Hi folks. I am new here. I enjoyed your stories, and I pleasantly find out how you girls are nasty in your privacy! good! Anyway, I am here to tell you about my experience. The main character is my ex girlfriend Ana.
We went for a summer camp 15 miles up north Barcelona, Spain. The restrooms in the camping were the nastier I ever seen in my entire life. Shit everywhere and crappy toilet papers all around the flor. More than that a disgusting mix of shit, pee, and something close to a dead body filled the air. Obviously we were not so brave to enter the stalls.
Hopefully we slept there just one night. However, Ana had to poop so bad. She kept the breath, and she tried to enter the restroom. I was waiting for her in the tend. After a couple of minutes she swiftly come back grabbing her belly. I asked her what was going on, and if she had already done. She told me that the bathroom were too nasty, was impossible to poop. She grab from the backpack an empy grocery bag than she put it on the floor and she started pooping. From her asshole a huge turd came out smootly. After another smaller one. She grab the toilet paper and she started wiping her dirty assshole. The stink in the tend was disgusting. We started laughing aloud. The neighbor were really pist off. Ana close the bag and walked to the nearest garbage can holding the bag full of shit. Nice and funny experience.

Yesterday i had a swimming conference and was so nervous. I swam the first relay and had the biggest urge to shit. after a little while i decided to go pee and see what happened. i entered the locker room took a stall and stripped down. i quickly sat on the toilet and peed for a minute. then i decided that i had to shit NOW. so i leaned forward to help it out. when i poop i get up on my toes and strip off my clothes so i can relax. then i lean all the way over so my boobies touch my knees. this makes me feel more comfortable in public.In case someone looks through a crack or something. so anyway i start grunting and two giant grapefruit sized turds pop out. i decided to take a break and change my tampon when another girl rushed in with her friend. they took the stalls to both of my sides and the one girl peed and then wiped and left. the girl on the other side peed first and then wiped and stood up but then farted really loud and told her friend to go on cause she had to go poopie. So her friend left and the girl preceed to take off her suit and sit down. Immediatly tons of pebble turd plopped into the toilet. She had a constant groan under her breath. Once she got started i felt a huge freakin turd knockin on the anus door so i took my position and opened up. Slowly a very knobby turm inched out and plopped into the tiolet. It was approaching my time to swim so i left the girl to herself and left my shit in the pot cause it was way to big to flush.

Today I was at work in a small town store and I needed to poop approx. 1:30 in the afternoon. I'm the manager- female, 28 thin.
Anyway the bathroom is a small one room with one toilet.I said "I gotta go to the bathroom, be back in a bit" I went in and pulled my khaki pants down and my underwear and sat. I felt my anus opening up and the first turd slid out. I pushed and the second turd came out. I still felt fullness in my rectum so I pushed a little harder and I felt poo coming out my anal opening. Two turds slid out together. I still felt more ch inside so I pushed and the last turd came crakling out. I looked in the toilet to find I made five 5" turds and a chunk in the toilet. I wiped three times, flushed washed my hands. It took me about 5 min. all together from first push to last wipe.

Hello--cloudy here. Went to the mall for lunch today; afterwards I had to poop, so went into the middle stall. Since it was my third poop of the day, it was a little soft, but still three nice turds, of which the middle one was over six inches. As I was wiping, a young gentleman came into the stall on my left. Wide gap behind the partition lets reflective tile reveal what goes on. He sat well forward, so his bottom was fully visible with space underneath it. He dropped six soft turds ranging from two to four inches; a fair volume in a short time; he wiped and left and the automatic flush took it all away. I still had not finished wiping; did one more set of paper; another man came in. A businessman in coat and tie, he put up the seat and hovered over the bowl. His bottom was maybe a foot above the rim. At first he just wiggled himself into position. Then, after a moment, a first turd came out, short and dark, which lit with a surprisingly soft splash. Then came a somewhat longer one, maybe four inches, an inch thick. He finished off with about an eight-incher, a bit thinner, then blasted a powerful fart. No more poop; he wiped and left. I did the same. A nice sighting, all in maybe 10 minutes.
Happy pooping, everyone!

I just had one of the best pooping sessions ever. I just sat on the toilet and pushed out a huge log which had been sitting in my belly for so long. I now feel so releieved. The log was so thick in diameter that it really stretched my ass hole as it was coming out. My ass hole is still sore now. I was very careful when wiping. I took a shower to clean my self up rather than use too much paper as it was so sore. I sometimes have a pleasant feeling when I push out a big turd - I guess its the nerve endings in my ass hole getting a work out!!

