another room to get a facial. I had a towel wrapped around me and a thong on. I felt relief sweep over me when I saw there was a big comforter that they cover you up with during the facial. It would be my perfect chance to let a little of the gas out! A few minutes into the facial I let out a few little toots. Nothing noticeable, they weren't loud, just little quiet ones and my stomach started to feel better. Ten minutes into it things changed quickly. I felt a huge pressure and I couldn't hold it in. Within a minute my butt was covered in very soft poop. The lady giving me the facial didn't seem to notice, the comforter held the smell in. But it didn't stop there. It was like I couldn't control what was happening and I kept going every few minutes. By the time the facial was over my thighs, butt, hips and vagina were covered. The lady left the room so I could get dressed and that's when I started to panic. The comforter and bed were covered as well as me and the only thing I had to clean up with was the towel that had been wrapped around me. It didn't do me a whole lot of good since it was already covered in poop too. I did the best I could cleaning up and quickly got dressed. I left my thong on even though it was totally destroyed. In hopes of hiding the mess on the table I threw the comforter all the way over and hurried out.

The drive home wasn't much better for me. I still had diaherria that I couldn't control and by now it was mostly coming out as water. I had nothing in the car to cover the seat with. By now my butt was burning and so was my vagina from the poop getting in it.

Nice Valentine's Day, huh?

about the measuring the contents of my bladder,yeah. I thought of this many times especially during that vermont trip "experience' like that time in that country store's lavatory in the back when I just sat for 3 minutes and kept piddling into that bowl's little waterspot. how much was there? well back years ago while living in fla I took this 46 oz. plastic "big bad woof" cup[yeah good old 'handy way'LOL which always had a restroom in back for the weary full bladdered traveler to use :)guy or gall don't matter honey! im-huum.] just to see exactly how much urine I could produce at one time! I pulled down my shorts and held that [6" WIDE] big ol'cup right between my legs up next to my twat and y'all know something, I filled that cup to the top with hissy, smelly, bubbly pee and luckily I had another cup like it for the extra! I had to stop it as best I could, then quickly place the other one under my snatch to catch the remaining pee. I must've peed at least 10 more ounces in the next one[ about 3" inches deep of more golden smelly " tinkle" LOL the rest if I remember was like " stuck in my bladder" and I had to push it out kind of hard. so I'm guessing if y'all add up the two cups worth y'all would have a total of 56 oz of URINE! lotta "tee-tee" baby! hecka-alotta " TEE-TEE" [ as they say down in the land of cotton LOL]

