I have seen my boyfriend take a dump. The easiest way to approach this is to let your boyfriend watch while you take a shit first. Most men are very curious about what girls do in the bathroom. Its like they don't expect nice, pretty girls do dirty things - like farting and doing a big, nasty shit that stinks the whole bathroom out!! If he's comfortable with watching you empty your load, he's more likely to let you watch him. It takes the mysticism away if you take the lead.

My boyfriend loves watching me take a shit. I once took large sheets of newspaper and layed them on the bathroom floor. I then squatted, let my ass hole open up and started pushing out some big turds. Soon there was a huge mound of yellowy/brown turds that looked like a coiled snake. The only probelm is that when I started pissing, the whole floor became wet. I even let him wipe my ass for me. I just crouched over the bathroom floor and he wiped me from behind. It took him about 9 wipes to clean me up good. He then wiped my pussy dry and put my thong back on for me. I have even let him change my tampon for me. I then told him that he had to clean up the bathroom as the price for the free show!!

Dwayne X
The most memorable trip to the bathroom I took was back in 1983. It was the begining of football season and the Detroit Lions was playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Halfway in the middle of the first quarter, I had the urge to use the bathroom. I am a male, and for the next hour and a half, it was the most torential experience that a man can ever have to the experience of child birth.
To begin with, it began smoothly, my anus opened and it began to move out. I could tell from the get-go that this turd was cone-shaped, because the more it moved out, it stretched my anus even more. After two minutes, I knew I was in trouble, because I pushed and pushed and my asshole had exceeded it's limit. It was like an elevator stuck between floors! I strained and strained and strained and that turd would not budge any more. I began to panic, and I yelled for grandma, she rushed to the door with some prunes and told me these may help.
By the time I was through, I missed more than half the game trying to give birth to this big ass diamond-shaped turd that left my as rhything in pain.

Gothgirl: yeah, I have seen my boyfriend Mike (he's a 23-year-old guy with brown hair and hazel eyes) take a shit many times now and I also enjoy the additional intimacy that this provides. I still live with my folks but usually stay over with Mike during weekends. When we first started going together, I noticed that he would leave the bathroom door in his apartment a little ajar when he took a shower or used the toilet. He's a really hot guy and I just wanted to watch him while he took a shit. So one morning (after a hot night), I knew he was gonna take a dump and I just kinda knocked on the bathroom door and asked him if I could come in to collect something. When I came in, he was sitting on the pot naked because he always showers after a shit in the mornings. He just smiled at me and started talking about what we were gonna do that day. So I found what I was looking for in the cabinet under the sink and then just stood there chatting with him. He had his legs spread real wide and I heard him fart a couple of times. He just grinned and said: "Excuse me babe." Then I heard a turd crackling out and eventually plop into the water in the pot. He was holding his cock into the pot and then took a loud piss. After that there were 3-4 more plops. Then he reached forward, grabbed some TP and wiped his ass sitting down inspecting the TP after each wipe. I could easily see the shit smears on the TP, but that didn't seem to bother him at all. It was real hot watching him. Since then, I have often been in the bathroom with him when he takes a shit. H's real open about it and I've never told him that it excites me cuz I don't want him to think I'm a perv. I guess if you are already having a lot of hot sex, there is nothing special for him about being seen on the pot. He has come into the bathroom once or twice while I'm taking a shit, but usually doesn't stay long and doesn't seem interested in that. Hey, I sure hope you can do that with your boyfriend. I guess the secret is to act real cool about it and make as if it's just casual, but if he's real private about shitting you probably won't get too far with it. Let us know what happens.

GOTH GIRL...... I totally know what you mean. For a while I have wanted to see my boyfriend take a shit too. He always talks about having to take a shit and how he took a nasty shit today. He is open about talking about it, but I have rarely seen him. Whenever he talks about pooping, he makes it sound like he is the kind of person that gets a quick and desperate earges to go all the time and barely makes it to the toilet. This thought makes me want to watch and listen all the more. Sometimes when he is pooping I sneak REALLY quietly up to the bathroom door and listen from the other side. Sometimes I can hear him grunting and I hear the crackling of poop. I like it tho. There was one time however that we went camping... me and him, and a couple of friends were sitting by the fire in the morning cooking bacon and eggs. All of a sudden I felt the earge to go. I told him and he said he has to go too, so I took the toilet paper roll and we were off into the woods. We found a falled tree in the woods and I decided this would be the place to go. I took down my sweatpants and placed the top of my crack on the log so I had something to lean on so my legs wouldn't get tired. I peed a nice long pee. My boyfriend was sitting on the log next to me in the same way. My heart was pounding becuase I knew he had to go number 2. I was filled with anticipation as he let out a soft grunt and shifted his position a little. I was looking out of the corner of my eye becuase I didn't want to just STARE like I really wanted to. I saw the first log poke out, it was short about 3 inches. It landed with a soft russely plop the the fallen leaves. A second one of equal size squeezed out and then a third, all landing with soft plops on the leaves. He tried for more, but that was all. He whiped and got up. I was so caught up in the moment that I couldn't even poop. I just waited till later. I was all pumped up with adreniline for some reason, but not in a sexual way. My knees were shaking and I was jittery just from watching him go. As we walked away i looked down at his poopies, they were soft and gooey, light in color, and made a little mound. It was great. Maybe people get the earge to see others go to the bathroom becuase its not something you see everyday. I dunno. I dont want to tell my boyfriend because I don't want him to think I am a freak or something. Can anyone else relate to me and goth girl???

