hello all, im from wash d.c, im new here and have to tell you about an embarrassing accident which happened this weekend. i was at the movies with a couple of girlfriends and we were watching a really good movie. now, at the begining of the movie i was feeling cramps in my stomach but i was really into this movie and didn`t want to leave so i held my guts. at the middle part of the movie the cramps became worst and worst and it was harder to keep still. i was regularly letting out these very smelly farts and my friend asked me if i was alright. being very shy i said i was fine, but i wasn`t. a few minutes later the cramps were really bad and i was doubled over in pain. i finally told my friend that i was in soo much pain and she tried to help me to the bathroom. i took about two steps and let out this giant fart and started crapping diarrhea all over myself. diarrhea started leaking on the floor and peole were starring. i rushed to the bathroom to clean up as much as possible and told my friends not to tell anyone. that was the most embarrassing moment in my life.

Since I was a toddler I'm very intrested in everything what concerned peeing and pooping. When I was 5 I still used dipers every night because I like peeing in it. When my mom tried tot let me sleep without them, I peed my bed so she had to let me wear a diaper again. When I was 7 my interest was gone.

I only once had an accident, at work. I am a social worker and I have to visit my cliŽnts at home. Most of them aren't very clean to themselves so I don't like to use their bathrooms.

One of my cliŽnts offered me a bottle of coca cola which I accepted. I drank totally three little bottles of coke and a glass of water. When I got home I felt the ureg to pee. I couldn't stop on my way home, because I already had to be in my office, so I continued driving. When I parked my car I feld a a little squirming which got worse while walking to my office. I had my two hands on my crotsch and moved as fast as I could. In the building where my office is, is ran to the visitors toilet while little bits of pee running in my pants. I was kind of happy I made it to the toilet. When I would open my jeans the zipper blocked and with one hand on my crotch and the other on the zipper, I tried to open my pants. And then... I couldn't hold it any more. It started tot pee in my pants. I quickly sat on the toilet en peed through my underpants and jeans in it. My hole butt was soaked! I treid to clean myself up and deceided to go home. To avoid soms collegues would see me, I litteraly ran out of the toilet and to my car. At home, I took a shower and changed clothes. The wet ones, I put quickly in the washing machine, so that my hubby won't find them if he got home early. Then I drove back to my office and said I was stuck in the traffic.

Super Pooper
Haven't posted in a while but I have been reading posts. Crapicron, I have the same problem about not being able to poo anywhere but my home... but as of August I've had to learn because I started college life which means that I get to share the girl's dorm floor bathroom. I find it helpful to think about other things... like braiding toilet paper and stuff... I know it sounds a little silly, but if you're thinking of something else, it seems to help just a little, but it's not fool proof. ok now for my story

For the past week I've been slightly constipated (because of my little crapping in public problem) and a couple days ago I got a few small turds to come out. They were smallish, very hard and dark olive green. I was a little oncerned because I hate being constipated, and I was really hoping I'd get it all out. Well just 30 minutes ago I think I hit the motherload!! I felt the urge to go so I shuffled (more like waddled cuz I knew it was a big one) to the bathroom and thank goodness it was empty. I sat down on the stall and pushed and all in one easy grunt it was out. I looked in the toilet and saw the biggest turd I've pooped out in a long time. It was about a foot long and 2 inches in diameter. the front of the turd was hard an knobbly like my other poop was the 2 days before, but the rest was firm but smooth. I was afraid I would clog the toilet, but thank goodness the toilets are like jet powered. Well that's all for now, lets all hope I stay regular :)

Once, I was on a bus trip from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh. I was going home from college to spend Thanksgiving with my family. At one point during the trip, I started to get stomach cramps. I went back to the lavatory and pulled my jeans and panties down and sat on the toilet. I took a really mushy, gross dump. Then, when I reached for the TP, I discovered there wasn't any. There weren't any paper towels, either. No water came out of the sink, eiter. Luckily, the toilet flushed. I didn't have any tissues or anything, and I was too embarrased to ask anyone for any, so I spent the next three hours with a big glob of mushy poop squished between my buns. It was gross, and there was a big skid mark on my panties by the time I finally got home. I wiped my ass and changed my underpants before I even said hello to anyone. Luckily, the rest of the weekend was better!

On the campus of Western Michigan University (Ah, yes! the Brown & Gold university) there is Waldo Library; the main library. Waldo Library has 4 floors: a basement floor, a first floor, where the people enter, and a second and third floor.

The second floor has one men's bathroom and two women's bathrooms. One women's bath is to the right of a large flight of stairs connecting the first & second floors. This restroom is the woman's gold room, for the more self-conscous ladies. The is a more secluded bath, although just as big, used by self-conscious women needing to do the brown. Women needing to do the brown will often make a special trip from the first floor to the more secluded restroom.

Does this put you in more of a school sperit?

Can you describe what Helena looks like for us (body type, hair/eye color, etc)? and also her monster turd (shape, color, texture, etc)?? Sounds like a real winner... I'm amazed at the sizes of the creations of some of these women - 3 1/2 inches is huge! have you ever seen any bigger ones?

anonimuos poster,
nice riding horse pee anecdote, pelase post more,Anyway I wouldn't ahve care about the women feeding the cow,and would have pissed there without holding anymore, sure she'd understand.
post some more funny anecdotes abou tyou and other singers having to pee in concert in location without bathroom, hwere are the funniest palce you peed? Tell the bucket story, please

COuld you write some unusual place where u pee dor seem other girl peeing? Give some details thanks-Do you peein public showers and parking garage?



Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Something seemed to hold up the site for a few days, I Just noticed the secound half of my colonoscopy storey made it on, but not the first half. I did mention in the first half how I have been surprised from reading the posts how many people enjoy pooing but don't like enemas. Perhaps people are just afraid and assume they will be unpleasant; personally I love them. I never have a problem with constipation so can't tell you from experience how they work there, I have thought of maybe making myself constipated just to try the experience.
I can't understand why people go thru days of discomfort, sometimes severe, from constipation when a enema will solve the problem very quickly. Maria was asking for help, please do try a enema. Here are some hints for making it easier. If you are constipated use a enema of olive oil, this will make the passing of poo less painfull and maybe won't hurt at all.
Get a bulb type enema, with a douche tip as well as a enema tip, warm the enema oil or water
lubircate the nossle well, you will probably find the larger douche nossle more comfortable to insert, also if you have poo very low in the bowel the small enema nossle of the enema may stick in the poo and not let the fluid out. If the oil is warmed to 40oC, ( 100oF) it will reduce any cramping you may have. Put it about 200ml of oil then if you feel comfortable put some water in until you feel uncomfortable, if you are very constipated you may only need the oil, then perhaps a water enema after you have expelled the first enema, (and poo). Put salt or bicarbonate of soda in the water to stop it being absorbed by the bowel. Avoid using soap as this irritates the bowel. If you get badly constipated from time to time, and haven't had a enema because you are frightened to try, I suggest you try having one when you are not constipated because it will be easier then if you get consipated you will have the confidence to use the enema. If you have a empty bowel you will probably find you can take 2 litres or more water quite easily. Look at the results after you expell and you will probably be surprised at the amount of poo which comes out of what you thought was a empty bowel.

Hey dudes and dudettes. Gotta cool shit story that happened at work. I'm the building maintenance man, and the other morning just after we opened a customer complained that the toilet in the ladies room was clogged. I went in to see what the problem was. There was a gigantic turd about 3 and a half inches across laying in the toilet. It was so big it wouldn't even fit into the drain hole in the bottom of the shitter. The turd was only about 7 inches long. We only have one female, Helena, working at the store, so she must have been the one who dropped the monster into the bowl before we opened. Helena is a wild girl about 24 years old and she brags about some activities she engages in that would tend to make her rear opening larger. From what I saw in that pooper she isn't lying about that. I had to get a stick and break the turd up into pieces to flush it. By the time I finished the customer who complained about the clogged toilet must have been having a bathroom emergency because as soon as I came out she went rushing into the bathroom and already had her pants unzipped and belt undone. A half hour later I was called to the same bathroom again. This time, there was a small carrot shaped dark brown turd on the floor next to the toilet. The lady must have dropped the turd before she had a chance to get her ass onto the toilet seat. There were also skidmarks all over the bowl even above the water level.

Hi all, I have been interested in peeing for some time now but I have always been shy about going anywhere other than the toilet. I ride horses, and yesterday I went out to the barn for a ride. I drank alot of water and soda on my way out there and while I was tacking up my horse. By the time I got on, I was starting to feel the urge to go but it wasnt that bad yet. My horse is a bit crazy, he has needed alot of training and I have been working with him in the round pen for months now. He has been doing better lately so I had planned to take him out to the cow pasture and the woods yesterday evening. Before I took him out to the cow pasture though, I wanted to work him and ride him in the round pen to sort of test him out. I rode him in the round pen for about 15 minutes and he was PERFECT. By now the urge to pee was getting a little stronger. I decided to go ahead and ride out to the cow pasture and the woods. It took us about 10 minutes to get out there going at a walk, but it seemed like longer because I really had to go. I tried trotting to speed things up a bit, but the bouncing just made it worse, so I had to slow him back to a walk. I knew if I just let him run I might lose control of myself and wet my pants so we just walked all the way out there and by now I was dying. We finally got out to the cow pasture but the owner of the property's wife was out feeding the cows, so I had to wait even longer and ride even further to the woods. Once we finally got there and she was out of sight, I quickly jumped off my horse, pulled my jeans and my g-string down and just let it go right there on the ground. it felt sooo good. I pulled my g-string and my jeans back up, got back on my horse and continued my ride.

Hi. I wanted to see how long I could hold my pee in, so I did a experiment. To start it I went at 6:30am. Then I had school, got home and I kinda needed to pee. Then I decided to do the experiment. I went in my bed, hoping I won't wet the bed in the middle of the night. In the morning I got up and had to pee. It was 7:00am. I knew I could hold it in a little longer. Then I went to the kitchen and got a Burgar King Cup (remember the opnes with disney charachets from like 5-10 years ago i forget when i got them)and at 9:00am I really needed to go so I went I filled it up once, stopped the stream and emptyed it in the toilet. I kept going and filled it up half way. Then i went again at 10:00am. I am waiting until 3:00pm (it is now 1:45) and see what happens when I pee in a maxi pad. I think it can hold five hours worth of pee. I will tell you if it does after I do it. I am starting to need to pee now. I am 14 years old. I think that was the longest time I ever held my pee in.


Melissa, what an interesting way to go when you're constipated. Did the anal massage feel good? For about the past three years my hubby and I have given each other suppositiories when we're constipated because it's easier than doing it yourself and it feels really really good. It never lasts as long as I would like though. I think I may ask him to try your technique on me the next time I need help.

Did you get pretty well cleaned out? After you went, were you able to go the next day without special help?

Today I was showering at the "Y" and the guy next to me on the shower pole CUT A LOUD FART ! well, with all the hot water and steam, man did it STINK up the whole shower room...

