AJ :o)
I'm finally moved back home completely. Nice to have all of my things in one place, even if they AREN'T all put away yet--or even all out of my minivan.

Weather will be nice enough tomorrow to finish moving things in the house. Then, we're going to get a blizzard!

Going out to stock up on some supplies.

Gotta pee and will be doing this as soon as I get this posted.

But I just wanted to share some away-from-home bathroom experiences told to me by other people.

The first bunch have come to me by way of older cousins who were telling me about the two class trips they went on. Of course, this happened in the years 1968 and 1969.

They told me about what it was like on the bus, which had one unisex bathroom to the back.

The first time someone went back there, everybody got so quiet that this person decided to wait for the next stop.

Turns out to be for the best anyway, because the restroom turned out to be absolutely filthy!

When this was discovered, some boys back by it would open the door and let the smell come out into the bus, and everybody was going, "EEEEW Gross!!!"

There was this girl who brought a whoopie cushion with her.

She shared a hotel room with three other girls.

She'd inflate that whoopie cushion and aim the blow-out part towards the toilet and squeeze it while exclaiming, "Ooooooooooh! I've got gas! I've really got gas!"

There was some kind of vent where you could hear into the next bathroom, so she was doing this for the "entertainment" of the neighbors.

There was a public address system on the bus, so, the next time they were back on the road and stopped at a rest-stop, she loans her whoopie cushion to this guy who takes it to the front of the bus, holds it up to the microphone, and squeezes it until it quacks.

Then, he gets on the mike and quips, "Confucious say: Man who f??ts in church sits in own phew!"

A friend told me that he was in this church camp for people in their late teens on up to old age. At the time, he was in his early twenties and was not only a camper but, also, helped out with the teens.

One thing he did before they all left was to check the bathrooms.

In one toilet, he saw poop in a ball that reminded him of a baseball. No toilet paper. Just this huge ball of poop.

He tried to flush it down, but the toilet began to back up, so he decided just to leave it there for the maintenance crew whenever they got around to cleaning the bathrooms.

He had no idea who had done this, but he said that they must have had such a sore butt that they couldn't sit down for a week after passing THAT monster.

I said that I suspected that this was some sort of teenage prank and that nobody had passed the monster in this state-of-being.

Either some teens had done it on paper or in a vessel and then rolled it into a big ball before depositing it in the toilet or else it wasn't even poop but, instead, mud or modeling clay.

Has anyone ever seen any poop that is shaped like a baseball and is so solid that it's next to impossible to flush!?!

Hi. I used to post here but I've changed my name. For personal reasons, I can't reveal who I posted as. Anyway, it's been a long while since I posted but I have something that I feel I need to share. For the last 2 days I've pooped more than I probably poop in a week. Yesterday (Sunday) I suddenly got this incredible urge to poop. It was practically banging on the back door to get out. Within minutes though the urge went away kinda. It came back several times. Well I didn't feel like going then so I just held it. Later on in the night I felt like I couldn't hold it anymore so I went to the bathroom. Shut the door and went over to the toilet. I pulled my jeans and undies down to my ankles as usual and sat down. First I took a huge pee, which felt great. Then I leaned forward and began letting out some small but audible farts. Then I could feel the beginning of soft mushy poo coming out with loud crackling. I was barely pushing the whole time. I began pushing out several turds which were all very soft and medium brown in color. Then I farted loudly as more poo came rushing out. After 5 minutes of pooping, I lifted my butt off the pot and saw probably 10 or 12 sizable turds (all pretty thin and long). I sat my butt back down and began wiping. It took several wipes. I stood up when i was done and flushed the mess away. Man it stunk though. A couple of hours later I had to go again and I let out a sizable turd that was a little more firm.

The next day (today) I had to go again and so I sat down and pushed out a good sized turd. Wiped up and flushed, took probably a minute at most. Tonite I had to go really bad again so I went and sat on the pot again with my jeans and breifs to my ankles. I really had to pee as well so I let lose of that. Once again I farted a few small but audible farts and I started pushing out soft poo. I wasn't pushing much though it was pretty much falling out on its own making small plop noises and splat noises as it hit the water. The room was starting to stink kinda bad. I just sat there in deep thought soaking in the pleasure of releasing this huge load. After about 5 or 10 minutes of constant pooping. I stood up to look in the toilet and saw the water was completely covered with crap. It was amazing how much poop I produced after only pooping a huge amount the day before. It took several wipes but I finally got my butt cleaned up and I flushed my production away. I left the bathroom admiring the huge stink I made and the huge production as well.

