Hey Everyone! Meghan the 20 year old hottie here. First for Sally, I feel for you for pooping your thong. That happened to me in the post I made a couple of weeks ago but luckilly I can still wear the thong under my jeans when I clean the house. Another embarassing moment happened to me on Halloween night. I sometimes get startled by sounds easily and when I do I usually poop or pee my panties. When I got home from work I changed into some comfortable sweats. My parents went out to visit some friends and since I was too old to go trick or treating I decided to stay in and give candy to the visitors that were brave enough to come by. It was a very warm but windy night. Anyways, I left the lights on and kept one of the two front doors open. I was laying down feeling a bit tired when the broken doorbell I told my parents to replace months ago rang startling me. "Ding buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzDung" and a splat of soft poop made a visible stain in the bottom of my sweats. I jumped from the couch and hurried to the door and I forgot the bowl of candy was on the stairs so I ran up a couple of stairs and bent down to get the candy. I opened the door and after the kids said trick or treat one of them told me that I pooped my pants. The nerve of that kid! the other one said eeeew!. I closed both doors and avoided the ringing doorbell for about 15 minutes til I fully cleaned my butt and pants. My parents got a kick out of my embarassment and finally will replace our doorbell this week.

lindsey -- i once had an accident in my cheerleading outfit. I wasn't feeling to great, but we were cheerleading at this important game so i went anyways. Anyway, i was the "star person" and i did a lot of stuff that would make peoples look at me. well, halfway through diarrhea exploded out of my butt and everybody could see. it was sooo humiliating!

Daniel (Danny)
I have a question:

1) Who can hold a #2 longer? Women or men?

In my school most of the times 3 or 4 boys ask pemission to go to the restroom and they take like 10 minutes, but the girls go in groups of 4 during recess and they take Hours in the bathroom.

One time, When i was at Robert's house, we were playing and i got the sudden urge to poop. I went to the bathroom but Santiago( Brother of Robert who is 8 years old) Was using it. I thought i could hold it and i went to play football. I closed the garden door and began to play. AFTER 15 minutes we both had to go to the bathroom. I said: Robert i have to go #2 . He said the same and we tried to enter the house but the door was locked. I remembered that there was a basket and we could use it. We both sat and pulled our shorts to our knees and i started pushing. Robert grunted and i heard three logs coming out one after the other. I pooped 3 soft logs. I asked Robert: Are you done? He said no and began pushing more logs. I started pushing again and then Santiago came and said : Are you pooping. We said yeas. After 15 minutes we both were done and asked Santiago if he could bring the toilet paper. He said yes and brought it. I wiped and we kept playing.

I don't know how to describe myself. basically i'm a 17 year old girl, with "the curves" that make boys look at me. I'm smart, and i'm actually quite pretty. lol. anyways, i've had a couple expieriences.

Today i was on the public bus with some friends, and I had to pee so badly! Anyways, so at some point my friend says something very funny, and I started laughing, and accidentally squirted a lot of urine into my pants. I quickly told my friends that I felt like I was going ot puke, and ran off the bus. I couldn't make it into a store and ended up finishing peeing in my pants, but at least my friends didn't see me.

Once I was driving back from a friend's house. She lives four hours away from me, and I left like an hour late so I really wanted to get home ASAP, 'cause i hate driving in the dark when i'm alone in the car. lol. anyways, about thirty minutes into the car ride, I realized that i should have pooped at her house, because i really needed to go! I held it because i didn't want to stop at a place, and kept driving. So, two hours later I needed to go so badly! I kept farting, and I knew i was in major trouble, only i was stuck in awful trafic, thirty miles away from the nearest gas station!!! About twenty miles away I could not hold it anymore, and I knew i had really liquidy poop. not diarrhea, but liquidy poop with chunks in it. I knew i couldn't hold it any longer, and traffic wasn't moving! Somehow I managed to find a plastic bag and take my pants off. I left my undies on though, because i didn't want the poop to get on the car. the second my pants were off i exploded!! It overflowed my undies, and was disgusting. i just sat there in my soiled undies until i got home.

