Some of the men that I work with were looking at this site this morning and laughing at what they read. I looked with them and laughed, but in the back of my mind I couldn't help thinking about the times I have wet myself in public. It's not that I do it on purpose, but particularly when I have been drinking I have peed and not been able to stop it, and once in a while I have stained my panties thinking it's going to be a fart.

The worst that I have ever done though is when a group of us girls went to Montreal for the weekend, and decided to go out drinking and see the city. We went to the ski lodge on Mont Real, and on the way back, I was suffering with stomach cramps. My period was due in less than a week, so I put it down to that, but I also wanted to pee. We were so drunk that we couldn't really stand up, and one of the girls went off the path back down to the parking lot and into the trees to pee. There was a crash and laughter, as she tripped and fell in the trees, and as she came back to the path, she was laughing and pointing to her pants, which were wet around the crotch. As she laughed we all saw pee squirt out and she couldn't stop it. This made me and one of the other girls start peeing, and only one of us could hold it in. Unfortunately, the cramps that I had turned out to be diarrea...

The two other girls who peed were wearing jeans, and myself and the girl who held it in were wearing dresses. My diarrea just fell out of the sides of the skimpy panties that I was wearing, and all around me. I think if I hadn't been drunk I would have cried, but we all laughed, and I would have been so embarrassed, but this wasn't my home town, so we laughed even more at the disgusted looks on people's faces as they took a wide berth.

We found bathrooms eventually, but the inside of my dress was covered in my poo! I cried then, and we eventually had to get the only girl who hadn't peed to go back to our hotel in a taxi and get clean clothes for us. Most of the women who walked into that bathroom just walked out again once they saw 2 very drunk and bottomless girls washing poop off the ass of a 3rd girl! We stood around next to a pile of filthy clothes that we left in the bathroom and talked, laughing every time someone came in. At least a couple of guys came in to look, but the girls that brought them in didn't let them stay long.

My only regret of that night is that we didn't have a camera on us, but we always have a strange sense of cameraderie about that night that no one else can share.

Hello everbody,
Thought I might finish the storey about my colonoscopy. The worst thing about the preparation is hunger, especially when you walk past a Italian restaraunt! The night before the colonoscopy I took the first dose of picolax, then gave myself a plain water enema, about three litres and expelled it in the toilet. It seemed to take about three hours for the pixolax to start working, only small amounts of coloured liquid came out, many different times.
I had bought some cheap womens knickers because they have more padding, for you are sure to have at least some small accidents from the picolax. I kept a bedpan beside the bed.
The next morning I had the second dose of picolax at 8.00am and gave myself another plain water enema, I expelled the enema through the panties in order to see how much poo I had left in me, not much I was fairly clean. I didn't have any urge to poo until about 11.00am,
I thought that the picolax hadn't worked but then had to poo many times. I was still having to poo regularly when it was time to walk to the Hospital, which was only 10 mintues walk if that, but I wondered if I would make it. I tried inserting a tampon, but it was to uncomfortable, probably because I didn't get it far enough up. Any how I made it to the hospital without a accident, but only just. After the colonoscopy I had to poo before I left the hospital and didn't quiet make it back to the hotel without a very small accident.
I was very glad to be able to eat again. I was surprised to have a quite normal poo the next morning, I thought it would have taken a day for fod to get through to the bowel again.
Will catch you all later.

Yesterday I went with my sister to a big Carrefour for the large shopping before the weekend. It was full of people, llike often happens on days with special offers.
I didn't do anything special, except the fact that when we got back to my sister van we found two evident and fresh puddle of pee, from the position (between the cars), the shape and the presence of a used tissue near one of them it was evident that they was made by some female (girls, women)..Obviously they peed near my sister's car because her van offers a better cover than a standard car.. To be objective in such a big parking (3 floors) there aren't toilets, and in the big Carrefour they have customers toilet only on one floor, in a number inadequate to the large amount of people visiting the mall on crowded days, so maybe there was a long queue for the ladies, or simply they didn't find a toilet in the parking, as there isn't any.
I pointed the pee puddles and smiling I told my sister "so I'm not the only lady who pee in parking garages" (she had peed in such places too)..
I noticed from my experience and from webshot pics that parking garages are "top" locations for girls and women to pee (I've done it many times, but I saw friends doing it and some unknown people too), For example 2 weeks ago I've seen the girl peeing in the enormous (surely the other girls and may be the woman have peed there too) pee puddle sitting on the curb of the parking (not garage) of another mall,.
So there is my curiosity and a question for women and men: Have you ever peed in a parking garage, or did u see someone peeing there? Please write your experience or sightings.



