Almost-accident today at the grocery store. I was in a hurry during lunch and ate too much too fast and it didn't settle at all. Like five minutes after I ate I got the gurgles in my stomach and then I was at the grocery and got bad stomach ache and gas. I didn't really feel like I needed to poop yet, but my stomach felt really heavy and stuff like none of my food had settled. I was almost done shopping when I started having the pre-pooping farts and pains in my ???? and I hurried to the bathroom. There was only one stall and someone was already in it. The woman in there was having what sounded like a big dump and when she came out she was rubbing her stomach and looked really uncomfortable. I sat on the toilet just as a big turd was making its way out. I had three more big ones and felt instantly better. When I came out the woman who had been in before me was still standing there and went right back in so I guess she was having a ???? upset too.

to mr clogs: well , come to think about it, there have been times that I have waited and once I went out in the woods instead and just dropped my jeans in the pines

no paper!
went to get gas at some gas station along route 1 , and beg that I hadn't peed in over 4 hours, I had to go badly by now. after asking for th key and the clerk saying " it's open" firstdoor on rigt around the side"; I walked back around and in; making sure door locked behind me. first thing I noticed was there was n paper on the roll and here I forgot my spare tissues in the car! I quickly pulled down my jeans and undies and sat to pee. I could hear my pee tinkle somewhat loudly into the bowl, being that the toilet was one of those older types where the water came right up under the front rim. it made an echoing sound as it splashed into the bowl's water toward the middle for at least agood minute before stopping. not yet finished I waited a few seconds and more tinkled out in a few splashes, the first wo lasting 15 secs each without stopping; then again stopping and piddling out a few more drips and splurts before done, making sure I got it all out by shaking my " lips" a bit. this took about two minutes almost, then I got up and pulled everything up. before flushing, I looked back and saw the bowl's water filled with deep golden yellow pee along with many streaks and patches of scuzzy looking pee foam scattered throughout the water's surface.

I was hiking out in the woods and had to pee while at this overlook. no one was around and so I walked down the hill a little just behind the rocks. then I pulled down my shorts and undies, and facing out toward the downhill; I quickly squatted with my shorts and undies halfway up and shot a stream of pee backwards from my twat. it made a gentle " sissing" sound as it splattered up against the leaves and rocks for maybe 25 secs. the sunlight made the yellow color more visible as I watched myself pee. thenit quickly tapered off to a few drops which made a " drip-drip-drip" sound and stopped. it left a small pile of white urine foam after I was done, much the same as when it tinkles into the toilet bowl's water ; but with a lot less foam! I pulled everything back up and still looked to see that patch of foam where my pee hit that rock.

Robin, Rather than not having her wear the diapers, why not let her make the choice? Now that she's had several accidents with the diapers, she may see the pros of wearing them vs the embarrassment of having accidents in her pants. From what you're saying, it sounds as if she really can't help what's happening. I doubt that the accidents are increasing BECAUSE she is wearing the diapers. Re-read what I posted before about the "survival kit" and later about her still being in many ways a little girl. Has it occurred to you that part of the reason that she is so secretive about it is that she's scared about what may be wrong? You need to remind her that if they are accidents, they are just that, and nothing more. Love her, support her, and don't make a big deal of the accidents as it may convey the message that she's being bad. Please keep us posted on what's happening with her.

The last time I shit my pants was when I was ten. I felt really sick and was trying to hold it on the bus home from school. I got off the bus and made a mad dash for my house. About halfway there I couldn't hold it anymore and diarrhea came pouring out of my ass, filling my underpants, then running down my legs. Luckily I was wearing jeans, even though it was warm out. I went right in the bathroom and got cleaned up. Luckily no one was around when it happened.

Northern Chick
I've been reading a few different stories from some women whove expirimented with doing a pee into their maxi-pads. What brand and style of pads do you all use? I've tried making wee into an always super maxi w/ wings, and it worked remarkably well.

An interesting pooping experience happened. I felt the usual urge and went to my bathroom. I pulled down my jeans ans underwear and placed my butt on the toilet. Two farts came out and I gave a slight push and a 7 inch snake slid out on its own. I felt done to I wiped , flushed,etc.
So, about an hour later, I felt a little urge again so I went back to the toilet, pushed and two small turds and a few little pellets came out. Same thing happened today.

