It is now 12:30 p.m. For the past three hours, I've had liquid diarrhea about 8 times. The first time, I kind of had to push because there was a lot of chunks there (I hadn't gone all day yesterday). But after the fourth time, it was all mostly liquid. Nasty. And not to mention that my stepdad has diarrhea too so our bathroom hasn't been doing well. We are both at the liquid stage and as you all know, once you get liquid diarrhea, it's hard to keep it all in the bowl at times.
All I've had today was a glass of apple juice, couple glasses of water, 7-up mixed with magnesium citrate, and now am eating jello. Uh oh, my ????'s rumbling, sending signals that I should think about heading to the bathroom soon. Got to run!

I was traveling in the countryside one late autumn day when I ate a very big meal. I then continued traveling along my route, but I forgot to close my window. This would then come back to haunt me - along my way, when there was no bathroom in sight, my ???? started aching very bad. I knew I was in an emergency, so I pulled over and activated the emergency lights. Luckily, there was an empty bucket in my vehicle, so I took it out. My urge was getting worse and worse. I positioned myself above my bucket and had just pulled down my panties when a huge load started to come out. The first two pieces were relatively solid and 15 cm apiece, but then, massive diarrhea, and my bucket soon became a stinking pool of brown liquid!!!! I was so astonished that I almost fell into the bucket!!!! After I finished wiping, I had to drive a long time before I finally found a place private enough for me to dispose of my deposit. I dug a very big and deep hole, poured everything into it, and replaced the cover. I then found a public washing place and completely washed my bucket.

Back when I cleaned public toilets, I went into the womens' and discovered a huge lump in one of the toilets. It was a piece of shit about the size of a slightly squashed softball. I don't know how anyone could shit out something like that. It was too big around to go down the hole, so I grabbed it and threw it out with the trash. It was hard.

Here I am....waiting to start the "cleansing of my bowels". I am staring at the bottle of Ex-Lax (Milk of Magnesia. So I should probably be getting diarrhea within 1-6 hours of taking this....I'm instructed to take this right now, which is bedtime. I'm afraid of shitting the bed. I've never done that since I was a kid.
Okay, here goes. Shake the bottle. Cup #1 (2 Tablespoons out of 4 Tbsps) down. Ewwww! Gross! It's supposed to taste like raspberry creme but it tastes like chalk. Now for cup #2......ew, ew, ew I'm going to hurl. Now for my full glass of 8 oz. of water. I will keep you all posted on the side effects and everything. Tomorrow I will be on liquids all day, plus 2 10-oz. Magnesium Citrate to drink at certain times. Then on Wednesday will be my enema and colonoscopy.

Some of my poop stories. Enjoy

Once when I was 7 years old and on vacation, i had a very memerable poop experience. I had just eaten a burger for dinner and I really had to shit. So I rushed into the bathroom. When I got to the toilet, it was about to come out. The moment I got my clothes off it came out. Mid log I sat on the toilet. It felt like slime pouring out of my butt. However it did feel quite massaging. I looked down at my creation. It was a 15in 2in diameter log. It was quite soft, but just solid enough to come out formed. It smelled like sewage. But I felt soo relieved.

A few months later, I was at a picnic and I had an urge to go to the bathroom but far from a toilet. So I just let loose in my pants. Out came out some semi-diarreah mush. I went home and took a shower. When I dumped my poo in the toilet, it had the consistency of pie filling.

Many years later, a few months ago, I ate at an upscale chinese resteraunt. The meal was very good. When I got home I felt a buildup of gas and sat on the toilet. I virtually exploded and it came out quite fast. First came an 11 inch 1.5 inch diameter log that was quite firm. Then a soft 5 inch log. Then a pile of light brown mush came out. It was quite large and was 4 inches high. All of this came out in about 50 seconds. This was one of the biggest shits in my life. I wiped and flushed and left. A few minutes later I rushed to the bathroom again and exploded some creamy brownish-yellow diarreah. I wiped and left the bathroom. Within the next hour I came back to the bathroom 8 times and had explosive watery diarreah. It looked like brown river water. Then finally, my diarreah stopped.

A few weeks ago, I had an unusually strong urge to pee and then poop. I started peeing and almost let loose. Imediately when I got on the toilet I exploded with this really foul smelling diarreah that had a lot of mucous in it. It covered the whole toilet and came out in a matter of seconds. Those are some of my pooping stories.

I had an accident when I was at camp. I had the urge to poop but I ignored it. Later I started letting put loud and smelly farts. the last fart led to the poop. I slowly stained and manged to do it in my pants. Luckily I had black shorts on. I went to the bathroom and emptied the poo out. Nobody knew about it.

