Bill- No I neer heard the words "making bowels" but When I was little I used to say "do doots".

Has anyone here ever either had a accident or been around someone who had a accident and just keep on doing what they were doing? This has only happened three to me.
Once me and a friend were shopping at the mall. She complained she had to go to the bathroom. I told her she would have to wait since i found the outfit I was gonna buy. Well while in line for the check out she farted and said, "It started". I gave her a quizzical look and she put my hand on her butt. I could feel her motion going into her panties. I said "Let me pay and we can leave". She refused to ruin my day. She asked me if it smelled I said not really and she just said in that case lets continue shopping. On that day we stayed for another 2 1/2 hours, neither one of us went to the bathroom :-D.
The second time was acturally my mother. This was when I was younger, probaly 9 or 10. She had on a dress I don't remember the style or anything(its going back more years then I care to admit) and we were in the city(we lived just outside it), getting lunch then a movie. The soda she had must of went straight through her cause after we were done she went ot the bathroom and it was closed due to plumbing problems. We were walking down the street she just whispered to me "I'm gonna have a accident. Don't make a scene and I'll get you candy at the movie" so like any young girl I didn't make a scene. As she walked she just started peeing. Looking back its amazing she didn't make a mess but she stayed mostly dry. Doing the movie I had to go to the bathroom, both ends. I told her and she just said to go in my panties. She told me I wouldn't get in trouble since I had permission(which happened before) and she did it too. I'm not sure when durring the movie but I know as we we're leaving she had a load in her panties.
The third time was acturally a series of events. My one friend refuses to leave durring a movie, rather it be at her house or in a theater. I have seen her many times sitting on her couch watching a movie with her ass and legs soaked with piss. Its a strange site to get used to.

