I remember in a dream I was having when I was about 8. In real life I had to go peepee so bad. I couldn't wake. My dream was so realistic.....................I'll start with the story now. I was dreaming of a toilet for some strange reason when I felt something wet. I woke up and I had peed myself. I laugh about it today too. So it okay if you laugh. If anyone has had similar staries please post them.

just a quickie! well here I just finished peeing and wow, It did not take long at all. I walked in and lifted the lid, pulled down my leotards and undies, and sat to pee. immediately it came out tinkling in this " sploop-sploop" sound right into the middle of my toilet's water for about 30 secs. then it paused and a little more tinkled out sounding the same for barely 10-15 more secs before immediately stopping. I wiped really good as while peeing I could feel some of it dribble backwards. when I got up to pull everything up and flush, the toilet was just lightly yellowed by my pee and no foam or scum at all. it was just yellow enough that it looked peed in.

today I had to pee about 3 hrs after drinking some coffee first, then some OJ [ two big ol' mugs of it].[ used the mirror] so I went to the bathroom, pulling down my sweats and undies and no sooner than I sat down on the seat did I begin to pee. it made one tinkle sound as it splashed out quickly into the bowl's water right about in the middle in one twisty ribbon which was basically clear but gave off this sweet scent of pee as it came out for at most 25 quick seconds,before it stopped. it again started for another 10 secs at most in this drippy tinkle which arched foward and splattered in about three different directions landing mostly into the water but also up against the dry slope at the front of the toilet bowl and wow, did it ever give off this distinct smell of sweet pee which filled the air. then it stopped and I wiped , and as I got up to pull everything back up I could still smell that sweet stinky pee in the air. the water was filled with whitish-yellowish pee and maybe three small patches of white " scuzzy" foam toward the sides of the bowl as I then flushed.

Boston guy
I have two stories:

The college I went to had a big mensroom in one of the buildings. There were no doors on the stalls, and at the very end of the row of stalls there was one stall with two toilets in it--the school had created a wheel-chair accessible stall by taking out the wall between two stalls, making one stall with two toilets in it. I used to study in that building a lot and would use that mensroom. When I needed to take a dump, I'd use the 2-toilet stall cuz it was at the end of the row and was the most private. One night I had just sat down to take a dump in that stall when another guy walked up to the stall. He asked if I minded if he used the other toilet in my stall. I said sure, so he dropped his pants and sat down next to me. I was kind of shy at first, but he started chatting with me--he said he liked that stall cuz it was more private than the others. I could hear him pissing and his logs crackling out, so I let go with mine. We kept chatting the whole time, about school, where we lived, where we were from. The rolls of toilet paper were on my side of the stall, so he asked me to hand him some paper. He stood up, bent over a bit, and started wiping his butt with the paper I'd handed him. He asked for paper a couple more times. And I started cleaning myself up too (I stay sitting while I do it). He finished before I did, flushed his toilet, and said goodbye. It was a cool experience. We'd run into each other on campus every once in a while and say hey to each other.

Another time, I was taking a standardized test at another college. After the test was over, I went into the mensroom to take a dump. The mensroom was set up with two rows of stalls facing each other. There weren't any doors on the stalls, so somebody could sit down right across from you and see everything. I was just about done dumping my logs, when a guy came in and took the stall right across from me. He said hey to me, and I said hey to him. I could hear him start to piss and fart. I wiped my butt, flushed, and left my stall. Said goodbye to the guy as he was starting to dump his load. The experience wasn't as cool as the first one but it was still pretty cool.

