Lily is better, and so is Katie. Charlotte has a fever, but aside from that she is fine. Sarah, on the other hand, she is really sick. She keeps having diarrhea. Just an hour ago i was looking for her shirt to wash in her room, and suddenly she woke up, and ran to the bathroom. SHe grabbed a bucket, sat on the toilet, and had explosive diarrhea. She was crying in pain, and then suddenly she put the bucket to her mouth and vomited. THe doctor says she has the flu (the stomach kind), while everybody else just had a stomach bug. But sarah is miserable. She had to get diapers because she kept having accidents in her sleep, and she is completely mortified.

I wish I could help Sarah more, but she is going through a stage where she is really secretive about bathroom habits. I guess it'll pass. The last time she was really open about bathroom habits and stuff was when she really REALLY needed to pee on a five hour long car trip about a month ago. She couldn't hold it and had an accident, and no matter how much I tell her "it happens" she has been secerative since then. I didn't even yell at her or anything, I just don't understand it. Does anybody have any ideas?

Funny thing, is sarah is so amazing about helping Katie and Lily and Charlotte when they are sick and stuff, and she never makes fun of them. Like once last year Lily had a diarrhea attack in the car and Sarah just hugged her, told her it was okay, and helped to clean her up at the hotel. And like when Charlotte gets ???? aches and stuff.

About a week ago Lily crapped her pants. She hid it from me, but I found out. I was going to ignore it, but since this was the third time this month it had happened, I decided to talk to her. Well, she told me about all three. The first time, appearently, she really had to poop and the grade bully punched her in the stomach and she accidentally went in her pants. Appearently the second time she needed to go badly and a friend told a joke and she started laughing and accidentally lost control, and the third time is most interesting. Appearently while walking home from school she got the urge, and seconds later she started pooping and couldn't stop. I asked her if this was the first time this had happened, and she said no. I'm worried about her. Do you think I should seek medical help? I mean, Lily has always had a bit of a struggle with poop, but it has never been this bad before...before like one accident every five months or something. And appearently she is having trouble holding her pee as well. Appearently she will get the urge and not be able to hold it for more than 30 seconds. APpearently she has soaked her undies many times this year during classes, but luckily her pee doesn't smell much, and she wears thick pants so nobody has been able to tell. The problem with urine is new, so i'm very worried. help me, please! Myself, I've never had any problems with poop or pee, so this is all new to me.

Open Door Policy

Hey anonymous dude who wants to see his wife way to ease her into is is you do it non-chalantly so she feels it's no big deal....ease into it.....start talking with her when you have to go and leave the door open a crack (badabump) to keep talking with her...act like its the most natural thing in the world to do.

Good Luck!

Clean up guy
Today at work i was cleaning up the women's employe's restroom. A few minutes later this lady and a little boy walk half way in while i was still cleaning, she had a desperate look on her face. I said, in nice a tone we have some restrooms up front for the customers and she replied i can't make it up to the front, so i was very kind and i said sure you can use this restroom. So they went in and i went out and waited. I can hear the lady go into the stall and close it, then she sat on the toilet then i heard a fart and some plopping it kind of sounded like she was has having diarrhea. Then the kid said to the lady are you peeing or making poopie, but she started to talk about something else.Then i can hear her tear off some toilet paper and wipe. After that she flushed the toilet and left she didn't even wash her hands. But she did thank me. When they left i went in to do my clean but i didn't smell no poop or i didn't see none in the toilet. Well thats my story. I hope that a lady will use the restroom and not flush the tiolet now that well be soooooo cool.

