James R

I'll share a past memory. When I was 12 I went on a school camp in 1998. We were sitting around listening to the teachers talking and I had a strong urge to fart. I don't normally fart in front of my class members at all but gas was buiding up inside me so I needed to let it out. It was embarrassing. The other people glanced at me and held their noses. The teachers were bemused and asked me if I needed to go to the toilet. Since I also had the urge to poop I said yes. I went into the mens room and sat down inside a stall. A thick log came out of my ass and floated in the water. Two more turds came out with a crackling noise and I had made the bathroom smelly by then. I didn't feel finished but I could still feel cramps. About 7 minutes later I pushed out some more turds and I finally felt finished. I rolled off some toilet paper and wiped my butt until there was no brown on the paper. I looked into the toilet and there many utrds flaoting around. I flushed the toilet and there were lots of skidmarks on the bowl. There was no brush to clean them off though.

SHADOW: I've had similar pooping experiences. Whenever I go to a restaurant and eat a lot for dinner I have to poo at least 3 times the next day.

hey, ive been lurkin here for a while, almost 2 years, but never posted anything...never had anything interesting to post. finally i got something to share. befor this i never had the luck to witness any kind of action that we talk about on this site. so it was sunday and i was at my teams football game (giants) and at the end of the game it was dark and since we stayed till the very end we also had to wait to get out of the parkin lot which was at least an hour. so we got to our car and were standin there chillin because we werent able to move for a while. so all of a sudden i see this group of three older teens walk by. they were dressed kinda ghetto but not too much. there were 2 guys and a girl. i noticed the group because i first saw the girl who was very attractive but i couldnt tell what she was, and second i noticed, since we were by the trailors that were bathrooms that they were heading that way. so im standin in front of my friends but looking behind them at what i am seeing. so they cross the line of cars goin out of the lot and she heads up the littls staircase for the bathroom. the trailers were set up parallel to each other with the womens closest to me and there was a space in between them that was roughly 15 X 15 feet. on the one opening was a pile of fenced off earth because they must of been fixing something and the other was just a tent that was like a leanto but you can see through a tunnel. so anyway i see her go up the stairs while the 2 guys were there throwin the football around. she gets to the top of the 2 stairs and finds that the door is locked. i wasnt close enuff to hear what they were saying but it was easy enuff to understand if you were watching. so she tells the one kid close to the stairs as she was coming off the stairs and going toward him. so what he does was throw the football and turns to face her. he points to his right side where the space in between the trailors was and gives the motion of a half squat. at first i thought he was kidding and i didnt think anything would happen. you know how you get like hesitant but go through the motions anyway, well thats what she was doing as she started to unbuckle her pants as she went into the area. now, womens trailer was in front of me running perpendicular to the direction i was standing so i only saw her behind the trailor and the trailor had a skirt so there was no way i could look under (bummer :( ). so the 2 guys resumed their throwing and the one kid that was close to her turned around every few seconds before throwing the ball. i can only imagine what he saw...i d k whether he was talkin to her or just admiring the view but it didnt look like he was that interested in the magic he was witnessing lol. so soon she emerged and i saw her zip and buttoning as she emerged and stopped for a few seconds. once this was over the group continued walking and i was just stunned...i didnt even kno y, i really didnt even see anything but i guess you guys can relate on what its like to just imagine what it was. so i was still standin there and got a bright idea. see, it turns out i got a digital camera for christmas (fuji film 6.2 mpixel) and decided that it would be kool to see if i could get a picture. so i told my buddies i was going to the bathroom walked around and disappeared from their view for a few seconds. after i waited to make it seem like i went, i came out and took a couple of pictures of the stadium so i could set up the camera for the dark. i looked around the corner to make sure noone was looking and slipped into the space in between the trailors. now it was dark there so i couldnt really see the ground. i zoomed out and took a picture on the highest quality setting. wow... the puddle is great and its hard to tell which direction she was facing. it is insane. the puddle is really big and i was so excited and i had soo much adreneline that my stomach felt weird and i was kinda nearvous but it was great. ill show anyone the picture if they want it so ill set up a discreet email for you. well, i was happy and not at the same time. i was definetly annoyed that i couldnt see any more than i did, my camera also takes video so it would of been nice if i could of pulled that off, but i was happy to see anything at all since i havent been lucky to catch anyone in the act.

