Punk Rock Girl

I had an extremely close call... well, I guess it was more of a mess, but it could have been worse. On Saturday, I went up to Vermont with some friends. I had been constipated for several days, but just never got around to doing anything about it (e.g. enemas, laxatives). So, while we were eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel (great restaurant), I felt my rectum fill to capacity and get ready to unload. So, I excused myself to the womens room, entered a stall, dropped my pants and underpants and sat my bare bottom on the crapper. I had a nice, satisfying dump.

After breakfast, we got in the car to head off to wherever. Suddenly, with almost no warning, I felt a load start forcing its way out of my ass! It was bizarre, I could not control it! Finally, I clenched my buns together, squashing it, but also stopping it. I hopped out and ran back into Cracker Barrel, back into the bathroom.

I pulled my pants and underwear down and saw a glob of poop had smeared in the seat of my underpants. I sat down and had another enormous dump, just as big as the one I'd had maybe a half hour earlier! While seated on the crapper, I stepped out of my pants and underpants. I wiped my ass, which required almost an etire roll of TP and three flushes because of the massive load that I had squashed between my cheeks. I tossed my shitty panties in the garbage and washed my hands very, very well.

I spent the rest of the day with no underwear on, but at least I managed to avoid shitting my pants to capacity! I''ve done that enough times in my life already!



No i didn't measured my pee in containers, I only notice how big is the puddel if I had to pee badly and I peed somwhere wher you leave a evident puddle, like in a parking garage, in alley, in stircase, obviously not in the busjes or on the lawn..i like to see the puddle i've done after peeing.



Daniel (Danny)
I have 3 stories.
The first one happened yesterday. I was at the mall with my parents and i went walking to the videogames section. Then i felt the need to pee so i walked to the restroom. I thought itwas empty so i headed to the urinals when i heard a voice said: oh no" It was a nine year old child that was in a stall. He said: who are you? I told him a 12 year old kid.He told me that the stalls didnt have toilet paper and asked if i could bring some.I said yes. I brought the toilet paper and then he opened the door of his stall and i saw him sitting with his pants just far enough down for him to poop. He said thanks. Then i went to the urinals and peed(i hadnīt peed) and then i washed my hands.

Second story.Today i went to a place called kids' jungle. I played there and theni felt the need to poop. I went inside a unisex restroom that has 5 stalls, and 3 sinks. I started to push and a thick soft log was starting to come out . It was hanging from my butt when two brothers came in. One was maybe 14 and the other one was maybe 8. They took one of the stalls next to mine and one of them said : oh, i almost pee my pants. And then i heard the Niagara Falls. Then one of them said "oh, that was good" And then they went to wash their hands. I started pushing again so my log could fall. I was not done because i felt more poop coming. I started to push again and then three girls( i suppose ages 7, 9 and 10) came in talking.The first one took the stall next to mine, the other one the first one, and the third one the stall where the brothers were.My second log was coming out when one of them said: look, there is a boy here. IT WAS IN A LOW VOICE. One of them started peeing and the others followed her. Then i heard one of them going to wash her hands and said to the others "Are you going for a #2?" Both of them said yes. I kept pushin my next load. I heard the older one strained and the younger one asked to me: "What are you doing?" I said pooping.She said "me too." I felt my next log was going to be hard so i pushed and strained.From the stall of the older girl i heard many plops. And from the stall of the younger one i heard nothing. The older girl wiped and flushed. She washed her hands and left. Then i pushed even more and my hard log came out. The girl said:"why did you strain?" I said because it was hard to poop. I pushed one small and soft log more. i wiped and she said she was pooping small but soft turds. Then she asked me that if i could give her tp.I said sure and i gave it to her.Then i left.

This story is short: an hour ago i went to the bathroom and pooped very small logs. I felt a large one coming so i thought i could poop standing up. The log was coming out slowly. When it fall down i wiped and went to watch a movie.
I will post something about a dream i had in the next post.Bye.

