China girl
I had nice day to myself the other day and was watching some movie. In middle of watching I did have pressure for turd, but it wasn't that bad and I was lazy to get up. Finally after couple hours I decide to get up when I started farting many small farts. I went and sat calmly on my small toilet. My butt covers it well and seals it very tightly. I then relaxes my hole and a long soft fart came out, then a couple short small farts. Then the usually widening of my hole, but I take it easy so toilet can have break from a powerful, obnoxious drop. The turd eased out and crackle loudly and turd keep easing out while crackling the hole time. The smell started in the middle. Toward the end, the turd came out with some speed and landed abruptly. Well, I can only take it easy for so long, it came out a little fast at end likely because it is toxic. To finish, a little piece drop. Although it start with cute farting, the turd was quite unpleasant, stinky, and long. It was very firm though but did stain the water brown. I'm sure my nasty butt taste was hard for toilet, but it did so its job and take it down. I try not to be bitchy though, but turd was just as bad as any other. Well, I close toilet lid after finishing and left it with the taste and smell. I didn't smile though like I do sometimes to show off my drop, I just leave.

hi there
once, in first grade, one little boy crossed his legs, held his crotch, and yelled:I GOTTA GO PEE-PEE!But it was recess (indoors,it was raining)
and the teacher wasn't there, so, while watching him, I pretented to build a puzzle, while he shook like crazy.Then he kept holding, when a big wet spot appeared,and a puddle formed beneath him.Then the bell rang, and he just stood there.The teacher came in, and saw what he had done.Then cleaned him up.I almost choked of laughter.(!)

Once, me and my friend were on a field trip when suddenly she says she has to pee really bad, so, I tell her there's an hour left, and she says she might not make it. a half hour later, she starts sobbing with just some tiny wines, and I tell her she's okay, but she says she's going to wet herself.I tell her a half an hour to go, but just keeps sobbing and holding her crotch very tightly.(I was kind of enjoying this and not enjoying)suddleny, a big wet spot apeared,and she was sobbing like crazy while a puddle forms.I hold her hand and say she's alright, but she just keeps sobbing with tears in her eyes. Then she tells me she's totaly emberised,and looks around the bus with eyes all on her, and falls on me and sobs even more.So, when we get there, we try to hide her wetness, but it didn't work on students that much(luckily,teacher didn't see)and then, hiding her wetness, we ask to go to the bathroom.she says yes, and points to the woods.we go in, and many other kids are in there, and start calling my friend "Katie pee pee" And I try to save her from humiation(Like always)So, we try to clean her up (oh, did I say try?)but does it do much good? NO.So, she has to keep he jacket on her waist,and it worked for teachers. So, we went home, and she told her mom the story (not the "hiding from teachers" part)and she just said, "It could happen to anyone",and then got her cleaned up.

I didn't tell anyone until this day.


my password is:

once, I had to go pee so bad (I was at a store with no bathrooms)I ran to my van,(I had a pad)and just relaxed. It felt sorta werid, like I was peeing in my pants on purpoise. As my maxi pad became fuller, it made a tiny spot.But, I didn't care.

1.Did you ever pee in your pants? (yes) you ever pee in a maxi pad in front of someone? (sometimes at an emergency, but it was in front of my children and husband)

hope you can answer these!


Uncle Harry
Hi, everyone. Uncle Harry here in Illinois, not far from the Big City. I'm male, 68. I've been lurking at this
site, which I found by accident, for several weeks and decided to join in. I never knew such a forum existed,
but I think it's GREAT. I've been interested in toilet habits and functions, especially women's, ever since I
was a kid. At my age, I've been around the block a few times and have lots of bathroom stories to tell.

Cheryl: I love your postings and all the detail about how you piss in the public M/F bathrooms, and how you
watch yourself in a mirror. You mention that you make sure the door is locked in the public bathrooms,
maybe because of the time you opened the door and found a woman inside who had forgotten to lock it. I've
run into that situation both ways, several times. I'm wondering, have you ever forgotten to lock it, or locked
it but found out that the lock didn't worK? Has a man or woman ever come in and seen you pissing? How
did you react, or if it never happened, how do you think you would react? Anyone else care to comment on
their experiences with this situation? I've gotten a variety of reactions from women, ranging from "so what",
to mild indignation, to totally freaked out. Here's one.

