Everyone by now should have finished their Christmas meals. I know it probably hasn't been 24 hours since you've finished it, but I was wondering if anyone has anything interesting to report about their BM after eating all that food?

My Meal & Poop Report:
-I had a good amount of turkey breast, stuffing, eggnog, juice & rice around 4 PM yesterday, but my BM this afternoon was not spectacular by any means. Considering how much I've eaten since Friday & especially Saturday, I thought I'd produce at least one impressive load. But nope... About 2 this afternoon when I sat down and did my business, it was very gassy & unusually smelly too.
Sure I was finished, I then sat up & looked into the toilet. All I saw were 5 yellowish, semi-solid logs. The largest was probably 5" long by 2" wide. The two smallest turds ~4" x 1.5" each, weren't impressive at all. They just floated there in the bowl like two aging battle ships...

I was going to go into the shower so I didn't bother using TP to clean up. I just flushed, got into the shower & cleaned up in there.

I'm lactose Intolerant, so it wasn't surprising that I've been farting every 20 minutes today. What surprised me was how smelly they are (since I'm farting as I write this on my PC...)

(This morning, December 26th, brought a devastating Mag. 9.0 earthquake to regions in & around the Indian Ocean. To anyone here with family & friends in affected regions, I'm sure we all hope they are safe...)

Happy Holidays Everyone.

Nela-- Pleas tell us more about pooping once or twice a months. I can't imagine what it must be like to hold a poop for that long. Does it hurt when it comes out. How much straining do you have to do to get it out?--JW

When I was was in the 5th grade I had to pee and poop really bad when I was outside playing basketball. My friend dared me just to do it right then. I don't know what I was thinking but I loaded my pants with pee and poop. My mom was the librarian and I had to go to her to get some more clothes and my old clothes were sent home with me and in a bag. Later that day I laughed so hard I peed and pooped all over myself again.

To Texas Robb: You're right man! There's no way you can grow up in Texas and be "shit shy". Been here all my life, and in schools, parks, department stores, gyms, rest stops. There's lots of "open shitting". (leaving the doors off keeps vandalism down you know. lol) I learned to get over my shyness a long time ago.

Thanks for the information about lactase and how it helps digest lactose

i was driving home with a friend one day and i had too poop real bad he asked was i alright and i said yea and then it hit agian i told him too pull over quick and he said what and i said u got any toilet paper and he said yea i said get it hurry and he said why then i said that i had too poop bad he said ok then he handed me the toilet paper i got out of the car and ran towards the woods i got there real fast to the weeds and i look around too see if any body was looking then i yanked up my skirt and pulled my black panties down and squatted down in the weeds i farted and pooped all over then i wiped my butt pulled up my panties and went back too the car thanks katie

To Billy and Kevin: Sounds like you guys all had food poisoning if that many people were puking/making diarrhea, the school.

Does anyone watch the cartoon "Drawn Together" on Comedy Central? There was this one episode where this Internet download pig named Spanky would play a prank on the pizza man, where he would order a pizza. While someone else paid the pizza man, he would take a crap on the pizza, and then say "I don't remember ordering this pizza...with sausage!" and then show the pizza man the pizza with a turd on it. It's really funny. I was wondering if anyone who watched it thought of doing some kind of poo prank?

Taylor -- my puke record is not very good. I don't recal exact dates of when I got sick as a child, but I do remember that I got vomited quite a bit, although i wasn't often sick with anything else. In recent years (meaning since the 12th grade) the longest time i've gone without vomiting would be two and a half years, from the time i was 24 to the time i was 26 (and a half). I think it is because some people hate vomiting. I am one of them, but I am not afraid of doing it, and i view it as natural. I know people who are so afraid of vomiting that they will do practically anything not to vomit. My view is that it is better out than in...

Buzzy -- Hmmmm. i was trying to think if i have any good buddy dump stories, but i'm sorry to say i don't really have many, because i really didn't do buddy dumps, as i wasn't very interested. I do have one story though. I don't remember how old i was, but once i walked in on my parents buddy dumping! I didn't understand it at all. My mom and dad were both in the woods behind our house, both shitting and examing eachothers piles of shit. I never saw it again, but now that i think about it, it must have turned one of them on, because my mom gave birth roughly 9 months after i saw that...

