Upstate Dave
Hello to everyone. I have not posted in a long time. The re has not been time for me to do them due to being just busy. We just had our second big snowfall here in upstate NY. This storm is why I'm posting.

The storm started in the late morning on Saturday. My wife and I had gone to the market and had come home. I had to go over and get some dish liquid and cat litter from the dollar store in the strip mall next to our apartment complex. So I went over.

I got the two items and went to cash out. One of the girls at the cash register was leavig early because of the storm. The other girl was going to close after I payed for my items. I knew her becuase she was a younger sistor of a old friend of mine when I lived out in the country. Her name is Barbie. We always talk when I'm in the store and she is working. Well she goes out and leaves. I pay for my two items and walk back home.

The way back to my complex you walk by the end of the stripmall and past the backside with the loading docks. I noticed Barbie's minivan parked behind the building next to a trailer. Barbie is cleaning out her van that was full of cardboard boxes and she was having a hard time throwing them into the dumpster.

I walked over and offered my help with them. She thanked me and said she would be right back. She quickly left and walked up around to the front off the strip mall. A couple of minutes later she came back. Chris had already closed the store and had left Barbie told me. I have to go to the bathroom so bad. Barb there is a bathroom in the laundrmatt. Barb told me she would not make it.

I told her that I lived in the apartment complex and poinover to my building. I wont make that either. She took a quick look around and I've got to go here! Just stand next to me on my right side so If someone walks by they wont see me. So I did. Barbie was never ashamed to pee or poop outside when we were kids. So she pulled her jeans and panties down and sat with her butt resting in the wide open door of the minivan.

First there was a sqeel sound of a fart and then immeadiatly a brown turd came out from her anus. It crackled as it came out at a pretty good clip. Steam came off of it as it exited into the cold air. The first one was 6 inches in length and that fell to the ground. A second tip showed itself and started moving outward. This one was narrower and a lighter shade of brown then the first one.

Barbie did not have to push at all as she shit. The second one was about the same length as the first one and that fell to the ground on top of the other. She let out another fart and a third tip showed itself. This one was the same brown color of the second one but smaller in diameter then the second. This one was doing a lot of crackleing as it passed. This one was softer so it streched as it grew longer and broke in half as it kept comming. The second part of the broken one narrowed down to a point and fell to the ground right on the others forming quite a pile.

Barbie was done shitting but now her bladder let go and started peeing. I always knew she went this way so that had not changed. Her pee was a dark yellow and she was pissing almost straight down hitting her pile on the ground. There was a spreading spot of yellow snow as she continiued to pee. Just like her poop her pee stream was steaming in the cold air. Barbie peed for almost a minute and then finished.

She told me in the back of the van there was a bag with paper towels in it could I get it? I did and gave her the roll.She took one and wiped her rear hole once and then took a second and wiped her front. She pulled up her jeans. Well I feel much better. I cant leave this here though it is in the way.

I took one of the remaining cardboard boxes folded it down and used it like a shovel and pushed her pile out of the way. The snow covered it up so you would not see it. The only evidence was a little yellow snow from her peeing but that would be soon gone from sight with the fresh snow that was still falling hard.

I helped Barbie finish with the emptying of the rest of the cardboad boxes in her van. When we were done she gave me a nice kiss on the cheek and said thank you sweetie. Keep our secret just like we did as kids. I told her I always did. With that she took off for home and so did I.

Daniel (Danny)
Sorry i havent posted lately but i have been busy with school. Today, Stephy and me needed to prepare something for a test we will have on wednesday.Today, i was walking with her to my house and felt the slight urge to poop. I was nervous because i didnt want to tell her that i needed to poop.(Just because she is a girl, althoug she is a very good friend of mine). I started holding my stomach, and this poop will be soft but firm. I hadnt gone in three days and the pressure in my ass and stomach was killing me. I told her i needed to go and she said she needed to go too. We went walking to a market and i went inside this bathroom that has 12 stalls and 5 urinals. I saw that 3 stalls were used by some guys in their early forties and then i took the nearest stall to the door. I pulled down my pants to my thighs and relaxed. My first log came out easily maybe about 6 inches long. Then i pushed one more, soft but solid at the time. Now i was trying to push my next log and then i heard a boy coming and took the stall next to mine and then i heard him pulling down his pants and then he moaned and a big splash could be heard from his stall. When i finished, i wiped 7 times and flushed. Then i pulled up my pants. when i came out, stephy said to me: why did you took so long?. I just smiled at her and i suppose she knew what i was ding there.

bye for now.