A month ago I was extremely sick. I'm seventeen, and so I vomited during my history class and got sent home. I had such a fever and my stomach felt like it was on fire. I figured I'd get home and vomit again. I made it home and knelt infront of the toilet and couldn't vomit, and then my bowels started burning, and i got on the toilet and I couldn't shit. Anyways, after that I went into the living room to watch TV, and after feeling very sick I decided to try and sleep it off. I had an extremely high fever, and was to weak to move off of the white couch, so I fell asleep on it....
I woke up about six hours later. My mom had come home from work. She took one look at me and asked me if i was okay (I guess I looked very sick as well as felt it). Anyways, well, there were a few things terribly wrong with me. One, my vision was blurry and my hearing was distorted, and I had a terrible headache. I tried to tell her what was wrong with me, when suddenly I got the strongest urge of my life that said "go to the bathroom ASAP!" I tried to get up, but my legs were to weak and I felt to sick. I lay there moaning and whimpering, and trying to tell my mom to help me, while not really being able to speak because I was feeling so weak. My mother, concerned, asked me, "are you okay? What is wrong?!?! Can I help you?" Suddenly I let out a loud smelly fart, and lost all control of my bowels. I proceded to shit and piss myself, my clothing I was wearing from school, and the white couch. The shit was complete diarrhea, and instantly soaked my jeans, undies, butt, everything. I felt so sick, and it hurt so badly. When my mom saw what was happening she (realizing the couch had already seen its last days) ran to get me what my family calls the "sick-bucket" because it's a bucket that my family uses when we are sick. I know, self explanitory, right? lol. Anyways, so she ran to get the sick-bucket. I was crying in pain and embarrassment when she came back with the sick-bucket. She asked me if I could get to the bathroom, and I said I couldn't. She hugged me, and went to get my pajamas, some papertowls, a thermomiter, a sponge, and a whole bunch of other things.
Although my fever was by now 104, as she told me later, I somehow managed to stand and have her undress me, clean me, and put the pajamas on me. The mess on my pants was amazing. Then my mom went to call the doctor, because she was worried about me. She left me with the sick-bucket, another extra bowl "just incase", and instructions to just do whatever in the bowls because there was no way i could stand, let alone run across the house to the bathroom if i felt sick. The second she was gone, her support to help me standing gone, I flopped back onto the now brown sofa. Instantly I felt the urge to shit again, and somehow i managed to push down my pajama bottoms, and put the sick-bucket below my ass. I started having waves of diarrhea. It was brown and green, and even for shit it looked...well...sick.
Somehow I managed to keep most of the shit in the sick-bucket until my dad came in, saw me and the condition i was in, and went to get my mom. My mom came back, undressed me out of my nightgown, and lay me, naked, down on the sofa with the sick-bucket below me. I filled it up, and then felt the urge to puke, and puked all over the once-white sofa. I felt soooo sick.
Well, my mom, realizing that I would not be able to get to the doctors, called her friend who is a doctor, and she came over. So she saw me, naked, puking and shitting my head off, lying on the once-white sofa. Well, she told my mom i had a "bad case of the gastric flu" and left. My dad carried me to my bed, and put a diaper on me, put a nice new clean bucket by my bed, and that's where I remained for the next three days. I just shit and pissed and vomited in my bed because i was dilerious with a 104degree fever. Finally I was over it, and I have never felt more relieved in my life!

Has anybody else ever been sooo sick like this?

Also, on a different note, once, comming back from a dinner with my boyfriend last week, I really needed to shit. I told him that i was going to make a quick stop at my house first. he asked why and I said that i needed to get something. suddenly the urge became so great and i told him in a whisper "i need to shit soooooo badly!" somehow i made it home, and even though he was looking i ran to the bathroom and shit. it was the largest dump of my life, i think.

Dan thanks for that story. Until I read it I thought I was the only one who suffered the effects of an ichy ass when I did not wipe properly. I wonder if there are otheres who have had the same problem?

I read here a lot but never posted before. I'm writing now cause I gotta use the toilet realllllllllllly bad. I can't get in there though cause my older brother (I'm 16 & he's 18) is in there taking a shower & he locked the door. I'd felt the urge for a shit quite a while ago but was busy with homework so didn't stop to go. Now I not only have to shit I gotta take a wicked piss too. I keep holding my dick to try & hold it back & I'm sitting on my foot to try & hold the crap in too. OOO I just squirted some piss. Not sure I can hold on much longer a I can feel the turd trying to poke out too. Oh no I just squited again. Man I wish he'd hurry. Got my legs crossed super hard & my hand holding on too. OMG I think I'm gonna loose it I have to go so baaaaaaaaad. I'm 16 years old I just can't go in my pants! Oh no!! I guess I can. The turd is coming now! I can't stop it! I'm now pissing too! Wow this is a HUGE turd. My pants have got a big bulge & I can't stop pissing. OMG this is horrible! A BIG fart has started the next turd coming out. Another big one. I'm gonna kick my brother's ass for locking the door.
Gotta go clean up as much as I can before the folks get home or brother sees it.

Dog Face Gremlin
In my post a couple of days, it appears I spoke prematurely. Anna let out some loud, long and stinky farts all in one tonight. She is taking Robitussin for her coughs, maybe that makes her farts stink even though loud. Who knows?

i saw someone ask about people with disabilities and their toilet needs---yes, there are a lot. recently, probably 2 or 3 pages back i saw a girl post about herself being in a wheelchair, i think her name was anna, and recently i was browsing and i think around page 500 a girl named Heather in a wheelchair began posting a lot of stories for a few pages.

i was browsing for some myself just yesterday, that's how i know. i just came here about three days ago and i was going to post a story about my friend, she is in a wheelchair, but i wanted to read some of the other stories from wheelchair bound people too. i can't really answer too many questions about how she manages because i'm just a friend and i'm a male, so i don't really deal with helping her use the bathroom and haven't had the nerve to ask her how she does it. what i have to say though is that i really feel for these people (well anyone would anyway) when it comes to going to the bathroom, because i mean if you're in an awkward situation where you need to go to the bathroom, it's tough. but if you can't even go by yourself and need help but you're with someone who doesn't normally help you or can't, i can barely imagine how tough that makes it. i mean if i'm out with my friends and i have to take a piss, it's no big deal, if i have to take a shit then i don't really want to take them time to do that or mention that i need to because i'm just self conscious about it. but nevertheless, i have the option of finding away to keep it on the d-l if i insist. but say you have someone in a wheelchair who needs to go and REALLY would rather not someone knew or is just with someone who can't help them?