i have a story i've been looking for a good place to share for the last couple of weeks and this is the perfect place! first of all my name is hannah, 22 female, light brown hair blue eyes. about a month ago i did something in bed that totally embarrassed me and REALLY freaked out my boyfriend...

i woke up in the middle of the night with a lot of pressure in my butt and cramps in my stomach. it was apparent that i really needed to poop, but me and my boyfriend Drew had been drinking and I was way too cashed to get up, plus we were laying in the spoon position and i didn't want to disturb him. if i hadn't been drinking i probably would've had better judgement and realized that i HAVE to poop, so i HAD to get up, but no, the alcohol let me believe that i could just lay there. needless to say i was very alarmed moments later when my stomach clenched painfully and the pressure in my butt became unbearable, and with a noisy chorus of flatulence, a hot wet load of chunky diarrhea painfully pushed it's way into my gray panties!! it went on for about 3 minutes and i could feel it mushing in my panties between my butt and his crotch that was against my butt, and all the poop spread through the back of my panties and squeezed out a little bit. the vibration of the farting must've woken him, because before i even really registered what i was doing i heard him say "gaaah!" and he started pushing me away from him. i lifted my head up and a feeling of horror came over me as i realized i was crapping my panties. i looked over at him and he was out of bed kneeling on the floor staring at me in disbelief. i slid out of bed and sloppily made my way into the bathroom, and i took my messy panties off the second i got in there and dropped them on the floor and climbed into the shower. i don't know how long i was in there but when i came out my boyfriend was asleep on the floor, and i noticed there was a little poop on the sheets, so i just took the sheet off and went back to sleep. later on in the morning, i woke up to hear my boyfriend upset again. it turned out that i had accidentally left my loaded panties on the bathroom floor! he was pretty upset, and he went downstairs and told me to clean everything up and then come down. thank god he left the room, because if he had waited for me to get up and clean the mess in the bathroom he would've seen that when i went back to sleep...i peed myself in bed! oopsy!

that was not a fun drunken experience! pooped and peed the bed in the same night. even though Drew was not pleased during the whole thing, he never really held it against me and understood i couldn't control myself because i had been drinking. he apologized for freaking out and said it just really grossed him out and surprised him, but it was sweet of him to act like everything was fine soon after the incident. it made it a lot easier on me!

so those are the only accidents i've had in my adult life. i'll be back to post again because i have a story about an accident i had when i was 11, and some of my childhood troubles! talk to you all soon and i'm glad to have found this place and wish to be a welcome addition to your community.

<3 Hannah

This is a story for Ella, because I remembered it after something she mentioned. I've been a reader for many years and this is only like a third post or something like that. But anyways...

So when I was in high school (I'm a junior in college now) I was getting pretty serious with this girl, and one night we were going to meet at the mall in some book store. So on the way, I can totally feel like I have to shit bad. Definitely diarrhea. But I have always been one to be able to hold it very well. So I get there, and we are hanging out a bit, talking, and the feeling in my stomach was just getting worse and worse. Finally, it gets just so unbearable, that I tell her I didn't feel good, and I was going home. I felt really bad, because I had only been there for a little bit. I was also upset because I really liked her at the time (we eventually dated for half a year and then broke up, but thats a totally different topic). So I start heading for the exit, but when I was out of her view, I bolted to the bathroom, and luckily I made it on time.

So like I said, I have always been one to hold my shit a long time. This quick story is more recent. A week before New Years, I was driving back from a friend's house, and I was dropping off another friend at his house. When we left the house, I felt that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, but knew I should have at least a half hour before it would be a real emergency. So I'm racing like 80 down the freeway to his house, and nearing his exit, things took a serious turn for the worse. I had to go, and practically now. I was almost 100% I couldn't make it the final 10 minutes home. So I tell him I had to use his bathroom real quick. So we get in, and again timed it perfect, as 15 more seconds and it might have been too late. Afterwards, if you've ever seen the movie Friday, I used the classic line "don't nobody go in their for 35 to 45 minutes." I had to go again when I got home, but thankfully I was able to make it with no trouble at all.

