princess pee
Some strange places I've peed.

I was at school when I really had to go pee and I made it through school. Mom picked us up and then we went to the mall. It was so quick that I couldn't ask to go. Then we made it home. My brother ran to the bathroom leaving me to suffer. I ran to my room and jump up and down. A small amount of pee squirted out. I was so desprate, I ran in my closet and finished there.

Once, I really had to go pee, and my friend did too. We were in the car and her mom said it would be 2O min. until we got there. We made it, and sat on the grass, watching the football game. My friend wispered she couldn't hold it. I agreed. I told her to take her panties down, and pee. We both peed, with her mom not seeing. then we pulled our panties up,made our skirts straight, and acted like nothing happened.

Happy Valentine's day!


I recently tried to purchase protective underwear using a U-Scan self-checkout unit at a grocery store, but when I scanned it, I got the message "Please wait for cashier assistance." I was so freightened when this message popped up that I abandoned my purchase and ran away. Why did this message pop up? Is this usual?

Billy and Kevin
Tonight, we had a super bowl party. During halftime, the water pump broke, so we had no water. Dad was able to fix it in about 20 minutes, but he was out of the house for a little while. But, we had a lot of stuff to come out. During the halftime show, one guy said, someonoe said Paul McCartney was in the Beetles. And another person said, you mean he was in a band before Wings?

During the halftime show, I had to poop. I went into bathroom. Little brother was on the toilet. He pooped out about 5 turbds around 6 in long and about 1/4 in thick. And Kev was ready to go poop. When our little brother got up, he flushed the toilet, but nothing happened. Kev sat down and dropped a long turd about 1 in. It went from the whole in the back all the way to the rim. While he was going three other kids came in. They had to pee. After they peed, one other kid came before I sat down. He said it is already coming out. I let him go. He pooped out a huge pile of like 20 little logs. Finally, it was my turn. I pooped a long turd, about 2 ft long and 1 in and about 5 little turds. By this time, there was a ton of poop and pee in the toilet.

While I was wiping, one of the mothers came in and really had to go. I got up. We had some baby wipes, so we were using those to wash our hands. While I was doing hte baby wipes thing, she sat down and started to fart. I heard about 4 plops and then some pee. Except it wasn't pee.
About 1/2 hour latet, one of the kids was sitting on the toilet. I went in because I had to poop again. Sometimes I have to go like 1/2 after I poop. He had the runs too. While I was waiting another kids came in. He said he really had to go. The first kid was done, so he got up. The other kid said oh no. He pushed his pants down and squirted out some nasty poops. While he was pooping, I heard the water tank fill up. When he got up after wiping, I saw about 4 floaters, 2 full of corn and a ton of paper. It was nasty. I flushed. The water level rose real high, and then the water went down suddenly. I sat down and made about 4 turds, around 1/2 in and 4 in long. I wiped. Dad came in and sat down. He pooped out about 5 turds, 8 in long 1 in wide. He wiped and flushed. He said, it flushes pretty good.

After the game, about 5 kids had to pee and two kids had to poop. We said goodnight to the kids and then went into our room to change. When we went into brush our teeth, the second kids was on the toilet. Their mother came in just as they were finishing up. She said she had to go real quick. She sat down and peed a storm. Then she wiped from the front, then the back. While she was peeing, she dropped a huge turd. She flushed and left giant streak marks. I guess the family that poops together stays together.

Hey Everybody

Long time reader, first time writer. I've read so many of the stories off this great website, and I gotta tell you, the ones I've read are excellent. I haven't seen all the posts on the site, but I have read a majority of them.

Since I'm a noobie, I'll try giving one of my stories from my childhood. This was the most awful experience of going to the bathroom I have ever had. I was about 10 years old living at my old townhouse. I was by myself watching TV when I felt the urge to go. So I walked to the bathroom and sat down. I believe I was sitting there for a good 10 minutes or so when I just made this huge crap in the toilet. When I was finished, I wiped and left to go watch more TV.

Now here comes the awful part. About three hours later I needed to go pee. When I got to the bathroom, however, I noticed that the bathroom was completly flooded. I was thinking "I need to get some towels and dry this up fast!" When I run downstairs though I see water dripping like crazy from the ceiling into the kitchen, the livingroom, and just everywhere downstairs. I then thought "How could I have clogged up the toilet this much??!!" I tried to call my parents, but the phone I guess what disconnected from the water everywhere. Out of panic, I ran outside to my friends house as fast I could.

So about an hour later my parents came home and noticed the whole downstairs flooded. I thought I was in for the yelling of my life. They were glad that I was ok and didn't seem so angry after I told them what had happened. I was so embarassed. To my suprise, my parents took me out and got me Mcdonalds while these carpet guys came and got giant fans to dry the carpet off. After that we got brand new carpeting and a brand new toilet (I realized that the toilet was just broken and it wasn't caused from my giant poo).

