Monday, January 24, 2005

Michael explosive diarrhea
This morning after I took my shower I was experiencing some cramps in my abdomen that were a bit uncomforting. I got to school about 7:15 and I got to my class early. The cramps hurt me so bad it was like a knife in my gut. I went to the back of the room and tried letting go some gas to ease the cramps. It didn't really help and about the time class started I was really in need to take a major dump. I asked my teacher If I could go to the bathroom and she said yes. I got to the bathroom and went to the big stall,but find ou there was no toilet paper so I grabbed some from the next stall and closed my stall. I pulled my pants and boxers down and immediately started to push out what felt to be a big turd. I strained to push it out and it fell with a great relief. I still felt the need to shit out more turds,but my ass hurt too much. I wiped and looked into the toilet to find the biggest turd I've ever produced. It was 14 or 15 inches long and an inch thick.I felt very proud of myself for producing such a load so I didn't flush. Not just that,but i don't think it would've gon down. When i got home I took a shit about 7 inches long. I don't know what've eaten lately but my latest shits have become huge and stinky.Can somebody tell me if peoples shits become larger the older they get?

Whoa, lots of accident stories!

Diva: So that was the time when you realized, huh? Sometimes it takes a bad experience to actually ingrain something into your psyche. Of course, that's how the whole thing started, right (a bad experience)? So I guess in some way pertaining to the nature of the universe, it's fitting that it should end that way as well. Good to know that you were able to fly under the radar that day.

Dreaming Mirror Anonymous Person: Never watched myself having diarrhea, but it'd probably be interesting to see a girl go #2. I'm usually not one for the messier stuff, simply because of the situation (probable agony) although there was a girl I would have paid to see have diarrhea back in HS. This was one of the hotter girls in my grade, and like everyone else, once in a while, would have something that didn't quite agree with her. Unlike others, however, she enjoyed the experience, as well as sharing stories about any recent experiences.

Bridget: I'd have to say that the appeal of girls pooping is higher than the appeal of guys, but the "why" is obvious.

Pooping in CT: Awesome. Simply awesome. Nuff said.

Taylor: Obviously, some people wouldn't understand an interest like this, because we've all been told that it's not something to be shared with anyone else. Why? Well, uh, because! (insert eye roll here) I myself come from a conservative background, and am a born-again Christian. Now, I'm not knocking my own religion, but most of my church peers would not understand, condone, or accept such an idea that going to the bathroom can be a communal activity. Not that there's Biblical basis to this idea, it's just that that's how people tend to think.

NickyB: Have YOU ever been constipated? If so, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Just to give the goose some incentive, however...

So, the other day, I picked up some psyllium powder (Metamucil for brand-name followers) for a friend, and tried a little of it myself, since I hadn't been in about 4 days, and that's odd for me. I'd also been eating a bit more recently, so this lack of movements was a little perplexing, to say the least. So the next day, around noon, I felt the beginning of sensations. I shrugged it off for about an hour, and then I decided that it couldn't be ignored anymore. So, onto the toilet I go...relax, and...FLOOMPSH!

Suddenly, it'd gone from "nothing" to "everything" in about 2 seconds. If I had blinked, I would have missed it. I shakily turned around to view what I had done. It was easily one of the biggest ones that has ever come out of me. It was shaped somewhat like a yam, I guess, and probably about the size of a medium-large one. Maybe a bit over a foot, don't quite know. I definitely felt better after that. And I joked with my friend, asking her to tell me how "everything came out in the end."

Hopefully, NickyB, you can give us a story about a personal run-in with constipation.

Until next time,

Quick PS to the East Asian girls: you rock! That's China Girl, Sita, and Neha.

CG: Love hearing about your toilet terrorism. I always am glad to see you post, and to read about your movements. Do you ever wipe while seated? I've heard that's better for getting everything clean.

Sita: Sorry about the rough constipation. It sounded like you were stuffed.

Neha: Once or twice a You must be a pretty light eater. Ever had any erratic episodes where you eat differently with startling results?

That's all for now, so until next time,

@ Linda: I do it like you. I take a look before wiping my ass I do this since I was 14. And I have to answer your other question also with yes. Once I was taking a dump at a cinema restroom. A buddy of mine me was in the stall next to mine and I heard him moning and grunting. but he also heard my pooping sounds.

John Doe
I was about 12 and decided to poop in the woods behind a row of small apartment buildings on our street. I had never done this sort of thing, didn't know anybody who had, and felt really naughty. I found a spot below where two ladies were sitting on their porch at about the third floor level. I thought they didn't see me. The important thing was I was going to watch them while pooping. (On reflection, I think they noticed me, and since I lived across the street, must have recognized me. They looked a little shocked and were studiously avoiding looking my way, I belive now.)I was pleasantly surprised at the coolness of the air on my private parts.