well it looks like they did not post this last time. about a year and a half ago I was traveling in northern vermont , coming from st albans , which by the way was the last place I had used the restroom. this was about 7:00 AM during breakfast, or actually just after while buying some orange drink to quench my thirst and more coffee[ 24 oz] at this gas station/store; this after the 12 oz small soda at mc donalds earlier while eating breakfast with all the family tourists.{I had driven all night from CT up through mass along rte 100 and other roads, enjoying some four twenty on the way}. anyway, so I traveled east along route 105 and along the way drank that coffee which got cold and also the sunny delight; as well as finishing up this warm,1 liter bottle of sprite of which half was still left. it was a warm and very humid morning, and at times rainy and being that I had dry mouth really bad, I was more thristy than usual. anyway here i was driving along route 105 in very heavy rain between 8-8:30 AM and began to feel like I had to pee, but because of the rain decided to see if I could hold it a while. this was back near richford,VT, I think [ where the bike trail followed the road]. I turned down route 101 and passed some place called jay and sort of forgot that I had to pee as i drove right past this conveinence store on the right; continuing to rte 100 and turning right to go south. about this time the sun had come out and it stopped raining; and here I was between towns and that urge to pee began to really come on hard; so hard that I was squeezing my legs together tightly and about to just pull off on the next dirt road and run up into the woods to squat and pee! but seeing that there were too many cars coming , I drove on and finally saw this small country store on the left. by this time I was about to wet my pants almost[ maybe the seat too LOL]but having made it inside, I walked up to the clerk and asked "do you have a restroom here that I can use?" she said " sure hon! it's in the back to the left of the cooler, last door on right" here I'm looking around and she says " the hall to your left! all the way back!" " thanks" I said while quickly walking back with my legs tightly together and sure enough, there it was on the right behind the yellow door. I walked in and closed the door, locking it with the latch just above the doorknob on top. it was almost as big as a small house bathroom ["powder room" if you may LOL], VERY CLEAN, and had an old pedestal sink , window in the back with both yellow curtains and louvered wood shades half way up [probally to distract the would be " curious kiddies" I bet]; and an old style toilet with a sculptured tank and a large flush handle, simliar to the ones you'd probally see in an old world war 2 era black and white movie. the toilet was yellow to match the paint on the walls and door,had a round closed seat and a round front bowl which was gently sloped in front from just below the rim to about halfway back [ about 8 inches] where it sharply dropped off downward straight into the deep hole of water. the water filled the remainder of that bowl straight to the back edge and sides in a kind of " oblong" round rectangle shape which was wider from left to right than from front-middle to back and had to be at least8 inches deep. anyway the seat was already down [ how convienent!] and so I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my jean shorts, pulled them down with my panties and sat down on the round toilet seat toward the back sitting straight up almost with my legs apart. " ahhhhh! RELIEF!" as I had held my bladder for as long as I possibly could by now [after 9:30 am and almost three hours later, plus the 20 oz coffee, and 1-1/2 liters of soft drinks in me!], and yet it took me about 15 secs to beging peeing at first![ maybe it was that loud tractor mowing the lawn outside, even though the window was closed with the A/C obvoiusly on. anyway all of a sudden it felt like the flood gates of my cunt had slowly opened as all of a sudden I could hear the piddling-tinkle sound of myself urinate into the toilet bowl's water, at first very slowly then after 15 secs[ I timed it] a little faster. I looked bewteen the front of that seat and my legs and saw this almost 1/4 inch wide ribbon-like stream of clear-yellowish pee coming straight down from my pussy between my legs; watching as it splashed into that toilet's deep waterhole about 2" back from the dry front part. then as more came out[ 30 secs later]it splattered more toward the front, about an inch back from the water's front edge and tinkled a little louder. as it was hitting the water I could see a few bubbles of white foam quickly fading as they spread toward the back , along with the water beginning to turn from clear to an off-white color; this as I continued to tinkle a little harder and wider until 1 minute and 15 secs later when it stopped abruptly. I could still feel lots of pee left in my bladder[ being that I held it in as long as possible!] but it just wouldn't come out right away. so I sat there for another 10 secs in silence [ could actually hear the birds outside] and then more began to come out; I felt it coming and soon heard my pee tinkle into the water completely; this time for 30 secs. before again stopping for another 2-3 secs. I leaned foward and back quickly, then sat up and felt even more coming out , and soon enough heard that tinkle sound and could see even more yellowish-white pee as I looked between my legs again and saw it completely hit the water just about 2" back from water's front edge for yet another 30 seconds! by this time I thought I was done, but knowing that I probally had a ride ahead of me; I figured that I'd better make sure. so I again leaned foward and for 2 secs , " pushed" my bladder to squeeze out any remaining pee; then as I sat up straight again and pushed harder, I could see even more yellowish pee shoot out of me. first it tinkled into the water, then quickly splashed up against the dry front in a splattering spray of yellow droplets for a few secs; before slowing down and splashing toward the back and downward into the water and making a somewhat loud and "splashy piddling" sound as it finally tapered off, leaving streaks of scuzzy looking urine scum in the now yellow water and FINALLY STOPPING! [ 25 more secs.] almost 3 minutes later, 2 mins and 40 secs of peeing alone!; and I was finally done with my "marathon long pee"! I reached over, grabbed some toilet paper from the roll on my right, folded it a few times; then wiped my twat dry. then I got up, dropped the wad of paper in the bowl, then pulled up my panties and jean shorts, zipping and buttoning them up. I looked into the bowl to see and the once clean and clear bowl's water was now filled with golden yellow urine which almost matched the yellow color of that bowl. that, and a few swirls of urine scuzz clinging toward the water's front edge and floating in the water; along the white turned-yellow wad of paper also floating in the middle as well. I paused a few seconds and wondered just how much urine actually came out from my twat in those 2 minutes and 40 secs spent just tinkling, and tinkling some more into that toilet bowl? and while listening to that very feminine sound of urinating into the toilet bowl's water, mu mind was focusing on that 24 oz bottle of "sunny delight", the 20 oz coffee, and the half liter of sprite that I drank a couple of hours before ; and how here it was coming out of my pussy now relatively quickly in a ribbon-like stream of yellow urine about a quarter inch wide and making an awesome TINKLE SOUND as it splashed into the toilet bowl's clear water below and was turning it all yellow and scuzzy looking from all the left over soda and coffee that I drank earlier! 20 oz of coffee+24 oz of orange drink = 60 oz of total fluids. and in 2 mins and 40 secs of peeing time alone, I must've had at least that much to empty out, if NOT MORE! then I reached reached over, grabbed the flush handle and flushed all that excess liquid down the drain , watching as that bowl full of yellow, scuzzy looking, urinated-into water all washed down and it refilled with fresh clean water. for a minute I thought " what would somebody think if I just left and "forgot" to FLUSH?" [like some people often do!]