Well goodnite folks. BTW, I'm 19 y/o.

wow!! just lost 6lbs in the crapper

Good morning--cold here. A couple of days ago we went Christmas shopping. I had to pee, so I found the store's restroom; nice and big, one stall occupied. I went into a neighboring stall. The back wall was shiny and reflective, and the space behind the partition was wide. I could see a reflection in the next stall. The seat was raised, and a fairly young man was hovering over the bowl. I saw his bottom plainly. Beneath him, in the water, were two small turds, maybe 3" long each, an inch thick, and light to medium brown. He hovered for maybe 30 seconds, then abruptly lowered the seat and sat down. At that point his bottom pretty well covered the seat, so I saw no more. He farted; then I farted, flushed, and left. Not a bad sighting; it took maybe 2 minutes from start to finish.
My own poops have been normal; today's was long, thin, and dark, entering the water while still emerging from me.
Happy pooping, everyone!

I am in seventh grade, brown curly hair, braces, and very shy and get embarrassed easy. I had the worst moment of my life last week. I got sick to my stomach on a school field trip. We went on a bus to this science museum. On the way there, we stopped at a McDonalds for lunch. I had a quarter pounder, french fries,and a milkshake. Back on the bus, my stomach began to feel weird - like it was rumbling around, then it started to hurt really bad with sharp cramps. I told my friend who was sitting beside me that i had a ????ache. I knew I needed to shit diahrrea but there wasn't a toilet on the bus. My friend was asking if i could make it. I was miserable, holding my stomach and doubled over. I started crying and told her no. she went and told the teacher I had an upset stomach and needed a bathroom now. The teacher made the bus driver stop at a gas station and I ran to the bathroom and had bad diahrrea. I felt really relieved and got back on the bus. My ???? still felt funny but was not hurting so much. When we got to the science museum, I sat down on a bench because my ???? still felt bad, but not really like diahrrea anymore. I guess I had been so worried about pooping that I didn't realize that I needed to puke. It came up right there all over the place. It was so gross. The only good thing was that most of my class was in another part of the museum because it is one of those where you can walk around and look at different things so most of them didn't see me puke. But they all heard about it. Thank god for my friend jill. I was crying from being so embarrassed and she took me to the bathroom to wash my face and wash out my mouth. The teacher called my mom to come and get me and I got diahrrea a few more times at home. I am scared to eat fast food again because I think that McDonalds is what made me sick but I have eaten there before and it did not do anything to me.

Attending various winter assemblies was awful for me. First of all, here was my scedual. Lily's assmebly: . Sarah's assembly: Charlotte's assembly: . Katie's assmebly: .

On December I felt sooo sick. Morning sickness really got the better of me, and Charlotte was already off school. So, I got Lily dressed in her nice clothes, got Charlotte dressed in her nice clothes, gave Sarah nice clothes to change into, and got Katie dressed in nice clothes, so she wouldn't look stupid attending all of their winter assemblies. So, then (after breakfast--i didn't eat anything, i felt to sick) I drove Sarah and Charlotte to school, then drove Lily to school. I had an hour until the assembly started, so after staking out good seats, but also seats that I could leave if anything happened quickly, and without a scene, Katie and I went to a local coffee shop. Katie got a plain bagle, and I got water. I somehow managed to eat a few bites of the bagle and drink some water, gave Katie half, and put the other half in my bag, along with the water. Then we got back into the car and went to the assembly hall.

Before it started, I made Katie use the bathroom as so there would not be any dificulties. THe assembly started, and the loud music made me feel dizzy and sick. I started heaving, and kept swallowing so as not to throw up. Finally the assembly ended, I hugged Lily, told her she was amazing, and ran to the bathroom to get sick. Charlotte's assembly was completely uneventful, and Sarah's was too, until the end when Katie told me, "Mommy, i need to poop." I cursed, asked Lily to stay with Charlotte, and ran to the bathroom. Katie sat on the toilet, and instantly liquidy poop started coming out. The smell made me feel dizzy, and I started heaving. Finally we went back, and the assembly ended.