MIchael explosive diarrhea
yesterday I ate a muffin and it had a laxative effect on me. I rushed to the toilet and sat down. I all exploded out of me and tons of shit with farts rushed into the toilet and made disgusting sounds.

GOTHGIRL- I feel the same way you do, but unfortunately don't have any stories to share... I'd also love to hear some!

Carmalita, where have you been? I miss your stories!!!

For those of you who have been reading my posts, well, today I had a followup appointment. My bowels have been going ok except that I have had a few cases of stomach cramps and some diarrhea. The wierd thing is that even if I had diarrhea, I had to strain to get it out. I guess that's because of the medication.
Well, here's the news...I have to see another doctor next Tuesday, and he will set me up for a colonoscopy. From what I heard, it doesn't sound very fun. I'm scared. Have any of you had this done before?

AJ :o)
I'm a poet,
And I know it,
So it's now time
For my current life in rhyme:

Pee's hyper;
Poop's runny--
I need a vacation, honey!!!

Seriously, don't look for me to be spreading my crap around here again until about the middle of November, because I'll be gone most of the time until then.

Guess I could tell you three dirty toilet stories very quickly before I take off.


We were taking a boat to Ship Island (12 miles out in the Gulf Of Mexico from Biloxi, MS) when I was about four years old.

I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom on the boat--accompanied by my Mommy, of course.

It was occupied. When the door opened, a pretty and sophisticated "woman" came out. Or so it seemed to me. She probably wasn't a day over ten, if that.

My mom asked me if I could wait until we got to the island when we saw how filthy it was in there.

There was a nest of white toilet paper with chunks of poop on top of it.

The poop looked fresh, so it was probably produced by the "sophisticated woman."

Either that, or she refreshed it with some pee.

As I got older, I recalled that toilet, and it occurred to me that all of the toilet paper was under the poop--meaning that the person producing it, likely, hadn't wiped.

Of course, it could be that the person decided that the toilet was too full and put the toilet paper somewhere else, though I don't know why, as it wasn't a flush toilet--or, perhaps, it was originally. Who knows?

All I know is that we used the restroom on the island, and it wasn't anything to write home about, either--but, at least, it wasn't filthy.


Around the same time as the boat experience, we went to this smorgasbord in a small village not far from us. It had been recommended by someone, so we went to check it out.

I loved it, because it reminded me of my grandparents' summer kitchen, and I happened to like what was on my plate.

My folks didn't care much for the food, and my mom was also irritated at how the restaurant owners hadn't even sanded their booths properly, meaning that she managed to snag one of her stockings on a splinter.

The people there seemed nice, too--something my folks didn't dispute--but, as far as the restaurant, itself, I was the only one who really liked it.

Of course, I had to pee after we'd eaten, so we asked where the restroom was--and, in the toilet, was a big, fat log. I would say that it was probably about nine inches long and about 1 1/2 - 2 inches in diameter (across). Not flushed. No toilet paper.

So my mom asked me if I could wait until we went somewhere else, and I told her that I could.

Anyway, I kept begging to go back to that restaurant sometime, but my folks kept taking me other places. But we went back again when I was ten. By then, I had more discriminating tastes.

We took one of my friends, Ruby, with us this time around, and we ordered our drinks and then went around the smorgasbord.

Our drinks didn't arrive and didn't arrive, and I was soon too thirsty to eat. Then, our drinks arrived, and I was too stuffed to drink more than a little iced tea. The meal was a bust, and I could see why my folks didn't care for it that much (an understatement).

My cousin and her husband went there years later, and she noticed that her cottage cheese was rancid. She loves cottage cheese, so she had taken out a generous portion. The price of the smorgasbord was higher than an angry cat's back already, and she noticed a sign that said that customers would be charged extra for food left on their plates.

She said that she didn't care if she went bankrupt paying the penalty for leaving it on her plate! She was not about to eat that cottage cheese!

