John D.
I usually take a poop every other day but I went two days without a poop so today I had a big one building up all day. The bathroom at work was filthy so I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts on the way home. I like the single unisex bathroom there because the girls who work there keep it clean. After I finished my coffee I sat on the toilet and a nice foot-long, 1 inch-thick poop plopped into the water. That really made my day!

i haven't posted in so long! last night i went out with some friends for fast food, and i wasn't very hungry so i ordered a milkshake. one of my friends got a large plate of onion rings along with her dinner, and i ate quite a few. i guess the shake and onion rings weren't a good combination. at about three in the morning i woke up feeling nauseated and my lower ???? was killing me. i could feel that my ???? was full of gas and poop, but i wasn't having the urge to poop yet. i went in the bathroom and rubbed on my ???? while i sat on the toilet. finally after about fifteen minutes i got a big cramp and the diahrrea started. it was awful, very smelly and lasted for probably ten minutes. after i finished i took some pepto-bismol to soothe my queasy stomach and went back to bed.

Marie: What part of Hawaii are you from? I'm from Kauai.

I shall report to you all that the following morning (after the one day of constipation), I released a massive yellowish turd (without much force). It was about 1 and 1/2" or so think and really long. So long that it wrapped around inside the toilet bowl, plus part of it was in the hole. It was cool. Then I had another small one a few hours later. And before I went to bed last night, I began to feel really sick and went into the bathroom and exploded liquid. Since then I have had no bms (it is midnight already).

Shelly from WI
Hello everyone....I am about 5'6" tall, brown hair, nice body....Anyways on to my story, we were out west about 2 months ago on this Whitewater rafting trip and since we are out in the woods we have to make our own bathrooms. Everyone was getting along well and establishing somewhat of a comfortzone with the everyone else. But i didnt realize how comfortable until one day when i sat on a log to poo. We had made some kind of stew and i felt the urgent need for a poo, I knew it was going to be big and explosive so I found a fallen tree that I could sit on so I wouldnt get any poo or pee on me. So I found one, dropped my pants and panties and sat on the log with my butt hanging over the edge when all of the sudden this woman named marleine cmae up and asked is the rest of that trunk taken? And i said no have a seat, i was kind of excited to see another woman poo...but also kinda shy because mine was gonna be huge...but I couldn't hold it anymore I urgently said I'm sorry but....then all i did was grunt a lil and brrrrnt brrrrrrnt and a huge wave of diareha came shooting out of my butt....She said..." oh....(she farts and some mushy poo came out) i guess it got to you too? I answered in between squirts of poo and farts....we had a lil poo convo...When i was done pooping...well idk if you would call it poop it was all liquid...i stoop up a lil...peed and did marleine. Then on the rest of the trip we were poo buddies cuz we weren't to crazy about goin in the woods alone....Girls share your gushy poo stories....hope you like mine! Till Next time!

I am having a problem at work. Someone keeps pissing on the floor in front of the urinal, how can I catch this urinal dripper or somehow get the message across to them that " It's nasty and I am tired of stepping in it".

Working Gal Lizzy
Hi everyone, it's been a few months since I've posted anything here but I can assure you I have an interesting story this time. Even though I have been working my job in the city for coming up on 6 months now I still haven't managed to get comfortable with the whole pooping the office restroom thing. I'm beginning to think I never will… I can't help but notice that some ladies couldn't be more comfortable. Just last week I went in for a pee and I could hear the woman in the next stall was having the runs. I couldn't help but feel bad for the poor lady, I could hear it keep coming and coming in waves accompanied by soft grunts. I must admit it is interesting for me to hear that type of thing.

Anyway, my body is slowly adapting and creating a new schedule for itself. Weekends seem to be my clean out period and I'll go on Saturday and Sunday mornings but on weekdays it is not uncommon for me to go without a bm for nearly 3 days, which has created a very interesting side effect. When I do manage to get the urge after getting home in the evening it nearly always is big enough to clog the toilet. I've never really had this problem until now, I find myself sneaking down the hall into my parents bathroom to fetch the plunger at least once a week. Earlier tonight I seriously outdid myself though. I had the dump of my career ^_^.