Hey everyone. I'm a new poster here, but i've been reading the posts for a little while. i'm 21 years old, long dark hair, blue eyes, 5'3 110 lbs. BUZZY- i need to tell you that i absolutely love your posts! i love how you go into such detail, it's great. there's something about men shitting that just does it for me... if you know what i mean!

Anyways, i dont have time to post an experience, but i'm a nurse and i have plenty stories for another day! everyone keep the good stories coming!

xo, Summer

About 2 nights ago I went out to dinner. I had this linguine dinner at this fancy italian resteraunt. After eating I felt a little bit full. Then I went to a store to look for some electronics and I had to go really bad. I was contemplating on using the public bathroom, since I was having severe cramps. I was also letting out some smelly farts. So I got in the car immediately and rushed home. During the car ride my stomach cramps dwindled a little bit. When I got home, I rushed to the toilet, and the minute I sat down two 6 inch logs slid out of my but. The logs slid out a fairly fast rate. The logs were semi-soft (Just enough hardness to be considered formed) The surface was extremely smooth on both logs. The first log had smooth ends, but the second had jagged ends(but still a smooth body). However the smell and the color were extremely weird. Both logs were sort of a color in between brown, green,and grey. They also were slightly shiny. Why would a bowel movement be shiny? Is that normal? Also, the smell was weird. It smelled like spoiled crabs. What a weird bowel movement. Fortunately I had a beatiful, normal,comfortable, and a firm 8 inch bowel movement the next day. Ahhhhhh!!! That felt greeaatt.

@bill: "making bowels" translated into german would not be understood here as a term to decribe a visit to the toilet. We use expressions similar to those in english; but IŽll try and use "making bowels" with my flatmates next time ;o)

hi everyone, im melissa, im 15 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, hott, cute, ok so neway, my bf is 16 and he drives, i had to pee all day in school and me and my bf were goin back to his house, in his car i was sitting next to him and he noticed me squirmming on the way home, he lives kind of far from school and we were just getting out of the parking lot, he asked if i was ok, i said yes but i knew i was loosing control. i was wearing tight blue jeans by the way. i crossed my legs to hold it it better and was still squirming, my bf asked if i was ok again, i said i had to pee reely bad! he asked if i could hold it till we got to his house, i said i would try, soon after that i was holding myself with my hands between my crossed legs, i said i was about to pee my pants! we were about to stop at a gas station but it was too late, i lost control, my hand started to get warm and wet and i knew i was peeing my pants. it leaked through my white panties, which were soaked, along with my tight jeans that were uncomfortable, all over his seat. i was so embarrased.

Shelly From Wisconsin
Hey Everyone

I was at a party with my husband and some of our friends and we were all drinking and having a great time. However as beer tends to do to everyone it makes you have to shit, so when my feeling came it came quick I went into the bathroom, the door wasn't locked, only to find my friend connie having a poo as well. I walked in and all i heard was " Hey..pfft plop plop plop" she said she had to desperatly go poo and i said me too. I couldn;t hold it anymore, I went over to the tub, pulled up my skirt, yanked down my panties and sat. Connnie was talking and pooping the whole time acting like it was natural which made this easier for me. I sat and pffft...brrrrnt and exlpoded into her tub with went, chunky poo. I farted and pooped for a good 5 minutes or so when my friend said i could move to the toilet so I waited till one wave stopped pooring out, turned the tub on, and hit the toilet. I sat and she said she wanted to stay, I didnt mind...I just said ok and ripped a huge zipper fart as a peed a lil. I let out 2 more huge waves of poo before I wiped and left. I got the tub all cleaned up before i left the potty. Anyone ever have to poop so that you just have to drop ur panites where you are and shit?.......I didnt want to ruin my new panties. Happy days everyone!