Daniel (Danny)
I thought it would be funny to poop in my backyard.10 minutes ago i felt the urge to poop and i decided to go there. I selected a nice place and squatted.I pulled down my pants to my knees and peed. I started pushing and then a huge log came out. Then i thought i was done when i felt 2 more logs coming and squatted again. I pushed this time 2 medium sized logs. Both were soft. I then wiped with leaves and came here.

I saw a boy from 5th grade going to the bathroom this morning. I followed him to the bathroom since i had to go too. He took the first stall and i took the second one and pulled down my pants to my ankles. He did it too. He grunted and gruntede. HE said: UUUUUUUUNNNNNGGGGHHHHH! and then i heard a mmassive splash.Then i pooped one firm log. I wiped and then at the same time i got out of the stall with the other boy.

I will post something if it happens.Bye.

Shy Dude: I would of used the bathroom regardless of if she was there or not. I probably would have told her that I was goin to use the bathroom as a warning (smell). There's a double standard that it's not that bad if a girl is in the men's room but if a guy is in the women's room, then all hell can break loose. Depending on my mood, I could have just told her to get out just to be a jerk, and she wouldn't be in any position to defend herself.

Jodi; Robin

Hey, I enjoyed your stories. Being a mom myself, I understand the diffculties a sick child can present. I've had a few memorable experiences involving my only daughter; but easily my most unforgetable 'stomach flu horror story' turned the tables a little on me.

This happened around two years ago, my daughter, Mandy, was fourteen and a freshman in High School. We lived several miles from the building, at least a twenty minute drive, so I still drove her back and forth. Well, the flu had been in season for a while and I had been fighting it for several days. On this particular day, I felt awful and by the time three o'clock rolled around had had a couple bouts of diarrhea.

Now, I'm not the type who calls for help even if I need it. And, since my husband wasn't home at the time, I headed out to pick my daughter up from school. Despite the monsoon raging in the pit of my belly, it was an unevental ride. I picked Mandy up and got about five minutes into the drive home before things turned ugly.

Mandy was going through the typical descrpition of a teen's school day, i.e. the word 'fine' over and over again, when I felt my stomach constrict and it's contents moving back up. I quickly pulled the car over and got out just as I started vomiting. I got pretty sick, and after she got over the shock, Mady was pretty concerned. I explained that I'd been sick all day and just needed to get home.

It was a silent several minutes before things got ... 'exciting' again. As soon as I felt the pressure in my abdomen, I knew I should have pulled over and taken care of my body's needs, but I didn't want to embarass myself in front of my daughter again, so I tried to hold on.

Well, long story short, I couldn't hold on very long. By the time I jumped out of the car, I couldn't decide which end was going to be doing the expelling. I went with a gut reaction, and leaned forward expecting to vomit again. Instead, I let a loud, wet fart and a flood of diarrhea into my panties that I couldn't stop. Mandy was almost as horrified as me. Trust me, there is very little that is more humbling than messing yourself in front of your child.

We got home and I cleaned up. MAndy, the angle, threw out the ruined clothes while I showered and went to bed. I ended up throwing up a few more times that night and I went through two more pairs of underwear. It was humiliating, but I'm glad my hubby wasn't there for the show!

Midwest Jim
Diva-I meant that in school, I never asked and usually ended up finding a tree along the walk home.

I had an interesting experience the other night at work. I was stocking the cooler and decided to drink a Hershey Milkshake. I quickly figured out why I don't do that. Later I was in the oil room cleaning and rearranging when my bowels awakened in rage against the drink. I could do nothing but stand there for a minute trying to plug my hole with my finger, then decided against it as i knew what was coming. Being at work and a grown man, I refused to shit in my pants, and i knew the bathrooms were across the parking lot in the store. So I did the next best thing: I quickly spread the rag i was cleaning things with out on the floor and yanked my jeans down, hoping the girls i work with didn't come out to the oil room. I didn't even have to push, I felt shit sliding out (pardon the pun) even before I was in a full squat. I covered most of the rag in an even layer of mush in two blasts and it was over. I had nothing to wipe with and I carefully pulled my jeans back up, fighting now the urge to pee that usually accompanies a good dump. I waddled over to the corner and peed behind a stack of boxes that had been there forever, then wrapped up the rag and carried it out to the dumpster. there was a wet spot on the concrete floor under it. I wiped when I got back in the store and so far nobodies the wiser.

This is an excellent website.

How is everybody doing today I hope you are all pissing and shitting good.

What is the best time of day for you all to go to the toilet?