As I was doing my evening exercise routine about halfway through I got an urge to shit that hit me like a ton of bricks, it was so sudden. I hadn't gone since Sunday morning and it was Tuesday night. I decided to tough it out and finish my sets of exercises before going to bathroom. By the time I was doing my last couple of sets I could barely hold it anymore, the urge was incredible. I knew this was going to be a massive turd. I quickly went across the hall as soon as I was done and into the bathroom. I pulled down my exercise shorts and pink panties to my bare feet and took my seat on the throne. I started to pee a little and then my poop started to make its way out. It was wide and hard as usual after going this long without a dump and it stretched me quite a bit. I spread my legs to watch it come out.

To my amazement it just kept growing and growing and growing. It felt soooo good. The brown behemoth soon slid down into the water with no splash and no smell thanks to the bathroom fan. The feeling of relief was indescribable, but this one was special. You know you've done good work when the thing is so long it rests lying across the top of the hole at the bottom of the bowl, too long to go down. This one was obviously going to clog the toilet so I did something I've never had to do, I broke it in half before flushing it, I really had no choice. I took two wads of paper to cover my hands and fingers and picked the log of my waste up. The product of my eating good over the past few days broke in half with little effort. Half fell into the toilet and half was still in my right hand. My shit was smeared on my hands and at that point I could easily smell it strongly. I flushed the first half (at this point the bottom of the bowl was terribly streaked up) and after that went down I dropped in the second half.

I let the bowl refill for another flush and washed my hands vigorously. I flushed the other half of the turd and the dirty paper I had on my hands, no clogged toilet this time thankfully. I grabbed another few sheets of paper and cleaned up my anus after a job well done. I folded the paper over and wiped two more times before throwing it in the bowl. Not much was on it; this was a fairly clean dump. I pulled up my shorts and panties and left feeling very relieved deep in my ???? and proud of myself.

What a kewl site and I finally have something to write about. The other night my boyfriend, of almost 2 years, and I were driving back to his place from dinner in a tremendous rain storm. Although he only had a beer with dinner I had several rum and cokes plus a Mexican coffee with desert. Not thinking, I didn't pee before we left for the half hour ride, and when the SUV ran over the driveway bump as we left the parking lot I realized I was soon going to have a problem but instead of saying something like can we go back for a second, I leaned back and crossed my legs. Ten minutes later and the lightning show was joined by a very strong down pour along with some gusting winds. No problem; we would soon be home; that is until the gates of the bridge we were about to cross came down in front of us forcing us to stop and wait. Coca cola has a way of running through me sort of fast and I suppose the rum in my drinks followed by that coffee didn't help matters cause my having to pee was growing stronger by the minute and the harder it rained the harder I found myself squeezing everything I had down there in my attempt to stay dry. When despite all that I felt pee right about to come out I quickly shoved my hand between my legs and that of course my boyfriend noticed. Can't help it I said, it started coming out, I gotta pee so bad I can't wait any more. Cars were behind us and the bridge was still open and there was no way I was going out into that storm out there so I asked if by some luck there was a jug of any kind in the car. Boyfriend said sorry; all he had in the back was a large beach towel, and with that he offered to help as he put his hand over the one I had pressing my now somewhat damp wet spot but as my hand started getting that numb falling asleep feeling I had to remove it. He kept his hand down there but I had to move it just a little showing him the exact spot he needed to press but before I could complete the move I felt a large squirt exit my aching urethra. I yelled for him to squeeze as I did the same and the leak was plugged but the urge was so great I just wanted to pee. I had to pee so bad it was right there pushing to escape and my muscles were tired, so tired I think only my boyfriends hand was keeping it in but then I pushed. I didn't want to it just happened and I yelled O shoot I can't stand this and I pushed harder against his hand trying to relieve myself of the aching urge to pee. When I next started to cry he said to me, wait a second, just hold on a second while he climbed to the back for the towel but the instant his hand wasn't there pee started gushing out until I again grabbed myself down there and stopped it. Back with the towel we shoved it under me and tried to get my jeans down but pee just came gushing out as I moaned with relief for the next few minutes. Guess I use the ladies before leaving the restaurant next time.