Well that's my story. I'll try to get some more stories for me to post soon. Oh by the way. I've always wanted to see my girlfriend go to the bathroom and I read all these fantastic stories about how people have gotten to watch their boyfriend/girlfriend use the bathroom. Do you have any advice to give that might want her to change her mind?

I'll be seeing you.

This is very recent and embarressing. , I woke in the moning in a wet diaper (I am urinary incontinent and have been for a long time) well I got out of bed and my stomach hurt, well i only made it about 2 steps whe nthe worse diahrea i have ever had came out and into my diaper, I was covered front to back with liquid poop. I waited a few minutes then decided it was time to change.

Well that isn't the only tiem it happened, the next time I was on a bus heading toward a medical office and a little bit of poop came out into my diaper (so I changed at the medicla office).

The next time was during class, I was sitting there watching a movie is class and I felt a medium size soft load go into the seat of my diaper.

The last tiem was shortly ebfore bed, I was just about to change because i was wet and thought it was finally over, well just before I was about to change my abdomen hurt and I bent over in pain and let out another huge load into my diaper.

This happened 3 more time the next day.

Am I now bowel incontinent, i have not made it to the bathroom to poop (or even knew I was pooping until it happened) for 3 days now.

Shelly from Wisconsin
Hey everyone; sorry I haven't posted in a while. Anyone have any good pooping stories? My husband and I and another couple went out to this club the other night for some food, drinks and dancing. Well after a while the chili fries started to get to me and i reeeally needed to have a poo. So i asked my friend jamie to go with me, in the ladies room there was 4 toilets, no doors or stalls around them, all in the wide open and the lines weren't very long. I finally got to be next in line, 2 of the ladies were having explosive poo's, like i was about to do, and the other 2 were peeing. So the ones that were peeing finished and jamie to the toilet next to me, we both hiked up our skirts and lowered our panties. the ladies pooping apologized for taking so long, i let out a giant wet fart and said its ok we all poo. I had explosive diareha poop for about 10 minutes while jamie layed out 3 nice lugs, farted twice and left to wait for me outside. I just thought it was fun too poo so close to ladies like that.

talk to ya later yals...


To Jay from Wisconsin: WOW!!! A unisex bathroom with three stalls, and no doors ???!!! That must have been awesome!! I wonder how they sneaked that past the various government departments??? Boy, some people have all the luck :-).

Kim J.
Hi everybody, I want to tell you a little about myself, I am 21 years old, and since I was 15 I have had severely weakened bowel muscles, the doctor just says that my body grew faster than my sphincter muscles, so I have very frequent accidents, and have been stuck in diapers since I was 15. I live a *fairly* normal life, except there aren't alot of guys that would like to go out with me because most of the people on campus know about my condition. I have learned to accept it, and know that I will probably never live a *completely* normal life, but get along as well as I can, at the moment I have a boyfriend who says he doesn't mind, but as I said before, there aren't alot of people who want to go out with me, so I understand that after a while my boyfriend will probably dump me for somebody who doesn't crap themselves every couple of days. Well, this is all I have to say, I know several people here can probably sympathize with me.

Kim J.

guest male
school pooping problem: hi there, I have got a little problem. The stalls of the my school toilets haven't got doors and I can't poo even when it is very urgent. So I have to hold my poo until the end of the shool day and that is not very funny.

Can somebody tell me tipps how the solf this problem?

The other day I happen to be in the suppermarket and I walked down one of the isles.There was a women about hafe way down ,checking something on the shelf.She was next to the item that I needed.I walk next to her and just as I got next to her ,she most have let out a silent but very deadly fart.It smelled so bad that my eyes started to water,my sinuses started to burn,and like something nasty was in her pants.I ran out of there as fast as I could.I didn't want somebody to come in the isle and think that I did it.I wish I knew what she ate,so I wouldn't eat it.Very nasty,the worst I ever smelled.

Chemical Brothers
Hello Guys, I am a 28 male from Italy, and I have been living in the States for 2 years. By the way... I wanna tell you about my road trip to Portugal I made 3 years ago with my girlfriend. It was a warm and humid day of Agoust, the temperature was in the nintyish, and we drove up an isolated gravelled road in Spain. My girfriend (now she is ann ex) was unusually silent , therefore I asked her if everything was all right. She told me that the Paella we ate previously was having a strange effect in her stomach. Her face turned pale and she started sweating, than she put her arms around the belly. I did not realize immediately what was going on. I was listening 'THE SMITH" and i did not hear her complains. After few seconds I smelled a gross stink filling the car. I turned to her and I said: "Honey did you fart or there is a dead guy in the trunk?" She replied: " Yes sweetheart I farted and you better stop this f*****g car if you don't want me to kill you with an explosion of enema." I did not think twice, I stop the car she jumped out holding some napkins, she went to the edge of the street behind a dried tree. I was able to see something anyway. She squirted and some loud farts followed by liquid shit came out from her butt. From the stereo the song performed by THE SMITH "Girlfriend in coma" was a cute soundrack. Take care my friends that's all 4 now.