mr clogs : hanka for the comment and yeah, I like that part " children's toilets" , which made me think about the upstairs bathrooms at this one church where I used to attend some EA maeting.hey had two bathrooms upstairs and well, one was painted pink and the other blue! being the place where they had the church nursery school , well you know the code, [ blue for boys and pink for girls] but none of us adults really cared as " when you gotta pee, we'd use whatever one we got to first, which was of course the blue. by the way both had old fashioned toilets with bowls completely filled with water, and so the seat goes up and also down, and a toilet is a toilet!

Annie I liked your story about your accident glad your OK.

But Why did you try getting home as apposeed to using the toilets at the food court?

Can n e 1 post laxative stories?please

One month ago, I moved to an other flat in an old and cheap house that has been built in the 60's and when i sit on the toilet and there is no noise in my flat (radio, computer or television), i can hear what my neightbour do on her toilets because the walls are very thin.
My neightbour is a woman, 35 to 40 years old and comes home every day at 7PM. The seems not to be able to go on the toilets at her work (lack of time or simply toilet shy) and when she gets home, she really pees like a horse. The time she pees when she gets home does not vary very much: it always takes between 1min 30 seconds to 2 minutes and she sometimes farts. Very nice!
But the best moment was on Saturday evening! I met her in the lift, had a little talk with her and noticed that she was in hurry to get home. We both got in our flat and i went directly in my bathroom. She did the same and i could perfectly hear the quick steps of her foots getting closer in direction of her toilets. Then i heard the loudest stream of pee in my life! It was so loud that i had the impression that she was in the same room. Her stream of pee did not want to stop and i think than she peed for more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. What a gusher!
When her stream stoped, she did not move. She was not finished! It was silent for a few seconds and then i could hear the sound of poop falling in the bowl surrounded by nice farts! After she had unloaded all her shit, i heard how she flushed two times! I could not hear the metallic noise of the toiletpaper dispenser: she certainly sprang directly in her shower to get clean.

Thank you for reading and hope you liked my story!

For Gerry,

A good example of a movie bathroom scenes where odor is the source of humor is the movie Senseless. The joke in this movie is that the main character, played by Marlon Wayans, has heightened senses (including super smell), so when a girl takes a crap in a restroom, he can smell it from outside the room. What is unusual about this scene is that it involves a female taking a shit.

Anyone know of any other movies where the smell of a female taking a shit is part of the story?

hey im fiona 18 female. today i had my first accident. it happened at school. i was in the lunchroom and i was desperate to poop, i had been all morning. the only problem was i had to do my homework for physics and spanish. i was rushing and rushing to get it done so i could run to the bathroom before my next class, but it was no use. lunch ended and i didn't even come close to finishing my homework, and there was no way i could go and still make it to class...i had to poop so bad, but i thought if i really tried i could hold it for the rest of the day...i only have 2 periods after lunch anyway. my spanish class following lunch was a disaster. the pressure on my butt telling me to go poop was too intense, and halfway through spanish class i lost all control and a great big, warm soft load pushed out of my butt and made my panties and white courderoys bulge out with all the poop filling them. tears started to roll down my cheeks and i excused myself from the room. i had to waddle in order to keep all the poop from squishing between my butt and thighs and making a big mess. it was the most humiliating moment ever, especially since my pants were white so besides just a big bulge on my butt there was a visible poop stain. i was excused to go home early and i didn't even make an effort to cleanup at school, i just drove home with a big load in my pants and smelled up my whole car. i'm still in total disbelief that i pooped my pants today, it's never happened before. i have to admit though, as embarassing as it was it felt good to relieve all that pressure, and something felt a little good about the soft warm poop making a big cushion in the seat of my panties. plus, i got to go home early so i didn't need to get penalized for missing my homework in spanish or physics! i probably shouldn't feel good about what i did, but i'm glad i got to go home early and like i mentioned it was a rather nice sensation aside from the embarrassment. i'm afraid i might want to poop my pants again now...i remember growing up, i used to want to take big poops in my pants a lot to see what it was like, but i was always too afraid to. now that i finally did poop in my pants, i see why i always wanted to do that...i kind of enjoyed it!

