Well, I have some 3 stories: one about myself, and two about others.

When I was in elementary school, I had a stomach ache the whole morning. I've been holding it all morning. At lunch time, I suddenly felt the urge to crap. Hell I could not hold it any longer! I was running to the bathroom, but I before I even got to get on the toilet, the urge forced some diarrhea out. Not alot, but it stunk, and there were students in the bathroom making fun of me. They called a "stinker" in stuff. I just hid myself in a stall. Until all of these students were gone, I went to my teacher. My elementary teacher was a guy, but he was pretty nice. At least nice enough to care about my accident. He then, called up my dad and waited with me in the bathroom until he arrives. Later, my dad brought me a new pair of his own underwear. It was a little too big for me, but since I was going to wear it under my pants, it was OK. That was the most embarassing moment in my life.

This story is not very interesting except for the ending. When I was about 13, my house had a party. One female guest was using the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, there were 3 doors. The first door is the access to the family room, the second door is to the T.V. room, and the third to outside. When the door was closed, I somehow knew it was her using the bathroom. So I went outside around my backyard to the third door. The third door is transparent, but it has an opaque curtain over it. When I was peeking through the crack between the door and the curtain, she was already done and pulling up her skirt. Too bad I did not get to see her piss. She washed her hands. While she was drying, she let out a long, loud, popping fart! Hehe! She probably thought that no one heard it, but I did.

This is a story about a guest taking a bm twice. When I was bored during the party, I chose to follow the same procedure explained in my second story and see who was using the bathroom. Then, I spied a woman sitting on the toilet. Since it took her so long, She must be taking a dump. Finally, I saw her wiping up from behind. After she left the bathroom, I went in to look into the toilet. There were little bits of poop. The second time, I saw her walking in. This time I wasn't sure if she was gonna take a dump. So I took a look. When she finished, she wiped from behind again. I waited for her to come out, then I checked the toilet again. Man! This must have been a messy dump! The whole bathroom smelled and the water inside to toilet was blurred with brown.

Note someone please answer my questions posted on page 1328.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Hey all, I'm 16 f australia
I've been reading these stories for a while, and lately, I've been experiencing a bit for myself..
Last night, when I got home from school, I felt a slight urge to pee. Deciding it was nothing major, and seeing I was thirsty and all, I ignored it and went ahead and drank a large glass of coke.
A little bit later on, my bladder reminded me of it's predicament in a rather urgent manner. It was then, that I decided to have some fun. I've always loved the feeling of peeing after being desperate, so I decided that I would try and hold it for as long as possible, to see how long I could go.
I managed to hold it with barely any 'reminders' until my whole family were in bed, most likely asleep.
It was then that I decided I had better make up a little place for me to go, so I wouldn't make a mess when I finally 'lost it'. I grabbed a few old rags, and a plastic bag. I laid them out on the bed, and sat on them. Because I was getting pretty tired, and wanted to speed the process up a bit, I wandered out to the kitchen to get a large drink of water; Bad idea.
On the way there, I sneezed suddenly without warning. Explosively, a large squirt of pee shot out of me. It was rather powerful, and for some reason my pee always has a very, very high altitude, so it shot out the front of my panties, and onto the floor with a small splattering noise. I was able to regain control quickly by clenching my thighs and tugging at my pee-hole with my finger.
I continued with my walk to the sink rather slowly and carefully, with my hand pressed against my pussy, just in case.
I managed to get my drink and make it back to my room with only a very minor squirt. When I got back, I sat on the guard I had made earlier, and drank the very, very large plastic cup of water (This thing was monster, it was one of the Novelty maccas cups).
Within half-an-hour or so, I was very desperate, having to constantly change positions, grab at myself to stop sometimes, and keep my thighs constantly clenched.
I could literally feel my kidneys delivering another days worth of pee to my bladder. My spinchters starting contracting, letting tiny dribbled out, I managed to re-gain total control for another good few minutes, my five minutes later, it became too much.
My spchincter gave an almost pleasureable contraction as it readied itselft to lay off. Seconds later, I was pissing at full force. I tried to stop the flow, cramming my hand between my legs and pressing my thighs together very hard, but it didn't help. Hoping that my pee wouldn't over-flow the bag, I lifted my ass of the bag a little and pulled my undies too the side, watching the pee hit the guard with a soft splattering noise, I could barely keep that position, I was shaking with pleasureable relief.
I peed for much, much longer than anticipated and as my make-shift guard neared it's limit, I tried to stop, but couldn't. As I flailed helplessly to grab at the cup on my bedside table, I lost balance and ended up on the floor. And noo, I didn't stop peeing.
When I hit the floor, I got a shock and momentarily stopped peeing.. as soon as I breathed a sigh of releif, it started up again, harder than before. I tried to stop it with my finger, but all this did was spray it all over the place. So, I gave up, rolled onto my back and pissed hard for another good minute or so. Luckily, I have wooden floors, so cleaning up was no biggy.
It felt so, so good to let it all go, and was almost a turn-on, but not quite, just a very awesome experience.
Later that night, because of all of the liquid I had drunk during the day, I felt the need to go again, quite urgently.
I managed to make it out of my room, but then realised that I wasn't going to make it to the bathroom, because I had already started letting go little dribbles, an accident seemed inevitable if I were too try.
I made a dash for the back-door and made it with only a few little drips on the floor.
As soon as I was out in the yard, I sat down on where the pavement meets the grass, spread my legs and let go (At this stage, I had no clothes on). Again, my pee had a massive altitude, I pulled my vulva up too make it higher too, so I could see.
It felt excellent..This happened twice more that night, the last time I didn't quite make it, and went mostly just outside my room..
I look forward to more 'experimenting' and will keep you all posted..
Much love.

