grad student
Had an odd expeience the other day at school. I walked into one of the restrooms in teh communications building to find the second of 2 stalls locked but only seeing an empty pair of shoes on the floor in front of the toilet with no one in them. The walls are shiny tile, so I got at an angle to see if there was anyone in there. I could see the reflection of a guy squatting on the seat of the toilet. His buns were bearly above the seat. suddenly there was a loud spash. I left to allow him to finish his business in privacy. Turned out to be one of the comp sci professors.

I was in the grocery store today in line to check out, behind a mother and her daughter, who looked about 14 or 15. The daughter looked a little uncomfortable, like she wanted to get out of there fast. I was flipping through a magazine, when I hear a little "phhhfffftttt" sound in front of me. I looked up and the daughter was looking back at me with a small grin. Then the smell hit me... like hot rotten eggs! I smiled in return, moved closer. She got the hint, turned away from me and let another SBD out, even bigger! I didn't mind waiting in that line!

Doug C.
Looks like this is the perfect place to share an unusual experience I had in college. I was spending the night with some friends of mine at their off-campus apartment after a party. There was only one bathroom for six people. So, the next morning I got up and took a shower. While I was in shower, one of the girls came in and asked if I minded if she peed. I said no, go ahead. She sat on the toilet and peed, then fixed her hair and left. I finished showering and started shaving when one of my guy friends came in and got in the shower. While I was shaving and he was in the shower, another one of my girl friends came in. She said she had to go to the bathroom, did I mind. I said, no, go ahead. She pulled her pajama bottoms and underpants down to her ankles and sat on the toilet. Imagine my shock when I heard a loud fart followed by several plops!!! I tried to act like I hadn't even noticed, but in my head I was like, OH MY GOD, SHE'S TAKING A SHIT! She sprayed some air freshener. In the mirror I could see her face and she was straining. I heard like five or six more plops (she must have been carrying a lot of shit in her guts) and she sighed in relief. I was also surprised when she wiped her ass standing up. She put down the toilet lid and asked my other friend to flush the toilet when he was out of the shower. She came by me and washed her hands and apologized for stinking up the bathroom, but she couldn't hold it anymore. I said, no problem. It's really stupid, I know girls shit just like guys, but I was never able to look at her again without the sounds of farting and plopping playing over in my brain. And, no, I did not peek inside the toilet.

today somethinghappened. i woke up with poop filled panties. i'm 29 years old.....and this isn't the first time.

i need help! this has been going on for 3 months...i cannot stop pooping my panties durin the night!

At first i thought it was just an unusual case of diahrreah after the first few mornings one week where i woke up with a wet mushy load in my underpants. the first morning i actually woke up in the midst of shitting my panties, it was painful diahrreah that came out very fast and the poop was so wet it soaked completely through my panties and there was even liquid poop going down my inner thighs and leaking out of my panties onto te bed. to sum it up, i took a nice 100% liquid my panties in bed! great...that was very fun. the second time wasn't nearly as dreadful. i woke up two mornings later with a small, mushy little load caked in my panties on the middle of my butt. i woke up and i just had a warm, sticky feeling on my butt and i reached back to feel my butt and i felt a big warm bulge through my panties and i was horrified again like the other morning...but believe you me, the cleanup was a million times easier. and from then just continued. morning after morning, waking up each one with a mushy mess in my underwear. i dont know why it's happening, but i just can't stop. i've been stubborn this long about getting in diapers..but i'm afraid this has gone on too long.

anyway, i was hoping to get a little encouragement and reassurance about maybe seeing a doctor........i cannot bring myself to do so.

i just want to wake up with clean undies!

To the girl who was asking if other females have bowel problems around menstruation:
It is common for a lot of women to have bowel problems during that time of the month. That is what my doctor told me. This is why women are more prone to IBS than men are. There is prescription you can take that can help you with your bowel problems. Ask your doctor.

People who are lactose intolerant lack a certain digestion protein that digests dairy, or rather, the lactose that is in dairy. It goes through the system undigested, or digested improperly. Therefore that causes gas and stomach cramps. I am speaking from experience and from what I learned in school. It's kind of the same with phenylketoneurics. They cannot eat products with phenyllalanine.

Latest bathroom experiences---none very interesting this week. I'll keep you all updated on more roadside pees and such.