If your girl friend desperatly needs to relieve herself in traffic, you men should have her open the passenger door and block the view by stand behind her while she is going. Block the view with your shirt if possible.

div athanks for posting..
her are my 2 ne ones: allowed to use the toilet…
This is a reported experience, not happened to me, but it is real!
A dear friend of my sis in law, Emily, told us about her last 2 weeks holiday in Florida..(while we were here in the cold bad weather), She has a close friend who lived there from some years, and Emily (who is a well "kept" woman of about 40, with a nice surgery breast and very sporty) visit her once a year…
Than she spoke about travelling by car, she mad a lot of mile with her friends to see both coasts of Fl, and she found it very boring to drive so slowly (55 mph) on empty and wide motor ways.
She said that crime is often a major worry in some areas, for example it isn't safe for women to stop on roadside parking area at night in some places (she said even if you need a quick stop for a physiological need as a pee). She said the gas station are often 24h, but in not high traffic area the cashier, who also sells food and beverage items, is well closed inside the kiosk with a reinforced window and only a opening to pass money or items from inside. Her friend said these are measures against robbery, very different from our situation where 24h opening is rare, mostly have money and atm accepters to pay the fuel during closing time, but when a station is opened 24h it is completely opened (you can get into the shop) .
And now the episodes that attracted my attention most. One evening, travelling by car, they stopped to a gas station, to put fuel, but for Emily it had to bee a "Pee stop" too. She paid for fuel and asked the cashier, behind the armoured window, if she could use the bathroom. She noticed the boy, had a gun, and that impressed her much (but it is common in Usa) . The boy politely said that outside bathroom was closed and no one was allowed to get in and use the toilet inside, for security reasons. Emily got a bit upset and called her friend explaining that she wasn't allowed to use a toilet on a gas station, and it seemed a illogical thing.
She said to the boy, who was a bit embarrassed from the situation and always replied calmly and politely, that she can understand the "security reasons", but she was only asked to use the service for an "emergency", she added that for sure she wasn't there to rob the shop, but she only needed the toilet, she provoked the embarrassed cashier, telling him that he could easily see from his dressing (she only had a short stretch beach dress, that didn't hide much of her body) that she had no weapons with her. the poor body was a bit intimidate from her upset reaction, and told again he was sorry, but he was not "allowed" to let any people inside, even for such "emergencies". Her friend tried to calm her down, explaining that the boy couldn't do it, and it wasn't only for her. She said, she could understand, but why it was such a problem to pee in a gas station, her friend laughed to relax Emily, and told her that the situation was simply to think like if the shop was closed, so there weren't opened toilet, but there were no rules that forbid explicitly to have a pee anyway if it is an emergency…Emily told her friend if she meant she have to pee somewhere there, and she said "yes". Emily replied that it wasn't a problem for her to have a pee car side if she needed, but she found absurd that she couldn't use a toilet when it was available, her friend said she understood, but to act as there wasn't any toilet…Emily agreed and said to hurry up, so they parked the car on the rear of the building, it was a lighted area, bur secluded from the street and the fuel area, so she went out of the car to pee and ask her friend is she had a tissue, to her surprise she took a roll of tp out of the glove compartment of her car and passed to her, she smiled and said that she was "prepared for any emergency" travelling by car, so finally Emily squatted near the rear door of the building and emptied her aching bladder finally!!
She added that another evening, in similar situation, her friend told her that she have to "go to the bathroom" too while filing her car to the gas station, so she didn't either worry to ask for a bathroom, but parked the car besides the kiosk, than inside the car she removed the panties form under her snort summer dress before getting out, she said it was "easier", than she took a piece of tp from the roll inside the car and went quickly besides a large trash can, where she imply peed standing on the pavement keeping legs apart to not wet her shoes, then she kept on talking about different things.
A very "Interesting" experience..