So those are my stories, thanks for reading


I was driving back from hiking in mass sunday and took a different route ; ending up in new york state along state route 22 instead of kent CT . I felt the need to pee coming on , as I drank a lot of water and now it felt like it reced right through me. passed one gas station / convienc\ence store in sharon CT but having been there before a while back , allready knew they don't have public restrooms [ employees only !] there. figured that I could wait a while and took a different route leading supposedly to kent , but ended up in dutchess county NY driving around till I found st.rte 22 by that time I was about to explode from holding it in so long , but still had to go along down 22 south a ways untill I finally saw a place and thought " I hope they have a restroom! or else it's the cold woods up that hill!" I walked in and asked " do you have arestroom I can use?" as I was holding it as best as I could and almost shaking right then . " yes, through that door to the right " he said . I walked in and saw the first one marked " M/F " and almost walked in on someone who forgot to lock the door or even close it all the way! [ I pushed it and she said " no" to which I said " sorry you didn't lock it" and found the second one on right[" M/F" also] with the door wide open. I quickly walked in , closed and yes LOCKED THE DOOR ,wiped seat quick , and immediately undid my pants and quickly pulled them down with my undies. then I sat down leaning foward some because I really,really had to pee badly! immediately I could hear myself loudly tinkling into the bowl's clear water as that pee just jetted out from my snatch like water from a firehose almost! I just kept peeing and peeing like crazy for I'm guessing at least 2 minutes not-stop probally! all I could hear was a seemingly endless tinkling sound as I peed and peed and peed! it may have been even longer than two mins; 2-1/2 I'd bet. then all of a sudden the tinkle sound stopped , but not for long and at most 3 secs and then I felt more coming and it came! again I could hear that sound that goes " TINKLE-TINKLE" , the all too familiar sound of somebody urinating into the toilet like most civilized people usually do. this time it kept going for at least another good minute or so, AT LEAST! LOL finally I stopped peeing at last, almost with just another short 10 second tinkle and sat there for at least 15 secs to be sure. done! I know I had to have spent at least 4 minutes in that bathroom , and probally peed steadily for more then 3-1/2 of them; 2-1/2 mins during the first long pee and anotherminute plus and the last splash , surely I did. I wiped my twat good , threw the paper into the bowl and pulled my undies and pants up. the bowl's water was just a light yellow color, though; the color of a mostly watery pee with no foam or even pee " scuzzies" on it. it was just yellow enough to be seen and yes, flushed! then I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, fixed my messy hair a bit and was ready to leave the bathroom. what a ****** pee! wow!

MIKE: I Loved your story!! I wish I was that cleaning lady, instead of just handing you the roll of TP I would of stayed there and rubbed your belly, held you hand as you pushed out your big painful poo!! Then i would have wiped you all up!! Are you often constipated??? Do u have anymore stories????? i sure hope so, and oh ya, if your ever in Ontario, let me know, maybe i'll get a job as a cleaning lady then

to emily,
My name is Amanda, I have crapped myself out of desperateness before when I could have made it too, I was about a year ago, and I had just ended my junior year of high school, my parents and little sister went on vacation to California, and I remained home. I went to the store to pick up some food, paper towels, and such things and after an hour or so I began getting the urge to use the bathroom, I tried looking for a bathroom and gave up after a few minutes, I paid for what I had gotten, some ham and paper towels, and started to drive home since it was only about fifteen minutes away, but after a few minutes I realized that something was wrong with my car and slowed down, it seemed to fix itself, by this time I was struggling to keep from crapping my pants and decided that I could just let it go, but an idea popped into my head, I opened up the paper towels and folded a few, and stuffed them in my panties, and pulled my pants up, then I just let it go. A large turd pushed its way into my panties and against the paper towels. When I got home I cleaned myself up and realized that the turd was about the size of two flattened tennis balls, and were relatively solid so it cleaned up pretty easily.
Well, there's my story, I'm sure alot of the people here will enjoy reading about it, just so you know Emily, you're not the only one who has just gone in their pants when they could have waited, I agree that it is better to just go, and clean up later, rather than risk harming something by holding it in for too long.