i hope i don't get too involved with this habit, atleast not until i live on my own..but right now i'm just wearing a long t-shirt and light green panties, and i really wish i had to poop right now because i feel like taking a big warm poop in my panties!

hopefully i'll never poop my pants at school again though...

bye for now, i'll post again if i poop my pants again.

Linda from Australia here again. I've been having some trouble with pooping lately, I think its because I'm stressed. I moved house recently and work has been really busy. I have been taking dumps but they have been quite small, not like my normal 'big' loads. I haven't felt satisfied after taking a shit either, even though I can manage to squeeze some out, it feels like more is still in there. Hopefully I will drop a big load soon.

Some interesting posts on the site tonight.

Oldpoop: I really enjoyed reading your story. It sounds like you dropped some very nice decent loads. Do you usually lots of poos during the day?? Or does it depend on what sort of food you have eaten?? I find my poos are bigger and harder to squeeze out after I have eaten curry or chilli. They also burn my hole.

Rebecca: Your story was great!!! I love reading the ones about people trying to push out stubborn turds. It sounds like your load was extremely rock solid. How big was that first big turd?? It sounded like a marathon effort to push that huge log out. Did you need to grunt and groan lots?? I've had big turds like that in the past too. I remember pushing a huge log out like yours a few years ago. I had been constipated for 3 or 4 days. I felt the urge to go for about an hour, I was farting and I could feel the log moving down towards my anus. But the feeling had gone away by the time I got to the toilet. It took me over an hour to squeeze out a gigantic turd that really stretched my hole to its limits. It felt like the turd had glass in it and it really burnt my hole. I had a look at it when I was finished and it must have been about 30 centimetres long and the width of my arm. It look rock hard too. I often drop big loads normally and I go once a day, sometimes twice. Girls can poop out loads that are just as big as guys. My flatmate drops big loads too (I came across one of hers in the toilet bowl one night). It was the biggest, thickest turd I had ever seen. I could also see bits of corn in it. She would never talk about her poos with me though. We just don't discuss that sort of thing but I love coming here to share my stories.

Tuesesday, January 12, 2005

Johnny Half-Pint
To the 26 year old pregnant female: Sitting on a toilet probably isn't doing you any favours. You could try squatting! This way, your body weight will not be pressing down on your cheeks and your rectum should be able to open as wide as it needs to get.

How I do it is: I put a rubber mat on the floor and a paper towel on top of this. I then squat down, with my feet flat on the floor and my arsehole over the paper towel; and my business comes out quickly and with glorious ease. The rubber mat doesn't just protect the floor: it makes it easier just to lift the whole lot and drop paper and contents down the toilet. If anything accidentally gets on the mat, it's easily cleaned in the shower. Wiping also is easier and cleaner, since I can simply reach behind myself without having to stand up and so have my cheeks squished together.

If there is any downside to this method, it sometimes can be a bit smelly compared to going straight in the toilet ..... make sure you have some joss sticks handy!


