Connie Crapper
Hi, I'm back. I've been trying to remember some good stories to share. Back in my junior year of college (about 7 years ago) I shared an apartment with a girl named Sandi who had long, dark, permed hair. She was about 5'6", 110 pounds. Anyway, one morning as I was in the bathroom putting on makeup she sort of staggered in as she just got out of bed. She looked like she was in a bad mood as she came up next to me where the toilet was, turned around, lifted her red nightshirt slightly, pulled down her white cotton panties to her knees and sat. She pulled off a wad of TP and held it in her right hand and placed her hands on her thighs. She looked straight ahead and sat straight up as she peed a steady stream for about 30 secs. She made a poofy little toot and I bit my lip because she didn't seem to be in the mood.

Then she surprised me. She stayed seated after the pee stopped. She never really pushed for privacy when she peed, but I'd never seen her poop before. I calmly went about my business while she sat silently for about a minute. Then there was one plop, and a second, and a third with brief pauses in between. It started to stink a little, not bad, but instinctively I looked out the corner of my eye at her. I could see her back in the mirror, but not down into the toilet; she had the hole covered by her white buns just peeking out from her shirt. She must have caught me because she mumbled, "sorry".

I tried to stay busy as she reached between her legs to wipe from peeing. Then she pulled off more paper and folded it, reached behind to her right and wiped. She did this 3 more times, checking the last two for cleanliness. I couldn't look over there without being obvious, so I missed that part. It didn't really turn me on; I was just curious about seeing this side of her that had been hidden from me even though we had lived together for about five months by then and had been friends since our dorm days.

After that last wipe she stayed seated agian. Then I heard a small, brief dribble of pee fall into the water. When that stopped she grabbed some more TP and this time stood up and lifted her shirt to wipe. Now I was really curious. Standing, she wiped her vagina which had brunette hair trimmed like a long stripe in the middle. I had no idea about that either, though I knew she sometimes liked to wear a thong. I know some women do this, but I don't know who they're trying to impress. I mean, who's going to see that hairdo? I don't think she was showing it off then for my benefit.

She didn't poop in front of me again after that, nor I in front of her. We never talked about it either. It just seemed matter of fact to Sandi and i was a little embarrassed to bring it up. It was just an interesting discovery that was unexpected. Bye for now.

Hello to everyone on here. Ive posted on here once before about an occurence that happended at a restaurant where i was eating and a really hot girl came in and took a long dump. Anyways the reason im posting now is that im worried about my bowels. Let me tell u about myself im male,6 feet tall, and about 240 lbs, but im not a fattie i wear a 34 waist. The reason im worried is that the past 2 days ive had a little trouble with anal leakage (normally id feel ungoddly uncomfortable talking about this but i feel ok saying that here) im only 20 years old and im worried i might have something serious. The first time it happened was when i was driving home and i tryed to fart and a little something else came with it haha. Its not like their full blown accidents but i get that hot sticky feeling in my underwear that everyone on here talks about. The second time was yesterday night at the grocery store, i was just walking along and all of a sudden a little slipped out and i just kept walking hoping that no one notice anything. I dont think that theres anything wrong, but im notorious for holding in my dumps. Since i was a little kid i always held in my shit like on vacations and stuff. In fact the only time ive ever used a public restroom was the field house locker room, but it was like a second home. We'd always take huge dumps before football practice, man i miss those days. Hopefully somebody will reply and tell me if they think i have anything wrong with me. Thanks alot everybody

Just got home from an interview and I had to take the biggest shit. As soon as I got home I took my clothes off and as soon as I hit the toilet, a big log came out of my ass so fast. I really stunk the bathroom out too!! The shit was about a foot long and two other fairly large chunks of shit accompanied it. I wiped my ass 5 times and had to flush the toilet twice because the two chunks didn't go down!! It left a nuclear smell too!! It felt good though. I woke up before Steph this morning and after I got out of the shower Steph went in the bathroom and took her normal dump in the morning. I heard a ton of big blasts from her ass as she read a magazine and moaned for 10 minutes. When she came home from work last night, she took a big one after we ate a nice romantic Valentine's dinner. I listened to her go and it sure sounded like a nice healthy dump. We had an awesome Valentine's Day yesterday. Unfortunately, I can't talk about it in detail here. It was surely amazing though.
By the way, just ate at White Castle and it makes me think of the scene in Harold & Kumar where the two girls are shitting!! That was the best scene in the movie with those two hotties!!

Peace out!!!

Hey Monkey Butt,

Don't know what to tell you about the enormous amount of poo you make, but if the clean up is difficult you might want to try "Tucks" wipes. They are like wet ones, but made specifically for wiping after a movement. They come in travel packs so that you can keep one in your pocket at all times. That way when you have a messy poo, that will help you clean up thoroughly. Good luck.