i am 15 years old and am a freshman ata high school im ???? VA called ????? high school. I am one of the popular girls in my grade and the popular gils r expected to be very pretty and clean. Well it didnt work out for me one day at school. During geometry class i felt a sudden cramp like feeling in my mid section.
I thought it was just a little pain and it wpould go away. 25 minutes later it came back. The feeling went all the way down to my ass. I was wearing long tight jeans from AE that day with a hollister t-shirt. I knew that i had to take a shit but i coudlnt bring myself to do so in the school bathroom if anyone found out that i did this my rep would be forever ruined. Well about an hour into class i decided i was either going to have to go in a school stall or shit myslef right here. I raised my hand and asked to use the restroom. My teacher complied and excused me. I made way to the bathroom and for my lukc it was empty, i was hoping it would be this way for the whole process. I entered stall dpulled my jeasn and thong halfway dwon my legs as always and prepared to go. I let out a loud fart that could have been heard in the hallways. In fact i let out a series of 4 lud farts followed by a crackling noise, then i farted out a solid chunk that quickly passed out of the asshole, then farted out another chunk then let out a fart that was 3x as loud as the first 3 and splatted liquid shit against the sides of the toilet and it sounded like rain on in the toilet water. i let out 10 more rounds of my diarrhea each with a fart. i had never farted in my life, and i had farted probably about 25 times this crap sessionsession. I could feel the area around the butthole was very wet and shitty and i knew i would need a good clean up job. ( I am very sensitive about that and often wiped more than needed, by my asshole if you saw it dry had red areas around not brown which emphisized i wiped good and the egdes around the hole were tan not black) I grabbed a big glob of toilet paper,reached behind my back and wiped my ass, got another golb and wiped it again. i did this about 4 times. T he toilet paper was a dark brown which was a sign that i had some diarrhea. i got done flushed the toilet and washed my hands. A group ofgirls from my class that i sorta knew but not really notcied a bad smeel from the stall behind me and they knew that it was because of me. i got really shaky and nervous outside. They were laughing at me but didnt say anything. i finsihed up and left the room and returned to class. Luckily they didnt tell anyone i dnt think but that was the scariest moment of the freshman year.


i had an accident one time when i went on a ski trip with my class...a very very bad one..or two.

i was in 11th grade and i joined the ski club, which was also for snowboarding. i had gone snowboarding a few times wiht my friend and her family and i kind of liked it, and this gave me a good opportunity to go on trips to snowboard sometimes. anyway, it was january in my junior year and we went to a mountain resort about 3 and half hours from my school on a saturday. we had to meet at the school at 6:15 AM, and i didn't wake up until 5:30 so i only had time to rush and get my things together and get dressed warm in clothes i could put my snowboarding stuff over. i usually spend a few minutes on the toilet in the morning to poop so i don't need to go when i'm at school. well, i didn't have time to do that this morning so i just went on. i didn't have to poop, but about 30 minutes into the bus ride i did, i guess my body got used to me going in the morning. i held it and held it and held it the whole ride, just hoping to get there soon so i could run and use the toilet at the locker room in the lodge before i filled up my pants!!! eventually i had to go so bad that i had to press my butt against my seat so hard to fight against te pressure building up from the poop. we still weren't at the resort, but as time went on, it became no use. there was no way i could hold it any longer and i started pooping my pants. i was going to panic, but it was coming out very softly and quietly and making a big soft bulge in the back of my pants. i figured as long as it was coming out quietly, i was okay. the only problem was, i pooped for a good 5 minutes, and i felt like i was sitting on a big mushy pillow because there was so much soft poop in the back of my pants! i couldn't believe i totally pooped my pants, and i got really nervous. i was hoping no one could smell it, but the real problem was what was i going to do when we got up to get off the bus...i was wearing gray sweat pants, and if they even contained all the poop and didn't let it slide down my legs, there would be a gigantic bulge on my butt. then the bus driver announced that we were 10 minutes form the lodge. i got a brilliant idea!! i mentioned to my friends in the two seats behind me that we should put our ski pants on while we were on the bus so we had less to do and could get out to the lifts quicker. they agreed, and i pulled my bag from under the seat and got my ski pants out. i raised my butt up off the seat and i could feel the huge load of poop making my sweat pants hang down a little. i slipped my ski pants all the way up and over the bulge in my pants, and sat back down. i felt all the poop make a very gross feeling squish and spread out of my panties and fill my sweats even more, but now it was flattened and i could feel assured no one would be able to tell through my snow pants.

we got to the ski resort and we all went in and got ready. it felt pretty gross to walk becaus evertime i moved i felt the sticky mushy poop all over my butt and it was making my underwear feel all weird too. the good thing was it was pretty much staying in my underwear or in my pants around my butt and not going down my legs, so i just put up with the discomfort and carried on...yes, i went snowboarding with poop in my pants! it felt gross everytime i sat on the chair lift or fell on my butt and had that "squish!" but it was easy enough to deal with. but eventually, i had to ask myself something. around 2:30, it was 40 minutes before we were to leave and go home and i had to pee really bad, and even poop again. i was very reluctant to go in the bathroom and try and get my snowpants and my filthy sweats and panties down and try and sit on the toilet without making a huge mess, soo..i decided i would hold it, and if i didn't make it all the way home then it didn't matter because i already crapped my pants! at 10 after 3 we all met up out in front and got back in the bus. i didn't take my ski pants off obviously because i was still hiding my accident (wish had no been in pants for how long? lets see, we left the school at 6:30, and i crapped my pants about 20 minutes before we got tothe resort at 10 o clock..sooo, roughly 4 and a half hours with poop in my pants...yeah, it was a little uncomfortable!) also i kept my ski pants on because i was likely to add to the mess before i got home..anyway, i tried to just give it a try, but shortly into the ride i realized "i have to pee pretty bad...there's no way i'll make it home, and i pooped my pants already HOURS ago..." and with that though, i just let go. i started to wet my pants and the warm wetness flowed quickly between my legs and under my butt and completely soaked my soiled panties and sweats. my ski pants were obviously waterproof though. shortly after, i started pooping again. this time though, my poop was a lot more came out very fast in a squirting fashion..the liquid poop flowed through my already filled panties, and too my horror i could feel it flowing further up my butt towards my back to the point where it felt like it was going to come out of my underwear and sweat pants..i cut off the poop, and tried to regain control. my heart started pounding and i realized the seriousnes of the problem. under my ski pants i could feel my sweats and undies hopelessly soaking wet and sticking to me, and now they were bulging with poop. i had to go badly still, and then i couldn't hold it anymore and released another long series of liquid squirts of poop into my pants. my pants got so filled that the poop spread down my legs and even into the front of my pants! i was soooo horrified, my pants were so full of poop that i couldn't move without the mess sliding around everywhere. to make matters worse, this time i didn't get off lucky with the smell! i REEKED of poop..and then i started to cry..everyone knew immediatley that i had shit myself...if only they knew it wasn't the first time..

i had no choice but to sit in the awful mess the rest of the way home, and when i got up to get off the bus the poop literally poured down my legs, making the feeling of walking a lot more worse. my dad who came to pick me up was disgusted with me...when i got home, i took a very long shower and then a bath, and threw my panties and sweats away. i had some pretty bad diaper rash for a few days....

