Hey everyone,

I can't believe they have a site like this, but I enjoy reading everyone's posts....and then I figured out how to post myself. So I might as well share a story or two that I have.

One time when I was in 7th grade I had to pee really badly. It was a few periods removed from lunch and I had had a lot to drink, but I didn't think about having to use the bathroom. I should have.

I asked my teacher if I could go and he told me I was a big girl I could wait...and I thought I could too since there was only like 25 minutes left in class.

As the time went on...I had to go worse and worse...and I was squirming and using our stool (we had stools in science class) press down on my vagina since I didn't want to hold myself in front of the class. The urges would come and go, but when they came they were stronger and stronger.

At one point, I could almost feel the sensation in my palms and they were sweating....I had to go to so badly it wasn't even funny. I asked again, and he said I could wait 10 minutes and I told him I didn't think I could. He still wouldn't let me go. I just took deep breaths and counted the minutes. I could make it.

I was squirming a lot by now and I my breathing was irregular. I could feel little bits squirt out now and then, but for the most part my underware was dry. Finally the bell rang which made me feel better, but I had to go and catch the bus...and I had to go get my books first

So I ran as fast I could because moving really fast made my problem smaller....I got on the bus and sat down. I was usually the first stop and I just had to make it. I was moving constantly so I started holding myself and I didn't care who saw me...that's how badly I had to go...I never felt more relieved when the bus pulled out from the parking lot.

In 5 minues we were at my stop...and I started walking to my house which was like 1/2 mile from where the bus dropped me off. I was thinking I could make it home, but as soon as the bus pulled away...I just had to go sooo badly that I didn't think I could make it home and it was hurting pretty badly.

I decided just to relieve myself and let it out. I know it would make a mess, but I was literally dying. I went behind a tree and just relaxed....I started peeing full force and in 3 minutes it was all over...I felt A LOT better, and I didn't even mind being all wet....I just sighed with relief as I walked home.

When I got home, my mom and brother were there and I didn't want them to see me so I quietly crept into the house and my mom called out to me, but she didn't see I was safe. I ran unstairs and changed my clothes real fast and then got a shower.

I made sure to always go the bathroom after lunch.

I guess the most important thing is to make your boyfriend feel that it's a natural thing, nothing gross, nothing bad and that you are open about it.
It worked like this with my last girlfriend and it does with my actual one. I just offered her to give her a massage and told her that i would really like to be with her. At the beginning it seemed weird to her but then she also admitted that it has some very intimate feeling for her. She herself does not seem so much interested in it, but now i guess it's fine for her if i am with her and chat or have her relax some way.
I even told her that - no clue why, which is the truth - i find it sexy to see her on the throne and obviously she found nothing weird about it. i guess she let's me have the pleasure now. once she even allowed me to apply some cream on her butthole to make things work easier. felt really really nice, i have to admit ;-)
to sum it up, if you feel that the other person is not totally grossed out by everything concerning the topic, just try to be open and explain that if you want to see him/be with him, it is some curiosity, desire, nature sent you and weird or not, you cannot erase it. if he loves you he will not declare you insane i'd say.

older guy
To the person asking about a colonoscopy.
Several months ago I underwent a colonoscopy. First of all your doctor will subscribe a high enema using a solution that you will buy at the local drug store. You do it the night before in order to clean yourself out for the procedure. Mine was not the full colonoscopy, just about the first half. If they are going to do the whole thing they may put you to sleep which is the best way to go. If they do only part way up then they won't put you to sleep. First you lay on your left side facing a tv monitor. They stick this tube up your butt and at the same time blow air into your colon to dialate it. I think that the air is the most uncomfortable part because you feel like you have this enormous amount of gas which may that you want to expel. That is the part that hurts, but it too will pass. Don't worry about it, it will come out and the doctor is used to it. Because you've cleaned yourself out it won't smell. It is really worth it and you will finally know if there is a problem and then they can tell you what they want to do to fix it.
I wish you lots of luck. Please let us know how things went.

I'm seeing more and more urinals on TV and in print. I saw a magazine ad that showed a dude and a little boy peeing in urinals. It was an ad for a standing wheelchair that allows the user to stand. It said: "Go where you want to go." Then I saw a newspaper ad for a clothing store featuring two chicks pretending to pee in urinals side by side. It said: "If you have to go, go here!" In many movies and TV shows, there are scenes filmed in bathrooms with urinals and people peeing in them. There are at least two websites devoted to pictures of urinals, and, secondarily, toilets. I think some of this is due to women's fascination with the things. I know that when I was dedicating my work day to cleaning school bathrooms, many girls wanted to peek into the boys bathrooms. The second thought that would pop into their heads would be: How can we use the things, too? A while back I wrote about teaching my girlfriend to use one, and it was hilarious.

