Some Guy, the times I have found skid marks, I neither had to shit or felt the need to. I hadn't farted badly either. When I have let out real ripe orwet farts and checked my jockeys, there were no skid marks, so it remains a mystery to me.

Hi Caroline! First of all, no it wasn't me! I can think of one or two people who I would love to see that happen to though. I do know exactly what you mean about "Miss Smarty Pants", and I am only slightly offended that you thought I could possibly be like that. I must point out that I am a married woman, as well as a professional person, and I feel sure that dressing like a tart would not go down well either with my husband nor with my colleagues! I do wear skirts of a fashionable length, but certainly not so short that people could see my stocking tops (I wear tights in the winter anyway). Perhaps you should take a peek at what the lady in question does with her laptop - perhaps she writes to forums such as this! I have never been a fan of using the station loos. For one thing, they are usually cold and damp, whereas the loos on the train are normally very warm and cosy. Also, as you noticed, there is the danger of getting caught short by the arrival of a train - whereas, once on the train, I can take my time and the only real danger is staying in there too long and missing my station. I did once use the train loo only to notice too late that there was no paper - but I always have some tissues in my bag. It pays to be prepared! Love, Jill.

I have asked a couple of hospital professionals and three close friends about their experiences of dirty underwear. The general feeling seems to be that some people usually do get skid marks as a matter of course, with boys up to about mid teens being the worst. It just doesn't seem to be too high on their list of priorities until they start seriously thinking about girls. Two of my friends, (all are mothers) agree that it should be no big deal, but the other gets really uptight with her 12 year old son who not only dirties his pants several times a week, but sometimes hides them in his bedroom to in an attempt to avoid detection. Her other son always goes to her with his dirty pants to apologise if he messes himself. All say that pee stains also are quite common. All say that it is far less common for girls to be 'careless'. Coprologist - I heard somewhere, I think it was in a programme about Marks &Spencer, that about 50% of underpants sold in Europe is still white (at least, at the time of sale!). As a matter of interest, is there anyone out there who doesn't change their undies every day? Does anyone change more than once a day? I know my son (14) only changes his at bath time, even if he 'makes a mistake' in them earlier the day - fortunately not too common an occurance. My next 'project' is to speak with a continence advisor at the hospital where I work - I'll report back soon.

i am 16 and i pooped my pants in history class last monday. it was the worst day of my life. i had to go down to the nurse and explain to her that i pooped my pants like a first grader

It was about mid morning yesterday when I was doing my housework that I felt a need to go to the toilet. I went into my upstairs bathroom pulled down my trousers and underwear and sat on the toilet, had a pee and then stayed on there to do the other. I could hear ladders being moved about and realised it was the window cleaner, the bathroom window is always open in our house for hygiene reasons. I could not hear which window he was going to and there was silence, I could vaguely see a head when glancing at the mirror looking through the corner of the bathroom window, I do have curtains but they are only half drawn. I figured he wanted a peep show so I just continued and didn't let him know that I was aware he was peeping, I did find it quite stimulating knowing that I was giving somebody a buzz while quite innocently doing my toilet business in my own home. I suppose like other people writing to this site, I do get excited about toilet activities whether it's watching other people or letting them watch me doing it. The window is situated behind the toilet so he would have had a clear view of my rear, I kept straining just enough so he could hear but still never made him aware that I knew he was watching. While I'm on the toilet I usually tear off a length of toilet roll and then tear it every two sheets to get ready for when I need it. After a short while I passed some air, then about six small plops before relaxing for a few seconds and then did a large load. I always finish by trying one last push just to make sure I'm empty, then did one very tiny bit before getting off the seat to wipe my bum. I looked down the pan and had completely covered the water in the bottom; I started wiping my bum and needed to tear off some more paper. I usually wipe the central point first until it appears clean and then followed by just wiping either side of it, then clean completely with a damp flannel so I feel comfortable and to keep my underwear clean. I finished by flushing the toilet and putting some disinfectant around the rim, then pulling my clothes up. When I went downstairs, he was cleaning the bathroom window and I assume he expected me to think he had climbed up there. When he had finished I got my money out to pay him when he asked if he could just use my loo quickly, I suppose he wanted another look at that toilet seat still in disbelieve at what he had just seen.

Re: Increasing Bladder Size/Holding Pee To those who were interested in increasing bladder size, the best way to do it is to hold in pee for as long as possible, whenever possible. Some will say that it can be dangerous to your health (which _IS_ the case with holding in jobbies), but this is NOT the case for holding in pee. The act of holding in pee exercises the bladder and over time you will find it can hold more and you won't have to go so often. Once again, it does NOT affect your health, and you won't get cancer etc!