I had a job interview today. I was so nervous that I needed to shit really badly about 15 minutes before my interview. I found a rest room in the foyer of the office block and took the end stall. I sat on the toilet and emptied my load. It was quite soft and felt good to get it out of my system. When I went to wipe my ass, I noticed that there was no toilet paper left. What to do?

I started to panic, with only about 5 minutes left before my interview. I then slipped off my thong and wiped my ass with front bit of those. It took about 5 good wipes to get all of the poo off my butt crack, but my thong was now ruined! I just dropped the soiled thong behind the toilet pan, slipped on my skirt and flushed. I then washed my hands, adjusted my skirt and noticed no panty lines!!

It was kind of weird going to the interview without underwear, but kind of sexy as well.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Hi y'all!

Adrian, good to see you here often, it gives me a sort of home-coming feeling when dropping in to have a look at what is going on.

Tim (and Sarah), good to see that you are still going strong!

Ucgenie, I, too, sometimes get an itchy ass if I do not wipe properly To make sure this does not happen I use wet wipes or better, wash my butt in the bidet.

anon, I haven't forgotten Heather.

Louise, I very much enjoy your stories. In Summer I drove past a white van parked on the opposite side of the road near Lourdes. The passenger side door was being held open by a tall woman dressed in a white blouse and jeans, and crouching out of sight behind the door and facing the car - hidden except for the crumpled jeans around the ankles and the underside of thighs and a bottom emitting a stream of pee - could have been her daughter. I smiled to myself.

Robin, you must be very well organised to be able to cope with four daughters being sick from both ends at the same time. We only have two sons, now grown men, but we never experienced anything close to what you are going through. About Sarah being secretive about bathroom matters: I believe you are right that it will probably pass as it surely has to do do with growing up. As to Lily, she seems to have an irritable bladder. School stress?
I hope you all recover soon.

Today I was doing some work wearing a boiler suit. After a certain time my bladder sent signals that breakfast coffee, or what had become of it, was due to be released. Well, I wanted to finish the job, so I clenched the urge away for the time being. When I had finished, I went to wash my oily hands in the bathroom. As soon as I caught sight of the toilet there, the urge to pee came back in great force. Now I was in a fix. My black and grubby fingers would have ruined my underwear when digging for my dick to pee. So I had to do a sort of pee dance, trying hard to contain my bladder, whilst I soaped and rinsed my hands with a special degreasing paste. Then, finally, I could shuffle over to the toilet, one hand clutching my willy through the material of the pocket and the other wrestling with the zipper in front, which ran from the collar all the way down the front. As luck would have it, it stuck after two inches. I closed it up again and gave it another yank. The same result. All the while I was dancing on the spot. There was no way I could pee out of the leg, this was a one piece boiler suit reaching all the way to the feet. My thoughts went to my pen knife. Cut a hole in the material in front and pee out through there. But no, I scrapped the idea. It would ruin a new boiler suit, could be dangerous (permanent injury), and anyway, I had left the knife in my regular jeans. So I had to clench everything from teeth to all sphincters shut and examine my predicament a little closer. I found that the seam on the inside of the zipper had caught under the runner. Aha! Very carefully - no time for failures when already jogging on the spot from desperation - I succeeded in pulling the runner back up, free the seam and, lo and behold, I could open up the front of the boiler suit. You can now all imagine with what lightnig speed I whipped out my willy and let loose a very pale watery jet smack into the middle of the water in the porcelain bowl. Bull's eye! And just in the nick of time, too.