John D.
One of my bosses at work was funny today. I was in the men's room combing my hair when he comes in and says I should hurry out of there because he has to "drop a bomb".

just got up and hadn't peed yet, last time being probally 11 hours ago. walked into bathroom, closed door; then lifted the lid, pulled down my undies and sat down. took the mirror again to watch. at first it took more then 30 secs to begin, but finally it began and at first I saw two streams coming out for maybe 10 secs, both of which tinkled straight down into the bowl's water. one shot a little to the left-front, and the other back toward the middle-right, beginning to create small foamy bubbles in the water. then the two sort of quickly combined to make one WIDE switchblade-like yellow stream; which appeared to be possibly one inch wide from front to back but thin. it continued for maybe 15 secs before becoming more of a wide, and I mean WIDE SPRAYING splatter; some of which I saw splattering up against the two inches of dry porcelain, but mostly tinkling and adding more foamy patches and yellowing up the water.[ thinking about what that other gal said about the front of her bowl being like an ocean beach,I guess mine in front is more like the long island sound beach at westport!LOL] anyway, by the time I was less than halfway through, I could smell a strong odor of pee which had a kind of acrid scent to it. after only a total of maybe 40 secs at most, the pee tapered off, slowing to a 10 sec dribbling hissy splatter with just a little shooting off and on up against the front below the rim a little,but most fell into the water; making just a bit more hissy foam and a splashy tinkle sound. I wiped my twat real good , dropped the paper wad in the bowl as I got up to pull everything up. the bowl's water was a bright yellow color with many small patches of white scuzzy looking foam which covered only 20% of the water's surface before flushing.

I had to pee really bad after shopping the other night and while stopping to get gas, I desparately began to feel the need to use the bathroom first. I got the key and walked around the side where he said it was, then walked into the small M/F restroom; making sure that the door locked behind me. the seat being allready down I took some paper first to quickly wipe it even though it looked clean. then I pulled down my jeans and undies, sat down and began to pee.[ the small toilet bowl was one of them with the water halfway toward the back and the front steeply sloping downward] as I began to pee at first I could hear it both " hiss" up against the dry part and make a splashy piddle sound in the water simultaneously for the first 15 secs then stop abruptly; partly because of pee shyness caused by the traffic sounds outside but also because I had been holding it for a while. I had to lean foward and when I did, I could feel it blasting out my twat and making a louder splashy tinkle sound as it obviously was spraying into the bowl's water for a minute at least before again stopping for like 3 secs; then resuming to both tinkle into the water and hiss against the dry front for what had to be another 20 secs before stopping.[ meanwhile having the pleasure of reading the " jesus saves" messages written on the wall LOL] feeling like I still wasn't yet empty, I leaned foward again, pushed and sprayed a few more[ 2-3] splashy tinkles back into the water and also again "hissing" up against the front in a series of off/on splashes lasting 5-10 secs each before the last bit " piddled" into the water. FINALLY, after what had to be well over 2 minutes including the pauses between[ approximately 2 minutes of peeing alone! whew!]I grabbed some paper from the roll and wiped, dropped it in bewteen my legs, then got up and pulled everything up[ had to keep winter coat on as there was no hanger or place to hang it]I looked right before flushing and the water was slightly yellowish[ a " clear-yellow if you may] with just a little bit of leftover pee scuzz along the sides; then I flushed.

China girl - I like story. Sorry Im girl from India so English not very good. I had similar first turd experience in a mall. I never let a turd come out in public toilet before. I was walking in mall and felt turd asking to come out. I didn't know where was toilet but I looked for it. But it took long time and turd was asking bad to come out. It got so bad I stop by shop and pretend to look in window but I really cross legs to keep hole shut and stop turd coming out. I see toilet and go there but turd ask to come out again and I get frightened I can't keep hole closed. When I get to toilet I pull knickers down very fast and sit down. Hole starts to open straight away and big long hard turd is coming out. It doesn't make noise but it hurts like hole not big enough. It take long long time for turd to come out and it only one turd. When turd finish coming out I stand up and look. It already going down water pipe but other end above water and sticking to side of bowl. But feel nice because no turd asking badly to come out and hole not hurt any more. It not stink much. I pull up knickers very quick because American toilets have so you can easily see in them everything somebody is doing. I like toilets in England where cant see through door. When I used handle it went away but brown mark was on side of toilet.

Taylor, calling out the true legends of the toilet
Hey. Taylor here. No silly nicknames in this message. I'm just here to try and bring back some ToiletStool legends, if they read here anymore. I know that if any of you read the past pages you will know of legends like Carmalita and friends, Punk Rock Girl, Buzzy, people like that. And I'm going to do it in my personal style. Carmalita, if you ever read here, your stories are, were, and always will be amazing. You were the toilets verstion of Triple H, except you were very popular here. I would personally have loved to be by your side whenever you took a shit. I would personally give you my stamp of approval if you turned up. PRG, when was the last time you posted. You have it all, girl. I will admit something right now. When I first found The Toilet, the first story I read was one of yours, you know, that one when you took a crap in a 'Men's Room (I quote you on that one'. That I am proud of. If you are retiring from the Toilet, I would love to squeeze one last story out of you. Buzzy, if you are still here, I will be extremely humiliated. You must truly be a great writer with all the comments I have read about you. Please, moderator, show this cry for legends to return. It would be great. The return of the legendary Carmalita. It would truly be incredible.
Right, now onto the poop scene for me. Nothing too interesting, other than the message that I need to eat more fruit.
China Girl: So you've moved into your own place, and already you've given your toilet its first test. I love your stories.
And Now, A question for the moderator: Are there any posts that you truly can't stand, other than the ones in the rule book.
Oh yeah, a puke question for you all here: How long have you gone without vomiting? My record still stands at a good nine years, year number ten coming soon. I'll tell the story of when I puke next in a few weeks.
And Remember, listen to COF.
Cheers. Taylor, calling for the true legends to come back.