I was at a gas station/mini-mart, where I frequently gas up the car, with one M/F bathroom down an alcove. I
had to piss badly, so I pulled open the unlocked door and stepped in. The toilet was to the left, not visible
directly from the door. As I turned and the door swung shut, well, there was a woman sitting on the toilet,
slacks and panties around her ankles, legs apart, and urinating. The seat was U-shaped, so there was nothing
to block the view. She seemed a bit startled when she saw me, but didn't freak out and made no attempt to
stop her stream. It just kept pouring out of her twat in plain view. Maybe she had to piss so badly she
couldn't stop. She had a wide, solid, steady stream that went straight down into the bowl and made
splattering sounds in the water. "Hey!", she called out. "Oh, I'm sorry", I said. "I didn't know anyone was in
here. The door wasn't locked". "I guess I forgot to lock it", she said sheepishly. Seeing that I didn't look like
I was in any hurry to leave, she said "Well, you don't need to stand there and watch me. Would you please
wait outside while I finish?". "Oh, yeah, sure", I said, as I turned to leave. By now, her piss stream was
already slowing down and she looked like she was about ready to finish anyway, so I wondered why she
bothered to ask me to leave that late in the process. I had my hand on the door handle, but before opening it,
I turned to her and asked, "Will you be long? I really have to go". She didn't answer immediately. Her flow
had slowed done to a trickle and was spraying and hissing a little. "I'm just about done", she said, and made
no further attempts to get me out of the bathroom; probably decided it was pointless now. She stopped
pissing, gave two more spurts, and then stopped again. Reaching for some toilet paper, she wadded it up and
wiped her pussy, including the inside between her twat lips, and dropped the paper into the toilet. Then she
stood up and pulled up her panties and slacks. She didn't flush the toilet. "I need to wash my hands", she
said. "If you need to pee so badly, just go ahead and use the toilet". She stepped over to the sink and I
stepped up to the toilet. I looked in the bowl and saw her bright yellow urine in it, with a wad of paper
floating on the top, but no foam. I unzipped, took out my dong, aimed it at the bowl, and began to piss. She
had finished washing her hands now and was drying them with a paper towel. She had also turned to face me
and was looking right at my penis and watching the piss coming out of the hole and streaming into the toilet.
With mock modesty, I said, "Do you really have to watch me pee?". "Just getting even", she said, grinning.
"You saw me pee, so now you have to pee with a woman watching". She stayed until I made the last squirt,
shook off the drops, and put my dong back in my pants. Then we both left the bathroom and went to our
cars. "'Bye", she said, waving to me. I waved back and said good-bye, got into my car, and took off. I still
gas up there, but I never saw her again. I'll be back soon with more posts.

jay from wisconsin
just had a unique experience, i was waiting for my girlfriend who is a professor. anyways while at school i had to us the bathroom, just got back from chins and the asian food had my stomach on edge, anyways i found the johns were the ally mcbeal unisex style. this was the staff bathroom by the way, not for students, as i got in a man was just leaving and it smelled funky in there. also, no doors on the three stalls. i took the one closest to the door cuz it had tp. the middle one did not, after i sat down someone else walked in, i could tell by the way it sounded it was a woman, could tell by the shoes on the marble floor, she zipped passed me fast and took the far stall, she glanced at me out of the corner of her eye, she was tall, maybe 5'8. long blonde hair in a pony tail, tight white turtle neck, black slacks, I could hear her as she undid her pants and sat on the toilet. i was actually really starting to get an anxiety attack, not really supposed to be in there, although my girlfriend claims its ok, anyhow, it was quiet fo a moment, i heard her sighm and sniff, than she blowed her nose. at this point she started sneezing, (loud were talking) perhaps the loudest girl sneezes i ever heard. and they echoed, during this commotion i thought i was safe to push my bowel movement on without her detecting any noises i may make. after she sneezed a dozen times , i got up flushed the toilet an went to wash my hands, as i cleaned up. i could see her reflection in the mirror as she sat on the toilet, i did not want to stare, but did notice, her pants were down to her mid calf and some undies were around her knees, she payed no attention to me, she was fixing her make-up ina hand held mirror, she must of sneezed her old make up off, anyways as i left i herad her fart loudly . it was very diffrent.

Hey, it's me again. I just wanted to say that goldgirl~, I love your work! I'm dying to hear more of your stories, babe!

Pretty pooper
hey everyone...i haven't been here in AGES!! i wanted to find a story i wrote about me and my friend pooping adn lso one were i went to the beach..if anyone can find it, please post what page these stories are on! mwah!! love you all

michael explosive diarrhea
at school today I got bad stomach cramps and had to take a dump. I went into a stall dropped my pants and pushed. It felt like a big long turd was gonna come out,but it was mass of turds that cameout like diarrhea. I am gonna go to the store and buy some pills that cure IBS so I can have regular dumps and hopefully break my record of a 14 incher.

Eric in Chicago
Billy and Kevin: You and your buddies must have the shortest gastrointestinal transit times known to humanity! Eat corn at lunch, plop corn that afternoon! It takes me at least 8 hours to poop out any remnants of anything I ate. Ah, youth (transit times are shorter for kids your age). Has your gang ever tried eating a lot of beets and seeing who can get red/purple poop the quickest (that isn't really a valid measure of transit time, since the red pigment (betanin) in beets is water-soluble and so diffuses real quickly, but it's still fun)?