Cindy -- I had an expierience kind of like that. I was seventeen, and this guy and I had been goibng out steadily for roughly 6 months. One day he called me and asked to go out with me. Although my stomach had felt icky all day, I instantally agreed, and got dressed. So i went to dinner, and even though I felt sicker and sicker as I ate the food, for some reason i just kept eating it. After dinner, we decided to walk by the nearby lake. I started feeling really sick to my stomach, so I asked him if we could leave soon, because i felt sick. As we were walking back--i dunno what happened, but suddenly i felt like i was going to vomit, and my head went black, and I fainted. When i woke up, i was drenched in vomit and diarrhea. I ran into the water, and washed myself off, and he drove me home. After that we stopped dating, but i'm still embarrassed to think about it.

So, on a note about the children, so far they are all fine! I'm praying that this year christmas will go without any problems (last year was a mess. All of the children were sick wiht a stomach bug, and couldn't keep anything down them. It was a terrible christmas dinner.). To those who celebrate christmas...MERRY CHRISTMAS! To those who don't...HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

punk rock girl: Can you please write about the time you puked while you was pooping.

Just came back from a vacation. I only had one stomach upset which is good for someone with GERD and IBS-D. It happened on the first night. I felt a little constipated that day, but when I got to the hotel room at 11 PM I was finally able to go. I sat on the toilet and out popped a nice solid, great feeling 9 inch log. I was happy and went to bed. when I got to bed, I could not fall asleep. I had a mild stomach ache and had an urge to go some more. So I went back to the bathroom, and had some semi soft logs that came out quite fast. It was now midnight and I tried to go to bed. An hour later I had to go really bad again. This time I had constipated mushy diarreah. It was light brown and smelled very acidic. At 2 in the morning I had the same type of bowl movement again. Then at three in the morning I had the familier urge, so I went again. This time it was much different. I had explosive gas and diarreah this sitting. When I sat on the toilet I let out an extremely loud fart and then dropletts of watery diarreah scattered all over the toilet. Then I went to bed and had no more stomach problems. However, I had the most wonderful bowel movements for the rest of vacation.

The first one occured two days later. I had just eaten a big meal and I sat on the toilet and I had a moderate lumpy, but firm 8 inch long 1.5 inch diameter piece of poop. It felt so great to have the nice solid object with contours coming out of my butt. It was extremely relaxing.

A day and a half later, I woke up at 8 in the morning with a stomach cramp. The type where you feel a nice big solid bowel movement coming. So I ran to the toilet and the moment I sat down, a long but firm log came out very fast followed by a small soft jagged shaped log. These types of bowel movements also feel great because of the relief you get afterwords.

Thats all for now

I am a 33 year old married white lady. I work in an insurance office call center. One day a freezing rain storm hit our city and left the roads in extremely slippery condition. I left for home at about 4:15 P.M. Normally the commute to me and my husbands' acreage is only about 20 minutes.

I had the urge to poop already when I left, but decided not to use the office washrooms and just get home not knowing what was about to befall me. Little did I know how terrible the gridlock was. Tractor trailers were jackknifed everywhere and Power outages blacked out numerous
stoplights. By 5:30 P.M. I was not even half way home. I listened to the radio reports and they were actually telling people to sleep at their offices. At this time I urgently had to poop. I was caught in a complete jam probably miles and miles long. 6:00 P.M. had arrived and I had only moved 100 meters. Trying to hold my poop in was becoming extremely unbearable. I phoned my husband John who was relieved to hear me (no pun intended). He told me to just take it easy and telephone at the top of every hour. At about 6:10 P.M., I was in more pain from
holding my bowels than I could ever remember. I got to thinking. I couldn't abandon my truck to look for a washroom in the middle of traffic. I didn't have anything in my truck to poop in. I wasn't going to expose myself and go in the median or the ditch in front of numerous gazing commuters.

Finally, I picked up the pass side car mat and put it on my seat. I could finally relax. At about 6:15 P.M. when the urge hit again I just lifted up my butt of the seat a few inches and started pooping my pants. After a few seconds, my panties were completely full

Just before 7:00 P.M.,I arrived home at our acreage. My husband greeted me at the door. I explained to him that I had an accident. At first he thought I meant a traffic accident. He asked if anybody was seriously hurt or killed and if there was lots of damage. I had to explain to him that I pooped my pants. He was shocked. I told him I obviously needed to clean up. John actually cleaned up my truck for me with a steam cleaner and locked it inside our heated shop so that we could leave the windows down. The floor mat I used was discarded since we had many more laying around.

