Punk Rock Girl

Wow, I'm glad to hear I've touched you in such a profound way! No, I'm not retiring, just usually post here at work while I have downtime, and lately I've been busier (got a promotion) and have had less downtime.

Still visit, just not as much time to post. You liked my "took a shit in a men's room" story, huh? Glad to hear it.

I've done that a couple of times. Recently, my boyfriend Colin had a few of his college buddies over, all of whom I'm friends with as well. In the morning, I got up and headed to the bathroom for my AM dump. I rarely close the door when it's just me and Colin, unless I have explosive diarrhea, in which case I like a little privacy.

Anyway, one of his buddies was in the shower. I leaned in and asked if I could use the toilet. He said sure. I went to the toilet, pulled down my pajama bottoms and underpants to my socks and sat on the toilet. Colin and one of his other buddies came to the open door and asked what we wanted for breakfast. I was pushing out a load and grunted as I said "Bagels." We all agreed on bagels and the two boys headed out to get bagels and cream cheese.

Colin's third buddy came into the bathroom and was surprised to see me on the crapper. He said, "Ooo, sorry." I said, no problem, almost done. He stood there and we talked as I squeezed out a few more chunks. I farted and said, "Sorry!" He just laughed. I rolled off some TP and wiped my ass, and pulled my bottoms up and flushed the toilet. MISTAKE! The dude in the shower shrieked as the water got hotter. I said, "Oh, man, sorry!" I and the other guy laughed and I ran out.

Colin came back and we all enjoyed New York's finest bagels and cream cheese!

As far as my vomiting track record, the last time I recall throwing up was when I had pneumonia a few years ago. Luckily I made it to the toilet! Once while in college, I was on the toilet taking a shit and I threw up into my pants and underpants while they were puddled around my ankles. I was quite drunk. Not pleasant!

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good dump!



Cindy M.
My worst first date ever!

I was in high school. I was asked out by this cute guy I liked. We went out to dinner at this Italian restaurant, then we thought it would be romantic to take a drive to the state park by our neighborhood and take a walk.

While we were walking, my stomach started to hurt. Pretty soon, it became clear that my dinner was not agreeing with me. We were pretty far away from his car. I asked if we could walk back to his car and head home, I wasn't feeling too well.

Halfway back to his car, I was hit with severe cramps. I buckled over and groaned. He asked if I was okay and I said, NO!!! I said, Oh my God, I'm going to be sick! I looked around and saw a bunch of bushes a few yards away. I ran to them. Luckily, he didn't follow me.

I darted behind the bushes, yanked my pants and underwear down and squatted. I crapped my brains out for a few minutes. I know he had to hear all the farting and splatting sounds coming from behind the bushes, not to mention my groans and whimpers!

After five or six minutes, it was over and I felt confident enough to pull my pants back up. I didn't have anything to wipe my butt with, so I just dealt with butt mud. I staggered out a sweaty, smelly mess. I asked him to please take me home.

He took me home I gave him a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for dinner and apologized for ruing our night. He said it wasn't my fault and insisted on walking me to the door.

I went inside, got cleaned up, went to bed and cried. I was sooooooo mortified. I couldn't even look at him in the halls the next few days. After a while, he came up to me and said, you know you don't have to be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us.

We went out a few more times, but it wound up not working out, but we stayed pretty good friends. Having explosive diarrhea in front of your date is one of the most humbling experiences I think anyone could ever go through, and I've been through it!

Luckily, my dating and bowel habits have remained seperate since then!

i hate christmas shopping enough as it is, but today something happened to me which made the experience considerably worse.

