Punk Rock Girl
Hope everyone had a nice Holiday weekend.

I was visiting my parents for the weekend, and we went to my Grandparents' for dinner on Saturday. As the evening wore on, I mingled with my family, some of whom I haven't seen in years.

Pretty soon, I started feeling the urge to take a dump, and it wasn't long before I desperately had to shit. I went to the bathroom, but there was a line. I waited, and waited, and after a good ten minutes, I finally had my turn. I was clenching my buns together to keep the load from escaping!

I entered the bathroom, went to the toilet, pulled down my pants and thong and sat down on the toilet. I relaxed and a huge, solid load slowly came out. It felt great! A couple more chunks followed, also nice and solid. No mush. I wiped my ass and flushed. The odor wasn't even too bad!

I sprayed some air freshener and washed my hands and exited the bathroom. My smart-ass cousin said, what were you taking a shit. I said, very loudly, and very proudly, "Yes, I did just take a shit, and it felt great, and now I feel ten pounds lighter!"

Everyone laughed and he just looked dejected and went into the shitter himself. If you can't take a shit with your relatives crowding outside the door, then you've got major problems!!!

Peace, and Happy New Year wishes!


Debbie: I was real interested to read about the problems you are having with your teens and their dumps. My wife and I have had a similar problem. We have two sons, Justin and Mike, aged 16 and 14 years respectively. Like your teens, these guys never stop eating. They each also take a shit at least 3 times per day at home and boy do they shit huge loads. This adds up to six huge dumps a day plus many more during the weekends when their buddies hang out at our house and clean out the refrigerator. Anyway, our original low-flow toilets just couldn't cope with their huge dumps. I failed to mention that Justin and Mike, like most teens, are bone lazy. So if they shit and the toilet clogs up, they just leave it for me or my wife to unclog. So we decided to invest in a new toilet for their bathroom. It's called the American Standard "Champion." I'm not recommending it, but just mentioning it so that you don't get deceived by their advertising.
We bought an American Standard Champion (1.6 gallon flush) toilet four months ago, taking at face value an American Standard advertisement in a popular weekly magazine. I was particularly impressed by the claims that the toilet was "Quiet", "Fast" and "Clean".
Here are my impressions thus far:
Quiet? Relative to what ? a jackhammer? The flush valve comes down with
such a loud clunk that it can be heard from one end of our house to the
other; and it's not a small house. Just great for light sleepers like me and Beth whose kids and their buddies have to use the toilet in the middle of the night!
Fast and Clean? Depends on your viewpoint. It flushes so fast and so
violently that it breaks up turds and leaves pieces behind, which means waiting for it to fill to flush it again. Of course, Justin and Mike, won't do that so there are always pieces of shit in the bowl. It also does not rinse long enough to clean the bowl surface of shit smears, which also requires an additional flush. I would say that about 25% of the time another flush is required to clean the bowl properly. To me this is unacceptable, and a waste of water.
The water surface area in the bowl is so small that usually large turds are not immersed in the water but rather hung up on the sides of the bowl, markedly increasing the odor in the bathroom and the hallway and boy, does those guys' shit stink!
My advice: DO NOT BUY THIS TOILET! Debbie, just be real careful if you invest in a new toilet. I've told Justin and Mike that they have got to start taking a shit at school in the mornings and before coming home in the afternoons, but they don't want to because their restrooms at school have stalls without doors. It's amazing that guys who don't mind leaving a bowl full of shit for me or their mother to clean up are shy about other teens seeing them on the shitters. Anyone who has any suggestions about handling my sons and their shitting habits, please let me know. John


Just sit back, watch the posts, and keep your fingers limber. The posts go in cycles and the back and forth posts are sure to return.

Eric in Chicago
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Zip: When you take a big shit, it pushes on your prostate gland and often forces out any prostatic fluid. Prostatic fluid is a big part of your spooge (spooge gets mixed together from several different sources at, er, the "last moment"). More than a few times, I've shit in the woods or shit in my pants (for some reason, it doesn't happen as often when I'm shitting on the toilet) and found some sticky stuff coming out of the "front end."