older guy
My Hospital experience a while back.
Back in 1988 I thought that I had pulled a muscle in my back. I was in so much pain that I could not even bend over. I went to the doctor for treatment but it seemed to get worse so he said that I should be treated in the hospital. During this time I was taking percoset for the pain and a antispasmodic. It was a staff infection and I was finally diagnosed as diabetic. Needless to say I was also getting constipated and it was harder and harder to poop. I would get cramps but still could not go. When I finally got in the hospital I asked for an enema but they said that I would go sooner or later. Great I thought, just what I need, cramps when I least expect it. Of course it would happen while I was being wheeled to the cat scan or somewhere else. I wanted to go so bad but held it for fear I would let go in the waiting room or somewhere else just as embarrassing.
When they finally wheeled me to my room I asked for a bed pan which they propped me up upon. I was too weak to do it my self. It was one of those new plastic ones which are as uncomfortable as all get out. Any way there I sit pushing for all I was worth and only a tiny poop would come out. They rolled me off the pan, wiped me and let me rest.
You can't believe how much you think about taking a good shit as you cramp up every so often and want to desperately to let it out. Now I know how a woman feels when she is in labor. I really don't know how long this went on. Perhaps several days or longer.
They would help me out of bed trailing two IVs to the toilet where I would grunt and groan and only a tiny bit of poop would come out. When the nurse wasn't looking I even poked my finger up there hoping to stimulate myself and get something going to no avail.
I think by the third or fourth day I finally got to go. It was a nice long one and boy did it feel good. Yes they do look to see how much you did, what color it was and then praise you for doing a good one. I think they were relieved that I didn't poop all over the place, but that was about to change.
To keep things going they gave me prune juice. Not a good move on their part. They would deliver breakfast and a big glass of prune juice and instructed me to call when I had to go. Wouldn't you know I did and when I called for help to go to the bathroom they were busy and I had to wait. Well when mom nature calls and the poop starts toward the poop shute it isn't going to wait for a nurse. No Sir. I tried to hold it but it wanted out in the worst way. Out it came. I messed the bed. I guess it was a good one because when they came in they promptly got me out of bed and into the bathroom to clean me up. They got me back into a chair and proceeded to strip the bed and completely remake it. It was a pretty good pile because I heard them talking about it.
The prune juice didn't stop though, but when I called the next time they sure came running. I don't remember much about the rest of the hospital stay but I'll never forget having to poop. You do hear some good poop stories from the nurses. Makes you wonder though if they may be into it too. I guess it goes with the territory.
I'm glad I never mentioned about any interest in poop. They would have thought I was some kind of pervert. Then again?

Dirty Dragon
I've been a "lurker" here, off and on, for a while. I never intended to ever post anything. I HAD to comment on Sally's last post. Not so much her responce to Gothgirl, but her "in my case" story following. I had a good LOL at your "price for the free show"!

I suppoose I'll HAVE to post a story now I've broken my ice. In time. I've got a few good ones. I just need time to "Work up the balls" and how to word some of them.

Untill then, happy wenting to all. Happy Hallowe'en as well.

Hi everyone, Bill (Mary Ann's friend) here again. You may remember my story from a couple weeks ago when Mary Ann let me watch her take a dump in a hotel room in Virginia. Well anyway, yesterday Mary Ann and I were spending the day together and she brought up the subject of me liking watching her poop that day, and she suggested that she would like to watch me as well. I said "I'd be glad to give you a show. Unfortunately, I don't have to go right now." So after dinner tonight, I could feel an urge coming on. After we got to my place, I was really "prairie dogging" and told Mary Ann that if she wanted to watch, now was the time. She followed me into the bathroom, and I stripped down naked. I got into the shower stall and squatted down with her standing behind me in the door of the stall. No sooner had I squatted and the turd automatically began to come out. It was a fat turd, probably about 2" across, and because it was so fat it came out an inch, then I had to push. I usually am a quiet pooper but when I pushed I grunted. The turd slipped out, crackling as the last couple inches came out, then landed with a light thud on the tiles. I usually only do one turd per pooping session and this one was no different. I stood up and looked down to see a foot long, smooth turd laying there. Mary Ann was sure looking excited. I used toilet paper to pick the turd up and place it in the toilet. I peed on top of it in the bowl then turned on the water to wash the floor of the shower stall. Mary Ann folded up some toilet paper and said "Can I take care of the paperwork?" so I knelt on the toilet seat backwards and let her wipe my ass. The turd was sticky so it took about six wipes including two with moistened toilet paper before she had my tush clean. I told her that next time it was gonna be her turn and she said she would make sure to eat lots of fiber and come prepared. Then we enjoyed the rest of Halloween night, and I might add we didn't answer the doorbell to hand out any candy. Till next time.

GOTHGIRL, I really enjoyed your post. I would love to see my gf poop and clean up her mess. I'm going to take your advice and let her see me pee and poop-then she may get the courage. Please tell us more about your poop-the size of the logs, the texture, etc.

Do larger women, like those that weigh 180-225lbs take bigger or more frequent poops than thin women? Do large women produce really long thick turds? Thanks for any info on this matter.

