hi there i just discoverd your site sevral days ago. this is my first post and i just wanted to say i think you guys are really really really cool! my name is lori and im an accountant living in boston mass im 5 4, 110 pounds, wavy natural red, hazel green eyes with no freckels, im 26 yeras and, like the rest of you, i enjoy shitting and/or pissing very much ;) i have spent most of my available free time lately reading the posts here and i think that they are wicked good! im just so happy to find so many people that share the same or similar intrests as i do. thats such a welcome releaf for me you have no idea ... thank you all so much just for bieng here !!!!

well i will keep my intro as sort as i can so we can save space for the good parts ;) i grew up in chicago and went to high school there and everything and then i moved to boston to go to college when i was 18. thats where i had my first "experence". two months into my freshman year in college this nice, really cute, senior(!!) guy asks me to meet him and a couple of his friends. well i get dressed up hot you know and do my hair and nails and everything then i walk from my dorm to the train station accross campus and took a short train ride to meet this sexy guy. i get to the club and meet up with him and his friends and he is like bieng wicked nice to me, you know like complementing me infront of his friends and stuff and he was a real gentleman and a really great dancer too :) so they order beers and stuff and i tell them shyly that im not 21 yet and they say their typical macho shit like "dont worry about it ... we got it coverd blah blah blah" anyway so i have one and then two and then three and im not really used to drinking alot so im like starting to really feel it (and really starting to have to pee as well)!

by that time he had to leave to go to basketball tryouts. he offers me a ride, but i decilne. i was always like wicked shy about stuff like peeing back then so i decide to wait till they take off to find the womens room, right, and oh there was this really long line but no prob cuz im not even really thinking about my intense need to pee cuz im so happy im like going out with one of the cuteist guys in school now and im only a freshman! i wait, and wait and wait and finally i get into the bathroom and get my own stall. yes!!! but once i get in there i reallize the floor is all wet and the toilet is like overflowing like just oozing over with loads of shit and tp and water and stuff out of the bowl :o :( to make matters even worse, the sound of the water spilling out onto the floor is driving my pee urge absolutly crazy! i try jiggling the little handle or whatever it is to make it stop but it wont. so, by my thinking at the time there was no possible way to pee cuz the seat was like underwater (i had yet to discover stradling and hovering) and i wasn't about to wait in line again. so i deside to just leave and hold it till i get back to my dorm. after all its only a 5min train ride right???

well thats if my idiot self could remember how to get from the club back to the station! when i got outside it was like almost dark and i was really high from the beer and withen a few minutes of walking i was totally lost. not good. this was all my fault too cuz he had offered me a ride back to my dorm but i had said no because i wanted to pee first! haha! now, i really had to pee really bad and i couldnt find the train station. so i start asking random people i encounter how to get there. the first three people i asked totally ignored me, just walked right by oblivious, then a guy i asked mumbled something like "yeah ya just, ahhh, go one block thatway and then ahhh , cut through that park thing and ya there." and he like points off in three or four totally diffrent directions while he's telling me this too! ahhhh!

anyways i say thanks and move on but im starting to get slightly flusterd with the situation. after walking for what seemed like a long time, and stopping to do the pee hold dance sevral times, of course, i finally deside ive really got to go like now(!) so i will just go into the next restraunt or gas station or whatever i see right? except its all houses where i am now! darn ! so i knocked on someone's door and said im really sorry to disturb you but i really have to go bad and could i please please use your bathroom for just a quick second? he told me to "f??k off and get lost, lady." i got basically the same response from the next three doors i knocked on, so now im like becoming desperate. still doing everything i can to keep from just peeing myself right then and there, i notice the park that guy was talking about is right across the street from me. the train station must be over there. mabye i can hold it. yeah, i can hold it.

as i start walking across the park i realize its a really big park like it didnt seem nearly this big when i walked through it going the other way and stuff and, OH NO, i feel a couple tiny squirts of pee come invoulentarily out of my pussy and i slam both hands over it in a last effort to keep it in. it was at that point that i realized that if i did not pee in the next five or ten seconds, i was going to pee all over myself! i had on my nicest knee high and best shoes so that was like totally out of the question. i had to do somthing though, and fast! but what could i do?

frantically, i look arround to see if by some remote chance there is a public restroom in this park somewhere. i quickly realize there isn't, but i also notice that while there are lots of people out and about (it is after all the middle of the city, durring pretty much rush hour), i am the only person actually in this park, the rest of it is deserted. i see that the park is pretty big and is surrounded on all sides by fence, plus its almost dark. so i realize that it should be much too far away and much too dark for anyone to really be able to "see" what i was about to do ;) i didn't really know for sure, but thats what i hoped! i certainly did not have any desire to be publicly humileated tonight!

