China girl
In response to potty dancing question: I did have one a few months ago. My friend and I were out and before going to her house we had big dinner. So, I started to have pressure in car on the way. It was hard to fart because the cramp was not close to my butt yet, but I told my friend I have to use her basement toilet since her parents are home. We use her computer in basement anyway. The only problem is that I always worry her parents may come to basement after I drop a nasty meat load in toilet, but it is best place to go at her house. The other problem though is that it is smaller toilet since bathroom is tiny, so it does not flush my turds well and it take time. It probably never liked my taste, but that's too bad. So we get to her house and I had to walk with my butt cheek muscle closed and she giggled because she noticed in my walk. We go into house and I have to talk to her parents just a little for greeting. So while I talk a little I keep changing my body position, so funny thing is her mom say you probably have to go after the drive. I'm sure she mean pee though--if she only knew. I was embarrass, but I just say "oh that's ok," like it wasn't big deal but it was. My friend and I go down and I did little jog to bathroom that my friend thought was funny. When I got to the toilet (that has in past taken some of my nastiest turds), I keep my legs moving like jogging in place while I get pants down, and I keep saying "ohohohoh" to keep turd in until I'm ready. Any motion or speech helped. Then I finally sat, and I already said "ahhh" before anything happen just because my hole was finally able to open. It came in seconds though, with a quick crackle and it just fly out of my but with super pressure. It was one big hunk of huge turd. Then another surge come and it was finally just a blasting fart with a waterfall rush of junk. I just said "oh yeah" to my friend (I keep door open to get smell out quicker). Everything just stop for few seconds, and the last surge came with another turd waterfall. It was truly load of crap. Now I had complete relief and just relaxed for minute. Smell was bad so it was time to flush. I was thinking that I gave my toilet at home a nice break from this killer crap, and that this toilet truly got a strong butt load of some of my worst. Since it is in the basement though and is hardly used by my friends family, this certainly make up for all those missed times. I really did come barging in and make things miserable fast. It didn't flush well. It was a thick bowl of brown chuncky soup with this huge glob of turd. As water get cleaner, large glob was hard to get down. I decided to wipe at this point. My friend was like "ewww, wipe your ass girl" because she saw my but and the crap stain went out to my butt cheeks a little bit. It was a long time wiping. Anyway, the turd was like big distorted ball but really "hairy" looking with soft flakes around edges after attempts to flush. I push it down with plunger. This toilet just did not want to fit it in, so I helped. It so hates my crap, so I got aggressive and before it got down my friend was at the door watching me so I moved over and she saw it and said "woooh," then I laughed and made humiliating comment that this toilet was not up for my crap. Then, with pissed off attitude, I just flushed again and forced that turd down the toilet. Ouch, I wouldn't want to deal with that turd either, but this bowl had no choice. I'm sure I left a memorable mark, just like I did before. Behind all of the clean bowl water, I'm sure my taste is always around underneath, but no one will ever know, and I'm sure I'll have many future drops. What a horrible position to be in, and my friends family is not going to move either. So I then left and turn out light and shut door, leaving the toilet behind with my smell in there, and my taste agonizing it inside. Thank you everyone.

yesterday afternoon i went out with some friends and ate a big lunch and since then my stomach had been feeling funny, a little achy and all knotted up. i didn't eat any breakfast this morning because of it but went to class anyway. all day i was passing gas and feeling really full. by the end of the day i felt really uncomfortable and my pants felt too tight on my stomach. while i was driving home the gas got a lot worse and i started burping as well as farting. my stomach felt like it was going to pop. when i got back to my apartment my roommate was home and started to talk to me right when i walked in. i told her "i have a really bad stomach ache, i have to go to the bathroom" and ran into the bathroom. when i sat on the toilet i started farting even more and having pain in my stomach. i must have sat there for fifteen minutes passing gas but couldn't get any poop out. that was about an hour ago. i still haven't been able to go and my stomach ache is uncomfortable. if somebody knows a way to make me feel better please tell.

The Nature Boy
Male Guest: I had the same problem when staying with relatives over Thanksgiving. (My cousin, a brunette in her 30's, her husband, and their 3 kids - 14 and 11 yo girls and a 7 yo boy.) I had to work so I was up before everyone on Thursday and Friday, which was good because I had some loud dumps! I turned on the exhaust fan both times to drown out the noise, which worked ok I guess. My bedroom was right next to the bathroom, so I got at least an audio show Saturday morning. I was sleeping in, but my cousin was up early to get some work done. I heard her head into the bathroom once, and thought I heard a plop or two...but I was sure she had pooped when I heard her flush (early in the morning she never flushes when she pees to not wake anyone up). It was a quick dump, no longer than a minute and a half. I dozed for a bit then heard her RUN back in there about half an hour later! I knew SHE knew it was going to be a loud one when she turned on the water in the tub. The noise drowned out most of the noise, save a loud and wet fart just before she wiped. I guess being a mom you learn to take little time for yourself, because even with diarrhea she was STILL only in there no more than 2 minutes. Either that or she didn't want to announce to those that were awake at the time she had the 'back-door trots' (her favorite slang for diarrhea).