that sounds great i want to do that with my future husband

Billy and Kevin
Last night, my friend Jake stayed over. His older brother stayed over, too. Their parents were out of town. When we got up, our brohter Tom was on the toilet. So we went and had breakfast. All during breakfast me and Jake were farting up a storm. I said to Jake after a few minutes in the bathroom, I will stop farting. HE said, me too. When we were done, Jakes brother was on the toilet. So we brushed our teeth and went to school. When we got to school, we headed strait to the bathroom. When we got there, we found the water in the toilets were frozen. It was really cold out, and sometimes they leave the windows open. The one toliet had a huge turd about 1 foot long. THe other one had a small pile of poop and a wad of paper. Our friend Frank and Bobby came in. I had could barely hold it in, so I sat on the toilet with the huge log. The rest of the kids peed in the other toliet. They were able to put a hole in the ice. Then Jake sat down. Kev farted real loud. Then he got a funny look on his face. He said, can sit down too? I moved back on my toilet, and Kev sat down. When all wsa done, Jake pooped out a huge log and a huge pile of loose poo. I pooped out a huge turd, too and two small ones. I Kev pooped out a huge pile of little logs. His pile was so huge, he had to move forward, because the pile was hitting his butt.

After school, we went out in the woods and played capture the flag. In the middle, our little brother josh said he had to poop. It was like 0 out, and I said, you'd better go insied. He said he couldn't wait. He took off his gloves and snow pants and pulled his pants and underwear down. He blasted a huge turd, too. His was full of corn, from lunch. He didn't wipe or anything. He just pulled his pants up and got dressed. After dinner, josh, me and jake had to poop again. We all peed. Josh pooped first. He had a little streak mark. I pooped next. I made another large log. Then jake pooped. He made some really long turds that half floated. All our turds were corny turds.

To Nadia: I loved your story about pissing in the urinal. Only one curious question, did you wipe after pissing?

Taylor, getting more stressed out.
Hey. Taylor here.
I had the best shit just the other day. I'd been needing to go for a while, so I headed straight into the toilet, sat down and pushed. I always like to get it done quickly, so I always push. Almost immediatly, out comes some chunks (I'm back to how I normally shit). Well, as it happens, I had some more to let out. So I push again, and this larger, softer chunk'o'crap literally flies out of my 161-pound body (I've put on some weight). It bloody stunk though.
Oh yeah, I was asked this question at school the other day: Have you ever went into the toilet and seen a huge log in there, not yours, and it stinks to high holy hell? Seeing as I'm a bloke, I have occasionally. Could I get anybody's opinion on this matter.
Cheers. Taylor.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Hey! I'm black/indian, female, 18. I'm 5 ft. 2 in. and 87 lbs. I like to wear guy's clothes sometimes. Anyways, I peed standing up at a men's urinal for the first time last Saturday. I work at the library as a volunteer and there is a lounge room in the back of the library for workers. They have snack machines and men and women bathrooms. Well anyways, my supervisor let me go in for my break and NO ONE was there. I had to pee a little bit, and I noticed that the lights in the men's bathroom were off. I looked around and went in. To my surprise, there was ONE URINAL! I decided to hurry up and pee in case someone came in. I took out my homemade stand-to-pee device (cut from my school planner) and pissed. I was so nervous that I was shaking. The piss was going everywhere, but stayed in the bowl. After I was done, I flushed the urinal and left in a hurry. I have to volunteer this Saturday, and I might do it again. ^_^ Does anyone else have any stories about women peeing standing up/in urinals?

One night a few months ago I had a seating audition. For dinner I had some chicken. After dinner it felt like my stomach was an inflatable balloon. During the car ride I let out some extremely foul smelling gas and by then I had to go so bad. The stomach cramps were unberable during the ride. I almost shat my pants. When I arrived at the place, it stopped and I took advantage of this time to warm up. This was the eye of the storm. Then the storm came back worse than ever and I had to go to the restroom now or my pants would be full of it. So I ran to the restroom as fast as I could and sat on a toilet. I chose the handicap stall because it was the biggest and I like personal space. When I sat on the toilet and pulled my pants down, immediately I felt my poop go up a little bit into my rectem. Almost like pulling a trigger to a gun. During this time you could hear a crackling noise. Then the trigger was let go, by a huge fart. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttt. Spppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooshhhhhhhhhh.At the fasted spead came a big glob of mushy bowel movement in three seconds. It filled the whole area of the toilet. It wasn't to watery but it was like the consistency of thick mud. It was dark brown and it had a lot of mucous in it. Fortunately I did well on the audition.