Yoe women wear beautiful clothing and have beautiful things however there is one beautiful sight you have missed. We men who have tinkled through a ray of sun light see a beautiful golden stream. This is is one of the minor optical rleasures most of you women will miss.

So as a teen the more desperate you were probably the larger the bladder you'll have? I know one girl who was desperate like constantly, she drank a lot of water all the time and had to pee alot and was always saying she was ready to burst, would she end up with a larger bladder?

Yes, from what I understand children's bladder muscels are weaker then their urinary holding in muscel (whatever that is) so they can actually hold their pee in their bladder and cause all kinds of problems. However, this is not true for adults, the bladder will void when it gets full, by itself.

More to report on the subject of skidmarks and teenagers. This weekend a friend was visiting and had to go to the bathroom. We were eating up a storm as usual and he said he felt a major dump coming. Anyway there was no tp and so he just passed on wiping. He mentioned it later as being kinda funny and of course that led to a lot of joking around about using his underwear to wipe his bum and all kinds of skidmarks but that it was really no big deal which is true. At least in the group that I know of and at school it isn't.

Monday, March 09, 1998

M, I think it has to do with mental strength as well. To get to the point of a bladder that size, one has to get it to that point... Surely you've had some of your own desperate situations, like when you are a kid or teen. That's when it really gets bigger, I think.

Do people here have an opinion about how long it takes to have a dump? I usually reckon to spend about 2-3 minutes on the loo for a good poo, making sure there is none left, although sometimes I find I need to return a while later. Many times I have noticed that if I use the loo at work, there will be someone in one of the loos that is still there when I leave. The other day however, while I was sat doing my business, a woman came into the loo next door. Did a noisy dump, wiped, and left - all within a minute. In fact the smell got to me after she had left! I guess she was on her way to an important meeting. I am glad that my lifestyle isn't quite that hectic!
To Jay & Paige:
I hope you enjoy your visit to the UK. You will find our loos a bit different from the ones you are used to. If you travel by train, be prepared to look for a good toilet - some are better than others. As a bonus, on the lines I travel, most of the toilets empty onto the track, so look down, you might see something that was once mine!

More to report on the subject of skidmarks and teenagers. This weekend a friend was visiting and had to go to the bathroom. We were eating up a storm as usual and he said he felt a major dump coming. Anyway there was no tp and so he just passed on wiping. He mentioned it later as being kinda funny and of course that led to a lot of joking around about using his underwear to wipe his bum and all kinds of skidmarks but that it was really no big deal which is true. At least in the group that I know of and at school it isn't.

jean and m.- your post on bladder capacity got me curious, so I did some checking. I'm not good for a whole liter, but I can manage 850 ml well enough when I really need to go. I have a friend who claims she can easily manage a liter, and I don't doubt it - she is a big, robust girl who stands a head taller than me. I don't usually hold it that long because if my concentration drifts for even a moment everything will get soaked instantly. I don't think that the guys have to be so attentive to that, perhaps the more complex plumbing makes it easier to hold it back. I can't imagine needing a pee and not being able to make it come out, like some guys have described. All I have to do is think of pee, and I'm ready to go. Later!

A friend sent me some e-mail this morning, and included in it was this poem I thought you might enjoy: I think that I shall never see A woman who can aim her pee. In spite of efforts large and small She cannot aim her stream at all. In moments when precision matters, Her target is a mass of spatters. While Men, displaying minor graces Score bull's eyes from a dozen paces.

Nature, in it's awesome wisdom, selected Man as King of Pissdom. Trees and walls bear silent witness To accurate Male plumbing fitness. While satin soft and cotton flimsy Must suffer Female peeing whimsy, the lines at Restrooms ne're withstanding the urgent bladder's stern demanding.

Puddles are made by gals like me, But only guys can aim their pee.

I just got a part time job at a trendy coffeeshop- bookstore. It's a great job and the owner is really nice. Not only do I have a great job, but the gods have also shined on me recently with two more presents. I've been keeping my eye on the " Barista " Meg, a beautiful 20 something Asian woman. It's hard not to notice her since she stands about 5'10, has bright red hair and wears glasses. I admit I'm an ass man - and she has a beautiful one, wearing a nice pair of faded 501's shows off a devastating butt. Last night we hung out together during our break and got talking about something when suddenly she got up from the couch and smiled " I have to take a shit - I'll be right back " she announced as she walked across the room to the staff bathroom. My heart jumped. Quietly I walkup to the bathroom door and heard her unzip her jeans. Then I heard the sound of a little tinkle followed by - to my surprise - a deep groan and splash and a " oooooyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jesussssss "and another splash. It sounded like something was going in her ass not coming out of it. After she flushed and walked back to the couch and tried to act non shalount. When she emerged she had an almost wicked smile on her face. Laughingly I asked her how it went as she sat back down on the couch. Making a big sigh she said " I'm sure you heard ....... that was like pushing out a 10 inch salami - but there is nothing like a good hard dump. Hearing this beautiful and exotic looking woman take a shit was present one from the gods, present two was her phone number and a date this weekend.