Hey, I'm a new poster - I'm 18, female, good bone structure...
Anyways - I have some sort of psychological block which prevents me from crapping ANYWHERE but home. It doesn't matter how much I have to go. I remember taking a dump with another girl in preschool (there were no stalls in the bathroom)so I know I have the potential; I just can't do it.
I've taken every laxitive you can think of and all that has gotten me is an anus of steel. If anyone has ideas that can help me overcome this block it would be appreciated.
Despite my anus of steel, I crapped in my pants a little bit once. I was at a youth group meeting. There was only one other kid there. Even though she was close enough to smell it, she was deaf, so she couldn't really communicate it to anyone.

Me and my buddies were hanging out in the mall the other night, We all four decided it was time to 'hit the heads' The closest major store was JC Penney, so we shot over there, since Chris' dad works there, Chris said he would spot us some cash for a few six-packs...We get to the men's bathroom, and there is Chris' dad sitting in the middle of three doorless stalls shitting hs guts out, We all said 'hi' and Chris introduced Pete to his dad, who said 'hi Pete, sorry I cant get up" and laughed We waitd for the stalls to become vacant, seemed like forever, and it was weird to stand in front of our buddys dad while he was shittig, damn we could see the logs sliding out of hs behind. Chris asked his da for 20 bucks, and his dad said 'can I wipe my butt first" everybody laughed...We all eventuially got turns to shit, man did that mens room get a work-out..whew !!!!...ohand we got the 20 bucks...

Magic. Interesting post about being taken short in the car. If going on long journeys I'd advise taking a large screw top jar and a blanket to cope with emergencies of that kind. It's no fun when you've gotta pee and there's no prospect of a stop.

Robin. I hope Sarah's soon well again. Gastric flu can be very unpleasant and takes a while to get over. I had a bad dose of it back in 1993 and, whilst I was only confined to bed for a few days, I felt very weak and washed out for about a fortnight afterwards. It's not an experience I want to repeat in a hurry.

Punk Rock Girl. It sounds as though you really had a close call. If you'd not made it to the loo though it wouldn't have been the end of the world. These things aren't very pleasant at the time but they're not the end of the world either.

Suzanne. I enjoyed your last post. Thanks for the historical background to your shared interest with Rich. He's one lucky guy! I was interested to read that you had to go for a poo two days in a row, given that you are normally a 'twice weekly' person. It must have felt strange. On balace I think you were wise to heed the promptings of your bowels on Wednesday morning when you did. Whilst it would have been nice if you could have baked it until you got home, there are occasions when it's simply not possible and I'm sure you realised that on Wednesday. Have you been since though? I'd love to know whether you made it through to the weekend and were able to enjoy a Saturday or Sunday poo at home. It sounds as though you've acquired a good buddy dumping pal at the office in the form of Lucy.

I had a major poo on Thursday evening. It came out in a big thick sausage which went all the way round the bowl. I'd say it was getting on for two inches thick and over a foot long.

Best wishes to everyone!

It's Arielle again. So I peed in the maxi pad. It leaked so much. Then I need to poo, so I did and it was wierd. It wouldnt really come out, but once piece did. So now it is 3:30pm and at 5:00pm I am going to try that again, my bladder will be less full because it is a shorter amount of time. Hopefully it wont leak and I can just sit in it, without getting a chair wet. Cant wiat to do it again. I will post again, about that experiment.

" magickal gothic tinkle" a halloween story LOL

I was at this samhain[halloween] gathering of UU pagans/wiccans at this UU church in manchester,CT and having not had to go pee in over 3 hours[ this despite the 1 liter of diet root beer I drank on the hour long drive up]since 2 PM; during the " reflection mirror ceremony" [ about 5 PM] I began to feel nature's call and crossed my legs a bit. I still managed to hold out till the end at almost 6 PM when I said " be right back for my pot"[ we were washing up after pot luck dinner]> I walked through the hall over to the first restroom [there were two both M/F and M/F] and wouldn't you know it; the light was dim and flickering off and on. nevertheless, I still used it thinking " I can see well enough". I walked in, locked door and being able anough to notice the toilet seat allready down and "ready"; I pulled down down my jeans and undies then sat down on the seat to pee. even with that light flickering and about to die almost, that distinct tinkling sound of urination into the toilet bowl assured me that my pee was definitely going where it needed to go! mind you that the light was not completely dead, yet; and every 10 secs or so I looked down and could see[and smell!]foamy yellowish bubbles quickly filling up the water toward the front of seat and rim! I continued to softly tinkle into that bowl for what had to be more than a minute and a half; the aroma of strong smelly pee filling the air as the hissing foam began to quiet the sound of my tinkle a bit. I stopped for a few secs, leaned foward, then back up straight, and began peeing for another 40 secs at least; making a steady but soft tinkling noise as I squeezed more smelly, foamy pee out of my " lips". finally I was about finished, but being that I had a long drive ahead, I made sure that I was completely done by leaning back and forth first, then squeezing out a few more smelly 5 second splashes which I could hear " piddle" in the bowl's water. this I did 3-4 times and finally I was done after what had to be at least a 2-1/2 minute pee! I wiped my twat with a decent sized wad of paper off the new loose roll; the foamy bowl water full of pee still " hissing" softly. then I got up to slowly pull up my undies and jeans while looking in the flickering light and could see what looked like a huge mound of bubbly white pissy foam rising at least 2" off the water and covering the entire back half of the bowl's water. the rest of the water was also still covered with foam except for maybe 10% near the front edge of water; and as I flushed all that smelly pee down I watched as some of the excess foam could not make it down and instead left a few stray bubbles in the fresh , clean toilet water! [ now I know how "elvira" must feel? riiiight! LOL]