so i was with my friend (her name is Alexis) about 2 or 3 months ago at this touristy out-door window shopping fancy little village a few towns over. (she is in a wheelchair because she needed several operations on her spine as a very small child, and in addition to the problems with her back, the fact that she spent most of the first 7 years of her life in a hospital bed caused most of the skeletal muscles, mainly in her legs, to develop very very slowly or not at all, and even begin to deteriorate.) anyway, things were well at this touristy shopping place that i can't really figure out a better way to describe, when about an hour and a half following lunch, out of no where, she started to cry. she didn't just burst out in tears or anything but i heard her getting a little choked up and breathe a little heavy then i saw tears in her eyes. i became very alarmed and began to ask her what was the matter. i couldn't really figure out what she was saying because when she opened her mouth to speak she would gasp or sniffle from crying. it wasn't long though before i realized that something smelled badly like poop, and the smell was coming from her. she only ever managed to say she "had an" but it was obvious she meant to say accident. i took her aside so she wasn't around all these people who would obviously be able to smell that she had a mess in her pants. i wanted to comfort her and help her calm down, but to my dismay i was having trouble getting close to her because the poop in her pants smelled very bad! she was able to speak clearly after a minute and i just said "what happened lexi?" understandbly she mumbled her way through wha thse told me because she was humiliated, but she said "i had to go to the bathroom since lunch but i was too shy to ask you to take me. i thought i could wait until we got home but eventually i had to go too bad and i started pooping my pants and i couldn't stop." it nearly broke me heart because i felt so bad for her. i wanted to hug her and even help her get cleaned up and do anything to make her feel better. i gave her a big hug and secretly held my breath while doing so (hey i love her but she pooped herself BAD! i'm not kidding when i say the smell was making me gag.) well she wasn't hesitant to protest my offer to help her get cleaned up and just begged me to take her home. it was a long way to the car and i felt bad thinking of how uncomfortable she must feel sitting with that mess in her underwear...we got to the car, but the problem was that we came in my car...her family has a van that she can just get in with her wheelchair but for my car i need to strap her in a regular seat and put the chair in the back. this isn't usually a problem, but i wasn't looking forward to moving her into the car. pretty much anytime i move her i have to touch her bottom at some point (not in a sexual way so be mature about it) and i was afraid of doing that if she had a mess in her pants...i was just scared i would gag or god forbid even vomit, and i didn't want her to be anymore embarrassed or feel any worse. anyway i opened the door and got ready to lift her out of her chair, and i took a deep breath and held it...i lifted her with my arm across the back of her shoulders and the other at the back of her knees and turned her toward the car. i don't usually lift her into the car that way but i figured i wouldn't need to touch her bottom or even look at it that way, but i realized when i had to get her into the seat i would have to move her legs upward and slide her back......when i did that her bottom was facing me, and i really didn't want to look at the mess but i couldn't really miss it...she had thin stretchy gray pants on that she wears often, so the bulge was pretty didn't stick out that much obviously because she was sitting when she pooped in her pants, but it was still an obvious bulge that spread out across her whole bottom because it was flat. i wasn't very grossed out to see it as i thought i would be, i guess the smell is the only thing that makes me sick because i can talk about it with ease as well. there wasn't much of a stain on her pants, just a very, very faint brownish stain that was pretty small right in the middle of her bottom between her legs..i guess because she had navy blue panties on (it's easy to see the edge of her underwear when you lift her in anyway because her pants come down a bit in the back) that there wasn't much of a stain that came trough, but yeah it looked like she had a short stack of pancakes down the back of her underwear. it was a lot of poop for a fairly petit young lady, to say it bluntly. but that hsould be enough of a description..i eased her back into the seat all the way as not to make the mess worse, and i strapped er in and put her chair in the back. then i took her home. neither of us said much on the ride, i just told her it was an accident many people have suffered and she doesn't need to feel too bad. she told me it didn't matter, and that it's one thing to see someone who pooped their pants than to be the person who pooped her pants. fair enough i guess! when we got to her house she started to cry again because now more people were going to find out. she didn't cry like she did when it happened, but she obviously was embarrassed and teared up a bit. when i got her out of the car, the stain on her bottom was considerably darker and bigger, probably because she had been sitting with the mess in her pants for quite a while. so i took her inside and i asked if she just wanted me to let her stay in the foyer and ask her to get her mother or if she wanted me to tell her mother or anything like that. she asked me to take her right to the bathroom then send her mother there. i took lexi to the bathroom and closed the door and i went to the living room and said that lexi was waiting down at the bathroom. her mother got up and just casually acknowledged "ah she has to go to the bathroom?" i didn't want to tell her but i just said "i guess you could say that...." her mother gave me a look of concern and said "ohhhhh no......." i just looked back at her and her mother leaned a little toward me and whispered "she didn't wet herself again did she?" (alexis has a history of occasionally wetting her pants, but she had never pooped in her pants before.) i looked at her mother again and just said "i think you should just get her taken care of..." her mother nodded and went down to the bathroom. i stood in the living room and stepped slightly in the hallway. i couldn't hear much of what was said, i just heard her mother say "oh gosh..oh noooo lexi." (not in a shocked or angry way, she sounded sympathetic) i didn't hear anything else, then her mother came back out to me and siad it would be best if i just went home, and that lexi would give me a call later on. she thanked me for taking her out and being helpful and i left. lexi called me that night, but we didn't talk much about her accident, i just asked if she was feeling better, then we talked about other things for a little while. i'm sure she wanted to get it off her mind.