Hey Hannah again i just posted a minute ago but i just found out i have more time so here's my other story.

i mentioned that when i was a kid, i had a little problem. while i was potty trained fairly early and i never had too much trouble at all during the day, i could never stop wetting the bed when i was growing made it really tough because i missed many a sleepover party with other girls my age, and i always felt left out. my parents would never let me because they didn't went me to wet myself at someone elses house. the problem went on for years, and i wet my bed almost every night until i was 14. i had a plastic cover on my matress and everything, and i even had a separate hamper in my room that was just for me wet underwear and sheets in the morning. if anyone else here grew up a bedwetter (or still is) you must know how hard it is too, but when i started to get better and eventually stopped wetting the bed, it really felt good.

anyway i just wanted to share that little fact of my life, but i have a story about an accident i had when i was 11. i went to williamsburg, virginia for a 6 days to go to busch gardens and visit relatives with my family in the summer, and i live in ohio so the trip was pretty lengthy. my dad was always extremely organized about everything and had planned for only 2 stops, one somewhere in southeast pennsylvania and near at the chesapeake bay just into virginia. i think he only took into consideration how long he could control his bladder and neglected to realize there was an 11 year old girl who had a small bladder that needed to last the first 8 hours of the drive before a rest stop..i stayed up all night the night before our trip in hopes that it would let me fall asleep in the car and sleep for most of the trip so i wouldn't have to go to the bathroom and i'd wake up pretty close to the first rest stop and be okay. i really don't know what i was thinking, somehow i didn't take into consideration that it was possible that i could pee in my sleep in a place besides my yeah. i fell asleep not too long after we got on the road, and i woke up about 6 and a half hours guessed it, the first thing i noticed was how itchy and uncomfortable my denim shorts where, and when i squirmed a little to get more comfortable i could feel how soaking wet and clammy my butt was...i froze in my seat, and i put my hand down and felt between my legs to check for sure..but it was true, i was soaked. i felt tears build up in my eyes and i didn't know how to tell my parents that i peed my pants, so i did the next best thing and kept it a secret. we still had a while before the rest stop so i just hoped it would dry up and they would never notice. it was torture though, it's warm at first when you pee your pants but when you're in wet pants for a while, they get freezing cold...especially in an air conditioned car. i sat like that for another 45 minutes and i couldn't take it anymore. i was so cold and wet and uncomfortable but i still didn't want to tell my parents...and then i did the dumbest thing. i kind of had to pee again, and i thought if i peed my pants again, it would help warm me up. i tried to go but i think now that i was conscious of what i was doing and since i didn't have to go all that bad, i couldn't do it. i tried a few times, but nothing happened. eventually i tried pushing to try and force some pee out, because i figured when i got started the rest would just flow out...big mistake. when i tried to force my pee, something very very very bad happened. i farted very loudly, and i was ambushed by a very large poop waiting in my butt that forced it's way out creating an enormous bulge in the back of my shorts! that killed me and i started to cry. my dad got pretty mad when he found out i wet my pants, but even more mad when i got out of the car and he saw that i had also pooped myself. i felt pretty rotten that day. when we got to the rest stop i had to clean myself in a public bathroom and put on clean underwear and shorts from my travel bag, and i had to wrap up my wet and dirty underwear and shorts in a plastic bag and pack those with my stuff to wash when we got to my uncle's house. i felt pretty weird doing that.

that was the biggest accident i ever had when i was a kid. could be just as bad as what i did in bed last month with my boyfriend there..but that happened when i was 22 so it was pretty rough.

i'm not done yet, i'll be back with some more stories soon!