here's an experience i had this weekend.
i've never been diagnosed as lactose-intolerant and i don't really think that I am. the problem i have is that sometimes when i eat a lot of a certain dairy product over a day or two, i get a bloated, achy belly and will have soft poop or diarrhea for about a day. this happens most often with cheese, because i love cheese and when i walk by the fridge, i usually grab a slice or two or a handful of shredded cheese. all day on saturday i was really craving shredded cheese and by saturday evening i had eaten almost three-fourths of a bag throughout the day. my roommate, who i don't know very well (we're in college; we didn't know each other before this year), ordered a pizza and asked if i wanted to share it with her. not thinking about all i had already eaten, i said sure. one thing i have noticed about my roommate is that though she isn't fat at all, she eats an awful lot, but i had never heard her complain of a ???? ache or anything. she had ordered a large pizza and breadsticks. i ate only two pieces and two breadsticks before it dawned on me that i had had a lot of cheese already that day and would probably get a ???? ache from it. my roommate ate at least four or five slices of pizza and quite a few breadsticks. by the time i went to bed, my belly had already started to complain and was rumbling very loudly. i woke up a few hours later because i was hearing noise coming from the bathroom. my roommate was evidently having a difficult poop, as i could hear her groaning very quietly. i wanted to just go back to sleep, but my poor belly was grumbling again and aching badly. my bowels began to feel full, and i sat up to find my belly was bloated out, a sign i was going to need the toilet very soon. after ten minutes or so my ???? ache could no longer be ignored, and i got up and went into the bathroom. i guess my roommate figured i wouldn't be up, as she had left the door open. she was sitting on the toilet clutching her belly, looking very uncomfortable. i asked if she was okay. "it's my stomach, it hurts so bad and i can't go to the bathroom," she said. i asked if she would mind getting up for a few minutes so that i could use the toilet, and by this time i was clutching my belly as well and she said go ahead. i had to poop right away, and didn't worry about closing the door. i leaned back and pushed a little on my belly and had a few waves of diarrhea and cramps. when i was finished i felt better though still a little bloated. when i went back into the other room, my roommate was laying on her bed, still holding her belly. she asked if i had had a stomach ache too and i said yes and she asked if i knew anything that would help hers. i asked how long it had been since she had pooped and she said about a week, and that once when she was in middle school she had gone that long without pooping and her mom had rubbed her stomach until she was able to. i asked if she wanted me to rub her belly and she said yes, and so i gently massaged her lower belly for about fifteen minutes until she finally said she thought she could use the toilet. she hurried into the bathroom and as i got into bed i heard her groaning and then the plop of what i figure was a good-sized poop. i fell asleep pretty quickly and didn't see her again until the morning. she thanked me and said that her ???? felt much better and asked if mine did. i said yes even though i was still bloated and a little gassy from all the cheese i'd eaten. i ended up having another wave of diarrhea that afternoon. my belly is feeling back to normal now, and i think i'll be holding off on the cheese for a while.

desperate to poop
Hi all,

I went to a great firework display this weekend. It was at a big castle and they made a day of it by allowing you around the grounds and a providing a funfair. It was a great display. We started the day with food and had a big burger and jacket potato and lots of Baked Beans!

I'd been out for a feat the night before and combined with this lot it sure made me need to poop later on. I was at the fairground and although there seemed to be quite a lot of portable facilities the queues were long. A soon as I felt an incling I went and joined the queue. I eneded up in a queue of ten so it was lucky I didn't need to go straight away otherwise I'd have been in trouble. As I was standing in the queue the girl in front of me parped quite an audible fart. She apologised and said the beans did it. I said don't worry I've been doing the same. There were only three cucibles in the portable facility so I felt sure we would delay the line, after all I was also on my period and that made me feel crampier to.

I watched the line a bit and noticed a few people dancing a little or shifting back annd forwards. After about fifteen minutes I made it inside and there were 2 in front of me including the girl. Most of the people were wearing good walking boots and all 3 cucibles were showing ladies in walking boots. I heard one stall fart loudly and then a groan as she let loose with a wet load. The other two seemed just to be peeing and just then one of them left allowing the other girl to go in. I was second in line and getting quite desperate. I had to hold my cr*tch a bit and keep one hand on my bum. The other girl was also shifting nervously. The ladie shitting was still going and didn't seem close to finishing. Then the other girl was able to go in and shortly after so did I. I quickly yanked my cargo pants down and sat. No sooner had I done that than I unleashed a mountain of poo. After that I peed which was also a bit menstrual. All 3 of the cucibles were now shitting up a storm and im sure the others waiting couldn't have been impressed. after about five minutes the girl on the end left and another girl quickly took her place sighed loadly and started peeing like a racehorse. I finally finished after about ten minutes and left at the same time as the girl next to me. We had both kicked up a stink with our shitting. I had to go back again later, but i'll leave that till next time.

