kelly anne
i'm kelly anne, 19 female small and cute! i've only had two accidents in my day but they both made me feel like dying! okay, i don't really have too much trouble with control but i can't 'hold it in' very long when i have to go least once a week i have an extreme emergency and barley get to the toilet in time, but like i said i've only ever had 2 disasters. my weak bowels have always been a stressful thing for me, i mean whenever i'm in a situation where i can't get to a bathroom very soon and i have the slightest feeling of having to go poopies, i get so nervous. when i was a sophomore in high school, i went to mexico with my sister and my cousins over winter break. i had so much fun, except the water or something down there may have irritated by bowels just a bit. it wasn't anything major that had me holding my butt squirming to the bathrooms every hour, i just REALLY had to go when i woke up every morning while i was down there, and i mean badly! i kept waking up between 7 and 8 each morning with terrible stomach cramps and creamy poop trying to push it's way out. i made it to the toilet every morning for a long, slightly discomforting creamy poop. but that wasn't the problem. our flight back home was the day after new years, and we got in at about 7 pm. It was rough because i had to start back at school the following morning. the next morning i woke up at 5:40 and my stomach felt fine, so i thought i was feeling better. i didn't recognize at the time that the other mornings it was happening a little bit later. i went to school and everything was going fine, until my first period physics class...just a little bit after 7 when class has just started, my stomach cramped up...i was horrified from the start, it always makes me nervous if i think i might have to go at school, but this time i KNEW i had to go, but we were not in the window for going to the bathroom. at my school, periods are only 40 minutes long so we're only allowed to go to the bathroom between periods. most teachers are pretty lenient and would let you go during class if you were feeling desperate, but there were definitely your very conservative, play by the book types of teachers who wouldn't me leave for the bathroom if i pooped and peed myself 5 times or something. just so happens, that's my physics heart started pounding and my eyes glazed over with tears. my bowels churned and i clenched by butt with all i could for the sake of clean undies! i didn't hold out very long before everything went to hell...10 minutes into class, i ripped this bubbly wet fart that made a very loud squelching sound and creamy poop starting rapidly filling my pink butterfly panties! it felt hot and creamy and quickly spread under my whole butt and into my crotch, the whole time making a pattering and squelching noise on the seat..i think the rest of the class was almost as horrified as me judging by the looks on their faces...i quickly got out of my seat and covered my butt with both hands and tried to make my way to the door crying hysterically! i tried to explain that something had upset my stomach when i was in mexico and i couldn't help it, but i don't think anyone understood me because of my broken sobs and gasps...when i got to the girls bathroom i went into a stall and i collapsed onto the toilet and bawled for a good 10 minutes before i lowered my jeans and tried to empty my seeping panties into the toilet. i should've just waited until i got home because i just made the mess a lot worse. it wound up running down my legs and getting all over the inside of my jeans and a little bit on the outside and on the floor. eventually a pretty nice girl from my class who i know fairly well came in to see if i was okay. i tried to tell her between sobs that i didn't know what to do and that i had a really bad mess, and she asked if there was anyway she could help or if she could get someone. i said i didn't know what to do and after a while she started handing damp paper towels under the partition for me. she was nice enough to stay and help me do that for about 10 minutes and then said she should probably go back to class, but offered to get someone else. i told her i thought i would be okay, and she told me to feel better and left. by this time i had calmed down somewhat and i had used the paper towels to wipe my legs off and get the poop off the outside of my pants. i made myself just clean enough to be able to get down the hallway to the main office. i piled all the soiled paper towels in the toilet, because i seriously didn't care if they couldn't be flushed of if anyone saw when i thought i was neat enough to walk, i made my way out of the girls room and waddled to the office with my now damp, poop stained jeans. i smelled absolutley terrible too. i didn't even need to say anything when i got there, they immediatley got in touch with my mother and within 15 minutes i was home, cleaning myself up properly. THAT WAS A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE. quite a humbling experience...i just feel fortunate that i've always treated people with kindness and respect and ahve always been an outgoing person at the same time, so the following days at school weren't bad. of course people gossiped about it, but everyone was polite and gracious to me personally, so that felt a little good...

but what's worse, pooping your pants in front of your class, or your boyfriend???? i still can't decide. my other nightmare happened 3 weeks ago....