Another time a few months before that, I had macoroni and cheese and two hours after that I felt a tremendous urge to shit. I had no pain, just an extreme urge. I had to pee to. I started peeing first but had to stop half way in the middle of it, because I had to go so bad. So just as I landed on the toilet seat the movement started. I thought it was going to be a long solid movement but I was dead wrong. At first for 5 inches there was a thick firm log. Then all of a sudden a humongous amount of mush came out. It all came out in five seconds but it was a big pile. How could one shit so much? It must have been a 5 on your size scale. It had the consistency of tomato paste except it was a moderate to dark brown. It also had a lot of mucous and it smelled awful. Connected the pile of pasty diarreah was a firm 5 inch 3 inch thick log. Two more times that afternoon I had stomach cramps. But each time I let out watery diarreah. What an afternoon.

By the way great site. Give me feedback please

I read an anonymous post where someone asked about indecency laws involving people, particularly females, carrying on in public after messing themselves.

I am not positive about any laws but certain cases tend to be treated as public disturbance type situations and the like. My wife has always dealt with an embarassing control issue and when put in a situation where she won't have convenient access to a toilet for several hours, 9 times out of 10 she has bowel movements in her pants. Over time we've been in situations where we've been asked to leave places due to her having an accident. The first summer we were married, we were at an amusement park waiting in a long line to ride the front car of a new roller coaster. We were waiting for about 50 minutes, the entire time my wife Krystal was complaining about needing a toilet, until eventually she went in her shorts. This wasn't uncommon and we don't have a big problem with it, it's just an inconveniece. She was wearing light colored denim shorts and the denim did a fairly good job of hiding that she had made a mess in her pants, although a very slight stain did show through and a bulge was noticeable on her bottom. She was casual and acted like nothing had happened and she wasn't about to get out of that line, she was getting on that roller coaster. We should've gotten out of line then because it was an even bigger waste of time to finish our wait because of what happened when we got up there. We were next in line and had just seen the train with the people ahead of us depart. Two of the roller coaster operators had on several instances looked toward us and spoke amongst themselves, and even a couple of people who were in our lane spoke with an operator and pointed to us after their ride returned and they got out. We didn't know what was going on. We also saw an operator talking into a walkie talkie. Just as the next train came in and we were finally to get on, a security guard waited on the opposite side of the track next to our car with an operator and said right to my wife "Excuse me ma'am, due to the condition you are in we have to ask you to stay out of the rides and the park as a whole until you adjust your composure to adhere to the sanitation requirments of this park. We can't have that in our rides, i'm sorry i know you waited a long time but we couldn't get to you until now." I was shocked, and my wife was deep red. The people in the car behind us saw the whole thing and several people around knew my wife has crapped herself and were deeply amused by this. it was a total bummer. that was the only time i was ever really annoyed at her for pooping her pants, but i felt bad for her too. I was a little surprised that they actually wouldn't let her sit in the roller coaster because she had soiled her pants. I guess because it's a sanitation issue. Other than that she's never been in any sort of trouble when she needs to hang around in public for a while when she's messed herself.


I'm 14 and I wear diapers to bed too. I have been wetting the bed for the past year and I know what you're going through, having to keep such a secret. I never had poop accidents in bed, only pee.

My diapers are wet just about every morning now. I've given up on all the exercises and stuff you're supposed to do to stop because it just wasn't working. My Dr and my folks think it could clear up after my last growth spurt, but my sister and my mom both have bladder control issues, so there could be some family weakness going on.

It definately leads to some embarassing situations, getting put in diapers for bed around relatives and friends is the worst. The holidays were pretty rough for me because of that. And my little brother and his friends are also spreading the word.