China girl
To unknown message: When you feel bloating or have uncomfortable gas or diarrhea, soak your feet in bowl of warm/hot water while on toilet. You will feel instant relief.

It's been a while since I've posted. For the record I'm 14 and male.

Chris: Lactose needs to be broken down by an enzyme (lactase) in order to function as an energy source. Without the enzyme, it would be wildly inefficient for your body to digest lactose, and so it doesn't even try too, which is not a good thing in terms of being comfortable. It's somewhat akin to eating metal... it won't go through you. Unfortunately, milk, unlike metal, will actually ferment when left in your stomach. Ouch.

Anyway, here's an interesting news bit I saw (from a reliable source I'd link to were links allowed). I know a lot of people are infuriated (including me) by teachers who don't allow students to go to the bathroom, so this is of interest:

"Earlier this month the 14-year-old freshman was in his 90 minute Algebra class when he asked to go to the restroom. His teacher denied the request, but he left anyway, which resulted in an in-school suspension.

The boy's mother said she worried about health complications if her son couldn't go when he needed to, so she gave him some unusual advice. The student told News First he said to the teacher, "'If you're not going to let me go to the bathroom, I'm going to go in your trash can.' So he stood in front of the door, didn't let me go out. So I grabbed his trash can and went to the far corner of the room and I went. I did my business."

Mother Veronica V????? said, "If that's the way he's got to go about be it." Harrison District 2 officials did not want to comment on the case, saying the matter is under consideration.

The boy and mother attended an expulsion hearing Thursday. A decision is expected in about five days.

The boy did receive a ticket from Colorado Springs Police for urinating in public and public exposure. Velasco says she plans to fight those charges and hopes to get the school to change its bathroom policy."

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I still have some other things to post, but I don't have time now.

my 15 year old sister pooped and peed in her pants right in front of me today.

i went to pick her up from school at 2:30. When i got their she walked to the car rigidly and quickly and looked miserable the whole ride home. as we were coming onto my road, she farted really loud and then started completely pooping her pants. she kept on pooping in her pants the whole way home, and when we got in the driveway she hesitated to get out. she was crying now, and she slowly got out of the car. i looked on in disbelief. she had beige courderoy pants on and the brown poop stain on her butt was very dark and obvious and even had wetness, and there was a great big bulge on her butt too. on her way to the door she stopped and leaned forward and the bulge grew some more as she groaned and kept poooping her pants, and then a lump started to form going down the back of her thigh. suddenly a big glob of poop falls out of the ankle of her pants and there is a brown skid line all down the leg of her pants, and on top of that she started peeing her pants . the dark wetness spread up her butt and down her legs so fast and completely soaked her pants and brought out the brown poop stains even was outrageous. the most horrifying thing i've ever watched my sister do...

i mean damn, she pooped the crap out of her pun intended...she sure as hell peed herself pretty bad too.

I am an average guy in my 20s. I have been wondering about the comfort level people share about their bathroom habits. More often than we think, friends, acquaintances and siblings would readily share their bathroom habits with anyone. I have observed that many people don't think that it's gross to watch someone pee or poop. In fact I would say that there is an element of bonding as the other person feels very comfortable and supportive. But my question is,"Is it ok to ask a girl (since I am a guy) who is just my friend or just an acquaintance to let me watch her pee or poop." I haven't had too many chances to watch but I did like watching my friends having a pee or a poop.

My second question is "Is it true that some younger teens pee (of course only if their bladder is full) when they are sexually aroused. This is just hearsay. Does anyone know of of any such experience?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

China girl
Well I'm finally moved in over the weekend to my own place. Still have some unpacking to do though. I happen to be unpacking on second day when I feel my first turd in my new place come. I was unpacking sitting on the floor and I started farting silently very frequently. So I eventually went to toilet. I was feeling good mood about my new place so I am hoping my first turd is not so difficult for toilet. Well, this is small toilet in city apt so I look so big on it, even though I am not that big person. This toilet is next to door too as soon as you go in so I leave door open and my legs take up the door space. Well, I sit down and pee first. I realize my first turd may be intimidating so I try to take it easy. So, silent farts come out while I pee and it smell a little. Then there was some silence as pressure grew. I keep my hole closed until turd is really ready so I give this toilet a break for its first time. It's the least I can do since I can't guarantee the size of the turd, and I know it will leave bad taste. Ok, so my hole open and crackles. It opened wide for an instant, and although turd did not crash with too much power, it did come out fast and there was crackle sound the entire time it came out. The first end that come out was so fat well into half of turd, and the other end finish with a point. Now this toilet has low water level, so much of turd just sticks out. I finish with a little fart and small piece came. It was one of my calm craps but it was a big turd, and yes, there was bad smell. Well after wiping I flush and toilet did ok, but turd stuck to edge a lot before going down. I left quickly to relieve some of its anxiety as now my taste has become a part of it. I figure that was enough to have to deal with for now.

