I'm a 19 year old girl from Hawaii and I was at a secluded beach today with my boyfriend. I was in a rush to leave home when my boyfriend called for me and didn't have time for a BM this morning. I thought I would be OK for the day.

Well, by lunch time, I was fealing quite uncomfortable. I really needed to go badly and there were no public toilets around. I could've done a shit on the beach, but didn't want to gross out my b/f.

What does an enterprising girl do? I just waded in the water up to my waist, pulled down my bikini thong and pushed a big turd out while in the water. The turd just floated away. I then cleaned up my butt crack with my fingers with the sea water, put my bikini bottom back on and pretended nothing happened....

James R
This morning I had to take a shit. I sat down, let out two loud farts and then four long turds came out. I wiped 5 times and then flushed. After I flushed I brushed skidmarks off the porcelein and sprayed air freshener.

Janet from Wisconsin: I liked your story. How old is Cassie?

China girl
I took look at Calboy earlier questions. I typically fart a lot in the morning when I pee. They are typically long and loud fart with smell. Sometimes but not always in afternoon, there are small airy farts when I pee. I was doing airy farts just yesterday at new apartment I will move into in few days. I finally have my own place that I have been gradually move into since last week. Its small but good. Toilet and bathroom much smaller too. Toilet is very small but I won't be there full time till few days so I just pee twice there. The second time yesterday was farting. My butt is much bigger on this new toilet because toilet is much smaller, so it should be quite experience when I drop my first load in since it doesn't know my power yet. That won't be for few days though. It is certainly not in for a pleasant experience. It was actually lucky to avoid dump in my last post at my friends house, as we were thinking of going to my new place first to get some things settled, but we were too tired. Of course, soon it will be overpowered by my taste and smell. We chinese women do pretty big turd, many just don't admit it (hehe).

My Great Aunt's flat window looked out over a petrol station and one day as she was watching life pass by, she noticed a guy walking round the forecourt. She thought he looked a bit suspicious so she kept watching him. He looked around a few times and then prommtly pulled down his pants and trousers, squatted on the tarmac and emptied his bowels! The petrol station must've had customers in it so someone must have seen him! It was also next to a big supermarket and a busy road. This guy must've been desperate!

I was out in a mall the other day and had a sudden urge to poop. I tried to find the bathrooms for several minutes, but they were all full. I finally had to poop in the changing room of a clothing store, and then I peed on the floor. What a day!!!

tonight iwas at work and the lottery here is up to 218 million so everyone is going nuts buying lottery tickets. well i was selling lottery tickets and i had a really long line and i had to poop really bad, but my line was so long that eventually i pooped my pants really bad. i got to go home early but i was embarassed.


to Filhold:

The pee shyness that you talked about has happened to me, but in my case sometimes this causes an unintended erection. this also is very painful.

the last time this happened i could not go, but 30 minutes later i had to go again and this time success. I peed like a racehorse.

Midwest Jim
Are ya'll familiar with MTV's Boiling Points? I think a great bit would be to stick someone in a stall and have him talk to you and give a 5 min limit before you got pissed off.

Obrigado para suas palavras amaveis. No sabem que voce falou o portugues. Hugs e beijos.

(sorry, no diacritical marks.)

Yes, the train I was on in Portugal was a commuter one, not a long-distance one from city to city. And yes, every time I go to Europe the toilets seem more expensive. I was working in Germany this summer and it was a real pain trying to remember to take enough change with me everywhere I went. Stateside I hardly ever need change any more - I have a cel phone and I buy my public transportation tokens in advance, and I don't eat the junk in vending machinces often, so the only time I need it is to park my car downtown once in a while.