The place has been out of business for years, and the building has been gone for almost as long. I have no idea, though, how they managed to stay in business for as long as they did (from at least as early as 1957 until sometime in the late 1970s or early 1980s).

Once wasn't enough for me--but twice definitely was! And what I remember the most about it now is that darn poop log--which probably tasted better than most of what was being served!!!


Back in 1978, my folks and I took a road-trip to visit friends and relatives in Texas and California, and a friend named Edith went with us.

I was pining over the end of a relationship, so I wasn't in the greatest mood to be taking a vacation, but I kept trying to get enthused about being on the road instead of back in Indiana trying to mend the relationship.

The Blizzard Of '78 had just started its last gasp (a huge snow and ice storm) as we were leaving.

Part of me was wanting to go, because I was anxious to see our loved ones; part of me was thinking I "should" be anxious to go because this was a chance to have a pleasant vacation and a change-of-scenery (and, besides, everybody else was looking forward to this trip, and I didn't want to let anyone down); but part of me was saying that I really wanted to be back home, both to try to take care of mending the relationship and just to have some "space" so I could think and get in touch with my feelings, because both my family and friends had been hovering around me in well-meaning concern, leaving me little time to be alone and think things through.

We stopped at a restaurant in Arkansas, and I had no appetite, so my folks and Edith went in to eat, and I stayed in the car to sleep.

They came out later telling me that I didn't miss much, because both the food and service was terrible.

Later, we stopped at a rest stop, and I remained in the car there, too. In fact, everybody but Edith remained in the car, because she was the only one needing to pee.

She came back a little later just beside herself with laughter, and told us what was in one of the toilets:

A long coil of poop!

She showed us with her finger how it coiled around like a stove burner--and, in the middle of the "burner", the end of it went straight up in the air.

"Any toilet paper with it?" I asked--and she dissolved into giggles and told me there certainly wasn't.

Anyway, this gave me something to laugh about in my melancholy mood--and Edith and I would replay it several times along the trip with one or the other of us making a coiling motion with our index fingers (complete with the straight-up motion to signify the end of it) and then dissolving into giggles like 12 year old girls at a slumber party instead of being 25 and 33 like we really were back then!

Oh yes! The guy I was pining over ended up deciding that he was gay, and, from what I've heard, has been in a relationship with a great partner for a number of years.

And, for the most part, I enjoyed the trip--even though I had my moments of wanting to go back home. When we did get back home, spring had truly come to Indiana, and all of the snow and ice we'd had over the past few months had made the grass seem especially green and the flowers and blossoms especially beautiful.

The only signs that there had been blizzard conditions just a month before was that, in parking lots, there were still high hills of snow that had been formed when the lots were cleared.

On this note, I'm signing off!

Happy Pottying!
AJ :o)

My view on the matter is that my parents saw have seen me throw up as a kid, they have been vomited on by me, they've watched me have terrible diarrhea, and I've even had diarrhea on them when I was little! They've seen virtually everything that i've done, and so i feel no shame in having them hear me pee for a long time.

Hiya everybody. I have the stomach flu--it's going around. I didn't feel well in the morning, but I decided to ignore it. Aside from the normal fever, shitty feeling, headache and vomiting you normally get, I also have terrible diarrhea. Well, so i decided to ignore the way i felt, so I got up and went downstairs to watch TV. My sister and I don't have school today because it's teacher devolepment, fun, fun! So, as i was watching TV i started feeling sicker and sicker, and so when my my mom left the room to make me some tea, I decided that i'd pass some gas so that i'd feel better. So I farted, and suddenly diarrhea was pouring out of my butt! I managed to quickly stand up so that I wouldn't get it all over the white chair, but I did get it all over the wooden floor, and all over my legs. I started crying, and my mom came in and asked me what was wrong and I told her. I told her that i'd felt crappy all day but hadn't said anything, and she told me it was okay. SO i took of my pants and took a shower. In the middle of taking a shower my stomach heaved and i threw up all over myself--in the shower. I then washed myself again and lay down in bed. I woke up at least six times to run to the bathroom and have diarrhea, and my sister is feeling really crappy too. I think she has it too. Poor girl, she's only 13 (i'm 15) and isn't used to feeling sick.

UPDATE: well, my internet wasn't letting me post so i just left this on my puter, and came back to post it now, but I also have an update. Well, my sister decided to go to sleep, and in her sleep she had diarrhea all over her bed. I feel so bad for her. I think she has it worse than I do...I've been having terrible diarrhea, but she's having just as bad diarrhea AND she's been vomiting every half an hour. I've only vomited twice.

