Hi there at the toilet, I'm back.
Seems like an interesting topic is under discussion here, i. e. maximum bladder capacity. I can serve as a witness that capacities over 1 liter can be achieved. For medical reasons, I had to abstain from eating anything for several weeks fifteen years ago or so. Whenever you do this, you have to drink at least four or five liters of water or thin tea a day. Sinve I was moving around all day, and did not find it convenient to take too frequent leaks, I found the capacity of my bladder increasing rapidly. The real problem, however, is to stop drinking early enough in the evening so you won't have to go all night long. One evening I stopped too late, but, as I was dead tired, I didn't wake up until early in the morning; by then my bladder was hurting so bad I couldn't really locate exactly from where in my abdomen the pain came. I decided to measure my "output" by means of a plastic french mineral water bottle of 1.5 liters max. capacity. They have a big enough opening so I would! n't miss if I kept a steady aim. Since nothing would come out just by releasing and relaxing, I peed forcefully in short, painful pushes. It took several minutes to get finished, and I did not even feel instant relief, such was the strain. The pressure seemed to subside only very slowly. Anyway, the bottle was nearly full - I estimated about 1.200 cc! I was impressed by myself, but horrified at the same time. You can believe I took more care to stop drinking early enough on the following evenings. Good pees and poops to you all, Andre.

My friend Nick came over last week to work on an essay. I was hoping that he would have to take a dump at some point in the evening, as he has often done in the past. I needed to shit, but decided to hold it as long as I could, giving him the chance to go first. We ate dinner and Nick didn't have his usual voracious appetite. I took this as a good sign that maybe he was already feeling pressure in his bowels. I must have been right. As I was clearing away the dinner things, he went over to the couch and started getting his books out. All of a sudden he switched on the TV and turned up the volume. I immediately knew what was happening. Apparently, although he is not shy about taking a dump at my place, he doesn't want me to hear anything. Therefore he always switches on the TV or the stereo. Once he said "I'm going to hit the bathroom. I'll throw on the TV, as I think it's going to be a noisy one and I don't want to gross you out." "Don't worry about it," I replied. I couldn't tell him that this was a real turn on for me. The great irony is that I have hardly ever heard a thing! Back to the other night, he walked towards the bathroom and as he passed me in the kitchen, he announced his customary "I'm going to hit the bathroom." I knew this meant a dump because "I'm going to spring a leak" is his announcement for a piss. I replied "I need to go as well before we start work." "You better go first then," was his reply. He is also shy about leaving behind a smell. "No, you go, I can wait" was my reply. As usual, I tip-toed up to the bathroom door and listened outside. At best I heard a tiny splash and nothing else. The most I have ever heard is KERSPLASH, silence, KERSPLASH-KERSPLASH. I have never heard any farts, groans, grunts or any kind of plopping sounds. This leads me to believe that Nick must be dropping large logs which are still sliding out of his ass as they hit the water. (my own experiences have shown that the larger the log, the more silent it is.) He was in there for about ten minutes before I heard the rustling of toilet paper and then the toilet flush. I returned to the kitchen. As he emerged I said "Feeling better" and he replied "Whew, I better put the fan on." I said "It doesn't matter, ten seconds after I get in there it won't make any difference!" I went in immediately and there was a faint, not overpowering, odour and a tiny skid mark in the toilet. I myself then dumped a few good size, soft logs with a little bit of gas. I emerged after ten minutes, leaving behind a slightly bigger skid mark. (which Nick undoubtedly saw later in the evening when he went for a piss). About half an hour later I went into the bathroom to get some Kleenex and was over-powered by the odour I had left behind! I came out and said to Nick, as I switched on the fan, "Whew, I was worse than you were in there!" He started laughing. He is the only friend who regularly shits at my place a! nd who I feel comfortable going to the bathroom in the presence of. If only Nick would leave the door open, but as he even closes it to 'spring a leak', the chances of that happening are nil. Anyway, I look forward to our next shitting experience.

Does anyone know the show "Loveline" on MTV? Is it just me or does that woman sitting on the pot, look alot like the woman that sits on the couch on "Loveline"?