Some Guy
TJ- I think having to take a dump is what causes "skid marks". I can scratch my butt and have clean underwear, but if I have to take a dump, the smallest fart can stain my underwear. Steph- To the best of my knowledge, all men have at least one annoying drip of pee in their pants after zipping back up and TP can't help much. This is what always happens to me no matter how or how long I shake little Some Guy. Oh, and not only is there writing on the walls of our school, but some stalls have separators with holes in them, and you can see a person sitting next to you. One of the reasons I wait until the bathroom is empty before dumping. Our bathrooms are weird. They have ventilation ducts for heating, I guess, in every stall. If only I could get a security camera in one of those babies in the girl's room...

Sunday, March 08, 1998

To Steph
Of course men get urine stains on their underpants. Why do you suppose that nowadays very few men wear white underpants? They have tell-tale yellow stains on the front (usually at the left, I believe) within hours, so most of us prefer colored underpants. The stains are still there, but they don't show! If men pee in a stall, they can of couse use TP to dry their tools, but if you use a urinal, all you can do is shake your tool and hope for the best. But Newton's Fourth Law of Motion says that there will still be a few drops to stain your pants.

Hey! Back again! My last post was under the name "Mike", although I typed "Mike Bacon". I don't want to confuse the visitors to this site with the numerous other "Mikes" that regularly post here, so I'll just use "Bacon". That out of the way, I guess I've had a few good dumps lately of worthy mention. Last Friday, I had a good brown diarrhea dump at work. I had just finished eating a "Beefeater" sandwich from a deli that shall remain nameless. I don't think the sandwich caused it, but I felt that familiar cramp again shortly after eating my lunch. Went into the men's room and sat down, but only managed a skinny log after much straining and farting. Just like back in October, it started with a pain and much straining, only to have a fart and a log come out. Gave up, flushed, washed my hands, and finished my shift. After I got off, I went back to try again. The second time was successful. A pppttt!, and then a big load of diarrhea escaped from my butt. I think I did three good waves of it with just a few seconds (30 to 60 seconds) in between each. I felt much better afterwords. It was brown, and I had to wipe quite a bit. The Monday after, I visited some friends in Ft. Worth. We ate Chinese food, and then visited playing some good old rock 'n roll. A combination of everything from the sixties (Jefferson Airplane, Herman's Hermit's, Nancy Sinatra, etc.) through the new wave portions of the 80's (Devo, The Bangles, The Cars, Go Go's, etc.). When it was time to leave, my stomach had more cramps but they weren't real bad. When I got home, I sat down on the pot, and sprayed white diarrhea out of my butt. I mean I just peed out of my rear end! Last night and today: I shitted quite a few logs. They were sinkers so I guess the fat content was low. I shitted out a few of them last night after a couple of sit-down attempts of which I only farted. Then the last attempt last night got me quite a few good logs. Then this morning I had three good sit-down sessions with a lot of logs passing out. I guess this makes up for the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, of which I shitted very little! Before I close, I hear that the low-flush toilet here in the States may soon be history, meaning that we might get the good old high-water one-flush-does-the-trick toilets back again. To the plumbers and custodians who post here, is this true (I hope!!!)? Have a nice day! Mike Bacon.

AHOY, Jean C.-- your tale reminds me of a boat trip on the Bay a couple years ago. A girl I was dating at the time & plus another couple joined a friend & his girl on his boat for a nocturnal 4th of July fireworks show. We'd been out since the afternoon, drinking beer & gunkholing around. About the time we'd anchored in the middle of a river near town to await the show is when mother nature started calling her first customer, and one by one we all started 'going for a swim', since T's boat was a little 19-footer with no head. Soon my date was nervously asking T. about onboard elimination facilities--she was recently from out/town & new to the water scene--and he amusedly explained why everyone was going swimming.

Well, the prob was that she hadn't worn a swimsuit underneath her clothes (like she'd been reminded) & didn't wanna go in the water in them, nor strip in front of us before going in (like I'd been encouraging her ). Finally, a steel bucket was produced and set up below the forward hatch so that she could kinda squat down, drop her drawers and pee in the bucket....but while she was still sticking out of the hatch above her chest! Heheh--at first her face was red, and we were all trying to be nonchalant about it (although highly amused), including her in the conversation while her peeing sounds were clearly audible--that steel bucket reverbed rather nicely. Then T.--ever the gentleman host--emptied her slop bucket overboad for her. Wonder what that gal woulda done had #2 come knocking instead......

