Hey everyone, my name is Ashley, I am 23 years old , I have been a lurker here for a while, and I accidentally pooped and peed my pants earlier today. I was in a hurry to get to the store because my sister was coming over the next day, and I had completely forgotten to buy her favorite food, it was a big occasion because we never get to see each other since we live in different states, and I was going to the store so that I could help my parents prepare a special meal for her. Well, anyway, I didn't get a chance to go to the bathroom before I left and realized about halfway to the store that I needed to go. When I reached the store I tried looking for a restroom before finding the food for dinner, so as to avoid the hastle of finding one and having to leave my shopping cart outside. When I finally found one, the door was locked and there was a sign on it that notified that it was out of order(just my luck, huh?). I asked a clerk if there was and he said there wasn't. I then found what I was looking for, and made my purchase, by this time it was getting pretty late and I was starting to squirm because I needed to poop and pee so badly. Well, as I'm walking to the parking lot, I had to stop every few feet to stop myself from going in my panties right in plain view of everyone. At this point, I knew I wasn't going to make it all the way home, but tried anyway. I was about halfway home, I got stopped at a red light, and without realizing this lifted my butt up off my seat and began pushing, by now I knew I was pooping myself and tried to stop it before the damage was done, but when I stopped myself from pooping, my bladder let loose and I noticed a warm feeling in my lower regions. I looked down and saw that I was peeing my pants, well, I tried to stop this, but my bowels were now pushing, and I ended up with a mass of warm, solid poop in the back of my pants, and seeing that my pants were already ruined, I pushed the rest of the poop out and finished peeing my pants. I tried to remain calm, but all I could think was, "Oh my Go! I just pooped and peed my pants!" Well, the light finally turned green, and I continued to drive home. When I arrived home, I didn't even remove my soiled clothes, I just ran upstairs, into my room and cried. After a few minutes, I went into the bathroom and removed my panties and emptied them into the toilet, they were originally a light pink and are now dark brown. I threw them into the trash and took it out to the outside trash cans. Afterwards I came inside turned on my computer and am now telling you about it. I have never been so embarrassed, I know nobody saw me, but I haven't had an accident since I was four years old...

New poster here but along tome reader. I and my friends have frequent accidents (and "accidents":)). Oneday me and my friend Gabi were going 2 my apartment. Its int the 4th floor of a 11 story building so we took the elevator. About the 2nd floor it stopped (like it always does we just wait and it starts up again) about 2 mins later Gabi tells me she really has 2 crap. She gets so nervous so she gets down in a fetal position. About 2 mins later her face goes red and theres a crackling noise and her bright pink panties buldge out from under her cute little skirt. Damn it!! she yells The elevator started up again. By the time its at my floor i now have 2 really pee. I run 2 my apartment and just as i run through the front door the floodgates let loose. The piss flows out of my blue thong like a fountain.
Hope u liked
Will post later Ashleigh