Lily's problem is getting better, although it is anything from perfect. I can't say that i've honestly done much to encourage her lately, though, because i've felt sooo lousy. I know it's not right, I just can't help it. Thank god I only hgave to put up with this for 4 more months!! Do you have any suggestions on what I should do?

On the 19th, a very unforctunant thing happened. Well, i guess it wasn't that bad, but it was to Sarah. We were driving back from where we were staying for the weekend, and we were on an interstate highway. Well, right as we pass the last exit/turn-around point for the next 42 miles, Sarah says, "Mom, I need to use the bathroom." My husband was driving, so I leaned back to look at her. "Sarah, can you hold it until the next reststop? It's in 42 miles, because we just passed the last one, and we can't turn around..." Sarah grimaced, but said, "Yes, mommy. I can wait." So we continue driving. Periodically I looked back, and Sarah was getting more and more uncomfortable. 27 miles from the reststop, Sarah says, "Mommy, I don't feel so good. My stomach really hurts!" I asked her if she would be alright, and she said yeah. Perhaps 8 minutes later, she said, "Mom, I'm going to have diarrhea!!" I told my husband to pull over, but he couldn't. Sarah started crying in pain, and telling me "it hurts so badly!" Finally we find a place to pull over, and Sarah gets out, pulls down her pants, and has diarrhea. It wasn't loud, but it was very liquid--it looked like chocolate milk. So, finally she stopped, wiped herself on some tissues, and got back into the car. A bit from my house, suddenly she farts, and then I hear a hissing noise. Lily goes, "Mommy, Sarah pooped in her pants!!" and started laughing. I told lily that that was completely inapropriate, and told her to say "i'm sorry", which she did. Sarah was in hysterics, though, and wouldn't stop crying. SHe cried so much that she made herself sick ( was sooo gross...poor car!! it was sooo gross to clean!!) in our car. Poor Sarah...she seems to get sick more often then the rest of us--if the flu is going around, she'll get it. and the flu IS going around, so it's only a matter of days...I hope she doesn't get it over christmas!!!


Does anyone have any ideas about a new place to pee/poo? I've tried some of the basic ones, but I'm wondering if there's a place I haven't thought of. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

michael explosive diarrhea
lately my dumps have been hard and not liquidy. I haden't shit in 2 days and my stomach told me it was time. It felt like my ass swallowed
a missle. I went to the bathroom ripped my pants down and sat on the toilet. I pushed out a huge log and when it fell from my crack it made a loud thump. I pushed out more and more huge turds with such pain. I kept on unloading and then I farted and i exploded with a heap of turds. It smelt very bad and In the toilet were about 5 huge turds.Some were wrapped around eachother and one went all the way the hole.I must have pushed out atleast 40 inches of shit. My turds average about 10 inches in size but my biggest was about 14 inches. can someone tell me if my turds are considered big and if not what is the size to be determined big.

Hey, Went Christmas shopping with my buddies on Sunday. We were at te mall most of the day, so about 5:30 we all hadda shit badly. Closest major department store was JC Penney, so we haul in there laughing, only to find 3 toilet stalls WITH NO DOORS !!!!! of course, they wee all in use and the place stunk like a sewer. Well, there were already a few guys waiting to use them, so now there are five guys standing in front of te three guys who are shitting,farting, and wiping. One on the guys said "How cheap is JC Penney, that they cannot afford doors?" One of te men who was shitting was an employee, and responded "It's NOT about the cost, because the women ALL have doorswith latches on them, but there was vadelism in here, so we have to pay the piper" Then he farted real loud and laughed "Oh well' He wiped a real long time but I guess he has to be clean, since he works with people all day. We finally got our turn and the seats were nice and warm, we dropped our 'sausages' farted, wiped and washed our hands , mmeanwhile a new group was waiting to shit, so they were standing in front of us. We wre PROUD of how we stunk up that restroom !!!! Happy Holidays !!!!

Urgent Need
Help. For about four months I've had the misfortune of crapping rocks. It's kind of like constipation, but I go every day, but it comes out as the consistency of rocks. And it's really hard to get out, it takes more effort than it should, and my stomach bloats up which is kind of annoying. Recently I tried chocolated laxatives, and it helps produce soft logs, or the "soft serve" type of poo. And I know I can't be using laxatives all my life, that's dangerous I've heard. If anyone out there has any idea at all what's wrong, or any advice, please reply. Thank you. =]

To Doug C.