I don't know about other girls but I always have a hard time around my period. For a few days before I will be blocked up and then a day or two after I start I have diarrhea. After being blocked up since Monday, I started my period on Saturday. My stomach had been very uncomfortable all week so I was glad to know I would soon get all that poop out. When I went to bed on Saturday evening I had menstrual cramps adding to my discomfort and Sunday morning woke up bloated, still with bellyache and menstrual cramps. I tried to poop but nothing inside my poor swollen belly would budge. I was so uncomfortable and wanted to do anything to feel better. I am lactose-intolerant and anything dairy-related gives me almost instant gas and diarrhea, and at this point I just wanted to feel better so I drank a glass of milk hoping it would get things moving. All it did was make my belly ache more and give me awful gas. I remained bloated and gassy all day and didn't do much except lie in bed with a hot water bottle on my stomach. At ten I went to sleep and about midnight woke up with my stomach rumbling and finally beginning to cramp. I ran into the bathroom and finally emptied my stomach. It took about twenty minutes before the diarrhea stopped and I had completely filled the bowl. My stomach was still turning but I was no longer bloated, and I felt so much better! Do any other girls have this problem around that time of the month? I haven't really found a solution to it yet but a hot water bottle on a cramping belly really helps.

Hi everyone. I just thought that I would share a story that I did not plan on happening, but it couldn't have been better. Last week was my birthday and my friends threw me a party on Saturday. It was great. I got lots of great gifts, but one almost saved my life. My friend from the next block over gave me a swimsuit for next season. She new I was going to get one next spring, but I guess she got it over the summer to give it to me on my birthday. So anyway, I got the swimsuit out of the box and found that it is made of neoprene, the same material that wetsuits are made out of. It is a two peace kind of soft pink that has a great deal of coverage. It is not skimpy. Well that is ok with me, but I was a bit afraid that I would not like this neoprene stuff. Well that evening I went into my bathroom and tried the suit on. It fits very snuggly and has a differnent feel from a normal nylon swimsuit. That next morning, I got up and took my shower and did normal things and then went to get dressed. One of my freinds and I had a plan to go to lunch at 12 in the afternoon and then go see a movie. When I looked for my underwear I saw that I did not have any that was not in the loundry. The night before I forgot to put my underwear from the washer into the drier, so it was all still wet. However I looked at the new swimsuit and decided that I would just use that as my underwear. So I put it on and put my clothes on and was off for the day. I ate lunch with my friend Lizzy and went on over to the movie theater. The freeway was backed up so bad that we had already missed the movie by fifteen minuets. I guess there was a reck up ahead or somthing. The major problem here was that I had to poop badly when I was at lunch, but I only went pee there, I have no idea why. I guess I just did not want to be late for the movie and not waist time pooping, so I would do it at the theater. But now I was stuck in traffic. My need to go got realy bad and Lizzy had already called on the cell phone and said forget the movie because we were so late anyway. So then I just started to worry what to do with my having to go so badly. I farted to let off some pressure and it stayed in the neoprene bikini and floated around and slowly made its way out. I was amayzed that the bikini was so air tight. So I figured it would hold in poo as well. So here I was 16 years old going to crap myself. I just relaxed for I figured that that bikini would hold everything and be easy to clean because of the slick neoprene on the inside. So I farted once more and just had my movement right there in the car. When the traffic let up I went home and almost forgot that I had a crap filled bikini on. It held the smell, the load and was not the least bit uncofortable. When I went into the bathroom to clean up there was not even a bulge in the neoprene bikini because I had smashed it since I was sitting. If another person was asked if I craped myself by just looking, they would not know. After my exitment that I had successfully crapped my self, I pulled the bikini down and found a terrible mess. But all I had to do to get the poop out of the bikini was just wipe it out. It was so simple. I washed it and no body ever new. So thanks to neoprene bikinis. I also found later by experiment that they will hold a small squart of pee and are easy to get markes out of if one farts a lot. I like to use that bikini more for underwear than anything. It even hides the smell of farts and I do not have to worry about not getting perfectly clean after a poo. Clean up is pie.

Mr. Clogs
cheryl: Hi cheryl, enjoyed your post about watching yourself pee by using the mirror and describing the experience to the T, and the other post about the office pee, thanks for the detailed description too, keep them comming.