Hey Robin..... Where are you? What's happening with the girls? After going into so much detail as to what was happening with Lily, you can't leave us hanging! Is there any word from the doctor on why she is having so many accidents? I'm guessing by now that all of the girls are over the stomach bugs going through the house.

Katie M.
Hi. I posted a while ago about my experience needing to pee during my softball game. I am a 14 year old 8th grade girl. I had another experience today. At my school we have 4 periods before lunch and 2 after lunch. During lunch I kinda had to pee nut was talking to my friends and didn't go. Before I realized the bell to end lunch had rung. I made it through 5th period alright, but the teacher made the class stay late a couple of minutes for a couple of bad kids. My 6th period teacher is a real bitch and (by now I was getting desparate) I didn't want to be late so I just went to her class. I held it for the first half hour of class while squirming and crossing my legs. The teacher has a rule that no one is allowed to leave in the final 15 minutes. There were 10 minutes left and I had to go real bad so I asked if I could go and she said no. so I went back to my desk and started rocking and squeezing my legs tgether. After the bell I ran to the nearest bathrooms but there was a line. That one is the only one that I like to use so I just rran to the buses. To my bad luck our bus was 10 minutes late getting there. I was bouncing up and down and debating running back inside to go, but I meight miss the bus. My bus stop is just 15 minutes away from the chool so I just stayed. Again to my dismay we had a sub driver and she turned onto the wrong street and then argued with the kids that she knew what she was doing.this added an extra 10 minutes to my ordeal. By the time we neared my stop, I was holding my crotch with both hands and my legs tightly together bouncing up and down. This guy who is a real jerk and sits across the aisle from me was saying things like I hope you don't wet yourself and making water sounds. I got off the bus and ran down my street to my house hoping the front door would be unlocked so I could just go in and rush to the bathroom. (if someone is home the door is almost always unlocked) It wasn't, so I reached into my bag for my key and it wasn't there. Then it dawned on me, I never went to my locker after 6th period to get my key like I always do. I slammed my backpack to the ground and ran to my neighbors house (holding my crotch as I ran) to ask if I could go in there house. The first wasn't home so I ran to another neighbors. I was frantically ringing there doorbell and hoping up and down doing a potty dance the whole time. The nieghbor let me in and I used there batroom.

Well, I haven't posted because so much has happened to me lately! Lets see...should I start with the good, or the bad? Well, lets start with the bad. My cousin died, so we had to deal with all of that. Also, the doctor says that Lily doesn't have any medical issues, and thinks that it is a stress issue. I am taking Lily to a phsycologist, and it has already gotten slightly better -- I think Lily just needed somebody who wasn't around the family all of the time to confide in. I also gave Lily a diary, and promised her that i wouldn't read it. Since then, she has been conciderably happier! Which is good.

Okay, now onto the good. Well, as I already said, Lily is happier. Also, I quit my job. I don't know exactly why i did it, but I've been much happier since I've stopped working part time, and I figure that if I want to start working again in a year or so, I can. Also...I'm pregnant! I know...i mean, with a 16 year old daughter I should be well into my 40's, and probably into my 50's. Actually, I'm only 37...I got married early in life, and haven't regretted it for a second, especially since both my husband and I have degrees from good schools, while being married. So, it's another 5 months until the baby is born! It was three months before I was sure i was pregnant, and another month before I said anythinhg here. lol. GOsh, you have no idea how happy this makes me! Also, it's twins! Identical girl twins! At first I was kind of upset -- i don't want 6 children, I only wanted five! -- but now I've decided that it is a blessing. The annoying thing is i'm having the worst morning sickness of my life. Probably has something to do with it being twins...

Okay, so now I'll post my bathroom related stories of recently for all of you to hear! Well, as most of you can guess, my morning sickness has been giving me a load of trouble, and i've been beginning to think of myself as lucky if i only get sick once every two days. Ah well. The other day I was driving to pick up Charlotte from school because she had a half day, and my morning sickness was really strong. Half way through the ride I knew I was going to be sick, so I pulled over and vomited. Because of morning sickness, i've been eating wierdly, and as a result my bowels have been wierd too, so it wasn't a surprise to me after I had picked up Charlotte that I felt like i was going to have diarrhea. Normally I could hold it, but I wasn't going to take any chances. I pulled over at a supermarket, ran into it with Charlotte, took her into the stall with me, sat on the toilet, and had terrible diarrhea. THe smell was so bad that Charlotte almost got sick.