I had another interesting fart experience today... I went to the office of my apartment complex to pick up a package. It was nearly 7pm, and the office closed at 7, so I just made it. The only person working was Jill, a very sexy blond girl about 23 or so. As I entered the office area, Jill looked suprised to see me and a bit nervous. Then it hit me like a wet towel! A very pungent heavy fart smell (like rotten eggs). I smiled at Jill, she smirked back, it was obvious it had been her farting (she couldn't hide it or blame anyone else!). I told her I had a package and she said follow me. I followed her (my treat, she has a perfect heart shaped bum) to the back room where they keep packages. She turned to me and said "By the way, I'm SO sorry about the smell...I had McDonald's for lunch and it always gives me so much gas!" I told her it was fine, I don't mind, everyone farts! She said "Well then, if you don't mind...I've been holding in a BIG one!". She bent over a bit, and then pushed...PPPPFFFFFFFFTTTTT...a big SBD came out. It was like hot egg salad! I laughed and said good one, not bad for a girl! She giggled and did another big one. I had to ask..."So, what are you doing after work?". More to come...

jay from wisconsin
I agree with punk rock girl, we need more stories like her being caught on the crapper story. one funny thing that happend to me, I was using one of the porta potty things at a fair, and none of the locks really worked that well, i seen most people in pairs did the whole guard the door routine, however, i was alone, so every so often i would reach my hand out and push on the door so it could not be open, moments later, (you guessed it) the door flys open. two girls who im guessing were between 17-19 just froze, instead of closing the door and leaving, they just sorta stood there for what seemed an eternity, their mouths were both gaping open as they stood there frozen, one of them finally put her hand over her mouth and whisperd oops. the closed the door and walked away, i kinda laughed, as I got outside i seen them and they too were laughing, kinda funny i thought.

well , lets see has anyone ever walked in on me before. if I can remember, I think once years ago when I was a teen and yeah , like harry? is it, the door did not lock. I was at some store/pizza place down in westport conn near compo beach and the door did not lock. the toilet was so close to the door I used my knees to hold it shut, but the idea made me a little " pee shy" . about foam or none? I think it has something to do with the water supply being "hard" as at home and many other places when I urinate a good strong yellow stream, it foams; yet that time I peed in new hampshire at the general store/gas station it did not, nor that same day in vermont. [ well water in new england is usually very "hard"-note rust stains; same goes for rural florida where it smells like rotten eggs and leaves wicked limestone stains in the bowl, sinks too ]

okay speak of which ,tonightI last peed before I had left for ?????, about 6:30 pm as I had almost an hr. drive ahead of me to this ?????????????. I go there late[ diner] and did not eat or drink anything, so no need to pee at all! anyway, I was hungry and picked up something at BK which was about to close, so I drove to the beach, where I parked and ate my angus burger,fries and big king cup of diet soda.[ 32 oz? LOL] then topped that off with some cold coffee[ 20 oz]and sat there listening to long island's classic rock WBAB-FM-babylon,NY while looking across the sound at "the island". I had called my friend in w. hartford[ this gay guy] on the cell,and was talking for prob 45 mins and yeah,finally after all that time[ about 11:10 PM nearly 5 hrs later] I had to pee. I lost service as I drove off and was like "**** it! damn! gotta find a bathroom soon,may as well get gas at that mobil on rte 1 where I remembered they had a nice clean restroom[which says " employees only" but if you ask as a customer they'll give you the key]anyway, so I feel that pee coming as I drove the 10 mins there. soon as I got there, immediately I walked in after he " buzzed me in"[ he locks door at night] and asked " may I please have the key to your restroom?" [ sure, here it's around the back]. I walked back holding my legs tightly , unlocked the door, and making sure it locked behind me, went in. they stored the sodas and shit in there, and so, it was a tight squeeze between the elongated oval bowl [completely water filled from back to 2" from front rim-just like at home but blue with closed seat]; being that I'm somewhat "plus sized" LOL. anyway, I had noticed that the bowl's water was running a slight bit[ guess they never completely fixed the leak?]as i quickly opened my coat, then unbuttoned/zipped my pants; pulling them and my undies down to my ankles before sitting down on the seat with my twat maybe 4-5" back and my legs open with my knees bent back as usual. it was so tight that I almost wet the seat as it came out real quick like and I had to stop it and lean foward some before sitting straight up. then I could hear myself really tinkle loudly as I began to urinate directly down into the bowl's water for a good minute plus I'm sure; watching as the clear water in that blue bowl rapidly filled with really yellow urine. I looked down between the seat and my pussy and saw streaks of "urine scuzz" swirling madly around in the front of the water along with a few bubbles as my urine continued to tinkle and tinkle some more into the toilet non stop and giving off a bit of a smell at the meantime I took some toilet paper off the loose roll in the dispenser holder and was wrapping it around my right hand before ripping a nice big ol' wad while listening to my pussy urinating into the water![ I often wonder if that's what "inspired" that song by english punk rocker kim wylde titled " water on glass"? hummmmm?] then it stopped after more then a min and a half, but I was not even halfway done yet. I leaned foward again, back, and tinkled loudly for another 30-40+ secs,stopped; tinkled 30+ secs, again stopped; more tinkle for 20 secs; 15 secs; and finally, one last good loud splashy tinkle which lasted 15 secs then tapered off. I made maybe 1-2 more piddles which made a "splooopp"[pause] "splooop" and was finally finished. I took that wad and wiped really good, stuffed it into the bowl through the front and got up to pull up my undies and pants; while buttoning and zipping up I looked at that toilet bowl's water now filled with my dark golden yellow urine and all those streaks of " urine scuzzies" floating on top of the water,along with a few bubbles mixed in but no real foam. it really stood out in contrast to that bowl's light blue color in the background. then I flushed my urine, washed up and left. must've been from all that left over soda and coffee, I guess!

