I just wanted to let y'all know about what I did - I have been lurking around this site for some time now, and didn't have a story. Well now... :)

I was at the mall with my friends, and we were daring each other to do stupid things. We all wrote things down, and had to do them. Most of the things were to go into stores and steal things, and when it came to my turn I thought God, no, my parents would kill me if I stole something, so when I opened the piece of paper, it said Go and pee somewhere in the mall other than the bathroom I was quite glad.

It was busy and I didn't know where to go, so I said I wanted to walk around to find somewhere, so they said I had 10 minutes. I found one place where there was one of those things where you have ATMs and you need a card to open the door. None of us were old enough to have ATM cards, so we couldn't get in, so I waited until someone came along, and pretended that I had a card. They let me in, and I waited behind them like I wanted to use the ATM. They looked at me funny as I didn't use the other ATM, but when they were gone I took my pants, underwear, socks and sneakers off so I didn't pee on them. My friends were all looking through the glass, but I didn't mind them seeing me without pants as they had seen me in the locker room at school. I squatted in the corner and peed a huge puddle of yellow pee. The floor must have had a slope, as it ran all the way from the little table with deposit slips on, across to both ATMs.

One of my friends said Someone's coming, so I wiped with a kleenex that I had and put my underwear on, and this lady used her card to get in. She looked at me with no pants on, and my pants, socks and shoes in my hand. She said she would call the security guard, so I ran out into the mall without getting more dressed. We ran into the store that sells all those black clothes that the weird guys wear at school, and I stood between the round clothes rails to put my pants back on and we went out. We ran down the steps and into the lower part of the mall, and then round the corner to where there were seats.

My feet were horrible and dirty, so we went to the bathroom so I could wash them. The bathroom floor was gross, and I felt like I was walking on the pee of 100 people. I washed my feet and put my socks back on then my shoes, and we left. I got so much respect for that, as my friends had only stolen small things from the easy stores. I can't belive I peed in one of those ATM things!

Summer- I'm glad you stopped lurking and decided to post. I agree with you that nothing quite compares to the effect/appeal of guys shitting.
Since you're a nurse, you must have had a lot of interesting poop experiences. I can't wait to read some of your stories.

Today was an interesting pooping day for me. I woke up at 9 and had a nice breakfast. The day before I ate a lot. After breakfast I felt a nice log churning. So I ran to the toilet. My first log came out extremely fast. But was on the firm side with jagged ends. It was 7.5 inches long and an inch in diameter. It was a mixed light brown/ dark brown. Then I let out a few farts and my butt became like a soft serve ice cream machine. The soft serve consistency bowel movements coiled up and connected together in the toilet to look like a pile of mush. The mush was a light brown in color. So then I was done and flushed the toilet.

30 minutes later I had a stomach cramp and I ran up stairs. First came two explosive foul smelling farts. With the third fart came gobs of mush. The mush pile was over 4 inches high and had the consistency of wet cat food. This mush was a very dark brown. And it smelled really bad like rotton beans. It had extremely high gas content too. Then I let out another fart and then came another huge glop of mush. The mush pile looked like a cowpie and was very messy. I had to wipe myself 10 times.

2 hours later I went again and this time it was back to the soft serve stuff. I sat on the toilet and out came a .5 inch diameter 9 inch long soft bowel movement.