The bright side about people knowing is that some of them are better friends now. So I can go out with friends and stay over with them and not worry about my diapers being a big deal. Of course, other people found out and think I'm a total freak so It's a double-edged sword.

I hope things get better for you.


I used to go when I was younger. Now, you are now allowed to go in a swimming pool. We have a pool sign that says "Ool Area, The P has been left out, so lets keep it that way.


To: Flea Market Rita,

Portajohns are gross, normally I only pee in them and do it quickly as I only have to pull my thing out being male.

Today during math I had to pee, so i went to the bathroom. Right as i was finishing, i hear this low voice. The voice called out, "Is anybody in here?" and i knew instantally it was a man. I didn't respond, so the man walked into the bathroom, and ran to a stall, didn't close the door, and pulled down his pants and started peeing. I quickly left the bathroom, but it was quite funny.

forever and anon(ymus)
To put it in geek terms: Downloading a file to the porcelan server.

I've just made an old lady very happy. I was sitting on a long drop enjoying a dump with the door wide open when she rushed in, dropped her knickers and then saw me sitting there in all my glory. She was obviously desperate so I moved over to allow her to sit down. She was only just in time. We took it in turns on the hole and had a good laugh.

To Mia
Yes, I do it all the time in the pool! Where do you live, and what kind of pools do you go to?

mr p.
hi everyone, i have been reading posts for some time now but never had anything exciting to post until today.
about a week ago i was with a friend of mine called anne, we were having lunch in the park she said she needed to poop, i also needed to poop so i said we should find a toilet as my bowels were beginning to cramp. we went to the public toilet but it was out of order. out of politeness i said i would wait but anne said she couldn't wait and asked if i would stand guard while she went into a bush. she was really embarrased but i told her not to worry as these things happer. she went into the bush and after about 30 seconds i could hear a trickle of pee then i could hear her grunting and a couple of quiet farts, after about 3 minutes she came out and said that she was really relieved now as she thought she couldnt hold it. i asked if she minded waiting while i went and did the same. she said she didnt mind at all and gave me some baby wipes she had in her bag. i went into the bush and saw 3 large turds which she had just dropped, 2 were about 5" long and about 2" wide and a light brown colour, the third was about 7" long and a bit more mushy than the other 2. i pulled my jeans down and started to poop, i had to squeeze alot as it was a really big turd, i could hear anne chuckling at me grunting and she asked if i was ok, i said yes but it was hurting, felt like broken glass lol.after a coulple of minutes i finished and wiped my bottom twice and came out. we started to walk back to the main part of the park when anne told me she often liked to poop in public places and asked if i did too. well i told her it was my first time but it was fun and different from using toilet at home. i saw her a couple of days ago and she said we should do it again some time and said i could watch if i like. i said i would enjoy this.
does anyone else like to poop outdoors or enjoy pooping together with someone else ? i would really be interested to find out if anyone else is like us.

To Adrian- Thanks for a response! That was just my rant for the boy next door geeting spanked because he wet himself. Yes, I think getting punished for an accident is stupid, but your right, people don't think the same.

No One
Wow, that has gotta suck. How long does it take you to go? What other methods do you use to relieve yourself?