i had a pooping accident last night. first of all im 17, im really short and i have really long brown hair. my boyfriend lives far away for college and he was staying with me for a week because he has most of the month off so he came to visit me, and while i go to school he's been helping my mom with some manly type tasks around the house because my brother is no help and i don't have a dad. anyway, i avoid going poop in hte bathrooms at school like most people do, but i also avoid going poop when my boyfriend is here. i dont know why, i just think its a little embarassing if i'm in the bathroom for minutes at a time and he knows that im going eitherway, yesterday was friday and when i woke up for school in the morning, i had a little twinge in my butt that might've been a warning that i had to poop. i was gonna go then, because since its before school i oculd just play off being in the bathroom like i was just getting ready, but i woke up late and i had to leave in less than 10 minutes. so i rushed out the door and got to school. i had to poop for the first couple of my classes and i got a little nervous that i was going to fart (or god forbid go in my pants) or something, but after a while the feeling went away completely and i felt pretty comfortable. i've always been real self conscious of people knowing that i was in the bathroom pooping for some reason, but i really can't help it. it's a bit of a problem because now im always in a nerve wracking situation when i have to poop because when i was a little girl i pooped my pants several times from trying to wait too long, the most recent time was when i was 13. so yeah, i have an embarassing poop history. eitherway, school ended and i head home to be with my boyfriend. he helped me get my homework done and then we decided to watch a movie then go out to dinner, so we did. it was all a lovely time, and then we were getting ready to go to dinner. right before we left i said "hold on i gotta pee" and i went to the bathroom. i pulled down my jeans and my light pink panties and i started to pee, and right when i was finished, the urge to poop came roaring back. i guess because i was on the toilet..but i couldn't go now because i just said i had to pee and we were about to leave. i pulled up my panties and jeans, and squeezed my butt together and took a deep breath, and went on my way. the feeling didn't get too unbearable, until around the end of dinner. i was really struggling not to poop now, and i could feel the load trying to push out of my butt and my butt cheeks kept feeling like they were trying to spread apart. i prayed to myself "no no no don't let this happen!" we got in the car and i squeezed my butt together as hard as i could and i put my right hand against my butt and sat on it in the car. i couldn't stop thinking "i am going to poop my pants!" until i did...i ripped a loud bubbly fart that went "BRRLLLMMMRRF" and warm, semi-solid poop started to fill my panties and jeans. the poop all came out noisily with little "brrmp, brrmp brrmp" noises and it made a gigantic warm squishy bulge in my pants. my boyfriend was looking at me in horror and kept asking if i was okay, but i just started crying. i had no idea what to do, im 17 and i pooped my pants in the car with my boyfriend. we got home and i went inside in tears and went to clean myself up. i had to waddle into the house infront of him with my hands covering the big bulge on my was bad enough the time i pooped my pants when i was 13, but this was 10 times worse. after i cleaned up and changed my panties i stayedin the bathroom and cried for almost 15 minutes, but when i came out my boyfriend was pretty understanding and tried to comfort me. that made me feel a little better. it would've been great if it never happened in the first place though.

so, in my life i've had quite a handful of panty pooping accidents, but that one is by far the worst. i'll come back later to share my other panty pooping stories.

I had a dream one night that I pooped my pants. I was watching a movie and felt the need to go to the bathroom, so I said heck why dont i do it in my pants. So with one push rapidly came out a large amount of large solid poop. It felt so good to get it out. I then went to the bathroom to check it out. And dumped my movements in the toilet. They were two beautiful foot long 1.5 inch wide firm logs. They both were multicolored marbled style. Part lightbrown/tan and part darker brown.

The next day I wanted to do something crazy with my bowel movements. So, I decided to use the bathroom with a mirror so I can see my bowel movement come out of my butt. So I sat on the toilet, feeling a nice solid movement coming on. A few times the log peaked out my butt. First in the mirror, there would be what would appear to be a lump and then the lump opens up and you can see a bowl movement. After a few times of peaking, then my log decided to come out. As it started to come out my rectum started to open more and more and you could see the log in detail coming out. Mine was a nice firm solid normal brown log with a little bit of corn. You could see all the nice contours in the mirror too while you feel it. Then suddenly the log ended and my rectum closed quickly. The log was an inch and a half diameter, 7 inch long and firm. My favorite type of bowel movements are firm and longer than 6 inches and between 1 and 1.5 inches in diameter. I am curious what diarreah would look like coming out of the rectum. Has anyone looked at their diarreah coming out at there rectum?


i'm Amy and i'm 17, high school senior...a few days ago at school i had to poop sooo bad, but it was mostly through the day so i decided to hold it until i got home. i was doing just fine until after 6th period. i was in the hall on my way to my last class, when i sneezed...except i didn't just sneezed, i sneezed so hard that i farted...and now i really...really had to go. i was in a panic and i tried to hold my butt inconspicuously and rush to the bathroom, but to my dismay the bell rang! i had to get to my class and sign out for the bathroom before i could go. i rushed into class late trying to hold my butt, and i started to sign out, but it was no use. as i was signing the sheet, i started to pass these really ripe farts that usually only come when i'm actually on the toilet, ones that felt really hot and went "bllrrrmp, brrmp, brrmp, brrmp" my face turned deep red because the farts were loud and people heard them and started laugh or gasp. i squeezed my butt together as best i could and tried to rush my way down the hall, but it was no use, I TOTALLY crapped my pants in the hallway. it came out fast but it was fairly solid and soft, and made a huge warm bulge in the back of my underpants. i've never crapped my pants before until that day! it was the most humiliating thing ever...