All: Today I must have set a record for eating something and having it affect my shit. I went to a Polish buffet that I often go to, and among other things I had a beet salad for the first time. This was about 8:30 PM. At about 12:30 AM, I had to shit, and it was reddish-purple. I took a close look at it and it was definitely the color that you get when you eat beets (the red pigment, betanin, is water-soluble and therefore can diffuse through your intestinal contents pretty quickly. Thus, it's not useful for measuring your "transit time" (how fast the undigestible parts of what you eat come out the other end); corn gives a much better estimate (as Billy and Kevin know; they and all their friends seem to have such short transit times that they could win corn-plopping contests)). My piss was also slightly orangeish afterwards, which is also the result of beet pigment (not everyone can do that one; some people's genetics are such that they metabolize whatever betanin they absorb to something colorless).

I think I'm going to have to call the deli that's part of the same store as the buffet and see if they sell that beet salad...

I see many photos of girls holding themselves to keep from peeing, but my girlfriend says it hurts too much to do that. Do girls really do that, does it really work, or are the photos staged?

I have read a lot of stories on this site about people geting stuck in traffic and having to go, but I kind of just put it off to the side and thought it would never happen to me. Well, it did. As soon as I thought it would not happen, it did. I am a Junior in high school, and this storie that I am writting makes me feel like I should be in first grade. A few days ago, Ohio, where I live, got hit with a massive snow storm which pretty much shut down anything and everything. Tuesday morning I was heading to Indiana to visit some of my family for Christmas. When we got to their house, my cousin got very sick. We were sitting around soon after our arrival and talking to the family, and out of nowhere, Stacy, my cousin ran to the sink and vomited like I have never seen before. Well, after that she got worse and was having diarrhea like crazy. We spent no time getting out of there before we all got sick to. Christmas would have to go withought them. So that same day we headed back home. So on the way all this snow was pounding the area. It was coming down so hard that it absolutly stopped the highway. So we were there for a long time, at least several hours for a two hour trip. About tree hours in just sitting there on the highway, I felt a strong need for a toilet. Two of my moms sisters doughters and I traveled in my car with the rest of the family traveling in others. The three of us were wearing snow pants because Stacy and the kids wanted us to go sledding with them that day, and we did. It had already snowed a good amount. So we were sitting in the car and I said I had to pee and poop very badly. Megan my other cousin on my moms side said she had to do the same. The same with kristan. There was just absolutly no way we could get to a bathroom for a very long time, and so we all agreed that if we had to use our snow pants as a toilet than we would. I was so sweaty because of the thick snow pants and heavy coat, I thought that I would just die with the pain of urine and poop just waiting to come out. It was a mess. I was also on my period, that is even worse. Fortunatly, I had a fairly new pad on and it was large enough to cover my b.m. movement area and the other as well. So at least I was wearing that to reduce damage. I also gave the others in the car a pad to put on. (This idea came from this website). So in the dark they managed to put the pads on under the bulky snow pants. I farted very loudly and it didn't smell. We found that the smell had a hard time getting through the snow pants. So I just threw in and decided it was stupid to try to wait to get to a toilet and began to pee. I stopped after a few seconds to let the pad absorb it. I then let out the rest. Some pee leaked and went into my panties, and some went into the snow pants as well, but I really felt no pee going anywhere but my ****** area down there. Finding my success the others followed. Then I pooped and I was all done. Nothing escaped. So we were realeved, but after a while, diaper rash started setting in, and the car started smelling up with four non showered, girls after a sweaty day with poop all over our selfs. After another four hours we finally made it home. I walked in the house and went into the bathroom to clean up. From this experiance, I went and bought some girls Goodnites for my car just in case. I started woundering how they would work. Last night I wore one and went in it, I was shocked at how well they work. Pee just feels like it disapears, and poop is not to uncomfortable in it as well. They will prevent things like that from happening now. I am pleased. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

@grad student: I also poop like the guy you see on public restrooms or college rest rooms. This is a very good technique and I like it very much, but it has one big disadvantage: I don't now how many dudes have allready seen my but and my turds coming out.. thats somehow embarasing but I will go on doing that technique on public restrooms.