i was with my friend alyssa and i was trying to find something for my mom and my little brother. i had been in the mall for about 2 and a half hours and at this point, i was feeling the need to poop. i didn't consider it too much, because by default i tend to wait until i get home unless it's an extreme emergency. well, by the time i found something for my brother, it was an extreme emergency! it got to the point where it was fairly obvious to alyssa that i had to poop and i really wanted to put my hands over my butt but i was carrying bags, and i was in public. i started to head for the bathroom, but the only one i know of in the mall is at the foodcourt. so off i went to the foodcourt, and just the corridor that leads to the restrooms was packed. i left my bags near the end with alyssa and i made my way through the crowd. a few elbowings and rude comments later lead me to realize that there was a line that extended well out of the ladies room...and the other girls desperate to go weren't too thrilled that i was trying to get right by. i groaned and headed to the end of the line, and i debated whether i should wait or if i should go home. i couldn't go home though because i still needed to get something for my mom and alyssa still had shopping to do. so i clenched my butt, took a deep breath and got in line. i tried to keep my mind occupied as best as i could and just continued to try and help myself relax (but not too much) and reassured myself that i was going to make it. i was waiting in line for roughly 10 minutes when i had only moved about 6 feet, and i was still a little ways from the door. i was having a little more trouble reassuring myself as i felt my poop entirely ready to come out and even starting to push a little, and i had to strain my muscles several times for about 30 seconds to keep from pooping myself. i looked around, and it wasn't very reassuring to see a girl sitting agains the wall by a pay phone who had obviously been crying appeared to have peed her pants. her jeans were a dark color and she was sitting in the shadows so it was hard to tell if there was a wet stain, but her jeans did look somewhat darker on her crotch and down the insides of her legs, and besides she was obsviously upset. i put my hand on my bottom and pushed firmly, and pressed on that hand with the other and i pressed my thighs together tightly. i figured since i was in line for the bathroom everyone knew i had to go anyway. i moved up a few more feet over another few minutes when isaw the girl who was sitting by the wall get up and begin to leave the corridor. i was able to confirm that she had peed her pants because it was easier to tell her pants were wet by looking at her butt because there was a big heart-shaped dark stain right on the middle of it. i held on for dear life, and checked to see how far i had to go...still about another 10 feet..i felt like i was on the verge of tears, and just as i decided to go and ask if i could get to the front of the line because i was going to poop in my pants, a skinny, older brunnette, probably in her early 40s, headed to the front with her hands on her bottom. she must've been thinking the same thing. i got annoyed and felt hopeless because i figured they might light one person cut, but i wouldn't stand a chance. well it wouldn't have been worth the risk of losing my mediocre place in line, because i watched the woman get rejected. she didn't even humor herself when that happened, she just left the line completely and stood by the wall and pooped her pants. so that did it for me. that just made my need to go even worse, and the load finally made it's way out of my butt and quickly formed a warm bulge in my pants. i was in absolute horror! i quickly stepped out of line and headed back towards alyssa without ever taking my hands off my butt. she looked at me and said "omg your face is so red" and i just said "we need to go." she looked at me in disbelief and said "you didn't.."...i glared at her, and then unfortunatley i had to take my hands away from my butt to pick up my bags. i heard alyssa gasp when i did, and she informed me that i was very very obvious that i pooped my pants. my face got even redder and i felt hot tears in my eyes. i tried to make my way through the mall with one of my bags behind my covering my butt, but it was difficult to do because it kept hitting the back of my knees. every step i took was "squish, squish, squish". it felt awful! too ad insult to injury, i wasn't even done. by the time i got out to the parking lot, i filled my pants with enough poop to double the size of the bulge on my butt from it's size when i got out of line. on my way to alyssa's car, i saw the older women putting a bag in her trunk too. the bulge on her butt wasn't quite as big, but her pants were khaki colored and showed a well defined poop stain. i don't know which is more embarrassing.....

eitherway, i was in tears almost the whole way home and i was unsuccessful at hiding my accident from my parents when i got home. my dad didn't say anything, and my mom kept trying to ask me if i needed any help when i only wanted to be left alone...i guess since she spent 2 years cleaning me after i pooped myself, she somehow felt obliged to help me this time...but no, i didn't want took me almost an hour to clean myself, and when i took off my pooped panties i rolled them up and buried them in the waste basket. after cleaning i went to my room and laid in my bed. i was trying to go to sleep when about 15 minutes later i heard my mother in horror and anger, and she shouted my name. i hurridly left my room to find out that my dog had taken my dirty underwear out of the trash and it was no on the stairs....i ran and picked it up and ran back into my room in tears. as if i wasn't humiliated enough...

and i didn't even finish my christmas shopping...

