Good morning; warm here. Yesterday I had lunch in a mall, and afterwards went to the men's room, which is nicely renovated. I had had a distressing experience at the office (not poop related), and my bowels were slightly agitated. I parted my legs and looked down into the bowl. I was far enough forward that I could see a silhouette of my bottom toward the back of the water. I pushed, and soft stringy poo started to come out. I hoped it would be long enough to enter the water before breaking off, but that didn't happen. After the first thin piece, the succeeding ones were thicker, but it was still soft and unsatisfactory. Before I could wipe a man came into the neighboring stall. Thanks to reflective tile behind the partition, I could see his bottom as he sat. After a minute I saw something dark and rough begin to appear beneath him. It was, of course, a turd, and it came out quite slowly and silently, very knobby at first, then smoother, about an inch and a half thick. Since the gap was narrow, I couldn't tell just how long it was, but it slid out for some time, so I estimate it was maybe 8 inches long. It dropped with a soft plop. Then I wiped and left. In spite of my own poor performance, that nice sighting made that visit memorable.
This morning I got up, sat at the computer, started to dial up this site, and felt my rectum fill. I stuck my finger up my anus to see if the turd was ready (I can't easily penetrate the anus unless the oncoming turd is right there), and it was. I went into the bathroom, sat on the rim, and again looked down into the bowl to see if I could watch the turd enter the water while still exiting my anus. This time it worked--a most satisfying, smooth movement, a single piece about 7 inches long, medium brown, a bit over an inch thick, knobby at the start but smooth most of its length. The wipe was easy--one pass, then refold the paper, put Noxzema on it, and cleanse the anus, including up into the rectum a little.
Happy pooping, everyone!

I've been a bit sick and I had to take a dump really bad. I pulled over at the park and went into the men's room. There were 2 stalls with short partitions and no doors to the left, and about 5 urinals to the right. One guy was taking a leak. I walked over to the first stall, quickly pulled my jeans down to the top of my shoes, and pulled my white briefs down all the way as well. They turned inside out as I pulled them down. I sat down and unloaded alot of soft poop. The guy at the urinal washed his hands at the sink in front of the stalls.

I was sitting there for a couple of minutes and an Asian guy comes in and goes to the stall next to mine, just as I was starting to wipe. The guy takes a leak. After finishing up, he goes to the sink and washes his hands. I can see that he is standing at an angle to the sink, and he is watching me as I wipe. I go ahead and wipe like I normally do, which is by lifting my "stuff" to one side with my left hand and wiping from the front with my right. I think most people wipe from behind, so I figure if I'm introducing this guy to a new wiping method, that's great. That's how I started wiping from the front, by walking in on someone accidentally. I wiped about 5 times from the front, twice from the back and then I stood and wiped 2 more times from behind. He stood there and watched (pretending to be washing/drying his hands) the whole time I was cleaning up. He even saw me check the paper after each wipe. It went from dirty to clean. The last paper was very clean. I flushed, then leaned over and pulled up my briefs. I was adjusting myself as I looked up and saw him still looking at me. He smiled and said "hey". I smiled back and said "what's up" I pulled up my socks, then pulled up my jeans and zipped up. I went to the sink and washed up. It was a pretty cool sighting. At least from my end of it!

Monday, my friend (the mom of my daughter's school friend) had a cold, so she didn't come swimming with me.
I noticed that the pool were quite crowded (usually there are few people coming to swim at this centre). When I put on my one piece swimming suit I felt that with the cold weather outside I had to pee soon (I've peed in the bidet at home before going out), I thought of doing it in the 3 showers at the side of the pool, when you are obliged to shower before getting in the water. But as I got in the pool there was a problem: a couple were showering, and there was more people around than usual. I had only a chance: try to piss discretely in my swimming suit while showering (but I don't like to pee through the suit at all) or coming back to the changing room. I didn't like the idea of pissing in my new swimsuit, so I got back to changing room, obviously there was no way I would put on my bathrobe and walk in the cold (it was freezing outside these days) corridor to go to the toilets in the gym's changing room or the services near the entrance.
In that moment the shower room was empty, but it didn't look safe for me to get in dried, before swimming and piss in the shower, there were more people than usually in the pool and I risked to be caught..
I had an idea I opened the water on a shower, and pretending to wash my swimming cap and goggles I put my swimsuit crotch apart just enough to not pee over it and let it flow..As I was pretending to was, I couldn't control my stream and I pissed mostly on my inner leg and knee, when I was done I washed my leg quickly and went swimming…After over 1 hour of hard training in the water, my bladder was quite full, when I got the showers there were 2 women showering, so I discretely pissed while soaping under the water, my pee was a pale light yellow, and I suppose they didn't notice it running between my leg while showering…
I had a funny end later, as soon I started dressing 2 girls entered the changing room, they were about 25 I supposed. 1 as surely an athlete : slim and well muscular with black hairs, the other was a large girl, she was tall, with wide shoulder and large breast, but a bit fatty, with a nice face and light blond short hairs…
I was putting on my underwear when I herd the big, wile undressing her swimsuit, one telling to her friend " I really have an urge, really I couldn't hold it longer in the warm water", her friend smiled and told her "I have to pee too, but not so badly I couldn't hold it, anyway there isn't a toilet here, so you must go outside"..
The blonde girl replied "going out in the corridor naked with my wet bathrobe on with this cold outside? No I wont do it anyway!", her friend has a smile on her face and told her "then you can do "it" in the showers, there aren't many alternatives", the big blonde replied "It is much better than going outside, so let's go showering".. I was very curious to see what happened, but i had my shower before so I waited few seconds, then I wore my slippers and took my swimsuit and swimming cap, pretending to have to wash them.
When I entered the shower room I had this funny sight, the athletic girl was under the shower, while the blonde fatty stood a step in front of the opened water of the next shower, leg a bti apart and bit bent on her knee, with a tick stream of dark yellow pee ( I think her stream was an inch wide) going straight under her in the water drain, with a typical sound. The black haired one was looking, and told her "you had to go badly as a cow!" and smiled, than said "I need a wee, now", then she noticed my self entering the showers and going to the first shower to the right to wash my things, her friend was still pissing, and she burst in laught because she was caught in full flow..she laughed hysterically, then her friend finished pee, and turned, noticing my self she got red in the face and embraced, but said nothing, I smiled and got back to the changing room. Surely the other girls pissed too, cause she said twice she need a pee. When they got back in the changing room and found me drying my hairs, the big girl was very embarrassed, while the other one couldn't hold a funny smile…I didn't say nothing than "goodbye" when I got out of the changing room ,they replied.


