I forgot to mention that in update 1, my diarrhea was so bad that it filled the entire bowl so if you looked down into it, all you can see is dark brown water.
Still getting diarrhea. This time I can't pee without having to poop, or poop without peeing. That's how much liquid I've got in me! My butthole burns everytime poop comes out (pure liquid with chunks once in a while). The bathroom began to have a stink that never left the bathroom even after I sprayed. It smelled like dirty diapers (I was using flushable wipes sometimes). Then I realized it was because my liquid shit sprayed out of my butt, around the back of the toilet rim, and beneath the seat. It was nasty. I tried to control all the liquid coming out, but once it came out, it would first run down my butt cheeks, then if I had a lot, it would gain momentum and shoot straight down and sound exactly like I was pissing out of my pussy. So I wiped it up. Then later on, I peed out of both ends, then went to take a shower. As soon as I was finishing up, I had a massive urge to go on the pot, so I hurried up, shut off the shower, and walked steadily to the toilet, dripping massive amounts of water, my butt clenched so that I won't have an accident, and bam! Shortly after my butt hit the seat, more liquid came out of both ends.
So far I've shit and pissed over 20 times today. It is 10:30 p.m., half an hour more until I have to stop all consuming of liquids and jello. My colonoscopy is at 11:45 a.m. tomorrow. So my mom and I will leave at around 10 a.m. to get to the hospital at around 10:45 for check-in. Right now I am drinking hot water to satisfy my hungry ????. I am feeling the need to pee again and my ???? is rumbling, so I guess I will be peeing out of both ends again shortly. I've been wearing a maxi pad incase my butt losses control and I shit my panties. So I will wear another one tonight. I'm praying that I don't poop while sleeping. I haven't done that since I was 8 years old and that was because I was very sick.
Ok I should be making my way to the bathroom for the 5 millionth time today. Hope you all are having a nice day/morning/night

Robin, From what you're saying now I tend to think that you are right that it is not anorexia. I would however, keep an eye on things. All these bouts of diarrhea (sans the flu) could in fact be a symptom of IBS, but I don't know enough about it. If you have a real strong bond with her, perhaps you can have some time to go somewhere with her and spend a little time talking with her. If there are problems, either physical or emotional, that are going on at school, she needs to know that there's nothing wrong with seeking help. That may be a counselor at school, or one referred by her doctor. Remember to let her know how much you love her and want to help. You may even have to proverbially hit her over the head with that to make sure that she knows it. If something IS wrong, it's just a part of who she is, and does not take away from whom she is. Being an adolescent, There's a lot of turmoil emotionally, and she may have trouble putting things into perspective in terms of the possibility of needing outside help. Good luck, and I hope all goes well, I hope Katie is feeling better soon, and I hope the holiday is good for you.

this is the first time i've been to this site im wondering if anyone can help, my friend alana told me about the site because for the past about 6 months i have had absolutely no control over my bowel or bladder movements and i have turned to nappies(diapers to you in america)
anyway the first time it happened i was on the train home from scvhool and i felt the need to go and couldnt help myself i just went then and there it was horrible soooo embarrassing plus not only that ever since that incident i"ve had really really bad diarhear i have been to the doctor and have been given mediaction injections etc but they dont work i am going to a specialist next thursday and i am soooo embarrased i do not want to go does anyone else have this problem if so what do you do to control or fix it i do not want surgery...

Where do you tried peeing standing with such a mess?
I can't pee well standing too, in fact as my stream tends to go rearward a bit, it is impossible for me to pee standing in a toilet or urinal, I doi it only inn the shower or outdoor with appropiate dressing, mostly on the beach (whwere i have only to pull mt swimsuit aside)..
let me know more about your experiences..


Friday, November 26, 2004

Hi all,

SUM41LUVER - I can soooo understand what you mean - isn't it great when you first find out how to do it? I remember the day I did the very same thing, pissing at least four feet across the bathroom and hitting the wall above the bath taps. I couldn't stop grinning for days, and took far too many showers so I could keep practicing! Don't worry about your technique going haywire the next time you did it, it's a knack, you need to get the feel for it, and when you do you should be able to control your direction dependably.