Hello I am 15 years old and I like this site it is really funny. I personally like Diva's stories the best. Also I like pee stories more than poop ones

I have never wet myslef or messed on myself. I just find it strange that one can get so desperate and just not go. It also seems that some people hold their pee too long. For me personally it is easier to hold my poop than pee. But i have never really become so desperate. My little brother has peed on himself quite a few times, i just find it odd how some people can't control their urges.

I have a fairly large bladder myself I normally need to go three times a day in the morning, afternoon, and night. Sometimes I go twice a day and some times (maybe once or twice a month) i go once a day.

As far as pooping is concerned I go about once or twice a month, which is really Mom has the same problem and so does her mom.

My mom once had to pee so badly when we were in japan she had to use the japanese potties where you squat. I never have been that desperate. The weird thing about japanese potties is that they make nature sounds to disguise the sound of urine hitting the water which is really weird.

Right now I live in Korea and it is a real luxury to have a toilet squirt water up ur butt. My parents have a toilet like that in their room...but they never use it. I think that is disgusting. I hear horror stories of people accidently pressing the wrong button and getting a little surprise. Hehehehe. There is also a button that dries your butt once your done using it.

If you want to know more about the culture of japan/korea/england the only countries i have lived in besides america, post

I had to do a poop in my pants infront of the school. I couldn't hold it much longer. I let out loud farts and then pushed and strained 2 logs. It was quite embarrassing.

Daniel (Danny)
I had an interesting poop 2 hours ago. My stomach was aching and i was "babysitting" my parents friend's 4 year old son Mario. I was walking through the hall of my house when i heard Mario say " i gotta go to the bathroom" I ran and saw him doing a pee dance. I say to him to go to the bathroom and he did. He left the door opened and peed sitting down. After 1 minute he was still sitting down and i asked " why are you stiil sitting down?" "Because i gotta go poo poo too." I watched him grunt and push and i heard many plops. Plop, plop, plop, plop, wet fart, grunt, push, plop ,plop, plop. He was taking so long and my urge was getting worse and worse. Finally i heard a last plop and he asked" can you pass me the toilet paper please?" i gave him the tp and he started wiping.

He then pulled his pants up and flushed. I ran towards the toilet and sat down first, then pulled my pants down to my knees and pushed. A medium sized log came out easily. I saw it and it was pretty soft. I didnt close the door and i heard him say to me "you go poo poo too?" I said yes and kept pushing. A very soft log started coming out. I kept pushing and finally this 11 inch long came out. I kept pushing and then a firm/soft log came out. I knew i wasnt done so i kept pushing and i then had diarrhea. I stayed pushing the liquid poop out and like 10 minutes later i was done. I grabbed some toilet paper and i wiped. The first time i wiped the toilet paper was stained with poop. The next 3 times it was going better and the last time i wiped it was very clean.

I pulled up my pants and started walking to my room when a cramp in my stomach made me go back to the toilet running. I pulled my pants down to my knees and three soft logs came ot followed by mushy poop. I pushed again and 1 soft log came out. I kept pushing until i was sure there was no poop left. I started wiping again and this time it took me 6 wipes to finish. I pulled up my pants and flushed. I washed my hands and said to Mario that it was very important not to say to his parennts what he saw. He said he wouldnt say.

well, that is all for now, bye.

I thought i'd finish up my christmas shopping and as I got close to the mall the freeway slowed down to a crawl, after about 20 mins I had to go to the bathroom in a bad bad way and it looked like it would be another 20 minutes to get to the freeway exit , I was shaking and almost crying when I said the hell with it and pooped my pants royally, the good news was it wasn't diahrea but the bad news was it was huge, one of my girlfriends called me on my cell phone saying " hey whats going on hot stuff" I said
well hot stuff just pooped her pants and that got me a couple of seconds of silence before erupting in a laughing fit , she did tell me of one time where she peed on herself in traffic and thank god when I got home it was dark and nobody saw me..


