hadn't peed in probally more than 7 hours and this was my first of the day. went into bathroom and lifted lid, looking at that nice clear bowl full of water and thinking " not for long" LOL then I quickly pulled down my sweats and undies and sat down for a good pee. for the hell of it, I took the hand held mirror so I could watch. I began to pee almost immediately, my pee making this somewhat loud tinkle sound as it splashed into the bowl right about in the fornt-middle. I watched in the mirror and saw bubbly foam quickly forming where my ribbon-like stream of yellow pee was splattering into the water. it came out steady for prob. 40 secs at most, stopped; then after 10 secs , a little more tinkled out in a five sec long, thin twirling stream and ending in a few drips. I wiped, then got up and looked. the once clear water was now a darkish yellow color and had quickly fading foam covering the back half of the toilet bowl's water. as I flushed, I saw the yellow peed in water, foam and wad of paper go down and it appeared as if the yellowish pee was being sucked down first.

Robin: I'm glad to hear that your daughter is doing better. I myself am a sufferer of diarrhea, known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS-D). My doctors all say it's because of stress (I've had stool samples, blood tests, and a colonoscopy--which was posted earlier I don't know if you read it). I agree with them, but there's also other issues. My parents got divorced when I was really young, so that brought a lot of issues into my life that are all just burried under. So, I have finally found a Christian psychologist, and my parents are encouraging me to talk to someone. If ever you want to chat with me, you can send an e-mail to . I'll be praying for you and your daughter.
This morning I had massive diarrhea (or I should say "yesterday" morning, as it is 2 a.m. right now). Apparently I had not wiped well enough because while I was working (I started at 3:15 p.m.), I went to the bathroom and saw skid marks, so I wiped my behind, and there was still stuff. Yuck. While I was in the bathroom (only a sink and toilet), another lady needed to use the bathroom so badly that she went ahead a used the men's one. I thought it was cool. I give her props.
I didn't leave the store until 1:15 a.m. (we closed at 12 a.m., but the store was trashed--I work in the ). So I was driving alone on a secluded highway (no street lamps either), when I had the urge to pee. Although it wasn't desperate, I took it as an opportunity to use the great outdoors (I only use great outdoors when my family and I go camping at the beach). So I began looking for a good place to pull over.
Finally I saw a spot, pulled over, crawled out through the passenger side, left the music on, pulled down my pants, squatted, and tried to pee. It took a few seconds to get going. As soon as it started to go, a car coming from the opposite direction passed by. The only thing that was blocking me was the passenger door. I sure hope he didn't look in his mirror because my okole, I mean rear end, was exposed to the world (not to mention that I am brown-skinned and my rear is pale white). After three seconds, a puddle formed in the grass and began to go on to my left foot slipper. Not to mention that my pee stream was hard to control at this point, therefore the stream was heading toward my left side. So I ended up getting not just part of my slipper and left foot wet, but part of my pants too. When I was done, I quickly pulled up my pants, and hopped in the driver's side through the passenger door just as a couple of cars comming from my direction drove by. I am glad no one pulled over to see if I was ok. Usually on this island, if someone's on the side of the road, someone will pull over. Everyone knows everyone. One time when my car broke down on the way to school, I had like 5 or 7 different people pull over to help me out within a 45 minute time frame. Different story.
Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions on how to control your pee stream when squatting? I had fun doing this and plan on doing it again. Maybe again tonight when I'm coming home from work. I am just too sleepy to think now. Take care you all and keep them stories comming!

stopped by today at this office to pick up something quickly. before leaving I figured that even though I didn't have to go real bad yet, I may as well " go to the bathroom" . [ it had been almost three hours since my last pee and , of course, I had drank a 16 oz cup of coffee since then.] anyway, I asked if I could use the bathroom and they said " sure no problem." [ I've been to this place beofore , so I knew right where it was, anyway.] I opened the door, walked in, closing and locking it behind me. the seat was allready down[the toilet is an older , small round type in which the entire bowl's filled with water]; so I first pulled down my slacks and pantyhose, then sat to pee. it took about 10 secs or so to begin, but soon I could hear that gentle "tinkle" and feel my pee slowly coming out of my vulva. it sounded like it was hitting the toilet bowl's clear water just about squarely in the middle and continued to steadily tinkle for probally 20 secs, stop, start again for maybe 20 secs, ;stop, again start for maybe 10 more secs at most; then finally stop. meanwhile I took that wad of folded paper I had in my hand and wiped myself dry. then I got up and pulled everything up. right before reaching over to flush, I looked and saw the water in that round bowl had completely turned a deep yellow color with scattered patches of pee foam covering at least 50% of the water's surface; this after talking a good minute to pull everything up.