This sort of thing happens pretty commonly in very young children, but I was just wondering if any adults have any interesting stories they could share...

What I mean is, has anyone here accidentally swallowed an object and spent the following days trying to recover it from your poop? Were you successfull?

(I'm sure our great moderator will remove any objectionable posts, but please - no stories about intentionally swallowing potentially lethal things.)


M-O --

I'm a diver, and it feels really good to pee in a wetsuit! That rush of warmth against your cold, cold skin... I've never used a drysuit, and I'd choose to use a maxipad if I knew it was going to be a long dive in very cold water, say with a surface-supply breathing rig -- that way I could release with pretty fair confidence I'd not make a mess of the suit (which, as they're very expensive, would probably be hired anyway!)


Adrian - thanks for Responding - I am glad you enjoy my posts
Jonny B Good - Thanks for you comments. I have long dark hair, almost black and brown eyes. I am 5foot 6inches tall and while I am fairly slim I am not skinny. Rich says cuddly. I think my hips and bottom are too large but Rich does not agree. By the way I am 32. I do hope you make some progress with your wife - it may help to show her my posts because I was like her and showed no interest in it and was scared of Rich's interest. And now look at me. Try to encourage her - let me know how you get on. Does she poo at home when you are in the house or does she always try to do it away from you. Let me know when she goes, the circumstances and the problems and I may be able to offer some suggestions from a womans perspective. Last saturday I did wake Rich up because I needed to poo bad. It was about 10am. We went to the bathroom and he knelt between my legs and looked into the pan. The massive turd began to emerge with some hissy wind. Rich said when he could see it. It emerged slowly and smelt really strong. It eventually fell out with a loud thud. It was so wide it did not flush. Rich left it there until Sunday night and used another toilet until Sunday night because he said it was such a good specamin. Of course we then had to go back to bed for some rest!

I am sorry I have not posted for a while I have been really busy. After my poo with Kate and Lucy last week I went again on Sunday. Nothing special but one of my big wide ones that Rich loves so much. We went for a walk and he asked me to wait so I could go outside. We walked through the woods and found a quiet place off the track. I pulled down my jeans and went. It always takes me a while to get started outside. As Rich stood behind me he watched it come out slowly, and I watched the people on the path about 100 yards away. When I finished he wiped my bottom with tissues. It was a good satisfying one and I felt much lighter for the rest of the walk. We left behind a lovely steaming log for someone to find.

On Monday this week I was working at the NEC with Kate (a big exhibition centre in the UK). My company sometimes gets involved in promotion of events. Well Kate and I had to be there a 7 each morning, along with all the other girls and blokes working the exhibition. We helped open up the stand and then went to a safety briefing. Then most of the staff went to have some breakfast before the exhibition opened up. Me and Kate went for a wee after and the smell in this massive toilet was really strong. There must have been 40 cubicles and I bet most of the occupants were taking a shit. Kate and I sat and listened to these really pretty girls all dressed up shitting for England. I reckon it was all those 'first thing in the morning' girls not being able to go before they left home early, and having to poo at work. Many of them looked uneasy and were clearly not used to using public toilets for their morning poo.

Today is Wednesday and me and Kate are getting ready for our 'date' with Lucy. One and a half hours to go - I am ready now as I am sure others can smell. I have just checked with Kate and she doesn't need to go yet - hope it hurries up. I will tell you all in my next post.

Take care Poo Together Love Suze

Hi All!