Hi I am a cheerleader for my school and I have a good story to tell. Last week my squad went to a championship to performe our show. Everything went realy well until we got back. We got back to the school at 10:00 at night and our parents were told to get there to pick us up at midnight. That was a mistake on the schools part and we could do nothing about it. The school was locked and we didn't have cell phones, due to the school not alowing us to have them. The bus left and it was just us and our coach in the parking lot. Our coach went over to her car and we went and sat on the curb of the parking lot. All we could do was sit and wait for our parents. After about 15 minuets Erica leaned over and told me she really had to poop and would have to pee soon. I did as well. There was no place to go and we still had an hour and 45 minuets to go at least until our parents got there. All of us were wearing our cheerleading unifrorms without the skirts on under our nylon warm up suits. It was still so hot and hummid out at 10:15 that my plasticy kind of warm up suit was sticking to my body because I was sweating so much. The heat didn't help our having to poop so badly. We peed before we came home so we didn't have to do that so badly, but could do it easily. Erica said that maybe if we fart we can let off some presure. So we got up and walked around the corner of the school so we could let out our gas in privacy. When we got over there, Erica said she was going to go ahead and fart. She let a very loud one and said she felt a little better. I do not like farting to much in my cheer underwear because the uniforms are owned by the school, and I would not like returning stained cheer underwear to them. I did find that since the underwear was green the stains were not so noticable, but if they were, I just washed them with a hight powered stain remover. So I just stood there and let it rip. It felt strange in my tight cheer underwear. I felt some wet particals of poop come out, but I just figured I would wash the the underwear well. Erica and I went back over and sat down on the curb, but we still had to go. Then I thought about what to do, and the only thing possible ran through my head. I told Erica that I had a few of those super huged overnight maxi pads in my purse and that maybe we could put them on and go in them. She agreed. So we took them and went over to the same place we did our farting, and went behind the tall bushes to put the pads on. Along with Erica, I pulled down my sweat soaked warm up pants just far enough to put the pad in. I then pulled down the cheer underwear and found that I had stained them worse than I thought. That didn't seam to matter much at this point and I put the pad over the stains and pushed it down to the underwear. Erica and I were both wearing the pads now and she asked me if she should go pee or poop first. We were kind of wondering if the pads would hold everything, but it would be better than going directly into the cheer underwear. So she let out another fart and said she would pee first. We got down in the dark corner of the bushes and building and Erica said she was now peeing. Her pad absorbed it all and then she said I should go, so I started to let a squart out. It felt strange, the pads were very tight because of the tight underwear. I let out the rest of my pee and it felt so good. The pad was soaked but didn't leak. Then I farted and started to let go of my load. The first bit came out kind of wet, then I pushed the rest out and was done. I was so releaved. Erica did the same. The feel was unplesant on the outside, but the pain on the inside was gone. We stood up to make sure we didn't leak, and we didn't, and went over to the curb and sat down again. The load in my maxi pad pushed forword but didn't come out into my underwear. We were now releaved and eventually go picked up. I got home and spent the next half hour cleaning up. My entire cheer uniform and warm up suit was so soaked with sweat that I could probably squeze a drip out. A discusting evening but interesting.


No I've never had the procedure though being in the medical field I am familiar with it. It is not fun but it needn't be something to be scared of. Since your doctor is sending you to someone else, likely a specialist, it will probably be done by someone with plenty of experience. It goes best for the doctor if he or she does all possible to make it easy on you. It will be uncomfortable but if you can stay relaxed it shouldn't be painful. The techniques taught in natural childbirth classes are great for colonoscopy. Stay relaxed, breath deep and evenly, and concentrate on something else. Maybe take a book that is enjoyable to read, not a textbook. A colonoscopy won't tell you anything about your IBS, but it will rule out possible problems far worse than IBS. Let us know how it goes.
I've had IBS for years and the symptoms you describe are a lot like what I experience. From this I suspect what you have is just IBS. It is far from fun, but at least it isn't a disease that eats your intestinal tract over the years. I hope medications work for you. For me they either do nothing or make me very constipated. I'd rather be loose than constipated. Loose I risk soiled shorts and embarrassment, severe constipation has resulted in physical damage done before the blockage was cleared. Too bad I can't point you to a couple of good IBS websites. You can find them with a web search. Toss all the ones trying to sell some miracle cure and scan the rest. The ones I find best are not medical sites, but rather support groups of those with IBS. The best have some medical people who have IBS, this makes a huge difference. If you have trouble finding good ones let me know, I'll try to figure out some hints that the moderator will allow that will point you to some good ones.
For me the best way to control IBS is by eating right. It has taken a while to figure out what foods are OK, which are a problem, and those, like tomatoes, that may or may not be a problem depending on how calm or upset my gut is at the time. My insides also seem to prefer consistency. I love shrimp, where I'm living on the central Gulf Coast (US) I buy it off the boats during the shrimping season. The first time in the season I eat it it goes right through me, by the end of the first week it is no longer a problem. Other foods affect me the same way.
You mentioned allergies. My allergies are mostly sinus related, however inflamed sinuses mean mucus that gets swallowed and the same things that set off my sinuses then sets off my bowels. You might keep a daily log of what you eat, how your allergies are, stress level, and how your insides did. Looking back at this info will probably show patterns and allow you to make adjustments and see if they work.
When you wrote about your first doctor visit and your computer networking book I almost wrote then. For me it was ten years ago and my medical classes. The stress of difficult college courses can make IBS hell. From what you have written I can't help but wonder if your IBS was latent until the stress of your schooling brought it out. Changes in bowel habits were not uncommon among my classmates and probably there were more that I never knew about. It is also noticeably worse during mid-terms and finals. From what you have written it appears that accidents haven't been a problem for you. If so it is a major blessing, the fear of crapping your pants at school can really spike the stress level.
IBS sucks but you learn to live with it. I've found that those who don't have it can't really understand, not even those who try, though they are a lot better than the ones tell you it is all in your head and that you don't really have a physical problem. Find someone, preferably someone with IBS, who you can talk with when the IBS gets overwhelming. Because we tend to not talk to others about IBS connecting with fellow sufferers doesn't happen often, but when it does nothing is better than a fellow sufferer to commiserate with.
Relax about the colonoscopy, its soon over and then you'll have the relief of knowing you've got a syndrome rather than a continually worsening disease.