Dawn - love the story about Montreal - I've been there twice and I know how long that walk back down the hill is, it must have been murder!!!!!!

I've had a couple of accidents in my time, mostly peeing in my pants a bit before being able to get home after the pub, but never a full on bladder load.

one story I thought was really funny was a mate of mine who rode with a group of bikers. There was one guy who was a bit of an animal, and he had an old Norton, which wasn't as fast as the japanese bikes that the other bikers had, but it was a classic bike he woudln't give up. One day they all challenged each other to ride from Portsmouth to Brighton (about 30 miles) and have a beer in each of 6 pubs on the way. For some reason the guy on the old Norton got there just before the guy who was second. The second guy was puzzled and asked him how he did it. They guy replied that he hadn't stopped at the side of the highway to pee 2 or 3 times as they all had. When asked how he held 5 or 6 beers in for that distance he said he didn't, and got off his bike with a huge stain down his legs where he just peed as he rode.

Since talking to other bikers I've found that this isn't as rare as you'd think it is, and quite a few have admitted to doing it from time to time!

Mr. Clogs
To cheryl: Great story about " magickal gothic tinkle". It's amazing that you got all of your pee into the toilet with the lights flickering. That story was kind of spooky and a bit freaky if you know what I'm saying.

Today I took a dump at work today. I walked into the mens room, took my favorite stall, put my stuff down, undid my coat, placed some tp tp cover the seat, then proceeded to undo my pants and undies and plop my butt on the toilet seat. Then I unloaded my turds into the bowl all at once, then I peed a little bit. I sat on the toilet for a good 10 minutes, my turds weren't a lot, as usual. The color were a greenish brown color from the grape soda I had from yesterday. Then I put back my clothes on, washed my hands and left to eat my breakfast. Last night I peed into my "pee-cups". I needed to pee so bad, but I was too lazy to walk to the bathroom, so I grabbed my cup, pull out the woody and released a great flood of urine into the cup nearly filling to the brim (32oz.) cup. Then I went to the bathroom to dump the piss filled cup, and went back to bed. Take care all. Please post more pee and poop stories about going into containers on something like it.

Hi all. Ive been a lurker I guess, for a few months now. Lets see, Im female, black hair, gray eyes, 5'6, slim, and am from Southern California. I was 15 [Im 19 now] and got some sort of stomach bug or something. I woke up in the morning feeling terrible. My stomach just wouldnt stop rumbling and I couldnt eat anything. This lasted for the whole day. Also I was sooo tired. My friends kept asking what was wrong, and Id just clutch my ???? and tell them that it was nothing. I finally got home [thank god- no accidents] and had to shit real bad by now. My insides had been churning for hours. Well I had the grossest BM. It was all liquidy with the consistancy of a milkshake, and it just kept pouring out. Nasty brown color too. But strangely I didnt throw up, and the next day I felt better, only the diarreah continued for 2 weeks after that. gross.

hey... one time i was having a sleep over and me and my friend were playing truth or dare...she dared me to pee in the sink i said i will onli do it if you do to so she ok...we striped naked and sat in a double sink we were both to scared to pee so i said a joke and she started to pee scince i was saw her pee i did tooo. then all of a sudden she said i have to take a poop so i said i dare you to do it in the sink she said ok and she did.....after she was done she asked if i had to take a poo i said yes she said ok then do it so i did...