I've changed my name as I don't want anyone to put two and two together and realize who I am, as I am going to tell you about the most embarrassing day of my life!!!!!!!

In the early 90's myself and my boyfriend travelled India for 6 months, and I managed to pick up giardia, which is a parasitic stomach infection that isn't very nice. I thought I had got over the giardia, and we went to a festival in the foothills of the Hymalayas that was on a plateau at 8,000 feet. It took all day to get there, and we left all our stuff locked away at a hotel, and all we had on us was a backpack that my BF carried with 2 sweatshirts and a blanket in it.

There are no bathrooms up on the plateau, so we also had 2 toilet rolls in the backpack. Once I got up there, I kept farting and thinking that I needed to go to the toilet, but was too busy taking it all in to worry too much. Eventually, the unthinkable happened, and I knew I had to go right now! We were in the middle of a crowd of people so I grabbed by BF and we headed to an area with less people, but after about 5 seconds of trying to run it was too late - diarrea exploded out of my bum! All I was wearing was a pair of cycling shorts, a bikini top and a pair of converse baseball boots. When the diarrea came out the watery part just ran out through the material of the shorts, and the rest just ended up as a sagging bulge in the back of my shorts. I was in pain, so my BF sat me down, but the result of that was that the diarrea was squished out of the legs of my shorts and up my back!!!

We looked around, and the only real cover for miles was a sort of miniature hill with some thorn bushes behind them, so we went to the bushes. Now there's no running water up there, so we used the remains of the bottle of water that we had each, and both of the toilet rolls to clean me up the best we could. With no soap and very little water, it wasn't easy. There were just these very soft brown lumps in my shorts which we threw away, and it was all down my legs and all over my shoes, so we threw the shoes away too. All we had was a heavy blanket and 2 sweatshirts so we had to look for something else that we could buy or borrow. I wrapped the blanket around me and we went looking for something. We could only walk slowly as there are lots of sharp stones everywhere, and I now had no shoes.

There was one guy selling these things that looked like tasselled shawls, so we bought one of those, and a girl who felt sorry for me gave us a big safety pin. The girl and my BF held the blanket around me (there were hundreds of people around) and I wrapped the shawl around my waist and pinned it tight. I still felt the gurgling in my stomach, but we couldn't go back down to get the bus to the hotel as it was too dark and so I knew there might be more to come. Later that evening the urge came again, but rather than run to find somewhere private, I just grabbed the bottom of the shawl (it came down to my knees) and lifted it high and squatted. A couple of drunk guys stood and looked, pointing and laughing, but they soon lost the laughter when more stinky diarrea exploded out of my bum. Now we had no toilet paper and I wasn't enjoying this at all. Again, thanks to some good people I was rescued with a donation of enough toilet paper to wipe the worst away. I had another couple of bouts during the night once we were asleep, and had to quickly roll out of the blanket and poo a few feet away, so we moved our sleeping place during the night twice. The next morning when we woke, I realized that I had lost my bikini top (I had taken it off when I put the sweatshirt on before going to sleep), and must have left it somewhere before we moved, so the next day my BF gave me his shirt and he went without as most of the journed was sheltered from the sun.

I had to go again a few times, but now when I tried nothing was coming out. I was drinking water as you have to drink a lot when you get giaria, so I was still peeing. It didn't end there either, as on the bus I had to go again, and they don't stop the bus for you. The bus stank of sweat and dirty bodies anyway, so I pulled the shawl up, put my feet on the back of the seat in front and pushed my bum down into the space where my legs were. A fountain of yellow water came out and wet the floor, followed by wet farts and a small piece of poo. I was virtually crying constantly by now and was so angry, tired and upset that I just put my bare feet back on the floor, not caring. The journey was about 4 hours, and I had another attack just before we got back to the hotel but this time managed to shit on the back of the shawl without noticing, so now I had my feet in watery poop, and the back of my legs too.

Back at the hotel I showered, and have never felt so thankful for a shower in my life.

It happened a couple more times while I was there, including shitting my pants wearing jeans on a train journey to Goa. The toilets on the train were disgusing and had no toilet paper, so I had to sit for hours with jeans full of diarrea.

India is a great country, but giardia almost ruined it for me!

I peed in front of people for the first time in my life this summer and I had this feeling of exhilaration after doing it that I don't know how to explain! I was visiting Boston with friends of mine, and we went out drinking and walking around taking in the sights.