This is a funny reported pee episode….
A dear friend at work reported it, and surely it is true.
She told me about when she visit a closing discount of an old big store, a sort of "brick a brack", where you can find the oddest strange things for home..
It was a sort of large warehouse in a 2 floors old industrial shed. She was telling me about the confusion inside and the crowd of people that came for the big sale…
She said that the whole structure had to be rebuilt, and the conditions were fatiscent. Talking about that she mentioned the toilets, she said there where only 2 single toilets, one was the ladies,on the ground floor, while the men where on the first floor…
She said she had a funny episode getting in the toilets. She found a much shorter queue to the ladies that she thought with such a crowd. she hurried inside the bathroom and had a funny sighting: she got in and found a college girl, with her jeans to the knee and her bum naked placed against the rim of the trash can. It was obvious she was peeing, and the sound confirmed it. It was very funny she said because the paper bin, was quite tall and with a litter box shape so that wasn't so easy to squat over it…The girl have a friend beside her and was very embarrassed to got caught, they almost together said "sorry lady, but the stall is blocked!, and it was an emergency"… At first she only thought that the door was locked and she couldn't wait, but after waiting about a minute (the girl was done meanwhile) she knocked at the door and thought someone was locked inside, than, hearing nothing, she got it it was locked, but no one inside….trying to move the handle at least she noticed a quite small piece of brown tape on the door, and over it was written with a red felt tip "out of order"…
The girls who still were inside, probably the second girl had to pee too, but she felt embarrassed to do it in presence of my friend, told her that they said it was "blocked, not simply locked"…they told it was a pity a such crowded store had only a ladies and not working too…The girl, who was a polite shool girl, despite the fact she was caught peeing in such a unconventional way, explained that they need a wee badly, and they couldn't wait for the long line at the men downstairs….
The girls made her notice the soaked wet area in the corner after the stall door, to explaint that some other ladies "used" that bathroom (peeing on the floor in that corner) despit it was out of order….
Than the girl added if she could wait out a moment out of the entrance and keep the main door closed for them, cause her friend "needed to go very badly too" (she was going to pee in the paper bin probably). My friend said ok, and the girl who need to pee, told her that they could switch the favour and keep the door locked form outside if she needed to "use the bathroom" anyway….she replied "No , thanks, I can wait still, I think I 'd pay a visit to the men later":…
I asked her if she peed in that bathroom later (I'm always curios about these things, and she knows it), she told me not, she waited about 15 minutes in line for the only working men toilet, which has a line of both sexes waiting. And when she got in she found the only stall disgusting, all wet everywhere and with an old dirty squatting "hole in the ground" toilet…she said it was so disgusting that she used it only because she needed it badly then…I added, "maybe" you'd better go before in the "Ladies", like the girls…she smiled and told me "maybe you are right….."
Obviously if I was there I would have used the bin or the floor in the "Out of order" ladies toilet, instead of waiting so long for such a messy toilet….



I was in the ladies toilets at work yesterday. The cubicle walls and doors don't go all the way down, so you can take a peak at the shoes and tell who is sitting on the toilet.

Well, I went into take a pee. I ripped some TP and gave the board a nice wipe and sat down to take a pee. I could tell from the shoes in the next cubicle that the boss' personal assistant was sitting there. I could also smell her Chanel perfume.

She then let out some noisy farts and started to take a dump. Quite a bit of plopping action as the turds fell into the bowl and some crackling sounds as the shit came out of her ass.

I was sitting on the toilet next door completely mesmorised....

I then wiped my pussy, pulled up my skirt and flushed. Even though I was finished, I didn't want to leave. I wanted to hear her wipe her ass. The smell in the toilet was quite bad now. I just stood outside her cubicle pretending to adjust my skirt. From what I could hear,she wiped her ass about 5 times and flushed and came out. I was just washing my hands and she said hello and washed her hands.

She is the most beautiful girl in the office, tall, blonde hair and perfect figure. I wonder if the illusion would be smashed if the guys in the office who drool over her listened in on her taking a big nasty dump.

My friend, Mary and I were at the theme park There was this one really cool coaster that we wanted to ride, but the lines were extremely long, and we kept bypassing it and going on other rides. But, every time we returned, the lines were still as long as ever, Finally we decided to just get in line and wait. After nearly an hour, we were near the front, and I also needed a toilet badly. My guts were complaining that my bowels needed emptying, and I really needed to pee. I was just about to leave and head for the bathrooms, but we were next to ride, and Mary said, "if we don't make it on this time, we won't be able to ride it because her mom was to pick us up at the front gate in another 35 minutes." I clinched everything together and got on the ride. That was one of the biggest mistakes I'd made in my life to that point. The ride was only a few minutes long, right? Wrong, we made it through the first climb, and through the loops tight turns and ups and downs. In spite of nearly losing it on the first drop, I was still in control of my bodily functions (barely, that is) We started the long slow climb up the next steep incline, then there was a sharp jerk, and the car stopped.There we were stuck halfway up the incline and the motor that pulled the coaster up, locked up. I knew I was in trouble. After about 15 minutes of them working on it, I had my hands pressed tightly onto my crotch. My panties were already damp from leakage, and mt butt was pushed as hard against the seat as I could hold it.Then it happened, there was a sharp jerk as the car started to move. I don't know if the jerk was too much for my tortured sphincters or it was fright, but I lost it at both ends. I fely my panties fill as the sphincter let go and warm mush filled the seat of my panties. At the same time mt bladder let go and I soaked both myseff and my friend Mary who was next to mr. We had to sit there, Mary in my pee, and me in the poop as well until they got the coaster cranked back down. When we got off, the whole back of my Kahkis was brown with poop, and Mary looked like she had peed her pants too.Her mom had put a trash bag on the seats for us to sit on, and keep the windows open on the way home.She helped me clean up and Mary gave me some panties and clothes to wear home. I just threw my kahkis in the dumpster on the corner as I walked home.In spite of my wetting her, Mary never told anyone about my accidents.