so i slowly, nervously step out of my shoes and pull my panties off. i like squat down like with my legs spread a little. that motion alone forced me to start peeing very intensly almost right away. i barely had time to ajust my skirt the right way before i was gushing very hard and fast, all over the ground, making a very quickly growing little puddle. i couldn't believe i was doing this! i had used nothing but the toilet for everything since my early childhood, which i cant really remember anyway, and yet here i am, 18 years old, pissing outdoors, away from any kind of bathroom, and in public view as well! but what choice do i have? so im like wicked, wicked paranoid. in fact, some part of me believed that the instant i started to pee everyone on the streets would just drop everything and start staring at me in horror! ha ha yeah right but thats what was going through my mind right then! eeeek!

of course, no one paid any attention to me or what i was doing whatsoever, and i slowly started to realize this fact while all that pee was flowing out, hot and fast and steady from my pussy. the immense pressure on my bladder was slowly subsiding. ahhhhhh! releaf at last! i honestly couldn't remember having to pee so badly ever in my life. all i knew was that by letting it out like i was doing felt really, really, really good. so i slowly stopped bieng so paranoid, and slowly started to relax.

it was at this moment that i realized that it wasn't so bad after all. in fact, i felt a little bit excited to be peeing outdoors! i pissed full strength for what seemed like forever, probably about a minute and a half. then, slowly but surely, it subsided down to a trickle and finally stopped itself all together. i noticed that my entire body was tingeling with excitement, pleasure and relief. i sat and stared at the huge puddle i had just made for a moment. wow, peeing like this actually WAS kinda fun, i thought. amazing! so i bare down a little bit to see if there was, ya know, any pee still left. to my complete and total suprise, a nice long, decently wide, well formed semi-soft turd slid slowly and deliciously out of my ass, and landed on the ground behind me with a pleasent sounding thud. this was followed by two very loud, explosive, and stinky farts. totally mortified, i quickly clamped my butt cheeks together and stood frozen in that position for a few moments, temporarally unable to comprehend what i had just done. then, i realized what happend: i had to go pee so bad that i didn't even notice that i needed to poop as well! i felt extreamly embarassed yet extreamly excited about it at the same time! it was really strange, since i had never experenced those two feelings together simultaniously ... but i liked it ;)

without botherng to put my panties back on, i grab my shoes, carfully stepping arround my little "mess" i had just made ;) and check again to see if anyone had heard me fart. they hadn't, or at least they acted like they hadn't. the rest of the trip back to my dorm was relaxing and happy. i was slightly perplexed at myself for actually ENJOYING pissing and shitting in an outdoor public place, possibly with someone wathcing. but overall i was happy how i handeld the "emergency pee" situation ... after all i didn't really hurt anyone or anything, right? and, after all, i was still dating one of the cutest guys in school, and i was reasonably sure that it was almost impossible that my new bf would find out about my little "accident" on the way home tonite :) that was a MAJOR reasurance.

and so began my intrest in occationally pissing and shitting in "interesting" places ... like anywhere outdoors (still my favroite), and in places malls, hotels, resteraunts, dance floors, my panties ... basically anywhere my dirty little mind can think of :) this experence, my first, was like seven years ago, and since then i have had many more experences, both by myself and with my girlfriend. im not a lesbian, or at least i don't think that i am, but later on in college i became best friends with someone who i found out actually shared my/our dirty little interest! needless to say, we shared some very nice (non sexual) peeing and pooping adventures together ;) those stories another time :) This was great, because up until that time i thought i might be the only one who enjoyed this, or that there was something badly wrong with me. Now, from discovering this site, i know there are literaly hundreds, mabye even thousands of us!!!!!! very very cool!!!!

well if you made it this far thanks so so so so so so so much for bieng interested enough to read about me and sorry for this bieng so long. any future posts i do will be much much shorter. i am really curious to hear from anyone about their recent experences, i will be more than happy to share mine with anyone who is interested. keep em coming and happy pooping!


Guest male, why not muffle your sounds with toilet paper. The minute you enter a bathroom or stall grap a couple of peices of toilet paper and hols them under your ass to muffle the sounds.

Female, when you had an accident because you stopped to answer someone who'd IMed you, what did you do? Did you just run to clean up or did you first come up with an excuse to get out of the IM session?