I saw something this morning that was quite odd thought I would share. I saw this coffee cups, you know those small 8 oz-12 oz cups you get from the deli or the bodegas. Me being curious, I managed to get a quick glimps on what's inside the cup. So I thought it was tea, but I began to look again a little closer and I looked like someone had peed in the cup and put some kind of napkin or toilet tissue in the cup. I guess that person really had to go and couldn't hold it. I also reminds me of something I tried over the summer. I like to pee, as well as poop. So being a lurker on this sight gave some pretty good ideas. I decided to take my morning dump in a plastic bag. Mind you my plumbing works "for now" in the house, but decised to take my dump in the pastic bag that day. So I got a black plastic bag, open the bag up and just let loose my morning dump in the bag, wiped up and tied the bag up and threw it out in the trash. Hoped you've all enjoyed my post. Take care.

tonight i was talking online with my bestfriend jen about something that was annoying at school, when something pretty surprising happened.
we were talking about school like i said, when she randomly made note of her need to go to the bathroom but her brother was in there. from that came probably the best ??? convo i've ever had with her just because i'm interested in girls and their bathroom needs. also, a lot of things were said moments apart from eachother so i will note when there was a long gap. here it is.

i think a good number of the people here will enjoy the outcome of her dilemma :)

me: it's annoying that she treats it like an AP class and we should all be intrigued i mean we're f???ing seniors we just wanna get the credit and leave, we don't give a shit about the material..
jen: brb
jen: nevermind
me: aight
jen: i hate that class
me: me too
(roughly 3 or 4 minute pause)
jen: godddddd
me: what?
jen: ryan's been in the bathroom for like 10 minutes and i have to use it
me: tell him to get out
jen: he's in the shower
(2-4 more minute gap)
me: did you ever go to the bathroom?
jen: no but i have to go pretty bad so he better get out
me: knock on the door
jen: i did twice. i swear he better get out in the next 2 minutes
me: why don't you go upstairs
jen: it's being remodled
me: oh with the kitchen?
jen: yeah my mom wanted it done like the new kitchen since it's right off it
me: well i guess you better hope your brother gets the hell up out soon haha
(another longish pause)
me: you there?
me: guess you got in the bathroom.
(approx. 4 minute pause)
jen: i wish.
me: where were you?
jen: trying to get ryan out of the bathroom :(
me: he seriously hasn't gotten out yet?
jen: it doesn't matter
me: ?
jen: i think i'm gonna go in my pants :( omg im gonna he's taking too long greg
me: bang on the door
jen: :(
me: he can't be much longer
(4-5 minute pause)
me: you there? hope everything is ok.
jen: he turned the water off but is still in there and it's taking like all of my energy not to go in my pants right now
me: that sucks jen, i mean damn that sucks.
jen: i'm gonna do it in my pants
me: no you're not go wait at the door for him to come out
jen: i'm gonna it hurts to hold it anymore
me: go now he has to be getting out
jen: oooooooooooooh god
me: he's out?
jen: i don't have to go anymore...
me: did you get in the bathroom?
jen: i couldn't hold it in in anymore :( i just pooped my pants really bad :(
me: g??????n...i would kill your brother
jen: i'm going to but i have to go change my undies :(:(:(
me: that sucks
jen: don't tell anyone :(
jen: i'm really embarrassed i was only talking to you because youre like my brother so please don't tell anyone this happened to me just because i told you!
me: don't worry about it just go take care of yourself. don't expect me not to tease you though!
jen: you better watch it! this is embarrassing don't rub it in :(
me: haha nah that would make a bigger mess if i rubbed it in
jen: eww omg. i have to go change.
********** signed off at

1 have a story to tell involving my little sister`s friend meka. we had went to the park(along with my little sister) and played around for a while untill it got dark. then we decided to head home. anyway, on our way home meka complains that she has to poop and needs a bathroom real fast. we hurried home with meka saying that she would mess herself even if she farted . by the time we got home she was dying to use the bathroom and hurried to her house. she made it without any accidents.

here`s another story involving meka. she was outside playing or whatever and got very sick with food poisoning. suddenly she had to vomit and hurried to a bush for some relief. but she ended up pooping diarrhea on herself also and her mother drove her home.

My school just held a poll among females enrolled at it about the bathrooms and the thing the girls wished for most of all was to be able to pee standing up. So they just remodeled the bathroom and out of ten toilets, 6 are above the floor about 2-3 feet up. Girls can stand above them and pee AND poop, because they are regular toilets raised up. Mostly everybody who uses them wears a skirt so they can pull their panties down around their ankles and pee without showing themselves off to whoever walks in, though I have seen girls pull their pants down and use them. Pooping standing up is easy, too, because for some reason it is easier to get it to come out if you are standing. Just though you might want to know about it.


hi, i am a high school student,and the other day i decided on wearing the mistake of fairly tight blue sweats and a thong to school. i had a little ???? ache before heading to my first block science test, but i though i would be fine. oh was i wrong. i started to release farts halfway through the test, but then it came out. i had a small, but very embarassing wet fart,and i turned red with fear. i got up to head to the bathroom, but on the way back my teacher said i could not go. on the way back to my desk, i smelled myslef, then my bowels released. i immediatly grabbed my brown ass, and sat down to try to hide it. people began commenting on the smell, which is when i got up and left, and had my mum pick me up. she now has me wear diapers most of the time.