the other day i went with one of my friends to her apartment in nyc well i havent see anything like that place in a while, it was a run down apartment building i mean a old one. the thing is i had to take a crap badly and was waiting till i got to her house but this place is so old they dont even have there own bathrooms there is one toilet for the whole floor, and it didnt even have a door on it, it was so nonprivate. but i wass about to shit myself so i had no choice. so while bella did some homework, i said i had to use the bathroom so i ran down the hall with my hand holding my but but to my suprise when i got the where the door is supposed to be i looked in and there was a slighty overwieght woman on the toilet so i just stood outside the door hoping to hell she would hurry but no chance it has been 4 minutes and i could still hear her ploping away so i fianlly said could u please hurry i am quite desperate , she just laughed and said it would be another 5 minutes . i finally heard her flush and i ran in not even giving her time to leave and yanked down my panties and just let it fly it smelled so bad from the other girl she must of had it something bad cause 5 minutes after she left she came running back in and just gasped and said hurry off the toiloet well that was my revenge i just laughed and said it would be a while well she stood there about a minute and she did something i have never seen she just ran in pulled down her jeans and panties and walked up to the sink and turned around hoisted herself up and for 2 minutes nothing but solid liguid shit came out of her ass,. well i finally finished . i think if i have to shit going to her place agin i will go ahead of time..

Hey everyone...i was just walking back to my room with my cordless laptop, and i really have to pee, so i decided to go, but my sister is in the bathroom, and so im standing outside typing this waiting, its been about 5 mins so far..and..if she doesn't hurry, i am going to have a real problem...

15 mins now...and this is getting really bad, ive already had a couple of spurts in my panties, i couldn't control....if she doesn't hurry im gonna lose it...another spert that one was crossing my legs now....shit..this is getting really it pissing myself!!! Warm pee is filling my panties and running everywhere.....its wet all the way down my legs....

When I was 14 I suffered a mild case of food poisoning when out with a girlfriend. We went into the disabled toilet as there is more room as I felt a need to throw up.

As I retched I suddenly and uncontrollably went in my panties.

It was warm runny diahrea adn my girlfriend immedieately unbuttoned my jeans and lowered them so they wouldnt stain.

I stood there with my stomache now empty and flushed. Then i had ot step out of my jeans and take my panties down.My panties were discarded in the nappy bin and my bottom cleaned.

I put my jeans back on and we went home and my mother made me take a shower change and we went to the doctors.

Finally got up the nerve to try pooing my pants again. I grabbed an old pair of bikini bottoms and went into the bathroom, clenching my butt cheeks together since I had to go so bad. It was pretty bad- I thought I might actually go into the pants I was wearing, which would have been extremely bad. I made it though, and let me tell you, that was one of the coolest things I've done in a long time. It was a semi-soft mound of poo that just kind of sat in my bikini- there was hardly anything to clean up.

I almost peed my pants last week- I was running pretty late, and just didn't have time to go. To make a long story short, I squirted just enough to be visible, but I did make it on time.

I love the stories here, especially the acidents ones. Keep em coming!

alright well whenever i'm home alone or get the chance to pee alone i never do it in a toilet. I walk outside and take off my pants and pee on the rocks. Since then ive hated peeing in toilets. Im a girl and have always wondered what it would be like to pee standing up because it seems so much funner and easier!! I like peeing on rocks, grass, walls, bushes etc.

One time I was home alone sitting on the couch watching a movie. It was getting interesting and when i felt the urge to pee i just ignored it. Then as i drank more and more liquid my urge to pee greatened. There i was, on the couch, squirming around trying to keep the pee inside of my opening. I put my foot over the opening to make sure it wouldnt come out. About an hour later i still had not gone. I ended up pissing all over myself, all over the floor and couch, and i just could not stop going. As hard as i tried to stop my pee pee from coming out i just couldnt do it and pee was everywhere.