????ache girl
Hi Everyone, I am in seventh grade and I am new to the site. I have been having really bad stomachaches with liquid diarreah a lot lately. Yesterday at school was the worst. My school has these chicken sandwiches for lunch and I am thinking maybe it wasn't cooked all the way or something. Anyway after lunch in French class I got this horrible stomachache like I really needed to go number 2. My french teacher is a real b.... and I was scared to ask to use the bathroom. I was trying not to show how much pain I was in but the girl next to me noticed that I was leaning forward and I guess she could tell I was hurting. she asked if I had a bellyache and I told her i did. She told the teacher my stomach was upset and asked if she could help me to the bathroom. Thank god - to my surprise the teacher said yes. This girl walked me down to the toilets. I usually hate going in school but this time I couldn't help it. I sat down and it was like I exploded. My diarreah was brownish green with chunks. Even though the stalls have doors it was awkward with the other girl standing in the room because i don't hang with her that much and i know she could hear what i was doing. but she was actually really nice and kept asking if i was ok if there was anything she could do.

i thought i was done and we went back to class but then not even 5 minutes later my ???? started hurting again - even worse if you can believe it. This time i couldn't help it i was holding my ???? and leaning over and i had tears running down my face. I guess the teacher knew i wasn't faking because she told me i could go back to the bathroom and i didn't even ask. I had to run down the hall and i barely made to the toilet this time and the diarreah just sprayed everywhere. My stomach was feeling ok after - it felt kind of knotted up and queasy but not huring so bad anymore so i went on to the next class.

I only had one class after that to get through and it was english. i didn't think there could be any more left in me. But sitting there my ???? started hurting again and i started to feel really sick like maybe i was going to throw up. Well once in third grade i got sick at school and puked everywhere - all over myself another kid the floor of the classroom and it was so embarassing that believe me i wasn't eager to repeat the experience. I kept hoping the feeling would go away or maybe i could hold it but finally i jumped up and ran out without even asking the teacher. i was running down the hall for the bathroom with my hand over my mouth but unfortunately i didn't make it. i spewed right in the hall in front of a classroom that had the door open so all those kids saw me puking. ugh. i had to barf again so i ran in that room and grabbed that teachers trash can that was right by the door and finished puking up in that.

i am so humiliated now that i don't want to go back to school. i am going to go lie down now and nurse my ????ache. i have had a little bit more diarreah but not as watery just brownish and thicker but i didn't go to school today. my ???? still hurts but its more of a constant little ????ache than the bad pains i was having before. if anyone has any idea what could be giving me the ????aches please tell me. i am tired of feeling bad.

@shelly yes, I have to answer your question with yes. This incident happend last sommer: i was yust having a shower at my girlfried's house and suddenly I felt to urge of to poop it was so strong that I couldn't hold it any more.At first peed and than I farted like crazy and than my poop come out rapidly. I had to clean the bathtube. My girlfriend later come in and noticed that I had done a big dump.. but she didn't knew that I did it in the shower..


