hi everyone! my name is ellen and im 17 years old.. i'm 5'4, 126 lbs, black hair just to give you an idea. i think im the youngest one here..anyway ive been reading this for a while and i enjoy all of your stories..i think i finally have a story of my own to post. maybe 2..
first of all, the story im about to tell is basically really gross and it involves my first and only accident.. which took place when i was 16 pretty pathetic right? anyway im warning you its discusting so you should stop reading now if youre not up for it lol.
one long weekend last year i went away with my friend and her family to their vacation house. it was me, her, her parents, and her cousin. basically, i was stuffing my face the whole weekend because the food was great.. lots of burgers and pasta etc. and obviously eating a lot more means going to the bathroom a lot more too.. and for me it usually means it will be really soft and smelly (i know, gross). just to let you know, im one of those people who cannot possibly go to the bathroom number 1 or 2 infront of ANYONE at all. so i felt the urge to go number 2 but i held it. my stomach was rumbling and i was letting out smelly farts but i figured i would hold it that night and then go to the bathroom before i took a shower the next morning (so the running water could hide the sound). ok this is where it gets really gross and ill try not to go into too many gross details sorry. i woke up in the middle of the night with cramps and my underwear was completely soaked with some thick substance and so was my blanket. i was sharing a room with my friend who was sound asleep so i was like wondering what the hell was going on so basically i hurried over to the bathroom with my heart pounding and i pulled my pants down. my underwear was completly coated with, yes.. diarreah...but it was like almost bright yellow (but it wasnt pee). it was all over my legs also. of course that was only the beginning. i wanted to cry. i was miserbale and i seriosuly wanted to kill myself. and of course it didnt end there because i was cramping up and i had to go more. so i sat on the toilet and as soon as i let my butt open gas came out so i jumped up cause i didnt want my friend to here. i wrote her a note saying that i was taking a shower because my hair was greasy and i felt sweaty (even tho it was like 4 am but whatever she knows i cant stand when my hair is greasy) and i left it by her bed and i ran the shower water. i swear to god i sat on the toilet for 30 minutes as my butt sporatically released this yellow and brown exploding stuff. but in the water it would be like flaky and spread out and it smelled awful. so then i wiped and got in the shower to clean the rest of my self. which was hell. numnber 2 is extrememly hard to get off and it was on my thihgs and butt cheeks especially. so i took a long miserable shower, which was difficult because i felt the urge to go more and had to hold it, and i thought i was clean but then.. ew i know this sounds gross.. i found wads of clumped up messy toilet paper between my butt crack.. you know where..and yah i actually had to pick it out!!..then i had to rinse the number 2 off of my hands and all of that stuff. by the time i got out of the shower and finished going to the bathroom it had been 2 hours. i hid my dirty clothes in a paper bag and threw it away in the dumpster on the street the next day. we spent the next day at the mall so i pretended i was going to try on clothes and let the rest of my diarreah rinse out in the mall bathroom whcih was luckily empty or i dont know what i would have done. ok yah im sorry for the long gross story i hope it was worth it reply with comments. ill save my other story for next time.

I had the most amazing poop today. It was about an inch in diameter and about 3 feet or more long(well I didn't actually measure it). It looked like a snake curled up down there in the tiolet bowl. I never realized that long a poop was possible with out breaking into sections. It felt good too! Is there a world record for length?

Hey everyone,

This is sure the place to read about accidents these days. I witnessed one on Sunday in an airport washroom here in Calgary, Alberta.

I was getting off a flight and about to clear customs. I decided that it might be best to duck into the can for a pee before confronting the huge line up of travellers waiitng to clear. The flight was arriving from dallas and there were many cowboys with big hats deplaning.

As soon as I stepped up to the urinal, this friendly old cowboy with a big hat, boots and huge belly steps up beside me and cuts a fart that I thought was going to rip the seat of his pants out. He laughs and looks over at me and says..."Looks like you and me know how to take care of the number one things in life" and then he sighs and lets go a stream of piss. I laughed and said "You got that right" He was grunting a bit as he finished up and then proceeded to cut another enormous one. This one wasn't so dry. He must have known that i knew he had just shit his pants, cause he kind of stuck out his butt a bit and said quitely "Important to take care of number two matters first sometimes" And with this he walked that walk that one walks with a mess in their shorts and quietly went into a stall muttering obscenities and something about his damn guts going to shit. He wasted no time and sat down on the bowl and proceeded to clear his guts - loudly - no holding back. I could see him in the mirror as I washed my hands, he had wadded up paper and was trying to clean his underwear all the time he was pushing out his wet shit.

i saw him later at the baggage carousel talking with his buddies. I heard his two friends laugh and knew that he had confessed his accident. One of them stepped away and said "No wwonder I smell cow-shit"

I got my bags and walked away.

Accidents are great aren't they?