Another time I was at school and it was last period and I had to pee really really REALLLLLY bad. But it was time to go and my teacher would'nt let me go pee because the bus was going to leave me. when i got on the bus i suddenly didnt feel like i had to piss anymore. I was fine the whole busride but when i got out of the bus it was freezing which makes me have to pee even more. I felt a little squirt of pee dampen my thong and being 2 streets away from my house i walked as fast as I could. I thought about stopping and pissing in a neighbors yard too. But then i began sprinting, and I felt the urge to poop so bad. I was running down the street holding my v opening and poop hole as hard as I could when I felt the head of the poo coming out. With every step a few drops of pee would come out and my pants were getting wet. I dont think anybody knows how hard i was gripping my 2 holes and as hard as i tried the pee and poop just kept sneaking out. I removed my hand from my v hole for less than 2 seconds and all the pee came pouring out like a waterfall. "Pshhhhhhhhhh" is all i heard and i was grabbing my crouch tightly and it wouldnt stop coming so i just stood there and let it flow. I was standing on someones grass peeing for at least 3 minutes, then lowered my pants and dropped a few logs too. when i was done with my business, i wiped myself with a peice of paper i fould in my backpack and went home. WHen i got home, surprisingly i still had to pee. I didn't make it. I thought the toilet seat was open when really the cover was on and i peed all over the cover of the toilet. But i was relieved.

I just had a bout with constipation, 4 days without going at all, and difficulty prior to that for a few days. This is after eating a LOT of food, surprisingly. So I took a big dose of metamucil and a lot of water. My guts started to feel very full a few hours later, then I went to bed and in the morning the load began moving down the chute. I waited an hour and then got on the toilet to evacuate a massive load. Felt like it was taking forever to come out. I looked into the bowl to find 2, 15 inch long, fairly wide pieces and a couple of sizeable chunks. I had to wipe 10 times and then worked some vaseline into the hole. I usually do this after a mass download and it makes me more comfortable. The next day I took another big dose of metamucil, went to bed and woke to find another massive load moving down the chute. Same thing. Another 2 logs over a foot long and a couple of chunks. So, this is over 5 feet of shit in 2 days! What a relief! I worked the vaseline in again with my finger, this has been a very good idea. I would have liked to dump 5 feet of shit in some public toilet and leave it for some one to see.

I had a really interesting trip on the bus on the way home. I get on the bus close to the end of it's journey - probably only around 20 minutes to the terminal but the bus starts it's journey in the City about 90 minute earlier.

Anyway I get on and the driver (who would have been no older than 21) absolutely floors the bus away from the stop and I almost fall over. The engine is revving like mad and it keeps dropping down a gear because he's pushing it so hard. I've never seen one of these buses move like that. I thought - he must be really running late... but by the timetable it didn't appear to be late.

Then a few further stops along some people are waiting to get on the bus. They signal the bus to stop but the driver totally ignores them and leaves them looking bewildered. Now this is something I've never seen before and could get the driver instantly dismissed. Something is very wrong...

Then the last part of the trip is through a busy shopping area that takes for ever to get through. The driver turns right and uses a side street to totally avoid the shopping area and absolutely flies through there leaving two people on the bus who wanted to get off at the shops on the bus and wouldn't stop for them. Not a word from the driver.

We get to the terminal. The driver leaves the bus parked at an awkward angle and he's about to get out when an inspector walks in to talk to the driver. The driver yells out "I have to go to the bathroom!" and pushes past the inspector and leaves the bus unlocked with the change tray still in the bus. I watch the driver and he's waiting to cross the street to a hotel across the road - obviously to use the bathroom. He's jumping up and down and squeezing hes crotch... and runs across the busy street still squeezing his scrotch and nearly getting run over and bolts into the hotel.

He must have been sooooo desperate driving that bus!

Today I was bored and I like to pee. so, I drank a 1 pint 9 oz bottle of water. Water goes right through me. So I waited about 45 to 1 hr to feel a HUGE urge to go. When I was desperate, I went to our downstairs bathroom and peed in the sink. It took 40 seconds to ho and filled up a HUGE amount in the sink. Now, I'm drinking another one of those bottles and ready to pee!

Last night, I drank a whole bunch of suff. So, I went to bed and didn't go to the bathroom. This morning I woke up and realized I had to pee really bad. So, I held it in and went back to sleep for two hours. Then, I woke up again and put a pad on. I started peeing like mad and didn't stop for about ten minutes. Then, the pee started coming out of the pad so I went to the downstairs bathroom and started peeing in the sink for another minute.
Why do you think I pissed for 11 minutes? How could someone pee for so long? Please answer my question.