I went to this open mike weds. night to read my poetry. got there about 8:10 PM , just a little late and at first I thought that I'd have to first go to the bathroom before sitting down. I was up all night writing some story till noon almost, and after sleeping most of the day I woke up at 7PM just in time to be there hopefully by 8 . mind you that I hadn't peed since mid afternoon when I awoke , about 3:30 I think. anyway, as I "fixed myself up" and was drinking some iced coffee afterwards and pouring the travel mugs worth , I thought " maybe I should go now " but " hell I'll wait and just go when I arrive" I got there and still didn't really feel the need to go quite yet, and I drank that 24 oz mug of coffee while sitting and listening to some erotic poetry[ " annual Val. day erotic poetry night"] well I already went up to read once and it was about almost 9 PM [ prob. 8:50] and finally I felt the need to go now, figuring now was the time before the line forms at break! besides my hair was a bit messy and needed fixin! [ 5 hrs later, but with me if I don't have much to drink, I don't pee for hours!] they have a small lavatory in the back to the right as you walk in[ an old RR station] and what's weird is that this old sticky door does not close all the way and has a latch. you've got to move the paint cans holding the door[ an art gallery by day] to shut this big old door. the toilet is back behind this huge curtain , a small round white bowl in which the water fills the entire thing to under the front rim. I casually walked back into the lav. , shut the door as best I could , latched it; but there's still a big old crack in between the frame and door! [pee shy anyone?? :)*giggles* ahem!] anyway then I slid the curtain and walked into the toilet " stall" ; pulling it back for " privacy" [ window near sink] then I unbuttoned my faded jeans, unzipped, and slowly pulled them down with my undies, too; looking at the nice clean water in the bowl while of course, checking the seat which was down already. then I sat doan on that small seat all the way back and leaned a bit foward , my twat about 3-4" behind the seat's front inside edge. as I was listening to the poet reading outside, I began to hear the gentle, soft, very feminine " tinkle" of my twat urinating into the toilet bowl's water, obviously splashing nicely and easily into the front-middle of the bowl. I was a little nervous , thinking someone's in line; but I just relaxed and allowed the urine to come out without forcing it. it just kept tinkling very softly for about a minute and a half and before even being halfway finished; that nice aroma of concentrated urine began to fill the air. finally it began to taper off and gently stop for a few secs.; then it resumed gently tinkling into the water -filled toilet. by this time the bowl had to be filled with my urine [probally twice over]I sat with my hands on my knees leaning foward as I continued urinating another 20-25 secs I'm guessing, paused maybe 3 secs, tinkled very lightly in 3 more splashes lasting 5-10 secs each and of course, letting out more smelly urine untill I finally stopped. I took that big wad of toilet paper I was already pulling and ripping off and folding it as I was busy urinating [ and listening to that second poet by now!] ; now using it to wipe my twat by dabbing it as I got up[ small seat for us "plus sized" gals!] in one steady motion. meanwhile after that 2 + minutes spent gently urinating [ all of which squarely splashed into the water completely ] , I gently pulled up my undies and jeans, buttoning and zipping up; the sweet scent of my urine still lingering! the bowl was filled with bright yellow, foamy urine; with at least 60% of the water still covered with bubbly foam from where my urine gently tinkled into it. then I flushed the urine filled toilet bowl, sliding the curtain as I walked out to the sink, washed up and brushed my hair before unlatching the door; moving the pails back to hold it with my foot.

I am 29, as i get older i can feel my insides slowing down. The past couple of days ive felt full down there. I was afraid i was gonna be constipated soon. This morning i got up and i had pains in my stomach and my ???? looked distended. oh i needed to go. i sat on the toilet and strained to go but nothing came out but some short dry farts. oh what i would do to go even diarrhea would have been fine. i am lactose intollerent so if i drank some milk that would have done it. I dont know if i could have waited that long. I remembered i had my enema bag in the closet. I needed quick relief. i filled up my enema bag with warm water got undressed and hung the bag over the shower rod. i got on my hands and knees and pushed the nozzle in my butt. It didnt take long for me to get cramps cause i was so full with poop. After awhile the warm water filled me up and felt so good
When the water stopped I got up on the potty and let go. It is such a relief when the water comes back out its warm and full of waste. Anyone that hasnt tried enemas should they are a great relief. Mom used to have to give them to me when i was in school. It was a litle wierd but a great relief. As i sat on the potty feeling my bowels empty and after 4 more enemas i felt so good. Its great to be cleaned out. Anyone else have an enema stories?

I am 18 with brown hair and I weigh 120 pounds. I like reading the posts on this site, and I have one of my own. I went skiing with three friends of mine. The drive up to the ski slopes took two hours, and I had to go number 2 most of the way. I didn't say anything, however. By the time we reached the ski lodge the urge to go left me. I peed real quickly in the restroom and hit the slopes with my girl friends. While waiting in line for the ski lift the urge to go poop came back to me, this time even stronger. I tried to sqeeze my buns together tightly but the tip of my poop kept sticking out of my anus and I would have to pull it back in. I discreetly leaned on one of my ski poles which helped block my anus. When on the chair lift, I really had to go and would have pooped in my pants if I were not sitting down. Once on top of the ski slopes I discovered there were no bathrooms. I tried skiing downhill with my friends but I had to go so bad. I would take breaks and lean on my ski pole just to push my poop back inside of me. Finally, I fell down and a nice guy helped pull me back up. However, my bowels gave a giant push outward at this time and I passed the point of no return. I filled my pants with a firm load of poop. I had to ski slowly down the hill and quickly make my way to the restroom at the bottom of the slope. I waddled inside but had to wait for an available toilet. I sort of stunk and some of the girls inside the bathroom kept looking at me. I felt so embarrassed. Once a toilet opened I rushed inside and surmised the damage. A big wad of poop in the shape of a ball was in my panties. Fortunately, it was rather firm and I just dumped it in the toilet. My favorite panties with smiley faces were a mess though I had to throw them away and go without them. My girl friends were waiting for me and we skied the rest of the day like nothing happened. Next time I will use the toilet when I first get the urge.