Happy reliefs everyone, Rizzo

One of my most memorable experiences with having an accident was when i was in my 30s. I am male, and I used to work in the city and on occasion would drive in. On this particular day, i had my car, and was on my way home but did not take the customary piss before it left. I didn't feel an urge at that moment so it never crossed my mind that i would wind up stuck in traffic on the way home. As i approached the tunnel entrance, traffic was crawling and i was starting to fill up. Ordinarily guys can usually find a way to relieve ourselves very easily roadside, but of course, since the tunnel approach is well watched and policed, i figured i'd better wait til i got to the other side. As traffic crawled, i finally made it INTO the tunnel, thats when it stopped completely! Now i didn't know what to do..i was getting pretty desperate, and i had no bottles or containers to pee into. I could not get out and pee next to my car since i was right next to a bus full of commuters on their way home. I had a roll of paper towels in the back seat, so ...when the urge got really bad, i put some towels down inside my briefs in case i had to leak. i was stuck 45 minutes without moving one foot of distance, at that point i made the decision to let out some pee...just to relieve the pressure. As soon as i let it go, i found out that the paper towels weren't going to hold back the wetness. I pissed my briefs and my jeans, i sat on the roll of towels to catch what could leak onto the seat. When i got home, i barely made it in the door, when another wave of urgency hit..and i just sat on the toilet and finished pissing in my pants!....I can tell you this much, as embarrassing as it might felt good to finally let go and not have to worry about being seen!.

I had the most exciting and awkward drive home from work tonight. As I was leaving, a younger girl i work with of about 20 or so named Phoebe asked for a lift. It's not like I would turn anyone down anyway, so i told her to hop in. Her place turned out to be on the opposite end of town than mine, but I was happy to go out of the way even though she felt bad, and besides she seemed like she had something going on and she was in a hurry to get back. well i we got out on the highway and we were probably close to 15 minutes from where she lived, when i noticed she was obviously not well. She kept groaning quietly and shifting in the seat. At first I thought she was going to be sick, but she came right out and told me what the problem was... it didn't seem like something a pretty girl would say, but i didn't mind. she said to me with a hint of nervousness "how would you react if i shit my pants...?"

i was shocked. i had an extreme sense of defensiveness and got my guard up, because i had that feeling like "does she know something about me?" this is because i happen to have an interest in girls being in the situation. after a moment though i regained my senses and realized there was no way she was "onto me" and this was truely a very lucky opportunity for me. so i answered her by asking "well, honestly?" she looked more nervous and said "yeah...i've really gotta use toilet, like it's an extreme emergency..i don' think i'm going to make it much longer and i don't wanna make you stop somewhere......." ...well i didn't want to offer, because the one thing i wanted was for her to have an accident, but to be a gentlemen i said "well as soon as i see a place to stop i'll be glad to let you out and use the ladies room." she said weakly "thanks but it would have to be like.......incredibly soon." things were getting intense with me but i did well at keeping my cool and just being casual. after a few seconds of silence she said "well, how would you react? i don't want it to make you sick if i don't make it but i also hope you're not one of those guys who gets off on it." that horrified me. i didn't know how to react at first, and then i just said "well, i'm sure it would be easier on your self esteem if it was someone who didn't mind." and she said "well eitherway i'm holding on there anyplace to stop yet?" that's when she raised slightly off the seat and the nervousness in her voice became much more obvious. I told her it would be about 2 minutes, and she started to breathe a little heavy and mumbled "oh my god....." it wasn't long before i heard what was very exciting to hear but for some reason, also frightening. she began a chorus of bubbly farts and squirts and sat off the seat. just from the sound of it and the look of pain and discomfort on her face i could tell she had the hershey squirts. i bet she wished she had taken those immodium commercials more seriously, heh. but anyway, for several minutes she continued shitting in her pants in a noisy fashion, and i found it difficult to pay attention to my driving without thinking of the explosive river of poop filling her undies beneath her jeans. finally the loud, explosive farting came to a more quite, "pattering" type of fart as if she was putting the finishing touches on her massive shit. she let out a very, very heavy sight and slowly sat back down and clutched her stomach. i had already rolled her window halfway down. she turned her head toward me and very casually said "well, that's never happened before..." i showed a polite smile and said "that didn't sound like it felt too good. you're awfully calm considering how uncomfortable that sounded and..well, the nature of the situation you're in." she said to me "well, what am i gonna do? i had to shit really bad and i had to do it in my pants, no use crying about it. but yeah, it didnt' feel good in any aspect.........i'm really sorry, i'm sure you thought it was charming......" i couldn't help chuckling at her. it was odd that she shit herself very badly in the car with an older co-worker whom she is only acquainted with, and she essentially is shrugging it off. i said "you don't need to apologize, i understand what the situation was and you don't even need to feel embarassed, i don't mind." she sighed again and said "i just shit my pants in your car. i'm INCREDIBLY embarrassed no matter what!!" i laughed a little more and i got her to laugh a little too. after some more silence i said "well are you okay at least? you sounded like you were in a lot of pain." she just shrugged and said "i must've eaten something bad...just diahrrea.." things got pretty quiet for a while longer until we got to her house. she turned to me and said "well as much of a sacrifice as it was to my pride, at least we have a secret between us, right?" i smiled at her and said "of course." then i just watched her ease her way out of my car and stand up rigidly. her jeans looked wet as if she had peed in her pants, her butt was dark with wetness as well as most of the way down her thighs. since she was wearing blue jeans there wasn't a very big shit stain, but there was a very distinctive bulge in the middle of her little butt that had the nice brown soak completely through her jeans. when she moved the bulge even sloshed around a little, i couldn't even begin to imagine how her panties were holding in so much poop, and what was clearly some pretty liquidy poop. but anyway, i tried to not to be so obvious and drove away, even though i wanted to watch her waddle up to the foyer. i could even see inside, so if she had a second or thrid floor apartment i would've even gotten to see her try and get up the stairs, but hey, the girl happened to have a total accident in my car. i didn't wanna turn into a perve about it. so that's it, i got the finest pleasure out of all i did witness, and i will never forget this night. i'm looking forward to seeing Phoebe next time we work the same day. I wonder if she'll ever mention her "little" messing accident!