woke up in the early morning having to pee badly but not the worst. anyway, I walked into the cold bathroom, lifted the lid; the pulled down my undies and sat down for a good pee. it took like 10 secs to start at first, but then I could hear this somewhat soft tinkle sound of my pee coming out of my vulva straight down into the middle of the toilet bowl's water. it began to come out a little faster, but not too much, as I peed a steady "tinkle" into the bowl for probally 45 secs before stopping. after the first 25 secs or so, I could hear a soft hissing sound of foam combined with the tinkle of strong golden yellow pee and the slightly acidic smell of pee briefly filled the air. after stopping for maybe 5 secs I began to pee for another 20 secs, again stopped for about 3 secs, then continued to tinkle about 15 secs more before slowing to just a few " splunking" dribbles and finally stopping. as I wiped, I could still hear the sound of foamy pee fizzing in the bowl's water. then I got up to pull up my undies, looking back at a bowl filled with golden yellow pee; the water's surface still had long patches of solid foam in the back and along both sides, covering at least 60% of the bowl's water before I flushed.

What a great, heartwarming story about your concerns about using toilets without privacy doors, It was really nice for your co-worker Mike to getyou a fresh roll of tissue, as you seemed desperate. I wonder why the women have privacy doors and te gents don't, i mean, men's shit is the SAME as female shit, right? Good luck on the job, sounds like you are working with a great bunch of guys ...

Hello all!
Simon - I am an ethnic minority - my father was born and raised in Portugal and his father is African (from Angola) making him mixed-race, and my mother is mainly Afro-Brasilian but with a little European and Indian and Chinese blood mixed right through. I am very brown-skinned and call myself Afro-Latina or African-American. I don't know how much my background impacts toilet stuff. I think generally people of African, African-American or Latin roots (don't know about others, like Asians) are more open about it. My mother and her family certainly are. On my dad's side the Africans are but the Portuguese aren't, and my dad isn't - he's very shy about it. I was incredibly shy until my teens. I've loosened up but I'm still pretty reserved in my late twenties. The only person I'm comfortable pooing around is my husband, who is half African-American and half Afro-Brasilian. He like me is somewhat reserved but not uptight. His family vary.

Jenna, regarding actors and performers having to go during shows, I am a professional opera singer, and in my experience it's not usually an issue for professional actors and opera or musical theatre singers, because most characters are not on stage continuously. You go on stage for a few minutes, come off for a few minutes, go to your dressing room and can use the toilet in private if you need to. There are exceptions however - there are some long operas where you are on stage for a while, and there are times when an urge is a problem even for a short while. We're drinking a lot of water, and we're nervous or excited. There are some performers who wear Depends (they had a commercial with an operatic soprano a couple of years ago.) There can also be a problem for performers in non-professional or college settings. Some stages don't have backstage bathrooms (our college stage didn't for the first couple of years I was there and I once had to pee in a bucket) and there are churches and other old places in Europe with no bathrooms at all. In rehearsals, the director has to follow Equity rules and give breaks ever so often, and you are not always being used all the time so there's usually an opportunity to go outside of the breaks if you can't wait.
For me, when I have had problems it's usually been in oratorio or concert work with orchestras, because you're sitting on stage with water handy for varying lengths of time (a Passion with no breaks can be 3 1/2 hours) and lots of time doing nothing but sitting, waiting to sing and thinking about your bursting bladder. Having to poop really badly has actually never happened to me when performing, (OK once before a performance and once on the way to one) and most times I don't think about having to pee- there's adrenaline and focus directed at the singing. Sometimes for long oratorios if I have on a clingier gown I'll wear a thin feminine pad for leaks but usually I leave things to fate. I've never completely wet my pants on stage but I have had a few close calls where I partly wet my pants and a few times where I rushed off right after dying to pee, and one community performance I had to have stopped to pee. Most of those stories are probably futher back on this site but I can tell them again next time if you want. I don't think I told the one where I peed in the bushes at an outdoor performance. And I've seen some interesting things with my fellow singers having to pee - several desperate, some dancing or holding themselves and talking constantly about their urgency, one who peed in a props jug and one who ran off stage to pee. I don't think I told those stories yet- I can next time if you want. Singers and actors are for the most part very open about such things and talk about them freely.

I wanted to tell the stories of the two most embarassing moments of my life. I'll do one today and one next time as they will probably be long. I was seven years old and as I've said before, didn't ever admit I had to pee or poop or ask anyone's permission to go, choosing to go only when I could do so unobtrusively. In the whole of elementary or junior high school, I only asked to go once, when I was seven, to poop, and never to pee. It was a normal part of my life to be urgent to pee just about every school day and be uncomfortably shifting around crossing my legs and contorting myself to hold it until a break. This one day when I was seven I had to go especially urgently and was determined to make it until lunch break. I was squirming in my seat so much that the teacher, who often denied kids permission to go - one of the reasons I was so hesitant to ask- actually came over to me and asked me quietly if I had to go and told me I could. She must have noticed that I never asked and figured she'd give me a break. Of course that was embarassing to me and I said no. She told me if I changed my mind to let her know. Well, there was no way I would after that. I tried to bounce less wildly in my chair and experimented with sitting on the edge of it to relieve bladder pressure. The boy sitting next to me evidently noticed, because he asked sympathetically if I had to go and said he did too and the teacher had told him no. I again denied it and he called me a liar. About fifteen minutes before the bell, my pee was on the verge of exiting my body. I longed to hold myself but was determined not to and not to wet my pants either. I crossed my legs as tight as I could squeezing the material of my skirt against my crotch. The boy next to me was bouncing in his seat holding his crotch. He kept saying, "Fifteen minutes.. fifteen minutes." Finally, he went up to the teacher's desk and asked again and she said OK. I was disgusted at his weakness and determined not to be like that.
But I had to go so much. About five minutes before the bell, a big squirt of pee rushed into my underwear despite my best efforts. I managed to squeeze my legs and stop it - it wasn't the only time that had happened in school. But usually I had more control over my bladder than today. For whatever reason I was extra desperate and the squirts kept coming no matter what position I sat in or how much I moved around. Finally the bell rang. I jumped up, looked down at my seat and was shocked to see it was a tiny bit wet. Had I squirted that much I still really had to go. Quickly before anyone could see, I wiped the seat with kleenex from the box on my desk and ran for my life to the restrooms to beat the line-up. I peed a little more on the way there. Luckily I had on a skirt and just had to flip it up and rip down my underwear. I peed heavily for a while, then looked at my underwear. They were soaked through with pee - I had probably done half of it in them. It was probably the biggest wetting I had in elementary school (the two junior high and one high school ones come later.) I examined my skirt - I went to parochial school and wore a kilt. It was wool and nothing seemed to have got on it as I'd had it kind of bunched up, or else it was absorbed. I pulled my underwear up but they were so wet they were sticking to me. Usually if they were just a little wet, I was OK, but this was uncomfortable and I worried about leaving a wet spot in the lunch room. I was also aware that the pee smell could be strong enough for others to tell. So I took my underwear off, screwed them up into a tiny ball in my hand and went to the cloakroom. I felt it was wrong to be without underwear so I decided to wear my gym shorts under my skirt - I had two pairs and could bring them back to school tomorrow. No-one saw me quickly slip the shorts on. Next problem - what to do with my soaking underwear? I didn't want to put them in my gym bag and smell up the other clothes there, or in my school bag. So I tossed them in the garbage and forgot about it.