Louise About peeing in parking garage..

It's time to post some of my experience too..
Recently I've peed in parking garages (the one where I keep my car at work, at a mall, at night parking) but I did it alone or with hubby…To find a nice duet with another woman I must go some months back in the past.
It was late spring and I went with my sister in law to a big Auchan mall. We had to buy food but it was Thursday and in that period they always did some very interesting offers for dressing or accessories for the house on that day of the week (this initiative attracted quite a lot of people, like the weekly offer at Carrefour).
We left the car in the underground part of the large parking.
We spent more than 2 hours there, when we were at the dress department my sys in law said if we could make a break, so that she could go to the toilet. I replied her that I didn't need it so badly but I'd go with her
So that I would take advantage of the pause for a toilet break too.
Like usual on crowded days, there was an average waiting line for the ladies, they only had 2 or 3 stall in such a large mall. I told her if she wanted to wait, or if she needed badly she could go the men, that as usual had no queue at all (and I always think why don't put urinals for ladies, too)..She told me that she wasn't bursting so we can finish our shopping and think about it at the end, I told her that I didn't need it badly too so we went on shopping..
After a consistent queue for paying (despite the many cash desks), we headed to our car in the parking garage with 2 trolleys fool of things.
When we were putting all the baggage inside the boot (fortunately we were with our SUV) she asked me to indicate her the toilets 'cause now It was time to "take care of her need". I smiled her and told her that there wasn't any bathroom in the parking, and she needed to pee then, if she didn't like to pee besides the opened door of my car she had to came back inside the mall and join the line for the ladies..
She was a bit upset telling why they never put toilet in parking (that's why it is a common place to pee instead) and said she had no choice. She took her bag from the boot, so I thought that she meant to came back to the ladies, instead she just took the tissues out of it and then asked me if I could open my rear car door and stand there for a better cover. I smiled her ant told her that I'd never get back inside for the toilets, and I was the next to have to "go to the bathroom" there. She lowered her thong to knee under the medium skirt, than squatted medium low with her hand on the door for a better balance. She pissed for 40 secs or more and I was astonished to see how much she had to pee, she made a lake and a river on the tarmac floor, and I told her that she really had to pee. She had a grin of relief while peeing, focused on her stream to not wet her shoes, when she stood up she told "what a relief" while whipping (medium hairy pubic hairs, partially trimmed). Then I told her it was her turn to "stand in guard", I opened my passenger seat door, pulled my jeans and thong to knee and sat on the lower rail's edge inside my opened car door, than pissed powerfully but never as long as she did. I wiped and said her it was so easy and quick to go like that….she said that was not worth to wait so long for the toilets..We got in the car and left, I saw the 2 puddles (my much smaller) joining in a only river of pee, running under the other parking cars… a very nice pee.



HI Susan, I had the same problem with hair and not getting clean but I dropped the waxing bit and what I do now is to wipe the bulk off, if I am home and going to take a shower then I do not wipe at all, then I flush and wet a lot of paper with the water coming into the loo at the top of the bowl. If I can open the cistern then I dip in there. It is clean water. I then wash and flush again for more wet TP if needed. Works for me.

Adrian, I have often wiped with my panties or thong. Unless you are very upset and anticipate an accident rather wipe and go with no undies than smell like a porta potty all day.

Going to the sea soon will have some buddy dumps with my friends from last year or will MAKE new friends. The Dune Poo Society.

Wednesday we had a nice "women only" dinner at my sister in law's country house…
In she is rebuilding her grandparents small farmhouse, just half an hour out form Toulouse. More than 10 years ago it was almost only a farm with a farmhouse with a country lounge, a kitchen and 2 rooms to sleep, without running water. In, summer spring or autumn (when it was time to make wine), I and hubby (it was partially his property too), she and her boyfriend (now husband), other cousins or friend spent some weekend there, it was a really "rural" but nice experience to stay there and live like almost a century ago.
I remember that there wasn't a true bathroom, but only a sink with running water on the deck outside (to wash and cook), and an outhouse, a barrack with a squatting toilet, as bathroom. The barrack of the outhouse was not close to the building, in the fields (to avoid that the smell from the "black well", used as dumping can reach the building), and not being flushing water you had to go there with a bucket of water. Usually it was used, just for n.2, as it was easier for everybody to pee outside in the open or use the chamber potties.
I remember that when it was cold or raining, all us women and girls, used to go inside the adjacent barn to pee, to avid the freezing wind or the water……
Now it is getting a nice small country house, well designed an very confortable…
Unfortunately now they built a nice and warm bathroom inside, so it lost the
"charm" of the fact that we had to pee outside or in the barn..the old barn was one of my favourite palce to pee, I still remember some cool morning when we found in 2 or 3 girls who have to tacke our morning pee, and we went together in the barn to avoid squatting in the cold morning air…
I hoped that the toilet wasn't still warking, but instead it was almost done. As we were 12 women, and some among us are excellent cooks (my sis in law among all) we had a wonderful dinner, and drunk excellent wine, bojoleu, and champagne too..and after dinner the bathroom was frequently used…
I went to pee, accompanied by my sis in law who wanted to show me the house and the new small Jacuzzi they were building in the bathroom. We went to the bathroom that still had no door like the rest of the house. It would be nice to have man there as the toilet is in a side view from the lounge and if someone should piss in the toilet he would have offered a nice "show" to the people in the lounge…
My sis n low said she needed to pee and meanwhile a friend of her got in the bathroom too (she needed to wee too), The house owner sat on the toilet and I asked her if I could "use" the adjacent bidet meanwhile (I've done it already with her at my home),a s I need to pee badly, she said "Of course you can" so I sat on the bidet beside her, both pissing. Her friend ( a common friend, as ai Too know her well, even if she is quite younger than me) said that she would have took "the place" of the first who was done..Unlukily, my sis in law finished first (she started to pee before me) so the women immediately lowered her jeans and sat on the "throne" pissing noisily in the water beneath (form her sound, I think she was the one who needed it badly). Few second later I was done and she passed me a piece of tp to wipe (obviously I throw it in the trash can) than I stood up and run the water to clean my pee in the bidet…
It was a nice evening..