I was driving the back roads toward white plains, NY and had to pee really bad. knowing that there would be no public restrooms for the next 10 miles at least, I stopped at this shell station in ridgefield, CT to get a soda ; first getting the restroom key . I walked around, unlocked the door and making sure it locked behind me first, went in. the seat was down allready and the restroom looked as if it had been just cleaned. I quickly pulled down both my pants and undies, sat to pee and could hear this jet stream of urine tinkle quite loudly right into the middle of the toilet bowl's water for a good minute non stop; making a bubbling, splashing noise as it came out of my twat and hit the water. [the round toilet had a bowl in which the water level filled about 2/3 of the bowl about 5-6" from front rim]. I stopped for a few secs., then again began to pee more in a series of splashy tinkles which lasted maybe 20 secs. more before slowing to the last few drops- all of which hit the bowl's water completely. I wiped, then got up to pull up my undies and pants, looking back and seeing the bowl's once clear water which had turned bright yellow from all that pee, but no foam at all before I flushed.

I've posted here twice in the past, and only when I have a really good story to recount and that time has come again. My previous posts involved women who were strangers but this one involves my sister Heather.

Heather is just turned 40 (9 years older than me) has always lived alone. She has had boyfriends in the past, but never settled down with anyone and now probably never will because her personality is very unpredictable. Despite all that she's fun to be with and has a heart of gold.

In recent years Heather has become quite obese, and although she always claims she doesn't eat anything proclaiming, "It's my glands" in fact she actually eats about twice what I eat. She is also somewhat of a hypochondriac and always has a new and often rare illness. Amongst her list of ailments she states she has IBS, and has a bad reaction to various foods most of which she still eats! She frequently talks about her B.M.'s, often-suffering constipation or diarrhoea.

I remember when I was young she was always stinking up the toilet and one time soiled herself (aged 20) creating a terrible mess that my mother had to clean up. It may be due to Heather that my interest in these matters started.

Anyway this year I became single again so I asked Heather if she fancied a girlie holiday in France. We wanted somewhere to get away from it all so we hired a gite (rented country cottage) in the Loire region. It was really isolated but within a mile of a pretty village. We drove there from Calais and loved the place straight away but it was really old, had no mains sewerage (a notice next to the one and only toilet that was off the twin bedroom warned of the likelihood of blockage and to contact the owner if there was such a blockage). I guessed this situation may become interesting and I was correct.

We toured the Chateaus for the first two days and on the second night Heather informed me she was 'bunged up' and bloated. She always carries various medicines and downed 2 glasses of Fibregel (a high fibre drink which swells up inside you) that evening. The next day we had a lounging around and sunbathing day and I casually asked her how her stomach was, and she told me no better. I had a good poo in the morning and told her so to put her at her ease. As the day went on Heather ate a whole bag of French prunes and I knew something had to give. In the afternoon she started farting, apologising each time for the terrible smell, she was reading a book and I smiled to myself every time she lifted her ample bottom off the sun lounger and passed gas.