<3 Hannah

Today an extremely humiliating thing happened. I didn't use the bathroom in the morning, and went to school. You couldn't pay me to use the school bathrooms. They are disgusting, and even the girls room toilets don't have doors! Actually, I'm not shy about going to the bathroom in front of people...just these bathrooms are to aweful for words! Anyways, so I made it through the day, needing to pee soo badly! That is...I made it to last period. Last period was chemestry, and damn did I need to go badly! I was actually holding my crotch under the table. Finally the bell rings. I stand up to run home so I could go to the bathroom, but as I stood up my poor bladder contracted, and then just...let go. My legs were squeezed together, and I had my hands to my crotch, and still my bladder kept going. My tight jeans looked extremely wet, and I started crying hysterically as people laughed at me. Worse yet, I couldn't seem to move until all of the pee had come out of me! Finally I was done, and I ran out of the school as fast as I could. I made it home, and washed myself before my parents came home, but i'm'll be all around the school by tomorrow!

The one thing that gives me slight consolation is the fact that I saw the most popular girl in the grade shit herself last night. I was walking home from the library, and i saw this girl and her boyfriend together. Her boyfriend doesn't go to my school. So, anyways, she started groaning and saying, "I don't feel so good..." suddenly, with a large fart, her pants turn completely brown! Then, in the middle of the street, she pulled down her pants and had diarrhea all over the sidewalk. Suddenly her stomach lurched, and she puked all over herself. She wasn't in school today, so i figure she is still sick...

Hello All,

I'm a 26 yearold female and I'm pregnant for the first time. I have always been a pretty big pooper, but since I've been pregnant my logs have been absolutly HUGE and painfull. My hole just doesn't stretch enough, I've been using KY but it still hurts. Does anyone have any techniques to get a little more stretch. This is no exageration, my last turd was as big around as a soda can...OUCH. I was on the toilet for over 30 min with it. Anyone who thinks they take big dumps should see one of mine. My husband is really getting tired of fixing the toilet once a week

Neha: Wow you only poo once or twice a month. And it's not a painful monster. That has to be a record. If I go 3 days without a BM I know I'm going to have a very difficult time on the toilet when it eventually comes out.

Michael Explosive: Too many Michaels and Mikes here lol. Up until about the age of 6 or maybe even 7, my mom would take me into the public ladies room if we were out shopping. Sometimes it was she who needed to go and sometimes me. I watched her pee many many times and also poo quite a few times. Of course she stayed with me if I needed to go, pee or poo.

I had really bad constipation last week I think because of all parties and strange food. I usually have very nice turd come out after every two days but this week I waited four days for bum to work. After thee days I feel OK but worry if turd want to come out when not convenient. I remember wanting toilet so bad in mall I thought poo would get so angry it come out in my knickers. I don't want that happen again. But nothing happen on third day. So on fourth day morning I feel very full in ???? and in bum and I not really feel good at all. I decide to sit on toilet and see if my bum want to let it out but I get tired after fifteen minutes waiting and nothing happen. Then much later I feel very full in bum again and it feels a bit like turd asking to come out. This time I take magazine to toilet and I sit down. I feel very very uncomfortable in bum and I try relax hole to let turd come out but still nothing happen. I sit and read magazine for another ten minutes and slowly I feel pain in bum increasing. I'm very happy because I know bum is going to work soon. I put magazine down and try relax hole again and concentrate on turd coming out. Slowly I feel turd coming down and press on inside of hole and then hole very very slowly start to open. I am very excited about it coming out and feelings are nice too. Now hole open wider and wider and start to hurt. It hurt so bad I cry but I feel turd still coming out slowly. I try and squeeze bum hole shut a little bit to make pain better but turd is so hard I can't shut hole even a tiny bit. Then pain starts to get better and I feel it coming out little bit faster. Then I feel the full feeling starting to go away inside me and my turd ends. My hole still hurt so I sit and wait for pain to go. Then I stand up and turn around to look at turd because I always like to see what comes out. It lying across toilet and it is dark brown and lumpy all over. It has point at first end and no point at last end. It almost twelve inches long I know because it look same as rule I have in school bag. But it very very thick which made it hurt bad. I still need to clean bum so I take paper and make thick pad. I still face toilet and bend over to wipe bum all way from top to bottom but bum almost clean. I do second wipe and make sure I wipe a lot around my hole but paper stay clean. Toilet is very good because everything goes down when I use handle.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Well someone wanted to know how it feels to poop once or twice a month. And i feel normal it doesnt hurt. I dont strain. Its just the way my body works. Im a kinda small person. Not very tall so maybe that has something to do with it, and I dont eat that much. That could affect it too. I dont know why I poop once or twice a month. I just do. Its normal for me. Even though I think your supposed to poop at least once a week. But im perfectly healthy. Must be my diet. I eat Korean food which is mainly based on rice. I like not sure if that has been proven but i think having a diet from another country would greatly affect ur bowel movements.