my boyfriend lives about 4 hours from me, but he is going to college in my area. a few weeks ago we spent the day christmas shopping, and we had gone to a new shopping center off the bypass roughly 20 minutes from where i live. unfortunatley, among the crazy holiday traffic and the new shopping area, i got confused while trying to get back on the bypass and wound up heading the wrong way. i was convinced for about 10 minutes that everything was fine and i was just hoping for something i recognized. my boyfriend couldn't help out because he doesn't know the area, so he wasn't saying anything either and just thought i knew what i was doing. to make matters worse, i had the urge to go poopies at that point for about an hour and a half, and it was getting pretty difficult to hold it in....a few odd road signs later lead me to realize i wasn't in the right place, so i had to find a place to turn around. it wasn't for another 20 minutes when i finally got back on the right track, but now i had a whole new emergency..i was about to reach my limit for holding it in, and i knew things weren't going to go well!! my face felt flushed, and i began nervously squirming in my seat. it was quite obvious that i was getting quite anxious, and i figured the best thing i could do was at least warn my boyfriend...i humbly mentioned that i had a little problem, and i was scared i might "do something in my undies", was how i put it. he told me to feel free to stop somewhere if i needed, and while i appreciated the kind gesture, i couldn't really just stop on the bypass. mentioning to him what my situation was didn't quite help with the humiliation as much as i had hoped, because minutes later i had to go poopies so bad that it just came out in my underwear. it was solid, warm and soft and made a really big bulge in my light purple panties, and the smell was pretty strong. i was spared of the extra humiliation of flatulence, but since i pooped my undies quietly i paid the price with the very potent odor and the large bulge pushing the back of my skirt and pantyhose out! i tried my hardest not to cry or let it distract my driving, but my lip started quivering and my eyes glazed over again, so i had to pull off the road. i sat in my loaded underpants and cried while my boyfriend rubbed my shoulder and tried to help me relax, but he was obviously very uncomfortable. after i got a little calm, i finally made it home and cleaned myself up. he knocked on the bathroom door while i was changing my underwear and let me know that he had to get going and hoped i was okay. i didn't say much in response, but after i heard him leave i cried in the bathroom for almost 20 minutes before i changed into clean underwear.

there are different elements to both accidents but kind of make them uniquely humiliating, so i still can't decide which was worse...the first one was bad because it was very very loud and messy and happened infront of a lot of people...but at least i had a legitimate excuse for losing control, and i was only 16 at the time. the second one was bad because it happened in a much more childish manner...i simply had to go poopies and childishly couldn't wait long enough and went in my panties, at the age of 19 in front of my boyfriend, but at least it wasn't so messy and i didn't fart while doing it..

eitherway, now i'm TERRIFIED everytime i had to poop when i'm not in my own home or somewhere i feel "safe." i shouldn't worry so much, i mean they were just two accidents that couldn't really be avoided, but still...last night i felt the need to go poopies while i was leaving work, and it made my heart throb the entire drive home eventhough i got home with plenty of time to spare when i got on the toilet...

so that's always humiliating! thanks for reading my stories, i'll be sure to post again about a couple very close calls, and maybe even some of my "mini" accidents (where i might've started to poop my pants a little before i got to the toilet but it wasn't a total mess or something anyone witnessed)
-kelly anne

At a local bank they will unlock the washroom for customers. I asked to use the restroom because I had just cut my hand then needed toilet paper to stop the bleeding.

Another time I was biking to a blood drive. My bike got stuck in the mud.
My legs were covered with mud. When I arrived I told a man I needed to go to the bathroom. I only peed as an after thought, sense it was summer and not much pee was made on the trip.

josh:im just wondering have u ever felt like u cant hold on any longer

17/female, high school senior. i have a question and a couple of stories about some of my incidents.

question: do you ever just crap yourself because you are desperate to relieve yourself and there's no one around, even if you could make it to the toilet? i did that today.

i had to crap very bad during school today, but i'm reluctant to do that at school. by the end of the day, i was aching to go. the final bell rang and i gathered my things and headed out to my car. on my way through the student parking lot, my butt was really feeling the pressure and i just wished i was at home on my own toilet. i really had to go bad, but i knew i could hold it. i got in my car, and just as i started it up, i thought to myself "if i have to go so bad that i'm this uncomfortable, i may as well just go since i'm the only one here and there's no one home..." so, i did. even though i could have made it home, i was just so tired of holding it and was in such need of the relief that a took a big, soft crap in my underwear just sitting in my car in the parking lot. it felt sooooooooo good to finally go, but i wasn't looking forward to the clean up. when i got home it took me almost an hour to clean out my panties and shower and put a clean pair on, so i wasn't sure if the early relief was worth it.