Fortunately, I had no more pooping the rest of the day

Last summer my frieds and I decided that we would go have a day to ourselfs and enjoy. It was in the middle of July and we had already done everything to do in the area. So we thought that a day at the park hiking and then going swimming would fill the day well.
On the morning of our planned hike at the park, the weather did not look like it was on our side, it looked like it could rain. Being the "tough" girls the four of us were, we decided not to let the rain ruin it and go on with the hike at the park through the trails. Since we were going to the pool after our hike, I wore my swimsuit under my waterproof sweat pants and all the proper rain gear. At the park we noticed just how hot and humid the day was. I was sweating like crazy, and to make things worse, I started my period that morning. I decided to wear an overnight maxi pad on the hike because I would not have to change several times in the woods. Well that ruined my swimming for the day. To get the full outdoore experiance, we even brought our lunch to have out there. On one of the trailes we decided it was time to head to the car to get lunch. I began to feel a little need to poop, but I could wait. I would have to use the porta-pottie, at the parking lot, but it would have to do because we were planning on staying and hiking more. When we got our lunches we went over and ate on the tables in an open area close to the parking lot. The need to relieve my bowels became more relivant. I farted and it all shifted, so I told my friends I was going to the john and would be back. To give an idea of how hot it was, when I stood up from the wooden bench, there was visable sweat on it everywhere but where my maxi pad was. It was terrible. I got into the porta-pottie and what I saw was a terrible desaster. The seat was covered in used toilet paper and urine. That was not going to be used by me. An innovative thought came over me that I was wearing a maxi pad and I could just go in it and then put a new one one. Simple enough, so I did. I checked to make sure that it was covering my b.m. area and it was, I am little so when I wear an overnight maxi pad it is like a diaper. I did not have to pee much because I sweated all my liquids out during the day. So I was sure this was a great plan. I pulled my swimsuit up tight and farted and began my movement. As I stood there the heat and smell of the porta-pottie was just discusting. My waterproof rain gear did not help the heat and it all made me sweat more. I peed a little and pushed the rest of my poop into the maxi pad and felt much better. After I was finished,I stood there for a second to make sure I was done and looked in my small Adidas back pack to get a nother pad. As I saw that I was stupid and did not put another pad in my bag, a chill went down my back. I looked again, and there was no pad there. I faced the reality that I would have to empty what I could out of the pad I was wearing and wear it for the rest of the day. And that is what I did. I just took the pad out of my bikini and emptyed the poop in the porta-pottie hole and put it back on. It was so gross that I almost wanted to vomit. There was still a lot of smashed poop on it but when I wore it for a little while it felt a little better. It is strange sitting and having crap smush around eveywhere down there. The rest of the day was fine. When I got home I had to poop again, so I decided that since I had already messed my pad, and to have another bathroom adventure, I pooped in it again and suprisingly, I kind if enjoyed it. I am not saying that it is a hobby, but it is kind of interesting to poop the way we did when we were babies. And the clean up was not so good, but I just put on another big pad on and sat around for a while, I figured any dirty areas would come off eventually on the pad. The next day to make my bad weak worse, I woke up and had diarrhea. It was miserable. One trip after another. Finally I thought of my new techneqe used yesterday, and put it to work. I figured that a pad would not hold lots of diarrhea, so I went to the store and bought some girls Goodnites to save me trips to the toilet. I got home and quikly put one one and had a massive diarrhea. It worked and I just kept it on and sat down to watch tv and had several more movements before I went and changed. I also wore one to bed and woke up a few times and just laid in bed withought having to get up and pooped and went back to sleep. It worked well and saved me a bunch of trouble, just for your info for those who would like the idea.

Michael explosive diarrhea
This morning after I took my shower I was experiencing some cramps in my abdomen that were a bit uncomforting. I got to school about 7:15 and I got to my class early. The cramps hurt me so bad it was like a knife in my gut. I went to the back of the room and tried letting go some gas to ease the cramps. It didn't really help and about the time class started I was really in need to take a major dump. I asked my teacher If I could go to the bathroom and she said yes. I got to the bathroom and went to the big stall,but find ou there was no toilet paper so I grabbed some from the next stall and closed my stall. I pulled my pants and boxers down and immediately started to push out what felt to be a big turd. I strained to push it out and it fell with a great relief. I still felt the need to shit out more turds,but my ass hurt too much. I wiped and looked into the toilet to find the biggest turd I've ever produced. It was 14 or 15 inches long and an inch thick.I felt very proud of myself for producing such a load so I didn't flush. Not just that,but i don't think it would've gon down. When i got home I took a shit about 7 inches long. I don't know what've eaten lately but my latest shits have become huge and stinky.Can somebody tell me if peoples shits become larger the older they get?

Donald M.
I read with interest the posts of the students in school that have wetting accidents or poop their pants. Sometimes the wave comes up and you have to go shit now, depends on a bug, or what one ate and so on.

The other thing I want to comment on, its that numerous postings are about the student needing a pee and rushing off to the classroom,least the teacher get angry or cause a detention or some other punishment for being late.
This is where I draw the line. If you must go and make a desperate pee before class, the person should go and do it. Never mind the posturing by a teacher or the looks or the questions. This is a normal function of all humans and sometimes trying to fit the pee into the clock given time does not work. Only an insensitive tyrant pretending to be a teacher of students of good works and kindness would pull that stunt.
Id say, go ahead. Then the principal is involved, and the school board if necessary when a member of the staff refuses the right to expel the waste from ones body when needed especially in an emergency or need.
I remember one lawsuit files on behalf of a student that was denied a visit to a restroom. The student did hold on until end of class but miserable. But the basic rights of the person was violated.
If theres a pattern of having to go all the time, then a Doctors excuse or conference witht the parents should be had to solve this problem...yes many teachers will complain the class and lessons are being interrupted and a person will miss 5 minutes of class.
Nuts. Last I remember in Sr. High, needing a toilet break, the teacher normally said, yes, go, hurry-- a no meant the student would walk out anyways and like, go ahead, do your worst.
At least I didnt do a load in my jeans or pee my pants. Who was right we can argue about later.

This is 2005, not 1940 where a teacher had absolute power over a student and would make them cower to unreasonable demands and refuse the most basic things in life like a pee break.
Just get up and walk out. Be late, so what? You dont need to be the victim of someone fetish or stupidity...