The Phantom Crapper
Once while enjoying a movie at the theaters with some of my buddies...I believe it was Spies Like Us with Chevy Chase and Dan Ackroyd, buds and I had been drinking beer and eating pizza previously before the show. The show was soo funny that we did not wanna miss anything, and when the urge came up to take a leak...we whipped em out, and splattered the floor with ???? yellow rivers of fluids. Needless to say that wasn't the end of our bodily urges to release build ups. We all had to take a shit real bad, and not wanting to miss the show, we decided to walk up to the back row. No one was sitting near us for at leats 6-8 rows, so we each dropped the drawers, and laid some stinky long, juicy, and even chunky piles of good ole POOP right on the seats. Once we were done, we used napkins we had grabbed while buying popcorn and other munchies to whip our butts, threw those on the seats as well. Walked back down to our seats about 15 rows down or so. Of course, t! he smell did start to linger on thru the theater, and many people actually could not stand it, and got up and left. Also they complained to the the end of the movie, there was just us 3 guys, and an old married couple. The usher asked us on our way out if we smelled the terrible odor, and we acted as if we all had colds and could not smell. Funny thing is..the old couple right behind were asked the same thing, and they said "No ...didn't smell a thing sonny boy, we have 200 chickends and 4 dozen cows at home, so the smell of shit is non-existant to us! hehehe I hope you enjoyed my story and beware of where you sit at the movie theater....ya just might sit in a pile of good ole natural CRAP! Bye bye! hehehe

Jill i just love your posts. Could you please describe your average poo. From consistency,color,smell,time it takes, average number of wipes

Hi again. Does anyone else ever get an orgasm when they have to urinate? Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and I have to go really really bad, if I cross my legs I get an orgasm. Is anyone else like this or am I just weird?

Fluidity: That's an old one! Have you heard this:
"Adam I've got good news and bad news. Adam still fairly optimistic (having known Eve only for a short while) said: Well lets hear the good news then. And God said: Well Adam I've created two new organs for you and I think you're going to like them. The first one is called a brain and it will allow you to do all sorts of cool things like have intelligent conversation with Eve, remember to lift up the toilet seat etc. Eve will really love it. The second one is called a penis. It will also allow you to do some pretty amazing thing like having a pee while you're standing and you can give Eve anything from orgasms to kids with it. I think she'll like this one even more than the brain. 'That's absolutely fantastic' said Adam, but what's the bad news? The bad news said God is that you only have enough blood to use one of them at a time."

At last a site dedicated to something we all do every day! I suppose I would class myself as a clean or even fastidious person when it comes to personal hygiene. But I too find it strange that no matter how much I wipe after a bm, there are times when there are tell tale signs on my underpants [even when I've used a LOT of tp]. I too have started to wipe after a leak, as my wife commented on the fact that my underpants are almost always stained yellow. So now I use tp at home and also when at a public toilet if there are cubicles free [I thought I was the only man who does it till I read of others] The after drops are a real pest, no matter how long I shake or even wipe! Does anyone else get that strange feeling that a final SQUIRT [not just a drip] is coming out even several minutes after leaving the toilet? It happened to me at work this morning as I sat down at my desk. The second I hit the seat, I felt a trickle, and when I got home, sure enough there was a patch.
Am I fighting a losing battle?
Keep well all,

I noticed alot of talk about skidmarks lately. Most here seem disgusted by them or worry about getting them. I get heavy skidmarks in my underwear everyday. I'm not ashamed of them, they just happen. I also notice it's not just young boys who get them. I'm 35 and still get them. More girls, of all ages, get them as well---many won't admit it. Believe it or not, dirty underpants can be erotic. I didn't realize this until a female friend at college asked me to spend 3 weeks during the summer with her mother to help them with some chores (her mother had been divorced for a year). I noticed that her mother liked to position herself behind me so her nose was close to my butt. I also once saw her sniffing the seat of a chair I had been sitting on. I also noticed pairs of my dirty underwear missing and once saw her stealing pair after she dug it out of my dirty clothes bag and sniffed them. I thought this was kind of sexy and so I snuck into her room one day and inspected her clothes hamper. I was amazed and totally turned on to find her panties were extremely skidmarked and smelled just as cheesy as mine. Apparently we both were turned on by each others dirty underpants. I know that's strange but its true. Anyone else have similar experiences?

>>>>Aussie Guy >Jenny: I also love to hold in pee just for fun. The >sensation is nothing short of wonderful. However, when I am
I must agree here, I love to hold my pee as long as possible, something about a full bladder just feels nice.
>with friends and I really need to pee, it doesn't feel
>quite so good! The crossing of the legs also helps for us
When I am with my friends I find the desperation to go kind of like a game, seeing how long I can hold out, can I hold out longer then them.
>once we lose control there is no regaining it until we are >well and truly soaked! cheers..
Now here is something I don't agree with.....I have wet myself several times, and all the time, after I start to loose it, I can regane control for a while.

I think TJ is right about the association of right-handedness with one's tool hanging on the left. Do other contributors agree? I still have trouble with that last drip, though, and my tool is cut.