I posted earlier about having a poo at a swim meet. Well swimming season is over now, so i have some time to finally relax and get some quality shitting time in. I really love to go to the local library, grab a great book and sit on the toilet slowly letting everything out in its own time. Now this can take a good hour most of the time. Today i felt a little knock downstairs and i needed a good relaxing poo so i headed for the library. When i got there i grabbed a travel book and headed for the bathroom. Now usually i take the middle stall because there are three and that way i can hear everything better. So i entered the middle stall and setteled in for a relaxing poo poo. I was reading about the Caribbean and waiting for some poo to start falling when i head the opening of the door and the pitter patter of childrens feet. Two twin sisters entered the large handicapped stall next to mine and did not even notice i was in the bathroom. They were maybe 7 years old. One of them said "you go first i have to make poopie" then the other said me two but it wont take long. So the first took to toilet and peed a little and then the two girls started talking about school and what they wanted to get their mom for her birthday. Then suddenly there was a booming fart from the one on the toilet and the talking stopped. They both sat in silence and then the girl on the toilet began letting out little grunts kinda like UN UN UN UN. then about 3 little splashes were heard and the one waiting asked if she was done and the other said no not yet the she let out a sigh and they began chatting again and every so often the one on the pot let out a grunt like UUUGGGGGHHH really loud and a huge plop was heard. After about 10 of these she got up wiped and flushed. The next girl took the toilet and said she had had to go all day at school but waited. As soon as her bottom plunked on the seat mush of wet farts started and she began to cry the other girl tried to comfort her but finally gave up and went to get their mommy. The girls mom came in and took off her coat and went in the stall to help the girl. Her mom took off her clothes and shoes and began rubbing her ???? while piles of wet poo poured out. After a while the mom asked if she was done and the girl said yeah and the mom wiped her up and got her dressed. Then the mother said "now girls mommy has to take a big poopie can you wait in the story area for me" and the girls said yes. they left and the mother quickly took off her pants and plopped on the toilet. She peed quickly and the exhaled in relief. She grunted 3 times and then loud crackeling was heard. A log plopped into the toilet and she moaned in relief. Then she farted loudly three times and then a loud barrage of plops began. She finally finished up turned around wiped got dressed and left quickly.

Mysterious Man
Maria: Try what Mel D and Ash D do, lube your butt with sope, then push for all you worth.

See you all later!

Maria if I were you I would try just a plain water enema...just get water up into your rectum and that should loosen things up enough to where they start to come out.

I have to wear disposable underwear sometimes (diapers--Serenity briefs), but I'm a senior in college and almost 26! I've had anxiety problems and I suffer from IBS. I go from being extremely constipated to having explosive diarrhea---often in my pants---hence, disposable underwear/diapers. My friend and I were going to class last week. My friend and I drove into the parking garage and my only thought was getting to a bathroom. My stomach and intestines were making gurgling noises and I knew I was about to go. Going up and around, level after level, the urge worsened. I clinched tightly to avoid shooting diarrhea into my pants. We got out of the car,and I picked my stuff up out of the back seat. As soon as I shut the door, it happened!!! I started filling my pants!!!!! My friend was looking at me and asked is I were alright. I said I feel sick, I need to go home. I was still pooping--(luckily I was wearing the diaper). I wonder if she kenw I was messing myself. I think so because of the series of loud, wet farts. Finally she went on!!! I had to quickly go home and change because I was a mess! IBS is a pain!

Johnny B. Goode

What a lucky guy Rich is! To have a girl who holds her poo for as long as possible so it can be a huge log for him to see. I thought your story about sending him photos and videos in the middle of the day was a riot - I dont know if I could continue to work after that, though, BTW - the whole scenario of you and your friend Kate is super hot, too! I think I can safely say that there are many guys [and a few ladies, too] on this board who would love all of the details of your escapades. Especially of your massive turds, where you made them, who was with you, etc. Can you tell us what you look like too? You really sound like a fun gal.

Johnny B.

Mr. Clogs
Hi, let me introduce myself, I'll go by Mr. Clogs because people make fun of me because it takes my BM a long time to kick in. I been lurking around this site for about a year checking out the new and old posts. Bear with me, this is my first time posting and I would like to share a interesting daring outdoor peeing experience. Yesterday, I got out of work on time, my boss dropped me off at my bus stop. I was waiting for my bus to catch to go home and needed to pee. After talking to two girls who needed to know which bus to take to get to the transfer station. So I waited until the coast is clear before I do my daring outdoor experience. So I walked behind some tall bushes to hid behind from the public view, I unbutton my coat a little bit, undid my belt and zipper and pull down the fly to let it out. It felt so good and liberating, and I felt the weight lifted from my bladder. I zipped back up button up my coat and proceeded to wait for the bus. I'm just curious, does anyone keep a container by their bedside to pee into or other uses for these containers at night? To Brenda, great story about measuring your contents of your bladder on the chamber pot, what kind of chamber pot do you use, and finally are you same Brenda who posted a long time ago about keeping a large vase by your night stand to use for that purpose? I check as often as I can, and try to post more bathroom stories. Take care, keep the peeing and pooping in strange places and things coming!