Hey all heres something to try when your are fairly desperate to poop go to the toilet as normal but sit down and how long you can hold it before it comes out it really is difficult try an let me know how you got on

jay from wisconsin
hi, what is the proper etiquette to those family restrooms. example, at a mall by my house there is a family unisex restroom with three stalls and a daiper changing station. the bathroom door has a lock, but i notice not everyone uses the lock. heres an example. im at the mall with my girlfriends young girl ,we both go into the unisex family restroom and say even lock the door, however, againts my wishes my girlfriends daughter leaves the bathroom leaving the door unlocked, hence leaving it open for other people to come in, possibly female. so what is expected in these bathrooms and what is the etiquette, anybody ever use them and be in there with stangeres of the oposite sex, if so? is it awkward?

bob t
just had a nice crap it was solid and had 1 17 intch long log and about 6 1 intchers and had a mild smell it took 4 wipes too get clean well c u

Today I had the best bowel movement I had had in weeks. I was helping with some volunteer work at a church. About midway through the session, a turd was starting to tell me loud and clear that it couldn't feel at home in my butt anymore. Since it was my first day at that church I didn't know where the bathrooms were. I had to ask someone, who gave me vague directions. Making my way down a hallway that became pretty dark the farther I went, I was finally able to guess which way to turn at the end and find two bathrooms with just barely enough light to read "men" and "ladies" on the doors. So I went into the "ladies" room, where I finally found a light switch to turn on the light. I finally got myself situated on a potty, and gave a little push. First result was a slow oozing fart that echoed in the toilet bowl with a mellow quasi-musical tone. That seemed a bit mesmerizing, but for a second I wondered if I were going to have much of a bile movement after all (yes, I know, it is "bowel" movement, but I like to ease stress by not being so doggone clinical about things). In fact, I'd prefer to be informal and just call what comes out of my butt "doodoo" if you don't mind. So, soon after my quasi-symphonic fart, doodoo did start slithering out. It was one of those whose size you can't much guess at from the feel. So when I finally got it all out, I looked in the bowl. It was reasonably satisfying. I can't compete with some of the monster poops referred to on this site. I don't do any of those three foot long champions I've seen cited, and could never imagine my poohole stretching to let out some of those three inches wide that some on the site report. But mine wasn't what I'd call puny. It was a limber turd about as thick as a broom handle and maybe a foot and a half long. Luckily, about three wipes got my anus clean (It often takes more for me; I hate those marathon wipes where it seems the more you wipe, the more shit just keeps growing on the tissue!) So after flushing I was ready to go back to work. On coming out, I noticed someone had turned on the lights in the hall, and there was at least one teacher with some kids in a room across the hall. I like to think they were attracted by my musical fart (Just kidding!). That was a good poop, but it wasn't always that way! About a month or so ago I was at a library using a computer when I started feeling what seemed at first the soft beginnings of a need to poo. The library in question has a quirky split-level design, and the rest rooms are on a different level from where anybody can sit to read or use a computer. So I'd have to walk up half a flight of stairs to get to the rest room level. It is not like I wated inordinately long at all to "go". While the urge was still young, I put my computer on hold, got up and headed for the stairway. But as soon as I bent one hip to start climbing the stairs, I felt some liquid dookey start to spew out into my panties! I'd been prone to some little "accidents" as a grown-up before, but always just minor stainings -- never anything approaching a full bile movement (ok, bowel movement; I'm sorry) in my pants. But this would be the worst in all my grownup days. As I continued up the stairs, I was helpless as more and more liquid shit just kept just saying "no" to my sphincter and oozing out into my panties. When I finally got to the little girls room, it was even worse than I thought! The whole back inside of my underpants was as covered in gooshy liquid as if I'd soaked it in a vat of chocolate syrup, but of course it wasn't any good kind of chocolate. I sat on the potty and finished my "bm" -- whatever there was of it left inside, and then must have used more than half a roll of toilet paper wiping my butt. I was afraid aomeone might come and complain that I was flushing the potty so much. Then I did the only thing I could do, unless I just wanted to pull my panties and pants back up, smearing shit all up and down my legs and go drive home sitteng in a puddle of shit all squeezed through my panties, pants, and onto the car seat. I carefully removed both panties and pants. The I flushed a few more times to get the water as clear as possible and started rinsing my panties in the john. After several rinses and wringing them out as much as possible, I got things to the point that I could put my panites on, only soaking my abdominal regions with relatively clear water rather than a shit milkshake. I went back and finished my computer business, and then took a good bath when I got home. Some problems like that (that was the worst soiling "accident" but not the most physically painful scenario ever) had caused me to stsrt reading on the web about whether I could have "irritable bowel syndrome" (a two-bit term for unruly and hurtful poopy disease). In searching, I accidently found this site for the second time. The first time I happened to find it was some time back. At that time, one of the newer posts was from somebody named Veronica, who said she once misunderstood "bowels" to mean "butt cheeks". I never found any further posts from her, but I think for fun, and to confound clinical jargon a bit, I'll make like Veronica and use the word "bowels" to mean my "butt cheeks". Veronica, if you're still reading this site, thank you for helping me lighten up! By the way, the first time I tried to explain what "irritable bowel syndrome" is to a group of friends, I told them how I'd read that it included alternating constipation and diarrhea. One asked, "you mean like you're constipated one day and have diarrhea the next?" I replied that it could change much more rapidly than that. So another asked, "You mean constipation one hour and diarrhea the next?" Finally I said, "It's more like you're constipated at the leading end of a turd and have diarrhea at the trailing end of the same turd". Although I haven't had that scenario in a while, that is exactly what did happen at times.

Florida Mike
Hi, i am a first time poster. I'm Mike. I am a 24 year old from florida. Iam 6'3 200 Pounds. light brownish blond hair with blue eyes. I have a Memorable experence to share .