Hi. this is my first post to this site. Being a friend of George and his wife Moira and having a similar interest in matters realting to defecation I plucked up the courage to post some of my observations. Like George and Moira I am in my 40s and have been turned on by such things since as long as I can recall. Unlike either of them I didnt have the open attitude they enjoyed at home and would have loved to have had as broad minded a mum as his substitute mother Aunt Helen was about her bowel movements. I was an only child and my parents were both a bit prudish about defecation and related subjects. Nevertheless, from when I was able to go by myself I found doing a jobbie both enjoyable for myself and I got a buzz if I heard someone else doing one or saw their turd. I listened to both my parents doing their motions and my dad did some nice big solid ones but I always found the turn on was far greater when it was my mother performing, and I understand that most men and boys are more interested when its a woman or girl doing a jobbie rather than another male. Readers' comments on this would be of interest. My mother didn't do the huge toilet blocking torpedoes that George's aunt Helen did, but I often enjoyed listening to the resounding "Ker-Plonks!" and "Kursploosh!" sounds as her jobbies dropped into the toilet pan. She often did "floaters" and I would see her turds when they didnt flush away properly and usually they were fat lumpy carrot shaped jobbies about 8 inches long and 2 inches fat. Like many women she was always slightly constipated. I have often watched Moira and George on the throne and marvel at the whoppers they usually produce.

On a recent girls night out, at the end of the evening we were waiting in a long taxi queue. The effects of the drink were beginning to have an effect on one or two girls. My friend Julie was just about to go and find somewhere to have a discreet pee when our taxi came. We all piled in and Julie ended up sitting on my knee in the crush. Before long she let out a muffled cry, put her hand over her mouth and turned round to look at me. Seconds later, I felt her wee pouring through the back of her skirt into my lap and of course it began to soak my trousers! I didn't scream out - we might have all been thrown out of the taxi by the driver if he knew what had happened. However, after a few minutes, with me and Julie giggling like schoolgirls, I needed to pee badly by then so I decided that I could wet myself for free so to speak - I could blame Julie on the state of my trousers when we emerged from the taxi. This I proceeded to do. Oh how wonderful it was!

Firstly, in answer to Kevin's question. There are unisex bathrooms in France. However I do not think that these are as common as they used to be, being replaced with either separate male and female facilities or "single person" unisex "automatic" toilets. I have just bought the video of "The Full Monty". I wonder how many women will experiment with standing to pee as a result of seeing the scene where the woman uses the urinal in the Gents. This type of urinal, where you pee against the wall, is very common in the UK and I have seen them in France. However, whenever movies or TV show the inside of a mens room in America, the urinals are always the individual "basin" type.

Jill: You wouldn't have seen me on the train this week as I have taken a weeks holiday, maybe if you were wearing a carnation people would think you were going to a wedding. I normally see a girl in the mornings on a railway station and do hope this is not you, she has long blonde hair and wears a black cape, black mini skirt, and stockings and carries a laptop and umbrella. I don't think it is necessary for her to waltz past all the businessmen on the railway station wiggling her hips, when I last see her I thought to myself, I hope that is not Jill. Last week I had to go to the ladies toilets on the railway station at which I catch the train, and when going into the toilets I noticed this girl wearing the cape went into one of the toilet cubicles. I went into the neighbouring cubicle with the intention of just peeing before the train was due to arrive, I lifted my skirt and pulled down my briefs then sat on the toilet seat. The cleaning staff must had washed the floor just prior to this, as the floor was still wet and left a vivid reflection of the next toilet under the partition. I sit there remembering the laws of reflection, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection, and if I could see her she could see me. I could see her bum on the toilet and her laptop on the floor in front of her quite clear; this was shortly followed by sounds of tinkling in the toilet and then silence. There were noises of straining followed by a series of plops, I noticed that there were no toilet roll holders in the cubicles and the toilet rolls were placed on the floor behind the toilets. Behind the toilet I was using there were two toilet rolls, one was for my cubicle and one directly under the partition for the next toilet. I discretely took the roll from under the partition and figure miss "show off" needed to be taught a lesson. I had only done a pee my self, but assumed she wouldn't have avoided seeing my reflection and would have thought ! I was there a bit too long for a pee. I wiped my bum just a few times, pulled up everything and left the cubicle to wash my hands. I could hear her moaning about no toilet roll and kept calling out "excuse me" I kept very quiet to let her think there was nobody there then quietly left and returned to the railway station to find the train then arriving at the station. She comes running out of the toilets, after obviously hearing arrival information over the announcement speakers, at that point she would have had no time to get a toilet roll from the next cubicle and use it. I guess miss smart pants had her day really messed up after that. Hasn't time to read this to check it so forgive me if there is any mistakes. Love Caroline.

