-to Northern Chick. Hi, I am sorry I took so long to respond to your question on page 1314. To try to answer your guestion about what brand of overnight maxi pad I had on, they were Kotex with wings. They will work fairly well if one has to pee and just goes in them. The thing is I went very slowly into the pad. I was to afraid to go all at once. So how did your experiance go? Did your brand of pads absorb it all? You were asking about the Goodnites to. I think that if I had the choice, I would much rather go in the Goodnites than the pads. The Goodnites are amayzing. I took some of the Goodnites from the trip. I bought them so I took the rest that the rest of the girls did not use. Since then I have used the left over Goodnites for nothing important, but I have used them. I bought the girls version of Goodnites and I have no idea what the difference is between them and the boys besides the design. They work so well, I have learned that I can pee in them about three times, two still being comfortable. I also have gone number two in them and found that I can go and not be to uncomfortable for a while and still have a couple of pees in it. I would strongly recomend them for a situation where you know you will not have a bathroom ahead of time. We both know what it is like not having a bathroom handy.


First, follow through on the appointment with the doctor. Surgery would be highly unlikely at this point. Find out what the doctor says and go on from there. Next, you might go back through the last month or so of posts by farrowlani, she has gone through testing that is likely to be similar to what your doctor will suggest. Something you can try is to cut out milk products for a couple of weeks. Often enough the problem is simply lactose intolerance. If it is, cutting milk products out of your diet for a couple of weeks should make a big difference. If not, there is no harm done and you just continue on with the testing with your doctor.

I forgot to mention that as I was sitting in the wheelchair on the sidewalk with the nurse, waiting for my mom to pull up the car, I graciously thanked him for letting me used the bathroom and said, "Thank you for letting me go to the bathroom. Stuff did come out." And he said, "Oh ok."

Since the procedure, it took me a few days to regain my full appetite (yesterday was my first day eating three meals). Also, I keep drinking volumes of water and keep peeing every hour. But I have lost a lot of weight, which makes me happy. I am already thin to begin with, but outgrew the pants I fit last year, and am now am almost able to fit them:).
Has anyone else had this drinking water problem after having a colonoscopy?

I had to go into the office today (Saturday)... YUCK! I hate working weekends. Especially since I had to get up at 5 to boot...
On the bright side, at I passed a excellent load during one of my trips to the mens room.
It was one of those types of BMs that leave you very satisfied indeed. My jobbie was 2" wide and 15" easily (but probably longer, as a good sized piece broke off near the bottom), and came out in one go. No effort at all...
Before I even saw it, I knew it was going to be a good one. The feeling it gave me at it came out and the sound it made as it slipped into the water alerted me that I would be pleased with what I was going to see.
And I was very... VERY... pleased indeed.
The poop was such a welcome surprise that I didn't even wait 'til I knew I was done before turning around and taking a good look.

My only wish is that it could have been more solid. The log had excellent length, thickness and colour, but it was one of those types of stool that would dissolve on it's own in about an hour our two if you just left you just left it in the water.

After my 4th wipe I still saw some stuff on the TP, but very little. Good enough... and I kind of liked the idea that I might leave a small skidmark in my y-fronts. A nice reminder of the event when I'm doing my laundry later this week.

For a second I did consider simply leaving my movement for someone else to see, but I knew that wasn't going to happen... There were only 2 or 3 other guys in the office today and it wouldn't take a genius to figure out who did the deed if someone complained.

Having to toss that 'softball' out with the trash may not have been fun, but just be thankfull that you weren't the person who had to pass that huge thing!

I tend to do my jobbies in the afternoon. If you've got nothing else better to do, a search through the message archive should come up with a BM log I kept for a week or so. It had the times & a brief description of what happened during each day's movement(s).

I'm a bit puzzled... It's not quite clear from your post if there was an actual medical reason for your incontenance or if you simply prefer to go in diapers? Either way, there's nothing wrong with that... I'm simply curious.
The people here would like to hear more of your experiences. Of that, I am sure.

My consipation subsided a bit this past week. I've been able to pass a number of good, chunky stools recently. Probably because I'm eating cereal for breakfast. Getting a bit a grain into my diet...
The one a did this morning (an unusual time for me actually), appeared to be a conglomeration of smaller bits. At ~6" long & 1.5" wide, it wasn't big. However, the relief it gave me when it came out was quite substantial. I hate waking up with that 'bloated' feeling...
Pushing it out took a tad of effort, but once it started coming it pretty much slid out by itself.
When I was done, I wiped 3 times. A small amount of residue brown/yellowish residue was left on the TP on the fist 2 wipes, but nothig on the third.