Rizzo, I like the story of your cousin in Europe and the toilets than need coins. Those toilets have caused me more than enough problems! One memorable time was when I was in Europe with my family (my father is half Portuguese.) I was about 14 and in the last year or two of my unwillingness to admit to people that I had to go. We'd been out somewhere for the better part of the day and I hadn't peed the whole time and I was bursting. I figured that there'd be toilets on the train we had to take to finally go home, but when we got on, there was no sign for toilets. I sat with my legs tightly crossed sitting up extra-straight with my back arched, feeling how full my bladder was. I was so desperate after hours of holding it that I wondered if I would make it to the station where we had to change trains. I did, and I knew that I had to go there or wet my pants before we got home. I still didn't want to admit my need, so I asked my mother for some change to get a drink (the last thing I actually wanted.) She, perhaps guessing the real reason, gave me the equivalent of a dollar bill and told me to hurry as we only had a few minutes. I ran towards the food stands as fast as I could and saw that the toilets were further on. I knew time was a factor, so I ran even faster. When I got there, I realized that I needed the equivalent of a dime just to get into the ladies' room. I didn't even have access to sinks, or I might have used one, having done that previously - I'll tell that story in a minute. All the money I had was the dollar bill. Like your cousin, I spent a minute just standing there bursting, crossing my legs and panicking. I knew I had to do something or I would embarass myself. I ran back to the food stands and looked for something that would enable me to get at least a dime in change. I paid for whatever it was shuffling around in a pee dance behind the counter. Initially, the cashier gave me change other than a dime and I had to ask for one. She gave me a knowing smile and the precious coin. Time was short so I ran back to the toilets pulling on my pants to hold back the pee that wanted out. I let myself in and peed. It was a gusher and I knew I should sit and let it finish trickling as there was a lot of it pent up, but I didn't have time so after the main flow, I flushed and left without wiping or washing my hands - no time. I made it to my anxious family and the train just in time, saying I'd finished the drink already. Because I hadn't taken the time to really finish my pee, I was uncomfortably urgent again and squirming by the time we got home, but I was dry, which I doubt I would have been without the station pee, and the second train also lacked toilets. I have other Europe coin toilets stories for another time. I sing in Europe once in a while, and due to the lack of toilets there, I have learned to go on longer European road trips and outings wearing a long flowing skirt and a thong so that by the side of the road all I have to do is shove the thong aside, spread my legs and pee standing or sitting at the edge of a car seat - impossible to do with modesty in pants.

Louise: re: parking garages. I wish I had the guts to use them more often, but I don't unless I have someone to act as lookout. The one time I resorted to that, I was in college and on a date to one of those midway funfair places. The only restrooms there were porta-potties, which I hate to use. After a while, I was urgent to pee but reluctant to use a porta-potty. I hadn't said anything to my date, but after a while I was squirming so obviously that he asked if I was OK and I told him I had to pee but didn't want to use the porta-potties. Though he thought that was weird, he said we would leave after he went on two more rides he really wanted to try. By the time he was done, I was into a full pee-dance. He had parked in a parking garage and when we got to his car, as he came around to let me in the passenger side, he saw my inability to stand still and expressed concern for his upholstery if I didn't make it to a fast food joint. I told him I'd be fine, but he wanted to be safe rather than sorry and told me to just go in the parkade. I told him he was crazy. He replied that no one was there and he'd cover for me. Feeling forced into it, I obliged. He opened the car door and stood in front of it. As I had on pants, I made him turn his back while I lowered them and squatted. It was great to finally empty my bladder. It made a lot of noise on the concrete floor and my guy was eveidently turned on, as he commented on the size of my pool and how desperate I'd been most of the way home.

There were two times I almost used parkades but didn't. Once was when I was desperate in Minneapolis, probably the least pee-friendly night city in the US. During rehearsal for a gig there, I was by myself downtown and lost one night after drinking copious amounts of water and intending only to step out for a few minutes. I was bursting one of the worst times ever in my life and I tried to use the restroom everywhere with no luck. A fancy restaurant admitted only those ordering. The locker rooms at the Y were closed. The mall bathrooms were chained and padlocked. A hotel had a guests only sign and a security guard in the lobby who kicked me out. Another mall had an info booth and as I approached the staff person I saw a sign saying under no circumstances could non-staff use the restrooms. I had to pretend to ask directions which I didn't hear as I was doing a pee dance shielded by the counter. I had to go terribly - I kept sitting down on benches to avoid wet pants. I always remember what I'm wearing when I'm really desperate and this was a white cotton pantsuit. As I ran around the malls, I found my way to a parkade. As I stood there holding my crotch and dancing, I actually undid my pants, wanting so badly to empty myself there, but I looked up and saw surveillance cameras and got scared. I ended up getting in an elevator, holding myself, crossing my legs and scrunching down before some people got on and startled me into losing it and wetting my pants about quarter way before getting out and finally finding an unguarded hotel ladies' room where I could finish the job in a very long hissing pee, about two minutes plus despite my already wet pants. One of the worst times I've ever had to go and one of my worst adult accidents.

The other time I was tempted was when I was on my way to an audition when I was still in college. Louise, like you, when I drink tea, it sometimes makes me very urgent very fast. The water and tea I'd drunk suddenly wanted out and I couldn't find a parking spot to save my life. I was dying to pee, driving around with my pants undone (light beige chinos) and my hand down them holding my crotch. I was late too. Finally I found a spot in a parkade and as I got out of the car and let go of my crotch, I almost peed myself right there but managed to stop myself. I debated squatting on the parkade floor, but I hate squatting to pee (I'd much rather sit and as I didn't have a dress on didn't think I could manage it sitting in my car seat)and was worried about being caught, so I persuaded myself I could walk the couple of blocks to the audition venue. I ran, pulling the front of my pants the whole time. When I got there, as it was late, the receptionist wanted to send me in right away but I told her, almost in tears, I had to pee badly first and wouldn't make it through the audition. Had I seen where the restrooms were, I would have headed there first, but there were none visible. She told me to hurry as there wasn't much time and that the restrooms were up the back stairs and a little hard to find. I ran up, but all I could see was a mens' room. With time running out both in terms of my audition and my bladder, I ran into the mens' room already unbuckling and sank down for a hissing, twisty pee. I soon became aware that a man was loudly pooing in the next stall. As I knew my pee sounded female, I apologized to him and said I couldn't find the ladies' room, and he said it was OK as he could tell how bad I had to go.