I wanted to share the story of the development of my interest in pee, which I was thinking about recently while reading this site. Until the age of 7, I think I was pretty unremarkable in toilet matters. I come from an interesting family in that my mother is Afro-Brasilian with the typical mix of African, Portuguese, Chinese and Native that most Brasilians have, African being dominant in her case, and her family and herself are very open about having to go to the bathroom, like . My father is Portuguese and Angolan and grew up in Portugal which, though it's in Europe, is Mediterranean and people are usually open about body functions, etc. but my dad is very secretive about it. As a kid, I was with my mom more and didn't have problems telling her I had to go and so on, with the occasional eposide of childhood stubborness where I would deny having to go until I was desperate or had an accident (see my story about the bananas.) I think school began to change me, as teachers always made a big deal about kids having to go. I went to a pretty strict parochial school which didn't help. In kindergarten, the teachers took us to the bathrooms at breaks so I had no problems, but after that, we were on our own, and from the first day, as in my previous story, I became shy of asking, but I did once in a while and was never denied until about 7 years old. That year, I had an extra-strict teacher who depending on her mood sometimes didn't let kids go to the restroom and loudly humiliated them in front of the class for being babies not able to hold it. I also had a ballet teacher who was the same way. Kids figured out that the goal in school was to always try to hold it until recess, lunch or hometime and then just go and not make a big deal about it. Thus, I was surrounded by desperate kids wriggling and bouncing in their chairs and became mildly interested in who did it openly and who tried to hide it, who made it to a break, who tried asking and who didn't, who was denied and who wasn't, who had wet spots on their clothes, etc. However, I knew not to invade their privacy by staring, following them, etc. and most of the time I had my own battles with my bladder to worry about, as, at the age of 7 because of this teacher, I enacted a never ask no matter what policy (I did ask her to poo one time when I was about to do it in my pants, and she let me even though it was only about 5 minutes before break, and once she saw me so desperate to pee she asked me if I had to go, but I said no - clearly, she noticed I never asked and was willing to cut me some slack, but I wouldn't take it as this was now a matter of pride for me.)
At first, I was like this at school and ballet and still open about my needs at home, but gradually my school attitude crept into everything - all my other extra curricular lessons and things, family, friends, church. I began to notice that it was strange that at school, people were discreetly squeezing their legs together and holding it and merilessly teasing people who held themselves or farted or had accidents or pooed when other people were in the bathroom, and at home my mother, a grown woman, was holding herself and dancing and exclaiming she had to pee and my little sister was pooing with the door open, while my father would sneak off and water a tree if he was desperate without saying a word to anyone. I began to feel that the ones who were open about it were vulgar and embarassing, and I didn't want to be like them. At the same time, I was beginning to have and take pride in decent bladder control and hated being treated like a little kid who had accidents by my relatives well-meaning questions of whether I had to go or not - probably based on accidents I'd had when younger, like the bananas one.
So I decided that no matter where I was or who I was with, I would never ask permission to go or admit a need. I would wait till I had a break or got home or could sneak a pee discreetly, preferably in a toilet, if not in a toilet, sitting down somewhere, and as a last resor, squatting. This was hard - I had 4 siblings and we lived with my parents and my grandmother with one bathroom in a small dwelling. We also went on a lot of long road trips and plane trips. All of this, plus holding it all the time at school, meant I always seemed to be desperate and from time to time had partial accidents and once in a while, a full one (I never was caught, though). For the first year or so of this, at 7, it wasn't at all fun or interesting and was usually uncomfortable and upsetting.
Then things changed at age 8. I woke one morning right after Christmas having to pee, but (just as had happened the year before when I ended up almost overflowing a potty) was distracted by my new toys and didn't go to the restroom. By the time I was desperate enough to be squatting on my heel and rocking, the one toilet was occupied. Back in my room, I tried to figure out a way to hold it as I was about to burst. I had gotten a big, pink, stuffed elephant for Christmas and it was sitting on my bed, and I got the idea to lie on my stomach on the bed with my face down, straddle the elephant and stuff it between my thighs and rock and bounce up and down in what I now realize was a sexual motion, pressing the elephant into my crotch as hard as I could. I began doing this out of necessity, but it felt very pleasurable and I ended up doing it long after the toilet became free because it felt so great. I only stopped and ran to the bathroom when a wet patch appeared on the elephant.
After that, I began to somewhat enjoy being desperate and having a full bladder, though it also still made me anxious and panicky. While I rarely put myself deliberately in desperate situations, I was in them so often that I made myself enjoy them. I began taking pride in my control, especially when I saw other people have accidents or use more openly desperate body language or ask to go and I didn't. I developed the ground rule that, as long as I never held my crotch when anyone could see and preferably never (I thought it was childish, but resorted to it in private or if I had a covering for my lap) I could do whatever it took to hold it and no one would know (obviously not true!) I didn't get over this shyness until I was 15 or 16 years old and still am not completely over it around my parents or in certain unfamiliar situations.
I would count the time I could hold it for. I took the position that the school breaks were spaced the way they were because any normal person should be able to hold it that long and that therefore I couldn't be as desperate as I thought I was if there was still 1/2 an hour till a break. However, I didn't necessarily go every break if people were watching me or I was busy with something or whatever. I got the idea that holding it all school day was some kind of superhuman gold standard that I wanted to try, but was always too scared to as I had the idea that anyone who tried to was doomed to fail and wet their pants (I did accomplish it, though, as I'll share in a minute.)
I was unlucky in that I had to go fairly often within an hour or two, but lucky in that I could hold it after that for hours. It would have been better to not have to go often but I wasn't blessed with that ability.
I set my own holding records and tried to beat myself. That got me through many car trips where my bladder would be burstingly full but I'd tell myself I couldn't wet myself because I'd already held it for hours and this was only 4 hours(I didn't consider variations such as liquids consumed, body fluctuations, etc.) I'd look at my watch and force myself to hold it another 10 or 15 minutes or some other measurement of time (another exercise in dance class or whatever.) I experimented with different ways of holding it and tried them out. A lot of times when most people probably would have wet their pants, I'd be sitting there proudly thinking, I've held it 5 hours and I figured out that sitting this way helps hold it, good for me. That and will power were the only things preventing more pants wettings, I am sure.
I then began to write the stories down in a "pee book" under the heading "Times I was desperate" where I'd put how old I was to the month and day, where I was when I had to go, why I didn't go, how long I held it to the minute, how I held it, where and how I finally went and if I was fully dry, if I partly wet myself or if I completely did, and how I concealed that if I did. I wrote in this book all the time well into my teens and took it to college and occasionally wrote in it then. I also had stories about other people's desperation I'd witnessed, and lists - places I'd peed, ways to hold it, terms for being desperate, the different sounds pee makes, and so on. I still have the book and it's given me lots of great, detailed material to share with you on this site. In fact, I like this site because it's a great extension of my book.
My interest always was the person who is literally or mentally trapped without a toilet for a long time and what they go through to hold it, not really so much accidents, though they may or may not happen in those circumstances. I never liked open accidents, and I never liked poo.
When I was alone, I'd stimulate previous desperation and go through the motions of pretending to hold it, reliving the desperation I'd felt and the relief after, or pretending to be another desperate person, real or imagined. I'd re-read and add to my book, which I kept well hidden. I especially enjoyed the straddling and grinding motion I'd stumbled upon with the pink elephant. Doing this became my way of relieving stress. On family trips and so on, I'd crave the privacy to play my game. I remember one time when I was 8 and my family was staying in a motel, sharing a room. Before bed, my mother made everyone use the toilet and I did along with everyone else. I'd been especially desperate that day while driving and wanted to relive the experience, so I stayed awake until I thought they were all sleeping and then began doing my straddling thing in the bed. I tried to be quiet, but my mother asked if I needed to pee, so she must have seen something. I said no, and, embarassed, stopped and went to sleep. I must have over-stimulated my bladder doing that because in the morning, I awoke to a wet bed that hadn't even woken me when it happened. There was no way to hide it and my mother was furious, remembering she'd asked me if I had to go the night before.