There's been much talk of farting lately - I don't usually fart much but I've been very gassy today, real hydrogen sulphate stuff as well. Most odd, I'm not aware of any oddities of diet that might explain it.


farrowlani. Hope the enema and colonoscopy went alright and that you're soon feeling much better. It can't be much fun feeling the way you do.

Anne. I read your story with interest. Gastric flu, which is what you'll have had, is no joke and I can well imagine the problems you had with diarrhea and vomiting. I had a really nasty dose of gastric flu with those sorts of symptoms back in 1993 or 94 and felt ill for days. It took a fortnight for me to really recover from the experience and get back to normal bowel movements - and normal energy levels too! As regards having accidents though, I wouldn't worry about it. 'Shit happens' as they say and, if your family is a close, caring one, people should understand when you're not well.

Suzanne. Enjoyed your post about the Friday lunchtime poo you took with Katy. Your colleagues must have breathed a sigh of relief when they saw you heading for the loo if you'd been farting all morning. Good story though. I hope you had a good movement on Monday and look forward to hearing more about your experiences with Rich.

Ron. I don't fully understand your question about the best time of day to go to the toilet. For myself, I pee at fairly regular intervals during the day although the need tends to be greatest first thing in the morning. Maybe it's a 'man' thing! Generally, I find the best time to go for a good poo is after tea when I've done a hard day's work although I do go at other times as the need arises. What about you?

Louise. Hi! Liked your post.

Best wishes to everyone!

This is a story about my sister Heather. I have several stories about her. She claims she suffers from IBS, but many of her problems stem from over indulgence generally and particularly of foods she knows will upset her. I call it colonic suicide. She also frequently discusses her bowel habits.

Heather is aged 40, is very ???? and is a bit of a hypochondriac. On several occasions she has been caught short in difficult situations resulting in near misses, full blown accidents or slight accidents involving her bowels.

In May of last year Heather phoned me and asked if I fancied a day out at an Agricultural show, one of the largest in the South of England. She had met a new friend who apparently had an interest in country pursuits, and as usual with Heather if a friend has an interest she seems to suddenly develop the same interest. My home is some way away from Heather's place but was nearest the show, so she stayed over the night before with her new friend Maxine. They arrived in the afternoon.

Maxine turned out to be a very pleasant woman, a year or so older than Heather and quite obviously a lesbian. She was quite tall with short dark hair and of heavy build, but not obese like Heather. The fact that she was gay has nothing to do with the story, but it did reinforce my belief that Heather is probably bi-sexual although it's something we've never discussed. During the evening Maxine mentioned she was vegetarian which prompted Heather to announce she was to become vegetarian also. This is fairly typical of Heather. She made a complete pig of herself over dinner and even went on to eat supper (goat's cheese and oat biscuits, which she says she's allowed to eat). Along with all her other weird afflictions Heather regaled us with her IBS problems and how sensitive she is to various foods including milk and wheat.

The following morning we got up early and made breakfast. Heather normally brings along some soya milk with her, but this time for some reason she hadn't done so. I had some rye bread in for her, but amazingly she decided to eat three biscuits of a wheat-based breakfast with lashings of milk, followed by milky tea. I was amazed in view of what she said about milk and wheat the night before, but not for the first time was she about to commit colonic suicide.

Before we set of in my car I quietly asked her if she'd done a poo today because we were going to have a long day. (I actually used the term "number 2" which is the term Heather usually uses). Heather told me she had managed a little one, but recently her IBS has not been playing up so asked me to stop fussing. Incidentally Maxine had obviously done a big poo that morning. I became interested when, after breakfast, she asked if anyone needed the bathroom so that she could get herself ready. The bathroom is upstairs and she'd been quite happily using the downstairs toilet for weeing all last evening. She had already showered so I suspected she wanted a dump in private, I suspect the question about whether anyone needed to use it was to ensure nobody went in there afterwards. I made an excuse for going upstairs after she'd finished. I quietly popped into the bathroom and lots of air freshener had been used. Despite the smell of the freshener I could smell that a very healthy vegetarian bowel movement had occurred in there, another clue was the fact that she'd opened the window slightly. In the toilet I could see some bits floating which looked like the remains of a Florida pink grapefruit she'd eaten the afternoon before, also lots of skid marks as the foam from the toilet cleaner subsided. The toilet seat was still warm. I was quite stimulated however my exciting day was only just beginning.