When I returned to the kitchen, John had prepared supper. I was not sure how he would react or feel. So I said I was sorry for what I had done. He then took me by the shoulder asked me how I felt. I told him I was embarrassed. He then said he still loved me. He reiterated how
much I meant to him after he had gone through losing his 2 parents and a niece in a traffic accident. That raised my spirits. Moments later he began teasing me in a good natured manner. He said he was going to spank me and send me to bed without supper for being a bad girl and pooping my pants. He then gave me that good natured but mischevious grin. Nothing more was said.

From now on I keep an empty Ice Cream pail with lid, toilet paper and towelletes in my truck.

" just a quickie" after drinking two 24 oz cans of orange mango " arizona" fruit punch between 5-5:30 PM [ last having peed at almost 6 PM but very little then] I began to feel like I had to go just when I was finished shopping; but thought I may as well wait till I got home. anyway, on the way home I began to feel that " full bladder feeling" more; so I deceided to get gas at this small store, and, of course, use the bathroom there[ they have a small M/F restroom as you walk in to the right]. I walked in and quickly closed and locked the door behind me. seeing the seat allready down, I quickly undid and pulled down my pants and undies, then sat down on the small, round seat; a little toward the back more. almost immediately I began to urinate and could hear the tinkle sound of my urine coming out of my twat into the middle of the toilet bowl's water. it continued steady for 30 secs then slowed down for maybe 15 secs more before stopping suddenly. I finished; then wiped my twat quickly and got up. while pulling up my undies and pants quickly I could see the [once clear] bowl's water now all yellow and mostly covered with foam as I flushed.

I was down in greenwich village in new york city about a week before x mas and that is true how hard it is to find a place and how you usually have to be a customer in order to use the restrooms at many places. anyway this was about 5 AM and I was on my way back to the subway from this goth bar. and that delicious yeungling had worked it's way through me by then and I was like" gotta pee! gotta pee! oh come on, please!" good thing I felt hungry and so I stopped at ray's pizza at 8th st and bleecker [ where they actually have one small restroom in the back, as many places don't. NYC is definitely NOT FLORIDA where you can ask to use the bathrooms at ANY CONVIENENCE STORE and if they don't have one for the public, they must allow you to use the one in back of the " ol' circle K store"]

anyway, so I ordered 2 slices and asked where their restroom was; in back and just one small room with a sink and toilet ; which is interestingly covered with stickers of various punk rock bands all over it ,and for new york city-suprisingly clean for the most part and yes,the bowl was flushed![ hey , you've got to admit that many hillbilly country boys actually have more manners than the "educated new yorkers" who don't know how to lift the seat to pee LOL]and so at least I didn't have to " hover" which with a winter coat on whould be harder, but I wiped the seat anyway. I walked in and made sure the door locked good. then I quickly pulled down my jeans and undies, lifted my coat and sat down lightly to pee; bending foward a bit. I quickly began to tinkle into the water for maybe 10 secs before somebody knocked and as I said "I'M IN HERE" my pee sort of halfway stopped, then splashed back into the water in a gushing tinkle for the next 45 secs almost, then stopped for a few secs before again starting up and tinkling in this fast and slow sounding pee[ "SPLISSHHH-SPLISHHH-SPLISHHHHHHHHY"; along with a soft " sisssssss" sound of pee hitting the obviously allready foamy water] as I got out all that left over beer; which took at least a minute and a half total as I was really holding it! having finished, I took some paper from the roll, wiped my wet twat good,dropped the paper in and got up and pulled everything up. I looked and saw the bowl filled with intensely golden yellow foamy pee; the foamy bubbles leaving a " head of foam" in the middle of the water just like the beer. then I flushed and could see the bubbly mess go down.

My roommate asked me to give her a ride to the airport, which is a ten minute ride. She had to be there at three in the morning. We left a little early to stop for coffee and of course I got a large. By the time we got to the airport I had to use the bathroom I was just dropping her off so I figure I would make it back to the apartment in time to use the bathroom. I should have stop at the airport. There was a major car accident and a ten minute ride had turn into a torturing hour. And out of all thing I was wearing a mini pink skirt and thongs, they were not going to hold anything if I lost control of my bowel movement. I was practically bouncing on my seat squirting pee all over myself and I kept feeling my shit poking out I knew I was going to lose control but was trying to hold on for the life of me. Eventually I lost control and pee on myself but was still trying to hold my turd in. eventually traffic started moving I made it to a rest stop I knew I wasn't going to make it to the bathroom so instead I parked in an isolated area and it was still dark and as I got out the car my turd pushed it's way out and onto the ground but I was not finish I was hit with really bad cramps that I bended over pull up my skirt and my thong still on starting shitting all over my self.