Hello there everyone! I posted here once a long long time ago, and I said i'd write more stories, but i've just been so busy I haven't had any time. I apologize for that. Anyway.. I just had the most amazing poop ever the other night and I just HAD to share it.
The entire day I was having some harsh stomach pains. I don't know if it was what I ate or just a bug, or something. While I was sitting at the computer I felt the intense pressure of a huge log sitting right in my ass, just waiting to be pushed out. When I felt a good urge I went to the bathroom, spread my asscheeks as I sat on the toilet seat, and struggled to push out my poop. Sadly.. there was only about an inch of it that actually came out, the rest was firmly stuck. I soon gave up and decided to try it again later when it loostens up. This happened to me once more during the day, and only a little piece would come out. Still, there was a whole lot left stuck up my anus.
Anyway, later in the evening I felt another intense pressure pushing it's way against my tired rectum. I had a feeling it was just going to get stuck on me so I sat there a while longer. When I finally couldn't take the pressure and the stomach ache any longer, I got myself up, went straight to the bathroom, and stripped down to nothing (I was planning on taking a shower after releasing my poop, I had a feeling I was going to be messy ;) ). I sat down on the toilet and felt it spread open my soft ass cheeks and my trembling ring was fully exposed and ready to be released. I felt a nice urge to push, so I figure it would all slide out nicely. I pressed my hands down upon my bare knees and gave a deep, heavy push downwards. Quickly, my small asshole was being stretched open and the head of my enormous poop was beginning to slide it's way into the world. I kept pushing. Long, slow, strong pushes.. and groaned into the air as I did: "Ughhhhhh! Mmmmm!" And, to my annoyance, my poop got stuck at the second inch and broke apart, falling off into the toilet. I was so frustrated, I didn't even have an urge to push anymore! That huge long stuck in my ass and I didn't have the urge to push it out. The nerve of it!
I was agitated enough to where I couldn't stand it anymore. That log of poop was sitting inside, taunting my tight little asshole, and I just had to get it out. I leaned forward, inhaling a deep breath and pushed down HARD with all I could give. 5 minutes.. 10 minutes.. 15 minutes later... I was still pushing, tired and upset, and the poop had not moved. It wasn't until a good 30-45 minutes had passed by that I started rocking myself back and forth. I'd change positions and would stand up, and this FINALLY seemed to loosen it back up again. I could tell I was getting ready to push again because I felt some gas pass through my body and out my plugged up hole. I took in a deep breath, rocked from side to side, and pushed down nice and hard. It relieved me so much when I could feel the monster poop beginning to move. The head was soon stretching out my tiny, quivering ring.. I kept pushing, still moaning with the excitement and how good it felt! "Ohh, yess! Come on... Uhnnnnnnn! Uhnnnnn! Yes!" It was sliding it, it was beginning to come faster now... stretching my virgin ring wider and wider! It's coming.. it's coming. Right towards the end. I could feel at least 7 inches of length just slide from my intestines, through my rectum, and out my ass! It felt SO incredibly good! I just literally sat there, cheering at my great performance, and thinking to myself.. "God! I need to post this on!" Anyway, my assumption was true that i'd be dirty by the time I was done. So I didn't even bother wiping myself. I just stood from the toilet, admired my creation, and finally took my shower.
This was one of my most memorable poops i've ever taken, and i'm happy I got to share it with you. Thanks everyone, and keep them stories coming! I promise i'll try to post more. :)

Mr. Clogs
Cheryl: Hi, I liked your Shell station story. Wow, you must of hold that pee for a very long time! That Shell station was relief for you and good thing you've found it. I got a question for you, do you keep a container or chamber pot for night time pee's at home or on the road? Rather convinent thing to have when you get desperate and scrambling for a place to releive yourself.

Brenda: Advice about silencing those loud hissy peeing, try using a glass container like a cup or a jar to muffle those noisey pee's! Try it and see it for yourself. I use it and I found these glass containers to muffle those noisey hissy pee's because if you use plastic containers, it makes peeing in them very noisey.

Well I hope everybody is doing well, I'm doing fine, still clogged up and this tea that I drink to regulate my weight is taking soooooooo long to kick in. Got to get a laxitive to clean me out. Take care!