Now Boston is more of a drinking town than I'm used to, so I got drunk pretty quick! I hate public bathrooms, and was hoping that we could get the train back so that I could use the bathroom at their house. Once we had been in a few bars and had a few beers, I was dying to go, but just couldn't bring myself to use the bathroom in the bar. We were sat at a booth for half an hour in the 3rd or 4th bar, and I had to put my hand between my legs to stop myself peeing on the seat. When we got up to leave, it felt like my bladder was pushing outwards, and it was all I could do to not pee myself walking out. Once we were in the street I could barely walk as it felt as if I would pee if I didn't clamp my thighs together, and I was in pain. One of my friends said "What are you doing? Go back in and pee".

"I can't" I replied, "It's too late, I've got to go now!" There was a recessed store doorway a few stores away, so they said use that. One part of me couldn't do it in public, but the other part of me knew that if I didn't I would just explode with pee in the middle of a busy street. They helped me walk slowly to the doorway, and I just stood there, so one of them reached under my dresss and started pulling my underwear down. "Lift your foot - it's easier if you take them off" I let her take my underwear off, and they had to explain to me to squat as I was frozen to the spot and clamping my thighs tighter and tighter. I squatted and immediately a jet of pee rocketed towards the sidewalk. A couple of girls screamed as the pee hit their shoes and they verbally abused me before walking off, whilst anyone walking on the sidewalk had to walk out into the road to stay dry!

"Feet apart! Feet apart" my friends were telling me, as it was hitting my knees on the way past. I wasn't very good at squatting, and it was running down my thighs and going all over my lower legs and running into my shoes. It seemed to last forever, but eventually the jet got weaker and weaker eventually stopping. I had no toilet paper, but one of the girls had a maxi pad, so I wiped the best I could with that. I was still wet, and the thought of putting my underwear back on was pretty disgusting. I felt so relieved and I felt EXCITED by it. I had never peed in public, and I think the alcohol might have had something to do with it, but it felt so good to have let my inhibitions go. I was really doubtful what to do about the underwear situation, as I wasn't sure that I was comfortable with it, so the other girls removed their underwear too, and we decided that we didn't need any!

We carried on drinking, and rather than use the bathrooms in bars, we stole toilet paper and deliberately peed outside, between parked cars or on Boston Common. We were so drunk that at one point we stood in a line outside a swanky looking restaurant and lifted our dresses/skirts and flashed our underwear-less lower halves to everyone eatin! I think I'm now addicted to peeing in public, and I think it's far more hygenic than public restrooms. They only thing I do now is I usually take my shoes off first, as that first night I had to walk around in soggy shoes all night!

I've read a lot of the posts here about peeing and I can't see anyone who has posted the same thing as me, so I'm going to tell my story. When I was about 6 or 7, I once peed in a restaurant while I was out with my parents, and they were really angry that I peed all over the seat in the booth. The waitress was obviously not happy either, and I just remember it as a day that I was in big trouble and no one had any sympathy for me. When I got older, I did it again when I was drinking underage with friends, using my sisters ID. I fell asleep in the booth we were sat in, and just peed my pants while I was asleep, but this time I got sympathy from my friends.

I didn't graduate high school, so I started work for a big store, and basically worked a check out. There was this one guy that my friends knew that I talked to at a party once, and he asked me why I didn't do any modeling work. I told him it was because I was too short and didn't look like a model, but he said that there was modeling work for anyone who wanted it and I could make a lot of money. I thought "Yeah right", but after I got big credit card debt, I thought about it again and asked my friends if he was OK. They all said he was OK, but a bit weird, and one of them told me that he made most of his money selling CD's and running Internet companies. I talked to him again when I was out playing pool with friends, and I asked him what he meant about the modeling. He said that if I would get photographed nude I could make money. I agreed, but didn't make that much money, and one day he said I could make more money doing 'harder' stuff. I said no as I was scared of AIDs and I wasn't the type who slept around. He said it wouldn't involve anyone else, and one of the things that he said was that if his photographer could take photos while I peed that would make money.

Next time I went to the photographer, he tried to photograph me while I peed, but I couldn't go, so we sat and talked. I told him about the peeing incidents, and he said he'd buy me a beer. We went to a bar, and he sat next to me at a booth. He said "Can you pee now?" It was sort of different and I felt like I could, but didn't want to pee my pants in public. He said he would pay me the money for the session if I peed my pants and he could take photos of me walking back to the studio with pee stains on my pants. I actually did it, and peed in the bar. I could hear the pee trickling off the seat onto the floor, and could see the puddle forming under the table. We drank up, and he took photos of me in the street showing off my pee stained jeans. I couldn't believe I'd done it!