sunday I was at this pagan/wiccan ritual [ imbolic, candlemas, or better known as " ground hog day"] in manchester,CT at that same UU church. well just after we finished up with the ritual, wow did I have to go pee badly! being that I had allready peed when I got there, this was the best example of how coffee earlier and water to quench my thirst upon getting there , soon equals that time to pee feeling which suddenly hits you fast! anyway this time [the first bathroom was occupied]I walked down toward the second bathroom on the right in that very same hall, also now marked " M/F" but as I walked in realized was more than likely the original "ladies room" at one time. the reason they probally made it a " unisex room" was probally to alleviate the once longer line[ good idea! LOL] and to designate the first one " handicapped accessable" . anyway this one has a toilet stall , along with an old " ladies[ straw] hat" and many nice mirrors hanging on the walls with the big one above the sink; a real "POWDER ROOM" if you may ask! so i walked in and turned on the light, locked the door and quickly went into the stall to pee. speak of modernization, this one has a " water-conserver" toilet which is elongated and has a deep white bowl, very comfortable seat and it's bowl slopes sharply downward with just a small round area of water in the middle[ about 8" round maybe] . so I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down with my undies, sat comfortably on the seat with my snatch at least 8" back [from seat's closed front]; and quickly started peeing like crazy. I heard this loud hissing noise as it first came out splashing up against the bowl's dry inside front along with a hissy piddle soon to follow for the next 45 secs. or so. also I could smell the scent of coffee in the air as I peed, which during the fast, hard, very hissy pee, seemed to rise up from that toilet bowl into the stall! it stopped, then I leaned foward and began to pee in a series of bursts as I again sat up straight. those made both a " HISSSSSSSSSSS-SISSSSS-SISSY" noise combined with a " piddle-piddle" sound as I urinated into the water's front edge, more back at times too. this came out in well, at least 7-8 stop and start, coffee smelling splashes lasting 25 secs.;15*;10*; and the rest about 5-10 seconds each. it took more then two mins. to get it all out , but upon finishing with a few dribbles; I wiped my twat and got up to pull up my undies and jeans; first tossing the paper in the front of bowl. as I went to flush, the smell of "coffee-pee" still filled the air. I looked at that small circle of water now full of my yellow pee and just one small bubble of foam clinging to the back, then I flushed. I washed up, brushed my hair and left.

" nice foamy gusher"! about four hours after my last pee and drinking a few good vodka and tonics, the urge just hit me quickly and the little 'voice' said " honey-it's time to go to the lil' gals room and tinkle." and so I did just that, walking in and lifting the lid and yesh, playing the "mirror-mirror game" again. I quickly whipped down my sweats and undies to expose my snatch, then sat down and yeah, "TINKLED" all right. one wide yellowish-clear gusher of pee came out of my twat's lips; it was probally a good qaurter inch wide, twisty, and as it hit the water I saw loads of foam bubbling and spreading all over in the bowl! again it was a short one and almost all of it came out in maybe 35-40 secs before tapering off to a dribbly but steady, small thin pulsating stream as the rest of my pee lightly tinkled into the front of the water for barely 15 secs more, then stopped. I wiped, got up to pull everything back up; and as I went to drop the paper into the bowl, saw the bowl's water completely filled with yellow foamy pee! the foam was covering at least 70% of the water's surface and made a distinct " sisssssssss" sound ; especially after throwing that paper wad into the water before I flushed my " golden nectar of the goddess" down.

one day i despiratly needed a bm and a pee,i was in my school and it was break but as soon as i feel a bm coming on i have to make a run for the loo sraight away. but i had a realy bug problem... none of the loo's had doors on so anybody could see what your up to.

anyway So i was running for it got in there took my G-string off(i always do that every time i go to the loo)sat down on the pan and in half a minute i had the biggest fart you could think of then after that a humungus great big shit came out my crack.

i had another problem
the bell went for the next lesson and i was stuck on the loo' my ass was so big that if you compare it with jlo's it would be exactly the same anyway back to the story i was stuck on the loo after i had a big shit but that wasnt all of it oh no way i was on the loo and all you could hear was people yelling and shouting as thay go to there lesson

i was stuck for about 10 minutes just urging to get a shit that was bigger than my ass out

some girls came in and said uuuuuurrrrr look at her and her vagina uuurrr then my fanny scared them all of

i had finaly urged it out of my but(seriously it felt i was giving birth)my face turned all red beucouse i urged so much)

finally i was done but i had another problem hardly none of the stalls had loo paper beucouse some joker suffed all of it down the loo and caused a blockage

there was one that did and it had the smaalst little scrap of paper

i just had to go out wthout putting on my g-string- i diddent want i coverd in shit so i stuffed it im my bag and i found a bush later

A few days ago I had a nice homecooked dinner of hamburger and cabbage. It tasted very good. Half an hour later I went to a bookstore. After 10 minutes of shopping I developed stomach cramps and an urge to have some serious diarreah. I could tell it was going to be explosive diarreah right away. So I sat down on the floor for a little while to ease the cramps and the urge. You see, I am the type that never uses the public bathroom because of sanitation and lack of privacy, so I was trying to hold it in until I was done shopping and arrived at home. So the pain went away for a bit,but, then it came back at full force with a super powerful urge to explode my diarreah. I knew that if I didnt go to the bathroom right away, I would totally have some serious diarreah in my pants. I did not want this embarrasment in the store. So I walked as fast as I could to the bathroom. I saw two workers outside, but I did not care since I had to go now! I went into the bathroom and took the handicapped stall, since it was the biggest. I then threw my coat down on the floor, not even aware of the germs on the floor. Then I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. (I usually like to poop naked and squatting on the toilet, but in this case I needed to go NOW). Immediately when I sat on the toilet, my butt exploded like a bomb. In three seconds the whole toilet was covered with a mixture of yellow watery diaareah, dark brown mush piles and about 10 inches worth of solid bowel movement. When I said 3 seconds, I literalally mean three seconds. It smelled extremely rank and was very messy to wipe. However, I felt so much better, it drained my whole entire digestive system. That evening I had no more diarreah.