Jimmy G.
Hi there, I'm 17 and for some reason I literally cannot go to the bathroom anywhere other than my house, once I went on a camping trip for 4 days, without going to the bathroom once, but as soon as I got home and walked inside, I got the urge to go the the bathroom, even when I was out on my front porch holding some of the stuff I had brought on the camping trip I still had no urge, it was just as soon as I walked inside...

Daniel (Danny)
The other day i was walking at the park trying to hold in a #2, because i thought it would be funny and i could realize how long can i hold it. Well, my stomach hurt, very bad, bad enough to make someone almost poop. I walked and headed to the boys' room. It was nobody there so i took a stall and i knew this poop was not going to be common. I pulled down my pants to my thighs and sat down. I pushed one small firm log out. I then started pushing again and i knew a long, big, thick, firm one was going to come out. It started coming out slowly, the nose of it was only 2 inches out of my hole. I started pushing again and this time the log was 5 inches out. I groaned loudly because it was very thick and i couldnt take it out. I started pushing again and this time the log was about half way out. It was thick and i grunted because i wanted to take it out. I pushed more and i felt it coming to an end, so a last push made it come out. The log was maybe 15 inches long and i dont know exactly how thicker but it was very thick. I was not done yet, because i had to poop more. I pushed again and a softer log started coming out, it was long , but not too thick. It came out easily. I thought i was done, but when i was wiping i felt 2 more logs coming. I pushed and both came out easily. Then i started wiping. When i finished wiping i pulled up my pants and flushed. Because my mission of holding it in was over, i walked home.

I have some stories to tell, about my fascination will shitting on the floor in public restrooms, portapotties, and other places, but I will get to those on a different day. For my first post at this wonderful webpage I am appealing to you for some advise. Ever since I have been little I have held a special, unexplainable feeling for defecation. But I hold a deep-seated guilt at the same time. Horrible guilt that tears me apart sometimes. I enjoy watching movies of women shitting, and I fantasize about women shitting in strange places, or masturbating while shitting (something I enjoy doing). So here's the problem if you haven't already guessed: I have a girlfriend. She isn't just A girlfriend though... we have been going out for 2 years now, and I have known since very early on that there is no doubt that I will marry her, and love her for the rest of my life. We are very open with each other, and my goal is to be as absolutely open and one with her as I possibly can, but one road block is in my way: I am terribly scared of revealing my secret to anyone. And it makes me feel horrible because if she ever finds out that I do anything, or feel, or experience anything that I don't care to share with her, she gets very sad. She says that it makes her feel like she doesn't completely know me if I have secret parts of my life, and I completely agree with her. But it is so hard for me! And I battle myself over it quite often.
The problem is not that I don't think that she will love me anymore, or that she will leave me, it is just that it makes me feel like such a freak. And I know that pooping is normal, but being sexually attracted to it isn't. And I also know that plenty of people are, although most the vast majority of people aren't, and most of them could never fathom or understand such an awesome break from orthodoxy. I'm afraid she won't understand, if she has never heard of such a thing before, and think that there is something wrong with me.
I'm pretty sure that I could someday get her to be comfortable shitting with me in the same room, as sometimes we pee on each other in the shower. But that is just for fun in her mind. It wouldn't bother her to do it as a normal activity probably, but to let her know that I felt sexual about it would be an enormously stressful hardship for me.
Any advise (other than 'just do it' advise) or maybe some tips would be gladly appreciated, and would be reciprocated by some interesting shitting experiences by me.

In my last post, I said that my family had a stomach bug after my cousin's funeral, but that's not correct...they had food poisoning. Sorry!!!

At school, on friday, Lily had a really big accident. Well, she's been wearing undies instead of diapers lately (it's what she wanted, and since she was getting better, we agreed to do it). Anyway, appearently she had eaten a large, greasy, cafeteria lunch that day. and so, they were running "the mile" in PE. According to her, suddenly her bowels "started gurgling" and she ran to the teacher and asked if she could go to the bathroom. The teacher said okay, and she started springing back towards the school. Appearentally she got just into the school, when her bowels "suddenly released" and she had diarrhea in her pants. She put on her spare change of clothes, and went to latin next period. Anyways, during latin she had to go, and left the room and ran to the bathroom, and while she was pulling down her undies, she went in her pants. I got called and had to pick her up from school, which was no fun, giving i felt really sick.

I don't know why, but i have this urge to tell you all about this one expierience i had with food poisoning. I was fifteen, and my parents were away for the week. THere was some buisness trip, and they both had to go, so I was alone in the house. I have siblings, but, well my older sister was already in college, and my younger brother got taken with my parents because it didn't really matter if he missed some school.

Well, I was extatic that my parents would let me stay, and so my best friend and I, on a wednesday night, went out and had a nice dinner at a fancy restraunt. Well, on the way back my friend felt sick and threw up, but since we had had different meals, i figured i wouldn't get the food poisoning! SO i went home, made myself tea, and lay down in bed. At about 2 in the morning, I woke up, feeling so sick. My bowels felt like they were on fire, my head ached, and my stomach felt like it was going to throw up. I sat up in bed, vomited all over it, ran to the bathroom, and had diarrhea. It was terrible, and painful, and before i was done with it, i threw up again. Then I went and lay down on my couch, because my bed had vomit in it.