the whole incident reminded me of a similar thing i did when i was in 7th grade, but that time it was more of an accident. i had to crap urgently by the end of the school day once in 7th grade when i was 13, but even back then i was never willing to go at school. i got on my bus to go home, but it was in the middle of the winter and the roads were icey, so the bus was taking it a little slow. if we had been going at a normal speed i probably would've made it home, but the ride was taking so long that my butt just got tired of holding it in and i took a huge mushy crap in my panties i was extremely embarrassed! everyone on my bus knew what i did, and i had no way of hiding it. i had a khaki skirt on and white pantyhose, and the crap mushed out of my light blue snowflake design panties and made stains down my legs, and there was poop at my ankles in the pantyhose. i cried so hard, and i had to walk all the way home like that but panties filled with crap and crap all down my legs and stuck in my pantyhose squishing against my ankles. it was soo gross!

that incident is the only time i ever accidentally crapped my pants, unless you count what i did today as an accident, but i really crapped my pants out of carelessness today, not accidentally.

last but not least, i peed myself in 8th grade. i was having one of those mornings where even though i went to the bathroom when i woke up and again before school, i had to pee pretty bad during second period. something i had to drink the night before was obviously going right through me, and i had a very tight pair of blue jeans on that pressed into my stomach whenever i was sitting and it was making it even more difficult to hold it in. we had an in-class essay that day on the book we were reading in class, and you need all the time you can get for those. i was squirming like CRAZY in my seat from having to pee so bad, and i was just hoping i could finish up with a few minutes to spare and run to the bathroom at the end of class. i finally go done my essay with 3 minutes to spare, and when i stood up to hand it in i could feel that my bladder was throbbing and i had a tingling sensation throughout my lower region from having to go so bad. i told my teacher i was going to the bathroom, but before i even made it to the door, i lost control of my bladder and completely soaked myself in pee. i was humiliated yet again, and this was not helping my ego very much considering a few people who witnessed the wetting accident were also witnesses to my messing accident on the bus the year before...

what can i say, i'm just accident prone i doesn't seem like a lot, but 3 accidents in my teenage life is more than most people have.
i'll be sure to post again if i have another accident!

it's about three in the morning, and i just had a really big poop.
i went to bed about eleven o'clock. my stomach had been feeling really full since dinnertime, but no poop urges. about half an hour ago i woke up with a major ???? ache. i still didn't feel like i needed to poop, and thought my ???? was just hurting from eating so much, so i tried to go back to sleep. a few minutes later i started having gas and felt a big poop building. since my stomach was already aching i knew i needed to get to the bathroom. by the time i got to the toilet there was already some poop coming out. there were three big chunks that plopped first, then i had a huge fart and then a few pieces of soft poop. i feel so much better now! still a little bit funny in the ???? area, but better.
oh, before i forget, a quick story about thanksgiving (way late, but oh well). my cousin came over to our house to eat after being at another family gathering and during dinner she said she was already full because she'd eaten earlier. later we were in my room talking and she began rubbing her ???? and looking uncomfortable. her belly looked a little bit bloated. i asked if she was okay and she said "yeah, my stomach just hurts. i think i ate too much." not long after that she asked to use the bathroom. she was in there for about twenty minutes or so, and when she came out she was rubbing her belly again. "that felt so good, i think there's still more though," she said. i thought it was kind of weird because we've never talked about pooping before. we went back downstairs and an hour or so later i saw her going into the bathroom again, so i guess she got the rest out.

Graham: Thank you for reply. No I dont have sari. I have jeans. I only have sari for special occasions they are very expensive. Yes knickers were still down below my knees because I still need to wipe bum clean. I don't know if anyone see because I am looking at turd in toilet.

Hey all... I have been a regular at this site for a while just never had any interesting stories to share, none half so interesting as some of those I read here. keep going all of u! :)

i haven't pooped for the last couple of days, feels uncomfortable i find coz shitting is a good way to cleanse our system and rid of all the junk food of previous days! but when i finally felt the urge this morning, the feeling of something at my hole and telltale little farts, i just didn't have the time to go! I have no qualms to go at my office but work was just crazy this morning so there was no time to go at all... when i finally have some time in the afternoon, the urge has disappeared and i just couldn't go! grrr!!

just have some questions to share with u guys here...

i often see ads for "detox" or related medication that's supposed to bring regularity in bowel movement. i def do not have regular bowels, once every 2 days or more though i eat about the same amount everyday. i have this urge to try this detox stuff if it will bring me daily poops, and if the ad is true, lose some weight why not?... has any of u taken these detox stuff before? does it really work?? it's not cheap though, slightly over 50 bucks for a one-month course. im concerned will it lead to reliance? and in if i stop after one month, will my bowel be back to my current irregular habits?

lastly, this is a less serious question.. how do u handle it when u can't help the farts that come out in office? those poop-warning ripe, smelly silent farts, it's so embarrassing when a colleague comes nearby and i just know she can tell i was the bomber!

sorry this is so long, my excited 1st post! haha... Happy New Year 2005 all! may u have a smooth year... as we pray for the tsunami victims! sigh...

michael explosive diarrhea
Has anyone ever seen or heard their mom take a shit. I have heard her but never seen her. On vacation she said she had to go to the bathroom and we went back to the hotel room. She went to the bathroom and i heard her unzip and sit on the toilet. I heard her make a loud fart and a bunch of loose turds hit the water.I have never seen her shit but i wonder if she makes big turds.