For whoever it was who asked the worst we had to go without losing it at all, that was one of the times, but as I didn't hold it all that long, I thought of three others that I can give details later if you want - an almost 9-hour hold (about 7 of them awake) on a flight to Brasil when I was 9 years old and either trapped in my seat by supper carts or turbulence, and embarassment, an approximately 6 hour hold at 8 years old on an outdoor school field trip with no restrooms, and about a 5 hour hold in college of a bus ride and the MCAT test, where I handed my unfinished test in 5 minutes early because I was so desperate to pee, and got a lower score than ever before due to the distraction of my bladder. That was a hard question because there were lots of times I was absolutely bursting, but in many of them I lost a squirt or two or more, as in the Minneapolis story.

Also for you, Louise, a quick recap of the bucket story. In college, our theatre didn't have bathrooms backstage until my junior year, and when I was a freshman performing in opera workshop, I was absolutely dying to pee during the first performance after drinking a lot of water. For the last scene, I was to lie very still on the ground for several minutes and I lost several small squirts of pee not being able to squirm or move to hold it in. I lost more dealing with the trek to the bathroom, lineups etc. and had completely soaked underwear as a result. The next night I was even more urgent and was squirming around in a chair so much that the cool older girls who intimidated me noticed and persuaded me to go in the fire bucket rather than wet my panst on stage. They didn't know what had happened the night before, but I did, and I was so much more desperate, I agreed. They built a wall of blankets around me and stood guard. The guys knew what we were doing and made fun of me, but I was too relieved to care.

Peeing in a sink - I was 12 years old and my mom took me to the salon to have my hair braided. It took about 7 hours and of course during that time I wanted to pee but was too shy to say so. The hairdressers kept asking if I needed a break and I kept saying no and trying not to squirm. I had my legs tightly crossed and after a while slid my hand under the plastic cape I was wearing to hold myself. Sitting there so long with little to distract myself having to keep my head steady was torture. I counted time in ten minute intervals or in one braid intervals, encouraging myself to wait another ten or another braid, taking pride in how long I was lasting. As they were finishing, I had to go so badly I wasn't sure I could make it home. Come to think of it, this could be another of the worst times I had to go without losing it. Instead of asking for a restroom, I cleverly asked to wash my hands. The hairdresser asked if I just wanted to wash my hands and I said yes. She led me to a room that I assumed was the ladies' room. I closed the door and then realized that it was just the room with the sink where they washed things. I debated my options - hold it till I got home, or try to slip into the mall next to the salon for a pee. But my need was so urgent, I wasn't confident that I could manage that long. Looking at the sink, I got an idea. I grabbed a garbage can and a chair and wedged them under the doorknob so no-one could walk in and surprise me. I then used another chair to hop up to the high sink. Luckily, I had on a skirt and I flipped it up and my underwear down, put my butt on the sink, ran a tap to cover any noises, and let the pee come. I walked out feeling very relieved, and was very glad I'd done that as my mom wanted to shop when she picked me up and didn't go home for about an hour.

Lastly, to the teenager who peed on the floor of the school bus while on a field trip, I'm ashamed to admit I did a similar thing on a plane. I was 11 and on a long plane trip to Europe with my family. I had been holding it for hours and was really bursting, but we were about to land and I thought I'd be OK. However, the plane ended up having to circle the airport for almost an hour and I finally couldn't hold it anymore and started to wet my pants. With my light-coloured dress, I knew it would be obvious to my family, so I took action. My lap was covered with a blanket, so I pulled my skirt up around my butt, slipped my underwear down my thighs and let it go into the plush plane seat, feeling disgusting and guilty. There was enough noise to cover my sounds and I peed as slowly and calmly as I could in the circumstances although I feared detection. There were no puddles, but the seat was soaking and I had to keep my butt slightly above it. I didn't pull my underwear up until we landed, at which point I stood, quickly shrugging my clothes into place and covering the seat with my blanket, and I was never caught. That was a terrible thing to do and I've never again intentionally peed in a public place.

Sorry this was long!

Sailing instructor

[I was wondering if if any other people, either sex, had been in either of these situations or sometning similar?]

It´s quite common that people pee in their wetsuits when they go sailing. Sometimes it´s happening i drysuits also. Happend to me, several times... What to do if you cant´t hold it anymore?