Hi, everyone.
Midwest Jim, what do you mean that I sound like you in school? That you never asked to go or that you had times when you were desperate and some where you didn't completely hold it?
OK, Louise and others, here is a funny story about a singer.
I was doing an opera a couple of years ago, and one of my good friends I'd attended a summer program with was also in the cast. Another of the principals was a guy from Eastern Europe whose English was limited. He seemed to us to be very stand-offish and arrogant.
Our stage managers were new and very nervous and were calling and paging us to the stage long before we needed to be there.
The day of the dress rehearsal, this guy (I'll call him Vlad) had to be made up to look much older. The make-up artist decided to work on him backstage before and during the first act (he didn't go on till the second) in order to catch another character and change his make up quickly as he came off stage during that act.
While Vlad was getting his makeup done, my friend and I were paged to the stage early and were just kind of hanging around watching. The makeup was more complicated than anyone thought and one of the stage managers was complaining that they'd already been doing it for over half an hour. My friend and I were curious as to what the make up artist was doing and went up to Vlad to get a closer look. He was sitting on a stool and when we approached he made some irritable comment. We noticed he was drumming his legs up and down and shifting around looking at his watch a lot. The makeup artist kept telling him to relax and sit still. Finally, she was done. We still had a few minutes before our entrance. Vlad got off the stool and headed for the doors to the dressing rooms, but the stage manager stopped him and told him to stay backstage. We heard him argue with her, but then he came back to the area where we were and began pacing around with his hands in his pockets. We thought he was just nervous or uptight and avoided him to focus on our performances. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Vlad go back to the stool and sit it straddled in that way guys do. Then, it was time to go on stage. We were to be pre-set while they changed scenes. Vlad and my friend had to come out from inside a house while I was on stage already. We did the scene, it went fine and then we went off to wait a few minutes more for our next entrance. Once again, Vlad headed for the stage doors and once again, the stage manager stopped him. That's when my friend whispered to me,
"I think he has to pee." She told me that she wasn't sure but she thought he was holding his dick and dancing a bit when they were waiting in the house in the dark, but he'd seemed fine once they got on stage. I looked a bit closer at Vlad and he walked right past us seeming a little upset. We had about five minutes to wait, then an entrance of a few minutes and then intermission, so I figured Vlad could hold it that long. Really, there was time for him to run to pee and come back, but the stage managers were a little too freaked out and I don't know if Vlad told them why he wanted to leave - maybe they thought he just wanted to hang out in his dressing room, and he was always a little strange so they wouldn't necessarily figure out he was acting that way now from desperation. I didn't.
Vlad was frantically pacing the floor now. Suddenly, he ran to the props table where all the props we used on stage were kept, picked up a big brass jug that would be used in the next act, and took it with him into the quick change booth (an area roped off with blankets to change costumes quickly if there wasn't time to go to the dressing rooms.) My friend was giggling, knowing what he was going to do in there. The stage managers were pretending they hadn't noticed, knowing there wasn't much they could do about it now. We could hear the loud pouring of an urgent man's thick stream against brass. He must have peed for over a minute. Then he stayed in the booth. After a couple of minutes, Vlad came out, trying to act like no one had seen him. He left the jug in the booth. He seemed much more calm and still for the next couple of minutes till we did our scene. At intermission, he went right to his room. The stage manager went in the booth, got the jug and took it out, wrinkling her nose and shaking her head. By the next act, it was back on the props table cleaned up. No one dared bring the incident up to his face, but we did talk about it behind his back.
I guess Vlad may have had to go before he had his makeup done, and not realizing how long it would take, thought he would get a chance to go before his entrance. I guess the added pressure of nerves and dress-rehearsal jitters intensified the urge as he realized he couldn't leave until intermission, meaning it would have been over an hour since he'd had to go, and I can only imagine that the only reason he subjected himself to the humiliation of peeing in the jug is that he was close to a worse humiliation - peeing his pants on stage or in front of us, or at least having to pee dance and hold himself in front of us, or he didn't want to be distracted on stage by his bladder.

I'll tell the bucket story next time, maybe later today or tomorrow. I also have a story about parking garages for you, Louise.

But for now... another weird place I peed (there are several.) I peed in a garbage can once. I was about 8 and taking swimming lessons. The water at swimming always made me urgent to go but I didn't like peeing in the changing rooms in front of people so if possible I held it till I got home. However, this one time I knew that my mom wanted to go somewhere after swimming and I would have to go at the pool. Near the end of swimming, I was bouncing up and down in the pool holding myself under water. By the time I got out of the water I had to walk very slowly crossing my legs in front of me so as not to make my swimsuit even wetter. I knew I couldn't wait much longer, but when I got to the changing room, all the toilets were occupied and there was a line up. I ran into a changing cubicle, slammed the door and held myself and danced. Pee was beginning to squirt out. It wouldn't be so bad if I peed in my already wet suit, would it? Then I saw a garbage can in the corner of the room and with my last seconds of control, ran to it and put it under the bench, which had spaces between the slats. As I said, I always preferred to sit to pee rather than squat, so I straddled the bench and peed right through my suit (no time to take it off) and a space in the bench into the can, and felt very relieved.

