i'm 15 years old and i have to wear diapers to bed. it really sucks and i'm really self conscious about it, but for some reason i've never been able to stop wetting the bed, and sometimes i poop myself in bed too. it's made it hard my whole life because i can never really have sleep overs or anything like that unless i want my friends to know that i need to wear a diaper in bed incase i wet or mess myself. obviously i'd rather none of my friends knew about that. when was 14 i went for like 2 weeks waking up in the morning with a clean diaper, and i was very excited. my mom told me if i felt comfortable i could start wearing my underwear in bed. i waited a couple more days and still woke up with a clean diaper, so at 14 i was finally over my bed wetting/messing problem and i could wear my normal underwear to sleep. or so i thought...i was fine for less than a week sleeping in real underwear for the first time in my life, and on maybe the 5th or 6th day i woke up in the morning with a huge mess of crap in my panties. i cried for hours. i thought i was finally over my problem but i wasn't. my mom suggested it could've been just one unfortunate accident and i should just go back to diapers for a few more nights then try the underwear again if things went okay. things got worse. i started messing myself in bed a lot more frequently. after the incident where i messed my underwear in bed, i messed my diaper 3 nights in a row, but then things got okay again. i went another week where i only wet my bed twice and didn't mess myself, and then a whole week went by where i didn't even wet my bed. that was the week i turned 15 too. i was feeling pretty good about myself because i hadn't had bedtime accidents in a while, and i decided to wear underwear in bed again. the very first night, i woke up at 3 am and reached down and pressed my hands over my bottom and mushy poop just squeezed out and made a crackling noise and there was an immediate warm sticky feeling as the massive bulge formed in the seat of my panties. i mean i majorly pooped in my panties...the worst part was they were plain white....yes it was incredibly ugly. never cried harder before.....

aaaaand now im back in diapers.

anyone else in a situation similar? :(

This morning I had mushy poop again like last Monday. After breakfast, I went upstairs and had a little gas. Then with straining came out two long, light brown soft logs. A half hour later I had to go again. I did not feel pain, but I did feel an incredible urge to go. So I went to the bathroom again and sat down with my mirror. The moment I sat down came a brrrrrrrrrrt from my but. This was a big stinky fart. Then another brrrrrrrrrrrrt came out. Then I relaxed and gave out one small push and a humongous glop of mush came out. In the mirror it looked like a soft serve ice cream machine at super speeds. The mush pile was a medium brown which looked like a cow pie. The pile was about 6 by 8 inches and was a good 3 inches high. I wiped 7 times and left. But then I rushed back to the toilet ten minutes later to let out another glop of mush out that was about half the size of the previous mush pile.

newlyweds fan
I was watching MTV the other day and a commercial for the new newlyweds season came on. In that commercial Jessica Simpson is sitting in a car with a lot of people, she says, "I better take a poop today.", You can see this if you go to and go to the newlyweds site and watching the movie called newlyweds is back. In this show jessica simpson often talks about her poop. In one episode she is sitting at a table and she says, "I have to go drop some kids in the pool." then she gets up and heads to the bathroom. Another is she takes a smelly crap in the downstairs bathroom and Nick makes fun of her and calls her stink ass. One more is when Jessica is planing Nicks suprise birthday, and one of her friends says what are you going to do, the nick walks in and she replies "First I am going to poop". I think that she is so hot, espically when she talks about pooping.

Mr. Clogs
Cheryl: I meant the by the post about the nursery school. I'm sorry that I've confused you, I hope that helped cleared things. Oh, I liked your post about the Starbucks, and I happen to agree that those young "preppy" kids are discusting. I being from that generation, at least my folks taught me manners! So Cheryl, you shouldn't worry about me, I'm not all of us youth are bad, but it's those few that make it bad for people like me! Another thing I noticed in your post, you use the term panties to describe when you pull down those undies! At first, I thought this was new style, or an imposter using your name. As I continue to reas on, I know you were the real deal! Keep those post coming! I really look forward to reading your post

Carla: Wow, what a desperate post, hey when you gotta go, you gotta go! Right?