I started to make tea and invited her into the kitchen. As I handed a mug of tea to Heather she let loose a bubbly fart one more time and picking up the tea and said, "I'll take this with me; I need the loo". As she disappeared into the bedroom I quietly followed. It seemed the smell of that final fart followed her all the way to the loo. The toilet was ancient and the door did not fit awfully well, in fact a substantial gap existed at the bottom. I heard the lid flip up and then a flump as she settled down. I looked under the door and could see her trainers and pink shorts. She started making soft grunting sounds and very quickly a heard a crackling sound. The grunting increased and went on for about a minute, and soon it sounded like she was in pain. After a whispered, "please come out" I heard a piece slipping gently into the water. Heather sounded like she was having good sex or something at this stage, "Oh yes, yes, YES" she excitedly said. All was quiet for a time and I heard her sipping tea, and then I heard more grunts followed by a series of rapid plops - probably much softer stuff than the first turd, which I imagined was huge. I heard her whisper, "That's better". A pungent smell was emanating from under the door and into the bedroom. The clean up operation took a while and I retreated to the kitchen. The toilet was flushed three times and eventually she emerged.

"Better?" I said, and Heather replied, "You bet, but I have a problem," she giggled, "The loo is blocked".
I suggested she try a bucket of water but apparently the water was coming up towards the rim so it was not thought a good idea. Heather decided she was going to find a wooden stick from the garden shed to break it all up. As she went out I took the opportunity to look at the damage. The water had retreated to reveal an enormous turd that stood proud of the water, surrounded by loads of soft orange coloured poo. I wondered if the colour was caused by the orange fibregel. I gagged on the smell that had now permeated the whole house.

After a great effort Heather managed to break up the massive pile and it flushed away. She sprayed air freshener everywhere, but it didn't really help. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, it was Madame F who owned the property. She brought us some milk from the farm and wished us well, but I soon sensed she could smell le merde (shit). I was embarrassed and wanted to hide! Heather and I giggled about it afterwards and I got the IBS lecture, and how this happens every time she goes on holiday.

By now it was about 6pm and Heather said she felt so much better that she would buy me a slap up meal at the village restaurant. We decided to walk so that we could get some exercise and avoid drinking and driving.

We had a great French meal, but as usual Heather ate far too much and all the wrong things for her including French onion soup, a very rich sauce on her main course and finally cheese, which she always says upsets her. This was apart from a load of wine. Towards the end of the meal she whispered, "You'll never believe this but I need the loo again, how often this happens after constipation, but that's IBS for you". I thought to myself, "rather that's being an absolute pig". I invited her to use the restaurant toilet but the place was packed and it was only a single room just off the main room. She said she could make it back.

As we headed back Heather was a bit tipsy (as was I). We laughed as we remembered Madame's face when she walked into the Gite after Heather's dump and I said, "I hope you're not going to start farting again" She started giggling and announced that she probably had diarrhoea so it wasn't a good idea. About half way back (it was getting dark) she asked if I had some tissues, which I handed her. Heather decided she couldn't make it back and tried to climb over a locked gate into a field. She was too fat to make it so I helped her over from one side and clambered over to lower her down from the other side. She was giggling uncontrollably causing hiccups and said she was nearly pooing herself with every hiccup. Heather frantically pulled her knickers down (she had a dress on) and I heard an massive wet fart with several seconds of sloppy squelching sounds. Although it was nearly dark I could see her ???? rear and what looked like a cowpat below her, only not produced by a cow. She cleaned herself up and I helped her back over the gate.

Heather had gone quiet now, and was clearly quite drunk and I helped her back to the house. As we approached she was suddenly sick, and much of all that mountain of food and wine was brought up. She kept apologising and as we got to the door she almost vomited again but this time I heard an ominous squelching sound as she baulked. Heather had clearly messed herself. She bolted for the toilet but unfortunately leaving a line of diarrhoea on the stone floor.

Heather was sober enough to help me clean up afterwards but we had a disturbed night. I jogged down the lane the next morning as Heather slept off her hangover, I saw the great pool of vomit and further along over the gate a mound of diarrhoea which looked like light brown rice pudding. I was quite excited by the whole thing and needed relief, but that's another story.

Daniel (Danny)
In answer to Bridget's survey:

1)How many times have you watched someone poop?Directly(seeing them without anything between my eyes and the person)20 TIMES.With stall door(just watching feet)more than 30.

2)In what circunstances have you watched someone poop? Having to poop at the same time in doorless stall restrooms or been invited.

3)What was the person you watched?Friends,not known kids.

4)What do you prefer watching, males or females?Both.