Experiment #1
Hi everyone... I've been lurking here for a while but I think I am finally ready to post for the first time. I like to have intentional accidents. It doesn't interfere with my life but once in a while I like to poop in my panties. I've never had a real accident in my adult life and I read here all the time about people having accendents and I always wonder what it would be like to let a load loose in my panties.
Today I decided to go home and do it. I had been constipated for a few days. This happenes often. I was kind of cramped up and felt like crap. I decided to go to the store and buy a laxitive. There was all kinds but I decided to buy this lemon flavored liquid that you add to water and just drink. I thought that would be the easiedt way... I got home and read the bottle and it said to take it "On an empty stomach at least a half hour before a meal" so I did. I have never taken a laxitive before but read that it was gentile and not harsh so I took it. I made some food that took about a half hour to cook... While I was cooking, I was on the computer here reading these posts and I felt a slight rumble somewhere in my side right below my ribs. I knew it was going to be effective. I had on and off weird feelings in my intestines, and a small amout of pressure in my bum all while my food was cooking. I sat down and ate as I was on my computer. About 15 minutes into my meal I felt a significant shift in my intestines that made me know a shit was a brewin... I was going to see how long it was going to take before I couldn't hold it any more... i still had a ways to go, and I was still hungry too, so I ate a few more bites and felt the earge to use the toilet get a little stronger. I was sitting in the chair with a pair of white cotton panties on when the urge got pretty damn strong so I picked up my plate and put it in the sink and made my way to the bathroom. I was feeling a little crazy today and I went and got a full length mirror from my room and placed it up against the wall in the bathroom. I then took newspaper and placed it on the floor. Finally I took a small mirror and held it in my hand so I had a full view of my ass. i stood there in the bathroom and waited as the urges got stronger and the pressure on my hole was almost too much. I felt like it was going to be a solid one like I usually have only bigger. I pressure was sooooo strong, and my belly was bubbling like crazy. I felt like I needed to fart. I felt the fart make its way closer to my hole, only instead of a fart, it was a small ooze of mushy diareah. I held it back still. Another shot of warm mush made its way out of my hole and into my white cotton panties. In the mirror i could see my ass and there was no stain on my panties yet. A huge cramp came and pushed out a little more warm moist poop and i could feel the warm mush in my lower bum in my undies, which was sticky. I felt a huge cramp and i held on for dear life. As that one subsided I looked in my mirror and there was a small brown stain and on my panties about the size of a quarter. I felt moore shifting in my butt and a cramp and was beyond words hit me. I felt my gut tighten as I was forced to empty my whole load in my white cotton panties. Ifelt the pressure and with a sizzly, hiss and some kind of girgle my asus opened and i just exploded in my panties. In one explosion, immediately, there was poop running down my leg and splattering on the newspaper. Whatever stayed in my panties went up the front of them and almost out of the top in the back. As the whole thing happened I was watching my ass in the mirror. There was just an instant splattery stain in my pandies, and i saw the whole load empty as a huge brown watery bulge caused my panties to immediately sag and expose my crack. Poop was splattering out onto the newspaper. I thought I was done but another wave came and a bubbly girgly fart pushed even more poop in my panties. By now my panties were almost totally soaked and the wave made more drip down my leg and splat on the paper. The poop kept oozing uncontrollably as I stood watching my huge wet bulge and the poop falling out the bottom of my butt, and climb higher in the back so some was almost falling out my crack. When it was finally done there was poop everywhere, I had soaked undies, shit all down my leg and an 12inch wide SPLAT and alot of smaller splatters on the newspaper. I cleaned up and that was an experience I will never forget...

Ok, I'm 16 5'4" dark brown hair brown eyes cute but smelly little heiny
It was saturday morning my dad (ironically) being a plumber works on weekends and my mom was visiting my grandparents. I may have a small butt, but I take huge dumps. So i'm home alone prancing around in my undies and a t-shirt enjyoing the freedom, I go in to the bathroom to take my morning poo, it's awesome not having to worry about anyone else being home, so I left the door wide open dropped my panties to my ankles and did my thing, I farted a couple of times they were kinda wet
and then the poop started to slide out of my butthole, I leaned forward and grunted forcing the poop out of my butt I peed and then farted a few more times, I finished off the last of the toilet paper and tried to flush it. It filled up to the top with poopy water! Ususally when I clog the toilet my dad gets his stuff and fixes it but he wasn't here now was he. So I left it, and continued my daily thing talked to friends on the phone, listened to music, had breakfast and lunch, around six I felt the need to poop again I couldn't go in the toilet cause it would flood it wasn't that bad of a need I knew I could hold it until my dad got home, but it was getting worse it was trying to get out I could feel it poking through my bumhole so I though about what I could do. Figures that the only people in the neighborhood I knew were gone. So I waited for dad, and waited and waited, until I couldn't hold it anymore so I got up to call him and I felt something sticky in my undies I felt the back of my butt with my hands and right away I knew what it was...poop even if I did call my dad I couldn't hold it until he got home I couldn't even make it out of the kitchen so said "screw it" I grabbed a dish towel off of the oven and layed it flat on the kitchen floor I squatted down over the towel and pushed all that came out was a loud and stinky fart, I bent over and pushed harder the poop slid out easily with a mix of farts, I could feel my panties getting heavier then I had to pee and there was no point in holding that in now so shortly after pooping I peed myself :( I managed to keep most of the smelly contents in my panties but some got on to the towel and you thing thats bad, I lost my balance and fell on my butt backwards squashing the poop on to my butt. I just sat there speechless I stood up pee dripping down my leg and pulled my panties down, most of the poop was caked to my bottom, I had to use my t-shirt to wipe it off. I made it in to the shower to clean up I got out and threw my poopy clothes away and got dressed my dad came home and fixed the toilet and I still havn't told him about my little "accident" best thing of it though I was alone at home not in public! but it still sucked. i'll post again if anything interesting with my butt happens. peace out