I have been reading stories here forever, now to post one: I met my roommate for the first time back in August. We go to the state university here in NY. Anyway, he is the ladies man all the way. He's pretty athletic. He plays lacrosse and track...or will be soon. Anyway, he's in his first year of college like me (we are both 18). The first night we were in the dorms his parents were here and so were mine. We all ate together at McDonalds and got to know each other. A little later on, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and stuff when he came in. Now, we share a bathroom with several people so it is set up like a public restroom. There are two stalls and two showers. Anyway, he came in while I was brushing my teeth and went in one of the stalls. I watched in the mirror and could hear him undoing his pants. Then, I couldn't believe it. He was turning around to sit on the toilet. We just met and he was already going to shit in front of me. I saw his jeans and boxers around his ankles and suddenly I heard him let a wet fart. Then I heard some loose shit hit the toilet. He had diarrhea big time. It just kept coming out and every now and then he would let another wet fart with a little fizzling. No one has ever shit in front of me except my little brother, but he is 31/2 and still poops his pants so that doesn't count.

Any way, Seth and I became ok friends I guess. I am going to room with him this semester again. He is not all that shy about shitting in front of people!

Tuesesday, January 18, 2005

This monrning when I got up, I went to the toilet for a wee and I could also feel a poo developing. I tried to push one out then but nothing came out. So I ate my cerel for breakfast and waited about 15 minutes. A small turd was moving down towards my hole so I went back to the toilet and pulled down my pants. I sat down and pushed out a small log - it came out quickly and easily. Then I did another wee. I had a shower and I had to sit on the toilet again - this time I did another small wee and pushed out two more small turds. I wiped my butt about 4 times and pulled up my pants.

I just got home from a meeting (its now 9.20pm) and dropped a very satisfying load in the toilet about half an hour ago. I didn't have to push much at all and my anus felt great when the poo stretched it open a bit. I pushed out what felt like 6 or 7 logs - the last log was longer than the rest. When I had finished I wiped my butt twice and had a look in the bowl. A big chunk of poo was floating on top and ther were 5 or 6 smaller turds sitting on the bottom. They were a light brown colour and faily bulky although not rock hard.

I was wondering if anyone does their poo and has a look at it first before wiping their arse - or do you wipe first and then have a look?? I used to wipe first and then have a look but I found that the toilet paper often covered up my job. So now I wipe my butt, hold the tp in one hand, stand up to have a look in the bowl and then drop the tp in. I have done this since I was about 13 or 14.

Also, has anyone ever been to a public toilet and heard someone in the next toilet grunting and groaning??

Pooping in CT
I was in a Sears the other day and I had a great experience. I was over by the bathrooms because they by the tool section. A very cute girl with bright red hair and great body came over. She was holding her stomach with one hand and stopped at the ladies room door. I hadn't even noticed but there was a sign on the ladies room door that it was out of order. Please use the mall restroom. I heard her say shit and appear to double over a lttle bit. You could tell she was desperate. She went over to the mens room and poked her head in the door and looked around. She must have been needy because she went in. I waited a minute and went in behind her. There were three stalls and three urinals. I pretended to use the urinal and then leave but actually just stood over by sinks. I figured she would be more relaxed. She moaned and grunted a lot. Waves of diareha would be followed by slow moans of ohh god or ohh my gut. She was in there 10 minutes before another guy came in and left. I left so she wouldn't be embarrased when she came out. She snuck out and looked a little better. What a cutie she was. I'll share other stories later.

Andrea -- you are very very lucky that you did not get what your mother had. I'd know...I just got over something identical to that.

First thing's first. I'm 38 years old, and I have a 15 year old daughter, and a 12 year old daughter, and a 6 year old daughter. Now, my 15 year old daughter was at a sleepover for the whole long weekend, and so it was me and my two daughters alone in the house. (I'm married, but my husband isn't around a lot because for the last two years he has been in England most of the time. I didn't want to do it, but we needed the money, and it is only for three years and then he gets a LARGE promotion, so this was kind of necessary. Anyways, he is home as much as he can be.)

Anyways, my oldest daughter, Elizabeth, was at a sleepover, so she wasn't here when this event took place. Neither was my youngest daughter, Sarah (she was at her first sleepover birthday party). My 12 year old daughter, Addy, was there at the time, though. Oh yah...and this happened on the 15th, a saturday.

I guess I hadn't felt great all day...but i mean, i didn't feel dreadful, or anything. Well, because Addy and I didn't have anything to do, we drove into NYC to shop for some things. NYC is about a 2 hour drive from my house, but since i had the whole day free it wasn't anything special. So, we went to Manhattan, shopped, got Addy some new school clothes, and her an early birthday pressie (her birthday is January 23rd), got myself a new skirt and some shirts. I had a yogurt for lunch, and addy had a hotdog.

twenty minutes into the ride i started feeling sick to my stomach, but it wasn't until about an hour from my house that I realized i was about to have serious diarrhea. I started rubbing my stomach, and squirming. Finally I whispered to Addy, realizing i wasn't able to hold it for any longer, "I'm going to have diarrhea in my pants if i don't pull over now!" I quickly pulled over onto the side of the road, pulled down my pants, and started running behind some bushes. Painful diarrhea came out of my butt. It was hot, and it hurt, and it was hardly any more than brown water. Seven minutes later, or so, I got back into the car. I managed to make it home, although by the time i was at home i was crying because i was in so much pain from not exploding in my pants. The second we pulled into my driveway, I unlocked the car door, and ran as fast as I could to my house, unlocked my door, and ran to the bathroom. This time my diarrhea was no more than brown water.