Also, right after my cousin's furneral, my family had a stomach bug, my hubby and I included. It effected everybody but Sarah by giving them diarrhea. (Sarah just kept vomiting). It was the worst car ride back home ever, because while my hubby and I could hold our diarrhea, every time Lily, Charlotte and Katie needed to get out of the car, we had to stop. Sarah didn't get sick through the car ride, but when she got up after it was over, she vomited spectacularly all over the front lawn.

While everybody but me got over the stomach illness within 2 days, I managed to keep it for most of a week. It was a thursday, and (all of my children safely at school and hubby at work) i decided to go shopping at 9:10 in the morning. My morning sickness was really bad that day, and i felt constantly like I was going to vomit. ALso, I still had the stomach bug. I felt the pressure building as i went shopping, but because of my state, I figured that I'd get home before I let my diarrhea and morning sickness get control of me. So i got in the car. Luckily there wasn't much traffic, because I was so nauseous that I couldn't concentrate on the road. About 20 minutes from my house my bowels were hurting me so badly, that i started speeding. 10 minutes from my house (luckily i didn't get pulled over by the police) the unthinkable happened! for the first time in 30 years, I had a diarrhea attack in my pants in the car!! and it was worse than that! Having the diarrhea made me loose control on my stomach, and I vomited all over myself too. Well, I just continued driving home, drove up the driveway, and ran inside, hoping that nobody could see me. Luckily (as i have not been wearing thongs since I became pregnant) all of the poop was contained in my undies, and all of my vomit hit me, not the seat.

Although I'm having a terrible time with morning sickness, i'm pretending not to notice it, because i'm so happy. Identicle Twin Girls?!?! Wow, I truely am privlidged!

If anybody has any tips on telling me how to make morning sickness less severe, could you please tell me? It has never bothered me much before this! Thank you!


HI All

First of all I'll answer Loggerman's question about what I do in nightclubs. I'm married now, so I don't poop in dumpsters anymore!!! However, that doesn't mean that if I'm desperate that I won't go in public, it's just that I won't do it in Walmart or in the parking lot at work anymore...

As for nightclubs, if there's a line that's tough really, as peeing on the floor is not nice for anyone else, so I wouldn't do that. I don't mind using the men's bathroom, but usually the security guys stop women from going in if they see them, so it depends on place to place. The stalls in men's bathrooms are usually 10 times as bad as the women's, but most women learn how to squat over toilets from an early age. A friend of mine admitted to peeing in a bar once because she couldn't hold it in, but she just couldn't hold on and let it run down her legs and was grossed out and had to go home. I've never peed in a nightclub, but I'll give you some more details of the other places that I mentioned.

I pooped in a field by the side of a road in upstate NY. I was driving on a road in the middle of nowhere, and needed to go. The only place that I found was a really old gas station, but there was dried shit on the door handle of the outside bathroom, so I didn't go in and tried to wait. I wasn't going to sit in the car all uncomfortable, so when I found a gate to a dirt track, I pulled off the road and drove down until I was amongst trees. My upbringing didn't allow me to poop on the dirt track or near it (we were always taught to find bushes), but there really was no cover, so I walked out to a plowed field and pooped in one of the plowed ruts. I wiped with a tissue and buried the tissue in the dirt by digging with a stick laying in the field.

When I was still at college, and after my first public poop I felt a lot braver, so my second one was a deliberate public poop. There was construction going on in the city (NY) somewhere near W29th or W30th, and the construction site was fenced off and locked up. I was drunk (again!), and we managed to bend the edge of the wire fence enough to get in. It was 3 of us girls, and we all wanted to pee. We looked for a place that wasn't muddy to take our shoes off and peed on the ground, only I just took a dump too! I didn't warn them, and they were a bit grossed out by the smell, but still found it funny. I felt guilty about leaving my turd just laying there, but I wasn't going to pick it up! We all wiped and found a trash can to put the tissue in.