I forgot to add this to my other message. But a few days before christmas I was babysitting these 3 kids. And the three year old set out for a poop. He asked me to wipe his butt...u know how kids are. Well ne way i came up to wipe his butt and was amazed his turd was at LEAST 12 inches long. I cant believe such a young child could let out a turd so big. IT WAS THE BIGGEST TURD I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! AND IT CAME FROM A 3 year old! For some reason the 2 year old had a bit of farting he had been fartin all day and let out a pea sized turd that REALLY STUNK! Turns out when i told their mom, she said that they had been eating mexican food all day! (They were a hispanic family)

NICKY B, here's one for you and my other fans...Many of you may remember my poo session with my Aunt Susie from London, who was in her early 20's and I was 7 years old and she took me into the ladies room of a department store. We have been close ever since, its hard not to be close to someone who allowed you to wipe their ass, because we wwere "family". Well she is now a senior citizen, and this past November we had another interesting time together...actually, she set me up!!! I had flown over to London on business, but went early to take in a weekend before starting work on Monday. I stayed with her in her apartment as usual, but there was to be nothing usual about this visit. I woke up the late the next morning, she was up and dressed in a blue frock that complimented her silvery gray hair, and even though she walked with a cane, she was still spry and cheerful as she served me breakfast, with a large glass of prune juice. "We have to ward off travel constipation, my boy," she said as she poured the glass. "I've had breakfast, but I believe I will join you, a woman of my age has to look after her bowels, as well. Aunt Susie was still pretty, a bit heavier over the years, and just a few wrinkles...she had never married. Well, over the second, cup of coffee a urge to poo rumbled thorugh my colon and I excused my self and headed to the toilet. I was wearing tan corduroy trousers, deck shoes, and a white cotton button down shirt. I lowered my pants to my knees and pealed my black jockey's over my butt cheeks and down to my knees and settled down to business on the commode. I few grunts found a turd lump inching past my travel tightened sphincter...I was just bearing down to push when there was a knock at the door, and Aunt Susie said, "Gruntly, I'm afraid I have to use the pan, its imperative!" There I was a turd wedging my hole open and I could see her feet shifting back and forth outside the door next to the tip of her cane. Then, she opened the door and walked right in, setting her cane against the lavatory and hitching up her skirts...I started up in surprise, not having had time to prepare and a lump of turd fell from between my butt cheeks and splashed in the toilet...I saw her eyeing my package as I struggled to pull up my pants...and the rest of my initial turd pushed painfully back up into my rectum against the course of nature and gravity. With a swirl of her skirts Aunt Susie seated herself, exposing herself way up to her ????, including her silver grey hair in the vee between her ???? and legs, she wore traditional light tan nylon stockings with darker brown tops hitched to a garter belt, her white cotton briefs crumpled at her knees..and FEUUUWEEEEEET, a high pitched fart escaped from her rectum made taut by holding it in while she seated herself, then a a wet FFFRRRRRAAAAPPPPP as she relaxed on the pan. "Sorry, but I needed the pan in a hurry, I feel a prune juice motion comning...on...oh dear she winced. BBBRRRRFFFFLLLOOOOMMP, more wet wind echoed in the toilet. I started to leave to give her some privacy, but Aunt Susie motioned to the clothes hamper and said, "Gruntly, we are family after all!" She smiled as I sat and let a turd PLOOMP into the water below her bottom. I couldn't nbelieve she was sitting there with her hands folded in her lap just above her nylon tops, her creamy thighs molding over the commode seat LETTING me watch! I felt a little woozy with the scene and the smell was mounting. "SOR...RY, dear," she smiled as she grunted and lost another turd FLOOOMP...PAHLOOMP to the toilet. Then, she spread her legs and looked into the toilet, and noted...."Oohh your poo was nice and round, not all ragged like mine"...I went red with embarassment, and she closed her legs and BRRRAAPPPED some moist sounding mush from under her intothe water, followed by a courtesy flush