I've been comming here for over three years, but this is my first post so please be kind. I have a thing about watching guys take a dump. I don't know why, but I do. Especially if there is desperation involved! It's very weird and I've never understood it, but hey, life has many mysteries! So... I was wondering if any guys here have any stories about when they or a friend have been desperate to poop, or had an embarrassing accident (please nothing involving kids as I'm not into that!). For example, going on a first date and end up dying for a poo! Alternatively, email me and I will happily exchange stories.

Also, have any of you had any problems over the Christmas holidays due to all the rich foods you've eaten?

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ella x


This happened a few years ago when I was 18 years old.

I went out to lunch one time with my 3 friends (2 guys and my best freind Melanie) to this mexican restaurant. Afterwards we went over to one of the guys house, which was about a 45 minute drive from where I lived at the time.

I tried using the washroom at my friends house and didn't have much luck doing anything. I was expecting my period to start, but it hadn't yet.

While I was in the washroom, my friends decided to go for a walk since it was really nice out. During our walk, my troubles began. We were gone for about 15 minutes when the cramps started and I new that I needed to get to a washroom. As luck would have it, none were around. I didn't let on to my friends what my problem was, I just kept on saying, "can we please keep walking" everytime we stopped to look around. I was trying with all my might to keep it in. One of the guys with us said something rather funny, and that's when I lost my battle. As I stumbled into my friend Melanie, I could feel the diahrea fill my light green panties.

A few minutes later it happened again, and I could feel the poop rising up my back and a little bit down my legs. I said to Melanie, "I just go sick in my pants", and she said, "Oh no, I'm so sorry". I said, "I think that it was the mexican food, I just couldn't hold my but cheeks together any longer".

We got back to my friends house and went into the washroom, I took my bag with me, even though I didn't have any clean panties with me. I tried cleaning myself up, with little success and noticed in horror, that my period had started! I happened to have some Always maxi pads with wings with me, so I put one on over my diahrea filled panties. What a feeling that was.

When I finally got home 4 hours later, I went into my bathroom and took off my soiled jeans and panties. My maxi pad was covered not only in blood, but also with diahrea. What made things worse was that my period was quite heavy and had leaked out the sides of my pad. My jeans were covered in diahrea, which had leaked through, and were also covered in blood in the crotch area.

This is just one of my many memorable moments.

Another time was when I was playing in a mixed three-pitch league. I was 17 at the time and wasn't feeling well, I was also on my period at the time. I was playing infield and the ball was hit in my direction. I bent over to pick it up and missed it, when diahrea filled my pants. One of the guys said, "Come on Sarah!", and I yelled back, "I DON'T FEEL GOOD!".

When it was my turn to come up to bat the next inning, I didn't make may real attempts to hit the ball. Each time I took a swing, I could feel my pants fill up a little more. When I sat down on the sidelines, I tried not sitting directly on my bottom, but I could feel the poop slushing around my panties.

My friend Melanie was there as well and she had driven us to the game. When I got into her car, I could feel the diahrea spread out all over my pants and up my back. Just like in my first story, my pad was totally ruined. We made a stop for ice cream as we usually do after our games, but I decided not to use the washroom. I didn't think that it would do any good. It took me almost an hour to clean up.

One other memorable moment happened when I was 15 on a school trip. On the way to our destination I new that I had to get to a bathroom, but we still had about an hour until we were stopping for a break. Well, this turned out to be a little too much for me and once again, my bowles released into my panties. I ended up doing this three more times in the day and spent a total of 13 hours in diahrea filled pants. This was not fun!

This seems to happen to me often just before or during my period. My doctor says that it is perfecly normal for women to experience what I go through. It's like my body wants to clean itself out once a month. Unfortunately for me, I don't always make it to a toilet. I now use the Always overnight maxi pads with wings because they are a little bit longer front to back and hold more in.