I have measured my pee a couple times. It came out to 3/4 of a liter with a full bladder. Now I am waiting to see how much I can produce with a bladder that's full and about to burst!

For the females: Is it me or does the way you sit on the toilet change how fast urine comes out? Like I usually sit up straight on the toilet and it gushes out fast (just typing this makes me want to go now because my bladder is almost full and sending, but if I sit to where my vagina is almost to the front end of the bowl, and I am leaning backwards on the seat, then I find it doesn't gush out as much and takes a bit longer.
Oops! Gotta run!

As my friend and I were walking out of our school's cafeteria, we noticed four toilets (without the silver flusher part) and a urinal all lined up on the grass in front of one of the buildings. I just started roll laughing because it was the funniest looking thing that I had ever seen in a long time. My friend saw it too and started laughing. I was like, "How come they have all the toilets there? And is that a urinal?" And my friend jokingly says, "I don't know. Maybe they're selling them." LOL. I wonder if it will still be there tomorrow.

hey guys! sry haven't posted in a while, lots of homework!

A while ago, i said that our school got some new bathrooms. I was talking to my friend and he said "dude! have you been in the new bathrooms?" and I said "yeah" and he says "DUDE! IT'S LIKE THE FREAKIN TAJ MAHAL!!!" lol! They are! I'll give you a summary. First of all, the old bathrooms were really crappy. Broken stall doors, crap and piss and cigarette ashes everywhere. The new ones are really nice though. The whole place is spotless. There are 6 sinks, 4 driers, 4 urinals and 6 toilets. The dividers are big to give you total privacy, and the toilet seats are shaped exactly like your butt for total defacation/urination comfort! And everything is sensor-operated, and top of the line technology! Cool, huh?


I was really constipated. I hadn't had a BM for about 3 days and was feeling lousy and sluggish. The stomach cramps were unbearable. Whenever I sat on the toilet seat, just nothing would happen.

My boyfriend then offered to massage my stomach with olive oil in the hope that this would kick start something. He rubbed my stomach for about 15 minutes and it felt really good. I then took off my panties and he dipped his finger in olive oil and inserted it in my rectum, while still massaging my stomach.

After about 10 minutes of anal massage and stomach massage, I was ready to try the toilet again. Within a few minutes, the most enormous, thick, solid log, dark brown in color, just slid out of my ass hole. It was more than 8 inches long. If my ass hadn't been lubed up, it would have been very painful. My boyfriend's massage session really loosened up my sphincter muscles and I was able to push out such a big turd with ease.

I recommend this method for those who don't want to try nasty laxatives.

Recently, I started working at a city library as their head computer systems service person, I have 4 others under myself. When I had my interview, i didn't have to use the restroom, so I didn't check it out until te day I started. One of the librarians, Mr. _____ was showing me where everything was, cloakroom, break room, and as he put it "The most important room after you hit 50" The men's restroom. I had to pee so I went in with him. WHAT A SHOCK to find 3 toilet stalls, none of them with doors ! Even more surprising, all were in use, and EVEN MORE SHOCKING they were all employees of the library, and he introduced me to them while they were sitting on the toilets, shitting !!!...I was taken aback by the friendlieness, but at the same time thinking to myself "Where are the doors,and I could NEVER use a doorless stall to shit" As I said, everybody was very casual, but I was a bit uncomfortable..I asked if the womens restroom had doors, and everybody muttered "Of course" I assumed it was a sensitive issue and didnt ask again. Well, thigs went fine, I used the men's room for pissing but if i had to shit, i waited till lunchtime, and went to a local restaurant to shit.....Until yesterday afternoon.....about 4 p.m. I got awful cramps and barely made it to the men's room, to my horror, I had to wait for a stall...!!! ...the guys KNEW i was in trouble and one gent hurried up and finished, wiped, and flushed....I just made it, and ' KABOOM" what an explosion, what a stench, I was so embarrased, the room was full with other men..THen EVERYTHING changed, the guy who was on the bowl before me said "Hey Mike, I used all the toilet tissue" I'll grab you a fresh roll" and the other guys asked how I was feeling, Mike brought me in a fresh roll of tissue, and at that moent, I knew I would never have a problem using a doorless stall again... It just felt comfortable...Strange, but true, now I shit in there everyday, But sometimes you STILL have to take a number, as it get busy LOL

Mr. Clogs
I forgot to tell you all in the last post that I'm a fairly new here. I've always been facinated by bathroom related topics and stories espcially female related topics. I usually find the females expressing their bathroom related experiences are really facinating and creative even in desperate situations like my last post. I also find that a lot of stereotypes about men and women have been debunked . This why this site is the best because over the short span of time I've been lurking around, I find that a lot people both young and old have similar facinations with their and other people's bathroom habits and experiences. Speaking of bathroom related experiences, I peed into 2 cups , 1 from last night, and the other one for my morning pee because my mom was in the bathroom and I needed to pee badly. I usually pee in them on regular basis, I guess you all can call me lazy, but I find it fun. It would be nice to watch someone else, but I haven't gotten the opportunity yet, and if I ask watch, people especially female friends/girlfriends would find me as a freak, but I just a curious about their bathroom habits experience. Take care all!

your name whizzer

did not find your post on page 1238 , is it on another page?