I have been reading this forum for awhile but finaly decided to start posting I'm 18/m freshman in college. I would like to respond to a few posts and I will try to be more active.

Lexi- I'm sorry to hear about your problem with your CP I have a male friend that is going through the same thing
Crapricron- I would try places you are comfortable in to move out of your pooping comfort zone like grandparents house and try to imagine that your in the place of comfort as you go let me/us know how it goes
cherly- good story best I have heard in awhile (in fact only) from a gothic perspective keep up the good work
Sorry if this is a repost I think they refused my first one for who knows why I didn't violate any rules :/

Randy from Missouri
Hi I will start by telling you about myself. My name is Randy,I'm a 30 year old male and I've been into desperation and accidents since I was about 7 years old. I am somewhat bothered by the fact that I was so young when this manifested. Too young to know what sexual arousal was and yet I was already exploring something that greatly turned me on. I remember the first time I intentionally wet my pants, I was playing cops and robbers with my best friend and I was "in jail". I remember thinking if I peed my pants it would add to the realism of being held captive. So I just let go and soaked my jeans. The next occasion in which I had an "accident", I was 11 and playing alone in my yard when I felt the need to poop. I dont know why I did it, but I just pooped in my pants. I remember being afraid of what my parents would do if they found out, so I went into the woods,took off my underwear, and left them in the woods. This would become a regular occurence in the years to come. I also loved the idea of seeing a girl having an accident and I managed to make two of the neighbor girls have accidents by the time I was 12. Michelle was the first and I just scared her really bad one night and she peed her pants. The second time I caused my babysitter Tiffany to have an accident. Tiffany was watching me on a friday night but I was also wathching her -watching her closely for a sign that she needed to use the bathroom. Finally while talking on the phone with her best friend, I noticed her squeeze her thighs tightly and press her hand into her crotch. I waited until she was just about to hang up, then I went into the bathroom and locked the door. Since it was the only one in my house she would have to wait until I was finished. She hadnt seen me go in and I heard her swear under her breath as she tried to open the door. She asked if I was almost finished and I replied, "Sorry Tiffany, I JUST got in here" I made some grunting noises as if I was pooping and after only a minute she asked again, this time sounding desperate, "Randy are you done yet,I HAVE TO GO REALLY BAD!" I told her I was trying to hurry and asked her if she had to go #1 or #2. She said,"Just please hurry" I told her if she started to leak to tell me and I would immediately let her in, knowing that once she started it would be too late. I could tell she was squirming like mad and just as I was about to give up and let her in, I heard her say, "Oh god no its coming out!" I paused another second and then opened the door. Tiffany was 17 at the time and was wearing a very tight pair of blue jeans and a halter top. She was standing with her back to me, her knees were pressed together and slighlty bent, she was leaning forward slightly and she had both of her hands pressed hard into her crotch. I saw the wetness quickly spreading up the back of her jeans and running down her thighs, she was frozen in her tracks and gently crying as she stood there emptying her bladder. Then to my amazement I heard a crackling sound and saw a bump growing in the seat of her pants. She was pooping her pants too! I didnt say a word as I stood there staring at the back of her jeans, watching the bump grow into a bulge the size of a softball. Once she had completley emptied her bladder and bowels she turned, realizing I had just witnessed most of her accident she blushed bright red and began to cry loudly as she pushed past me into the bathroom. As she shut the door and locked it I smiled an evil grin.
I have a multitude of true stories to share with you all. I would love to hear more accident stories from females, especially any that may involve being spanked for peeing and or pooping their pants. Also would love to know where everyone is from.

Daniel (Danny)
I have to poop now but i am going to write something first.