Yesterday I went swimming, alone, cause my friend still has a flu…
When I reached the shower I needed a big pee, I was a bit on a hurry and a bit distract, so I didn't care to see if someone was coming before peeing. So While I was in mid stream, a girl of abut 28-30 came in.
At first I didn't notice her unless I herd her step on the shower floor. I'm quite sure she saw me pissing, in fact I was facing the wall, but I didn't stand exactly under the shower stream, but stood some inches in front of the shower cascade water, pissing with feet a bit apart but not wide. My pee stream is usually quite clear, but I think she anyway saw the pee stream between my leg hitting the water on the floor, cause it was probably evident tha it wasn't the water of the shower running down from my body…
The girl didn't say anything, removed her swimsuit and showered herself, She was a funny girl, in fact we exchanged few word about the pool and the club (she even remarked they don't have toilets inside the pool changing room, I don't know if she said it because saw me pissing), and I found her polite and with a good sense of humour, I said goodbye and hurried to change my self while she kept showering. would she pee in the shower than? I'll never know….



Hi all,

Can it really be five weeks since I last posted here? Where does the time go? I have a huge number of posts to read through, and will do individual replies as I go - perhaps in several posts of my own. Here goes!

PHILIPPE - Your question about toilet etiquette in mixed-sex circumstances is a good one. I found "Scott from Wisconsin"'s post about his experience in Costa Rica very interesting and I certainly found myself in sympathy with him and his delightful toileting companion. Perhaps the question of what would I do if I needed to use the exposed toilets and found a male using one of them is almost secondary to what I would do even if it were another girl, as I'm a survivor/defeater of accute pee-shyness. To this day it seems to depend on the circumstances as to what I can or can't do. If I was bursting, I'd probably give it a go, but there would be no guarantee I could make myself start to wee. I could probably open my bowels easier, and perhaps once they were going I could have a wee as well. There again, on a good day I could probably stand up and have a wee next to him! The etiquette, under the cicumstances, seemed to be irrelevant - the toilets were exposed and undivided, therefor they were for everyone regardless, so it was "proper" to use them at any time and in any company.

ANTHEA - I loved your story of the attractive girl who had a wee in the dunes when you were sunning yourself. I absolutely agree, the picture of relaxation and pleasure relief can bring is a very beautiful thing! However, there is indeed a school of art that celebrates relief, certainly the act of urinating, if not defeacating. Rembrandt produced etchings of women urinating! Picasso or one of his ilk also drew such images, and there are many others from the classical period, as well as a modern school that celebrates this human function. I've seen beautiful traditional art and catchy digital art... So it's truly an entrenched modern concept. I recently saw a computer-generated illustration of a nice lady using a men's urinal to wee standing up, guiding a golden stream in a shower of drops while winking at the beholder to acknowledge the fun and still-daring nature of the act. As a gal who's used both the seashore and urinals, I can heartly appreciate the fun to be found in both.

PENNY - The story about the drop-dead gorgeous lady who was pooing with the door open and her dress hanging up had me thinking back to a time several years ago when I was in town on Melbourne Cup day and the bar I stopped at for a drink had actually rationed the ladies into the mens' due to shortage of toilets (as in, we got a turn while the gents waited). I ended up using the steel wall as I couldn't wait (there was a queue) and I was amazed to find another lady used it as well. She was several years older than me and very well dressed (all the ponies come out on raceday!), the sort one would have not guessed would be sufficiently liberated to do what I had done once I had 'broken the ice' in the moment. I remember feeling incredibly scared when I did it, then just as comfortable yet excited when the other lady casually stepped over to the wall and raised her hem with a smile at me, whispering, 'I think I'll join you.' I remebered my etiquette, did like the gents and didn't actually look at her beside me, just finished my own wee and mopped with a tissue before turning to the sinks. There were mirrors over the sinks, however, and as I washed my hands I could clearly watch her stream crackling in the steel gutter in front of her stylish shoes, which was a remarkable sight! This was one of my earliest experiences of having a wee in company and I was so stunned I almost left my purse on the sink!

SKYE - Sure I can poo without peeing... I've heard folks ask this question a few times, it always makes me shrug because I thought everyone could!

TIM & SARAH - Hello my friends, it's been a long, long time! I loved your story of your afternoon bonding chat with Josie (the tiger!) It's really cool that she could be that happy about it all, I think she'll grow up with both a liberal attitude and a natural skill that will serve her very well. The whole story had me smiling very fondly!

MEGAN WWLB - What an amazing story! Your mega-bladder peeing session with the school secretary was a stunner!