I read your response to my story, asking why i hadn't just gone to the ladies room at the food court. i might not have made it clear enough, but i didn't realize i had to poop. my intention was just to fart, and i didn't realize my immediate need for the toilet and i shit my pants. it's not that i objected to going to the toilet at the mall, i just didn't know i really needed it until i was already going in my pants. i'm glad you appreciated my story and thanks, i am okay.

hi just to clarify off the bat, i'm new here and i read a couple of pages last night and enjoyed the posts, but just wanted to note that i'm not the suzanne who posts here seemingly regularly from what i read.

anyway, i'm 20 and i humiliated myself last week while i was hanging out with one of my younger guy friends who's 18 that i work with! we were talking one time at work about the movie napoleon dynamite. i love that movie, it's soooo funny, and he thought it was funny too so i asked if he wanted to watch it with me one night, since we both never really hung out outside of work and thought it would be fun since we've gotten to know eachother fairly well. he came over my house last saturday night around 8, and we talked for a little while and played foosball before watching the movie. i had noticed the pressure in my butt and cramping in my abdomen reminding me that i was going to have to poop, but i wasn't planning on him staying too late so i decided to wait until after the movie. i didn't have to go THAT bad, i figured i would be able to hold it for an hour and half, two hours if i needed. i didn't want to spend the first 5-10 minutes of the movie in the bathroom, and him knowing i was pooping...anyway, we put the movie on and sat on the couch, not like close to eachother or anything, because it was only the first time we were spending time together and i'm not sure if we even had plans of moving anywhere. so anyway we were watching the movie, and if you've ever seen that you should know how funny it is. i laughed in the very beginning, but when i did i felt the pressure in my butt temporarily become very severe and i farted while laughing!! it made a little sound, but luckily it wasn't too loud and our laughing drowned it out. i felt my face get beet red anyway, even though i'm positive he didn't hear me fart. i relaxed a little bit and we continued watching. there is this part close to the beginning where napoleon goes to feed his llama, and he like yells at her.."TINA, come get some HAM you stupid llama.." if you've seen the movie you should know how funny that part is just because of thecharacter and how he says it, but it made me laugh again. i was afraid when i started to laugh because i felt the pressure become intense again, and to my horror i farted 4 times, right in a row very quickly, and they were kind of loud. my heart pounded a little bit and i just prayed he didn't hear, which i figured he didn't because he didn't react. then, something bad happened. i let one escape on it's own, while it was quiet because we weren't laughing...i couldn't control it, all of the sudden "BRRMMFT" came right from under my butt off the leather couch!! i shot a quick glance as him as he kind of looked toward me and awkwardly pretended not to notice, and i definitely turned deeep, deeeep red..i debated quickly in my head weather i should say anything, but i realized that he obviously knew i just farted so i had to be polite. a tried to make an awkward, modest giggle and quietly say "excuse me.." but right when i did...i ripped another..."BRRRRAPPFF.." a big, big loud one ripped right onto the leather cushion..i knew right then that it was inevitable. a pressure like i've never felt before built immensly in my butt, and i knew i was going to shit my pants! i stood up right away, but i should've stayed sitting because as soon as i got up, with another chorus of loud farts bubbling into my pants, i began to shit myself badly. i felt like his eyes were shooting through me like lazers as i stood there unable to move with a huge, solid crap quickly curling into my pants and forming a big bulge on my butt right before his eyes, with nice little "pfft, pfft, pfft" sounds to go with it. i started to panic and i just started saying "oh my god! oh my god! im so sorry im so sorry" frantically, and i put my hands over my butt and felt a big warm mound in the seat of my pants...i waddled down the hall to my bedroom and closed myself in with the door locked....i could only imagine how uncomfortable he felt sitting outin my living room like that..all by himself in someone else's house he'd never been in after watching me shit my pants. i waddled to my dresser and pulled out a clean pair of undies and some jeans and headed into the bathroom to clean up. i cleaned up as fast as i could, and the poop was pretty solid so the mess wasn't too difficult to wipe off of my butt, pretty much all the poop was in my panties and not caked on my butt. i was probably only gone for about 20-25 minutes when i slowly went back out there where he was still watching the movie. i tried to look at him but it was hard, and i just quietly said "i'm really sorry that happened, i don't know what came over don't have to stay if you don't want..." he was pretty nice about it. he just said "i'm sorry you had to go through that..but hey it could happen to the best of us...if you'd feel more comfortable if i left that'd be okay, but we can finish the movie too if you want." his understanding made me smile a little bit and i thanked him for being sweet and said i'd like to finish the movie with him. i sat back down on the couch a little closer to him, despite how awkard everything felt. we didn't talk much more after the movie, we just made a little agreement not to bring it up again for MY sake, and said goodnight. as soon as he left, i let out a huge sigh and said loudly, "oh my GOD why did i do that...."