" coffee scented pee" well I hadn't needed to pee for more than 6 hours so far; but finally needed to pee after drinking some coffee about 2 hrs ago. anyway went to the bathroom and shut door. then I lifted the lid, pulled down my sweats and undies, sitting down to pee. [took the mirror to watch again] after just a few secs, I began peeing in this nice wide yellow coffee scented stream which had to be about a good half inch wide I swear as it first tinkled into the bowl's water right in the front-middle sort of shooting toward my left leg just a bit. it came out nice and steady for maybe 30 secs or so at most straight down. then as it was about done, it slowed to a few dribbly small streams,about 3 which shot outward toward the front of the toilet's dry front slope and then back down into the water before stopping like 10 secs later. that was it, I wiped my twat, dropped the wad of paper in the bowl while getting up. as I was pulling everything back up I looked at the bowl's water now all full of dark yellow acidy-looking urine and just one small circle of foam toward the back. as I flushed the stench of coffee was still in the air.

Hi, I'm Brittany. I just found this site. Here is a story about my twin sister and I back in high school on a trip to a theme park.

I was at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure with my twin sister on a high school band trip and she talked me into going onto the really tall ride thing that pulls you up this big pole like 200 feet into the air and then drops you real fast, then pulls back up, and drops you again, and does it a few more times before letting you down. Well, I'm scared of heights and didn't really want to go, but she begged so I did. Big mistake. They strap you into these seats that hold four people across and the lock you in place with the bar that lowers in front of you. I was soooo scared. And only after they had strapped us in and started slowly pulling the car up the pole did I realize I suddenly felt like I needed to pee.

It got to the top and stopped for a second, my heart was pounding and I was almost scared to the point of crying, my bladder was screaming at me to pee, and I was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to hold it and I was wearing tight faded blue jeans so any little leak would show up big time. Well, suddenly the car just dropped straight down like 100 feet. I screamed at the top of my lungs, squeezed the handles on the harness as hard as I could, and yep… I peed. I didn't even care at that point - I thought I was about to die, lol. I could feel the pee coming out and soaking my panties and the crotch of my jeans, but I kept my eyes closed. The cart jerked to a stop, pulled up faster this time, then dropped again. I was still peeing steadily and could feel my butt getting very warm and wet, and my thighs as the pee started to spread down my legs. The cart jerked to another stop, pulled back up, dropped again, then started to slowly lower towards the ground. By that time I was about finished and by the time we got to the bottom I was done and my jeans were SOAKED. I looked down at my lap and was mortified. I knew it would be bad, but it was totally obvious that I had pissed myself. The wet mark was all over my lap, down the inside of my legs past my knees and down my calves, and I knew my butt had to be soaked most of the way up to my waistband because I could feel the wetness.

My sister turned to me and started to say, "See, that wasn't so bad." But then she saw my jeans and she just busted out laughing. The park girl unlocked our harnesses, saw my pants, and called for another employee to come over to help clean the seat. I was so embarrassed. Meanwhile my sister is still laughing at me like it's the funniest thing she ever saw. She is doubled over, stumbling toward the exit as we try to leave, laughing for all she was worth. The she stopped walking, thrust her hands into her crotch, and while she was still laughing said, "Oh my God, you're gonna' make me pee myself from laughing!" I looked at her crotch - she was also wearing jeans, but hers were just a little bit darker than mine, but not much - and after a few more seconds of laughing I saw a shiny dark spot spread slightly from under her hands. She was pissing her pants! She started laughing even harder now, and kept saying, "I'm pissing myself, too! I'm pissing myself, too!" I watched the stain spread out of her crotch and start to go down her legs. She took her hands away and stood up, spread her legs slightly, and looked down at herself as she completely emptied her bladder into her jeans. The pee spread down the inside of her legs all the way until it was dripping out of the bottom of her jeans onto the ground and her shoes and socks. She was still laughing, but her face was beet red, but I'm sure mine was too. I could hear other people around us laughing and telling others to look at the two teenagers who wet themselves, but by now I was laughing, too, and it was a little too late to care, right? When she was done she looked up at me and kind of shrugged, and we just kept laughing as we walked out of the exit and back into the park. We decided to go to the closest water ride where we could get wet and cover up our accidents, but that still meant walked through the very busy park for like 15 minutes to get there and everybody saw that we had both totally pissed our jeans. We were quite a sight.

After we got on the river rapids and managed to get ourselves wet enough to at least pretend all our wet jeans were from the ride, we went on our way. About an hour later we were waiting in line and it was getting dark and my sister leaned over and whispered in my ear that she had to pee a little and was just going to do it in her jeans since she'd already done so once today and she was still wet from the river ride. I dared her, and she said watch me. She squatted down, pretending to tie her shoes, and I saw the crotch of her jeans glisten with some fresh wetness and some drip down onto the concrete under her, then after a few seconds she stood back up again with a huge sheepish grin on her face. You couldn't tell since she was already wet, but she said she could now hold it until after this roller coaster. I was only slightly shocked, but I didn't pee myself again, I just waited until we got to another bathroom later.

And of course more than a few of the other people in the band saw us and by the time we got back on the busses to leave at night the entire band knew we had peed our pants and a lot of people made fun of us. It became a running joke for the band the rest of the next year and a half until we graduated.