My poop in a trash can was the next one that I did, and I did that drunk too. We used to have this security guard at college that we called Nixon, as he looked like Richard Nixon and was a real asshole, sticking to every rule and regulation. We were drinking one night, but had to go back to pick up books for homework. Some guards would bend the rules and walk you to lockers after hours, but this guy wouldn't do it, so we went round to another entrance and got another guard to let us in. We said that Nixon wouldn't let us in, and this guy was sympathetic and helped us. Each guard had a small office not much bigger than a broom closet, and our lockers were near to Nixon's. When we got there we were really quiet so Nixon didn't hear us, but we realized he wasn't there and so he was either in the bathroom or getting coffee or something. I was 90% sure that I could produce a poop, so I went into Nixon's office and pooped one little poop into his trash can! We ran out as quick as we could, but I was too embarrassed to ask anyone what the outcome was, so I never found out...

I did some poop over a bridge once when I moved to Massachusetts. I was driving from a friend's house back to mine, and I had diarrea, so when I needed to go I HAD to go. I knew the area pretty well, and would take back roads rather than the highway whenever I could. There was one road that crossed a creek over a low-sided stone bridge, and as I approached it I had to go. There were houses on one side, so I stopped on the other hoping that there were not many houses where there was someone that would have to witness this. There was a tall pillar at either side of the bridge, so I took off my shoes, jeans and underwear quickly, and held on to the pillar and put my butt over the edge. I squirted my poop over the side and realized I had nothing to wipe with, so I picked up my clothes and walked back to the car to get tissues. I put them in a plastic bag (it took quite a few to wipe up!), and drove with the window open while holding the bag outside until I could find somewhere to throw it away.

As for pooping in my own yard, that happened only a couple of years ago. We bought an older house, and discovered that we had sewer problems. The only solution was to dig the pipes up and replace them, so when the guys came to our house to fix them, we had no bathroom for half a day. One of our neighbours was in for part of the day and said we could use her bathroom, but once she went out there was no bathroom. I told the guys working on the house that they could use the yard, so they peed in the bushes, but I needed to poop, so I got a plastic bag and went into the yard. I told the guys doing the work that I was going to pee and not to come into the yard, but I went behind the shed, laid the bag down, squatted and pooped into the bag. I wiped, put the TP in the bag and tied the top before putting it into the garbage!

It's great that people like to hear about me pooping, but I think that covers all the interesting times I've pooped in public. Sorry!

By the way, it looks like there's a mistake on page 1332 as about 4 stories all run into one - the one from Suzanne runs into one about India, then into one about peeing outside a bar in Boston, then one about getting photographed peeing. Is this a mistake?

this is dave again with another great victoria story. it was the wednesday after thanksgiving and i was over at her house. we decided to go get something to eat. we went to this italian place to eat. the food was really rich and heavy. we got in the car and it was bumper to bumper traffic 30 minutes from her house. she farted once and said sorry i gotta take a dump my stomach is really full. after about 15 min the traffic cleared up and we were about 25 minutes from home. she then farted 3 more times and told me her stomach hurt bad and she needed to take a dump badly. i asked if she wanted to stop and she said she hates to go to a public restroom. so she held it all the way til we got into her neighborhood. she said omg a turd is about to come out. so we rushed in and as soon as she pulled her thong down a 20-inch log flew out of her butt. she said she hadnt been in 8 days including thanksgiving dinner. she kept dropping these 6 inch logs one after another. she did this for 10 min straight. she finally finished and got off the toilet. as soon as we went back into her room she said uh oh and she said hurry as she ran in her bathroom and sat her beautiful butt back down on the toilet. she kept dumping for five more minutes. she said she felt like a new person. she didnt put her pants back on just her thong it was so awesome. it was cool watching a sexy butt like hers take a massive dump. she said she was gonna start taking fiber supplements so she wouldnt get so backed up. it was great watching her sit on her great butt dropping a massive load.

When I was a younger I had an extremely bad experience with food poisening.
It was a Friday night. I went to bed like a happy little child. At 1 am I woke up with a sharp pain in my stomach. "My stomach hurts" I yelled to my parents. Then I was told to go to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet. I strained a little bit and let out a semi solid 6 inch log that was somewhat skinny. Then came out a lot of mush-poop. This is your semi diarreah poo that piles up. Next came another cramp and out came a batch of looser mush. After this came more diarreah, this time with the texture of chili or a very thick cream. The diarreah was a very dark shade of brown.