Well, i woke up ag 7:00 for school, got dressed, ate a little breakfast, got out the door to go to school. I was about two blocks from school, when suddenly my bowels churned, and i had to shit soooo badly! I ran as fast as i could back to my house, got inside, had diarrhea, vomited all over myself, and lay down on the bathroom floor. All that day i was sick like that, and the next day i felt fine so i went to school. But i swear that it was one of the worst expieriences of my life. I remember wanting to go and hug my mom, and not being able to because she was away, and being to afraid to call her and tell her that i felt sick, and ask what to do, because i didn't want her to think i was a baby.

Good morning again--cool here. Continuing my account from yesterday . . . Not wanting to use the cramped bathroom in the church, I walked out into the woods behind the building. I had to go some distance since the trees were already bare of leaves. Finding a nice spot, I pulled some of the leaves away to reveal a spot of bare earth. I pulled down my pants and squatted. It took a little while, but I felt a nice big b.m. leaving me. It fell in two large pieces, each about 6 inches long and a bit over an inch thick, light brown and solid, with the first one being rather lumpy. I used the toilet paper I had brought--not much stain. I covered most of the area with the leaves, leaving only the tip of the larger turd showing in the pale sunlight.
This morning's movement was interesting--a perfect bell curve. I squatted on the rim and watched as the turds dropped into the water. First was a dark brown nugget about the size of a lima bean, then a hard knobby piece the size of a walnut, next another knobby one about two inches long. The big one took a few seconds, easing slowly out, then broke off, perhaps six inches long, smoother, lighter in color, and not quite as hard as the earlier ones. The remainder of that piece was still hanging, and I let it hang until it dropped--about two inches long. The final two pieces were squeezings, about an inch long and a half inch, respectively. Thus, in length, the turds were (in inches) .5, 1, 2, 6, 2, 1, .5.
Happy pooping, everyone!

very embarrassing accident today..

ok im 17 female, blondish brown hair green eyes fair skin, im short and in shape. people usually call me cute. anyway i was at the grocery store with my mom. we only got a few things, and then we were at the checkout. well i had to go #2 really bad, and i was waiting for my mom to get checked out. when she was done, i really had to go, but i had stuff to pay for. well my stuff got rung up, and i couldn't find my money in my bag. i started to panic because i couldn't concentrate on finding the money because i had to go so bad...i struggled to dig out some money and then i didn't have enough, and i had to ask my mom for money. then she counted out money for me and i was trying to get it all sorted out, when as if being a total idiot with my money wasn't embarassing enough, i couldn't hold on anymore and i went #2 in my white panties and thin gray sweat pants! it wasn't very solid and it was very warm..and filled up a lot. i was so embarrassed!! i gave him the money and then i even started to walk away without my change, but my mom got it for me and i just waddled out to the car crying. i can't believe i pooped my pants!

Daniel (Danny)
I have just had a wierd experience and if this post comes along with another one i wrote them in a different day. Ok, about 2 hours ago, i was dreaming something very wierd. I was in a place i had never visited and it is a hotel with pictures of angels. I was walking around and talking to people, when i saw my friends at the restaurant. I went playin wiyh them and ne announced he had to go to the bathroom . Two f my friends followed him. I followed them too. They entered the restroom and i saw the doors of the stalls were too high. Even one could see everything. When one of them took a stall, i noticed that the doors and partitions were so high than when he pulled down his shorts to his knees i could see his butt. Well, he sat down as my friends and me stared. He grunted and pushed and i could see his ???? like getting hard and then relaxed a little. We heard plop, plop, plop,plop, pause for 30 seconds, grunt plop, splash. I saw him grabbing some toilet paper, get up and wiped with his ass facing me, it was pretty dirty. I saw him wipe 34 times(counted). He then came out and i got the urge to go too. I entered the stall and pulled my pants past my knees and my underwear at my thighs and pushed............................... Then, i woke up, with this sudden urge to poop very bad. The peoblem is i invited Gonzalo and George to my house and they stayed here to sleep, a sleepover. Well, it was 1:30 in the morning, i had a strong urge to poop, Just having dreamed this and with my friends there.

I dont like them to wake up just for my fault, so i tried to be very quiet. I walked silently to the bathroom. I pulled my pants and underwear down above my knees and sat there with the lights off. I started pushin a little and my first og started coming ut. It was soft and it just squeezed slowly through my hole. I pushed more and it fell down. It was about 8 inches long. Then i pooped some mushy poop, and then two very soft chunks fell down. I still had to poop more. I pushed and one long firm long came out. I pooped another log, softer than the last one.