Suzanne (and others):
It still amazes me how you reached that point of confidence with your guy to come to ideas such as sending photos/videos of your toilet sessions. As I already told I could get to the point that i can watch my girlfriend on the toilet but still it seems that it's only me who is into it, that's why i really have to wonder that both of you find it exciting, especially if this always was like that. Or did one of you find out about that fascination later? Concerning sending photos or so, did you come up with it or did he ask you to do so?
Well, thanks for sharing if you want to, it is not always easy to deal with a fascination that I consider nothing bad but which of I'd guess 95% of the population doesn't think the same.

Greetings to everyone!

Maria. The condition you describe - being able to pass wind but nothing else - is unpleasant. However it's fairly common and a perfectly normal occurence. So long as it doesn't last longer than a week or so there's no real cause for concern. It should sort itself out naturally within a few days and hopefully by the time you read this your bowels will have returned to normal. Eating healthy stuff, getting plenty to drink and having some brisk exercise should help to rectify matters.

Suzanne. Thanks for your reply. I agree that going once every three days is fine so long as that's normal for you and it doesn't cause you any unnecessary discomfort. Everyone's different and no two people are alike when it comes to how often they need to go. I'd resist any pressure from Rich to go more often if it's not natural or comfortable for you. Hope you had a good poo on Saturday and enjoyed it. The downside of going on Saturday for you though would be that you'd not be ready for another come Sunday lunchtime which I imagine is a time you really like to go if you can. From what I read yoyu were 'cooking your veg' on Saturday morning when you last posted. What's the longest time you've been able to do that and hang on?

I'm a little bit bunged up at present and my motions are tending to be rather firm but the stuff I got from the Chemist seems to have eased the soreness problem a great deal.

Best wishes to everyone

Dwayne X
Jimmy 10 eyes: Man, I'm sorry my post brought back bad memories. It's a damn shame that the nurse did a half-assed job wiping your ass.

What you ought to do is find out if she still works at the hospital, find out her full name, take some dog shit, put it in a box, and mail it to her for Valentine's Day!

There's nothing sweeter than revenge on a lazy employee.

One of my most memorable experiences with having an accident was when i was in my 30s. I am male, and I used to work in the city and on occasion would drive in. On this particular day, i had my car, and was on my way home but did not take the customary piss before it left. I didn't feel an urge at that moment so it never crossed my mind that i would wind up stuck in traffic on the way home. As i approached the tunnel entrance, traffic was crawling and i was starting to fill up. Ordinarily guys can usually find a way to relieve ourselves very easily roadside, but of course, since the tunnel approach is well watched and policed, i figured i'd better wait til i got to the other side. As traffic crawled, i finally made it INTO the tunnel, thats when it stopped completely! Now i didn't know what to do..i was getting pretty desperate, and i had no bottles or containers to pee into. I could not get out and pee next to my car since i was right next to a bus full of commuters on their way home. I had a roll of paper towels in the back seat, so ...when the urge got really bad, i put some towels down inside my briefs in case i had to leak. i was stuck 45 minutes without moving one foot of distance, at that point i made the decision to let out some pee...just to relieve the pressure. As soon as i let it go, i found out that the paper towels weren't going to hold back the wetness. I pissed my briefs and my jeans, i sat on the roll of towels to catch what could leak onto the seat. When i got home, i barely made it in the door, when another wave of urgency hit..and i just sat on the toilet and finished pissing in my pants!....I can tell you this much, as embarrassing as it might felt good to finally let go and not have to worry about being seen!.


I feel sorry for you. Since it'll be at least a week since you last pooped by the time you read this, it's probably going to be after the fact, but for future reference:

Do you actually have the urge to go? If not, then try eating some fiber-rich foods (salads, fruits, bran, oatmeal, etc.). Those would definitely get things moving. If you limit yourself to eating things with lots of fiber in them, then you won't be loading your colon with blockage. Note that this is only for when you're constipated; you can eat normally after you let this out. I've heard that Metamucil and Phillips aren't too harsh in terms of stimulating bowel movements.