I haven't found nothing interesting going but using a empty mayo jar for my night-time pees! I may to use a laxitive sometime this week because I feel a bit clogged. So folks, that's why I go by the name of Mr. Clogs because I stay clogged for some reason.

My VERY first real bathroom experience with my husband of 5 months and boyfriend of 2 1/2 years! Friday night, January 20th my husband and i had been fighting that day (family problems) and that night he asked me if i wanted to shower, i told him i would shower with him, we got into the shower. He stood there for a while, (contiplating i suppose, bcuz he has always been extremely bathroom shy) then asked me if i wanted to watch or hold it while he peed, i told him i had always wanted to hold it AND he placed my hand on it and it took him a few minutes, but he finally let go! The one thing i've ALWAYS wanted to do with my husband i finally got to do! The next night we showered again, and this time, i got to watch him pee into the toilet from the was the best! I couldnt be happier! Thanks for listening. I'll post again later.

ScottyHotty-That was pretty good to have a roomate who is comfortable enough with you to be able to crap with you in the room. Do the stalls have doors? Now that would be really amazing if he could crap in front of you in a doorless stall! When I was in my college dorm, all of the guys on the floor would crap in the 5 different stalls, sometimes talking to each other while on the can. In my fraternity, my 2 roomates and I would always crap in front of each other in the restroom. It was just a regular bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower. We didn't want to tie up the bathroom if someone else needed it for showering or washing up. It was unusual, but I was the guy who moved into their room, and didn't mind following their rules. I found out the "rule" when one of them told me to bring the phone in to him when he got a call. He was sitting on the can with his briefs and jeans down at his ankles, and his shirt pulled up a bit. Later on, he had no problem coming in to wash his hands for dinner while I was on the toilet. I was a bit surprised, but acted like it was no big deal.

well, after another all nighter on friday night I was up to see the sunrise about 7:10 AM. I hadn't peed since about 1:30 AM and had not felt the need to , untill about an hour after I drank some coffee and also a diet dr pepper. anyway while watching the sunrise it suddnely hit hard -that " I've gotta pee feeling". knowing that I wasn't gonna make it all the way home, I stopped at this shell station down the road and used the restroom . after getting the key , I walked back , opened the door and closed/locked it behind me. then I quickly put down the seat, wiping it to make sure it was clean. I undid my jeans as fast as I could, pulled them and my panties down, lifted my coat and quickly sat down for a bady needed pee! it almost came out of me before I sat! as soon as I sat down on that cold seat I began urinating and heard it tinkle loudly as it splashed a little backward into this toilet's small round area of water which was halfway back from the front rim. it came out steady for at least a good minute , paused a bit ; then I felt more coming and instead of trying to force myself to pee as quick as possible[which often leaves too much pee in me, and then I have to go more not too much later], I just relaxed and let it flow while leaning foward a bit. it tinkled for 30 secs., stopped; then I gently pushed and more came tinkling out for 10 secs., then 20 secs. off and on. after almost 2 minutes, it stopped and I relaxed my bladder for maybe 10 secs until the last of it came out, again tinkling back into the water before stopping. I wiped my twat and got up, slowly pulling up my panties and jeans as I buttoned and zipped up. before I went to flush the toilet, I saw the water had turned a dark yellow color from my scuzzy pee and had just a little ring of foam clinging to the edges of the water; as well as the wad of paper I wiped with. I fulshed, but not all of the pee went down and it looked like some of it stayed in the water as it refilled; meanwhile washing up and fixing my hair.

Hey Everybody!!

Some of you may remember me, some of you may not. I wrote a few stories from when I was younger, about a little club we developed. Either way its OK. Anyways, I'm back and better then ever.