BRENDA - You said "To PV, Lexi and all the other Big Bladdered Women:
Do you ever bear down (to get finished quicker)?
Do you ever measure some of your productions??? - You have to be curious about how much is produced in such long pees. "

Yes, I often bear down to force my water along more quickly, and of course to get up the pressure to project my stream accurately if standing, or just to send it a long way if I'm weeing for fun! I've measured my productions - I used to keep a big plastic measuring jug and hold on as long as I could, then go to the bathroom by standing with the jug cupping my puss and just relaxing so I gushed into the plastic. Minutes later I'd check to see how much I'd passed. I was always curious, and though I never actually reached my limits I must have pushed close. I'm nowhere near the bladder size of some women on this board, but I estimated my total capacity was about 750mls.

SUZANNE - welcome to the board, and what a nice, happy, fun life you do lead! I poo evey day, I haven't a hope of holding onto it (and after nasty constipation episodes as a child I would rather be regular) but it's always spectacular to hear of those who can "save up plenty" before they go.

LOUISE - That was a delightful pee you took with your sister in law in the parking garage, I could really see it in my mind's eye. And your adventure in the supermarket carpark when you sat on your car's bumper and released a huge wee toward the wall was so well told I could just about feel the cold metal under me and hear the stream sizzling on the concrete in front!

Well, I've finished page 1319 and it's time I closed this post.

I just want to say the airline add with the staff guy answering a mobile phone for a guy using a urinal has showed up on Aussie TV again - our fascination with (male) peeing seems endless!



Hi everyone, it's been over a month since I posted, mostly because nothing exciting or interesting enough to be worthy of a post seems to come along. I do have a question for all of you though, and it's this: When you go to the bathroom in a public restroom do you feel uncomfortable about sitting on the seat? I always feel very uneasy and as a consequence, I end up trying to do my business almost stranding up. What I do is pull my pants right down to my ankles, to make absolutely sure they don't get in the way of anything falling. Then I back up to the bowl, bend forward at the waist, and with my feet apart, rest my hands on my knees. I try to relax as much as possible and let my poo come out. It's not the standing up that worries me it's the fact that when my logs come out they land with such a terrific splash in the bowl that I end up feeling incredibly self conscious and embarrassed about it. I wonder if anyone else has the same problem - please let me know.

blue rizla girl
Louise - Bonjour, mon amie! Sorry for not getting back sooner.
I do enjoy peeing in showers; but I don't get to do it every single time I take a shower. Once I have peed, I just don't feel like going again until I get really full. But if I do happen to be in a shower -- private or shared -- and I need to pee, of course I will pee! It all goes down the same drain, for crying out loud!

Now, more tales from my Mediterranean Micturition Marathon:

After my first or maybe my second night on the site, I woke up quite early, with a full bladder, and there was nobody about. So I squatted by the hedge near my tent for a nice pee. After I finished, I felt like I could do with "the other" as well. However, I thought it would be very unhygienic of me to leave my pooh around the camp site. So, I went into the toilet just for that, then had a shower afterwards to get my hole sparkling clean! Then, back to my tent, where I lived up to my nickname .....

Later on, I took a walk into the nearest town. There were plenty of seaside-stuff shops around and I bought a top and shorts set in camouflage pattern material. I had a beer on the patio outside a bar in the main street, and carried on exploring. A bit later, I was sitting on a bench in a park when I felt the need to pee. I was wearing only a sarong; so I hiked it up a bit, so my arse was on the seat; and just went there and then, through the gaps between the slats -- and in front of all those people, too! I don't think anyone could really tell what I was up to, you would have had to have got pretty close, but it felt deliciously naughty anyway.

Later that night, back at the camp site bar, I had a bit too much to drink. No, make that a lot too much to drink. I was staggering all around the camp looking for my tent. Well, I went into the wrong field, which was full of mobile homes; and I fell over outside one. I staggered back to my feet -- it was an enormous effort, I really was very pissed; and to make matters even worse, that was when I discovered I was absolutely bursting for a pee. It was totally non-negotiable, that leak was going to be taken whether or not I wanted. There was a towing hitch at the end of the trailer. I hauled my trousers down, sat with my bum hanging half over it, and blasted the remains of my night's entertainment into the dirt at my feet. Halfway through my massive leak, a light went on in the trailer, a curtain twitched and I saw a face at the window. But there was NOTHING I could do; even if I had been able to shut off my flow, I was still feeling giddy from the sensation of relief and the drink. I just sat there and peed and peed and peed. The woman at the window closed the curtain, and the light went out. I stayed perched on the tow bar for who knew how long, before I pulled up my pants and sloped off. Somehow I made it back to my tent.


Hi, I am back and have a bit more time to post today. In my last post I told you about my Saturday poo with Rich. Its now Wednesday and I am sitting at work typing this. Yesterday was 'day 3' and as usual I began to feel the need to go mid morning - lots of smelly wind as usual preceded the act. I held on till after lunch - with a bit of difficulty at times - so that I could go with Kate. She has been away for a week and it is our first opportunity to go together for a while. After lunch we went to the disabled loo together and I went first. One long silent fart followed rapidly by a long wide poo - just one bit with the end out of the water - and because it was out of the water the smell was strong. Then Kate went on top. She usually wees first but on this occasion she did 12 plops in quick sucession. Each bit was about 3 inches long and thinner than mine at about 1inch. She really needed to go. After we flushed the toilet just filled with water and blocked. A nice job for someone later. While we were going we talked about how to get Lucy to join in with us. We have decided that she is very regular each late morning. We also decided that to get her interested we would both try to go with her in adjacent stalls, and then come out together and talk. As I only go every 3 days our next opportunity will be Friday. The problem is Kate can only go after lunch, so her plan is to try to go earlier each day this week until she is ready for the big poo on Friday. If it doesn't work this week we will wait till next week because we don't want to waste the opportunity. It will be difficult for Kate, as she never goes before lunch, but she aims to try to go 1 hour earlier each day. I will let you know how it goes.