Good morning and happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there, but especially to my amazing husband, TK. I am so lucky to have found a wonderful man like you, can't wait to see you tonight for a hot, romantic, and sexy night.
I just woke up to go to work and have to do my morning ritual of going poo-poo before I jump in the shower. I'm bringing in the laptop with me so I can type while I'm on the toilet. First, let me take my clothes off before I sit on the toilet. OK now I'm naked and I just sat down on the pot. A golden stream of pee is coming out of my pussy right now. Oooh, I just ripped out a loud wet fart and it stinks badly and now a couple of turds just plopped into the toilet. I usually shit 2-3 times a day. I always poo in the morning and this is always the biggest and smelliest one. Sometimes I poo after lunch but not everyday. I teach kindergarten and when my morning group leaves.... a couple more pieces of poo just came out of my butt, k-plop, k-plop.... anyway when they leave I eat lunch and on the days when I have to poo, I go in the faculty bathroom. It is a one-person bathroom and it has magazines in there that we can read. I'm usually kind of embarrassed when I have to use it though because I stink it up pretty badly although I have walked in there after some of the other teachers have come out of there and the smell ain't too pretty. I just ripped another fart out and another turd came out. This is gonna end up being a big shit, it stinks pretty bad in here at the moment. I do have a bathroom, one for boys and one for girls outside the classroom but that's for the kids and I wouldn't want to shit in there and scar those kids for life if they had to smell what I did. I just farted again, another loud one that echoed in the toilet. I love those kind. Anyway, that would be good punishment if a kid acts up, LOL!!! You've been bad, go stand in the bathroom and smell it!!! I just pushed more turds out, about 4 right in succession. Loud plops. When I get home and after I eat dinner, I always have to sit on the toilet. I farted again. Wow, I'm gassy this morning!! But thank God for pooping and for bathrooms because I think they are such a great place to relax and have privacy. After my morning group leaves at lunch time, I sometimes need to sit in the bathroom and relax to unwind. Same thing when I get home and if it was a rough day, I like to sit in the bathroom with a magazine and take a relaxing shit. I like my privacy in there because nobody bothers me. I left another big fart and I feel the big one coming. Oh yeah, my tight little asshole is starting to expand to let the big one out. I feel it, oh God I'm straining, aaaaahhhhhh, it came out, wow that was big!! I'm gonna get up and see what I did. It was a big, thick one, brown all the way through with a light brown shade at the end. I gotta wipe now. I just wiped and the toilet paper is covered with excess shit, gotta wipe again, I just flushed now because I'm going to have to wipe a few more times and I took a pretty big shit and I don't want to clog the toilet. The second wipe, there is still a lot of shit in between my cheeks, so I need to wipe again. The third wipe, not as bad, one more time, still a little shit on there but since I'm going in the shower, I'll dig in there and give the ol' butt a good cleaning with soap.
Well, everyone take care and I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day with your lovers!!



Actually, the blonde girl on Distraction did "buzz" in once; the brunette on the end did it like 3 times.

minni. Coffee is a powerful diuretic and I think it's probably been the cause of countless wetting accidents over the years. I certainly find that coffee makes me want to go - in fact it goes straight through me.

Vicky from London. I enjoyed your post about peeing on your way home from work, especially when you've got off the underground. It's sounds like it's a case of a necessity also being a pleasure. You said though that you've never had a poo accident in your adult life. Have there been any memorable occasions though when you've needed to go for a poo badly (either on the way home from work or otherwise) and only just got to the toilet in the nick of time with seconds rather than minutes to spare?

Hi to Linda, CC and everyone else...

Dear Micheal BOOM BOOM Diarrhea,,Yes the Visine trick works all too well... Ironicly enough i was renting a room in Vegas years ago,with two guys that were used car dealers and CRAP dealers,,one at the Riviera.The visine trick is used quite a bit in Vegas to get rid of very obnoxios assholes in casinos,ive heard a full squeeze bottle in ones drink makes it fly from both ends for hours on end!!! Back to my pooping in the car dealers van story for a moment,,I and my friend drove back to Vegas after the car auction,that afternoon,we almost crashed our car laughing insanely every time one of us would mention the poop in van incident.Its been many years since that day,but it still makes me smile every time i think of it. Well here goes a casino poop story,,,,my buddy was a craps dealer in Vegas,this one player was on a winning streak and didnt want to go to the bathroom to poop.I guess he had no underware on because he got a dry load out of his butt,and shook it down his leg onto the floor right there at the craps table.He then kicked it under the table ,,and acted like Mr.Innocent. The smell was getting bad so the pit bose got the porter over to the table with a broom and long handled dust bin.The porter,,who was a black man sized up the situation,,and loudly said,I AINT PICKIN UP NO WHITE MANS SHIT !!!! A good point....The pit boss grabbed the broom and dust bin,got the wayward turd into the dustbin,took it into the nearest restroom,,and flushed it.He came back to the table,quite red faced,gave the cleaning equipment back to the porter,and announced,NO CRAPPING AT MY CRAPS TABLE !!!Well,hope you liked the poop story alas,all too true. Much more to come ,your humble servant,Dr.I.P.Nightly