Daniel (Danny)
I was reading abut a chinese school the other day. The students eat at 4:00 pm and an hour later they go to the restroom. Now, here is the funny and interesting thing. They divide the group in 2 teams: the ones that have to poop and the ones that have to pee. There are no toilets.What they do to pee is the next: boys stand up in a circule around a hole that takes the pee to the sewers. Girls have to pee in a place exactly as the same like the boys but they have to squat. For pooping: there is something like this l l and they squat. They put each
l l one of their legs on the concrete small walls( the Ls i wrote above) and need to pull their pants down just far enough to go, but if they need to pee too, they pull them down just above their knees. They need to be facing each other, so they dont see the butt of the others and how the logs come out from their buttholes.To pee the school has an area for boys and one for girls, but to poop boys and girls go in the same place. To pee they have 1 minute and 15 seconds to finish, and for pooping they have 2 minutes. If they finish pooping before the 2 minutes they can wipe, and the teachers give them 4 squares of toilet paper. If they finish just in time or later they will not wipe.

I think 2 minutes is too short to squat the way i told you, keep your balance, pull their pants down just far enough to go, push the 2 or 3 logs the need to, wipe with 4 squares of tp and pull their pants up.

I wonder what would happen if anyone is constipated or has diarrhea.

Well, before i started writing this, i pooped. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my pants to my knees and sat down. I pushed and one soft log started coming out. I pushed again and the rest came out. I knew it was more poop niside, but i decide to wait until i had to go to the bathroom again, because i couldnt do anything to take it out. I pushed and i couldnt take it out. I wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. I flushed and washed my hands.

Well, i hope you enjoy this.Bye

Once when my mother and I were Christmas shopping when I was ten, I started to feel the need to poop. I asked her to take me to the bathrooms, but she didn't want to get out of line. I think we were at Macy's in New York. I asked if I could go by myself, but she wouldn't let me. So, I waited and waited, and the urgency got worse and worse. Finally, while we were stuck in a crowd of people trying to get to the bathrooms, I lost control and pooped my pants. Both I and my mother were mortified. I had to go in the women's room and take off my underpants and empty them out into the toilet. It was very stinky. I wiped my butt and then put my underpants back on. It was kind of gross, because they still had some poop smeared in them, but it didn't occur to me not to. I put my pants back on and my Mom and I finished Chritmas shopping. Later, my Mom found out I had put my dirty underpants back on and yelled at me. She said why didn't you throw them out. I said I don't know. I was a pretty stupid kid.

Billy and Kevin
It's been a long time since we posted.

Anyway, over the weekend, both of us got sick. Friday and Saturday, our friend Jason and his little brother Ken stayed with us. Saturday morning, we got up, ate breakfast and stuff. Then we went out in the woods and played. I had to poop, but my mom was cleaning the bathroom. After about an hour, I had to take a wiked piss and I had to poop. Ken said he needed to go to the bathroom. I said let's go over there. We went up to so trees. It was a little cold out, so I just peed. Ken said, what do I do. I said pee against the trees. We both peed. Keven and Jason came over and peed too. Then Ken said, what do I do now? I said, pull up your zipper. He said, but I still have to go to the bathroom and it is coming out. I siad pull your pants down and squat like this. He did that. He made a huge turd and two little ones. I gave him some paper and he wiped. Then about 1/2 hour later, I said, I have to go again. Jason said, me too. You got enough paper for both of us? I said yeah. We went over to were we Ken pooped and dropped our logs. I had a really weird poo. I pushed out a huge log that was dark brown, then I pushed out some mushy stuff with corn in it that was light brown. I never pooped two different colurs before. Jason said, you can tell you had corn for dinner last night. I said, yeah your too. He pushed out a huge mushy pile. About 1/2 later, I had to go again. I pooped out really mushy stuff on my old pile. Then, 1/2 hour after that, I had to go agian. So I pushed more mushy stuff. Kevin had to go too, so he pooped on Jason's pile. We went in for lunch, and I had to poop about 3 times after lunch. About an hour later, we went back out to the woods. I had to poop one more time about 2 hours later. Kevin and Ken both had too. My poop was less mushy. Keven and Ken both had normal poops. Theirs was full of corn. Jeremy and Josh, our little brothers came out too. THey both had to poop.

After dinner, we went to see a movie. On the way back, Kevin and our little brother Jeremy both said he had to go to the bathroom. When we got home, jeremy made a normal poop, but Kev had diarrhea. We had corn for dinner, and it was in his poop already. We took our baths. Kev had to go about 3 times while we all got ready for bed. And about 3 times after that.

