hi im anna im 16. one thign that has to be cleared up first is that i am in a wheelchair and i need help going to the bathroom.

yesterday i was on the phone talking to my friend dan for hours. after a while i really had to go to the bathroom but i didnt feel like interuppting the phone call and having my mom take me to the bathroom ad making dan wait a while. i was having a good time on the phone with him. it got pretty bad after a while, and i started to think about just saying i had to get off the phone, but it was still fairly early and i didn't know if he'd feel bad about going. so i decided i'd just hold it until after the call. well obviously i waited too long because while we were still talking i wet my pants. we still talked for a long time while i was sitting in wet pants and underwear before i got off the phone.

Hello all, went to an awards dinner the other night in one of the big cities out here. Husband got an award for cattle breeding. Anyway the traveling had put my bowel clock out and about halfway through dinner I needed to take a dump. At our table was a sprinkling of people that I did not know so just got up quietly and went off to the ladies. I went into one of two cubicles and got my dress up and panties down and proceeded to get on with a really large shit. A few farts later it was out and I could relax and pee. The door then opened and someone came in and took the other cubicle. I heard a long zipper being undone and noticed under the partition a dress being slipped off and then hung on the door. I noticed that there was no hook on my door and that her door was left open with the dress on the corner of the door. She then slipped her thong to her ankles, this I could see under the partition and took one foot out so that her feet were well apart. Then she sat and unleashed a torrent of wind, wet shit sprayed all over the bowl interspersed with farting and semi solid poo. A few grunts were thrown in in-between the shits which started a new torrent each time. The smell by now was horrific and I decided to wipe and run. As I went to wash my hands I looked back to see the door open. Sitting there was a young lady from our table. An absolutely gorgeous blond. I was amazed to see that she was stark naked on the pot with her dress hanging on the door, the door open and her one foot out of the thong with her legs apart and her elbows on her knees. I asked are you Ok to which she replied quite happily Yes no problem I always crap like this and I did not want to crease my dress. I said smart move and went to wash my hands. One further blast from her and I heard paper being rolled off. I said it must be nice it be young and not have to wear bra with a long dress. She said yes it is great but my loud bowel movements do rather disgust my husband. I said to her he would get used to it not to worry. Beautiful girl, naked dropping a huge noisy load and through the wall the MC was making other announcements at the dinner. Interesting.

Michael M.
The High School band loaded up on the bus to leave for an away football game about 5 hours away. The cheerleaders, players and a few others plus a chaperone (teacher) were on the bus heading out. Eveyone took a quick wee before going and of course there should be a stop along the way too.This was late October and getting fairly cold at night.

The bus arrived on time after a short stop at the turnpike resturant for a pee break, coke and sandwich. They played for the game at halftime, it was a playoff game and everyone was excited as the team won the playoff game.
After the game was over an announcment was made that there was a good bit of snow flurries coming soon, enough to cover the roads.So the Chaperone rushed everyone onto the bus, packed up everything and not many if anyone had a chance to hit the bathrooms.

The bus pulls out just as the first flurries are starting. The bus driver in fact steps it up a bit to try and get home before the roads get bad. The route ran thru some low mountains on the way winding up and down the highway.

After about an hour the snow is getting a bit heavy now and the bus had to slow up. A long ways from home yet, and its not looking good. Now its about 2 hours into the trip home and the chaperone decides to bypass the rest stop to get home a bit quicker.

Naturally you have a busload of students that hadnt peed before leaving, and also had some cokes and drinks and hadnt peed since half time at the game. A few were getting restless and showing a need of having to make a pit stop. Only there would be no pit stop in the hurry to get home, now the bus moving slower due to the slippery roads.

Two boys in the back of the bus are complaining they need to pee badly and were considering asking to have the bus stop--anywhere. That idea was out of the question. A few girls are also showing they need to pee badly too. Quite a few on the bus were into crotch holding and holding their penis, girls squeezing legs. Everyone is restless. The chaperone noting that everyone is unconfortable says, we will be home soon, so hang on guys. (ya in about 2 hours yet.)