I'm back!
Louise, and everyone else, here's a story for you about an interesting place I peed - in a tire swing.
I was about 10 years old and my family was in Vermont visiting some relatives in the summer and it was decided to spend a couple of days in Maine. Our first day there, the plan was to drive out to the beach for the day and come back to some kind of outdoor dance festival. As always as a child I was worried about needing to pee or someone seeing me pee so I made sure I went right before we left our hotel at 10. We got to the beach around 11.30 and I was OK. We went in the water for about half an hour and then we were called out for our picnic lunch. It was hot and I drank a lot of juice. By about 1.15, I felt the stirrings of a need to pee. I looked around to find a restroom for later but there weren't any apparent. We'd changed in a locker type room with no toilets. I knew that I had the option of peeing in the ocean which was what my family told everyone to do at the beach anyway, but the adults wouldn't let us swim after eating. The large amounts of juice made me very uncomfortable and I hopped around on the sand pretending to play with frisbees or whatever but really doing a low-scale pee dance until about 2 pm when we could go back in the water. I waited for a wave, swam into it and peed fiercely through my bathing suit.
I was then distracted by the fun of the beach and it wasn't until we got out of the water at 5.00 for supper that I realized I had to go again. By then it was too late to go back in the water and my need was still under control so I tried to push it to the back of my mind as I ate. After supper, it was time to change and go back to town for the festival. Some of my cousins and siblings expressed a need to pee, and my aunt took them to the restrooms. I wanted to go too, but my aunt announced that people who didn't have to go could just change in the locker room and people who did could go with her. I would never admit I was a person who had to go, so I went to the locker room.
I did scan around for a place to pee and considered squatting over the drain in the changeroom, but I wasn't desperate yet and was afraid of being seen. I figured I could wait the 1 1/2 drive to the park where the festival was and find somewhere there.
Also, most of the unusual places I've peed have something in common - I rarely have squatted. I used to find that demeaning and childish and would try to find somewhere where I could seat or half-sit half-stand instead. There are a couple of exceptions though.
Anyway, I got changed and went to the car. During the drive, I began to get more urgent more quickly than I had thought I would and started to get worried. I squirmed around on the seat wishing I could hold myself but unwilling to admit that much desperation to myself or to possibly be seen. Then I hit on the idea to put my bag with my towel and swinsuit between my legs, squeezing them tight so it would push against my crotch. That helped a bit and no one seemed to notice, and I arrived at the park still doing OK but pretty desperate and very anxious. We were 1/2 an hour early and I hoped I would find an opportunity to slip away without saying anything before the show. I had not peed in 5 1/2 hours and had been aware of a need for 2 1/2 though I'd had to go before that too, and I'd been drinking a lot throughout the day.
My family wanted to get good seats and head straight to the festival site. Since again there were people having to pee, we split into two groups - a bathroom group and a festival site group. I tried frantically to think of an excuse to get me into the bathroom group other than having to pee, but I couldn't, so I miserably walked to the site with the other non-peers, my bladder feeling heavy and full.
The wait for the festival to start and the whole first half were torture. I squirmed constantly in my lawn chair crossing and uncrossing my legs until I finally got out of the chair altogether, pretending I was more comfortable on the ground and sat down rocking my bladder into my heel, which did help me hold it. I fantasized about just letting go and peeing through my shorts into the grass, but I knew there'd be a wet spot on my clothes if I did that. I tried to tell myself there were only 2 hours or so left and I could make it.
At intermission, I was urgently bursting and I knew there was no way I could wait until the show ended and we drove back to the hotel. I had now held it for almost 4 hours or more, and I had to do something or I would wet my pants. I was about to give in and just say I had to pee badly when my aunt mentioned wanting coffee and that she didn't want to walk all the way back to the park building. That building probably also had bathrooms! I quickly volunteered to get her coffee and she handed me a couple of dollars and I took off running before anyone else could volunteer to go with me or suggest it was a bad idea to send me alone in an unfamiliar area. The park building was about 5 minutes away and my bladder was so full, it felt like a year. I also got a little lost and had to veer back on the path.
Finally, I was at the building. I had to pee before I worried about the coffee. I walked in and looked for the restroom. Right away, I saw that the womens' had a huge line snaking out of it with little kids with their mothers whining and dancing around holding themselves. I couldn't wait that long, first because I didn't think I could stand still with any decorum for 15 or 20 minutes without peeing my pants and secondly because I was scared that other members of my family might also have to go, come here and see me.
I decided to look for another, smaller bathroom. I ran out onto the path and in a couple of minutes, came to a little kids' park. I knew those often had restrooms. I ran towards the wooden hut that looked like one, but it had a sign "closed at 6pm." Now what? My bladder jumped and a spurt of pee nearly came out. I had to stop and cross my legs tightly and do a little dance with people all around. I actually thought of just letting it come and telling my aunt I spilled her coffee on my lap, but then my determination and pride took over and I prevented myself from wetting with superhuman strength considering how full my bladder was and how desperate I felt and I was only 10. (Significantly, at that age I don't think I ever had a full accident in public, just partial ones, but I did pee my pants now and again in private, like in my bedroom. The possibility of being seen seemed to motivate me to hold it when it seemed impossible.)
I don't know if anyone that night noticed a panicking little brown Afro-Latina with an urgently bursting need to pee pulling on her tight little shorts to have them hold her crotch because she didn't want to use her hand in public and walking painfully crouched over as she plunged into the bushes. I wasn't thinking of that as I searched for a place to go. I would have squatted, but people kept coming by walking dogs and stuff and I'd heard of people being arrested for indecent exposure and didn't want to risk it. I ran back to the park just thinking, THERE HAS TO BE A WAY. I was so close to peeing my pants. Then, I found a way. In a more quiet corner of the park were some old tire swings. I ran over there and hopped into one thinking no-one would look twice at a child swinging.
As I gently swung with one hand on the rope, trying not to wriggle too desperately and lose control of the swing, the other undid my shorts and pushed them and my panties to my knees (this would have been much easier in a dress or skirt.) I had my bag with me and placed it on my lap to hide the brown skin showing. I wanted to make sure my pee didn't go on the ground and make people look, so I sat up slightly, angling my crotch right into the bottom of the tire. Then I let my pee go as quickly as I could to cut down on the risk of detection. There was rainwater in the tire and my pee thundered into it in a thick, desperate stream that felt so good to let loose. It actually didn't hit the ground at all and was much more comfortable than squatting on the ground. It seemed to go on forever and I swung slowly back and forth trying not to show on my face that anything unusual was going on, but I was terrified that I would be caught. I felt this was a wrong thing to do. Luckily, even though it was a long pee, no one came too near to where I was. When I was done, I whipped up my shorts, hopped out of the swing, tilted it and let the water and pee run to the ground as I didn't think it was nice to leave my pee there for someone else to accidentally encounter. I did the same with all the other swings just in case someone was watching and wondering. Then I headed back to my family. For the first minute or so, I looked fearfully behind me for a cop or someone else who had seen what I'd done. Then, I relaxed and took pride in the unique, mature way I'd handled my problem.
I wonder if anyone else noticed a little black girl who had been obviously desperate five minutes ago now walking slowly, comfortably, with a serene expression and dry clothes and wondered what she had done to address her needs? Or maybe someone had watched me and seen the whole thing? Maybe this story will end up here from their perspective. This is one of the more public places I ever peed, by the way.
I was almost back to my family before I remembered my aunt's coffee. I ran back and got it, noting there was still a line for the restrooms. By the time I rejoined my family, the show had started and they all wanted to know what had taken so long. I said a long line and we left it at that.