BLADDERS CAN GET STRETCH MARKS Hean C., I read a long while ago that some women prided thenselves in urinating once a day (maybe during their daily domp). The author said that it was a bad habit to get into. The overly distended bladder over time can develop stretch marks and not empty completely when woided. Hence increasing the risk for bladder and kidney infection. It would be a good idea to discourage a person from holding their urine for a long time. A long time ago, I took a history course at Kellog Community College. The subject of study was the factories in 19th century Britton. The children would have to work hard. Their bodies occasionally become deformed. The workers were only allowed to go to the bathroon when the urine bucket was brought around. When they could not wait they would wet on the floor. A child was said to have died from suppressing his/her urine. After a reasonable amount of time going to the bathroom is an inalienable right.

BASE727(mad cow patrol)
Yup !! hade a rough week colitis acted up all week at work with plenty of emergency pitt stops with no accidents to report!!! G'Day everybody James BASE727(mad cow patrol)

Saturday, March 07, 1998

George and I are back now. We had to cut our holiday short as I had an important case to deal with next week, (Im a lawyer Americans would call me an Attorney, George runs his own Computer business). We had a great holiday . Both of us got constipated by the change of diet routine etc. After a couple of days driving through Northern France I had to go and used one of those two footprints and a hole public toilets . As these are unisex in France George came in and went to the one next door to mine. After a lot of "OO! OO!s" and straining I did a couple of hard fat balls and a long fat bar of solid lumpy poo which stuck up vertically out of the hole like Cleopatra's needle in the UK or the Washington Monument in the USA. Did it hurt as it came out, my ring ached. George thought it a great laugh but was also turned on by it . It must have been about 16 inches long I estimate. George went the next day in Germany using one of those toilet pans with the platform or stage which other posters to this site have mentioned. As this was in our bedroom at our hotel I accompanied him . His single long fat jobbie was so big he had to stand up as he did it to avoid squashing it on the platform . Although there is no "KERSPLOSH!" with this type of pan the advantage is that one can see the whole motion before pulling the flush. When we did try to flush it it jammed in the hole in the front of the pan and the end stuck up just like the Titanic sinking in the movie. More of our European adventures later. To Steph, not all men fail to dry their penis after urination. George always dries himself with toilet paper, although as he has said before he prefers to use a cubicle (stall) not a urinal and also wears women's panties rather than mens boxer shorts or jockey briefs and has done so since his childhood living with his aunt and cousins. We both consider not drying or wiping onself after doing the toilet of either type as a dirty habit but each to their own. George and I use moist wipes rather than dry toilet paper after a BM as this is softer on the anus and cleans far better and quicker. Finally to Jun it is far better to wipe one's bum from front to back NOT the other way round especially for women as getting fecal matter into the vagina can cause Thrush, Cystitis and other infections. All the best to you all.

Jay and Paige
It's been a while since we've been on here, but several scattered items have remained with me from recent posts on the forum. First, we are taking the family to the UK for spring vacation and I'm getting a kick out of the two women who are hoping to meet up on the train by wearing white carnations! Too bad there ISN'T some way to connect with people here but there just can't be...though it's fun to hear about various venues where there are unisex facilities and hidden vantage points in public places where habits of both sexes can be observed. I guess we'll see first hand what it's like to use the loo in the UK...and we're looking forward to rounding out our experiences in this area. You can be sure that Paige will be bringing loads of Cottonelle tushie wipes for the group--there will be NO brown streaks in our "knickers," you can bet your *bum* on that! As usual, pooping girl and Susan get the honors for the most memorable posts of the past few weeks. First, Susan, I was totally blown away by your description of the woman in the adjacent stall from you who let out a jobbie that you thought made contact with the water but was still emerging from her bottom hole. Amazing! I can only liken this to what they call a tornado over water--a "waterspout!" And I'll bet it was very thick and coiled into the "pan" like a boa constrictor! And pooping girl...too bad we just can't go out on a date sometime, ya know? I just loved your description of how you were farting with every step you took toward the bathroom as your roommate made the usual lame joke about there being a duck in the room...just like Rodney Dangerfield said in the movie "Caddyshack 1!" Keep it comin', even though it may seem very routine to you... Any suggestions about how we might spend our family vacation in the UK...mainly in London and environs...would be appreciated...who knows, we might run into George and Moira and have a poopfest! Cheers to all!

M: transplant.

Hmmmm, how could you possibly hold on for that long? I find it incredible the size of some people's bladderes! Like some people say a Liter?!?!?! How on earth?