My bug was gone by Monday morning, luckily. But Monday afternoon i was greated by a not-so-happy Addy, who kept complaining that she felt very sick. I told her that she'd be fine...suddenly she farted, and (she was in pajamas, 'cause she felt sick) and liquid brown water started comming down her leg at an alarming rate. She still has it, worse than i did too. She's vomiting, and having diarrhea, and has a fever of 103 degrees. So...yeah. boy were you lucky.

well here goes a good one, I guess . hadn't needed to pee for at least five hours or so; not since getting up early to pee, then back to bed. anyway, haing been up for the past three hours and drinking my usual big old cup of coffee about 1-1/2 hrs ago ; it finally was time to " use the bathroom" . anyway, I walked in and closed the door. then I lifted the lid, pulled down my spandex leotards and panties[ undies] and sat down to pee. [ again I used the mirror to watch myself pee]. less than 3 secs later I felt it coming and WHOOSH! it came out so fast in both one ultra-wide yellowish spray-stream which resembled the shape of an upside down tornado; along with another smaller stream which shot out almost sideways in a 45 degree angle into the toilet bowl's clear water. then main funnel like stream had to be about an inch wide and splattered straight down into the middle of the water; making a loud splashy tinkle sound and lots of foamy,bubbly " pee-suds" alone with a slight scent of sweet, smelly fresh pee. the sideways stream was thin and ribbon -like and shot at that 45 deg. angle, also landing completely into the water. also I could hear one hell of a loud " "HISSSSSSSSSSSSS" folowed very quickly by that "multi-tinkle" right from the start and lasting almost all the way through this entire 40-45 second max. pee; at least for the first 30 secs or so. then it just stopped, not after dribbles or anything, done! I grabbed some paper and wiped my twat for the next 15-20 secs; as I got up and dropped the wad into the bowl and was pulling up my panties and leotards; I looked and saw the bowl filled with golden yellow peed-in water and many scattered small circles of scuzzy looking " pee suds" which were floating all over. that and a few yellow droplets of pee which splattered up against the 2" dry sloping portion just below the front rim. then, I flushed and watched as it all swirled down.

3 hours later and yet another one just like it. after eating and doing some writing , I was cleaning up , putting away some clothes and holding it as long as I could. and so that urge to " go to the bathroom" feeling had waited as long as it could; especially after drinking about 25 ozs of light cranberry juice, maybe more! LOL again, I walked in real quickly and about to burst, lifted the toilet lid with a slight " bang" ; then quickly pulled down my leotards and panties. no sooner than I exposed my twat and sat down; the pee just rushed out again in a yellow, wide[ a good inch]" funnel-like" splashy stream which was narrow at the top and really wide where it was tinkling into the middle-front of the water about 1/3 of the way back from the seat's front edge. [my home toilet is an elongated " 1970's style" where almost the entire bowl is water filled from the back to about 2" from front rim where it is gently sloped downward into the water] again it also was shooting out another smaller narrow stream outward more toward the left-front of bowl's inside; some of which at times splattered up aginst the dry slope in front, along with dribbling back downward into the water at the same time. it came out steady and hard for at least 45 secs and was filling the water with yellow, scuzzy, foamy pee. then it stopped for about a sscond , and more dribbled out for another 15 secs or more as I leaned a bit foward to get it all out. those came out in 3-4 bursts; all of which shot toward the front, at first splashing a little up against the dry slope before dropping downward in a soft-sounding dribbling " piddle" or " tinkle" [into the water, of course] then it all stopped, I took some paper, wiped my twat really well[ as it was soaked with pee!]before dropping it into the bowl as I got up. while pulling everything back up I looked and the bowl's water was full of yellow pee and toward the back , a mound of bubbly white, scuzzy looking foam covering only 20% of the entire water's surface. I flushed and wateched as the yellow color appeared to go down first, then the paper and foamy bubbles [probally from the cranberry juice, I'm sure!]