Billy and Kevin
Today, we went to a museum. We had to get to the bus by 6:00. We stopped at McDonald's for breakfast. After breakfast, I could feel that I would need a poop in a while. When we got to the museum, I still only had to pee. There were about 30 boys on the trip. Five of us had to poop and almost all the rest had to pee. There were four toilets, but there was a father and daughter using one. It was really funning listen to them. She said, when you go pee, you stand. He said, yeah, that is because guys have a weiner. But you have to pee sitting down. But we still have to poop sitting down, because the poop comes out the back.

About an hour later, Kev, me and another kid, Bob, all had to go to the bathroom. Kev and me need to poop and Bob had to pee. We went in the bathroom in the basement. This one had two toilets and no doors. There was a 3 or 4 year old boy on one of them. Kev went first. He dropped another foot long one. THen I dropped a few 6 in one turds. While I was pooping, he was finished. It was really funny, because he yelled help! His dad was outside and came in to wipe him.

After lunch, we went up to the forth floor. Both of us had to pee. There was a kid on the elevator who had to poop from another school. He was farting all the way up. After the door closed on the 3rd floor, he said, oh no. The elevator stopped for a second. He said, help, I am going. When we got to the forth floor, the bathroom was right next to the elevators. He went in. There was three toilets and no doors. About 5 of us used the one toilet to pee. There was an old guy using one. And the kid took the other one. He sat down. His underwear had a brown spot about 1 1/2 around. While he was sitting down, you could see a turd hanging off his butt that was about 8 in long.

On the way home, one of the girls made the bus driver stop. She ran off the bus, and pooped out a turd that was about 1 and 1/2 foot long. It was still sticking out her butt while it was curling up on the ground.

To the person who goes by "hi there":
I have posted on this site a few times before. I read your post, and you asked if anyone had peed in their maxi pads infront of anyone else. Well that is kind of funny you ask. For some reason I have the worst luck, and the conditions come together, and I have to go and there is no bathroom around. I have read so many posts on this site about peeing in maxi pads, I am starting to wonder if this is a normal thing that a good amount of girls do. I guess there is no way of kowing, but it is very conviniant. One of the times that I have acually done this infront of another person was at a movie with my friends. I lukily have not had an experiance where I was not on my period and had to pee where there is no bathroom. I hope that does not happen. Anyway, I always wear the maximum absorbansy maxi pad that are not the thin ones. The feeling of the pad being there makes me feel better not having to worry about leeks. I do not wear tampons or small pads. That is just a strange thing of mine, but I do have a perfect get away to pee with these massive pads. So at this movie, if you went out of the theater, you could not get back into the movie. So that cuts out going to the toilet unless you do not want to see the rest of the movie. About a half hour into the movie, my big pop from lunch cought up with me and gave me a need to pee. I just kind of ingnored it for a while, then it got pretty bad. The maxi pad I had on was new, so it was not filled up already, and my period was almost over, so there was plenty of room left for a nice pee. I new that even if the pad leaked, the pants I had on have a waterproof layer on the outside and think cotton on the inside. If I had to pee, this is the best thing to have on. My confidency went up and I started to squart a little pee at a time into the pad. Then I felt a lot better with releaving the pressure. By the end of the movie, I had peed enough that I forgot about having to pee, so I went on out to my car. When I got in my car the rest of the pee hit. My pad felt pretty full, but no pee leaked yet, so I decided I might as well just go the rest of the way. I knew it would leak, but my pants would stop it and I would simply throw them in the washer when I got home. So sitting in the car, I just let out a lot of pee. The pad started to leak and I just kept on going. Throught my underwear and into my pants the urine flowed. The pants absorbed it very well and hardly went down my legs. And the waterproof outer shell stopped the urine from getting on my seats in the car. It just felt good for some reason.
To answer your question, yes I peed in my maxi pad infront of a movie theater full of people.

Hello everyone...first time poster here, long time reader. I'm a 27 y/o male, married to the love of my life Kipper and we have 2 boys--Richie is 11 and Parker is 10.
Bathroom habits around our house are split evenly. Richie and I leave the door open and don't care who sees us. Parker and Kipper want more privacy and always lock the door.
I still remember the day Kipper first opened up about peeing with me around. It was when we first started dating, before we had kids. Kipper had always been really shy about using the bathroom...on dates, he would never admit he had to go or leave the table for aything...he had incredible holding power. One night after we moved in together, I was showering in our only bathroom...Kipper came in, as i left the door unlocked. He said he really had to pee and couldn't hold it any longer and asked if it was ok if he peed. Of course I said yes as i wanted to watch...he peed for what seemed like forever and i watched through the clear shower curtain...not only was that the first time he peed around me, it was also the first time we saw each other naked. ;)

There is a show on Comedy Central that has people answering questions while they are being "distracted", hence the show is called DISTRACTION. One of the episodes has the contestants, 2 guys and 2 girls, answering questions while they are sitting on the toilet on stage. They sound their buzzer by peeing in the toilet. There are 4 toilets and cubicles brought on stage. The doors and partitions are low so you can see the head of the person on the toilet as they answer the question. I didn't see the episode, but I saw the portion of it when they sit on the can, on their website. If possible, check it out. It's pretty funny. The blonde girl is mortified that she has to do it. The guy on her left dropped trou right away. You can see him on the toilet with his jeans and underwear around his ankles.