The day I held it all through a school day. I was 9 turning 10, and I didn't go at my first recess because my friend was eager to go out to do something and I didn't want to tell her I needed to pee first, especially as I didn't have to go badly then. I skipped peeing at lunch because we had chorus and it was always a rush. I figured I could go at the next break, but I guess a lot of other people in the chorus had skipped their lunch pee and there was a huge line up, so I passed. By the end of school, I was beyond desperate. The last class of the day passed in a blur of leg-crossing, seat-shifting, clock-watching agony. I debated asking the teacher, but I couldn't make myself, and I was curious to see if I could pass the ultimate holding test. I somehow made it to the bell and was sure relief was mine, but my aunt came to the classroom door saying my mom couldn't make it to get us and she was bringing us home. I had the opportunity to hold myself on the bus with my school bag on my lap. Finally, we were home, but my sister bolted for the bathroom before I could. I sat on my bed with my heel in my crotch rocking and feeling myself bursting. Finally I heard her flush and I ran for the bathroom. I didn't pee right away, but sat on the toilet in my clothes holding myself and feeling how full I was. Finally, I peed and it was a long, hissing gusher. When I finished, I went and lay on my bed feeling how empty and relieved I was and realizing that it was after 4.00. I'd left the house for school at 7:30 or so and hadn't peed in 8 1/2 hours and as far as I knew no one was aware of this or how desperate I'd been. What I didn't understand was how I could do that one day and another day be so desperate in just 1 or 2 hours between breaks that I'd squirt in my pants.
Just some memories of my strange childhood. I'll tell you about my dad next.

the most embarrassing moment of my life?...

last june i went to my boyfriend's high school graduation..i went to a different school and graduated a week before him, so now i was at his....anyway, i'd been bothered by "the runs" all week, and i was hoping to avoid them this night. early on into the ceremony, i HAD to go. my whole lower half cramped painfully and pressure built up in my butt. i shamefully filled my panties with warm mooshy poop right in the theater during his graduation ceremony.i tried to keep it a secret and acted casual...when i met up with him afterward, he told me he smelled it..and i told him i did something in my underwear. he said he could tell and that i shouldn't see any of his friends...i guess it serves me right that my boyfriend was embarrassed by me pooping in my pants. i was so humiliated!

I just came home from work about an hour ago (11 p.m.) and needed to pee and realized that I had not pooped for the day. So, just to relax after a long 7-hour day at the cash register with long (make that LONG) lines, I decided to take a popsicle with me into the bathroom. So I sit on the toilet, grab my favorite magazine (YM), and before I could open the magazine, my pee shot out of my vagina, lasting about 20 seconds. Then I found a good article, began to suck on my popsicle, and began the process of pushing (whoa! multitasking here!). I got a silent (but not smelly) fart out. I could feel like something wanted to come out, so I kept trying to push. I tried for about 15 minutes, but nothing came out. My popsicle was already done, so I gave up. I hate that feeling when something wants to come out, but it's stuck. Ugh! So I haven't had a BM since yesterday, which I like very much because it goes to show that my medicine is working.