I was at school and almost everyone from my classroom and almost all the teachers with other groups went to camp.I stayed at school(you know i live in Mexico,but i was born in USA) and two teachers, the ones that stayed asked if 8 of us could take care of the kindergarden section. I agreed. The chosen ones went to kindergarden including me. We were just sayin that they could take a nap or play anything they wanted. Then one of the children( a boy) said: Quiero hacer popó(That means" i want to poop.")Well, i took the boy to the bathroom that is in that classroom(with 3 toilets and a sink)and i said to him"go". He said he needed a little help. He sat down and told me to pull his pants down . I asked how far. He said to his thighs. I did that and then he started pushing out logs. I asked if he was going to finish quickly and he said no. Then a girl came in and sat down. I needed to d both. I asked if it was ok if i could poop with them. They saidc yes. I sat down and peed. The girl was done. She didnt flush. She pooped and she was ready in about 30 seconds. Well, i started pooping two firm logs. The boy said he was done and he wanted me to wipe him. I said i wasnt done. He waited for me. I pooped 2 softer logs and finished. I wiped him. Then i wiped myself. 45 minutes later they had a bathroom break. It was a little bit funny how we organized them to go.The boys and girls that had to pee went to one toilet. The boys and girls that had to poop in an other toilet. And finally the ones that had to do both in the last toilet. The problem was that one of them took to much pooping and the others were holding their bbutts (I think that they were doing that so that the poop wouldnt come out.) After that child was done the others pooped very fast. I will post later about the poop i will going to make in a few minutes. Bye.

Hello all,

Unfortunately, I have not got much time to post right now, but I will give you another story about Zach and I soon, this weekend perhaps. I'm still disappointed that there aren't many pee stories by guys…I know you must have them. Also, does anyone have stories about peeing by the side of the road or in the woods? I will post one next time, I believe.


I posted a couple of days ago about a piss I took last weekend in our neighbor's yard. I decided to visit out there again shortly after it got dark tonight, but it was light enough to see what that metal thing might be. It turns out it is just a round piece of metal, similar to a grill top, and it has a hole on top of it. I pissed onto it again tonight and managed to aim a lot of my piss in the hole. It sure felt good relieving myself outside again!

How I can't wait for Thanksgiving. It is so great watching the beheaded turkey go into everyone's bellies. What a great mess it must be inside the stomach of my beautiful girl after she has stuffed herself so full. After our dinner last year, my girlfriend took me up to the fruit salad bowl, put some strawberries in her mouth, opened it and asked me to say goodbye and in one gulp the strawberries went down her throat without being chewed. She joked that they did not want to go and become shit but that was just too bad - they will.

hey i have been looking here for awhile and had a great story. i live next door to this girl who is also in 10th grade and in my school. her name is victoria she is asian and just beautiful. her butt is awesome, she so beautiful. anyways i was studying at her house when she says her stomach hurts. after about 15 min she said she needed to go to the bathroom and for me to come with her. i did and i couldnt believe she asked. she told me she hadnt been in a week. she sat her beautful butt down and let out 2 12 inch turds, it was amazing. after a few flushes and 10 more minutes of nothing but pooping, she got off the toilet. it was awesome and she was so open about it.

Jodi -- I've had several expieriences like that. Probably the most vivid was when my daughter, Sarah, was fourteen. I was at work during an important meeting when I got a call from my daughter's school. Frankly, I was furious, because I was in the middle of making a speech. Anyway, so I got the call, and it was the nurse. She told me that Sarah had gotten sick, and that I should pick her up. I explained this to my boss, who told me i could go, and I drove to her school. At this age Sarah was going to a different school, which was located about an hour and a half from my office, and an hour from our house. Luckily her school is now much closer, because she changed schools for high school. Well, when I got to pick her up Sarah was shivering, and practically green, she looked so sick. I hugged her, and took her to our car. Since it is a long drive, and because I had no bags with me at the time, I told her to tell me if she was going to get sick, and no matter what somehow I'd manage to let her out so that she wouldn't get sick in the car.

Well, fifteen minutes into the ride Sarah says weekly "Ugh." I knew what this meant, and quickly I pulled over. Sarah's door flew open, she got out, bent over, and vomited undigested food. Then she wiped her mouth and got back in. Another twenty minutes, on the highway, sarah screems "MOMMY!!!" Luckily i was by the exit, and i managed to make it to a gas station lot. She opened the door, got out, leaned over, and vomited undigested food. She stayed like that for five minutes, and then vomited a lot of liquid several times. Then she started crying and said "mommy, i had diarrhea in my skirt!" I went into the gas station, got some bags just incase, and a garbage bag for her to sit on.