Hey Mercury,
I have IBS also and have had a few accidents that made me mess my pants too. I'd love to hear more of your stories, at least I know I'm not alone with this. I messed my pants just yesterday on the way home from the just hit all at once and within a few minutes my jeans and briefs were totally loaded! I have had this happen several times. I haven't tried disposable undies yet. any recommendations? Thanks, Garth

Her is a story when I made A KID PEE HIS PANTS. He was from China.He really had to pee one day and He asked me if he could use my Toilt .Of corse I said no. I told him to pee in his pants and tell his mom he fell in a puddle. He dident want to but he said his pee was leakin out and he coulent hold it . Even with the potty dance. so after all he ended up peening himself.His name is Welsly.

Hey its me again. Sorry i havn't poted lately, but i'v been busy. i told you that i would share a story of when i was younger, in Michigan. Here it goes. I had to pee all through school, and could barely hold it on the bus. i quickly made it into my house, and(my upstairs bathroom was under renevation) i headed down stairs. i made it half way, and i just couldn't hold it any more. at this point i was Peeing my pants, on the stairs. i slipped on the last step, and when i hit the ground my bm, which i also needed to do just exploded out of me. it was hard and mushy, but not liquidy. i got up and ran to the bathroom, still doing my business. i didn't bother taking anything off. i just sat down and whent, finishing into my pants. i spent the next half hour cleaning up, and taking a shower. i finally finished cleaning the stairs, when my brother came into the house. i was lucky. i through the underware away, and washed the pants. i have to say, looking back at it, it sure felt good to release the pressure. talk to ya later.

I've been a reader here for some time and find the whole thing amazing. I'm 6', wavy brown hair, green eyes and very fit. I think my constant efforts in fitness keep my poops the way they are.
I had just returned home from the gym and needed to go to the bathroom. I poop every couple of days so there is quite a backlog when I have to go.
I went to my aparment and took all my clothes off and felt the need to go. I sat down on the toilet and started to push. There is nothing more satisifying that that first strain. I actually get contractions that start that feel really good. My butt hole pushed out and than back in, and then a contraction and a push and it strecthed it's little ridges and than back in again. I pushed a little harder in it started to stretch my anus wider and wider and would just stop. I could see just the tip of it between my legs. It was so firm I just kept pushing slowly, enjoying the fullness and the feeling it if moving out. I could tell it was going to be a really long and firm one. I pushed slowly and I could hear the crackle as it slowly moved out of my ass. It was hanging down now so I could clearly see it. The contractions still would hit, helping me push.
I looked again and it was in the water and still coming out of my butt. I pushed some more and it moved a little easier and than slipped totally out, with one pinch. It must have been a foot long. Tough to measure. Well that's hit, hope everyone likes it.

Has anyone gone infront of a friend or lover? Actually letting them watch up close or you watch them up close poop? I have and it always resulted in the most intense love making afterward. It must be the intimacey of it .



Thursday, February 10, 2005

It was quite a surprise to find this site. I have read a few of the old posts and am rather intrigued.

Happily, for me, I have never had a poo accident since I was a little girl but I thought you might still be interested in my experiences. I work in the City, in the middle of London, and travel by Tube (Underground train) from my home in West London. Door to door it takes about an hour on a good day, often more, with a 15 minute walk from the station to home. Once or twice a week I go with friends and colleagues after work for a drink at one of the nearby pubs. Often by the time I get off the train I am needing to wee quite badly, sometimes very badly. There is no loo at the Station and nowhere to go until I reach home.

On quite a number of occasions I have been so desperate on that last walk that I have just squatted between two parked cars with my knickers and tights down and weed there. That is all right when it is dark but in the part of the year when it is still daylight that is not really possible. I have to admit that there have been several times when I have wet my knickers before reaching home.

About three years ago, after my last accident and finding myself desperate again I decided to stand still when no one was near and voluntarily wet myself, just weeing through my knickers. I wear a business suit with a skirt and find I can get away with it. I don't do it very often but it is a useful technique when bursting. I wonder if any other women do this. It would be interesting to hear.

There is one other incident which concerns my Mum and which I could recall if anyone is interested.

Hello all,
I've no doubt some of you have been to large music festivals and sampled the 'interesting' toilet facilities there. I went to one last week and it was certainly different. I was excited by that fact that everytime I visited the mens there were several girls lined up around me waiting for the stalls. I don't blame them, the lines for the ladies was quite long. It was great to go into a stall in the knowledge that a beautiful girl was urinating and possibly defecating beside me. At one block of toilets I noticed a girl looking for a place to go behind the block, like many males who took advantage of this. I didn't end up seeing what she did as I got into the toilets. I saw on TV that at the Melbourne Big Day Out they had urinals in the ladies toilets and handed women a disposable device they could hold to their special bits and wee standing up. I wondered how many took advantage of this. No doubt there were a few who didn't need this at all having perfected the fabulous standing up technique (looking in your direction PV! :) ).

Late last year I happened to catch a plane which took a few hours. It was about 7am and I suspect many people had their early morning BM. Occasionally a line would form outside the toilets and it was exciting to see a female enter and stay inside for a long period. I spotted a nice looking girl enter for 5-10 minutes, who I'd been sititng right next to in the waiting lounge at the airport. I also went in after a middle aged woman who was in there for some time although there was no aroma of poo, just some clean looking paper in the bowl.