My name is Karen, and I'm a 19 year old freshman in California. I'm sooooooooo glad I found this site! I had a really embarassing experience earlier this year. I'm a really shy person, so I was worried about meeting my roommate. I was so nervous moving in that I started to get an upset stomach. Finally, I was moved in, and her parents and my parents left. We were both really uncomfortable, and then my poop really started to hit me. I dashed into the bathroom, but our suitemate was already in there! I kept knocking, but it was too late--I had pooped in my white shorts. When I heard our suitemate leave, I dashed into the bathroom. I was able to clean myself up, but my pants were ruined. I was so upset that I started to cry. My roommate heard me, and she asked if she could come in. I thought she was going to make fun of me, but she hugged me and told me about a time when she pooped herself! Since then, we've been super close, and we're pledging the same sorority! I'm so glad I found a poop buddy!

Daniel (Danny)
Today my friend organized a party and i am in troubles.( I AM WRITING IN MY FRIENDS COMPUTER!!!!). It is a sleepover. It is 3:30 am and they are sleeping.Better tell this in two parts, one right now and the other one when i get home. Part one: 6 hours ago we were playing nintendo and my friens(7) decided to go walk to a community park or place for relaxing. I decided to walk with them. The great advantage is that the park has a hole in the wall and we an pass through it. We were telling jokes and everything when i felt the urge to poop. That park doesnt has restrooms and i was feeling that my hole was about to open. I asked to my friends if anyone had to poop and everyone said yes.We all grabbed a stone and started digging a hole. When we finished George squatted and we all saw his hole open widely.He grunted and a soft log was starting to come out slowly and landed on the hole we dug. WAIT A MINUTE, I HAVE TO GO #2.... When was i? Oh yes. He finished pooping and wiped with leaves. The same we did all and then we left. At 12 we were pplaying and telling things when one of us went for a glass of water and one friend was in the bathroom. We went downstairs and while we were walking to the kitchen the urge to go #2 i felt. I told Robert that i was going to thr bathroom while he drink water.When i opened the door of the guest bathroom i found the sister of George pooping with the pants at her knees and her underwear just far enough to go. She seemed sueprised butshe just grunted, i heard one plop and she left. She didnt flush. I looked at her poop and there were 3 soft turds and paper. I sat down. I pished and i grunted while the sost turd was coming out slowly. Robert said that if he could watch and i said yes. I pooped three oft logs. I will tell you the rest in aproximately in 11 hours because one of my friends is waking ip. i better go now. Bye and wait for the other part.

Great post, cool experience. Please share more.

In the 3grade me and my best friend Katie were out at resses playing tag wene I had to poop relly bad. I asked my teacher and he said ok but I had to walk to the outher side of the school to get to the bathroom. I was wlaking as fast as I coude but thene it sliped out. I went to the bathroom and finished up. by the time I finshed up resses was over. I had to walk up in frount of the class to tel my teacher. He told me to go to the nurse. Thene I had to tell her. she gave me clothes she had for such an case and thene she put my clothes in a plastic bag. thene I had to walk back in the class room to put them in my cubby. I was so imbaresed.

AJ- Its interesting that you remember back to your toilet training days. I remember mine well but it seems most people don't. I, too, had a small potty chair that I liked to use. Even though I still sat to pee I remember that I'd pee on the toilet but much perferred, in fact insisted on pooping on the potty. I was constipated for most of mt toddler years. The potty I had had arms at the sides. Used to hook my hands under them and pull as I strained. As I got older I remember getting off the the toilet when having a hard time of it and sitting on my potty because I felyt I could strain better there.- JW

Good morning--cool here. I just got up about ten minutes ago, sat at the computer to dial up, and felt my rectum fill up. I sent a slightly moistened finger to check. If I am not ready to go, even a moistened finger does not readily go into my anus; but if (as in this case) I am ready, even a dry finger will slide in quite easily. It went in through the anus into the rectum, which at first seemed empty, but then a turd slid down firmly against my finger. Holding it in place, I walked to the toilet. As I got up to walk, the anus closed and sent the turd back up a little ways. I got to the toilet, squatted on the rim, and watched as three nice turds came quickly out--about 4, 4, and 7 inches respectively, falling with distinct plunks into the water. I wiped once, refolded the paper, put a dab of Noxzema on it, and wiped again, this time sticking it up into my anus for deeper cleansing. It all felt excellent.
Yesterday I was quite conscious of how I wipe. I take three sheets of toilet paper, fold them so that they form a pad 1 sheet square and 3 thick, and go in from my right side (with right hand) to wipe. For the first wipe, to get the grossest stuff off, I simply wipe across, left to right, using my middle three fingers to guide the paper. After I look at what's on the paper, checking for color and consistency, I fold it in half. I wipe again, this time front to back, and again check results. If the b.m. is hard, that's usually enough; if it's a little soft at the end, I need to do it again. Taking three more sheets, I fold them as before, but this time I wipe down from the top of my crack, placing my thumb on my inner thigh as a brace, then wiping firmly back to front with my ring finger digging a little into my anus, then front to back with my pointing finger digging in. I do that several times, then I inspect the paper; if still dirty, I fold it and repeat the process, always guiding down my crack to begin. The third set of paper (if necessary) I treat like the second, but after I fold it, I add the Noxzema for the final wipe.
I don't know what made me notice the wiping, but I wondered whether others have a specific technique, and where they learned it.
Happy pooping, everyone!