From then on, we planned going out and taking photos of me peeing in public places. He started with a video camera too, and we took photos and film of me peeing everywhere. I have done bars, restaurants, outside tables at bars, steps up to buildings, park benches, buses, taxis, phone booths, museums, crowded beaches in a bikini, laundromats, elevators, parking garages and hotel rooms. My pictures are all over the Internet now, and I make as much money as I make from my day job. I even have photos of me in my uniform outside one of our stores in a different town, but with my hair covering my face so they can't recognize me. Imagine that - I get paid to pee!

I posted a story a couple weeks about horseback riding and peeing out in the woods in the cow pasture. I have continued to ride out there several times a week and I drink lots of water and sodas before each ride. I love peeing outdoors! I feel so naughty or something. I don't know if I can hever poop outside though. I carry toilet paper in my pocket when I ride and I like to pee in the mud right by the creek or next to a tree. It was fun but now its like I am running out of places to pee or something. I want to try to pee standing up, like a man, but I am afraid I might pee on myself and my clothes. Any one else have any ideas of other things or places I can try to keep it exciting? by the way, I am 24, female, 5'3, 100lbs and have medium length brown hair in case anyone wanted to know.

Hi, I'm Cathy, I'm a sophomore in College. Natural blonde hair, 5'4", 123 pounds. I've been told I look like Diane Lane.

Worst experience of my life.

On a bus trip my senior year of high school, I started having bad intestinal pains about a half hour into 90 minute trip. I sat in my seat, clenching my buns together, desperately trying to hold it until we reached out distination. Finally, I realized I was losing the battle. I went up to the front of the bus and told our teacher I was about to have an accident.

We were on the highway, and would have to get off at an exit and find a restaurant, so he said it just wasn't possible. I told him I was going to be sick.

At that moment, while I was standing there talking to him, my sphincter muscle simply gave out on me. A big, mushy load of shit farced its way out of my ass and into my panties. I groaned in equal parts disgust, pain and mortification. He said, "Did you just go in your pants?" I nodded yes. He said, "What are you, eight years old?" I said, "I told you I couldn't hold it!"

I was so humiliated, you cannot even imagine the degree to which I wanted to jump off the moving bus. I standing here with a load of shit in my underpants, stinking up the bus, crying and arguing with my teaher, while two dozen of my peers gawk in amazement and bemusement behind me.

Finally, he told me to go in the back and we'd find a place to stop so I could clean up. I went to one of the few empty seats and knelt on it in order to prevent the shit from squishing against my butt any more than necessary. At the next exit, the bus driver pulled off and pulled into a McDonald's.

I rushed into the women's room, into a stall and stepped out of my pants and underpants. Luckily for me, it was just a solid enough load that it didn't leak out of or through my panties, so my pants had stayed soil free. I wiped my ass for about tn minutes until it was clean, and had to flush the toilet several times to keep from overflowing it. I dropped my panties in the garbage and washed my hands and went back to the bus. I spent the rest of the day with no underwear.

I was not able to look anyone in the eye for the rest of the trip. I wanted to kill myself. Looking back, it's now kind of funny, and I've told a few very close friends the story.

Mr. Clogs
To Janet from Wisconsin: I really enjoyed your post about you and your friend taking a dump together. Pretty cool story, wish I had that experience, very interesting.

To Carly: You poor thing having to use the mens room to releive yourself, it especially sucks when theres a long line for the ladies room. What I could tell from your post, the guy that was in stall that came out when he was done was totally shocked and so were you. Thats probably how you totally lost control. It's gonna be ok.

I haven't post in about a week due to a busy work schedule and my home network down, it screwed around with the router and totally blocked myself from the internet. So it took me about an hour to get the internet working again. Sorry for getting off the subject, I got a post to share. I was working late, and in desperately need to use the toilet because I drank my dieter's tea, which makes me poop a lot! So I go by the name Mr. Clogs because stuff like that takes a long time to kick in. So I was on the phone with one of my co-workers trying to get connected to something, so I has holdin' on for dear life not to let it loose in my pants. So I held back my bowels as best as I could before I went home. I got a ride home, but before I got in the house, I stop to grab a bit to eat. So I still hold on, I got my food and got home just in time to run for the toilet. I got out of my coat then proceeded to the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet and let loose. Whew! What a relief! I wiped up, washed my hands and ate dinner. Take care everyone and have a nice weekend. Mr. Clogs

'The Spiral Tap' Taylor
Hey. Taylor here. I'm back with a new name. I've been thinking about a lot of old memories I have as a kid in primary school, or Junior school as they're known as in Yorkshire. That was where I took my first school shit. But that's not my most stand out memory. Not many people other than my teacher, me, and the guy who did it.
I was in the toilet in school, at the urinal, and this kid came up behind me, and pushed me. No idea why. Has this happened to anyone else? Please answer this pissed off 15 year old.
Oh, I have my French Oral Exams on Monday, so please wish me luck.