Then i went back to sleep. 1 hour later i woke up and saw George standing right next to me and said he couldnt sleep. I had to go to the bathroom again but this time i had to pee. I asked him if he had ever pooped standin up. He asked in a surprised way:" how can anyone poop standing?" I told him i was going to show him and asked if he had to go and he said a little. I went wiyh him to the bathroom and closed the door quietly not to wake up Gonzalo. I covered the bathroom floor with toilet paper. I told him to take of his pants and stand on the toilet paper. He did and stood up nerviously. I asked: " Do you feel the logs are going to be hard, or firm, or soft, or how?" He said:"why?" " Just to know" "Probably soft" "Thanks, now push" He tried to spread his buut cheecks and i saw his log starting to come out, but it was soft with some parts firm. I told him not to spread his cheeks and kept pushing. He did that and his log was coming out slowly. He peed because of the effort and after 12 minutes and 5 logs he had finished. I carefully grabbed the toilet paper where the logs were and deposited them in the toilet. I peed on the bowl but then without warning a very soft log came out. I turned mu ass just in time to the bowl to let the log fell there.

Next it was time to wipe. I spread George's cheeks and wiped. It was very messy. After 5 wipes i saw his butt just exactly as the one he had im my dream, just that in the dream he needed 34 wipes and now 5. Then i wiped.

It is 3:45 in the morning and everyone is asleep. I have to go pee again, bye.

Not much time, so I'll keep it short:

Shelly from WI: Any more gushy poop/partner poop stories?

Katie M: Glad you made it.

WG Lizzy: Any stories about other women that had the runs? How about more with you having tough ones like the one in this past story?

Dave: A lucky guy you are.

Justine: You've got quite the history. If you happen to remember any other interesting times, or if any new ones arise (heh heh) be sure to fill us in.



The Nature Boy
Anyone read the latest US magazine? I wouldn't, but it was slow at work and I was bored. Anyway there was a photo feature that showed Britney Spears coming down with a bad case of the runs after a posh dinner party! It said that she and her bf pulled up to a Jack in the Box and she jumped out before the car was fully stopped clutching her stomach and ran in. There was a GREAT photo of her outside the locked ladies room looking desperate, and it said after a minute she ran in the mens room and came out 5 minutes later!

I wonder what would've been be the next guy to use the men's room to experience her aftermath, or the woman who must've been taking a dump and almost made the 'diva' crap her pants?

Hey everyone, great to see some poop stories and peeing outside and everything. It's like boys want to tell everyone that they've done it outside, and girls like to deny it. I saw this comedian on TV, and he was saying that men and women take a different view about pooping. He said that if someone goes into the bathroom after a guy and they see his poop, the guy will say "I did that!", but if it was a woman and she had left the poop then she would say "Oh, who did that?".

Anyway, back to me - I have peed outside before, usually when I've been drunk and at night, but sometimes during the day. I have only pooped outside once though, so I'll tell you about it. It was when I went out with some of the girls that I know, and when we get drunk, we get really bad and do things like embarrass men who are on their own, or kiss really old guys, or flash our boobs or sometimes our pussies at people. Most of my friends don't have a problem peeing outside between cars (great - gives you something to hold on to) or in a dark alley or something like that, but I think I'm the only one that has pooped.

Often in the summer, we will all call each other before we go out drinking, or get ready at each other's houses before we go out. Sometimes we agree to do something like all go out without a bra, or all go out without panties and wear short skirts. On one particular day we all went out without panties, and I wore a short leather skirt. At the start of the evening I was careful not to open my legs too much, but like the others, if we see someone we want to do it to, we will sit with our legs apart, or lift our skirt up and flash them. Now walking from one bar to another, one of us will often pee somewhere on the way. On this particular occasion, we were really drunk and looking for taxis. Of the 6 of us, 2 had gone in one taxi in one direction, and we were looking for another taxi. I knew I had to pee and poop, but I thought I could hold the poop. I had been doing a pee dance for a while and was saying that I would wait until I got home as I needed to poo. We got a taxi, and I was still dying to go. All 4 of us squeezed into the back, and I just lifted up my skirt, sat sideways and peed on the floor. The taxi driver was livid, and got out and dragged me out, demanding $50 for a clean up. I think we gave him about $20, and he wasn't going to get any more sense out of 4 giggling and very drunk girls.

Anyway, by this point I could feel the poo sliding out and I squeezed my butt cheeks together as close as I could. I tip toed my way to a place between parked cars, knowing it was going to drop out any minute. I pulled my skirt up high, but as I squatted, the first poop fell onto my ankle and onto the ground. Gross!! As I squatted I let more of it go, and made a little pile of squishy, round yellow turds. We only had a small piece of tissue, and wiped the back of my leg with it. Another taxi came, and I got in holding the back of my skirt above by butthole. I sat on the seat and felt the poo that was stuck there squish. We were all laughing, and when we got back I got out and saw the stain on his seat and couldn't help laughing more. I wiped my butt in my friend's bathroom, and washed properly, but we just couldn't stop laughing. I know it's not nice to do that on someone's car seat, but we were drunk and couldn't help finding it funny!