friday night jan 14-15 and I hadn't peed since about 11:30 PM while I was with a friend whom I had not seen in a while. we were sitting at the starbucks corner of ?????????? and ????????? in ?????????, NY where I drank a " venti" [ large] coffee[ please don't even ask about that somewhat grody unisex bathroom with the halfway clogged " low flow" toilet and all the %&%&%& seat covers scattered all over the floor. I feel sorry for the starbucks chicks and dudes whose job it is to clean "the pigs pen" LOL] anyway, after he left I walked down and had a couple of slices of pizza and a diet coke with it at nicky's pizza in white plains. then I left and went shopping at stop and shop first, after that I stopped to get gas at like 1:30 AM . while walking in to pay first, I thought to myself" I may as well go and tinkle first while I'm at it" and proceeded to walk back and use the restroom. I walked in and seeing the mop bucket, realized the clerk just finished claening up after the usual late friday night slobs; as for once I didn't need to line the seat with paper first! [ $*&$$*& preppy PIGS! didn't your NANNIES ever teach y'all any manners? LOL] anyway, I lowered the CLEAN seat first, then quickly pulled down my jeans and panties; meanwhile lifting my coat and sitting down on the U-shaped seat to pee. after sitting a few secs. I began to tinkle into the toilet bowl's water for at least 45 secs.; meanwhile watching as the water quickly turned from clear to yellow as my coffee-scented smelly pee splashed into the water a few inches back from the front edge of that bowl's water line[ which was about 6" back from the rim] ; right about in the middle. about halfway through I could see some bubbly foam quickly forming and spreading toward the front of the water along with streaks of " pee-scuzz" as the water rippled. then it stopped for a few secs., before again tinkling for another 30 secs or so in about 2-3 stop and start splashes lasting between 10-15 secs each and splattering into the water mostly; with a few yellow drops landing on the dry part in front and more bubbling foamy swirls in the water as well. again it stopped, then a few quick splashes of yellow pee into the water and I finished up; meanwhile grabbing some paper which when done I used to dab the excess pee drops from my twat "lips" with. I dropped the paper into the bowl as I got up; then I pulled up my panties and jeans, buttoned and zipped up and looked before flushing. the bowl's water was filled with golden yellow scuzzy pee and a small patch of foam across the middle which covered about 10% of water's surface. I flushed my pee, washed up and left.

RE: mr clogs, wasn't sure which post you meant but I guess you mean the one which had that thing about the bathrooms being painted blue and pink yet not being labeled at that church[ in the nursery school room of course]? or did you mean the vermont store story and the part about flushing vs. not flushing when you pee?

No One
JW- Just curious, how did you pull a muscle while pooping? Which muscle? I'd like to hear some of your stories. Thanks!

Hey. Taylor here.
I think I saw Carmalita a few days ago on WWE TV, something to do a live event in Florida.
I have finally got round to laying some large logs (Or at least they are for me). They are nothing compared to some of the ladies on this forum. My normal ones are quite thin, not very large. Only about 6 inches long and about an inch thick. Nothing really interesting happening in terms of shit for me.
Anonymous poster: I wouldn't really want to look at diarrhoea coming out of my rectum, but I can guess what it looks like coming out of there. Probably like brown piss coming out of your bum.
Punk Rock Girl: I hate having diarrhoea too. It just plain naffs me off. Disgusting stuff.
For some reason, my mum thinks liking seeing people on the toilet is sick. Could anybody give me their opinion on this matter? Anyone?
Oh yeah, I might be gone for a few days, because I've got coursework to do. Hey, I'm fifteen, and I've got my GCSE's coming up. If I finish my courswork this week, or if I have an interesting movement, I'll post.
Cheers. Taylor.

NickyB - Ontario
Just wondering how all the constipated men are doing?? escpecially my favourite MIKE!!!!! Let me know babe!!!

Kris (WWLB)
I have only posted a couple of times but I just got through reading an almost decade old story from a man named Roland about his experiences as a boy witnessing a classmate with a very, very large bladder taking a seemingly endless pee before his astonished and shocked friends. Ocassionaly I've noticed that a few brave women are candid enough to step forward and reveal the goings on behind the doors of our own restroom, particularly with regard to a somewhat sensitive and almost taboo topic, women with large bladders. But these posts are few and far between and the reason for this has always mystified me? Are all of us girls excpected to have small dainty little bladders only capable of ten or twenty seconds of soft tinkling? If males only knew what transpires in the girl's restroom. Peeing performance and ability is noted as much if not more on our side of the wall, with comensurate attention and status bestowed on the girl who can pee the longest and the most. In fact there is a peeing hierarchy.

How do I know? From age thirteen until I completed High School, I attended two Middle Schools and three High Schools as a result of my father's occupation, and even for one fairly good looking and athletic it was difficult constantly for me changing groups of friends. Not to try to examine the psycho-sexual side of this, but around the time of puberty when all the other things began changing, all of a sudden my bladder started becoming a focal point. Before that I had known that I had to urinate at somewhat infrequent intervals and peed a very long time when I did go, but it never garnered undo attention outside my mother, aunt and grandmother (that was enough.) But one day I had to pee at school. No strike that, one day I had to PEE at school. After patiently sitting through an entire day of classes at a new school, knowing that my mother was not going to pick me up until an hour after class, I went to the girl's gym where I knew a restroom was situated off the locker and shower area. Bad choice. The place overflowed with strange faces, seventh and eight grade girls changing for various after school activities, but in my desperate state I didn't care about the lack of privacy. I should have.