We set off about 20 minutes later on the hour trip. Heather was in the front passenger seat and Maxine was at the back. About half way into the trip I was struck by a strong sulphurous smell. From experience I guessed Heather was the source, it was a Heather type smell. I turned up the ventilation and it went away, but a short time later a second blast got me and Heather owned up to the SBD; "Sorry folks, that was me, my ????'s playing up", she said. She announced that I shouldn't have given her that milky wheat breakfast (it seemed I was getting the blame, as if I forced it down her). Just before we arrived she clutched her stomach and said that the first thing she needs to do is find a loo and then everything would be fine. An even stronger smell hit me and I opened the window. I felt embarrassed for Maxine who was staying quiet in the rear. We parked up and Heather whispered that she'd messed herself slightly when she last passed gas, could I check the rear view of her shorts (very large white ones!!). Unfortunately some light brown staining was showing through.

I suggested we go back home but Heather said she still needed the toilet urgently and perhaps she could then clean her shorts up a bit and see how she got on. We found some decent brick built toilets but unfortunately there was a queue at the ladies. The disabled loo was vacant so Heather asked me if I would help her (as if she was disabled) to it. If I got close, and to the rear of her, I could also cover up the view of the stain in her shorts as we walked passed the queue - killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

We got in the toilet, quite a large room, and Heather flopped down onto the bowl. She said I could leave now because this was going to be unpleasant, but I made the excuse that I could start cleaning her shorts and drying them under the hand dryer, and in any case we were family. Heather put her knickers in a plastic bag and dumped them in the bin. She clutched her stomach and said, "Oh Dear, here we go" and then I heard a sound that reminded me of the sound when you pour very lumpy soup into a bowl. Not quite diarrhoea, but certainly a very soft motion. She flushed immediately but I still got a very strong smell similar to that I got from the farts in the car. I had a vision of the farts bubbling through the shit in her rectum when we were in the car; hence the same smell.

I rinsed the hand soap out of the stain on her shorts and started drying them with the hand dryer. Heather remained on the loo, it was a warm day and she was by now sweating profusely. I looked into the mirror and I could see her head in her hands, also her enormous bosom resting on her knees. I asked if she was finished and she said, "I have to wait, I always go twice when this happens, sorry Gin". After a few minutes and several splattery farts I heard a gurgling sound from her abdomen and she groaned "Urh, Urrrrh" and a second lot of lumpy stuff fell out even looser than the first with a wind accompaniment. In the mirror her face was all scrunched up as this happened. This time the smell was overpowering and she sprayed a little perfume she had with her. "That's it, I'll be all right for the rest of the day, sorry about the pong" she giggled, (she seemed almost proud of it). She used a whole lot of toilet paper and as she turned her massive rear end around to grab more I glanced into the toilet. Liquid shit was all down the back of the bowl.

After one flush Heather tried to flush again to remove the sticky mess at the back of the toilet but the cistern was still refilling. The toilet was making a terrific noise as she tried to re flush. The bowl was full of brown stained paper. Finally we got outside and to my horror and embarrassment several disabled people were waiting to use the facility, and we had been in there about 15 to 20 minutes. They must have wondered what was going on. I felt so sorry for whoever was in next. Heather was huffing and puffing and I carried on the 'help the disabled' act as we walked toward Maxine who was still patiently waiting. Heather carried on the rest of the day minus knickers, and apart from informing me she needed to clean up her bottom about an hour after the incident it was without further mishap. I can still remember the stunned look on Maxine's face when Heather said to us both that she always needs to clean her bottom for a second time about an hour or so after doing a loose number 2, even if her bottom was clean in the first place!