Jesse (male)
Just thought id share with you what happened to me a year ago in 7th grade The day before I got some laxitives at the store because I had trubble taking a shit.Then when I went home I took a pill. I thought the laxitive would have took effect within 2 hours but it did not. So I thought it would never work. The next day at school after lunch I felt dizzy and it felt like I was going to throw up. So I asked my teacher to go to the nurse. So i went to the nurse's office and I had to wait my turn. I sat in the waiting room and wondered what caused this. So I was still waiting and I went to the bathroom in the nurses office and I thought I had to piss {Pissing usually makes me feel better}But I felt shit coming out my ass so I quickly sat down on the toilet seat and watery shit came out of my ass I farted alot while the watery shit came out of my ass. I was hoping no one would of herd the farts i left. Then when the watery shit was done coming out my ass I felt relived. when i used the cheap ass toilet paper that the school provided it got stuck up my ass so it stayed liked that till I got home. As soon as I opened the door of the bathroom it really smelled.

C in FLA
Since there has been a couple of hospital stories lately, I'll add mine. Its mainly about peeing, for the ladies that have been requesting.

I had driven myself to the Emergency Room at 8AM with severe abdominal pain. Since I was too stupid to ask a neighbor to drive me, or call 911, I staggered through the doors of the ER doubled over in pain and totally drenched in sweat. That got me immedately into the critical patient section, where they removed my shirt but not my pants, gave me four (!) hits of morphine, and started three--yes, three--IV fluid drips, repeatedly stabbing both my arms, wrists and hands before they could find good veins.

After about four hours, the docs were sure my problem wasn't cardiac, but gastric; the nurse came to tell me I was going for a nuclear scan of my gall bladder. It was about then that I realized that the morphine had wore off, and the IVs had worked really well, so I asked her to take me to the bathroom. She said she would give me a urinal, which she did, and promptly left the room. But I didn't need privacy, I needed help! Do they really think I can unzip it and whip it while lying down completely flat, with tubes in both hands?

Somehow I managed to reach inside my zipper and get the head sticking out of my jockey shorts. But how do I aim it into the urinal? The bed was too flat, and I was too wasted, to turn onto my side without help. I finally manage to whip it out enough to bend it slightly to go in the urinal. Just as I manage an agonizingly slow trickle, the nurse comes back and asks if I am OK! Before I can say HELP, I look down to see my hands covered in blood, from my manouvering around with all those IVs.
Like an idiot, I put the urinal aside while the nurse washes my arms.
I had not even drained 100ml from my streched-out bladder, and before it occurs to me to tell the nurse to take off my pants, clean the blood off my unit, and put the urinal back there, here comes transport to take me to radiology.

Now for those of you who don't know about nuclear scans: they draw a couple vials of blood, mix it with a radioactive isotope, and reinject it into you; then they can monitor the blood flow to the organ in question. For example, a diabetic can have a scan of his pancreas taken in about 1/2 hour; but for me, the decided that I would stay in the scanner for several hours to confirm my gall bladder wasn't working, even though they already knew that my bile ducts were clogged with stones and sediment and a lifetime of fast food. Well, what was I going to do? I was already uncomfortable in so many ways, just add desperate to pee to the list! To add insult to injury, the a--hole docs in radiology discussed over and over what they were going to order for dinner, as I (and other patients I'm sure) laid there with stomachs in knots and bladders near rupturing.

After close to three hours, the doc helps me out of the scanner machine (which seemed to be built for people under 5'1" and 110 lbs) and says that I will come back for a follow-up scan later, but I will wait in the ER until then. Whatever you say, as long as the Urinal Lady will be there! But NO! I am wheeled to an alcove in the hallway, where I lay abandoned for more than two hours, alone to contemplate my lack of relief. At one point the doc comes out and says he called transport twice on my behalf, but noone who comes has my name on their list. I just glared at him while thinking, get you act together soon, or you'll be standing in a big yellow puddle. Finally he just says, lets do the follow up scan now. Back in the machine I go, to lie perfectly still and contemplate the prospect of relief that seemingly may never come.