Diva: I remember being shy about using the bathroom when I was younger. I would never EVER poop in school or other public places...pretty much only at home. One time, I was in kindergarten, standing infront of the teacher while she was going over my work. I started shifting and doing the obvious little kid pee dance. She asked if I had to go and I denied. She saw that I was still dancing around, so she said sternly to me, "Go to the bathroom now." So I did.

Rizzo: Do you know if they numbed you first before doing the anesthesia? Because I hear that some anesthesiologists do that. I wish my guy did that. Now if I ever see him again (and there's a good chance of that happening since I work at the busiest store on the island...and everyone knows everyone here), I will have bad memories.

By the way, has anyone had such a hard core pee stream hitting the front part of the toilet so hard that you can feel it in your vagina/penis? I just had a wonderful pee just now. It lasted for 15 seconds hard core, then tappered off for a few seconds till it stopped. Our toilet has an oblong kind of shape, so there's porcelan, then when it goes more down into the bowl, the water is there (kind of like the ocean with the sand and water). So I'm just dressed in my nightgown, no bra or panties (when I'm not in panties, it makes it harder for me to hold my urine). So, I quickly ran into the bathroom quitely so as to not disturb anyone who is sleeping, I began pulling up my nightgown just as I began to sit on the toilet, but that movement plus the fact that I was near the toilet was all the incentive my bladder needed to void itself. Pee shot out and luckily landed in the toilet. As soon as I sat down, the pee was gushing out full force and hitting the front middle of the porcelan part for 15 seconds straight. It was clear from the water I've been drinking. I could hear the hissing sound as it came out of my urethra, plus the hissing sound it made as it splashed the front middle part. Since the force of the stream was so strong, I could feel the force in my vagina. It felt cool. Then it tappered off and tinkled into the water for a few seconds. Then I wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and came back here. Have a nice night/day/whatever. I'm off to be as it is 1 a.m. here.

Louise - Thanks for the advice, I'm going to try it as soon as I have the oppertunity.

Yesterday at school, I was walking up from the parking lot with my boyfriend, and I really needed to have a pee. I could have made it to the school, but instead I grabbed my boyfriend by the hand and pulled him into the woods, where I proceeded to drop my jeans and squat, and peed. He looked really surprised, but he couldn't deny that he enjoyed it.

Because I was so open with him about it, he let me watch him too. That afternoon in his basement, he told me he needed to go, and invited me into the bathroom. But rather then just unzip and pee, he dropped his pants and sat down, held down his penis and peed. Then he started to take a poop. He said his stomach hurt, so I sat down on the floor and rubbed his belly and back, which he said made him feel better.

It was really fun, and a bit sexy, too.

I'm very happy to read more pee stories here,
from diva and the others, I'm happy to read charly too...
I don't get why so many times you girls hold it so long that you almost pee yourself to find a toilet, I usually pee whenver it happens (on the floor if th toilet is locked) before gtting so bad...

anyawy this saturday i got very desperate, but it was because of the bad traffic coming home and of my clothing, not very confotable to squat carside..