Connie Crapper:
Your natural handedness for most people plays the largest role in whether you're a right vs. a left wiper. However in some cultures your left hand is usually the 'correct' hand to clean up with after a trip to potty.

Personally, I'm a righty. My left hand is just there to open my cheeks so I can get all the way in there.

I've been disappointed recently with the state of my jobbies. My biggest dropping so far in this new year was one I did last Thursday at the office. Two good solid turds, 2" wide by, say, 4" long and each had a pretty soft brown hue. Though, not quite the colour I like to see (I prefer mine a little darker.)
It was a bit messier than I thought it would be when I wiped up. I wiped at least 6 or 7 times but couldn't seem to get it all out to my satisfaction. Rather than spending 10 minutes to clean up after a measly 2 minute poop, I stopped & decided to finish the job when I got home later that afternoon.
(It didn't leave any skidmarks in case you're interested...)



I was at the mall yesterday. I was babysitting myn two year old niece, and decided I'd take her shopping. We were at one end, where there was a ladiesroom in one of the dept stores, when I really needed to poop. No problem, I'd just use the ladies room in the store. But when I got there, both the ladies room and the mens room were out of order. Now I had a real problem, The mall bathrooms were all the way at the other end of the mall, and I was really getting desperate. I started walking as fast as I could without losing it. Every few yards, I had tostop and fight not t poop in my panties. I was about halfway there when I lost it and filled my panties with soft poop. Fortunately it all stayed in the panties and the bulge wasn't too apparent under my jeans skirt. But It was really stinky. There was a line when I finally got to the ladies room, so I had to wait. One of the ladies, looking at my niece, said, someone has a really stinky didee. I just nodded and said I was going to change her when we got in a stall. When I goy in, I cleaned my panties out as much as I could and changed my niece's diaper. She was only wet. I on the other hand had to ride home in my highly stained panties. To top matters off, the first thing my niece said to my sister-in-law when she came to pick up her daughter was, "Auntie made a stinky in her panties" Then I had to tell her then whole story. She had a good laugh at me.

Connie, Thanks for acknowledging my post. Sounds like you always have a pretty easy time of it on the crapper...even when its difficult. You should consider youself lucky. I've had many a fight with my bowels, it takes more than just "leaning forward" to get stuff out of me. I've strained so hard that I've pulled muscles and broken blood vessals. You haven't lived till you've gone to an ER and had a turd dug out of you with someone's fingers. Tell us more stories. JW

HI MISSY,One laxative story I have is of my ex-wife who had the psychological problem of indulging in extreme behaviour to get attention. One day she came back early from work and pulled up with a real grimace on her face. I asked her if she had one of her migraines and she nodded 'Yes' then went on to say that she also had 'flu' and that, as she turned into our road had gone to pass gas and had instead a huge attack of 'runny's gone everywhere'The back of her fawn skirt was stained yellow-brown and wet. When we got into the house she took one of her 'last resort' knock out pills for migraine and then I suggested she stood in the bath while i helped her take of her skirt and undies and showered her clean. I took off her skirt which revealed a MASSof diarrhea in her panties and tights. I pulled these down and a lot of the mush and liquid fell onto the bath. Just then, as I was trying to get her foot out of her hose she lurch to the edge of the bath lifting her leg free from her tights but as she lifted it further over the edge of the bath she let out this absolute gush of diarrhea
and then splattered me with a big fart! I was surprised that I didn't mind and kind of shocked that I was finding it all a big turn on. She stumbled a few steps to the toilet and was about to sit when I warned her not to because of getting diarrhea all over the seat. Big Mistake...she squatted and shot another jet of liquid and gassy splattering all over the toilet tank. At this point she staggered into the wall immediately in front of the toilet and I realised the Lorazepam she'd taken was kicking in so I grabbed bunches of tissue and cleaned her as quickly as I could before she stumbled out of the bathroom aqnd into a deep sleep on the sofa. I managed to lift her and put some heavy plastic sheet under her bottom. Over the next 6 hrs she kept passing brown liquid in her sleep but when she came to had hardly any memory of the 'catastrphic crapping'. When I went to rinse her flask and sandwich box I found an open packet of Ex Lax with half (9) tablets missing! Several times after this event, whilst we were gardening or out walking I saw her suddenly stop, look distracted and run into the house or to some bushes and loose a big, watery load of diarrhea, more than once not making it to the toilet. Eventually I found different packets of laxative secreted incupboards and drawers but when,(gently, confronted with these finds she was in denial and explained them fatuously away.