Steve B.
About a year ago, me and my family were on a vacation, and we were pulled in at a campsite, and they decided to take the dogs for a walk. I really had to take a crap and I thought I would try something new. I took one of the bags used for the dogs crap and pulled down my pants and squatted and pulled the bag up so It was right under my ass. I pushed out some nice footlong turds into the bag. I tied the bag up and left it under the camper. It was thrown in the trash along with the dog crap. Has anyone else taken a crap in a bag??

oh my lord do i have cramps now. I feel like i need to pee and shit, but i'm holding it in. I wanna have an "accident" because i've never had one before. I'm sitting at my computer chair.

i can't hold it any more. my hands are on my crotch. i let go. my pants are flooded with pee. now the poop is comming out. uh-oh, it's diarrhea! I can't stop! Shit, my pants are so full! i got to go take a shower now. adios!

I dunno
Today I am on this website by searching up on the net. I like to pee in weird places, so i guess I am a weirdo. oh god... I can't hold this pee any longer. i just got a big pad so I can piss and type. it feels good and naughty. hehehe...
well.... i'll piss and see ya later!

This is a story about how i found out that i liked seeing guys peeing pee or desperate to pee, when i saw my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I were driving and, we entered a tunnel during the height of rush hour traffic. As we inched our way to the tunnel I saw a look of pain on Zach's face. I asked him what was wrong and he said "nothing". I thought the traffic was getting to him as he is an impatient driver. As we approached the toll booth, he was sort of bending over at the waist toward the steering wheel. He has a nervous stomach so I asked again if he was okay. He responded that he was just tired. When we finally got into the tunnel I noticed Zach tapping his hands hard on the steering wheel while still kind of bending forward. After a few minutes I noticed him raising one cheek of his ass, then the other. His face was a bit contorted. It was then that I figured he must have to pee, and pretty badly at that. Although we've been together for two years, he is a very private person and doesn't announce when he has to pee, even to me.

After about ten minutes in the tunnel, an announcement over the speakers said a truck was stuck in the mouth of the tunnel, but traffic should be moving shortly. By now Zach was squirming a wee bit, and his right foot was tapping. Then he began fanning his legs in and out, and tapping both feet. I was really getting turned on.

Soon his left leg was tapping wildly and he was doubling over at the waist. I asked once again if he was okay. He finally responded "I have to pee so bad I could taste it". I told him to hold on and that we'd be out of the tunnel soon. He was now bouncing up and down in the seat, while sweat formed on his brow. I looked at his face and noticed that he was biting down hard on his lower lip. Soon, even his breathing became irregular. We now had the car off for 20 mintues, and there was no further announcement about how long it would take to clear the tunnel. I noticed Zach had tears in his eyes as he tried hard to contain himself. I kept glancing down at his crotch, but it was dry.

Finally an announcement came, but it the news Zach wanted to hear. "We are still working on the blockage which should be cleared within the hour". Hearing this made Zach wince, and for the first time he said to me "I don't think I can hold this in that long". Being as shy as he is, I knew he didn't want to hold his penis in front of me, so every now and then I'd turn and look out my passenger side window. I figured this would give him time to give his penis a squeeze if he needed to. He finally pulled his seat back a bit and crossed his legs tightly.

Finally, after about 35 minutes, the lights turned green and the traffic began to move forward, inch by inch. Zach uncrossed his legs, moved his seat back into position and began to inch along with the traffic. "I can't do this", he exclaimed. "I'm going to wet my pants, I need to go so bad". The traffic stopped again, briefly as cars were lead out of the tunnel. We were still only about mid-way through. I asked Zach if he wanted me to drive and he said "yeah, please" I maneuvered my way into the back seat and told him to scoot over to the passengers front seat. When he did, I climbed into the driver's seat. I was in awe of how long he was holding such a bad piss. He looked like he was in agony, which was all i could take. With my right hand, I grabbed his penis through his jeans, and squeezed the head hard. I told Zach to relax a bit. He just kept saying "oh, I'm so embarrassed". I told him not to worry, and that it happens to the best of us. I could feel his muscles relax a bit as I held on to his thing. The traffic began to move, and I drove with only my left hand on the wheel.