I've been interested in toilet habits for a long time. Speaking of having no walls or doors in boys bathrooms, our school newspaper did an editorial on having no doors on the boys stalls. The reason for it, our principal says, is so kids can't write on the doors. If they aren't there to write on, kids won't do it. I've been in there a couple times, and the only doors are on handicapped stalls. There is still writing on the handicapped doors and the walls. Why don't they just take the walls off? There's also writing on the girls restroom walls and doors, though not as much. Also, if the doors are off, it's harder for kids to write on walls without being caught. The principal says there will probably never be doors on the stalls, as there have never been before.There has been a petition going around being signed by the boys to get doors put on. It is called: Doors For Dumpers.
Hopefully soon I'll be posting some of my bathroom experiences later.

Jean C.
About bladder size--There was a young ,(back then) beautiful girl that I always wanted that was, along with her husband , friends of my wife and I that was VERY open about her peeing and all. We had a small cuddy cabin type cruiser that originally had a porta-potty in the bow hatch that I had provided for the ladies to use, for pee ONLY! I'm not usually grossed out by shit, but I had asked the ladies to please crap onshore so I could just clean out the potty with clorox. It seemed that after every weekend on the Chesapeake, there was SHIT in the damned thing, and my wife swore it wasn't hers! She is the constipated type with the hardest, biggest turds I've ever seen, so it was obvious that she wasn't the depositor! So as a result I removed the potty, and replaced it with a wide mouth Taylor wine carafe that was to be used by men and women alike to pee into in the cuddy. No big deal, just do your biz, pour it overboard and rinse, and voila! This stopped the shitti! ng and made for some interesting studies about pee quanity, as I have always been a voyuer of sorts. The lady I mentioned in the beginning was one of three consorts that were frequently on our boat, and since I lusted after her, I watched intently whenever she would pour out her load, as it were. After about 12 Buds or so one fine summer afternoon, she announced that "I have to take a HUGE piss!", so into the cabin she went, carafe in hand, to do her deed. She was a flirt as well as SCHWEET, so I wasn't surprised when she came out of the cabin to show us that she had FILLED the 1 liter carafe to the brim, saying..."Anybody want some white wine?". We all wowed over her filling the damned thing up, and she said, "I had to stop, I coulda peed more!" Then there was the time she squatted behind a car, but that's another post.

story: After reading with interest various posts in this forum I note references to Bidets,I suffer from Hemorrhids and when I go to #2 my b/m is quite soft needing lots of t/p to clean up, this makes my botty very sore.Would a bidet help my situation,if so how many kinds are there and which is the best. My bathroom is very large so there is not a problem with space.

Hi guys! Susan, you've already answered a question I was going to ask you. You said you put your hands around your knees while pushing. When I'm having a hard time going (taking a dump, that is), I put my hands on the upper, back side of my knees while straining in the *position* I find the pressure on my back legs helps in straining. I either do that or pump my abdomen, depending on how hard it is to go. Philippe, congrats on your wife's pregnancy; no, I don't have any first-hand experience with it, but I agree it wouldn't be a good idea for any pregnant woman to pump her abdomen. Sue (the nurse), I'm a 20 yr old female and rarely have shit-stains on my underpants (unless I take one of those wet dumps where there's stuff on the paper even after 10 wipes). I do sometimes, though, see yellow pee stains (I take a multi-vitamin every day) on my panties, even though I think I'm very good in wiping my vagina. What's your experience with pee stains? I realize men don't wipe after just peeing; I would think any extra "tinkles" on the penis would end up on the underpants. It's a peculiar question, but I'm interested :) I have one interesting story involving a friend and dorm-mate at school, Kara (I've mentioned her before). We were hanging out when she said she had to go "pretty bad." I felt a dump pending, and being interested in this sort of thing, told her I also had to go. We both got to the bathroom; Kara peed for what must have been two minutes, now I know what my friend Alex says about "when I have to pee, I have to pee, NOW." We both started peeing at about the same time, but I stopped after about 30 sec (no, I didn't time it, just guessing). I was straining to dump and Kara was still peeing away; I told her she must have been holding it for a long time- she giggled and said (something to the effect of) "no, Steph, I actually didn't feel like I had to go until about 10 minutes ago, but I felt it alright!" Kara finally stopped and I heard some paper being pulled from the roll. The toilet flushed and she left to wash her hands. I sat there for a few more minutes, straining, and! finally let out several "jobbies." I also felt better afterwards, to tell you the truth :)