Maybe a week later, we were in class when there was a knock on the door and the old janitor came in. He held up what I recognized with a shock as my panties and said, "Did anyone lose these in the girls' cloakroom?" Immediately several people called my name - maybe because they all saw me desperate a lot despite my efforts to conceal it. It didn't help that the panties were from Brasil and said "Brasil" all over them in bright colours with tropical pictures and everyone knew my family was from there. The janitor looked at the panties and said "Looks like someone had a little accident." I guess they were yellow and crusty and smelly. The teacher said "ARE they yours?" Humiliated, I shook my head, close to tears. She told the janitor to leave them with her and he left, with the class tittering and giggling and staring at me. To her credit, she restored order, changed the subject, and later called me to her desk. Looking me in the eyes, she asked me if the panties were mine, if I'd had an accident at school, if I was wearing underwear, if I needed some. I said no, no, yes, no. She asked if I was sure. Finally she just said she'd put the panties in a plastic bag and give them to me to take home at the end of the day.
For the rest of the week, the kids teased me mercilessly about peeing my pants and then losing them, which made me more than ever determined never to let them see me desperate.
I wonder at the lact of tact of that janitor, and am surprised that my teacher, who had a tough rep, was so tactful.

Anon - I am in a wheelchair because I have Cerebral Palsy. I can tell you that situations like the one you were in with your friend are pretty common, at least in my experiences. I generally try to have at least one friend who is comfortable with helping me wherever I go, but that's not always possible.
The ability to hold it for a long time can be very useful for disabled people who need help with the bathroom, but no matter how well you can hold it sometimes it's not long enough, and accidents happen. I try to plan ahead and if I'm in a situation where I know I probably won't be able to get help, I wear some sort of protection. I'm small and Goodnites work well.
If I were your friend I probably would've ended up the same way she did. I mean, the choice between pooping my pants or having a guy friend help me in the bathroom and possibly see me half naked is a tough one for me.
I've pretty much gotten use to having accidents, both the wet and messy kind, and depending on where I'm at and who I'm with, I sometimes prefer an accident to the embarassment of asking for help or long hours of holding it.
If you're ever with your friend in the future when an accident happens try your best to comfort her, unless she shows signs of not wanting to talk. Stuff like "I bet you feel a little better now that you don't have to go anymore, right?" and "Don't worry about your clothes, they can be washed or replaced." are good. Stay positive, whatever you do.
Try to hide any signs of being grossed out by her accident. Like I said before, stay positive. If she picks up on anything negative from you it will only be worse.
Based on the things you said in your story, I wouldn't offer to help her clean up, it may embarass her more. Just promise you'll get her home as quickly as possible.
As far as preventing future accidents, there is really nothing you can do. Don't under any circumstances ask her if she needs to go. Don't even hint around about it. It will make her feel like a baby. Basically, treat her like any other friend. You wouldn't ask your best male friend if he needed to go, so don't ask her. She will tell you she needs to go, and ask for your help when she's comfortable.
If she ever does ask for your help with the bathroom, try to remember that she's probably embarassed to death ans handle the situation accordingly.
Sometime tomorrow I will share a couple of my experiences, but it's almost 4 AM and I'm tired. If you have any questions or need any advice, or just want to chat, I check this site every day and will always respond as soon as possible.


I had a full brazilian wax yesterday which included removal of all hair on my butt crack and ass hole as well. It is so much easier to wipe my ass now when there is no hair to get in the way.

The recent post by Jimmy 10 Eyes and his hospitalization
/rehabilitation remined of something similar in my adolescence.

I have cerebral palsy and as a teenager I was hospitalized for
corrective orthopedic surgery on my ankles. Up until that time
I was pretty independent about using the toilet without assistance,
except for a few rare occasions when I wanted my mother to wipe me...but that's another story for another time, perhaps.

After the surgery I had a full length leg cast from toes to groin,
and needless to say, I wasn't very mobile. To make matters worse,
I couldn't balance myself on the bed pan to have a BM. I had
previous hospitalizations (appendectomy, and a few others) and I
was able to manage the bed pan OK, but not this time.

So, with the help of some very kind student nurses I was transported
from my bed to the room's bathroom (this was a semi-private hospital
room) via wheelchair. However, as simple and straightforward as this
might sound, it wasn't. There wasn't a whole lot of space to move about in and with my leg out straight in a cast, it was even more difficult to move about. Getting out of the bed and into the wheelchair, and out of the wheelchair and onto the toilet were major tasks.

Once situated on the toilet I didn't relish the thought of reversing these actions to get back to bed. So, I just sat there as long as
I could to delay the trip back to bed. Also, it was hard for me to
wipe myself because of the weight of the cast and the change balance
needed. The nurses, however, were just wonderful: so patient, so understanding. Believe me, for almost two weeks this was a project.