24 year old female here.

i had my moment the mall...with my boyfriend. VERY embarrassing.

the whole time we were shopping, i had some pressure down below and felt a little gassy, and i knew i had to poop. i didn't have to go badly enough to the point where i needed a toilet right away, i had a good hold on it and i knew i could wait until i got home. we had just got done eating lunch and were leaving the foodcourt, when the pressure was a little uncomfortable and i contemplated relieving a little gas casually as we were walking through a crowd, because my farts are always silent. we were on ourway to FYE and as i went to let a little bit of gas go, i got a hell of a lot more than i bargained for...when i farted, it felt a lot like squirting...and a feeling of complete and utter horror came over me. and almost stopped dead, but i didn't want to alarm my boyfriend and attract attention, so i pretended like my cell phone just vibrated and i had to check it, so i could stop...i stood for a moment and just though " did i just do what i think i did.." i tried to subtely feel the back of my jeans to see if i actually "did", and it felt wet and warm right in the middle of my butt. my heart started pounding. it wasn't a lot, but i had definitely just pooped a little in my pants...the worst part was, now i had a very strong tingling feeling right in my butt, and i had to poop extremely bad..and this preview made it quite clear that it was some very..very wet poop. my boyfriend noticed something was bothering me, and i knew i couldn't hide it because i could feel my face was turning very red. he asked me if i was okay, and i said "well..i think we better get going now." he looked at me concerned, and said "why whats going on? are you okay? are you sick?" i was very hesitant to explain my dilemma, but i had to...i continued walking, despite how disgusting the wet stickyness on my butt was that was making my underwear clump up in my jeans felt when i moved, and i whispered to him "i have to home and change my underwear..." he asked "oh, well are you in pain? i think you left some midol in the car." this gave me a good opening. he obviously thought that i had my period and wasn't prepared for it, but i noticed that i smelled poopy and he would soon i didn't go for it despite how much that is slightly less embarrassing..i whipsered to him again "actually..sweeted..i thought i just had to fart but i just kind of pooped my pants..." when i told him that his face might've turned as red as mine! he was speechless and just said "oh well, um, well okay lets go then." i gotta admit i thought he was kind of cute, he definitely wasn't expecting me to tell him that and got all stuttery, but i was still SO embarrassed. but still, the worst part was i wasn't even done. i only had one little squirt of poop in pants, and i had to go so incredibly bad still. i held onto my ???? and just prayed to god that i would make it home. i had no such luck.

in the parking lot on the way to the car, my butt tingled irritably, and i felt a hot sticky rush of wet poop slide loosely into my underwear. it was only another squirt, but it opened the gates. i started squirting liquid poop in pants uncontrollably, and i had to stop and hunch forward as the hot wet mess sqeezed its way through my tight jeans and panties and started running down my legs. i put my hands on my butt, and to my horror i could feel that me jeans were soaking wet on my butt.....yeah, my poop was that liquidy. the poop ran all down my legs in the back and between my legs too, and got into my socks and shoes. the consistency of the poop made me jeans so wet that it looked like i had actually peed my boyfriend found it hard to believe that i didn't do that too. i decided to let him think i pooped and peed my pants, because the idea of saying i had only pooped my pants and them being that wet was rather off-putting too...god it was terrible. i had to waddle ridigly the rest of the way to the car, and it felt like i was carrying a half gallon of warm water in my underwear. every move i made, squish slosh squish was absolutley disguting. when i sat down in the car (on one of the shopping bags after putting its contents in another bag) all the liquid poop still in the back of my underwear most certainely bubbled it's way out of my underwear in every direction. i can't even describe the feeling, it was sickening. it didn't even stop at that, i continued to have squirts of poop in my pants every couple of minutes the whole ride home...i definitely had some very bad diahrrea, and additionally i wound up losing control of my bladder and wetting in my pants pretty bad too. it was a very bad time.

when i got home i slugglishly and ridigly made my way out of the car and into the house and into the bathroom for the relief effort which i really wasn't looking forward too. i literally had to peel my jeans and panties down because they were so wet with pee and diahrrea. the only good thing was there wasn't really any consistency of poop left to spill out of my panties, it was pretty much all liquid that had soaked into the cotton underwear and my jeans. so surprsiginly enough clean up was not too bad. i just peeled off my pants and underwear and hopped in the shower. got out and tossed the jeans and panties and put some clean underwear and sweatpants on. my stomach bothered me for the rest of the night. i had several instances of diahrrea between getting home and late this afternoon, fortunatley i was on the toilet for all of them during the day, unfortunatley i again filled my underwear while i was asleep last night. that was fun to wake up to. i was fixing to head to the drug store or maybe even a doctor to get somethign i could take, but at about 4:30 this afternoon i had a pretty normal bowel movement that resulted in a much better feeling in my stomach, and i felt like i was finally done. so far so good, i haven't had any stomach pains or the need to poop since my last trip to the toilet, so as long as i wake up without a mess in my underwear tomorrow morning i think i'm okay now.