The boys are really having a bad time holding on, finally one takes a paper cup sitting at the back of the bus, and takes out his penis and starts to pee in the cup. Another boy does the same. The girls could hear the pouring of pee into the filling cups but cant do anything about their needs. It was just awful. The person in charge made a major mistake. There were no more resturant or gas stations along the way, no rest stops. Figure this state out, they had em on RT 79 but not on RT 22 or 376. Girls are desperate rocking back and forth and complaining. Some were actually starting to cry as they were about to wet their pants in front of everyone.

One boy got up to talk to the chaperone and as he stood up and walked to the front of the bus he lost hold on his pee and totally wet his pants. One girl was crying as apparently she had wet her pants.
The one boy that had peed in a cup reported that this one girl, pretty and popular in school had wet her band pants.

The bus groaned on and on and finally pulled near the school, home at last. The roads were snow covered and slipperly. At the school it was now 3AM in the morning as the bus pulled in. Parents were there waiting to take their kids home. I was there and with the car running to keep warm,watching as the bus pulled in and doors opened.

Out spilled the students out the door. Several girls were crying as their parents met them. They had visibly soaked their band pants. Two boys jumped off and ran to the school locker rooms that were downstairs and open to make it to the toilets.
My boy jumped off the bus holding his peter and instead of coming to the car, ran off holding himself toward some hedges along the driveway. He finally came back, had a wet spot on his pants where he had started to pee before he could get his peter out. He said, whew, never held it so long in my life, almost didnt make it. He mentioned that two of his friends had wet their pants on the bus. His buds Jim and Bill wet a bit, went off into the school to try and clean up. They had their regular school clothes to change into.

So thus ended the nightmare bus trip. The Teacher was repirmanded for her actions although it was not clear if she had an accident or not.
From then on, it was declared that a school bus on a trip like that must stop for a comfort break. Many parents were upset.
It was also mentioned that one girl had done a poop in her pants after eating a couple hot Mexican chili dogs during the break when the band wasnt playing and drank a huge coke. She was also one who peed her pants.
It was a stange sight as everyone piled off the bus leaving the band instruments on the bus. Most of the girls were crying, not all had wet themselves but where probably in pain. The boys were awfully mad as several ran and peed in the hedges not able to wait one more second.

Moral of the the story is, when you can, take that minute to do that pee, especially if you are away and not sure when you can go again.

Linda from Australia again. Last night I was in my bedroom with the door open. I was getting ready for bed when my housemate went into the toilet and closed the door. She did a wee first (I could hear everything, even though she had the door closed) and then I heard her fart. She farted again and at the same time, I heard some poop fall into the toilet. Then I heard some more poop falling into the bowl and then she did another wee. It sounded like it was soft poop and I didn't hear any grunting so it must have been easy for her to squeeze out. I didn't tell her that I could hear her pooping. I hope that one day she has a real hard log to push out and that I'm within hearing distance. I've never heard her grunting or groaning in there before.

This weekend, Im going camping so I will let you all know if I have any good pooping experiences. I know that we will be eating lots of junk over the weekend so I wouldn't be surprised if I end up getting a bit constipated.

I don't have any good pooping stories today, anyone else got any good ones??

I should be getting my period(flow) in a couple of days, but I am getting really constipated and bloated and it makes the clothes I wear to work fit too tight. I haven't had a bowel movement for 4 or 5 days unless you count a couple of hard robin's eggs sized pellets I managed to force out. I'll be OK as soon as my flow starts. Then my bowels will get really loose. This happens to me every month. Anyone know of a good way to deal with this?