If you do actually have the urge, and it's just that nothing comes out, you could try lubricant or an enema. While the former of the two is less invasive, the latter is more effective [not speaking from experience, but I'm sure you could read through the back posts and see this. Punk Rock Girl probably has a few things to say on the matter as well ;-)]. I've read that Fleet enemas are probably a good choice for people who've never had one.

Anyway, I hope you feel better, as a week without going for a #2 is unfathomable to me, and undoubtably you'll feel much lighter after all that garbage is released from your system. While you're going, you could also get a trusted friend to rub your stomach for you to help relax you as you ease everything out.

IP Daily, Dog Face Gremlin:

Where do you find chicks like this? The only time that I knew a girl like that, I blew my chance because I was trying to suppress the part of me that was into watching girls do their thing. And the girl was definitely really into having me watch her; I can't count the number of times she "accidentally" left the door open when I was at her house. But she was very respectful of the state of mind I was in, and never would push me to stay with her (if I was in the bathroom for any reason, and she came in to use it, I'd leave). Unfortunately, once I realized I was a huge bonehead, I'd gone to college, and we went our separate ways. Now, it'd be one step away from bliss if I ever got a girl to let me sit by her while she squeezed out some lumps.

Oh well, those are the breaks!


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

New here. I haven't pooped since Tuesday morning, and I'm feeling very full and have a massive stomach ache. I was able to pass some gas earlier, which relieved a little of the pressure in my aching stomach. I spent almost thirty minutes on the toilet, pushing very hard trying to poop and pressing on my belly but nothing but gas would come out. My stomach hurts very much. Is there a way to relieve this without taking a laxative? I have only used laxatives once before but it gave me stomach cramps which I don't want to have again.

Hey guys, I'm Will 5'10 black hair dark brown eyes...pretty built too i guess lol :P ..and..asian! ..and um not "stick" thin! (most people think all asian look like bruce lee -_____-" )

i like your story LINDA! um in australia too in melbourne... i didn't know girls a able to do this kinda thing! BMs and accident... i always c girl as a "fine" really preserve..... ! but hey..nothing wrong with accidents and stuff! ..i actually even like reading bout it :P

i dun usually get constipated that much... but i normally poop about 2-3 time a day... being very "hyper-active" and pretty damn fast metabolism...i usually eat lotsa food at a time and afterward i just got straight to da i got a straight through pipe in me! i really do enjoy the feelings though! when after u poop! new here...and um a bit shy to say much soooooo....a bit of motivation from u guy would be kinda nice!


Last week, I hosted a dinner party and drank a lot of wine and water during dinner. My bladder became very full, but I held it until everyone left. I was curious of my capacity. I got out my stopwatch and my antique chamberpot quickly as I neared loss of control. I emptied my bladder and the feeling was wonderful. I peed 760 ml in 29 seconds. What a gushing relief. A different time, I remember staying in a cabin in the woods while in college, embarassed to pee outside in front of my new boyfriend I held it like 12 hours. Eventually I gave in and he gave me a 1 liter bicycling water bottle to use indoors in a closet. I went 890 ml that time. It was almost as embarassing that he saw the translucent container was nearly full. I don't want to go that bad ever again.

Louise or other women, have you done similar measurements?

my name is kristin and i'm 19. i hold my pee in a lot, mainly because i hate using public restrooms. usually i don't have much trouble, because i have a fairly large bladder, but holding it through all my classes isn't always easy. today i had a lot to drink at lunch so by my last class i was feeling really full. the waist of my jeans was pressing right on my bladder, and making me have to go even worse. i made it through class but i ended up letting a few dribbles of pee out in my panties on the way back to my dorm. it didn't soak through to my jeans, but the crotch of my white panties were stained yellow.

i recently found out that my mom doesn't use public restrooms for bowel movements either. we were at the mall shopping last weekend and she asked if i was almost done. i was so we started walking out and she mentioned that if she needed to get home to use the toilet immediately. she was walking different than normally and on the way home she was biting her lip and at one point said 'oooo, i have to go so bad. it's keeps poking out.' at that point i knew she was talking about her poop.

what's up. I saw the movie without a padle. And in the woods they met these two girls that lived in a tree, and one of the dudes had to poop so the girls said they used bags. Then these redneck hunters came after them and the girls start throwing all these bags of poop, it was obviously theirs because the guys didn't stay too long.

Peehead(Girl)-Interesting, I hope I don't ever have to shake your hand.

Dylan- I don't know who poops bigger men or women. But I'm sure women fart bigger, because most hold it in and let it build up untill they're by themselves.

Roger- I don't think it has to do with being bigger or skinnier, its how much you eat and what, but since larger women usually eat more, it might be true.