This one is for ????ache Girl, I know how you are feeling, I've been through that scenario also. You should'nt feel scared about going back to school. And I have the story to prove it,

I had just become a freshmen in high school, was just beginning to take in my new surroundings. Anyways, I had been feeling tense for the past few days and usually that means I'm getting sick. I woke up on a cold grey sping morning, and felt awful. My head was throbbing and my stomache didn't quite feel right. But having wrestled for seven years, I thought "hey, I been through worse then this" (meaning I've wrestled through colds, and even a broken hand (not knowing at the time) and with a 2 broken ribs (again not knowing) so hey feeling sick no big deal), so I stupidly went to school. Now I have to walk to school because I live so close, and walking in 20 degree weather, with a wind chill at -1, it's hard to keep yourself from losing it from both ends when your trying to keep warm. I finally get to school because I was getting so hot with a fever. Still I figured "no big deal". And now the trouble begins. I'm just a little late, but since I'm not normally late the teacher didn't get angry. Half way through first period, I began to drift and noticed that my stomache sounded like the ocean during a hurricane, and then it hit rock bottom. I had to poop, and had to do it NOW. But we weren't allowed to leave class due to the fact kids were leaving and not returning when they said they had to use the bathroom. So I'mm sitting there trying to hold on and stat letting these really rank SBD'S. Everyone starts moving and turning to look who is trying to has the room out. So I decided to play along. Turning I saw one of my friends, melanie, giving me a strange look. By the end of first period, I was dying to poop. I ran to the bathroom as soon as the bell rang, and made the toilet look like someone had poured a ton of mud in it. After that, I felt a little bit better and was able to limp through the day with a headache the size of Asia. Then fifth period hit, At the beginning that ocean sound returned, and now I was starting to feel worse. I felt like I would throw-up any second. WE were suppose to working on our math booklets, but I just couldn't do it. I put my head down and tried to make the feeling go away. It woundn't. Then I felt the elevator begin to rise and knew I was going to be sick. I rushed from the room and tried to make it to the bathroom. Now I was almost there and rounded a corner and ran right into the most popular girl in the school. Her name was Emily, and she had long blonde hair and a great body, and to show her popularity, she'd wear something new to school, and the next day half the girls in school would be wearing it. So anyway, I ran into her, and as I did, I lost it. I vomited all over her shirt, skirt and shoes. And as I fell to the floor, a huge wet load of poop exploded into my underwear. So there I am, sitting on the floor covered in vomit, with a load in my pants, staring up at the most popular girl in school, who was covered in MY vomit. And then I heard the words I'd never forget. She bent down and looked in the eyes and said "are you OK?" I nearly passed out. Here she was covered in vomit and she was more concerned with whether I was OK. "Here let me help you," she said. She looped her arm with mind and pulled me up. "Thanks" I said. "you look terrible, let me help you to the office." She helped me to the office and actually stayed with me for the rest of the day, while I waited to go home. After school, her friends came and when they saw us, they looked to be in shock. Well eventually we both left and by the next day the whole school knew about it. A few days later, we met in the hall and asked how I was and if I wanted to do something with her later. And since then we've been best friends.

So ????ache girl, as you can seem, you don't need to be picked on. What they think doesn't matter, you control your own destiny and if you feel embrassed, they'll know it and try and make you feel worst about it. Kids usually forget about thing pretty fast and if they don't, then something like it probbly happened to them. Just remember, it's what you think, not them.

Anyway, I've found this happen a few times a year, and I always know that I never leave the house when it does. If it keeps happening, tell your parents so they can get something to make you better.

I hope you begin feeling better and I'll stand by tou all tthe way.

I hope everyone enjoyed the story and if you can please reply.

Have a good day everyone!!

P.S. I'm a Juinor in High Schoo, if you were wondering


I've always been skeptical that some of the stories written on here could actually happen. I mean, it seemed to me that maybe some of these accounts have been a little overembellished. But then one of them happened to me and I can tell the story over the wonderfully anonymous internet.