Hey, great site. Here is my contribution. When I was 23 (Iīm male, 30)I lived with my grandmother and we would fight almost everyday. One day she was at the bathroom when I suddenly started to feel a deep pain in my stomach. It was late in the night, after dinner. I had to poop so hard, and I knew that if i didn`t go inmediatly I was going to be in trouble. I waited for so long in my room but she was washing something in there, so she didn`t bother in going out. Two hours later she was still in there. I didnīt want to speak to her (I was mad at her), so I tried to hold it. I sat up, walked, lied in the bed, etc. to let time go on until my grandmother was finished. But suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my left butt cheek (like a cramp) and I couldnīt hold it anymore. I felt the shit coming out softly from my butt and filling my briefs. It was quite a relief, but I was afraid that it would run down on my legs. Fortunately my underwear hold it. An instant later I felt some liquid shit coming and as I was already messed, I let it go in my dirty briefs. A little stream of urine came out too and run across my left leg. When I was done, absolutely embarrassed for being shitted and peed like a baby, I carefully took of my clothes and put them in a plastic bag. The dirty underwear went directly to the garbage. Anyway, my grandma never knew what happened.

it had been about 3 hours since I last peed and well, that large cup of coffee and also the soda I drank had worked it's way through me and it was time to pee again. I walked into the bathroom , closed door , and quickly lifted the lid. then I quickly pulled down my sweats and panties , sat down with the mirror to watch. as I did, I saw this nice twisty ribbon of yellow pee just shoot out of my twat pretty much downward but a little toward the back; making a loud tinkle sound as it splashed directly into the toilet's water for a good 40 secs or so. immediately I saw my yellow pee bubbling in the water and making loads of yellow foam as it mixed with the clear water. some of it also splashed a bit foward, and yeah, left a few really small drops on the inside front of the toilet seat after bouncing up off the water's surface! it stopped for a sec or two , then again more slowly dribbled out ; this time in little off/on pulsating little tinkles into the front of already yellow water for maybe 20 secs more; making tiny little bubbles of foam and "urine scuzz" in the water before stopping. then I wiped my twat, dropped the paper in the bowl, got up and before flishing the pee filled bowl; saw the water full of moderately yellow pee, a little foam clinging to the sides of bowl, and that wad of paper near the front. that, and a few yellow droplets of pee up against the front and sides of the toilet bowl's inside walls, even though it all tinkled into the water completely.

Hi I am a male 41. Long time lurker first time poster. Over the hollidays I took epsom salt to clean myself out sort of a yearend cleand out. In two hours I was shitting like crazy. It felt good to get it all out. This went on evry fifteen minutes than evry half hour than evry hour for the next twelve hours. Nothing but liquid shit.
Question. I like to pee sitting down in the morning, do other guys like to do this too? and how can time my self to shit at home intsead of at work. I drink coffee in the morning at 5am and a few hours later at work I have to shit at work I have not problem shitting it public restrooms thats what they are for but it just takes too much time

brenda: well yeah I have one outdoor pee to say about , but it was in the woods even though I admit there were rocks, the were many leaves also. anyway , this was in the fall up in connecticut where I live and yeah loads of freshly fallen leaves. I had to pee so badly and having held it for a while all the way up that hill, I walked down behind this rock hill by the overlook,then pulled down my jeans and undies[ panties, same thing]and being that I am somewhat plus-sized I had to pull them all the way down to my ankles. then I squatted down and bent foward and just began to make a big old hissy yellow pee which shot backwards toward the rocks and leaves for a good 45 seconds and yeah, suprisingly made a small mound of foam which stayed on the leaves for possibly a good minute after! I heard this cool sound which went HISSSSSS-SIIIISSSSSSSSSSS" as I saw my golden pee shine in the afternoon sun and come out just a little darker than the golden fall colors of the leaves still on the trees. it did dribble at the end though and then I had to bend and push to make the leftover urine shoot more backwards and yeah some almost hit my pants, but as I pushed it went more back. then I pulled up my undies and felt just a bit wet. later on I saw this small yellow spot, when I was at blockbuster videos getting a video and due to all the water I drank on the hike back, had to ask the clerk to open the unisex room so I go to the bathroom and make a nice almost perfectly clear hissy tinkle; half of which hit the water and half against the dry front in one wide spraying ribbon. [ used a big ball of paper to wipe my wet twat after that hisser!LOL]

Hey Jennie, that's tough to deal with as a teenager but consider this, you have some kind of medical condition that is causing this. It's no different than say getting a stomach bug and getting sick and hurling at school. Yeah, it's embarrassing, but it may not be something that you can help. (More on that in a sec.) Go to . This is the board for kids. I know that you have bowel problems as well but alot of what they have still very much applies to you. You'll see that alot of other kids are dealing with bedwetting, including kids your age. Many of them expressing the same fears and concerns. What you will find there is that some have learned to accept the situation and take it in stride as well learning that their REAL friends will stick by them and support them.