Stephanie. Reading your story I would say that "shit happens" sometimes and it's best to put it down to experience. It could be the one and only time you mess yourself during adult life but in view of the fact that you say you're 23, I suspect it may not be the last by any means. My guess is that most people mess themselves at least once or twice during adult life and some much more often than that. The people who post about such incidents here are the minority who are prepared to admit that they've done or rather that it's happened to them. For every person who admits it, I'd be prepared to guess that there are thousands who've had an accident or two and would never admit to it. With regard to your boyfriend's reaction, I think he probably guessed what had happened from the smell as I suspect you can hardly have been smelling of roses at the time, and it sounds to me from what you've said that he behaved like a gentleman - with discretion and restraint.

To clean up guy, if you go to page 1325 just near the line dated Thursday 16th November you can read some hints I gave on enemas. Mearsure the temperature of the water as too hot can scold the intestines. As I said I can not understand why so many people are scared of enemas, particularly when they could get quick releif from constipation.

-to Northern Chick. Hi, I am sorry I took so long to respond to your question on page 1314. To try to answer your guestion about what brand of overnight maxi pad I had on, they were Kotex with wings. They will work fairly well if one has to pee and just goes in them. The thing is I went very slowly into the pad. I was to afraid to go all at once. So how did your experiance go? Did your brand of pads absorb it all? You were asking about the Goodnites to. I think that if I had the choice, I would much rather go in the Goodnites than the pads. The Goodnites are amayzing. I took some of the Goodnites from the trip. I bought them so I took the rest that the rest of the girls did not use. Since then I have used the left over Goodnites for nothing important, but I have used them. I bought the girls version of Goodnites and I have no idea what the difference is between them and the boys besides the design. They work so well, I have learned that I can pee in them about three times, two still being comfortable. I also have gone number two in them and found that I can go and not be to uncomfortable for a while and still have a couple of pees in it. I would strongly recomend them for a situation where you know you will not have a bathroom ahead of time. We both know what it is like not having a bathroom handy.

What did I learn tonight? Don't over-estimate your ability to 'hold it.' Even if you're 23 like me, believe me you can't hold it in'll come out eventually.....whether you're sitting on the toilet with your panties around your ankles or not.....