DOES ANYBODY ELSE HAVE A STOMACH BUG RIGHT NOW? They are going around, and I was wondering if i'm the only one here who has a stomach bug.

I remember that Amy has never peed herself since I've known her, I asked her why yesterday, she said that she didn't really know why, that whenever she felt like she needed to pee the feeling would go away if she holds it, but that it gets harder to hold each time. and that one time when she almost loss it, that she pee for 6 mintues non-stop, but she's not sure if it was really that long, she was just guessing, and that was about a year ago, I wonder how long it would take for her pee if she had a full bladder now, maybe I can talk her into doing a test to see, well if I do I be sure to post my findings. also I do hope everyone liked my other story about me and Amy camping. oh and btw Amy has gotten to be alot more open to me about admiting to me when she has to go because she knows I will help her. so she's probably going to be willing to do the test if I do it with her.

Longest Screen Name,
Some people do actually think their shit is so awesome that they leave it behind. A look in back pages of this forum may reveal that to you.

However, from my experience, if a shit is left behind, it means that something in the bathroom does not function correctly.

MARLINA AND DIVA-- I LOVED your stories about your guys! I've never gotten to see any of my exs so desperate to pee, but I've had several guys go in front of me (most likely b/c I'm a guy! lol)

So many of you seem to say guys are shier about peeing than girls--I never noticed that. In fact, it seems quite the opposite. So many guys I know (myself included) are really open about peeing, but I rarely ever hear a girl say she has to go. Maybe guys are shy around girls and girls are shy around guys?

and now--a story for everyone asking for more guy pee stories--
Today in 6th period (chemistry) I had to pee pretty badly. I hadn't had time to go during the day (we only get 3 minutes between classes and you better not EVER be late for chemistry...) Well, about halfway through class, i REALLY had to go. We had 30 minutes left of the school day, and i thought i could hold it. Within 10 minutes, I was REALLY needing to use the bathroom. But our teacher is really mean and said no. i guess she thought any 17 y/o should be able to hold it for 20 minutes. by 10 minutes til class ended, I was squirming and holding my penis...i needed to pee so bad it hurt and i was having trouble holding it. I asked to go again, but she still refused to let me go.
i couldn't concentrate on anything but holding back my pee. I was so desperate, I thought i was going to wet myself. FINALLY the bell rang. I didn't even attempt to make it to the bathroom b/c I knew I couldn't. I was much closer to the parkinglot. So I ran to my car, still grabbing my penis. As soon I got to my car door, I had to let go of my penis to unlock the car. Right then, I felt a hot squirt of pee in my boxerbriefs. For a split second, I stood in shock, with the realization that I was about to wet my pants at highschool. I got my door open and decided right then that I didn't want to ruin my car interior, so I risked a million years of detention right there--I unzipped and, sheilded by my car door, pissing right there in the parkinglot with students and teachers all around. I peed for like 3 or 4 minutes. I know ppl noticed me peeing, but nobody said anything...I guess it was obvious how bad I had to go! lol


to gothgirl, if u wanna see your bf take a shit but are afraid to talk about it with him, u should save up a big poop some day when u know ur gonna see him. then tell him you have to shit and get him to come in the bathroom with u. if he comes in then u can tell him u want to see him go next time. if he liked seeing u go then you know he is excited about it. if u feel real adventurous, u could even lean forward and lift your ass up off the toilet seat so he can watch your poop coming out. if you don't think he'd be into it then go camping or something, and tell him u are scared to poop out in the woods alone and u want him to come with u. i betcha he'd be into it. peace, dylan

marlina & Daniel(danny)- those were nice stories. I have a story too on page 926 under the name bluto. Hope you enjoy it

When I first met my wife I was in college. She was beautiful, and I was a, well, I'm a good-looking man, but nothing compared to her. She had slightly wavy dark brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin, some freckles. I'm not really doing her justice by describing her, but she's really beautiful. Somehow of all of the boys who had a crush on her, she picked me, and we started going out. Both of us being rather concerverative, after a year we started sleeping with eachother. On the second time she slept with me something happened. All evening she had looked slightly sick, but not once had she complained. So, after dinner we went to sleep. No sex or anything, we just went to bed together. So, i woke up earlier than her, and I pulled up the covers...and there was diarrhea all over the bed! At first i thought I did it, but then i ealized that she did it, when she grunted and in her sleep released another load. I let her sleep, and when she woke up she was sooo embarrassed but i told her it was okay and helped her take a shower. She managed to throw up on me, but it was okay, becacuse I knew that she was actually sick, not faking or something.