Girls in the U.S., hoping to read your stories about your dumps of the morning after Thanksgiving, also very interested to hear from anyone who might have happened to put their post-TG load on the scale to find out its precise weight. Mine was 340 grams, nothing spectacular, but i'm getting old and i don't dump like i used to. Peace LL

Has anyone walked in on someone using a public toilet by mistake? Were they decent?

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Now I'm not exactly your quiet and retiring type - I have no qualms about being loud, showing off to an audience or peeing in front of anyone. Most of my friends know that I'll quite happily lift my skirt/drop my pants and pee anywhere regardless of who is looking - and why not? What's so wrong with something as natural as peeing? Me and my sisters grew up on a farm in Ohio and if we were in the middle of nowhere, we'd just pee where we were. The only thing you had to be carefuly of was that you sheltered from the wind or it would blow the pee against your legs.

As I got older (and moved to New York for college then work) everyone would be shocked at my peeing habits. I didn't really drink until I got to New York, and one thing in particular sticks in my mind. Very often we would go into the city to drink in bars, and if we were between drinking places, everyone else would be doing a pee dance, but I would just go where I was (just taking a quick look to see if there were any cops about first. I have peed by most of the tourist attraction in midtown NY, in front of hundreds of people at a time. I think all of my friends have seen my butt now!

One really memorable time from college was the first time I pooped in public in NY. As a child, we would go to bushes to poop rather than in the middle of fields as that was what we were taught to do, and I kind of held back from pooping in public in the city. Once when I was drunk (and still only 19...) I had to go so bad, and we were by the library, walking to Time Square with very few places near that had bathrooms. For a pee I would have just squatted and used the gutter, but I wasn't sure how a poo would go down. I had been holding on to it for a while, and it felt uncomfortable. My friends were wondering what was wrong, and when I told them I needed to poo they were a bit grossed out, but I had to find somewhere soon. I thought about looking for the first fast food place that had bathrooms, but then noticed an open top dumpster in the park at the end of the block. The edge looked rough, so I took off my sweatshirt and put it over the edge for padding, pulled down my panties and managed to pull myself onto the edge and aim my butt over the edge. I pooed a lovely relieving turd into that dumpster, peed the beer I had just drank, and just sat there after feeling a cool breeze on my bare butt. I always carried tissue in my purse which I wiped with and put that in the dumpster too.

My friends were grossed out, but why???? Everyone poos, from pauper to president!!! I am married now, so a little decorum is required, but occasionally I still pee in public, and I have pooped in fields, on construction sites, in public trash cans, over a bridge and into a plastic bag in my own back yard when the water was turned off. It's a natural thing, and no one should be ashamed of pooping anywhere, as long as it's not left anywhere that is inconsiderate to others. That's how I feel anyway!

Janet from Wisconsin
HEy Everyone~

Well I am new to this site but I thought I would begin by sharing the most awesome poop experience of my life. First of all I am 19, Female, 5'5", blonde. So me and my friend Cassie were coming back from class having a long talk about our weekend. We got to her house when all of the sudden she says.." I have to have a poo do you want to come in and continue talking?" I wasn't gonna miss this oppurtunity....cuz she is the biggest girly girl you will ever meet. So we go in there i sit on the tub and she peels down her pantyhoes and thong...hikes up her skirt and sits. So I say to her..." so anyways as I was saying," and she says...." Hold on...." and all of the sudden....brrrrnt....plop plop.....pfffft....plop plop plop...." oooh that felt good...okay J...(she calls me J) we talked a lil more while she pooped it was like 3 min into hers when this cramp hit me and i said " cassie i am so sorry but the t-bell is hitting me too, i need to poop in your tub....i lowered my jeans and panties and had explosive farts and poop for about ten minutes as cassie was kind of a turn on....any girls have pooping stories with their friends?...share away...