After about a hour, Dr. Helpful pulls me out of the machine again, where I behold a miracle: a transport guy with a gurney to take me back to the ER. When I get there, Urinal Lady is extatic: What happened? Are you OK? After offering a brief vulgarity about the people from transport, I say the magic words: BATHROOM! PLEEEEEASE! She laughs and says if I think I can walk, I can go myself. I hop off the gurney, get all the IVs tangled up, remove the bags from the pole with my right hand, then realize that even though my pants are still on, my belt has disappeared, so I have to hold up my pants with my left hand.

I find my way to the bathroom and let go of my pants, which immediately drop to the floor. I realize for safety's sake because of the IVs I should do this sitting down, but I just pull down my blood-stained jockey shorts to the floor, turn towards the bowl, and without using my hands I let my stream burst forth. It hits the bowl dead center, making the loudest pee splashing I have ever heard, and I just tilt my head back and sigh, hoping that the sound is echoing up and down the hall, letting the whole world share in my relief.

I am normall a very qick pee-er; I drink two or three huge glasses of water while watching TV in bed, so my morning pee is easily 500ml, but I usually gush it out in only 20 seconds or so. That this absolutely orgasmic rush of a piss took over a minute and a half meant I had nearly 2 liters of fluid stored up over the course of 10 hours of IV infusion.

But did I really do the right thing? Even though I obviously drew some kind of strange comfort from concentrating on holding my pee all that time, and finally being able to go was the highlight of my stay, would I have be better off just pissing over the side of the gurney when they abandoned me in the hallway? Sometimes I wonder why I didn't give that option more serious consideration. Has anyone else faced a similar dilemma? What would you do?

Dustydream-Yeah, I like to check out the underwear that my stall neighbor is wearing. Yesterday I was in a public restroom that had one of those paper dispensers that sits in between the two stalls (in a hole in the wall). It was in bad shape and I saw that the 2 guys that came in were both wearing white briefs.

Wow, i just had the expierience of seeing two sightings in one day, and hearing one thing!

1) So, i was at the grocery store and there was this really really pretty girl there. i'm not a lesbian or anything, but she was extremely pretty--the kind of girl that my guy-friends would fight over. So, she was squirming a lot as i got my eggs and she her milk. She is probably 16 (i'm 17), and i know her by sight because she goes to my school. anyways suddenly she comes up to me and asks "do you know where the ladies room is?" i said "yeah, down that way." she says "THANKS!!" and starts running for it. i follow her, curious. she gets to the bathroom, and it is out of service. she says really loudly "SHIT!!" and sees me and says, "Do you know what it feels like when you have been having the runs all day, and you go out to the store and need to go but can't go to the bathroom there?" i said something like "yeah." she says something about goibng home asap, and runs out of the store (litterally runs). I see her suddenly half way down the street suddenly pull down her pants and show her exposed ass. MOUNTAINS of diarrhea come out of it. it was funny.

2) so i was walking in the park, and there was this girl sitting on a bench. i didn't realize it imediatly, but her skirt was pulled up a bit, and she was peeing between the bars on the bench!!

3) i was at dinnner and i needed to pee so i went into the bathroom at the restraunt i was at. So i hear a person come in, desperately close the stall door, i see her feet come in, and hear her quickly pull down her pants. Then i hear what sounds like a ton of pee! Only then i realized it! it was diarrhea!

i was just constipated, but when i finally pooped it was diarrhea. i was at home doing homework, and suddenly i got the urge to shit. i hadn't pooped in the last week and a half, so i instantly went to the toilet. I strained a little bit, and pure liquid started pouring out of my ass. i couldn't get it to stop! It went on for like half an hour, and i felt wonderful after. but why was it diarrhea?