To Kim.J,
Don't assume that your boyfriend will drop you because of your condition. If he does then its good ridance, he's not worthy of you. Any decent man who wants to go out with you, and truly cares for you, will not be put off because of your condition and will be supportive. If you read this site, which obviuosly you do, you will notice that quite a lot of men enjoy watching their wives poo and find it a turn on. I hope this makes you feel better about yourself. Incase my name doesn't get on this post either, I am a man.
Reguards Aussie John

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Monkey Butt
I swear everytime I go poo i can never get a nice clean poo. it's always painful and always requires a disturbing amount of toilet paper. by the time it's cleaned up it feels like i'm earing a barb wire thong. it's probably my diet but does anyone have any suggestions? what about metamucil? help me out people.

OH WOW,,,NEAT SITE,, Here goes my first confession,,years ago,i was at a car dealers only auto auction in southern California,,i was out on the lot with my buddy looking at cars to buy,,suddenly i had to go real real real bad.....i was going to run for the crapper in the main building,,but my buddy said,hey,i know the owner of this ford mini van,,ill give you 20 bucks if you crap all over the floor in it!!! I said give me the 20 now and watch out for me... i hopped into the back of the van and blew a huge soupy pile of the foulest diarerra onto the carpet,,wiped once with some kleenex i had in my pocket,,and got the heck out!!! no one saw the dirty deed....about an hour later the van was driven through the auction !!!! the owner of the van was there and he was MAD....other people would open the door on the van,,the stink would send them reeling!!!!! the van owner was ready to kill,,he was darn near having a heart attack!! I and my buddy had to pince ourselves to keep from laughing... well confesssion is good for the soul.. much more to come,,,yours DR.I.P.NIGHTLY.....

TK and Stephanie
Hey everyone, it's TK and Steph. Steph took the day off work today so she wanted to post today too, but I will go first. Last night, Steph got home a little bit later from work because her school had an open house. You guys should have seen how she looked last night. She wore this sexy black top that almost looked like a piece of lingerie and it showed a lot of cleavage and she wore these black pants with gold pinstripes. Man she looked sexy. When she got home, she had to poo. She said, "I'll be back, I have to crap." She took her mail into the bathroom, turned the fan on, locked the door, pulled her pants down and sat down. As soon as she sat, she blasted a loud fart from her butt as she opened her mail, then she grunted, then a couple of turds plopped into the toilet. She sat there for a few minutes just moaning and trying to push more poo out. I walked up to the door and said, "How are you doing in there honey?" and she said "Fine, I'm gonna be a few more minutes though." I was getting so hot imaging what she looked like with her pants down sitting on the toilet especially with how hot she looked. I then heard her push hard again, "nnnnnnhhhh, oh God" then she let out a loud fart and then gave it another push "nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh" and then something started sliding out of her butt and then a I heard a big splash in the toilet and then a big sigh "aaaaahhhh". She then grabbed some toilet paper and wiped her butt 4 times and flushed. After she came out I wanted to smell what she had done and it was a very poopy smell in the air. After she did her business, her and I went and got down to business so to speak. Now it's Steph's turn to post.
Hey everyone it's Steph, TK's wife. I love this site and I enjoy all of your stories out there, Chelsie, especially yours. Before we entered this site this morning, TK just took a big shit in our bathroom by the computer room. When he goes, he shuts the door but doesn't lock it. I knew he was crapping because he farted as soon as he sat down. I came in because I like to see him with his pants down because he is so well hung. He likes it when I come in while he is on the toilet because his penis swells up. I don't like him to see me shitting though, I lock the door. I don't mind if he stands by the door and listens to me but I don't want anyone to watch me. I like my privacy when I have to shit. I guess I'm embarrassed about the smell. My shit smells a lot worse than his. When he went poo this morning, it was a pretty big one. He sat for over 5 minutes pushing a couple of small turds out and then finally a big log came out of his hot butt. It was about 8 inches long and very thick and a light brown shade. A very healthy poo to say the least. Before he wiped I needed to see what he did, and when he stood up, my pussy became very hot and wet because I could see his hard dick when he stood up. He then wiped about 3 times and flushed his poo-poo down the toilet. Maybe one of these days I'll let him watch me poo but I don't know if that will happen. We've been married for a year and a half and been together for 4 years total and have been having all kinds of hot sex since then so it's not he hasn't seen me naked. I think it's the embarrassment of the stink when I shit. I'm very stinky and it lingers in the bathroom for a while. Oh well, take care everyone, I will be posting more stories. Love the site!!