My stupid brother showed me this site and I think its cool talking so honestly about some private stuff. On thanksgiving day he was doing situps after situps and telling me it was to flatten his stomach so he could eat more turkey. I didn't believe him so we made a bet and I tried it. We ate normally I thought. The next morning our bathrooms were geting quite a workout.Me,I had to poop really fierce and it seemed more than usual, when I finally got my turn, my poop was ready to push out of my butthole urgently. I pulled my pj off totally and sat to really shit. The first and only poop was so long and thick and I was open it seemed like forever, the middle must have bunched because it felt eveb thicker. It smelled but I could't even squeeze a fart passed that monster. My butthole ached a little after the poop broke off and I finally farted which told me I had turned Mom's squash into very stinky poop. I still had a another pop to push out and then I sat there and would you believe hadt rest? I tore off tolet paper to wipe and got ready to flush. The bowl had this brownish yellow snake that had digested a rabbit and groke in half, it is all because of my stupid brother and his bet. But i won anyway. I hope I didn't gross any one out. Bye

Anyone who has gone to Mardi Gras may have experienced this. I'm originally from New Orleans, so when I do go to the Mardi Gras I usually avoid the crowds and madness. My brother and I went down to the French Quarter one morning for some breakfast and bignets. As we walked up an alley past a dumpster, we came upon a rather attractive Amazon-ish young lady squatting next to the dumpster with her back against the wall, her pants around her ankles, no underwear on, and a turd the size of a large baking potato hanging out of her anus about four inches as well as a visable tampon string. We were startled, and could'nt help but to stare at what was trying to exit her. When she saw us she did'nt flinch, and asked us if we had any napkins. She went on to to tell us how much she had to drink, how her boyfriend was arrested for disorderly conduct, and how much the turd was hurting her ass as she grunted in between sentences. In the French Quarter you are not allowed to use the toilet unless you are a customer. She said "bet you've never seen this before?" then shook her ass in an attemp to dislodge the turd. She then used her hands to spread her ass and pushed as if trying to deliver a child. You could hear the crackling noise as the turd slowly made it's way out. It exited her and fell to the pavement with a light thud. She stood up, pulled up her pants without wiping, commented on the size of the turd, leaned into the dumpster and threw up, and staggered away!

I was going to post here today when I saw your question. I hardly get any pressure at all when I need to poo. It is so little pressure that I almost feel like I don't really need to poo so I never really know how badly I need to go or how much. A lot of the time it just comes out so if I do not get to the toilet right away I usually end up pooing in my panties because my pushing muscels are strong and my holding in muscles are weak. Sometimes I ran to the toilet and only did a few little pieces and sometimes it was a large log. It all feels the same. It is the same when I poo in my diaper. If I go in my diaper sometimes it is only a small lump! If my poo is soft even holding my butt cheeks together doesn't always help. Sometimes when I poo I pee involunatrily too so sometimes I found myself in a puddle and with poo in my panties. Even farts feel the same as poo so sometimes when I thought I was just going to do a fart I ended up pooing a load into my panties. That is why I wear diapers most of the time and Goodnite kind of panties when I am home or for short trips. I loved Lisa's post about wearing Goodnites so she doesn't have to worry about finding a bathroom or having to hold it. It is the same with me. Now when I feel like I need to poo or pee I usually just go in my diaper if I am busy like when I am housecleaning or shopping or just not near a toilet. I try to make it to the toilet to poo when I am at work but a lot of the time I pee in my diaper anyway. Like today which I was really going to post about. I was getting ready to go out and was putting on my make up. I got the urge to poo and just spread my legs a little and pooed in my diaper.

I will post about what it is like to be a 31 year old female in diapers and how I handle it later if anyone wants to know about it.

By the way Lisa, did anyone notice that you pooed in your Goodnite?

Midwest Jim
Farrowlani-Sorry, but I'm just getting to recognize the regulars on this site. Could you fill me in on the particulars about you? (age, etc.) I rather enjoy your stories, but you remind me of a friend of mine that's a goth girl and I don't want the wrong perception. Somehow, I don't think you are.

I think I figured something out, though it's quite obvious I should have thought about it before. I wake up halfway through the night every night to pee because I usually pee a few hours before bed, then can't get things flowing again just before i go to sleep. The other night, I stepped out the back door for a quick cigarette in the cold wearing only my jacket (knee length) just before crashing and the cold wind blowing up under my jacket on my naked self made me have to pee almost immediately, so I did--right offf the back steps. I've gone out the last two nights and just stood there with my lounge pants down around my knees (sounds pathetic, I know) and sure enough, the cold air made me want to pee. I haven't woke up before it was time for three nights now and it's great.

Daniel (Danny)
Today at school i was studying science. I could feel a log ready to come out. I decided to wait until recess. At recess, i headed to the boys restroom,but unfortunately all the stalls were occupied. I waited until a 4th grader came out and i went in. I pushed my pants down to my knees and started pushing and i heard Charlie'sbrother come in. I knew i would be there for a long time.I heard the boy next to me came out and he went in.My log started coming out. It was a very thick soft and firm log. I heard him grunting and said:"Come on, i need you to get out"he said in low voice(he is 10 years old.) I continued pushing and i grunted in low voice. My log was squeezing out very slowly.Charlie's little brother moaned in a loud voice and said:"it is coming ooounngh out" My log was half way out and another boy entered and he asked"is anyone going to get out soon?". We all said no. I continued pushing and my log was coming out VERY VERY SLOWLY.Charlie's little brother moaned loudly and a great splash was heard. My log was coming to an end. It fell down to the bowl and i started pushing another load. Charlie's brother wipe and went out.Two softer logs went out of me while the other boy took the stall where c.b. was. I wiped and flushed. The log was about 16 inches long.I washed my hands and the boy that took c.b stall had diarrhea i think.