Justin, sorry I left out the part about him wiping. He didn't have to wipe very much. He wiped from the right and checked the paper each time. The first time the paper was pretty stained but after two or three wipes I didn't see anymore. I have seen him shit since that last time. He's still with me for at least a little while longer. Last night I was in the tub again (I like baths, especially since he seems to come in alot when I'm in the tub) and he came in. He was only in a pair of boxer shorts. He dropped those and sat down with his legs spread wide. He didn't seem to pee very long this time before starting to push. He seems to be like me in that his shits are usually pretty big and take some work to get out. He was really straining hard but nothing seemed to be happening. I was really starting to feel for him because I know how it feels. He would take in a deep breath and just push with everything he had. Seeing as he only had on boxer shorts I could see his whole body seem to tense up as if every muscle was working to get the shit out. Then his whole body would relax as he let out a loud grunt. In between pushing he said that he must be constipated again. I told him that I knew how he felt and that I usually have trouble taking a dump too. He said oh so you always push out big logs too huh. We had a really cool conversation for about a minute on how it had always been that way for the both of us and how we dealt with it. While I was talking and even while he was talking I would see him pushing so when he would respond it would be in a strained voice. I asked him if he was having any luck and he said that he could feel the beginnings of a turd starting to poke it's way out of his hole but it wasn't really moving very much. Finally I started hearing the familiar cracking sounds and he said oh it's starting to come out still pushing. It was really opening him up wide. He even reached back and used one of his hands to pull his ass apart a little. Finally after what seemed like minutes of him huffing and grunting it came out with a plunk. After that he just sat there for a minute catching his breath and then stood up and looked in the bowl. I looked too. It was even bigger that the last one. It was huge. Then he wiped from the right again but this time it only took about two wipes and he was clean. I'm sure there will be other experiences like this as he will be with me I think for at least a few more weeks. I will definitley keep you guys posted.

Hi guys I am here again. First of all, I called Ana ( see my previous post to figure who she is) one hour ago and I told her about this web site. Then, after she has read my post she told me that I am a bastard!;)Actually, she wasn't so upset!Whatever.... I already ate at the caffeteria at UWS; greasy cheese-burger sorrounded by a large amount of fries super greasy!!! I know it is gross, but sometimes I feel the need to introduce in my body a small amount of junk food.However, I always paid the consequences of that. In fact, I went to the computer lab to write a paper. The lab was crowd of nice girls. I released a series of mortal farts. I was so embarassed about the incredible stink that I run away as fast as I could. At the moment no one smelled the odor. I don't know what happened later, I run away right in time. If Mr. Bush is still interested to destroy weapons of mass distruction he should disarm my ass.It represents a danger for the public safety,especially after having eat at the cafeteria!!!!! Take care fellows!!! YOURS STARX

Daniel (Danny)
I am very open about going to the bathroom, but it wasnt always like it. I was very shy just 2 years ago, but this story changed my mind.
When i was nine, i was very shy. One day, i went to a camp. We were going to be there for 5 days. Since the first day, i had to go to pee. We had to walk around one mountain and hike it. I was squirming all the time. I finally decided to lie and tell the teacher i needed to pee. He told me to go to the camp. There i went to the bathroom. The second day i felt fine. The third day i woke up with the urge to poop. I was in panic.In that moment it was harder to me hold poop than pee. I tried to hold it. We went for a walk in the forest. Peter was a very nice person. He was the same age as me. I told him i had to poop REAL bad. During the walk i was almost pooping so i went out of the path and went to the camp. I got lost a little bit. Then i found peter. I asked what was he doing there and he told me he had to poop. I thanked god and i told him i needed to poop but i had nrver gone in any place that wasnt a toilet. He told me to follow him. I tlod him i couldnt wait.He toldme to unbutton my pants and squat. I did that and then he pulled my pants to my knees. I was embarrased because he was watching me pooping and he could see my penis. He told me that it was all ready for me to poop. In that moment i started pooping and my butthole opened widely. I pooped one log after the other. I pooped totally 12 soft logs. I wiped with some tissues i had in my pocket. Peter said we needed to find a fallen down tree because he would take too long pooping. When we found that fallen tree he sat down there and pulled his pants just far enough but i could see his butthole open and a medium sized log came out. I was fascinated. Then he grunted AAHHHH, and three hard and solid logs squeezed out. Then he pooped out 3 firm logs.
Then we went back.

The other two days i could hold my waste until i got home. I have to go now(TO THE BATHROOM TO GO #2) I will post tomorrow. BYE.

your name whizzer

Reading your story about Zack reminded me of on of our long road trips, I had to stop several times to pee, but one time I stopped and ther was a line. this does not normally happen, but I got an unindended erection and could not go.

I got back in the car and less than an our later I got a tremendous urge and finally stopped and had over a minute pee.

hope you liked this.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hi all,

Lydia….. I also love to poo naked especially if I have been swimming. While wet I take off my costume and sit naked on the loo.