Helo, I am back to give a follow up. Ever since the experiance in my first post, I have taken girls goodnites around with me in my purse for emergancys. Last Saturday I went to the mall with some of my friends. regardless of what happened before, I went into the bathroom because of the urge to go after we had eaten all kinds of junk Friday and Saturday Afternoon. Well, after I was done with my business I reached over to get toilet paper. There was none there. When I went into the stall I had to go so bad that I didn't even look to see if there was paper or not. This was a very messy dump, and I didn't want to just not clean myself. I had no choice though. I had my favorite pair of panties on and I didn't want to stain them to badly, so I got in my purse and got one of my backup maxi pads out and put it on. Wearing an overnight maxi pad during the day is uncomfortable, but it is ok. The only thing about wearing the big pads are that since I enjoy farting, I can fart really hard and not get my nice panties dirty. Later on that day at home, I still had the pad on and had to go again. I just wondered thought how much an overnight maxi pad would hold though. So I decided to expirament and pee in the pad. So I went up to my room and changed out of my clothes into my swimsuit bottoms and put the pad in my bikini. I did this because if it leaked I could just get in the shower with the swimsuit on and wash the urine out. I pee through it at the beach anyway. So I went into my bathroom wearing the pad and bikini and stood in the shower. Then I decided to start peeing in little spurts. I started and the pad absorbed it well. Only at the end a little leaked, but my bikini kind of absorbed the rest. Then I had to poop again and tried to figure if I should try to go in the pad just for fun. The pad was already really dirty since I wore it all day farting, while not having cleaned my hind quarters after a very jucy dump. So I farted and some liquidy poop came out. So far the pad had held everything. I pushed a little more and went a good bit. The pad bulged alot, but everything still stayed in the pad and just pushed forward. So then I changed and cleaned up which was very hard. So I may be able to just use these pads instead of the Goodnites, but I almost fell in love with the Goodnites. I do not have any incontinance problems, but they just make me not wory so much. Just yesterday I went to the store for my mom. The bathrooms there are terrible, so that is an example of a place where I will wear the Goodnites. I can just pee right there while shopping and not have to go to the discusting bathrooms. I love the new girls goodnites, they are even better than the old ones for boys and girls. I can just let everything go at full speed about three times. The other number I just go one time in the Goodnites. They have never leaked and are not uncomfotable after going in them. So I peed in the store then on the way home I went number 2. I just love not having to worry about getting to a toilet or having to hold it. When I wear them I just go when I need to go. I wear them alot with nylon sweat pants so there is no chance of any bulge or sound. Goodnites are also good for outdoor activities. I have worn them whitewater rafting and hikeing.

I've always been a lurker, but I never really had anything interesting to add until last week.

For the record, I'm about 5'4, 16 years old, about 125 lbs. with brown hair/eyes.

My class went on a field trip one Friday. We were on our way home around 11 PM that night, and I desperately had to pee. It was only about a half-hour back, but I doubted I could make it. I didn't have a cup or other receptacle handy, so I looked around. I was in a seat by myself, and my friend across the aisle was asleep. No one else was paying attention, so I carefully hiked up my skirt and lowered my tights and panties. Turning around, so my back was against the seat in front of me, and my butt/crotch was in the gap between the seats, I covered my lap with my jacket and slowly started to pee. I did it slowly, so no one would hear me, but people were talking and no one could. When I finished, I reached into my pocket and wiped with a tissue, which I threw out the window. There was a puddle on the floor under my seat, but no one saw. It felt so good to be able to pee!

I don't usually go in odd places, but I really enjoyed that. I've read the posts on this site, and know what people do, like going in a car park, Does anyone have any advice about places/positions I can try?

When I have been abroad I always like to make sure there is a plunger
available because some toilets abroad dont flush very good especially if you have just done a really big dump.

Has anybody else found the same thing about toilets abroad?

Happy Thanksgiving All,
Sorry it has been a while since I've posted but things have been kind of crazy.

I had a nice dinner with my honey yesterday.....we stopped by my folks place later for dessert and I brought them some of my homemade chestnut stuffing. I cooked dinner for my honey and me. He was so sweet though and helped a lot but he still has problems with that pesky constipation.

At my folks place he started having cramps and Mom asked him if he was ok....he said he has been blocked up for about 3 days and she said she knew just the thing. My folks believe in taking a laxative everyday to keep things regular.

She gave him some metamucil and told him to go relax for a while..........after about an hour he was going like crazy...........poor guy couldn't stay off the toilet and I was worried about driving the half hour back to my apartment but he made it just fine. When we got back he asked if I could give him an enema........I said ok but you've been going pretty good are you sure and he said yes, please. So I did..............we enjoyed the experience and I told him to stay at my place tonight since his bowels were unstable...............he did and at midnight he wanted another enema. He says I do it just right.