Inspired by Tim
I've been reading here on and off looking for a particular type of story, and Tim's got it. I want to know, how often has anyone shared a bed with a person who "did it" in the bed? It's shocking, really!

About four years ago when I was still in college, I dated a girl named Sarah. She was pretty, i really liked her. She was small and cute too. Anyway, there was a power outage one night while we were at my apartment, and since we'd been dating a couple months and we were, well, college kids, i offered to let her spend the night. She seemed reluctant at first, but she agreed. We just continued about what we were doing and had some close moments into the night when we decided to get some sleep. She didn't get entirely undressed, she just took her socks and her jeans off and got into my bed in her shirt and her light blue underwear. We had been fooling around all night so we didn't really do anything, we just cuddle and kissed and fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and I felt wetness under my left thigh and by my foot. I was only about 10% awake and couldn't even begin to fathom what it was, i originally wondered if something to spilled, then my mind got a little clearer and i concluded there could be a leak in the ceiling from the storm, and eventually i kind of woke up enough to actually find out what it was. Sarah was still fast asleep, she was mostly on her back but her lower half was turned over on her hip and one of her legs was sticking down toward the end of the bed and the other was bent with her knee resting over her other leg. i pulled the covers up, and the first thing i saw was that the gray sheet was a deep charcoal color over a large area, ranging from the edge of the bed on her side over to just into my side of the bed, and up around her mid back and down to her knees. her light blue panties were......well, dark blue. "oh my god she wet the bed" i thought, obviously, but it was a lot more than that. the way her left like was bent over her right leg was showing some of her butt, and....well it was looking a little "bumpy." i sort of craned my head downward and i didn't need to see much to know what else happened. i could see just on the side of her butt and going under onto her butt that was against the bed that she had quite a load in her underwear..they had some pretty serious bulging in them with obvious brown stains. i just sat in my bed with my heart pounding in complete awe and disbelief, as my 21 year old girlfriend laid in my bed which she thoroughly peed in and also had a load in her panties! maybe that was why she was reluctant to stay over? i guess it's an occassional occurance with her and she deals with it whe n she's in her own home. but eitherway, i had no idea what to do, and i just put a considerable amount of the blanket and a third pillow in between her and myself, turned to face the other side and went back to sleep. she was gone when i woke up again, but she left the sheets wet. i put my sheets in the wash and tried to call her, but there was no answer. no note left behind either. late in the day she left a message on my answering machine, she was crying and apologize profusely and basically said she wouldn't be comfortable seeing me again. i don't want to make an negative comments about the occurance because i know many people here feel strongly about it, but frankly iwasn't too broken up about her not wanting to see me anywhere considering she had just peed and pooped her panties in my bed. that night when i took the trash out, her wet soiled panties were balled up in paper towles in the waste bin in my bathroom. she didn't even have the common decency to take her wasted underwear out of my house.

TO This Is The Longest ScreenName In The World:
If you read the site's archive, you'll find plenty of posters who have left their jobbies behind.

Mostly, it seems to be a practical matter - ie. they dumped a log that is simply too big & hard to flush or the toilet isn't working properly. But there are certainly those who simply get a kick out of letting others see what they have produced. Call it a 'safe' variety of exhibitionism...
Then I guess you have the people don't have showing-off in mind, but rather, to whom flushing & washing hands after a BM aren't that important.

Good morning--cloudy here. Not much by way of sightings lately, though someone did leave a nice solid knobby turd about 4 inches long in a toilet at work, and I did hear another man grunting and some soft poop emerging. My own poops have been a bit softer than normal (though still well formed), except for a nice 6-inch log I passed yesterday at work. This morning, up early as usual, I felt full in the rectum, so I went to the toilet, put up the seat, and sat on the rim well back but slightly raised up on one side so light could get in and show me a silhouette of my bottom and the turds emerging. I hoped that I would do a long one and watch it enter the water while still coming out, but it was too soft and broke off, making a splash and spoiling the reflection. It felt good, anyhow. Then I flushed, and it didn't go down! I had to plunge twice. Since my b.m. was obviously not big enough to block anything (in any event, it hadn't gone down to the bend), I had to suspect that my wife had passed an unusually large load. Too bad I didn't get to see it.
I am fascinated by the human bottom, and I decided to measure my crack today. First I used my fingertips, walking two of them in alternating sequence from the very top of the crack down past the anus. I did this while seated at the computer. The top of my crack is sort of like a long dimple, and it took 6 fingertips to start at the shallow top, proceed through the deepest part of the hollow, and end up at my tailbone. At that point began the sudden descent to my anus, which took one fingertip of descent, then the second fingertip touched the beginning of my anus. By fingertip 4, I could insert the finger into my anus, indicating I needed to go again (which was true); by fingertip 6 I had reached the other end of the anus. Translating this into actual measurements with a ruler, I found that each fingertip is about half an inch, so that it was nearly 3 inches from top to tailbone, and another three inches to cross my anus. Standing up, I held the ruler and measured, and sure enough, from top to bottom, my bottom measured about six inches.
Has anyone else here ever measured your bottom? What do you find are your measurements? Did you ever think (as I did when a small child) that your poop came out from the crack and could not be any longer than the crack? (At that time I did not know there was a hole back there; that knowledge came later.)
Happy pooping, everyone!