All of a sudden I felt nasuated. I quickly flushed the toilet and huggggh hugggh, I let out two waves of orange vomit. I felt better and went back to bed.

A few minutes later I felt very sick. I tried to rush to the toilet but I threw up and shat myself in bed. Then I ran to the toilet and the moment I sat there I exploded some very sick looking watery diarreah. It was dark brown rice water. It almost looked black. There was no solid material, just black water. I got even more cramps and I exploded more black water. Then I felt nausueos, I quickly got up and had violent waves of vomiting. I than sat down and more sick black water came out. I repeated this cycle for two more hours and didn't even leave the bathroom.

Finnally, I went back to sleep. The next day I was extremely tired and had a few more mini squirts of diarreah.

A few days later I was back to normal. I had a nice wonderful solid log.

This food poisening experience was a nightmare

I'm a 26/m from Texas, long time lurker, first time poster. I went deer hunting for the first time this season. Where I hunt, we have a modern camp, with running water and everything, so it's hardly roughing-it. It's a hunter's tradition to make sure to pack some TP in your pack when you head out to the field. I hadn't pooped the whole week-end, which is rare for me. So, on Sunday morning, I got out to the deerblind at about 6AM, and stayed there until about 9AM. I climbed out of the stand and walked around a little. That was just enough to wake-up Mr. Poo-poo, which wouldn't have been a problem, only I hadn't packed my TP! Out in west Texas, all there is is Mesquite trees, so there's not even leaves big enough to wipe with! So, I had to hold it in, and the bumpy ride back to the camp wasn't any help! When I finally got there, I put down my rifle and junk, and went straight to the can. I got my overalls off and my thermals down, and sat on the throne. I pooped-out a medium-sized log, which was sort of disappointing. It felt like there was a lot more behind that! Well, there was more to come later....

I was driving home from the lease, and about five minutes (thank goodness) from the house, Mr. Poo-poo was banging on the exit! It was one of those where your lower back even starts hurting! So, I finally got home, left all of my gear in the truck, ran up the stairs, and to the throne. I crapped out a 14-incher that broke in half! Talk about relief! The smell should have been illegal, though. I wiped, and it all flushed-down in one flush, surprisingly enough. The rest of the day went swell:) Thanks for reading!

midwest jim

I was just thinking of that idea a few days ago. I would LOVE that. It would rule to have an episode of boiling points in a public restroom stall. Though, i think they would not do it for a few reasons. First, they might consider to risque (risky). Also, they might think it would be to easy to win. Really, would you and ANYBODY LEAVE the toilet and just get off because some guy was talking to you???? Just wait until somebody else walks in and RUN OUT (JUST IN CASE IT ISING BOILING POINTS< LIKE A PSHYCO????!!!!>>> Weel anyway, im gonna start posting


Hi, I'm the New Yorker who braved two of New York City's few public restrooms. NYC has everything you could ever possibly want or need, EXCEPT an adequate number of public restrooms. If you're caught about to piss or shit your pants, you'd better hope there's a Barnes and Noble around, as they're one of the few places in the city whose restrooms are open to non-customers.

To reiterate, the Ave A restrooms are an absolute last resort, but the Washington Square restrooms are actually not too bad.

When I was a kid, I was a bit bashful aboput my bowel functions. I could pee in public or at school, but I would often make myself sick holding in a big dump, just to avoid shitting in school or out somewhere.

When I was in school, from grade school through high school, the boys' rooms NEVER had doors on the stalls. I was able to reluctantly bring myself to shit inside a stall with a door, but a doorless stall was too much for me.

One day in grade school, however, I had a nasty bout of diarrhea, and had no choice but to brave the boys' room. I was excused from class and entered the boys' room. There were a few guys in there at the urinals. I picked the stall furthest from the door, which was mostly shrouded from the urinals, and pulled my pants and underwear down just far enough and sat. My bowels exploded and a gallon or so (exaggeration) of liquidy shit sprayed into the toilet along with a major fart. My eruption caused some laughter among my peers, and a couple of them even leaned over to get a look at me on the crapper.