What a Thanksgiving!!!!! is a nice day so my honey and I are going for a pee in our favorite one should be there today......tee hee hee

Ciao Nancy :o)

Midwest Jim
Happy Turkey Eatin' and Shittin' Day (a day late, but what the hell...)

Ironically, I bailed on the whole 3-hour family drive this year and ate at Sonic. I waived my right to a turkey shit. Wah...

Sitting at my desk at the office, I felt an urge to go. Not strong though. I could have waited a much longer, but I felt like a break anyway so I made my way to the Men's washroom in the office.

At last... After a week of gassy constipation (especially today), I was able to pass several good sized logs this evening at work. Nothing spectacular, even by my megar standards, but satisfying none-the-less. Two were about 6" long and 1 1/2" wide. They were a soft brown/yellow - a bit darker & more solid than the stuff you see when you poop a long 'rope' or 'snake'. The third one I think was the last bit of hard, consipated material in my system. It was a much darker brown... The slightly darker than the ideal colour I like to see when I pass something into the toilet.

It was *such* a relief to see something substantial as the fruit of my 5 or 10 minutes of effort - rather than just 2 or 3 small hard 'marbles' sitting there under the toilet water. I stared for a few minutes at my jobbies and the word "FINALLY" kept going through my mind.

My desire to take a good long look at them now satisfied, I made two wipes with the TP (and didn't notice anything on them actually), then flushed. No skid marks or anything was left. The high pressure flush cleared out all evidence of my efforts in a second or two.


It's just not been a good week for me and pooping. I had been up for about half an hour this morning when my ???? started to feel funny and make gurgling noises. I went to the toilet and had soft poop, two or three pieces. I had some errands to run this afternoon and while I was out I noticed pressure building down there again. I had to pee too, and my bladder and bowels both felt uncomfortably full. When I got home I peed and had some more soft poop, four big chunks this time. I felt better until a couple hours ago when the gurgles started again. For the past hour or so I have been laying on the couch with a noisy, aching ???? and lots of gas. I think maybe I'm getting a stomach bug or something. I feel like I need to poop again but nothing wants to come out. My ???? aches and is rumbling like crazy. I'll keep you guys posted.

Why aren't my poops thick? I take fiber pills which should add bulk, and my diet is normal.

My 105lb girlfriend poops are really big.

desperate to poop
Intersting experience on the train the other day. Before we left the toilet in our carriage had the engaged sign lit. The Conductor said a message over the tannoy about not using the toilet whilst in the station. Shortly after we left about 15 mins later he came checking the tickets and the toilet was still engaged. He went an knocked on the door and said come out you've been in there 15 mins I want to check your ticket. He obviously thought he/she (turned out to be a she) was fare dodging. Now i've no idea if she was but the engaged sign went off and then shortly after he left and it immediately went back on. What was interesting is was that acceptable, after all I've often spent 15 mins on the toilet taking my time. When she left I went to have a look and a quick dump myself. There was a small smell off poop but nothing to suggest a big dump (unfortunately). I had a small poop just a few 8 inchers. Has anyone else ever been disturbed like that?

Im a celebarity get me out of here is on again in the UK now. I always like that. The toilets must be a shock for a lot of the people on the show especially some of the women probably used to a nice toilet :)