WOW! Sounds like that girl took a pretty good dump. I understand why you were probably shocked, especially since the previous female just peed. You probably also never expected a female to be so open about taking a crap.

Hi guys! The last time I posted here it was as Impatient Pooper. I sent a few posts in over the summer and one about a month ago, but both got censored, hence my new name.

BathroomBound: Yes, it is a fairly common practice (though I don't know any statistics). Many adults also have this fetish (known as watersports, or more technically urophilia or urolagnia). You should try it some time ^.^.

At the end of this summer I went with my temple youth group whitewater rafting. On the way there I was in a car with 3 girls and one guy. About halfway through our 2.5 hour trip we had to stop for a break because the chaperone, 2 of the girls, and the guy were bursting to pee. I have a big bladder, so I didn't need to go, and I just sat in the car and thought to myself "this is going to be an interesting trip". The pit stop also sparked some conversation about peeing on the trip, which I found exciting. What was even more exciting was that the general attitude seemed to be "just pee in your wetsuit".
Once at the place, we were given wetsuits and intsructions about safety and paddling. I was put into a group with a bunch of other guys from my youth group and a very sexy, tomboyish guide. Before we left for the put in, I was very careful not to go to the bathroom, even though I needed to go a bit by then (I hadn't peed for 4 hours, and my capacity is normally 4-6 hours on normal water consumption before micturition). As we got on the bus, some of my fellow group people mentioned that they needed to go too, but didn't want to bother. On the way over, I wondered if anybody else was looking forward to peeing their wetsuit, and concentrated on my need, trying to intensify it.
We got to the put in, and entered the boat. Then we pushed off into the water and paddled around a bit, learning the raft's ropes (both proverbial and literal). As we started off downriver, the first thing our guide told us was NOT to pee in our wetsuits. I thought "darn", disappointed because her warning might deter the others from what I was determined to do.
As we hit our first rapids I soon forgot about my need to pee, and the 7 of us on the boat had a simply amazing time going down the "big" rapid of the trip. After coming down from our adrenaline high n a bit of a calm stretch, we came to the spot for lunch. Just in time, too, because we were all freezing cold, soaking wet (though the wetsuits helped with both of those), needing to pee. First stop on land was the porta-potties, but so was it as well for every other boat in our armada or half a dozen. We had to stand in line for about 15 minutes to use one of the 3 toilets, a wait which I enjoyed immensely. At least one member of my boat and several of another gave up with waiting and simply walked away to eat and pee their pants. I remained, wanting to make the appearance of using the porta-potty, and also watching a girl in our youth group who was nervously shifting from foot to foot and crossing her legs ever so slightly. Although most of us were moving about to escape the cold, she seemed a bit more embarassed than the rest of us. After about teen minutes of waiting (which was probably 15 for her), I noticed that she stopped fidgeting and walked away, and I hadn't noticed her enter the toilet. I fantasized for weeks about what must have been going through her mind (and panties for that matter ^.^).
When I got my turn to pee, I entered to porta-potty and undid the fastenings on my top and the suspenders of my pants, so that people would think that I used the toilet. Once I did that, however, I stood in front of the hole and gradually pushed a few spurts of pee into my wetsuit. I was wearing long underwear under the wetsuit, and it felt sooo good, especially in the amazing coldness of the shaded grove we had stopped at. I pissed a bit...well..a lot more, but scarcely all, and quickly debarked from the toilet, savoring the feeling.
While we were eating I sat at a stone table, on a stone bench with my boatmates. The main topic of conversation was how cold we were. To my surprise one of the guys suggested the obvious solution, and, to my even greater amazement, no one realy protested. After we finished our sandwiches, we got up and went to the bus, which was heated, and as people got up, 4 giant wet patches were revealed on the bench where my friends had sat. I guess maybe peeing isn't such an unusual kink after all...
On the bus we were all eating brownies and drinking glasses of grape juice. Mostly eating brownies. I however, wanted to pee more, so I only ate 2 brownies, but drank 5 glasses of juice. As we got back in the boat, I was feeling the effects on my bladder once again. For the second half of the journey, we engaged in a massive inter-boat water war, using our bail buckets. We had an awesome time with that, but the competitiveness kind of killed my libido, so I didnt pee for the rest of the boat ride. Once we got back to the take out, I needed to pee, and wanted to as well, but in the presence of my guide, I was too inhibited to do so in my suit. On the bus ride back, I gradually did little bits, but nothing substantial. Thus I found myself in the situation of returning to the organization's "base" and still needing to pee. Thank G-d for the changing areas! I went to change out of my wetsuit, and in my changing stall I completely pissed myself, basking in the warmth of my bodily fluids trapped in fabric. As I removed the pants, though, I realized that my piss had completely saturated my clothing, and made a huge puddle on the floor. Embarassed, I quickly changed and returned the suit, exiting the changing area before anyone could notice my mess. I would have changed into my shoes (I was wearing sandals), but as my sandals were flooded similar to the floor, I kept them on to hide the wetness.
On the car ride home we had to make one pit stop, and when I got home I had to make a few excuses as to why my clothes needed to be washed, and not simply dried, but I don't think my parents ever suspected. I certainly enjoyed recollecting that experience, and the memory will stay with me for a long time.