Hello, all. Sorry it's taken so long to post. Here is another story about Zach:

We were recently in Alaska, and we were flying back home on a plane that left Alaska at around 11:15 p.m. We arrived at the airport at around 10, and we both had large coffees in the airport while waiting. I took a pee before boarding the plane, but I suppose Zach had no need to at the time. The plane we were on was quite small; there were 8 other passengers besides ourselves, and when the drinks came around, we each got a can of soda. We had a three-hour flight ahead of us, and luckily, we had seats in the very back of the plane, which is always nice because we find it so much easier to fall asleep, and fall asleep we did. We woke up with a little over an hour of flight time left. 10 minutes after waking up, Zach whispered that he needed to pee; as he was sitting by the window, I would have to get up to let him out. It was at this point that we realized that there was no bathroom on the plane, perhaps due to its small size. Although this was not a problem for me since I had peed at the airport, it quickly became a problem for Zach. Although coffee and soda go through him fairly slowly, it had been a while since he had had them, and it was beginning to need a way to escape. However, there was really nothing he could do about it, and luckily, he didn't need to go too badly; he thought he would be able to hold on till we landed at the airport. Finally, the pilot announced that we had 30 minutes till we landed. At this point, Zach was starting to get more and more fidgety. I asked him if he was doing ok, and he replied that he needed to pee very badly. However, because it was such a small plane and we were very close to the other passengers, he could not struggle too visibly. I had a blanket, so we covered him with it so at least he could hold himself. Finally, we landed at the airport, and were able to get off the plane. I'm not sure how Zach wasn't peeing his pants by now…his bladder was rock-hard. Unfortunately, due to the late hour at which we had arrived, the airport had almost shut down, and the bathrooms were all locked for cleaning. Because this airport is so small, this is customary, and although I have seen this to be the case often, its never been a problem. Luckily, we didn't have any luggage other than our carry-ons, so we were able to go to the parking lot. Zach said he was willing to pee in the parking lot if he had to; unfortunately, the level we were on was quite full and busy, and he wasn't able to go without being seen. Although he has no problem with me watching anymore, other people seeing was out of the question. we didn't want to leave the airport, because then it would be some 20 minutes before there would be any place private enough to let Zach have his pee, and we had nothing in the car to pee in. However, we hit upon a solution. I drove through the parking garage as Zach bounced in the seat next to me, grabbing his penis. The 7th level was completely deserted, so I pulled into it, went to a far corner just in case, and Zach jumped out of the car. However, once again, he was so desperate that he couldn't unzip his pants without my help, so he ran around to my side, and I helped him, and he started peeing like crazy. It just kept gushing out. Finally, he finished, and we left, leaving a very large puddle behind us.

Zach and I were having a party one day, and there were at least 40-50 people there. We only had one bathroom, and since the day was very warm and people were drinking like fishes, the line to the bathroom was long at any givien point…usually about 8-10 people in line. Zach had been drinking quite a bit, and as drinks usually take a while to get through him, it wasn't until a couple of hours later that he felt he needed to pee. On his way to the bathroom, being the host, he was stopped by pretty much everyone on the way, and I could see him getting more and more anxious. Finally, I helped him out by calling him to the kitchen. He walked into the kitchen, then turned to the bathroom. A few minutes later, he came back. I asked him if he felt better, and he said he waited in line for a while, but it wasn't moving, so he was going to try to wait a little longer. I rubbed his lower back some- this always calms him down whenever he's particularly uptight. I took my other hand and put it on his abdomen and gently rubbed it too, and felt that his bladder was rock hard. I said something along the lines of, "My God, baby, you're so full!" He shot me a glance that could have burned a hole through a brick wall. Realizing that he wouldn't be able to wait much longer, I took Zach's hand and told him to come with me, and we went around to the front of the house into the garage, which was partly open because we were using it to store extra drinks. However, I didn't think anyone had realized this, because we had several extra drinks in the kitchen too, so no one really had any reason to come into the garage. Plus, because the door was only halfway open, no one could really tell anyone was in there. I had shut the other door behind us as we went in, so it was relatively dark; the only light was coming in through the partially-opened door and the small windows in the garage. I led him between the cars to the drain in the middle of the garage and told him to go in there. As I have said before, Zach doesn't mind peeing in front of me anymore; however, he still worried that someone would see through the windows on each side of the garage, or that someone would come walk in. We both drive SUVs so I told him not to worry about the windows; the SUVs would block them. As far as someone walking in, I told him he would have to take his chances. He started to protest, but I told him that I knew, and he knew, that he couldn't hold on much longer, so he started to unzip his shorts. He was still pinching his penis so nothing would come out, and I told him to hurry up and pull it out and pee in the drain. Zach hesitated for a minute and gave me a nervous look. I decided to help him out a little. I started rubbing his lower back again, and took his hand that was holding his penis and pulled on it. As I took it out, I pointed it at the drain and pushed his hand aside. His penis immediately started gushing pee into the drain. Zach sighed with relief, and I kept rubbing his back as I held his penis and felt him completely relax. We walked back to the party without anyone knowing what had happened.