Recently at work, in the staff room, two girls were chatting. Somehow the topic moved onto burping and she then mentioned she was an 'excellent farter' and told how she asked her boyfriend to 'squeeze her' and did a loud fart. I was quite surprised but none-the-less interested. Later on she was telling someone else about a road trip she once took with a friend and that, at one point, they became lost on a walking trail. She told that her friend had to do a poo (I really loved hearing her say that word) and squatting behind some bushes and was frightened by some tourists who came along. Apparantly later, while at a petrol station her friend was on the toilet again when someone accidently opened the door on her while she was wiping her bum. Man, I wish I was that person! :)

Hi everyone Ive been looking at this site for a while and this is my first post. I am a 24 year old female with long brown hair about 165 lbs. Last weekend I was watching my sister's 6 year old daughter Kate. Shes a cute little girl with blonde hair, blue eyes. Anyway I took her to the mall. When we got there I felt like I had to take a shit, I hadn't gone since the day before and I usually do take very large dumps. We went to a few stores and while we were in one Kate said she had to got to the bathroom. I asked if she had to go pee or poop and she said poopie. This was quite a coincidece since I also had to go real bad. We walked down to the ladies room and there was only one stall occupied. We went into the large handicap stall and I told her she could go first. I was about to go and stand outside the door but she said to stay with her. She pulled down her pants and underwear and sat up on the toilet first she began peeing and then a couple of tight sounding farts she pushed for a while and then I began to hear plopping sounds. She must have let about 14 small pieces of poop before she stopped for a second and let out some puffy farts finally she finished and whipped herself. She got up and I looked in the bowl and said wow you really did have to go. It was my turn now so I flushed her load pulled down my blue jeans and panties and sat down as she began chatting with me. I let out a rather loud fart and she kinda giggled at me as I let out a few more. Then my first log began coming out with a crackling sound, it was a long, thick thing. Then I pushed some more and pooped aout about 3 more huge chunks with some wet, smelly farts in between. I was really stinking up the place which Kate no doubt commented on I kept sitting there for a moment continuing to let out farts. Then i realized there was still more to come so I strained a little bit and 3 more small chunks came out with a good eal of noise. Finally it was all gone so I grabbed a big load of paper and wipped about 3 times and flushed, thank god the toilet didn't get clogged.

My friends and I have had a few accidents. Once during history my best friend kept jumping up and down in her seat. I was like "are you okay?" She told me that she had to pee, but would just wait. Class got out late, so she "just waited" until the end of the day, during english. Anyway, by this time she had her hand in her crotch, and was jumping up and down, and doing a pee dance while sitting in her chair. Finally she asked the teacher if she could go to the bathroom. The teacher told her "no." so, she held it, but now she had to go so badly that her hands were pressed into her crotch. Soon she asked again, but got the same answer. By now she had her coat pressed into her crotch, as well as her hands, because she had to go so badly. Suddenly, she bites her lip, and grabbed me, and I looked at her crotch, and realized that her pants were becoming very wet, and realized that she had had an accident. She sat there until the end of class, when somebody made a very rude comment about "Katie the Baby...she isn't even potty trained!" at this Katie burst into tears, and ran from the classroom. i followed her and comforted her, but she was not consoled.

Once at a museum on a field trip, Katie told me she had to shit badly! When she asked the teachers if she could go, she was denied. She had to keep bending and squatting and pressing her hand to her butt to keep from shitting herself. Finally she couldn't hold it anymore, and just exploded with wet poop into her skirt. But because she was wearing a thong, the poop started dripping down her was really gross.

Once, this year (i know, i'm embarrassed) I was really sick with the gastric flu. Only, I didn't know it and so I went to school. On the way to school I had to get off of the bus to puke, but i was like "whatever" so I went to school anyways. I figured that it was because i was motion sick (i often get motion sick). Anyways, during latin i puked again (i got to the bathroom on time...i said i had to pee badly), but during history I realized that i had a high fever. I started to get very dizzy...and suddenly...well, i dont' remember anything, but i passed out. When i woke up, i was drenched in diarrhea, and promptly threw up all over myself, and drenched myself with urine. I went to the nurses office, and i had a fever of 104 degrees, so i went home. Throughout that day i had diarrhea attacks, and puking fits, and i wasn't able to keep myself from peeing myself either, becasue i was so sick. it was aweful.

Has any1 had a dream were they had to go to the bathroom really really bad and you dreamt you started going to the bathroom and woke up to find that you really were going to the bathroom or had gone to the bathroom in the bed?

Amber K.
Hi everybody, it's me again, and I thiught I'd tell you another one of my embarrassing accidents, like I said I would.
When I was 19, I had just started college, and was excited about making new friends, learning new things, stuff like that. A few weeks into the school year, I was sitting in one of my classes and I had been having a little gas, I tried to be quite about it, but people guessed it was me. I was sitting there blushing, when I was struck by a terrible cramp. One of my hands grabbed my stomach, the other shot to my butt, for the next ten minutes I had a wave of cramps that just wouldn't stop, and the bell rang, I left the classroom and looked around for a bathroom, but I lived off campus and only liked to use my restroom, so I didn't know where any of the school restrooms were. I was getting desperate now and asked for directions to the nearest restroom, of course I just happened to ask a snobby senior and she just laughed and walked away. Well, after she laughed I gave up the fight and just loaded my panties with what seemed like 2 pounds of semi-solid waste. A bunch of people nearby smelled what I did, and believe me when I say this, the stench was HORRIBLE. Several people gagged and others just stood there laughing(alot of which had their noses covered). I ran out of the school and drove back to my house, when I got home I peeled off my (once)pink cotton panties and I myself gagged at the stench, it was horrid! I threw them away and threw the trash bag in the outside trash cans.