Hi im a 14 year old skinny girl and i love going to the bathroom. I love going in weird places too. Ill tell a story about a place i recently went. I was at home alone (or so i thought) and so i decided i would go on our laminated floor. So i took off all my clothes and stood there(i like doing it while standing up) and it was hard coming out so i had to push really hard. I was grunting and groaning, it stretched my hole really bad, i leaned down to watch as the hard brown head poked out and started sliding out. WHen it was about half way out my mom walked in from the washing room. She just kind of stared at me for a second. Then she said " i need to go to" so she pulled down her pants and squated behind me while i went and she went. We were both grunting and groaning as our poo slid out and landed on the floor with a plop then we peed on them and cleaned it up. It was a very fun experience.

Thank you, Lexi, for the bladder busting story of your trip to Yellowstone. Did all those geysers of hot water lead to your finally having to relieve your bladder after an unbelievable hold of a "full" 24 hours? Some of us guys also were born with bladders that hold at least a liter of piss. I never go to the urinal in school. I too never take a morning pee. And by 3 p. m. after holding for 28 hours (from the last one at 11 p. m. the night before), I am ready to burst. But I never visit the boy's room then to stand at the urinal for 5 or 6 minutes and take all the kidding about my huge bladder. My mother however listens at the bathroom door to hear my massive piss after I get home about 4 p. m. Again she warns me about holding so long while she secretly gets turned on by the massive piss that outdo her's, my father's, my older brother's and my two kid sister's short 30 seconds pees added together. Keep writing about your awesome pees and the reactions of those who pee near you in the ladies' room.

Some excellent tales today.
To Philippe
In answer to your questionnaire -
I don't think I could possibly walk away from a girl while she was on the toilet and doing her business. I would stand next to her and hope she took a keen interest in what I was doing!
To Bill
What an incredible experience you had. Mary Ann sounds like fun! Where do we find women like that? I'm amazed you restrained yourself for as long as you did. I have kept your story for future reading.
All the best everybody, happy crapping,

Friday, October 16, 2004

Some people on the board have asked about buddy dumping. I haven't been able to be in a situation where I've dumped in a doorless stall with a buddy, but I have dumped with a buddy in the next stall. It was pretty cool to hear him. It was still pretty quiet, but I did peek under the stall and saw his green briefs and pants around his ankles. He's the same guy who was at the urinal while I was taking a dump in the one-holer restroom (no partitions).

No one should be ashamed off themselves for accidents! Accidents happens! Right everyone?

I am not the kind who normaly talks about my bathroom topics, but in this case I just have to. My entire class just got back from a trip to Washington D.C. and there were many problems with the topic in this trip. For the start, on the way there was bad enough. It was really dumb that the busses only stopped once on a ten hour trip. Five hours between stops. We left the school at 9:00 in the evening and got there in the morning. All was well and we had all of our suit cases and other good stuff put in the bottom of the bus. At around 9:15 we finally were able to get on the bus and get our seats. We said our bye to our parents and were off. Well I was sitting next to my friend and she was well prepaired and brought snacks. So we sat there and ate all this calorie filled junk. They plaid a movie on the bus and none of us were interested and talked about the upcoming weak. I had never thought of this, but we were going to be without bathrooms for five hours. The bathroom on the bus was no allowed to be used. So here we sit an hour into the trip and four hours to go and I started to get the urge to pee. It was the kind where you know you can hold it for a while but you should start thinking. So I asked my friend what I should do and she said she kind of had to go to. I knew I would not be able to hold it for four more hours and was at a loss for ideas. The bus was not going to stop along with five others for me to go pee. It was pitch dark on the bus and we were in the back with no one sitting across the isle, so I started to think about peeing in a bottle, but we did not have a bottle. My friend knew that I was on my period and that I might have a maxi pad that I could probably go in since I didn't have a full blatter but would have to go before we got to the rest stop. And it just so happened that I was wearing an overnight maxi pad the super long absorbant kind since it was night and on a bus I would be in a strange position trying to sleep. I figured it would probably not hold a full bladders worth, but if I peed now it wouldn't have to. So I asked my friend if I should just let go. She said to try to go slow and not all at once. So I let out the first stream and the pad absorbed it quikly. Then the second and third. It felt hot and wet but better than holding it. I continued to pee in little spirts and eventually I just had a little more to go. I just let the rest go and most went in the pad and just a little went over the edge. With great luck I had polyester pants on and the pee did not go through the pants and kind of just absorbed into my underwear. I sat there for the rest of the time and it wasn't to bad. Now however I know I can just wear an overnight maxi pad where I think there will not be bathrooms and use this method along with the polyester pants. It was better on the way back because some of us from the back of the bus just bought girls goodnites and wore them back. We didn't even get off at the rest stop and just peed in them. All to our luck we stopped two times on the way home and the driver told us we would be stopping in abought five minuets. The lines got so long a the stops that those of us in the back did't get much chance of getting a toilet anyway. At this last stop we got off the bus just to change the goodnites. We all had to poop to so since the lines were so long, before we changed the peed goodnites we just pooped in them to and put fresh ones on. We never thought while we pooped we would not be able to clean ourselves since we had no toilets. so we just had to put the new goodnites on with our messy selves. The rest of the night went well and we had an enjoyable time.