I don't think Maxine met up with Heather again for some reason. Bye for now.

Hi -its Suze again on Thursday afternoon. I just cant wait to tell you about today but first some responses.
Adrian - Thank you for always responding - I am so glad you enjoy the stories. Is there any particular detail about my experiences that you would like to hear about. Do ask. How about you? Do you poo with a friend or listen to girls at work?
Dave - Victoria and you may begin to appreciate the 3 day poo. You have to wait for it but its really worth it when it comes! Tell us more.
KT - hope your experiences are the start of something great. I was that girl who was embarrassed and look at me now. Encourage her and you will both have immesurable fun.

Well today was day 3 for me and it was the day Kate and me were working towards to bring Lucy into our fun. Kate had done really well and had managed to have a really good normal poo an hour earlier each day. The big hurdle was getting to go before lunch and once she had managed that it was easier. Yesterday she went at 10am. I didn't go with her in the disabled toilet because its more difficult in work time but we sat in adjacent stools and I listened. She had a big easy poo - about 10 plops in quick sucession and lots of wind. I also smelt it under the partition which I am not usually aware of when we go together.We talked whilst she went and she is so pleased that she has achieved it. Well today we were both so excited we could hardly contain ourselves. At about 10 Kate came and told me she needed to go and I told her I had been really desperate for about an hour - smelly wind problems as usual. Would Lucy go soon? We both waited at our desks unable to work in anticipation. At about 1110 I got up to photocopy a letter and I saw Lucy begin to get up. I thought that this was my chance and I went directly to the ladies loo and got there ahead of her. As I was pulling down my jeans she came in and took the stall next to me. Secons later I heard Kate come in and take the last stool and pull her skirt up and panties down quicky. Lucy sat down and did a long wee but then it all went silent. I did a wee and was desperate to let out my massive log but wanted too wait. But Lucy seemed to be hesitating. The next thing I heard was Kate starting her poo with her usual quick series of plops. I think that relaxed Lucy who then started to go. I heard the cracking as her poo came out of her little hole. 2 bigs loud plops and the she started to grunt almost silently. I then started to let mine go. About half a minute of really loud crackling and then a massive kerplunt - I had finished in one but it was really massive sitting half out of the water. Lucy then strained hard and another 3 small bits came out about 10 seconds apart. She then immediately started to wipe. This panicked both of us because we needed to talk to her at the sinks. I had finished so quickly wiped and Kate strained so hard and finished with a small plop that I heard her 2 stalls away. I managed to come out first - my poo is hard and my botton doesn't need much wiping but Lucy needed more paper. Lucy came out next and then Kate. We all met at the sinks and smiled. Lucy said to me - fancy meeting you here again I thought I recognised the massive plop. We laughed. Kate said we seem to co-incide here regularly you ought to join us. Lucy paused and said that would be really sociable. I explained that I only went every 3 days but she could join Kate any day. She said 3 together is more fun so we agreed to do it again next Wednesday. A long time to wait but it will be worth it. If we do it together next time we can talk to each other whilst its happening and the hopefilly its 3 in the disabled loo after that. Kate and I were so excited about it we went out at lunchtime to plot our next move. By the way Rich wasn't forgotten he got a 1min audio clip of the three together action on his phone later that day. I think he finds it as exciting as we do. I have promised him a close up photo of a Lucy dump as soon as possible.

I will post again soon.

Poo Together. Love Suze

Hi all!

I'm happy to see posts from old friends like Penny and PV.

Louise, thanks to you I have been able to interpret the damp spots in underground garages a lot better.