TK and Steph

Hey everyone, it's Steph again! TK has to go poo again and I'm going in the bathroom with him with his laptop to do a little pooping play-by-play. He just lifted the lid up, pulled his pants down (he's excited about me doing this just judging by his cucumber). He just sat down and tucked his dick in the toilet. He just let out a hissy fart, not much of a smell though. He's pushing and nothing is coming out, looks like he may struggle with this one, my poor honey. He just told everyone hi! I think he wants to say something.

TK: Hey everyone, I'm sitting on the toilet for my second shit of the day, this is going to be a long one I think. Nothing has come out so far. Well, here's Steph again with more play-by-play, I gotta concentrate on getting this shit out.

Thanks honey, it's Steph again. He just let out a fart and this one stinks. Wait, something is sliding out of his butt, plop-plop-plop-plop. Four little turds just came out of his ass. It's starting to stink pretty good in here, I wish I could hold my nose but I can't because I'm typing. I have to admit that I'm turned on a bit. Five minutes have just gone by and we've just been talking while he's been grunting. I think the big one's coming now. Oh I can smell it, I can see it too as he just lifted his penis out of the toilet so I can get the view of the shit coming out. It is not as big as the one he took this morning but stinkier. It is about half the size of his previous shit and not as thick. He only had to wipe twice for this one. He probably spent 10 minutes on the shitter this time.
I have a picture of him taking a shit on our honeymoon. He was in our bathroom on the cruise ship and while he was in there I asked him if he wanted me to take a picuture of him on the toilet and he let me. It wasn't a polaroid camera so he had to cover his equipment when I took the picture. We need to get one of those cameras. The picture is in our photo album but when we show the pictures to people, we make sure that we take that picture out because he doesn't want anyone to see it. I also have a picture of my friend Amy on the toilet at my old apartment when I was away for college. She always goes to the bathroom with the door open and she was over and had to crap. While she was on the toilet, my friend Marcy snapped a picture of her. It is a sexy picture, she's a big girl so her butt and thighs take up the whole toilet. We made her close the door because it really stunk like shit. A lot comes out of that big butt. I have that picture in an album and I sometimes look at it while I have to sit in the bathroom. Take care everyone!!

Love you all!!


There was this time I ate a really good breakfast on an early spring Sunday morning. I usually have Cereal (Life, Cheerios, or Quaker Harves Granola), a handful of blueberries, toast, and a mint tea. Well, for the heck of it, I decided to have my solitary annual cup of coffee. I had a large cup, and then decided to go to the mall.

After a few minutes of wandering around, I got this large, sudden pain up my ass. Luckily, there were only a few people in the mall on a Sunday moning, yet it still was embarrasing what happened next. Up from the abyss of monsterous pains, a mountain of heat and pain ripped up my leg's nerves and spine. I stopped walking and knew, that this was a moment where a truckload of logs were barreling down my B.C. highways of bowel lines, and that they weren't gonna pay no way, man! This convoy was gonna crash through the gates, straight past the toll booth and scales!

As I stood there in thr middle of the mall, an old couple watched me from a few feet away, and quietly gasped as I waddled in a circle twice, and then proceeded to stomp my left foot up and down high and hard like I was a drill sargent at Fort Bragg beginning the morning platoon march, hollaring 'Oh GOD! Oh GOD!' I probably looked like a crazy cadet in front of the two old people! I thought of only one last thing to possibly save myself from shitting a ton of it in my pants. I have pretty good muscles in my ass, yet I knew that they weren't gonna save me this time alone. I grabbed my ass cheeks as I stomped and hollared, pushed them together hard, and then after a few more painful moments, the pain stopped quickly. The old couple were already on their way through the mall, away from me, and I made a quick dash for home, which was just across the street. Just when I got home and up the stairs, instead of turning to my room, I turned to the washroom, threw off my pants as the pain came back, stomped my foot as I got on the throne, and crapped away. It was a hail of bullet sized turds, and the smell that would kill 10 elephants...instantly. So why am I still here? No matter how potent the smell, I'm used to my own shit by now. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................

And that's my story.

To Dylan,

Your friend's mother gave him an enema.


Brittany-I enjoyed your story about how you managed to get some poetic revenge for your sister(even if it came at a price), if you have any other accident stories, please share!

Emily-I liked your story too. Please post more (if any) accident stories that you may have.

Amber K.-I enjoyed reading your story, did the accident make a stain or was the only way to tell the smell (no rhyme intended). Please don't stop writing accident stories-including the ones witnessed by your friends/family.