The ride was uneventful until we got home, on which she promptly threw up ALL over our driveway, and had diarrhea again at the same time. She went inside, took off her clothes, had a lot of diarrhea, took a shower, and lay down in front of the toilet. That I know of, between the hours of 1:00 in the afternoon, and midnight, she got sick 14 times. A few of them a lot came out, but other times she just raised her head to the seat and vomited a little liquid.

The next day she was fine, but felt washed out and disgusting, and had a few bouts of diarrhea. After another day she was fine, but it was still VERY memorable. I woke up so many times that night to hear retching, so i bet she vomited much more than 12 times...

i usually poop about twice a week, but for the past 5 days ive pooped daily, sometimes even a couple of times a day. its not diarhea, and im pretty sure im not sick. has anyone else has this quick change in bowel habits?

when the bell rings

my story starts out at my friend's house, she lives like hazlf a block from toco bell, and we ate it 3 times in less than 2 days... and i never thought twice about it working in a mexican restraunt and all nothing bothers my ???? ever...

we were having a birthday party 4 her grandma so her and i drove to the grocery store, and thats when i felt the first signs of trouble , but luckily just a few gurgles and it was over, or so i thought.... we got back too her house and eveything was fine.. the bell had stopped the two of us decided to take a walk, so we walked down 4 houses then u come to a hill... well all of a sudden, withought even knowing this was going to happen, i had a huge accident..dripping, no running down my butt and legs and onto the ground... splat... her and i are like sisters, and i just staarted laughing and said well thats a nice suprize... she laughed at me and to thid day she calls me "queen of the bell"

Daniel (Danny)
Last year, when i was 11, my cousin came to visit me. My parents went out that day and they said they would came back at MIDNIGHT. Well, i played with my cousin a "hold it" contest. It started since 9:00 am and finished at 10:00pm. Well, we began the contest one hour before my parents went out, but we didnt prepare for it, so it was a little bit hard. 3 hours later i felt the need to pee, but i thought it would pass. I asked my cousin if he had to go, and he said me yes. I asked the number. He told me #2. Well, hours passed and i started getting a little uncomfortable. My cousin too. It was 4:00 pm and i felt the urge to go poop. I knew it was going to be a hard one because i hadnt gone in 4 days. I saw my cousin and he had one hand on his stomach and the other one on his butt. I grabbed a key and went to my backyard with my cousin. I closed the door and sat down on the grass. I waited there until 7:00. Then i started talking to him bathroom experiences i had.I also talked about bathroom habits. He told me that fr peeing, he stands up and aims carefully.And for pooping he sits down and pulls his pants to his ankles and puts his butt in the middle of the toilet seat so that the poop falls into the water, not the part of the bowl that doesnt have water. He also told me that he needs 15-20 squares of toilet paper to wipe because his poops are usually very soft and messy. Anyway, i just waited and started to feel that the poop was ready to come out. I was squrming a lot because i needed to pee. At 10:00, he said, i give up. I said :why dont we poop together?" He said yes. We went to a corner and hid in our special place:bushes a little far away from the wall. We both pulled our pants to our knees and peed. I pushed and grunted: uunngh! unnnnnnggghhh!.Then my log started coming out slowly. It landed on the floor and then i puShed 3 softer logs.My cousin pooped very fast because his poop was soft. My logs were hard.Then we wiped with leaves. We went inside the house and played videogames.

I have a question:

Has anyone pooped in your pants because you were not able to get undressed in time?

The other day George and me were playing at the park. I felt the need to go for a #2. I decided to wait because it was not urgent. I started running around the park with George when the urge got worse.I told him i needed to go to the bathroom and we headed for it. Then, the urge came like if you feel that you will poop your pants, and it could not wait.I told george that and, fortunately we were in a place a bit hidden from the people. There was an atraction called "the life in the ocean". I had gone in there a couple of times and there were chairs with holes and a hole in the ground.. I ran inside the place and found one boy (probably age 4) sitting down.I sat down on one chair and pulled my pants to my thighs and pooped 3 huge logs. I was done in a minute.I did not wipe because there was not toilet paper.