5)When you watch someone poop, do you prefer them being clothed or nude?Clothed and i like them to be using pants or jeans.

6)Do you like it when the person you are watchng has to strain/push or do you prefer the poop come out instantly and easily?I LIKE WHEN THE ERSON STRAINS AND PUSHES BUT NOT TOO MUCH. NOT PUSHING TOO MUCH.

7)Have you ever administered an enema to someone who had a difficult time pooping?no,No,NO.

8)When you watch someone poop do you partake in other activities and if so,what are they? YES, just talking.

9)other than on the toilet,have you ever watched someone poop in any other locations? Bushes and floor.

10)Describe the position in which the person you watch usually sits when pooping.My friends George and Gonzalo usually sit with their pants around their knees, with legs a little bit opened and with their hands on their thigs and they press their buttcheeks to the toilet seat and their poophole is centered on the bowl.

11)Does the persobn you watch emit vocal sounds or stays quiet? My friends Gonzalo, Robert and George emit vocal sound wile pushing like the following:
Robert:uungh and ahh in a medium loud voice.

12)Dou you verbally encourge the person you watch?No, i just stare at them.

13)What type of turds do you like thev person to produce?I like the piles they make: 3 to 5 long and soft turds. Robert sometimes produce firm logs.

14)Do you like the smell of the person's poop? No.But i dont hate it.

15)Have you ever wiped the butt of the person after they are done pooping? Just once, with Melissa(George's sister) when she was 5.

16)Do you reward the person after they have pooped for you?No.

17)Do you sometimes participate in a buddy dump with the person you are watching?What is a buddy dump? if it is pooping together sometimes.

Buzzy- Thanks for taking the time to answer my questionnaire. I really enjoyed your answers. I was hoping more people would have replied to it. Surely, there's more that one person on here who has watched someone poop. Oh well, I thought I would answer my own questions because I think it's only fair to share...

1)HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU WATCHED SOMEONE POOP?- While I have only had the opportunity to watch one person poop, I have nonetheless had the opportunity to do so on numerous occasions. At one point, it would be practically every day.

2)IN WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES HAVE YOU WATCHED SOMEONE POOP (EXAMPLE- BEEN INVITED, ASKED PERMISSION, OFFERED SOMEONE A DARE, ETC...)?- One day, I just summoned up the courage to ask if I could accompany my ex-boyfriend to the bathroom, and surprisingly, he had accepted.


4)WHO DO YOU PREFER WATCHING, MALES OR FEMALES?- Well, since I've only had the opportunity to watch a male, I guess that's whom I prefer, although I don't think I'd mind watching females as well.

5))WHEN YOU WATCH SOMEONE POOP, DO YOU PREFER THEM BEING CLOTHED OR COMPLETELY NUDE (IF CLOTHED, SPECIFY WHICH ARTICLES OF CLOTHING YOU LIKE THEM TO BE WEARING.)?- I've always preferred complete nudity while pooping, and thankfully, my ex was always naked when he pooped, because he always did so in the mornings before getting into the shower. There's just something about pooping in the nude that makes it more natural and liberating.

6)DO YOU LIKE IT WHEN THE PERSON YOU'RE WATCHING HAS TO STRAIN/PUSH A LOT, OR DO YOU PREFER THE POOP TO COME OUT INSTANTLY AND EASILY?- I like when a certain amount of effort is required, but nothing too extreme, because constipation never really amounts to anything impressive where the end results are concerned.

7)HAVE YOU EVER ADMINISTERED AN ENEMA TO SOMEONE WHO HAD A DIFFICULT TIME POOPING?- I've never really believed in the use of enemas. Poop is so much better when it's expelled naturally.

8))WHEN YOU WATCH SOMEONE POOP, DO YOU PARTAKE IN OTHER ACTIVITIES AT THE SAME TIME, AND IF SO, WHAT ARE THEY?- On a few occasions, my b/f and I would engage in casual conversation as he pooped. I've also allowed myself to indulge in a bit of "self-satisfaction" while watching him.

9))OTHER THAN ON THE TOILET, ARE THERE ANY OTHER LOCATIONS/AREAS WHERE YOU'VE WATCHED SOMEONE POOP (EXAMPLE- ON A NEWSPAPER, OUTDOORS, ETC...)?- I've only just seen my ex sitting on the toilet. Unfortunately, he wasn't very adventurous when it came to pooping.