To: Texas Robb: Sounds like a VERY cool set-up in your highway rest stops. I could see myself as near-sighed as I am squatting foward off the toilet seat to read the wall, and dropping a turd on the floor... Serious, its nice that you men can move your bowels in front of each other with no shame. There's NO reason you shoud have shame..

mr clogs: well I guess here's more for you to read.

I was at this winter solstice ritual sunday , held at that very same unitarian church in manchester, CT. anyway I got there early about 2:10 PM and here it was to begin at 3 Pm and nobody there yet to open up. last time I peed was about 10:40 am and luckily about the only thing I had to drink was those two small drinks at mc donalds of light lemonade; one while eating and one "for the road"[ this about 12:30 to 1 PM} anyway so I got there ealry and as soon as I did I felt that urge to " go to the bathroom" just beginning. but since I still didn't have to go that bad yet , I was able to hold it and waited, trying not to think on it too much while sitting in back in the memorial garden behind the church.[ somebody else showed but was waiting in his car] finally about 2:50 PM somebody showed up; the woman who was leading with the key to front door. anyway I went to my car to get the food dish I brought first and soon as I walked in I had to go badly! so I said "I'll be right back, gotta use the women's room" and walked out in the hall to the first bathroom on the right[ one of two there which are both marked " M/F" or " unisex"]. I turned the light on first, walked in and closed door; locking it behind me. since the seat was down already, I simply undid my jeans, pulled them down and my undies too; and sat to pee. almost immediately I began to tinkle into the bowl's clear water for perhaps a minute or more and, looking down through the front between my pussy and the front of the seat; I could see my urine turning the water really yellow and creating bubbly foam which swirled toward the front of the bowl and back after less then 15 seconds! then it stopped, and after maybe 2 secs , my urine resumed tinkling into the water for 30 secs more before stopping. then I pushed and a little more came out in two 10 sec splashes, some of which hit the dry part in front before again gently tinkling back in the water. almost two minutes later I was finally finished and reached for the toilet paper roll, took a few folded sheets and wiped good. as I got up to flush , the bowl's water was filled with bright yellow pee and patches of "urine scuzz" and just a bit of bubbly " tinkle foam" covering about 20% of the water. then I flushed and watched as it all went down; first the yellow pee and then the foamy froth.

"just a quickie" after eariler drinking two 24 oz cans of mango flavored 'arizona' fruit punches between 5-5:30 PM [ and having last peed just before 6 PM but very little then] I began to feel like I had to go just when I was finished shopping, but thought I may as well wait till I got home. anyway, on the way home I began to feel that " full bladder feeling" more; so I decided to get gas at this small store after getting off the freeway, and, of course, use the small bathroom there[ they have a small M/F restroom as you walk in to the right] I walked in and quickly closed and locked the door behind me. seeing the seat allready down, I quickly pullled down my pants and undies and sat down on the small round seat; a little toward the back more. almost immediately I began to urinate and could hear the tinkle sound of my urine coming out of my twat and into the middle of the toilet bowl's water; making this "deep but hollow", yet muffled sound . it continued steady for maybe 30 secs, then slowed down for maybe 15 secs more before stopping. meanwhile I had to lean and grab some paper from the roll holder on the left in back, and after finished, took the paper, wiped my twat quickly and got up. while pulling up my pants and undies I could see the bowl's water now all yellow and mostly covered with foam right before I flushed.

Sorry to read that you're not posting anymore. I hope you'll at least get back on to read that some of us'll miss ya. I don't really post on here anymore, but I occasionally read and I enjoy what you have to say.
Midwest Jim

AJ :o)
This morning, I woke up, and it was still dark, but I could see the first hints of sunrise starting to show up, and I wanted to be sure to get some pictures of the winterscape later.

I went on into my computer room and began to do things online.

In awhile, I noticed that it was light. I'd worked past the break-of-dawn, but I still had the glorious early-morning kind of landscape/skyscape to work with.

Later, I was really bursting to poop--but, as I walked by my back door, I noticed the sun was shining on a tree that had most of its branches and twigs encased in ice, and the sky was an absolutely-perfect color.

So--at the risk of letting go and pooping on the kitchen floor--I went for my camera again and took a picture or two.

Of course, I thought my chances of pooping on the kitchen floor were highly unlikely--but I knew that, as it was vinyl in there instead of carpeting, it wouldn't be the end of the world even if I did.

In short, I was able to take my pictures and still save my poop for the toilet.