well here are two more from the past weekend.
1. after that pagan thing, I called some friend whom I haven't seen in like three months or more since early november; an older gay guy whom I knew from this EA meeting we both used to attend in tuesday nights in w. hartford, CT. years ago.[ I wish I could remember some stories from that small church bathroom on the 2nd floor with the " echo chamber" toilet in it, round, deep,and completely filled with water.] anyway we had dinner at some pizza place, then coffee at borders books near west farms mall and that's the last place I had peed. anyway, later on I took him home[ he's got no car and usually rides the busses]and when it comes to keeping his apt clean and " clutter-free" he doen't.[ in a way I feel sorry for him as he has both "mental troubles" and diabetes, epilepsy, and is recovering from colon cancer in which the intern-surgeon botched up the operation. his home bathroom is a total mess and he can't afford a good maid to come and clean for him.] anyway, good thing I didn't have to pee yet, or else I'd be " hovering" like going outside! well I tookmthe long way home from w. htfd and up through the rural countryside of ???; and wouldn't you know it- that strong borders coffee was going through me right-quick like by the time I was out west along US rte. 44! still I waited a while and being that I was getting thirsty; I stopped at this mobil station in canton; the only one open at 10:30 PM for miles which has a public restroom[ the ????? up the road in ????-15 miles has no public restroom I remember does not!] anyway, I walked in and back to the bathroom, went in and locked it. then I unzipped my coat [ no rack!] , unbuttoned my faded levi's stretch 501 blues, pulling them down with my undies and sitting down on the clean seat. immediately I began peeing as soon as I sat, my pee making a splashing tinkle sound as well as a " hissss" at first; this being due to the bowl being a " water-conserver" model where the water's edge is about 6" back from the toilet's front rim. I peed like crazy and my pee was splattering all over in the bowl; front,middle, and did this for at least 45 secs. almost before stopping. at this time it paused, so I leaned foward in order to pee faster and get it all out, as here I could feel lots still trapped in me. more came out from my twat in splashing, spraying tinkles into the water for like 20 secs., then about 4 times for 10 secs each with one last blast into the water's front edge and I was finished. it took at least a min and 30 secs , then I wiped my twat, got up, re-dressed and looked back. the bowl's water was lightly yellow, with a circle of foam and pee scuzz in the middle left over from where I tinkled into it; then I flushed it all, washed up, quickly fixed my hair and left, I bought a liter of diet pepsi for the ride before walking out!
2. anyway after slowly drinking that liter of diet pepsi along the way, listening to "beef stew's sunday night blues" on WCCC-FM and " crying in my diet pepsi" about some dude I used to go out with back in florida years ago upon hearing a marshall tucker tune; well not all that pepsi came out as tears, y'all know LOL I was driving along and watching the moonrise eventually over the cowfields of ???? and upon passing ??????????; that feeling of "I gotta go and nothing's open, shit!" started creeping up on me again.[12 midnight] I held it back by squeezing my legs tightly and it worked until I got almost home when I was like " oh please wait! gotta peeeeeeeeee, damn it! damn it!" and so I made it home by 12:30 , had some things to bring up from the car and no sooner as I got in the door and pulled my boots off, WOW! i ran to the bath, throwing my winter coat on the floor, loudly lifted the toilet's lid * BING* while struggling to undo my jeans as fast as I could, undies too. I felt some pee beging to leak out almost in my pants then, but managed to get em halfway down , sit on seat , and yes PEEEEEEEEEE! I just let it fly, baby, and loudly TINKLED straight down into the water , making all sorts of ripples as my pee came out of my twat and bubbled; making a " BLOOOOOP-BLOOOOOOOP" sound for 50 secs before suddenly stopping. meanwhile I took some toilet paper off the roll and wrapped it around my right hand, bunched it up and folded it; getting ready to wipe the "ol' tinkler". of course I wasn't nearly done yet, not even close so here I sat for at least 15 secs or more, then peed another loud, splashy tinkle out-20 secs;stopped-10 secs; more in shots which resembled squeezing a water bottle into a bowl full of water; only YELLOW! those took between 10-15 secs each and , in total, at least 4 came out. it stopped and I sat for another minute almost, but realized I was done- meanwhile SLOWLY WIPING my damp twat and thinking " is there more? come on! come on!" I finished, stuffed the big ol' wad of TP in the bowl's front, got up and while pulling up my jeans and undies; looked and saw the bowl's water turned lightly yellow- yet full of my pee and one bubble of 'pee foam' along the bowl's sides where it meets the water. then I flushed my pee and was done. what a RELIEF! WOW!