Hey zip i saw DISTRACTION on comedy central the other night with the one part where they had to sit on the can and use their piss to get the buzzer. It is pretty funny that the blonde girl wouldnt do it lol. But just wanted to holla at you to let you know i saw it as well. I agree that you guys should get a chance to catch a rerun on comedy central if you can. I've always been interrsted on cute girls on the can. Anybody else now of any good female toilet scenes on tv or in a movie?

love the site
keep the good stories coming

Oh Debbie, with the 3 foot long coiled poo, please post about each poop session!!!!!! Did you take any meds earlier for this, or was it more natural? You might have a condition called megacolon? Are your poos normally really long?

princess pee
Once I was babysitting my mom's friends daughter Carmen, who is 4.I was
brusting for a pee, when Carmen said she had to "pee pee" when we were in traffic. Then she was doing the pee dance. That made me brust even more. I gave her a bottle, and the I remembered that was the only one. I almost peed myself whe she gave me the bottle. It was halfway full so I peed in it. It felt so good to get relief.

I babysitted again. We were in the traffic again. Carmen said she had to pee pee. She was doing the pee dance again. I said we would be there soon, but she said she had to go NOW. I pulled off on the side. I took her to a tree to pee. She started peeing, with a tiny hissing sound. (she can go openly)Then we got back in, and when I said we were going to get out soon, I was WRONG. We were there for an hour. I had to pee then, I told Carmen, and she said she had to go poopie. we got out. I helped Carmen then sat next to her. Then we went back to the car. about a half hour later, we got home.

Won't you be my Valentine?


Babysitting Carmen again. Right now.Yep.She's watching a Dora the explorer video (Dora has such an annoying voice)Okay, I said I had children but, I just wanted to join in with the "kid" stuff. Well the other day Carmen and I were at a store, and Carmen said she had to pee pee.I told her to hold it, so she did.We bought our grocries and when we got to my driveway, It was clear she couldn't make it.I took her to the garage and let her pee.


michael explosive diarrhea
I've heard rumors that if you put visine in some ones drink then they will have a mass attack of explosive diarrhea. I experimented by putting 5 drops of visine in some juice and draNK IT. Within minutes I had to take a shit. I took out a dinner plate and took a shit on it. It wasn't really watery,but it was a huge pile of mushy shit. About 7 hours later It really hit me. I rushed into the bathroom tore my pants and boxers down and sat on the toilet. I pushed and masses of feces came out. Noisy diarrhea was coming out of me accompanmied by loud hissing farts which lasted seconds at a time. The smell was so rancid that I had to cover my face cause i could not take the smell any longer. The diarrhea was so explosive and it made the most unimaginable noises i have ever heard. It eased a little and finished with one more explosion.

I was thinkin of times I have ever seen a girl on the toilet. A long time ago I remember seeing one of my friends,friends on the toilet and when she got up I saw a long log about 13 inches in the toilet. The girl was like 7 years old at the time,but looked about 12. I've seen my aunt on the toilet and she was reading a magazine and took a shit about 20 inches long. I did some research and find out that girls between the ages of 18-23 can shit enormous. One last thing,has anyone ever heard about this. Most times I have loud wet shits and very rarely I push out 10 inch turds.Can someone please comment on this and tell me if i have a bowel problem.

Today I did something awfully strange. I am a guy so when i went to pee I pee standing up(given) anyway, I had to pee so I went to the toilet pulled it out and started. Thats when i suddenly cramped, and a massive amount of poop filled my underwear, all the time I was still peeing. When i was done my pants had a very large bulge, but no big stain. Then i cleaned up and threw my clothes in the wash. Does anyone have any info on the nerve endings that control these functions? Are they interconnected?

I remember when I was 10 years old,now I am 13 year old. I was on the bus to camp, before I left I had a really big lunch. And it was a 5 hour bus ride to camp. We stop at a restroom because our bathroom on the bus was broken.I didn't need to go at the time.We were about 3 hours away from camp stillIt was about 1 hour later I needed to go and take a shit.I was letting off big farts and with every fart I needed to go even worst.I was sitting in the back of the bus so no one knew I needed to go bad. Then I coundn't hold it much long then 5 mins later I stool up and I shit my black Breifs and then people sitting around me were saying what's that smell it smell like some died in here,and my face was brick red and what I didn't know was I was peeing myself to so the pee was going down my leg. When I sat back down My breifs were full of shit. 25 mins later we stopped at a restroom and I clean myself up and washed my underwear in the sink and put a new pair of underwear. But I wasn't alone My best friend also shit his pants least we weren't alone of what happen.Then we got back on the bus and went to camp for a week and had fun.

cheryl: Hey, I liked your "coffee sent" pee story. The description of the smell and color of your pee was excellent to the T! Also those morning pee stories plus the week end pee stories! Keep those stories and the descriptions coming! Cheryl, have any stories about using containers of some kind to measure the contents of your bladder?