When i was 13 I was on a feild trip to Miami.It was a 6 hour drive and wewere on a nice gray hound with a bathroom in the back etc.

we were spossed to first stop at a McDonnelds half way there for lunch. When i got there i ordered a big mack and a large milkshake. I saw 2 girls in my class order something simular to that . When i saw taht i was shocked becasue these were 2 very hott girls stacy and lisa.
i thought that girls my age then diddent eat that much food. Soo me and my friend carl ate our mels and then we got back on the bus. Now me and carl had gotten the back seats in the buss. the ones wiht the biggest seats on the bus. We got thoses because noone wanted to sit by the bathroom.i diddent mind at all being next to it. Sence it wasw sucha a long ride we were still driving when it was dark out so around 2 hours after that i started to feel a little liek i had to go to the bathroom but i dident want to go. Alot of kids, mostely all them were asleep on the back of the buss because they were all bored. I staied awak becsue of my stomach pain but carl had been asleep when i herd one of the 2 girls that i thought were hott say that she diddent fell good liek she was goign to be sick to the other girl. I saw here stand up and walk to the bnack of the bus then she quickly started to run and ran into the bathroom. un lucky for me i couldent hear anythign becasue how loud the bus was but about 5 mins after she had gone in her friend lisa came back . She knocked on the door and said hurry up stacy i have to go to the bathroom.
Now at this point i was in heaven . becasue i had one hot girl pratically sitting next to me having the craps and i had one standing next to who is about to have it. lisa stood there for about 5 mins then she started somplaing that she had shooting pains. I asked her if she was going to be allright but she said that she felt really sick. Ithen herd her fart asd her face turned red and it smelt horriable. then she knocked again and i could faintly hear stacy say sghe is comming . Lisa then said i'm not gonna make it and i said what ahd she farted agin and her face turned more red then her pants got wet around her butt. i kinda wanted to laugh but i acted liek i did not see anything. but then suddenaly the bus swarved on the highway and she fell down and when i went to help her up she had crapped more in her pants and as she got up stacy came out of the bathrroma nd lisa ran in . I told stacy what had happend and she said how she felt bad for her and then about 15 mins later lisa walked out of the bathrrom andher face was red . She said to me that i can never tell anyone ever againg and that she anmd stacy would do anything for me if i wouldent tell aanyone. So the bus ride went on for a bout a half an hour and carl woke up and all he could say was that it smelt horriable but i said it was me. after that and i ended up getting the craps that night in the hotel and i had a great trip.Me stacy and lisa ended up becoming close friends through high school and college and even up to now i do stuff with them. But i don't think that anything, besides somehting that i will save for next time , can some close to hat time.

More to come ,
Florida Mike

P.S:Anyone with memorable exprence from high school bathrooms post them.

Hey everyone! As you can probably tell from my name, I respond to posts rather than actually post my own stories. I am a 16 year old girl who likes reading female accident stories.
Kelly-I liked your story-please do write more accident stories.
James-Please write more of your girlfriends accidents. I liked many of the other stories too but those two I remember saying they would post more (or something like that). Also, and this is directed more to the moderator, I think there should be a search engine of sorts. I'm not sure who this would work (maybe someone would type in a "key" word or number and the engine would find all those applicable) there have been many a-time where I wanted to go back and find a story but didn't want to search through all posts! For example, does anyone no what number the story of Lupe's diarreha (sp?) accident is on? Obviously, I can't go through all 1349 posts to find it out--does anyone else feel the same way (about the search engine idea)? That's all for now, Responder

Hmmm... do I have any stories today?
Not a very good day - I can't completely shake a migraine and so I feel all emotional and fragile and stuff. I'm hoping that telling a good pee story will make me feel better.
Going back into my memory, there's the time I sang at the governor's house with my choir when I was about 8. It was a HUGE deal. I remember being dressed in these black velvet knickerbockers over white tights with a white blouse and having my hair done in small braids by my grandmother. It was around Christmas time, so they were serving hot cider and hot chocolate. Before we went on stage, I consumed massive quantities of both, so it wasn't surprising that halfway through our performance, I started to have to pee and it got worse and worse. Obviously, I wasn't the only one, because my friend standing near me was in clear distress. She began to jog slowly from foot to foot, then faster and faster. Suddenly she began to cry and ran off the stage. Her mother saw this and ran towards her and they went out through the doors to the changing area and didn't come back. She must have wet her pants. I couldn't worry about her though as my own bladder filled. We had to stand still and I couldn't do anything but shift from foot to foot. Finally the performance ended and we were released. Walking bent kind of low and pulling one leg over the other, I hurried to where I knew the ladies' room was and opened the door. It was bedlam. Several other girls in the choir had beat me to it and were screaming at each other to hurry up or let them cut in line because they were about to pee their pants. One girl, who was about 11 and seemed old to me, was rotating around in circles, tapping her feet on the floor and proclaiming "I'm DYING to pee... I'm DYING to pee!" Not wanting to join this scene, I quickly closed the door and walked one leg crossed over to the other to get my coat and find my dad who had come with me and would be driving me home. I would just have to hold it until we got to our house, I decided. My dad was talking to some other parents and was in no rush. Finally, my fidgeting got to him and we left. I sat in the back and him in the front, so I was able to hold myself tightly the entire way home. Even so, I had to go badly enough that when we were almost home, a squirt of pee leaked out. As soon as the car pulled into the driveway, I jumped out and hot footed it to the house and up the steps to the bathroom. But once again, as always happened in our house, the one bathroom was occupied. I planned to go to my room and hold it until the bathroom was free, but standing at the top of the stairs, I felt another squirt escaping. I quickly dropped down to the floor and did what I often did as a desperate child and beyond - jammed my heel into my crotch and rocked back and forth trying to hold the pee in. But it was no use - it had been a lot of hot chocolate and cider, and as I knelt there, I completely flooded my new velvet knickerbockers at the top of the steps as I continued to rock. When I was finally done, my shoe and sock were soaked as well. I got up and hurried to my room with the velvet clinging to me hoping no one would notice the wet patch on the carpet, and later managed to clean it and my clothing. If I would have just stood in the line, everything would have been fine, but I was too shy/proud.