Aussierod…..thanks for the reply. Tell your sister to be careful if she gets up to help a friend. Years ago at a shopping centre my daughter and I went off to the loo together. She was young and at first said she did not want to go (3 year old) and just after I had sat down and got the system going, pushed out a bit of a wet poo she says she wants to go NOW!! This is a two booth loo so I get up with a mushy crack and with my panties at my knees, I allow my skirt to fall and go into the other cubicle to help her. As I get her cloths off someone rushes in straight into my cubicle and after commenting about people not flushing proceeds to have a loud gassy extremely smelly poo. I was so taken a back that I was not quick enough to say hang on I am busy there. So there I stand with my panties at my knees, a dirty arse and crack in the wrong cubicle. I finished up after my little girl had finished and being as bright as a button she says in her toilet whisper (stage whisper) "Mommy why is the lady using your toilet?" I waited until the "raider" had finished and left before venturing out.

I think I wrote something here about a month ago about my having an exceptionally large bladder and suddenly I'm reading all these stories from Megan and Cady, Brenda and Lexi. About that WWLB (Women With Large Bladder) thing; that was a support group I was thinking about forming. After all, there is a support group for everything else under the sun. Why not one for women who have super mega-bladders?

Cady- about your comfortable feelings about family members hearing you when you take a really really long pee. I believe my own pee-shyness formed when I was very young over that exact-same thing. My mother was always shocked about my incredible urinary output and used to make a big deal out of it. One time (and I can't remember an exact age) she, my aunt and I went into a restroom at a movie-plex after seeing the feature film. Although both spoke about needing to pee very badly it was myself not yet in puberty who was last one in the restroom stall peeing and peeing as if there was no end in sight. I haven't the slightest idea how long it was, but it was long enough for both of them to initiate a conversation outside my stall door about my endless peeing prowess. Hearing the titters from the girls and women passing by listening in on their conversation- believe me that kind of thing preys on a young girls psyche.

Megan- For that reason I really like you! It's like you have this attitude that you have this giant bladder and can pee longer and more than almost anyone else and you're NOT shy about it. That story about the office secretary was so neat and I understand perfectly what she's going through with her bladder. If my own bladder is very full, there are times when after peeing seemingly endless minutes, my bladder will sort of spasm and cut-off my pee stream. Then I have to sit there for a few seconds before it will start up all over again. It takes an eternity! When Cady said that she peed for 7 minutes before she started "drizzling" I can relate! About a week ago I came back to my apartment late in the evening when my bladder was just bursting. (Sorry I have no wetting or public urination stories.) I got to the privacy of my bathroom, sat down, and just started in peeing. My stream just shot straight into the center of the water like a uniform laser jet, and just went on and on like a broken faucet. It was at least a Cady length steady pee (smile) if not longer before my bladder began involuntarily cutting off my stream. Well that night I sat there with dogged determination and would not reach for a tissure until my bladder was completely dry. It was almost as if it were me and my determination vs. my bladder's taunting attempts at teasing me. Just when I would start to think I was finished my bladder would send a signal, and another little ten second stream would shoot out of me into the toilet water. My bladder was teasing me; "so you think I'm dry? Think again Kris. Tee-hee." And I in return was resolute to stay on that damn toilet until I was dry no matter how long it took! I finished...finally but I'll just let you all guess the total pee time 'cause (frankly you'd never believe me.)

Brenda and Lexi and all the rest I may have forgotten- luv' ya all. For a long time I was just reading tons of poop stories, so many I even stopped checking this website. Glad that the pee tales especially WWLB pee tales are still here.

"Till next time.

Hi fellow toileteers

I'm delighted by the number of pee stories being posted. There really are some huge-bladdered people out there. When I was about 12, a boy of my age sometimes came from the city to spend the day with me. He left his home at about 9 am and left our place at about 6 pm. It took him an hour or so to get home again. He never peed at my home. Did he have a big bladder? I do not know. He did not drink much, and he always wore wollen sweaters and long trousers, even in summer when it was warm enough for me to wear shorts and T-shirts. Probably he sweated everything out.
Otherwise I have not conciously come across anyone who remotely resembles the WWLBs around here. Quite on the contrary, the women I know need to pee frequently. One of them says that she suffers from TB (tiny bladder). Sometimes I cannot avoid (I admit I don't try to) hear her tinkle. She is usually done after 16 seconds, and out of the loo a few seconds after that, even after having announced that she needed the loo first before attempting to do anything else. I myself have to pee often. I drink plenty of fluids, too. Once, when puttering around in my work-shop I peed into a plastic graduated cylinder instead of going to the bathroom. I had felt an intense urge, just as I was ready to start on some project, as it often happens in such moments. I peed 467 ml and it took me about 26 seconds. That is nothing much in comparison to some of you, but it seems to be well within the average.