I took a good dump today, pushed out a large log about 12" long and about 2" wide, wiped twice and flushed.

JJ, if you are still lurking I liked your post on 1236 about female anatomy.

a couple weeks ago i ate a couple of spoonfuls of corn without chewing. i wanted to see how long it would take for me to poop it out because a lot of ppl say corn gets pooped out whole. so the next week i watched my poop, no corn. i though maybe it got digested and i wouldnt be pooping out whole pieces of corn. then twelve days after i did this i pooped and there was corn in it. TWELVE DAYS! and i didnt eat any corn after that first time. it was sooo crazy.

Adrian, Jonny B and others - Thanks for responding. I thought that you may be interested in how it all started with me and Rich and our toilet fun.Well about ten years ago we worked together - he was my boss. Part of our job was to go to cities in Europe for meetings. Sometimes we would go together. We were very good friends - but just that - and used to talk a lot. I noticed that he took an interest in my toilet habits - I thought that it was a bit starnge as I had never had a friend or partner who was even slightly interested. However, I didn't mind and we often briefy discussed it. I told him that I only usually went every 3 days and of course that always gave him a joky start to a conversation 'have you been to the toilet recently?'. I always told him. Often I would go in a bar or somewhere while he was with me. As I took a bit longer than a wee he would ask me if I had been and I would say 'yes a small one' or something like it. Well, we got very close and ended up having a relationship - which saved the company a fortune in hotels when we were away. Now shaing a room with him I became uncomfortable about his interest in my poos. I knew he would want to know more or see me. I never went in the room but always waited until I was somewhere else. I dont know what the problem was but I just felt uneasy. I still continued to talk to him about it though as he always asked. One morning when we were away in Bilbao Spain (it was day 3 for me and he knew it) I woke up and really needed to go badly. I held on letting out farts when I could and when I went for a wee. He could tell I wanted to go but said nothing. I was up and dressed and aching to go out so that I could find a toilet to dump my substantial load into. Then he said 'the meeting this morning is not very important - why dont we stay here?'. I protested but it was no good he was adamant. I would just have to hang on. As if to put me at ease he went for a poo and left the door ajar. Well it was no good - the poo was coming and I would just have to go in the hotel room toilet. While he was going I put the TV on loud in preparation so that he would not hear me.When he came out I casually went in and locked the door. I put paper down to deaden the plops as I knew he would be listening. I could hardly wait to get my bootom on the seat and as soon as I did one of my massive logs began to flow out. The whole 3 days worth came out in one massive it - really wide (3in plus) and about 18 inches long. Really hard and straight and unfortunately really smelly. It was so good to get it out. I flushed it away, and as soon as I opened the door he was in. He asked me questions and was really aroused. We had a very exciting morning. I still thought it was strange but that sort of broke the ice.

I will continue soon with how our toilet relationship built. Its now wednesady morning. After my poo on saturday I went yesterday first thing in the morning. It was quite a small one for me so it will be interesting if I go three days this time. I will keep you posted.

Poo Together - Love Suze

Two posts in one day! I posted earlier (about 4 hours ago actually) to and said when I pooed yesterday it wasn't as much as usual & would I go my usual 3 days. Well since then the question has been answered - NO. I was sitting at work and suddenly a slight need to poo became very urgent. I thought that this cant be right I only went yesterday - but sure enough I really did. First thought was to put it off till tonight to give Rich a treat, but the poo didn't agree. I really had to go but Kate is not at work today and there is nobody to go with. I hate to waste a massive urgent dump by going alone. So I thought who else might go at work - it was late morning and experience tells me that mid to late morning and after lunch is a good time for pooing action in the ladies. So I waited, with some difficulty until somebody headed for the ladies. My luck was in - within about 15mins Lucy, one of the secretaries, headed for the loo. Lucy has short brown hair, is tall and slim but not skiny - very shapely with a nice rounded bottom. She was wearing really smart denim jeans. I followed her into the ladies and found that she had taken the end stall. I took the middle one next door. When I got there she was pulling her jeans and panties down. I did the same. As soon as I sat down a continuous stream of poo came out. Not as wide and heavy as normal but good and solid. As it came out I made a series of loud plops - 9 in total all about 1 second apart. No pee at all. I then rested to hear what was going on next door. During my plopping session Lucy had a short pee and was now sitting silently. I knew I had struck lucky. I could hear her pushing slightly and almost silently, and then there was crackling noises. Then there was a amssive kerplunk, followd by about a 5 second break then a very loud double plop, plop-plop. She obviously is a girl after my own heart and produces healthy big heavy poos. Immediately after the plop she started wiping - so I did the same as the show was obviously over. We both sorted ourselves out and flushed and left within seconds of each other. At the sinks I said Hi and looked surprised it was her. To my great surprise she said I bet you feel better after that - I said that I did and that hers sounded satisfying as well. She said it was just her normal daily one. We then changed the subject and chatted on, while temp (called Cloe) came in and disappeared into a stall. She didn't seem to be in a hurry to leave, especially after an audible puffy fart came from the stall followed 3 soft plops in quick sucession. She said 'it seems to be a busy time in here!'. I think she shares my interest and if I go gently we may have found somebody else to buddy dump with. Kate will be really interested. Kate is now off for a week and I might see if I can go in at the same time as Lucy tomorrow and record the action to text to Kate!