After I took my pictures and put my camera back on the table, I went to the bathroom, sat down, and let it all slide out.

Nothing exciting. No trumpeting fanfare. No watermelon plops. Just my average near-quiet performance. But it really felt good!!!

And I was happy that it didn't take too much to get me cleaned-up again, either.

Anyway, I got to thinking about this really noisy poop-job I did several years ago that I thought you might be interested in.

When I was in better physical shape, I was a regular at a certain national park in a neighboring state that has a cave (the reason I'm being so vague about location is that, when locations get mentioned by name, it sometimes results in pieces not being printed).

I would stay in this near-by town that had a motel where the units were shaped like wigwams.

Anyway, I checked in and began to realize that, before I even put my luggage in the room, I needed to visit the bathroom pronto, because, somewhere between home and there (an approximate 300 mile distance) I'd developed what felt like a major case of diarrhea waiting to happen.

So I hit the toilet!

This motel court was built in the late-middle 1930s, and it has the same sink, shower, and toilet that it did when it was first built--and, combined with my urgency, it resulted in quite a racket.

It was like BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!! BLAT-A-TAT-TAT-tattattattat!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!! for, likely, no longer than five seconds. But it was loud while it lasted!!! Echoed all around that little bathroom!!!

I was glad that the units weren't connected--although I was so loud that I wouldn't have been surprised if someone standing right outside might not have heard in spite of the stucco walls being very thick.

This little serenade--which took place in the late 1980s--is probably my loudest performance of the thunder mug kind to date.

My typical diarrhea usually sounds more like I'm peeing, with or without a small sploot! sound at the end.

This summer, I had a semi-loose, in-a-hurry-to-get-out BM that slid out fast and ended up making a POP! sound as the last part of it exited.

On the subject of the cave, I had become sort of like an honorary ranger because I could give the tour almost as well as the paid interpretors. Often, I'd help answer questions of people near to me as we went along.

Several of the rangers got to seem like family members to me.

There was one I was especially close to--we were both Hoosiers and had even gone to the same college, even though we weren't aware of it then, and I'd written several feature stories and poems about his interesting life (He remains to this day one of the most unique people I've ever run across!)--so he was sharing a little something that happened on one of the cave tours.

He and the ranger with him were walking past this one area, and it smelled awful, so he asked his co-worker if he knew what the horrible smell was.

His co-worker told him that there had been a little problem earlier that day.

They were at a point in the tour where there were no restrooms close-by, and this woman suddenly realized that she was blowing up with diarrhea and couldn't make it to the restroom area.

So, the guide suggested that she should hang back by this trash can after the tour had moved on up the trail. She would then poop in the trash can and then call to the ranger when she was done, and he would come back for her.

Hopefully, she didn't play a tune like I did in my wigwam!

Have some more to add to this, but I'll leave that for next time!

Happy Pooping!
AJ :o)

Hav any of you gals had a guy requst to see you poop,then ask to help clean you up?

Hey Minnie when you lay cable how long are your turds? and great story!

I've read but never posted here before so I thought I should finally contribute something...Reading alot of peoples christmas shopping stories reminded me of last christmas(2003). I live in Australia and our chrissy's are pretty hot last year espesially it was about 40 degrees celcius where i live and thats degrees celcius not fareinheit i dont know how to convert it but it is pretty bloody hot, actually its extremely hot. Anyway on christmas day we had a party at our uncles and because of the heat we all sat inside.

I didnt know this then but a bowl of prawns(shrimp sorta things) had been left out near the bbq the night before so they had been there for about sixteen hours. Well someone had gone out to use the bbq and they bought the prawns back in and placed them near the fridge, obviously they had gone off and were squirming with bacteria, but my cousin and i didnt know this and they were starting to cool down because of the airconditioning. Me and my cousin were hungry and we saw the plate of these delicious looking prawns and devoured all most half of them.

We were so dumb i still cant believe we were so stupid but they seemed ok and we were starving. Anyway when everyone else had started to sit down I started feeling a bit queezy and not too good in the stomach like i was about to have diarhear or something then I looked over at my cousin and she had an awful look on her face then suddenly she just ran off and started spewing in the loo. Then i felt the same way I ran into the laundry and grabbed a bucket and threw up my cousin was in the next room in the beathroom and she yelled out to me "bloody prawns".

Well i only threw up once more about an hour later but my cousin was much worse off as she had eaten heaps where as i had only eaten about six, she was spewing every half hour and was running to the loo every fifteen mins with explosive diarheer. my mum took us both home and on the way my cousin fell asleep. in her sleep she let out this loud fart and her pants just filled with diarheer.
Well that was my worst ever chrissy has anyone else ever had an experience like that?