While we are on the subject of hygiene and changing of underpants, has any male reader of the Toilet had any experience of the very brief type of underpant (I believe they are called strings) in which the back consists only of a narrow strip of material which passes between the cheeks of the butt? (Remember the red leather ones in The Full Monty?). They must not only be uncomfortable, they offer no protection to your outer garments from skid-marks, shitting accidents etc. They strike me as rather impractical as well as unhygienic.

Friday, March 13, 1998

Once when I was in the library school lounge having lunch, some other guy came back to another table and said, "Sorry I was gone so long, I had to take a shit." I suddenly found that I had to run to the bathroom quickly... Talk about the power of suggestion!

To Corprologist-I have always carried on the left side. I always wondered why people carry on a particular side. I am right handed and therefore it is nateral for me to reach my left side eaier than my right side. I know that's why I carry on the left. What about everyelse? If my theory holds true ,and there are more right handed people, then that would explain all those left side stains. On the subject of stains, I for one with a uc cock usually shake it, but the action of putting it back in it's holster and the skin sliding back over it, causes it to release ththat last drop. I'd like to read other people thoughts on these subjects.

pooping girl
Jill: In answer to your question I usually spend about 15 minutes going to the toilet, I usually read while I sit there even when on a public toilet. I had a difficult time yesterday on the toilet as after I got my pants and underpants down and sat there I started to tinkle, I took a breath and started to grunt and my little fanny hole started to open with a huge jobbie. Sorry forgot, purple underpants and no gas to start with. I grunted again and leaned way forward on my toes to finally get it out, the jobbie wasnt real long but was very thick, I had to go more so I strained more and another fat jobbie came out. I sat back and relaxed and caught my breath as the gas started, I farted 6 times long and loud. I felt more poo coming so I pushed and a few more smaller jobbbies came out. I passed a little more gas and weewee. I sat and read a little more then wiped my fanny which was a little sore,but I used wet wipes so that helped. I pulled up my underpants and pants and flushed the toilet and everything went down. I was concerned that that first jobbie might get stuck

Jancie that was a good story, I also get a buzz watching women go #2 and having them watch me. When I was a teenager I worked in a restaurent that opened at 11:00. The cleaning and prep crew came in a 7:30, which I was in the prep crew. One morning I went out front to the bathroom to take a BM and was in the stall when Karen, the cleaning girl who was about 19 years and was somewhat attractive, came in to clean. At first she did not know any one was in there but when she realized I was on the toilet she appologized and started to leave. I told her to stay and do her work because I would be about 10 minutes and would like to have someone to talk to. There were stalls on the doors so she stayed. Not wanting to make a lot of noise I was holding my BM, hoping to slide it into the bowl. When Karen was cleaning the stall next to mine I really got quite a buzz. I started to pee and when I was finished peeing my sphinctor muscles relaxed and a pile of dump exited my rear- end creating numerous plops and some noisy gas. Karen snicker a little, then I said I feel much better now, she broke up laughing. After the paper work was completed and I flushed and came out of the stall I helped Karen take out the trash as if nothing happened. I think Karen enjoyed herself because 4 or 5 more times that summer she came into the bathroom when I was taking a Crap and had casual conversations with me. After that summer I went away to school and never saw Karen again. Twenty years later I still get a buzz thinking about Karen and our bathroom expierences.
Kevin L

Sat morning I slept in till about 9:00. I decided to have a quite morning around my apt. At about 10:00 after my second cup of coffee I could feel the pressure starting to build up in my bowls. I took a magizine and headed down the hall to my bathroom. I pulled my night shirt up around my waist and slowly sat down on the toilet. I started reading and peeing at the same time. There is something nice about being home and not in a rush. I could feel it starting to move down and the feeling getting stronger that I had to go. As I was not in a rush I pushed very slowly and easy. Just letting it take it's time. This also meant that I didn't have to get into my position. I could feel the first piece starting to come out. It was not to hard to or soft. Just right. As I stoped to take another breath I could feel it hanging out of my butt. As I started to push again it broke off and fell into the toilet. There were 4 more pieces all about the same. I truly enjo! yable moring movement. I sat there for another 5 mins or so reading enjoying the empty feeling that comes after going. Not being to soft I only had to wipe 3 times. When I looked down in the bowl after I stood up all the pieces were piled on top of each other. They were all a light brown in colour. I truly great way to start the day. Take Care,

In response to Jill's comments about the UK train toilets emptying on the tracks, on some tourist lines here in the USA the situation is the same. I once saw a train restroom with nothing more than a hole, about 12" diameter, in the floor, and a roll of tp hung from the wall. Nothing fancy - no tp trash bins, no sink, no nothing. You just straddle the hole and let go.
Judging by several large loads of crap and many wads of tp I saw on the tracks, this restroom was in heavy use. During the 2 hour ride, I must have seen 40 people use the restroom. Those riding on the last car must have seen quite a mess as they looked off the rear platform.