I said I would give the next instalment to the history of me and Rich. I hope this gives hope to all of those who want to see their partner poo but cannot achieve it. I was the partner who was not interested! Well, after our my first poo in the same hotel room as him behind a locked door, it was clear he was really interested. We went away together lots and each time I would go I could hear him listening at the door, and as soon as I finished he came in for a cuddle and to smell the smell and to see the skid marks. He kept saying that he did not like closed doors and would I go with the door open. I eventually decided that I loved him enough to confront it fully and asked him if he wanted to sit with me when I went to the toilet. He thought that all his Christmases had come together and we agreed that we would do it when we went away to Brussels the following week. The following week came and he was excited and I was terrified. We tried for me to poo several times but the best I could produce was small pebbles. I apologised and promised him that the next time I had a proper poo he would be there. We flew home on the Saturday morning (day 4 for me) and I managed to wait till the Monday when I got to work. I flew into his office and immediately made it smell horrible - just like the car on the way to work. We immediately went to the disabled loo and I sat down and closed my eyes and he kneeled between my legs and cuddled me. I then let it go - it came out fast and silently. The smell was terrible. He said how are you getting on and I said I have finished - do you want to look. I stood up to reveal the biggest poo (one single turd) I have ever done and his eyes almost popped out of his head. I had done it and felt strangely close to him as a result. We hugged and both looked into the pan at my creation. I wiped and flushed and we went back to work with some great difficulty. I really felt good and wanted to share it with him again. We agreed that we would share it together again soon. I was not at all at ease with it yet but this one experience had made me want to continue and enjoy the experience too. Things then developed from that day. I will tell you what happened next in my next post.

Poo Together Love Suze

Toilet Fan
The accident stories are sweet. Keep them coming, I just wanted to say i really miss the stories from Sarah, Whitney, and Blair. I really liked them, I hope to here from yall again

Hi Anita, I can strongly recommend anal massage when you have been constipated - it just relaxes your muscles and your mind, making the process much easier. A combination of deep anal massage and deep stomach massage for about 20 minutes with just a candle light in the bedroom is so good, both for your fixing your constipation and for your relationship!!
Make sure your husband or boyfriend uses plenty of olive oil or some other sort of nice oil before he inserts his finger(s) in your rectum.....its so much more pleasant than any other type of lubricant. My boyfriend uses his index finger right to the the full length and penetrates ever so gently.

After I sit on the toilet bowl, I am able to push out the biggest logs that have been clogging up my system. I can't usually shit for another day or so because my intestines are pretty much empty , but I am regular after that.

There might not be any scientific basis for this method, but it certainly helps focus the mind.

Hi again all, PV talking to you from far-off Australia, reading on from page 1320.

SALLY - Interestingly enough, I've never had an accident in my thongs despite wearing them exclusively. Okay, monthly stuff, I wear the discrete little pads and there's usually no problems. But besides the odd spot I can say I've never actually peed or pooped in a thong. I've come close - I remember once barely making it to the toilet and having a soft length of poo actually drop out of me into the leggings I'd just pulled down. And of course one's thong picks up the normal earthy stains over time that any undies do, but that's about it.

AW - Piss dreams, now there's a topic that's not crossed my mind in many years. When I was younger I had dreams like that all the time, usually caused by my pee-shyness. In my dreams I would find public bathrooms, usually totally open ones where I would have to do my business in full view, and I'd always remember sitting and starting to pee furiously, then I'd wake up! I never had an accident in bed in the process, though, for which I'm very glad.

IP Daily - When am I gassy? I used to be gassy mornings, I used to take a real ripper in bed every morning. I could usually tell by the smell how healthy my bowels were. If the fart smelled rich, earthy and as savoury as last night's dinner, I was fine! But I don't seem to do that anymore...

MEL - It was interesting for me to read of the costume youre friend was wearing on that nighttime walk after the big party - kneeboots, tight jean and top. That's a type of outfit I love and I've peed a couple of times while wearing such a rig. It's not the easist - I can just lower my jeans as far as the boots will allow, bend over and do a half-squat release in which I pee downwards or backwards, but having a bare bottom and a vulnerable position has never appealed to me much. I prefer to use guy-mode and water a tree or something forward, yet I've never mastered the through-the-fly technique that some women have. I feel safer if I open my jeans and lower them a little bit, then hold a tissue under my womanhood to catch drips, then do a normal shallow knee-bend and push out a strong stream at the target. It feels amazing to use this technique when wearing an outfit like that, as a few dabs with the tissue, adjust my thong, zip up and I'm on my way as surely as a man would be, and the costume is a power-trip that goes very nicely with the thrill of the act.

TIM & SARAH - Hello my fiends! About the London Science Museum's unusual request of visitors - my guess would be they're doing a survey of relative human waste production and the frequency of usage of public facilities - gathering data to be plugged into proposals for future bathroom requirements... Does that come close? I'm glad to hear Sarah has relaxed and enjoys bathroom activities to the full these days, there's nothing like it, is there?!

LOUISE - I was most interested in your description of the half-pipe female urinal, as it reminded me that I've seen the same thing, a photo of it in use. In the photo the half-pipe trough was about ten inches wide (or so it looked) and set on some kind of support, running across the floor, down the middle of a tent or some kind of enclosure, basically wide open and with no privacy at all. Women and girls were squatting casually astride it, in line, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do. On a smiliar note, a country festival in England recently offered the "She-Pee" urinal idea, which is a big pink enclosure in which are female urinals. The urinals themselves were pink plastic structures about six feet tall, four weeing-booths arranged around a central pillar, each a sort of alcove that a woman faces into. There is a collecting opening half way up and you use a plastic tube device, the cup-end over your lips, the spout end in the collector, then just 'stand and deliver.' It looked really cool!

The wall type urinal you described is still very common here in Australia, in mens' rooms, they are a normal type since the 1960s or earlier, and I've used them many times, I really enjoy them! I'm sure I'd use the floor trough or the she-wee, if I could just keep my shyness under control.