Only once, but once i pooped myself in my sleep. I have no recolection of anything, but i woke up and there was shit all over my bed. i cleaned it up before my parents found out, luckily.

the other day i was feeling "naughty" and decided to see how long i could hold my pee so that i would be forced to pee somewhere that wasn't in a toilet beecause i was soooo desperate. I had 14 glasses of water, a bottle of diet coke, two cups of OJ, and some other stuff. on my way back from school i was so desperate to pee that I had to sit down on the curb, pull up my skirt, and descretely piss there.

my bf and i are very open about bowel habits. it all started because one day I was so desperate to poop that i was crying in pain. I ended having to pull over and squat on the road and have diarrhea. it was terrible and humiliating, but since hten we've been really open. the other day i had to piss terribly, and my bf told me to just have an accident and it would be okay, so i did. it felt so good because i was crying in pain.

Once my bf had to pee so badly that he was pinching his dick, and then started crying because he needed to shit diarrhea and his stomach felt gross. I pulled over the car and he started peeing and having diarrhea and throwing up, but it was kind of cute.

once when i was little i needed to pee during music, and i couldn't hold it, and peed on the floor.

once last year during history i needed to pee so badly that i was holding myself. my teacher wouldn't let me use the bathroom though! i had to sit through 45 minutes writhing in pain, and i ran to the bathroom. there was a line and i was late for class so i went to english, and my teacher wouldn't let me go there either! finally i got fed up, and ran out of the class. i pissed myself anyway, but whatever.

once i had diarrhea at barns and nobles. i was looking at books and farted and suddenly diarrhea was coming out of me. my friend told everybody, an i was so embarrassed!

Saturday aftenrnoon we went to see a local exhibition of modern painting and architecture in a near town…we were me and hubby, and my sister in low with her familiy and her sister.
Nothing especial happened, except that when I went to take my sister in law in the parking, her younger daughter needed a pee, I told her that there weren't toilets there ( I know well the building, cause I've been there for work)) so she made the 10 years girl pee behind her car…
The painting and scultures were nothing special, and it was quite a long tour to see all. My ssis. In law went away early with her family, 'cause she have guest for dinner.. Her sister, was really interested in the event, so they asked if we could take her home, and we agreed. I know her not so much, she isn't much nice, but she is very funny and knows a lot of jokes and funny anecdotes.
We finished near closing time and it was quite late, so we decide to hurry home to have dinner, invitning her to eat with us, she agreed…
We went out from the rear exit that are closest to the parking, and it happened a thing that I wasn't focused at the moment, in fact the woman asked if we can make a quick break to the bathrrom…
I know that the bathroom where on the opposite side of the building (and probably they were closing like the entire exibithion), but I wanted to put a bit of liveliness to the boring afternnon, so I told her that probably they were downstairs and that I was coming too. Hubby knew instinctively that something funny could happen, and he said that he followed us csude he needed to pee-pee.
We went into the underground floor, were there are some storage rooms, most of them were closed.
I indicated a bigger door (indicating parking and lift) saying that the bathroom was inside there. Obviously it was a closed one, and the lady told if we could get there by another way. I told her I didn't know and probably they closed because it was 8 pm. Than added that it was a problem 'cause I needed "of a toilet". Hubby said that he had to pee too, and I replied that it was not a problem for him, as he can do it "everywhere"..Fortunately the women said smiling that instead we better find a toilet, and I hadded "or a suitable place to pee". She smiled a bit embrassed. We tried the next ramp of stirs but again we found only closed door and some old storage room. I said smiling " we can use on of these room, maybe", the woman said that it would be better to find a bathroom anyway. I replied it was better, but I had to pee and there isn't bathroom there. Hubby broken the ice and said " do you mind if I go here, while you decide or look for a toilet", I replied "Of course, we don't mind" (speaking for both of us), he went to a corner (quite lighted) and peed on the wall and on the cement floor, I liked to hear that sound,. The woman didn't seem to disapprove, intead probably the pee sound made her need it worse. I took the opportunity, and indicating a small empty storage room behind the staircase, I asked her "what about if we go there instead?"..she seemed a little perplexed and hesitating, and answered "I prefer a toilet, but.."and followed me.
I went in a corner and lowered my jeans and underwear than half squatted and peed noisily on the cement floor, a quick piss and a medium puddle..I wiped and got dressed than offered her a tissue, she said "thanks" and went near to where I peed. She squatted very low, and peed much more than me, I didn't see well her pee stream, but I noticed she had a medium-hairy bush. Hubby was in the next room pretending to use the cell phone (instead he watched both of us peeing as he rold me later)..
She said that she rarely peed out of a toilet, but I hadde it was "an emergency" and she agreed..
Later we had a nice dinner with all my family..