COPROLOGIST:They are indeed a hybrid of toilet and bidet, and commonly known as "Washlet". Impeccable naming, eh? This is how it works: there is a control panel right next to the seat on which there are a few buttons such as wash, dry, bidet, deodorise. (Incidentally, you can even adjust the temperature of the hot water !) After the No.2, you simply press either "wash" or "bidet". Then a plastic bar with a tiny nozzle on top slowly comes out from underneath where you bum is placed on the seat. As the hot water starts to come out, you can just wiggle a bit until you find the right spot. Then finally, you can blowdry your bum. The deodorising device, however, automatically starts functioning as soon asyou sit on the toilet, whether you like it or not. Also, these toilet seats normally have electric heating for further comfort. CAROLINE, YOUNG & BM:Thanks for asking. I always like my bum squeeky clean. So I use A LOT of TP and rince my bum with hot water afterwards. I used to use soap as well, but my doctor advised me not to, as the remains of the soap could cause infection. Having said that, I do love looking at masterpieces as such, though, especially those produced by beautiful women. This may be due to some childhood experience of toilet training, as Freudian psychoanalysts may argue, but since I had an honour to observe by accident several years ago, an 8' long shiny brown poop fresh out of the fanny of my Swedish friend Ingrid, whose name was just starting to spread among Tokyo fashion photographers, my interest in this area has developed quite a bit. PATRICK:Be gentle when you have to clean yourself for 13 times! As in the case of intercourse, these invisible scraches can easily be the cause of all sorts of unwanted troubles...By the way, have you ever heard that the Eskimos hardly ever use TP because their jobbies are nice and dry due to their diet? Doesn anyone know if it's true? SUE: From a professional viewpoint, what would be the most ideal way to clean one's bum? Shall we do it from behind or front? How clean should it be? Share your expertise with us, please!

In answer to Robby's questions about wiping. I usually wipe until I don't see anything on the paper. Sometimes though I find no matter how many times I wipe I get a mark on the paper. Rhen I usually give up wiping, for fear of clogging the toilet with paper. Why does those marks keep coming? Does anyone know why, you don't feel like more shit wants to come out, but it seems stuck at the opening? Sometimes skid marks are caused by really rank dirty farts. Sometimes the rankest farts produce mo skid marks why?

Peace, Steph

To Dutch Guy:
My wife and I will be visting Europe this summer, and I would like to know what countries men and women share the same bathrooms. I think I would find it highly erotic having a beautiful girl taking a crap in the next stall. You must have many good stories, looking forward to them. Keven L

On Tuesday I went out for drinks with a large group from work to celibrate the end of RRSP season. ( Those living in Canada will know what that is). There was about 25 to 30 of us. One of the girls from customer service whose name is Karen had a little to much to drink. She was actually very funny. Anyway, there is a point to this story. I didn't hear anything special at the bar, just a lot of girls peeing. The next morning at work I was talking with a co-woker in the halway that has the bathrooms on our floor. And who do I see coming from customer service towards us, but Karen. She looked slightly hung over. She walked by us and into the bathroom. As we were finished up I said I had to go to the bathroom and turned and followed Karen in. She went into the stall at the end of the row of toilets. She had on black dress pants and a black turtle neck sweater. She is of medium height and bulild. I went into the stall beside her, pulled down my pants and sat down. As I was doing this I was wathing her under the stall. I thought something was going to happen after her night out. I could hear her pulling down her zipper and the sound of her pants and undies being pulled down. She sat down on the toilet and was quite for a few seconds. She started to pee, slowly at first, then harder and then slowing back down to a tinkle. She was quite again. I don't know if she was waiting for me to leave, but I just sat there waiting to see if she had to do anything else. Sure enough I could hear her take a quite breath in start to push. She let it out and took another breath and pushed harder this time. I could hear it strarting to come out of her. The first piece sounded very soft and smooth and splashed into the toilet. After the first piece it got smoother and faster. It sounded like she now had the runs. She had 4 waves of diahrea. It seemed to get softer and smoother as she went on. At the end of the last wave she let out her breath with sigh of relife. She sat for a moment and then started taking toilet paper to wipe. I took some too, wiped flushed and went out to the sink. I was drying my hands as flushed and came out of her stall. She looked a little better but not much. I asked her if she was feeling alright. She smilled and said she was OK. I tought I would be brave and keep going. I said " sure was a good time last night etc etc,) She replied that it was a good time but she should learn not to over do it. She said she has a sensitive stomic and to much drinking usually results in this. At this point to other girls came in so I took it as my cue to go. I told her I hoped she was feeling better. It's amazing what you can you see and hear when you are more aware of things. Before I found this site I would never have thought to follow her into the bathroom that day. Take Care,

During my hollyday last summer I met the WC in the camp. I had to go to the ladies side because of missing TP on the other side. When I finished I heard two girls comming so I tried to keep secret myself. One girl sat in the stall next to me and started peeing. Then she started talking with her girlfriend about the discotheque last night and about various foods and drinks in her stomach. Her voice was interrupted by attempts to push out the dump. Suddenly she sad supprisingly to her neighbour: well it creeps already! After the turd plopped into the water she breathed out. Then she continued with their interrupted conversation.