the most embarassing thing you could do on a date is crap your pants...and also, the most pathetic place to accidentally crap your pants has got to be in your own home when you have fulltime access to the toilet....not to mention my age...but yeah, i'm a pretty big loser now. 20 year old girl who craps her pants IN HER OWN HOUSE with a guy over...nice!
thanks for hearing my story. so embarrassed!!

hey Dave: cute story about the male school teachers using the 'doorless stalls' they feel they have 'privacy' because they are the only ones allowed to use them, but meanwhile they are all shitting in front of each other, and acting goofy. Typical 'anal" (no pun intended) school teacher mentality. I'm glad you guys are getting paid well to clean up their shit. It's 'poetic justice'

After about a week of having trouble with my poos, I finally dropped a massive load late yesterday afternoon. I felt the urge to go all day but I didn't want to go at work. I knew it was going to be a big one so I waited until I got home. I finished work at 3.30pm but I had to drive into the city for an appointment. At that stage, I needed to pee aswell but I didn't have time to find a toilet. By the time I had been to my appointment and driven home (it was peak hour traffic and it took me a while to get out of the city) it was just after 6pm. I had held onto my wee and poo for almost 3 hours!!! I finally got home and made a run for the toilet. I didn't even close the door - nobody else was home, as my flatmate has gone away for a few days..........

***I just had to stop typing and make a run for the toilet because I felt my rectum fill up very suddenly and quickly with poo. I needed to go urgently and when I got to the toilet, a huge mass of very soft poo exploded out of my arse and into the bowl. After that, some more soft poo slid out of my butt. I had to wipe 5 or 6 times to get my butt clean***

So back to my other story:

I took my knickers and pants off completely and sat on the toilet. Then I took my shirt off as I was hot and sweaty after walking to my appointment in the city. I did a big wee that lasted for about 30 seconds and then I pushed a bit until I felt a thick turd in my anus. I was so excited because it felt like a good, decent load, not like the small loads I've been doing lately. I had to strain a bit more and I managed to squeeze out the thick long log - it took a bit of effort too. It felt wonderful though because my hole had to stretch a bit to get it out. I pushed again and some more turds came out, these ones felt the same as the first one but not as long. The last turd came out a bit more easily and I wiped my butt. I only had to wipe once. I felt SO GOOD after dropping that load!!!!

Today I did another good poo, although it was a very stubborn load. I sat on the toilet when I got home from work and did a small wee. I let my anus open up but I really had to push to get things moving. After a few minutes, I felt the head of a solid turd move slowly down towards my hole. I pushed hard and I knew this was going to take a while, so I wiped my butt and got up to get a magazine. It was only then that I thought about pooping on the floor or pooping standing up. I decided not to and went back to sitting on the toilet. I started reading my magazine, while pushing at the same time. I could feel the load moving very slowly out of my hole and I did lots of farts. I let my anus relax and then a hard turd squeezed out. It wasn't a huge load but it did feel very satisfying as it stretched my hole.

i few days ago i was in my car, i had to poop really bad. i had to keep on moving my butt around b\c if i didnt then i would poop my pants.i was almost home. when i got out of my car i really had to clench my butt cheeks together. when i walked upstairs thats when i knew i was going to fill my pants. i did i stupid thing...i did fill my pants. a few second later i forgot about the poop in my pants, i sat down in it. omg it wasa mess

Mr. Clogs
cheryl: Thanks for your comments, really enjoyed them, but I wasn't sure what you were trying to say at the end of of post.