Brenda: You have any peeing into container stories?
I've been pooping alot here lately! I'm drinking this dieter's tea which makes me poop a lot! That's is the benifits of drinking that tea is that it cleans (relaxes) you out. This my only way of having regular bowel movements by drinking this tea because I get clogged often because I a big carb and cheese fan and not so hip on green leafy vegetables, yuck! Maybe that explain why I stay sooooooo clogggged!!!!!! Well go to go talk to you all later. Peace!

im new hear my name is matt. im a 20yr old male,6'2". I just want to say a few thing first.
I like girls who do have intentional accidents and not intentional..
third...KIM J i would love to go out with you sometime not because i like what you do..just because i know what you go through because a person i know also has the issue.
fourth. i kinda like to have accidents occasinoaly

heres on for you..happend today i was getting gas and i felt the urge to poop didnt realzie that it had been 5 days since i last went...i drove home got into the door and a cramp hit me i knew i had less then 30sec to hit the crapper or i would be the crapper. so i ran up stairs and striped it came closer and closer...i knew i couldnt make it so i jumed in the shower and had everything off expect socks and underware. i bent down to taek the socks off and immeadetly i let loose a wave of semi soft poop that filled the back of my draws up..i stood up and started to take them off when i got hit with a wave of very soft and some water shot out my went up the shower wall and all was a huge amount..cleaned up fairly qucikly and am now telling you guys...have some other stories will you guys stories keep them coming

Hi there everybody,
who's got a window so when you're on the can you can pull the curtains back and let everybody see your face as you sit there? One of my neighbours has, and when I'm lucky enough to arrive at her place while she's sitting on the throne, she always gives me a sexy smile and a wave.

To Dylan, to answer your question, what your friends mother gave him was what is called a enema. It involves sticking a tube in the rectum (bum) and putting a liquid into the intestines, usually salt water. It is very effective in treating constipation. Many people are, or pretend to be frightened of them, but they are not a big deal at all, sometimes you get some cramps from the water but that is about all and many people find them enjoyable. I never suffer from constipation, but I enjoy enemas. I read on this site about people who suffer constipation for days but won't try a enema, which will give almost instant relief, I don't understand why. I suggest to people who regularly suffer from constipation that they try a enema when they are not constipated as they are easier to take then.
Then when they had to use them they would be used to them. I did post some hints some time ago but I can't remeber which page they are on, but if anyone out there would like me to post them again I will.

after staying up all night putting the finishing touches on something I was writing, meanwhile slowly drinking diet pepsi; I needed to pee of course a couple times.[ about 3 times in 8 hrs] anyway this time I hadn't peed since about 6 am and mind you , in that time I drank two mugs of ice cold soda. and so my bladder feeling full as I finshed up my story, it was time to use the ladies'room again. LOL and so, I walked into the bathroom , closing the door and lifting the lid [I close it because the sink is so close and I hate sitting in wet, even if it's just PURE WATER and not the yellow stuff that comes from a sloppy guys "firehose" LMAO ]. then I quickly pulled down my sweats and undies, sat down on the seat, and in a few seconds, began to pee. I felt my vulva's lips just open up easily as this mostly white stream, about half a finger wide, came out of me and tinkled loudly into the toilet's water straight down into the middle-front like it usually does unless it sprays. this time it came out really quick like and in little more then 30 secs I was done. finished, no after dribble, nothing! that soda must've been like rocket fuel or something. I wiped my twat then got up , dropping the wad of paper into the bowl; which was filled with mostly yellowish-white urine but also lots of scuzzy-looking bubbly urine foam covering half the bowl's water in one large swirl; with some huge bubbles in it toward the back of the toilet's water. I pullled up my undies and pants, then flushed the toilet ; watching as the white foamy pee swished down almost leaving some left over foam! it had to be from all the left over soda, I'm sure!

ok i was driving home from school one day it was only 30 mins fom home too school and i had too poop real bad and i said i am going too try too make it home so i kelp on going then about 5 mins later i said i can't make it home so i pull down this gravel road about have way and looked around the car for something to wipe with so i found some paper towels then i got out and went inthe woods a little piece and then i found some bushes and looked around to see if anybody was looking then i pulled my jeans and panties down and squatted and pooped and then i wiped pulled my jeans backup and went on