after being busy at the computer and not having to pee in more than 4 hours despite drinking two 20 oz cups of diet root beer, I finally had to pee. I walked into the bathroom and closed the door; then lifted the lid, pullled down my sweats and undies, and sat to pee. I quickly began to pee within 10 secs and it came out fast and I could hear it tinkle somewhat loudly into the middle of the toilet's water for the first 30 secs as my probally 1/4 wide and very yellow pee stream splashed into the bowl water; making lots of bubbly foam which quickly filled the bowl and mounded up in the front of the water. after less then 15 secs the tinkle sound got softer and I could see that intense stream pouring into the allready very foamy water, turning it even more yellow and foamy and giving off a strong smell as I continued to pee hard for the first 30 secs; quickly tapering off into a light piddle for another 10 secs, almost stopping for a sec. but continuing to shoot out a few last piddles into the yellowish head of bubbly foam that was "hissing' in the toilet's water. I was finished in less than a minute, and quickly wiped my twat. then I got up and dropped the wad of paper in the bowl and looked. the bowl's water had turned a golden yellow and was still covered with at least 60% foam ; which was all bubbly and scattered throughout the bowl's water, along with that wad of pink TP and loads of pee scuzz and I could still smell the pee in the air before flushing.

Marlina, I liked your story about Zach on the plane. I too was once on a small plane with no bathroom and desperate. I have family in Miami and also in Nassau, Bahamas, and I was going to my cousin's wedding in Nassau with my husband who was then my boyfriend. We stayed in Miami a while and then flew to Nassau, which is only about a 1 hour trip if that. I had never flown there from Miami before and so I assumed it was a regular plane. We got to the airport late and were in a rush because I had got my period that morning and had bad cramps and couldn't get out of bed. To try and help alleviate them, my boyfriend had given me tea. The combination of the tea and the cramps combined so that my bladder was bursting - however the airport needed to rush us on to the plane. I assumed I could pee there but it was a tiny, 8 passenger plane and for such a short trip, they didn't have a bathroom. It was a terrible flight. Despite the drugs I'd taken, I still had awful cramps and a bad headache and now I was desperate too. Like Zach, there was nothing I could do but hold myself under a blanket and pray. My boyfriend used his hand under the blanket to add pressure and encouraged me. I had on a pad but I didn't want to pee in it in case it leaked. As soon as we landed, I wanted to rush to the bathroom, but we had immigration and customs first. I was almost doubled up in the line with the pain of cramps and a full bladder. As soon as we cleared, I went to look for a restroom but, like in your story, they were locked. My uncle was picking us up and so we had to go and meet him. As soon as he saw the way I was walking, he asked what was wrong. I told him I needed a bathroom badly, and we drove to a Wendy's where I literally ran in for great relief. Peeing helped the cramps subside a little, and when we got to his house, I lay down with my heating pad and fell asleep right away.

I wanted to share another story from my childhood, but I have been having some throat problems and as I have so mnay Christmas gigs coming up, I'm drinking water constantly and I literally am in and out of the bathroom. So far today I have drunk 3 bottles of bottled water plus a tall glass of orange juice and another of soy milk and I'm into the fourth bottle of water. I peed right before typing this and I'm starting to have to go again, and when I have to go, I'm instantly full and desperate like I've held it all day, and when I pee, it hisses and gushes like I have even if I peed 20 minutes ago. I'm dancing and holding myself while I undress. I'm not going out at all and I will have to taper off the water intake for my rehearsal tonight. I need some more of my herbal remedy, but I sent my friend to the health food store for me. My car's in the shop, my husband has his and the last thing I need is to be bursting like this on the subway or downtown. I have to pee now - I'll be back though.


Hello all,
Does anyone recall their earliest daytime pee experience post toilet-training when they were out of diapers, of having to go badly and either holding it for a while and then wetting or managing to make it?