Anyway, that's just a few of my historical moments. I'm now 25 years old, and have many other stories to share, perhaps later. This has happend to me during exams, during work, travelling, shopping, you name it!

Hi Everyone
My new husband has always expressed a wish to watch me go to the toilet but up to now I have always said no as the thought of someone watching me wee or poo was horrible as I would be too embarrased. Then I was introduced to this site a short while ago and have read all your stories with great interest, and never would have believed that there was so many like minded people over the subject. Anyway, last week while we were out walking our dog, I had the urge to have a wee. I thought 'what the hell' and pulled both my trousers and knickers down to my knees and squatted right down close to the ground. My husband couldn't believe it as he looked round and saw the wee gushing out of my vagina onto the ground. After I had finished, I pulled everything back up and we went home. Later that evening after a good dinner, I had cramps and told him that I needed the toilet and wandered upstairs to the bathroom. when I turned round he was standing at the door asking if I was alright. remembering this site I said yes I'm fine and got undressed once again before sitting down on the pan. He walked over to me and gently parted my legs and looked right between them just as the first lump of poo left my bottom. He watched it fall into the water, and to my surprise I wasn't embarrased at all. In fact it felt so natural. Hence, he has watched me since and being honest, i took a peek at him. What a great site, keep the stories coming.

This is my first post...

Do u know any films(not porn) that show scenes of wetting or pooping pants??

Can u write your best stories of pooping and/or wetting pants?

Sorry for my bad english.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Shelly From Wisconsin
Merry X-Mas Everyone~

Well finally we were blessed with snow on x-mas, and after everyone one left and my boyfriend was asleep I thought I would go out to my bushes and have a poo in the snow. ( Pooing in these bushes is a regular thing for me)But this time my neighbor was outside having a ciggarette and letting her dog do her thing and I walked out and said..hey they can do it....why can't we? Suprisingly she said right under the assumption she didnt mind i walked to my bushes, she prolly had a lil view of me but not much, i pulled my pants and panties down and squatted. I let out two wet farts before pooring out some mushy poo. My neighbor Jen walks up and says, "Wow, xmas dinner is gettiung to you too?....I have been farting up a storm....mind if I join you?" A lil scared but intriuged at the same time i said sure and so she squatted and started a pee. She says to me, I think it is natural to pee and poo outside...I feel it to be comfortable as well...i between some grunting and poo shooting out of my butt...She peed for about 30 seconds, farted, then pushed out 2 huge logs, let out a lil poof and started to wipe with her news paper she brought over.....I finsihed just as she was zipping up....It was a fun experience and I hope it happens more often....share your poo stories ladies...share the farts as well.... bye yall

China girl
Calboy: You don't fart around others in China. It is not as open as US. Of course, around close friends it is not unusual to fart when needed like my friends and I do, or since I'm close with my mom I can fart. By I would never fart around dad or brother (unless of course it is accident). It really is considered private, personal thing, and if someone does it is embarrassing situation. Guys, I think for most part in asia, will not fart in front of girls, even if there's intimacy. If they do, it would definitely be after very long term relationship. I do notice american do it more freely, although I notice with some people that they have similar conservative thought about it like asian. I don't know where "girls don't fart" originate from. I think girls who are close do it all the time around each other. Also, girls in asia have no problem doing turds around each other either. I think it because toilet time is valuable talking time.