Mr. Clogs
cheryl: I liked your post about watching youself with the mirror peeing, and thanks for the description on the stream and the scent you've describe so very well. Oh and about those "water saver" toliets. I've just had the bathroom upstairs where I live replaced because the plumbing would leak downstairs in the bathroom. Yes indeed those toilets are quite smaller than the old 1970s and 1960s toilets, I guess you can call those toilets children's toilets! Once again I enjoyed your post.

Shelly From Wisconsin: Your post was crazy! Wow, I never experienced a unisex restroom situation before where both sexes could come and go as they pleased. I liked the part where you talk about this girl that works in your building saying that comment and relieved herself in the unrinal! Cool.

I'm glad that the holidays are over, hate to be a Scrudge or Grinch right now, but I've been experiencing some minor constipation for the past couple of days after the New Year holiday. While I was out on New Years day, I decided to buy a Citric Magnesium to relieve my constipation. So I've waited until today to take so I could be near a bathroom. So this morning about 6:15 AM, I've got the urge to go. So I got up from my bed and headed to the bathroom, quicky pulled down my pj bottoms and quickly sat on the toilet, peed first before releasing liquid poo out of my ass. I finished up about 15 minutes later, wiped, pulled my pj's back up and washed my hands and went back to bed. I'll post later, hoped you'll enjoy it! Take care.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Hi everyone - it seems ages since I last posted. Things have been busy over Christmas and I have not had much time and also the site has not been updated very often. I have however kept a note of my pooping experiences to tell you. I have got some good stories but this time I think that I will just do a brief update and fill in the detail later. But first I will reply to some of your comments. I do like you responding - it makes it more like I know people and can tell you about the bits (usually big wide bits!!!) that interest you most. Its nice to be appreciated.

Adrian - I am really pleased that you liked the Niki story. It was fun and really luck it all worked so well. Rich is glued to the window in the mornings now and you can see that he is enjoying imagining what is going on.

Buzzy - A legend - well thank you very much but I really don't think I have earned that yet. I just really love pooping with other beautiful people both male and female. I love watching them enjoy me go and I just so much enjoy watching them. It brings a special closeness between friends. I especially love watching other girls go and its SO much fun.

Tim - I am glad you enjoyed the account of Niki having a poo. We cant see through her window, its just that the windows in her house are very long and some go right down within 2 foot of the floor. There is a long window to the side of the toilet. Its just forward of the toilet so you cant see the bottom of the person sitting down but you can see their legs and knees and the top half of their body if they lean forward as Niki does. She stands up to wipe her bottom so you can also see that. Its frosted glass so you cant see clearly but just a silhouette - especially if the light is on. Regarding pants - I tend to pull mine right down to the floor if my jeans let me. On the other hand Kate will only pull them to above her knees unless she is going with me and then she usually takes them off so I have a better view. Niki had hers at knee level. I am not sure about Lucy yet but will let you know.

This is what I have been upto since I last posted:

Sat 11 Dec - Last post - poo with Niki
Tue 13 Dec - Went at work with Lucy and Kate. We all went into the disabled toilet at work and the 3 of us pooped in turn. It was the first time I had seen Lucy poo - a really beautiful sight. Lots of hissing wind - crackling - four loud plops and a strong musty smell. Her turds are bigger and heavier than Kates but smaller than mine - each about six inches long and one inch or more wide - smooth dark brown and shiny. Lucy's make a loud clear plop whereas mine go kerpolonk and Kates are more continuous plipping. We all really enjoyed the shared experience and will do it again lots. I think our new found pooing friend Lucy is more excited about it than us - if that is possible. We haven't raised the post poo girly fun yet with her but I suspect it wont be long. Kate has adjusted really well to her new pooing time, so we naturally seem to want to go together now - trouble is I have to wait 3 days - perhaps I should try 2 days but the problem would be that it would not come so fast and easy and everybody loves my 3 day massive turds.