I enjoyed reading your story and can relate to it. Last Monday I and two girls from the bank I work for went to lunch at a Mexican resturant. We ordered different items from the menu. I ordered Relleno and Chicken Chimichanga. Half of the Chimi is covered with cheese Enchilada sauce and the other with Red. Also served with Mexican rice and beans. Everything tasted good except the sauce seamed a little sour. However I was hungry and one of the other girls had the same sauce and thought that it tasted Ok. After finishing our meals and returning back to work everything was going great for the first hour , then my stomach started to churn and make noises like it did when I had the stomach flu. I asked Linda if she felt alright? She said that she felt fine but Shelly was in the restroom with diarrhea. Thinking that my upset stomach would eventually get better I continued to work, I had no cramps, diarrhea or nausea. It did feel some what better at 5 p.m. As I walked out to my car I asked Shelly how she was feeling? She said that she didn't know if she had the stomach flu or if it might of been what she had for lunch but she had had diarrhea 4 time since lunch. In my car I decided to go to Wal-Mart and purchase some groceries since my husband and daughter wouldn't be home until late as he was going to take her to the library after work. As I was shopping my stomach started to churn, I was thinking that I had better hurry in case it lead to something else.As I stood in line to be checked out, my stomach started cramping. Finally it was my turn and I hoped the girl checking me out would hurry as the cramps were getting worse. At one point I felt like diarrhea was about to escape from my rectum. I quickly clinched my butt cheeks together. The checker finished and I loaded my cart with five sacks and quickly made my way out to my car.When I arrived at my car I had a major cramp and I bent over clutching my stomach and despertly trying to hold my butt cheeks together. On the fifteen minute drive home I had several close calls. After pulling into my driveway I carried three parishable sacks to the house. When unlocking the door I almost lost it after another cramp. After inside I set the bags onto the counter and started down the hallway toward the bathroom when I was hit my a severe cramp that doubled me over. I couldn't hold it any longer and two waves of diarrhea gushed out of me.I started to standup when another wave of diarrhea hit. To make matters worse I had worn a thong and white pants that day.When I finally made it to the bathroom I slowly pulled my pants down and tried to empty the diarrhea into the toilet. It looked like chilli and water. After doing that I threw them and what was once a nice white thong into the waste basket. As I did that I felt another diarrhea attack about to happen. I quickly moved toward the toilet, but before I could get seated diarrhea gushed out, some of it landed on the toilet seat, but most in the toilet. I hovered over the toilet and had another two waves of diarrhea. After I took a shower I had two more bouts of diarrhea in the next two hours before my daughter and husband arrived home. After that I felt fine.Iam thankfull they didn't have to witness my ordeal. However my husband has seen and cleaned up after accidents I had during my bout of the stomach flu a weak ago. Also my husband hasn't caught the stomach flu yet! It is amazing since he was around my daughter and me.

Have a nice Thanks Giving everyone!


Hi my name is Sara, i'm 29 and i'm a high school biology teacher. i wanted to read here because i know there are always people with stories about "having accidents" when they were in high school, but i wanted to see if anyone had stories about teacher's having accidents!

OK, i've always had control difficulties and i have accidents every once in a while, but the worst were the two that happened while i was teaching high school bio...yeah, i felt like dying the time i peed my pants during an assemply in 11th grade, but nothing compared to what happened my second year teaching when i was 25. I had a class of all 9th graders and it was first period. it was about 6 weeks into the year and i was feeling pretty comfortable. well, on this day i had a lot of coffee because i had been up late grading lab write ups. i was trying to get through the preparation for the lab and going over everything they had to do, but i had to pee REALLY voice got a little scratchy and i thing squeezing my legs together and squirming a little gave away a hint that i needed to pee, because i few kids chuckled. anyway i quickly got things underway and i rushed to sit behind my desk to try and hold it in better. i was going to look for some paper that i could say i had to go get photocopied and i'd leave the room. when i sat down i felt this intenst tingling between my legs and a sudden rush of pee make it's way into my pants causing my crotch to soak instantly. before i knew it i just felt this warm tingling flowing between my legs throughout my crotch and the warmth spreading up my butt. i couldn't believe it!! i was the teacher and i was peeing my pants behind my desk! that was soo incredibly humiliating..i apologized so much to my class and i left the room shaking! i resigned by the second semester.

but something worse happened in the new school i taught at.

it was my 4th year teaching, my 3rd at the particular school so i was very comfortable and starting to have a bit of a reputation. i was 28 and this year i had to teach a remedial chemistry class for 10th and 11th grade kids. well this one day i was feeling awful since i woke up...i had a big accident involving diahrrea in my underwear when i got out of bed that morning, and my stomach was acting up all day, but it was the last class before midterm exams, so i just took some immodium and prayed i'd get through it...i felt fine for most of the day, not many urges, i only had on instance where i was afraid i was going to have an accident but i realized i had enough control over it, and the feeling went away. eventually lunch came around, i ate and then moved onto the second half of the day. i was teaching in my remedial chem class and i just had some new notes up on the screen for them to take down and i lectured. all the sudden my stomach just gurgled and churned and a sharp...volt like sensation of urgency to poop shot right through my butt! i instantly was desperate to poop and i just hunched forward and gasped infront of everyone...someone asked if i was okay, and i said "im fine..just a cramp..." i tried to straighten up, but the need to go was so bad with painful diahhrea that there was a terrible cramp in my butt that made it hurt to stand up straight. beyond my control, i let loose a very loud fart that relieved a lot of pressure..but also poured diahrrea into my black pants...and to make matters worse my pants were right so the liquid poop just spread all up my butt and in all directions when it came into my pants...i lost all control and started pooping myself badly, and it flowed all across and up my butt and down my legs as i waddled out of the room and burst into tears. that did it. nothing worse than having massive diahrrea in your pants infront of your high school class..i stood in the hall completely in tears and i could just feel this warm, wet, disugsting mushy mess all over my butt and down the back of my of the office secretaries came rushing down the hall hearing my sobbing, and grabbed me and asked what was the matter...when she got one look at my bottom, she almost threw up...she didn't even give me a chance to clean up or anyting, she signed me out for the day and sent my right to my car....didn't even finish that class...