In the middle of th night, I heard Jason get up like 5 times to go poop. When we got up in the morning, Kev and I both had to drop a load. We both mad normal poops. My had a lot of corn in it and was really big, but Kev's was small. Then Jason and Ken came in. Jason had a small normal poop. Then Ken started. He had a huge poop, full of corn. Then he exploded diarrhea. We ate breakfast, brought lost of paper, and went outside and played in the woods. Josh and Jeremy both poop normal corn logs. Ken had diarrhea about 3 times over about 2 hours. Then we were playing in our fort. Ken said he didn't feel good. I said, you want to go home? He said, yeah. We started to go, then he stopped and puked. Then he started to cry. I said, are you ok? He said, no, I just pooped my pants. I said, it's ok. That happens to us sometimes when he puke. I said, let's go and get you cleaned up. He had a big stain that went down almost to his knees. It was only a 5 minute walk. we went inside. He got in the tub, took off his shirt, shoes and socks. Then he took off his pants. His pants were all wet and his underwear were pretty bad. We took his pants and underwear and through them in the washer and started it. Then he had another puke and squirted diarrhea. then he rinsed off and took shower. He had one more diarrhea on the toilet and went to bed for about an hour. Our mom was out at the store. We told her what happened. He got up and was fine, except he had one more mushy poop.

After dinner, we all had to take a bath. We all had to poop, too. We all had normal poops.

Since I'm a new visitor to the site, I think that I will start off with a new story, although I have many older ones that are for the most part better. Oh and by the way Mike, I thought that your term, 'pooping duel' was hilarious, forgive me if it's a common term that I've missed. Well anyway, just about an hour ago I was riding my bike home from a friend's dorm. I live off campus and my route home consists of a long alley/pathway that runs through a high school. It was about 8 pm and no one was around. I needed to take a piss pretty bad. I could have waited easily, but I was spurred on by you adventurous people, and decided that I would try to take a piss while riding my bike! Well I tried, but then felt that I would probably piss on my pant leg in the process and chickened out. Although I plan on trying again, especially if I'm wearing shorts. I think that it would be the most hilariously amazing thing to watch. So anyway, I stopped to take a piss and realized that I also needed to shit. So I squatted down with my pants bunched up at the knees and pushed out one large turd while pissing forwards underneath my pants. When I got up I wasn't thinking right and just got my pants together casually, when I noticed that it smelled awful, and then the thought crossed my mind that I might have smashed my turd with my shoe unknowingly. Since it was quite dark, and I shit in the weed covered dirt, I couldn't see the condition of my pile or my shoe. So, not caring enough to sniff my shoe, I rode home. Since I didn't have anything to wipe with, I at first tried to ride standing up, but I quickly tired of this and gave into having my bike seat jammed up my crack and smearing brown art into my boxers. And then I forgot to check my shoe when I got home, so hopefully it isn't sitting in my entry way with mushed human waste on the bottom.

I don,t get it.Why is it if people with lactose intolerance who eat food with lactose get lots of gas and diarreah.Allergic reaction?

Tueesday, December 14, 2004


First off, I'd like to say that it's wonderful that you've found someone who is open with things and very close to you(peeing on each other in shower...sounds like you two are REALLY close). I'm in a similar boat, a little more subdued, but still the whole "I like watching girls in the bathroom" thing. I'd have to say that the easiest way to do this is not to just do it, but rather to draw it out gradually. Joking around usually helps, like if she uses the bathroom at your place, ask (in a joking manner) if you can accompany her. Keep the conversation natural, and if she picks up on you enjoying it, acknowledge it, and if she's cool with it then, and knows you like it, she might even want to do it for you, like a special present (as you two are so close).

If you tell her she looks cute while doing it, as is probably true, she'll appreciate that, both for the compliment and for your honesty. And if she notices that you're a little more, um, "excited" afterwards, she'll get the feeling that it's something you like sexually, and possibly do it without you asking. Ease into everything, but also remember that if she truly loves you, and it certainly seems like it, then she won't reject you for something like that. At the worst, she won't do it, and you'll both move on together. I know that seems harsh, but I wouldn't say it if I wasn't going through it right now too. Remember, be light, but honest. (Oh yeah, remembering that I'm in the same boat, so take all this with a grain of salt!)


Had a paella for dinner last night. It was full of sweet corn and shredded pepper. This morning I took a dump at work. It was full of sweet corn. I wiped my arse loads of times but I knew it was one of those sticky turds that always caused skidmarks in my pants. Tonight when I got home my arse was feeling sticky so I wiped it some more. I glanced down at my pants and there it was - a piece of pepper about an inch long stuck in a skid mark.