When I was at the seashoreby myself during the summer Iliked to hide away in the sand dunes behind the beach where there are huge tufts of rough grass. There I could take off my top and tan my torso. You'd have to tead on me to find me!

People sometimes use these spots as toilets because they're so concealed. One morning a pretty girl of 25 came hurriedly up the hill. I could see her most of the way and she stopped only about six feet below me. I thought some six sense would have told her that there was someone nearby, but obviously not. She was wearing a wrap-around skirt which she took of, lowered her panties, squatted right down and peed. She was half way on to me and I could see her face and the angle of her body. There was something beautiful about it. The expression on her face was utterly serene. It occurred to me not for the first time what a marvellous picture excretion can provide. Of all bodily pleasures but one nothing gives greater satisfaction than peeing when one is desperate. No one pees in public who is not desperate! She stood up, wiped herself with her skirt which she smelled, put it on and left.

I'd love to discuss with my class this whole area of experience which has never been explored by artists because of the false shame and taboo attached to peeing and pooping. But can you imagine a the outcry in the principal's office over a discussion like that. Curtains for me!

I'd love to hear from anyone else interested in this line of thought. Makes a change!

love you all Anthea

farrowlani diarrhea queen
I have a doctor's appointment for next week. It's to followup on my bowel habits.
I had explosive diarrhea twice this morning. No wait, three times. The third time, I went into the bathroom with two toilets in one stall. Turns out there was a guy sitting on a bench outside the bathroom reading. The embarrasing thing was that my turds were gasseous and loud. I'm sure he could here it.

I keep having a pain in my right side...sometimes it's dull, sometimes it feels like someone's pinching me. Whatever it is, I'm beginning to feel the pain in my lower back on my right side. The pain comes and goes, and if I touch the area, it feels like a big bruise. I don't remember banging into anything and there isn't any black and blue. I'm going to bring it up at my appointment next Tuesday (my doctor's gone right now)....unless it gets much worse and I have to go to the ER.
Has this ever happened to anyone?

Punk Rock Girl

I'd like to start a thread myself. What food will you eat even though you know it's going to make you sick?

I love sauerkraut, and it ALWAYS gives me explosive diarrhea. I'll eat it right out of the can/jar/pouch, whatever. On hot dogs, on sausage, on pork chops, or just by itself.

About an hour after I eat it, I get cramps, and within a few moments on I'm the crapper shitting my guts out. I've even eaten sauerkraut when I've been constipated instead of taking a laxative or giving myself an enema.

So my shits-inducing guilty pleasure is sauerkraut. What's yours???



Hey everyone! I've been reading for awhile, but this is my first post....anyway, I guess I should describe myself. I'm 17 y/o male, shaggy blonde hair, blue/green eyes, 5'9", thin, skater type. I really like reading your posts, especially guys' pooping/peeing accidents and seeing others have accidents. You ppl are so lucky! I've never witnessed a real honest accident in public EVER. So I guess I'll tell you one of my stories.