Doing a pee-shuffle I went in to find about a dozen girls waiting in line to relieve a school days worth of urine, and only a half dozen stalls (including the handicapped one.) So I waited in line with these girls who were total strangers until the I got to the head of the line. One more thing- the sound transmission in a gym restroom is something else. In line you can hear who's peeing louder and who's starting and stopping, and by the sequence of the stall doors opening who's peeing longer. Well finally I got to the head of the line and by chance the large handicapped stall was the first to open. I raced in there, sat down on the seat and just started to piss! Those of you women with extremely large bladders can understand when I say this was one of those times when the longer I peed the more I had to go. I realize that's a contradiction, but I sat there just peeing away, an enormous constant throb in my bladder that wouldn't subside mixed with a feeling of euphoria simply being able to pee. And for awhile the girls let me pee in peace. From my end position I was aware of other stalls opening and closing but my attitude on that day was that I had to pee, and as long as urine was flowing out of me you might as well place an "Out Of Order" placard on the front of the stall door because I was going to be there a long time...a long-long-long time. It was a selfish attitude but what the hey.

Unfortunately back then I had no idea the simple act of peeing carried with it such ramifications. Well the simple act of LONG peeing. After a few minutes-literally a few minutes- I heard a voice on the outside say, "Everything all right in there?" Yes. "Are you about done?" No. At that point I started to hear some whispering like "what did she say?" "She said no." Then came a rush of slightly masked giggling and I became aware that the place was starting to empty out bringing with it more focus on me and my long-peeing. For some reason I didn't cut-off my flow. I kept on peeing as the unknown girls on the outside became more boisterous, thankfully from a discrete longer distance away over by the sink area. However I was cognizant of what was on in their minds and why they were stalling around in the restroom. Occasionally my stream would taper off as it does during the my normal pee episodes, and I could hear someone say, "is she finally finishing?" Frequently after ten or fifteen seconds of dripping, my bladder will spasm again and with it send a huge impulse through my body to start the urine flow up again. (Some of you know what I'm saying.) So when it came back, for the third forth and fifth time, it had a greater and greater impact upon my audience. Giggling was being replaced with "shock and awe." One of the girls finally said this was too much for her and she had to leave for swim practice. Gratefully (I thought) the others tagged along, leaving me to pee in peace.

The story would end right there if it were not for an inquisitive nosey female coach who eavesdropped on the coversation of the departing girls exiting the gym. By that time I was transitioning to my usual hyper-prolonged splatter-tinkle-pause, followed by umpteen other splatter-tinkle-pauses until my bladder finally calls it quits. Outside I could hear the soft squishy approach of tennis shoes on concrete, then...nothing. No stall door opening, just silence. From my side of the stall I concentrated on alternately pushing and relaxing; that day my bladder was being ornery and just when I thought I was all done another ten or fifteen second trickle would come out, followed by a corrosponding interval with nothing coming out...only for more pee to stream out. As I stated I was at this stage of my pee when I heard this enormous pounding on my stall door. " yes? This is occupied." The decidedly unfeminine voice pounded even louder. "Open up the door," she demanded in no uncertain terms. So I clamped down on my urethra leaned way over and opened up the darn stall door, and in came the most stereotypical overweight lesbian girl's gym coach I could remember in all my school years.

"What's going on here," she demanded. Um nothing, I'm peeing. Then like a fool she blurted out, "I've been told you've been constantly urinating since the bell rang at the conclusion of class. Is that true?" It was a slight exaggeration since it took me a couple of minutes to walk from Social Studies, but what does one say? "Um..I dunno." What an awkward situation to be in, sitting there on the toilet seat with my stuff pulled down, my fairly well-developed you know what in full view of this obese woman who was interegating me on my peeing ability. "Do you have a urinary tract or bladder infection that you know of?" Oh right,having cystis suddenly makes a woman with an average capacity bladder suddenly have the ability to out-pee a team of Clydesdales. Instead I mumbled a silly response (but true), "I'm just going the normal way I go always." She stood there, incredulously looking at me, suspiciously. "No. It's's not NORMAL to urinate for such an extremely long period of time." I protested "No really. Really. " Then I made up a complete and total fabrication. "I think I inherited it from Mom. She goes even longer than me." This hulking ???? of a coach stood there absorbing the most outlandish contrived testimony, but what the heck could she say? She couldn't refute the evidence before her, that there was this teenage girl who was minding her own business peeing away. Was it my fault that my bladder was so large that it took me longer than anyone else to take a pee? Some of us pee for seconds and some of us for endless minutes.