Anyway I now feel much better - 2 poos in two days - I haven't done that for ages - and a new friend. I will post the next installment of me and Rich getting to sharing poos soon. I just thought you may be interested in an update on my day.

Will post again soon - Poo Together - Love Suze

I read somewhere (on the web or on a magazine) that in some part of Europe, Northern Europe I try to remember (Holland or Denmark) my be for a concert or similar event they did a peculiar "facility" for women, to avoid long queue at the ladies. They say it was a sort of a parity between sex, cause normally (as I often complain) men have shorten queue for their physical needs, cause they have urinals and similar things in their facilities.
From the description I guessed that in add to the normal port potties, there was a secluded facilities for girls that was a sort of urinal. The thing was very simple I suppose a large half pipe on the floor with a small quantity of water running in it, but not constantly. The women simply squat and pee into the half pipe, very quick and easy to do. And many girls can use it at the same time. It seemed no women complained for the lack of privacy, preferring the practical aspect of no long queue…
I remember I saw a small and low quality pic of something similar about 2 years ago.
This is quite similar, I suppose to the higher one used on the new York marathon years ago, I remember clearly a wonderful pic of hundreds pissing penis from men peeing in this long half pipe quite in the open…
I'll be very thankful if someone can give more information about this peeing through half pipe, like where, the event, etc… Did some woman here ever used something similar? Did you ever see any sort of group pee urinal for girls? (like in some place like stadiums in the men, I saw it, they have not separated urinals but a long wall with running water and a drain beneath to piss together…
Please tell me your experience and how many girls here think they would pee in such a thing in similar occasion, surely I'm one of those who would do it for sure


Stressed Student
I am a senior in college and I will graduate in December---hopefully!!! My major is really difficult, and I've been stressed out---so worried that I've become somewhat incontinent (urinary and fecal). I mostly have diarrhea. I have IBS and stress aggravates it----as a result, I'll have sudden, uncontrollable bouts of diarrhea----in my pants. It happens so often that I frequently wear disposable panties--diapers. Today I was sitting on the floor of my room studying genetics. All was well. As I was going through the material, I realized I had no idea what was going on in some of the lectures----I felt sick with anxiety. Then, out of nowhere, it happened------pblpblpblpbpuhpuh----hot diarrhea shot into my panties (protective) with a series of soft, wet farts. I tried to clinch to cut off the flow, but it did not help---I kept going. I could feel the liquidy mush against my bottom as I filled the diaper. I stood up and the flow got faster. I hurridly ran down the stairs to the bathroom, still pooping intermitantly. I get into the bathroom!!!! Unfortunately, before I could pull down the underwear-----PPLLLBBBBB---a thunderous fart escaped and with it another huge wave of pooh. The diaper began to leak, and diarrhea poured down my legs. Yuck!! After cleaning up with wipes, I got a shower. What a mess! I hate having messy accidents.

I can relate to Jimmy Ten and the whole concept about embarrassment over a stinking butt. When I was a kid my mom used to talk obsessively about it, and in front of other people. The absolute worst was when I got spanked in front of my sitter and her two kids. When mom dropped my drawers and put me over her lap, she said "P.U.! Danny, what's with this smelly butt? Don't you know how to wipe yourself?" On and on like that for a few minutes. That was the worst punishment I ever got, even without the actual spanking.

Midwest Jim
you reminded me of me with the sneak a smoke story. I grew up hiding cigarettes from ma and pa and i'd usually take into consideration that if i was hiding my smoke, it was hiding everything. i also have had an obsession with relieving myself outside since i was about twelve or so. (since you're 17 i have ten years on you, though)
once, during high school (1994) i went out to the back of the track and feild area where the woods were to join my friends for the midday break smoke break and found myself needing to dump rather badly. when i was 17, i never let my friends know of my outside habits so i waitied till just before it was time to go back in, lit up another smoke and said i would lag behind after awhile. i used some excuse that if we all went back together, we would get caught. after i saw the last one disappear back into the school, i quickly dropped my jeans (even then i refused to wear underwear and still don't own any) and pushed hard, dropping a huge load that didn't seem to quit. i quickly pulled my jeans back up, peed before zipping them and returned to class. i could feel the turd residue all over my butthole, but it was worth it.
keep posting and i'll post more. i've got stories that'll blow your mind.


I was just thinking about this after seeing my friend wet her pants on stage in our school play.

What do musical performers or actors in a play do when they have to go to the bathroom?


Has anyone famous ever had a accident on stage?