Hello everibody! I'm Simon from Italy, i'm 27. I ilke shitting very much and sometimes i shit in my panties.See like it and i feel an excitement. Anywhere the last time i had an accident was three weeks ago.I got home from working. I work in a factory in shifts and that week i worked in the afternoon from 2pm to 10 pm. I was at home about 11.30pm because i use the bus and it make a long turn. I had a shower and i ate two oranges before going to my bedroom. When i get to i left my bathrobe and nude i sat down on a seat and started reading a book. After some minute i felt a movement in my stomach. I tought it was nothing, but after i felt a strong ache and i realized i would go to bathroom bad. But i kept calm, why to run to bathroom? so i resistered as i could and when i could resist no more, i relaxed myself and my stomach exploded and a huge mass of semiliquid shit came ou from my ass, squashing on to the seat, until my knees, making a SQUIIIIK, PROOOTTT, SQUASHHH. My ass was an big brown mask.the smell was orrible, but i liked it.Fortunely i had large sheets of paper under my ass. So i got up, i left the paper and i got to bathroom when i i washed myself. again. See when you explode u like to born again.
It is all for now and i hope someone would share experiences with me

before I went to bed , I first used the bathroom to pee. walked in and after closing the door, lifted the toilet's lid and just stared at the nice clean water in that elongated bowl which comes almost all the way up to the front rim; and was thinking to myself " time to make some noise". I pulled down my undies, sat on the seat and within seconds, I heard the sound of myself " piddling" as I urinated into the toilet bowl's water from my twat. " pidd-did-did-diddle~~~~~~~~~~~-piddd-did-didle" was what it sounded like as my urine softly splashed and splunked into the water for about the next 35 secs at most; first tapering off to a slow drippy piddle as it stopped. it smelled a bit , giving off the sweet odor probally left over from the two 20 oz mugs of diet root beer that I'd drank in the past 3 hours or so; now obviously coming out as urine I guess! I wiped my twat, got up and while pulling up my undies; looked in the toilet. the bowl's water was now lightly yellow and filled with my foamy, tangy-smelling pee. as I flushed, foam had to cover at least half the water, mostly along the left side with more in the back. oh well there goes some more of " cheryl's sweet pee" I guess! -:P

the 2nd pee of the day . after not needing to pee in over 2 hrs , and of course 2 big mugs of coffee earlier; I figured I'd better pee first before going somewhere. I went into the bathroom , closed the door. then I lifted the lid, quickly pulled down my pants to expose my twat and sat to pee. [ again took the mirror]anyway, I chilled out for about 30 secs or so, then began to " tinkle" into the toilet bowl's clear water ; making sort of an echoing sound as it splashed mostly downward in a ribbon-like stream [kind of wide, too]; but also saw another smaller stream shooting toward my right leg just underneath,then dropping down into the front of water close to the edge. I peed steadily for about half a minute or so, paused a few secs., than made a few more " tinkles" toward the front before stopping. meanwhile I saw my pee splash into the water and make white foamy bubbles just seconds after it began; most of which quickly faded as I almost finished. I wiped my twat good, then dropped the paper into the bowl. as I got up to pull my pants and undies back up, I looked, the bowl's water was now bright yellow and had just 2-3 patches of thin foam floating on it, mostly in the middle. this time I " forgot" to flush! -:P [ "I wanna be a bad girl" *giggles*]

Hi Steph,
I know a lady with the same name as you. When I read your posts, I thought of her sitting on the can and came down with the hots. She once ran out of TP and yelled for more, which I was very pleased to bring her.