I recall mine because it was the most embarassing experience of my very early childhood. I was 3 years old and in Brasil. A large number of family members went out shopping and to the market. I vaguely remember having to pee urgently for some time. I don't think I was yet at the stage where I was embarassed to admit I had to go - I was a little young for that still. However, like many little kids I didn't always admit to having to go for other reasons. I think the Brasilian toilets scared me - they are pretty bad. Anyway, at some point I guess I was obviously holding myself or dancing or something, and I remember being asked by a few people if I had to go and denying it, and my mother telling me that I better not wet my pants then.
I held myself all the way home in the car, made it and headed to the bathroom right away, but someone beat me, and the house only had one. For some reason, instead of waiting in the hall outside the bathroom for them to come out or asking my mother for my potty, I went into the living room where my family had gathered. No one paid attention to me, probably assuming I had already peed. I was very desperate and could feel myself close to wetting, but in typical small child denial, thought that I could still hold it indefinitely. I needed to do something to keep the pee from coming out and I knew that sitting down helped, so I squatted on the wooden floor behind the couch where no one could see me and rocked on my heel. It helped for a few minutes but then I felt the pee begin to come again. I should have jumped up and run to the toilet, but for some reason I still thought I could hold it if I sat in a chair. I looked around and saw none empty, hut there were in the corner of the room some burlap sacks of bananas that my grandmother picked and sold in the market for much-needed money. I ran to them and sat down straddling a couple of them. I sat up tall, pressed my bladder into the sacks and put my hand on my crotch, bouncing wildly up and down. I think my interest in desperation was born then, as I began to enjoy the feeling of my very full bladder and the pee straining to get out held back only by my hand and the scratchy sacks and the hard bananas pressing into my crotch. Liking the sensation, I closed my eyes. After a bit, someone noticed me and screamed my name in horror at what I was doing to the bananas. The scream startled me, and I inevitably began to pee my pants spectacularly. At first, neither I nor anyone else realized I was peeing, but pretty soon my hand, still in my crotch, got wet, and I noticed a dark pool flooding the wooden floor under the sack. Everyone was silent and frozen. I could neither stop peeing nor move. Finally, my mother ran over and pulled me off the sack. I stood, still peeing on the floor and starting to cry. She rushed me to the bathroom, peeing all through the hall, and sat me on the toilet fully clothed to finish peeing, and made me sit there after the flow stopped. After a minute or so, she hauled me off the toilet and spanked me, explaining that I wouldn't get spanked for having an accident I couldn't help, but the spanking was for lying about having to go and not going right away when I got home, and for sitting on the bananas. She then put me in the bath while my other relatives took the bananas into the yard to separate the ones I had crushed from the ones still good, rinse off the pee, put them in fresh sacks, and clean the floor. I was very embarassed, and after that I was constantly asked if I had to pee and made to go to the bathroom, perhaps beginning my self-consciousness over needing to go.

The next time I remember holding it was my first day of second grade. As my birthday is in December and I skipped a year of school, I was still only 5, and I'm amazed at how long my young bladder could hold my pee at times. School started at 8:30 and we left home at about 7:30 as it was a private school not close to home. By the time we had mass at 9.45, I already needed to pee quite badly. Recess was 10:15-10:30, but I didn't realize that that was my chance to go to the bathroom located in our classroom, so I went out to the playground. (In kindergarten, our teacher took us to the restrooms at breaks, so maybe I was waiting for that, having not been in first grade.) Between 10:30 and lunch at 12, I got more and more desperate, not helped by the apple juice our teacher gave us for a snack. I saw some kids asking to go, but I was too shy. I squirmed and bounced in my seat and stuffed my uniform skirt into a wad on my crotch to hold back the floods. Finally at 12:00 it was lunch, but still being confused, I didn't go, and went straight to the lunch room where I managed to eat my lunch squirming desperately. After eating at around 12:30, I knew I had to go right away, but I was too shy to approach the lunchroom monitor. I went to where she was and then stood there trying to find the words, and she thought I was dawdling and shooed me out to the playground. As I didn't know the kids in my new class, I went to play with some dolls I'd brought from home. I squatted down on the concrete playground rocking on my heel trying to think of what to do. I actually thought of peeing somewhere on the playground but there was no privacy. Suddenly a squirt of pee shot into my underpants. I rocked and managed to stop it temporarily, but by now I recognized when the fight was over. We were strictly forbidden to enter the school at recess without permission, but I had no choice - there was no time to find the monitor and ask. Leaving my dolls where they were and holding myself, I ran into the school holding myself and headed for the only toilet I knew of - the one in our classroom. The door was locked. I knew there had to be another one, and I ran somehow undetected through the halls until I finally came to the big kids' bathroom. I was almost too tiny to get on one of those huge toilets, but necessity made me somehow do it and I peed for a very long time. My underwear were wet but not too much - I had saved myself from a full wetting. I snuck back outside unseen, where a group of kids had found my dolls and were playing with them. I joined in and thus made somenew friends. I'm shocked I mostly held my pee for 5 hours at 5 years old, but I did. That was probably the longest hold until age 7 or so.