Friday, March 06, 1998

When the Winter Olympics were being held in Japan, I and countless others, were being informed of all that was happening. I assumed this service would end as soon as the games were over, but received another yesterday and was told we would be updated on all ongoing and future events concerning the athletes. It was reported that the toilet seats in the dorms were heated and recordings of birds songs were piped into the bathrooms to cover "other" noises.. Interesting.

I have had difficulty peeing at times and others have difficulty peeing at times especially in front of others.
This may be a solution. The urge to pee comes in contractions (both for men and womes). When you are in the position to pee wait for the contraction; they come periodically. Those who have trouble peeing in front of an audience try to force things. They try to go when the body is not ready; as a consequence they get all tense and going is all the harder.

I had an appointment with my accountant the other day and as it is a long drive, I had to go to the bathroom when I got there. I asked the good looking secretary if I could use the restroom and she said "Sure, right back here," and she led me to the back of the offices and stood at the bathroom door and said "Help yourself." It would have been more fun if we helped each other. I went in and sat on her toilet and tinkled and passed a small piece of shit. Better than holding it.

I guess that I'm kinda interested in wiping habits and I'm sure others on this forum are too. My observations of my friends in the 12-17 range at school and camp are that some boys have really heavy skidmarks in their underwear all the time and others don't. It's not that unusual, so it's not that big a deal to the other kids. At camp there was one kid whose underwear always looked like he crapped in his pants but he was pretty much the exception to the rest of the guys. I would say that most kids don't really think about it that much, and if they get skidmarks in their underwear it isn't any big deal. Everybody gets them some time or the other, right? Can Sue tell us more of her knowledge on this subject ??

Does anyone know of a way to increase your bladder size?

A while back I was working at a camp and a girl and I were walking from the woods back to the camp across an open field. I'd say it was a good 1 mile walk from where we had been to the camp. Anyway, the entire trip had taken about 45 minutes (so far.) I noticed when we were in the woods that she was kind of fidgety, I asked her if she was ok and she said yes. However, she was looking worse and occassionally shoving her hands into your crotch. I asked her if she was ok and she said, "No I have to pee so bad..I can't wait." "Well go here." I said there is a bush you can go behind over there. She quickly rushed off, after I assured her I'd wait for her and not look. I turned my back and after about 15 seconds heard her come running back. "HELP ME!" she wailed, "my zipper is stuck! Oh man, I've got to pee soooo bad!" I tried to open her zipper but I couldn't it was honestly jammed. I gave it one more try, but I must have pushed against her bladder because suddenly I heard a hissing sound and then her jeans got all wet. We both just stood there for a few seconds. Then she said, oh I'm so sorry, I'm so embarrassed. I assured her it was nothing to be embarrased about, everone pees, and then helped her get back to camp without being seen....

I remember when I was 14-15 y.o., I didn't wipe that well at all. We had those little squares of folded tissue at school and using them wasn't fun. Plus I was in a hurry, usually, although there were times I spent most of the lunch hours or study hall time sitting on the toilet. At home, well, I just wiped once or twice and I did end up with a skid mark in my underpants. I always washed my hands tho.

Dutch guy
I was very surprised that I'm not the only one in the world who is interested in what is going on in the bathroom,so when I discovered this great site and read some posts I found out that I've more friends than I thought. I get very aroused when a pretty girl goes to the bathroom, and I often try to slip into the next stall, especially when the stalls are open on top, and listen to the sounds she makes when she pees or shits. Also the perfume of her shit turns me really on. Once I found myself in a stall when four young ladies came in and occupied the other stalls. What I heard and smelled then was very exciting. Next time I will tell you more about my expiriences.

I've posted under Steve in the past (I'm not the guy who dumped with the wrestlers but I wish I was) but I decided I needed a more distinct handle.
Just wanted to say that Steve's post was totally awsome. I've been in restrooms like that, no doors, no walls but no one was using them. If I had walked in and seen that, I'd hve joined in too.
That's why I like using a restroom without doors, it's seems to make people friendlier and more willing to talk. I think Steve's story did a great job a proving that.
I remember in high school, where there were no doors, many times the guy in the other stall would comment on either his progress or mine depending on where the sound was coming form. Total turn on the hear a guy comment after each plop, splash or plunk. Once I had a kind of grunting contest wuth a guy to see who could make the loadest plop. Short contest but great none the less!

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