Working Gal Lizzy--Keep those stories comming. They are very interesting and are inspiring me to go out and do things that are out of my norm (ok, I've already begun doing that, but still, there's more to explore)!

Robin--Congrats! Twins! That sounds awesome! I wish you the best and may God bless you.

I had an interesting pee experience today. I left my 3-hour class during our lab time to use the bathroom. It had just been cleaned and I could tell because the janitor always leaves the seat up when she's done cleaning. So I put the seat down, unwrap my jacket from my waist, unbuckle my belt, unzip my pants (yeah, I have too much protection for my waist---it kind of has to do with the fact that I lost so much weight and my pants are too baggy for me), and let loose. My yellow pee stream hit the middle of the porcelain and splashed the shallow part of the water for about 15 seconds until it dribbled away. Meanwhile, I could smell a strong urine stench that I don't smell very often. So I wiped, stood up, and to my amazement, saw that most of the toilet was filled with bubbles. I was actually excited that my pee had produced bubbles that I stared at it for about a minute, watching some of it "fizz" away, feeling very proud of myself. Then I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and went back to class.
Sorry, I feel my bladder kicking in. I don't know why it is, but usually when I post something on this website, I always end the post with a feeling to pee (usually, but sometimes poop too). I also got to return to studying for Cisco Networking. Aloha my friends!

Hi everyone, I am a first time poster here. I had an interesting experience the other day. It was about three days since I had last pooped, and I was at work, wondering when the urge to go would arrive. So for lunch, I ate a whole box of All-Bran buds, the really powerful kind that they now sell. Less than an hour later, I had a powerful urge to go, however it was not the pleasent kind. So I ran to the nearest washroom, and sat on the can for about 20 minutes, as all kinds of wet poop and diahrrea exploded from my colon! It was so horrible, and quite painful! Afterwards I left the bathroom and warned the other workers nearby not to use it, as the aroma was quite foul! I managed to finish the rest of the day, with one more bout of diahrea when I got home. But I took some pepto bismol and was fine after that. The next day, my poop came out fine, although it was very dark, as pepto does that.
Well that's my story for now. The lesson learned is that you gotta do things in moderation, not one extreme to another. Thanks for reading and have yourselves a great day!

Robin, my condolences on the loss of your cousin. Congratulations on the pregnancy, and I hope all goes well. Remind Lily from time to time that you're there if she wants to talk, but do it casually so that she doesn't feel as if you're pressing her on any issues. You may also want to remind her from time to time that adolescence is a time where her perspective on things is often out of whack, and things that most of us see as "no big deal", such as an argument with a friend, might seem like the end of the world to her. Remember to ask her off handedly from time to time, how she's doing. She may get annoyed, or accuse you of prying, but believe me she'll also get the message that your'e there for her if she needs you. Don't set any limits for her in terms of if, or when, she needs to stop wearing protection. This is embarrassing for her and is probably adding to the stress. Feeling pressure from you that she needs to stop, can only make that worse. Take care of yourself, and try to increase the fluid intake to compensate for what you are losing with the morning sickness. BTW, if you are dry heaving, try drinking a bit of water or something when you feel it approaching. It won't stop the heaving but it's said that bringing something up rather than having dry heaves is easier on your stomach and esophagus.


To Debbie

You should let your husband come into the bathroom and watch you poop. You are going to be married a long time and he eventually is going to see you doing it. Men are curious about that. You should poop one time with the door open and let him have a conversation with you, perhaps with him standing at the door. You could gradually grt used to it. Are you afraid or embarred that he is going to look into the toilet and see your poop? How do you feel about that?