Finally, we were out of the dark tunnel, but still crawling in traffic on the New York side. Because we were in broad daylight, Zach took my hand from his penis, and kind of pressed down with his own hand. At this point he told me he couldn't even talk, because if he did he was going to loose control. Washington is not the kind of place where you can pull over and pee on the side of the road; plus, there were wall to wall people on the streets, and lots of cops around. I was frantically looking for a place to park so that Zach could get into a building and finally let it out. His head was now down under the dashboard, and both of his arms were wrapped around his knees while his legs were drawn up to his chest. I reached down under his left leg and pressed hard on his penis. I felt him relax a bit at that point. I told him to hold it, and that I'd find parking soon. About ten minutes later, I saw a side street that i knew had a small park at the end, so i turned onto it. Unfortunately, there were people at the park, but we decided to get him out of the car and go into the woods to a trail in the park and let him pee there. i parked as close as i could and we got out of the car. Getting out of the car was difficult for Zach. He couldn't get out right away. He said if he moved his legs or let go of his penis, he'd loose it. I told him to take a few deep breaths and pull his muscles in tightly. I was never so horny in my life. Luckily, it was getting a little dark, so it wasn't as easy to see Zach holding his penis. I had to half drag him, beacuse he could hardly walk by himself. We finally made it into the cover of the trail, and Zach walked a little ways off of it under the cover of the trees while I stood on the trail to make sure no one came by. I was a little disappointed that i wouldn't get to watch him, but i thouhght, "well, at least i can hear him."

But then Zach called to me that he couldn't let go of his penis or else he would wet his pants (his hands were inside his pants by now). "i can't believe i'm asking this," (and neither could I, because he's so shy), but can you come over here and help me?" i was thrilled beyond belief, but i tried to staylooking calm and walked over to him. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and pulled down his underwear, and finally, with a moan of relief, Zach started peeing like never before. He peed for 3 or 4 minutes nonstop; i couldn't believe he had held that much in him. I couldn't stop staring at him; it was the first time i had seen him pee, and i was incredibly turned on.

That's my story, sorry it was so long. Does anyone else have any similiar stories? i would love to hear them. I have other stories ot tell from after this time if anyone wants to hear them.

Bubba -- It's funny. I don't mind if my parents here me pee forever, but I mind terribly if a friend does. When I leave the stall after having gone for a long time, i get all sorts of strange looks. It used to bother me, but now I'm so used to it I just view it as "They are strangers, and I never have to see them again." It works for me.

You know, once because I wouldn't admit to my friends that I have a giant bladder and pee for a long time...well, it wasn't good. So me and like 4 friends went to an amusement park. We drank alot and went on a lot of rides and stuff, and I started needing to use the bathroom almost instantly. But I figured that since I have a very large bladder I could just hold it. So over the course of the day I had drank 4 large diet sprites, 2 slushies, 1 diet coke, 3 cups of decaf coffee, and 4 bottles of water. After drinking that much, even me with the large bladder had to go to the bathroom pretty desperately. So we all went into the bathroom and i pulled down my pants and started going. I knew that I could easily use the bathroom for 5 minutes, because I hadn't used the bathroom all day yesterday, all day today, and i had drank alot.

So i started peeing, and after about a minute when my bladder was still 4/5ths full, my friends called and were like "come on! You're taking forever!!" And I was to embarrassed to tell anybody that I had a large bladder, so I painfully stopped the flow and wiped and got into the car with all of my friends. The car ride was three hours long, and it was very hot and my friends airconditing was broken so I drank another two diet sprites and two water bottles.

Then i started REALLY REALLY having to go. I asked a friend to pull over, but they wouldn't. Somehow I made it home, and into my house. I got into the bathroom and quickly pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet and peed for like 7 minutes non stop or before i even started "drizzling".

Once when i was on a camping trip a friend and i who were sharing the room got pans to pee into. One night I really had to go and started peeing into the pan. I peed so much that i overflowed the pan and had a huge puddle on the floor. my friend saw and started laughing and helped me clean up.

Well today begins day 1 of my medication. My stomach feels like it's made out of steel. It is so awesome! But here's the bad part; I have not had a BM since yesterday morning. Oh well I have to see my doctor next week. Hopefully things will be moving before then (if you know what I mean)!

Pam--I feel your pain. You should probably talk to your doctor about taking medications. I've been getting diarrhea every day (or mostly every day for about 5 months). Today was my first day of constipation. It feels very wierd. Oh well, at least my medication (Librax) is working. Do you take Lactaid with dairy foods. I take that and it helps. But ice cream doesn't upset my stomach (unless it's from an ice cream shop). Just milk and cheese. Caffeine is my worst enemy, exactly in the same way that dairy doesn't agree with you.

while back posted about MOUTAIN DEW MOUTAIN BLACk or someething like that well anway, got REALLLY sick, thrwoing up and pooping more than 20 timies. Wel, anybody GOT THE SAME EXPERIENCE!!! i will NEVER drink that stough again, im gonna write a letter to tehme telling them that their s*** prodcut made me s***!!! lol... see yallllll