well thanks for hearing my story i hope everyone liked it. just to clarify i don't really have a problem with the fact that i had an accident, i know it happens to many many people, but no matter how okay with it you can be its always embarassing to do in public or around someone you always like to be your best for. bye now!

Good morning--cool here. The last few days I have had very satisfying bowel movements--lots of them. On Friday and yesterday I pooped three times each day, all good hefty movements. The last one yesterday was at a store. My wife dropped me off to go look at sportcoats while she took the groceries home. Even before she dropped me off I could feel my rectum filling up; by the time I got into the store I knew I had to get to the men's room immediately. I hoped to find someone else there, but it was empty except for me. I sat on the seat and immediately felt my anus open up and let out a smooth, snake-like turd that seemed to go on for a long time. I could see it hit the water (while still coming out), then break off, and the remaining length also hit the water before finally leaving me. I'd guess each turd was 8 to 10 inches long, not very thick (about an inch), and dark brown with tiny green pieces of spinach showing. The two turds lay side by side, basically filling the hole and coming straight out toward the front of the bowl. It felt excellent.
This morning I got up around six, turned on the computer, looked at another site (a ratings site for poop), and felt my rectum fill again, fairly suddenly this time. I dialed out of the site, went into the bathroom, and squatted on the toilet rim. Again the poop started out right away, not moving very fast, but not dawdling either. Four nice turds plopped in, splashing my bottom slightly and filling up the hole. These were lighter brown, almost orange (I had a dish with peanut butter in it yesterday), again about an inch thick and 3 to 5 inches long each, and came out as one continuous impulse. While I waited in the squat position, another tiny piece plipped! into the bowl. I got down on the seat and wiped, as usual using a dab of Noxzema on the last bit of toilet paper to clean my anus and anal canal. Another healthy, satisfying dump.
Happy pooping, everyone!

When I was a kid (many years ago), my mother used to use the phrase "making bowels" as a synonym for taking a shit. I grew up thinking that "bowels" was the polite word for shit. It wasn't until I was grwwn up that I realized she was misusing the term, that "bowels" were really another word for intestines. In other words, the shit comes from the bowels. But she used always said it as though bowels and shit were the same thing.

My mother's parents were both born in Germany, so I sometimes wondered if in German the term "making bowels" might be the same as "moving bowels".

Has anyone else here ever used the term "making bowels" to mean taking a shit?

Mister Peeper.
I remember once when I was about eight, I was at a friends house and we had the plan of him coming over to my house for a sleep over. We went looking around the house for his mom and as he called out for her she announced that she was "using the bathroom". We walked to the end of the hallway and he opened the door while she was sitting in full view on the toilet. She was very pretty with long, wavy brown hair. She was sitting leaning forward with a roll of toilet paper in her hand as she sat with her feet on their tip-toes. She was wearing her morning gown which was pulled up over hips revealing the sides of her butt and thighs. We had caught her in mid turd because as she was instructing him to get his clothes together you could hear the loud crackling and hissing that turned into "floop......ploop.........plooop.......fladooooop!!! We went to get his clothes together and went back down the hall to the bathroom to tell her that we were ready and as we opened the door, she was wiping from behind with her butt lifted up. There was a heavy, meaty poop smell in the air. We closed the door and let her finish up. She came out of the bathroom and I announced that I had to pee. I went into the heavily stinking bathroom and looked into the toilet at the skid marks. Looking down into the hole, the tip of a light brown turd was still sticking slightly out.