here is the story:
Saturday with my sister we had the bad idea of going to a LeroyMerlin to buy the synthetic Christmas trees for our houses. We were together with her younger daughter of 8 years.
We lost more then ten minutes just to find a place in the 3 level parking, when I suggested her to go outside to park on the street, finally we parked her car.
As we were parked my nephew immediately complaint that she needed a wee-wee, I told my sister to let her do it near the parked car, but she asked her daughter if she needed very badly or if she can wait some minutes and go together with her mum to the bathroom inside the mall. My sister told that the day before she took a infection that caused her a cystitis, that make her need to pee quite often, about every hour.
I warned her that surely they would have to wait in line for a good time for the toilet inside with all that crowd, but she said that she didn't feel like to squat in a parking in full day with all the people passing constantly around. So I waited for more than 15 minutes inside the Leroy for my sister and nephew to use the toilet, as they came back complaining for the queue, I made my sister notice that all the depart of Christmas trees and supplies was almost empty, and only big few big trees left.
As the big ones were very nice at a convenient cheap price I decided to buy one of the last, while my sister needed 2 smaller one for her house, and we had to go somewhere else to buy them anyway. I bought the tree and some balls and other things to decorate it and the house..
After a not so long line at the cash we got back to the car, while I put my things inside we decided where to go to find the "trees". As on the opposite side of the road there was another mall area with a quite large bricolage and "do it yourself" store, I suggested that for sure they could have some Christmas shopping things, and I know they have good assortment and prices, as hubby often goes there for his things. We decided, obviously, to walk 5 minutes to the store, instead of going there by car and risk to stay half an hour driving around to find a place in the other parking.
I always thing to never go for Christmas shopping on weekends during December, as the crowd is unbelievable but I always end to do this mistake every year…
Fortunately we found all the things my sister needed in the other store, and half an hour later we came back to my sis' car, carrying a lot of things with us…
While putting all the things in the car my sis announced that because of her cystitis she needed to pee again. I asked her if she could hold it till home, traffic included.
She reply that probably no, as her cystitis make her need to pee with a painful urge and she had to relieve quickly in that situation…I asked her if she didn't think to go again inside the Leroy to use the bathroom there, with the walk to the mall, the line for the toilet and coming back again it could be about maybe 30 minutes for me and my nephew to wait (she said she needed a pee too, but she assured that she could wait till home for sure). My sister who is well used to pee outdoor, about my standard, asked if she can find a nearer toilet form the garage. I reply not, of course, and for me she had 2 option: to wait till home (only a few minutes more than going to the crowded mall) or pee right there, besides the car. I knew my sister has no problem in peeing in such a place, but she replied that she was worried of too many people around in the parking. I told her that if she would go behind an opened door or at the rear of the car, with the cover of the opened trunk, she would do it easily with nobody seeing..
I admitted that I needed a wee too, but as I was terribly dressed with pantyhose, a pair of very thigh stretch pants, and a one piece body as underwear too, it would be too uncomfortable to try to squat with that damned clothing ( I wet my pantyhose with my stream when I squatted to piss in a similar situation once),and as I wasn't bursting too much, decided to hold till we would get home…
My sister has pantyhose and a skirt, that are a much easier clothing to pee, so she convinced her self to squat as I suggested, we opened both the passenger doors and my sister high squatted between them, while I stood in guard and her daughter laughed at her with bum sitting inside the car. She peed strongly for a 15 secs leaving a medium puddle on the tarmac, than we went home…
We got sucked in traffic, and we took 45 minutes to get home…I was bursting, and my nephew too when we got home, and my sister said that is was unbelievable but with her cystitis she needed it again.. so as we got to her house all the 3 of us hurried inside the house before taking the things from the car. My nephew was the quicker of us and immediately entered the small toilet near the kitchen on the ground floor, so I and sister hurried to the big bathroom on the first floor, while I pulled all my clothing down and lost time in opening the dammed gusset of my body (it was too large to pull it aside to pee) my sister was faster and sat on the toilet and started pissing, when I finally had my body free to pee, she was in mid flow, so I made two steps with pants and pantyhose down to knee and reached the bidet, where finally I sat down and emptied my bladder with a grin of pleasure form the relieve…It was one of my holding record, (never try it again next time) and I think that if my sister needed 15 secs to empty herself again on the toilet I peed about 3 time longer than her…I peed so hard that my stream hitting the bidet made a lot of splashing drops that wet my butt cheeks, so I washed myself after pee and dried with a small bidet towel that she passed me…
I learnt the lesson: never use again such an uncomfortable dressing if I could have the opportunity of peeing outdoors (the stretching pants were so thigh that I needed almost a minute to pull them to knees) and above all never wear again a full body that has a crotch with small buttons together with damned pantyhose, they are the less pee-friendly underwear a women can have..



I was on a road trip recently and stopped at a gas station/convenience store to get gas, pee, and get some snack food. Walking back from the mens room, I faced a huge obese man walking through the food aisles on his way to the mens room. He was wearing a T-shirt that did not cover his entire gut due to his obesity. Visible hanging out from under his shirt was the transparent lower half of a colostomy bag loaded with poop. ???.

stopped in to get gas at this station I usually stop at and, of course, had to pee really bad. did not pee in 3 hrs! well just about 2 weeks ago I also had to use the restroom bad, but seeing this porta-john thing outside that same woodbury shell, I said **** it and decided to head down the road further to use the one at the mobil rather than use that cold thing! anyway just what I figured was why it was there. they modified it to handicapped standards. anyway, so I got the key and walked around, then opened door; locking it behind me. they changed the toilet to this low flow type[ where the water level only comes up halfway-unlike the old one] and removed that stall which separated the urinal and toilet[ unisex] and put in grab bars. anyway, so I pulled down my pants and undies and sat to pee; and instead of the usual " tinkle" sound of pee splashing into the bowl's water, it shot out of my vulva and made a much quieter " hissing" sound as it splattered up against the dry porcelain front about 6" from the front rim. I watched as my probally 1/4 " wide ribbon of very yellow pee swirled around toward the front rim and sides and back down, making a river of strong yellow pee which quickly flowed back toward the back where the small maybe 10" round waterspot is. I probally peed hard for at least 45 secs, than tapered off to a trickle and a few more splashes lasting 10 secs and stopped. I wiped, then got up to pull everything up again and looked back to see before flushing. that much smaller patch of water had turned completely bright yellow and had lots of flat pee scuzz floating in it and covering maybe 40% of that water's surface, but no foamy bubbles--unlike peeing in most toilets when you "tinkle" into the water.

clean up guy
Maria: Try to rock back and forth while you are trying to poop, that might help. But if that dosen't help, you need go to the drug store and buy a enema kit. Fill with warm water ( not cold warm it will cause cramps). Also you need to buy some personal lubricant. You need to put the lube on the enema pipe and on your butthole. After you done that you need put the enema bag three feet above your rear end (just hang it on the shower curtain rod) sit on the toilet (if its near the tub) lean foward and gentaly put the enema pipe in your butthole and release the clamp and let the warm water flow. When you fill full just shut the clamp close and pull the enema pipe out. Just hold the water in until you can hold it any more and just release it and you will fill better after that. I hope this will help you Maria.