Here's a story for you, Louise. It is about a relative of mine I'll call Liz. When she was still an university student, she, her new boyfriend, and two more young men were on their way home by car through southern Germany. They stopped at a roadside shack selling coffee and hot-dogs, but there were no toilets. The boys just turned their backs to the traffic and pissed on to the grass verge, all three at the same time and with parallel streams, to the chagrin of Liz. She told me - and gave a standing demonstration - , how she was obliged to cross her ankles and press her thighs together while pulling up her jeans in front when she saw and heard that concert in p-major. The next larger rest area with toilets was some thirty kilometres away, which was about 15 to 20 minutes by car on the motorway. She pleaded the boys to stop there so she could go too. They grumbled something about female complications, why couldn't she just pee next to the car and so forth. But no way did she want to bare her ass in public, let alone in front of those guys, even if one of them was her boyfriend. I bet they would have enjoyed the sight, as I remember Liz then to be a tall, lithe and very pretty girl with short dark hair in curls, pale complexion, often in blue jeans, white T-shirt and black sleaveless vest. So they proceeded and stopped at the next rest station after twenty seemingly endless minutes. Liz got out of the car double-quick and ran towards the ladies' toilets visible some distance away from where the cars parked. She told me that at first she was glad there was no queue there, as her need to pee was now paramount, but to her intense dismay the toilets were of the kind you had to put a coin in the doorlock to gain access to a cubicle, and she had no change. She described how she stood there leaning with her back against a washbasin, legs tightly crossed, facing a forbidding row of gray closed toilet doors. She was close to panic. It was out of question for her to go all the way back to the boys waiting impatiently for her in the car and to ask them for some coins, then to go back all the way again. She was too close to losing it already, she had to pee so bad. Then the thought crossed her mind to pull her jeans and undies down to her ankles, back up against a sink, hop up, and sit over it to pee. But someone might come in precisely at that moment, it was only by chance that the place was empty, and to be caught peeing in a sink facing a row of toilets was to be avoided, if possible. But how? Liz then told me how desperation made her mind race to find the solution: she looked at the row of locked cubicle doors with a six inch gap underneath, too narrow to crawl through, and the white tiled floor was wet with who-knows-what anyway; noticed that where you should insert the coin there was a large metal door handle to be depressed, looked up at the top of the partitions a good two feet beneath the ceiling, and decided to climb over. One foot on the door handle, a jump up to grab the top of the partition, a heave, and over she was and inside. I would have squirted my pants from the effort under such circumstances, I said. Well, Liz answered with a wink, I'm not saying that I didn't, but it hardly showed and nobody was any the wiser. She went on to say that the relief was wonderful. (I can just imagine the gusher she must have let loose; I know her to be a noisy one when peeing). It was also no problem to get out of the cubicle; the door could be opened from the inside. And she was glad not to have made use of the sink, as a whole group of women from a bus had entered the facilities in the meantime.

blue rizla girl, I'm looking forward to further episodes of your Mediterranean Micturition Marathon…..

Justin, those toilets you described could have been far worse. See it this way: there was toilet paper available for covering the seat and wiping your bottom, the toilets flushed and there were facilities to be able to wash your hands, and a sort of detergent to do it with (Ajax powder). This all borders on luxury compared to what you may find in other parts of this world.