Hi all. Long time reader, first time poster. I'm a 23 year old male, always had a fascination with shitting, mainly girls but I'm also interested in other guys' shitting habits. Had a pretty interesting experience today. I was at the mall around 3 this afternoon just sort of hanging out and killing time when I felt the urge to take a dump. So I headed over to the restrooms in one of the major department stores since they are usually cleaner than the nasty ones by the food court (at least at this particular mall). As I was walking there, I saw a younger guy, maybe 18 years old heading into the restroom. By the time I got there, he was sitting in the far handicapped stall (this restroom had 3 urinals and 3 stalls), and I took a quick peak to see his jeans around his sneakers. I went in the first one, leaving a good one stall buffer between us. However, it was DEAD quiet in this restroom. No fans, no music, nothing! So, it was a little unnerving as I unbuckled my belt, lowered my jeans and boxers to my ankles, and sat on the toilet. The other guy was extremely quiet and if I hadn't seen him go in I might not have even known he was in there. Anyways, I really had to poop so after about a minute of this really awkward silence I let out a couple of soft almost "tight" sounding farts. Still nothing from this other guy. After the farts I started pooping. For whatever reason, my dump was really weird. It took quite a bit of effort to get moving, but once the logs started coming out, they were pretty soft. Each log was also accompanied by this almost "liquidy" poop (not quite diarrhea though). Each time I pushed, my poop made this really loud crackling noise as it fell out of my butt and into the toilet. Because I had to push really hard to get it moving, I let out a rather loud grunting noise each time...kind of like "nnnghhhhhhhhh." All through my ordeal, the other guy still wasn't making any noise. So here I was, having "constipated diarrhea," grunting loudly, and plopping and crackling away, while this guy hadn't made any noise! However, after about my fourth major push and log, I finally heard the guy let out a fart and drop one really loud plop. Anyways...I had been on the toilet for about 10 minutes, me mainly making all the noise, and this other guy being super quiet, when lo and behold another guy comes in the bathroom! He walks in front of the handicapped stall, then doubles back and enters the middle stall. I see that he has on pretty nice dress shoes, so I assume he's one of the employees. He proceeds to sit on the toilet and makes absolutely no noise at all. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to grunt out my final wave of shit, while these two jokers are sitting there silent as ever, seemingly listening to me. So with a final "nnnnnghhhh" I crackle out my last log and chunks of soft shit. I wipe myself seven times and flush the toilet. I leave a few skid marks in the toilet bowl, wash my hands, and head out and back to the mall, leaving the other two silent shitters to continue their "poop duel." Anyways, I was in the bathroom about 15 minutes, and I crapped out about 4-5 logs (and accompanying soft shit). Fun stuff, though it was kind of awkward with the other two guys being so silent. Well, that's it for my first post. Hope you guys like it. As I said, I mainly prefer stories about shitting, and though I love stories about girls taking a dump, my stories are mainly about guys. I'll probably post here again soon. Keep up your good stories everyone!

Hi to all regulars (hmmm...maybe not the best choice of words on this particular site.) Purely by accident (again a poor word choice) I discovered the site a few days ago. It's given me hours upon hours of entertaining reading.

I've been interested for years in watching pretty girls on the toilet--changing tampons, peeing or, especially, dumping. As a 47-year-old man (on Florida's east coast, by the way) I don't get much chance to indulge this obsession. I did live with a woman for five years in the early 8O's who tolerated my interest. Couldn't get her interested in buddy dumping or anything like that, but she was comfortable--most of the time--with me watching her on the john. She was then in her mid-2O's, brunette and petite, and wasn't averse to a ???? massage when on her period--more on that in a moment.

Haven't seen any recent postings from StarShine, but she was a frequent contributor around page 1O53...she noted that her period always brought on bouts of diarrhea and wondered if other women shared that experience. Well, can't speak for other women, but my five-year live-in--let's call her Laura--sure did, to the point that going anywhere with her on the first day was something of an adventure; you never knew when she would clutch her belly (she was quite thin, but had a delightful little round belly, especially at this stage of her monthly cycle) and announce "my stomach's all torn up." From that point, it was mere moments until she would expel an enormous amount of soft, runny poop, into the toilet or into the bushes, whatever she had found first. She wasn't into having her hand held on the toilet--in fact, she wasn't much into hand-holding at all--but I was usually permitted, if we were at home or a hotel room, to remain while she completed her business. Often her stomach would continue to "gripe" her for 15 or 2O minutes. She always sat with her legs together, ususally with her arms wrapped around herself just below her breasts, giving a good view of her straining stomach.

One time she really didn't want to be watched--but, of course, I did anyway. She was working at a cable company's receiving facility, inserting commercials into a satellite feed. The building was simply a concrete blockhouse in the middle of a forested area, with no "facilities" whatever. I had come along to keep her company and noticed her sitting almost in her "toilet" position, arms clutched around her middle. She admitted to a gradually worsening bellyache. Finally, she said she had to go. I mentioned that a gas station was about two minutes' drive away, but she said "No, I don't think I'd make it that far." Holding her stomach with one hand, she took a small plastic shovel from the trunk and dug a small hole in the sand. Then she unzipped her jeans, pulled them down to her knees and squatted over the hole. "Don't watch!" she said, so I walked a short distance away--and then, of course, turned back to look.

Though I'd watched her many times on the toilet, I'd seldom even seen her poop. This time, the severity of her stomach upset was obvious: she was doubled over in pain, squeezing out what looked exactly like Hershey's chocolate syrup. Not usually much of a moaner or a groaner, she was doing both as she struggled to push out the product of her sick stomach. The worst part for her wasn't that I was watching, but that a herd of cows in the adjacent field had taken unusual interest--and all came over to stare at the distressed, desperately pooping woman. When she finally finished, her only comment to me was "I wouldn't let ANYONE see me doing that!" Though her belly still pained her, she avoided any more pooping time until we returned home.