On peeing in parking garages, as it happens I've never done that (sounds like fun, though!) and never seen others do it, nor found evidence, like puddles. Maybe it's not a thing Aussie women like to do, but French women have no problem with?

SUZE - LOVE your poo stories, please do keep on posting your adventures!

MELISSA - Yes, that's a wonderful stimulator for an uncooperative bowel, a ???? rub at the front and a lubricated finger gently massaging your anal passage from the inside, it causes the whole mechanism to work. You're lucky to have a bf who'll help you that way!

ROBIN - I absolutely agree with Trekkie re the abuse incident, a punch in the stomach is assault in anybody's language. I was prey for predators at school and three decades later I have not forgotten how it was, and am still dealing with psychological baggage (toilet hangups amongst them). There is nothing I despise more in this world than a bully, and it makes me furious to hear of kids, or anyone, being made victims.

SUSAN -- "Full Brazilian wax" -- this sounds intriguing... I assume it means all hair in the personal regions is removed? Painful, if legs are anything to go by (ouch!) I'm curious to hear how you feel as your anal hair regrows. Much as I would love to poop with a hair-free outlet, I'm cautious of how UNcomfortable the immediate regrowth period would be.

KAREN - Your story of using your thong to wipe reminds me of an incident when I was at school, there had been some prankster in the school who removed the toilet paper from stalls, one assembly morning the Principle had to make a speech out of it. Anyway, my mom had told me if I was ever in the situation of finding there was no paper, I should use my undies and discard them - so great minds think alike!

NANCY - Long time since you posted, dear, I hope you're okay. I've been really eager to hear about your experiences, both that double-date pee in the ravine you mentioned and of course your experiences with the enema gear you bought. I'm dying to hear how it was for you and your bf - did you enjoy it?

Well, that's got me up to date with everything, I won't let so long go by in future,


AUSSIEROD ....To Penny .... Re your story about you & your daughter I hqad a similar experience. I had to have a big poop one daywhen I was in a shopping centre. I raced to the toilets to find that there were only 2 stalls. One was occupied the other was empty , fairly clean but no paper . As the turtles head was making its way out & almost touching my jox I had no option but to use the other stall. As I sat down on seat this brown monster escaped from my hole ,it must have been at least 7" long & very thick . I could hear the person next door using the toilet paper, so I continued to drop more turds, when the other person finished I pulled mty pants up without pulling my jox right up . From what I could feel without touching my rear was that I had alot of shit around my hole & up my crack. I flushed my toilet then went next door, to my disdain there was no tp, the last person had used the last. I had to do a quick finger job & go find another toilet , by that time my skid marks were quite noticeable........... Anyone ever been in that predicament???????????????????????

To Catharina......... re diahorrea......... theother night I woke up for a piss , so I went out to the garden hung my dick outta mt jox & let go at the same time I farted , quite loudly but didn't want to force too hard as I felt that I might follow through. I was tired so I went back to sleep, when I awoke I could feel another fart coming so I let it go , but t5his one was a real wetty, luckily I still had my jox on & was lying on my stomach as the wet poop dribbled down to my balls. I slowly put my right leg on the floor followed by my left leg, as I stood I could feel the poop escape from my between my cheeks. I stood in the kitchen trying not to poop myself but it was too late. Although I had squeezed my cheeks together it did not prevent mushy diahorrea from spraying outta my hole & into my jox, my cheeks caused a spraying effect. It sprayed like a garden hose up the crack of my arse & filled my jox. What an experience , there was only one course of action..... the shower, by the time I got there it had started to run down my legs............. any of you in poopland had a similar experience??????????????

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Jodi- Update

After being sick all Wednesday and Wednesday night I decided to take Thursday off also since I still was having the diarrhea, about every other hour. I went to work Friday, however I recieved a phone call from Heather my twelve year old daughter's school around 11 a.m.The school nurse said that she was sick and that I should come after her. I told my boss that my daughter was sick and needed to leave. After I picked Heather up she told me that she had vomited once and felt terrible. She looked very pale. We live about thirty minutes from the school so I told her that if she needed to vomit to let me know ahead of time since I didn't have anything for her to get sick in and would have to pull over. Everything was going fine for the first ten minutes. Then suddenly She blurtrd out MOM! I knew what that ment,I pulled quickly over to the side of the street, she opened the car door and stepped
halfway out and started vomiting. She vomited twice large amounts of undigested food. She stood bent over for a few minutes and vomited again this time mostly liquid. When she finished I gave her some kleenx to wipe her mouth with. As she wiped her mouth she began to cry, she said that when she vomited she had diarrhea and filled her panties. I told her that it would be Ok and I placed some newspapers on the seat for her to sit on. As she was getting out of the car in our driveway she got sick and vomited again. Afterwords I helped her into the bathroom and got her cleaned up. As soon as she finished her shower she she had diarrhea again. She said that her stomach burned and had a dull ache. I gave her some pepto-bismol, but she vomited it up shortly after. She spent the rest of night vomiting another two times and she had diarrhea every hour untill 6a.m. Saturday. She feels better but still has that washed out feeling and wants nothing to eat. She still has had a few bouts of diarrhea yet. My poor husband has had to put up with us two sick girls all week. So far he feels fine, but if he comes down with it, we be there for him.


Midwest Jim
I figured out something again. Here in the midwest, the state parks and the picnic areas all close their facilities for the season from Nov. to April. This is prime time now and again next spring to hang out by the bathrooms and see people go in the trees or behind the buildings quite often. I think of it every year when I end up going out back.

Diva-sounds like me in school

Susan-I'm jealous of the lack of butthair but being a dude and all, I'd feel funny with the waxing done.