AUSSIEROD.........To Penny.. I tried to reply to your post earlier as you may have seen but had pc probs, all fixed now, so I shall resume . I started off to say your incident with your sighting of the lady in the next cubicle reminds me of a story my sister told me awhile ago. When she first left school she did a variety of jobs prior to her settling down to a career, one the jobs was a demonstrator for a bed linen company. That meant she had to travel around shopping centres and exhibitions. She was at a shopping centre this time working when she had to go for a dump , she told the girl she worked with that she off to take a dump & would be back in 10 minutes. We come from a very open family therefore things toilet related were not a big issue, we often compared notes about our poops & we saw each other on the pot many many times.
She said this was gonna be a 2 day poop , meaning she hadn't been for a crap for 2 days, therefore this dump would take some effort. As she walked to the ladies she could feel the head of turd begin to make its way out then stop. she sat down , had good long piss , followed by a loud booming fart, then she pushed out a huge log about 7" long. As she was waiting for the second log to emerge, her concentration was broken by the click click of high heels on the tiled floor. This person was obviously in a real hurry, the cubicle door on her left was swung open with a rush hitting the wall of the toilet making everything vibrate. Then she heard the other girl start to wimper & start to swear in desperation, my sister then looked under the stall, the stalls were fairly high offf the floor , almost as high as the bowl. She recognised the shoes belonging to the girl in the who was working in the stall next to her she was selling lighting, from memory her name was Sam I think. My sister introduced herself & asked Sam if she was ok, Sam said apparently that she had busting for dump for quite awhile, the girl who works with her had gone to the bank & when she returned Sam was in the middle of a customer inquiry so she just couldn't say " excuse me madam I am in desperate need of a shit ". So poor Sam had to hold on sqeezing her cheeks together.
Sam started to swear a little bit more, when my sister asked if she was ok, that's when Sam said she was having trouble undoing her skirt at the back, her skirt was too tight to just pull up. My sister said for her to hold on & she would come & help her. Sam said she would be very grateful as she could feel a turd starting to sqeeze between her cheeks . My sister stood up from the toilet, let her dress drop but left her pants around her knees as she still had another turd to drop then wipe. She went into sam's cubicle, quickly unbuttoned her skirt & unzipped her when Sam said " Oh f***k", No...I'm pooping my panties" As her skirt dropped to the floor, my sister resumed her postion in her toilet, when Sam pulled her panties down the gusset area had a large turd resting in them, then she heard sam let go with a load of shit into the bowl followed by a long hissing piss. Sam thanked my sister for helping her out of situation, she would have pooped her panties completely. Sam said it took about 10 wipes to make herself ok.

I remember the time I had to pee the worst in my life. I was a senior in high school and after holding it all day and then through dinner and a play rehersal (about 15 hours at this point), I was about to burst. My mom picked me up from the rehersal and I told her I needed to pee, so go straight home (about a 10 minute drive). She said OK and we left. About three blocks later my bladder which was painfully numb and hard started to spasm and my crotch was burning. I had to plead with my mom to pull over in a residential area. I got out right in front of someone's house (luckily it was dark) and lowered my tight jeans just barely enough. I half squatted and half bent over. My mother was standing behind me trying to shield me from the street. I started peeing normally and it was splashing. Embarassed, I bent over further and really beared down to hurry. This caused a perfect laser stream to land in the gutter behind me with lots of splattering. I heard me mother exclaim - Oh, Brenda! - She backed up a couple feet. At the end both myself and my mom had wet shoes. I could tell she was shocked on the way home, and told her friends about her daughter's huge pee.

To PV, Lexi and all the other Big Bladdered Women:
Do you ever bear down (to get finished quicker)?
Do you ever measure some of your productions??? - You have to be curious about how much is produced in such long pees.

Hi there,

A few days ago I posted my discovery as a game warden (hope you liked it). That remembered me about an other "adventure".
When I was younger I worked as a handyman at a local gasstation/groceryshop. One day a woman and her daughter pulled over. The girl was nicely looking and some younger than me, but at least 18> because she was driving. Her mother filled up the tank, while the girl walked in my direction. 'Can I use the bathroom', she asked somewhat embarresed. Unfortunatelly for her there were no restroom and I wasn't allowed to let her use he personals restroom. She got back to her mom and they talked for a little while. The girl must be in a hurry now, because she was holding herself (pressing her hand on her bottom). Her mother payed for the gas and got in the grocery shop. To my surprise she came back with a plastic bag of diapers (biggest size but too small off course for her daughter). She gave them to her daughter. I was a little embaressed, so I pretended that I was busy. Meanwhile I didn't miss a bit! The girl got a diaper out of the package and pulled down her jeans and pants (she was standing behind the open door of her car and her mom, so it was not very clear what she was doing exactly, but I knew enough...). The diaper was a littlebit small, but she managed to pull it up and she put her jeans back on. Her mom dropped the rest of the diapers into a bin and let her daughter step in next to her. She took the wheel and drove away. I'm still wondering of the girl got home clean, or that she pooped her diaper on the ride home.


hey Kerstin welcome to the boards. How did those turds smell?

I just thought I'd post while my bladder was doing that crazy thing that it does. I've had a lot to drink today (it's a lot for me, anyway), but I haven't peed since I first woke up this morning (7 am and it's 5:30 pm right now). I've had a couple of bottles of water (20 oz. each), a large ocean water from Sonic (about 48 oz.?) and a can of Pepsi (12 oz). I'm pretty small and I usually can't hold much, especially if I'm drinking like a camel. I'm going to guess that it's been close to 100 oz. today and I haven't peed at all since I started drinking all that. About 10 and a half hours. I realized that earlier and I was really surprised that I hadn't felt the slightest need to urinate yet. Anyway, I just got in and I was looking for something in my closet when a really strong urge came from nowhere. Suddenly, I felt like I was about to wet myself, but after I held back for a few seconds, it subsided. And now I'm back to not having to go at all. I'm not sure what causes those sudden urges. I'm only 16 and bladder problems aren't that common in teens, are they? I'm never in any pain or anything, I just suddenly get those strange urges to pee. I was hoping that another would come back while I was online so I could time it, judge how hard it is to hold, etc. so maybe someone on here could explain this to me. But, unfortunately, I don't have to pee at all right now. Maybe it's because I'm sitting down. I'm not sure if it happened because I was standing up (and bending over too, I believe), or not. Maybe that's all it is. I'll have to see if there's a pattern.

Doesn't look like it's going to happen again anytime soon, so I'll log off for now. If anyone has an explanation/theory for this please share!