Hi all !!Newby here ,lurker for some time however I think everyone who uses this board should at least,according to the stories or experiences they're telling describe in more detail their wives,girlfriends,etc.Some of you do but most don't.I think to have a vivid general description of the person would definately help the forums' readers more.Thanks all.....
oh , alright then,i shall practice what i preach,quick one though,
I am male 25 ,athletic build ,mixed race and a shade under 6 ft. i produce very smelly dumps every morning very big and loads of farts to accompany them.My girlfriend who is black medium proportioned nice big ass has no qualms about reciprocating and she can give as good as she gets.Any more stories from ethnic minorities please...good board
more stories soon.

one day i was walking to a friends house which was about 5 miles away and my stomach starting hurting i guess i was hungary i keep on walking then it started hurting agian real bad i knew i had too poop real bad but i had no toilet paper and i was a long away from my friends house so i held my hand over the back of my jeans and stopped for a minute too see if it would go away then i started too walk again then it hit real real bad and there was a woods up ahead so i ran towards the woods and seen a ditch i got down in the ditch undid my jeans and pulled them down and then pulled my pink panties down and squatted down real fast and then i farted and then i started too poop then i wiped with some leaves and pulled up my pink panties and my jeans and walked out of the woods and then on too my friends house

I was a bit bored so I've created a survey/questionnaire for people who have had the opportunity to watch someone else poop...

1)How many times have you watched someone poop?
2)In what circumstances have you watched someone poop (example- Been invited, asked permission, offered someone a dare, etc...)?
3)Who was the person that you watched (example- spouse, friend, relative, coworker, etc...)?
4)Who do you prefer watching, males or females?
5)When you watch someone poop, do you prefer them being clothed or completely nude? (If clothed, specify which articles of clothing you like them to be wearing.)
6)Do you like it when the person you're watching has to strain/push a lot, or do you prefer the poop to come out instantly and easily?
7)Have you ever administered an enema to someone who had a difficult time pooping?
8)When you watch someone poop, do you partake in other activities at the same time, and if so, what are they?
9)Other than on the toilet, are there any other locations/areas where you've watched someone poop (example- On a newspaper, outdoors, etc...)?
10)Describe the position in which the person you watch usually sits in when pooping?
11)Does the person you watch emit vocal sounds when pushing or are they quiet strainers?
12)Do you verbally encourage the person you are watching?
13)What type of turds do you like the person to produce (example- a single, massive piece or a pile consisting of numerous pieces.)?
14)Do you like the smell of that person's poop?
15)Have you ever wiped the butt of the person after they were done pooping?
16)Do you "reward" the person after they've pooped for you?
17)Do you sometimes participate in a "buddy dump" with that person?

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

To Maria - A month or so ago, I had the same problem as you. I've used oral laxatives in the past for constipation and got stomach cramping as well. This time when I went to a pharmacy they said I should try an enema which I bought from them. I used the enema and within 30 minutes I was sitting on the toilet and got rid of a few days worth of poop. So perhaps give that a try. It worked for me.

Adrianne and everyone else who responded:
Thanks for the response. I feel so much better about this and after the consultation and reading it up on the internet and talking to my friend (who's an anesthesiologist), I am really looking forward to it. My stepmom thinks I'm nuts because I'll be put under general anesthesia. But for me, hospital stuff interests me. My mom and I pretty much got the whole two days planned. I'm decided on whether I should ask her to get me diapers for the first day (incase I don't make it to the bathroom) I am so excited! I WILL let you all know all the details that I will be able to remember.
Yeah, I don't eat much taco bell and stuff like that. I'm not into fast food. Today I keep getting a stomach ache and expelling gas...I think it's because I've eaten a lot of bread today...anyone else have that problem with bread?

Hey I was wondering if I could get some advice from everyone out there. I really need to see my wife poo. She's embarrassed about pooing and when she has to go, if we're downstairs, she'll go to the bathroom upstairs. If we're upstairs she'll go dwonstairs. She goes as far away from me as possible to go poo. When she gets up in the morning to do her morning poo, she'll go downstairs. What I will do is follow her quietly so I can get close to the door and listen. She is very loud when she poos, lots of loud farts and plops. She drops big loads of poo and it really stinks afer she's done. What can I do to get her to let me watch her poo?

Jodi -- I just got over the stomach flu. I didn't have a very bad case. I only vomited once, and I had no diarrhea. Anyway, so I took a day off from work. As i had vomited during the night I felt fine most of the afternoon, but i figured "better safe than sorry." So, my daughter came home did her homework, ate dinner, and said that she didn't feel very well. SHe said that she had a headache though, and given she is thirteen years old, I figured that she could appropriately diagnose herself if she was sicker than just a headache. So, the next morning I went to work, and my daughter went to school. About 9:45, roughly an hour and a half after her school starts, I recieve a phonecall from her school administrator saying she had thrown up in history class. I cursed, told my boss that I would be out the rest of the day because my daughter was sick, and went to pick her up. She looked really miserable and green in the face, so I gave her a plastic bag incase she got sick, hugged her, and got her into the car. It is thirty minutes from school to home, and after about 15 minutes she was crying that she was going to get sick. She dry heaved a few times into the bag, but couldn't vomit. She said her stomach felt like it was "on fire." So, once we were home we got out of the car, and she stumbled into the house. Instantly she starts running for the bathroom, and starts vomiting into the toilet. Suddenly I notice that her pants are becoming brown, and realized that she had diarrhea too! Once she was done, she wiped her mouth, took off her clothes, got into bed, and then ran back to the bathroom and had diarrhea and vomit at the same time. This time i was prepaired, though, and I held a bucket for her to vomit into while she had diarrhea into the toilet. This continued the whole day, and she hasn't been able to keep anything down.