I finished and wiped my ass with the sandpaper that passed for TP and got up to wash my hands. I then realized that taking a shit at school was no big deal, as the guys giggling didn't bother me a whole lot, and no one stared at me.

A couple of years later, I was forced to shit in a public restroom with no doors on the stalls. To make matters worse, whenever the doors opened, people could see into the bathroom, and see whoever was sitting on the out-in-the-open toilet. But, it was either that or shit my pants.

It was at a picnic area of a park. I was there with my parents, and some other families. I really had to shit, so I went into the men's room. First thing I noticed was that the "toilets" were the kind that are basically a bucket with a toilet seat on top that leads to a compost heap underneath the restroom. Other than a little doorless stall that came up to your chest while seated, nothing seperated you from the rest of the bathroom.

Well, what could I do. I really had to shit and I was twelve years old. It was time for me to get over this phobia. I went to the closest toilet, wiped the seat off, pulled my jeans and underpants down past my ass and sat down. It wasn't diarrhea, but just lots and lots of solid, compacted shit.

So, while I'm sitting there taking a dump, I suddenly notice that the door to come in is DIRECTLY across from me. The door opened and a guy came in, and for several seconds, the girls and women in line for the women's room could see me on the toilet! I noticed, just as the door started to shut, two of the girls saw me and started laughing. Great.

I tried to hurry up and finish, but before long the door opened again, then again, then again. It must have opened five or six times, and each time at least one of the females on line saw me on the crapper. I can say, it was pretty embarrassing. Finally, I quickly wiped my ass and yanked my pants up. I waited for a minute, hoping that the last girl who caught a glimpse would be in the bathroom by then, and exited. I didn't bother to look and see if I recognized anyone.

A few days later at school, one of my female acquaintances informed me that her sister had seen me on the toilet at the park. I said, "Yeah, they didn't design that restroom very well."

That pretty much got me over my fear of public restrooms. Since then, I've had no trouble whatsoever shitting in any restroom anywhere, even out in the open. Believe me, it has saved my ass (literally) on several occasions.

I was at a concert last week and there was a bit folks here would have found every bit as amusing as I did (and from the laughs, everyone else!) The concert was at a bar, the yard was made over as a covered performance area, and there's a stage in one corner. Well, by the time the third act came on, a folk trio, the evening was well and truly jollied up. As they were tuning up, the lady violinist sort of extended one leg in a familiar way and whispered something to the others. The singer (who has a delightfully earthy attitude) spoke full into her microphone and said: "What's that? FROTT? You need to FROTT? FROTT away, darling, nobody cares!" Well, I didn't hear anything but the lady sure looked comfortable thereafter!


Rosie I'm sorry about your incontinence, I must say I'm dissappointed in your husbands lack of support. To be angry about your accident at the dinner is pretty rough. I think he needs to change his attitude and support you much more. Julia I'm also sorry about your problem, I hope that if you are married that your husband supports you.

Older Guy from Wisconsin
I have a few thoughts about incontinence. Several things can lead to incontinence. Sometimes even with a small bit of poop in the rectum the urge to go is stimulated. Some people, rather than holding it, immediately want to go to the bathroom to relieve the sensation. Of course Irritable Bowel syndrome can be another cause as can colitus etc. Straining every time you have to go may aggravate the situation. The easiest solution to this problem is to add more fiber to your diet so that the stools are softer and easier to pass. My suggestion is to stay away from the low carb craze as this will also aggravate the problem.
Regaining control of the anus should involve Kegel exercises done on a daily basis. If you don't know what these are ask your doctor or proctologist. Like any muscle, we need to exercise it to make it stronger. Basically the exercise involves puckering up your butt hole. Similar to clenching your butt cheaks together. What is nice about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere and no one will know you are doing it.
Just in case it would be a good idea to see a specialist. If it is not a physical problem then exercise may be all you need. Better to have it looked at and taken care of then waiting and having it get worse.
Stay happy and stay healthy.