How and does such a humongous quantity come out of ones butt? Has anyone had so much shit come out of them in such a short period of time?

Wednedsday, February 02, 2005

today I had to pee about 3 hrs after drinking some coffee first, then some OJ [ two big ol' mugs of it].[ used the mirror] so I went to the bathroom, pulling down my sweats and undies and no sooner than I sat down on the seat did I begin to pee. it made one tinkle sound as it splashed out quickly into the bowl's water right about in the middle in one twisty ribbon which was basically clear but gave off this sweet scent of pee as it came out for at most 25 quick seconds,before it stopped. it again started for another 10 secs at most in this drippy tinkle which arched foward and splattered in about three different directions landing mostly into the water but also up against the dry slope at the front of the toilet bowl and wow, did it ever give off this distinct smell of sweet pee which filled the air. then it stopped and I wiped , and as I got up to pull everything back up I could still smell that sweet stinky pee in the air. the water was filled with whitish-yellowish pee and maybe three small patches of white " scuzzy" foam toward the sides of the bowl as I then flushed.

Went skiing this past week with my boyfriend, a friend of mine, and her husband, who drove. On the way to the mountain (normally 3 hours) we encountered some serious snow and got seriously lost. I had drank a bunch of water and coffee before we left, so my bladder was nearly critically full, but I was embarassed, so I quietly held on. Suddenly my friend goes "We need to stop, I'm going to burst." I seconded that statement. With no civilization around, her husband stopped in a pull-off and the guys started to use the empty sports drink bottles in the front of the SUV. My friend started to get frantic not wanting to squat in subzero snowbanks and asks what the girls are supposed to do. No reply, just the sound of the two guys loudly whizzing away into the bottles. My friend starts looking through the bags for something to pee in. Finally she emerges with a plastic lunch container. The guys are comparing nearly full bottles in the front seat. My friend dumped out the food still wrapped in bags and slid down her snow pants. The small rectangular container slightly over 1 liter, disappeared under her rear. I could hear a dull roar from the container and a deep exhale. A minute later she carefully removed the rather full container about 20 ounces on the scale and handed it to me, so she could pull up her pants. I emptied the pee out the door and placed the small container under my crotch and let fly. Mine was a lot noisier but didn't last as long. It was 24 ounces. My friend said wow you had to go too. We went on our way to great skiing.
Any other women use containers in emergency or do just go outside and brave the conditions? Do you ever worry about the size, overflowing, or missing the container? Cheryl any comments? How much do the big bladdered women produce and what do they use?

I got stuck in a snow storm with 2 other girlfriends. We all had to pee bad and traffic wasn't moving, so we took turns peeing into a plastic container (about 1 liter). I was worried the rectangular container was so small, but I was bursting. I went 24 ounces. My friend, she is 5' 6", went only 14 ounces, but claimed she was bursting. Her other friend was petit and was trying to hold on finally gave in and peed 27 ounces in a really short time (under 30 seconds). When we finally got moving about 1 hour later we saw a lot of yellow snow along the road.

Cheryl or any of the other women on the board:
Do you use containers when you have an emergency or only go outdoors? Do you ever worry about the containers being too small and missing them, overflowing them, or being the wrong shape/opening? How much do you go?

hi there
once,I was at a sleepover and my friend kept laughing at me, I was so mad, I locked the door in the bathroom and didn't come out! he came and said,hey!hurry up i really gotta pee! I just sat in the bathtub,Im gonna wet my pants! I still sat in there,then,under the door a yellow puddle appeared,still sat, I don't make me poo in my pants he said with a loud voice.still sat and then I haerd this huge fart bbbbrrrrbbbb!and then this pttf,pttf pttf,so he pooed,then while he was going to wake his mom up, I quickly unloced the door,turned off the light, and I lied down on the bed pretending to be a sleep, so they looked in the bathroom nobody in there and then see me sleeping and then he got spanked.

you can tell we're not friends anymore!

Once me and my friend were walking, and Carla had to go pee SO badly. I said she could pee on a tree. she said she was,came back, and looked relieved.(-:

Once, me and my friend had to go pee badly,and we were on a bus.Then we got stuck in traffic, I couldn't hold it anymore, I peed myself.My friend saw me and then she lost it.She started peeing too, and a huge puddle appeared underneath us. People gave us funny looks on the bus, and we were really soaked, and people move FAR away from us (we were in the back)and our noses turned cherry red,and when we got off, people looked at us very funny, and about 3 people laughed at us.We went to my house, and got cleaned up. WHAT A DAY!o-:

Best Wishes,

How old is your wife? If you have any more stories of your wife's accidents (and I expect you do) will you please post them. I look foward to reading them.

Punk Rock Girl
Hiyunz! That's a Pittsburgh-ses way of saying hello!

If I told this story already, forgive me. One summer, when I was thirteen, I was away at camp. The campsite I was at had four latrines, two boys and two girls. Well, both of the girls latrines had caved in roofs, so they were being repaired.