Peeing in parking garages…keep alive
I've an opportunity to keep alive the topic about peeing in parking garages…
Saturday I followed hubby to "Leroy marlin", a large mall dedicated to house hardware, utensils, object for the house, and all the items for lovers of "do it yourself". Despite of the many people inside we were quite quickly to buy all the items hubby wanted (he had a perfect list) so in less then 45m we were back to our car with a large trolley full of things. While hubby was loading the car with all the things, I told him that I was going to search a toilet, cause with such a freezing weather (with cold weather I have to pee much more than usual, does it happens to other people?) and the morning tea, I had an urgent need to empty my bladder. Hubby said that he was on a hurry (I had to leave him to a friend's house to go to a rugby match, I would unload the car later), and if we can go instead. I said him that I was joking, I had to pee truly..
So hubby, said why shouldn't I pee there, like I've often done, without loosing time. He added that I never like to use public toilet, that surely there was a queue and I had to go back inside too, he said that he like to see me pee in those circumstance too, so why don't pee in the parking? I replied him, that surely it wasn't a problem for me to piss in parking garage and similar place, and honestly I like it more than using public toilets, but it seemed that there were too many people around there to pee discretely…Hubby said that if I had gone behind the car instead that car side, nobody could see there, and he can cover me leaving the big trolley to one side and standing in guard on the other side. This time I truly had no intention to pee outdoor, but he quickly persuaded me, and it seemed a "daring" thing to pee in such a crowded parking in full day, so I accepted, I lowered my heavy pantyhose (I hate them, especially to pee) with my panties to knee besides the opened boot, than pull up my wool skirt (exposing my self to hubby who appreciated it) and squatted medium high with an hand on the trolley for a better balance. I peed for 15-20 at full force, leaving a big puddle on the floor, and squatting low enough to not produce a too audible splashing sound.
Surely hubby preferred to watch my "show", instead of keeping and eye to arriving people, so I almost got caught, in fact as soon as I pulled up panties and thong after wiping myself, a couple arrived at the boot of the car parked 2 rows side to ours. They didn't caught me in the cat, but surely saw me adjusting my pantyhose and my heavy skirt and with such a large puddle on the red tarmac, it was obvious what I've done. We quickly ended loading the car and went away, and car discovered the large puddle moving away..
I liked that "emergency pee", and surely hubby too as I noticed a bulge in his jeans…


I just found this site a few weeks ago and I really enjoy the stories. I read each new post and decided to start at page 1 and read as many as I can of the old posts. I really like the ones from Brielle because she wears diapers. I am 31 years old and I wear diapers too. I started wearing diapers because when I have to poop the pushing muscles work better than the holding back muscles so I was having bm's in my pants and sometimes I pee whether I want to or not when I bm even on the toilet so it was bad enough when I pooped in my pants but even worse when I would accidently pee and end up standing in a puddle. So I started wearing diapers. I had a few interesting accidents too even though I really usually try to hold it in and not go in my diaper. I want to tell what happened today. I know a lot of posters have had bm accidents in their pants right after they farted but today I thought it was just a fart but it wasn't. I could feel warm, thick poop coming out into my diaper. Not much but enough to make me think oh what the heck now I've done it. Even so I didn't just push out the rest and fill up my diaper but it came out a little at a time, practically by itself until I was pretty messy. I kept most of it in until I got home and to the toilet. I took off my messy diaper and finished in the toilet, got cleaned up and put on an adult panty that is like a training panty. I usually wear these at home or for short trips out, otherwise it is diapers for me. One other story. One day I was in a checkout line at a department store. I knew I had to have a bm while I was shopping but I was sure it wouldn't happen soon because there was so little pressure. Then I found myself in line with another woman behind me. Suddenly I went from mild pressure to "Yipes I'm doing it in my diaper!" It didn't take long for the log to come out. I couldn't smell it but the woman behind me looked at me (I was standing sort of sideways and could see her) and she backed away from me. I don't know about anyone else but I never smell myself when I go in my diaper until some time later. I never posted here before so I hope this is ok and follows the rules.

hey this is dave again and i have another great story. i was with victoria and we had just went to our schools football game. afterwards we decided to go eat somewhere and we picked this mexican resturant not too far from home. we went there and sat down and ate. she ate more than all 4 of us that went to eat. she said she was starving. so after talked for about 15 min she told me she needed to go home. so i told my friends we were going to leave. we got in the car and she said she needed to take a massive dump. we rushed back to her house with her farting the whole way home. we got inside and we went into her bathroom. she pulled her pants down then her thong and let out this huge turd. it was about 18'' and 2'' around. she was on the toilet for about 20 min with turd after turd. she apologized for it smelling so bad and i said dont worry. i really didnt notice staring at her amazing butt the whole time. she flushed for the 6th time and got off the toilet she told me she hadnt gone since the last time which was 4 days ago and she usually goes everyday. it so cool knowing someone that hot to let u watched them take massive dumps.

Hi - its now monday and posts seem to be taking a while to appear at the moment. Last week I said that Kate and I were going to try to go poo at the same time as Lucy to see if we could get her interested in our buddy dumping sessions. Kate was going to try to go earlier each day so we could both co-incide with Lucy's late morning poos. Kate tried real hard last week but could not go earlier, so our first opportunity to trap Lucy came and went. Friday was 'day 3' for me so I went with Kate at lunchtime. Kate went first with a normal 7 plops and lots of wind. I followed - I had been farting all morning so I knew it would be a good one. I did one really wide bit about six inches long, followed by a much thinner (unusual for me)snake at least 2 foot long. And I really smelt the disabled loo up badly.We made more plans about trying to interest Lucy in our fun next week - exciting so some girly fun followed! Kate was determined to change her time over the week end. Today is monday - I have not been at all over the week end, so I am trying to hold it till this evening for Rich. Difficult at times but I think I will make it. The good news is that Kate has made some progress over the week end and today went just before lunch. I went with her ayt work. She went at about 1230 and Lucy goes at about 1030 to 1100, so Kate plans to get a bit earlier tuesday and wednesday and be ready for thursday, which is when I will probably go next (after this evening). We will then follow her in and all three of us poo together and come out at the same time and then hopefully start a good conversation about the fun of pooing together.