Mr. Clogs
I've got a story to share. Had a nice healthy dump this morning, I got early enough to brush my teeth, read some of your posts and take my shower so I could go for my driving lessons today. After making my bed, I felt the pressure building in my stomach, dashed to the bathroom undid my PJ bottoms, "no undies" and sat on the toilet to unleashing a nice smooth turds into the toilet. Sat for ten minutes, wiped up and washed my hands and made me cup of coffee. Hoped all of you enjoy it!

cheryl: Hi there, I liked your posts, the "ground hog" day post about scrambling looking for a empty bathroom to releive yourself. The description of the whole experiece was excellent and thaks for describing the bathroom as a typical "Powder Room". The post about the " nice foamy gusher"! post was good! Oh, at the close of that post I liked the way you mentioned about your contents left in the bowl before flushing it as " golden nectar of the goddess" was really cool. The quickie one after 3 hrs. after drinking coffee or something. Keep the posts coming! Cheryl, do you have anymore of those outdoor peeing stories and/or about using some kind of container to pee into? I look forward to reading them.

Brenda: Your post about you and your friend pissing into the food container was excellent. Hey, sometimes when you gotta go, you just gotta go. Brenda, do you have any story about using some other kind of container like a vase, cup or those classic chamber pots to pee/poop into them?

Well, I got to go, I post later if I have something to post about. Take care.

Hi everybody, my two holiday posts must have got lost as I have not seen them so will quickly post them again.
The first was one morning on the beach. I was going for my early morning walk and knew I would have a shit at some stage either in the dunes or amongst the rocks. I spent 21 days at the sea and did not once use a toilet to shit. This morning was misty so when the urge hit me I just went up to the foot of the dunes and pulled off my joggers (no undies as they have built in undies) and got down and let go. The normal plug eased out and then the usual windy spluttering soft pile. Much extra farting as holiday good and red wine does wonders to my ????. Just as I was about to pee the mist opens up and about 75 meters away are a bunch of male joggers all stopped having a pee at the waters edge. What do I do? If I get up I give the game away so I just stayed still squatting where I was. They were none the wiser. They thought I was sitting on the sand. As the mist closed up again I jumped up pulled up my joggers and went for a quick swim to wash my bum. That's another thing I did not use loo paper for 3 weeks. Each time I would just wander into the water pull what ever I was wearing just below my bum or aside and wash my anus. Easy, it can be done while swimming with others as they cannot see.

My second and definitely a one off happened on Xmas eve. I had a tooth problem and phoned a dentist who said to come in and wait he would fit me in when he could. I arrived there at about 4.00 pm and the nurse said not to go anywhere as she was not sure when the doctor would see me. While reading magazines I felt a little rumble in my guts but had had a really good dump on the beach that morning so thought nothing of it. At about 6.00pm I am called and I go through to the chair. While he is working on me I start to feel very uncomfortable and now want to get him finished and get to a loo. The nurse comes in and says she is going and they wish each other a Happy Xmas and she leaves. I am now concentrating on holding in what feels like a really wet load. The dentist finishes up and I nearly lose it getting up but manage to pay him and leave urgently looking for a loo. Just down the corridor is the ladies with a sign saying locked for your safety. I mutter and realize that time is running out for me and decide that maybe I can make it to the parking garage and do what Louise does. Two doors open of the car and sit on the door sill. As I walk to the elevator I see a small alcove to the left with three fire buckets and a hose. Shit accident survival mode takes over and without even thinking a grab a bucket tip the sand out and in an instant my jeans are down and I am hunched over the bucket dropping a ten gallon really wet load of vile smelling shit. This all takes about ten seconds and the relief is such that I am wet with sweat. No time to waste the dentist may leave at any time, I pull my pants up, no time to wipe but found out afterwards that it was exiting with such force that my bum did not even get wet. No skids even. Something I must have eaten as it was one bout and then finished. My family laughed all night about it. Poor janitor etc. I did put some of the sand back on top.