In the meantime, they slapped a "girls" sign made of cardboard over the wooden "boys" sign on one of the boys latrines, figuring that would temporarily solve the problem.

Well, one day, I adjourned to the temporary girls latrine to take a dump. I did not notice that the "girls" sign had either fallen down or been taken down! So, I enter one of the doorless stalls, drop my shorts and underpants to my ankles and sit my ass on the shitter.

I clicked on my Walkman and was lost in my own world while my bowels emptied into the bowl. Anyway, a boy, who obviously thought he was walking into the correct latrine, came strolling in and started to enter my stall, while I was happily farting and plopping away. He saw I was a girl and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. I mean, he nearly freaked out.

He shouted, "Oh my God! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Then he turned and sprinted out the door. Now, I was most certainly embarrassed to have some strange boy catch a glimpse of me sitting on the crapper with my pants down, but his reaction immediately made me go from embarrassed to amused. He was much more embarrassed than I was, and I found it hilarious.

I started laughing my ass off, which made me fart, which made me laugh harder. I finished my dump, wiped my ass and pulled up my shorts, the whole time still giggling.

I went outside, still laughing, and saw no sign of the guy. I went back to my cabin and told my girlfriends what had happened, and how funny it was. They all laughed, but said that if it had happened to them they would have been mortified.

Not me, it was frigging funny. I'd love to hear more funny "walked-in-on" stories! I mean, this is a nice place in which to confide your stories of shitting your pants, but how about some more "caught on the crapper" tales?

Peace! We really need it these days.


China girl
Tyger: Thanks for question. I do wipe sitting down sometime but usually it is standing up.

I'm a female who's been learning the pee-standing technique for a few months now. I wish it wasn't winter, so I could practice outside more often--much better than smelling up the shower with my "salty leavings," and I'm not quite ready to try it with the toilet yet.
Anywho--one late fall night, we (my boyfriend and I) came home after a 2-hour drive. I'd downed an entire large Dr. Pepper at Burger King before we left to go home, so I figured it was a great time to go out to the lawn and test my new-found skill. I stood facing the house, about six feet away, with my legs apart, fingers deftly spreading my labia, and let it flow. At the time we had semi-feral kittens living under our porch (they're housepets now), and when they heard the odd sound of my stream hitting the ground (some three feet out, BTW), one of them came out to investigate. He came right up to where it was landing, and I had to suddenly stop or I would have pissed right on him.

I can't wait 'til I can pee standing all the time--much faster, cleaner, and I have more fun doing it than is probably healthy. The main problem is a weak start--the first trickle always ends up going down my left leg (my urethral opening kinda points that way). Once I get my musculature down there a little more toned up, maybe that'll stop.

Nadia, Wonderful story. It sounds like you were not dressed up in a suit that (from a distance) might look like a man's? This simply a "window of opportunity" that you took advantage of? What were you wearing? Slacks? Short skirt? Do you always carry a stand-to-pee device? Where do you usually use it (since this was the first in a men's room)?
Good luck on subsequent exciting adventures in the men's room.

Long ago I had the opposite experience, the only time I recall using the women's room (from that you can guess that I'm male). On a trip a urgent need for #2 arose. We pulled into a gas station and the men's room was out of order. I knocked and the women's was empty. I dashed in and sat and was having a very much needed BM when two women walked in. There was another stall but I felt that I had to announce my presence. I told them I would not be long. They left and, in fact, I was quickly finished.

Katie M.
Hi. I have posted here before, but I doubt any one still remembers me. My best friend wet herself in 3rd period today. Her and I have the same 2nd and 3rd period classes. She is a big tea drinker. She usually drinks a thermos of 24 oz on the way to school and pees after 2nd period or at break (after 3rd).
She first started needing to pee towards the end of 2nd period. She had her legs tightly held together and was fidgetting in the seat.When I noticed there were 5 minutes left in the class and asked her why she didn't ask to go. She just said she could hold it till passing period, unfortunaly the teacher held us about a minute after the bell, then she ran to the girls bathroom but there was a line (a common theme at our school, long lines to the bathroom-only 3 stalls in them). She said she thought she could hold it threw the next period. We had a test the next period. The teacher we have never lets anyone out during tests. I sit in the seat to her left. Aftr about 15 minutes she looks at me and says, "oh god I have to pee soooo bad" I said, "yeah I need to pee a little also." She had her jacket stuffed between her legs and her legs tightly closed. After another 10 minutes she has one hand in her crotch and is bouncing up and down. I leaned over and whispered "just go and ask if you can pee, it is obvious that you really need to" She said ok. Then ran to the teachers desk with one hand holding herself and did kind of a potty dance. The teacher looked up and said, "Christine (that's her name) what do you need?" She said " Can I please go to the bathroom." Before the teacher could answer she completely saoked herself.she ran out of the room crying. I was allowed (the teacher nows we are best friends and I was finished witht the test) to go comfort her. Well, Ill post again when ever something comes up. Bye.