To Brian: Hey I'm like you, I always hold my shit for as long as I possibly can, I'm not to good at holding diarrhea though. It just seems to ooze out of my hole no matter how hard I squeeze. I guess because it's so much like water. I can do the perfect timing trick though. Only yesterday I was holding all the way home from work and thought I would burst. Eventually I got to my bathroom and as I was pulling my pants down with my butt over the toilet my shit gave me a huge spasm and just started coming out even before my butt was on the seat. Literally a second or so later and I would have shit myself big time.

To NickyB: That was so sweet of you. I would love you to look after me like that because it's so nice to have help and encouragement when doing a very very difficult poo. I have often wondered since, if I had invited the cleaning woman to stay, or even just tried to start a conversation, if she would have stayed with me. She was very young and very pretty. Yes I get constipated quite a bit, sometimes going 3 or even 4 days between BMs. Now I'm trying to find an excuse to come to Ontario.

To Quick Chick: That's a great idea, taking some paper towels and folding them up and putting them in your panties. I will try that when I'm holding my poo in, just as insurance. Like I said in a previous post I always hold my poo in until the very last minute.

I am a custodian for a regional school district. I clean all the bathrooms. The faculty restrooms were converted from students restrooms, so the faculty women's restrooms have stall doors. The faculty men's rooms do not have any doors onthe stalls, but the do have (as the women's also) a lock, so only faculty members can enter. However, since all the men have the same key, there can be 3 male teachers sitting on the doorless toilets at the same time. It's really funny how grown men act like teenagers when they are shitting. looking at soiled toilet tissue, farting, bragging about their 'accomplishments" and stinks. I guess guys never really grow out of the 'toilet humor ' mode. btw custodial staff are NOT allowed to use faculty restrooms. we shit with the boys!!! strange, cause some of us make more money than some younger teachers

I just wanted to tell you about my day at the office yesterday.Our Ladies toilets are too near the communal rest room for my liking,if it goes quiet in there you can hear the occupants of the toilet cubicles.
I was extremely busy, and found my self unable to pick a moment when no one was about.As youv'e probably guessed i was infact in desperate need of a poo,i'd been letting little farts go in my knickers all day.
In trying to avoid the potential embarrasment of a colleague hearing what i knew was going to be a poo of somewhat larger than normal.
I finished reasonable early,sat in some discomfort all the way home on the train,my ???? hurt and i couldn't stop my little farts, i just prayed no one on the train could tell it was me.
Walking from the station to my flat i could blow off with more freedom,i dare not relax my bottom hole too much or i would definately have an accident.
Upon reaching the sanctuary of my flat i rushed into my bathroom.In my haste to pull down my undies i tore a hole in my tights.
I squatted on my loo,stuck my bum out and pushed,.........nothing.
My ???? ached,i was desperate to go and nothing happened.
I could't believe it, i'd sat on my need to go all day and now i couldn't shift it, i pushed and pushed,i started to sweat and i knew if i could see myself in the mirror i would be as red as a beetroot.
For at least fifteen minutes i sat there,and all i could sqeeze out were a few farts.By now i had tears welling in my eyes,the need for some relief was overwhelming.
I pushed and pushed,i grunt a bit when i'm in my own toilet too,my boyfriend once told me.
Eventually something started to move, i could feel my hard poo nosing its way out of my bottom hole.It was big i mean huge,i thought it would tear my opening.Christ i thought i was giving birth.
It made a sound too like a quiet cracling noise and the occasional hiss as my pent up gasses escaped around it.
For one moment i thought it was going to stall halfway,iv,e never passed anything before so big my bum hole must of been stretched to its absolute limit.
Eventually it dropped free with a big splash,followed by a few more smaller lumps and i farted in between them all.
Don't ever let any one tell you girls don't enjoy a poo as much as the boys,because i felt so relieved i was floating on the ceiling for ages afterwards.
I,ve never felt so desperate for a bowel movement before in my life.
I thought i would share this story with you ,and i wondered if any other girls have had a similar experience.