I will write the next installment of my story with Rich soon. I hope you enjoy it. I REALLY need to poo now - little backside clinched tight and poppy wind evertime I walk. It would be so easy to go now but its not fair on Rich - he hates the week ends that I miss out. I will have to leave my desk and go for a walk to release some of the pressure. It feels like a really big wide one today. See you soon

Poo together Love Suze

Hi everyone, long time no post, but i finally had a dream come true experience. My new girlfriend and I get along very well, and open to just about anything. to tell you a little about her, she s 29,5'8" grey eyes and reddish hair and has a nice butt. Every since we ve been together, she has done everything around me but take a poop.She s willing to do anything around me but poop. I went to her house friday night to spend the night since it was her birthday. Then Saturday morning we got up, and went away for the day. She got up and do her every morning ritual, light a cigarette and go pee with the doors wide open. So after we got back to her house Saturday night, i was hoping she had to poop, becuase she fell asleep on our trip, and was letting some raunchy ones slip out. So Sunday rolled around and still my girlfriend hasn t pooped yet. I asked her daughter did her mommy poop in the rest area where we stopped. She said no. So Sunday passed and still she hasn t pooped.So before we went to bed she was like " stomach hurts", then went to sleep. So this morning she got up and went to pee in her bathroom with the door open. she peed, then there was a pause, she wiped and flushed and went to wake her daughter up. Then i followed her down the hall and she went into her daughter s bathroom. I paused in the living room before she could see me. then i tip toed towards her daughter s bathroom. there was a little crack in the molding. i peeped through the crack and notice my girlfriend taking a poop. then i saw her lean over and wipe her ass then she sprayed. I came in after she flushed and opened.She asked why was I outside the bathroom door, i told her that i was talking to her daughter. then out of curiosity i went in to see if she left skids or was there a scent. to my surprise there was neither. And that s the first time my girlfriend has took a poop with me around. I have a question for the ladies, how long did it take you to get over your boyfriend being obsessed with your pooping. And why do women have no shame peeing or farting in front of their boyfriends, but get mad if they wanna see you poop? Thank you in advance for your feedback

Today I had great experience of the bathroom. Have ya'll read a website about women being able to pee standing up?
Well, I've been practicing and now I can pee anyway I want!
Anyway, tonight when I had a bath I decided to do something crazy. I drank 3 of 1.9oz bottles of water. After I had the urge to go, I stood up and pissed about 4 feet across the shower for about 1 minute.
It felt awesome. I know it sounds stupid but It's really fun to piss.
Well, after drinking ALL of that water I have to piss again!

Anon -- Oh god no, I hope it's not anorexia. But I doubt it is. Hmmmm...i mean, she's had her period regularly for about half a year now (she is pretty developed already--i was at that age, although like me, she is naturally thin). the other questions...well, i don't think that she is anorexic, but I will look into it. Not much longer now until the doctor's appointment! Also, with regards to the "survival kit" i've started it, and it before you even posted to remind me of your idea from before, and it's worked well! She has had one accident, but I don't really blaime her on that one. Long story short, she was extremely constipated (she gets very constipated if she does not have a BM every day) so i gave her an ex-lax, and in the car to volleyball she had diarrhea in her pants. but i can understand that accident.

I don't think her problem is probably medical (well, yes it is medical, but not like something that is wrong with her body like IBS, or anyting like that) but maybe something to do with stress. My house isn't very stressful (it's kind of hard to be with so many children!!) but I'm not exactly sure what sort of behavior is encouraged at her school, but i do know that there is a lot of importance put upon having a boy friend, which she does not have. I mean, if she has to i won't throw a fit or anything, just personally i view 13 as a bit young.