Fortunately, I was able to use the urinal in bed so we only had to
undertake this other excursion once a day or so.

Robin, I would get her together with her doctor and get her worked up just to make sure there isn't a physical, or medical problem that needs to be treated. In the meantime, you may want to suggest to her that she consider wearing protection. If that turns her off, you might ask her which is more embarrassing, wearing protection and having other find out, or having an accident in front of them. Have her set up a "survival kit" with clothes, additional protection, a way to clean her self up like disposable washcloths, and plastic bags for garbage and any wet or soiled clothes, that she can keep handy - especially at school.

Mr. Clogs
To cheryl: I liked your post about your rest room stop experience at the gas station, it was quite interesting. I have a quick question, would you avoid a restroom if it was really discusting snd the atmosphere smelt really terrible, and would you hold it until you find a some place much cleaner, or just go right there out of desperation.

Melissa: Great post, if I'm in that situation, I just drink a whole bottle of Citric Magnesium to releive my constipation. I go by the name of Mr. Clogs because I have clogged up bowels somtimes. Try the citric magnesium, it doesn't cramp your stomach as those other laxatives, whatever works best for you. Thats what I take.

megan: I liked your outdoor post experience, thanks for the detailed description.

Now onto my bathroom experience. Last night, I peed into my infamous pee-cups, so I got up to use the bathroom, walked over to my dresser to grab my pee-cup, undid ny PJ fly and let the urine flow into the cup. After I emptied the contents of my bladder,I redid my PJ fly, put the urine filled pee-cup under the bed and went back to bed to go back to sleep. This morning, I had a good dump on the commode this morning. No need the coffee to get things going. So I headed to the bathroom, lowered my PJ bottoms sat my behind on the toilet seat and let it rip. After I unloaded my morning dump into the toilet, I wiped my behind 5 times to wipe off the left over turds between my butt cheecks, washed my hands and bushed my teeth. I gotta go, I'll post sometime, take care all and have a nice day! Take care!

Hi, Just want to say that it wasn't easy finding girls that will poop in front of you.I'm married over twenty years and my wife never goes in front of me.I was lucky enough to date two girls and also live with one of them willing to use the bathroom in front of me.They where both hot and sexy and willing to do just about anything.They loved to turn me on and they knew what I liked.I guess I married my wife for love, ha.There are times when I think back and remember.Now that I know about this site I'll tell about some of those good times.

To Robin- I read with great interest your post about your daughter Lily's pee problem. If it is burning when she pees it could be a bladder infection. Sometimes the irritation will make the bladder spasm and some will leak out. Or it could be an unstable or overactive bladder. I have had problems with spasms and leaking for a great deal of my life. Personally I have been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. I also have a cystocele, which basically means my urethra is not positioned exactly how it should be. That is what usually happens to women after they have had children, and in later years their bladder "drops", but I was born that way. A cystocele could perhaps cause stress incontinence (peeing when laughing or sneezing), but mine never caused me problems until I was pregnant. I do believe the cystocele does contibute to the leaking when I am having spasms. As a young girl I suffered a great deal with the spasms, and sometimes still do. If nothing else I can sympathize with what she is going thru. I suffered in silence due to being too embarrassed to tell my mom. I would take her to the doctor. I'm sorry I can't help with the poop, I've had stomach problems, but only once since I was toilet trained did I have a poop accident. It hasn't bothered me like my bladder has. I hope you and she can find some answers. Bladder and bowel problems can be very distressing, especially in a society where we are all expected to never have an accident!! Take care!

Robin, I would definitely seek medical attention. Even once every five months is much more than most people, and that many full-blown accidents just about has to mean ten times that many uncomfortable 'emergencies,' and always having to plan any activity around toilet availability. Even if you still make it more often than not, that's got to be a hard way to live. (Also, since people don't typically advertise the fact that they've had accidents, it's not "once every five months" but "once every five months that she hasn't been able to conceal." My parents are still, as far as I know, [crosses fingers] under the impression that I've never had an accident.) And now that it's so much more serious, it should go without saying: get her to the doctor post haste, if one can't help you, try others, look online for other situations like this and find out how they were handled, as well as any relevant books... you know the drill. (Doctors aren't infallible, they're normal people who went to med school. They're every bit as capable of making mistakes, or saying "Eh, it's just [your favorite why-your-problem-isn't-really-a-problem copout here.]" I know more than one person who'd not be alive now if they'd taken the first word out of the first doc's mouth as the whole story. Try different doctors, and become enough of an expert on this yourself to know what does and doesn't ring true. That's Rule Number One for anything more serious than a head cold.)

Another thing you should follow up: the kid who punched her. If you're not 100% sure that's an isolated incident, *get* sure. If she's being abused at school ("bullying" is too cutesy a term, and the idea it brings to mind is as far as the reality of what some kids go through as the east is from the west. I call it abuse because I've compared the writings of people who've had it chronically and the people who were abused by their parents, and you know what the different is? *There isn't any.*) the damage it could do can be very deep and very long-lasting. I know people who are in their 20s and 30s and the nightmares and PTSD and depression and inability to trust and self-injury haven't gone *anywhere.* (And no, "just tell the teacher" doesn't do a thing. I've never heard of *one* instance of it being anything but totally futile. The teachers, who are teachers and not police, simply *can't* be there on the playground, in the hall, on the bus, on the way home, etc. and the abusers, not taking kindly to being ratted out, redouble their efforts towards making the victim's life hell.) It's one thing if it's an isolated incident but if she's a popular target, stopping this is ten times more important than stopping the accidents. We could be talking her psychological well-being for life, or at least the forseeable future.