My 13 year old daughter, Lily, is finally asleep now, during the evening, but my six year old daughter Katie is complaining that she feels sick to her stomach. My 16 year old daughter Sarah just had diarrhea, and my eight year old daughter Charlotte is in bed with a fever. That's the annoying thing about having four daughters--if anybody in the family gets something, the whole family gets it. It is worse with the stomach bug than fevers though, because Sarah and Lily share a room, and Charlotte and Katie share a room, and there are only two bathrooms near those rooms. I mean, my house has 5 bathrooms, but all of the others are across the house.

Well, Lily just woke up and I can here her in the bathroom vomiting, and Sarah is on the other toilet with diarrhea. Charlotte just had diarrhea in her bed, and Katie just threw up all over me, so I have to take care of matters. I hope everybody is in better health than my family is!!


Tim (and Sarah)
Adrian: I am glad to hear your remedy is kicking in and you are feelling less sore. You probably know it best, but even an itching can be a mild form of haemorrhoids or a tiny tear, which as you know, is not serious at all, but it's good to treat it early. I am not getting rid of my heamorrhoids at the moment, which is quite uncomfortable, but I am due to another coloscopy in January anyway and after that my doctor will decide about some more effective treatment than suppositories or creams. Otherwise the whole family is pooping like pros...Especially Sarah's digestion has very much improved since she is not embarrassed about it anymore. She used to mostly poop late at night, when everybody was asleep as she was shy about it. Of course it leads to hard stool and constipation when you hold it back, when the urge hits you. If there is one thing we take out of being so much more open about toilet matters, it's her being able to relax so much more. Now she goes, when she fells like it and is almost as good as me on a good day. ( In my best times I easily do two or three big piles a day, probably cause we eat so many ???? and grain...)
Take care and all the best (greetings from Sarah!) Tim

QUIZ QUESTION TO ALL: I heard a funny quiz question on telly yesterday, I thought I'd share with you. I am sure a few know the correct answer, but maybe it's funny to hear some guesses as well... This is really based on a true fact: Why are the visitor's of the London Science museum explicitly asked to use the toilet during their visit? I am looking forward to some guesses, if anyone wants to have a try. The answer is funny and interesting. A tip: there is no special exhibit on the toilet, you are supposed to really use the toilet in the conventional way!

A very lucky guy
I thought it would be fun to answer Bridget's survey.

1) how many times have you watched someone poop?

About 8 times.

2) In what circumstances have you watched someone poop (example- Been invited, asked permission, offered someone a dare, etc...)?

I was invited.

3) Who was the person that you watched (example- spouse, friend, relative, coworker, etc...)?

My girlfriend, she is 20 years old. She enjoys doing it for me because she knows it turns me on.

4) Who do you prefer watching, males or females?

Definitely females.

5) When you watch someone poop, do you prefer them being clothed or completely nude? (If clothed, specify which articles of clothing you like them to be wearing.)

I think either one is good but with clothing it seems more natural so I kind of prefer that way.

6) Do you like it when the person you're watching has to strain/push a lot, or do you prefer the poop to come out instantly and easily?

I think a little pushing is a turn on but not too much, none is also good.

7) Have you ever administered an enema to someone who had a difficult time pooping?


8) When you watch someone poop, do you partake in other activities at the same time, and if so, what are they?

Sometimes we talk but usually I just watch and let her do her thing. One time though she performed oral on me while she was sitting there.

9) Other than on the toilet, are there any other locations/areas where you've watched someone poop (example- On a newspaper, outdoors, etc...)?

One time she pooped for me outside in the park in some bushes, and one time she peed for me at the park.

10) Describe the position in which the person you watch usually sits in when pooping?

She sits with her legs closed and her elbows resting on her thighs, and she also likes to lean forward and look at the floor.

11) Does the person you watch emit vocal sounds when pushing or are they quiet strainers?

She is very quiet.

12) Do you verbally encourage the person you are watching?

No, I just watch. A few times though she asked me if I wanted to see it come out and she leaned forward and I went behind her and pulled her cheeks apart to watch her poop come out.

13) What type of turds do you like the person to produce (example- a single, massive piece or a pile consisting of numerous pieces.)?

They are usually soft, light brown, stone sized pieces. I prefer big piles or massive pieces though but I am happy with what I get, I know I am very very lucky to have a girlfriend that is open to doing that.

14) Do you like the smell of that person's poop?


15) Have you ever wiped the butt of the person after they were done pooping?

Yes, one time. She bent over in front of me and let me wipe her, she was kind of messy too, it took about 5 wipes to clean her up.

16) Do you "reward" the person after they've pooped for you?

She does it to make me happy and to put me in the mood to make love to her so I always give it to her afterwards.

17) Do you sometimes participate in a "buddy dump" with that person?

I've never done that before.

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