In answer to the person who asked if our pee sometimes goes in strange directions, yes, occassionally mine does if I'm really desperate. Once when I peed standing on a concrete parking lot standing up after holding it for hours and not finding anywhere to stop, my pee shot out horizontally and landed a couple of feet from my body where it formed a pool. A few times when I peed on the toilet after long holds my pee sprayed backwards and hit the back of the toilet or the seat. Once I sprayed a public toilet door while sitting in the toilet. And the most memorable time was another pants wetting at 8 years old. I'd had to go through most of my 3-hour ballet class and a couple of hours of shopping with my mother afterwards. By the time she got to the last store, I elected to stay in the car rather than go in with her because I was so desperate that the only way I could find not to wet my pants then and there was to hold myself with two hands, one on top of the other, and sit on the car seat with my heel in my crotch. When we got home, I again ran for the house and once again found the bathroom occupied (common theme in our house.)
I ran to my bedroom and sat rocking on the bed with my heel and hands in my crotch. After a couple of minutes, I crept back to the bathroom sure I couldn't hold it another second, but it was still occupied (my brother and grandmother took long pees.) I ran back to my room, closed the door and began jumping up and down in front of it holding myself. Suddenly, my bladder exploded and a jet of pee shot out of me horizontally, like a garden hose turned on high. It made a loud hiss as it sprayed my wooden door. I continued to jump and hold but the jet continued. Finally, it was done. I was sure I was soaked, but then I realized that the hand in my crotch was dry. I checked and my clothes were completely dry. Under my dress I still had on my tight fitting ballet leotard and tights, and everything was bone dry. I'd been so desperate that the urine had been under so much pressure and come out so fast and concentrated that it had barely touched my clothes. Though disgusted with myself for not being able to hold it, I was fascinated, and relieved that all I had to do was wipe the door.

Last story... it's one of one of my early interest in pee desperation. I was 7 and had to pee in school, as usual. Before our first recess, we had chapel and I remember shifting around on the hard floor trying to press my bladder down to relieve it's fulness. After chapel, I was going to rush to the girls' room but I got chosen to collect the hymn books (an honour) and in making the most of my moment, lost my moment to pee. So I held it through the second half of the morning pulling on my underwear, squirming in my seat and so on. Our very last class before lunch was gym and we were doing free gymnastics. I was glad as I was able to spend the majority of the class in my tight leotard straddling the balance beam or kneeling on the mats pressing my heel to my crotch. By lunch time, I was bursting. My mom was coming to take me and my siblings home for lunch and I expected to be able to pee first, but she was waiting in the classroom when we got there (the gym changing rooms had no toilets, so I had changed but not peed) and I didn't want to say anything so we headed home, a few minutes' walk. On the way, my brother was holding his crotch and my mom asked him if he had to pee. He said yes. She asked why he didn't go before leaving school and he said he had to poo as well as pee and thus preferred to go at home if he could. My mom then revealed she'd had to go badly before she came to get us but didn't because she didn't want to be late, and had debated going in the school toilets but didn't. My heart sank as I knew they'd both be rushing to the bathroom too. They were interested enough in their own needs that neither they nor my two sisters who were there seemed to notice my struggle - I was walking with one leg over the other. When we got home, my mom said for my brother to go, then her. I went to my room to continue to hold it. I tried to distract myself with some toy or another while straddling the edge of my bed and bouncing. As my brother was pooing, he was taking a while and I could hear my mother outside the bathroom begging for him to hurry up. I managed to hold on and after a while, I almost began to enjoy it. I felt like a big girl for holding my pee through an entire morning of school. I was so absorbed in my straddling and bouncing that when a wave of pee finally threatened to come out and I rushed to the bathroom, the door was open and I realized that it probably had been open for a while. I peed and went back to my room, and I remember sitting on the bed enjoy the empty, relieved, wrung-out feeling of getting rid of a desperate pee.

well here is two more to post.
1. I was at my hair stylist's today getting my hair done and afterwards , knowing that I had somplace to go about a 30 min drive away , asked to use the restroom in back. [they always allow the customers to use it anyway.] anyway it's really nice and of course, clean, and well , it looks like an actresses/actors dressing room in a way with this awesome vanity sink and mirror above with all the soft , pink lights around the sides of that mirror. [ really major cool looking, I'm sure] the toilet is one of those " 1970's style" , elongated beige-white luxury types with the really large bowl, "church seat"[has the open front so you don't get any remaining " after-dribbles" of pee on the seat!] and low but wide tank. the bowl is completely filled with water from the sloping back, all the way toward the front where the slope drops almost straight down below the front rim. and so I walked back and into the bathroom, turned the lights on, then closed and locked the door. then I unbuttoned/unzipped my pants and pulled them down, along with my panties; exposing my twat as i sat down to pee. I relaxed for a few secs. maybe 10 at most. then I felt it coming and no sooner than I did, I could hear that tinkle sound of my urine coming out from my twat and splashing downward into the water for probally the next 45-50 seconds or so. at the same time I could see my yellow ribbon of pee hitting the water about 8" behind the front edge of the water; turning the water all yellowish and bubbly as it mixed with the clear water. I just relaxed and let in tinkle until it paused , anly to continue coming out in a softer , slower tinkle for at least another 30 secs, then pause and dribble out in intermittent tinkles. it stopped, but having more left, I leaned foward and squeezed, then sat up as another good 25 secs worth of yellow pee came out in one louder tinkle before tapering off to a few last splashy tinkles of pee and shooting foward toward the front, yet all completely landing into the bowl's water. I waited a few secs, peed another quick 5-10 sec splattering tinkle and then finished; meanwhile taking the wad of toilet paper I had in my right hand and using it to wipe my twat dry. I dropped it into the bowl through the open seat in front, then got up, pulled up my panties and pants and buttoned/zipped up. meanwhile I looked and saw that bowl all filled with my bright yellow pee, wad of paper, and just a small patch of urine foam in the middle of the water toward the back. then , of course, I flushed the pee filled toilet bowl and lowered the lid. total time spent peeing was probally 1 mins and 50 secs , even though I was in there for probally 3 mins or so.