Well, guess who is sick again? hmmmm...not charlotte...not sarah...not lily...not me...not my husband...but katie! So first of all, Katie turned seven on november 20th! YAY! okay, so she is in 1st grade. So, given i only work part time, i was at home today when i recieved a call from Katie's school. Assentially they told me that Katie vomited during music. So i got in the car and went to pick Katie up. They had changed her into the change of clothes that it is required for all 1st graders to keep, and she was lying down in the nurses office. I brought her to the car and gave her a plastic bag "just incase." So, from katie's school it is like 15 minutes to my house (normally like 10-7 minutes, but the traffic was bad). about 5 minutes from my house katie started saying "mommy, my ???? feels gross! mommy! Mommy, i feel sick!" and i comforted her and reminded her about the bag incase she was going to get sick. Well, she made it home and got out of the car and said "mommy, i feel really sick!" and i gave her the bag to vomit into while i went and got the keys to our house. anyway, so she says "mommy, i'm going to puke!" and (although i had reminded her half a million times abomut the bag to get sick into) vomited all over the driveway. So i was like "okay, it's okay katie. let's just get you inside." so she goes inside, and i carry her to the toilet, and she gets on it, and has the most amazing amount of diarrhea i've ever heard. i lied there, but it was a lot. ANyway, so she finishes having diarrhea, vomits all over herself, i wash her, she goes to bed. i wake up with the bed soaked in vomit and diarrhea, and i have to go clean it now, so adios amigos!


Hi again!
Remember my previous post? I did the stand up peeing technique again and it didn't work this time. When I did I peed all over the floor and when I sat down pee shot out of me strongly onto the floor. I made a mess. But still, having a good piss always feels good.

to debbie, i think if u feel weird about ur husband watching u take a dump u should first go into the bathroom while he is taking a dump and watch him. make him lean forward and let u see the turds coming out his asshole. after u watch him u might not feel as weird about taking a dump in front of him. just think about it too, whats the big deal, if u are exchanging body fluids all the time with somebody u cant get much private than that, i dont see y letting them see u take a poop would be embarrasing. good luck and for sure do it no matter what u have to do to convince yourself, u wont regret it and he wont either. peace out dylan

Well, I found it. You may think you've been there, but you haven't. I have found the grossest bathroom in the world. Well, if it isn't THE grossest, it sure does ive the grossest a run for it's money.

I live in New York city, in the East Village. I had always heard that the bathrooms in the park off Avenue A and 10th St. were nasty, but had never gone in, even just to piss. Well, this weekend, I was walking through the park when suddenly I really, really, really had to take a dump. I was walking past the toilets, so I darted inside, figuring, how bad could they be?

Pretty freaking bad. No doors on the stalls, no seats on the toilets. Just the piss and shit encrusted rim. I chose the least revolting stall and covered the rim with as much toilet paper as possible. I pulled down my jeans and boxers and sat on the toilet.

My bowels emptied quickly and loudly into the bowl. In the middle of it, some creepy looking guy came walking in, stopped in front of my stall and asked me for some change. I told him I didn't have any (the truth) and went about my business. He stood there, staring at me for another moment, then turned around and left.

I wiped my ass and flushed the toilet, amazed at how crystal clean the water appeared. I washed my hands (the only "soap" was a cannister of Ajax powder) and left. I then walked up to the closest convenience store and used my credit card to buy a bottle of anti-bacterial lotion. I didn't feel cleansed until I covered my hands in it.

I can deal with just about any negative aspect of public restrooms (no doors, no seats, even no TP), but I am disgusted when there's no soap. I'd rather have shit between my buttocks than who-knows-what on my hands!

Yalo. Taylor. How long is it since I last posted. I don't want to go off topic here, but I just want everyone here to wish me luck on my mock exams. It would mean a hell of a lot to me.
Nothing much interesting happening to me, so I'm going to ask everyone on question. Have you ever blocked a school toilet as a pupil. I have once, in my last shit in a school toilet (about four years ago-yes, I am comfortable with myself now, but I wasn't back then). And remember, listen to COF.
Cheers. Taylor.

Hello i'm Chris and i've only been on this site a few times
Heres an accident story my maths teacher witnessed when she was a girl (BTW i go to high school)
So this person was a guy and was in yr8.One time he was absolutely bursting to pee and he was continually asking his teacher if he could use the loo but the teacher said "yes what is it"? But it was too late he completely soaked his pants and everyone teased and laughed at him. I think this happened in 1984 but i'm not sure

Hi all,

Here's a little experience -- I was having a wee today, just an ordinary one, in the toilet, but I was standing, the seat up. I did the straight-back stance with the knees bent a bit, and did a good stream. there was a little skid-mark at the back of the bowl (I'd earlier had a rather BLART-y poo and not all had sluiced away with the flush)and I guided my stream so that I pressure-washed the skidmark away.

Ahhh, such a child-like pleasure! :-)


Mr. Clogs
Hey everybody,
Hope everyone doing well including their bathroom habits. I should call myself other than Mr. Clogs because I pee a lot. I could never stack up to the "mega-bladders" that post about their how well they could hold the contents of their bladders, I'll never win a holding contest.

To cheryl: Thanks for your reply, I sucks to not have toilet paper when you're in need, it especially sucks when you have to take a dump, do you use a container to pee into at night, or in desperate times when there's no toilets.