Quick description, I'm Steph and i'm 23, i'm white with fare skin and long dark brown hair and blue eyes. i weight 115 lbs and i'm 5'6". Tonight I went to see the movie "Alexander" (in my opinion, i thought the story was told very poorly and in a lazy fashion, so i didn't like it incase you were thinking of seeing it.) Anyway, I didn't realize how long the movie was. About 25 minutes after it started, i had to poop. I didn't need to go bad, i just had to go. There would be no problem to hold it for another hour, hour and a half and go at the end of the movie, so i decided to wait. (this was at the point where i didn't realize it wasn't a very good movie so i didn't want to leave.) I continued watching and paying little attention to the pesky little pressure building up in my bottom. I guess it was about an hour and 10 minutes later when i started to shift in my seat and maybe consider trying to fart quietly and relieve a little pressure from my butt. I started to wonder when it would end. I had a short skirt on so i had more access to comfort myself with my hands if needed, so since there was no one sitting to my right, i leaned to the left so that my bottom was off the seat facing the right and i put my hand underneath my skirt and gently placed my hand on my bottom over my panties and pressed back a little on the pressure. i felt like a little girl, like until when i was around 5 or 6 i used to put my hands on my butt when i had to poop, but hey it does provide a little bit of relief in control. for minutes, i sat in discomfort, not just because i had to poop but i was hoping someone wouldn't randomly turn and see me hunched in my chair with my hand on my butt. i had no idea how much time was left, and i didn't even consider it could be a 3 hour or more long movie and kept assuming it was just about over. i struggled and kept up my fight against my aching bowels, when just when i decided it was no use and removed my hand from my butt and pulled my skirt back down so i could stand, warm poop pushed it's way easily out of my bottom and thoroughly filled my panties. i sat in horror in disbelief as my heart beated a lot quicker and i continued pushing the warm solid poop into my panties beyond my control. i could NOT believe what i was doing. i must've sat there and pooped my panties for 5 minutes. the load was huge and completely filled the back of my panties and made a bulge so big that i couldn't feel the movie theater seat. i just kept thinking to myself "i'm 23 and i just TOTALLY pooped in my panties.." no one around me was aware of my ordeal, so i just sat tight. my face felt like it was burning up because i was so nervous and embarassed. i wound up sitting there with a huge load in my panties for another 50 minutes until that god awful movie ended, then i had to walk ever so delicatley out of the theater trying to discretely hold my skirt down. the skirt i had on didn't give me very much slack when it came to hiding my undies from people with a slightly good angle, so i had to be very careful. i couldn't lean or bend in much of anyway without anyone being able to see my poop-filled panties. getting away from the movies was my main goal, i was pretty sure that as long as my boyfriend didn't get too feisty, he wouldn't notice. the only place i ran into trouble was getting in the car. when i went to get in, the guy getting in the car in the spot facing ours shot me a funny look, so i guess he saw the brown stain and bulge in my panties...the ride home wasn't bad, he didn't notice a thing and i acted casual, but there was something i had to tackle that i wasn't looking forward to. my boyfriend isn't all that traditional so to speak, as in he doesn't always get out of the car and walk me to my door when he's not coming in (and thankfully he wasn't going to be coming in tonight...) so i was worried about getting out of the car because he'd more than likely be looking at me, and with that skirt there was probably a 95% chance that he would get a quick peek up my skirt when i got out. and trust me, there was so much poop in my panties that one quick peek up my skirt was all you needed to know...the other problem was that if he walked my up to the door, he'd want to engage in a little huggy-kissy make out goodbye session that we usually do and he almost ALWAYS rubs one of his hands all up and down my body. the better situation would obviously be if he just dropped me off, because if he saw the stain and bulge in my underwear for one second as i got out of the car he might not believe what he saw...but if he rubbed my butt and felt the bulge i'd have a problem. i prayed the whole ride home that he would just drop me off, and when we got to my house that's what it seemed like would happen. i sighed a little bit of relief just before i leaned over and had a goodnight kiss that for some reason seemed brief and unsatisfying, like he didn't want to kiss me....then i turned and got out of the car, quickly but as carefully as i could. i closed my eyes tight and just prayed he didn't see. before i made it 5 steps from the car, he pulled away, which was unusual because he usual sat there and waited until i at least got to my door..that's when i realized that he must know..the brief kiss and everything? he was grossed out that i had an accident and didn't even say anything. now i don't know what to be more embarrassed about, that i pooped my panties at the movies or that i pooped my panties at the movies and he probably knew the entire time and is completely weirded out that i didn't do anything about it or say anything...

but oh well, i'll feel better about the whole incident in the morning. i mean hey, "shit" happens, right? maybe something different was bothering my boyfriend tonight, or maybe he won't even say anything or care tomorrow.... god, i really wish i didn't poop my panties time i have to go, i'm not gonna wait! i won't know what to think of myself if i let myself poop in my panties again. I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I feel so embarrassed even though its still possible that no one knows besides you guys.

So, that was my lesson for the day...I hope to learn from it and never poop my panties again!

Hey again everyone, ok i got another story, this is probably the most embarrasing thing that ever happened to me, ok, i was at the mall and there was a huge christmas sale goin on and during the holidays it is soo busy, so i reely had to pee reeeelly bad and the womens bathroom had such a long line, but the funny thing was there wasnt neone in the mens bathroom exept for someone in the stall. So i went in and of coarse there was someone in the stall(i could smell it lol) and i crossed my legs and started to hold myself again. i was wearing tight blue jeans by the way. The guy wasnt getting out of the stall fast enough and it was almost coming out. So i undid and pulled down my jeans and pulled down my white panties, sat my butt up on the urinal and started to pee, it was very uncomfortable and kinda hard, it felt good but all of a sudden the guy walked out of the stall, omg i was so scared, the guy walked over and seen me with my butt up on the stall with my jeans and panties pulled down to my nees. The guy looked shocked. I didnt know wat to do i wasnt done peeing but i pulled my pants and panties up as fast as i could, zipped up my jeans and ran out that door, but the i lost it and i finished peeing, in my pants! My panties and jeans were soaked and i was standing there, with pee running down my leg, and into my panties onto the floor, everyone seen me and everyone laughed, i was soaked, omg it was the most embarrasing moment of my life!

Clean up guy
Today i took a good dump. I went to the bathroom, pull down my pants and boxers and sat on the toilet. I didn't have to push i farted and a 6 inch piece of poop came out followed by 3 or 4 pieces of poop. After i was done i sat there and smelled what came out of me (the smell was mild). I wiped 4 times and flushed.

I have question about useing a enema kit. I bought a enema from a drug store. The reason that i bought the kit because i wanted to clean my self out. I used it a few times, I wasn't even constipated. I even used the enema after i pooped.
My question is: Is it healthy to use a enema kit with warm water? Please repley? I hope you guys liked my post.