This is humiliating, but I'm a 26 year old female graduate of Purdue who wears adult, protective underwear somewhat frequently due to IBS. I have days with constipation and then suddenly it all explodes loose in sudden, violent, uncontrollable bouts several times a day. It's humiliating. It's better now that I'm not as stressed because I've finally graduated, but I need a job, fast. I used to have panic attacks and throw up and have simultaneous diarrhea several times a week. Now I am much better, but I've had four embarrassing accidents recently. The first was when I took a nap in the middle of the day (Tuesday) because I felt sort of ill. I woke up and realized that I had had mushy poo/ diarrhea in my panties (disposable). I was horrified. Not again, I thought. The next was in a couple of hours. I was looking up information. My stomach rumbled and suddenly I was filling my pants with warm liquidly diarrhea. Yuck. I changed. I don't like poop, but I think diapers are a slight, twisted turn on of mine. Anyway, the third accident was in the car after I dropped a friend off. I was stuck at the longest light ever, it so it seemed! My stomach was killing me, and I NEEDED the bathroom fast! I was about to go! I wasn't wearing the protective underwear! I made it home! I got two feet from the bathroom door and damn it! I lost it. Four violent farts with lumpy waves of poop filled my silk panties and made its way down my legs. Damn. The last accident was tonight at the store. I was standing in the check out lane. My stomach started rumbling (actually my intestines). As I was walking from the counter, I began to fill the protective panties. I made a shot for the bathroom, cleaned up and left. Damn how awkward. At least my boyfriend did not know about it. I've bored y'all long enough. Bye,

To: Nadia
My question is pretty much the same as AW's. If you did, where did you throw the tissue after wiping? Also my another question is have you ever tried a urinal standing up without using a pissing device?

Amber K.
Hi everybody, my name is Amber, I was embarrassed because I accidentally pooped my pants today, which has actually happened to me several times in the last few years. I am 22 and am about 5 foot 5, I'm in good shape and have long blond hair that I usually keep in a pony-tail. Well, anyway, I'm sure you want me to get to my story. The morning started off as usual; I ate breakfast, went to work, and started to go home, well, at this point I had a very decent need to use the restroom, not the point of an emergency yet, but not the point where I could hold it for a few more hours, well, I got home and my dog was whimpering and I decided to take him on a walk, this was about 6:00 at night and we walked to the park. There were only a couple other people there. I was beginning to get pretty desperate because my dog, whom I'd assumed needed to do his business just wouldn't go. I was holding my butt, hoping nobody would see, and as I was getting ready to take my dog home, he finally decides to do his business. Well, he took his dear sweet time, and I was about to join him. But there were a few other people nearby, and they seemed to be employees of the park, and eitherway, I'm really shy about exposing any part of my body that wouldn't be exposed when wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Well, the park emplyees walking by must have seen me holding my butt because they stopped to ask me if I was ok. I answered that I was and they seemed a bit skepticle and offered to lead me to the restroom. I told them I would be alright because I was too shy to admit that I needed to go to the bathroom, even though they already knew I did. Well, they jut stood there talking amongst themselves. After my dog had finished his business I began to leave, but I didn't get far, I began walking very rigidly, trying to keep from pooping my pants, the park employees took notice of this and again took the liberty of asking me if I was alright. I admitted that I needed to go to the bathroom really badly, and they tried leading me to the bathroom, but I told them that I didn't think I'd make it. They offered to provide shelter from the eyes of others if I had an accident, and started walking me to the bathroom. Well, I got a few feet from where this had all started and let out a little gasp, they asked me if I had an accident and I told them I was about to. They stood beside me and looked around to make sure nobody was watching. They assured me nobody was, that still didn't make me feel a whole lot better, but I slowly began to push a log into my panties, the only good part was that is was mostly solid. After I was done, the park employees made sure that nobody saw that I had had an accident and lead me to my car, one went back and got my dog and brought it to my car. I thanked them for helping me and got into my car, as I sat down, I relized just how big this load was and I picked up the newspaper I had bought earlier that day and spread it out and sat on it. As I was driving home, the smell of my load filled up the entire car, and when I got home, I got out of my car and looked at the newspaper, the newspaper had a large brown wet patch on it and I knew that my pants and panties were ruined. When I got inside, I took of my pants and panties and emptied the poop into the toilet and looked at the damage, the back of the panties still had a large amount of poop in them that didn't come out and I threw them away, the pants had a large brown spot going all the way through.

This was not my most embarrassing accident, but was incredibly embarrassing because several park employees knew I was going to poop my pants before I did it, and even asked me if I was going which I of course denied. I'll tell you some of my other stories later.

Yvette (aka hi there)
One time, me and my 4 children were on the tippy top of the ferris wheel when the power stopped, then one of my children had to pee, I had no idea of what so ever to do. (it was also bad that one other was scared of being up high)So, I didn't know what to say, so I just said to pee in his pants. He did, and one other child (afraid) wet her pants, but me Maria,and Drew (didn't have to go, wasn't scared)stayed dry.

sorry! gotta go! to be continued!): remember, me and Joy, Maria, Drew, and Mark are stuck at the tippy top and Joy is really afraid and wetting her pants a lot.

until I get the other half of the story done,


P.S. Happy Valentine's day!