Hi! Sue, Some Guy, Coprologist, thank you for your responses about pee stains in underpants. My boyfriend Tom wears white underpants, but he's very shy about his bathroom habits; maybe I'll sneak a peak at his undies the next time we ... (sorry, I shouldn't go there, but you get the idea) Jenny, no, I haven't intentionally held in pee, unless I'm far away from a toilet (I've peed outside a few times while hiking). Dave, awesome story about Meg the barista! I'd like to hear how you two made out- perhaps she could get you to watch her, and/or vice versa :) Doug, I usually pee when taking a dump, but there are plenty of times when I sit on the toilet just to pee. Going to the toliet is an "inalienable right." I recall an article last summer in "The New York Times" about prisoners in Alabama being chained to posts during the day. Not only is that, IMHO, cruel and unusual punishment, but the prisoners were not even allowed to use the toilets. Many, inevitably, ended up soiling their uniforms, to the ridicule of the guards and fellow prisoners. The last I heard, this highly controversial policy has (hopefully) been rescinded. Peace, Steph

Jean Claude
To Brad: Yup, the Bay can have it's share of voyeur thrills including the swim-suit change out in the open, as well. The pee thing has always kept me watching and listening and I've been rewarded by quite a few bush sightings as well as various other anatomical hangings-out, as it were. So many fond memories, and can't wait until they repeat this summer.

To Jillian: She said that she could have filled OVER a liter, and I do not doubt her. We were camping one cold night in a small family-type campground in PA, and playing cards and drinking brew in the pop-up camper that my 1st wife and I owned. I stood up to go outside to take a leak, and she asked me where I was going..."To take a leak!" I replied, and then she stood up and said "Well wait for me, I've gotta go too." Since we were 1/4 mile from the bathhouse, we all had been pissing beside a large oak tree beside camp, (it was deserted in our area), so I was drunk enough to say.."Sure, C'mon". I stood on one side of the tree, and she squatted on the other side, but I could clearly hear her noise and the steam rose in plain view. The wind was right and I even smelled her pee--Like beer pee, not much of an odor, but it added fuel to my fantasy fire like you would not beleive! She peed a good 90 seconds, so I got a great listen. I wish I could have seen the spot it was coming from!

Sue's post about boys habits and their underwear seemed pretty much on track. As a counselor at a boys camp for many years it was my observation that the younger boys 10-12 generally had dirty/messed underwear more often and changed less. Some would have gone the whole week without changing unless prompted. In some cases it resulted from the boys waiting too long to go until they finally realized they were starting to go, and then having to run to the bathrooms holding their bums to hold it in. A comical sight, unless you were the boy in trouble. These boys generally realized what they had done after, and made efforts to hide their messed underwear. The older boys 13-15 were generally better about changing their underwear but some still got them dirty/messed regularly. However they didn't seem to give this much weight and would toss their underwear on the bed or on the floor. In any event unless someone had an outright accident in their pants any other dirtying/messing! was of little consequence to the boys or their mates.

Just to add my observations on the "skidmarks in the panties" debate. As Moira said in her recent post both she and I came from families where personal hygiene and cleanliness were paramount. My Aunt Helen insisted that both herself, the two girls Nicky and Debbie, and myself wore clean knickers (panties) every day and that we had a daily shower, (this was in the late 1950's and 1960s when showers were not as common in UK houses as in the USA). She also took a dim view of skid marks in the seat of our knickers and taught us all both to wipe our bums properly after a motion until there was no trace on the toilet paper and also to dry ourselves after urination. As Ive said before I prefer to use a cubicle (stall) anyway so got used to drying my penis after a pee. Aunt Helen obviously tolerated accidents from the odd "wet fart" or of "touching cloth" when a solid jobbie starts to come out and makes a mark on one's panty seat and even the odd full blown "filling one's pants" and doing a whole motion in one's knickers, (indeed she had such an accident herself of which I will tell readers at some time). She did NOT however accept sloppy personal hygiene such as clearly failing to wipe one's bum and ensured that we always had some toilet paper in our pockets as school and public toilets are usually lacking such necessities. Nicky went through an awkward stage when she was about 11 and deliberately didnt wipe her bum. Aunt Helen shamed her by showing her skid marked knickers off to Debbie and I and telling her she would be put back into nappies if she couldn't act her age. This dirty habit soon stopped! Moira tells me that her mother likewise insisted in similar cleanliness with her and her brother with clean underpants every day and a bath every other day, a strip wash on non bath days. Although we both enjoy defecation and its sights and sounds we are very clean and hygienic about it. Other reader's feelings about "skid marks" in the knick! ers would be of interest.