Hello again. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed girls poop 2's story about leaving your butt a little dirty. I do that sometimes too, but mostly prefer just leaving it unwiped when I can. Sometimes I wipe standing up so that I leave the inside of my butt messy. Also, Cindy's story (a few pages back) was pretty cool. I don't usually poop anywhere but in the toilet or outside, but I do poop standing up sometimes.

Today I felt like leaving the door open, sortof making it risky because anyone who walked by would see me. My parents were home today, but they were in another part of the house. I went in and peed (standing up) and then sat down to do the hard work. I pushed a bit and a few turds came out. I sat and peed a little more, then pulled my pants and underwear up. I'll probably clean my ass later tonight in the shower or tomorrow. My butt isn't extremely messy, but there's a little poop down there.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

AUSSIEROD.......... to Marlina re blokes peeing stories..... Some months ago I was walking through a park on my way home, I had been working in a large rural town & this day was my day off so I walked down to a large man made lake surrounded by parkland. I felt the urge to piss come on me all of a sudden, I had drunk quite a bit of water as it was a hot day. As I walked on the urge became stronger & stronger & I started to look out seriously for a public toilet. Well I wasn't looking where I was walking & tripped over a stick lying on the ground , this forced a little dribble into my shorts. I was wearing those old fashioned jogging shorts with the split up the side that have the inbuilt jox. By this time I was desperate , I was hanging onto my crotch so as not to piss my shorts, but I felt by doing this passing women might get the wrong idea. So I went into an area that was reasonably bushy, not really secluded but good enough & pretended I was looking at a tree with a view to take a photo( I had a camera with me). There have been times when being reasonably well endowed has its merits, I was able to discreetly pull my inbuilt jox aside allow my penis to fall out against my left thigh whereupon I had the most enjoyable piss in ages. Unfortunately it all went down my left leg & onto my sandals & in that position I could not give it a final shake, But however it was certainly better than pissing my shorts in front of everyone in the park............... Hope you enjoyed that story of pee relief,,,,,,,,,, now its your turn ..... bye for now

I've just done a poo standing up and bending over slightly, it's quite good isn't it, you get to see the poo falling and splashing in the water and it falls faster and splashes more. I can't do it standing up straight because I cannot poo without peeing and if I stand up straight I'll pee all over the floor.

Tim (and Sarah): Sorry if I offended you, I should hastily add that I didn't poo on a grave or even within yards of one, I wouldn't do such a disrespectful thing.

Hello all

Nice to see the WWLB crew back on the board! I always enjoy the stories.

Bubba -- I'm afraid that compared to some of the accounts you come across around here, my stories will be quite lame! I had one former girlfriend when I was younger that had a larger bladder than normal. She was a very private person, so I didn't often pry into greater details when she would tell me about her bathroom habits. When once I did ask, she shied away immediately and I lost my chance for any further info! I do have a few stories from what she did tell me.

It was normal for her not to pee from the time she left for work until later that evening when she got home (About 6am to 4pm normally). Evidently the restrooms were not up to par where she worked, and she hated public bathrooms in general. One particular day she told me about was when had to work late. She didn't get home until around 6:30pm that day, and had been drinking more liquids than usual to try to get over a cold. She didn't provide too many details, but did say that by the time she arrived home she was desperate to pee. Again, she didn't say too much about the pee itself other than that she "didn't know when it was going to stop." This piqued my interest, to say the least, but I didn't ask about it further for reasons previously explained.

Hi I am from Australia I am a male, blonde hair, super fit and blue eyes. I do modelling for part time work. anyway once I got offered to do some work over the states. One of the jobs was for a webcam website thing. I deciced not to do it cos I don't do porn. anyway I found out the other day that it could of been one of those things where they put you in a house with cameras everywhere even in the bathroom so people can watch you go all over the net. I know for a fact that I couldn't go and do that. I turn on the shower when I go number 2. And I even thing they make you go with the door open. And I know for a fact I couldn't go infront of guys no way. I think I could girl infront of a girl I like or something cos I'd be more relaxed maybe. well anyway has anyone heard of this or been asked to do this before. It's kinda did sound good cos you stay in a really nice place with everything you can think of even tanning beds. it's tempting but like I said I don't do porn. :)

I'm going to try this again as it was not posted the first time. Anna, you've got me a little intrigued about the fact that you are in a wheelchair. I'm curious as to why and how that affects your control of bowel and bladder.

Tim (and Sarah)
AJ: I was very interested in your childhood memories. Thanks for sharing them. That was a cute and funny story when you sat that unfortunate bridal doll into your poo, lol.
I recall, when I was around five, getting a nice candy from my grandma. Sweets were rather rare at the time and I wanted to save it for a bit later. I put it into the pocket of my pants. When some of my older cousins peed together behind the barn, I wanted to be part of them and also went there. At that time I was still pulling my pants down to pee rather than going through the zip. When I did it, my sweet fell out and landed in the puddle of piss the other boys were making on the floor. While I still thought about picking it up (it was wrapped) and cleaning it, one of them directed his stream directly onto it and laughed. Boy, was I upset with that tosser...I had the strenght not to cry in front of them, but that afternoon was definately ruined ( I think now that I was lucky, he did it, cause he stop me from picking it
May I ask you, if you were frustrated, when your father explained to you that you had to sit down? I hope it's not a strange or rude question, but we had the problem with our daughter, who thought it was an unheard of unfairness, when she was around four...She also tried the same as you (closing the labia). I once had to take the kids into the men's room, cause I had diarrhoe. After my son peed into a low urinal, I asked them to wait by the sinks while I had to go. She used the moment of being unobserved for trying also to use the urinal in the above way and soaked the floor and her cloth. She was so frustrated and upset afterwards. We knew that girls could also pee standing but hesitated to teach her, as she was maybe too little to judge the situation. We solved it with the help of my sister, who lives in Africa but stayed with us at the time. She showed our little daughter in the shower of the swimming pool that a girl can pee standing, but has to spread the labia rather than holding it together. She told her to keep it their secret and it seems she is feeling happy and able with it. When she grows up she can make her own decision, when and where to use her skill.
I also like your little book shelf by the toilet....Keep the nice stories coming, please...