Hi all,

Seasons Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere!

ROBERTA - I was very interested in the poll at your school in which girls voted for plumbing they can use standing up - and not only that the school would ask such a qestion, not only that girls would vote for it, but that the school was willing to provide it. They may not be proper urinals, but they're certainly a step in the right direction. Brava!

BUZZY - Hi guy! Yup, I've noticed the new trend on the forum is toward accidents, the current vogue as it were - and folks don't rep. to posts or engage in conversations the way they used to. There was a time you could talk back and forth about your experiences. Remember our old friend Louise from England? I logged over 140 posts from her, and replied/conversed on the vaster majority. I miss her and her amazing family of unabashed relievers!

I had a bit of an experience a few night back. I was watching TV in the late evening and for the first time in years got an urge to relieve myself that was urgent and could not be ignored. I thought I could last out til the show was finished, but eventually a wave came that would not be ignored. I headed for the toliet releasing a seemingly endless string of small farts and praying nothing more substantial decided to pop out in the process, and fumbling with my belt and zipper when I got there! I plonked down fast and instantly my bum exploded in a loud, stinky rush that hit the back of the bowl. It was the first "desperate poop" I've had in years, and quite out of the ordinary for me. Oddly enough, I've been a bit constipated since then, and managed only three small poos today despite a very large dinner last night.

By for now,


I always wanted to watch my wife poop but she was too shy . finally she said she would do it. she would get so constipated that she would go a week before she would feel the urge. but when she finally had to go, a huge ball of shit would try to come out, but it would suck right back into her ass. It had to be painful. she would spread her as apart and try again and you could here a little piece break off. She wqould push and squirm to this loud crackle and an ouch came from her. A huge kurplunk would hit the toliet water. I have never seen a turd that big. about 2.5 in. around, and the texture of a pinecone. when wiping there was no poop on the toliet paper. she would feel so relieved untill the next rock come pounding on her anus in about 3 to 5 days.

Monday, December 27, 2004

China girl
Sita: Thanks for your message. I really enjoy your story. Sounds like that was quite a turd. I'm sure you left quite impression in that toilet. I know about feeling a wide hole. That happens a lot to me, maybe because I go every couple days and it build up. I really don't go to public toilet too much. I usually hold in for when I go home or at friends house. I can't remember when I had to go bad in public place. Stay in touch.

Taylor: Glad you like story, thanks. I really don't vomit, it's something I really try to avoid. I think last time was 10 year ago. If I feel sick, I usually do relaxing technique to help stop vomit feeling.

I have no replies of messages to me, because I get no messages, so could somebody please reply to these:
Susanna: I'm guessing that its just IBS. Just be careful of what you eat, and you'll be fine.
Doug C.: You jammy little so'n'so. Getting to see a fit girl take a shit. You should have taken a sneaky peek, mate.
I'm once again gonna call out the toilet legends. Carmalita, I would love for you to return here. If Patsy, Renee, Nu and Jake could hype up your return, it would be amazing.
Nothing too interesting on my poop scene recently, other than the fact that my normal dumps are coming back. That means loose bowel movements galore. If anybody ever sees me (Its not like I'm hard to recognise. I just say 'screw Tradition' with my long hair, and I'm male) Don't go in after me. Legends please, heed my call.
And how the hell can you see the picture?
Cheers. Taylor.

Punk Rock Girl: Glad to see you back, and to see that your not retiring. So you mostly post at work when you've got downtime. I'll keep that in mind.
China Girl: So I've found somebody who's beaten my vomiting record. Amazing.
Oh yeah, this is just my message to wish all of you a merry bloody christmas. I'll tell you about my christmas crap when the time comes. I just wish I could give you colour commentary (I don't have a laptop).
Cheers. Taylor.

Hey, Taylor here. I've just got here from a good dump, my second of the day. My systems quite wierd as usually I don't go for three days and then go twice on that day, one solid and one loose. That was the loose one. I had a bit of a problem walking due to a damaged foot (I'd better be careful with my standing half twist backflips). I think I've screwed up my cartilage. I'm going to try and get some of my mates to write here soon (Look out for the name Dobbo). I'm glad my shits are finally returning to normal (I've been having rock-solid shits since August, thanks to some immodium I took at an airport. LMAO).
And a merry bloody Christmas to all of you. Cue my Catchphrase:
Cheers. Taylor.

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