2. hadn't had to pee since a little while after leaving my hairstylist and on my way to find that emmisions testing place for the car and go to the ATM when I stopped at this shell station for a quick pee, this being only about an hour afterwards. [ but when you drink lots of coffee, it has to come out later and often twice, if not more.]anyway that was about 4 PM and having nothing to drink until about 5:30 PM when I drank a "king cup" of diet coke from burger king while eating in the car[I was real thristy by then] and waiting for the car wash line. I then went to this place in danbury, and there I sipped on a 20 oz bottle of diet vanilla-cherry dr pepper I bought on the way. while there from about 6 to just after 7 , all of a sudden I felt the need to pee, but talking to somebody, I waited another 20 mins until I really had to definitely " go to the bathroom". this was about 6:45 PM and I said " excuse me, I'll be right back", getting up and walking to the first bathroom on the right; the smaller one. It has just a sink and being the one obviously built when this place was an old house, an older style small round toilet bowl probally dating back to the early 50's. [ it has a round, deep bowl with a tank and the bowl is completely filled with water from under the back of the seat to directly under the front rim.] anyway, I walked in and locked the door. then I quickly pulled both my pants and panties down, and since the seat was down; simply sat down toward the back legs slightly apart[ as usual] with the front of my twat about 4" back from inside front edge of seat[so as to not spray on the seat!] after a few secs I began to tinkle loudly as I urinated into the front-middle of the water filled bowl, meanwhile looking between my legs as the once clear water began quickly filling up with foamy yellow urine; in fact I could see the water rippling as I continued to tinkle completely into it for at least 45 seconds, maybe more. somebody had tried to open the door while I was in there, but realized it was locked and gave up-meanwhile I just kept peeing. then it stopped for a sec or two, and again I started up and could tell by that tinkle sound that I wasn't even close to finishing up yet! it gave off a bit of a sweet pee odor right about then , too; but the water quickly absorbed the smell. I peed for another 45 secs non stop but just a bit slower, paused; then tinkled softer and in spurts for the next 30 secs almost, finishing up with one last push which made a louder tinkle at first before dribbling to a stop. finally after more than 2 minutes I was done, I took some paper from the rolld to wipe and as soon as I got up, dropped it into the bowl. as I was pulling up my panties and pants, I looked at this bowl's water which was now full of yellow urine along with the paper wad and lots of scuzzy looking streaks and patches of yellowish-white foam covering half the water's surface from where I tinkled into it. as I flushed the toilet bowl, I thought, "there goes all that diet coke that I drank!", meanwhile watching the bowl refill with clean water as I washed my hands and brushed my hair.