Hey Taylor here. Just a few replies, then straight down to business about my business.
Buzzy: Okay, I'll take a look. Don't know how long it'll take me though.
Graham: Cheers for telling me. I'll look later.
Okay then, time for my business. Has anybody ever thought it possible to block a urinal. I did so on Thursday. It was the last lesson of school (PE for yours truly) and I desperately needed to take a piss. So here I am, heading for the men's room at a lesure (can't bloody spell it) center (The sports block at my school burned down last year), I head straight for the urinal, and take my piss. Bloody hell, I filled the bastard up. Never thought I could do that.
I've finally found the ability on how to produce logs. Don't strain too hard, and don't wait too long. So basicaaly I took my post-Christmas shit, a bloody monster of a log for me, at least 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. The same happened just yesterday. I went for a shit, and crapped out one tiny chunk and a demon. Although those weren't my biggest. My biggest was a few years ago, forgot when, where I crapped out a sticky beacher. At least 13 inches long and 2 wide. Those a real big ones for me.
Oh yeah, I dunno why, but I'm always pissed off.
Cheers. Taylor.

Mornin',all and a very happy new year to you all.Had a nice holiday season and had a few good poops here and there,but I was also pretty busy too.Glad to see that TAYLOR has brought some of the old posters back to say hey-Nice to hear from GRUNTLY BOGWELL,PENNY and a few others-Hey Taylor,i did respond to your 1st post quite a while ago-just go back and look-it's there somewhere!
Over the holidays I along with most of us overate a bit and had some good dumps.One of the better ones was 2 days after Christmas at the gym.I got upi and headed for the gym and as i started to go thru my routines,i felt a tremendous fullness in my ???? and then I could feel my morning load moving down my descending colon and I knew it was going to do a good unloading,so I continued exercising and let the urge build up and then the cramps started and I felt my rectum start to fill with the day before's input,so i went downstairs to the stalls and there were 2 guys in there and 1 was dumping quite loudly and the other was cleaning off the seat getting ready to do his deed,so i took the stall next to him and as I'm cleaning off the toilet,he sits down and lets out a long fart and a grunt and says "oh boy" and then i hear what sounded like the crackling of a long,soft BM.Now this really made me have to go and my rectum was filled to capacity,so i undressed and sat down and my anus right away started to dome out,but there was so much poop in my rectum my anus felt like the front door of macy's as they opened it up on christmas eve-in other words,all this poop wanted to come out, but my anus could only open up so much and I started to push and my anus domed out some more as I passed some hissing gas,i could feel the load start to move out.At first,it come out slowly and it felt like I was pushing out a long rope as my rectum was really full and then it started to crackle and then start to speed up,but it seemed to go on and on as I looked between my open legs and saw a rope of smooth dung stretching from my domed anus to the bowl and it just grew and grew as I had to push a bit to get this load out.It was about and inch to and inch and a half thick,but man,it was really long as it coiled into the bowl and I just decided to stop and let it hang out my asshole for a bit as I listened to the guy next to me start to unload some more as he let out 2 wet farts followed by a lot of soft stuff that ended in what sounded like loose pudding as he ended it with an explosion of farts as he groaned in relief.That just made me want to push out my load-i really like to poop along with the other guys-There's something about dumping at the same time that kinda turns me on a bit,so i started to push out the rest of my load and as I pushed ,i felt my anus domed out and the rope of dung started to move out with a lot of crackling and a few farts in between which felt great-I really enjoy the feeling of pushing out a load with a lot of trapped gas cause it's such a relief when all that stuff finally comes out-it's like Nurvana!Then i ended it with a long fart as I groaned(quietly) in relief.Then i looked in the bowl and saw 2 long and i mean long curled around the bowl-they must have been 15-16 inches long each-I must have lost 10 lbs!I wish I had a camera!Then the guy in the next stall started to wipe and then I let out another fart and started to so some soft pudding poop that felt great as it exited my butt-i'll tell you, I really had to go!This was one of the best dumps i had in quite awhile!Then as I'm letting out the tail end,I started to pee-I'll tell you I knew this was going to be a good dump and it sure was!Of course I had some fun and then wiped myself and it was a pretty clean wipe too!!then just before i flushed,i looked in the bowl and it was quite a production!then I flushed and down it went and I felt nice and light and springy!Now my day was ready to begin! I had a few more good dumps over the holidays (maybe I'll post some of them some time later),but none like that one!What would have benn nice would be for me do have a pretty lady to buddy poop that load along with!