So much for today, don't overeat, Rizzo

This week my swimming friend felt better and came back to the pool.
Monday was nothing special, after swimming I needed to pee as always, I supposed she too. In the shower there were other women and girl showering, so we didn't say anything, I just peed the most discreteley while was showering. She noticed I was peeing because she turned to pass me the shower gel while I peed very discretely. she smiled and said nothing, surely the others didn't see me as I was using the last shower in the corner.
After we go dressed she confessed she needed a toilet badly, so I asked her why she didn't take the opportunity to relieve herself before under the shower, she replied probably it could be better, but she was embarrassed because there were other women in the shower..
I followed her to the other building where she used the toilet inside the gym changing room…
Yesterday was a much better day.
We arrived to the sport centre earlier, as our daughter have a lesson one our before than usual, we waited in the main building and took the opportunity to have a tea with biscuits. Tea for me is very diuretic so I knew I had to pee soon before going ot swim.
Before going into the pool, I felt that my need to pee was too big to swim on hour with such a full bladder, fortunately while I was waiting for her to arrive, as she didn't find her swimming cap, I took the opportunity to have a quick shower at the block near the pool, that you are obliged to use before getting in the water, as nobody was inside, pretending to wash carefully my goggles I pulled quickly my gusset aside and had a short but intense spraying pee, I wet partially the gusset of the swimsuit an my tights, as I piss in a hurry without controlling my stream, so I immediately showered after that piss to wash myself and waited for my friend inside the pool.
After swimming I immediately told her that I had to pee soon 'cause the tea has a diuretic effect on me, this time my friend admitted that she was really bursting too. Fortunately as we entered the showers room, nobody was inside, and as soon as we removed our one piece swimming suit to shower she again said that she needed to pee badly. I told her to simply do it. She was a bit embarrassed, and asked me if I minded if she could do it there, I replied of course I don't mind, as I do this often. She still didn't pee, and I didn't get why, than she told me she was a bit afraid to get caught, as she needed it badly wanted a bit of relax, so asked me if could please check if some women was coming, I went to the entrance of the shower room and told her, ok, there was nobody. After opening the showers she went in front of the large drain that collect the water, she stood about a feet in front of it, facing the shower with her back to the entrance, knee a bit bent but feet not apart. She said again she needed it badly, and I told her I need it too. Finally she peed, she had a very narrow and direct stream that hit the drain and the floor a feet or 2 in front of her (I always envy women who can pee so easily in front of her) her stream was thin and not splashing, and seemed a man's one. She was peeing from 20 seconds and it didn't slow down, I smile and told her that she need it very badly, than I told her I needed it too, and bending a beet on my knee I pissed noisily on the shower floor few inches from the running water. My peed was a gushing one, but lasted only about 15 secs, I was done and she was still peeing (about 35 secs), her stream became a slow trickle, but was still flowing for other 5 secs…What a long pee, she had a clear expression of relief on her face…
When she was done she showered…I old gain that she was truly bursting and she agreed smiling…Finally she peed, and what a long one!!1

Hey all... Im new here.. I've had many weird experiences with peeing in my pants.. Once when I was over at my friends house when I was about 9, we were playing basketball. Now my friens was a very rich kid... I suddenly felt the urge to pee.. But I didn't wanna stop playing because I was finally beating him... but the urge just got stronger and I could now see that I was starting to let it tricle out through my windbreaker pants.. So I told him I had to go do something and ran hopelessly to his bathroom... I did make it to the bathroom. but I didnt get my pants off in time.. and what was worse was that it was his parents master bathroom.. I was so embarressed.. My friends mom came by the door and asked if I was ok and I was crying by then and I said, "I had an accident..." She said it was ok and gave me a pair of friends windbreakers.. and I reluncantly when back out to play.. My friend asked where I was and why I had his pants on i just told him nervously.. "It was to hott out here to wear my pants so I put on yours.." Luckily his mom never told him what happened..

Well, I found it. You may think you've been there, but you haven't. I have found the grossest bathroom in the world. Well, if it isn't THE grossest, it sure does ive the grossest a run for it's money.

I live in New York city, in the East Village. I had always heard that the bathrooms in the park off Avenue A and 10th St. were nasty, but had never gone in, even just to piss. Well, this weekend, I was walking through the park when suddenly I really, really, really had to take a dump. I was walking past the toilets, so I darted inside, figuring, how bad could they be?

Pretty freaking bad. No doors on the stalls, no seats on the toilets. Just the piss and shit encrusted rim. I chose the least revolting stall and covered the rim with as much toilet paper as possible. I pulled down my jeans and boxers and sat on the toilet.

My bowels emptied quickly and loudly into the bowl. In the middle of it, some creepy looking guy came walking in, stopped in front of my stall and asked me for some change. I told him I didn't have any (the truth) and went about my business. He stood there, staring at me for another moment, then turned around and left.

I wiped my ass and flushed the toilet, amazed at how crystal clean the water appeared. I washed my hands (the only "soap" was a cannister of Ajax powder) and left. I then walked up to the closest convenience store and used my credit card to buy a bottle of anti-bacterial lotion. I didn't feel cleansed until I covered my hands in it.

I can deal with just about any negative aspect of public restrooms (no doors, no seats, even no TP), but I am disgusted when there's no soap. I'd rather have shit between my buttocks than who-knows-what on my hands!

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