that was the worst accident i ever had.

Mr. Clogs
To JSMermaid: I liked your story about using the bucket for roadside pooping session. I guess those buckets do come in handy in desperate situations.

To Louise: I liked your parking garage peeing experience. Must be pretty daring to take a piss in a public parking garage. I hoped your husband enjoyed the free show.

To Justin: Thanks for the info, I steer away from those bathrooms there on Avenue A and 10th St. I find someplace clean or half way decent to relieve myself.

Last time I've been to the city, I mean (NYC), I noticed that the subway platforms smell like strong old pee, so bad that you can't breath downthere. Also when I ride the bus to work, I notice that the bus smells like pee too. You could see the dried up liquid trails that someone had taken a piss at, or if they were using a container to piss into missed their target and get on the bus floor. That's one of the reasons why I don't like to take the bus. Well gotta go, take care everybody and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.

Shock em All
One time, while I was attending church with my grandparents, I felt like I had to go to the bathroom really bad. It was nasty. I was 15 at the time. Well, I was singing some hymns, thinking I would make it to the end of the service...that didn't happen. I ended up shitting myself and slipping on the wood floors of the church because my own mess ran down my legs and over my shoes. I don't think God has forgiven me.

Johhny B. Good

You never told us how that Saturday morning went - when you were going to wake up Rich because you couldnt hold it anymore. All details, please. I love your posts - I really get a charge out of them. I just cant get my wife to see this activity as fun or erotic. Hmmmm, I wonder what she would think if I showed her your posts. Maybe. And please - a description of yourself would be great for my imagination. And good luck with your Lucy mission!

Johnny B.

This site is so funny! Interesting as well. I did not know there were so many people willing to share their bathroom stories.

I'll put in my two cents. When I was thirteen, I was at my uncle's farm for Thanksgiving. It was really cold out, but he decided to give the kids a hay-ride anyway. We all loaded on the wagon and the tractor started pulling us down the trail.

As we went, I started to feel the need to fart. I held it in, but the more we bounced the worse it got. After afew minutes I had bad cramps. I leaned to my cousin and said, "I really have to fart."

She said, "Just do it. No one will hear, we're outside." It was noisy and breezy, so I went ahead and let it rip. Biggest mistake of my life up to that point. A big glob of diarrhea blew out of my ass and splattered into my underpants. Being seated, it squashed up in my butt crack.

I almost jumped up, but decided to remain seated and clean myself upo when we got back. But whereas a fart might have dissipated, this didn't, and pretty much everyone was looking around for who let such a nasty fart loose. I don't know why, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I said, "Sorry, I couldn't hold it."

I don't know if anyone figured out that I had actually shit my pants or just farted, but I didn't bother to find out. When we got back to the house, I jumped off and waddled to the house and took a shower. My shitty panties wound up in the garbage.

Not my best moment. Not my worst, though. TTFN

looking forward to hearing all those after thanksgiving dinner loads. especcially those with family and from the younger ones. good eating and shitting. send the stories.

OK Now a story about a boys' bathroom. One of the urinals didn't flush very well. All of the others were fine, so the problem had to be with this particular one. We disconnected the flush valve, cut the caulk around the urinal, undid the bolts at the bottom around the trap, and carefully lifted it from the hangers. (We had already tried plunging, and when that doesn't work, you have to pull them). There was a KETCHUP packet wedged just right in the outlet. We removed it and it worked fine. From then on we used the screens which prevent this typed of problem.