Shelly From Wisconsin
Hi Yall~

It was snowing outside today so i was all excited to go and have a poo out there. I waited all day so it would be nice and big for later. My friend Sara came over because my husband is away on a buisness trip, we ordered some Tai food. After about 25 minutes she farts and boy did it smell, she says I think i am going to poo soon, I said ok follow me....she seemed a lil skeptical but I had to blow out a big one too so I grabbed some TP from the bathroom, peeled off my panites and took her outside to my bushes with me. I was wearing a sweater and a skirt on. She asked "shelly what are you doing? I really have to poop." I said I know me too...i just skirt was short enough where when i squatted it came over the back of my ass, anyways, i squatted and let out a really loud fart, she said " Oh well why not"...she took down her jeans and panties and let loose with a series of wet farts and a few squirts of diareha. We both had farty/squirty poops for about ten minutes then we wiped and went inside. I love winter.....

Sita: glad you liked my story

Girls: keep the poop stories coming, please include the farts and everything....thats what makes a good poop great isnt it?

And does anyone know of any good scenes in a movie where a woman shits other than detroit rock city, not another teen movie?

Can you recall any movie bathroom scenes where odor is the source of humor?

Hannah. Alcohol, partiicularly if taken to excess, can wreak havoc with the stomach and bowels as it's a major irritant. Glad to hear you soon recovered.

GRUNTLY BOGWELL. I enjoyed your account of the buddy dump you had with Aunt Susie. Obviously the prune juice worked quickly on both of you with the result that you both needed to poo at the same time. It's a pity she never married because I'm sure she'd have met a man who shared her interests and appreciated her talents. Although the history's different in a number of respects it sounds to me as though the affectionate bond you have with Aunt Susie has a number of similarities with the one I have with Aunt Anne. I don't know whether she'd dose me up on prune juice to 'get me going' after a long journey though but you never know!

kelly anne. It was distressing to read about the problems you are having with bowel control at the moment and my heart goes out to you. My advice would be to see your local doctor (it would be a good thing if your mother could go with you) and have matters investigated. Whilst I suspect the underlying cause may not be serious it's obviously causing you a lot of misery and upset so I'd have it investigated as soon as possible. Hopefully your doctor will refer you to a specialist who can help with treatment or medication to bring the problem under control.

Suzanne. I enjoyed reading your 'poo diary' for the Christmas period enormously. It sounds to me as though you had some really good poos, especially the 'mile high' ones. One tends not to think of air stewardesses having to go for #2's during a shift but obviously it happens! It sounds as though the food in Dubai suited you both as well. Quite often when people travel to foreign destinations the first thing that happens is they go down with an upset ???? due to the stress of travelling plus having different food and water. Obviously you and Rich avoided that. Hope you have some good poos in the New Year.

Loggerman & everyone else. Happy New Year!

Yalo. Taylor here.
I was a a party the other night (for the record, I'm not much of a party animal, and the party were shit), and I'd been feeling quit sick. I didn't through up, it was intestinal trouble. Probably all the caffein (Can't freakin spell it) I drink acting like a laxative (I can drink four cans of Red Bull or one 2L bottle of Lucozade a day) Gave me the urge for a shit, so I head inot the gents, and start. I crapped out two thin logs. So I knew it wasn't the last of it. So I head back after I feel the urge again, and I crap out some loose shit, and my mates come in. They thought I was puking. I wasn't. I wouldn't have had time to lock the door. I literally decide to call for a lift home, because I didn't want to take any risks.
Buzzy: I had a look. I just couldn't find your reply (My first post was on page 1308, so I looked around that area).
Great to see so many people from different cultures here.
Cheers. Taylor.

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