The first time I definitely remember holding it a long time and staying 100% dry was at age 7. My family went on a lot of bladder-testing long car trips to visit our huge family, and I rarely asked for a stop. Even last summer there was one point of a trip I took with them where as a grown adult in my '20's I was in the back seat, legs crossed, hand in crotch, seriously doubting I would make it (I did) but too afraid to ask for a break even in the city with a lot of fast food joints that I could have used. (I'm no longer that shy around people other than my parents and even with them I'm usually not that bad, but they were lost and frustrated and I knew they'd probably deny my first request anyway and I'd have to beg.)
As a little kid, I would sometimes ask, but between the ages of 7-15 was when I became ashamed to ask. On this trip, it was late and everyone but my dad who was driving and me were asleep. I was awake because I had to pee urgently and was afraid I'd wet the seat if I fell asleep. I hoped my dad would eventually have to go and pull over but he didn't. I waited for ages and ages and remember pulling and pulling my underwear up to hold my crotch. Finally I felt my control slipping. I had to mouth and practise the words in my head for a few minutes before I said "Papa?" He turned, surprised I was awake. "I need to pee." He said he would stop but of course it took a few minutes and I was in agony, having already waited to the last minute. Somehow by holding myself I prevented anything from coming out. We got to a gas station, but it was so late it was locked. My dad looked at me and I guess could tell how urgent I was as he suggested I pee on the ground. I refused - I was a big girl and could wait to get to a toilet. Stopping had woken everyone else and alerted them to my predicament and I no longer could hold myself discreetly. As we drove, I crossed my legs and squirmed. We had to drive a very long while, but finally, we found a gas station that was open and I ran for my life to the toilet. Somehow by will power and fear of embarassment as everyone knew I had to go and I hated that, even being that desperate I got undressed and my butt to the toilet without a drop escaping, and felt very proud. My mom congratulated me for making it.

Besides that time, this list is of the ONLY times I ever asked anyone to go or even told them I had to from age 7 to age 15. The list makes me realize that holding poo was evidently harder for me as I often asked to do that - lactose intolerance could be a factor there. It probably still is harder for me. Also, as a kid I recognized that it wasn't nice to be sitting farting in other people's air and being teased by them, and that a poo accident would be grosser and harder to hide than damp panties.

age 7 - the only time I EVER asked in school except for two exams in high school (had to poo badly.)

age 8 - on family vacation, had to poo badly and asked my mom.

age 8 - had to poo badly in drama class and asked.

age 9 - my mom was painting our only bathroom and I had to poo so badly I did quite a bit in my pants (not enough to be caught) and had to ask

age 9 - had to poo badly in catechism class and asked the priest to go but he said no - somehow I held it another 15 minutes or so

age 11 - had to pee badly on another car trip and asked. As it turned out, the next place we stopped was our destination and so I ended up holding it anyway and was very mad that I asked (my sister had to go too and wet her pants.)

age 13 - the same thing happened. I remember having to pee really, really badly - probably one of the worst times ever.

age 9 - on a flight from Brasil, told my mom I needed to get out of our row to go to the bathroom to pee.

Next time, I'll tell you the story of my early development of my interest in pee desperation, and there are some interesting stories of ways I snuck pees. But for now, Louise, here's another weird place I peed - in an abandoned car.

I was 7 or 8 and playing outside in the neighbourhood and getting more and more anxious to pee, dancing and pretending to be playing, but I didn't want to tell the other kids I had to go home to the bathroom. We were playing hide and seek, and there was an abandoned car on the next block that we sometimes played in. I volunteered to be "it", and when I was done counting, which also gave me some privacy to hold myself and get control, before looking for the kids, I ran to the car (I knew it was too obvious a hiding place for anyone to be) and got in, almost wetting my pants by now. The seats were leather and peeling with foam underneath. I quickly peeled back some leather in the backseat and used my finger to dig a hole in the foam, then whipped off my shorts and underwear, sat on the seat and peed into the foam. It felt and sounded fascinating. I dressed and went to look for the kids, who gloated that it had taken me so long.

More later,

I read Carly's story about the urinal and it brought a smile to my face as I've used a urinal too!!! I used to work at a nightclub behind the bar when I was at college, and twice a year we did 'stocktaking'. If anyone has ever worked in a bar they will know that it doesn't take long, so stocktaking usually consisted of doing the job then all the staff drinking for a few hours and getting really drunk. We did it on something like Tuesday or Wednesday and didn't open to the public, so we had the whole club to ourselves.

Basically, 3 of us girls who work behind the bar got talking about how lucky men are to be able to pee standing up, and that they don't have to wait in long lines as they use urinals. At this, we all went into the men's room to look at the urinals. One of the girls was daring one of us to use the urinal, and I think it was me suggested that we all did. We drank for another hour or so and held on to our pee so that we had a lot to use. Then we got the key to the men's room, told the guys that they would have to use the downstairs men's room, and locked ourselves in.