Boston guy: Your stories were real cool. It was great that you and that guy could take a shit side by side in the stall modified for handicapped use. It reminded me of a beach restroom that I used to use during Xmas vacations in Key West, Florida. The City had removed the stalls around two toilets. They were, however, separated from the remainder of the restroom by a partial barrier. So a guy could take a shit in reasonable privacy while sitting side by side with another guy that also was shitting. I used to shit there every morning and must have crapped side by side with dozens of guys. The restroom was real busy with shitters in the mornings. Most of the guys were young and wearing swim suits so it was just like 2 almost naked dudes shitting side by side. No one seemed shy about it, but it was kinda rare for anyone to chat with me while we crapped. A few would just say "Hey" when they took a seat alongside me. A couple of guys did ask me to pass them TP when their roll had run out as was often the case. The TP was in large round dispensers on the wall in front of the two toilets. I saw guys shit and wipe in just about every possible position known to man. The most interesting were those that didn't want to have contact with the metal bowl rim (no seat was provided) and these dudes crapped standing and bent over with their asses protruding over the bowl. Out of the corner of my eye I could often see their turds dangling from their asses and then falling into the pot usually with a loud splash. One year when I returned, the City had cleaned the place up and placed stalls around the two toilets. So the great days of shitting openly alongside other young dudes were over. What a bummer!

hi there

cheryl: Loved your story!
Kara: Loved yours too!
once, I had to go pee, and I was in the sand.I just lied there and peed. there was a wet spot on my bathing suit (it was dry)though people didn't notice(my friend saw, but she had a wet spot too)(:

you know my name, hi there, I'm thinking to change it, is "princess pee"
Princess pee

Hello everyone. I've been out of work for the past month and it kind of sucks but there is one great thing about it. I now get to wake up every morning to the sweet sounds of my wife Stephanie's butt. We have a bathroom connected to our bedroom and when she gets up to go to work she does her morning poo before she takes a shower. I wake up when she shuts the bathroom door and turns the fan on. She sits on the pot for about 10 minutes every morning while she reads a magazine. I get to hear a beautiful symphony of loud, wet farts, moaning, grunting, and plopping. About 10 minutes worth of sounds. This morning, she did her normal thing and then went in the shower. After she came out of the shower, she did her normal routine of makeup and all that other stuff. Then all of a sudden there was dead silence for a couple of minutes and all of a sudden I hear two wet farts echo in the toilet in succession and then she had the runs. She squirted liquid poos from her sexy, juicy butt for about 5 minutes and then wiped. It is so amazing the sounds that come from her. I'd love to see what comes out of her. That's one thing she hasn't let me see is her pooping. She likes her privacy when sits on the can for a while. While I was working, I was always gone before she got up so I didn't get to hear her like this.

Punk Rock Girl: Loved your use of Pittsburghese!! Are you from Pittsburgh?

Thomas Crapper
We usually have doors on our cubicles here in the UK and I'd never have it any other way. I hate the thought of other people being able to see me, but today I got my first taste of what it might be vaguely like!

I was in a cafe when I got a stomach cramp and knew I needed a crap right there and then. So off I went off the gents but when I got in there, I found that there was only one cubicle and the lock was broken! The door might as well have had no door! Anyone could walk in on me mid crap. I contemplated sneaking into the ladies but eventually decided against it in case I got thrown out and I settled down on the pan trying to make sure I held the door shut as best I could.

I didn't half do a big crap whilst I was there so I'm glad I didn't try and hold it! Thank God no-one came in on me and I left feeling much better. I think if the UK started removing cubicle doors I'd have to emigrate! Haha!

Me again....

I started a new job on Wednesday and found that the toilet door has got no lock on it. The toilet is situated at the back of the shop and customers could easily walk in on me. I also know damn well that if I was to take a noisy crap in there that all the customers would hear me.

I've decided that I can manage to pee in there without a lock but if I have to crap, I'm gonna have to go up to the town hall! Haha!

One guy came in today to speak to my boss and he obviously didn't give a monkeys if the toilet lock was broken. One minute he was in the shop, the next he'd disappeared off to take a dump. My boss locked the door from the outside and locked him in for a joke, but the biggest joke of all was the smell this guy left behind him. Jesus it stank! There's no windows in the toilet so my boss had to spray air freshener in there for ages. I dunno what this guy had eaten before his crap but it can't have been good!