I read some of your stories and they all seemed to be pretty interesting. One time I was at a local park watching a softball game that my friends mother was playing at. I was 14 at the time and tt was a bunch of old people around playing so me and Sarah went over to the swings and started swinging and playing on the merry go round thing. I had a really big breakfast that morning and a huge lunch that day. Not to mention that dinner the night before was also filling. I alos realized that I hadn't pooped until I started feeling this sensation in my stomach of turning and moaning. Fortunately it wasn't cramps so I thought I was going to be able to hold it for a while. An hour later and the adults wanted to play another game of softball. I though, oh no, because I could feel this massive load moving toward my anus. I looked around for the bathroom and finally found one, but it was locked. I told Sarah that I'd be right back because I had to go poo. I decided to walk around the park and look for another bathroom (it was a really big park). I found two porta potties all by themselves about a 1/2 mile away from where the game was being played. I quickly went into one and it was disgusting. Someone had thrown up all over the seat, so I left as quickly as possible. I went into the one right next to it, and to my relief the seat was nice and clean. Although the seat was clean, the tank was not. It was about full, not with pee but poo piled up almost to the rim of the seat. It stunk really bad although I didn't care anymore. I put some toilet paper on the mound and sat down. My butt touched a little of the mound and I was like how gross! Well too late now, so I started to push. I felt a large, long turd pop out, it was nice and solid. It packed down on top of the toilet paper and left a crackling noise. I felt a second one coming and let it out, although I had to rise up off the seat so it wouldn't jam up in my crack. The turd was about 10 inches I'd say, but it mounded up nicely on top of the first one. Then came another yet large poop that I pushed out after a few seconds and it rose almost 4 inches out of the toilet. I started to wipe, when I felt another urge to go, don't you just hate that? I then decided to push the mound further down with some toilet paper that I put in my hand. Only this time I felt cramps in my stomach and the poo was turning soft into diarhea. I sat back down and to my amazement I had pushed the mound back down into the toilet far enough that I wasn't touching it. I pushed hard and all of a sudden a lot of fast small turds came flying out and I ripped a big fart which splattered all over the mound already in the tank. It left a big mess my ass as well because it reflected off the paper and pretty much went everywhere staining the front of tank too. I wiped for about five minutes and left. Luckily I found a water hose by the softball cage to wash my hand when I got back. Sarah was still waiting and said wow that was a long poo. I said yes it was... about an hour later we left. That was probably the biggest poop I've taken or could remember taking in a long time. The mound in that Porta Potty was nasty, except it looked incredible because I had never seen so much poo in my life.

well, first of all that women had no business being in the gentlemens toilet room. I would have said 'excuse me maam, i need to use one of the toilets, and since as you can see they are NOT private stalls, you need to leave NOW... if she refused to leave, i would then choose a stall, drop my pants and do my business...hopefully you would STINK her out...btw, what did the other men say about her being in there? did they all continue to shit? wipe? fart? grunt?

Sarah is much better, thank you! She still has diarrhea, but it's gotten much better. She is still very shy about her bowel habits, though, but I'm virtually positive it will pass. Charlotte still feels really lousy (fever, etc.) but the fever is getting lower slowly, so i know she'll be okay.

Rizzo -- Yes, I am pretty organized. It took me a while to get this organized, though, and i remember before my youngest was born, and everybody including I was sick. Now I can cope even if I am sick, which has come in handy. I have also been able to control my bodily functions to greater extents than ever before. For instance if i have the stomach flu and have to go pick Charlotte or somebody up from school beecause they got sick, i can generally hold my vomit off until i get home, even if i have "the urge" the whole way there.

I asked the school counciler, and Lily's teachers if Lily was being bullied, and they said no, not really. They said that they knew about the punch Lily got, but they all said that it she was not the target of the attack, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am inclined to believe this, given she has never had any problems with bullying before. Still, like any good mother, I'm going to stay on the lookout.

Right after I last posted I went out and bought some of the disposable diapers and had Lily wear them. My husband and I agreed that I should be the one dealing with Lily on these matters, given Lily is going through puberty and is very private about lots of aspects of herself that come with puberty. This is natural, so we don't worry about it, but we think that it would be a better idea for me to deal with this specific issue.

When i first showed the diapers to Lily she freaked. I explained the situation to her, though, and she agreed to it. Unforctunantly, the diapers do not seem to be working, and her accidents are becomming steadily more frequent. I know that she is not doing it on purpose, though, because the deal was that if she could go through a month of no accidents than we would concider taking away the diapers, and until then she has to wear them. Lily keeps trying to hide the diapers that she has accidents in. Every day since she got the diapers, except one, she has had an accident. She swears that she can't help it. That she gets an urge, can't hold it in, can't stop it. She says that she gets an urge, and 5 seconds later she is pooping. She says with her pee she can hold onto it for slightly longer. She also confessed to me that her accidents have always been much more frequent than I knew.

I aranged an appointment for her on December 3rd, which was the closest date I could arrange. Frankly, I was extremely upset that it couldn't be this week, but there was absolutely no opening, and i figure that giving her the rest of the month might help her anyway.

Today at school Lily had TWO accidents. Appearently during history she started laughing, and then she "had to go NOW" and ran out of the room to try and get to the toilet, even without the teachers permission. I talked to them about this, and they were okay with it givin her situation. She said that she couldn't make it to the toilet, and in the hall she had a very liquidy BM in her diaper. She said she sat on the toilet, finished pooping, changed diapers and went back to history. Then during her next period, Latin, she got the urge again, got up, managed to make it into the hall before having a extremely liquidy BM. She changed diapers again, and went back to latin. Then, appearently, during Math she really had to go, but made it to the bathroom with only a little stain on her diapers. What worries me is that she won't tell me when it happens, but waites for me to ask, and even then is hesitant to tell.

what really worries me about Lily's condition is the accidents are getting more frequent, not the other way around, and i get the feeling that with the diaper on she might feel that it doesn't matter if she has an accident and has stopped trying. I'm not sure, but i think i'm going to try taking the diaper off for a day or two and see what happens.

I think i'm getting sick with something again, because I feel slightly feverish. Ah well--i'm always sick all winter anyway, along with my children and husband.