10)DESCRIBE THE POSITION IN WHICH THE PERSON YOU WATCH USUALLY SITS IN WHEN POOPING?- My ex would usually always sit slightly hunched forward, with his arms across his lap and his hands clasped in front of him. Because he was leaning forward, it gave me a great unobstructed view of his nice turds coming out of his sexy butt.

11)DOES THE PERSON YOU WATCH EMIT VOCAL SOUNDS WHEN PUSHING OR ARE THEY QUIET STRAINERS?- My ex always tried to be subtle when he pooped, so the only sounds he would release was the occasional sigh or muffled grunt everytime he pushed.

12)DO YOU VERBALLY ENCOURAGE THE PERSON YOU ARE WATCHING?- I would always encourage my ex by telling him things like, "Do a nice big shit for me", "Push hard, baby" and, "Excellent job!".

13)WHAT TYPE OF TURDS DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON TO PRODUCE (EXAMPLE- A SINGLE, MASSIVE PIECE OR A PILE CONSISTING OF NUMEROUS PIECES.)?- Nothing is more exciting than seeing one huge, perfectly formed turd, but I do agree about how more is better. I really love to see numerous coils piled on top of one another. My ex usually produced 4 or 5 generously proportioned pieces in one sitting. I also don't much care for masses of formless poop or diarrhea.

14)DO YOU LIKE THE SMELL OF THAT PERSON'S POOP?- I enjoy the smell of a good, healthy motion but not of diarrhea. My boyfriend's poop never smelled all that strong, because he was always conscious about his diet.

15)HAVE YOU EVER WIPED THE BUTT OF THE PERSON AFTER THEY WERE DONE POOPING?- I've wiped my ex's butt a couple of times, but it's something he always preferred to do himself.

16))DO YOU "REWARD" THE PERSON AFTER THEY'VE POOPED FOR YOU?- Yes, I always thanked my ex for letting me watch him and always showed my appreciation for a job well done in a very special way,

17)DO YOU SOMETIMES PARTICIPATE IN A "BUDDY DUMP" WITH THAT PERSON?- Unfortunately, I never buddy dumped with my ex, because I was always too shy about pooping in front of other people. Although I would have loved to see our combined piles in the bowl afterwards.

I really do look forward to your gym buddy dumping stories, Buzzy. There's something about a group of naked guys pooping together after a good workout that really gets my imagination going... :)

Name: D

I am an 20 year old girl, and I thought I would answer a survey.

1)How many times have you watched someone poop? too many to count

2)In what circumstances have you watched someone poop (example- Been invited, asked permission, offered someone a dare, etc...)? eh, we just go to the bathroom together and chat while the other sat on the toilet, then switch.

3)Who was the person that you watched (example- spouse, friend, relative, coworker, etc...)? another girl, a friend I've know for as long as I can remember.

4)Who do you prefer watching, males or females? I've only seen my friend.

5)When you watch someone poop, do you prefer them being clothed or completely nude? (If clothed, specify which articles of clothing you like them to be wearing.) eh, I don't really care but it is nice to see a nude bottom.

6)Do you like it when the person you're watching has to strain/push a lot, or do you prefer the poop to come out instantly and easily? yes, she does look cute trying push out a log.

7)Have you ever administered an enema to someone who had a difficult time pooping? once but that was the only time she used a enema.

8)When you watch someone poop, do you partake in other activities at the same time, and if so, what are they? mostly chat but sometimes we don't and just wait for the other to get off so the other can use it.

9)Other than on the toilet, are there any other locations/areas where you've watched someone poop (example- On a newspaper, outdoors, etc...)? yeah while camping at the lake.

10)Describe the position in which the person you watch usually sits in when pooping? she usually sits and leans forward when she about to push poop.

11)Does the person you watch emit vocal sounds when pushing or are they quiet strainers? eh, she usually not quiet but not loud unless she constipated

12)Do you verbally encourage the person you are watching? na not really

13)What type of turds do you like the person to produce (example- a single, massive piece or a pile consisting of numerous pieces.)? massive shits

14)Do you like the smell of that person's poop? no but it smell that bad

15)Have you ever wiped the butt of the person after they were done pooping? nope

16)Do you "reward" the person after they've pooped for you? I don't think I have, it depends on what you mean by reward, but I don't do or give her anything 'because she pooped

17)Do you sometimes participate in a "buddy dump" with that person? yes, but it depends what you mean.

and if any one wants to know her name is Misty, and she's 19

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