Thought I'd share an experience I had many years ago, sometime in the late 1980's. I was on a road trip vacation in a state adjacent to my own, and had to make a pit stop. So I pulled into a public rest area, and went into the men's restroom. The first thing I noticed was that there were no doors on the toilet stalls, kind of weird for a highway rest area. But what was really weird is that there was a woman in there with a small boy, about 2 or 3 years old, and she was teaching him to pee standing up using the urinal ! Well, since the toilets were all in the open, her presence essentially put the rest room out of commission. Besides which I suffered at that time from pee-shyness as well as "poop-shyness" (still do to a degree, but I am much better than I was back then). So I got back in the car and found "relief" elsewhere. Has anyone else had this happen to them? What would you have done? I notice all the highway rest area bathrooms in my own state now have signs which say "A person of the opposite sex may assist a disabled person", but all they all have doors on the stalls, so it isn't as much of a problem. Please let me know what you think of all this.

hi im a 16yr girl and today at school came one of the most critical event in my life. This morning before school i had to poop so i went to the toilet, pushed out lots and lots of mushy poop, wiped and flush. Then i ate breakfast, dressed and went to school. As soon as i got to school i got a little cramp in my stomach but i ignored it and it got a little better. Then I had my first lesson, in the middle of the lesson my stomach really hurted but i just rubbed my ???? and held on until the lesson has ended. The pressure seemed to be subsided yet when i was sitting on my chair it felt like hot liquid are gonna pour out of my butthole any second. After the break was my sports lesson, i quickly changed and walked out of the change room and quickly walked into one of the girls toilets in my school, i avoid using the one in the change room though. As soon as i walked in, i noticed the whole toilet was empty which was a good sign, there are 5 stalls, 2 of them were not clean and two of them dont have papers in them so i stuck to one which didnt have a lock. I quickly close the door as best as i could.

Then i pulled my pants down and sat on one side of the toilet seat on one of my cheeks since the seat might be dirty, the pain is really hurting now. With one breath i pushed out a continuous and everflowing wave of diarrhea, hot from my hole it lasted a good 10 seconds. Now my stomach is hurting so badly i really had to clutch it but at the same time i have to make sure that no one comes into the toilet since im quite shy about these matters, luckily no one came. The pain was so bad that i was crying, i kept pushing these hot liquidy diarrhea out every second. After a good 10 minutes i was finally finished or so i guessed. I quickly wiped... then another cramp hit my ???? and forcing another long wave of sick diarrhea out, it really hurts. Then i finally wiped and flushed all those yucky brown stuff down. Washed my hands but my stomach was still hurting and i figured i better to back to my sport soon or else people will start looking for me. Luckily i made it back in time and after 10 minutes into the game my ???? felt alot better and it stopped hurting.

Has anyone had this experience? Please Share!!!~~

Morning,all-Been pretty busy with work and haven't had a chance to post,but have been reading faithfully-some great stuff esp the stories of women letting their significant other watch them poop and the other way around
some responses-TO Suzanne-I really enjoy your stories with your boyfriend rich-great stuff-you're my kind of lady!Keep the stories coming!
TO Bridget-Ok ,i'll try to answer your survey#1-I have watched quite a few people poop-mostly females #2-Most of the time I have been invited to participate -esp with the ladies-with the guys,i have run into a few of them pooping outdoors as i am a avid biker and had a few buddy dumps with them-#3-Mostly girlfriends and again,a few guys i just met out in the woods as i am either biking of dumping outdoors as well-#4-I prefer females,i guess cause i'm a heterosexual male,but i have also enjoyed a few duddy dumps with some guys-I think it's a male bonding thing-I enjoy that in a different way as well-#5-I love to see pretty ladies poop totally nude and i like to poop along with them nude myself-as far as guys go,i'd rather see them with a shirt on-naked men don't really ring my bell-i poop alot out in the wild and i always dump nude,it's so much more fun-#6-I enjoy all types of pooping except for severe constipation cause the person is NOt enjoying the act of pooping,To me ,it's all about the enjoyment and the relief of doing a good load-#7-I'm not into enemas-too messy-i like a good dump that comes naturally-#8-Well,that is a tricky question,but with guys i just squat there and let out my load as they do the same and we talk about all kinds of stuff as we go and sure I usually sneak a peek at their buttholes as they poop and they do the same with me,but with ladies,its' a big production ending with ,well.....U figure it out!! when I poop by myself.... the same answer!! #9-I mostly have done it out in the woods with lots of other people,but i seen some pretty ladies butts sitting on some toilets too,with to me ,is very sexy!I had a nurse girlfriend who used to dump out in the woods with me and a few times in a bedpan and on some newspaper as I sit on the bowl and do my load along with her-those were really fun to do!!#10-well, out in the woods we would all squat and you could see everything very well-I like with a pretty lady gets nude and sqauts and does a good dump right in front of me-this 1 girl (the nurse,again)we used to squat across from each other about 2 feet apart and watch each other as we did our loads-fun stuff!#11-I really enjoy a lot of vocal and anal noise as they poop-it's a turn on to know they are enjoying the relief of pooping! #12-Oh sure,but just with the women-it was fun-i have nothing to say to the guys although I enjoy seeing them poop,but in a much different way! #13-I usually enjoy seeing a good load that comes out in 2or 3 parts,cause it lasts longer and it's more fun that way-I like when the person does long,smooth ropes of poop,I don't enjoy seeing total diarreah much at all-the bigger the load the better !#14-I am not into the small of poop much-to me it's mostly audio/visual! #15-I have wiped quite a few pretty ladies butts with much enjoyment! wouldn't go near a guy though!#16-Oh yes,with the ladies after they do their good dump,we usually have a great time ....that;'s all i'll say about that!
#16-I have buddy pooped a lot with both sexes and have enjoyed them both equally,but in much different ways-with the ladies,it's very sexual and it really gets me going,but with the guys,yes i enjoy seeing or hearing a guy do a good load,but in a different way-i think i just enjoy seeing the poop coming out of both males and female's butts-why-who knows!!Hope i answered your questions-good questions, too,Bridget as for me,the weather is now cold so,i'm mostly dumping at home or at the gym-when i have more time i'll post a few good gym dumps i did along with all the other guys dumping too-that's always fun to do
Great stories-i like to hear the male/female buddy dump stories!! more stuff!! BYE

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