Hey, back after a long time, just checking in to see if there are any good after-ThxGiving stories.

Janet from Wisconsin, that's pretty cool how you got to scope your friend like that taking a dump, and then how you had your own raunchy one in the bathtub. I wish I knew cool girls like these...

Justine, also, pretty awesome, and it's rather nice how you could just hop up and crap into the dumpster without feeling too weird. Were you with guys _and_ girls? Did your friends actually watch you?

How do people here get so lucky in the watching department? I have a friend who I'd really like to see have a movement, but I'd be way too afraid to ever ask her. How do you ask someone if they'll let you see them? How do you bring something like that up, even? This isn't a rhetorical question, by the way; please give answers, those of you who have them.


Robin, how are you children's accidents going? Are there any signs of improvement? Have you gotten medical advice yet. I hope things work out for you guys.


I was out for my morning walk when I felt the urge to dump. So I went to McDonald's because it was the only place with a restroom in that area. It was a cramped little room, with two urinals, a sink and a stall with a door. I went into the stall and saw there was no toilet paper, and the seat was full of piss. I didn't really have any other choice but to shit. So I pulled my shorts and boxers down just past my butt and sort of half squatted. Immediately a huge log came out with a splash. I wonder what the people outside thought. I was also breathing heavily and I unconsciously sighed. I shitted out about 7-8 more turds. I didn't bother with wiping. When I reached home, I took some toilet paper and wiped while standing up. It took about 4 wipes to clean my butt. Till next time…

China girl
I have story with friend from couple days ago actually. Oh, sorry for such a long time between my posts. I have on and off computer issues. So my friend was over the other night and we were in my room. I was actually farting all day and I could feel my butt was a little sticky. Later in evening though I had big pressure. My friend started doing her nails but she does them in my bathroom so room doesn't stink. I was looking at pictures on my bed while she was doing her nails. So I had to go and got up. Now this is my friend like sister and she frequently sees and smells my "meat" because of all our bathroom talks. I walk into bathroom with proud look on my face because I get to dump big load into toilet again. When I go in and lift toilet lid, she says "oh no" joking. I had to fart but I hold it in until I get my pants down. I don't know why, but for some reason I just wanted to fart in front of toilet with my butt in full view before I sit down. Perhaps I wanted to show power of my butt. So I let out a fart that just sound like air. Then I sit. I felt my hole opening more than usual because it was sticky, and as it opens it crackles. As it crackle open, some smaller but frequent farts come out and it starts to smell. The farts sound like ketchup bottle near the end, and some were just air fart. I sat up straight on toilet with my legs slightly apart while talking to friend, who complain about smell. She said "ewww, ewwww" when my hole crackling sound got louder and smell keep coming. Then it was time. My hole was wide and it shot out. It was awful loud sound. The turd made big crash, but it sound like fart came out at same time so you can tell it was big load that came. I kept a smile on my face as my friend says "geeez." The power really hit the toilet hard, and the smell was rotten and 10 times worse now, that it crowded out nail polish smell. My toilet certainly gets my true taste and smell. I'm not very forgiving when it comes to dropping my dirty crap. I wasn't finish though. My hole crackle again and a small run of crap finished the job. Then, a huge thunder fart blew out and very small piece dropped, I peed and then finished. My friend said "dam" but she wasn't too surprised as she is used to me. To wipe, I stood up to face my ass in front of toilet. I spread my cheek with one hand and use paper in the other, smiling as I wipe and looking back at toilet as I drop papers with endless crap stain on them. My friend was able to lean over and look at turd. It was so fat and stuck in middle of toilet hole. It reach up to almost toilet rim and made a turn for being so long. My friend say she doesn't know how I do that. By the time my ass was clean, the toilet had a huge turd, chunky brown water from the little run I had and a huge pile of paper. When I turn to flush I let out a little laugh to show off my power. I took while it flush down, as it gulps another nasty meat drop by china girl. I wasn't done being bitchy though. I just figured I would fill bath tub to get bath ready before bed, so I just sat back down on toilet with pants down while the water fill up. I was just proud of my big dump that I just thought I would keep my ass exposed for the toilet and keep the threat there that I still had more crap. But I didn't crap again (hehe), and later got up and closed lid for my bath. That was pretty bitchy of me I know, but I make sure my toilet knows that it belongs to me and is at my mercy. The smell was so bad my friend moved over closer to door. It was a long while before nail polish took over the bathroom again. Hope you like dump. Thank you.

Any body have any good stories about having to go so bad that they are potty dancing? Any one have stories about having to go badly in the middle of a sports game (while you were playing)?

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