Billy and Kevin
At school yesterday, more kids got sick with what we had last weekend.

Yesterday, we had breakfast at school. Afterwards, we had to blast a dukee. Our little brohter Jeremy had to go too. We went into the bathroom. One of the kids from the third grade was one of the toilets. I Sat down on the other one. Jeremy asked the other kid why he was peeing on the sitting down. He said, I am pooping. I have the runs. Jeremy said hurry up. It's coming out. I said, come on with me. So I move back, and Jeremy sat down and started to go. He peed for like a minute and blasted out about 10 turds in about a minute. The kid next to use wiped his butt and flushed. He had nasty diarrhea. Just as Kev was about to sit down, a mother came in with her two kids. She said she hopes its ok if they go here because there is a line in the girls bathroom. We said, ok. The kids peed into the toilet. Then one of them said he had to go poo and sat down. The other one said, hey two of you are using one toilet. I said, yeah, adnd the two of you used one toilet. Jeremy finished adn I wiped myself. THen Jeremy wiped himself and kev sat down. Then the kid next to us finished. He dropped two turds. He asked mom for some toilet paper. The mom said just get up. I really have to go. He got up and turned his butt to her. She sat down and started to go. She sat with her legs spread appart so she could wipe the kids butt. She peed and a huge turd started to come out. The other kid said, you're pooping. She said, yeah, everyone has to go poop. She dropped two more turds and then farted and started to poop diarrhea. She was pooping for about two minutes. Kev finished with his poop and wiped himself. The boys looked in and said you really had to go. There was a pile of poop that was about 8 in high and sticking out of the water. One of our friends came in and had to pee. He peed the toilet. we stayed and talked to him. The lady said, can't guys leave us alone? I said, this is a boys room. If I want to talk to my friend here, too bad.

Before lunch, I had to pee. When I went in, another kid was sitting on the toilet and wiping himself. When he got up, you could see two turds floating and a bunch fo brown water. I guess he diarrhea. The kid who was pooping diarrhea came in and sat down too. I don't tell me you still have diarrhea. He said he had two nasty poops and the last oen was about 2 hours ago. He pushed out about 5 little poops, wiped twice and was done. The were pretty normal, so he was feeling better.

After school, we went to the after school program. He and my friend bobby had to poop again. When we got in there, another kid I didn't was pooping. I sat down and bobby said, can I sit too. I really have to blast a dukee. I said ok. The kid next too dropped two or three turds and then started to squirt diarrhea. He looked pretty sick. I dropped about 3 medium turds and bobby dropped one really long one. His was full of corn. I wiped. Then while bobby wsa wiping, the other kid on the toilet puked. It was pretty nasty. It looked lunch, with whaat we ate. There were peices of pizza and celery chunks and cookies. He puked about 3 times and stopped. Bobby had to jump over it. I told him I would get the nurse and a janitor. We went into the office and told them what happened.

I was wondering if anyone else tries to urinate while holding in a bm? I sometimes need to have both and if there is only a urinal available, I find that I can't go because if I release the muscles holding the urine in my bladder, I also release the muscles holding in the poop. So I have to wait for a toilet.

Another question for the guys: Do you ever release a tiny bit of seminal fluid when straining to have a bm? I sometimes do, and I guess it makes sense, since the poop has to pass the prostate on its way out.