AJ :o)
Stephanie (and T.K., too)--Where I went to grade school, there was (one for the boys and another for the girls) a cloak hall and restroom combination that was used by both first and second grade students, because it was located in the thick dividing wall between classes.

I can tell you a lot of stories about this restroom set-up.

First, let me describe it a little more.

If you were in first grade, it formed the west wall.

If you were in second grade, it formed the east wall.

The entrance to the girls' restroom was on the north side of each classroom and the entrance to the boys' restroom was on the south side.

It was very private.

There was a door there (two to a restroom and one of each going and coming from each classroom), and this door was sometimes open and sometimes closed.

Most times, it was closed.

But it only led to a cloak hall.

The restrooms were behind doors that remained closed, and the stalls had doors on them that locked.

The girls' room had two stalls and a sink.

The boys' room (judging what I could see of it one time) had an open urinal against one wall and a single stall (that I assume had a door) along with a sink.

The urinal was a tall one where the pee was aimed for an area at floor-level and the rest of the unit simply served as a splash-guard.

It had a flusher at the top--but it also self-flushed in case the boys would forget to.

The toilets in the girls' restroom weren't self-flushing, so I assume that the one in the boys' restroom wasn't either. Just their urinal.

Now that I've described the set-up, let me start telling the stories.

It was nap time when I was in first grade, and we all got our coats out of the cloak hall so that we could use them to lie down on the floor.

I can't remember what we did in weather when we didn't wear coats. I think we might have napped by putting our heads down on our desks instead.

But we had our coats, so we got to pick a spot and stretch out on the floor.

I ended up picking a spot by the boys' room--even though this wasn't why I picked it. I think that I simply picked it because it was there. Perhaps, one of my best friends in class might have located in that area and I wanted to nap close to her. If I remember right, the teacher read to us while we were napping, so I might have located there because it was close to her desk where I wouldn't miss out on any of the story.

Anyway, nobody was reading anything at the time. I had been lying there for awhile halfway asleep when I was awakened by this kind of gurling and swishing sound.

I looked in the direction of the sound to see what it was--and it was the urinal flushing all by itself!

Because nobody was using the restroom at the time, both the door to the cloak hall and the door to the restroom was open.

Anyway, I remembered thinking that it looked kinda spooky.

After I finished first grade, the teacher I had decided to teach at another school because she didn't care for the principal, so we had a new teacher for first grade.

She was a tall, thin, middle-aged teacher with hair that was so jet-black that I realize now that she probably dyed it. At the time, I just assumed that it was her real hair color.

She wore dark-rimmed glasses and a lot of make-up, giving her a kind of bar-girl look--yet, she had, even more, the traditional schoolmarm look, because she always wore conservative, black dresses that usually were trimmed in white lace, and she wore these old-fashioned black, lace-up, schoolmarm type of shoes that had about a two-inch chunky heel.

Her title was Mrs., so she was either married or else had been at some time.

There was a fifth grade teacher who was a Miss. Back then, nuns weren't out-of-habit, but, looking back, I could describe her as having a look of a nun without a habit (not even the head covering).

She had short, slightly-wavy, salt-and-pepper hair and wore three piece suits (that is, a skirt, blouse, and jacket). I think her choice of shoes was like a slip-on shoe with a low heel. She had a soft, pretty complexion.

Since she had her class on the other side of the building, I didn't get to see her too often, but I got to be the one to take a message to her one time when I was in first grade.

Another way I might describe her would be that, if Miss Hathaway of The Beverly Hillbillies were a pretty woman, this teacher would have looked something like her.