Hi thought I would share a story that happened to me last summer. I decided to visit a shopping centre about an hours drive from my home. I set off after having two large mugs of tea durning the morning. Bad idea, as I got nearer to the town my bladder felt it would burst and I knew I would have to find a toilet like soon.I started to panic, as soon as I took my foot off the gas I felt an urgent need to pee and I am wriggling and squirming in my seat desperate not to start to wee. Finally parked on the top floor of the carpark and knew the toilets were a long way off. As I sat in the car I felt the first squirt of pee flood into my panties,desperate and holding my crotch with all my might I was detirmid not to sit and pee in the car,I looked around the car park was busy but not to many people near, there was only one thing to do.I managed to hold my pee long enough to get out of the car carfully I staggered cross legged to the front of my car,by this time I am in agony and pee is starting to flood into my panties, there was only one thing to do,I had a skirt on and so I just opened my legs wide and stood there and let out the pee, wooow relief I was standing in a public car park in the middle of the day peeing for all my might there was nothing I could have done to stop if anyone had come along, my pee gushed out with such fourse I felt so much relief I just did not care my bladder had been hurting so much a few seconds ago. My panties were soaked as I did not think to pull then to one side but I managed to keep my legs dry, my shoes got pretty wet though. Just as I thought there was no more pee left I turned around to see a guy returning to a car nearby, I just stood there in the large puddle and finished my final dribble before saying hi locking the car and heading off to the shops.
Anyone else have any stories about almost getting found out when peeing in public.

I was interested in the topic of celebrities taking a poop; through a friend of mine you worked on the set of home improvement he said years back he went into the gents and took a stall next to Jonathon-Taylor Thomas, one of the shows young stars.

He said the guy sat down and began farting a lot a few plops were heard before a short pause, followed by about 6 wipes, cool.

anyone else got any similar stories to share??

Last week this guy came into work with a bit of an upset gut. He said 'If I need to use the toilet can you cover the till for me?' I said I would. Eventually he shouts up the stairs 'Can you cover the till for me? I gotta use the toilet?' I said yeah and ran down to cover for him. He then went off in a hurry to do his business. I wondered how long he'd be able to wait if I took ages to come downstairs. I didn't like the idea of him shitting his pants in the shop but thought it was funny that I might have seen him do it....

Ben - I've had my photo taken when I was on the toilet. I was really young and was sitting on some sort of special seat that made the original toilet seat smaller so I didn't fall down it! It's not one of my favourite photos to say the least!

I pissed my pants good and proper in school when I was about 7 or 8 years old. It was almost time to go home and everyone had put their chairs up on the tables and were waiting for the bell. I was desperate for a piss so I asked my teacher if I could go but she said no.

I was mad with her but thought I would probably make it. I went back to my desk but then I suddenly felt my piss start to come out! It kinda spread from the front of my pants to the back and then started splashing on the floor. My mates started laughing and then I just ran out of the room to the toilet.

I had to run past a whole line of kids from another class and all the way up a corridor to the toilets with my hand stuffed between my legs trying to stop the flow. I finally got to the toilet and finished my piss which went on for ages. Then I went to find my Mum who was waiting in the playground to pick me up. She was fine about what had happened and we just laughed.

I have loads of dreams about going to the toilet and yet I've never once woken up to find that I'd wet or pooped the bed. How luck is that!?

Sunday, February 13 2005

all day today i had the weirdest feeling, my stomach felt sort of queasy but i was hungry as well. before i went to class in the morning, i went to the bathroom to see if peeing or pooping would make me feel better. i wasn't able to poop though and still felt queasy after i peed. around two o'clock i got really, really hungry and got some food from a campus restaurant. i had class at two-thirty and there was a long line to get food so i had to eat really fast because i was running late. about twenty minutes after i got to class, i got a really bad stomach ache all of a sudden. my insides felt cramped and gassy and i started having quiet farts. i knew i needed to poop but couldn't leave class because it's a big lecture hall and everyone would have seen me leave and i also didn't want to risk getting up and letting out the big fart i felt building in my stomach. there were almost thirty minutes left in class and so for thirty minutes i sat there with my stomach aching and poop trying to come out. when class was over i stood up really quick to run to the bathroom, and my stomach gurgled really loud and everybody looked at me. i was so embarassed and i hurried to the bathroom with my hands on my belly at this point because it ached so bad. when i got to the toilet three huge chunks of poop came out of me, it was really soft and then i had even more and it was even softer. i went back to my dorm and started feeling sick to my stomach again about half an hour later, went to the toilet and had a huge wave of diarhea. i'm still feeling a little weird in my stomach but i haven't had any poop for a few hours now.