Today I had to pick Katie up from her school early because she got sick at school (argh! These stupid illnesses seem to circulate around my family so many times! Last year there wasn't a day all winter where not one child was sick with some sort of stomach bug. it was terrible, but then agian last year all of my children got the gastric flu, so...). Appearently she ate something that didn't agree with her stomach (she is slightly lactose intollerant, but it normally doesn't bother her unless she has a cold or a lot of mucus in her system anyway).

Well, Charlotte is yelling at me to go read to her The Boxcar Children, so i had better go before I get in trouble with my kids!


Crapicorn. Sorry to hear about your inability to go for #2 anywhere but home. It might be worth seeking out medical advice on the problem. Having said that there may come an occasion when sheer necessity obliges you to have a motion elsewhere but home and, once you've got over that hurdle, hopefully you'll be over it for good. Peronally I prefer to save having a poo for when I'm at home but I will use a public toilet or one at work or a friend's house if my need is sufficiently urgent.

Rizzo. Thanks for your kind comments. It's good to see another old timer here.

Karen. It was ingenious of you to use that thong to wipe with. I suppose in a situation like that when you suddenly discovered there was no TP, it was a case of "needs must." Hope the interview went well and you got the job.

Hi. I saw some one post about having tried peeing in a maxi pad so i decided to try it. I had been holding it for a while and had to go pretty bad. So I got up and walked into the bathroom. I opened the closet and looked on the thrid shelf. I saw a box of pads so I grabbed one and put it on. I walked back into my room and stood next to my bed. I had held it a while so now I really had to go. I relaxed and let it all out. It felt sooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!! I was careful not to let it all come out at once because it might leak but even just letting some out was enough releif for me. I finished and I didn't leak a bit! Lucky me ok I know this is a lame ending but I gotta pee again so bye!

until this afternoon, i had been blocked up since about nine days ago. for a day or two i had been getting signals from my stomach that i needed to poop, but i couldn't. last night i went to bed with a full and heavy feeling in my stomach and this morning it didn't feel any better. i felt bloated and uncomfortable but went to my classes anyway. between every class i went to the restroom to try to poop, but still nothing would come out. my stomach ache was getting worse, and by the third or fourth time i stopped in the bathroom i realized that my belly was swelling out a little and my jeans were putting the extra pressure on it. finally at 3 i left my last class and caught the bus back to my dorm (i'm in college and i don't have a car, so i have to use the shuttle bus back and forth). i really hate riding the bus because i get motion-sick sometimes, i guess because the seats are against the wall of the bus, not facing front like in a car. i try not to ride the bus if i've just eaten because it makes me feel sick. today i hadn't eaten anything and didn't think twice about taking the bus, but shortly after it started moving i began to feel funny in my stomach. feeling queasy and feeling way too full at the same time is bad. it seemed like the longest bus ride ever and when it finally got to my stop i was clutching my stomach with both hands, seriously thinking i might throw up. as i was walking up to the dorms i heard a loud rumble in my stomach and then i got major cramps, like the kind you get when you're about to have diahrea. i got to my room as fast as i could and got to the bathroom just as i felt hot poop start to come out. i had diahrea for almost 25 minutes while i sat hunched over holding my stomach. an hour later i pooped again, but it was a little more solid this time. i still have a funny feeling in my stomach but i just took some medicine for it.

Ashley G.
Hi Everybody, I'd like to hear more women's accident stories, keep 'em comin' ladies.

I'm real happy that i found this site as i need some advise.

I am 22 and just recently married(3months)and my hubby is starting to show interest in my bathroom habits.

I've let him in the bathroom with me a few times while i peed and i'm kind of getting comfortable with it but what he realy wants is to see me take a poop and i get freaked out at the thought for a couple of reasons,one being that i tend to go about every 3-4 days so when it comes out it realy stinks bad and their is alot of fart noise "I am so embaresed just writing this post".

And the other reason is that i am kind of shy about bodily functions in general,in my whole life the only people who have been in the bathroom while i pooped have been my sisters and one female roomate and i was embaresed in front of them to,so i think you can see why doing it in front of a guy might be a problem for me. It's even difficult for me to poop in the restroom at work if someone is in the next stall unless they are doing it too.

I know he's in to bathroom stuff since a few times while making love he's asked me to tell him about pooping and stuff and he gets very excited and also once i had to pee while he was in the shower and he later told me he watched as i sat down on the bowl thru a crack in the shower curtin and he made him very hard etc etc,you get the picture.

I hope you can give me some advise.


Thanks for the story of your colonoscopy. I'm getting my first one next week and have already bought the stuff today to prep for it. I have one bottle of ex-lax (milk of magnesia), two bottles of magnesia citrate, and two containers of fleet (it came in a pack of two for $1.26) enema. Oh yeah and not to mention flushable wipes because my aunty said that my ass is going to get irritated if I use regular TP.

I WILL give you guys the stories of my dumps on those days! Oh and not to mention the results. to go!

Michael explosive diarrhea
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been really busy lately
but I have taken some huge shits and my bowels have gotten a little a little better and I have droppedmore logs than diarrhea.Today after dinner I felt like it was time to go take a huge dump. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I stomach felt really full and it was time to unload. I pushed out mushy shit and farted a lot. I pushed out more mushy shit and then pushed out a log about 20 inches long which ploped into the toilet and water went all over my butt. I flushed and sprayed the unbearable smelling bathroom.I want to know if anyone else other than carmalita and kim make 20 inch logs and how do they produce them on a daily basis cuz I want to pass a long shit and very thick.

Robin, I forgot to mention something else. Remember that although Lily is an adolescent, in many ways she is still a young child. With that in mind, you may need to remind her that what's happening with these accidents ARE just that, accidents. Remind her that she's not doing anything wrong or bad. That may sound like you're babying her, but believe me, you're not.

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