I love diarrhea-stories. They realy turn me on and my pussy becomes wet by thinking of stinky and watery BMs. So I hope, I will read a lot of them here in the next time.

Here is mine:

Last week I visited my boyfriend. As he opend the door he didn't look very well, meaning white in his face and some kind of ill. He said hello to me and explaind that he had to go back to the toilet imediatelly because he doesn't feel well and had worked hard for the whole day to keep his food inside. He placed me on the couch and swiched on the TV "so that I wouldn't have to hear the awfull noises". Then he hurried back to the bathroom. Surely I turned down the volume of the TV when he had closed the door, as I liked to hear the noises.
I heard him taking place on the toilet and not a second later I heard a loud fart-noise, like "pfrrrrhhhhpfrrrrhhhh" and then liquid shit splashed into the bowl. My boyfriend grunted and a cold feeling ran down my back and I began to feel wet between my legs. There was silence for abaout 20 seconds before I heard some realy bad wet farts followed by another amount of explosive diarrheas. Then I heard him take the TP and wipe himself. I was totally turned on now and a bit of disappointed that everything was done so fast. I heard him flush and open the door of the bathroom …. and then shut it again at the next second. He rushed to sit on the toilet and for the third time a lot of loose stuff came out of him. I heard him groan as the next wave of watery shit and gas forced its way out and I was realy pleased about this bonus-presentation, even though I felt a bit sorry for him. When he came out a little later I could smell the massive odour of his diarrheas, it filled the whole room! My boyfriend looked realy exhausted and even paler than before. He sat down on the couch and said "Sorry, I must have catched the stomach-flue. I better had canceled our date!" What a luck he didn`t!!!

Michael explosive diarrhea
My dad takes a shit about every day after work.He farts a ton and pushes out 2 2o inchers and on a normal day I see him push out 3.One time I saw him in the toilet and when He lifted his cheek off the toilet to wipe I saw a ton of shit. THere was a log that was down in the water and curled around the entire toilet 3 times,it was amazing. I saw My cousin is 13 and I saw him take a dump once.He said listen and He farted and he pushed out 3 turds and I heard them slither out of his ass.One time he ate a whole pie of pizza that was 18 inches and when He got he ran to the bathroom.He had explosive diarrhea and it stunk very badly.

Hi again!
Whats up?
I've watched the trailer of "Harold & Kumar" I love that little scene of the battle shits... How long is that scene in the movie? And are there any other movies where u can hear and see some girls pooping so explicit?

So on to my story
A few days ago I arrived at work an didnt feel good at all.
One hour later, I gotta go poop. But no, we are too busy, and my next break is three hours away. Work exploded in a frenzy of shouting and yelling and what not (the usual) and my attention was split between my bowels and my employees. Had to skip my second break, going on 6 hours without relief. As soon as my shift ended, I escaped and headed for home. Sitting in the car hurt, I had to go so bad. Finally I get home, and almost run to the toilet. Will I make it, or will I have an accident? As my pants passed my thighs, the gas began to escape, slowly at first, then in a blast. A small prisoner was free first, then more gas, then a watery splash! WHOO what a relief, I moaned real long hmmmmmmmm.
See ya soon,

Sunday was Halloween.(By the way I am in the 7th gread). Katie and I were trick or treating togather. All of a suden I had a relly bad cramp. I told her and she juist said I hope you don't have to poop we don't want a repeat of 3ed gread. It eased and we finished that reod. Walking by The elamentrays head start teachers houes I new I had to poop and soon. so I walked up and rang the boor bell.She came out and said I hope you don't want more candy I said no and that I needed to use the bathroom. she said ok. ween I came out Katie was laefing.I know she will make fun of me for this.