Upset Stomach during Cross Country Practice
One time, at cross country practice (running), I started getting an upset stomach. I thought i was jus hungry or something so I jus ran. I had about 5 kilometers to run, and i was only done about 2, when I noticed I really had to crap =S I tried to hold it but about half a kilometer away from the school, I crapped my sweats. It was disgusting!

Kelly, what did you do to clean up? or did you just pull up your panties when you were done?

Does anyone have any stories about people in wheelchairs or other disabilities having to go to the bathroom?

Hi again. This is my second time to post here, my other story is on page 1238. Since that experiance on page 1238 that I talked about, I have been wearing Goodnites to places where a bathroom is not around. It makes life so much more easy to not have to worry about getting to a bathroom, for example on a long road trip.
A few weekends ago though, my freinds and I went on a camping/ whitewater rafting trip.

Hi again. This is my second time posting here, my other story is on page 1238. Since the experiance I talked about on 1238, I have another story. A few weekends ago four of my friends and I went on a camping/whitewater rafting trip. We went just as a group to have a fun experiance fairly close to home. Our school got a four day weekend and we took advantage of the time. The company we were going through to take this trip sent us a package of information after we singed up and payed to go. The info said everything we needed to bring and wear. We had to wear swimsuits and bring a change of clothes and the rest was up to use to decide what to bring. The company supplyed the rest of the important gear. On the morning my friends and I were leaving to head to the rafting tour center, we made sure we had everything and left. In about an hour we got to the main centre of the raft trip. We went in and met up with the four other people that would join us on our raft. The rafting instructors took us all into a room and told us what the trip was all about. They told us all we needed to know and do. The reason for my writing this starts here. One of the instructors told us we would be wearing wetsuits, what they call splash jackets, and a neoprene life vest with helmets and all. After the breifing we were led into the changing rooms were the gear was there for us to change into. We picket out our size of wetsuit compaired with our clothing size, everything else matched the size of the wetsuit. Then we all went into our stall and changed. I took of my clothes down to my swimsuit and started to put on the wetsuit. It was harder than heck to get it on. Eventually I got the thing on and everything else followed including rubbery socks called wetsocks and rubber shoe like boots. When I finished putting it all on I met up with the rest of the group. These wetsuit and all the gear had me sweating like mad. Everything was loaded onto a bus and we were taken to the place were we would get on the raft. On the bus, one of the instructors got up and told us that there was one more detail to remember. He said if we had to go to the bathroom, we simply went in all of the gear and it would rinse out eventually. Also with number two he said that if we had to do it while rafting or not at the camp site at the end of the day. We would just have to go into our swimsuits under the wetsuits and clean up later. So within an hour we were loaded on the rafts with all the equipment and were off down the river. We were having a great time. Very wet though. A little later we stopped on the bank and the intructor said this was a bathroom brake. So we got off and went down into the river. This was strange being able to pee ourselves because we were suposed to. Well I went into the water about ankle deep and let my pee flow. It felt warm in the wetsuit as the urine traveled through my swimsuit into the wetsuit down my legs into the river. The problem was that I had to poop to and we couldn't get undressed out there to go. My friend Amber looked at me and said she was also going to have to poop before we can go again tonight at the camp. She said that the instructors told us to just go and rince later. So we did. the wetsuit was so tight that it was hard to get going. So Amber and I pushed and eventually the poop squashed all over the isides of our swimsuits. It was descusting and we would have to sit in it for the rest of the day. We peed once more a while later and went throught the poop. It was so discusting. It coused some rash sitting in our wast all day, but it was worth it for the trip. When we arrived at the camp site later that evening we set up our tents and went in. Amber and I shared a tent. We both decided to take off our wetsuits and all which we were instructed to do and rinse them out in the river. We got them off and our bikinis were absolutly descusting past words. My poop had squashed everywere in my bikini, even to the top and side rims, and frontwords as well. Fortunatly the tightness of the wetsuit kept it in our bikinis. It was dark out and Amber and I went to the river to clean up. Other were down there to but the darkness hid the sights. It was a strange experiance, and I peed also again before I began to clean. We all had an experiance of a liftime for sure, but enjoyed the trip. This same thing went on the rest of the trip. So I hope the rental wetsuits are cleaned very well.

Rizzo, thank you so much for the kind comments about receiving a bouquet from you. Maybe I already have! Which city do you live in/near/see opera or symphonic music in (if you feel like sharing?)