i have been reading these stories for about 2 months now, and i must say, i have enjoyed it. i have an odd liking, of females pooping, or peeing, on purpose. i myself, have done both, on many ocassions, just for the heck of it. i dont have any pesonal stories, as of yet. but my coulsin has this problem were he just has to go where he is, and he has, in many occassions had a bm in front of me, and then gone to sit on every seat in the house. purhaps later i may giv you a story of when i was younger, still living in Michigan. until then i'll just keep reading these posts. by the way i am 16,a and a guy. talk to ya later.

i just wanted to say that everone should feel free peeing public

Sorry, last post was truncated in the sending process...and I don't have a lot of time to reconstruct the "hole" situation. Basically...I sat on the clothes hamper while Aunt Susie unloaded a prune juice induced mess into the commode from her elderly, but still good looking bottom. I meanwhile had been holding my truncated turd and the pressure to poo had started to become urgent...especially after Aunt Susie wiped up, raising up on her right side and exposing her left haunch framed by the garters attaqched to her stockings...I think she made a point of inspecting each wad of toilet paper, because I was there and she was messing with my head. When she saw me getting red in the face from the pressure in my rectum she quickly finished and stood up pulling up her panties...I could see the celulite dimples in her rump as she did...these of course were not visible when she was seated doing her business. I had no choice but to jump up and whip my pants down in front of her to avoid losing the turd pushihng out of my nether hole into my black jockeys. I GRRUUNNTED with pain and my hole opened with the crackling of a sliding poo, as Aunt Susie seated herself on the clothes hamper and leaned on her cane...I was too involved in GRRRUUUNNNNTING to care...the second turd must have hit the water at a funny angle, because my package hanging into the commode got splashed, big time...then the prune juice and coffee kicked in and rushed out with all sorts of GAHZZONKX...SSPPPUURRLLLAATTTS and PPPLLLOOOMMMMPPPS. There was nothing I could do but hang on for the ride...Aunt Susie just smiled and said, "Nice to have that over with, now we BOTH can start the day refreshed." She got off the clothes hamper and, patted me on the head and went out of the bathroom, leaving the door open, so she could check on my wiping up process from the kitchen. I even had to take a wash cloth to my package after getting it doused, which took some extra time, much to Aunt Susie's delight I'm sure.

has anyone ever had an incredible urge to pee and could barely if not hold it

please share

brian please post more stories about barely being able to hold it in

26 year old pregnant female: I can't help you stretch your bum hole, but I can tell you it might help some if you get your feet up on a stool or box while you're on the toilet. This lines up the rectum and anus more correctly and that should cause the anus to have to stretch slightly less because the poo passes out in line with your anus rather than in line with your rectum. Also, when it begins to hurt blow out like you're blowing up a balloon, instead of holding your breath and straining, that will help the muscles to relax.- JW

Sunday, January 09 2005

Connie Crapper
Gee, this posting isn't so hard once you do it the first time.

JW-Thanks for the reply. I don't usually have to strain much, except just before "that time of the month." In that case I usually just lean forward and wrap my arms around my middle. Eventually I can get it out.

mike-I guess you wanted me to answer your survey, so here goes:
1. How far do you pull your panties down ?(a.knee, floor) just past my knees
2. Have you ever pissed in a shower ? (a yes, b no} yes, but it went everywhere and I didn't find it very satisfying
3. Have you ever left the bayhroom stinky after pooping? oh, yeah
4. Do you pee and poop at the same time? sometimes. usually the pee comes out first, and then maybe some more afterward.
5. Have you ever used a squt toilet (like the ones in japan old days) ? Never tried one. not sure that I would like to.
6. Do you sometimes leave the toilet unflushed after pissing? Nope, I always get rid of the evidence.

I saw someone post as Thomas Crapper. Sorry, no relation. That could probably be a pretty common name around here, though!

I once had a roommate in college who asked if I was a "lefty wipey or a righty wipey." I'm right, she was left. I hadn't considered such a thing before, but now I notice which hand people write or eat with and think about how that's the one they use to wipe.
I'll have a story next time I post.

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