This was my most embarrassing accident that didn't involve my family/friends finding out about it. Of course, this means that there were a few where my family/friends were present at the time that it happened, or saw the aftermath.

all day today i had the weirdest feeling, my stomach felt sort of queasy but i was hungry as well. before i went to class in the morning, i went to the bathroom to see if peeing or pooping would make me feel better. i wasn't able to poop though and still felt queasy after i peed. around two o'clock i got really, really hungry and got some food from a campus restaurant. i had class at two-thirty and there was a long line to get food so i had to eat really fast because i was running late. about twenty minutes after i got to class, i got a really bad stomach ache all of a sudden. my insides felt cramped and gassy and i started having quiet farts. i knew i needed to poop but couldn't leave class because it's a big lecture hall and everyone would have seen me leave and i also didn't want to risk getting up and letting out the big fart i felt building in my stomach. there were almost thirty minutes left in class and so for thirty minutes i sat there with my stomach aching and poop trying to come out. when class was over i stood up really quick to run to the bathroom, and my stomach gurgled really loud and everybody looked at me. i was so embarassed and i hurried to the bathroom with my hands on my belly at this point because it ached so bad. when i got to the toilet three huge chunks of poop came out of me, it was really soft and then i had even more and it was even softer. i went back to my dorm and started feeling sick to my stomach again about half an hour later, went to the toilet and had a huge wave of diarhea. i'm still feeling a little weird in my stomach but i haven't had any poop for a few hours now.

I am 14 and I have a question? Today in gym class, my friend Sean, told me that last Saturday night he couldn't go to the bathroom and his Mom had to give him some water in his butt to make him go. He wouldn't go into detail about what actully happened and changed the subject. I don't have a clue what he's talking about, so Can someone on this board enlighten me on this issue?


Hi Punk Rock Girl,
I can tell you a few "caught on the crapper"tales, 'cos I sit on the loo with every door in the house open, so if you walk in our back door the first thing you'll see is me with my underpants round my knees. I know four different ladies who shit in similar circumstances. Women seem to be able to sit, shit and hold a conversation without embarrassment much more easily than men. I must be an exception. Crapping is one of my favourite forms of relaxation. It's nice to share it with a friend, especially female.

I went to a truck race at a stadium with thousands of people, and it was fun watching all the girls and women running to the restrooms. Some didn't make it and there was piss on the floor. Late in the event I went into the men's room and it was a mess. There was a lake of piss on the floor and toilet seats. It smelled bad. People were drunk. You run into a lot of rednecks at a truck show, but they are fun. Leaving the show there were guys pissing near their own trucks and as we were leaving we told them that their trucks were leaking. There was mud and a swamp of piss near a gate.

I've got two more " morning pees" for y'all. 1.- got up about an hour and a half ago and like an hour and half ago, drank my usual two large mugs of coffee. well not that I had to absolutely go really bad, but still needed to pee nevertheless. so I walked into the bathroom, closed door and lifted the lid. then I pulled down my sweats [which I wear around the house unless I'm about to go someplace] and undies too, sitting on the seat to pee. in like a few secs. [ using the mirror again]I began to pee, my pee shooting straight down from my twat a little to the right and loudly tinkling into the water about 6" from water's front edge. it came out relatively quickly and within seconds, made quite a bit of bubbly foam as it splashed directly into the water for maybe 30 secs at most. the steady stream appeared to be nearly 1/4 inch wide and a clear-yellow color as it came out, then just about stopped except for a slight dribbly " piddle" lasting maybe 10 more secs before finishing up. I took some TP, wiped my twat; then dropped it into the bowl bewteen my twat and the seat's front inside edge. as I got up and was pulling everything up, I looked and saw the toilet bowl's water now bright yellow from my pee; with sudsy patches of foam covering at least 40% of the water's surface and that paper wad clinging halfway to the dry front slope-yet halfway soaked in my yellow peed-in water. then I finally flushed after debating whether or not to just leave it unflushed and see how much of the foam would be left later on.[ maybe that is why they call it "piss"?]

2. - another morning pee [ though I slept in the rest of the day] just got up after a night of drinking at ?????????? in ????? [ not that much , mind you, not at those outrageous prices!] and checking out the ??????????? band. drank some water upon getting home [ and soda on the way after stopping at some gas station with the peed on seat, NASTY!], along with some more water this morning to get rid of that dry mouth from the yager. anyway, I walked in half groggy like the ?????? herself and shut the door; lifting the lid and then pulling down my undies and sitting down. I began to pee and make this " piddle" sound as it sprayed into the toilet bowl's water mostly, but from that sound ; also up against the sides and back of bowl. it came out really quick, lasting about 30-35 secs at most and giving off a nasty, smelly odor as I leaned slightly foward and made a spraying , very splashy piddle all over in the water! I finished and could still smell the extremely strang odor as I took some paper, folded it into a ball, and wiped my twat really good. as I got up and was pulling my undies back up; I couln't help but to look in the bowl and see the once clear water now all filled with my nasty, stinky, dark golden yellow pee; which had tons of "pee scuzzies" in it and also, many patches of yellow foam which covered 60% of the water's surface. " NOW that's what I call a good healthy pee!", I thought as I flushed the still smelly bowl full of peed in water away. [ or as them biker chicks probally say down in "tucker country", south carolina- " I done had ta make one big ol' hissy pissy now, y'all hear!"