I'm 21 and female and I occassionally get somewhat constipated, especially around 'that time of month.' Recently, for whatever reason, it's gotten a lot worse. At first, I went #2 once every 3 days, then every 5 days, then only once a week. It would always clear up once that 'time' had passed. However, this month, I was stopped up for over two weeks. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it happened and I was very uncomfortable. I just felt weighed down and bloated and I could tell my stomach was sticking out more then normal. I never got any sort of urge to go at all. After the first week, I started going to a high fiber diet and drinking plenty of water; eating oatmeal, dried fruits, psyllium, etc. Now in the past, these usually worked pretty well to clear things up, but this time, nothing worked at all.

So finally, I bit the bullet and decided to try a stimulant laxative. I know that ex-lax is horrible for you and senna based things aren't too pleasant either, so I tried one called ducolax, promising "gentle yet thorough overnight relief." Well, they got it half right - gentle yes, thorough no. The box said take 1-3 pills adult dose and it would work in between 6-12 hours. I wanted it to work and not just get really crampy and gassy, so I took the full 3 (I'm a pretty good sized girl). I fell asleep and woke up, nothing happened. It was a Saturday, so I didn't have to work, so I figured I'd just get it out of my system and move on. Only nothing happened. After 4 hours (and 16 hours since I took the pills), I didn't feel any different, so I decided to head out and run some errands. Now that may seem stupid in retrospect, but I honestly thought it just didn't work, I was constipated that badly.

I was right in the middle of the Bon trying to return a late Christmas present when it started to hit me, my stomach started gurgling a little. By the time I got checked out, that gurgling turned into some major cramping. I knew I had to get to a bathroom quickly before I erupted. So I started to hurry up my step a little bit, because salvation was on the same floor (thank God it wasn't a Bon where some floors don't have womens bathrooms). I was about 100 feet away when I got hit with the worst cramp I'd ever felt in my life. It felt like a bunch of bottle rockets were going off inside me or my insides were being inflated like a balloon. I stopped, dropped my bag, and grabbed my stomach with both hands. Then, the urge to go about tripled and I grabbed my butt and ran into the bathroom, threw open the stall door, pulled off the pants and undies and exploded into the toilet.

I don't think anyone else was in there to start out with or if anyone else saw me run in, but if there were others, they'd have heard a long, drawn out fart and then a massive explosion of poo. I'm not gonna hit the gross details, but everything I'd eaten in the past 16 days was just pouring out of me. I think I'd be done, then I'd sit and another wave of cramps would hit me and another enormous amount would come out. I started worrying if the toilet had the capacity to handle everything that was pouring of me. After about 5 minutes, I flushed. Then, 20 minutes later, I flushed again. I stayed in that Bon bathroom for about half an hour. I scared out a fair amount of women, they'd enter, hear the gaseous explosions, and then the absolutely foul smell would drive them out. I heard some "oh my Gods" and some ruder comments but I was a little busy. Finally, I finished, left, picked up my bag, and drove home. I felt at least 10 lbs. lighter and I probably was. Anyhow, the moral of the story is, if you use Dulcolax, its really thorough, but it sure as hell isnt gentle.


Recently I had a quick emergency pee with a friend of mine (female) next to a dumpster behind a store. We waiting for one of those early morning holiday sales event openings. A little too much coffee and cold weather meant full bladders before the doors opened. I don't normally watch other women pee, let alone outdoors, but I noticed that as we were crouching and both having hissing pees that my shoes always get hit with ground splatters and I end up with wet shoes in the giant puddle. My friend's pee arcs forward from between her calves and creates a puddle mostly in front of her feet keeping them dry using the same posture.

To the women out there - Is there a way to get this arcing? What is a good method for avoiding the wet feet while on hard pavement? Cheryl, you have any ideas? You give a lot of details about toilet pees, but not outdoors.

Also for the women out there that pee loudly but need it quiet - (As I needed several times while staying overnight with a boyfriend in a men's only dorm, and not waking his roommate). Hold a thick folded cloth, like a washcloth, against your crotch while squatting over a wastecan and allow the bottom edge of the cloth to lay against the inside of the wastecan. Only a dull hiss can be heard.