Lets go when i was 4 or maybe 5 and i was in kindergarden. I remember being shy about using the bathrooms back then.I needed to go poop but i was so shy i did not want to ask.I my stmach was hurting me. I put my hand on my stomach and tried to hold it. I give up and asked permission. I went to the bathroom but it was a bathroom for men and women and it had one toilet. I remember the line was long. At least 5 boys and 3 girls. I went to the downstairs bathroom and i waited for a stall to be empty. In the 4 stalls there were 1st graders. i remember they were talking, but they said something like this: "I AM PETER, WHO ARRRRRRRRRRE YOU" "i am eric.wat are you uungh doing?". I said hurry up. Then, ne child was done, and i ran to the stall and left the door opened. I remember i sat down with my shorts still on. There i pulled them down and pooped. I remember they were soft logs and they were like 8 small(but not too much)logs. I stayed there for 15 minutes. Then went back to class.

clean up guy
I'm soryy that i didn't post on here, I've been busy.
Jodi:I'm glad that you are doing better. I hope your daughter is feeling 100% better.
Althea: I really liked your stories please post some more?
Today i was at work cleaning up the women's restroom and all of a sudden , a latina female comes rushing in the women's restroom, i didn't even have a chance to close the door. So i went out as she entered the restroom. She went into a stall and close the door and locked it. And then a heard a hissing sound (she was peeing) it lasted about 30or 50 seconds. Then she tore off some toilet paper, wiped, and flushed.

Hey i have a question for the ladies.
If you are out in public and you have use the restroom and went you go to the restroom you see a guy in there cleaning it. What would you do?
A. Say i really need to go?
B.Say Can i please use the restroom and tell the guy to stay in there and finish up with his cleaning?
C. Will you just try too wait him to get done?

The last weekend in March was a nightmare for me. I went to a Bar Mitzvah that weekend out of town.

Day 1- I ate a salmon dinnner with this white sauce. A few hours later I let out this unusaully rank fart. It smelled like salmon. I had a little cramp too. Then I felt much better

Day 2- Nothing

Day 3- When I woke up in the morning I had to go to the bathroom very bad. I went to the bathroom and produced a wonderful 12 inch log. I love having long logs because they are relaxing to pass.Then I preceded on my day

Day 4- I woke up at three AM. I had trmendous stomach pain and a lot of gas. Then I felt a bowel movement coming so I rushed to the bathroom. Imediately when I got on the seat, I let out some extremely foul smelling diarreah. It had the consistency of chunky soup. It came out extremely fast. After this I felt nasuated. So I sat back on the toilet and exploded once again. This time the diarreah looked like yellow water. Then I flopped back to bed. Later at 7am when we left the hotel room to check out, I threw up twice. I threw up at the car rental place. Then at the airport in the security line I threw up again and squirted brown water into my pants. I cleaned up and it smelled extremely bad. I never felt so embarrased in my life. I made it home all in one piece.

Day 5- Early in the morning I pooped my pants. It was like brown water again. It didn't even smell like poop it smelled like some mixture of messed up kitty litter. Later that day I let out this creamy green diarreah into the toilet.

Day 7- My first solid bowel movement. Man it felt so good

Joseph B
I have been reading this forum for awhile but finaly decided to start posting I'm 18/m freshman in college in florida. I would like to respond to a few posts and I will try to be more active.

Lexi- I'm sorry to hear about your problem with your CP I have a male friend that is going through the same thing
Crapricron- I would try places you are comfortable in to move out of your pooping comfort zone like grandparents house and try to imagine that your in the place of comfort as you go let me/us know how it goes
cherly- good story best I have heard in awhile (in fact only) from a gothic perspective keep up the good work

Hey everyone Emma from Australia here again
Well I have another story to share with you all. Last month one dayI woke up feeling pretty lousy and dizzy and sore, I had eaten alot the night before because we had a barbecue at my nans house and i just thought i felt crook because of that. I had a maths exam that day at school too so i wen. ON the way i felt dizzy but I hvae low blood sugar and my blood pressure is also low and that often happens so i just kept walkin and didnt really think about it... Anyway i had P.e and we were doing gymnastics al of a sudden I felt really light headed and then I fainted. I was actually uncouncious for a while and stopped breathing so I was taken to hospital in an ambulance and giving all this crap and stuff and was told it had happened beacuse my body was under stress and because of my blood ANYWAY the point is I went into the bathroom in my room and i blacked out on the toilet half way through peeing they had o conme and wake me up and give me a needle and there i was my pants down and everything. Anyway I'm fine now but i am on medication still gotta go cya