Diva, that story of yours about not wanting to admit your need to pee when you were 10, and finally sneaking a long-needed piss into a tyre-swing (brilliant idea) really had me smiling. If, one day, you receive a bouquet of flowers from an unknown person after a performance, it could be from me….

Bye for now, happy craps everyone,

Aussierod.........To Jimm Your another fella that stands up to shit. I have been doing it for sometime now. I don't always do it but ever since I watched one of my female relatives do it I have been converted. She just pulled one cheek aside & let it all go , just have to be careful how close you put your hand to your hole though. I actually stand over the bowl pull one cheek aside & hold my dick with my other hand as I piss into the bowl. Then bend slightly & wipe it makes it easier for me because I have a back problem that reoccurs from time to time. Consequently I end up leaving a bit behind & end up with skids & sometimes SBS( Sticky Bum Syndrome ), however it is something I have learnt to live with...................
Happy pooping allllll from downunder!!!!!!!!!!!
Before I go how does this appeal to you all in Toilet town if a symposium was held somewhere, say a giant conference centre where we could all meet & discuss & swap ideas & stories about our toilet happenings. When you think about it , it would be a scream. For example very few ppl would remain in the conference room, they'd all running to the toilet. There would be a constant odour of poop from ppl who didn't make it to the toilet in time & messed their pants/panties. Outside the girls would be walking around with one hand on their crotch asking where the toilets are cos they're busting for a piss. You wouldn't dare go for a walk in the gardens at night without a torch & a PLD ( Poop Locating Device) otherwise you would step in somebody elses's turds or bump into & knock over somepoor person having an enviromental happening in the bush......... however if somebody elase can add to the programme I'd be delighted .....bye 4 now

I have been lurking on this forum for awhile now. I love reading the posts. I have recently become intrigued by the idea of watching my boyfriend take a dump. For whatever reason the thought of watcing him in this really private moment really excites me. The problem is I don't know how he would react if I asked him if I could watch him. I have seen him pee before, but that isn't nearly the same. he is always making comments about shitting or needing to go shit, but when he actually goes to do it he is very private about it. I was wondering if there are any other girls who have or liked the idea of watching your boyfriend shit. I would love to hear any stories about watfching your boyfriend.

To Mar: It's been a while since you posted about your taking a leak standing up. It would be good if you can post some of your new piss
adventures. In the first post, you mentioned about trying a take a
piss in the urinal as well. Please let us know when that happens.

girls please post more camping stories!!!!!!!!

This Is The Longest ScreenName In The World
Why do some people leave their poopies unflushed? Are they lazy? Do they want the whole world to see their waste?

Guys and Girls,

Do you take notice of what type of undies the person in the stall is wearing when you're in a public toilet?

Kimmy P, I would love to hear your stories about pooping and farting.

Hi marlina. I like your story alot about your boyfriend needing to pee. Did you want him to wet his pants in the car? What was the longest time you ever held your pee for?