Rosie, what led to your incontinence? Is it a result from sex or child birth complications? Also, can you hold gas in or do you let farts escape uncontrollably? When did you first notice the problem and what else did your doctor tell you and how did he test you for incontinence. I'm concerned because I've been having some of the same problems lately and I'm unsure whether or not to get it checked out by a physician.

Cool Dumper
(Formerly known as "Shy Dude", trying that "positive image" thing :-).

One of the suggested topics for posting is what "going to the bathroom" was called when you were a kid. For me, going #1 was called "going squirt" and the male appendage the "squirt" came out of was called the "trigger". Sort of unusual names, I guess. It worked pretty well, but I was always suspicious of grapefruit soda, and couldn't Roy Rogers have picked a less embarassing name for his horse???

Going #2 was called "making a stinky" with "stinky" being a noun. YUCKK!!! No wonder I've always had a hard time doing it in the presence of others. BLEAHHH!!!! Personally I prefer the expression "taking a dump". Sounds kind of natural and cool.

Some in our family used "going poo" for #2. More common and not as repugnant, but you can imagine what went through my mind in 2nd grade when the teacher told us her favorite childhood character was "Winnie the Pooh". It was such a relief when I found out it was a bear!

Our next door neighbors used the terms "going tinkle" and "going plop" respectively.

Keeping it short this time. Have other stories to share later.

To Maria,
I suggest you try a enema, I don't know why people are so scared of them.
Go to page 1325 and read some of the hints I left there.
I am sure it will help and I hope you are feeling better soon. If I can help just ask.

Older guy from Wisconsin
This is about an accident I had recently. A week ago I went shopping and found a Coffee/sandwich shop which sold Malted Milk balls in different flavors. Knowing that I was to go to a Christmas party where we were going to have a gift exchange. Nothing over Ten Dollars. I bought a tube of malted milk balls of various flavors and a small bag of same to sample at home. Now I know that sorbital does a number on me. I'm diabetic you see. I was pretty sure that these were not that type and there was no label saying so. After supper while watching tv I decided to sample one ball of each flavor, I think about six in all. Soon after consuming them my stomach started to gurgle and soon the urge to go #2 came upon me. I got up and went and did a good amount of poop very soft abut not quite liquid. I went a gain and again and had to get up out of bed before it subsided for the night. In all about four times. I guessed that these malted milk balls didn't like me either.
The next morning I went again and the poop was a gush of liquid but a smaller amount. At least I thought it was coming to an end. I decided to go out to the computer store but the farther I drove the more I felt as though I needed to poop. Unfortunately there are few gas stations in the direction I was traveling. I stopped at a fast food place which was full to the brim with the lunch crowd. By this time I was clenching my buttocks together for all I was worth. I got out of the car but could not move for fear I would let go right then and there. I immediately turned around and placing the door mat on the seat, just in case, I drove out of the place and proceeded to high tail it home. Fortunately home was not too far away and I thought it would be better to go back then try to find a place to go. In the mean time the pain would subside then come back with renewed force. Although I clenched my buttocks together I felt poop leaking out into my under pants. Finally I reached home. Another spasm came upon me and I felt poop coming out into my pants. I was hoping I would not explode so close to the front door. As the pain subsided I dashed to the front door and rushed into the house, pulled down my pants and exploded a gusher of liquid poop into the toilet. Needless to say I soiled my under pants and also my light gray jeans to boot. My stomach gurgled one more time and I let loose another wave of liquid poop and gas signaling the end of the episode.
Every time something like this has happened I have felt as though gas was gurgling around my intestines warning that something like this was about to happen. I then try to make sure I don't stray too far from the loo. This is the first in a very long time that this has happened in public. Looks like Malted Milk balls are off the menu. I like them but they sure don't like me. I hope nobody saw anything. It could have been very embarassing.