Do you have laxative experiences of your own? DO you get constipated a lot? Do you enjoy laxatives? I'm curious to know why you want laxative stories.

I went on holiday to France and there was a unisex toilet in the hotel where I was staying. One day, I went in there to do a poo. I went in, pulled down my pants and sat. Suddenly, I heard a bang as the toilet door opened. I heard two pairs of footsteps. It was two girls, they were chatting to each other like crazy (they were American). One went in the stall next to me, the other in the one next to that stall. They pissed like crazy. Then I heard a flush. The other girl walked out but the one in the stall next to me hadn't finished. I looked under the stall and saw two black high-heeled shoes. I heard the girl say something to the other one:
"Hey, Janey, I need to go number 2, wait outside, alright?"
"OK, see ya"
"See ya"
It went silent. This was quickly broken by a plop from me. The girl next to me was straining slightly; "uh, uh, uh". Suddenly she farted loudly. She coughed and then I heard two plops 'plop, plop'. This was followed a few seconds afterwards by another fart and then some more plopping. Then I heard the rustling of toilet paper. She must've wiped about 5 times. Then she flushed and walked out. Needless to say this turned me on big-time.

hey fiona i would probley never thought of that as a way of getting out of school work you should poop your pants if you have a pop quiz or a test you didn't study for to get out of it

i had an interesting conversation with my girlfriend on the phone a little while ago.

we somehow got on the topic of bathroom habits and embarassing stories, and i found out something intriguing about her past...apparently she had trouble staying "dry" all throughout elementary school and a lot of middle school. she shared this rather casually too; i brought up how when i was in elementary school, the classrooms had bathrooms in them from kindergarten through second grade, so in third grade the kids weren't used to it and 5 kids in my third grade class wet themselves throughout the year. after sharing that, she came right out and said "i used to do that all the time." "oh?" i said. "yeah...they used to have spare clothes for me everyday because i peed my pants so much." how cute is that? i mean i was thinking she wet herself 3 or 4 times in elementary school, but she went on to tell me that between kindergarten and 6th grade, she peed her pants at school 16 times. 16! wow. that's a lot of wet undies! it was quite a story, but get this.

she also shared with me that she's had the other kind of accident at school twice. when she was in 7th grade, she got really bad stomach cramps in history class, and she tried to wait until the end of the day but let loose and filled her panties in science class. but the next story takes the cake. in 10th grade, she got a big urge to poop during lunchtime, but she hates going at school so she was holding it in. she almost made it, but at the end of the day she was in the hallway on the way to her locker and she soiled her panties!

i was pretty fascinated by my girlfriend's embarassing history of panty wetting/pooping.

Hello everyone

This is Frank. I'm 50 and have been lurking here for ages. I hope it will get easier to post after the first time, as Connie Crapper noted earlier.

I have been fascinated by peeing for as long as I can remember. I'm sure it has something to do with my very early childhood, and my mother in particular, but I can't possibly ask her.

My loving wife, whom I won't name, was rather surprised when I mentioned my interest to her after many years of marriage. She cooperates willingly enough, but does not share my obsession - she sees peeing merely as an everyday function.