With all the deviant behavior one reads about, in hindsight I may have been lucky not to meet the pee-???? coach from Hell. Luckily she stood there, hands on her hips and muttered, "Well I would seek a medical opinion, that's not normal to pee so long." With that she opened the stall door to leave adding, " can finish up. See me in my office when you're done and I'll write you a referral to see the school nurse." I recall after she left the accumulated tension from her interrogation probably produced more urine from my kidneys, and the awkward situation I found myself in made initiating any kind of urine flow difficult. I sat there for a couple, even a few minutes collecting my emotions, before my tinkling started up. Yup- more pee time. When I dutifully showed up in the coach's office, Brunhilde was almost startled to see me so long after our encounter in the restroom. I noticed her eyes flying to the wall clock, then towards me as if to say incredulously "you've been peeing ever since I left you in the restroom!" Well duh... thanks to you bitch I was so nervous I couldn't pee then when it came out it's not my fault my bladder's so huge it still had that much left. Instead she handed me a referral slip.

"Here. I want you to seek out a medical opinion. Our nurse can help you find a good urologist. Do what I say, it''s absolutely not normal to be able to pee for such an outlandish duration of time." I raced home so fast!

By chance can any women reading these boards relate? Going back over roughly three hundred pages there are some visitors to these boards with mega-bladders. I would love to read of your restroom encounters. I'm still thinking about forming a WWLB club.

This is my first time posting but I've been lurking for a while. I just had to post after watching last night's episode of ER. First of all just let me say that I the actress that plays Abby. In last night's episode Abby got kidnapped and she said to her kidnappers that she had to go to the bathroom. They pulled over into the woods and pointed the gun at her and told her to go right there. She squatted down and they put a peeing sound in. It was the best moment I have ever seen on network tv. I'm a big pee person so it was awesome. Er was my favourite show before but it's just been elevated in my mind to awesome.