Fri 16 Dec - Guess what? A repeat of Tuesday at work. It was really good and my poo had been trying to come since 8 in the morning so there was lots of smelly wind and holding on. I went first and it was massive and Lucy asked if she could look at what I had done before I wiped so of course I agreed and they both stared into the bowl at my single massive creation - and very smelly it was too. Lucy asked if she could wipe me and I agreed - Kate helped and they both seemed to enjoy it and it was a new experience for me. Kate went next and did a very large soft poo which was as a result of a rich meal and too much to drink the night before. She didn't want to be wiped because it was messy. Lucy then went but had a bit of trouble - only 2 plops. I think she may be better going every other day like me. She does look so beautiful and cute on the toilet though - especially when she has to strain. At one point she held the seat behind her and pulled up to force her poo out. Still no girly fun but I am sure I will have enough courage to raise it soon with Lucy (Kate and me went back half an hour later and did it without her).

Mon 19 Dec - This is the week of missing going at the weekend with Rich but Christmas was coming and I will make up for it. The three of us went together at work before lunch. I suggested squatting for a change as this is something Kate and me do sometimes. Lucy didn't know whether she would be able to but agree to try. Kate led the way by putting up the toilet seat and squatting on the bowl facing the back wall.. We both watched her hole open up and let out 15 - yes 15 bits of poo. Each was thin and about 3 inches long and came out fairly continuously hitting the front of the toilet and and not the water. I went next and let out a really big wide bit which hit the bowl side and slid into the water. We thought that it must have been at least 17 inches long and really wide and smooth. Lucy said wow as it came out and continued to come without breaking. The issue of the girly fun was solved as Lucy had her hand down her trousers and I don't think she was adjusting her panties. When Kate saw this she started and I felt left out squatting there with half a 17 inch turd handing from my arse. Lucy went last and soon mastered it but had to take of her jeans to balance. Four lovely turds came from her little hole and they hit the water as she was able to get further back. They hit the water with massive splashes. Her poo is so smelly but really not offensive.

Thur 22 Dec - Off on holiday to Dubai. A 7 hour flight and Rich and I were determined to create our own version of the mile high club!. The flight took off at 1.30 and I was busting to go by 10. I managed to hold it and I got up as soon as the seat belt lights went off. The plan was that rich would follow about 2 mins after. We crammed ourselves into this tiny toilet and so that Rich could see I squatted precariously on the seat. The usual massive turd flew out and hit the metal bowl. We wondered whether it would go down as it was as wide as the hole or even a bit wider. I pushed the button and the toilet sucked and sucked until it eventually consumed my beautiful log - leaving skid marks all around the opening. Rich thought that this was a good way to start a holiday. Incidentally, we saw two very pretty stewardesses go into the toilet during the flight. Not the normal 2 mins but one for 7 and one for 11. Flying odd hours must wreck their regularity. We went to have a look after both of them. After the first - a petite red hed - there was no marks in the toilet but a very strong smell masked my sprayed perfume. The second was a much taller girl with biggish hips and very pretty - she left skid marks like mine but no smell.

Christmas Day - I went in the hotel room before lunch with Rich. Not my usual one bit but countless plops and really smelly but not soft and upset. Rich thought it was cool for a change especially as it took 3 flushes to get rid of it. We preceded lunch with a special post poo Christmas present for each other.

Wed 28 Dec - Just a fairly normal one - one big bit - in the hotel room. Made a special trip back to the room from the pool as there are no disabled loos here.

New Years Eve - I wanted to lay on a special one for Rich but it would be difficult. I wanted to greet the new year with a poo. I was due to go that morning but really wanted to wait. I was farting all day and Rich kept saying can we go yet and I kept saying that I wasn't ready - but he knew it wasn't true. We were to watch the fireworks from the beach at midnight after a meal. We had the meal and by that time I was desperate. We made our way down to the dunes and found a quiet romanic spot away from the crowds to watch the fireworks. We kissed as we waited for midnight and at about 2 minutes to I said are you ready for this! I pulled up my dress and pulled down my panties and let out the most massive turd followed but a really long thinner one. Rich couldn't believe his eyes. As I pulled the tissue from my bag the first firework went off. Rich agreed that it was the most exciting New Year he had ever had. After the fireworks he studied my creation and we made love in the dunes.

We came home on 2nd Jan and I had my most recent poo at home with Rich on 3rd. Nothing unusual but fun as usual. My next poo will probably come Friday at work with the girls. Looking forward to that and I will post to tell you about it.

Sorry this is long but I had lots to tell you about - will post soon - Poo Together - love Suze

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year.
I went to my sister's for Christmas, she has two toilets, the upstairs one I know to be no good for my poo which, usually being a slick, never gets very far down the pipe. The downstairs one is better though. I was in there and thought that for safety I would poo into some toilet paper, I thought this might improve the sinkability. So I ripped some off and was pooing into it, obviously holding it in my hand, when to my horror the door opened, dodgy lock, and my 11 year old niece came in. She found me hovering over the toilet with a big poo in my hand. She did give me a funny look!
Over the holiday for some reason I have been passing good, solid logs, perhaps turkey's good for me, but because it's the holiday my wife is at home so I've missed the chance of doing it on the floor/in the bath/in the sink/in my hands. I did a poo today which was three firm logs about 6 inches each, a bit of an effort to expel, and I did so much wanted to be doing it squatting on the floor.
I saw an advert in the Radio Times for a thing called an 'Indipod', it says "Would you like a loo in your car?". This loo is apparently the size of a suitcase and when you sit on it you get enclosed in a plastic bubble and can poo away to your heart's content and noone can see you, you can't see them either so they'll probably make it illegal to use one when driving. Anybody used one of these things?