Now the problem that we had was that we all knew that we wouldn't have the angle to squat properly, so we might pee on our pants, so the first thing was to take our pants and underwear off. No one wanted to walk in there without shoes, so we had the idea of sticking paper towels down our sneakers to stop them getting wet. We were struggling to not just pee on the floor when we looked at each other - 3 girls in black sweatshirts with no pants or underwear and sneakers with paper towels stuck down the sides. The girl who dared us went first, and turned her back to the urninal and tried to hold the wall behind it. Pee came gushing out, and it was all I could do to hold mine back "I've got to go!" I said and moved to the adjacent urinal. Being drunk, neither of us could really half squat, and our butts and thighs kept touching the cold urinal. As gross as it was I just had to relax and lean against it.

The third girl did the most impressive thing of all though. She said "Watch me", and proceded to FACE the urinal and direct her stream of pee by pulling her labia open and applying pressure above her pee hole. She started backing off until she was about 6 feet away from the urinal and still getting it in. Of course, being drunk her aim didn't stay too good, and the next thing I knew was that the spray hit me on the leg. "Eeeewww!" My instant reaction was to move away, and I shoved the other girl who was just about finishing her pee. She got a legful of her own pee, and I managed to squirt mine down onto my thighs. I had never seen a girl pee like that, and she later admitted that her and a friend used to have contests when they were in their early teens too see who could pee the furthest. They lived in the country and would strip off their lower body and shoes and then stand side by side and pee forwards!

I still had pee left so moved across a couple of urinals to continue. I was struggling as I was half peeing and half laughing. I then farted loudly, which made us all laugh, and the girl who peed standing followed with one of her own so we laughed even more. You never know the people you work with, and the girl who was standing just moved to the urinal as the pee stopped, turned round and opened her legs and closed her eyes. The next thing we knew was a small turd dropping to the urinal, followed by about 4 or 5 more. I couldn't believe it! She actually shit in the urinal!!!!

That really sobered me and the other girl up. Peeing in the urinal was one thing, but what about when the guys came in and saw her crap in the urinal? She went to the stall to get TP and then went to the sink to wash. She refused to take the turds out and was the only one still laughing. Myself and the other girl then went to sinks to clean up too, and got dressed, but we had to do something about the turds before we left. The girl who did them eventually got pissed at us and took a big wad of paper towels and took the turds out. She took them to a stall and remained angry. We let ourselves out of the bathroom to a crowd of applauding guys. I was so embarrassed, and after a short while the girl who got pissed apologized. We never really got on with her after that, and she left within 2 weeks. I so wish we had a video camera with us though, as I would have loved to have seen us all pissing in urinals!

Daniel (Danny)
Today at school almost all tha students from 4th, 5th and 6th grade went to a school trip which i decided not to go.Well, i was at recess with George and i felt the need to poop, but i needed to talk with him about something important first. We went in the bathroom, finished talking and then he stood at a urinal and peed. I needed to poop, so i told to him this:"Hey, i have to go #2, but wait for me outside." I entered the stall and pulled down my pants to my knees and relaxed. I then pushed some soft logs, medium sized ones. I kept pushing more logs when suddenly i heard many kids go in the bathroom and take the stalls left. I many diarrhea waves from them. I continued pushing and then all the logs came out. I pushed 7 medium sized logs.

Later, i was studying maths when i felt a cramp at my stomach that told me i had to poop diarrhea. I decided to wait some minutes because i was trying to solve the maths. I finished and then i raised my hand and asked permission to go to the bathroom. The teacher gave me permission so i ran to the bathroom, took a stall, pulled down my pants to my knees and diarrhea came out, it took me 5 mins. to finish.I wiped 6 times to get my ass clean. Then i went back to class.

Randi from Missouri (If you're still here),
Please keep the stories of accidents that you have witnessed coming. I really enjoyed the first one and have been disappointed not to have seen more from you in recent posts. So,if you're out there, please write more accident stories!

UPDATE: It's been a little over 1 week since my colonoscopy, and as of today I have fully regained my appetite and my thirst has come back to normal. I also didn't have diarrhea today (I haven't been taking my prescriptions three times a day like I'm supposed to). Come to think of it, I haven't had any bowel movements today. Oh well=). It's just a wonderful feeling to be normal again!!!!

I would like to thank you all for your concerns!!!!! I greatly appreciate it!

Diva, dear, yours seems to be a very sensible choice of clothing for travel. The trains without toilets you mentioned must have been commuter trains, where the ride is usually of less than an hours duration. Pay toilets are becoming more and more the norm over here in European train stations, where a pee in an urinal can cost as much as 60 euro cents, and the use of a sitting toilet - the only option available for women - may cost a staggering whole euro and ten cents! At least you get what you pay for: relief in impeccable facilities that are cleaned by an attendant after every use. I wish you the best, beijinhos, Rizzo

Sara, dear, that was about the worst kind of accident anybody could have had. Not only were you on-stage, so to speak, but you had to face your „audience" again and again. I hope that by telling us you feel better, and that your class is mature enough to realise that having the occasional accident is human.