Now, on what you can do that may help. Because the problem seems so intermittent, there may be something in you diet, or lifestyle that may be causing this. Start a sort of diary. This is something that you'll probably need to do for about a month and do religiously. The things that you'll want to record are:

What you had to eat and drink both at lunch and dinner and roughly how much.

Any medications including over the counter meds and when.

What time you went to bed, or how many hours of sleep you got each night.

Any snacks that you've had, especially between lunch and bedtime.

Whether you had an accident during the night and what.

What you are looking for is a pattern (if there is one) that might show a cause for what's happening. It will be tedious, but won't work if you aren't dilligent with it. Don't rely on memory because you're bound to forget things over a period of several days or more. Record the info daily. Good luck, and I hope you will let us know what's happening.

I've been to this site a few times and thought I would finally post. Over the past few months I've started having a fascination with BM's. I don't know what it is about them, but I go and then have to look at it, smell it, and a few times I've even reached in to see what it feels like. Is there anyone else like this?

Most of the time my BM's are very soft, a very dark color and have a smell that could knock someone out. Like this morning when I had a BM I wiped after but it didn't help. I was so messy back there I had to get a washcloth and clean myself. It was all on the outside of my butt hole and inside was almost covered still. I kept pushing the washcloth in to get clean, but I don't think I got it all.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Flea Market Rita
I read the post from Kaytlen recently about going hiking on a humid day and using a portajohn and had to share my experiences of using them this past summer. I posted about some of my portajohn experiences a few months ago. This past summer I ran one of the booths at a flea market and they had four portajohns as restrooms. Overall the times of using them weren't all that bad; the people who did use them kept them relatively neat, although many times a pile of toilet paper and human waste accumulated out of the water especially as the day went on. One of the worst times to use the portajohns were when the weather was really hot and humid. They get stifling hot inside and the smell of urine and stool are very pungent. Since my bowel movements tend to take awhile (I try not to push much), I'm often in there for five or more minutes. It gets mighty smelly and hot in there! I'll even push it out if it is too overwhelming just to get rid of my turds and get out of there quickly. Some times that doesn't help though. I remember one day I was trying to pass this rock-hard (and thick!) stool and it just wasn't budging and I really had to push and grunt to get it moving. That day wasn't overly hot, but it sure was humid and the sweat was just running down me. After about 10 minutes I was finally finished (oh what a relief!) and when I got out it felt so good to have the breeze blow against my sweaty body! I've heard patrons who have been to this flea market before that they hate using the portajohns and they ask if there are any other facilities around; I tell them there aren't and they are obviously not happy. But, you go and do what you gotta do. Relief is always better than holding it in and being uncomfortable.

I have read several posts where people report either themselves or other people around them having accidents in their pants, but doing nothin about it and carrying on what they are doing in public. Usually its girls who do this, and I was wondering aside from being embarassing, are there any indecency laws against girls walking around in public with their pants all messed up?

ever poop or pee your pants at a friends house? i did this weekend! it was humiliating/hilarious/pathetic all at once. here's how it happened.