well I sure don't think that this one will be able to top kris'long pee story, not at all. but to say that one was interesting and reminded me of this one while I was driving through northern vermont and new hampshire about a year and a half ago. for me this was a really loooooooong peeeeeee! anyway I was on that same trip back in august of 2003 after that morning pee at that store. I drank a liter size gatorade and some coffee, and well, while stopped at this small cemetery enjoying some good old 420; which of course made me major thirsty,I figured I'd better drop my pants, squat, and let out a quickie in the nearby woods before leaving.[ that took barely 40 secs and wow, did it ever smell like fresh coffee as it splattered against those leaves!] anyway , after that it began to rain hard as hell again and I just opened up the first liter of diet cherry coke, drank some and left; heading down route 14 and finishing the rest. being a warm and humid summer day my body seemed to just absorb that soda really well. went 30 miles, turned east 15 miles and onto US route 2 eventually and was it ever raining. by this time I had drank that second liter of diet cherry coke to quench the "cottonmouth" and was just coming into st johnsbury VT another 10 + miles east. it was still raining and so I just kept on going all the way into new hampshire, 30 miles east. the rain had finally stopped by the time I got to the connecticut river bridge,NH border and as I passed through some town called lancaster, I began feeling those sodas working their way through me; this despite the hot humid weather combined with the dry mouth from the fourtwenties. I wiggled my legs a bit and then forgot all about needing to pee as I drove through those awesome white mountains with their foggy tops for the next almost 30 miles. I passed through one small town, then stopped in the next town called randolph to get gas as the car was below 1/4 full. I saw this little general store with the covered roof in front, pulled in and WHAM! the urge just hit and I was mumbling " aye gotta pee! gotta peeeeee! come on please!" and as I got out of the car, the pee felt like it was racing through me-as it had been more then 3 hours later from the cemetery! I discreetly was grabbing my crotch and also squeezing my legs tightly together while pumping the gas, which did help a little. then I walked in to pay and asked the girl working there "do you have a restroom I can use , please?" " sure, it's in the back first door to your left!" she said. " thanks" to which she said "no problem" . I walked back ,opened that door and there it was; all nice and clean and it looked more like a "parlour room" style bathroom in an old house with it's nice vanity sink, small window with wooden shades, and to the left was this almond or beige colored toilet. it reminded me of those toilets you would find in a suburban split-level long island or new jersey house built in the 1960's and it had a round front, solid matching seat[one piece with closed front] and the bowl was completely filled with water from the back all the way foward to directly under the front rim. anyway, already having closed and yeah, locked the door and seeing the lid up and the seat already down; I unbuttoned and unzipped my jean shorts and pulled them, and my panties down.[ curious to see how long, I timed it] then I sat down and in like less than 2 seconds, just let loose and "opened the flood gates" as this torrent of yellow urine come out from my twat and splashed directly into the middle of the bowl's water; making a loud TINKLE sound which almost seemed to " echo" off the bathroom's walls! I sat there watching between my legs amazed at how fast the once clear water was turning dark yellow and could see my twisty ribbon-like pee stream bubbling into the water for the next minute and 30 secs without stopping or even slowing down! the smell of strong pee also began to fill the air at times and even though I think the water was absorbing most of it; I noticed the scent of my morning coffee mixed with that sweet smell probally from the left over diet cherry coke; both of which OBVIOUSLY were coming out now in the form of URINE! anyway, after 1 min and 30 secs, it stopped sudddenly for maybe 1-2 secs, at most. then I quickly began to tinkle again, and could see yet even more pee coming out in a nice, think , darkish yellow stream probally a quarter inch wide and watched as it splashed into the already pee-filled toilet water for another minute and 30 seconds; adding more pee and pes scuzz as it bubbled into the water loudly. I stopped again for 2-3 secs but had a feeling that I wasn't completely finished, yet. so I leaned foward a bit, " pushed" my bladder muscles a little, and surely, there was definitely more left! I sat back up and heard this splashing hissy tinkle sound as I literally sprayed more smelly yellow pee in a really wide splatter and watched as it " piddled" out like a garden hose spray nozzle all over in the front and middle of that toilet bowl's water for another 45 seconds; tapering off at the end to a few , pulsating yellow dribbles and leaving some pee scuzz in the water near the front edge. 3 minutes and 45 secs later and FINALLY , I was finished! I took some toilet paper from the roll , wiped my twat, and dropped it into the bowl. then , as I got up to pull up my panties and jean shorts, I looked and could see that toilet's once crystal-clear water now completely filled with dark, golden - yellow, very concentrated pee which seemed to fill the water straight to the bottom; along with a few thin streaks of pee scuzz barely visible, the wad of paper hanging in the yellow peed-in water, but NO foam at all [which suprised me considering that it all "tinkled" completely into the water,as when you urinate into the water after holding it so long it usually does create some foam! ] I stood there and wondered to myself "EXACTLY HOW MUCH PEE came out from my twat in those 3 minutes and 45 seconds?" . then I flushed the toilet and saw it swirl down as I walked over to wash my hands. as I unlocked the door and was walking out, this really cool looking hippie dude was just standing there waiting, obvoiusly to use it next. I just looked at him and smiled, said " hi what's up?" and just ******* blushed and thought " oh my gawd, wonder what he thought!" [he looked somewhat buzzed LOL]

To ScottyHotty: So how do you feel about taking a shit in front of your roommate Seth? Can you handle it?

John B.
Surfing around and found post by Donald M. about legal consequences of not letting school kids leave class for toilet. Good job! I have rare problem called Diabetes Incipidus. It has no connection to Diabetes Mellitus, but mean I must drink much more water than is normal lest I dehydrate. And what goes in must come out. So I pee a heck of a lot. This caused big problems, especially in grade school. Despite doctor's letter to teachers, a lot of them didn't believe it. Even after wetting my pants a few times, they still didn't want to believe it, and would be snide or sarcastic before letting me go (stuff like this: "Oh, again, John? Well, make it quick..."). Some were better, but it didn't relieve much of the embarrassment. One teacher gave permission for me to leave without even asking so-long as class was standing, like for stretch breaks or between lessons. Trouble was I'd then come back after class was seated and and back to work. Lots of kids would look & snicker (eg, "we know where you've been!"). One teacher did her best by giving me seat closest to door. That helped! My message is to the teachers out there: when kids say they gotta go, they gotta go. If you don't believe it, maybe you don't belong in teaching.

Hi all, I am back from holiday. I will stay as Penny from SA as I see there is another Penny posting. Welcome Penny. Had a great time, managed a daily shit in the dunes next to the beach for three weeks everyday. Only peed in the loo at home. Quite a record. Managed to only need to wipe once or twice the rest I just pulled up my costume and went into the water and quietly used my finger and the water. Even works amongst other swimmers. Two shits of note.
Early one morning I was up and walking on the beach at low tide. It was slightly misty so when the colon kicked in decided to just do it at the foot of the dunes about 100 meters from the see. Bikini off and there I was dropping a good holiday load. Bigger cos of more eating and red wine. Lots of farting and spluttering as the pile of black (red wine tannin does that) poo got larger and larger. I had just finished and started to pee when I heard a few means voices. The mist was thick so I did not give them another thought. Well never do that as in a second or two the mist cleared briefly and at the waters edge were a bunch of guys taking a break from their run and all having a pee. They were facing me so instead of jumping up and getting dressed I just stayed put and finished my pee. I don't think they even saw me or if they did then I think they just thought I was sitting there.