Justine, peeing in the streets of NY of all places! I just hope you don't get caught.

Suzanne, I'm looking forward to your next episode.

Lori, great introduction about your first outdoor pee plus poop. If to relieve oneself weren't a pleasure amongst others, our species would probably be extinct by now.

Farrowlani, dear, I can relate to your vivid description of your colonoscopy as I've been through surgery recently, and from which I'm still recovering. However, compared to your experience, the needle for the drip and analgesia on my left wrist did not hurt at all, except for the sensation of cold fluid rising in my vein up towards the shoulder. I am not going to describe the operation in detail. It suffices to say that about five inches on one side of my lower abdomen needed to be „stitched and darned", and for which I was given an epidural anesthetic, which paralysed me from my belly button down to my toes. My lower body felt as if it belonged to somebody else. After the surgery and back in my room my right hand - I couldn't do much with my left because of all the plastic tubes attached to it - could explore and feel a pair of warm thighs (and a limp warm willie); but down there I couldn't feel a thing. I half imagined a voice to begin calling from under the bedclothes, like: Hey, what do you think you're doing! Get your hands off me! Or: Hey dude, do you have anything special in mind? However hard I tried to waggle my toes, I could only think of such an act, but waggle my toes I could not. A plain looking nurse came and put a plastic sheet with an absorbant layer under my bottom, telling me that this was a precaution in case I wet the bed. Noticing my raised eyebrows, she added that I would not even be able to feel such a thing in my state. So I lay there for about five hours before I could even begin to barely shove my hips from side to side. All the time the drip was drippng fluids into my vein. It took another hour before I could move my left leg a little. I still had no sense of touch on the surface of the skin. Every quarter of an hour a nurse alternating with a male nurse came in my room to ask me if I could feel the need to urinate. I should just press this button to ring the bell when I felt the urge. It started to bother me to have to answer that I couldn't feel a thing every time one of the nurses, male and female, asked: Do you feel the need to go pee-pee, now? Finally, after about six and a half hours I could feel the faintest of twinges when I pressed down on the bladder area, and I thought that I might as well call the nurse to get it over with, even if it only meant peeing a meagre half-a-tea-cup-full, so faint was the need. So I pressed the little white button on the end of a cable lying just next to my right hand. This time the male nurse happened to come. I told him that I thought I would give peeing a try, and he handed me a bottle to urinate in. The bottle designed for males - I feel sorry for women who need to use bedpans for a bedridden pee - was triangular in section similar to a Haig's whisky dimple bottle, but with a wider neck and opening tilted upwards. I nested it beneath and between my thighs, shoved my limp dick into the opening and tried to relax. After a while I could barely feel that something was happening there, but as I had to lie flat on my back to avoid severe headaches from the anesthesia, I could not see. Eventually the flow must have stopped, as I could not feel any twinge when I pressed down on my ????. So I carefully lifted the bottle out from under the bedclothes. To my surprise it was heavy and quite full. I held it upright and found the graduation marks on one side. The topmost line had the indication of 1000 ml. My pee was just above the 800 ml mark. Good heavens, I thought, what if some guy has a much bigger bladder than mine, as mine is just about ‚average' size according to the books. I hadn't even felt any strong need to pee. What if I had waited a bit longer? Normally, by the time my bladder holds 600 ml the voiding reflexes have reached a level that lets me do a fully fledged pee-pee dance. I did not feel any ache in the bladder either after having stretched it, so full of painkillers must I have been at the time. Back home the following day I could not have a bm either, as it hurt too much to bear down. I ended up not pooping for three days and feeling bloated and ill, something that only happens to me once in a decade. It took a microlax to get the plug-like turd out and get things back on path to normal. For those of you who do not know, a microlax is a small plastic bulb with a three inch nozzle containing an instant laxative. You shove the nozzle up your rectum as far as it will go and then squeeze the bulb flat. After that you should wait 5 to 20 minutes. The sensation I felt was as if I had squirted hot ketchup up my ass. A hot tingling feeling migrated up inside me, and soon I felt as if my insides were about to fall out. As I was sitting on the toilet anyway, I just let it happen. Even so it took a while for a puny-looking but solid little six incher to fall into the water in the toilet. After a while some soft squigglies followed, and that was it. But the next day I was on the way to my usual fast moving soft medium brown turds again. And I, too, was constantly thirsty, drinking water by the pint and peeing every hour. It is the body's reaction to flush out the drugs injected or swallowed, I suppose.
That's all now,
bye everyone, Rizzo

Recently I had to go to Arizona on business. That involved driving a long way through desert and mountain country. Rest stops are far apart on the Interstate highways. Some have toilet type urinals. I don't like using them or trough types in some older restaurants and gas stations.I had driven about 5 hours and badly needed to piss. I made a stop. It was a Saturday and a beautiful cool winter day with a cloudless blue sky. There was a lot of traffic and line ups for the rest rooms. At last I got in and squeezed into the middle one of 5 toilet style urinals. The four other men finished up. But the crowded conditions made it difficult to start my pee. In high school I was very pee shy. I could never pee in the rest rooms there and held it the 9 hours between the time I got up until I got home. Maybe that's how I got my extra large bladder. Or maybe it came from my mother, who only pees once a day, or my father who only goes twice.