Christa: in response to your post, I often had those dreams and experiences at a young age. I still do once in a while as an adult. I would dream constantly of having to go to the bathroom or even peeing outdoors and such and wake up having wet the bed. As an adult I still wake up in the middle of the night and have a split second while I am peeing where I can't determine whether I'm on the toilet.. or just dreaming and wetting the bed again (I am usually on the toilet by then hehe). Does this ever happen to you? I have talked to quite a few people who have had bed wetting experiences as youngsters and have the same moment of confusion during the night as an adult.

I was faced with an embarassing situation today..

me and several friends all went snowboarding this weekend, and tonight we came back. on the way home in my boyfriend's van, i was sitting up front with him driving and our friends were in the van. we were exhausted so we were pretty much all napping. now i don't know if there was something i ate or drank or what, but something terrible happened while i was napping. pretty late inthe drive a woke up with itchiniess all over my lap and my butt. i sat up a little and everything just felt warm, soggy and squishy. i had a big soft mushy dump in my pants and peed myself too. it felt so gross and i got so nervous and red and pretty soon everyone smelled it. my boyfriend knew that i had crapped myself. i was so so embarassed!

my underwear is still stained brown in the seat.

Christa, I'm well acquainted with that dream and its results. (Though add ten years to the age.) I laugh about it, too, though. There's something funny about being almost fully grown (It went on from 17 to 20, wetting the bed every so often, sometimes with the dream and sometimes without.) and wondering why you're going in the toilet and still getting wet and then waking up soaked. It's only a big and terrible thing if you make it one.

To:Christa Blahk

When I was 13, I too had a dream of needing to take a piss really bad. The dream involved me in school bursting for a piss and walked in the restroom to see a urinal in front of me. I was dreaming that I unzipped my jeans, whipped out my dick and let my piss stream flow.

The next thing I knew is I woke up wet on the front crotch of my pants.
I pissed my bed really good too, but I wondered why in the world would
I have a piss dream.

Hi, has anybody out there sat on the can next to a friend, taken laxative chocolate and had a competition to see who could hold on longest?

Does anybody know whatever happened to Becca? I wonder how her and her sister made out with all of those accidents, and if her parents ever found out they were on purpose!


SUMMER (and all other women who like to hear/see men take a dump), I just want to tell you that during the last half year I have started enjoying letting women hear me on the toilet.

I have always found doing number 2 arousing since it feels so good, but recently I have also had women hear me going. There is a toilet at my office that has quite thin walls, in there I can sometimes hear women on the other side sighing when they do it, and I often go there when I have a really big one and let them hear my sighs of pleasure when the turd comes out.

I also generally LOVE seeing/hearing women enjoy a big and thick turd.

Summer & co, I would very much like to go in front of you if I could meet you in person!


SUMMER (and all other women who like to hear/see men take a dump), I just want to tell you that during the last half year I have started enjoying letting women hear me on the toilet.

I have always found doing number 2 arousing since it feels so good, but recently I have also had women hear me going. There is a toilet at my office that has quite thin walls, in there I can sometimes hear women on the other side sighing when they do it, and I often go there when I have a really big one and let them hear my sighs of pleasure when the turd comes out.

I also generally LOVE seeing/hearing women enjoy a big and thick turd.

Summer & co, I would very much like to go in front of you if I could meet you in person!

To Cheyrl,

I like your pee stories, but do you have any stories about when you poop? I can imagine that some of the stories you tell are not just about you peeing, such as the one you posted about having your moning coffee, I want to know if you pooped too. can you please share any pooping stories you might have?

Randy in KC
FIRST OFF, I would like to thank ALL of the females that have posted their ACCIDENT stories. I think ALL of the "accident-prone" females on here are ADORABLE. I posted my first experiences with pooping and peeing accidents..but since I cant find the DAMN thing in the archives I am unsure where I ended. So if anyone recalls reading my post and happens to know which page its on I would be able to continue posting my experiences. I was also wondering if there was anyone else in the Missouri/Kansas area.

I will tell you what prompted me to post at this particular time, but it will have to be short because I'm expecting company soon. I just pooped my pants on my way home from the gym. I realized I needed to go while doing squats, but it wasnt URGENT so when I finished working out I showered and dressed and was leaving the gym when the first sign of URGENCY hit me. I was already to my car though and I was SURE I could hold it for the 12 mile ride home. BIG MISTAKE! I miscalculated how long the 8 stoplights could make the trip and I knew I wasnt going to make it home as the last light turned green. Fortunately there is a gas station/convenience store just 2 blocks from the last stoplight.It was taking all my concentration to hold it as I pulled in and parked. I carefully got out of my car, this brought me even closer to losing control and I could tell from the effect that standing up had,the load that I was struggling to hold was a big,heavy, solid one. The light grey sweats that I was wearing were a lil small for me and as I entered the store and headed towards the restrooms I pulled on the drawstring. As I reached the door to the mens room I realized the drawstring was in a knot. I panicked trying to decide what to do. I decided within a seconds time that I would need something to cut the string. By now I had to walk that "special" walk that only someone about to poop themselves walks, with one hand still fumbling with the string and the other hand on my butt trying to hold back the inevitable. The girl at the register laughed at me when I told her my drawstring was in a knot and I needed something to cut it fast. She seemed to be amused at my predicament and wasnt trying very hard to find what I needed and just as she held up the scissors she found, my bodily functions won the battle against my will and my pride. It came out pretty fast and I just stood there frozen with embarassment and started filling my pants. Two girls around 16 began to giggle behind me and I glanced back to see them staring as it quickly grew into a massive bulge. Once the last of my poop slid out, I snapped back to reality and was not pleased with where & what had just happend and how many people saw it. I just left and drove home with the giant load of shit in my pants, which takes me back to why I had to tell this hurriedly...I still havent cleaned up and changed my pants and I hear a car in my driveway.... GOTTA RUN.