This is a great site now, better than what it was a year ago. Now we have a lot more pooping accident/or on purpose stories, they rock.
The reason why I am writing is, I am naturally into this stuff, but last month, I absolutely had a dream come true right before my friggin' eyes!
I work at an establishment and last month we had to toss a woman out of the place because she was totally pissed out of her mind and was starting to fight with another girl about having been looking at her boyfriend all night, and she gave the finger to the accused girl. The really drunk woman was about 25 and was quite hot in a varsitychick kind of way. She was about 5-5, 115 maybe, brunette, and had a weird but kind of cool tattoo on her lower back around the belt line. I remember she was wearing a tight red t-shirt shirt, snug track pants with the local university name on the butt, and a ball hat.
Anyway, she swore at her some more as her boyfriend tried to calm her down. She tried to pull away from him, but he had his arm looped under hers and was trying to get her outside and home obviously. She pulled away finally and said "can't f???g wait OK???", thats all I could hear faintly because of the noise. They were pretty close to the front door, and the girl turned to go back, and the girl she gave the finger to, slid quickly from where she was sitting, and just plowed this yappy chick right in the stomach. The girl who was hit made this AAWWWKKK noise and then lent up against the bar grimmacing. The two boyfriends started to get into it, and then thats when we had to throw them all out separately. We closed in on them, and I could smell shit really stongly. My buddy had the girl who was hit around the upper arm,and was walking her to the back entrance, and I had her boyfriend. I kept smelling poop, and then I noticed the chick's ass as she was being walked out. Her pants had an enormous bulge in the seat of them that thickly wiggled everytime she walked. She put her hand on her ass, and then wiped the side of her pant leg. I could'nt believe it, this chick shit herself large!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Hi all,

CLEAN UP GUY - Yes, it should be perfectly safe for you to use an enema kit with warm water, even if not constipated. There are folks who clean out every day without fail. So long as it's used correctly you should be fine. You lose the friendly bacteria in your lower gut, that's the only drawback, but it doesn't seem to be much of a problem.

CARLY - Your urinal adventure was traumatic, and that's a shame as I doubt you'll ever do that again... But pulling up and running was an automatic reflex, and they're very hard to do anything about! I remember being walked-in on while using a urinal once, but I was standing and facing it. I was in jeans and shirt and had my hair pulled through the back of a ball-cap, and the guy probably just saw another guy from that angle. He went away again as there was only one urinal in the place and I finished in peace...

EQUESTRIENNE - Hi and welcome, your posts are very interesting! What other places can you pee to keep it interesting? Well, it sounds ilike you're working your area pretty good. Have you considered expanding the less-private places, more open, more risky? Or what about depositing a little something in the horse's loose box after the ride? It's an idea! There are plenty of standing-pee posts on these boards that cover technique, but if you need a little advice, don't hesitate to ask.

RIZZO - You mention women needing to use a bedpan for urinating while bedridden, and that stirs a very old memory. My mother was very ill some years before I was born, and I remember when I was very young seeing a female bed urinal she had. It was made of solid blue-green glass, like a long, softly-countoured peanut-shell maybe a foot or more long, with an open, up-turned end that would obviously cup around the genitals while lying between the thighs of the patient. She could just let it flow without needing to rise. I've never seen anything like it since.

CHRISTINA - I LOVED your story of the bar staff urinals adventure! I can entirely sympathize with the one who faced the job, though I'd have to say six feet away was ambitious, four feet would have been ambitious for accuracy even if not drunk! How I'd have loved to be there and take a shot at the porcelein myself!



Hi everyone
Not a lot has happened lately, I've been away a couple of times and always hope that there'll be a bathroom with a lino floor and a mirror so I can watch myself poo on the floor, but both times there was no en-suite. This means i peed in the sink a lot but that's all.
I have (last night) come across some great pictures on one of the newsgroups, of women pooing, there was one where she was doing it in the bath and one where she was doing it beside the pool and it was real good quality picture you could see all the detail of the cracks, colour changes etc in the poo.
Since I haven't had a lot happening lately I'll tell you about a former girlfriend of mine, Monica. This is about ten years ago. Monica had a) a small bladder, and b) a liking for pints of lager. This is a great combination in a girlfriend! I saw her peeing outdoors many times, if we were on a pub crawl she sometimes couldn't get from one pub to the next without going behind a tree or up an alley. One time we were in London and having seen the museums and Buckingham Palace etc we had had a few beers and I can't remember exactly where we were, I think it was somewhere around Tottenham Court road, she was bursting for a pee. We walked up a quiet street then found an alley and went up there. It led to a yard behind some offices. Monica decided this was the place. For some reason she went and squatted at the top of some steps. She let out a torrent of piss, it must have lasted a full minute. Then she grunted and did a big fart. My heart leaped thinking she was going to do a poo, which I had never seen. But she pulled up her trousers, saying "I thought I was going to shit then". I looked around furtively as you do in these situations, thinking I'd take a piss too, but then I saw there was a CCTV camera pointing straight at us. This was a long time ago but I still fear that pee-show appearing on Chris Tarrant some time!

Carly: Good stroy. To that guy in the gents, it was probably the best thing that happened to him all day! I bet he had to go back in the toilet to sort himself out.

Lori: Hello and welcome, and thanks for so many stories. I, and many others, would love to hear more about your poo adventures with your girlfriend.

Guest (male): Tried singing? People usually run when I start. I used to get embarrased by one guy I worked with who would go into the cubicle while I was at the urinal and would talk to me, meanwhile dropping plops into the toilet.