A few weeks back, I saw 2 different guys taking a dump on a toilet. The toilet was right next to a frosted glass window, so I actually only saw a silhouette, but it was pretty cool. And they both stood to wipe.

Today at the swap meet, I took a dump next to a guy who had his shorts and underwear all the way down to the floor. The partitions were high and I could see most of his leg and the side of his butt as he sat on the toilet. Dark black hair on his kinda skinny legs. He was crackling, but no farting. He stood to wipe and wiped about 7 or 8 times. He was wearing lime green briefs, which I've never seen before. Gotta get me a pair. Very colorful. He pulled them and his shorts up. Not too many sightings otherwise.

Susanna, are you loose down there? do you think you're becomming incontinent? do your accidents also happen during the day or only at night?

I hate piss rebound from the toliet! I live in the country where noone is, so lots of times (even in winter) I piss outside, I cant stand knowing some piss hit my legs, shorts, or pants and not take a shower right after. I have aimed at differnt parts but it didnt work. The swirly toliets work if you aim right at the hole and you flush first, but other people hear you flush first and think WTF is wrong with this guy? Finally, you can hold it and go slowly but sometimes that doesnt work out well either, and man does it suck to hold back.

Any tips?

Put aside your embarrassment and seek some medical attention ASAP. Your recent lack of bowel control might be resolved by something as simple as a change in diet or antibiotics to treat a persistent gastrointestinal infection.... On the other hand, it could be a sign of something much more serious that needs to be addressed.

Back around 1990 I began to have painful BM's. At times, my rectum got so swollen & bleeding that I avoided pooping until it simply became impossible hold my load in any longer. (Luckily, I never had any accidents, but that's probably because I paid extremely close attention to the locations of washrooms wherever I was happened to be.) What's more, it was excruciating just to wipe up when I was done. By the end, I stopped doing even that during my 'flare-ups'. (I had to use the shower to clean up any mess I couldn't touch handle by hand.)

It was only after a particularly bad episode one week that I said... "Forget this!" and headed to a local walk-in clinic.
Reluctantly telling the nurse on duty my problem, she directed me to the physician on call. He told me to drop my pants and then climb on the exam table on my left side. The doc put on a pair of rubber gloves and proceeded to conduct a 10-minute digital exam of my rectal area... ((No electronics... By "digital" I mean the guy used his fingers.)

Although I didn't see him for most of the time (obviously), I could tell he wasn't having a great time checking me out back there.

Well... That made two of us.

But after he was done he said in no uncertain terms that I had haemorrhoids. (That may be obvious to everyone here, but back then, I didn't know exactly what haemorrhoids were beyond a vague pain in someone's rear end.)

The primary solutions to my problem: 1) Don't be lazy. i.e. Clean up thoroughly when wiping after BM's; and to lesser extents... 2) avoid sitting on my butt for super-long periods of time, & 3) avoid some spicy foods that seem to exacerbate flare-ups.

*My point is that I endured some very personal embarrassment for a while to find out how to resolve a situation that had caused me a lot of pain on & off me for months.*

**Get a good doctor and find out what's causing your incontinence!

-Your only other options as far as I can see are to A) stock up on adult diapers you can wear over-night; or B) conduct frequent enemas so there isn't anything in your bowels to pass at night.


China Girl:
Looks like you enjoy farting. According to Chinese culture, is it OK for women to fart? Seems like Chinese women would fart as normally as men. In most of the Western world, does it seem that women farting is more impolite than men. That is why they have to hold it in. Do any eastern culture have anything against farting? I kind of wonder, how do people get the idea, "girls don't fart?" Isn't farting a natural reaction?

Mr Hankey (Evil version)
Another of "those" bowel-movement experiences I've written about before - after two days of nothing doo-ing, not constipation just nothing in there, it all explodes out. This time it was in a well-known London department store. Its toilets are not well-signposted, you can wander around for ten minutes trying to find them, which is not good when you think you can feel diarrhea leaking out (only tiny amounts). Eventually I find the toilets - I was wrong about the diarrhea but I couldn't get off the bog for over ten minutes as I was hit with urge after urge, discharging lump after lump of squishy doodoo. By now I know when the toilet's likely to be full and am able to stop - but I still have to contend with the shit that refuses to flush away, keeps coming back. Eventually I got the bowl "almost clear" and reluctantly accepted that that was the best I could hope for. I was still creasing up with embarrassment though, as I washed my hands.