I tried to think of the worst I've had to go without losing it and there's still no clear winner - there's so many times! Many of which I have already posted here at different times.
So, my story will be something else... continuing with my theme of unorthodox places that I've peed.

I left you all with the story of the tire swing. Next are two stories of using a pot (like the kind for toddlers who are toddler training.) When I was growing up, for a while we had a house full of people and only one toilet in a family of many kids. To avoid wet pants or fights over the bathroom, my mom placed pots in a few strategic places. We had a kind of rec room for the kids where we kept all our toys, etc. and there was one there so that if one of us did what kids typically do and ignored a desperate urge until the last second only to find ourselves unable to make it to the toilet, or the toilet occupied, we could have an emergency pee in the pot. Our bath was separate from the toilet, so there was also a pot in there, and there was one in my youngest sister's room as her room was really a tiny storage closet off my brother's room and he didn't like her disturbing him at night or in the morning walking through his room to the bathroom.
By the time I was about 7 years old, I thought myself too old and too proud to openly use those pots and rarely did. However, there was one time a couple of days after Christmas when I was in the kids' rec room by myself playing with my new toys. I'd got a dollhouse that I really wanted, and was so excited about it that I'd run from bed in the morning to play with it without peeing.
After a while, kneeling on the floor in front of my dollhouse, I became aware that I really had to pee, but I ignored it. A bit later, I had to slip one foot under my nightgown and press my bladder into it in order to hold it. Some time passed and I was rocking and swaying in that position while playing. Then my hand made it down there along with the heel. Finally, after a couple of hours, I realized that the pee was about to pop out of me. I jumped up to run to the bathroom and right away a trickle of pee threatened to leave my body. I clamped my hand into my crotch and squeezed my legs around it, which usually bought me a couple of minutes, but this time it did nothing to lessen the urge. I realized that I was about to wet my pants and if I left this room, it could happen in front of my family. Looking around wildly, I saw the pot. Thank God! I ran to it, ripped off my panties and sat down, forgetting to worry about one of my siblings coming in and seeing me. As the pee started, I had the presence of mind to pull my nightgown down, somewhat hiding the pot so that a casual observer might think I was just squatting on the floor. My stream was ferocious, hissing and spraying in a way I hadn't really noticed before, and seemed to last an extra long time (of course, it was a desperate morning pee held a couple extra hours.) When I got off the pot, it was brim-full (and it wasn't exactly a tiny pot.) I needed to sit and just feel the incredible relief before I pondered what to do with it. Then, I got distracted again by the dollhouse and before I knew it, my mom came in to check on me. She saw the full pot almost right away and asked me if I had used it. I had no choice but to admit it. She said, "Diva, that's a lot of pee. You're a big girl now. Big girls can't pee in a pot, you have to use the toilet now." She had to move it very carefully because it was so full. I was embarassed and I think that was when I developed in earnest my aversion to people knowing I had to pee - somehow the message became that big girls didn't have to go at inconvenient times.

I only ever used a pot one time about a year after that when I was 8 with disastrous consequences. My family went to Europe to visit our Portuguese relatives, and we went to do some other travelling as well and stayed in some youth hostels as we were a big family on little money and they were cheap no-frills places to stay. Some were so no-frills that the only toilets were in outhouses quite a walk from the sleeping dorms. My mom was prepared and had an adult-sized type pot to be used at night rather than walk alone in the dark. I scorned that and made sure I snuck a pee right before bed and found a way to the outhouse first thing in the morning.
However, one morning I woke up needing to pee worse than usual. I was still sleepy and drifted back to sleep before I could address that urge. When I woke again, I REALLY had to go, but all my family were around and I was embarassed to jump out of bed and run to the outhouse in front of them, though it was a perfectly natural thing to do. So I decided to hold it until some of them left. I was unobserved and thought to be still sleeping, and so was able to hold my crotch tightly under the blankets, cross my legs over the hand and wriggle around now and then. I even quietly took a spare pillow and squeezed it between my thighs. There was only so much all of that could help. I could still feel the strain of my bladder full with a night of pee. Again, I finally got to the point where I knew I couldn't make the trek to the outhouse without wetting my pants and couldn't stay in bed any more without soaking the sheets. I took the only other option, though highly embarassed about it. I jumped out of bed and seated myself on the pot and began to pee. I had done this so quickly and quietly that I hoped no one would notice until I was done. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the relief. Suddenly I heard my mom screaming my name. I looked down and I had peed so much that the pot was overflowing under me and pee was forming a dark pool around the pot on the wooden floor. My mom was yelling "STOP!" as if I could! I helplessly sat there and peed and peed for I'm sure a few minutes as my family frantically mopped the floor around me. I was humiliated and my butt and nightgown were getting wet. After I finally finished, my mom told me that I couldn't use the pot any more and everyone kept remarking at how shocked they were that a tiny girl like me could pee so much. The kids teased me all day and made me cry.
That was my last time using one of my mom's pots and, I was determined, the last time any of them knew anything about my bladder. So began years of holding it at any price - and peeing in creative places.