Today again, I have to pee. So, I'm holding it in to the point I can't stand it anymore. I had to fart and when I tryed a little bit of pee rushed out of me. Then I held myself tight and tryed again. This time I just totally pissed myself. I feel wet and weird.

Ialready told you I pissed in my pants, but I still wasn't finished. so, I went to our downstairs bathroom and sat on the toilet with my panties on and finnished my long piss. I felt that warm feeling as if I was a little kid again.

Hey, Louise, I ahve a question for you.
I have read your previous stories of peeing in strange places which I love to do too. I have always wanted to pee on the side of my house, but I'm scared I will get caught by neighbors. How should I be able to do this without getting caught? I'd love to talk to ya later!

hey everybody, i used to post on here a long time ago but when school started up i never had time to post, so now i have time to post again, but i must say i've had time to read some of the post and see many new people and enjoy many of the stories from China girl,farrowlani, and suzanne. well here goes with my story, it's not very long, well for the past few days i have been eating a lot because of all the food we my family has made for the holidays and at the same time i also haven't pooped in several days either. Well tonight we were having some family friends over for dinner so we prepared a lot of food for dinner and desert. So our guests came and we stuffed ourselves with lots of lasagne and then several pies and ice cream afterwards. Obviously we all felt very full. Not too long after finishing desert my stomach began to grumble and i soon felt pressure building up behind my butt. i could feel i was going to have to poop soon, and it was going to be big so i would prefer to do it after our guest left. they did and we were all tired and i had almost forgotten about pooping because i wanted to shower, so when i was in the bathroom turning on the shower i saw the toilet and suddenly remembered i needed to poop,so i went and sat down on the toilet and felt the pressure come back and just waited. eventually i started peeing and then as i was in the middle of peeing my butt just released all the pressure in a couple of farts and out came one of the largest turds i have ever made. it kept on coming out until i was done peeing and when i looked to see what i had made it was almost two feet long, unbroken,and almost an inch in diameter in some places. i was amazed out what i had made an even more amazed when i felt i had more pressure and made a couple more turds on top of the giant. this had to have been the biggest poop i have ever taken in my life, it was so large and it slid out my butt as if it were nothing, to say the least i was very surprised. when i was done peeing a little more and making a couple more turds i wiped and then went to take a shower. i was very satisfied with that dump and hope to have more with the upcoming christmas food, well i hope to post again soon and i'd love to see some more stories especially pooping girl stories,until next time, happy pooping

Grad Student: It's somewhat unusual, but I've also seen a couple of dudes take a shit while squatting on the pot with their feet on the toilet seat. Once when I was shitting at the Student Union, I heard a guy enter the adjacent stall. I was leaning forward and when I glanced over, I was really surprised to see no feet under the partition although I could hear farting and plopping sounds. So I leaned back. The partition was separted from the rear stall wall by about 3-4 inches. Through the gap I could see the guy's reflection in the tile at the back of his stall. He was actually squatting on the toilet seat and I could see his butt quite clearly. When he started wiping it was easy to see him inserting the toilet paper into his butt crack and then dropping it into the pot after each wipe. Another time I was at a beach and needed to take a crap. There was only one stall in the restroom and it had no door. When I walked up to it, there was a young guy squatting on the seat. He was almost naked. Although his cock and balls dangled down, I could still see a turd coming out of his asshole. I moved away to give him some privacy. I guess some folks shit that way because they don't want their butts to come in contact with toilet seats in public restrooms.

susanna - 29yr old lady in distress. Whilst the occasional wetting or soiling in bed probably happens to most adults on rare occasions, if it becomes a regular occurence for which there's no logical explanation, I'd advise seeing a doctor without delay. Your doctor should be able to refer you to a specialist who deals in continence matters if he or she thinks it necessary. Whilst I think it's unlikely that your symptoms signify that there's something seriously wrong, i.e. life-threatening, it's still important to get checked out and have a diagnosis made. There are a lot of bowel conditions which, whilst not necessarily serious or life-threatening, can nevertheless cause a lot of misery and discomfort if left untreated and I'd say that your quality of life was important. Once a diagnosis has been made, it should be possible for treatment to begin or, in the unlikely event of it being necessary, surgery arranged. Get checked out and let us know how you get on. Also, try to make sure you're not doing anything that might exacrebate the soiling problem such as eating foods which disagree with you. Do you go to the toilet at bedtime for #2? Are there any other factors in life, either at home or at work, which could be causing you undue stress or anxiety? Hope all goes well. Good luck.