One very open lady that I know quite well and have actually pooed with in the dunes was running one morning and was later than usual. I asked why are you late today to which she replied, had a bigger shit than normal this morning. Held me up.

The other poo of note was a real once off and probably never to be repeated again. As I have said often I am very regular 6.00am every day and have not yet had a bad accident apart from the odd small wet fart or skid marks but this was a very near huge problem. I needed a dentist while on holiday and as is the norm over Christmas every one is away and those that are there are very busy. I was told to come and wait on Xmas eve as he would fit me in when possible. I arrived at about 2.30pm and sat and waited in the reception. The nurse said that I was not to even go to the loo as they did not know when they would fit me in. I had a cup of coffee and had read just about all the magazines when I felt a little rumble in the ????. I put it down to hunger as we had had a light lunch before xmas dinner. This rumble turned into a little cramp but did not worry me. Eventually I am in his chair and he gets on with the tooth. By now it is 6.15pm when the nurse puts her head around the door and asks if she can go. The dentist says sure he will close up. By now I have to consciously clench my bum as there is a pressure building in my ???? that requires constant ring tension. Not too bad but I would like him to finish so I can get to a loo and drop it. Eventually he finishes and almost with legs crossed I pay and leave the surgery. It is dead quiet and I start to walk towards the ladies loos with that short gait of someone about to shit them selves if there are any distractions. I get to the loo door and it is locked with a sign that they stay locked till 7.00am the next day. I now am in dire straits. This posting board comes to the rescue as I remember that many posters have shat in the parking garages. Louise for one. I stand still and get a grip on my bowels and decide to proceed with caution to the elevator and get to my car. Once there I can get the doors open and if someone sees too bad. I was in trouble. About ten meters before the elevator I see a little alcove to one side with a fire hose and three buckets of sand. Old equipment. I realize I have two choices. One to get to my car with a good possibility of not making it as my guts feel like a hot snake is churning through them. Two is to get to a fire bucket and use it in the alcove. My survival instinct tells me bucket. I am now shuffling over to the bucket and the effort of unhooking it almost opens the flood gates but I grit my teeth and hang on. I see a little space to the left of the alcove and tip the sand out there. I rip my jeans and panties off and bang my bum down on the rim. Just in time as a cacophony of sound erupts. Shit and brown water just pour out with long rotten farts in-between. After the first burst I relax and the rest pours out. Such relief that I realize I am wet with sweat. I just hope no one comes now as the smell is horrendous and I am sitting on a bucket with my kit around my knees in a corridor of a medical building shitting my guts out. A few more torrents and I grab a tissue and wipe not clean but enough to get me home. Apologies to the cleaning crew if they even go behind the fire hydrant. Could never work out what it was that started it but I think perhaps nerves at the dentist.

To Kris (WWLB): What does WWLB stand for? One of the best pee stories on this website. It far outdoes any of the excessive poop sites and most other pee stories except maybe for Diva. Some questions: how much does your bladder hold when full? How many times do you piss every day? When? Do you take a morning pee before you go to school? Do you pee before bedtime? Or do you go no more than once a day? If so, when? Who else in the family has a very large bladder? Post some more.
filup is fullup with a pretty large bladder. I never go at school but have to go pretty bad when I get home, about a 10 hour hold. I am a junior in h. s.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Once I went and worked my summer vacation in my High School, three years in a row, taking only one week off before school started again. It was for money for clothes and other, and I really didnt like it, but my Mom made me do it anyhow.
I was painting,cutting grass, and doing a sorts of jobs. One job I hated was washing windows. There musta been a thousand in the school.The old lady with coke bottle glasses was the lady janitor and she would direct part of a crew some days, the other days the good guy who we called "Big Pete" who ran the janitorial office in the schoolhad some painting and other good jobs to do.

This one day I get stuck with Mrs. Ollie doing windows. She was a b???h and having even a spot on her glasses she insisted it was on the window you just washed. And a lot more, she had you use the same water until it was empty in the bucket dirty or not and put in some cleaner but changed it only twice a day. .

Ok, so this one day Im doing auditorium windows, like on a ladder way up high like theater windows for Pete. She comes bustin in and says I have to to the boys room and girls room windows as the school band was
going to practice and in the auditorium and they wanted to close some windows. She made no sense but ok I have to do this other job now.

I do the boys room windows on a ladder, no one came in to poop or pee and I was alone for about 2 hours.
Then I headed to the girls room and got on a ladder. I heard the band playing. After a bit they stopped. I was on a ladder now cleaning one widow in the corner up at the very top. They were all on a break I found out later.

Suddenly the door burst open and in comes girls, all having to pee.
Chattering about hurry up, "I gotta go before I pee my pants".
They went into the stalls and dropped their shorts and panties and were hissing and peeing and you heard a few farts and a few pooping plops.

Im on the ladder, I didnt dare move, it was too late for that.
I stood still, a few came out and pulled up thier panties and washed their hands, fixing their hair and what not.
Im on the ladder, its hurting me not to move my foot, its going to sleep on me.
I shifted on foot, it made a wee squeeking sound on the ladder and the few girls at the mirror looked up into the corner and spied me.
They screamed,,, "A boy is in here! Hes watching us, eeeekkkkkk"
Screeching, they ran out, two in a stall ran pulling up their panties and draggin their shorts and jeans as they dashed out the door. One was in mid pee stream leaving a trail behind on the floor. One other rushing out the door pulling her jeans up was still peeing all over her jeans.
I started to get the heck out of there. One more girl taking a poop flushed and ran to the sink pulling up her panties I think without even wiping first. I was embarrassed as hell. But I did get to see some nice butts and some shaved genitial areas on a few gals I knew.