Kamryn: Hi, welcome. It can feel funny deciding whether to commit yourself but in my experience everyone here will listen to you and respect you. Do the butterflies mean you have something to share which we'd all love to share with you?

Love, and happy pees and poos,

To Connie Crapper:
Those u-shaped seats are all over (white,black,brown & etc).
Here is my survey for you.
1. How far do you pull your panties down ?(a.knee, floor)
2. Have you ever pissed in a shower ? (a yes, b no}
3. Have you ever left the bayhroom stinky after pooping?
4. Do you pee and poop at the same time?
5. Have you ever used a squt toilet (like the ones in japan old days) ?
6. Do you sometimes leave the toilet unflushed after pissing?

Yesterday I got home from work about 5.30 and went to the loo where I did the most enormous poo. It was coiled round in the pan like a Cumberland Sausage!

PENNY. It may have been funny at the time but I think your friend was most unwise to drop her pants a do a poo in the middle of a gas station. Hopefully the authorities will deal leniently with her if she explains the desperate nature of the situation and makes it clear she'd been refused use of the toilet. In the UK I think it would be unlawful for a shop or petrol station to refuse use of the toilet to a desperate customer.

Gruntly Bogwell. It's good to see an old regular back here.

Hi also to Linda from Australia.

Thomas Crapper
I've been here a couple of times before and I think it's a cool website so I've decided to post a little poop message.

I have been suffering for two days with cramps and really nasty crap! It's all gooey and when I wipe it's yellow on the TP! I think maybe I've got some sort of a litle stomach bug. It's just not right!

I gotta go shopping tomorrow and I don't want to! My underwear is not designed for accidents! :P

Shelly From Wisconsin
Sup Yall

Well I was headed to a job interview the other day for a promotion and in our building there are unisex bathrooms. I always liek to make sure I go to the bathroom before I do something important like this so I didnt take my usual after lunch poo and waited till about 2:30. I went into the bathroom having to poo really bad there was my friend Tom at the sink and my friend Jacob at the urnial peeing. I really don't mind people hearing me poop so i went in the stall, hiked up my skirt, pulled down my panties and sat. Right away i let out two really big wet farts followed by some explosive chunky poo. Jacob says, " wow sounds like someone had spicy food today" I laughed and said " yeah" then farted. I must have been pooping and farting for about 20 minutes straight, by the time i was done it was all liquid. I felt so much better, here is where it gets interesting; as I was washing my hands an associate that works in the same building, i think her name is jan..came into the bathroom and says " I have never had to pee so bad in my life." She walked up to the urinal lifted up her skirt, pulled down her panties just below her butt, lifted up her clit a lil bit and peed in the urinal for about 45 seconds while i washed my hands and fixed my make up. She farted as she finshed and went on her way. I thoguth it was neet to see a girl do that....I might give it a try...Any of you ladies ever do that? Keep the pooping stories coming.


Hey everyone, hope you all had a good New Year!!
Gruntly Bogwell>> WOW, i have read all your previous posts, and I'm so very very happy you have come back!!! I only wish that I could meet you and watch you in the bathroom. You are a legend. You seem to be a very handsome man as well!! Please stay here and dont leave again :)
Fatman>>> Where are you hun??? You wrote some great posts and now you've disappeared, please come back and write some more, they were great stories, and they really turned me on

i discovered this site by accident a year ago and i have checked it out now and then, i guess that makes me a lurker.

i have butterflies in my belly just typing this, i don't know if i'm brave enough to actually share anything...

Hi everyone, sorry I'm going back a bit but I haven't had much chance to read all your stories for a while.

China girl: I loved your story of your first turd in your new toilet. I replaced my toilet and I wondered if it would work OK the first time I did a poop in it. Glad you had such a nice big turd come out. Also I love the way you treat your toilet, like it's a person, that's original.

Sita: Your English is fine. In fact I loved your story about your first turd in the mall. Can I ask if you were wearing a Sari when you did your poop? They look like a lot to handle when you sit on the toilet. And yes I agree our toilets are easy to see in. Did you still have your knickers down when you turned around to look at your turd and do you think anyone saw you through the crack?