this is my first report, as it is a bit i don't post so i'll post my recente expereince:
Yesterday, after a boring working day and after reminding about the pee with my sister in law at the mart parking, I had a bit "naughty" Idea…I started feeling a need to pee, but I decided I shouldn't use a toilet for that pee. My target was to hold my pee the longer I can, till I can't wait longer and have to do an emergency pee somewhere, obviously not in a toilet…SO I didn't visit the ladies at the office when I went home on porpoise. To increase my need I took a tea at the vending machine in our office hall before leaving. I thought that if I had held it till home I would have pissed in the garage drain or in the garden at home….walking to the garage where I keep my car I think about leaving a pee there (a thing that I did more then once in my life), but I decided my bladder wasn't so full.
To make my need worse (even if tea itself is one of the most diuretic things for me) I forced my self to drink some evian from the bottle I always keep in my car…While driving I remember suddenly that I had to buy fresh milk for the next morning breakfast, a baguette, some wine and fruit and salad. SO I decided to do a quick stop on the Carrefour that his about half way form home.
The small shopping pause would have added more "thrill" to my "bladder roulette".
I parked my car in the underground parking at Carrefour, there were many car inside at that time and I parked appropriately in a not too crowded sector, on the opposite side from the entrance…
Walking to the supermarchè entrance I felt that my bladder was just quite full, surely tea and evian made my need to piss much worse, and I noticed that my lower stomach was getting quite swollen because my bladder was full as a big ball (even if I don't have a large bladder my self)..
While shopping I thought twice about going to the ladies there (obviously I should pee on the floor or in the sink there, to keep my promise of not using a toilet to empty "that bladder". Anyway I relaxed, paid my shopping and headed to the car, now I started squirming and not walking easily, 'cause now my bladder was aching from fullness. I thought about using the emergency stair to go to my car and leave a pee there, but I noticed too many people around and risk of getting caught was too high…When I reached my car I was really desperate to pee, but there were people walking to their car around, I thought that if I'd peed between my opened car doors (as I mostly do carside), surely I'd had a good cover, but other people passing would have understand clearly that I was pissing… So I decided that the best place for the most "safe" pee available was to go behind my car in the space between the boot of my car and the wall, it was more dark, and pretending to putting my bags inside I 'd have peed without being noticed…I opened the doors of my bonnet ( a good cover themselves), than while pretending to move the bags inside my car I pulled my thong completely aside under my skirt (fortunately I was wearing stockings, not panthyhose) and pulled up my skirts to my bum…I made sure that there weren't people around the car closest to mine, than leand with my naked bum on the inside of my boot, I partially sated with my bum cheeks on the edge between the boot opening and the bumper and found it a comfortable position, I spread my leg very wide (to avoid any possible splashing of my elegant shoes) and than opened finally my flood gate!!!! It was such a relief that I closed my eyes for few seconds for the pleasure of releasing my bladder pressure, but than I thought that I'd better see where my pee was going…Because of my full bladder my stream was really powerful and uncontrollable, but as a natural consequence of keeping my feet very wide opened the stream come out very straight down me, Sometimes my stream hit the lower part of the bumper (didn' care about it) and it was doing a big splashing river of pee on the smooth tarmac of the parking floor. A so powerful pee form that position was surely quite well audible, but fortunately my car was parked very close to the engines of the air conditioning system of the Carrefour, so the noise of the engine and vents covered very much the splashing noise..Without the help of the coolers, my splashing pee would have been surely very easily audible from other people in the parking.. I peed forcefully for about 25 secs for sure, than some final spurts, I think it was a very large amount of pee I released. I wiped with a napkin that I threw in the pee puddle. When I closed the boot I noticed that from the wide puddle that were at least 3 large rivulets of piss quickly crossing the tarmac floor of the garage and going under my car and under the ones besides too…
As I put my bag on the passenger seat I saw a woman with her daughters pulling a large Carrefour trolley full of shopping bags. They were coming to the car besides the mine, surely they noticed the piss rivulets on the floor (they must pass over it with the trolley wheels too). I discretely got in my car and went away, even if it would have been funny to see their reactions..
2 weeks ago I had 2 funny sighteen, I went to a large discount mall and in full daylight i saw a man pissing behind the car washing in the parking....after shopping in the parking i caught a young girl peeing..i didn't got immediately what she was doing, in fact she was sitting on the curb, betwnne the 2 cars next to mine, then i noticed that she had her skirt up and barely noticeable panties lowered on th e leg..I noticed an enormous rivero fo pee under her...she discretely woke up, she had another girl and a woman witing for her, she called the woman buy her name, so i suppose she wasn't her mum. Anyway the puddle of pee was enormus, i think that it needed 2 o 3 large piss to create sucha big one, so fo rsure at least one of the other 2, if not both peed before her in the same place..i noticed a tissue near the puddle and the girl didn't wiped, so surely someon went before her...