I'm thinking of a story to post, ah here's one. About a couple years ago, I went to an awards dinner downtown for a community service appreication awarded to my grandfather. Of course, their was alcohol there and I was of legal age. So I drank almost the whole pitcher of San Gria (not sure of the correct spelling!), I wasn't too drunk because most of it was watered down. So I kept drinking and drinking! So I got home, feeling fine got undressed and ready for bed. In the middle of the night, I felt this cramp in my stomach, so I got up and went to the bathroom. I yanked down my PJ bottoms and sat on the toilet, I then unleashed this massive amount of liquid poop out of my butt. I sat there on the pot for about 20 minutes until I was finished. Before I wipe my ass, I felt dizzy and stuff, must be all the San Gria a dranked starting to kick my ass, so I self like throwing up. So I stood over the bathroom sink gaging an throwing up all the food I ate that night and the left over San Gria that I've consumed. Man I was awful! So I finally finished throwing up, I cleaned up the sink the best way I could and washed my hands and went back to bed. So I did this a couple of times until the next morning. Hoped you all enjoyed my post take care and be safe! Peace!
Mr. Clogs

Mike - Do you really need an excuse to come here. Just do it for your nice little bum! So do you have an othr stories you could share??? I loved your last one. you sound so hot, can u describe yourself???

Shelly from Wisconson: I've had an expierience where i just had to pull my pants down and shit because I didn't want to ruin my clothes. It was a crisp, fall night, in 2004, and my friend Lily and I were at a bar...John (my boyfriend) would have come, but he had to go on a last-minute buisness trip. I was 26, and still am now. So i drank a beer, which i don't normally do, as it gives me diarrhea. But after drinking the first beer, i drank another one. By now I was starting to feel a bit fuzzy, so I stopped, and Lily stopped after drinking 3 beers. We decided to leave the bar, and go watch a movie. Halfway to the movie theater, I tapped Lily's arm and said "I really really really have to shit." Lily said, "Me too." Luckily, we were right by 1 portapottie, and since Lily had drunk more than I was, and had to go worse than I did, Lily ran into the portapottie. I could hear her violent diarrhea, and it made me need to go more. I kept asking her to hurry up, but she said that she couldn't. Suddenly I knew I couldn't hold it any longer, and in the middle of the street I pulled down my skirt and underpants, squatted on the curb, and the diarrhea started. Lily was out after a minute of my diarrhea (having been in for like 40 minutes) and I ran into the toilet and had more diarrhea. But while I was in, Lily was forced to do what i had been forced to do. Finally, feeling drained of shit, and feeling kind of fuzzy, we decided to go home.