Taylor: I remember Punk Rock Girl, Carmalita and the others. Yes they were great but you missed one of the true greats and that was Melissa. She wrote such incredibly detailed stories I could just see her poo coming out of her hole and feel the sensations. They were so good I used to print them and take them to the bathroom when I needed a BM and sit there and read while my log was coming out. You can find her posts around page 500 and she is not the same person as Melissa(NY).

Cindy: Sorry to hear you had diarrhea and you threw up as well I remember exactly the same happened to a girl when I was in 7th grade and that was on a field trip. Did your diarrhea make your poo hole burn? Mine does sometimes and I hate that because you cant walk and it feels so uncomfortable.

Zip: I can't pee without my turd coming out as well but believe me I have tried. I've only had fluid come out if I have an erection on the toilet and I've had a particularly long, hard and satisfying BM.

Mike: Awesome experience with the cleaning lady in London. I would probably have died but I agree with you; once it's started coming out, there is no going back and it was incredible service on her part.

I would love to know what it would feel like to be a female in a desperate need to pee; so desperate it feels like it's about to burst out in the next few seconds. Can you put into words how it feels and what you would do to hang on longer?

Connie- I too enjoy the detail of these posts. Yours was a good one and I hope you have more to tell. As yo sya I like to here how people sit, how they wipe and how long they take. But what I like the best are details of how they push. I personally like ot spread my legs, grab the seat between them and pull up when I push...that seems best to force out a stubborn turd.- JW

Connie- Sorry, my first post was rushed and got cut short.
I too enjoy the detail of these posts. Yours was a good one and I hope you have more to tell. As you say I like to here how people sit, how they wipe and how long they take. But what I like the best are details of how the female writers push. I personally like to spread my legs, grab the seat between them and pull up when I push...that seems best to force out a stubborn turd.
I have lots of difficult with constipation, I don't mind public toilets when I really need to go, but when I have to struggle I really want to be alone. I prefer to be naked from the waist down when I need to work at a poop because it lets me spread me legs part. When I push I teak a deep breath, lean forward and pull while counting to ten in my head- Sometimes I rock back and forth. It embarresing to say this but I grunt a lot when I just seems to come that way the poop I mean, The grunt at the end of a lone strain seems to force things to
"get going". Hope you'll tell us more stories.-- JW

@ john. I know your problem very good, my parents have the same problem with my pooping habbits. I have to go poop 2 a day one time I go in school and one time at home. Pooping at school is very embarsing because the stalls have no doors. But know back the toilet problem: When I take a dump at home I put at first a piece of newaspaper in the toilet bowl. This a good method to keep the toilet bowl clean: but this mohod dosen't work allways... bu since I use this method our toilet has become a little cleaner.

Good morning--warm here. Last week I visited the mall for lunch three times and had to use the men's room two of those times. Fairly wide gaps behind the stalls; reflective tile. I saw a man come in; in the tile I saw his bottom as he sat. He put his hand behind him; at first I could not tell what he was doing. Then it was obvious--he was using a finger to dig his b.m. out! I couldn't see anything fall, but every once in a while I heard it. Also he grunted and groaned a lot, as if it was a painful exercise. It took about five minutes, but eventually he was done, so he took t.p. and wiped. Most unusual.
I'm feeling very full in the rectum . . . I squatted on the rim and, in less time than it takes to type this clause, I dropped six turds. The first was long and firm, the rest were shorter and a bit softer, all medium brown. Wiping was a bit messy (sat on the seat to do that), and I finished up with a dab of Noxzema on the toilet paper for cleansing.
Back at the mall . . . one of the workers came in; I saw his bottom before he sat, but he sat well back, so I got only sound effects, which were five light small plunks, then a bigger splash. He wiped, then stood up, and I saw a nugget floating. After he left, another person came in right away, sat fairly well forward, and finally I got to see in the reflective tile the shadowlike image of a turd leaving him. It looked about five inches long, fairly thick and solid. It lit with a slight splash and was followed by another, shorter, almost round. After he left I too finished up, wiped, and left.
Question about Metamucil: If my poops are already reasonably large and normal, would Metamucil make them still larger? Or would it give me diarrhea? Thanks for responses, and happy pooping, everyone!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Connie Crapper
Hi, first time poster, longtime reader. I'm an American female, 27, 5'4", 125, with medium length blond hair. I'm finally writing because the detail people use (or don't) is so interesting. Everyone has their own styles for how they use the bathroom and some, like Cheryl and PRG, write so carefully about everything, so I'm trying my hand.