Marlina, I loved the story about how you helped your boyfriend Zach when he was desperate to pee in the car, and I didn't find it too long at all!
I like pee stories too and I try to provide them when I can. Keep yours coming!
I also find it intersting to see guys who have to pee, but most of the people I've seen dying to go past elementary school are women... maybe we are more vocal about our urgency and guys are more shy, like Zach.
I have seen guys desperate to pee, but never like Zach. My husband isn't shy about his needs, but he has a large bladder and doesn't seem to get desperate often. He doesn't like peeing in certain situations, say on planes or in trough-style urinals, so he will hold it through long flights and such rather than use those toilets. He told me that he held it all through a 10-hour flight to Europe, but he REALLY had to go when he got there. If we're driving or something, he'll go when I go and seems to be OK till then.
I haven't ever seen him have to go badly enough to hold his penis or dance around or anything. There was one time when we were dating and we both went to a football game. I was coming from somewhere else so we drove separately. Halfway through the game after drinking a large soda, he said he had to pee but didn't want to use the trough-type urinals and would wait till he got home. As my car was closer, I drove him to his car after the game. We got to his car and sat there and talked for a little while. After a few minutes, I looked at him and saw he was drumming his legs up and down. Then he said, "Sorry but I have to go now. I'm going to have to drive to a McDonald's or something because I have to pee so bad I don't think I can make it all the way home." I said OK and he got out of my car and into his. When he got home he called me and told me that he had had a really long pee at McDonald's and felt really relieved.
That's the most desperate I've seen him... I did see him nearly poop his pants once in a similar story to yours with Zach. He said only my encouragement kept him from losing it.
One of my ex-boyfriends told me that he sometimes only peed once or twice a day and hated to pee anywhere but home. He had never used the restrooms in high school or at work or even at some friends' houses. I asked him how he could hold it that long and he said he just could. On the rare occasion that he got unusually desperate, he said he would just put his hands in his pocket and squeeze his penis shut so the pee couldn't come out, and he'd just look like he was relaxing with his hands in his pockets.
A few days later, we were walking somewhere and he had his hands in his pockets and was kind of shuffling. Half-jokingly I asked him if he had to pee and he said yes. I asked him if he wanted to be brave and find a bathroom somewhere, but he said no. We went wherever we were going and the hands stayed in the pockets. I couldn't really tell what they were doing (he was a rapper and usually wore baggy pants.) After a while, he cut the night a bit short and walked me home and then went to his house, I guess to pee.
Another ex was desperate around me twice. He was resistant to peeing outside and wouldn't have gone in the trees like Zach. Once me, him and a mutual guy friend were out at a deserted airfield just hanging out and my guy kept saying he had to pee. His buddy kept saying it was dark, no lights, no one around, just water a tree, but he wouldn't. Then he started asking to leave. Finally, we did, and he wanted his friend to stop at a fast food place, but he didn't for whatever reason. My guy was squirming around a bit biting his lip until we got to my place and he sprinted for the bathroom. You could more tell he was desperate by him bringing it up than by what he was doing. Another time we were driving around doing errands with one of his guy friends and he again kept asking for a pee stop but for whatever reason, we didn't stop right away. He was jiggling his legs wildly and finally grabbed my hand, put it on his knee under his hand and squeezed hard. Then he picked it up, put it on his crotch for a few seconds and pressed, then pulled it away and announced that he would wet his pants if we didn't stop now. His buddy pulled into Mcdonald's in a hurry. My guy was already unbuckling his belt as we pulled in and ran in kind of bent over. That's the most desperate I've seen any of my boyfriends, but not that exciting, I know.

Cady, it's funny that you said you don't mind your parents hearing your long pees but you don't want your friends to. I'm kind of the opposite. I don't know if I'm big-bladdered or not. Sometimes I have to go a lot and have little mini squirts of pee coming out if I try to hold it too long. Other times I can go hours without peeing and pee for a few minutes (I never do it by choice though as it isn't comfortable to have to hold it.) If I'm desperate and holding for hours like that, my pee hisses and twists and sounds like a faucet pouring, which I do find it mildly embarassing for people to hear.
I am a lot more open with my husband and my friends about having to pee than with my parents. I think it's a throwback to childhood when I got the idea that telling my parents I had to go would inconvenience or annoy them or make them look at me as weak and childish, so I always held it when out with them no matter how desperate.
Last summer I went on a road trip with them and as my mom has a small bladder, we stopped to pee enough that I didn't have to say anything, but there was one time where they got lost and were frustrated and I had to go badly, but rather than ask them to stop at a fast food place (we were literally passing dozens) and risk adding to their irritation, I, a grown woman, sat in the back seat holding myself just like I did when I was a kid until we arrived. I wasn't even sure if I could make it, but I did.
I have flooded pots a couple of times as a kid - I'll tell you later.
West Coast Piss Watcher, I'm going to give some thought to the question of when was the worst I had to go without losing it. The problem is that some of the worst times I had to go, I did at least partly lose it, but I know there are some I didn't - I'll get back to you.

Monday, October 25, 2004

The other day I got up early, couldn't sleep properly, and I was wearing only a pair of shorts. After a cup of coffee and some toast, I felt a presence in my rectum. I usually go in the morning after a bit of moving around and something to eat. So I went into the downstairs toilet, and then i decided that I'd do another standing up poo. The poo felt like it would be fairly solid (it's not easy to judge this before it's too late, more of an art than a science). I decided that I would stand up and do it like last time, but this time I stood facing the toilet and peed into it. I took my shorts off so I was naked. The floor in the downstairs toilet is linoleum so easy to clean, and so I stood and peed and then slowly some poos came out and splatted on the floor. After I had finished peeing I got the mirror, squatted on the floor and finished pooing, there was quite a lot, fairly firm, piled up in a little pyramid. I thought it would be a bit wet and sticky so used some toilet paper to pick it up and drop it in the toilet. Then I wiped the floor with some disinfectant. I had also got some piss on the floor since even when I think I've completely emptied my bladder, I can never poo without some pee coming from somewhere. Anyone else have this problem?

Starx: Welcome. Nice to read your story. How come you didn't offer to hold the bag for her?

All the best everyone

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