Last night I went in my infamous pee-cups. I felt so good and refreshing, then I back to sleep. To everyone, have a good Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, can't wait for the posts!

Johnny Half-Pint
Well, I *thought* I was making some progress overcoming my paruresis. Thought. Firstly, I have been practicing watering various trees around the estate under the cover of darkness; and I just lately managed to get started without question. The night after that, I was in this bar where I am friendly with the staff; and, feeling brave {not without the assistance of alcohol} decided to pee in the urinal rather than going into a stall as I normally would. Then I overheard a voice I recognised as belonging to the top DJ ..... and he was about to pee in the trough next to me! Fortunately, I got started before he joined me, because if he had been standing right there, I never would have managed to start. However, I have had a setback this weekend just gone .....

I was staying in The Smoke with a close friend of mine [closer now, as will become apparent]. Let's call her Helen, although that isn't her real name. We both needed to go around the same time. She invited me in to pee while she was washing her hands. My bladder completely deserted me. We're open enough with one another that I could explain why I was politely declining her kind offer.

Helen is also epileptic, and this is what brings me around to the main thrust of my story. She had been to a chemist to pick up her medication and popped into McDonalds to use the Ladies' room, leaving me looking after her large alsatian and telling me to get a coffee if I felt sufficiently bored or thirsty and get one for her if I could afford it. So far, so good. I was standing near a bus stop outside a fast-food joint with a dog, who was just waiting for someone to leave a half-eaten burger behind as they boarded a bus in a hurry. And attracting compliments from passers-by.

After 20 minutes with no sign of Helen, I got worried. My friend was possibly in serious trouble. She was the one who knew the way home. But there was worse than that. I'm not the sort of person who vomits at the sight of a dead body. I don't like blood, but I know from experience that it usually isn't so bad once you get in there. No, the bit I found hardest to deal with, was that Helen -- whose state of health was an unknown quantity but definitely suspicious -- was in the Forbidden Zone. Completely beyond my furthest reach. She might just as well have taken the only working spacecraft and the last gallon of fuel and headed off into interplanetary darkness.

Because Helen was in the Ladies' toilet.

On the other hand, she clearly was not well. I tied the dog to the bus shelter and told her to behave herself; then I went into the restaurant and headed for the toilets.

I knocked on the door of the Ladies'; but it was a heavy, fireproof door and as such knocking was not very effective except for the effect of giving me sore knuckles. Then, fortunately, a female member of staff shew up. I explained a {heavily abbreviated} version of my predicament and asked her to check if the coast was clear.

The Ladies' room was actually a bit like the Gents', only there were no stand-up urinals and it smelt different. Helen was in the end stall of three (the middle one was locked because it was out of order). I knocked on the door. She said she was sorry, she had fallen asleep on the toilet, would be out soon and to get myself a coffee and one for her. This I did; and I returned to the bus stop to drink it and see to the dog.

With still no Helen by the end of my coffee, I was now seriously worried. I re-attached the long-suffering dog to the bus stop, and returned inside the restaurant, bringing Helen's coffee. I wasn't sure if it was allowed to take stuff bought in there and taken out back in; but then, I was about to enter a bathroom of the opposite sex and the rulebook was already going out of the window. This time, I made sure I had a penny quickly accessible: I had checked out the door locks the first time in, and clocked that they could be opened from the outside using a coin. And I didn't bother waiting for a member of staff, I just took a flying chance that Helen would be the sole occupant.

Helen was just well enough to let me into her stall. Which was good; because, very shortly after I had managed to squeeze myself into the tiny space, a mother and child came in and used stall no. 1. I kept quiet; all along, I had been dreading the thought of what might happen if I had been discovered in there.

Helen was sitting slumped forward on the toilet, her jeans and knickers down. The meds obviously hadn't kicked in in time, because she had suffered a "petit mal" seizure and then nodded out. Fortunately it wasn't a full-on "grand mal" seizure, which would have been extremely dangerous in such a confined space. I milked and sugared her coffee, helped her get dressed and rolled her up a cigarette; mainly to give us another excuse to get out of there sooner rather than later, in case the four-legged one still tied to the bus stop wasn't enough. Just being out in the fresh air -- well, not exactly fresh, but it was fresher than the bogs -- seemed to bring her around a bit.

And having helped her out in a situation like that, I feel a lot closer to her now. It was definitely a bonding experience .....

Penny. I think you're right about using a thong to wipe with when there's nothing else to use. It's a case of desperate situations calling for desperate measures.

Suzanne. Enjoyed your post about the 'buddy dump' you had last Wednesday with Kate at work. My guess is that you probably had a #2 at some point over the weekend since. I had a good poo after tea this evening (Tuesday) and did a panful. The sheer relief of getting my system cleared out was enormous.