Uncle Harry. Hi. I read your post with interest. However I'm not surprised the lady you walked in on at the gas (petrol) station toilet wasn't too keen on being observed or that she got her own back by watching you wee after she'd finished. It was what's called poetic justice. Had I stumbled in on a lady who happened to be in 'mid flow' I think I'd have swiftly made my apologies and beat a hasty retreat!

Ashamed (Mercury). I was very sorry to read about your continence problems and my heart goes out to you. You've absolutely nothing to feel ashamed about though and you're no less a person because of your problems. Nobody can help being ill and you're no exception. What's happened to you is certainly unpleasant but it's not your fault and you mustn't think that it is. Continence problems are not that uncommon and even most adults with normal bladder and bowel control do occasionally have accidents, even if they're rare ones. Have you taken thorough medical advice? If not, I'd make a point of seeing your doctor and getting referred to a specialist who deals with continence matters and can probably help. He or she may not necessarily be able to cure the problem but should almost certainly be able to advise you on make it more manageable - and life more bearable. I have mild IBS and I have a distant relative who has severe IBS problems who would almost certainly recognise the distressing symptoms you describe. Life with IBS, Chron's Disease or Collitis can be very difficult and limiting. That's why it's important to get the best medical advice you can.

Hi to Punk Rock Girl & Eric from Chicago - and all other 'regulars' here!

Monday, February 07, 2005

To Mia. Hi Mia, to answer your question if anyone else pees in swimming pools, I would have to say that I have never acually peed in the pool. When I go to the ocean, I normaly pee in the water there, but there is so much water that the pee would just not even touch the polution of the ocean. I have however had pool experiances where urination was involved. One day during summere brake, I was over at my friends house who has a big swimming pool. As we were floating around in our inflatable chairs, she said that she had to pee and would be right back. As she walked off into the grass off of the pool deck, I wondered why she went that way instead of into her house. That made me wonder what she was doing. Well I soon found out. She went down by the little shead they have, and squated down and just peed through her swimsuit and onto the grass. I guess I thought it was a little strange, but it realy makes sence. I mean, why get dried off and go inside and get everything wet when you could just pee right there. When she got back from her peeing, we discused it and soon I went and peed onto the grass as well. I figure that swimsuits are made to get wet, so why not pee in it. Since then I have peed in my swimsuit every time I am over there. It is so conviniant. Then she said that we could just go in the pool. She said that she thought about it and since urine is steril and there is so much clorine in the pool, urine would not hurt anything. I never did, but she did. I do not realy like the thought of it, but I think that a good amount of people do it. So peeing in the pool is not so bad, I think. I have not researched it so I can not say for sure. When I am at the beach, like I said, I pee a lot there. I have even just sat in the sand and kind of barried my butt in the sand and peed into my swimsuit. Last summer I also went to Virginia Beach with my friends and pretty much wore my swimsuit the entire trip. I went the economical but now that I think about it gross way. Since we swam so much at the beach, I hardly ever changed out of my swimsuit, even when we went to do somthing else or out to eat. I just put clothes on over it and went on. I even slept in it. Of course it was dry though, because by the time I sat on the beach after the swim and got to the room, my swimsuit was dry anyway. This saved me dirtying my underwear. Great for trips to the beach. But anyway that is my nickles worth on pool peeing, so there ya go.

Boston Guy-Those were pretty cool stories about the college restrooms. I wish I had the opportunity to crap next to someone in a single stall like that. There was a park near me that used to have 2 doorless stalls facing each other. They were across the room from each other, but occasionally I would be able to take a crap while facing another guy taking a crap. They were usually pretty shy about it all, but sometimes I'd get a guy who was a bit talkative. Usually we'd about how funny it was that there were no doors!

Today I went into the restroom in a coffee shop. What was unusual about this restroom was that on one wall was a one-way mirror. I could look out into the coffee shop, but the customers would only see a mirror. It was kinda strange taking a dump, seeing guys and girls standing right on the other side of the glass. And the mirror was right by where the sugar, creamer, straws, etc. are located, so the customers would be standing facing me, but not seeing me. But I could see them quite clearly.

ramdon reader
I am a senior in high school this year. I was sitting in my spanish 4 class, and a really hot blonde girl named Jessica has hunched over for the first half an hour of class. I heard her say somthing to her friends like she was going to explode, and she needed to go somewhere where no one would hear her. I didn't think much of it at the time but i herd hear friends say just go latter on. Jessica grabed her planner and the teacher sighned it and she was gone for over 10 minutes, and my classroom is next to the bathroom so she didnt have a long walk. When she came back her friends asked if she went, she replied yes. Her friend asked where, she said in guidence, (there is a small one person bathroom there). Her friend asked if it stunk. She kind of shook her head yeah. She than said that the worst part was when she walked out of the bathroom Mr. Miller was sitting at his desk next to the bathroom.(Mr. Miller is a guidence cansoluer who all of the girls think is hot.) I thought that was so hot that one of the hottest girls in the school went and took a poop in school, then talked about it to her friends.