Hi! I must share an unbelivable experience with you! I visited a friend, Mark, who live pretty far from me. He and his girlfriend whom I never met before is living together in a small apartment. Anne, his girlfriend is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen, perfect body, long red-brown hair and an incredible well shaped butt. The next morning Mark had to get to work early while Anne had a day off. Anne got up before me and went into the shower. She got dressed and joined me at the breakfast table, When ready I decided to take a bath (they got a combined shower/bathtub), As I was lying there I suddenly heard Anne knocking on the door, -Can I come in, she asked. I said yes and she unlocked the door from the outside and stepped in. She was wearing a short tennis skirt and a blouse which you could see her bra through. She smiled and headed for the toilet which was placed just beside me. -Don't mind me she said with a smile and opened the seat cover, she turned around and lifted up her skirt and pulled down her silkpanties as she slowly sat down. She seemed to take no notice of me at all. After a few seconds I heard a hizzing sound, she only peed for a couple of seconds and I thought that was it, but she remained seated without saying a word. Suddenly I heard a "pffffffftt"....then quiet again, the fart became noticable at once. She began pushing gently an another fart was heard followed by a crackling sound mixed with "pffft" when the turd was coming out. Two turds splashed into the water and the smell became stronger as she lifted her butt to wipe herself. She wiped 6 times, flushed and pulled up her panties. -I'll go to visit a friend, see you later, she said as she went out from the bathroom. I coulnd't believe it! I had just witnessed a beautiful girl dumping! Have a nice day!

Char, Your poem made me think of this hilarious joke posted in Wet Set Seems God was just about done creating the universe, had a couple of left-over things left in his bag of creations, so he stopped by to visit Adam and Eve in the Garden. He told the couple that one of the things he had to give away was the ability to stand up and urinate. "It's a very handy thing," God told the couple who he found hanging around under an apple tree. "I was wondering if either one of you wanted that ability." Adam popped a cork. Jumped up and begged, "Oh, give that to me! I'd love to be able to do that! It seems the sort of thing a Man should do. Oh please, oh please, oh please, let me have that ability. I'd be so great! When I'm working in the garden or naming the animals, I could just let it rip, I'd be so cool. Oh please, God, let it be me who you give that gift to, let me stand and pee, oh please........." On and on he went like an excited little boy (who had to pee). Eve just smiled and shook her head at the display. She told God that if Adam really wanted it so badly, and it sure seemed to be the sort of thing that would make him happy, she really wouldn't mind if Adam were the one given the ability to stand up and pee. And so it was. And it was...well, good. "Fine," God said, looking back into his bag of left-over gifts. "What's left here? Oh yes, multiple orgasms..."

hello there! i am a boy from germany and i am very interested in the size of womens bladders. i am searching for any contacs about holdig the pee for a very long time and the desperation to pee. i also often hold my pee since my bladder is really bursting full. i try to increase my bladder capacity. please tell me all about this point. have you storys to tell me about holding your pee for a long time or tell me sorys about your friends who have hold it for a very long time. please be sorry for my bad english. i hope i will hear from you soon. bye frank....

Jenny: I also love to hold in pee just for fun. The sensation is nothing short of wonderful. However, when I am with friends and I really need to pee, it doesn't feel quite so good! The crossing of the legs also helps for us guys, and when we are REALLY desperate to go, holding our genitals can be a help. And as with you gals, once we lose control there is no regaining it until we are well and truly soaked! cheers..

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

hey guys its me, Jenny again. I love reading the posts here. I'm sorry to those guys who like stories of pooping accidents, but i don't have any and i am soooo glad i haven't. But any way I was wondering what do all you guys do when you have to pee really bad and there is no toilet around or you don't wanna use it. for me, i usually have to cross my legs to prevent from going, if nobody is there i usually just hold my crotch. i actually have to pee right now, but I like the feeling of a full bladder sometimes. do any of the other girls or guys hold it in sometimes just for fun? I do that sometimes when i get home from school. I don't like using the bathrooms at my school unless i really need to so i usually wait til i get home. Sometimes i get some pepsi and see how long i can wait, doing my homeowork until i can't concentrate i gotta go so bad. It feels so good when i do. you guys should try it. Oh damn now i sound weird. But i will write back later. I really have to go right now, (i am squeezing my thighs together) so i'm gonna end this message

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