I was 11 years old, and was playing with some neighborhood kids. They weren't exactly enemies, but not my best friends either. Someone suggested that we play "escape artist". At this point, I made the first of my 3 mistakes. I said yes. The idea of the game was to be tied up and see how long it took to escape. The second mistake was to not use the toilet to talk care of a rapidly growing need to pee as well as poop. The third and final mistake was after struggling to escape for about 10 minutes to beg for them to untie me because I was nearly peeing and pooping in my pants. They all laughed at me and said that they would let me go only after I wet and messed my pants. Actually there was one more mistake. I tried to fart. Instead of passing gas, I totally pooped my pants. Then I lost my bladder as well and soaked myself. They teased me , and called me names. To make matters worse, my mom spanked me when I got home. I'd always been a bit "accident prone" and she didn't believe me when I tried to tell her what happened. All in all it was a pretty bad day.

No One- When I poop, which is about one a week, I don't just "push" that's a joke...I struggle! I usually grip the toilet seat between my legs and pull has hard as I can while straining into my anus as much as possible. I've pulled muscles in my back, several times, while doing this. Once it was so bad I had to be taped, a corrsit like thing put around me and taped on, for a while.-- JW

Just reading your stories...Seems like you have a HUGE bladder! What do you look like? How long do you usually pee for in the morning?!

Darlene S.
The most awful thing I have ever done happened to me this fall.
I went to an out of town football game with my boyfriend and my one best girlfriend and her squeeze, plus two other boys in the car.
This boy had a small car so we were sort of squeezed in, so I took a
turn sitting on my boyfriends lap on the way home from the game.
Laura, my best friend sat on her boyfriends lap going to the game.

We had the usual hot dog and big cokes at the game. We sat in the bleachers watching the football game, and after awhile I had to go and find the ladies to pee. So I asked Laura if she would go with me and we could go together. Laura had to pee also, so off we went, climbed down the bleacher steps and out to find the toilet or portapotty or someplace to get rid of a couple 32 oz cokes. We found a portapotty, and opened the door, and what greeted us was a seat on two of those pottys had seats that were all wet and peed on, toilet paper on the seat, and even looked like someone had a bad case of diarrhea and pooed all over the place. We couldnt go in there, must be somewhere else to go.
We headed toward the school, but it was locked. Laura said, "I have to pee now or wet my pants", and so we found an offset by the school building in the dark and she dropped her jeans and white panties and peed on the ground. While she peed I watched for anyone comming.
Just as she finished a security guy came by and sort of was watching us so I didnt get to do a pee like Laura.
I thought, well, Im going to hold it, the game will be over in about a half hour and we will head home. I can make it, I didnt have to go real bad anyhow.

Game over, we piled into the car.Squeezed in, I had to sit on my boyfriends lap. It was about a 45 minute drive back to our hometown.
After about 20 minutes into the trip I felt a need to pee building up and I would have to go real soon. I should have found a place to squat like Laura and pee, but now Im sorry I didnt.

Im sitting on my boyfriends lap and we are doing sorta like a hug, and Im squeezing my thighs tightly. I felt his hand brush over my thighs and like he was wanting to fool around. No, I couldnt do anything cept concentrate on holding my urine back. Soon we had come up on a Rail Road crossing and we rumbled over the tracks. It was kinda bouncy and rough, I was bounced on my boyfriends lap. Just then I felt a little
spurt of my pee leak into my panties. Oh, I hoped that wouldnt happen again, I didnt feel wet so I was glad. We are only about 15 minutes from home now and I got a strong urge and clamped my legs and wanted to hold my crotch but Im sitting on this boys lap.

It was a few minutes later I felt another very strong cramp to pee, and I squeezed my legs, but more pee slipped out into my panties and I could feel a little wet up towards my butt.

Jon, my boyfriend said, "are you ok, are you uncomfortable sitting on my lap?" I said, "no, its not that, I think I need the bathroom pretty soon." With that confession I turned beet red, he probably couldnt tell in the car. But I could feel now he was sorta excited with a bit of a lump poking me in my butt. I was kinda wet but not bad yet.