One of the things that really intrigues me is the differences between people and what they feel - what does it feel like to need to pee for example? I feel as if my penis is full of urine; my wife says she feels as if something is escaping. Anyone like to comment?

Another thing is, does anyone (and I suppose this really means the females here) have problems with their pee spraying, or going in awkward or unexpected directions? My wife says it only happens to her when she has been horse-riding, but I haven't yet got to see it. I don't suppose cheryl or PV has this difficulty!

So I'm not a The Toilet virgin any more,


Danish Dynamite
Hey everyone!

Im 19, male, and come from Denmark. I've been lurking here for a long long time, but this is my first time posting. I hope you guys will help me a bit, my english is probably not the best, but I would really like to be a part of your "family". Since my early childhood I've been interested in all sorts of pooping. I've really enjoyed the stories here, they are great! I dont have any stories of my own to tell right now, but I will return with some later.

so long!

My name is Paul.
I have pulled of the interstate in the country and have peed and a few times I've peed in the bushes or by a dumpster. Also when mens restrooms are not available or there is only a one person one and it is taken, I have used the womens.

I've been a lurker for a while and posted a long time ago, however I had a question. How do you make your poo really solid and firm without constipation. In my recent trips to the bathroom, I've had wet and loose movements and just wondered what I need to eat to make my logs long and solid again. If anyone could answer I'd appreciate it, thank you.

My bowel movements have been a bit strange lately. I had trouble going during the week and then a few nights later, my rectum filled up with soft poop that exploded out of my arse quite suddenly. Then on Friday morning, I let out a small turd but I still had more poo up there that wouldn't come out. I felt a strong urge to go when I got to work and I tried to go but nothing happened. I had the urge all day and I did lots of farting - luckily nobody noticed. Then when I got home, I went straight to the toilet and did a wee. Squeezing out a load was another story. I waited for my arse to open up and that took a few minutes. At first I thought nothing was going to happen but eventually I felt the head of a small turd in my anus. I had to push and strain for about 10 minutes before it moved down and then it got stuck. It wasn't an overly wide log but for some reason it took a while to squeeze it out.

When that turd was out, I felt the head of another small turd in my anus and this one was well and truly stuck in there. No matter how hard I pushed it wouldn't budge, all I could manage was a few farts. It felt as if it was moving down a bit a few times but it just wouldn't come all the way out. I had to wipe my bum with the turd still stuck up my arse. I only wiped once. I started cooking dinner and while it was cooking, I went back to the toilet to try again. Still nothing. I ate my dinner and waited about half an hour, in which time I could feel the turd getting ready to push out. I went to the toilet a third time and sat down. After a few minutes, my anus opened up and I farted. Suddenly a small, hard turd shot out of my butt and into the bowl. It hurt a bit but it felt so much better. What a relief!!! Yesterday I had a bit of trouble again but not as bad as Friday. I went in the morning and dropped a tiny load. The rest of the load wouldn't come out so I had to wait until the afternoon to squeeze the rest out. It was a bit uncomfortable, walking around for most of the day with a log stuck up my arse. This happens to me sometimes and its very annoying.

MrBob. You're probably right in assuming that your neighbour has limited (or non-existent) toilet opportunities during the day or that she's shy about going when away from home. Some people are. They like their own loo seat in the privacy of their own home and I don't blame them either! It could of course equally be true that your neighbour is one of those lucky people who can seemingly last all day without needing to go to the toilet, or maybe she simply enjoys holding for long periods. Some people do - wisely or otherwise.

annie. It was interesting to read about your accident at the mall. That sort of thing isn't very pleasant when it happens at the time but 'shit happens' to everyone and I'm glad you've been able to be philosophical and accepting about it. My guess is that underlying cause was a ???? upset due to something that you'd eaten, particularly as it seemed to clear up quite rapidly.

Lnda from Australia. I'm sorry to hear about your problems but stress (particularly the stress of moving house) can play havoc with your bowels. You don't go into much detail but I'd guess that you've been constipated. I hope things soon sort themselves out and you're better before long.