Finally I got going and began to empty my bursting bladder which holds about a quart (liter)of urine. Two college students came in. The one next to me began to pee like a race horse. He looked over at his buddy and said; "You still aren't going. You haven't gone since we left the dorm. It's been 10 hours" I glanced their way (a common habit of guys at a string of urinals). Like me they both had very large circumcised penises. Sure enough the end guy couldn't pee. He had a bashful bladder. He said: Every time I have a line of guys behind me needing to pee badly I freeze up." His buddy laughed." His friend answered: "It isn't funny; I'm in pain."

At the same time two young adolescent brothers had taken the urinals on the other side. I glanced their way. Neither of them could piss. One said to the other: "Its no use, I can't go even though I am ready to burst. His brother said, "I can't either. Let's leave. We can walk a way into the desert and go behind some cactus. We will have to ask dad to stop again. He doesn't need to take a leak all day. He thinks its stupid when this happens to us." They tucked away their cut penises and left looking miserable. So did the other guy.

Stage fright among males at urinals is more common than people think. This time it was 3 out of 5, if you don't count me who had trouble starting. I'm in my late twenties now and still bothered some times with my adolescent pee shyness. But at least I finally finished my mega pee. It took me about a minute and a half--three coffees, a soda, and a bottle of water. What a relief. But I felt sorry for the 3 pee shyers.

i have an interesting pee story...
i have not said anything about this one, but it was definately different...
i was at an Allman Brothers concert a few yrears ago..
lots of beer drinking...myself included...
the line for the mens room was long enough, never mind the ladies room...
the women had taken over the lines leading to the stalls in the mens room..the lines to the urinals were a good six guys deep...
they had even opened the the door to the janitors room, and were
pissing in the sink in there...some girls had decided they had
waited long enough, and were beginning to force their way in line
to back their asses up to the urinals...well, i had been waiting
my fair share, and had just made it to the urinal, had my dick out,
and had just started to finally pee...when this way cute girl came
up next to me dropped her drawers, and said,"excuse me", forced her
way in front of me, and turned her ass toward the urinal...
i had to stop my stream, so as not to piss on her...i said, "hey, i'm
peeing here!"
she spread her legs a little, and said, "well then, go ahead..."
we shared that urinal...we both peed at the same time, and it started to become a thing in that bathroom...i don't know how many people shared a urinal that night, but it sure sped up the process...
have never seen anything like that since...was a real turn on, i must admit...

I doubt anyone remembers me, i only posted once a few months ago, but incase anyone might remember, i'm 41, i have an 18 year old daughter who majors in fashion trying to keep me "young and stunning" and i left off telling about my having gone #2 in my pants three times by accident. well my doctor told me i was becoming incontinent and that i would need to wear diapers. i was horrified!!! i'm only 41, i can't be wearing daughter and husband were somewhat supportive but also laughed at me. after the doctor, i cried as i drove to the store to buy my first package of diapers. the second i walked into the store i felt embarrassed. i didn't want to have people knowing i had to wear i made a little plan. first i bought a few things, and as i was checking out i siad "ohhh!! excuse me, i forgot to grab something for my mother, do you mind if i go get it?" and the cashier said of course. i ran off to one of the back aisles and got a package of Depends..then i finished checking out and went home. ironically, i had a urge to poop on my way home and ended up pooping in my panties as i went into the house. i was wearing thin blue lounge pants because i had been getting a check up, and i had light purple panties on. so i had pretty thin and light clothing on, so it made a dark stain and a big bulge..which my duaghter had to see...she saw the stain on my bottom and the depends in my arm and said "shoulda gotten your diaper on sooner mom, haha"

my own daughter..