Brian. It's perfectly natural to be turned on by what comes naturally and it's nothing to feel ashamed about. I learnt fairly early on in life that women not only do #2s but some of them can cut a mean fart well capable of competing with that passed by any man.

Suzanne. I enjoyed your story about the early morning poo with your neighbour, Niki. It sounds as though Rich had a rare treat and one which he'll not forget in a hurry.

Linda. I'm a bit constipated at the moment. On my side of the world Christmas is imminent and, as usual, I've found the rich festive food rather constipating although I enjoy it all the same.

Best wishes to all

Hi, I'm a college girl, surfing the net and thought that I'd say something here. I've been interested in this sort of stuff since I was a kid, and my babysitter inadvertently let me see her on the toilet. She had left the door open, and had her eyes closed, so I just looked around the corner as she pooped up a storm. I remember being amazed that she was doing so much, but if I think about it now, it was probably just an average sized load, and nowhere near the type of stuff that I do now. Sometimes, even I'm astounded at the amount that I produce. I'm a fairly active girl, and I do eat a lot, so there is some explanation. As a result of my big movements, I've become a bit of an exhibitionist, going outside whenever possible. When I'm at my dorm, and I'm about to lay cable, I tie my hair up out of my way, and unload (usually pretty quickly, the actual pooping takes maybe a minute). Then I'll be thankful for the superflush on the toilets here, and spray a bunch of air freshener, usually with the front door open and lots of rubbing my stomach so that people have an idea of what just happened.

Does anyone else feel the need to announce to the world that they are about to take (or just have taken) a monumental movement? For me, if I get the feeling, sometime in the next five minutes, I'm unleashing the booty and letting it flow, be it abandoned gas station bathroom, home, dorm room, guys bathroom, or open meadow.

Texas Robb
Here in Lonestar, it's always been a given, that all the highway rest stops are all set up pretty much the same. Ladies all have stalls with locking doors for each booth for ample privacy while urinating or having a BM. The gentlemen's toilet rooms until the last few years never even had dividers between the toilet bowls, so making a BM in public was never a issue for men in Texas. A couple years ago, they renovated most of the highway stops. We men now have small partitions between the toilets, which hold large rolls of toilet tissue. Rebmember, we have BIG bowel movements down this way... but they never put doors on ay of the gents stalls. Instead we have beautiful mosiac tiled walls across from the toilets with nearby attractions, and local happenings , information on local events in large print, basically all 6 gentlemen can read during their bowel movements , without having to bring a book or a newspaper..Fathers, sons, brothers, cousins, uncles, friends, highway staff, truckers, everbody uses these bathrooms and everybody gets a kick out of the 'reading' part... I feel sorry for you 'northern' guys who are ashmed to shit without a locking door. Thats for women, NOT Texas cowboys !!