For many reasons, only some of which have been indicated here, I really miss that woman. Have never found another who would willingly let me watch such things, and I've never really learned how to raise the subject with a casual acquaintance. For those who survey such things, it is the sight and sound of women on the john that interests me--men doing the same interest me not at all. I'm a male heterosexual, and have no problem with gays or lesbians as people (yeah, "some of my best friends" is ann ugly cliche, but it's true) but it's only the latter that I fantasize about seeing with their panties down and their naked posteriors on the cold porcelain...

Anyway, keep the stories coming. I've partciularly enjoyed the recent posts by Jodi, Sara, Farrowlani and Anne, among others. Oh--about my own toilet habits, nothing thrilling to report, although I occasionally have to take colchicine for a gout attack. Since colchicine basically works by flushing out the system, one can look forward to about 24 hours of frequent, urgent, watery shits, but the cure is still better than the disease.

All best,

I am always the poor sod that gets the public toilet that someone's left a huge dump in (one of those won't flush ones.) And 90% of the time I get to see it just after I've eaten. IMO big dump people need their own public toilets ;)

When I was at primary school there was someone there who regularly took a dump that would never flush. Everytime they went they did the same sized enormous disgusting looking monster. I never found out who was responsible.

I am a recent college graduate who has been dating my girlfriend, Tracy, for quite a number of years now. I have never hesitated to excuse myself when I needed to urinate or defecate, but Tracy used to hesitate until a memorable event several years ago.

On one spring day, when both of us had no classes, we decided to go cherry-picking in the rural area. We did our usual morning routine - get up, wash, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc. We then drove more than 100 km to the cherry-picking farm we selected. Once we got there, we got a basket and started picking big time. By lunchtime, we had picked 25 kg! After we had lunch, we continued picking, and by the time we finished, we had picked almost 60 kg in all! After we paid, we headed back to our car. During this time, I noticed Tracy holding her abdomen very tightly, so I asked if she was ok. She said yes. After we loaded our cherries onto our car, we drove off. Along the way, Tracy started to exhibit more odd behavior. I asked her once again, and she again said that she didn't have any major problems. After a few more kilometers down the road, I asked her, "It appears to me that you have something quite serious that needs to be addressed. Please tell me what problems you are having, and don't feel embarrassed, ashamed, or shy." This is when she finally said, "I need to go to the bathroom desperately." We looked around and did not see a toilet in sight. So her only other option was to go in the wilderness. We pulled over, and I helped her out and found her a good spot in the nearby forest. She then pulled down her jeans and panties, and as soon as she squatted into position, a huge load of feces dropped from her anus! When I saw that, I told her, "Wow! Looks like you've been holding it for quite some time! Now take your time, and get as much out as possible. You don't have to feel pressured to finish up quickly. I'll stay around and protect you from others." So I stayed around and watched her finish doing her business. When she told me that she was done, I gave her a small set of tissues and she wiped with them. Then, I took out a shovel, dug a big hole, transported her deposit into the hole, and thoroughly buried it. After all this, I told her, "Next time, you can always excuse yourself whenever you need to go to the bathroom, whether you need to do number 1 or number 2. And if it turns out that you need to do it when no toilets are available, I'll always be around to protect you from others. It is unhealthy to hold back your bathroom urge for too long." So from that point on, she was more open about her bodily functions to me, just like I had always been.

Taylor here. It seems funny, but I've gone through 3 names here already. Its been a rather interesting week in terms of dumps for me. Take Saturday for example. I was sleeping at a mates house with three other lads (It was me, the Dobsons, and Tom). I was determined to pull an all-nighter out of the hat. In the time that I was there, I had to shit a total of four times, in a bathroom with no lock. The first time, I couldn't get a damn thing out, but Tom and Andrew (One of the , or Dobo, as he likes to be called) looked in on me. There I was, in all my glory, sat on my best mate's toilet, pants down and shirt off, trying to take a dump. The second and third times were better. I managed to get some shit out. Just a load of chunks though. In the morning, I went for another shit (me and Dobo had just woken up from an hours sleep) so I head into the bog again. I didn't have to push much this time, it was soft, but it absolutely burnt my poor bunghole. It made my cheeks scream. It reeked and all. For my own personal health, I gave it a courtesy flush. Lets just say I was careful with my wiping this time.
Oh yeah, when I got home from school today, I had the biggest urge for a crap. Simply speaking, it was straight down to business with my business. Quote me on that one. So I sit down on the loo, and push. I was constipated, and nowt but a tiny little chunk would come out. So I lean forwards, and out come an array of chunks. I swear, when I looked, if it was all one log it would've been at least 2.5 inches wide, and eight inches long. That ain't normal for me. Then again, neither was my August incident. Oh yeah, my real GCSE's come up in May, so wish me luck around that time. And may my French Orals go better next time.
And remember, listen to Cradle of Filth. Later.
Cheers. Taylor.