(The famous) Jimmy Ten Eyes: I really had to laugh about the way, you portrayed your certainly uncomfortable hospital stay. Having had a a few hospital experiences myself in recent years, I found it even more amusing and have to tell you that the „obsession" with your outputs was not specific for that place, but is a general interest in hospitals all over the world. Having had bowel surgery, I thought in the beginning this was a particular case, which led to discussing your anal creations with everyone from the head physician to the student apprentice like the daily weather. It is more and more dawning onto me though, that your toilet perfomances are generally the big topic, once you give yourself into those caring hands...After my surgery I was able to get up pretty soon again. I still had to poo into a bedpan though, which I was allowed to do in the bathroom. I sat on of this wheelchairs with a pan and afterwards had to call the nurse for a dookie presentation. The first time I made a nicely shaped turd again (the word „stool softener" alone makes my guts rumble...boy, can that stuff give you a spontaneous urge to shit!), I felt quite proud about it; but when the nurse caried the pan away and told me in a very supportive way: „Well done...", I suddenly felt a bit silly...
I really laughed about your baseball card comparism. I had to think about this card game, we had as kids: You had to compare your cards with the ones of your mates and would get their cards if your plane, train or car was faster or bigger than theirs. There was this one card in the ship game that everyone was after: the air craft carrier.... It won in every category except for speed. I guess this would have been your BP-card! Sounds like a good BM you had there. I once pooped out a week's worth of constipation. It was on of the most embarrasing moments in my life, cause I had to drop my pants in front of my whole family ( but that's another story I have told here before...). It was a BIG pile though...

I like seeing people having to piss really badly. Women always seem to let others know just how bad they have to go. When men (or teenage boys) start letting others know, it's usually because they are desparate and can't wait much longer. There is a fast food place near where I live just off a major highway that gets lots of cars coming off a long stretch without many stops. There is also an amusement park fairly close and busloads of kids stop there to eat. One time there were a couple of bus loads and lines for the restrooms. One girl finally screamed out "I'm going to have an accident" to he boyfriend and asked him to clear the mens room out so she could go. Lots of times people (especially girls) come running in, desparate to pee. The best is when they're doubled over or unbuckling their pants as they're heading for the door. Occasionally they come in pairs or even groups and start telling each other how bad they have to go. Across the street from this place there is a gas station and the restrooms are positioned so you can see everyone lining up. I've witnessed numerous times when women espcially can't get in without a key (why they require one I don't know) and go through the throes of desparation. I've never actually seen anyone have an accident, though. A few times I know people were close but always made it.

I'd be interested in finding out what was the worst other people had to pee (or poop) without losing it. I've never wet myself but have had bad diarreah that led to a few accidents. As a kid we went on a long car trip one time and late in the day my parents had a fight and I had to pee so badly I actually thought about letting it go slowly so no one would know I wet my pants. We finally stopped for dinner and my mother figured out I hadn't been to the bathroom all day and suggested I go. I barely made it. Another time I was attending a week long sleepaway summer camp in the local mountains. They took us to a ski area that ran the lifts to the top of the mountain all year. I needed to pee pretty badly but there was no nearby restroom. I tried to sneak away to find a bush when we were told to line up for the trip down the hill. I was scared of the lift as it was and now had to hold in a monster piss. When we reached the bottom we were told to immediately get on the vans and trucks that took us there. I had to go so bad I was actually clenching my jaws and my whole body hurt. I was only 9 or 10 at the time and it's an absolute miracle I didn't piss my pants. When we finally got back to camp I went screaming for the bathroom and barely made it. That same week I didn't take a dump for several days (no doors on the stalls) and held it until one night I woke up literally starting to shit my pants. I didn't even bother to put shoes on, just ran as fast as possible to the bathroom. When I came out another kid was coming in. I knew him and he asked me why I was up and I described how I nearly shit my pants. He said he really had to go too so I waited and we walked back together. Another time when I was about 15 or 16 I went fishing with a friend who had access to a small boat in a Southern California harbor. We took this thing (maybe 10 ft.) out of the breakwater and onto the open ocean. Weather was calm but right after we got out I really had to pee. I could usually hold it pretty good as a teenager but his was a genuine struggle. With a small motor and no speed it seemed like forever until we got back and as it was we stayed out for several hours. This boat was kept in a marina that had locked gates and locked bathrooms! He had the key and since he had to go really bad too he took they key and went first. I was dying!! When he finally came out I grabbed the key and had maybe the most satisfying piss I've ever taken. There was also a time I rented a boat from a local pier and insted of getting a motor I decided to save money and just get oars. I took nearly half an hour to cover what was really only a few hundred yards where we fished. I had a friend who was 3 or 4 years younger with me (I was maybe 16 or 17) and he always seemed to need a bathroom and would say so. This time we were out for several hours and he didn't say a word. I'm guessing he knew we could not get back very fast and just held it in. When we finally returned my bladder was pounding I needed to piss so bad. I told him we should go to the bathroom before cleaning our fish and he agreed. When we got in he went right to the first urinal and let out a gushing stream of pee. I did the same in a stall. What a relief!

What stories does anyone else have?

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