One night, I was hanging out with my friend Jake. He's tall, average build, spiky blonde hair and hazel eyes. Really cute, really feminine, usually covered in glitter. Well, that night we were really bored, just hanging out at his house. Nobody was home and we were watching scary movies, eating junk food and drinking soft drinks. I'd had a lot of pepsi and I REALLY needed to pee. I told Jake, but he just grabbed my wrist and told me to stay in his room with him b/c he was too scared (from the movies) to be alone. I told him if I didn't go, I'd pee in my pants. He said, "So?" I told him I hadn't wet myself since I was little...and I wasn't going to do it on purpose now. He said, "Don't you ever wonder what its like? It could be fun! If you will, I will." Well, I'm adventurous and it sounded kinda exciting, so I said ok...but only if I could wash my clothes at his house before his parents came home. He agreed. He put a couple of towels on the floor and told me to stand on them and just let go in my pants. So...I did. It was difficult at was weird, but it just seemed like I'd been trained TOO well not to wet myself, so i had a hard time getting started. But I just relaxed and soon my briefs started getting wet. It felt really good to finally go, and surprisingly, I REALLY liked the warm wetness running over my balls and down my legs. As I went, I watched Jake's reactions--he was grinning from ear to ear and I noticed that he had a growing bulge in the front of his pants...he was getting excited watching me go! Before long, my underwear and jeans were totally soaked, as was the towel on the floor. When I finished, I told Jake, "Now its your turn!" Jake agreed. He got out another towel and stood on it. He was wearing tight, lowrise flare leg jeans. Suddenly, the front of them started to get wet. A small spot formed, and it grew rapidly. His jeans got wetter and wetter. Soon the whole front was soaked, pee ran down his legs and the towel was soaked. But he kept peeing...he must have peed for several minutes! Finally, the pee stopped. I asked if he was ready to clean up now...he said "not yet", as he squatted down over the towel, his back towards me. As I admired his cute butt in those tight wet jeans, I noticed a small bulge forming Jake was pooping his pants! The bulge grew bigger and bigger. Soon, he has a HUGE log in his jeans. It was clearly visible. Then he stood back up and announced that he was done and was ready to get cleaned up. We went into the bathroom and got out of our messy clothes and took a shower (I'll spare the details here...) We washed our clothes and were clean and dressed by the time his parents got home a couple of hours later. Before I went home, Jake admitted to me that he'd been wanting to pee his pants with me for a long time and had just been waiting for the right time to ask was all so exciting and fun!

Hey Mar, I love hearing stories of women pissing standing up. Have you thought about taking a piss in the urinal next, if so, please tell us when that happens.

Daniel (Danny)
I am 12 years old in case you didnt know it.I went to the park with my friends last week. I was playing and i got the urge to poop. While i was going to the boys room my friend Gonzalo walked with me to the boys room. When we entered only one of both stalls was available. And i told to him" what are you gonna do?" he said" i am going to go for a 2#" i asked" is it urgent?" His answer was no. so i went i first and pulled down my pants to my knees. I pushed one big log. I felt more coming so i pushed hard and suddenly Gonzalo said " can you hurry up? my urge got worse." I told him " i am not finished but is it fine if we change places constantly?" "What do you mean" "I mean that i am not finished but my other logs are coming slowly, if you want to sit now and go 2# a little until my logs are almost going to come out you can do it, i sit then until yours are almost coming out and change places. Domt worry, the child that is next to us is 4 years old." He said yes. He saw me pooping but we have seen each other pooping too many times, so it is not embarrasing for us. He sat down and pulled his pants down to his knees and pused out 2 soft logs . My logs were almost coming out and we changed places. I pooped 3 more logs, this time a little firm ones. We changed places and he pooped 1 log more, we changed places once more and i pooped one soft log. We finished and wiped. We went to wash our hands and he said that please, we never would say something about this experience with oters, but according to us it was funny.