Hey,all--to UPSTATE DAVE-Great story with you and the checkout girl Barbie-Man,I Would have enjoyed that sighting!!You're a lucky guy!!Good stuff
TO SUMMER-Glad you enjoy my stories.Pooping is a lot of fun for me to do-esp outdoors in the nice weather!So you're a nurse,huh--well, check out some of my older posts about all the fun I had with this nurse friend some years ago-we used to buddy poop and have all kinds of fun!!so,i know how much fun a nurse can be!!Let's hear some of your stories,too!
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-Great story with you pooping with your aunt Susie in the bathroom and then having her dump as well-That's one of my favorite things to do with a pretty lady -sounded like a bunch of fun!!
had a nice dump,myself yesterday a.m.-I was out at the supermarket and felt some cramps and fullness in my gut and then my rectum started filling up and I could fell a good one coming on,so I hi-tailed out after getting what I had to get and came home and went to the bowl and get undressed( i really enjoy dumping in the buff) and I decided to get my mirror to take the "scenic" route-So i placed the mirror in back of the bowl and then sat down and looked to see if I had a good angle and saw my hairless anus already starting to dome out,so i relaxed and let out a long,dry tight sounding fart that felt great and got chills of anticipation as then I could see my anus starting to open up and I didn't push yet and just let the turd start out on it's own and it came out slowly and I could see it was going to be one of my long ones as it grew and grew-it was about an inch wide and smooth and every now and then some hissing gas would come out as it decended into the bowl and started to curl around as it was still exiting my very domed anus-Man it felt great and thne I decided to stop it and let it hang out my butthole for a bit til i got another cramp-it looked cool hanging ther-it must have been about 15 inches long already-i can do some long ones when i really have to go like that morning!So i sat there and started to pee for a bit and toward the end of the peeing,i got another cramp and the turd started to move out my butt.I guess another 4-6 inches came out and it plopped into the bowl and I could see my anus was stiil domed and partially open,so i knew there was more poop working it's way down my desceding colon,so i looked in the bowl and saw a nice size,smooth turd partially wrapped around the bowl and the fun was I knew I had to go more cause I still felt a bit bloated.Then I felt another cramp and this time i decided to push and I let out 2 nice farts that echoed in the bathroom and then I saw my butthole open up and I saw anothe turd start to move out an then it picked up speed and I could see it getting softer and softer and towards the end I let out some more hissing gas and then it turned to loose pudding and ended with some explosive farting as the innermost part from deep inside my bowels of my morning BM was now coming out,and man,it felt great as right away,i could feel all the fullness and bloatedness subside almost instantly as i moaned in relief.Then I looked in the bowl and saw a nice, soft pile of dung in the middle of the bowl surrounded by the nice snake poop i did first.then I sat there pushing out my anus and letting out the tail end of my morning dump with small amounts of soft stuff and some mucus.I reaaly enjoy watching myself poop when I gotta go this good-it's cool to see all this poop exit my butt along with the great relief I feel.Then i finished up with a good pee and let out a small,wet fart and I knew I was done and then had a bit of fun---i really enjoy the whole production!!.Wiping wasn't too messy,but I could see i did a good load and felt a good sense of accomplishment-This was one of my better dumps and i don't do these too often! i sometimes wish I could take a photo of it !! I felt great and ready to tackle my day now!What;s even more fun is when I do this kind of poop out in the woods and it would be perfect if I could have a pretty lady to poop along together with!Can't wait for the nice weather!Hope you all enjoyed my story.Good stuff from all you folks-esp the ladies!! later...

Punk Rock Girl
Hello all.

I had a close call last weekend. I was in the city with Colin and we were in a thrift store. My bowels started churning and cramping up, and I knew I would have to empty them soon, but I had no idea how bad my predicament would wind up!

I went to the store owner and asked if I could please use his bathroom. He said it wasn't open to the public. I asked Colin if he didn't mind leaving so we could find somewhere where I could take a dump.

Well, we got out on the street and started wandering, looking for a place that might be friendly to my needs, but with every passing moment, my ass felt more and more like it was going to explode. Finally, we came to a Dunkin Donuts and went inside.

Colin got on line to get us each a cup of coffee and I headed to the bathroom. With my buns clenched together, I slammed the door shut, yanked down my pants and thong and sat on the toilet. I had a bout of diarrhea like I haven't had in quite some time. If people outside didn't hear the farting and groaning coming from within the shitter, they must have been deaf.

Afew more squirts and farts later and I was done. I sat and relaxed for a moment, happy I had avoided shitting my pants, and wiped my ass with the sand paper that passes for TP. My asshole was sore, so I was careful when pulling my thong back up. I pulled the handle and the toilet didn't flush! I tried again, but nothing, not even a sound.

I washed my hands and discreetly opened the door. There was a line to use the bathroom. I quietly said to the folks who were waiting that the toilet was clogged, but the guy behind me went in anyway. Great! Some random guy is looking down at the explosion of shit that just exited my ass while he pisses.

I ushered Colin out quickly so as to avoid having to look the dude in the eye when he came out (the bathroom stank to high heaven as well, mostly from my shit).

Ugh. I had to shit my guts out a couple more times that day, but I was home by then. I HATE having diarrhea. I'd rather have to push out a load the size and firmness of a football than have it come spraying out of me like a loose fire hydrant.