Best wishes!

Hi, Im Andrea, 14 years old, from Hungary. Lately I was travelling with my mother in the car between two cities (it was a 3 hours drive) when she was hit suddenly by a stomach virus. After one hour driving my mother complained about pain in her stomach and started to sigh. She was fidgeting in her seat, sweatng and desperately holding her stomach with one hand while driving. At some point she cried that she would have to go now otherwise have diarreah in her panties. She pulled over, jumped out of the car and I saw her running down a slope while already unzipping her pants. She quickly squatted down and had diarreah for at least 5 minutes non-stop. I was sorry for her. I could not do anything for her. She was squatting and squatting and I could hear all the farting and splashing sounds on the floor. Finally she was done asked me to bring her some kleenex from the car, which I did. She wiped an eternity. Finally we continued our journey. My mother complained about continous stomach pain and I could hear splashing sounds from her stomach. After 15 minutes she whispered she has to go again. We stopped at a gas station. My mother ran to the toilet as soon as she could. I followed her as I had to go too. I heard my mother in the next stall one wave of diarreah coming out of her after the other. I was waiting outside. My mother came out after 20 minutes crying that she felt very bad. We had to stop at another gas station. My mother spent another 15 minutes at the toilet complaining that only brown water came out of her. We arrived home and my mother told me she would have to run to the toilet at once. She ran into the house and when I passed the toilet I heard just the splashing noise of water into the toilet. My mother lied down and had to run to the toilet every 15 minutes for about two days. She was very weak. Fortunately I did not get the virus.

Sunday, January 17, 2005

I noticed that there is at least one other Brian who is recently posting, so I've changed my name. I'm the brian who is on pages 1336 and 1339 for the record. Just a little about me if you're interested - 20 yrs. old, skinny, 5'11", college student

Do any of you remember the event(s) which first turned on your interest in pooping, or first made you realize it? That's what I'm going to share with you, but I'd like to hear other people's stories as well.
My very earliest memory of being mentally stimulated by someone defecating is very early in my life. I was in pre school, so i must have been 3 or 4, but it really stuck with me. My mom's friend used to babysit me, and she had two daughters. One was my age, the other was a year younger I think. Since most adults think that kids are unaffected by each other's bodies and bodily functions unlike 'mature' humans, she didn't mind that we would hang out in the bathroom together while we pooped or peed. Only one time has stayed with me however. I can remember Michelle ( the one who is my age) sitting on the toilet pooping and then we all huddled around and looked at it. There were several spherical turds, that resembled 'hushpuppies' from long john silver's restaurant. (hopefully most of you are familiar with them). Then it was my turn and the girls watched me as I shit in the toilet. But for whatever reason I don't know, I didn't tuck my little penis down under the seat, and so I pissed all over the floor while I shit. Their mother wasn't amused, and I don't think I got anymore bathroom time with the girls.

That was my earliest memory, but the one that was most powerful came later, but also in preschool. At my preschool we had a wood play fort. It was kind of old fashioned, it wasn't one of those big bright ones they make now. On the top was the usual - slide, firemans pole, etc., but on the ground level it had a little area that was supposed to resemble a play house. It had a wood counter top with holes in it that were supposed to be like a pretend stove top. This is something that I only realized upon thinking back, at the time I thought, and I think most of the kids thought, that they were pretend toilets. So sometimes kids would sit on them with their clothes on and pretend to shit for fun. But one day after school was over, my mom was talking up a storm with the teacher and whoever else was around as usual, so me and a girl in my class named Gina were playing in the fort together. I can't exactly remember how it came about, you guys can use your imaginations, but we both ended up with our pants and underwear around our ankles, sitting next to each other on this play stove top, squeezing out turds and pissing onto the sand below. It was very exciting to me, and was a great experience, although it was a very long time ago. I really wish I could find someone to buddy dump with now to relive the excitement, but I am too shy to search it out. I continued to see Michelle and Gina off and on until I graduated high school, and always wondered if they remembered too.

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