Ron: Whenever I am in a place where I don't trust the toilets to flush, I always use a public toilet so if it doesn't flush it's not blamed on me. Also when I'm staying in a hotel with my wife I don't use the en-suite I use the public toilets. And there's always the more interesting option of the trees and bushes.

Justine: I really like your dumpster story and your attitude about peeing wherever you are. I'm interested to know what you do when you're indoors, at a nightclub for example, and in the queue for the toilet but can't wait any more, would you go on the floor or in your pants or what?

Robin (and wapiya): I haven't been following your conversation so I might have the wrong end of the stick, forgive me if I have. When I was about 11 I went through a period of 'filling my pants' as it were, and the reason was there were some bullies at school who would get you if you went to the toilets, so I used to try and hold it till I got home, and often failed. Have you checked something silmilar isn't happening?
(Necessity being the mother of invention, I then started to find places to poo outdoors on the way home, and a lifetime's hobby was born. So careful this doesn't happen to your children!)

Kristin and other Goodnites users: Are these like extra-large Tenalady's? Do you know what they sell them as in the UK, and are there men's versions? I like the idea of pooing into one.

Well bye for now, happy pees and poos!

I was in the East Village (in Manhattan for those who don't know) doing some Christmas shopping when my bowels began to churn and creak. I was on Sullivan street, so I knew Washington Square was close by, and I knew they had restrooms. Hoping they were cleaner than the Avenue A restrooms, I made my way toward the park.

I entered the men's room and immediately noticed it was meticulously clean compared to the Ave A bathroom. No garbage on the floor, didn't stink to high heaven. However, whereas the toilets in the Ave A bathrooms at least had stalls (no doors, just stalls), these did not even have that! Just five toilets in a row, with nothing seperating them from each other, and only a wall partially shrouding them from the rest of the bathroom.

I chose the cleanest looking toilet, the one closest to the main part of the bathroom, and wiped the rim (no seats, just like Ave A) until it was sparkling clean. BTW, the toilet paper is hanging from a chain so you have to roll off as much as you think you'll need BEFORE sitting down, otherwise you'll have to get up and get it afterwards.

I unzipped and undid my belt and pushed my jeans and boxers down just past my ass and sat. Yes, I did put paper down on the rim. I proceeded to drop a monster load. As I did, at least six or seven guys entering and exiting the bathroom glanced over at me, apparently amazed that I had the balls to shit in this restroom.

While I was pushing out the last few chunks. Another guy decided to brave the toilets. However, I had managed to snag the only semi-clean one, the rest had piss and crud on the rims. So, this guy rolled off some TP, stood ON the toilet rim and squatted. He was going to shit as if it were one of those Japanese toilets. I really did not want to see or smell that, so I pinched it off, flushed the toilet and stood and pulled up my pants without wiping my ass.

There was no soap, so I went into a drug store and got some hand sanitizer. Later, while getting some lunch, I went in the bathroom in the restauant and wiped my ass. It was actually clean as a whistle. I had had a nice, solid BM.

So, if you live in NYC, and are in the Washington Square area and desperately have to shit, the men's room is actually not too bad, as long as you don't mind an audience.

I can't speak for the women's room, but I suspect it's the same set up.

maria. Gas, or rather flatulence, to use a technical term is a common problem which usually sorts itself out naturally. It can be caused by nervousness, inhaling wind and certain types of foods of which the sugars associated with baked beans are but one example. Certainly by the time you read this I would expect the problem to have sorted itself out naturally and normal bowel movements to have resumed. If the problem is persistent and doesn't resolve itself, it's probably worth taking medical advice although I wouldn't expect it to signify anything serious in itself if you're otherwise healthy.

Rosie. I was sorry to read about your doctor's diagnosis of continence problems and your family's reaction. I'd say that you were entitled as a matter of right to your family's respect, support and sympathy. Had the problem afflicted your husband or daughter instead I'm sure you would have been only to ready to offer support and sympathy. With regard to the doctor's diagnosis, has he or she offered any advice about what action (if any) can be taken to assist you and improve your quality of life? If it hasn't already been done I suggest that you ask for referral to a continence adviser who should be able to advise you on the options available, whether they include surgery, medication or the use of certain specific products. Mindful of the rules of this site I would never mention any by name here but there are bound to be websites where you can get advice on continence matters as well as products which might be helpful. I hope things improve and I'll be thinking of you.

Suzanne. Hi. I enjoyed your last account of your weekend poos and Rich's appreciation of your efforts. You must have been well ready for them. It was interesting to read of your experiences at the NEC and sharing a toilet with 40 or so other people who all seemed to be having a #2 first thing. I occasionally have a poo in the morning but I tend to find that it comes more naturally later in the day so I tend not to realise that there are quite a few individuals who are 'morning people' when it comes to their BM's. Also, I wonder whether gender enters into it at all. Hope the buddy dump with Katy & Lucy went well on Wednesday.

Best wishes to all..

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