Jimmy Ten Eyes
Dwayne: Reading your description of your schoolmate's dirty drawers brought back an unpleasant memory for me. Like the last one I posted, this incident occurred several years ago, when I was in the hospital recovering from a spinal cord injury.

When I was first hospitalized, I could do almost nothing for myself, and I was so carefully tended by the nurses, including my "bowel program," I thought they must all be saints. Dealing with poop and pee, cleaning the dirty bottoms of adult patients who -- believe me -- aren't always attractive folks, is probably a worse job than most of ours. And yet, they did it with care, compassion, and good humor. I can't say enough good things about them.

Later, though, when I was transferred to the rehabilitation hospital, the routine changed. Although I still got a daily dose of laxatives, including a suppository, the bedpan was a thing of the past. Instead, I was helped out of my bed every evening after dinner and allowed to sit on a "commode" -- a piece of furniture that amounts to an adult-size potty chair. The duty nurse would then leave me there until I rang for her, then she'd clean me up and it was back into bed for the night. No worries.

As I got better, though, I could use a wheelchair to get around, and spent my day in continuous sessions of therapy (physical, occupational, recreational), relearning to walk and use all of my limbs as the feeling in them returned. One major milestone in my rehab occurred when I was told I no longer had to use the commode/potty chair, and I could revert to a more normal schedule. In the morning, before breakfast, I would be helped to the restroom and onto a real toilet. I still couldn't wipe myself, so I had to call the morning-shift floor nurse to come and help me. Since not that many patients ever did as well as I did, the morning-shift nurse wasn't used to that sort of thing, and I was urged to try to take care of it myself, and then she would help me back into my wheelchair, and help me get dressed for the day.

The evening of the first day of that routine, I was getting undressed (during the day, rehab patients wore sweats and tennis shoes). When I wiggled out of my underpants, I was horrified to see not only huge skid marks, but several small pieces of dried feces stuck in the cotton crotch. I realized that for most of the day I must have exuded a certain "air" (poop perfume) everywhere I went. I could hardly have felt more humiliated.

The next morning, the same nurse again told me to take care of my wiping needs myself. I gave it a shot, and then asked her if she would look to see if I was clean. She took a quick look, said I was okay, and that was that. That night, however, was a rerun of the previous one, with the same shitty drawers. In fact, the same thing happened every time I had that same morning nurse. On weekends, though, when a different nures helped me, she or he would simply take care of the clean-up/wiping for me. Funny, but when I had a different helper and she would wipe me, I felt I was getting away with something. I thought I wasn't *supposed* to get any help, and that struggling to wipe my own ass was part of my therapy. As I figured out much later, though, I simply wasn't well enough yet to do it, and it was only the one nurse who perhaps didn't like that part of her job, or perhaps felt I wasn't working hard enough and that she needed to teach me a lesson.

As I sit here writing this, I can't imagine ever letting someone (who, after all was being *paid* to help me) push me around like that. But in the situation I was in at the time, I was totally dependent on others -- both physically and psychologically -- and I think when you're badly hurt, the trauma can affect your personality and emotions as well as your physical body. At any rate, I never once complained. I just took it until, after a couple more weeks, I finally had enough feeling back in my hands to be able to hold onto the toilet paper and drag it across my butt. I tended to wind up with dirty hands, but that was easy to take care of.

In retrospect, I really wish that after that first night I would have just shit in my bed and let the morning nurse deal with *that*. If there's a moral here, I guess it's that poop and pee play can be lots of fun and/or a path to a sort of loving intimacy, but only if all of the players are willing and in on the game.

Dwayne X
Does anyone have any massive turd or bowl clogging experiences they can post that are extremely funny?

Dog Face Gremlin
To I.P. Daily,

I can relate to your situation. My ex-girlfriend Betty was not shy about farting, most of hers were silent but smelled horrible. They would linger for up to 4 minutes as she was consistently constipated. My new girl Anna has long loud farts but usually with very little smell. Betty used to even fart in front of platonic male friends, and both Betty and Anna are totally comfortable taking a poop while I watch. I am lucky to have had 2 open-minded girlfriends.

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