We are crusing along when Roy, the driver, had to make a hard stop as ome jerk cut us off at an intersection. We were still a ways from town, and no gas station or anywhere to stop as we are on this 4 lane highway. When he jammed on the brakes we all lurched forward. Thats when I started to lose my pee, I squirted a few more times in my pants and then it just started to come out. I couldnt stop it, I put my hand in my crotch and pushed hard but it came out anyhow.
I raised my butt off my boyfriends lap a little, but my urine soaked my bottom and I had to sit back down, I couldnt force myself to stay up.
I sat on his lap and totally wet my pants and his too. He didnt say anything until we got home and pulled up by my house. We opened the car door and his pants were soaked, my pants were soaked, it was pretty obivious that I had wet myself on him. He still had that tent in is pants though wet and all.
I got out of the car and I said, "Im sorry, Im sorry I had an accident" and I didnt mean to." He just smiled and said, "it can happend to anyone, so dont worry about it". "I wet my pants on a trip with my paents to the beach this summer"

He walked me to the door and turned and gave me a sweet kiss and said he would see me again. I felt so glad and happy. I turned to open the door, got my key out and then just peed like a river all the rest I had been holding.
So if you go on a date someplace and have a chance to wee wee, go pee and dont make a mess and embarrass your friends and boyfriend.
My other friends in the car didnt say anything, but the next day, Laura was teasing me about doing it on my boyfriends lap.

I dont know if he really like it or not. But I dont want to do that again.

Good morning--snow expected here. Last weekend I went to a mall for lunch, then had to poop. I went into the middle of 3 stalls and sat down. Nice easy movement, fairly long and dark, two hefty plops. Then a man came into the stall on my left. Fairly nice gap behind the partition, reflective tile. I saw him lower his pants, revealing a smooth bottom. He raised the seat, then lowered himself to a hovering position. After only a few seconds, his first turd appeared: thick, bulbous, knobby, quite dark brown (though the color wasn't too easy to distinguish in the tile), maybe 4 inches long. It dropped, hitting the porcelain with a soft thud. The second turd was already on its way, similar but a little longer; I'd estimate the thickness at 1.5 to 2 inches. That one dropped and was followed by a third much smaller one. He straightened up and took paper to wipe; I couldn't see anything after that. Nice sighting; it was obvious that gentleman was accustomed to pooping in that way.
My own poops have been fairly good. This morning I got up, came into the computer room, and hit the mouse to wake up the computer. By the time it was ready to connect to the Internet, I could feel my rectum fill. I dialed up, then went to the bathroom, squatted on the rim, and watched my turds plop into the water: four fair-sized ones, then a dozen or so smaller squigglies, getting fairly soft by the end. All were fairly light orange-brown, and I believe their sources were a Mexican lunch, then a rich supper including fried oysters and breaded mushrooms. After that I sat down to wipe, and wiped off a thick brown smear, after which I suddenly felt I had to go some more. I pushed out another short succession of soft squigglies, then I was done. It took four sets of paper to wipe, and I finished up with a dab of Noxzema on the paper for the final cleanse.
My transit time from eating to pooping is apparently 12 to 24 hours. Last week we had a lovely supper of stew, and the following morning my poop showed the fragments of carrot, bright red-orange, in the smooth medium-brown turds.
How about transit times? Do you have evidence of how long it takes for food to pass through your system? I have actually coined a code word for poop--EPOD. That means End Product Of Digestion. Have you had any good epods lately?
Happy pooping, everyone!

Confused. There aren't any easy answers as to why some parents get angry and punish their offspring for accidents. In many cases I think it's down to them being tired and stressed rather than genuinely outraged at what's happened. I was fairly lucky in having parents who whilst encouraging regular trips to the toilet and similar 'accident avoidance' measures were never really angry if I had an accident and I don't recall them ever punishing me. It's true enough that they weren't exactly best pleased if I wet the bed because of the inconvenience it caused, but I was never punished for it. Different people have different ideas though and not everyone thinks alike. Punishing someone for having an accident is in my view pointless and very probably counter-productive.