Johnny Half-Pint
Suggestion for Brian

The first step is to get your girlfriend to see you on the toilet doing Big Business, and it isn't hard to engineer this. Just arrange things so the TP runs out on a morning when you're busy doing something else -- say, a bit of woodwork, or fixing your car. Physical labour is especially good, but be sure to be wearing a _clean_ T-shirt. Make a trip to the corner shop to get some more; and buy some food while you're there, so you get a reason to leave your bag in the kitchen. Return to your previous activity for awhile {but not long enough to give your girlfriend time to put the paper away}, then go and start a dump in a TP-less bathroom.

Then, attract her attention {either shout, or -- if you take your phone into the bathroom -- send her a text message! Actually, yes, text her; it's *much* more discreet} and get her to bring you up the TP you "forgot" about and left in the kitchen. When she arrives, you will be on the throne, naked from the waist to the knees, in mid-dump. The combination of _fresh_ sweat from honest hard graft, the contents of the text message and your present vulnerable position, should even act as a potent aphrodisiac and move matters swiftly into a realm beyond the remit of this discussion forum.

Alternatively, you might want to reverse things so she is the one on the toilet and you have to take her some TP. Either way, it's a definite ice-breaker and bonding experience.


I really enjoyed your post about watching your neighbor poo with Rich. That was really cool that you hooked him up like that. How is it that you can see her pooping from your home? Does she keep the window open or what? I also have just another random question. When your neighbor poos or you and your friends poo..where do you all pull your pants and underwear down to? I have always wondered this. Keep up with the great posts.

Ignorant Mike
This is a response to Brian. Trust me, when I first discovered I like to watch girls poop, it freaked me out as well because I felt guilty just like you and I thought I wasn't suppose to like it. It was just a joke at first but then I couldn't stop watching it because it had the same affect for me as watching a girl pee. Well, I've never completely put myself out there with a girl, I have given hints and she pretty much knew I just never came out and said it. You can try that or just come out with it, but not suddenly. Make sure you start with reiterating that she wants to know everything about you. If you have to take her to this website. Show here that you're not the only one. That someway or another its actually normal for someone to think this way. It just doesn't happen to everyone.

Well, hello everyone. I'm Ignorant Mike. I've been reading this site off and on for four years now and never had the guts to post because I was never sure what to say. I've only got about two accidents in my whole lifetime and one of them I can barely remember. I'm in the military severing in OEF so I don't get to see this site much anymore been when I get hoem to FL I'll be a constant reader again. I love all the postees but I'd like to give a special shout out Diva, I love you keep doing your thing. If your show ever comes to FL let me know I'll come see it. The way you describe yourself you must be gorgeous. See you next time when I actually post a story.

Linda from Australia again. I have been really busy lately so I haven't had time to post here. Last week I think I was a bit constipated because I really had to strain to get the turds out. I remember one day after work, I spent about half an hour on the toilet pushing out a rock solid poo and it really burnt my hole. A girl I work with told me on Monday that she was badly constipated. She said she had tried taking some herbal laxatives but they didn't seem to be working. I don't think she had pooped for three or four days. She was away from work today so maybe she will let me know if she finally did a poo or not tomorrow. Does anyone else have some good constipation stories to share?? Or any good long and labourous dumps??

To Brian:
I empathise with your problem. I wrote before about my ex-girlfriend Monica with the small bladder. Although I never actually told her that I was turned on watching her pee, she got the message when she was round my house once and wanted to go and I asked her to do it in a washing-up bowl, which she did, and while she peed,I got a big hard on, thus telling her non-verbally that it turned me on, and since after that we had a great session she often used to pee in front of me to get me going.Maybe if you were to engineer a situation where your girlfriend had a poo in front of you, and you got an erection & masturbated, she would get the idea. You could also try playing with her while she had a poo.
As long as you don't begin a verbal discussion, she would have the option of ignoring it. People just forget things if they want to. I once got my wife to piss on me, but because it did nothing for her, she has just forgotten about it.
Personally I think there's no big deal in keeping a certain amount of yourself to yourself, I don't think our spouses have to know every thought that's in our head, though we are a couple we are still individuals. But good luck if you can get her to join in your fantasies!Or make them real!

To Brian,
I think that you would have noticed from this website alone that many people get sexual pleasure from pooping. I am one of them, there is nothing to be guilty about. From what you say about your girlfriend I don't think she will be worried at all by this; especially if she already pee's in the shower with you. At any rate you need to discuss this with her as if you marry she will eventually find out, then if in the very unlikely event that it is a big problem for her it may break the marriage, but from what you say if you discuss it with her now you will have one less thing to worry about.

Good morning; rainy here. My recent poops have been normal: a large movement before breakfast and a smaller, slightly softer one afterwards. I'm waiting for the first one of the day now. A couple of weeks ago I went to the church on a Saturday to rehearse. As I got there, I felt my rectum fill. I dislike the bathroom there--it's small, cramped, and dark, and in order to see, one must turn on the exhaust fan, which is noisy. I like to see what I do, and hear it happen. The church is surrounded on three sides by woods, so I took some t.p. and walked into the woods . . . to be continued . . .

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