Toronto Rob
To Nicky B. Hamilton wow. That would have been great. It is good to know however that there is someone else who would enjoy a buddy dump just as friends. Have you done this before with any other guy, just looking at each other buddy dump with no sex expected afterwards? Tell me any experiences or is it something that if it ever was 'available' it would be totally cool. Your right too bad they dont allow email addresses.... oh well? Hope to hear from you or anybody else who read my earlier post.

Hello everyone, I have a cool poop story. My friend Mary Ann and I went to Fredericksburg, VA for the weekend. Mary Ann is 60 years old, but I would swear she doesn't look any older than about 45. She is definitely the best looking 60 year old I have ever seen. She is of Italian heritage and has short brown hair, brown eyes, wears glasses, and has a heavy build but I must say a very well proportioned build at that. Mary Ann and I are very close and can talk about anything so at some point the conversation turned to bathroom habits and I told her about being interested in seeing a woman pooping. To my surprise, she said that if she had to go while we were there, she would give me a show! On Saturday night after we returned to our hotel room, Mary Ann said "remember how I said I would let you watch if I had to go? Well, I have to go right now, do you want to see?" I could hardly believe she was going to actually let me watch her poop. I said, "Are you kidding? Of course!" So she kicked off her shoes, unbuckled her belt, then unbuttoned and unzipped her green slacks. She grabbed her slacks and shuffled her hips side to side to loosen them, then let them fall to the floor around her feet, then she stepped out of them. Then she pulled her pantyhose and translucent black panties down and stepped out of them also. The difference in skin color between her tanned legs that she had sunned every weekend at the beach and her pale butt was intriguing. Most people probably don't think tan lines are very attractive, but I think there are very sexy. She walked to the back of the hotel room and peeked into the bathroom, but then room. Then she took two chairs and placed them about 8 inches apart, and sat down on them with her butt crack in the middle, then asked me to put trash can in between the two chairs. She adjusted the way she was sitting on the chairs, spreading her beautiful butt cheeks apart. She then made a very soft sighing noise under her breath, and I could see her butthole begin to dome outward, but nothing was coming out. She sat there for a few minutes chatting with me, and about every minute or so she would try to push again, but still nothing came out. She said she was a little nervous about letting me watch and it was stopping her from being able to relax and go, and asked if I could find something for her to read, and also asked if I could put a towel on the floor under the trash can in case she missed the trash can. I found a real estate ad from the Lake Anna area to read, and put the towel there like she wanted. After a few more minutes, she started pushing again. Her butthole again domed out, and began to pucker. A brown rosebud of a turd silently began to poke out. She pushed again, and a knobbly ball of poop about the size of a ping pong ball continued to emerge, and fell into the trash can, rustling the plastic bag inside the can as it dropped in. She pushed a few more times, but for now nothing was moving. I asked if she was finished, and she said, "no, I haven't even gotten started yet!" She'd been sitting there for about 15 minutes by now. Then suddenly, she let out a hissing fart. With a quiet grunting sound she gave a push, and a loud, tight sounding fart resounded from her butt. Then, with a crackle, a knobby turd about 8 inches long and about an inch an a half around slowly pushed its way out from her distended butthole. She sighed audibly as she stopped pushing and the turd dropped into the trash can. Then she grabbed a large paper cup left over from dinner and peed into it. As she finished peeing, a softer looking 6 inch by one inch turd emerged, and hung from her butt. Some pee was still trickling out of her pussy, and it ran down the turd and into the trash can. Finally the turd fell off but the pee kept running down and dripping from her ass for a few seconds. She then gave another push, and a soft string of poop sizzled out and slithered into the trash can. It was probably only a half inch around but at least 2 feet long and it draped over the side of the trash can as it fell from her butt. She said, "now I think I'm done." Her butthole winked open a few more times and one tiny ball of soft poop came out. It stuck to her butt, and she rocked back and forth a few times to make it fall off before she got up and went into the bathroom to wipe herself. As she did, I looked into the trash can and saw the long snaky poop she had done curled up like a pretzel on top of the other turds. The smell was strong but not terribly objectionable. My heart was racing with excitement the whole time. After she had finished, she asked if I had liked the show. I of course could not express in words how much I had liked the "show." We tied up the trash bag with the turds in it, and I disposed of it in a trash can outside the hotel. The rest of the details of the evening I will not discuss in this forum. <wink> Happy toileting! Bill

AJ :o)
I'm starting to wonder if I, perhaps, shouldn't start observing my poop more often--even though today's poop wasn't all that interesting other than the color.