I used to post under another name on here, but got bored with it. It's been a while since I last posted, so probably nobody would remember me anyway. I'm a 23 year old male in North Carolina, 5'10, 190 lbs., brown hair, hazel eyes. This past weekend, I got home from somewhere and felt a bit of pressure on my bladder. I decided that I'd wait a while until I really had to go, then when it was dark out, I'd walk outside over into the neighbor's yard and do my business. I wouldn't mind pissing in our yard, but we don't have any trees or interesting places to visit here. Plus these neighbors are rarely home anyway, so the plan fit perfectly. I usually visit one of their trees on the rare occasion I go on their property, but on this night, as I was bursting for a good piss, I noticed something round on the ground, as if it were some type of fire pit or plant encasing. I had no idea what was actually in there, and still don't really know. Anyway, I unzipped, pulled my dick out, quickly noticing the rather cold temperature. I then aimed toward the center of the pit thing and started letting the piss fly. As it hit the ground, it sounded like it was bouncing off some sort of metal object, like a rounded grill top, perhaps. It really intrigued me, but with such low light, I couldn't make out what it was, and with it being so cold out, I wasn't about to go hunt for a flashlight. So I continued my piss for about a minute, maybe less, and was quite relieved when the last drops dripped from my dick and hit that metal thing. I was wearing dress pants, so I carefully shook any remaining piss droplets from the end of my dick and put my equipment back inside my warm pants. I went back inside our house and that was that. The next morning, the neighbors had a truck parked beside that pit area...I wonder if they smelled my fresh piss. I still have no idea what exactly is in that pit, but I'll certainly be visiting that again soon!

Moderator, please post the following message ASAP. I know it goes off topic, but it could potentially be a lifesaver.

ROBIN, A light bulb whent on last night on my way to work. Please read this CAREFULLY. I know you said that your daughter is going through puberty but there could be other reasons why she is starting to get secretive about her body and what's happening. Here are a bunch of questions for you to answer (to yourself).

What are her eating habits like? Have they changed?
Is she picking at her food, or playing with it, but not eating much.
Has she started wearing baggy, or bulky clothing?
Has she lost a lot of weight (you may have to get a look at her when undressed)?
If she has started her period, has it stopped, or has she missed any?

These are all symptoms that could be related to anorexia nervosa. The fact that she is still having so much diarrhea, might suggest that she is taking laxitives. Note, that she is not going to just come out and tell you that she is taking laxitives, and or starving herself. Be aware that IF it is anorexia, it can become life threatening. Between the starvation, and the diarrhea, it can screw up her body chemistry and eventually lead to heart problems. I'm not saying that she does have anorexia, that will be for you to determine with her doctor's help. If it is, know that she needs professional help. this is not something that she can overcome on her own. I hope that I'm wrong about this, but please consider it.


Unfortunately there were no other people in the room, as the rest area was in a rural location. I wish there were, as I would have liked to see how they handled the situation. Anyway I only had to pee, but at that time I was so dang shy I had to even pee in a private stall with a door and lock, so I just left. Fortunately I am much better now, and can use a urinal, as long as the room isn't too busy, or people waiting, or any other situation that implies "hurry up and go!". Sorry, but I can't "hurry up", I need time to relax the muscles. Although again I am working on this, thanks to this site and its wonderful people who have given me the motivation to pursue this "self improvement". Heck I've even taken a dump several times in a doorless stall now, and one time there were even other people in the room! If this keeps up, I'm going to have to change my moniker :-) LOL.

Back to the subject, if this were to happen today, I would probably say to the woman "excuse me, is it OK with you if I go pee/dump in one of the stalls over there? I really have to go!" If she says yes, then she can't come back afterwards with a sexual harassment or whatever charge. If she says no (unlikely I think), I would probably leave anyway if there were no other people around. I mean yes it is a MENS room, but I don't lke to get into conflicts where I might get in trouble and there are no witnesses around. (Then I would dial 911 and report her to the police >:-) ).


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