Liz- I really enjoyed your story. I would be down to hear anything else from you.

I am a 16 year old male from Central Virginia. I am about 6 feet tall and weigh about 145lbs with short brown hair.
I had a story about Thanksgiving break. During the break my dads family all came to our house for dinner. We all ate a huge thanksgiving dinner and were stuffed. After dinner i had to go pee. As i was peeing someone came banging on the door and said they had to use it ASAP. It was my 22 year old cousin Meghan. She is about 5 6 blonde hair and average weight. As i was zipping up she busted through the door and pushed me out of the way. She slammed the door with me in there and quickly pulled down her panties and tight jeans to her knees. Then she let out a huge long fart and a dropped a wet load of poop into the toilet. she leaned forward and let out a hugh sigh and began to wipe. She wasnt really worried about me being in there because we are family and wasnt embarrased. I just shook it off and went back out to hang out with the family. Talk to everyone later

Hi All - I'm so glad to read all these stories and know that I'm not alone in having done what all of you have done, and peed in public or had accidents. I had a very proper upbringing (in the UK), but later my family moved to North Carolina in the US where people are very religious and act as if no one ever pees or poops, so I've always been around people who don't like to talk about pee or poop. There have been too many times to give long stories, so I'll just list the times I can remember.

When I was around 5, I pooped in my underwear, so I hid it in my toy box hoping that no one would find it.

I think I was about 13 (just before moving to the US) when I was with a friend at a fair where they only had porta johns, and I went into one with her. She peed, but I couldn't pee in front of her. I was really embarrassed!

I think I was about 18 and I drank for the first time. I got so drunk I threw up in the toilet and passed out at my friend's parents house when they were away for the weekend. I woke up with diarrea in my pants and pee all over her couch.

In my first year at college I got diarrea from eating mexican food, and farted on the way home and left a sticky mess in my underwear. I cried all the way back to the dorms.

When we were drunk, me and my college girlfriends broke into a construction site where a hotel was being built and went up to about the 10th floor and took turns to pee over the edge into the street. We were later arrested for trespass, but we didn't get charged. (I guess someone who we peed on called the cops!)

After college I went to Costa Rica with friends on vacation and my friend farted in the pool and a brown cloud came out. We didn't swim in that pool again!

We went drinking after a girlfriend's baby shower last year, and one of the girls saw her ex-boyfriend's car, so she sat on the roof and peed onto his windshield.

I've peed in quite a few other places, jumping out of the car and into bushes on the highway, or going down dark alleys between bars when I'm drunk, but these are the ones that are the most memorable. I'm just glad it's not only me and that lots of other girls do the same!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Nice apisode,
Peeing in acar park is easy (that's why women pee there), just squat or stand or hig squat between cars or between the car and a wall, emergency stirwell are a safe place to pee too.
For better balance you can try to lay with your bum againsta bumer, or the side of a car or a wall. sitting on a step of the staircase will be great too...

let me know your "trials"



I think that for some reason my last post didn't make it, so here's another try.

Justine. When you're out in the countryside, it's usually okay to answer the call of nature wherever it arises so long as you're discreet. However, I would advise against doing it in a town or city centre unless you're absolutely desperate and there's no alternative. Apart from the social aspects there are important public health considerations to bear in mind.

Ron. Fortunately I've never had problems using toilets abroad and thus far I've not needed to take a plunger with me when travelling.

farrowlani. Thanks for letting us know about your colonoscopy. Glad it went well and I hope you're soon feeling better.

Sara. In my schooldays I remember there were one or two cases of teachers getting desperate and having close calls but I don't recall any having accidents. Maybe it's not that uncommon though given the nature of the job and the possibility of having to work for hours without a proper loo break.

Suzanne. Thanks for your kind words. I hope you managed to have an enjoyable poo at some stage over the weekend. I've been a regular here (pun intended) for several years and there's plenty of information about the background to my 'interest' in some of my older posts.

Ginny. I enjoyed your post about Heather and her friend Maxine. However, if Heather's really got IBS and wheat and milk trigger the problem, I'd gently but firmly impress upon her the importance of avoiding foods which contain either. I have mild IBS and cooked tomatoes are my nemesis. Whilst I can get away with eating the odd one as a rule, I'd certainly avoid them in quantity, especially if I was going out for the day to a place with limited loo accommodation.