last weekend...
I woke up early on saturday, fortunately i witnessed hubby peeeing in the sink as he woke up, which is a nice sight for me...
I went to take my sister in law, who is a veery nice women a little younger than me and lives about 30 kn form home to visit a sort of "market of bugs", that happensd one sturday a month..
I like to visti all those place wher you cna find strange objetc, expecially collecting ones...or old books. My sis in law is mad about it.
We did a good shopping in the early morning (later you find much less interesting thing). It was a big crowd there so we parked, about a kilomtre away in a paying parking garage.
When we werrre near the garge (not a big one), my sister in law. Said that she didn't a stop a minute and now she recognize that she need quite a pee..I repolied her that she better wait if she wanted to use a bathroom. In fact the facilities and some portaloo (i would have never used them) were at the entrance of the market, a good kilomter away, and then i hadded that there were surely no toilet inside the garage...than I added that i had to pee too even if not that badly (i could wait longer for sure)..We peed in presnce of eachother many time in the past, so she is quite confident about it with me...(surely mostly she saw me peeing).
When we got down the ramp she made a sarcastic question like "do you think someone will mind if i squat near your car to pee? I replied, no for sure, parking garage are a good place to pop an emergency squat (in fact the pictures of webshot confirm that). We reached my car and she passed me her bag, tell me to look carefully if someone was coming than she lowered jeans and thong (she's shaven), and squatted high between my car and the ford besides putting her hand on the bonnet of the small ford to have a better balance. She tried ot piss in a small gutter but peeing form that high squatting position she made a big puddle on the tarmac and a very long pee (she had a thin stright stream, not a gushing one), than she asked me a tissue from her bag and wiped carefully before dressing...
I smiled her and said that she made sucha big lake on the floor that i have to go to the opposite side (less secluted) to pee myself..before peeing we put all the shopping bag in the rear of my car, than i took a large tissue from my car and told her "Now I'm going to pee", she stood there telling me "Now you better wait a minute because a couple is passing soon". After the 2 people passe d she said, ok now you can go! I opened the car door and as usual i sat on the lower rail inside my opened car door, with my thong and jenas lowered to knee, than confortably let a short but powerfull pee on the tarmac and wiped..She knows my way of peeing from tha car, and said that she must rember to do this too, because it seems so much more confortable than squatting.. Than she hadded that it such a relief to fell your bladder empty when you need to pee, i added i fell batter too...



Dwayne X

I have not openly shitted on myself since I was a baby, but earlier this year, I damn near came close!
First, I love Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors! Especially the exotic flavors like Pumpkin Pie, Jamoca Coffe, Cinnamin Bun, and German Chocolate. One problem, they are so rich and should not be consumed without coating your stomach with food. I learned the hardway.
I was driving with two Pumpkin Pie milkshakes after doing some shopping. My day started out good, but it would gradially get worse. First off, I was stuck in a traffic jam when I started getting a bubbling in my stomach. Then, the cramping. The more I pinched to keep from farting the more it got worse!!! I begin to involuntarily pass gas, and no matter how hard I pinched my sphincter, the farts was still coming out. At this time I knew I was in trouble. The traffic was moving fast but not fast enough.
"Oh Shit!", I said to myself as I thought that the farts where mixing with something a little extra....and then all hell broke loose!
I was about to soil myself in my own car!!! I said "F??k this shit!" and floored the vehicle. I dodged in and out of lanes trying to find some place to release these demons in my ass.
Then..traffic slowed again!
"Shit!" I exclaimed as my ass began to rapid fire farts like a machine-gun. The rich pumpkin pie milshakes had took its toll.
As traffic on the busy boulevard stopped at a snail's pace, I strongly contimplated jumping out of my car and running behind Circuit City and taking a dump. But I said no and tried extra hard to squeeze it in. I dreaded to see what my underwear looked like at this time. I was finally able to manuever from behind this slow-moving ass man and make my move! I ran a red light and could have gotten pulled over, but it was worth it. I sped hastily up to the Barnes and Noble book store. I litterly trotted inside!!!
'And you know that you got to shit bad when you use a foreign toilet and don't bother to lay down any toilet paper on the seat first. "Aw f??k it...this is serious!!!!"
The sounds that came out of my ass was inhumane!!!!!! I think shit that was inside of me since last year came out. A smile came over my face to see that my drawers were as clean as could be! After 45 minutes..the cramps and the crap was all gone. That was my most recent close call.

First i will start by saying i am a 11 year old female, with short blonde hair and blue eyes, but anyways, i had to babysit for my brother who is 5 friday night, and we were watching tv when all the sudden he lets a wet fart go, and it sounded like he made in his pants, so he said "Sammi i really gotta go to the bathroom, i think it is diahrea" so i helped him to the bathroom and was just about to leave the bathroom when all the sudden he erupted puke everywhere, and on top of that the diahrea was non stop, i felt kind of bad for him.