heloo again,
my computer was down and i coudn`t post for a while but im back now with another story. i had taken my 3 little sisters to the zoo along with there friends and after about an hour i felt the need to pee. i can can hold my pee for a long time but figured i should go anyway. after i had finished and got to the sink to wash my hands i noticed there was shit in the sink. someone had oviously had diarrhea and, seeing how all of the stalls were occupied, proceeded to have the runs in the sink.

later when i went to find my sisters, the youngest one, who is 2, said she needed to use the bathroom. i just wanted to post this story because i think that it`s amazing that a young girl of her age is potty trainined. that`s it for now. see ya

Interesting stories.
Anyone else had an accident while farting? I did yesterday at uni.

I was just about to leave for the day and was powering down my PC when I got a sudden urge to let out a fart. I lifted up my left cheek and began to release the pressure when I felt a turd rush to opening of the sphincter. I promptly nipped my buttocks, but it was too late, half of it was already through. Anyway, i thought since half was out, I might as well ease out the other half, which I did.
I was wearing a brand new pair of tight white 2(x)ist briefs too, they were pretty dirty by the time I got home I can tell you! Still, that's one of the advantages of wearing tight underwear, it keeps everything in place.

Linda from Australia again : )

This morning after I had eaten breakfast, I did a wee and a dump in the toilet. About half an hour later, I did another wee and a second dump. Both dumps were not very interesting - the turds were small and skinny. I went to work and didn't feel the need to do a poo (I usually get the urge to go during the day but today I didn't) at all. When I got home from work, I had a shower and then sat on the toilet. I did a wee first and although I didn't feel the need to do a poo, I relaxed to see what my anus would do. After a few minutes, I could feel a solid turd moving towards my hole. It felt rock hard and I had to push a bit to get it out. After I squeezed this turd out, I could feel another one coming so I pushed again. The second turd was harder to squeeze out than the first and it felt wider aswell. I managed to get the turd out and after this, a few more solid turds came out. Then I could feel another turd sitting in my anus but no matter how hard I pushed it wouldn't budge. I gave up after about 10 minutes, wiped my butt and pulled up my pants. It was about 6.30pm.

I ate dinner, watched some tv and at about 8.30pm, started feeling the urge to do another poop. I waited until almost 9pm. I went into the toilet and pulled down my pants. I sat down and pushed as hard as I could. The left over turd from earlier came out easily, along with several smaller, hard pebbles. I wiped my butt and while there was no poo on the tp, there was some blood. My arse was burning after this but it felt so good to get that last turd out. Its still burning a bit now.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Hop you'd like my posts, friends
I'm glad to see more postings about pee now!
I really liked some stories like brenda squatting on the drain with her mother covering her.mel peeing aginst the car is good too and the male repost are funy..
I'm courios for nancy experiences with the neighborgs too
Please keep on posting!!

Hi all!

I just wanna share what I saw this week.
I'm working in a hotel and we had a group of tourists last week. As there isn't too much place to go in the city in this time of the year, they decided drinking in the hotel.
As time went by, some of the groupmembers got really drunk. All of a sudden one woman cried "Someone help me to go to the loo!!" Everyone thought it was a joke and noone moved immediatelly. That was a mistake, she started peeing in the armchair she was sitting. She started laughing and so did her friends in the group.
At last her roomate helped her to the room, and the next day she had to pay a pretty good sum for the extra cleaning. She was laughing and paid, and said it happened her before already, but she was too lazy wearing diapers last night. I was a bit surprised, that she told this to foreign people. She simply didn't care.

Just thought that I'd share a bad experience I had today. I tried to take a shit before going to work this morning, but nothing would come out except some loud farts.

I then took a shower and went to work. My ???? felt gloated all day and I felt some cramps after lunch. I wanted to use the toilets at work to take a dump, but it was monthly reporting time and I had to help my boss with some presentations, so didn't have the chance.