The poop, itself, was mushy, but it was carrot-orange. So was my poop from the evening before. The last poop I'd done (either early that morning or the evening before) was REALLY interesting, and I'm going to tell you about it.

For lunch, I'd had a main course of raw baby carrots--and was surprised to find signs of them so soon after eating them.

Anyway, the poop I'd done previous to that came out quickly.

When it had cleared my anus, there was a dull pop sound that reminds me of a sound that a pimple makes when the last of it escapes a poor.

Otherwords, not a gassy sound but a sound like empty space suddenly replacing full space.

It felt as if a lot had cleared out of there, so I got curious enough to get up and look in the bowl just to see how much I had passed.

I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

Yes! I was expecting it to be pretty long--but this one was more than that. It was a work-of-art! Truly prizewinning!

It was a light-to-medium-brown in color and had remnants of food in some places, but what made it stand out was its shape.

My guess is that it was at least 18 inches long (if it had been stretched out).

But, instead of being stretched out, it was coiled!

It was like a loosely-wound spring.

It had a stretched out section, two sweeping coils, and another stretched-out section.

Perhaps, I should have taken it somewhere and had it bronzed!!!

That's all for now.

Someday, I WILL tell you those portapotty/filthy toilet stories I've been promising!

Ta-Ta (or is that Ca-Ca!?!)!!!
AJ :o)

Anyone know or heard anything about this?
I've been farting and going #2 with a pale brown, almost yellowish-green oily substance discharging each time. Has me a bit concerned. Any ideas or relatively similar experiences that can clue me in?

Question about bathroom etiquette.

"Scott from Wisconsin" posted an interesting story on this forum about three weeks ago. He had travelled on an assignment to a rainforest in Costa-Rica. The rudimentary bathroom, as he described it, consisted in "a structure about 4 feet long, lke a bench, that had two toilet seats on it.....and the two seats were in close proximity to each other". There was no partition wall between both seats.
So, Scott reluctantly sat on one of the seats to do his business. As destiny would have it, he was joined by a pretty lot girl, whom he identified as a 'professor". She sat right next to him on the other seat.
Needless to say, Scott was impressed in all the connotations of the word.

My first questions is addressed to males who visit this site.
You have to pee are abou to burst. Normally, wou'd stand by a tree, undo your zipper, pull out your penis and "water" the tree. But since you are an enviromentalist, you would not do'd usee the facilities. So, you walk there...but it so happens that a girl is seated on one of the two toilets. What do you do?
1) Hope you can hold it a bit more and wait, at the risk of peeing yourself?
2) Adopt a "What-the-hell-with-principles" attitude, find a secluded tree and just pee there (assuming you still are bursting, remember?)
3) Walk up to the available toilet and pee in the upright position in full view of the girl seated next to you?
4) Walk up to the available toilet but seat to pee to conceal your penis?

Same question to the females....but this time a boy is standing at one of the toilets, peeing. What do you do?

Punk Rock Girl

I don't know if this necessarily tops your story...

One time I was at a college party, and got so drunk that I passed out. When I woke up the next morning, I had shit my pants. It must have happened sometime in the middle of the night, because my ass was raw and itchy and sore for days afterwards. My ass had been swimming in shit for hours.

I'd say that was my worst!

Hello to everyone else!




NANCY -- I'm glad you liked my "cookbook approach to hydrotherapy!" I hope you enjoy the experience and I can't wait to hear about it! Have fun in the ravine -- and please do tell about your group pee with the other couple!