anyway, aside from that i've mostly had a diaper on when i've pooped. i have to change my diaper at least once a day, and almost always when i wake up in the morning. i've taken risks though and worn underwear several times, and a few occassions were husband had a banquet for his company and iwas to go with him. well it was formal, so there was no way i was going to wear a diaper....i wear one of my black dresses that's tight, and i had on white panties. we were at our table listening t osome toasts, when i knew i had to go. i said and waited for this guy to finish a toast, when i felt my butt start trying to push the poop out. within seconds, i was completely filling my panties...i was humiliated and my husband was too, and he was very upset with my because we had to leave early..i cried when iwas in bed that night. the only other time was just last week. i had to drive up to my mom's house for thanksgiving dinner. my husband drove, but i didnt want to ride the whole 5 hour ride with a diaper on, because its very uncomfortable in the car. so, i wore gray panties and gray sweatpants. i made it most of the ride just fine but i was when we were an hour away...i really had to go but we were still on the interstate and our exit wasn't for 8 miles..i almost began to cry, and then i could not longer hold it in and i pooped in my pants again. it was mushy and warm, and came out fast and filled my underwear a lot. i was embarrassed as matter how often it happens in front of my daughter and husband i will always be humiliated....i caused dinner to be delayed a hour and 20 minutes because i had to change my pants and underwear and clean up. i felt very uncomfortable all throughout the visit....

those are the only accidents i've had without a diaper on since my doctor's appointment...this is kind of a drag..

i remember an accident i had when i was a little girl. i was 8 years old and i was walking home from my friend's house, and i had to go to the bathroom. i was 4 blocks from home and i was really aching to go. i hurried, but before i got home i pooped in my underwear. i didnt want my mom to see so when i got home i hid in the front closet for an hour poop in my panties, then snuck upstairs...

blue rizla girl
Hi, it's me again, and it looks like I'm getting a fan club! :o) Hi Rizzo, hi Louise, hi everyone else who likes piddling stories :o) And to the un-named person talking about having fun in Boston -- Great story! Just wondering, was that Boston, Massachussetts or Boston, Lincs.?

Herewith another episode from my fortnight's camping {and toilet-avoiding!} holiday in France.

One day I was taking my morning leak in the hedge by the side of my tent, when this little boy of about six or seven years came running up the other side of the field, clutching himself in a certain place and wearing an expression of pain, desperation and serious worry that he was not going to make it as far as the facility block in time on his face. When he saw me, and what I was doing, he did a bit of a double-take, then stopped; shrugged his shoulders; got his little todger out, turned his back and started pissing right there in the grass. He finished before me, and I observed him heading back to his own tent with a definite spring in his step.

At the beach the same afternoon, I recognised the woman I had surprised the other night! She recognised me too, but she wasn't at all upset. She was Scottish, she said her name was Madison, and she asked me if I was alright. I said I was fine. Then she told me she was going to take a leak herself, and asked if I cared to join her! Of course I agreed. We walked all the way up the beach and off into the sand dunes. I would just have gone in the sea, or maybe even just done it there on the beach right in front of everyone, but Madison insisted to go and hide in the dunes. My mum likes her privacy too ..... Anyway, after spending ages faffing about looking for the right place to go, she finally decided this was it. But instead of just squatting down and pulling her bikini bottoms to one side, like any sensible person would have done, she got this little plastic tube thing out of her bag, pulled her bikini down, held the plastic deeley against her fanny -- and peed through it, standing up!

Now, I thought this was all a bit of a palaver, but just the same I really wanted to take a standing pee myself, just to say I could do it and not need any fancy-schmancy technology! I knew that you just have to hold yourself in just the right way, but I had no idea what "the right way" was and had never dared ask anyone. But on the other hand, I figured it ought to be possible to work it out from first principles. I knew I needed to spread my "flood gates" apart somehow, or else it would go all down my legs. So what I did was to pull my bikini bottoms down to mid-thigh, just so they were out of the way; and squat down, so everything was opened up down below. Next, I put my middle two fingers of my right hand just inside of myself, and my outside two fingers one on either side. Then I stood up, very gently, so as not to disturb anything; and had a look to check the passageway was still unobstructed. All was indeed nice and clear, so I went for it! And it worked surprisingly well, needing only the slightest bit of movement in my fingers to be able to aim my stream. I gave Madison a bit of a surprise too, when she turned round and saw me standing up and pissing totally a cappella ..... I think she was actually a little bit jealous! There was just one dreadful moment when I thought that I was going to get the last few drops in my bikini bottoms, but I somehow managed to avoid that. At least this was the beach; so in the worst possible case, I'd just have to take a wander into the sea to disguide any drippage.

Madison and I shared a bottle of wine at the beachfront bar. We both needed to pee again. There was only one unisex toilet in the bar itself. While Madison was in there, I just jumped down off the raised platform with the chairs and tables, and went {squatting this time} in the sand. I really love peeing in sand: both for the noise it makes {which is even louder when you stand!} and for the way it disappears so quickly!

Much later, I took my last piss of the night, in the hedge by my tent ..... standing up!


PS. I ought to say that since my French trip, I have kept on standing up {now I know exactly where to put my fingers, I can get straight in there from a standing position -- no need to squat first, which would kind of defeat the point already} and even shown my daughter how to do it that way. She is hooked already, not bad for saying she's only four!

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