I would find out years later that she was a lesbian. As for the new first-grade teacher, she was a Mrs. but, for all I knew, she could have also been a lesbian (either divorced or else being bi or else not active with her husband though still married to him). Or she could have simply been straight.

Anyway, I had to pee while out on the playground, so I went back into the building and to the restroom.

Miss So-and-so was standing at the bathroom sink rearranging her hair and talking to someone in one of the stalls, and I recognized the voice as belonging to the first-grade teacher (Mrs. Anonymous).

I went on into the other stall and sat down.

Soon, I heard the voice of Mrs. Anonymous getting very strained, and she passed gas into the bowl very loudly. It was a sort of buzzer sound that reminded me a little of what it sounded like to have a fire-drill.

It wasn't a sound like wet diarrhea--just like a huge amount of gas.

The two teachers chatted back and forth, and Mrs. Anonymous kept going to that extremely-strained voice and blasting those buzzers into the toilet.

I don't know if any poop came out at the same time or not--and it would have to make an awfully loud plop in order to be heard over the buzzers.

I don't remember smelling anything--but I do remember that I would have been embarrassed to have any sort of eye-contact with Miss So-and-so while these sounds were continuing.

So I just stayed in the stall as if I were taking a nice, long, leisurely dump and waited for Mrs. Anonymous to finish what she was doing and for both teachers to leave.

It might have been a case of the familiar rhyme that starts out with "Here I sit all brokenhearted..." or it might have been a case of where she had already taken a dump before I arrived or else was taking a dump and the plops and splashes were being drowned out by the buzzer sounds.

Or she might never have had to take a dump but, instead, just knew that she had a lot of gas building up in her intestines and wanted to use this recess as an opportunity to push it all out before she had to teach class again.

I believe this might have taken place during the noon hour--meaning that she'd just had lunch (and, perhaps, the lunch had been something such as beanie weinies or beans and ham that day).

Anyway, in the light of learning that Miss So-and-so was attracted to women, I can help but wonder if Mrs. Anonymous might have been someone to whom she was attracted and whether the feeling might have been mutual.

Perhaps, this bathroom time might have been a kind of bonding time for them--and, perhaps, even before I came in there, Miss So-and-so might have been using the other stall.

I have some more bathroom stories to tell re: the first and second grade restrooms, but I'm going to save them for next time.

Also, to Ben, I have some stories to tell about pictures being taken of people sitting on the toilet--including myself!

But, again, I think I've rattled on for long enough so see you next time.

Besides, I gotta go pee!

AJ :o)

the other night my boyfriend slept at my house, i have to wake up to go to work 4 hours before him and i kissed him and left. I worked. When i called him he told me that when he had woken up at my house after me that morning, he had to shit. when he got out of bed my uncle was just getting in the shower. so he told me that he had to go so bad that he took a plastic bag and had to shit in it on my floor in my room. for some reason i think that kinda hot...??

hi everyone again. im the enema guy, i love my enemas. im still waiting to see some stories from other enema fanatics especially girls. i love to fill my bottom up with warm water then lie in the tub and just let the warm brown water flow out of my hole and into the drain. it usually smells really bad when i do my enemas i guess cause the poop has been in there awhile. i like to be cleaned out. Sometimes when i get up in the morning before work i go to sit on the toilet and poop before i go to work. sometimes i cant poop though. sometimes i push my finger up inside my butt to see if i can feel any poop up there. if i do like if its a small amount ill just pick it out and drop it in the toilet, then ill hop up on the sink and push my finger in make sure im clean. then maybe ill push some tissues up there in case i have to poop on the way to work so i dont poop my pants. it works well when i just pick it out of me i can feel myself get clean the only bad part is you can wash your hands all you want but it seems like the poop smell wont come off your hands for awhile. sometimes i push a tissue in my butt before i go to bed too kind of like a tampon i guess because i have woken up before after sleeping and ill get up and there will be dried poop pellets that fall down my pant legs. anyway ill talk more later

Friday, February 18, 2005

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