On my way home, there was quite a bit of action in my belly. I was caught in the traffic on the freeway and couldn't exactly take a dump by the edge of the highway! I finally made it home, fumbled with the door keys and raced up stairs to the toilet. But it was too late. I couldn't hold it any longer and some shit had already stained my white thong and my suit skirt. If had worn normal panties, my skirt would've have been OK, but a thong really doesn't hold too much leakage - either piss, shit or tampon overflow!!

Boy, was I releived to finally sit on that toilet seat. Within 10 seconds, the toilet bowl was full of stinky brown logs. I just emptied my bowels completely......I felt so good. I then let out a golden stream of piss for what seemed like ages.

I then had to scrub the toilet bowl to get all of the shit stains off.

Now, I have to go and wash that thong and get my skirt dry cleaned!! Moral of the story....Don't wear thongs (especially white) unless you have taken a good dump in the mornings.

Do any other girls have stories about accidents when wearing tiny thongs?

Thanks for all the stories and advice, guys. you are right, there are several different ways to approach this. I am not sure how he would feel about watching me take a shit, and I don't know if I could do it in front of him. I am so self-concious about that sort of thing. If I thought he was into it it might be easier. He has asked to watch me pee before though. but of course that really isn't the same. I don't want to gross him out. The other two options is to just flat out ask him, or casually walk in on him, but he locks the door, and I think he might be pissed off if I bugged him while he was shitting. I am sure he thinks I think it is gross, because I have made comments to that effect when he talks about shitting. That was mostly for show, though. Secretly I love it when he talks about it. He will sit there and fart right next to me and doesn't seem embarassed about that at all. To him it's like burping. The only other thing I can think of is wait until we are both really drunk (we both drink alot) and ask him then. Then if he freaks out about it hopefully he won't remember the next day. I just don't want him to think I am weird. it is very nice to know there are other girls who get turned on watching their boyfriends.

One time during school i had diarrea but everytime i went into a bathroom, there was someone in there. At the end of the day I had missed my bus and I couldn't wait anymore. I went to the bathroom and went. As soon as i walked out of the stall feeling much better my teacher walked into the smelly bathroom.

I just wanted to let everybody know that I did not post the other story under my post, somebody else did. lol...i am NOT 13...thank god I'm older than that, because I hated being 13 because of puberty and all.

To the person who did post that post: My room mate has a stomach bug, and I'm praying that I won't get it, but my stomach feels really crappy so I bet I will get it. Anyway, so the night before last I woke up to hear my room mate leaning over the side of her bed and barfing very loudly on the floor. I ask her if she is okay and says no, she feels awful, and then we start cleaning up the vomit. Suddenly she says "oh dammit!" and diarrhea starts comming out of her ass. She asked me to get her adult diapers, so she's spent all of yesterday and today in adult diapers with a bucket by her side.

I just took a really really really long piss. Because of what happened last night and the night before last I haven't wanted to go to the bathroom. I was at "full" mode because i drank a lot really soon, but so for two days I was holding it. I woke up this morning needint to pee soooo badly I thought i wasn't going to make it to the bathroom, which would have really been embarrassing to pee for like 10 minutes on the floor. not that my room mate would have said anything, given she's been having constant diarrhea and puking the last two days. But anyways I staggered to the bathroom, and started peeing. It sounded like somebody had turned on the sink full blast. I timed myself for the interest of you guys, and I got 10 minutes before drizzling, and five after that until complete stop. I was really afraid that a friend would hear me, but i hope nobody did!

Oh my god, i'm feeling really nautious now. I truely think i'm going to throw up because I just had that "i'm going to throw up" feeling. I'm going to go kneel by the toilet and pray that i don't have diarrhea as well, but i think i do because my bowels are feeling disgusting and bubbly. I'll keep you guys posted!

In first grade my gym teacher would not let me use the pot. I thought I could hold the poop without a problem. Minutes later I felt a bad need to let out a fart. When I let it out the poop was slowly coming out. I thought to myself that I would be nice to get it out. I held it in until we got back to the classroom. I could hold it much longer so I decide to let it rip. The poop was hard and took me 5 minutes to do. Unfortunately somebody found out that I went poo in my pants so I had to go home

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