Hello everyone. Its me again on . After my exciting mid week poo with Lucy and Kate, I began to feel sorry for Rich, who apart from some photos sent to him at work is missing all the fun. He loves me going to the toilet with him, so I was desperate to think of something really special for my Saturday poo. One thought was to ask Kate to come round on Saturday and give him a show. Quite a good idea and one which we might do soon but I thought it would be better to do something new together. I know he secretly looks out of the window in the morning, as he can see the sillouette of our neighbour at the bottom of the garden on the toilet. She sits there for about ten minutes every morning and you can see her moving back and forward pushing the turds out and then wiping standing up. Rich pretends not to watch but I know it excites him and he fancies her (pretty face, long blond hair but massive hips and bottom). I thought we might try to trap Niki (neighbours name) mid poo, as her husband always goes out at 8 on a Saturday. I waited until I saw her sit down and said to Rich - I want to ask Niki something, do you want to wait here or come. Well, he had also seen her sit down so he didn't need asking twice. We went and knocked on her door, opened it and I shouted its only me. She shouted back 'sorry Suze but im only the loo and cant move right now - come in if you like'. I whispered to Rich to follow and be quiet. I went in and he waited outside peering through a crack in the door that I left. I sat on the bath - my heart was pounding because I had never been to the toilet with Niki before. As I sat down it was clear she had a big piece half out because she tried to talk normally but was pushing. We chatted and she did a loud plop followed a stream of windy mushy poo. I tried to look calm and normal as we talked and I could just imagine Rich outside. She finished and wiped. I always wipe sitting down but she stood up giving a good view of her big poo. As she flushed I said that seeing her had made me want to go and did she mind. She said of course not - I will go out. I said stay if you like and we can chat - and by the way Rich came round too - hope you don't mind. She said of course not - and shouted out of the door Hi Rich. He responded by coming in and saying hi. The strong smell of Nikis poo must have hit him because I saw an instant pleasurable reaction. I said hi Rich join the party - I took down my jeans and started to poo. It was a bit softer than normal for me - I did 5 plops with about 3 second between each. Rich was trying to look cool as Niki said 'I bet that feels better' - I told her that I only went every 3 days and when it came it was really good. I wiped and flushed and we left the bathroom. We had a cup of coffee with Niki and a chat. We then went back and enjoyed the rest of the morning. Rich asked if I did that specially for him and admitted it. He thanked me and said that although he was outside he saw and heard everything. Somehow my unusual poo was not complete and very unusually for me I went again when we got up. Just one long thin bit - I cant think what caused that but it gave Rich some variety - and 2 in a day. I don't feel so bad about the fun at work now. I wonder if we will do it again with Niki. I bet that Rich will look out of the window even more now in the mornings. Trouble is he will probably fancy her more now having seen her massive bottom and heard her poo hitting the water. It doesn't worry me though - we have a closeness through sharing every part of our life, including the very special intimate act of pooing that we last for always.

My next poo will probably come on Tuesday and I cant wait to be with Lucy and Kate together in the disabled toilet at work. One disappointment was Friday though - you will remember that Kate and Lucy were going to go together in the disabled loo and I was going to watch. Well Kate wanted to go but Lucy couldn't. We all went in and Kate did her usual rapid plopping session. Then it was Lucy's turn. She sat and pushed and pushed but could only manage some wind. She said she gets constipated at a certain time of the month. She may also have been a bit anxious about the audience. The good news is that she told me that all seems to be working now. Having been blocked up Friday, Saturday and Sunday she had a massive massive poo this morning at home when she got up, followed by a smaller one as soon as she got to work. And we missed them!!! Anyway hopefully all will be working normally now and her next one will be with both of us tomorrow morning at work. I will keep you posted.

Poo Together - Love Suze

gracie. A combination of onion rings (presumably cooked in batter) and milkshake sounds like me to be the sort of combination that's almost bound to trigger a dose of the runs, not to mentiob nausea. Over the years there have been many instances recorded here of fast food, which by its nature tends to be greasy, triggering ???? upsets. Whilst I wouldn't recommend avoiding it completely, it's best eaten fairly infrequently and, if your digestive system's prone to rebellion, be prepared for the possibility of a ???? upset. Bowel problems triggered by eating fatty or greasy food are as a rule mercifully short-lived but they're not very pleasant at the time.

Julia. If you're experiencing similar symptoms to the ones Rosie
wrote about, ie unexpected continence problems, I'd make a point of seeing your doctor and if necessary getting referral to a specialist as soon as possible.

Suzanne. I enjoyed reading your latest account of the Wednesday morning shared poo with Lucy and Kate at the office. Hopefully you'll be able to share the same sort of experience again soon. It's Saturday now so I'd be prepared to guess that you've been again since, either at work or at home with Rich around. I look forward to hearing more about your history and experiences with Rich in the near future.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

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