So the other day my friend and I were out having some drinks. She sometime like start talking to guys, which I don't mind even though I'm shy. We talk together with one guy, but he wouldn't shut up and starting getting on my nerve cause I get impression that he had more to say to my friend and wished I wasn't there. My friend gave him number when he asked for it later but she gave him wrong one on purpose (hehe). Anyway, we go home and complain and laugh about this guy. In the meantime I'm doing silent stinky farts from drinking. My friend drop me off, and I pee big time in my toilet. I farted on it too and it smell, so it probably thought I had turd coming. It was not a good night for my toilet, because that guy made us so mad that I was just letting everything out with powerful farts. About hour later I had pee again and also farted. I was being real bitch, letting my hole open over and over again for smell. Well, about hour and half later, a turd was coming. So I go to toilet again. Well, it got it bad, because since I was in bitch mode I just sat down hard to let it out and a huge turd just hit hard with crash and wicked fart came. Then I did another chunk and finished with pee. Wow, this was thick fat turd that darken water. The bathroom just smell aweful. I was not in mood to make things easy for toilet and it got hit hard. It felt true power of my butt, and not doubt unbearable taste. When I wipe, I stand up and show my butt and spread cheek while I wipe. Well, flushing didn't go too well, but I was persistent and I finally go down. I'm sure it didn't want that turd to go down. Well, I just left and shut door. Maybe next time I'll be nicer and not so intimidating, we'll see (hehe). Anyway, I'll bet it wish it were in another apartment, now that it has been subject to my taste now, and seeing how unpredictable I can be. It is very small too, and typically has quite a load to flush. Oh well, that's not my problem though. I went in half hour later to shower, and it still smell in there a little, yuck. I just shut the lid on toilet harshly, as if it weren't good enough.

I am a maintenence worker at a large city park & swim club. My job is to keep the restrooms clean, and well stocked, as well as removing trash and empty trash cans, It's a good job, but I get busy especially in summertime when the pool is open. The women's restroom has 6 stalls with doors that lock. The men's restroom has 5 stalls and 5 urinals. The stalls in te men's room do not have any doors on them. My job is to keep to the schedule my superviser (a male) gives me, so that means sometimes all I can do is announce I am coming in, wait a few moments and go into the men's room and DO MY JOB...I am not looking to sneak a peek, or embarrass anybody. I have walked in on many of the male staff, and they never make a big deal, as they know I am there to DO MY JOB... My superviser has told me that he is not embarrased about being seen sitting on the toilet bowl by a female, but rather he is self-concious about his odors and noises. I explained to him, that I don't know who is making the smell when there are 5 men on the toilets, but generally when I go in and start cleaning the sinks., the men hurry up and finish. I don't stare at anybody's private parts, because i am there to DO MY JOB..If I had anythng to say about it,there would be doors on all the stalls in the men's restroom, but I am just a woman, DOING HER JOB ... Happy New Year !!!!

Our toilets in our (new to us) home do not handle out kid's bowel movements well. The kids (ages 14 & 16) eat an enormous amount of food like typical teenagers, rush home from school to get on the toilet and drop a load. These are water saver toilets without much water in the bowl, so they are messy as well. Anyone have suggestions for the best flushing toilets?

Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa to all! Hope it was safe and peaceful.

Neha, thanks for the compliment! And Artline, your story about the bus driver was too funny. I've often wondered about bus and subway drivers. In middle school, we went to a career fair and they had a forum for women in non traditional occupations. One of the speakers was a female bus driver who gave us the pros and cons of her job. A big con was the lack of frequent bathroom breaks because in her words "when ya gotta go, ya gotta go." I've seen a few drivers desperate to pee, but none as dramatic as what you saw - once I was sitting up front with a woman bus driver with one hand on the wheel and one on her crotch who was bouncing in her seat (I got off before she stopped anywhere), once after stopping to let people on at a mall a male bus driver jumped off the bus leaving it running and into the mall for a couple of minutes, probably to pee, and a couple of times when I was in mall bathrooms bus drivers have come rushing in and peed gushers. Don't know what they do on the subway with nowhere to stop.

I was thinking of my upbringing and how it was odd that my mother and grandmother were so open about the bathroom, holding themselves openly, moaning about how badly they had to go, going with the door open... while my father was so close mouthed about it. I definitely took after him.
There were several times in my childhood when my father exhibited odd behaviour because of an unwillingness to just say he had to go and going (just like me!) It would take a long time to tell the whole story, but my favourite is one from a family barbecue/picnic in a park. There were park bathrooms but they were quite a long walk away and it was obvious that a person was heading in that direction. (I didn't use them - while playing in the woods, I found a cave full of rocks, took my pants off and sat on a rock and wet it.) My dad didn't use them either. Looking back, I remember him being very restless and pressing his crotch a few times. Finally he went into the woods by himself. One of my brothers and I saw this. I don't think we were conscious at the time that he had to pee but we knew he was up to something and decided to follow him. We found him in the woods emptying his bladder against a tree and sighing loudly. We hid, giggling at the amount and length of his pee - he really had to go (not surprising with all the beer and booze that flows at our family get-togethers.)