Desperate to poop
I had to do an emergency poop earlier in the week.

I was coming back from a meeting when I got a sudden urge to poop and I felt it was going to be runny. Luckily I quickly found a garage and went into the ladies. The stall was taken! Luckily though I heard wiping and after a couple of minutes a young twenty year old came out. I said excuse me as I dashed in. The toilet smelled of poop and the seat was warm but thankfully quite clean. I yanked my trousers and white panties down and immediately let fly with a barrage of diarreoh. my stomach was constantly turning as I let it all out. After about ten minutes my stomach settled a little and I shat more poop but soft serve this time. Finally after 15 mins I was finished. It took me a liitle while to clean up. As I left the toilet I saw another lady walking purposely towards the toilet. There would be a nice warm seat but a pungent smell that awaited her

hadn't peed in the longest time, not since about 7-1/2 hours ago, which for me, is unusual if I am awake; especially having drank a large mug of coffee as well [ 4 hrs ago] as two mugs of cranberry juice. anyway finally after all that time I had to pee. I walked into the bathroom, closed the door. after getting out the mirror to " observe", I lifted the lid, dropped my sweats and undies, sitting down to pee with my legs apart like I usually do. quickly I began to pee as this strong yellow stream came out from my twat directly down into the toilet's water at a slight angle but mostly downward; making a nice sounding tinkle for about the next 35-40 secs. immediately I observed lots of small foamy bubbles right about where my pee was splashing into the water, which was very quickly spreading out all over in the bowl's water; even softening the tinkle sound to some extent. about halfway through I could smell the slight scent of very acidity pee and as it came out it even slightly tingled just a bit. my pee tapered off quickly with just a few quick drips and just stopped like that. I wiped, dropped the paper in the front of bowl, then got up and looked. the entire bowl's water was completely filled with dark yellow pee and lots of foamy suds at first covering almost the entire bowl but fading quickly toward the back. right before I flushed more than half that bowl's water was still foamy and as it went down I saw a few bubbles swirling around before going down.

To Mia. About peeing in the pool. I guess some people do that, but its hard to tell how common it is because we can never see who is doing it. I have to admit I do it sometimes but not always. When the water is cold it makes me wanna pee, so sometimes i just do it in the water. I remenber once I got caught. I had peed quite much in the pool so the water around me became warm. Then my friend came closer to me and noticed how warm the water was. she told me she do it sometimes to.
When I am at the ocean I pee in my swimsuit while I am in the water. I have also peed into my swimsuit while sitting on the sand or sitting on the grass.
When I was still in school I peed in the shower after gym class and many of my friends did too. Thats pretty common I guess.
But many people never admit they pee in the pool or even at the ocean so its hard to tell how many do it.

I am the manager of a riding stables aged 25, I have been riding horse since I was 9 years old when my mother use to take me and my 11 year old sister for rides.
My mother is very open about doing pee or poop outside and when we were on rides she would encourage using to do it if we needed to.
We were out on the horse trails all the time and we would all often stop to take a pee.
Then in the summer we were out early in the morning on a 2 hour ride my mother stopped by a clump of tree got off her horse said she needed to poo so we all got off our horses and tied them up.
She went behind a tree and took her jumpers and panties down to her riding boots and squatted down.
My sister went and squatted with her while I went over to a tree to pee.
I looked over to see my sister peeing.
My mother looked down, then she strained, and her butt hole domed outwards. It contracted, then it really widened, as a fairly dark poop slowly emerged, gathered momentum, and snaked its way towards the ground. After it landed, her hole contracted, this was accompanied by a pee that splattered the ground.
My sister then did a turd then they both wipe and pulled their cloths back on.
I walked over near to where they had gone my mother had done what looked like an 18" by 2" snake and my sister about 7 inches long 1.5" wide. They were impressive.
It was the first time I had seen My Mother or sister go outside I had seen them on the toilet before
I will share some more riding stimulated turds another time.

Randy in KC-I remember you, yours was the story about your babysitter-right? I think I may have actually responded to your post (though not necessarily with this nom de plume), asking you to tell more stories. Your old post is on 1327, though your name is Randy in Missouri-so I could be wrong. P.S. If the post on 1327 is you, then would you please tell post the "multitude of true stories" you have to "share with [us]'all."

Amber K-I enjoyed your storie and you have to admit, those are the nicest park employees ever! It would be nice to hear some of the other accidents that you said you've had in the past few years.

jay (FROM WIS.)
on page 163, someone named plunger left a post. is he still around? anyways it was a interesting post and I wanted to know more about it, this sounds like a most unique toilet, cant possibly be in the states? if so I wonder where? anyone have similar observations and knowledge of any similar type place. any unique unisex or toilets witthout much privacy in t he states? I also hAVE AN INTERESTING BATHROOM. at a state park by my house, thhe mens room has three stalls, with very small doors that are impossible to close, no latch. even if you wanted to close them you reallly could not, heres where im kinda confused. If your outside and walk passed the mens room, you can basically see whoever is using the outer toilet, see them as clear as day. here is the real funny part, there is actually a park bench installed outside that iff you sit on it, it directly faces this stall, and if i did not tell, tthis bathroom has no main door. everytime im ath this park, there are always, high school aged girls/mothers, daughters, etc, hanging out on or near this bench. so who and why would someone in the parks dept set this up like this. seem strange or interesting.

has anyone ever take photos, or had your friends took photo of you when you are sitting on a toilet?

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