Charlotte. In view of your unexpected continence problems I would advise seeing a doctor and taking medical advice straight away. Whilst the cause may not necessarily be serious - and most probably isn't - it's nevertheless affecting your quality of life and that's one good reason to take prompt medical advice. Hope you get on okay.

Best wishes to all

Janet from Wisconsin
HEy Everyone~

Well I am new to this site but I thought I would begin by sharing the most awesome poop experience of my life. First of all I am 19, Female, 5'5", blonde. So me and my friend Cassie were coming back from class having a long talk about our weekend. We got to her house when all of the sudden she says.." I have to have a poo do you want to come in and continue talking?" I wasn't gonna miss this oppurtunity....cuz she is the biggest girly girl you will ever meet. So we go in there i sit on the tub and she peels down her pantyhoes and thong...hikes up her skirt and sits. So I say to her..." so anyways as I was saying," and she says...." Hold on...." and all of the sudden....brrrrnt....plop plop.....pfffft....plop plop plop...." oooh that felt good...okay J...(she calls me J) we talked a lil more while she pooped it was like 3 min into hers when this cramp hit me and i said " cassie i am so sorry but the t-bell is hitting me too, i need to poop in your tub....i lowered my jeans and panties and had explosive farts and poop for about ten minutes as cassie was kind of a turn on....any girls have pooping stories with their friends?...share away...


let's hear some more thanksgiving poop stories. desperation where a family member was going and u could hardly wait. when u were a teen ager during thanks giving. the younger ones especcially like ur stories. well happy pooping all.

I can't believe some people enjoyed accidents. I hated them. Ive pooped my pants many times on this type of occation. LAZINESS. I remember one time when I was like 15! 15! WOW. I still cant believe it but I was in my room on the computer and felt the urge to poop. But I was in a chat room talking to my friends and did not want to get up to use it so I continued to hold it. Well My ass got very sticky and a lil poped out of my ass. I thought nothing big you know. But then I got very desperate and I got up to used the bathroom and my friend messaged me and I had to answer back but as I was answering her it got to much for me and I totally pooped my pants. It was very preventable but I didnt and I felt like a baby here i was a 15 year old crapping her pants! Thats the last big accident Ive had. I do leave streaks in my panties sometimes for the simple fact that I wait to long but never do I totally mess my pants!

Whatever happened to Trinity. I liked his story.

guest (male)
hi, I have got problems with my embrasing sounds when I take a dump. Does someone now a method to avoide this sounds?

Ron: I know what you mean about those foreign toilets being clogged easily. My folks and I traveled around Europe a lot when I was younger and found that out real fast. My Dad used to do these whopper turds that just hung around and had to be broken up with the plunger......(he still does!!!! LOL) After that we always brought a plunger on our trips and there were times when I would purposely hold in my crap so that when I did go it would be big and clog the toilet...........ah those memorable trips...............Ciao Nancy :o)

Midwest Jim
Justine-I grew up a Southern redneck in the woods with just about the same bathroom habits as you had on the farm in Ohio. Now that I live in the Midwest, my friends are amazed that when we're walking through the wildlife center, I'll pull my peter out and piss while we're walking. I don't even think about it. What I'm amazed at is the concrete walking paths through the woods and elaborate bathroom facilities. It's outside, damn it.
Anyway, your post gave me a grin.

Daniel (Danny)
Yesterday i was playing football with my friends at a sports club. While i was playing i felt the urge to do both. I waited until we finished to go and change at the boys dressing rooms.I found me and my friends were the only ones there at the moment. I went to the restroom that was in there and took a stall. Charlie went there and took the stall next to me. Well, they are nt stalls like the ones you usually find when you go to the bathroom, they are like small bathrooms with toilet and sink.I started peeing . It took me about 30 seconds to finish.Because i was peeing standing i sat down when i finished. I pulled own my pants to my thighs and started pushing. I could hear from charlie's stall plop,pause for 10 seconds,plop, pause ,plop,pause. I thought he was pooping small logs. Well, i pushed and pushed but the poop didnt want to come out. I pushed and grunted until a big hard poop started coming out. I continued grunting and pushing and the log was coming out very slowly. Then i relaxed a little. The log was hanging from my butt when i heard footsteps. I heard the door of Charlie's stall was opening and a little boy said:"sorry, me and my sister have to go to the bathroom,i am going to try to find another stall." ¿SISTER? What was a girl doing there? My stall door opened and the 6 year old boy and his 3 year old sister entered. He said:"oh no, me and my sister really have to go." I asked him if my friends let him come in. He said yes because they didnt mind and there wasnt any adult or any other boy there.So i told them thatv they would have to wait.I started pushing again and after 3 more minutes all the log came out.I pushed again and two softer logs came out.The first one was huge about 12 iches long and very thick. I got up and flushed and told them to sit down. I started wiping and the girl sat down and peed.While i was wiping the girl got up and the boy sat down. I pulled up my pants and the boy pulled his down. I saw him poop 3 soft logs. While i was washing my hands he just sat there waiting for me to leave and let him wipe. I left and went with the others and asked them if they let them come in and they said yes. Then we left.

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