The event that finally cured my shyness of admitting I had to pee happened in tenth grade. It was one of the most embarassing moments of my life and probably the most embarassing in high school.
It was near the beginning of the school year, and I woke up with bad allergies. I could barely breathe. My grandmother made me some kind of herbal tea that helped a little and I took my water bottle with me. I took the subway to school and sipped water on the ride to help my scratchy throat. Halfway through the ride, the tea and water already wanted to come out. I would normally have had a pee before class, but of course this was the day there was some kind of blockage on the line, and I got to school with no time to spare before the dance class I had before regular classes. Though I had to go pretty bad, it hadn't been that long and I thought one class wouldn't kill me - our school was strict about lateness. As I changed quickly into my dance clothes, my bladder already felt full. Dance class wasn't so bad because we were dancing and moving around and this distracted me from having to go. After class I had a problem, because there were less than five minutes to change and grab my books and get to class. I made the decision to continue to hold it. My first class was computer class. We sat on those soft office chairs that spin around. That wasn't good because with a harder chair, I could have stretched my back and pressed my bladder into the wood to help relieve the pressure. So I crossed my legs tightly instead. Our classes were long - 1 1/2 hours with a break after each one. This class was from 8:30-10. I'd had dance from 7.45-8.25 and had left home at around 7. By about 9.00, even though it had been two hours, I was pretty urgent. To make me more uncomfortable, I was sniffling and blowing my nose like crazy from my allergies, but at least I had stopped sneezing, which was good, because I was embarassed by my loud, snotty sneezes.
The class was torture. I kept spinning around in my chair, shifting, crossing my legs, scissoring and squeezing my legs, and pulling on the waistband of my pants. The guy next to me who usually flirted with me and bugged me couldn't understand why I wasn't laughing at his dumb jokes and why I was so restless. I told him I didn't feel well and let him think I had a cold or cramps, I didn't care which. By 9.45 or so, I actually considered asking the teacher if I could go, but decided not to as there were only 15 minutes left. Instead, I took my thick, hardcover textbook, put it in my lap and pretended to be looking at it, then closed it and squeezed my thighs against it so that the book pressed on my crotch, while bouncing lightly in my chair. Finally, the bell rang. My plan was to hit the restroom right away, then find my chorus director and ask for a note to be excused from my solo in rehearsal due to my allergies, as the rules required. As I speedwalked down the hallway, however, he saw me, and asked me if I had a minute to discuss the solo. I couldn't ask him if I could go to the restroom first, so I said OK, but that I was coming to see him in a few minutes for a sick note. He said, "well, why don't we do that now?" and asked me to go to the music room. I walked with him very slowly and painfully, feeling the urine wanting badly to come out. When we got there, his phone was ringing and he asked me to wait while he answered it. Standing there, I felt a squirt of pee on the edge of coming out and sat down quickly in a chair. As no-one was watching, I quickly used my hand to push it back and get control. He was on the phone for a few minutes while I squirmed. Finally, he came back and signed the note and then started having a discussion about the solo. My break time was quickly running out. Then just as he was about to let me go and I just barely had time to pee and get my books, in came a friend of mine to talk to him about something. She asked me to wait because it wouldn't take long. I sat and squirmed while she did. Then she asked me to walk with her to get our stuff and go to our English test. As we walked, I felt how desperate I was and considered just telling her, but I was still too shy. Somehow I decided to sit out another 1 1/2 hour class, even though I was far from confident that I could. I thought maybe writing a test would distract me. We got to class a couple of minutes before the bell (time I could have used to pee) and made small talk. At least now the seats were hard and I adjusted myself so that I was sitting in a slightly straddled position pressing down. The test began and I was bursting so badly I found it hard to concentrate. I wanted so much to hold myself under the desk, but I was scared someone would see. The best I could do was take off my sweater (I had another top underneath) and put it in my lap, then screw up one sleeve into a hard ball and kind of sit on that, pressing my bladder in. I tried my best to sit still, as with the class so still and quiet, a lot of movement would be a give away as to my predicament. But I crossed my legs like crazy. About fifteen minutes or so into the test, not only was I severely desperate to the point that my stomach was aching and bloated, but my urge to sneeze had returned too, and I was trying my best not to disturb the silence of the classroom. I held my breath, pinched my nostrils, bit my lip. Suddenly, a loud sneeze that sounded like a fart exploded through the silence and people began to giggle. I was not laughing, however. Something terrible had happened. My sneeze had released everything that was plugging my sinuses and thick, yellow mucus ran from my nose over my mouth and chin. I had covered my face when I sneezed and the mucus was sticking to my hands, connected to my face. As everyone stared, I realized something more terrible - in struggling not to sneeze, I had been less vigilant about struggling not to pee, and a big squirt of hot pee had been released into my panties and white jeans by the force of the sneeze. I quickly crossed my legs like mad to stop the flow but trickles continued to escape. I was sitting in class with everyone watching me with a face full of snot, wetting my pants. I was frozen in my seat, but luckily the teacher saw the panic on my face, and said, "Diva, go to the restroom and clean up." I got up quickly and tried to edge to the door in a way that no one could see my butt that I was convinced was wet. When I got to the door, I didn't want to lower my snotty hands from my face to touch the doorknob. I looked at the teacher and she came and opened it. As soon as she closed the door, I ran like the wind to the bathroom. The one on that floor had a closed for cleaning sign. I felt another big squirt of pee on the way out - now the dam had broken, there was no stopping it - and, as no one was around, I put a snotty hand to my crotch and squeezed as I ran down the stairs to the girls' room on the next floor. Luckily, it was open. A girl was combing her hair in the mirror and saw me burst in, one hand holding my crotch, my face smeared with snot. At this point, I didn't care. I ran to a stall and crossed my legs and squirmed as I fought to get my tight jeans down, dribbling a bit more in the process. Finally, I was free and sank down on the toilet for the mother of all pees - a gushing, hissing, thick stream. As the heavy flow slowed to the final trickles, I assessed the damage to my pants. My underwear were completely soaked and so was the crotch of my jeans, but miraculously the outside of them didn't really show anything and the butt was OK. I sat for a minute just enjoying the relieved, empty feeling. Then,I first wiped the snot from my hands and face and blew my nose vigorously. That dealt with, I tried to clean up the damage. As I used toilet paper to scrub the urine from my underwear, the door burst open and another desperate person ran in, tossed some books down so hard that their binder opened and pages scattered, and began pooing a storm. Realizing that I couldn't really get clean without stripping to my bare butt out in the open bathroom, and unwilling to wear tight white jeans with no underwear, I lined my underwear with a thin layer of toilet paper, washed my hands, and went back to class, where I tied my sweater around my waist. The teacher asked me if I felt better, and I said yes. Everyone was very understanding of my allergies, no one seemed to know about the wet pants, and I didn't get too close to anyone all day in case I smelled.
Right after class, there were fifteen minutes to get lunch and then we had chorus. As I had lunch, I reflected that my own stupidity had caused my accident and if I hadn't been so unwilling for anyone to know I needed to do a normal body function, I could have had a quick pee before the test.
During chorus, either the fact that I'd overtaxed my bladder earlier or the tea and extra water still going through me, but I had to pee again. I could have held it, but just to show that my irrational shyness no longer had a hold of me, I put my hand up and asked to go. It was a weird feeling - in 11 years of school, I'd never done it. I was denied permission because there were only 15 minutes left. Instead of being embarassed, I spent the fifteen minutes shifting in my chair and whispering to the person next to me that I was desperate. I kind of enjoyed the new camaraderie. After rehearsal, she offered to walk to the bathroom with me, and so ended my school pee shyness.
Looking at it now, that sneeze was merciful, because I probably would have wet my pants in the test anyway looking at how badly I had to go and that the teacher probably wouldn't let people go to the bathroom in a test (but she couldn't ignore a snotty face and hands without a very messy test.) And it was far better to have a snotty face from a sneeze due to allergies that everyone knew I couldn't help, than to wet my pants in high school, which everyone would think I could help.

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