Hi, my name is Cade. I'm a 14 year old male. Me and my friends all like to laugh at each other while we take a crap. Not laugh at as in ridicule, but you get the picture. Anyway, last weekend my friend Alec and I were playing basketball at the park. He went for a shot and all of a sudden he stopped. I asked him what was wrong, and he said, "Man, I really, really, really, REALLY, gotta take a crap." I laughed and said, "That's what those hot dogs will do to you." Alec had eaten a hot dog earlier in the day with loads of ketchup, mustard, and relish. Alec, clearly in pain, said, "You had a hot dog with all kinds of shit on it too." I replied, "Well since I clearly don't have to shit, it means I am better than you!" I laughed and got in his face, which I do almost all the time because I'm about four inches taller than him. I said, "I can handle hot dogs." Alec said, "You would know about handling hot dogs." Alec then walked to the restroom. I followed him, dancing and chanting "Alec's gotta shit. Alec's gotta shit." over and over again to torment him. The restroom in the park had three stalls. One was occupied by a kid who looked about 11, and the next one was out of order, so he went into the handicapped stall. I followed him inside. Alec pulled down his shorts and black briefs and sat on the toilet. It took him a while to get started. I snatched his hat off just for the hell of it, and ran towards the door. Alec got off the toilet to try to grab the hat from me, but his stomach got the better of him and he sat back down. Alec said, "If I didn't have to crap, you'd be dead." I said, "Yes, but since you do have to crap I guess I'll just be barely alive." Alec then replied, "Prepare yourself for the ultimate stinkbomb." Alec then proceeded to crap. He farted a lot. I heard a few splashes, but they came really fast, like diarrhea, but I could tell that Alec was laying some pretty solid shit. It smelled really bad. Alec let out a sigh of relief. I pretended to tremble and cower in fear, and then looked up and said, "Is that it? Is it over?" Alec said, "Just wait." He then groaned, and crapped some more. I waved Alec's hat around to try to get the smell away, like that helped. Alec then said, "Now it is over. Now gimme my hat and wipe my ass." I gave him the hat, slapped his ass, and said, "Are you that lazy?". He wiped his ass and stood up. I looked in the toilet and it was full of light brown chunks of shit. Some of his chunks were huge. I then said to him, "Wow. You created something beautiful out of your love for hot dogs." We laughed it up and then went back to my house.

When we got to my house, we watched some TV, and then wrestled for a while. I ended up sitting on his chest. I slid over to his face and farted a few times. They were pretty nasty, but then I was unable to fart. I ran to the bathroom with the urge to shit. I left the door open since my parents were gone, and sat on the toilet. Alec followed me, walked up to me, and said, "When you're on the can, you look a lot shorter." I simply snatched his hat again, held it behind me, and leaned back on the toilet, so he couldn't get it. I held my cock down so that I could piss. Both me and Alec like to sit down when we piss. After I was done pissing, I playfully offered Alec a hand shake. He refused saying, "I know where that hand has been." I felt some crap coming out, and started to push and grunt. Alec kept snickering because I was farting as well. I crapped for about six or seven minutes before I was finished. The bathroom really smelled. I then stood up to wipe and turned my messy butt towards Alec and wiped it. Alec and I observed my load, just as we observed his earlier. There were three soft logs in there. I then flushed, and then sprayed air freshener, which didn't seem to help as much. We left the bathroom and then debated on who had the better dump that day.

This is going to be my last post on this site. I love you all, and love your stories, but I have to go.

I began my new job (internship) today and was working from 7:45 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. At a little before 11 a.m., the other people in the office decided to go eat at a restuarant and leave me to take phone calls. I had a slight urge to pee, but I didn't think that it would be bad seeing that my lunch break would be when they came back in an hour. A half an hour went by and the urge was getting strong. Now you think I can just go out of the office and use the bathroom right? Wrong. The door is electronic and locks automatically and you need a card key to get in. They didn't have a key to give me, so I was in bad shape. 20 minutes pass, I'm thinking "Ok. I can wait. They'll be back soon." Another half an hour and my bladder was contracting, "ok any minute now." Meanwhile, I had to get up from my desk and walk around, trying to see if there were any hidden bathrooms in the office. No luck. Also, walking around helped relieve some of the pressure off my bladder.
Next to me was an almost empty huge trash can. I was soo desperate that I thought of using that, but 1 I didn't know where to hide the evidence, and 2 I didn't want them to be walking through the door and find me in that state. 20 more minutes and my bladder was beginning to ache. I almost let go a couple times, but I was lucky because I didn't even have any pee come out. Finally at 1 p.m. came relief! They came back from their break, I signed out to go to lunch and headed straight for the bathroom. As I peed for 40 seconds straight (that is long for me--I'm usually 10-20 seconds), I felt relieved. I was also thanking my God because during that time, I prayed that the pressure be relieved and that no accidents would happen. He was merciful.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this somewhat interesting-yet-dull story. I'll miss you all. Bye :((

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