On the theme of weird places I've peed, I twice used my school lunchbox. The first time, I had to go all afternoon in school when I was about eight but didn't go at recess for some reason. By the time the dismissal bell rang, I was squirming like crazy in my seat and wanted nothing more than to run to the girls' room - but my mom was at my classroom door wanting to go shopping for clothes for me. I didn't say anything and got in the car with her. By the time we got to the clothing store, I was scared that I was going to wet my pants because I had to go so badly. In the changing room away from anyone's eyes, I pee danced holding my crotch, and then I felt it start to get wet. I didn't know what to do. Then I saw my school bag and I had a brainwave. I dragged out my lunchbox, took everything out and left it in my schoolbag, laid the lunchbox on the bench and straddled the bench with my crotch in the box. It filled nearly to the brim with pee. I then closed it and wrapped it in a plastic bag. That night, I sat up until everyone was in bed so that I could sneak into the kitchen and boil and disinfect the box.
The second time I peed in the box was about a year later when I was nine. This time, I peed at afternoon recess, but after school I had a cycling safety class that I went to with my friend in the school yard and she rushed me there after school before I could pee, even though I kind of had to. I thought I'd be OK as I'd gone at recess and wasn't desperate. However, the cycling class was two and a half hours and during it my urge got worse. As if that wasn't bad enough, a girl a couple of years older was urgent to pee and making no secret of it. Before her turn to ride the course, she confided to us "I'm dying for a pee." Then it was her turn, and she set off in a huge hurry. The instructor called her back and chided her for rushing. She made a face at us and bounced in her bike saddle to show us how much she had to pee. After she finally finished, she jumped off her bike letting it fall and ran to the teenaged guy who helped out and said "Can I go to the restroom - PLEASE?" He said "The school's locked." She said "Oh NO!" and crossed her legs tightly. He laughed and said "Don't worry, I have a key - I'll let you in." She said "Hurry up, I'm DYING!" He teased her by walking slowly to the door. When she came back, she said "I was SO glad to pee. It was like this - PSSSSSSSSS." None of this was helping my filling bladder, but there was no way I would go through that type of teasing. I figured that when we finished the course, they would open the school and I could sneak a pee. Luckily I was sitting on my bike which helped control my urge. However after the class ended, they announced that only people who needed to use the restrooms could go in, so of course that meant I was stuck. I was waiting for my mom who was late and I sat in the playground on a swing with my legs tightly crossed debating if I had the guts to go behind the trees behind the swings - I didn't. When my mom came I figured we'd throw the bike in the car and go home, but we didn't. My brothers were with her and we were going to see some motorcycle stunt thing outdoors. I almost panicked and told her I had to go, but I couldn't say the words. I sat through the three hour motorcycle thing on my bike (my mom had let me bring it which was a mercy as everyone else was standing) and it was only by pressing my bladder into the saddle that I was able to hold it. Even though it was hot, I kept denying I was thirsty when my mom asked - I couldn't hold any extra liquids. By the end of the program I hadn't peed since recess at about 2:00 and it was after 9:00. In the back of the car, I was bouncing around so much that my brother asked if I had to pee, but I said no. That meant that I couldn't rush straight to the bathroom when we got home. I planned to go to my room, then come out a minute later and go to pee, which I often did, but someone beat me there and was pooing. No problem, I thought, I've waited this long, what's a few more minutes? But as I knelt on the floor pressing my heel into my bladder, I began wetting my pants. I almost gave in and let it happen - after all, no one could see - but then I remembered the lunch box. Again, I dragged it out, filled it, and cleaned it later.
When you're as secretive as I was about peeing, you use a lot of interesting things!

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