Man it has been too long since I have posted. Life has been busy and there have been many shitting incidents which I will report over the next few weeks.

BUZZY-loved your latest post about the post -holiday gym dump.

Okay so the best story I have happened last spring. I was picking someone up at the airport during a freak May snowstorm which eventually closed the airport. As I waited I decided to head to the can for a dump. As i walked down the corridor to the secluded men's room this guy cuts in front and presses on passed me. He was older, looked like a farmer, you know the peaked cap with the name of a herbicide company on it. I figured he was in a desperate way so in I went and took the stall next to his. There was no one else in the place and I could hear him trying to clean off the seat as fast as possible. He was also breathing pretty hard and groaning a bit. I sit and let out a loud fart, then he sits and explodes into the bowll letting out a huge moan as he does it. I crapped out a log and grunted a bit and the guy next to me was just trying to ctach his breath from his huge dump. Finally I said, "Hell of a relief eh?" and he laughs and says, "This weather is enough to make anyone shit" then he gave a grunt and exploded again, with a series of loud farts and wet shit. He then started a conversation, asking me if I was flying out and telling me that his flight was most likely cancelled, every once in a while he was grunt mid-speech and fart into the bowl. I was also farting pretty good. This went on for about 10 minutes, 2 guys carrying on a conversation about the most comfortable airline seats, all the while dumping and farting. Finally I blasted a loud beer fart into the bowl and he laughs and says, "Man you could fly me where I want to go just with your gas alone" We both laughed he wiped and said, goodbye and I finished up and wiped. It was cool just sitting there shooting the shit while taking a shit.

More later


Thomas Crapper
I did the biggest crap the other day. It was over 6 inches long and I was dead proud of it! It's now my ambition to do a 12 inch crap! Hehe! Does anyone else on here have competitions with themselves or their friends?

To Connie Crapper - Hello! I can't believe someone posted with the same 'surname' as me! That's funny! Thomas Crapper is my AKA - I guess you know why I use that name - Thomas Crapper kinda invented the toilet :P

I'm new here and I'm finding this website to be very interesting. I found it while doing a search on Yahoo about toilets. After reading a lot of these different posts, I realize that a lot of people share a common interest with me. I just have a thing for hearing about girls peeing or pooping. I enjoy reading many of the posts they have written. I never thought there could be a website like this. Hopefully I would share my own stories with you, but I rather hear about other peoples trips to the bathroom. I'm glad to meet you and hope to hear from you soon.

once while staying in a hut in the bush, I was the only male and there were seven lady trampers. We all agreed that, since it was raining heavily and the long drop was outside, we'd use it with the door open so nobody would have to wait in the rain for the seated person to finish. We all enjoyed the experience.

Thursday, January 14, 2005

China girl
SITA: I really like your story. I know about every 2 days of pooping, but you seem quite constipated. I think 2 days became so natural for me that I really don't get constipated. I do these obnoxious turds that hit hard in toilet. It is either big turd, or sloppy mess. I see you face toilet when wiping too. Sound like we have much in common. If I like to show off my butt though, I wipe in front of toilet with my dirty butt facing it. I'm sure that's a sickening site, so I may try to be discrete and face toilet with my butt away so it's not so intimidating. Guess it depend on my mood.

GRAHAM: I'm glad you like the originality, and thanks for the comment.

Well, I was away since last post and just come back. My last post was last turd in my toilet since I came back. I had so much gas when I come home and had to pee. As soon as I come in I sat down hard on toilet. My butt seals it so tight because it is so small. I'm sure it was scared and worried about a mega turd from the way I came in, but I only had long pee, and I was just blowing out these huge long farts. There was no turd though. I certainly made it known well what might be to come, and or course, that I'm back. I'm looking forward to next turd because my toilet had such long break. It's been getting it rough though since I move in, but I'm not sure if I should be discrete next time and show a little mercy or if I should give it my power like I did in last post. hmmm....

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