Hilary R. from Indiana
Well, I'm finally done with finals (thank god!) It was a very stressful time for me, and it seems that the more pressure I have, the more frequently I poop. Yesterday, while studying for my last exam, I pooped 4 times. They weren't little loads either; all in all I probably pooped about 3 times my normal daily load. It wasn't really diahrreah; it was softer than normal for me but still fairly firm. I went through the same thing last semester and as far back as I can remember.

During my exam on Wednesday, I had to stop writing to head to the bathroom to poop. I would have held it if I could, as this was about the worst time for it as the exam was extremely time-crunched. Obviously I couldn't exactly take my time; I think I was in and out in about 2 to 3 minutes (including wiping and washing my hands).

Fortunately for me, I didn't have to go during my exam this morning, probably because I took a huge (and smelly-a lot of air freshener needed) crap at home before I left.

Hi, today I already had a pooping accident at school. It was the last leason today and I had to go very urgent.. it was very hard to supress my pooping, and luckily i made it.. when the lesson was over I rushed to the boy room. I took the first stall and sat down on the toilet. First I started pissing, and then I made a big poop.. It took me 5 minutes to finish my ´poop. After I was ready I left a very bad smell..

this was my firt poop and hopefully the last.. usually I make my bm at home, and usually I am master in holding my poop in but this time the pressure was stronger... myby the maxian food I had at lunch.. was rasponsibel for my unsually urge.. could this be possible?? I need some answers please

Hi Everyone,

This is my first time posting here and I have to be honest. I love holding my pee. It's not so much about the peeing, but the desperation and the bladder bulging.

My best hold was for 35.5 hours a couple of years ago. I've read some posts on this board (particuarly from Katrina ... wayyy back around 1008) that talk about holding for 48 hours. I would LOVE to be able to do that.

The most I have ever held is 1500ml which I know is not the most ever in the world, but still was a record for me.

Is there anyone else here who is into this sort of thing? I'm hoping to beat my record 35.5 hour hold this new year. Is there anyone else interested in joining me?


hey,all fellow poopers-Been just too busy to post,but just wanted to respond to Taylor"s last post-I flattered that you enjoyed my stories and I, like you have often wondered what happened to CARMELITA,PUNKROCK GIRL,along with a few others I too used to love to enjoy their great posts!Yes,I'm still here and I read the forum just about every day,but I've noticed the last few stories I posted,i would get No response or feedback from the new bunch now posting on the forum-Back when all the,as taylor calls them the "legends of the toilet"were in their hayday,we would all respond to a good story-Seems a bit different,now-Don't get me wrong-I enjoy some of the newer posters like CHINA GIRL,SUZE(she''s like one of the legends herself,i really enjoy her stuff and i'dd buddy dump with her anytime!)along with a few others,but to me the forum seemed to have shifted towards the poop and pee "accidents"vibe which does nothing for me,Hey,to each their own,but none of thet stuff does a thing for me,so I wait til the forum shifts back to some good Ol' buddy dump( out in the woods!) or pretty ladies pooping and stuff like that.
But TAYLOR,I'm still here and from time to time whenI have a good story,i'll post again! Thanks again for saying hello to all of us "old time poopers" on the forum!
HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO ALL( and ladies,eat more fiber!!!)


Hi there. I'm a 26 year old male who has been reading these posts now for over 5 years. I too have been intersted in womens bathroom habbits for quite some time. I used to think something was wrong with me. Now I see that there are many who have this same desire. Something about a women pooping just drives me wild. When I think back I can now see traces of things that happened in my childhood that probably led to this strange fetish. I enjoy reading everyone's posts. Stay tuned as I have many experiences that I want to share.

Brrrr!! What a cold day here in Toronto! Not at all favourable for producing enjoyable BM's. My poops since the temp. dropped last week have been barely satisfying.
But anyway...

I wanted to throw a quick question out to everyone here who has visited (or currently lives in) one of the large Russian cities or one of the former Eastern Block nations. Is it *really* true or more of an urban myth about how much of an 'adventure' using a public toilet in those areas can be? (Ex. People quite regularly using newspapers for TP... Frequenting back allys on their daily commute to work & back because they're much less likely to get mugged than in a public loo... the sorry state most public washrooms are kept... & so on...)

Cheers & Merry Christmas to Eveyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

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