on monday tuesday and wednesday this week we have semester finals. i went to my friend sarah's house so we could do all the review assignments and study, but i was there during a huge blizzard and wound up getting stuck there. i had no problem, two teenage girls get to have an unplanned sleepover. it was fun, the only problem was my bowels and bladder had been working overtime latley..i have an over active bladder (i'm assuming) because not always but occasionally i'll just go 2 or 3 days where i have to pee at least once every 2 hours. i've never talked to my parents about it or gone to the doctor about it because it's embarassing, but since it isn't a constant problem i don't worry about it, and besides i rarley get into dilemmas where i end up wetting my pants. it just so happens that this weekend my bladder was acting up, but sarah is the only person i've told about it so i'm not to embarassed about having to pee so frequently at her house because she understands. so anyway we were in her room playing mario kart on gamecube at like 11 at night, when my stomach kinda started to feel a little gassy and there was pressure in my butt from having to poop. i didn't want to poop at her house because i've never pooped anywhere besides my own toilet (or my underpants but i'll get to those stories another time...) i felt pretty nervous about it but i decided the urge wasn't too bad and i ignroed it until it eventually subsided and i felt better. at bout 2:15 in the morning, and went to the bathroom to pee one last time before we went to bed. everything was good as far as i was concerned.

sometime in the middle of the night, something woke me. i opened my eyes and i was only about 10% awake so i had no idea what was going on. all i know is that as i laid there trying to get with it, i felt something warm and tingly rapidly spreading under my butt! i threw the covers up, sat up and thrust my hands toward my crotch and grabbed myself to try and control it, but it was too late. i completely wet my panties! my heart was pounding as i sat there in horror in a big wet spot on sarah's floor wearing pee soaked panties! this was a big problem (not just because im 18 and wet myself) but because since the sleepover wasn't planned, i didn't have any underwear to change in you may think the next path i took is a little gross or weird, but i didn't have a whole lot of options and i was still 85% asleep...but i laid back down in my wet panties and tried to sleep...hey i've sat in pee soaked pants quite a few times in my life, i'm used to it. besides i wasn't ready to wake up sarah and say "hey sarah i peed myself can i borrow some of your underwear?" i decided the best course of action was to go back to sleep, let her wake me up in the morning and be shocked..and then iwas going to accuse her little sister of coming in and putting my hand in water (which isn't totally unbelievable because her sister is a little brat and likes to harass us) the story would totally fly, you'd understand if you knew sarah and her sister, so it was a sure fire plan and no one would ever believe her sister when she denied it. the only problem was...things get a little messy when i went back to sleep.

some hours later i woke up again to a more severe problem.

i woke up with an incredible pressure in my butt and i could feel my cheeks trying to push apart..i was ready to crap my panties!!!!! i was awake for less than 5 seconds and i sat up and my now freezing cold damp panties sticking to my skin were in a pretty intense wedgy in my butt. i sat up and put my hand back and tried to pull my wet undies out of my butt, and when i did a lot more than my underwear came out..i adjusted my panties just as a big, warm, soft poop persistently pushed it's way into my panties and curled into a big, mushy bulge no matter how much i tried to hold it back. i continued pooping for a solid 2 and a half minutes until now besides my panties being damp and wet they had a hot, reeking pile of mushy poop bulging in the seat. i could not believe i peed and pooped my panties at sarah's house...

hey i'm sorry but i have to take a break from this for now i just realized i'm gonna be late for work. so...TO BE CONTINUED! lol i left you off at quite a spot...remember that, at the end of this part of the story i'm sitting on the floor in the dark in sarah's bedroom with a load in my wet panties having NO IDEA what to do. lol. i'll post what happened next latero on, BYE NOW. :)

-kellie k.


I just wonder if there is anyone who usually pees in swimmingpools?
I know it is childish, but I still cant stop doing it. I guess i kind of like the warm feeling. Is there anyone else who do it? I am 24 and I just wondering if anyone still do it sometimes?

How does everyone clean their butt hole after pooping? Do you just wipe the surface of the hole, or do you actually clean inside the hole? If you clean inside, how far in do you go with the paper?

Also, when you take a shower or bath, how far in do you clean your butt hole. Does anyone take the washcloth and actually clean inside their hole?

Finally, when you dry off your butt hole after a shower, does anyone dry inside the hole, or do you just dry the surface? And does anyone smell their towel after drying off to see if there is any poop smell? I know I do.

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