MAR -- The "device" you used, was that the small plastic tube variety? Yes, peeing standing up gets to be fun, you can get hooked on it and it's one of the few pleasures that costs absolutely nothing! I still grin when I do it, and it's years since I learned how!



Uriah Heep
Anyone getting a laugh like me over Mount St. Helens impending eruption? It's like Mother Earth getting ready for a shit. First we have the blasts of gas. Then we have the crater dome "bulging" with lava underneath. While we wait, more gas,
which "relieves" the pressure. And pretty soon it'll all come out.Geologists are describing lava as especially thick. Wonder how it will rate on the ??????? scale!

Today i did the most embarassing thing!!!!!!!!!!

I felt a little twinge at the end of 9th period. I was waiting for the bell to ring but i wasnt totally deaperate. I rouded the corner and walked into the first bthroom. I was surprised it was empty the mens bathroom rarely ever is. I looked around and noticed there were no urinals. I thought for a second and became so embarassed. Someone saw me go in and said something . Luckily it was a boy. I quickly escaped and went into the corredt bathroom where I had to face questioning about my intentions. It was purely accidental. i will look before i enter in the future. Has anyone else done something like this if so post!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

At the weekend I went to stay with some friends I haven't seen for years. I used to live in that area but not for that long. We had a great night out, loads of beer followed by an excellent curry (and more beer). I slept in the spare bed. The next morning I had to leave fairly early, went to the bathroom and had a wash etc. I wasn't quite sure if I needed a poo, I sat on the toilet and a couple of small bits came out. But I was afraid to really let go in case it was a stinky unsinkable which they often are, especially when I do them at someone else's house. Which is why I avoid that if at all possible.
Anyway about ten minutes after I left their house I thought, I'm going to have to go. I know the area quite well, or thought I did, so I headed out into the countryside where there was a small copse where I have used once or twice before. But when I got there, the trees had gone and they were building houses. Nothing else suggested itself. I did think of just stopping, opening the car doors and squatting down between them but it seemed the sort of thing I'd get caught doing. There was one place, when I hit a bit of dual carriageway where there was an embankment, which was also new to me, and I did actually pull in to a layby thinking I could go up to the top of the embankment and drop my load there. But then someone pulled in behind me, maybe they had the same idea, but I drove off, wriggling and squirming, it was getting quite painful. Eventually I got to a Tesco and went in and did such a pile in their toilets, I was so glad I didn't do it at my friends. It took two flushes to get rid off, and was all gooey and horrible.
I really regretted though that I hadn't had the nerve to use the great outdoors as my toilet, and this stayed with me, coupled with a sense of excitement at the thought of it. So last night when I felt the presence of something solid in my rectum I did something really risky, at about nine o'clock when it was quite dark I went out to post a letter. To get to the post box there is a short cut through the graveyard. On the way through I thought I could poo in the graveyard, but this would be really stupid because it's right near my house and anyone seeing me would know who I was and I didn't fancy the gossip. But I felt so strongly the desire for an outdoor poo experience that on the way back through the graveyard, instead of turning off towards our road I carried on to where it was much darker. When I was in the lee of some trees so noone could see me from the road (the street lights were bright, anybody could see me if they were looking out of the window, but I calculated they wouldn't be), I dropped my trousers and pants and squatted. I quickly pushed out two smooth logs, I couldn't see them but the first one felt quite long. They were a good consistency, and I didn't bother to wipe my bum. I wiped it when I got indoors and there was only a faint smear.
This was very risky and very exciting.
I hope you all enjoy your poos and pees.

Today, I did something naughty. ^_^ I peed standing up using a device in my parent's basement. My parents left the house, so I decided to have some fun. I drank a lot of water. Just when I was bursting to go, I ran downstairs, found a "secluded area" and let it rip. It was fun. The pee spot got larger and larger and I drenched some leaves. ^_^ After I was done, I had to poop, so I went to my bathroom and had a pretty quick BM. My turds were soft and greasy(prolly because of my grease-drenched breakfast.) Well, that's all. Does anyone else here like to hear/have stories about women standing to pee?

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