I was sorta excited at this, had to stop and make pee myself and get out of there. I went to Pete and told him what had happened, he laughed like crazy. He said, "dont worry, Ill take care of Aggie" (the lady janitor) I said "what about the rest of the band and the girls, gee, Im sorry (I think) and I hope Im no trouble.
Pete said there should have been a sign left by Mrs. Ollie saying theres work going on inside.

Neeless to say I was transferred to another job, it was using a big sander to sand desk tops that had a lot of grafitti scratched all over.
A week went by and I finally got my week off. I went back to the 12th grade now as a senior. Many of the girls would giggle when they heard the story I was a spy in the girls toilet. Some didnt care and some I think liked it.
The music teacher wasnt amused I heard and yakked at the janitor lady,
although he was a jerk anyhow. The principal would pass me in the hall and give me a shit eating smile.
Those girls room windows are hell to wash anyhow, probably never been washed in years.
So that was a wee bit more of an award for my hard work that summer although not quite acceptable to the girls and others. LOL

Why is it when someone has an "accident" that their parents are totally p/od? I mean he/she is embarassed enough, but punishing someone for an accident? That is like getting punished for something they cannot control.

I was really pleased to find this site, because I figured there had to be one!! I am a little different to many posters because I don't like to watch or listen to anyone pee or poop..or have anyone listen to me. Due to a lot of near misses and accidents in my teens due to stress, I now love to hold on until I have an accident...but ONLY in my own home, and when NO ONE is around or likely to come home. I love the freedom of control of knowing I can go whenever I want. When I am out I hate not being able to get to the toilet, so I hate camping or driving with others. My favourite postings are the ones about accidents that people have chosen to share...after all, it happens to everyone.

Here is my worst accident story - I was an adult when this happened, and I did not enjoy it at all.

I was backpacking by myself in Paris, and was staying at a hostel which locked everone out at eleven am till 4pm every day. On this day, I realised that I needed to do my daily constitutional at around a quarter after eleven. Just a normal number 2# at that stage. I was staying about 90 mins walk from the centre of Paris, but I had not used the Metro before, and in my state of need, I was not about to start. It was not urgent, so I figured that I would just walk towards the city, and i would come across a loo any minute. I walked for about half an hour, and the urge was coming and going in gentle waves... still nothing to concern. I came across a park about then, with one of those weird little cubicles they have in the street in Europe. There was a young mentally handicapped boy with his family waiting, and they were obviously having trouble getting him to use it. After waiting five minutes the wave subsided, and I figured I could hold until the next one. I walked for another twenty minutes, when suddenly the need was really really strong, and the first bit squeezed out, just between my butt cheeks, but sticky. I guessed I would find a bathroom any second, but I walked another fifteen minutes and saw nothing, before another quite strong urge came, and this time a big squeeze, quite solid, but starting to sting. I was wearing jeans, so I was not worried about that, but by then I had to go BAD. I was starting to get a bit hot and sweaty, but it did not get better, I had to walk another forty minutes before I got to the next bathroom. By then, amazingly there had not been an explosion, but the soft mush had gone right up the front and the back of me, and I was feeling pretty sick and sort of crying. When I saw the sign, I felt a wave of relief in my pants, but they were locked for another ten minutes for cleaning. I managed to hold onto the explosion with just this little ooze coming out in my pants, and when it finally opened, you can imagine how it felt to let go and clean up. The stupid toilet attendant had to come and tell me I was taking too long but there was nothing to be done. Of course, all that holding meant that I had to go again in another half hour - and the same thing happened. paris is not known for its facilities.

I would love to read postings from people who hold on and go for themselves.. not for a turn on, but becuase the control feels good.

amy j
Hi my name is amy j. and i am 17 years old female. and i was on my computer and i felt the need to go #2 but i was just to in to the game i was playing and so i just went along with what i was doing. and then it got to a part were i just had to get up to use the bathroom. So i got up and walked to it but someone was in it it was my mom she was taking a shower so i went back to the computer to play and it just started to come hard on my bottom and i started to jump up and down that worked a little but thin i just codent hold it in so i went out side to go right when she came out so i ran back in right when my brother ran in so i just when back out side right when i all that poop came puring in to my panties. it was so much that it was almost to my back and went in frout right when i lost control of #1 and i completly pooped and peed my pants and i ran back in and cried because that was the first accident i had ever had in my life. well see ya

Hi everyone...

Buzzy~ I actually do remember a few stories with you and your nurse friend... maybe i'm just young still, but i dont think i could shit in front of a guy! i live with my best friend Amber, and i announce when i need to go... just so she knows to keep clear of the bathroom for a bit ;) but as far as inviting someone in there, especially a guy i'm into, with me makes me a little nervous!

Anyways, i'm off to work... i promise i'll have a good story when i have some time to write!

xo, Summer

MtLover: There's a similar scene in a Mark Wahlberg movie. He and his gang have kidnapped a young girl and he's watching over her. I think that the movie is called "The Big Hit." Anyway, the kidnap victim tells the Mark Wahlberg character that she has to go to the bathroom. Her hands are tied behind her back and he helps her out by pulling down her jeans and panties and getting her seated on the toilet. I don't think there were any sound effects, but I think she had to pee while he watched. It was a pretty sexy scene.

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