I woke up at around 7:45 with an urge to unload. Same thing happened at 8 a.m. I was quite surprised that I was still passing diarrhea. Then at 9:15, I laid out a towel on the bathroom floor, pulled down my shorts and panties, and inserted enema into my ass. A few minutes later, I was on the toilet and began to squirt out liquid that felt cold, which therefore made me feel like I wanted to puke. Then I started getting mild cramps and began pushing, but nothing came out. Meanwhile, my butthole burning. I felt constipated. Then after ten minutes of pushing, more liquid shit came out. After a few minutes of releasing the liquid, I finally felt relief and did not have an urge to go afterward.
Mom and I went to the hospital and checked in at around 10:45 a.m. I dressed into a gown, which my mom had to help me with the back part, and we found out that there was only 1 tie and it was by my neck, so I had to move carefully so I didn't expose my ass to the world (they had a curtain covering my part of the room, but my mom was sitting next to the door, which was open. Then a couple lady nurses came in and asked questions and took my vital signs. One of them hooked up an IV. Then they left. Then the anesthesist guy nurse (is that the right term?) came in and asked some more questions, explained the anesthesia stuff and that I will feel an ache in my wrist or a burn, and the side effects (the other nurses explained those stuff too, but he said I may have vivid dreams). He asked if I was nervous, so I said, "To be honest, yes I am." I love needles and normally don't get nervous around them, but I was this time. Plus the hospital was cold, and the IV has making my right hand colder than my left. He left.
The two lady nurses (one of them the same one, and a different nurse) came in and wheeled me into the endoscopy room. There I was met by the other nurse, with a few other lady nurses and the anesthesia guy. To help calm my nerves and get me thinking good thoughts so I have good dreams if any, he put on calm local Hawaiian music (not the kind Hawaiian music you're thinking of, unless you live here in the islands) by an artist I like. He also told me to think of nice thoughts, so I said, "I'm thinking of my Lord Jesus". He smiled and said, "Okay, that's good." I told the nurses that I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. The guy said, "It's just gas. Just let it out. It's ok." So I did=). It felt good. I noticed that there was a tv screen that was black and white so I said, "Is that the screen that you guys look through?" And the guy said, "Yes. But don't worry. That's not your butt."(it did show a picture of something on the screen, dunno what it was). And I laughed and said, "I'd be worried if it was!" Then as he proceeded with the anesthesia, he said, "Okay, you're going to feel the ache soon." Then it started going in and I said, "Yeah, I feel the it feels like someone punched my wrist...Owwwie!" And I kept saying "Owwie!" because the pain got worse. It got so intense that I began crying. All he could say was, "It's ok. The pain will be gone soon." Now, for those who don't know me, I have a tattoo and I didn't think it hurt at all, and tend to tolerate pain well, especially infront of people. Then I remember trying to stay awake till the doctor came in, but the next thing I knew, I was being wheeled to my room. The nurse left, and came back. I was like, "Is it done already?" And she said, "Yep."
Then another male (African American) nurse came in and asked if I wanted juice (he named the types) or water to drink, so me being too weak to make conversation just said, "Sure, whatever you've got." So he brought a pint of guava juice (POG--brand name in Hawaii for Passion Orange Guava)---wait, now it occurs to me that he wasn't giving choices of juice, he was naming just one! LOL--I guess I was too drugged out. He asked if I wanted crackers, so he went to get some. By the time he came back, the juice was gone. So he got me more juice. I was too weak to eat all the crackers, just three. He took my vital signs and I told him that I needed to use the bathroom. He said to just pass gass (I was already doing that), but I told him, "I think more than gass is going to come out." So he sent for a lady nurse with a wheelchair and she helped me into the bathroom right before my mom came into my room. When I sat on the toilet, I pushed and a loud, bubbly fart lasting three seconds came out and liquid stuff landed in the toilet. I kind of had the urge to pee but couldn't get my bladder to work at the time. Meanwhile, the nurse let me have my privacy. When she came back, I washed my hands and she helped me back into the wheelchair into the room. The doctor came in and talked to my mom so when I came back, my mom told me that from what the doctor could see, nothing was wrong=).
Then a few minutes later, the African American nurse wheeled me out to the parking lot but as we were getting there I said, "I think I need to go to the bathroom again" and my mom said, "Can you hold it?" And I said, "Yeah, I think so". The urge to pee was getting little stronger, but bearable. So my mom got the car and pulled it up to the sidewalk and they helped me into the car.
I made it home to the bathroom where I gushed out 30 seconds of pee (a lot for me). I laid in bed and my mom brought soup and my crackers from the hospital. So I turned on my wireless laptop and have been online in the comfort of my bed for almost all afternoon. All I've eaten was the soup, crackers, and a banana but I have been drinking lots of water and juice. I've been passing noisy, bubbly gass into the toilet every 30 minutes or so, plus peeing. It is now 6:30 p.m. Wow, I didn't realize how long this was going to be. I hope it gets posted! I gotta pee and possibly pass more loud gass. Hope you guys enjoyed the story!