Anyway, I don't much like using the restroom at work. It's a community room for an entire floor, and I like to get in and out quickly. But one day, I didn't have time for my morning poop at home so I went straight to work. I realized by 9:30 that I was going to be in trouble. I didn't want to go at lunchtime because that's when the toilet is most in use. With a lot of squirming, I held out until about 2:15, then I couldn't take it anymore.

I went into the ladies room to the last of the three stalls. Fortunately no one was in there. I just wanted to be quick, so I pulled up my khaki kneelength skirt and pulled my white panties to my knees and sat. The seat was one of those u-shaped ones that make you ahve to keep your legs open a bit. I sat up straight and started peeing right away and pushed a bit to get it going asap. My pee cut off as a long log slid out and broke off. As this was going on I pulled off some TP so I would be ready for immediate wiping and a quick escape. My pee resumed for about 15 more seconds and tapered off.

To my horror, a woman came in and sat in the stall at the other end. I didn't care if she heard me pee, but I didn't want to do anything else, so I sat and held the rest of the poop. I jsut sat with my hands on my thighs with my wad of TP and waited. Of course, the slight smell and my delay probably tipped her off anyway. Fortunately she peed quickly, washed and left. I don't know if she looked down to see my shoes and recognized me or not. When I heard the door close I pushed again and 3 more chunks fell with a splash. I wanted out before anyone else came in. After the last splash I knew I was done and didn't think there woudl be any more pee dribble.

I wiped my dark brown-haired vagina with my right hand first. (That's the kind of detail I mean--not many write about how they sit, which hand they wipe with or the color/amount of pubic hair htey have. It's interesting, for instance, how us blonds can have such different shades of hair down there. Mine is pretty dark. I've enjoyed some really old posts from women who even discussed whether or not to shave it off.) Anyway, I pulled more TP hurriedly, reached around behind wiht my right hand to wipe my butt. I did that 3 more times, checking wiht the last 2 to make sure I was clean. I pulled up my panties, flushed, washed my hands and escaped without further humiliation. Don't know why it bothers me. Thanks for reading. I'll check back looking for some responses. Connie

China Girl: Hello, I'm so glad you enjoy story. I'm so pleased because I'm like you, I only get turd wanting to come out every two days. I'm glad I'm not only one not having turd come out every day. I also don't like going in public toilet because then people know I am letting out turd. I tried holding turd very hard to stop it coming out but it was very angry and I had to sit on public toilet.

Shelley: You really mean toilet sometimes have no doors and you can see other girl do pee and poo? Now I so glad mall I go to have doors even if people can see through crack. I think if other girl saw me on toilet I would be frightened and turd would not come out.

I'm 20 years old and I have been lurking on this bord for about a month and have enjoyed reading all the post. I swore I would never post anything that is until now. This incident happened to me 7 years ago when I was 14 and I thought I would I share it with everyone. I was having trouble going to the bathroom, but I was too embarrassed to tell my Mom about it. Finally I couldn't take it any longer and had to tell her. She told me that I needed an enema and took me in the bathroom and gave it to me in the bathtub laying on my back with a hot water bottle. It was embarrassing, but I have to admit I sure did feel better afterward.

Gloria: I remember on a visit to London once I decided I definitely had to go and sit on the toilet at Heathrow airport. I found the men's room but to my astonishment as I rounded the corner to the stalls I almost bumped into a young woman, probably Indian or Pakistani with a mop and pale. She was obviously cleaning the toilets. I must have hesitated because she looked at me, smiled and with her hand invited me to the stall she was just cleaning saying in very broken English, "Nice, Clean". Almost like a robot I went in and given the urgency wasted no time in pulling my pants down. I was still making myself comfortable when there was a knock on the door and the same voice said "Paper". I looked and indeed there was no paper on the roll. I remember mumbling something like "OK". She must have interpreted this as a permission to open the door because at that point I heard the bolt being turned back from the outside. The door opened wide and there she stood with her hand outstretched holding a new roll of toilet paper. All I could do was sit there with my pants around my ankles showing off everything I had in full view. I took the paper, tried to smile and stuttered out a Thank-you. She smiled, closed the door and even locked it again for me. By this time I was already opening and I knew it was going to be a very difficult shit. I always make a lot of noise, pushing straining and grunting when I'm constipated and this was no exception. I could hear her cleaning the next stall as I moaned and groaned my way through a really painful evacuation but there was nothing I could do about that. I also noticed that English toilets see to be deeper and the likelihood of hearing big splashes is very high. Today was splash day and I remember four very loud groans followed by four very heavy splashes as my turds hit the water about one every thirty seconds or so. I eventually finished, wiped, flushed and left my stall. As I did so, she turned, looked at me, smiled again and said something like "You feel lot better now". On thinking back I believe she did an excellent job and indeed she was just DOING HER JOB as she saw it.

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