Eric in Chicago
Michael explosive diarrhea: Whether or not you make more shit as you get older depends on how old you are at the time (in mathematical terms, the relationship is non-linear). In general, teenage boys are the biggest shitters; if you were in charge of "real-life" testing for a toilet manufacturer (all toilet manufacturers have their own formulation of "sham poo" for preliminary testing, but final testing is always done in the Real World) and you came across a family with 14-year-old male quadruplets, you'd be doing everything in your power to place one of your toilets with them.

A 15-year-old is almost certainly going to shit more than a 10-year-old. But a 25-year-old and a 20-year-old will probably shit the same amount. Elderly people often suffer from constipation due to low stool volume. So, once again, it depends on how old you are. If you're in middle school or early high school, you're going to be taking bigger shits for the next few years.

Various posters: I suspect the reason some parents punish their kids for toilet accidents is that they're very control-oriented and perceive a toilet accident as their kid escaping from their control. Dr. Benjamin Spock was widely vilified among a certain American (mostly Southern, mostly male, mostly Christian fundamentalist) crowd for no more reason than that he stated that kids can't be toilet-trained until their nervous systems reach a certain level of maturity. To members of the "crowd," those were fighting words; by implying that nothing that the father could do would force his kid to be toilet-trained until the kid was developmentally ready, Spock was (allegedly) implying that the father was "weak." To a Real Man with an old-fashioned concept of "honor" there is no greater insult than an implication of "weakness." (I should point out that the majority of Southern male Christian fundamentalists would find this "reasoning" absurd; only a minority of the group is infected by such attitudes.) (Of course Spock's later opposition to the Vietnam War was part of the reason he was vilified, but he was persona non grata among the Radical Right crowd well before it).

Scott. It sounds to me as though Hannah's accident was down to a mixture of poor planning and bad luck. Hopefully it's an experience she'll learn from and organise herself better in future.

Nadia. I enjoyed your account of peeing at a urinal. Some years ago I picked up a humorous seaside postcard (Brit posters will know what I mean) depicting a man and woman standing side by side at a urinal. I think the caption read something along the lines of "Equality is..."

One day last week I came home from work and went up to the bathroom where I had the biggest poo imaginable. When I flushed the loo the first time the water rose up nearly to the rim and I thought I'd blocked it. I had visions of having to call an emergency plumber out - or Dynorod - to get things fixed. Fortunately the water subsided and a second flush safely despatched my load. I don't know what I'd eaten that could possibly have caused such a thing to happen and I'd been as regular as clockwork too! It's a mystery.

Monday, January 31, 2005

today my whole spanish class was witness to a full blown accident. we had final exams this week, and today was my spanish exam. it was 2 hours long and you were encouraged to eat/drink/use the bathroom/collect all materials before the test, because you weren't allowed to leave. obviously this little blonde girl in my class named hanna didn't feel that was necessary and humiliated herself in class. see, hanna was sittin one row to my left and one seat ahead, so i had a good angle at her. she was wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt and tight gray sweatpants. nice and comfortable for exam day i suppose. anyway, i noticed about halfway through the test, she wouldn't stop shifting in her seat and looking around the room with an anxious expression on her face. i watched her every few minutes or so, and every time i looked over again her legs were crossed tighter or her arm was pressing into her stomach and she had her butt all the way back in the chair and was leaning forward over her desk, just looking like she was really concentrating on the test. at one moment when i wasn't watching her, i saw out of the corner of my eye that she suddenly slid all the way forward in her seat. i looked over to her and she was stone still scooted all the way forward in her seat, but still leaning over her desk, and i was incredibly surprised to watch the seat of her sweatpants begin to slowly expand outward then rapidly grow into an enormous bulge on her butt, with quite a bit of flatulence. the bulge immediatley began to show a brown stain soaking through and it didn't take long before the whole seat of her pants turned brown. she must have had diahrrea pretty bad, because she definitely had the runs in her panties. it was ridiculous but i couldn't keep my eyes away. she didn't hesitate to swing her head around in all directions of the room with her face cherry red, looking to see who watched her, and when she saw most of the room looking at her she put her head down and began to sop hysterically. it was pitiful. i felt terrible for her but i loved the show. shortly after she broke down the proctor escorted her from the room and ordered us to carry on with our tests, but she couldn't even make it out the doorway before stopping again as a dark wet stain began to spread across the bottom of her butt around the brown stain and spread all the way down her legs. it wasn't enough that she had just pooped her pants but she had to pee herself on the way out of the room. hilarious. there was even a puddle where she was standing.

what a concentration killer. tryin to take a test and the girl next to you craps herself and wets herself!

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