Yesterday in the London Times there was an article about some of the new softer, luxury brands of toilet paper taking hours and sometimes days to disintegrate unlike the cheap traditional brands which tend to dissolve in minutes. It seems the brands which take a long time to break down place a heavy strain on the nation's drainage systems.

I wonder UK posters will be treated to any good toilet humour on the new series of "I'm a Celebrity get me out of here" now it's started?

Best wishes to everyone!

My first post was about a woman who let out a loud, echoing fart in the bathroom while on the toilet taking a dump. Anyways, I have a survey about farting. You are welcome to fill it out. Especially girls. Everyone farts!
1. Do you fart after using the bathroom (for ex., while washing or drying your hands)? You might want to tell your a male or female (m/f). rarely, m
2. Do you never, sometimes, usually, or always fart when taking a piss? sometimes
3. Is farting in a public restroom appropraite? yes, because that is where you get rid of your body wastes (gas, liquid, solid)
4. Have ever you heard anybody farted in a restroom? If yes, were they male or a female? both, but usually male
5. How often do you fart while taking a morning piss? usually
6. Do you ever fart in the shower? rarely

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I have an experience to share (one of the few that I actually experienced). This happened during this past summer. My friend Beth and I (she's a year of so older than me, about 30) drove up to a conference outside Boston, Massachuetts (its been awhile since I've had to spell that word, hope I got it right), starting from lower NY State. It was about a 4 hour drive. We stopped midway for a bathroom stop and to get a bite to eat, since it was about lunchtime. We then got back on the road, I was driving and Beth was doing a great job of navigating. We were about an hour away from Boston when we ran into a crawling traffic tie up (as we found out later, there was a bus that had started to catch on fire, so they evacuated the passengers and had another bus come to pick everyone up; I think they caught it soon enough that there were no injuries). Well, as it turns out, Beth said she was hoping for a bathroom break soon. There was a rest area about 5 miles ahead, but with this traffic it would take awhile, but she said she could wait and that it wasn't a problem. We had been sitting / crawling for about 10 minutes and Beth said "Jason, excuse me but I have to pass gas". Right after she said gas, pfttttttt, she did a series of farts that lasted about 5 seconds. She apologized and said it came on rather suddenly and was painful and she knew she had to let a few fly. She instinctively rolled down the window a bit, which helped because they were ripe for sure. I said "I bet that feels better". And she said that it did. So, she was fine for a few minutes at least, but then started to tense up and had a worried look on her face. I asked her if she was ok. She said "Um, no." And she closed her eyes for a few seconds and opened them and said "Jason, this is really embarrasing, but I think I might need to go in my pants. I'm on the verge of it. Gosh I have to push so bad." I was worried about her doing a liquid shit, but she said she was sure it was going to be mostly solid. I said "Beth, if you got to, you got to". We were both looking out the windows and there were trees, but you had to cross about 1/4 mile of flat open grassland before you got to the trees so that was out. About a minute later she says "I'm sorry Jason, I just need to go so bad." And with that she undid her seat-belt, leaned forward with her butt (in jeans) off the seat and her arms crossed across her knees and pushed and grunted for about two minutes. I could see the load growing in jeans as little bumps appeared. She finished with a very red face and said she hadn't pooped her pants since grade school. I told her not worry, that it happens. She was very hesitant about sitting back down, but she slowly eased herself back to a sitting position. She rolled her window down further, I really didn't notice too much of a smell fortunately. I switched subjects and I think she was very appreciative that I did. When we got to the rest stop (about 20 minutes later), she said she wanted to go in (even though it was busy) because she was more embarrased about changing at the hotel and having other people see her in that condition there, and, besides, the sooner she changed and cleaned up, the better she would feel. She told me what to get from her travel bag, and then I walked in back of her to the restrooms. She was in there for a while.

An interesting experience for sure. I felt closer to her the rest of the weekend (and since) because of sharing that awkward experience.

I've only ever had one accident in my adult life. I had just started university and was out one night drinking with my new friends. Every one was drinking pints becouse of a secial promotion. I was not realy used to drinking at the time got a bit carried away. Also as I had only just moved away from hove my toilet routine was out of wack. So after a night of drinking it was decided we would walk back to halls in order to save money on the taxi fere it was a 35 minute walk. Even having been to the toilet just before leaving the club I was soon desperate to pee I was so embarressed but i had to squat between to parked cars. Soon after I found myself desperate to poo I thourght I couldn't possibly shit myself but soon felt warm solid shit push its way into knickers I was wearing a very short skirt so it was probily quite noticable but nobody said anything. When I got in I ran to the bathroom and clean myself up.

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