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but after my last post, (to you), I shut down my laptop and couldn't get it to restart till I replaced the motherboard. I've caught up with reading the posts and am glad to see you're heading to the colonoscopy with a great attitude. I'll be watching to see how it goes.

I've been following your posts and the replies to them. I'm a parent of 4, two grown and on their own as well as a girl 14 and boy 12. Both girls at about age 12 went through a stage where they had an elevated level of "accidents". I use the parentheses because I'm still not sure just how accidental it all was. My oldest daughter pooped her pants once to twice a month for about a year. I suspect that most of the time it was a case of just not bothering to until the need became great and then didn't really care about letting it go in her pants. There didn't seem to be any medical reason for this. My younger daughter went through a similar stage except she would wait till we were well away from bathrooms, tell me she had to pee, to which she would be told we'd leave within a couple of minutes and find her a bathroom. Each time before we got in the car she'd tell me never mind she had just wet her pants. She admitted that she kind of liked the feeling of wetting. The boys had their own problems, not near as frequent but from the time they were potty trained to about age 12-13 they would occasionally stay out playing till it was too late to make it home in time.
Because it was apparent that the girls were mostly allowing these accidents to happen both received talks about the potential consequences of their accidents, physical(irritation/infection), as well as social. The children were also required to clean themselves, the bathroom, and their clothes after accidents. This was not done as punishment, but was explained to them that if they were going to be having accidents they would have to know how to deal with the associated problems themselves. The kids are now more accident free than their parents. Their mother and I both have medical problems, mine IBS and a surgeon that damaged the muscles, her the damage that can come from delivering four healthy 8lb children.
It sounds like you are dealing with this pretty well on your own. If I remember right you have a doctors appointment set for about a week from now. Don't let the alarmist posts upset you, talk your concerns over with the doctor, let him see what he can find, and go from there. As for diapers or not, that should be between you and your daughter. Maybe diapers at school and regular clothes the rest of the time. Diapers don't stop the smell though protection from the accident soaking through may help your daughter to get away from classmates without the embarrassment of others learning about her problems. Most likely this will pass.

Daniel (Danny)
I wqs thinking about the time i went to the woods with my friends. I was walking with them in the woods.We were George, robert, 2 cousins and Melissa.Well,i needed to poop, but it was not a real emergenncy. One of George's mother friend had two girls. Well, i decided to walk away with Robert and Melissa. When i got to an outhouse, i saw one of the girls sitting down with a look on her face thet indicated that she needed to poop. I asked why didnt she use the outhouse and she said because her sister was peeing. I asked if anyone had to go urgently. Only Melissa said so. I walked with her until we got to some bushes and i told her to squat.She did so and i told her to pull her pants and panties down to her knees and go. She peed a yellow large stream and then 2 medim sized logs came out. I think they were firm. Well, i had to pee to and then i peed there. I didnt want to poop there so i went back to the outhouse. By tha time we arrived there the other girl was straining and pooping. For my surprise the place had a little hole at the back where you could see everything .I saw her butt and the logs coming out. She made 3 soft lgs and then very mushy poop. She grunted all the process. She stayed there for 20 min. When she came out i couldnt wait and neither do Robert. We both went there and pulled down our pants to our knees and i grunted like this:uunggh, unngh. And then a huge log started coming out. I heard Robert strain and plop,pause, plop plop plop, pause. I made the soft log came out and then 3 small logs came out. We still had to poop more. Robert grunted:unngh. And then more plops. I grunted and when my next log started coming out i could hear giggling. When my log came out i could feel one last one coming but i got up and where the hole was i could see the girls watching. I told them please to go and they did except for Meli, who asked permission. I told her yes. I started pushing one soft log when Robert said:"Why dont we finish together?" I said yes and we both pushed out our last logs. We wiped with the few toilet paper that was left and then we pulled up our pants and left. When we went back where everyone was. George said:"your face has changed" And i told him yes because of the relief i had and all the poop that came out of me.

Well, see you later,bye.

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