Good morning--cool here. I had an amusing incident last night. Leading up to it was a truly disastrous lunch. I ate at a burger joint, a rarity for me, and had their fish sandwich (about a C-) and a large order of onion rings (F - - Z!). They were pale, greasy, not even very onion-y, but they were lunch, so I ate most of them, finally jettisoning the remainder down the Thank You box. During the afternoon I felt faint hints of bloatation, but nothing overt. Home for supper--lovely baked chicken, broccoli, baked potato. I felt full before I was done. Then, a bit later, as I was loading dishes into Mr. D. I. Shwasher, I let a fart--a true hazmat--and I knew things were getting into action mode down below. Got a phone call from a dear sister in Michigan, but couldn't talk as long as I wished, because (a) I was expecting another call, from PA, and (b) my bowels were starting to expand. I suddenly had to go. I sat down, blew out a powerful fart, and let go with a strong b.m., not diarrhea, but certainly soft, greasy, and gassy. Most of it floated, several 4" and 5" turds, ill defined. Then, about half an hour later, I felt the urge again. Knowing that the other call was due to come soon, I took the cordless phone, went into the bathroom, and sat. Immediately I farted so strongly as almost to lift off the seat, then I began pooping. Again, it was soft but not diarrhea, falling with several soft plops. It didn't take long, and I felt sort of done. The phone rang. I picked it up and answered it. As I expected, it was the sweet young lady from PA whose call we were expecting. We talked about gardening matters for perhaps 15 minutes, all the time I was sitting on the toilet over a load of mushy poop. My bottom started to itch, so I thought I'd better wipe. Cradling the cordless phone on my shoulder, I got three squares of toilet paper, tore them off (softly), folded them, and used the resulting pad. There was a dark, thick, greasy stain on the paper; I dropped it under me into the bowl. I continued talking on the phone as I got three more squares of toilet paper and repeated the process. The second wipe was much less productive than the first, but there was still a major stain. Still talking, I did it again; this time the paper was nearly clean, so I folded it, applied Noxzema to it, and performed my final cleanse well up through my anus and into the nearest part of my rectum. By now my bottom was pretty clean, and the conversation was winding down. I am positive that my caller had no idea what I was doing, but it gave me a sort of thrill to be able to do such poopy things while talking to such a pretty lady.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Mr. Clogs
cheryl: Greetings, I liked your quickie post about you taking a quickie pee with the description of your wearing leotards and pulling them down with your undies and sitting on the toilet. The post about you wearing the sweats and undies and using the mirror to watch your pee stream into the toliet, and the description of the smell and the color of the pee was excellent. I also liked your post in response to Brenda's post asking you if you had a outdoor stories. Your description of that who experience was excellent. I always look forward to look forward reading your posts, keep them coming! Thanks and take care.

I have a pooping story to share. Yesterday I was getiing home late from work, I've been holding on to my poop until I got home to empty out my bowels. I got on the bus and the bus was packed to the T. By then, the stomach cramps had decreased slightly. Soon I got close to Clifton, my stomach started churning again really bad to the point that I was going to shit in my pants, especally wearing white underwear! So I continued to hold on until I got to the house. As soon as I got into the house, I rushed in the house and quicky undid my coat and scarf, dashed to the bathroom. Guess what, no tp! So I rushed upstairs to grab a package of tp from the dollar store dashed back to the bathroom undid my pants and undies and quickly sat my butt on the toilet to unleash monsterous turds out of my butt. Sat for about 10 minutes until all the turds went out of body. Then I wiped, pulled back up my undies and pants and washed my hands to take out the garbage...That's another stoy that I don't want to share. Another story was last night, having a full bladder of pee and in desperate need to urinate. Instead of going to the bathroom to pee, I peed into my glass jar! I got up, went to my dresser drawer where i keep the jar in, unscrewed the top, pulled out the woody and urinated into the jar and filled the jar half way. Put back the woody back into my pj's and placed the jar with the lid closed shut under my bed and went back to sleep. I hoped you all enjoyed my post. Take care!

once i was at my friends house. i went poo and as i flushed the toilet, it started to over flow. i yelled for help from my friend and then she got help from her DAD who didnt like me very much. i had to stand there as he cleaned my poopy mess and asked me to flush between doodies if possible

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