Boston guy: Your stories were real cool. It was great that you and that guy could take a shit side by side in the stall modified for handicapped use. It reminded me of a beach restroom that I used to use during Xmas vacations in Key West, Florida. The City had removed the stalls around two toilets. They were, however, separated from the remainder of the restroom by a partial barrier. So a guy could take a shit in reasonable privacy while sitting side by side with another guy that also was shitting. I used to shit there every morning and must have crapped side by side with dozens of guys. The restroom was real busy with shitters in the mornings. Most of the guys were young and wearing swim suits so it was just like 2 almost naked dudes shitting side by side. No one seemed shy about it, but it was kinda rare for anyone to chat with me while we crapped. A few would just say "Hey" when they took a seat alongside me. A couple of guys did ask me to pass them TP when their roll had run out as was often the case. The TP was in large round dispensers on the wall in front of the two toilets. I saw guys shit and wipe in just about every possible position known to man. The most interesting were those that didn't want to have contact with the metal bowl rim (no seat was provided) and these dudes crapped standing and bent over with their asses protruding over the bowl. Out of the corner of my eye I could often see their turds dangling from their asses and then falling into the pot usually with a loud splash. One year when I returned, the City had cleaned the place up and placed stalls around the two toilets. So the great days of shitting openly alongside other young dudes were over. What a bummer!

Billy and Kevin
Today I went over to a friend's house to work on a school project after school. About 1/2 hour after I got there, I had to poop. I said I had to go to the bathroom. We were working in the loft. I went downstairs to the bathroom. Her little sister was sitting on the toilet peeing. She got up. There was a long log in the toilet and no toilet paper. I flushed the toilet and the water level rose to the top of the bowl, almost ready to overflow. I went back to my friend and told her what happened. I said I still need to go, the big way. She said that I could use the bathroom off the kitchen. She said she had to go, so I could follow her. She went first. She was out real fast, like a minute. She said she left a little surprise for me. She left a turd about 8 in. long and one she of paper with just a little poop on it. I dropped 2 turds, a little longer and bigger than hers, wiped and flushed. When I came out she said, guess what I had for dinner? I told her, corn. I told her the corn from lunch was in my poop.

I peed my pants on the bus today,
i left work forgetting to go to the toilet,
i soon found myself desperate for a pee,but the bus was stuck inj a jam
so a 10 min trip turned into an hour!!!
i was sat with crossed legs wishing the damn bus would get moving
eventually it did but too late for me!!
i felt a spurt go into the crotch of my jeans
and then i could not hold it any longer
and my pee just gushed into my panties
and jeans.
fortunatley they were black so only i knew i had done it!
i am going to pee myself again tomorrow but delibereately!!!
it felt good...

Linda from Australia again : )

I have been really busy lately so I haven't had time to post anything on here until now. A few nights ago, I had a dream that I needed to do a wee and I was in the city doing some shopping. In the dream, I had to find a toilet quickly or else I would wet my pants. Anyway, I found a toilet and did my wee but I still needed to go. I wiped my bum and pulled up my pants and walked down the street. While I was walking, I did a poo in my pants. I had been walking for quite a while when this happened so it would take me a while to walk back to the public toilets. I felt my bum and a small bulge was sticking out. It took me a long time to find the toilets again and while I was walking, I pooped my pants again.

Good morning--mild here. We went to a bookstore the other night; I had to pee. As I went to the urinal, a boy of maybe 10 years of age went into the neighboring toilet stall. I heard him fart briefly, then three turds fell. He quickly wiped and flushed, and as I walked by I saw a single light-brown 5" log swirl down the pipe. Yesterday I had lunch at a different mall; went into the men's room and sat in the middle stall. Unusually for me, I seemed slightly constipated and couldn't go. A man came in to my right, sat down, and had what sounded like a powerful blast of diarrhea; almost immediately, another guy came in to the stall on my left and did the same thing! I left. Later in the afternoon I felt the urge again, this time at work. I sat down and pushed; slowly a fairly thick turd came out. It was all one length and felt very good; it plopped lightly in the water, and then another, much smaller, turd came out with a plunk. I wiped, then stood up to see. My log had broken in two, so there were now three pieces in the water, all fairly thick, maybe an inch and a half, firm and medium brown, I'd guess the total length to be about 8 inches. This morning I waited until after breakfast for my b.m. I sat down, feeling only slightly urgent, and shaved. After that, the feeling grew in intensity, finally reaching slight pain as the turd pushed on the lower end of my rectum. I took a mirror and watched as a nice long medium brown turd slid smoothly out, making the unique soft moist rustling sound that I hear only while pooping. It was a long one, close to a foot, and it doubled up and curled without breaking in the toilet bowl. It felt really good. A couple of days ago I had an unusual movement. It was in the afternoon, and I had been working hard outdoors for close to four hours. The urge was sudden and strong. I sat on the toilet, took the mirror, and watched as three 4-5" turds of moderate thickness came sliding out. The urge only grew stronger, as if those turds had slid past something else (though I don't know if that's possible). I pushed again, and a really thick turd came slowly and laboriously out--a bit darker and certainly harder than the others, it was about 1.5" thick and maybe 7-8" long, solid and slightly knobbly. I'm not used to having the harder one come out last. It was a good feeling.
I really enjoy your stories of healthy normal b.m.'s, and what your normal bowel habits are. Keep them coming--and happy pooping!

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