Hi I am new here but just love anything to do with poop. I love my husband to watch me and I love to watch him go. I always hang on to my poo until I can go for Rich, if possible. I go about every 3 days and wait and wait until I really need a crap, so that it comes easily and I dont have to strain. The problem comes if the moment comes and I am at work. I try to wait untl I get home so Rich can enjoy it with me. Sometimes its real bad and I fart a lot and as you know farting pre poo really smells bad and everyone knows. If I have to poo at work I take my friend Kate with me. She shares my interest but goes every day. I usually go with her at lunch time in the disabled loo in the basement. She is really regular and does one wide log about a foot long every lunchtime. If I go too we buddy dump and and have some 'girlie fun' before we leave!

But that is not why I am posting. If you want to know some more ask and I have lots of stories. What led me to post is Ant and Dec's programme last saturday on UK TV. Did anyone notice the girl in the competition at the end. They have to tell a secret before they start. She said that she waits until her husband has a bath to go to the toilet. Great thought but it is the first time I have heard anyone on peak TV admit to anything like this. She is a real hero - it must have let lots of couples raise the issue where they had previously found it difficult. How many men said 'would you like to do that' or vica versa. How many couples enjoyed their first shit together on sunday morning just because of her - thousands I suspect.

What do you think - did anyone else notice this. Anything that helps people talk about their needs and thoughts is very important.

I need to go right now but am sitting at work writing this. Will I be able to wait until 6 to go with Rich or will it be girlie fun at lunchtime with Kate? It feels like a big one and right now i need to leave my desk to fart - I think it will be the lunchtime one. If anyone wants to know I will will make a detailed account and post it.

Be Happy - Poo together. Love Suze

Hi all! I have been a lurker but this is my first (and probably last) post. I just wanted to share somthing wierd. Usally, my bms are one good size log. but lately, I have been having dumps with little turdetts. I usally go once a day, but I went twice yesterday. Has this change happened to anyone else?

I have been a long time lurker/occasional poster here...I think I've been reading this forum for about 3 or four years, and in that time I have seen so many people come and seems very sad that people seem to drift out of touch...there have also been some tragic events which took away some of our friends, and thinking about it makes me so sad. No real reason for this post, just nostalgia...I do have some stories, and I guess I could contribute, but I'm not sure how my girlfriend would feel about me sharing all this, so for now I'll keep to myself, keep on reading everyone's posts...I guess what I'm saying is that if there are any other lurkers here who remember the days of Kendall, RJOGGER, and some of the other old regulars, let me know if you're still out there, how long you've been reading, etc. For those of you that are STILL posting here after all this time, let me say thanks for the many great stories you've shared, and for letting me participate, even if passively :)


Lone Ranger
Hi, it's me again! After a long period of boredom I have yet another "near miss" story and a funny story as well.
Yesterday I went to the movies with some friends. Afterwards we were in a real silly mood (for those who know it: we saw "Die 7 Zwerge") and just strolled around town. At some point there wre just four people left. Martin, me, Dina and her cousin Asmara (hope I spell it right...) from Munich. Martin and me decided to walk the girls home (Dina lives in a _very_ quiet upscale suburb neighborhood, Küniglberg @Chili, so she always shushed us when we were speaking too loud in her opinion). While we were walking up the zig-zagging little street we came to Dina's old kindergarten. Suddenly somebody had the great idea. "Let's climb over the fence and get onto the swings!" After some negotiations we climbed over the fence. After playing for some time Asmara said: "I gotta go to the bathroom!" Now let me dewcribe her. She's 16, maybe 5'8", loooong dark curly hair, ever so slightly middle eastern features, in short words a real stunner. She said: "Don't look! I'm gonna take a piss!" With these words she ducked behind a bush and we could hear her pee. When she came back she said: "God, I've been waiting for that for over an hour! Now I feel better!"
Shit, I would have _loved_ to watch her! But on the other hand, I absolutely didn't care for having her fingernails in my face... so i didn't walk up to her.
Oh yeah, and she told us a real funny pee story. Once when she was drunk at some outdoor event she stumbled into the bushes for a quick piss and squatted with her ass right into some stinging-nettles... bright red butt I guess!

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hey. Taylor here.
first, I have a quick question.
How do you see the photo at the top of the page. It won't show up on my PC.
Now, the story.
This happened about eight or nine years ago, I forgot. Me, my parents and my aunt and uncle had gone camping for about a week, and on the day we were leaving, I had a case of the ten-twenties. Well, while on the way home, I got the distinct urge to crap. well, being six or seven, I couldn't hold it in for too long, so I tell my parents that I need to got, so my mum gives me a plastic bag, but, guess what, I couldn't poo in it, so my dad pulls over and I run towards a tree, ask my mum to hold me, and really let loose. for about five minutes, I crap. This was the first time I ever shit on the floor. And the only time, I belive.
Oh yeah, and whenever I went shopping with my Gran in Leeds, I used to go for a crap in Alders, one of the shops in Leeds, and I took ages each time. Once I took so long that a company employee (female) asked me if I was alright. That was ages ago now. Happy days :-) (I'm saying that and I'm 15. Bloody hell).
And listen to Cradle of Filth.
Cheers. Taylor

farrowlani-HELP! I haven't any personal experience of a colonoscopy but I hope all goes well for you on Tuesday. Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

Penny. What you said about taking a poo after swimming was interesting. Do you find that swimming brings pn the need for a #2 if you've not had one recently? Also, have you ever gone swimming when your bowels have felt noticeably full or you've got to the 'passing gas' stage if ever you do?

Rizzo. Hi!

Best wishes to all the regular posters (pun intended) and old timers who used to post here but haven't done so recently although some of you may still read here!

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