Hi everybody. Thanks for all your nice comments. Its Thursday today and I am going to tell you about yesterday at work. You will remember that when kate and me talked to Lucy after our 'by chance' poo together, we all agreed to go together next Wednesday - that was yesterday. Well as I said in my last post, by mid-morning my 3 day load was really pushing at the door, but Kate did not need to go yet. Although she has managed to move her poo time from after lunch to the end of the morning it is still not really natural for her. At about 1145 Lucy came out of the bosses office (she is his PA) and whispered to me that she was ready - infact she had been desperate for about half an hour but had not been able to get away because the boss kept giving her jobs. I said that I was really ready but I was not sure about Kate. I phoned Kate and she said that she was just beginning to feel it. So Lucy and me went to the toilet and met Kate there. We took the three stalls - Lucy at the end, then me and then Kate. We all pulled down out jeans, and then talked. I said who is first. Lucy said that she was really desperate so could she go. So she did a short wee while we all continued to talk, and then I could hear her push as her voice changed. Then the poo started to flow - 12 plops in very quick succession, each clear and distinct, followed by a long 5 second hissing fart then a final little plop. She said I think that's me finished - quite a good one. Then she let us into a secret - he had not gone yesterday, with some difficulty, so she could put on a good show today. We knew then that we had a new poo friend. I went next - my usual fart, crackle, push and thud. Then Kate went. She had to do lots of pushing but eventually got 3 plops out. We were talking all the time and we could tell that Lucy was really enjoying it. A little noise from her cubicle while Kate was straining suggested to me that she was enjoying a lot. Well we all finished but decided that we would look at each others load. So we wiped and put the paper on the side of the loo and not on the poo. The toilets at work have a wide pool of water which makes it good to look at what you have done. Lucy's load was massive - 12 snakes, not particularly wide but nice and firm and well formed, dark brown and smelly - a strong musty smell. I asked if I could photograph it and send it to Rich and she agreed. She seemed excited about our loads, particularly my massive wide piece. She said it was the biggest turd that she had ever seen. We finished and flushed each others as Lucy wanted to see mine go down. As we washed our hands Lucy said when is the next time - I said that it would probably not be until next Tuesday because I only go every 3 days. Kate told her that we sometimes all go together in the disabled loo, and would she like to do that. She was really keen on the idea so we agree to all go with each other again as soon as possible but probably next Tuesday. She said OK but how about me and Kate going together sooner and you coming to watch - keen or what! We all agreed to make it Friday before lunch. I am looking forward to it already.

I promised the next instalment of the history of me and Rich but there is so much happening at work to tell I just haven't got around to it - but I haven't forgotten. Will post again soon.

Poo Together - Love Suze

Alexis in Chi-town (Chicago)
HELLO THERE! I haven't posted in a while, but I'm here again to tell you another story. The one thing that turns me on is women, especially curvaceous young black, Latino, or white women, taking dumps, especially big, loud, watery, long, and smelly dumps. One late January morning, during my sophomore year (it was actually a Tuesday), this one 12th grade girl by the name of Mary, who I was friendly with, had an extremely bad stomach cramp, and our teacher wrote her a hall pass so that she could run to the bathroom (she had eaten an Italian beef sandwich and drunk a lot of water). About a half-hour later, when she came back, she and another friend told me about her bowel movement. Mary described it as explosive diarrhea (she also tinkled), and her friend also said that it stank in the bathroom. If Mary visited my house and she was about to have diarrhea, I would check on her in the bathroom and check her big stools (this was just wishful thinking, thank you)!! Fotrunately, she felt fine afterwards.

To the moderator: This site is now well balanced. We have both good, realistic, and meaningful BM and pee stories. It is so much better than it was a few months ago and in the distant past. Thank you for your fairness and encouragement. After all pee usually happens more often than BMs. It is really #1.

To Whizzer: I too have had boners at the urinal. Seeing someone else unable to pee gives me one. Going away and coming back is one way to deal with mild paruresis (the medical term for shy bladder). Enter shy bladder into any good search engine. It will help you find others who tell their pee shy, bashful bladder, stage fright, shy bladder stories.
One time a group of college students came into a rest stop on the Connecticut Turnpike. They stood together at the urinals In a minute or so one guy announced that Jack, the one next to him, had stage fright. Jack answered: "I came in here needing to piss, and I am not leaving until I do." Good reply. It helped me with my adolescent bushful bladder.

To Diva: What a good idea to keep a pee/desperation diary. You know the problem inside out. Holding on

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

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