Linda. Sometimes our bodies can trick us into thinking that we need a bowel movement a lot more urgently than we in fact do. I always find that I have to have some breakfast in a morning before the need for a motion is triggered. Eating distends the bowels and makes it much easier and more natural to have a movement. In answer to your question I always check to see what I've done before wiping.

Suzanne & Rich. Any more recent enjoyable experiences to share?

Best wishes to everyone!

hey everybody. I'm Rose, and i have a 10 year old daughter, and a 6 year old daughter. My 10 year old is named Katie, and my six year old is named Emma. I have some stories to tell. The reason i came to this websight in the first place was something happened to me today.

I was going shopping with my 6 year old, and I had to poop soooooo badly! We were going shopping, though, and i couldn't find a restroom! Finally, when we were walking from to another store, i knew I couldn't hold it any longer. I started pooping tons of poop into my pants. It was soft poop, and it was really cold out, and it started like...freezing, and dripping down my leg. I finally (while still pooping, i may add) went into the store, and went to the bathroom. by this time i had finished, and so i ppulled my pants down, threw away my undies, and put my pants back on. Emma had seen what i had done, but there was nothing to be done. I told her that i had had an accident, and to please keep it a secret. She agreed. So, during the car ride home Emma was jumping up and down because she had to poop so badly, and there was not place to pull over, so I just let her go in her pants. Unforctunantally, it was really runny, messy poop, but whatever.

Once on a plane flight, I wasn't feeling very good. Suddenly I realized I was about to be sick out of both ends at once, so I ran to the bathroom with both Emma and Katie, pulled them into the stall with me, and sat on the toilet and grabbed an airsickness bag. Throughout the whole flight i was on the toilet barfing and having diarrhea. my children had to be relocated to seats at the back of the plane, beecause i couldn't leave the bathroom! It was quite embarrassing.

Hi, this message is for Kris (wwlb). I really enjoyed your story and your descriptive writing style. I've been a long time lurker of this forum and have come across more than a few posters like you. At first I was skeptical, but I am totally convinced that there are many of your out there. And yes guys, they can outperform us by a longshot.

Kris, it sounds like you avoided peeing at school because of the reactions you may get (or maybe you have such a large bladder that you never need to go).

I'm not sure how long ago this was, but have you ever "intentionally" peed endlessly around your peers to hear their reaction. I mean what kind of mixed reactions can you get?. Have you ever put anybody into shock, literaly. I would do this at least once if I was as well equipped as you just for some mischievious fun.

Please tell us more, have you ever measured for the hell of it?
Please more stories. And for anyone else, male or female

What was the longest pee you ever heard before. And who came out of the stall? What did they look like, were they desperate?

desperate to poop

I had a really messy poop the other day. I went out for a curry and a beer with my girlfriend and a few friends on the Friday night. In the morning my girlfriend had to work so I went shopping to look for some new skirts for work and have a general nose around. I went in my G/F and before she started work we had a coffee. About an hour later I was walking through the centre when the coffee started taking effect alongside the curry and I felt the need for a big shit.

I headed off to the ladies. They're quite big with numerous stalls but owing to the ones down the other end being closed for refurbishment there was stil a short queue. There were four in line. A hot 30yr old, a girl in here twenties and two good looking lady in there 40's. I overheard one chatting to other saying she'd be a little while. I was nowing ready for a hot shit and was letting of silent but deadlys. The aroma in the ladies was quite pungent as well. In the end cubicle someone was really cleaning their bowls out and a few others were audibly shitting! Quite soon I was second in the queue and a few others had formed behind. The lady on the end was still shitting up a storm and the three ladies that had gone in were also pooping. It was quite strange how so many all had to go poop. The ladie in front of me commented how many were pooping and that she was desperate for a pee. I said her friend seemed to be cleaning herself out and that i'd be following soon. Just then a cucible became free and the lady went in. A few mintues later it was my turn. A goregous blonde lady in her late thirties walked out. She was very attractive and was wearing lovely perfume. There was a strong perfumey poop aroma and the seat was very warm. The bowl had a few stains around the outside so she had
obviously taken a nice big dump.

I took my pants and panties down and immediately did a very hot wet fart into the bowl. it stung my arsehole a bit. for the next twenty minutes I shat on and off hot creamy shit. I heard other people coming and going. One girl next to me was in for a quite while. I could see her pink sneekers by the side. Straight after she went a lady dashed in and took of her pants and panties. Well I asssume so as her lacy knickers were on the floor and some of it had come into my cucible. She immediately groannned a soft sludge came out of her ars. I was finishing now but it took me quite a while to clean as my butt was very messy. I wiped finished and flushed. When I came out there was still a line. Just as I did the lady next to me also came out. She was pretty and probably about 45. We met at the sinks and she said how relieved she was. I said me too and then we went on our way.

i have been a frequent reader here but have never posted b4, but this morning i produced an enormous bowel movement and felt i had 2 share it with everybody here. i normally poop once every 2/3 days, and since i eat like a horse and have a high metabolism ,my are quite substantial. because my poops are big and noisy i always take care of business in the privacy of my own home, but this morning whilst i was at my girlfriends place i wasnt going 2 make it home. she lives with her sister in a small 2 bedroom unit that has only one small bathroom that is entered from the living room. to make matters worse my girlfriend(krystal) sister(amber) was there as well. all 3 of us were in the living when i was about 2 go home but i felt a sharp pain in my stomach and told krystal i had 2 use the toilet. i walked into the bathroom and closed the door but since the walls were paper thin i might as well have left it open. as i was pulling my pants down i noticed the girls had stopped talking and so instead of trying 2 be quiet i decided 2 give them an audible show that they would never forget. as soon as my butt hit the toilet seat i let go with a long,deep base tone fart that echoed in the bowl with such force that i could feel it through my feet. i sighed heavily in relief as the pressure on my stomach released. then i got another sharp pain in my stomach as i could feel a monstrous turd ready 2 be purged from my rectum.i began 2 grunt up a storm trying 2 push my turd out. it stretched my hole 2 the max as inches upon inches of it slid out. krystal's toilet is quite high set, even i had 2 sit forward a little on the seat with only the balls of my feet touching the floor. when my turd of at least 12 inches let go it hit the water with an almighty ,deafening KAPLOONK . not only did my butt get a rinsing, but some of the water ended up on the back of the toilet seat and even on the floor, since i had left a bit of an opening at the back of the pan. i felt i lot more was 2 come and no sooner had i caught my breath back, a tremendous barrage of turds plonked and plunked there way into the toilet over the next 5 minutes or so. i lost count but it must have been close to about 20 of them. after the final poop dropped, i released a long hissing fart. i usually sit upstraight with my hands on my hips as i find it helps in relieving my bowels. i looked into the bowl and decided 2 flush it whilst seated, ready for my next instalment. i guess the girls must have thought i was finished and since there was no lock on the door amber walked staight in and shreiked as she saw me there with a nice side perspective of my butt glued 2 a toilet seat. my privates were covered by my t-shirt and my pants were at mid thigh so 2 my suprise i didnt get embarrassed. she apologised saying that she needed 2 fix herself up as she was going 2 work soon. i told her i was going 2 be sitting for at least another 10-15 minutes and i didnt mind. i planned 2 hold onto the rest of poop until she had done what she needed 2 do in here. i sprayed the room with the freshener and we talked 4 a while as she combed her hair and put on her makeup. after about 5 mins i got a pain in my stomach again and i let go a strong fart 2 which i excused myself 2 amber but there was no holding my bowels back. this time my turds were much softer and continuously snaked into the toilet bowl. amber tried 2 talk 2 me but with all the hissing and splatting and my straining it was pointless....... sorry gotta go.... 2 b continued

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